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#maria 🍒
joyfulhopelox · 4 days ago
Hi! I was the who sent the prompt for Rings That Bind Us Together. I really didn’t expect that you would notice my request, I wanted to say thank you so much for giving life to that prompt, you literally wrote 12k words out of it and it turned out amazing! I really appreciate all the hard work that have gone into writing Rings That Bind Us Together, I absolutely love your way of writing, and the smut part omg, i’m so glad that you’re the one who wrote it. This week has been a hell week for me and reading the story made me so happy, thank you again!! - 🍒
Anon 🍒😭🥺🥰 hellooooo! First of all i want to say i am so sorry this week has been awful for you, stay strong and keep believing it will get better! 💜 i am cheering you on and hoping everything goes alright and that you can smile from now on 💜
Second of all, oh my god how could i not see that request the moment i got it my brain went into planning mode, it’s stewed and brewed in there and i hoped that me making it such a long fic and having you wait for so long for it wouldn’t take away from the amazing prompt! I absolutely loved writing this and i am so glad that you enjoyed it! 💜💜💜💜💜 nothing makes me happier than knowing my writing brings people joy. I am extremely honoured you asked me of all people to write this 💜
Third of all i am extremely grateful and glad that i could bring even just a smidge of the happiness you brought me when you sent me this message 💜 i don’t even know how to thank you, this week has not been great for me either and you have made it so much better 🥺 please stay healthy and strong and know that i will always be cheering you on! 💜
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askidem · a month ago
En çok...
Güzel bahaneler uyduranları sevdim...
Habire açıklama yapanları, açıklama yapmamı mütemadiyen zorunlu kılanları değil...
Diyelim ki bir gece körkütük içmek için...
Diyelim ki aniden ve yeniden, en temiz yerden sevmeye başlamak için bahane...
Açıklama yapmadan...
Açıklama yapmamı beklemeden...
Sevmemek uğruna bahaneler arayacağına...
Bana bu gece "sevmek için bahane"lerle gel..
Bu gece, çaydanlığın altındaki mavi alev, çayı aheste aheste demler gibi, Maria Puder'in bahanesi ol da gel:
"Beraber çıkar, herkes gibi biz de sarhoş oluruz..."
Ara sıra kendi kendimizden kurtulup cereyana kapılmak hoş bir şey...
Ne dersin?
Hem biz seninle hiç dans etmedik, değil mi?"
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meganskane · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
zahrat🐀 — @obliviousreid 
luna🧍🏻‍♀️— @wifenumberfour
loren 👻 — @moderatelydelusional 
iris🎲 — @quietmisery 
moose👵🏼 — @homoose 
kristina🦊 — @theintimatewriter
sara👹 — @leossmoonn
isa🏄 — @tenelvez
syd🏹 — @reidsacademia 
grace☀️ — @g0lden-cth 
m&m👾— @ssa-m-187 
boldly🍄 — @boldlyvoid 
billie🍓 — @alexbllake
aditi💋 — @spencerreidat3am 
ri🪐 — @wheelsup
jax🐸 — @drreidsboyband 
winnie🧸 — @winifrede
boo🦥 — @prettybabyreid
dany 📌 — @aperrywilliams
mercy🔥 — @mercy-burning
han 🍯 — @lumosemily
carolina🧚🏽 — @spencersmagic
will 🌙 — @willowrose99
india🐮 — @ellesgreenaway
kate🥀 — @hercleverboy
ash🐨 — @reidingmelodies
holly🦋 — @alltooreid
maria🌺 — @hxppyspxncer
anne-marie🩰— @rigatonireid
kate📚 — @hercleverboy
evie🐚 — @emilyprsntiss
liv ☕️ — @luvofyourlifeliv
lauren🦕 — @idonotexiste
katie 🦔 — @doctcr-reid
rucha 🐢 — @spencersendgame
n🗿— @wifeyprentiss
dory🫐 — @shemarmooresfedora
ren🔪 — @iamrenstark
dae🌼 — @strawberryspence
abigail💫 — @everyonesfavoritepipecleaner
logan🍪 — @mrs-dr-reid
tem⛈ — @spooky-goob
adam 🎶 — @lesbiantodds
iv🍭 — @sweetprentiss
lexi🍒 — @salvatoresupremacy
fai🌻 — @onlyspencer
rose🧻 — @writingintheroses
steph🥐 — @goldentournesol
e🌵 — @bxbyjjsupremacy
deli🌸 — @delilahalvez
luci🪱 — @reidsnose
raven🦉 — @deadravenclaw
Tumblr media
emoji anons:  🧛🏻‍♀️, 🐯, 🐬, 🧸, 🃏, 👩‍🍳, 🐿, 🌻, ⚜️
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krolewska-ksiezniczka · 2 months ago
i am making myself a almanac i guess modeled off of medieval books of hours (but idk if the little hours of mary or the divine office will actually be in there so i can’t call it that) and im adding a section for useful prayers like grace before meals, st. anthony for lost things, demon related prayers what other ones should i add
my list of things im putting in so far:
🍇 church feast days (including hdos)
🍓 psalms of degrees
🍶 the seven penitential psalms
🫖 Litany of Saints
⛲️ Office for the Dead
🌊 hours of the cross
🌾 divine mercy chaplet
🍒 stations of the cross
☀️ Marian prayers
💌 rosary prayers in latin
🌻 important prayers (for lost things; for purgatory; for nighttime; against demons ; act of contrition)
🌙 night prayers
🍄 examination of conscience
🕊 prayers for favorite Saints: dymphna, Faustina, Maria goretti, Jadwiga, perpétua and felicity, Dominic, Thomas more, blessed Jose, jp2
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drac0spersonalslut · 2 months ago
mutuals emojis:
 @slut4drvc0 = eve💋
@dracoscum = ari💍 
@just-a-smol-spoon = jae👑
@maybanksslut = Amelia🌵
@o-rion-sta-r = orion☂️
@aspensworlds = aspen🐛
@romqnticizer = talia🍃
@malfoysbiitch = iana🪐
@el-imaskingforyourlefthand = julie⭐️
@miras-a-mess = mira🍒
@transparentcloudbeliever = makenzie🌈
@itsmentalillness = jo🍍
@mayajean = maya🌸
@narcissassecondewife = freya🌻
@queen-asteria04 = grace☀️
@unedibledaisyduck = Maria🍄
@kalopasia = nia🦔
@hellounicorn = rhea🦖
@arcaneslut = fjorela🐝
@leydileyla = leyla🐼
@creeping156tin-reblogs = sia⚡️
@mauvea = paula🥀
@opalsheart = Ellie🐢
@iaalien =ash😚
@dreamy-clousds = rue🥰
idk if I got all of moots if I didn't get you just lmk 
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ssajemilyprentiss · 2 months ago
hey, my lovely bae! 😘
as promised, here are my other asks for your celebration <3
🍏 - a fluff or smut blurb (emily x reader) based off of one of your favorite songs
🍒 - i would like nothing more than a love lil’ letter from you, boo
🍉 - fmk: wanda, natasha, maria hill
Hey my lovely lovely bae <3
Your blurb request can be found here, i hope you like it <3
Fuck: Natasha
Marry: Wanda
Kiss: Maria
And here is your letter bae <3
My my i honestly don’t know where to begin with this but here we go
Harley, you outstandingly beautiful human being thank you for starting to interact with me on here. Because of that I have gotten the privilege to get to know you and my other beautiful moots #supersquad <3 and i have become much more happy since i did, and i never thought i would encounter such beautiful people when i decided to start posting on here
You are incredible person who always make me smile, and seeing you on my dash is one of the highlights during my days, you have an incredible sense of humor and you always make me laugh. You are an amazing writer and I love reading your fics and can’t wait for what’s to come from you with both fics, moodboards and the other stuff you post
So to wrap this up, like I’ve said before Je T’aime ma chèrie and thank you for being you bae <3
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spooky-toastsnew · 16 days ago
All the Self Ship asks cause I'm Bored with whomever is taking up the brain!!
I’m doing this with mikan!
🌷 - How different is your f/o in your head compared to canon?
well in my head mikan doesn’t let people push her around and has a comeback when ever someone is trying to call her a name
🍁 - How did your f/o and s/i meet?
so this takes place in the dr2 anime aka the despair arc Maria was on their way to hope’s peak high school it was their first day and they was late Maria was running down the concrete steps ended up missing a step and up falling and scraping both of their knees luckily Maria fall right in front of mikan who was also on her to hope’s peak high school mikan went into nurse mode and pulled out some medical tape out of her bag
“w-woah! what are you doing!?”
“I’m sorry! I just saw you fall down those steps and you scrape both of your knees really bad”
“what do you mean- oh… your right I did scrape them really bad uh thanks so um what’s your name?”
“m-mikan tsumiki and yours”
“oh cu- I mean! my name is Maria willow”
🍒 - What are some headcanons you have about your f/o?
mikan sometimes does knitting
mikan would have a pet cat and
🍎 - What are some headcanons for your s/i?
I have so many but they all stupid
🍇 - How did you get introduced to your f/o?
well it started with me watching cosplay video on YouTube and the rest is pain and suffering history
🌈 - Do you have any LGBT+ headcanons about your f/o and/or s/i? If so, what are they?
mikan is lesbian and feminine trans
Maria is bisexual and nonbinary
❤️ - How affectionate is your f/o?
mikan is affectionate and I don’t mind
🧡 - What's an unpopular opinion you have about your f/o?
I would share them but I don’t feel like being hunt down
💛 - Do you like the source material your f/o came from? (it's okay if you don't or do!)
I have a love and hate relationship with danganronpa
💚 - When is your f/o's birthday? If it's never been stated canonically, what's your headcanon for it?
mikan birthday is may the 12th!
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stellalucente2012-blog · a month ago
Buongiorno Buon 1 AGOSTO Buon Onomastico ALFONSO MARIA buon mese d'agost...   ☕🥛🍉🍒BUONGIORNO BUON 1 AGOSTO🥗🥙🌮BUON ONOMASTICO ALFONSO MARIAInizia il mese estivo più bello in assoluto, poiché agosto è colmo di magia, foriero di città vuote, di lidi azzurri, di abbronzature dalle fragranze al cocco e vacanze per tutti .Auguri globali per un buon mese di agosto buone vacanze buona estate. Riposatevi davvero ok
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megthrombeyanon · 2 months ago
Hi angel face! Here are some emojis for my beautiful girlfriend
~ @marigold-strange-anon 💜
Hey pretty girl!
🐰 - do you believe in soulmates?
I do! It's funny how mine sent me this ask!
💕 - are you crushing on someone?
Crushing on, in love with...that I am! Any guesses? 👀
💖 - have you ever been in love?
I have! Only once though, with my beautiful girlfriend 💖
🎂 - if you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
Oooh! Going to Disney World, having my own pet and having a complete marathon of all the Harry Potter movies back to back!
🍂 - what's your middle name?
💘 - 3 ways to win your heart?
Flowers, romantic meals in candle light and stargazing!
🌈 - things i find attractive in girls/guys
Mainly their personality! But also their hands - which is weird but i love holding hands!
🍓 - one secret about yourself
I found out i was bi because of Elizabeth Olsen ((mod adores her))
🍒 - how do you act when you have a crush?
I go and scream in @mickeyhenry-anon DMs and then flirt with said crush!
💬 - what your last text message says?
That's a lovely bunch!!!! Count me in ☺️
🔪 - scariest/creepiest experience?
Hearing a ghost roam around where i work! It was spooky!
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moonbeamsung · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
this post acts as a collection of all my lovely and talented mutuals (their names/aliases + tag emojis) that i love with all my heart, despite never meeting. i would give each of them the biggest hug if i could! please check them out, regardless of whether or not they’re a content creator, because they’re all so incredibly amazing <3
@suhpressed ella☕️ ; @fairvtale keia🏰 ; @renjun-baobao nathalie💫 ; @purpleheejin krystal☁️ ; @ferie-anon ferie🧚‍♀️ ; @sly-merlin simmi🍀 ; @zzzzzcakes zel🍰 ; @ru-lin ruth💌 ; @rouiyan ree🦋 ; @astroboy-lele furou🐬 ; @jisungsmochi nat🍡 ; @navyhyuck vee💎 ; @peach-custard-pie peach🍊 ; @danishmiilk xing-yi🥛 ; @lebrookestore brooke🍫 ; @flirtyhyuck kathy🍭 ; @prettyjaems mona🧃 ; @jenojam vina🍓 ; @donkey-hyuck vy⚡️ ; @du0tine solange🏔 ; @ethaeriyeol bea✨ ; @tyongxnct elida🌷 ; @lovelygalaxy333 lilly🌌 ; @badwithten zoe🎱 ; @meraki-mark li🍬 ; @luvdhl ana🌻 ; @jaeminscoffee lyra🍁 ; @whathamelon iris🍈 ; @doiedreams kay🌸 ; @neonun-au mads🦚 ; @moonlightjeno luna🌙 ; @daybreakx ale🌅 ; @yo-ddream 🌟 ; @fruityutas emily🍎 ; @euphoricdreamies maddy🌬 ; @hwanung anna❄️ ; @radiorenjun angie🌾 ; @peachjaem00 lou🌠 ; @fullsuhnny angie🍥 ; @loonacitys tiya🎐 ; @ta3ilmoon grace🌗 ; @ahgase55g7 amanda🎋 ; @channoticedmeuwu kai🦔 ; @renjunpedia hui🧇 ; @puppywritings william🐶 ; @quokkacore helena🪁 ; @hidilyndiazz zoe🌜 @sweetlyjaem yunn🌺 ; @jenosslut eileen🪐 ; @nakamotocore ie🔮 ; @guanhanggf lacey🚀 ; @hwiseungs yasmin🐚 ; @yuta1forme luna🏹 ; @allegxdly storm☔️ ; @kaepopsicle kae🍧 ; @chicksung sophie🧸 ; @hannie-dul-set allex🐱 ; @1-800-seo jessii👾 ; @mrkcore freds🥠 ; @vyutas moni🛼 ; @byunbaekby aurora🌄 ; @treasuretaeil sheri🎲 ; @ncteaxhoe indrani🫖 ; @yeonzies akari🎀 ; @ddonghyuckss mia🥮 ; @loviejaehyun brooke🥥 ; @leejunini nini🧁 ; @itzmklee ro🍣 ; @bloomingnono rose🌹 ; @bluejaem aditi🫐 ; @doiefy fei🦩 ; @tyongishs cassie🎠 ; @seungmvnnie clara🥞 ; @koishua vienna💐 ; @intokook ivy🪅 ; @tvehyungs-gf jan🎈 ; @jisungiest tahmina🍪 ; @roshnis roshni🍋 ; @insomni-writing somni🌲 ; @morkiest jun🍯 ; @reinjunn ly🧋 ; @0429a sam👼 ; @straykidsftnct mina🦦 ; @oifelixcmerebrou lin🍵 ; @jaemotel abhie🏮 ; @kiyokoism nomi👩🏾‍🎨 ; @snoopyzens ren🎵 ; @jungwooisms zosia🍮 ; @daystiny yav🌀 ; @hyuckles-chuckles adobe🌞 ; @hyucksbestie ry⛵️ ; @kpopsnowball snowball⛄️ ; @thats-a-jen-no-no anni🦢 ; @skrtbabe lisa🌃 ; @fairyjunn maria🌑 ; @alicanta77 felix🏵 ; @1vneo christine🐻‍❄️ ; @vishion taojun🎟 ; @cupfullofjeno maddie🪞 ; @mieohmy jae📸 ; @dreamyyang aksh🍇 ; @jaeminzie cel🐠 ; @jenossslut billie💡 ; @amorjakey aera🍶 ; @childofhelios helios🍿 ; @hachanbaecon anna jo🥓 ; @jungwon-luv-bot-pt3 kyuzu🎸 ; @jaeminhood joanne🎞 ; @jaeminphobe kiera🎯 ; @pufflix lily🪴 ; @kiri-ah kiri🐥 ; @bigbrainenergytingz bbet🌵 ; @markleebee hannah🐝 ; @floraljae nini🥯 ; @svchengss hannah🍨 ; @vixenwerr liza👑 ; @beomgyuv rose🦉 ; @jaynamic valerie🥨 ; @jakehooni violet🥀 ; @hyuckefi sunny☀️ ; @neochan sam📚 ; @flowerboykun mia🌼 ; @softforqiankun heather🥝 ; @hyunberry daisy🎡 ; @cinamonmina mimi🛰 ; @shotarology serena🎍 ; @ikigyu luna🍍 ; @cherry-hyejin cherry🍒 ; @renjunvrse ashley💿 ; @baekybaeky ky🥭 ; @raehyucks rae⛱ ; @sonatatine sui🍳 ; @ne0min min⛸ ; @jaxminskale emily🧩 ; @whiteprincessofnohr zeta🪶 ; @seukgi clover☘️
i don’t know how to fix all this empty space so please excuse that :,) if this post seems familiar, it’s because it is! i’m making another mutuals post without actually tagging them so i can keep track of everyone and their emojis, etc.
Tumblr media
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seulcapitaine · a year ago
Maria Puder'ı okuyunca içim cız oldu.. -🍒
Güzel kitap 👍
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dragon-kiddos · 3 months ago
🍒 Leo finally spots his little nephew, ivory hair and pink jacket making him stand out amidst the crowd.
Those sweet buns certainly live up to their name. He'd tried one, dough stuffed with almond paste and whipped cream. At least the little creations are easily consumed in one bite. It's more than enough to satisfy his near non-existent sweet tooth.
However, he also can't abide needless waste. "Kana, good evening," Nohrian prince calls, standing before the young dragon. Two remaining sweet buns rest on the plate. "You seem to be having a grand time."
While Leo prides himself on being observant of his surroundings, he often neglects himself. There's a smear of powdered sugar dusting his chin. "Dancing takes a lot of energy. Don't forget to eat, Kana."
Ethereal Ball 2021 || share a sweet bun trio with my muse
“Hello, uncle!” Little chirp from a little dragon. So far, Kana had not overdosed on sugar and sweets and was just a normal amount of excitable. Perhaps a few more treats might send him teetering over the edge, but just one more can’t hurt, right? 
“Tonight has been awesome! I’ve danced with Maria, like, a bunch of times, and I’m getting stamps from people I’ve never spoken to—that’s what we’re supposed to do, right? Oh, what did Mister Seteth call it... a networking event? I’m networking!” 
It’s at this point that he notices Leo’s mess. “Oh, uncle,” with a hum of focus, Kana snatches up a napkin from a nearby table and reaches up to gently dab at the older man’s face. 
“There! All clean! Now... can I have the one with the cherry, please?” he pleads. “I gave the one I had earlier to my friend, so I couldn’t eat it...”
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