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carlaerosie · 2 days ago
Mariano: a poem for Dolores <3
roses are red
violets are blue
your name is Dolores
Dolores: that was so cute 10/10
Camilo: he’s an idiot Dolores
Dolores: wrong. he’s MY idiot
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bwall-7204 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Mariano & Dolores in @c-rose2081 Flightless au💕 I just wanted to draw a soft moment between the two where Mariano is playing with Dolores wings :)) I also like to think he eventually wears one of her feathers in his hair😌😌
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imloudafsocoveryourears · 2 days ago
Even more hilarious Encanto scenes cause I can't get enough of them-
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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shirobl · a month ago
Eso Bruno
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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incorrectmadrigals · 22 days ago
Dolores and Mariano: [Staring into each other’s eyes]
Camilo: [Opens coke can]
Dolores: We’re having a moment!
Camilo: I’m having a cola.
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erosarrows22 · a month ago
Every man in the Madrigals is a himbo and no I don’t take criticism.
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secret-ssociety · a month ago
oh if you're taking mirabel requests. mirabel x touch starved reader?
Pairing(s): Mirabel Madrigal x reader
Warnings: none, just fluff <3
A/N: I swear I tried to make this gender neutral, but I feel like it came out more fem than expected. I hope you enjoy it <3
Tumblr media
How could she?
How could she stand there and look so beautiful when you couldn't touch her?
It wasn't fair that your brother could look for whatever excuse to touch Isabela without anyone batting an eye, but you had to hold your urges to brush that rebel strand of hair out of Mirabel's forehead.
For all your parents cared, the evening was perfect, they were happily discussing the someday engagement between Isabela and Mariano, while the raven haired girl was nothing but smiles to your brother's never ending flow of compliments, they were all too busy to notice the way your leg bounced under the table.
The air felt sour and the food tasted dull in your mouth, and it wasn't that Julieta's cooking was anything else than spectacular, it was that the bitterness of your situation took over all your senses.
Already three months since you and Mirabel were together, the happiest months of your life except for the goddamn secret you had to keep your relationship in. Your parents were dying for a relationship with the Madrigals, but if they found out they already had it, they wouldn't react well because it was yours and not Mariano's.
"Dolores," Mirabel spoke, making your head pop from your plate, "can you switch seats with me? I'm not used to sitting on the head."
The older girl shot you a knowing smile and you had to keep a blush from creeping up to your cheeks. Of course, you suspected Dolores knew about your relationship with her cousin, with that gift of hers there probably wasn't anything in town she didn't know, but still you weren't sure.
You didn't hide your smile when Mirabel sat beside you in silence. Now it would be even harder to push your urges into the back of your head, but God, you loved having her near.
And then, you felt her hand tangle into yours under the table.
Your breath hitched and whatever effort to keep yourself from blushing went right into the trash. She started caressing your hand with her thumb and your whole body started trembling, oh, Mirabel knew just the effect she had on you.
Thankful like you had never been for the little attention everyone else payed you when Mariano was around, you squeezed her hand back as you tried to eat a little more cheerful. Even the adults' conversations sounded less boring with her by your side.
Her touch calmed down the anxiety on your nerves and, at the same time, made it nearly impossible to keep your composure. How could you crave someone's touch as badly as you craved hers? How could you be so starved of it that the simple gesture of holding your hand threatened to throw you over the edge.
"Can I go with Y/N to my room?" Mirabel asked when the dinner was over. "I want to show them some stuff."
"Of course," Alma nodded with a smile while your parents nodded approvingly, "make yourself at home, Y/N."
"Thank you," you said before following Mirabel upstairs.
Once the door of the old nursery was closed, you threw yourselves into each other's embrace. Her fingers cradled your face while your arms wrapped around her waist, your lips meeting up in a desperate kiss. She held you as close to her face as it was physically possible and your hands traveled across her column to close any gaps between your bodies.
"Hi," she said out of breath when you broke the kiss.
It took you less than five minutes to find your way to her bed, where you laid together for what felt like hours. You talked about everything and your long conversations were complemented with white gaps of silence where you simply gazed into each other.
Your hands were still around her waist, holding her close to you while hers rested on your face tracing over the constellations of your freckles. Very small actions were required to have you a beaming mess in her arms. She traveled her hands to the back of your head from time to time, tangling her fingers into your head, and your body could barely contain the shaking.
"I like when you do that," she told you.
"Do what?"
"Shiver like that," Mirabel answered and you gave her half a smile.
"Keep doing that to my hair and I'll do it more," you suggested, refering to the little swirls she was doing in your scalp with the tips of her fingers.
She obliged and you simply closed your eyes, resting the full weight of your head against her pillow and allowed yourself to completely melt in her touch. Whatever possessed you when Mirabel loved you like that, you could stay and live in it.
After a little while of drawings on top of your scalp, you felt Mirabel's breath hit closer to your face before she started to pepper slow pecks across your forehead, your eyelids, the bridge of your nose, making her way down to your mouth. She was sweet against your lips, tender, loving, and you wondered if maybe she had a secret magical gift linked to controlling time.
Was it possible that maybe Dolores heard the dangerous way of your heart beating itself against your ribcage?
Her kisses were small, one pressed into your lips after the other, soft and warm, before diving right into a long one that ended were your top lip resulted prisoner of her teeth. Her kisses were never ending, which you liked the most.
At least, they were until the door burst open.
You both jumped from the bed, completely out of breath, to find Dolores looking at you from the entrance of the room. Now your heart was definitely going to explode, but not exactly with the warmth as before.
"I knocked," she anticipated the possible claim of invasion of privacy.
"Dolores," Mirabel swallowed heavily, "please don't tell anyone."
The tall girl stared at her cousin for a few seconds before bursting out laughing. Telling someone? She had been keeping that secret before you even started dating.
"Y/N, unless you're going to ask to sleep over, you're going home now, your parents are waiting for you at the front door." Dolores turned around to leave, but stopped in her tracks to say one last thing. "And you might want to fix your hair before coming down. Hm." And with that high pitched sound that was so characteristic of her, she left.
Mirabel and you shared a relieved look, before you reached out to cup your girlfriend's face and give her one last kiss.
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encantobrainrotten · a month ago
Mariano: what are the cute nicknames I can call Isa?
Mirabel: sugar
Antonio: honey
Camilo: egg
Dolores: flour and milk
Camilo: butter
Dolores: stir
Camilo: pour into the pan
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jennrypan · a month ago
Ok but Im just thinkin bout Mariano--
He wasnt mad about the engagement being called off or a jerk at all, he just wants to love someone??
Like he seems like such a hopeless romantic and its adorable-
When he starts dating Dolores he immediately starts trying to surprise her with flowers ("I know your cousin makes them and youve probably seen these but they match your bow!") Or cookies ("They may not be able to heal but they taste good! I think- I made them, I think theyre good- they might be a little burnt?--")
And he tries to keep quiet but hes not good at keeping secrets especially when he gets excited about something-
He loves hanging out with her family and he loves how creative and cool they all are,
He has no bad feelings towards Isabella and completely understands,
"No worries! The heart wants what it wants and doesnt want what it doesnt want! I hope we can be friends though?"
Hes a romantic himbo!
(Who also looks like Markiplier-- i deadass spent the whole movie calling him that until I remembered his name--)
Hes also very physically affectionate and a big fan of PDA, he wants the whole area to know about his gorgeous girlfriend, of course if Dolores tells him to chill or shes just not in the mood for touchey ness (which is rare ofc but sometimes y gotta get time to yourself ya know) he'll give her space but he will definitely leave little notes to check on her and just!!!
Gimme cute fanart of these two please--
I cant draw that well so i cant provide-
I can prolly provide fics but we'll see-
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isthisareference · a month ago
Tumblr media
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urfaveisgoingintheplinko · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Markiplier from YouTube is going in the Plinko Machine!
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carlaerosie · 21 days ago
I love how Dolores was keeping the secret about Bruno for whole 10 years but as soon as she noticed she had an opportunity to “ruin” Mariano’s proposal to Isabela she did it by saying about the vision Mirabel saw and causing a total chaos
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magic-ofthe-madrigals · 13 days ago
It really means the world to me that Mariano wasnt for a moment seen as a villain or bad guy in any way, every scene that they talk about him every scene that he's in he's always a handsome caring generous respectful loving man and it is seen as completely okay that Isabela doesn't want to be with him not because she likes someone else or there is anything anything at all wrong with him she just doesn't want to be with him and that's it they don't even explain why, they don't give her a different love interest, it's just that she doesn't want to be with him. I honestly cannot think of a single piece of media in which that happens, that a girl does not want to be with a guy who respects and loves her not because he's a villain or unattractive or she likes someone else but just because she does not want to be with him and that is painted as completely okay and she's not seen as a b**** for it
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lilnasxteletubbiecollab · 28 days ago
I get where the whole "Dolores was joking/pranking/scaring Isabela with the five babies line" comes from but Mariano literally heard Dolores confess was was immediately like "Let's get married." He is definitely the kind of goofball who says corny shit like "I want a whole soccer team" lmao.
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shirobl · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tengo el headcanon de que el verdadero color de Bruno es el rojo (qué es el color de su camisa) para completar la triada de colores primarios Amarillo-Azul-Rojo de los trillizos y que el poncho representa el rechazo a su poder lo cual cubre su verdadero ser cambiando su naturaleza idk 🤷
Bruno olor a Tío Nacho
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incorrectmadrigals · 18 days ago
Mariano: The moon is really beautiful tonight.
Dolores: It sure is.
Camilo: Should we tell them that it's just a tortilla you threw at the window?
Isabela: Shhh.
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lovewillthaw-j · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Isabela: F-f-five babies?!!
Dolores, calmly munching: Yeah I want Mariano's 5 babies
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hiphopcherrrypop · a month ago
i actually love mariano so much let me ramble abt him a bit
jumped to being a mariano defender as soon as i stepped out the theatre and one of the friends i saw it with was saying some “i didnt like the guy, he was so annoying” WHAT DID HE DO!
also pls he’s so kind. dolores talks abt how he cares for his mother (and i just think it’s cute that he writes poetry KSHDJDK). and when he checks in with mirabel during the dinner bc she’s stressed? ily sir.
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catlqnd · a month ago
Tumblr media
•Pairings: Camilo Madrigal X FEM!Reader (PLATONIC)
•Warnings: X
•Summary: Meeting your brothers Girlfriends family for the first time is interesting, especially when one wants to make sure your comfortable; Sometimes starts with a scare.
•Requested by: @Stxrryxnite
•Requests?: Closed

“Ma, come on, why do I have to see his family?” Y/N huffed as she was dragged along, her mother having a light grip on her shoulder as they walked in sync.
“You still haven’t Met Mariano’s family officially yet, and now that he and Delores are getting married it be best to meet.” Ma`smiled.
“Yeah but.. It’s the Madrigals.” Her daughter groaned.
“Oh please Y/N, it’s not a big deal.” They arrived at the door. Casita let out a few tiles in a pianist rhythm.
“Ah Señora Guzmán, What a pleasant surprise!” Felix, The husband of Pepa Madrigal, walked out. His hands up in a wide greeting, behind him walked out Alma.
Though her hands were tightly together and her face was struggling not to make a smug look.
“Ah Felix so nice to see you again, how’s my boy?” Mrs Guzmán quickly embraced Felix with two quick kisses to the cheeks.
“Ah, he is doing well, getting prepared for a great feast after moving in.” He chuckled.
“Rather quickly,” Y/N coughed into her fist, enabling a choking sound after her mother hit her softly with her elbow.
“..Ah Alma, how are you?” She glanced behind Felix with a wrinkly grin. Felix followed her gaze with a frown.
“Ah, that’s not Alma- Camilo knock it off!” He shouted.
Alma’s face went from one of a smirk to a disappointing sigh. Quickly transforming back into his normal form, gaze still randomly on Y/N.
“Oh, hm well we better go in.” The two adults walked inside the house, the two children still had a slight gaze on each other; Y/N swiftly following her Ma inside.
The Sun-child watched in confusion at her off putting vibe, he quickly joined her.
“Hey- wait!” A shout called out.
The shapeshifter appeared by her side quickly.“The names C-“
“Camilo.” She sent a sly smile his way.
“Yeah, and your Y/N?” They walked in a common pattern now. The girl nodded light-heartedly.
“Yup,” she watched as he sprinted a few feet in-front of her to behind a corner. In confusion she went trotting over to that corner, letting out a Yelp as he suddenly jumped out.
Hitting the ground with a huff she glared up at the boy who was laughing his heart off.
“Oh shut up!” She grinned, enjoying the more talkative atmosphere.
“And here I thought your whole family was serious Troll flirts.” He wiped his eyes dramatically.
“Y/N!” She Frantically moved to here feet as she heard her ma calling for her, probably so greet her brother before the feast.
“Cant believe your going to be my brother-in-law now,” Y/N called out as she followed her Ma’s voice.
Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad being apart of the madrigal family.
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dumbtheoriez · 24 days ago
Im tired of saying and seeing this shit so correct spellings of Encanto characters down below! I would highly recommend reading this if youre not entirely sure on spellings or just in general!
Abuela Alma
Abuelo Pedro
Hernando/ hood over head bruno
Jorge/ bucket over head bruno
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