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fabi3790 · 22 hours ago
When I tell you, this woman is BOLD
Tumblr media
First she appears like her whole life has led up to this moment where she pops out of nowhere to retrieve the man of her dreams
I’d be so embarrassed… but hey props to this queen
Tumblr media
This had no business being that funny 😭
She really went “MOVE” and yeeted Mirabel off the screen, then basically told Mariano that she high key stalks him …?? 🥴
I’m assuming Mariano is used to the bizarre idea of this family having magical powers, so that’s why he didn’t feel bothered in the slightest when learning this new information. Just a guess
And after that chaotic dinnerTM, I don’t think anything could ever surprise this dude ever again if we’re being honest
Tumblr media
Then this man pulls off a reverse Frozen without the evil trope.
*chef’s kiss* a match made in heaven
Tumblr media
Mira and Chavela being the best wingwomen
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carlaerosie · a day ago
Isabela: why is it so hot?
Mariano: because I am here
Isabela: suddenly I am freezing
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angelltheninth · 2 days ago
What I really like about Mariano is that they didn't make him to be pushy or bad. He's passionate, he's loud, he takes care of his mom, he loves poetry, he's full of love in his heart. He is the perfect man.
Tumblr media
Yet he wasn't right of Isabela. Not because he's a bad dude, but just because he, as great as he is, he's not what she wants.
But he's the man of Dolores's dreams. She knows all these little things about him that make him more endearing to her. He may be a little quick on the marriage thing however Dolores is quick to tell him to slow down, they'll get there.
If Encanto gets a show I really want to see him and Dolores dating and getting to know each other better.
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luckytreeponyzine · a day ago
Random bystander "Why is Augustine refusing to sit down?"
Antonio "Abuelita was telling everyone about how Abuelito's favorite thing to do with her was carry her around, even when she was pregnant, so then Mariano decided to pick up Dolores and spin her around and they got all lovey dovey. Then papa lifted mama up over her head and made her smile so then Camilo showed off that he could pick up Mirabel and rock her, after that Luisa came by and picked up me Tio Bruno and Isa, not to show off, she didn't know what was going on she was carrying a dresser with one hand and we were standing in the way."
Bystander "Okay but...?"
Antonio "So Tio Augustine tried to pick up Tia Julietta but while he was walking he fell into a beehive and while being chased ran to water... A jellyfish sting him on the butt."
Bystander "Ah"
Antonio "But Don't worry Tia is making nachos!"
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isthisareference · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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c-rose2081 · 2 days ago
I know tainted is like worst timeline and angst heaven, but is there any soft Mariano and Dolores moment(s)?
Dolores and Mariano are the only soft thing in Tainted, and these moments are so few and far between it’s actually kinda sad.
They usually only happen when Dolores is away from the house and her other family members. She and Mariano will meet behind a building somewhere just to talk; he’ll whistle a little song that she can follow to wherever he’s at. They’ve been friends for a long time before the story arc actually begins so he’s always there to comfort her when she’s uncomfortable over something going on at home, or she him when Isabela, Señora Gusmán and Abuela are all being overly constrictive.
Mariano will usually steal a kiss from her in these moments. He thinks it’s adorable how flustered she gets over it.
Mariano is the first to go after Mirabel when Dolores gets taken, with Julieta and Camilo joining him (this is a side arc). He’s the one who finds her first, barely a shell of her former self after everything she’d been through.
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erosarrows22 · 2 days ago
So Antonio being a child growing up with lgbtq+ icons like the madrigals doesn’t see anything weird about having a crush on a guy.
Which is good but again he is 5 so it’s just puppy love.
Anyway no one really mentions it until he gets a little puppy crush on Mariano.
Everyone thought it was cute at first but it gets to the point he follows him around wherever he goes and copies what he says.
Mariano being the absolute iconic himbo he is doesn’t notice and is just happy to be spending time with his future brother in law.
Antonio will set up tea parties days in advance just so he can spend time with Mariano.
He also has Pepa set up play dates.
Everyone thinks it’s adorable except for Dolores who can’t believe her little brother is stealing her man.
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unconventionalbrain · a day ago
love mirabel and isabela bonding over their mutual disdain for dolores' poor sweet himbo
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awkward-madrigals · 2 days ago
I strongly disagree with the people arguing that one of the signs of Alma’s ‘abusiveness’ is that ‘she knew Isabela was not in love with Mariano because she knows how people in love act’.
Like, what is that even supposed to mean? Every person manifests their emotions differently, and love is no exception. Why should Alma have expected for Isabela to manifest her love for Mariano the exact same way she manifested her love for Pedro? Alma herself knew that her granddaughter was very different from what her younger self had once been: don’t forget she saw Isabela as the epitome of perfection, while she herself used to be a somewhat goofy, clumsy and loud girl - as seen during the Dos Oruguitas sequence. She probably thought Isabela was a more private kind of person, one of those girls who don’t like to talk openly about their feelings; this does not certainly make her abusive, and until proven otherwise, we have no clue she was actively forcing her granddaughter into a loveless engagement.
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lythinksabittoomuch · a day ago
Tumblr media
Can we talk about the fact that Isabela literally hits an already in pain Mariano AGAIN during what else can I do like queen queen he’s already dead.
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bittywitches · 23 hours ago
I know it wouldn’t have worked as well musically but I keep thinking about how it would’ve been nice if in All of you, instead of Mariano saying “I see you” and Dolores saying “I hear you” it was the other way around because Dolores had spent all this time listening to Mariano on her own and now she finally gets to see him in this way, and now it’s Mariano’s turn to hear her?? To listen to her??? That would’ve been cute????
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manehead · a day ago
Mariano, trying to impress Isabela: On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re a 9. I am the only 1 you need.
Isabela: No, what the fuck. I am a 10.
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effable-as-f · a day ago
You know I remember thinking it was a little unusual that Mariano wasn't the slightest bit creeped out by Dolores' declaration at the end of the movie but when I think about it more, it's probably like an accepted fact of life in the village at this point that Dolores Madrigal knows you better than you know yourself to the point where her going to the effort of learning so much about you specifically might be seen as high praise
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astroddon · 8 hours ago
Ok but what if whenever Dolores gets too overwhelmed because of the noise and can't identify words and sounds, Mariano pulls out a notebook and they have a silent written conversation.
They end up with a book full of ideas, drawings, poems and some anecdotes.
Supportive Mariano makes me go📈📈
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faelens · 2 days ago
Dolores: I'm proud to identify as morosexual. I'm attracted to dumbasses and dumbasses exclusively. Mariano once asked Isabela what the Spanish word for tortilla was once and now I dream of kissing him under the moonlight.
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rysttle · 5 days ago
More encanto meme redraws :D
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And Bonus from the previous meme collection : 
Tumblr media
Also im sorry for the watermarks folks :(, you know i hate putting em but my previous memes has been reposted without credit too many times in too many social medias so yeah hjsnsakjmsak 
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thehmn · 25 days ago
Listen I have feelings about the Madrigal husbands okay?
Loads of people already sung their praises as fathers and husbands (and yet nobody has talked about the way Agustín just close his eyes and opens his mouth when Julieta says “Eat!”) so I want talk about the implied relationship between them. The focus is on Mirabel so we don’t get to see Agustín and Félix talk with each other but for a movie that’s only one hour and 39 minutes long we get a lot of hints that they’re very very close.
They’re introduced together in the song “The Family Madrigal”. They dance into frame together and keep some pretty deep eye contact even when Mirabel pops up between them and push them apart.
Tumblr media
When they appear on screen together again they’re back to looking at each other. Not even the sisters appear to have eye contact.
Tumblr media
In “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” Agustín only shows up to help Félix set the table and then he completely disappears from the song again.
Tumblr media
When Julieta and Agustín try to comfort Mirabel about not being given a magical ability Agustín says he understands because “when Félix and I married into the family” they too felt small and insignificant in the presence of all the exceptional people. Not “when I married into the family” but “Félix and I”. These guys confided in each other. They talked about some deep emotional stuff and worked some shit out together. They’ve bonded.
Tumblr media
The whole thing about Agustín and Félix doing house chores while the rest of the family works in town comes from a deleted scene where we see even more of this bond, and I think Mariano will fit in perfectly. I get the impression that Mariano has been too coddled by his mother to have much experience with housework but he’s also a very caring and sensitive himbo who seems eager to care for a family of his own so I think he would take to the househusband role very easily.
Tumblr media
If they ever make a sequel or a show all I’d want is for Agustín and Félix to take him under their wings and teach him all the skills he’ll need to keep house, but also help him through the same feelings of inadequacy that they themselves had to go through when marrying into a magical family. A song where Mariano joyfully follows their lead in house chores but doing everything a little worse because he doesn’t have the skills yet would be adorable. Just sayin’.
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princessamericachavez · 26 days ago
Love how Dolores calling Mariano the man of her dreams was initially framed as a “oh because he’s pretty” crush and when the confession time comes it’s really because she has HEARD him for so long and she knows little things about how kind and loving and sensitive he is and THAT is what she loves. Mariano is a character that comes off as cheesy and plain at first but really he’s just earnest and “filled with so much love” and Dolores KNOWS it.
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erazonpo3 · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I enjoyed Encanto
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bigbababooeyboobies · a month ago
Tumblr media
he wants to go home
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