fandomshatelgbtqpeople · 2 days ago
Doloris gets a boyfriend, which she deserves. But I wish too that Luisa got a girlfriend.
I do too but also I wouldn't want it to be like the Star Wars kiss scene if you catch my meaning. Like while Dolores getting with Mariano is a very quick moment it also is the end of an entire subplot. Mariano is a pretty empty character but he is integral to the story for both Dolores and Isabella and I would want something similar. I feel like Encanto with it's focus on generational trauma and strict family structures and keeping up appearances is the perfect movie to address how all those things contribute and are affected by homophobia, particularly in the Latine community.
We see with Isabella's courtship with Mariano that Alma sees the relationships of her family as a way to continue the Miracle by creating new generations of gifted Madrigals. The pressure to marry placed on Isabella is also a pressure to marry someone who can have biological children with them. This is also stems from them not knowing the source of the miracle and thus the strain to protect it. Alma has no idea if the miracle only effects children who are Madrigals by birth or if a child who is adopted into the Madrigals could be given a gift.
Additionally there is the element of keeping up appearances. I'm sure when any of the Madrigal kids showed any interest in queer things Alma was like "What will people think?" and reminded them that they have to an example to the community and always be of service.
Also I realize that all of this could come across as Holmesian reasons why Luisa and Isabella aren't textually queer, but in reality they are reasons why from a Doyleist perspective, Encanto is the perfect movie to tackle these issues and I would love for a sequel to delve into it.
I actually have a really good idea for a sequel too.
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ettellessa-inatrix · 2 days ago
Can someone explain to me why is the internet obsessed with Camilo?
Don't get me wrong, I love the baby too, but he was onscreen barely and arguably 2 minutes, why are we so obsessed with him?
Tumblr media
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reguu-x · 11 hours ago
"A Rose For You," Dolores x Mariano Fanfic !
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
╭── ⋅❃ ⋅ ── ❀ ── ⋅❃ ⋅──╮ summary : when dolores asks her boyfriend, mariano, that it is time for them to go on their first date, in which mariano finally decides to take her out on a midnight walk through the encanto, and gives her a very special surprise ! . . . written in : third person word count : 1,002 ╰── ⋅❃ ⋅ ── ❀ ── ⋅❃ ⋅──╯
Tumblr media
It was many days since Casita was rebuilt again, and the people of Encanto could’ve never been happier. For instance, Isabela doesn’t just sit down a look pretty, growing flowers from time to time, she also helps grow plants and crops for the farmers. 
Luisa has also changed as well. She no longer has to worry about carrying things for people everyday, she now gets to relax and is allowed to sleep in from time to time. Even Abuela was more excepting of people nowadays. She doesn’t mind that her family isn’t perfect, nor the people living in the Encanto. In fact, she plays along with Camilo’s silly jokes. She helps Mirabel sew dresses, she even plays games with Antonio and his animals in his room. All was well, and nobody could’ve been happier. All except Dolores. Of course, Dolores wasn’t the type of girl to complain about anything. She watched as her cousins and siblings all had fun with their gifts, embracing their powers and living their best life, but what about her? Her boyfriend Mariano had been busy ever since the rebuilt, so she was basically invisible again. She was only spoken to when they needed her.
It seemed that nothing really changed, at least to her. That evening, Mariano was going to stay for dinner with the Madrigals. Everyone was getting ready. Abuela had to fetch a few extra chairs, one for Bruno, of course. Julieta was cooking with the small help of Agustin. Antonio was asking the animals to warm up Mariano’s seat. Camilo was shape-shifted into Mariano, pretending to be him. “For rehearsal, to make sure everything is perfect.” Dolores told him.
Isabela was growing flowers and plants all around, decorating the dining area ever so beautifully. Mirabel wanted to give him a present, a hand-sowed neck tie, just for him.
Dolores wanted to ask Mariano to go on a date with her, she was waiting for so long for Mariano to ask her out but he never got the message. He was always like that, oblivious.
She waited at the front door of Casita, waiting for her beloved Mariano to arrive with his mother. She was excited, finally she would have a break from being unseen and hardly spoken too. Dolores wanted tonight to be perfect for her boyfriend. 
She saw Mariano with his mother and shouted with joy. “He’s here! He’s here!” Her family rushed to put the food out and all sat down at the table, waiting for Dolores to walk him into the dining room.
She walked with him, their arms linked together with his mother on the other side of him. They sat down in their respective spots, Dolores sitting right next to him, beaming.
Dinner was amazing as always, Julieta’s cooking could’ve never been better. After dinner, Dolores rushed out towards the door before Mariano could leave.
“Wait, amor!” she called out to him. He turned around when he heard the nickname, then waved at his mother to go on without him.
“Dolores? Is something wrong?” He asked her.
“Mariano, I was just wondering, since we are dating an all.. that we could go on a date?” She asked him nervously.
“Was this not a date?”
“I-it was.. I just, want it to be just you and me.” She looked away from his eyes as he held her hands.
“Of course, mi vida. Why didn’t you ask me before?” 
“Because,” she started. Dolores sighed and looked into his eyes. “Because I wanted you to ask me first.”
“Aw, Dolores.” He hugged her. “I’m sorry. I will let you know when our next date will be, alright?” 
Dolores smiled. “That would be nice. Thank you Mariano.” They hugged one last time before waving each other goodbye.
It was around eleven pm, everyone was sound asleep. Well, everyone except Mariano.
He pathetically climbed the vines leading up to Dolores window, and knocked lightly.
Her eyes instantly fluttered open and she turned her entire body towards the window. When she saw Mariano, she was confused. He motioned for her to follow him and dropped down to the floor. 
Curious, Dolores got dressed and climbed out the window, awaited by her boyfriend.
“Mariano?” She whispered. “What are you doing here, and at midnight as well?”
“Well,” he began. “You said you wanted a date, so here! A date!” he giggled like a little girl. “Its beautiful, quiet, and we are alone. Come, follow me.”
Dolores was a little hesitant before following him towards a beautifully decorated area near the lake. The area was decorated in pillows and blankets and lanterns as well as lights hung up on the lamp posts. In the middle of the place, there was a bowl of chips and dip and some wine.
Dolores was on the edge of tears, she was so shocked and surprise, but above all was overjoyed. She hugged her boyfriend and they walked down towards the place.
They talked (well, more like whispered), giggled, smiled, kissed for about two hours. To them, tonight was the most perfect night they had ever had.
“Ahem, Dolores,” Mariano looked down, holding her hands in his.
“Yes?” she giggled.
“I have something to give to you, a present.” he said.
She giggled once more. “You’re not gonna propose to me, are you Mariano?”
They both laughed before he shook his head.
“No, not yet, mi amor.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the most beautiful and red rose Dolores had ever laid her eyes on.
“Oh my! Mariano! This is..” she was at a lost for words.
“Do you like it?” he smiled at her.
“Yes! I do!” she giggled and he placed the flower in her hair.
“Now it looks even prettier in your hair.”
Dolores blushed as Mariano pecked her cheek. She felt happier then she had ever felt in what seemed like forever. She smiled at her boyfriend. She was his, and he was hers, and that’s all that mattered.
Tumblr media
Heyy everyone! I hoped you like this fanfic!! I worked really hard on this despite me having a pile of school work to do. Give some more request if you’d like!! I have about 4 as of right now BUT I do have much more motivation than before. LMK if you want more Dolores x Mariano fics?? tysm for reading! cya soon!!
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skooterskootyskoot · a day ago
Anyone else notice in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” that at the end of the song before Mirabel sings her line “Why did I talk about Bruno”
The part where “Mariano is on his way” is expected to go as it follows the pattern of the previous verse, but everyone instead lands together on the line “He’s here!”
But we assume they mean Mariano?
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rain1940 · 14 days ago
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sun-kissed-roses · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
"He wants five babies"
Dolores and Mariano's future kids!
-Andrés: age 18. His gift is Earth manipulation (basically earth bending)
-Elisa and Eliana: ages 14. They're twins. Elisa's gift is the ability to clone herself, and Eliana's gift is invisibility
-Maximo: age 10. his gift is fire manipulation
-Sofía: age 6. Her gift is she can see/talk to the dead
Let me know if you'd wanna know more about them! :)
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encanto-side-blog · 18 days ago
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akindlylittlesoul · 22 days ago
There's a little detail in Encanto that I love and I haven't seen anyone talked about.
And it's the fact that, at the end, they didn't villanice Mariano.
They could so easily made him a Gaston like character, an idiot, aggressive, jealous and over all an awful man.
But they didn't, and it shows kids that a person doesn't have to be a freaking walking red flag in order for you to not want to be in a relationship with them.
You could just not like them, who knows why, but you are not obligated to like them.
Mariano is the perfect man, hell he's a perfect human. And still Isabela didn't want to marry him, who knows why, we can only speculate. But in the movie they show that her decision and feeling are valid nonetheless.
You could just not feel compatible with someone, you could just not see yourself in a romantic relationship (or even friendship) with that person, and that's enough, you don't need an excuse.
Tumblr media
P. D. I love how they show that he's also perfect for the family by the fact that he actually cares for everyone in the family, him being the one who asked Mirabel if she's fine during the proposal dinner and also one of the first who goes to help rebuild casita.
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tsetsera · a month ago
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erosarrows22 · a month ago
Every man in the Madrigals is a himbo and no I don’t take criticism.
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princeasimdiya12 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Encanto Cast Portrayed By Spongebob
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gardenladysworld · 18 days ago
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master-of-apostrophes · a month ago
I ship them.
Tumblr media
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magic-ofthe-madrigals · 13 days ago
It really means the world to me that Mariano wasnt for a moment seen as a villain or bad guy in any way, every scene that they talk about him every scene that he's in he's always a handsome caring generous respectful loving man and it is seen as completely okay that Isabela doesn't want to be with him not because she likes someone else or there is anything anything at all wrong with him she just doesn't want to be with him and that's it they don't even explain why, they don't give her a different love interest, it's just that she doesn't want to be with him. I honestly cannot think of a single piece of media in which that happens, that a girl does not want to be with a guy who respects and loves her not because he's a villain or unattractive or she likes someone else but just because she does not want to be with him and that is painted as completely okay and she's not seen as a b**** for it
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hiphopcherrrypop · a month ago
i actually love mariano so much let me ramble abt him a bit
jumped to being a mariano defender as soon as i stepped out the theatre and one of the friends i saw it with was saying some “i didnt like the guy, he was so annoying” WHAT DID HE DO!
also pls he’s so kind. dolores talks abt how he cares for his mother (and i just think it’s cute that he writes poetry KSHDJDK). and when he checks in with mirabel during the dinner bc she’s stressed? ily sir.
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abrianadesaphi · 3 days ago
blind | isabela madrigal x fem!reader
in which isabela has never seen something quite like you. inspired by role model’s song, blind.
author's notes:
isabela madrigal x fem!bisexual!reader
friends to lovers
no smut
warnings: profanities, use of the k-word (jokingly)
she got the gold hoops, prada fit | i’m in love with all of it
she saw you for the first time a year after casita was rebuilt. you were dressed in clothes that obviously weren’t made in a small village like encanto. you also wore gold accessories to match with your luxurious set of clothes as you shared your table with señor valencia, the middle-aged man who was known as the town’s blacksmith.
your presence was radiating confidence, your poise obvious by how you sat and how you ate your food gracefully. for some reason, she could not look away. it seemed as if isabela found herself more and more mesmerised the longer she stared at you.
isabela was seated in a booth that was right across from your table, next to her papa agustin as they waited for their dinner in a warm little restaurant in the center of encanto.
her papa must’ve caught her staring at you, and so he whispered to his oldest daughter’s ear, “that’s señorita (y/n), señor valencia’s niece. she’s from abroad but she’s staying here for the summer due to her parents’ request. the gossiping ladies on the streets claim she’s a bit of a primadonna, but i think she’s quite nice!”
when dinner ended, agustin went over to your table and invited your uncle for a couple glasses of wine back in the casita and of course, you came along. it was your first time to see the wonderful madrigal home, and you were in awe of it and its magic.
agustin placed a hand on her daughter’s shoulder as he said, “señorita (y/n), would you appreciate a tour of la casa madrigal by isabela?”
isabela looked at her father, confused. agustin just smiled at his daughter and gave her a wink.
“i would, actually! this place is amazing,” you said with a smile.
isabela, with an encouraging push on the back from her father, walked towards you.
“this way, señorita! i’ll show you to the kitchen.”
once you’ve familiarised yourself with casita (and casita has familiarised itself with you), you and isabela found yourself back in the living room. your uncle, along with agustin and felix, were laughing obnoxiously as they sipped on their wine.
“(y/n), isabela, join us!” your uncle offered you both a seat on the couch next to him as he noticed your presence.
“thank you, señor. but i’ll pass,” isabela spoke, “i kinda wanna stay up in my room for a while.”
“can you show me your room?” you spoke, looking at her with hopeful eyes.
“of course, she can!” agustin exclaimed, “how about a bottle of wine to drink while you talk up in there?”
“papa, i’ll just show her my room. we won’t be long-”
“we’d love a bottle of wine, señor!” you said with a smile.
ex-boy didn’t get the picture, cut him out of it
three hours later, you were a drunken mess in isabela’s flowery bedroom floor. you drank the entire bottle of wine while isabela just looked after you, making sure you wouldn’t hurt yourself.
it was funny how she cared for you, a foreign girl she doesn’t even know.
“isabela, isabela,” you called her name twice, trying to get her attention in your drunken state.
“yeah?” she responded.
“sit down, come here,” you patted the space next to where you were sitting, “do you think i’m pretty?”
isabela looked at you, your face a little bit too close to not have her heart racing, “i mean, yeah, you’re pretty. prettier than everyone i’ve ever seen, actually.”
“thanks, ‘bela,” you said with wide smile, “you’re pretty, too. but like, you’re the kind of pretty that isn’t just pretty. you’re the kind of pretty that makes me go wow she’s pretty everytime i look at your face.”
she blushed as flowers sprouted in her hair.
“oh my god, that’s adorable,” you commented as you reached out to take one of the flowers from her hair, “he hated flowers, you know?”
“who does?” she asked.
“hugo, my ex-boyfriend,” you said, and a part of her feels jealous at the mere fact of somebody else being lucky enough to have you.
“he sounds like a dick,” isabela said, making you laugh out loud. you were drunk, and fairly amused at your new friend.
“what’s so funny?”
“i just didn’t expect you to say things like that. to be honest, i expect you to say something like, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, or some other corny shit. you know, i loved him so much but he wanted all these things that i just didn’t want. like, getting married and having kids and building our own perfect family,” you looked at her, tears rolling down your cheeks, “god, i’m sorry. i shouldn’t be letting this all out on you.”
“no, no, no,” isabela said, “it’s okay. i know what it’s like.”
“you do?”
“yeah,” she looked at you with sincerity in her dark eyes, “i was engaged to a man i didn’t love.”
you chuckled, “i guess i’m a little like you, huh?”
“i guess you are.”
i fall pretty hard, never really getting far | you make everyone look like they aren't anyone
a month had passed by and both of you were getting closer and closer. in fact, you spend all of your time together now and you were also invited to dinner at casita a few times, slowly becoming friends with each of the madrigals.
as soon as you entered the festive environment, you immediately found yourself dancing with dolores with a drink in your hand, laughing and talking with the newly-engaged woman.
speaking of casita and the madrigals, you were on your way there since there was a party to celebrate dolores and mariano’s engagement.
isabela sat on one of the tables and she lightly sipped on her drink, looking over at you with a little smile on her face.
god, you were so beautiful. and to god, she was grateful to be able to witness the beauty of you.
“never thought that i’d see the isabela madrigal so lovesick,” mariano’s familiar voice flooded her ears as he took a seat beside hers.
“what are you talking about, mariano?” she turned to look at the man.
“señorita (y/n), you’ve fallen for her, haven’t you?”
“i’ve known her for a month.”
“my point still stands,” mariano said, “i know a person in love when i see one, hermosa.”
“i don’t even know what in love is.”
“i mean, even i didn’t know what it meant to be truly in love. until dolores came along and all of the ideas i had of love turned out to be incorrect.”
“that’s real sweet of you to say, mariano.”
“but this isn’t about me, mi amiga. i know that you know that you are in love with (y/n), so what are you afraid of?”
“i’m not afraid,” isabela grumbled.
“why are you hiding your feelings?”
“why are we having this conversation?”
“isabela,” mariano looked at her seriously, “you do know that she’s only here for the summer, right? she’ll be leaving in less than two months. if i were you, i’d tell her how i feel. you never know, maybe you’ll give her a reason to stay.”
hours after the party has ended, isabela looked up at the ceiling as she laid on her bed. thinking about what mariano said. thinking about love. thinking about you.
gripping her blanket in harsh realization, she whispered to herself, “fuck, i’m in love with (y/n).”
i haven't felt a thing this year and i'm only tryin' to be sincere
“i heard you last night,” dolores nudged her favorite cousin with her elbow as they ate their breakfast.
“oooh, what did isabela say?” camilo teased.
“it’s a girl thing, you wouldn’t get it,” dolores dismissed her brother.
“i can be a girl,” camilo said before shapeshifting into you, causing isabela to drop her fork in shock, “so, what is it?
“can you not turn into (y/n)?” isabela said, annoyed.
“does it make you uncomfortable when i turn into your girlfriend? are you fighting the urge to make out with me right now?”
“ew!” isabela exclaimed, pushing camilo off his chair as he turned back to himself.
“what is going on over there?” abuela asked her three grandchildren at the other end of the table.
“nothing, abuela,” the three of them said in unison.
abuela alma went back to her food, and so did the rest of the family. camilo has turned the other way to bother mirabel and dolores nudged isabela with her elbow once again.
“i also heard señor valencia and (y/n) last night,” dolores said.
“(y/n)’s leaving in two days.”
isabela’s world stopped.
“no. she’s leaving in two months,” isabela said, denying whatever it was that dolores said.
“her parents want her back home as soon as possible, isa.”
isabela stood up from the table and ran out of casita’s front door, ignoring sounds of confusion from her family. she ran to the direction of your house, bumping on some of the locals in the way. she knocked loudly once she finally reached your front door, impatience running through her knuckles.
you opened the front door, seeing isabela a heaving and sweaty mess, “isabela, what on earth-”
“i love you. and i’m sorry that i won’t be able to prove to you just how much i do because i was too much of a coward to admit it but i’m here now, and i can admit with my whole heart that i am so fucking in love with you and i’ve never met anybody quite like you-"
“-and i’m sure that i never will. i know you’re leaving soon but i just can’t watch you go without telling you how i feel because i might just die if i keep it to-”
“-myself. so i’m telling you again, (y/n), i am in love with you, and i’d tell you a million fucking times more if that’s what it takes for you believe-”
“i’m in love with you, too.”
“you are?”
“yes. and i’m not leaving any time soon. i don’t think i want to.”
isabela couldn’t help it. she took your face in her hands and kissed you, pouring each and every ounce of affection she had into your lips.
after a moment, she pulled away, “wait, did you say that you weren’t leaving anytime soon? i thought you were leaving in two days.”
“where’d you hear that from?” you chuckled.
isabela froze in realization, “i’m gonna kill dolores.”
you placed another kiss on her lips, causing her to blush.
“i think i might thank her, actually,” isabela said before kissing you back, wrapping her arms around your waist.
i've never seen something quite like you
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peanutcrow · 22 days ago
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encanto-side-blog · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
I’m sure someone has done a variation of this already.
Based on this Twitter thread
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camilo-madrigal · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Encanto doodle requests I did for Instagram woooo
(In the first drawing, Camilo is just saying a Colombian jingle he’s being silly let him be)
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tsetsera · a month ago
Tumblr media
You must embrace your future...
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