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hi ♪
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send me "♪" and I will shuffle mp3/ipod/music player and write my favourite line with my handwriting
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they were the first thing she thought of when she woke up... sasha and anne were marcy's first thought after she literally Died...
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for the requests, marcanne holding hands and being all cute abt it 👉👈 if u want
more marcanne for the soul <3
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Loveable Dorks <3
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happi-tree · a month ago
I’m having Thoughts about the Calamity Trio’s outfit designs - particularly their armor - and the symbolism of it all again, so naturally, I am going to make it everyone’s problem.
Sasha's most defining piece of armor is her shoulder pauldron. This girl is carrying the weight of rebellions and the weight of her own mistakes upon her shoulders, and she continues to shoulder those burdens as the story evolves. Out of the three girls, it’s Sasha’s armor that remains the most consistent (at least, in terms of placement). In season one, she’s carrying the weight of her own personal rebellion against her captors while simultaneously putting pressure on herself to find Anne and Marcy again. In season two, she’s attempting to lead a rebellion alongside Grime and the toads against Andrias but she’s also being affected - weighted down - by her actions in Reunion and their consequences in terms of her relationship with Anne. In season three, she becomes the sole leader of the Wartwood rebellion for a time, which is obviously an immense burden to carry, and she’s also juggling the weight of her mistakes from the past two seasons - but this time, she’s really acknowledging their presence and trying her hardest to make a deliberate change for the better. Notice how her pauldron grows larger with each updated design - as the scope of her command and the depth of her self-reflection grows, so, too, does its size. Another key component is that Sasha has only one pauldron and not two - it’s inherently asymmetric, inherently unbalanced. Keeping one shoulder bare of armor like this could also represent the moments of vulnerability we see from her, a physical representation of her trying to find balance between her tough exterior and her caring nature (because Sasha truly cares so much and so deeply). 
Sasha’s most defining piece of armor rests upon her shoulder because she's Strength. 
While Sasha and Marcy’s designs both have armor in multiple areas, Anne's only piece of armor is her chestplate. It should be noted that unlike Sasha, Anne only gets this armor partway through season two - there are no previous iterations of her armor because, in contrast to both Sasha and Marcy, she hadn’t felt a need for armor before. Against the backdrop of her school uniform and unmatched footwear, it looks almost jarringly out of place, but it isn’t! Anne’s always been a very emotional character - she’s very in tune with others’ feelings as well as her own, and up until season three, she makes her feelings very clear - she has an open heart, simply put. However, an open heart, exposed and vulnerable, is prone to heartbreak, and as the show progresses, Anne’s is broken repeatedly by grief, by loss, and by betrayals. Symbolically, her chestplate shows her character growth in that she’s had to learn the hard way to protect her heart - to guard herself from the onslaught of others’ ill intentions, to attempt to minimize the toll that these betrayals and losses have on her emotionally. The colors of her armor are also interesting - gold with blue accents. Anne is one of those people who have what is known as a heart of gold - she’s so inherently compassionate that her sympathy reverberates from her very core (ha), and it affects everything she does. However, the blue accents, focused at the borders and at the very center (the heart of the piece, if you will) could represent that her soul has been tinged with sorrow. While blue is the color of sorrow and sadness, though, it’s also a color of tranquility - Anne needs to make peace with that sorrow and grief, reconcile the mess of her negative emotions with her kind nature, in order to best move forward. 
Anne’s only piece of armor covers her chest because she's the Heart.
As for Marcy’s most prominent piece of armor right now… that would be the helmet. We’ve had the least amount of time with this silhouette - while Sasha has had her pauldron for the vast majority of the show and Anne has had her chestplate for a bit more than one season, the helmet only comes into play once season 3 is well underway. Marcy’s mind, her intellect, is her greatest asset, and yet it has also become her biggest downfall, as it was her knack for strategy and her sharp wit that made her the perfect host for the Core. Unlike the other girls, who wear armor to protect themselves from outside threats, the helm that Marcy wears while under the Core’s control is trapping a malevolent force within rather than keeping it out. It should also be noted that while Sasha and Anne’s prophecy-assigned colors are present in their most prominent pieces of armor, not a trace of green can be seen in this helmet - only gunmetal-black is present in its construction, alongside the burning orange-yellow of the Core’s many eyes. 
The design that Marcy’s body wears currently features a helmet as its most prominent piece of armor because Marcy is Wit, and that Wit poses the one of greatest threats to Andrias and the Core’s plans. Thus, it’s Marcy’s head that the Core needs to keep under control the most (itself being a hivemind), so a helmet - one that can filter out not only sight and sound, but also the wearer’s own thoughts - is a chillingly effective choice. 
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kaseyskat · 2 months ago
what's up tumblr y'all are getting some more ~exclusive~ royal au content, brought to you by yours truly :3 enjoy!
Anne's Date: 3.6k
“Is that my dress?”
Marcy seems entirely unbothered by the way Anne stares her down, and she just gives a little twirl. The dress in question is a faded yellow, ruffly and lovingly stitched with the embroidered protection spells like everything else that Anne owns. It’s not one that Anne herself has worn for awhile, because as her duties increased, her free time decreased, and she hasn’t bothered trying to wear any of her casual outfits when she knows she has to be the hardworking princess now more than ever.
“Well, you weren’t going to wear it,” she says, eventually, giving the skirts a little twirl. She’s paired it with her usual white gloves, the ones that Anne had gifted her, and a pair of white heels that almost make her level with Sasha in height– though Anne still has a few inches over her. Her hair is down and wavy, and she’s adorable, so much so that Anne wants to scoop her into her arms; she refrains, though, because her free time is just so limited. “Well, what do you think?”
“You’re lucky you’re so cute,” Anne says, and she draws one of Marcy’s hands into her own, staring at the ring that Marcy’s taken to wearing on the outside of her glove just so that she can show it off. “What do you and Sasha have planned, anyways? Somehow, I do not trust you two to work together on anything.”
“Annie, that is just cruel,” Marcy whines, but she’s smiling so mischievously, giving her skirts another little twirl. “Sasha and I can agree on many things when it comes to you!”
And oh, that should not still be sending butterflies into her stomachs when they’re literally married, but Anne blushes nonetheless, offering her arm for Marcy to take. “Okay, okay,” she relents, “I’ll listen to you. Lead the way, Marmar.”
It’s as easy as breathing, the way Marcy slips her arm through Anne’s, linking them together as Anne falls into step. She’s missed this; yeah, they might see each other every night, but she’s been so busy that those nights have consisted of simply falling into bed too exhausted to even say goodnight to the other. They haven’t had any time for themselves, and that’s why she had cleared her mid-afternoon especially for this date.
To think, she snorts to herself amusedly as Marcy leads them to where Sasha’s supposed to be waiting, we’re married, and still just now going on dates. I think I got this all backwards. Not like she’d trade it for anything in the world.
Sasha, sure enough, is waiting for them at the palace entrance. She’s cleaned up nice, her hair brushed back with a jeweled hairpin keeping her bangs from flowing freely, with a nice dress shirt tucked into her pants, the thin translucent skirt billowing as she steps forwards to greet them smiling.
“Master, Your Highness,” Sasha greets, her smile melting into a wide, shit-eating grin, “to what do I owe the pleasure?”
“You see, there has been a dire emergency in the old willow gazebo,” Marcy says before Anne can answer, and by the way she’s also grinning, this was clearly a planned conversation for Anen’s own benefit. She can’t help but sigh, fondly exasperated. “I have orders to escort the princess there for lunch, stat.”
“A dire emergency, hm?” Sasha offers her arm, then, and Anne slips it freely into her own, now sandwiched by her wives. “I insist on accompanying you both, then. Don’t want to risk any harm coming to Her Highness.”
“You two are ridiculous,” Anne protests, but she’s snickering along as Sasha falls into step with them, the giddiness in her chest only increasing.
“Just for you, honey bear,” Sasha winks, and Anne groans at the name.
Outside, a stablehand has both Anne and Sasha’s horses free and ready to ride, and she smiles awkwardly at them as they approach, arm in arm. “Your Highness,” she greets, glancing nervously at Sasha and then Marcy, “my apologies, I didn’t prepare a third steed for Her Royal Moonlight, I could go ready one-”
“-that won’t be necessary, Maisie,” Anne interrupts, with a kind smile. The stablehand startles a little at the use of her name, blinking owlishly at her. “My wife will be riding with me today.”
“Aww, I thought it was my turn!” Sasha complains.
“You can have me on the way back,” Marcy promises, and Anne catches her winking from the corner of her eye as the flustered stablehand leads them to their horses. “Not like it’s that far of a ride anyways.”
Sasha’s still pouting, but Anne carefully mounts her own horse, savoring the feeling of the saddle against her skirts as she carefully adjusts herself before offering her hand to Marcy. “Come on, Mooncy,” she teases, a satisfaction flaring in her at the way Marcy deadpan stares in response, “do you trust me?”
“You ask this every time I ride with you,” Marcy complains, and she takes Anne’s hand, slinging herself up and clinging to Anne’s waist as soon as she’s situated. Her skirts, too, are spread everywhere, and she’s clutching tightly to Anne’s middle, and her head is resting against the nape of Anne’s neck, and Anne smiles secretly to herself.
Sasha leads the way, taking off on her mount as soon as Marcy’s situated with a loud cackle and a call for catch me if you can! It reminds Anne of when they were younger, racing through the forests outside of the city without a care in the world… but now they’re married, so she’s really not that upset about the lack of free time keeping her from going on rides like she used to, and she brushes her free hand against Marcy’s arms around her waist, sighing happily.
“What you thinking about, Anna-Banana?” Marcy whispers, just loudly enough to be heard over the wind, words murmured against the skin of Anne’s neck.
“You,” Anne answers, half-truthfully, and she can’t help but sneak a glance behind her, catching Marcy’s eyes as she takes in the borrowed dress, her secretive smile, the way the light catches her glasses as she tilts her chin up adoringly. “Wanna know a secret?”
And oh, she wishes she could keep looking at her beloved for forever, but Anne had to wrench her gaze back onto the forest, watching Sasha gallop further away from them towards their gazebo. “You’re cute,” she eventually says, grinning smugly to herself at the way she can feel Marcy inhale against her neck, “I think I like you.”
“Anne,” Marcy whines, and it’s adorable, the way that she can banter with the best of them and flirt with Sasha relentlessly but always flusters in the face of Anne’s own honesty; Anne can’t get enough of it. “You can’t just say things like that when I can’t kiss you for it, that’s mean!”
“Guess you’ll owe me one later then,” Anne smirks, and she laughs as Marcy playfully squeezes her waist.
Finally, the gazebo comes into view, and Sasha’s already carefully tying her horse to the picket fence when Anne stops. “I win,” she brags, sticking her tongue up at Anne with a gleam in her eyes.
“Is that how you talk to your princess?” Anne teases, but she allows Sasha to offer her a helping hand down, giving a helpless shriek as Sasha drops her into her arms and swings her around until she’s on her feet again.
“Sorry, sorry,” Sasha apologizes, “I win, Your Highness.”
Anne playfully swats at her arm, and Sasha swats back, and they’re both giggling like school children, elbowing each other back and forth.
“Girls, girls, stop fighting,” Marcy chides, and she’s sliding off of Anne’s steed now, patting him on the nose as she brushes her skirts out and twirls her hips a little. “Uh, a little help?”
Anne shakes her head, but she steps back to help Marcy steady herself, wrapping an arm around her shoulders as Sasha takes the saddlebags containing their packed lunch. “You good, Marmar?”
Marcy grins, then, and she’s twisting, reaching up on her tiptoes and leaning on Anne’s arms for balance as she tries to kiss her. It’s cute, because she misses, her lips brushing the corner of Anne’s mouth instead. She was trying her best, though, and Anne humors her, tilting her chin down so that Marcy can actually kiss her.
“There,” Marcy murmurs against her lips, “payback.”
“Stop hogging my wife!” Sasha shouts, and she’s already in the gazebo now, setting up the carefully packed lunch on the table inside.
“Which one?” Anne calls back, taking Marcy’s arm. They share a smile, and walk arm and arm up into the gazebo, taking a seat at the table on the opposite side of Sasha as she continues to separate their packed food into three plates.
“Aww, is Sashykins jealous?” Marcy coos, smoothing out her skirts as she takes the offered plate, smiling all the while. “You want a kiss too? I’m wide open-”
“-shut up, Marcy,” Sasha snaps playfully, and she pauses her distributions of food to swing around the table, pressing a kiss to the side of Anne’s face. “Hey, princess,” she murmurs, brushing a strand of stray hair out of Anne’s face, “been a while, huh?”
“Too long,” Anne whispers back, and she can’t help the laugh that escapes her as Sasha kisses the side of her face again, right next to her eye. “Sash, come on, are you going to sit down and eat?”
Sasha hums, and she gives Anne’s forehead one more kiss before shooting the most vicious smirk at Marcy and swinging back around the table to sit down. Marcy’s pouting now, her lips drawn into the most exaggerated frown that Anne’s ever seen on her as she crosses her arms, eyes wide from behind her glasses. “Anne,” she whines, still pouting even as Anne rolls her eyes and tugs her closer, “Sasha’s being mean to me.”
“That’s what you get for teasing me,” Sasha rebukes, shaking her head as she takes a bite of the steamed buns they had packed. Her Sunlight is positively radiant, true to her name, the green and blue gemstones in her hairpin glittering in the light as she rolls up her sleeves. “You can have a kiss later. Now eat your pork buns: the kitchen staff worked really hard on them.”
“Sasha,” Marcy wails, but she’s smiling, eyes gleaming even as she tries to maintain the pout, and Anne just rolls her eyes again, pulling her Moonlight into her side with one hand while the other picks up one of the buns.
“Tell me about your newest experiment,” Anne says, placatingly, shooting Sasha a friendly warning glare. “I haven’t had the time to check on you in awhile.”
“Oh! Actually, it’s going great, I’ve been messing around with those greenery potions that I made awhile back.” Marcy lights up the more she talks, growing more animated as the last vestiges of her act disappear. “Sash, you remember the garden potions, right?”
“Uh, you mean that one time you nearly suffocated me with vines?” Sasha shudders, shaking her head. “Yeah, I remember.”
“Well, I think I’ve finally found the right blend of ingredients so that the growth won’t be so, ah, large? Think of it more like a booster. Drip a few drops of the potion onto a dying plant, and boom! It acts like a super photosynthesizer, revitalizing even the most droopy of leaves. That is, if I’m right and it works; I haven’t had the time to test it. Stars, I should’ve brought a test sample with me here, I could try it outside the gazebo-”
“-maybe we should leave the outside shrubbery alone, just in case, hm?” Anne chuckles at the sheepish look that Marcy gives her. “But that sounds like a really cool thing, honestly. Maybe you can give some to Sprig next time he comes up here to visit to take back to Wartwood.”
“Oh, brilliant, Anne!” Marcy beams.
“Speaking of, I’ve been overseeing Polly’s training again,” Sasha says, casually, and she’s already almost done with her buns, having been content to watch them talk. “I can’t believe her twenty-second birthday is coming up; she asked to be able to visit her family, and I think I might send her to watch over Wartwood. That new guard program is really working out there.”
“Who knew such a spunky teenager would make such a great guard?” Anne wonders aloud, and she laughs to herself, “don’t answer that.”
“What about you, Your Highness?”
When Anne turns to look at Marcy, her eyes are shining again, and she’s looking at Anne like she’s watching something particularly magical, the way she looks at her experiments; like there’s a miracle happening, one that Marcy can’t take her eyes off of. It’s a look that Anne has seen directed in other places, but so rarely at herself, and it catches her completely off guard here.
“What about me?” she asks, flustered.
“Well, your birthday and subsequent coronation are coming up soon,” Marcy picks at the edges of her gloves here, fidgeting, “so how are you… doing?”
“Yeah, it’s been so long since we’ve gotten to talk about it,” Sasha laments, and she’s reaching one hand across the table, offering it to Anne. Anne takes it eagerly, now awkwardly feeding herself with her free hand, snorting. “Which is, of course, partially why we staged this, but also because… well, we worry about you sometimes. You okay, Anne?”
And by the galaxies beyond, Anne can’t help the helpless sigh that escapes her. It’s not one of sadness, or tiredness, or anything else; it’s fondness, because her wives brought her to her favorite gazebo with a picnic just to make sure she’s okay before her impeding coronation. “I’m okay,” she says, and she means it, because how could she not be okay when she has two Hands at her side? “More than okay, with you two here. Marrying you both was the best decision I’ve ever made.”
“Aww, sweetie,” Sasha coos, though she looks just as flustered as Anne feels. Marcy, too, is sniffing, like she hadn’t expected the honesty. “Okay, we won’t bring it up again. Let’s just… enjoy the moment?”
“I’d enjoy your presences anywhere,” Anne promises.
“That’s our Anne,” Marcy says, still sniffling, and she drops her head onto Anne’s shoulder with a shuddery sigh, her plate cleared. “How much longer do we have with you?”
“Only a few hours.” Anne can feel the dejection radiating off of both of them, so she quickly rushes to add, “but once I’m crowned and can have you two officially by my side at all times, things are going to be better, okay? We’ll see each other more often then.”
“Yeah yeah, we know, don’t worry too much,” Sasha waves off, and she squeezes Anne’s hand. “I only have a few hours too; I’m supposed to run drills later, you know how it goes.”
“And I’m hosting a few mages tomorrow for a lesson, I still gotta prepare some sort of lesson plan,” Marcy laments, and she flops against Anne’s side dramatically. “Why, oh why didn’t anyone stop me from taking on teaching? Who let these kids look up to me?”
“Uh, because you’re smart and talented, duh,” Sasha says, her tone dry despite the adoration in her eyes, “of course Lady Olivia wanted to send you students to teach, you have so much knowledge in that brain of yours, anyone would be honored to learn something from you.”
“Sasha,” Marcy wails again, but this time not because she’s pouting but because she’s smiling, her eyes misty with affection. Anne can’t help the fond smile, and she nudges Marcy off of the bench encouragingly, gesturing towards the other side of the table like: what are you waiting for?
“What? I’m only speaking the truth,” Sasha laughs, and she opens her arms just in time for Marcy to slide off the bench seat and run around to the other side, plowing into Sasha’s lap. It’s the first time they’ve been mushy this entire date, and Anne finishes the last of her buns as Marcy leans up on Sasha’s lap and drags her into a deep kiss, like she had been barely holding herself back this entire time.
They’re whispering to each other now, inaudible against the faint wind breezing through the gazebo, and Anne smiles contently, sinking into her seat with a sigh. She missed this. They had skipped this step when they got married, and yeah, the marriage was five years ago - the time passing fast, too fast - but they still didn’t have much time for… this. For having fun. Acting like suitors, even though they’re long married. Being silly in a way that they had forgone when they were teenagers, carrying that energy into adulthood because who says that they have to stop being gushy with each other as time passes?
So yeah, she missed this, and her heart swells with endearment as Marcy and Sasha whisper to each other, their outfits juxtaposing each other, her Sunlight and Moonlight, Sword and Shield. She hasn’t called them by their old titles in years, though, because she didn’t want them to feel indebted to her, didn’t want to lose them to their own self-sacrificial ways the way she had all those years ago. No, they are equals, now, and she’s had that reflected in what she calls them.
“Are you finished eating, Highness?” Sasha calls, snapping Anne out of her thoughts. Both of her girls are staring at her expectantly, having stopped whispering to each other some time ago.
“Oh. Yeah, I’m done now. Why? What are you guys planning?”
Sasha and Marcy share a glance, and then Marcy’s sliding off of Sasha’s lap, smoothing her skirts out again. “Care for a dance?” she asks, grinning as Sasha stands up as well, one hand settling on Marcy’s waist.
“Oh, not this again,” Anne groans, but she’s joining them even as she complains, her own dress billowing out from under her. “The last time we tried to dance three-way, it failed.”
“I’m not going to sprain my ankle again, promise,” Marcy says very seriously, “and if I do, I didn’t take my own horse, so you could easily carry me back to the palace. My own personal knights in shining armor-”
“-you read too much,” Sasha interjects, and she offers her hand to Anne once again, “it’s not a ballroom or anything, there’s not even music. Let’s just… dance?”
And, well, Anne would never turn down an excuse to dance with her girls, or be close to them. She accepts Sasha’s hand, and reaches for Marcy’s as well, interlocking them tightly.
And it’s not so much of a dance as it is them all swaying to an inaudible beat, but it’s comforting all the same. Marcy stumbles over her feet, and both Anne and Sasha double down on keeping her upright, both of them sliding arms behind her back as she laughs sheepishly. It’s silly, and the kind of thing that Anne had always dreamed of for herself when she was a kid, though she hadn’t known at the time that she’d ever get this.
Eventually, though, all good things come to an end, and the hour passes too quickly for Anne’s tastes.
“Marcy can ride with you back home,” she says, as they pack up the remnants of their lunch, tucking it away back into the saddlebags. “I have to rush right into that meeting, after all; you can drop Marmar off wherever she likes.”
“Sounds like a plan,” Sasha winks, and she tugs at Anne’s hands. Anne sighs but allows it, and then she’s being dipped low to the ground and pulled back up into Sasha’s arms, her heart spinning with the movement. Sasha, too, drops to the ground after dipping her, kneeling so that she can take Anne’s hands and gently kiss them, one after another, and then she stands back up like she hadn’t done a thing in the first place, her smile innocent and carefree.
“You’re insufferable,” Anne says.
“Only for you, milady,” Sasha grins.
Marcy finishes packing away their mess, and she’s radiant in the sunlight too, her dress catching the sunlight. “Are you two gonna keep flirting?” she asks, almost innocently, but there’s another pout on her face, like she’s tired of being left out.
“Can’t leave you out of it, Marbles,” Anne says, and she opens her arms. Marcy sinks into them easily, and she’s small enough that Anne can rest her head on top of Marcy’s hair, sighing contently.
“Good luck in your meeting, my sweet,” Marcy whispers, just quiet enough that only Anne can hear her, “I love you.”
“Love you too, Marmar. Don’t stay up too late; I don’t want to send Sasha after you, okay?”
Marcy laughs at that, but she’s pulling way quickly, too quickly, wiping at her eyes. Sasha’s taking her by the arm, and kissing her forehead like some sort of apology, and even though they’re heading back to the same place, it still feels like saying goodbye somehow.
Maybe we’re not really saying goodbye though, Anne muses to herself as she mounts her horse, waving as Sasha and Marcy take off without her. Maybe it’s more of a see you later.
And sure enough, at the end of the day, when Anne drops into her sleeping quarters all decked out in her favorite nightgown, Sasha’s sitting on the edge of the bed sharpening one of her daggers and Marcy’s laying tucked in the bed reading a book, waiting for her. They always wait so patiently for her; Anne loves them both so much she can scarcely breathe.
As long as she can fall into bed with them at the end of the day and wake up to see them sleeping at her side, she thinks she can handle anything else that life throws at her, one day at a time.
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Uhhh maybe marcanne fluff like them cuddling while marcy is playing on her switch or just some soft kisses,,
but request aside please take care of yourself and rest if the vaccine ain't making ya feel good and i really hope you feel better bestie!!
literally my comfort ship at this point ajfjsjf
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enigmew · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
amphibians or whatnot! 
watched through all of amphibia with my little brother recently! it’s a lot of fun and NOT what i necessarily expected from a funny show about a handful of frogs.
i also really wanted to try to imagine the frogs looking less like cartoons because i thought it had the potential for a lot of cursedness or something oddly cute. i interpreted their hair as gills which are most notable when they’re young, in polly’s case, or when they’re old. 
as for the girls i just really wanted anne to have a pair of shoes
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cowcowwow · a month ago
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brocolli-boi · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
this morning, instead of memorizing the hippocratic oath i drew marcy. SEND HELP. IM GONNA FAIL HEALTH SCI. </3
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rainyravioli · a year ago
Tumblr media
hanging out on the newtopia walls
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adorasgayass · 6 months ago
Anyways, made a bi flag using some of Sasha’s colours <3
That’s right, she’s bisexual, as a bisexual I have full authority in making this canon 
Tumblr media
Inspired by this (and also cuz Sasha just has huge bi vibes):
Tumblr media
Here’s the flag by (or bi haha) itself:
Tumblr media
And where I got each of the colours <333
Tumblr media
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cynthiacoven · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
marcy in the first temple >>>>
also bonus line that meant nothing but now makes me very sad <3
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haleigh-sloth · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Me fearing for my life on this fine leak day
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gravityfallsrockz · 19 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Amphibia girls with adorable expressions <3
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deputydwighty · a month ago
Tumblr media
amphibia brainrot goes so hard that i started painting playing cards again
pretty much a rough draft because my sister kicked me out of her room where all the paint is 😻😻 just wanted to get this out there because i’m having lots of fun working on it :]
also covered up marcy’s section because i’m still working on it and it looks bad ☺️
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t4tsashanne · 2 months ago
I experience what some would call intense brainrot
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dykegirlie · 2 days ago
you are headstone, early am radio, inky cap, mariana.. to me :3
oh you wanna kill me??? 🥺👉👈
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oraclecoven · 5 months ago
fully going to push the oblivious anne agenda bc my BELOVED darling she reads so many teen magazines and consumes cute romance stories but would fully take any compliment or 'I love you' completely platonically without a second thought <3
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Tumblr media
just look at this sketch of marcy i made last night. Just look at her <3
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