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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.
#marianas trench
jennasmarbles · 8 hours ago
why does so soon make me miss a love i never even had
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kikwibird · a day ago
So I'm binging the X-Men movies and just finished this movie. And I think it's about damn time we give credit where it's due.
Remeber this scene from X-Men: First Class?
Well that scream was done by this guy
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and he wasn't given credit for it in the movie. So I'm doing it now. That's Josh Ramsay, and he did Banshee's scream. And I think it's only fair that this should be known.
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Can’t listen to “Wildfire” by Marianas Trench without thinking about Maiko 
(Also were the lyrics “From wedding bells to private hells/to fresh new starts and wish you wells/from up in lights to up in smoke/we just can't let this go” influential to shadows & steel? Why yes they wereeeee) 
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bosspigeon · 2 days ago
thinking about Juni breaking things off with Mason because he jumped on the chance to sleep with him even though he’s literally never done “casual” before in his life bc he figured he would take whatever Mason was willing to give, but he fell way too hard way too fast and Mason giving him all these little tidbits of affection but forcefully denying anything deeper between them is breaking his heart bit by bit and he can’t handle it anymore
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cynthiaandsamus · 3 days ago
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“Have a piece of American Dream.”
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“Open up and swallow on your knees and say thank you.”
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“I’d like some Desperate Measures please~”
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“For a first effort, this feels kinda last ditch.”
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“I guess things just got a little drastic~”
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“Trust us, you just fell of the bus, suckers.”
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“Yeah well, payback is a motherFUCKER.”
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kikwibird · 4 days ago
Anyone else just an absolute sucker for that "oOH HEY " at the beginning of the second chorus in Vertigo? Because like, it does things to me.
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Day 61
Marianas song of the day
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bosspigeon · 6 days ago
But I know A love like this will end in tragedy You know Every kiss suspendin' gravity Burns us both To love this close We lose ourselves And I know we won't get out alive But only the lonely survive
what’s up guess who found a great a/detective song while rediscovering his high school obsessions
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padawanryan · 7 days ago
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The world is an uncertain place and it keeps getting more terrifying. 😶
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monstermemories · 8 days ago
rules: we're snooping on your playlist. put your entire music library on shuffle and list the first ten songs and then choose 10 people! all songs are linked!
1. Oblivion-Bastille
2. Six Weeks-Of Monsters and Men
3. Dance On the Moon-AURORA
4. No Light, No Light-Florence + The Machine
5. Lisztomania-Phoenix
6. MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)-Lil Nas X
7. Haven't Had Enough-Marianas Trench
8. Pumped Up Kicks-Foster the People
9. Believer-Imagine Dragons
10. Work This Body-WALK THE MOON
I tag anyone who sees this! Have fun!
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raayllum · 10 days ago
Considering the fact Ms Swift has a tumblr, I'm convinced shes seen our posts connecting rayllum and her songs and shes just fucking with us at this point
the ultimate taylor swift rayllum songs are truly
the archer (rayla)
coney island
you are in love
this is me trying (rayla)
stay stay stay
tis the damn season
cruel summer (rayla)
jump then fall
long live
i think he knows (rayla)
holy ground
how you get the girl (callum)
death by a thousand cuts (callum)
champagne problems
invisible string
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kurtanaaa · 10 days ago
i cant fucking deal with this man. music. what the fuck. i genuinely fucking started crying over how much music means to me and to everyone i love. spotify friend activity means so much to me because i care so much about what my friends music can tell me about them. playing my friends playlists feels like theyre singing to me. recommending a song i love to someone is like giving them a piece of my soul. why does music matter so much why do i feel so much about music. why is it so easy to feel connected by music why is it so easy to tell stories through music why is it so easy to live to music why is it so easy to feel loved by music. WHY!!!!!! what about the human experience makes us able to feel so known and entangled by little buzzy sound waves made by people we've never met and never will????????????? what the FUCK i need to lie dowwwwwwwn!!!!!!!
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flawless-imperfections · 11 days ago
10 April 2021 song of the day
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ominous-babe · 13 days ago
Ah shit here we go again.
Tagged by @transdimensionaldeath to post my first ten songs on shuffle and tag 10 people (probably gonna tag less though)
The diversity this time around is almost crippling.
@neutral-chaotic-cryptid @voidramen @drunkengreybeard
thats all I got for now
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xbliindbandit · 14 days ago
I’ve forgotten how it feels, to have my head over my heels 🥰🥰🥰
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