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A while later… Music playing softly.

Aubree: Oh I hear from her every now and then. You?

Gloria: Last time she was nectar making in Monte Vista. 

Aubree: Oh, fun!


Maren: Wish we had a wedding like this?

Kim: Hmmm. It would have been nice. But I don’t feel like we’ve missed out. We’ve been to so many.

Maren: True.


Rory and Susanna simply swaying and not speaking.

Susanna: Hey, want to get out of here?

Rory: You read my mind.

Susanna: Thank you so much.

Rory: For?

Susanna: For staying with me. All this time. After everything.

Rory: Of course. I love you.

Susanna: I love you too.


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hey could you do the name maren? thank you x


A super bright fuschia

Simple cotton dresses with thick swishy skirts and running with your friends. Collecting snapdragons in blooming orange and violet. Someone who intrigues you, who seems like they know a lot more than they say. You might dream about them. Bundles of tangerines and summer fruit and lips sticky with melted popsicle. Probably a good cook. The smell of baked salmon and the swishing of squirrel tails as they climb trees

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Miraak retracted her hand as Maren flinched away, covering the wound in her side with a cupped palm. Her face was wan and drawn, slick with sweat.

“I can do it myself,” she said tightly.

“You can’t do anything yourself right now,” Miraak scoffed. “Look at you. Cleaved down to the bone. You simply do not pay attention. Let me–

“Save it,” Maren snapped, fumbling for her medicine bag. Miraak trapped her wrist in her hand, her eyes hard.

“Let me.”

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None that I’ve decided yet.

Don’t get me wrong, she’d rather do just about anything other than promise her soul to a Daedric Prince, but she needs Miraak’s help. As she’s said, she’s outnumbered, and dragons are destroying villages and holds faster than she can kill them. Plus, what happens if she gets irreparably injured and can’t fight dragons anymore? She’s going to need someone who can.

It all comes down to altruism. She’s willing to sacrifice her very soul for the people of Skyrim, because there’s not much else she can use to bargain with Miraak.

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I had a few ideas on how Maren and Miraak end up teaming up, BUT I think this is the one I’m going to go with. Enjoy!

  Solstheim’s beach was utterly quiet. Snowflakes drifted in the early dawn like ash, crusting the mantle of Maren’s cloak and her hair and lashes with frost. 

 She hadn’t thought to make this journey again–at least as a willing, autonomous individual, and not a kicking and screaming hostage. The month she’d spent on the island had been grueling, devastating not only for her pride, but for her mental and physical well-being. She’d left Solstheim that first time a wreck, nursing injury on top of injury, so weak she could barely cling to the edge of the boat to empty the contents of her stomach.

 And now she was here. Again. Because duty demanded that she set aside everything–everything–in favor of her people.

 Fuck the people, she thought sourly, drawing her cloak around her. 

 And it was only going to get worse–because she wasn’t here for the island.

 She was here for the woman she’d left on it.

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do Maren and Miraak get married?

I actually downloaded a Miraak follower mod and it lets you put the amulet of Mara on her but iT DOESN’T ACTUALLY LET YOU MARRY HER SO WHATEVER I GUESS


For realsies though? Probably not. It’s not something that either of them consider very important, and Miraak is NOT the sentimental type. She’d think sitting down and actually having a marriage ceremony is saccharine bullshit.

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how does Hermaeus Mora fit into the picture, considering Maren is dating Miraak and all.


Hermaeus Mora is… not happy about Miraak AND her replacement escaping. I headcanon that once someone reads his black books and spends enough time in Apocrypha he can exert some influence over them in the form of dreams/nightmares, visions, auditory hallucinations, etc, and as such he still has a bit of a foothold in both Maren and Miraak’s minds (ESPECIALLY Miraak’s). He uses this to try to influence Maren into returning to him. He couldn’t give less of a shit about Miraak coming home, however, and regularly sends assassins in one form or another to try to take her out.

NO ONE crosses Hermaeus Mora, bruh.

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the  dillon  university  panthers  would  like  to  formally  introduce  you  to  their  2020  team  of  supporters  .  we  wouldn’t  be  here  without  them  .  first  we  have  …

  • MAREN PARK  :  she  is  our  twenty  year  old  student  football  team  manager  .  maren  majors  in  astronomy  &  it  is  her  second  year  amongst  the  panthers
  • ELEANOR ROY  :  she  is  our  twenty-one  year  old  football  newspaper  reporter  .  eleanor  majors  in  chemistry  &  it  is  her  third  year  amongst  the  panthers  
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