ihatetrashcans · 2 days ago
Cassie: You often use humor to deflect trauma.
Marco: Thank you.
Cassie: I didn't say that was a good thing.
Marco: What I'm hearing is, you think I'm funny.
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rosiinante · a day ago
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Hi I'm doing one piece character requests for the expression challenge Thank you @cyborg-franky for the Marco & Thatch requests.
OR you can get an expression sketch of your oc for one ko-fi (£3)
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leftsidebonfire · 2 days ago
Ive got a gift for @cyborg-franky! 💙 One Marco moodboard for you, I hope you enjoy!!! 🥰
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pancakey-haley · a day ago
Another manga panel re-draw... only a simple one.... but its my beloved Marco 🥰 so it's ok
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nie-narzekam · 14 hours ago
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Rios as a bonus:
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beif0ngs · a month ago
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birds having only one thought when they see Zoro #YEET💨
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sweetmctart · 3 months ago
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wassup one piece fandom
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ladydeadpooly · 29 days ago
A new dawn
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shankss-magnificent-ass · a month ago
How the OP boys would react to you encasing your head in their pecs part 1
Tumblr media
part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 (wip)
It had been a long day, all you had wanted since you woke up was to go see your boyfriend. But at long last, you dragged yourself to the quarters that you share with your wonderful boyfriend.
King the wildfire
King peered at you over his reading glasses and he said, "you're home late, I was about to suit up and go to look for you." He closed his book and fixed you with a stern stare. King was leaning against the headrest of the bed, his arms folded over his broad chest. Your attention was drawn to his pecs, in your tired state all toy could think about was putting your head on them.
You nodded your head, acknowledging that it was late, as you replied, " yeah, sorry I received a literal box of reports this afternoon and they were due to Kaidou tomorrow." You kicked off your shoes and crawled onto the bed.
King nodded his head and sighed, "that's understandable, but next time please send word that you have to stay late. I was starting to get worried."
You crawled on top of him pulled his pecs together and buried your face into his chest.
"what the hell are you doing?" King demanded as he placed his hand on the top of your head.
You whined, "I've had a very long day, please let me have this," making yourself comfortable in his lap.
King rolled his eyes but adjusted himself so he could wrap one arm around you and read his book in the other. "You can be strange sometimes," he hummed.
you closed your eyes and inquired, "do you really think it's so strange that I find comfort in your arms, that I feel safe?"
King fought to keep his composure, he was so happy at your confession. He chucked his book onto the nightstand and wrapped both of his arms around you, the palm of one of his hands cupped the back of your head, threading his fingers through your hair. King pressed his lips to your forehead and tucked your head under his chin. "no darling, I could never think that strange."
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Marco was sitting at his desk, finishing up some medical reports, when he looked over at you. He saw how tired you looked, and he chuckled, "I take it Ace fell asleep on you?"
"no, he lit one of the sails on fire so I had to help him put out the fire and swap out the sail for one that isn't damaged." You complained, waddling over to him on your aching feet. Marco, knowing you were going to crawl into his lap, pushed his chair back and moved a few things away from the edge of the desk. You happily seated yourself on his lap, very glad to be off your feet. Marco said, "I'll use my phoenix fire on you once I'm done here, so in the meantime just rest." You nodded sleepily as he started to scribble on the papers with this quill. After a few minutes as Marco organized the reports and his notes, you readjusted your head to the center of his chest and squished his pecs against your head.
Marco leaned back slightly and looked down at you. "why?"
"pay attention to me, the organization can wait until morning," you whined, "please I'm so sore."
Marco smirked and ruffled your hair, "fine, let me go start a bath."
"A bath together?" You asked.
"since when do we bathe separately when we're home?" He retorted as picked you up and placed you in his chair. Marco raised his hands and you were enveloped in his fire. Its warmth seeps into your sore muscles making you relax. Marco kissed your nose before he got up and wandered over to the bathroom.
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You kicked open the door to your shared quarters, Shanks was draped over the bed on his back like a starfish. He was taking up almost every inch of the bed and was snoring loudly. You glared down at him, you had organized the archives today. It's traditionally the captain's duty, but Benn usually does it. However, he had called in a favor with you, and you ended up with the task. Shanks had spent the night getting drunk with the crew and singing boisterously. You climbed on top of the bed leaning over Shanks on all fours. He looked so peaceful, he was too cute for his own good. You pressed your face against his sternum and pulled his pecs against your head.
Shanks, his voice deep and laced with sleep, said, "Hello little bird, what time is it?"
"It's two in the morning," you grumbled as you went limp on top of him.
"it's late, did you just get in?" Shanks asked, rubbing his hand along your back. You only hummed in acknowledgment, as Shanks adjusted his body under you. He looked down at you and snorted, "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, do I get to motorboat your titties next."
You reached up and twisted his nipple, making him shriek, "what was that for?"
"I spent the entire evening and most of the night organizing the archive and you didn't even notice." You growled.
Shanks grumbled, "Sorry love, I'll make it up to you tomorrow."
Tumblr media
Katakuri had been working all evening and was still working even now at bedtime. You stood in the doorway watching Katakuri leaning over his desk filling out reports. He had been very busy since Big Mom had gone on that rampage through town. You had had a very long day as well, you had gone to a family function in Katakuri's place. You had to listen to his sisters and Perspero yammer for hours while pretending like their mother hadn't just destroyed an entire town. Katakuri sighed, "I know it's late, but I'm not done and won't be for a few days."
"But you've already pulled two all-nighters in a row." You said, walking up to his desk. Katakuri looked exhausted, dark bags had formed under his eyes. He was also clearly losing control of his devil fruit because it looked like he was melting a little bit. Katakuri groaned, "I know, but everyone is relying on me to get this done. And yes yes, I know I need to delegate, but I can't tonight."
You huffed, " No, I'm putting my foot down. I'm getting your brothers."
"No don't bother them." He hollered.
"No, both Oven and Daifuku owe me favors. Also family is there for you when you need them, and you need sleep, and this needs to get done." You huffed, spinning on your heel and leaving. Katakuri followed you, "It's fine I got this," but you stormed down the hall and locked yourself in the little den den mushi booth and called his brothers. Katakuri squatted down and glowered at you when you exited. "They'll both be over in a few minutes."
"you didn't need to do that," He sulked and ambled back to his room, and flopped down in his chair. You followed him and climbed up in his lap. He glared at you as you said, " Family is there to help, and you can't keep going. Look at you, you're starting to droop."
You put your hand on one of his pecs to show him how mobile it was, only to slip and faceplant against his chest. Katakuri lost his balance and both of you fell back in the chair. The air was knocked out of his lungs when he landed. You however were wedged between his mochi pecs. This all coincided with his brother's walking into the room. Katakuri just shut down, he looked at his brothers with a blush that reached from his chest to the tips of his ears and snapped, "help them!"
Oven reached over and pulled you from the crushing grip of Katakuri's mochi and exclaimed, "what happened?"
Katakuri sighed in relief and passed out from exhaustion.
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aifozu · 4 months ago
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In this house , we live for the AU Thatch ate that fucking fruit
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gemgalaxies · 2 months ago
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One Piece Ch. 1044
Warrior of Liberation
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shrimp-sanji · a month ago
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usopps-froggy-hat · 3 months ago
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santiagocabreradaily · 24 days ago
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santiago cabrera as marco in the flight attendant 2.01 Santiago Cabrera Appreciation Week: ↳ DAY THREE: OTHER MOVIES/SERIES
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donivanessdoodles · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
A sketchy mess but I loved making this. Marco crying in the opening inspired me. Depending on how popular this piece is I might make prints
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matrose · 5 months ago
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drawing this made me really sad :(
1997: books 1-14
1998: books 15-29
1999: books 30-43
2000: books 44-54
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beif0ngs · a month ago
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a pineapple eating a pineapple 🍍
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kbearart · 6 months ago
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Bug! Bug! Bug!
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church-of-crayak · a month ago
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nerd gathering
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jess-the-vampire · 3 months ago
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been doing some val requests from inta
here’s the first batch of them <3
some are from shows, some from the aus of others, and some are my ocs
these ones are mainly shows, but i got some of my au ships in there too
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