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First part



(Tw. It’s a whump, and it’s not even that bad by my standards, but I figured I’d tag anyways)

He pulled a smile to his face as he turned back to where the old woman he had helped was last, but she was nowhere in sight. Confusion flickered in his mind, and a tiny part of him told him that something was terribly wrong, but he’d not been given enough time to react.

A mallet hit him on the side of the head and he went crashing to the ground, little more than a groan leaving his lips as he tried to push himself back to his feet. The woman was still there, he needed to get her away –.

His eyes found their way to Harley Quinn, who was wiping makeup from her skin.

He struggled to push himself up, his head ringing. He’d been tricked, he had no one to save, he needed to leave –.

She smiled brightly, giving him a tiny finger wave before swinging her mallet again…

He was pulled from unconsciousness when cold water was tossed over him.

Tim looked up into the bleached faces of Harley and Joker and a tiny gasp escaped his lips that had nothing to do with the sudden cold.

God, no no no no no –.

He forced himself to relax a bit. He’d be useless if he allowed himself to freak out like this. He just needed to concentrate. He needed to get away…

He was on the floor, the stone cold on his bare arms. His arms and legs were pinned underneath him with… ropes. Ropes! He could get out of that. He just needed to time it right.

“Well, if it isn’t our favorite boy blunder!” Said Joker, the smile on his face somehow stretching wider than usual.

Tim jutted his chin out as much as he could from his spot on the ground. “Man, you really do just take one joke and run it into the ground, don’t you?”

Joker’s smile didn’t waver, but he could see the way his eyes narrowed.

Good, if he could get them angry enough, then he could use their distraction to escape –.

A mallet hit him over the head again and he groaned in pain as lights danced behind his eyes. Hm. Well, that wasn’t quite to plan, but this was still doable…

Harley giggled, twirling the mallet in her hands. “Do we know for sure that we crushed the Robin findy-thingy?”

“Not yet, poo. How about you make sure? Make sure he’s alive, though, I have plans for him.”

He started to walk away and Tim’s eyes widened as Harley brought her mallet up with a bright smile on her face.

He didn’t know which possibility was worse: Harley beating him to death or what would happen to him if he survived.

Well, he wasn’t about to find out. The ropes slackened and he rolled out of the way of a swing. He wrenched his arms free

He started trying to untangle his legs from the ropes, but then decided that it was a lost cause as they got even more tangled. He’d find a knife or something later, he couldn’t just spend time trying to get out like that when someone was attacking him.

He barely managed to move out of the way of Harley’s next swing and looked around quickly for an exit.

There! On the complete opposite side of the room! Great!

Sarcasm aside, he reached around for the nearest blunt object and managed to grab ahold of an old board. He brought up his new weapon to combat Harley’s mallet, sure that he wouldn’t get lucky another time, and cursed as it splintered on impact.

Woodchips attacked them and Harley was forced to fall back to avoid getting too cut up.

Not what he’d wanted, but still good! He had distance, all he needed was to get away!

He got to his feet again and started attempting to hop-run away, only for her to step on one of the trails of rope that still bound him. He cursed as he was pulled off-balance, a hand flying out to catch his fall on instinct and he screamed in pain as his arm crunched under the sudden weight.

He brought his definitely broken arm to his chest and flipped over to look at Harley.

She was advancing on him, her mallet resting on her shoulder. She was panting, at least. Those few swings had been hard, the mallet was heavy. Maybe he could use that.

Well, not now. Now he needed to get out of those pesky ropes because she was making sure to walk on it so he couldn’t just scoot away.

He thrashed against his bindings.

One of his stray kicks managed to knock over a nearby table and a bunch of weird needles rattled across the stone.

Harley gasped and dropped her mallet. A bright smile made her way across her face as she picked up the nearest needle.

He frowned. A tranquilizer? Weird. Why hadn’t they just used that earlier?

He wasn’t given much time to think about it as Harley jumped on top of him and jammed it into his neck.

But, instead of making him feel drowsy, all he could feel was pain. Fire coursed through his veins, and he thrashed around. A scream tore from his throat.

Please make it stop please please please he’d do anything please just make it stop –!

(Tw over <3)

He snapped out of it and wiped the tears from his eyes.

He wasn’t in bed anymore, the only way you could tell he’d ever been in it at all was the bit of blanket wrapped around one of his ankles. The floor was cold beneath him and he breathed out a sigh as he let his hands drop.

And then he realized he wasn’t just on the floor, he was on top of Marinette.

He took in the chunk of hair stuck in one of his hands and the way one of her eyes wouldn’t open behind her Ladybug mask.

She slowly lowered her arms from where they’d been attempting to protect her head. He absolutely hated the way her visible pupil was still dilated with fear, the way she kept her arms in a position where she could quickly get back into a defensive stance.

“Oh my god, Mari, I’m so sorry. I swear, I didn’t think it would get this bad, I shouldn’t have asked you to –.”

Her hands grabbed the front of his shirt and she pulled him down. Her arms wrapped around him tightly and he tensed up. He’d just attacked her. He didn’t deserve this –.

“It was an accident. And… I summoned a lucky charm when I saw you were starting to thrash a bit. It’s fine. It’ll be fine.”

He felt a sob escape him. He buried his face in her hair, returning her hug.

Even if he didn’t deserve her affections, they did feel pretty good.


Marinette sat on the roof as she waited for Adrien to return from his definitely-not-bonding time with Bruce.

She saw their figures appearing over the horizon. She sent a tiny wave to Adrien and went back to messing with her yoyo.

A few minutes later she heard the tiles of the rooftop crunch as he came up next to her. He dropped down beside her.

“M’lady,” he said, a grin evident in his voice.

She looked up at him and saw his eyes widen.

“Holy crap, Nette, I thought you didn’t have patrols tonight. The heck happened?!”

She brought a hand to her eye. It was getting hard to ignore the throbbing at this point. She’d told Tim that she’d used a lucky charm to help alleviate some of the guilt, but damn did she wish she’d thought of that when he’d come at her. Her mind had gone blank the moment she’d seen that Tim was crying. She’d barely even thought of turning into Ladybug so she could at least take the pain better.

It was so… unlike her to not think. She didn’t know if she liked it.

Marinette looked back over the horizon, glaring at nothing in particular. “Tim –.”

He started to get up. “I’ll kill him –.”

She rested a hand over his arm and held him down. She sighed and continued: “– had a nightmare. Nothing I can’t handle.”

“Had a…?” He settled back into his spot beside her, a frown playing across his face. “Oh…”

Silence stretched between the two of them.

She sighed and rested back against the roof, letting her head tip back. “I’m killing Joker.”

His head whipped around to look at her. “You are?”

She nodded.

It wouldn’t fix anything. Tim would continue to struggle, it wouldn’t just go away no matter what Marinette did or whether Joker lived. Only time could really heal him. She knew that.

She gripped her yoyo tighter.

But it would at least make sure no one else had to suffer like that again.


Next part

Me: oh I shouldn’t do angst it’s a holiday for some peopleeeee!!

Also me: fuck it. It’s angst-giving now.


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Jason is stubborn. Luka does not want an angry Marinette after him.

For Maribat Platonic November Day 26 - Sick


Jason’s skin is cold under his palm.

He has always been of higher temperature than what is normal for a human. The Lazarus Pit does leave its lasting effect, after all and Jason gets more than that white patch of his.

“I think you’re sick,” Luka says, carefully tucking the edge of the blanket in, “You are colder than usual, Jay.”

Jason grumbles something unintelligible, rolling over and curling up under the blanket. It would have been an amusing sight - the vibe of the strong and silent type that Jason emits completely at odds with how cute and tiny he is being - if not for the fact that the Lazarus Pit screwed up so many things that they basically have to tiptoeing around the topic of Jason’s health.

“We can’t hide this forever,” he chides, softly taking his seat on the bed, “Marinette would find out sooner or later.”

Jason murmurs something. It sounds suspiciously like “Let her”.

“You mean hiding your sickness from your soulmate?” Luka snorts, the idea so ridiculous that he would laugh if not for the seriousness of the situation, “Like, the very person who is my boss? And can effortlessly kick my ass?”

Marinette is very protective of what she considers hers. And her soulmate is one of the most important people in her life. Especially when their string broke in the past before snapping back together just a few years ago.

She might just have his head if he helps Jason hide this from her.

Yeah, no. That is not a preferable approach for the situation. Nope, not at all.

Slipping his hand into his pocket to grab his phone, Luka glances at the shivering bundle of blanket.

Jason will pout but like hell if Luka is risking his head for him just because he is being too stubborn to do what is good for him. He does not have a death wish or masochistic tendencies.

Besides, Jason would be too busy being fussed over by Marinette to even glare his way.

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Chapter 19: Aftermath

RW masterlist

Tim didn’t sleep that night.

He checked repeatedly but she never responded to his request to see her when she got off work. It took all his will power to not repeatedly message for an explanation. It took even more will power to drive to the manor rather than to the cafe where he knew she would be by this time of the morning.

He didn’t tell anyone he was coming but they should be starting wake up by now and he hoped they could distract him. Also maybe they could help him find a way to check up on her without bothering her. The suddenness of her decision worried him. It had only been a week since he found her again but they had been so happy.

He sat at the table across from Barb. Alfred came in not long after with a tray. He set mugs in front of the 2 and started to pour coffee. When he reached for Tim’s mug, Tim waved him away.

“I don’t need any, thanks though.” Tim said.

He was so distracted by his own thoughts that he didn’t notice their shared look of concern. Alfred stood still with the pot, seeming lost for what to do. Barb set her cup back down without even taking a drink.

“What’s wrong? You don’t refuse coffee when you are conscious,” Barb said.

“She said she doesn’t want to see me anymore. I don’t know why and she didn’t respond to my text.”

“Did you guys fight?” she asked.

“No. Last time we talked we were planning to have lunch after she finished work. Then she texted while I was on patrol that she couldn’t see me anymore. I tried to call and then texted but I didn’t keep trying because I don’t want to be pushy.”

“That’s probably good. Is there anything we can do for you?”

“I need someone to go check on her. Just to make sure she is okay and not in danger. But she knows ev–”

He stopped his sentence as he looked up. She did know most everyone. Or would probably know them if she saw them without a mask. But he was staring at Alfred. He hadn’t been in the cave while she was conscious. He had never been to see her at work either. Alfred held up his hand as if to stop Tim before he spoke.

“Please Alfred. Just check to make sure nothing happened to her,” he begged. “It can’t be me. If I harass her I lose any chance of getting her back.”

“She has been mixed up with some dangerous people,” Barb added. “I can’t go. I saw her at the coffee shop. She would probably remember me.”

Marinette desperately wanted to escape the party. The man didn’t make himself seem overly interested in her but she kept feeling his eyes on her. He was too casual about the way he avoided talking directly to her or questioning any of the information given about her work or very recent break up. He seemed to realize that the other guy was trying to use her to get freebies but he handed them out anyway, one to everyone in their little huddle.

He didn’t stay very long. He wandered around the party but before he left he stopped and spoke only to Marinette. He handed her one more little packet with the puff in it. She still held the other one in her hand even though everyone around her had already consumed theirs. His hand was on her back as he leaned down and whispered just loud enough for everyone to hear.

“To remember me by.” He turned away with a smirking grin before he called to the others and they all left together.

The crowd was so excited for her. They thought she should date him instead of whatever loser broke her heart. She couldn’t really explain what had actually happened with Tim or her concerns about what the man was actually interested in about her.

She was tired and tipsy which made her French accent more prominent. When they mentioned it in from of the man, she told them she lived in Rouen as a child. But she didn’t feel comfortable with all the attention on her while he was there. He could easily have heard where she worked and she had been singing in French when they first met.

How much could her mask really keep him from putting things together? She had to wait long enough after they left so it wouldn’t seem suspicious. She laughed along with everyone else and mimed drinking her drink for awhile before making her excuses to leave. She didn’t head directly home. She took a few extra turns and made sure she wasn’t being followed before she went to her apartment.

She couldn’t sleep.

She sent no response to Tim. It didn’t keep her from a series of unsent drafts that she wrote carefully before backspacing until it was blank again. Her eyes were burning from all the crying. She couldn’t bring herself to tell him about her most recent interaction with Batman. Finally she couldn’t cry anymore. Since she couldn’t sleep she went into work early and started baking like she used to do in the coffee shop. The manager made no comment about her red rimmed eyes or the selection of muffins and cookies. She just made a sign to sell them and started bagging them.

Barb brought coffee up to Bruce but she expected his happiness for that to be short-lived. He turned over and mrphfft-ed into his pillow before he pushed himself up to focus on her.

“Coffee? Did I do something for you or are you trying to bribe me to?” He asked, rubbing at his eyes.

“Mostly I’m trying to decide if I need to throw it at you.”

He watched her as he took it from her carefully. Clearly he had upset her enough that she decided to wake him, probably to yell and her cheeks were pretty pink from her anger.

“I can see that you are angry but I really don’t know why. Did something happen?”

“You turned off your tracking and comms last night. Why?”

“There wasn’t any danger at that time. Why does it even matter?”

“Fine. It doesn’t. No one cares if you go make out with Cat Woman. Some of them would prefer to just not know.”

“I’m really not comfortable with this conversation.”

“I don’t give a shit about you and her. Convince me to didn’t make that sweet girl break up with Tim.”

“Sweet girl? She called me a Night Beast. Wait she broke up with him.”

“Yeah. He is downstairs refusing coffee. And thanks for the confirmation. Why did you do it?”

“I didn’t tell her to break up with Tim. We didn’t talk about him at all. I just asked about the drug ring.”

“Clearly that isn’t all. Did she have more information?”

“No, she still denies ever being involved with them. Even when I suggested I could tell then what I knew about her she didn’t change her story. I’ll have to–”

Whatever other active he planned, she never heard. Without even planning she had reached out and slapped him. She was out of the room before he could even react.

Alfred didn’t have to look hard to find the girl he was looking for. Even if she hadn’t been on the lock screen on Tim’s phone. She looked as rough as he did right now. She was smiling and working but her eyes were tired and red. He sat with his cup of tea and watched the frenzied clean up that he assumed followed a busy morning rush. She came around after a bit checked on the few remaining in the dining area. Before making sure all the cleaned tables were placed correctly.

“Do you have any time to talk?” he asked.


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C'mon Man, Roller Derby Is Not A Crime- chapter 3

Cass might be her new favorite Wayne. Her compliment was the only verbal word she said but she is obviously extremely perceptive. Marinette saw her eye the objects both her and Damian shared for the project and is glad she did not bring anything hero related.

The whole family seems to be highly astute.

Jason is just starting to describe her brief moment of crowd surfing the night before when Dick enters the library.

“How many of you are there?!”

“Marinette, this is Dick. He is the oldest and the last official Wayne sibling.”

Dick walks up to her with a huge smile and extends his hand for her to shake. Marinette takes his and and gives him a warm smile. Her cheeks go pink when she wonders why every Wayne is so attractive.

“You’re even cuter in person! I’m surprised Jason bothered to bring you here.” He says as he steals Marinette’s armchair.

“Tt. He didn’t, Dick. Marinette and I are in the same art class this semester.” Damian explains and offers her his chair.

He’s thankful they’re mostly done with their sketches and feel disappointed he didn’t anticipate this more. He busies himself with returning Marinette’s items to the box.

“That’s even stranger.” Dick watches her flinch minutely as she sits. “Are you ok?”

Marinette sighs amicably but dramatically. “Do you people miss anything?”

Just about everyone says no.

Tim finally rolls off the couch to stand next to Marinette’s chair and says again. “She plays roller derby with Harley Quinn.”

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Heck yeah I live for serotonin

One of mine (written by me) is His Beauty, Her Beast and You took all the Pillows I loved writing and rereading this.

This is Work of Art and Social Media by @moonlitceleste

Another one is A Mistake by @candenceH2O on ao3

This is a childhood Class Visit to Gotham by @chloe-bourgeois-is-big-gay(That Nerd1) on ao3 that’s also on tumblr apparently. Another one by the same person is Just a Friend and we get a touch of Adrien that in my option gets resolved.

Oop this one called Magical Girl is just awesome by @judysuprmus on ao3

This one isn’t as long but I hope it keeps everyone entertained for a bit…

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Part 1

Part 2[Here]

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Jason Todd, Her Toughest Bird.

Marinette paced the Batcave anger clear on her face as she waited for Batman to get back with his newest Robin. She couldn’t believe Batman would go this far, he knew damn well that wasn’t his name to give away. Her thoughts were interrupted by the Batmobile skidding into the cave and parking. Batman and the young boy getting out, the new Robin took one look at her before sizing her up with a glare.

“Who’s the angry lady B?” He said looking ready for a fight, which amused Marinette slightly. But her gaze focused on Batman as she upped her glare.

“Hello B, we need to talk.” She said stiffly before looking down at the boy with a stern look. “Alone.” She said firmly gesturing to the changing rooms. Jason huffed, pulling off his mask walking passed her indignantly. Marinette wasted no time tearing into Bruce the moment the door was closed. 

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I. I decided to post my Constagami bullshit over here, too. Please enjoy this beautiful thing with me.



This work is (technically) Maribat: If you don’t like, don’t read.


He has been doing it now for quite some time and she knows it.

Every time Kagami retires a rapier and says anything about it to anyone in any possible way, it disappears within the next 48 hours and is never returned to her.

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This is totally random but I was listening to Spotify and editing my Jasonette playlist (yes, I have one for each Batboy ship) when I randomly decided to see if there were any others.

After a quick search, I found that there are a surprising amount of Maribat playlists out there, so do with that what you will.

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Marinette: You’re- You are-

Jason: I know, I know. Beautiful, hot, immensely talented, a r-

Marinette: Dangerous.


Jason: I mean, yeah, but you forgot the whole list of other just as crucial and flattering qualities of mine and I should be offended, but I’ll let you go and just list them all. So-

Marinette, staring off into a camera, office style:

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First part



She breathed out as she broke Mr. Pigeon’s whistle for the 21st time.

“God, when will Hawkmoth show up again? We haven’t seen him in ages,” complained Marinette as she caught the butterfly. She waved it off vaguely.

“It’s almost like he doesn’t want us to beat him,” complained Adrien, crossing his arms over his chest.


Tim laughed over the comms. “Sucks that you guys can’t track the butterflies.”

The heroes looked at each other in silence for a long time.

“You… you have tried to track the akumas, right?”

“Well…” Began Adrien.

“About that…” Continued Marinette.

Tim sighed.


He looked up from the computer as she took a seat beside him and raised his eyebrows slightly. “Hey.”

“Hi,” she mumbled, sipping at her coffee cup. She started pulling up tabs on a different screen.

He gave a grin. “You didn’t get me any?”

“Dick said you’re cut off.”

He sighed. Man, he’d been hoping that she hadn’t known. Now how was he supposed to stay up when he’d been expressly told to go to sleep?

“I don’t get that. You drink more than me. You should be banned, too.”

She shrugged. “I can portal out and get some if I want. You can’t. You’re easier to control.”

Damn it. That made sense.

He rested his head back against the chair and crossed his arms. “This is stupid.”

“Mmm,” she hummed, still clicking away at the computer.

He huffed at her apparent disinterest in his struggles. He looked at her screen to see what had captivated her attention and raised his eyebrows. “If you needed a map of Gotham you could’ve just looked it up on your phone.”

“Not what I was doing.” She sighed. “I’m trying to figure out where Joker would be hiding. He’s super white. You’d think someone’d see him by now and post him on twitter.”

He shook his head. “Not if he killed everyone he saw.”

“But he hasn’t done that. There hasn’t been any major shootings, no mysterious missing camera footage, nothing.” She crumpled the now empty coffee cup in her hands. “It’s like he just… disappeared.”

He scooted his wheely chair closer to her and frowned as he looked at the files she was searching through over her shoulder. She was, shockingly, right. Not only had Joker not been implicated for any crimes, the city had been devoid of pretty much everything major since he’d been gone. No bank robberies, no shoutouts, nothing. It was as if every major criminal had agreed to take the month off.

“Gotham is too quiet,” he whispered.

She nodded grimly.


Marinette sighed lightly as she stepped into the Batcave and found Tim zombie-ing around. She caught his arm before he could bring another cup of coffee to his lips.

“When was the last time you slept?”

He mumbled something that might have been ‘never’.

She shook her head. “I know finding Joker is important, but you have to sleep more.”

He groaned.

She tried to pull the mug away from him.

He didn’t let go, hooking his legs around his swivel chair. She pulled again and cursed when this only succeeded in making him roll a few centimeters.

She narrowed her eyes and started dragging him around the Batcave by his mug. Eventually he’d have to give up or his body would give out. She could wait. She was hopped up on caffeine and it was only midday in France. She could outlast him.

Dick walked in, twirling his escrima sticks like batons. He stopped short as he spotted the heroine dragging her soulmate around the Batcave while he hung off of her.



He raised his hands in a kind of ‘okay, damn, don’t hurt me’ fashion and started backing away slowly.

“Diiiiiick, help meeeeeeee,” begged Tim.

Dick hesitated, his eyes flickering between both of them, before he apparently decided that it would be better to just fall to his doom than choose a side. He hopped over the nearest railing and disappeared.

Marinette blinked. “Did he just… die…?”

“I’m fine!” He yelled from somewhere in the cave.

“Oooookaaaaay… what is wrong with this family?” She whispered.

“One day you’ll be one of us, so you’re insulting future you right now,” Tim teased quietly, only to whine as she managed to finally kick the chair away from him.

She hooked his arm around her shoulders and bore most of his weight as she began dragging him up to his room. “Who says we’re going to get married?”

“Hopefully you, one day, but if you don’t there’s no way Bruce wouldn’t adopt you.”

She rolled her eyes. “You need to sleep.”



She pushed open the door to his room and raised her eyebrows at the spotlessness. She had expected it to be covered in a fine layer of dust with how little he used it, but she supposed that Alfred would never let the mansion fall into even slight disrepair.

He sighed and attempted to lean away from her. She probably would have actually fallen if she hadn’t been prepared for some kind of retaliation but, as it was, she still ended up having to grab the doorframe to stop them from hitting the floor.

He pouted. “I don’t wanna sleep.”

“Okay, fine, give me one good reason why I shouldn’t make you sleep,” she said, dropping him on the bed.

She crossed her arms over her chest as he considered the question.

He couldn’t seem to meet her eyes as he mumbled his answer: “Nightmares.”

Marinette had been prepared to immediately shut him down, her mouth halfway open, but then she snapped it shut.

That was actually a very good reason. Huh.

What was she supposed to say? She wasn’t his therapist! She was fourteen! Give her a break!

She watched him pull his pillow to his chest and bury his face in it. There was a tiny pang in her chest.

Even if she wasn’t his therapist, she still wanted to help…

She hesitantly sat down on the edge of the bed and took his hand. He stiffened slightly and looked up at her with a tiny, somewhat confused, frown playing across his lips. She gave him an awkward smile in return.

“You’re going to pass out no matter what, but… I’ll stay here and make sure you don’t have any nightmares, okay? I promise.”

He squeezed her hand a little bit to say he understood and settled into the blankets. After a bit, he gave a short laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

“You say ‘okay’ a lot when you don’t know what to do,” he teased quietly.

She blinked. “Oka –?”

He cut her off with his laughter and her face reddened.

“That’s it! I’m leaving!” She joked, only to feel his grip tighten on her hand. 

“Don’t go. Please.”

She looked at his wide eyes and felt herself blush harder. “I was kidding, I made a promise. Besides, I don’t think you’d sleep if I left.”

His grip slackened a little bit.

“Actually… my body kinda gave up when I laid down here and now it won’t let me get up.”

She nodded slightly. “Yeah, they do that when you do something stupid and then lay down. They’re pretty good at making sure you don’t overexert yourself.”

He huffed. “Stupid human limitations.”

Marinette grinned and ran her thumb along the back of his hand. “Awful, really.”

He gave a short hum of agreement before closing his eyes. After a bit, she felt his grip slacken on her hand.

She pulled the blanket over him properly and pressed a kiss to his forehead.

Tim smiled in his sleep.


Next part


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To Marry a Vigilante: Part 18


The akuma of the day turned out to be the editor-in-chief of the tabloid that tried to spin a story about Damian and Allegra. It might’ve had something to do with the fact that the Mayor’s office, Kane Industries, and Wayne Enterprises were going after his newspaper for libel and slander. The Printer was defeated by Pink Tigress, who was working with extreme prejudice that day. Ladybug arrived just in time to purify the akuma. 

After it was all sorted out, the group retreated to Wayne Manor, where they met Chloé waiting for them. 

“Good. You’re here. Now it’s time to plan a counter-attack.” 

“What?” Marinette asked, surprised.

“Counter-attack on Erica and Lila. They practically declared war with that stunt!” Chloé raved on.

“Huh?” Damian was equally confused.

“Apparently, ‘The Printer’ was paid a rather large sum to have this article published without checking credibility. He did these things before.” She explained.

“So they actually started to play dirty?” The bluenette asked

“They didn’t!” Tim ran inside the cave, panting. “How in a hundred treadmills can you run so fast?!” He stared at the blonde.

“Puh-lease! I just used a short-cut.” She huffed. “One could think you accuse me of… physical training.” She made a disgusted face, but she was smirking. 

“Tt. So did they attack us or not?” Damian scowled and started to sharpen his sword. Where he got the sword from was not important at that moment. Everyone long since gave up on trying to track all his hidden weapon stashes. 

“They couldn’t. Neither has that amount of money. I traced it to a foreign account registered on Emma Rose Blake.”

Marinette’s eyes widened and she stumbled back as if the name slapped her. “ Adrien… ” she whispered.

“What!?” Damian was on his feet in an instant.

Sabine grasped her dagger before her expression turned soft and she walked to hug her daughter. “It’s okay, sweetie. You’re not alone.”

“I… Adrien snuck out once. He wanted to watch that movie that starred his mother.  Solitude. ”

“I remember! That one threw a wrench in my search for a while.” Tim beamed.

“We stumbled upon each other and he took me with him…” She remembered and blushed lightly. “I only saw the intro, but from what I found out on the internet, his mother was the lead. Her character’s name was Emma. Rose. Blake.” She told each word separately, making sure they got the message.

“So that bastard thought he could get the two of you to break up?” Chloé asked. “Ridiculous! Utterly ridiculous! The two of you are the sweetest, most loyal couple in the whole of Gotham. And besides, the blasted spell wouldn’t let anything like that happen. We’ve seen the effects.”

“Tt. It does work both ways.” Damian’s face was twisted in a scowl. “And I reserve my right to skin the cat and feed him to sharks. I’m sure Penguin will let me borrow some.” 

“I’m… not sure if you’re joking…” Tim stared at his brother, worried about his sanity.

“I’m not.” The youngest Wayne cut him off. “That flea-ridden alley-cat is intruding on my bond. My marriage. The league… It’s the single most sacred relation for the members of the league. For me.” He grabbed Marinette’s hand. “And he will suffer for trying to separate us.”

For a moment, Marinette stared at him, taken by surprise by his revelation. Then, she cuddled into his side.

“I’m not leaving.”

“I know.”

“Also,” Chloé decided to interrupt the cute moment, “you’re trending.” She showed them a video.

Marinette and Damian were standing on the table in the cafeteria, holding hands.

“…I trust Damian with my life. I’m his and he’s mine!” She declared. There was steel determination in her eyes, but also flame that burned bright.

“I’m hers and she’s mine.” Damian echoed. He had an identical expression on his face. They raised their joint hands before turning to one another and sharing a quick kiss. In the background, many people cooed at the romanticism of the scene. Then, a black butterfly sneaked through the window. Marinette looked at it and grasped it from the air. When she opened her hand, it was a mess. 

“Not today, Hawkass Junior.” She seethed. Then, like a queen she was, she and two blondes by her side left the place among applause. 

“Someone recorded it?!” She started blushing profoundly. Damian’s cheeks were also red. 

“Tt. Who did that?” 

“Claude.” Chloé smiled. “But that’s not the important part.”

“Then what is?” Sabine asked. “Also, I want a copy of that video.” In response, her phone vibrated.

“Maman?!” Marinette moaned.

“The ‘Not today, Hawkass Junior’ is breaking the records on Twitter and Tumblr.” She smiled. “You’ve become a sort of a hero today. MDC is now  the  designer. Jagged Stone went live and he spent five minutes doing nothing but praise you!”

“Only five minutes?” Damian asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Penny found him and dragged him by the ear from the screen. After that, it was only Fang posing before the camera.”

“That’s… That’s Jagged alright…” Mari giggled. 

Damian only huffed. 

Chloé’s phone vibrated and she opened the link. She laughed for a good two minutes before she was able to speak. “Mayor Kane… just declared… ‘Not today, Hawkass Jr.’ to be the official motto… of the campaign against his terror.” 

“Can I make an MDC shirt with this?” The designer beamed. “I know! I’ll make a pillow! No! A…”

“You can make an entire collection, sweetie.” Sabine was grinning. “You’re the hero both in and out of the suit.” She cooed. “And you’re so cute! I’m totally sending this video to Sandra! And uncle Cheng! He’ll love it!”

“Maman!” Marinette moaned again, but she was smiling. She had people that wouldn’t abandon her. 


Two days later it was finally Saturday, which meant a bit of freedom from the kids at school. In hindsight, Marinette preferred it when she was not that popular. Of course, Chloé did what Chloé did best and worked her crowd control magic. She wasn’t constantly accosted at school. At least not by most. Maps made her into a personal hero of sorts.

Now though, it was Saturday, which served as an excuse to stay late in bed, spend the whole day with Damian before spending the evening watching cheesy movies with Chloé and her mom. It would be a perfect Saturday. 

She got dressed in her favorite red dress, making sure to wrap the rope dart under the sash. It wouldn’t do to leave home without any means of self-defense. Not in Gotham at any rate. Her hair fell down her back and curled slightly. On her left wrist, she put a small gold bracelet with a single pearl. It was light and didn’t attract too much attention, but made her whole outfit stand out slightly. She paired it with high stockings and black ballet shoes with silver ribbons. After a thought, she picked a black glossy leather wristlet. Damian promised they would be going somewhere special. 

When she got downstairs, he was already waiting, dressed in a semi-formal outfit. His suit was of course MDC original. He had dark trousers, a white shirt with the topmost two buttons open and a jacket with sleeves rolled to his elbows. All in all, it gave a bit of a roguish vibe, different from what he wore on most occasions. Marinette made sure he wore nothing but her creations. He tried to protest that it was too much work, or at least pay her something for it. She threatened she would forbid him from paying for anything for her. Damian made a mistake, arguing that she was living under his roof. Her response was to start calculating rent. He relented and allowed her to dress him up to her heart’s desire.

“Hello, Habibti.” He smiled at her. 

“Damian! Will you tell me where  we are going?” She hugged him. 

“Not yet.” He said mysteriously. “We’re going somewhere special and I want to surprise you.”

“Daaaamiiii!” She tried again but to no avail.

“Tt. You hang out with Maps too much.” 

“She’s cool.” 

“She’s irritating.”

“That’s just because you’re not willing to give her a chance.”

“She thinks I’m Batman.” He huffed.

“Curious why.” Marinette retorted, smirking. “I’m sure the fact Robin led her for a gift hunt had nothing to do with it, am I right?”

“Tt. I admit nothing.” He tried, but a small smile made its way on his face. Curses! Why did she make him so mushy? 

“I knew there was a heart somewhere deep inside.” She continued, smirking triumphantly.

“Don’t be ridiculous. All people have hearts.”

“Even Erica?”

“She’s not a person. She is just walking irritation.”

“Can’t argue with that,” Marinette said. They were walking down the road, bantering to and fro.

They arrived at the gate, where a sports car was waiting for them. Damian took the driver’s seat and pointed her to the shotgun. The car radio was playing the song they danced to during their dance-off. It was full of life and brought back some fond memories. 

“Can I know where we are going now?” She begged. 

“Not. Yet.” He said with a confident smirk. “You’ll love it though.”

“Fine.” She relented and remained in her seat. Marinette decided to focus on the sights outside the window. 

They were driving through the city. She saw that the mayor wasted no time and ‘Not today, Hawkass jr.’ indeed became a city-wide slogan for the campaign about positive thinking. Marinette had a not-so-small suspicion that Chloé and Allegra had something to do with it. She wouldn’t put it past them to artificially boost the popularity until it exploded. Not that she complained that much. If it helped stop more akumas, she was all for it in fact.

Finally, the car pulled in front of the Gotham City History Museum. Or at least Marinette thought it was the museum, from the angle she couldn’t be sure. Before they got out, Damian handed her a blindfold. 

“You’re joking?” She stared at him. “It’s a museum.”

“How did… Nevermind. I have a surprise for you.”

“Why would… No way!” She connected the dots. “But… But we didn’t do that much!”

Damian looked at her with a mixture of amazement and mirth. “I’m surprised Bourgeois didn’t share the news with you.”

“She was too busy hanging out with Cass yesterday.” She then got a pensive expression. “The two of them hit off better than I thought.” 

“True. I’m disappointed with Cassandra, but alas.”

“No, you are not. You’re happy that she’s making friends.” Marinette countered with a smile. 

“You have no proof.” He dropped the blindfold and got out. “Come on or we’ll miss it.”

In response, Marinette put on her sunglasses and also got out. On both walls of the museum, there were giant posters of Ladybug and Black Cat in their heroic poses. He was standing straight on the dark background, with both hands on the baton that served him as a cane. He was looking left, toward the Ladybug poster. He looked serious and a bit intimidating. Ladybug on the other hand was smiling and overlooking all the passers-by. They’ve used her new suit, for which she was eternally grateful. Marinette would probably burn in shame if they decided to stick with the original. 

Inside, Damian led her through the entrance, showing the tickets. They went straight to the Superhero hall, which previously was called just Bat-hall. Marinette was feeling a whirlwind of emotions. She remembered the statue unveiling back in Paris, but it was after months of activity. Here, Gotham accepted two more heroes after a few weeks. Granted, Hawkmoth jr. was much more persistent and his akumas more destructive (plus they had even worse fashion sense), but Marinette still didn’t consider herself special enough.

Reporters from various newspapers crowded around the podium on which stood Mayor Kane. Allegra was by her side. When the young blonde spotted them, she winked at them and smirked. Marinette waved to her in response while Damian guided her toward the front row. He was a Wayne. He didn’t settle for anything else.

The ceremony was lovely and Mayor Kane spoke kindly about the new heroes. Not once she broached the subject of their age. The statue itself was tall, with all three Miraculous users standing side by side, Ladybug in the center, and slightly forward. After that was done and the mayor answered some questions, Damian prodded her slightly and the two snuck out unnoticed. He led her toward the back and onto the stairs that led to the rooftop and the couple was away from the prying eyes. They walked up and opened another set of doors that led them outside. 

The day was a bit chilly, but several heaters placed on the rooftop made it feel perfect for how they were dressed. In the center, there was a blanket with a picnic basket and a small heat-isolated container next to it. 

“Damian!” Marinette giggled when he hugged her from behind and nuzzled into her neck. 

“A surprise.” He whispered. 

“But… How… Why… And on the rooftop?” She gave him a questioning look.

“Heaters needed a power source.” He answered before leading her to the blanket. “And it was closest to the previous attraction.” 

When they sat, cuddled together, the boy pulled a small box of strawberries. Marinette immediately snatched it from him and tasted it first. She practically melted at the taste. Seeing the look of betrayal on his face, she smirked and picked another. 

“No.” He protested when she put it before his mouth.

“Come on Dami. A plane needs to land.” She kept smirking. Damian tried to keep his dignity, but ultimately he gave up and allowed her to feed him. “See? It wasn’t that hard.” 

“Not a word of this to anyone.” He grumbled. “I have a reputation to uphold.”

“Okay… Only Chloé and Allegra.” She giggled at the horrified look on her husband’s face. 

Deciding to change the subject as fast as possible, Damian asked “Did you like the statue?”

His wife beamed. “It was amazing. I showed you the one in Paris. I mean that one is okay too, but this was actually much better! It acknowledges not only me but all three of us. We are a team and I want us to be represented as such. And did you notice that they actually replicated the tail behind you fluttering?”

“It was indeed adequate work.” He replied, reserved as usual. 

They sat in peace for a bit more, with Marinette occasionally feeding Damian a strawberry. They didn’t really need to speak, instead just enjoying the monotonous sound of cars before the museum and relaxing with each other’s embrace. 

Feeling a bit mischievous, Marinette tapped Damian’s shoulder and made him turn to look at her. As soon as their eyes met, she leaned and fed him another strawberry. Except this time instead of holding it with her hand, she was holding half of it in her mouth. This, of course, led to two of them kissing. Both of their lips tasted like strawberries. 

It wasn’t a long or passionate kiss, but it was still full of love. 

When they broke, Damian had a funny expression on his face and Marinette giggled. He shrugged and pulled a thermos from the container, pouring both of them a cup of hot chocolate each (together with marshmallows). 

Damian regaled her of some of the tales about his great detective skills and how often he saved the day. She kept giggling and pointing out obvious mistakes, to which he huffed good-naturedly. He tried to stay away from subjects related to the League of Assassins and his childhood, but Marinette coaxed some stories out of him, careful not to prod too much. She respected his decision to leave it behind, but at the same time, she wanted to understand him. In the end, they just laid on the blanket cuddled together, with all the sweets consumed. 

“Damian… I love you.” She nuzzled into the crook of his neck. 

“Yes. You told me that at the airport. And several times after.” His logical brain responded before emotions took reins and he continued. “I love you too.”

“But I feel like it was always in response to something you said. I wanted to tell you that from myself. I love you.” She cuddled closer to him and he hugged her. 

“ Habibti, ” he whispered.

“ Mon chéri, ” she answered. 

After some more cuddling and looking at how the evening sun slowly set behind the monumental towers of central Gotham, Damian finally untangled himself from Marinette and got up. He helped her on her feet and turned the heaters off. 

“It’s time to go. We have two more places to visit.” He informed her and led her down to the museum proper. They snuck out of the staircase and joined one of the trips unnoticed, before leaving the building and avoiding anyone seeing them. It was fun to do teenage things sometimes. 


Their next stop was a small Italian restaurant that was out of the way and mostly empty. Damian had a table reserved there and made sure to pick one that was out of the way, in the corner that overlooked the whole place. What Marinette didn’t know was that he paid to have the tables next to them kept empty. 

They settled on a vegetarian lasagne with grilled swiss cheddar, spinach, and ricotta. Marinette wasn’t a vegetarian herself but after their little picnic, they wouldn’t fit two separate dishes. She enjoyed the tastes Damian introduced her to since they met each other. Especially (to Plagg’s delight and Tikki’s mirth), she loved the various cheeses that he exposed her to. While she sometimes still ate meat, it happened more and more seldom. Alfred’s cooking was on par with her uncle’s. 

Their discussion was much lighter now that they weren’t entirely alone. She smiled when he accidentally referenced Game of Thrones. He tried to deny it but in the end, he had to confess or people would think he knew what a ‘meme’ was. That was humiliation beyond what he could survive.

“…I’m just saying that if it’s a bit strange that Allegra and Claude always disappear together.” She finished her speech. 

“Tt. As if my cousin would lower herself to dating the clown.” He huffed. 

“I didn’t say they’re dating. It’s just that for at least two weeks now they kept slipping away.” 

“You’re imagining things, Habibti.” He dismissed her concern. 

“Okay, but what about Felix and Jon? They also run aw… ay…” She suddenly froze when a large group of people pushed their way into the restaurant. On the front, Lila and Alya were guiding them right to where the couple was sitting. 

Marinette heard Damian curse under his breath before suddenly everything was enveloped by thick, black smoke. She felt someone grab her wrist and pull her into a nearby door. They found themselves in the kitchen, Damian leading her between working cooks. Marinette saw how he pulled a phone from his pocket and texted the restaurant owner. He also paid double for the trouble with the smoke bomb. Luckily, the owner apparently understood the need for a quick getaway. The class on the other hand would be in for a rude awakening.

“That was close…” Marinette sighed in relief. 

“Tt. I should’ve challenged them to a duel for interrupting us.” Her husband scowled. 

“I told you no killing.”

“They would survive… probably.”

“Still. Now, where is that secret birthday party supposed to be?” She had a hard time keeping a straight face when he choked on his own saliva and stared at her with wide eyes. 

“It was Claude?” He asked harshly. 

“Of course not. Did you really think I would forget my birthday?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. 

“You did forget Christmas.” He pointed out. This time, it was Damian’s turn to try and not show any reaction to how she started spluttering. 

“That… I… But… It… We… It was something completely different!” She finally shouted. 

“Whatever you say, Habibti. As for the party… Let’s go. They should be ready by now.” 


Chloé was running around the club they rented for the evening. She was doing at least seven things at once, but that wasn’t important. She needed the party to be perfect. She already made sure that all guests were in place and she was now fixing some of the decorations that were not to her liking. She had trouble balancing all the things she was holding and placing them one by one. Then, someone took the weight from her.

“Maybe I can help?”

“Thank you Maribear…” Then, Chloé’s brain registered. “Maribear!?”

“Surprise!” The bluenette cheered.

“How?!” The blonde jumped back, startled. 

“Tt. She blackmailed me.” Damian grumbled from behind his wife.

“Um… With what exactly?” Tim walked from his hiding place. The rest of the guests followed through. 

“Now. It wouldn’t be effective blackmail if I told you, right?” Mari turned and looked at him with a smirk on her face. 

“True. Happy birthday, sweetie!” Sabine was suddenly behind her daughter, Chloé, and Damian. She managed to startle all three of them. 

“Maman! Don’t scare us like that!”

“Payback’s nice.” Her mother and Chloé responded at the same time. 

“They got you there, Angel.” Damian decided to repay her for the blackmail. 

“Hey! You’re supposed to take my side!” She giggled. “Besides, it’s my birthday.”

“I’ll try to remember next time.”

With that, the party started.


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Remember When 18-Party

RW master list

Casual drug and alcohol use

She shouldn’t be surprised when she heard boots land behind her not long after she left the grocery store. She groaned internally as she heard the familiar sound of his cape fluttering. The timing couldn’t be better for such an inconvenience because her destination was her co-worker’s party rather than home so he still wouldn’t know the direction she lived in.

“Greetings, Disapproving Night Beast. I was just not thinking of you.”

“We have things to discuss.”

“I have nothing to say.”

He took a step towards her. Her grocery bag made a crinkling sound as she gripped it tighter but she refused to be cowed. She left her feet planted and didn’t break eye contact.

“You are getting information from somewhere. Tell me,” he commanded.

From the look he gave her, he was not expecting her to laugh. It was very clear he expected her to yield to his demands for information. Possibly it would have been effective if she hadn’t already given them all the information she had.

“This isn’t a movie plot and I’m not a super spy. I’ve already told you everything I know.”

“I will find a way to get you to tell me everything. So you aren’t working for them anymore, but they would be interested to know more about you.”

His step towards her along with his words felt much more menacing and she took a half step back to keep herself upright. Marinette hoped her eyes didn’t betray her terror at his implication. She would certainly give him any information she had at that veiled threat but she knew nothing. He just seemed to refuse to accept that. Perhaps he disapproved of her being with Red Robin. Based on conversations she had heard Batman and his team had a varied past with the law and the media but currently they were celebrated by both. Perhaps this dark side of him was what had turned opinion in the past.

“When you have done that, what then? Will you feel any better when you finally realize that I never knew anything?”

She turned away and continued walking, not even turning when he promised to be back after she had a chance to think about it. She was shaking. She wasn’t sure if it was anger or fear. She felt like crying. She wished she didn’t think of Tim and how comforting it would be to have him wrap his arms around her but she knew he would be out patrolling just like Batman was.

She actually really hoped the party would distract her from thinking about it for a bit. If she thought too hard she would have all her things packed and be gone by morning.

Tim got home from patrol and he was actually in a pretty good mood. Finally everyone was getting along and working together. Patrol hadn’t gone that well in a long time. They were able to find a few possible leads that sounded promising and even Batman seemed hopeful. Actually he had seemed to be in a better mood all night tonight. He allowed more personal chatter on the comms and even made a joke himself. Maybe Alfred gave him the good tea before patrol.

Tim hoped Marinette would be awake to chat. He had seen her three other times since they met again the previous weekend. Twice for coffee and once for a movie in an almost deserted theater so they could talk without disturbing others and she wouldn’t feel trapped. He couldn’t convince her to go on a real date or go back to one of their apartments. She thought all of them knowing where she worked was more than enough information.

He smiled to see that he had a message from her. He kicked his shoes off and sprawled across his couch before unlocking his phone, grinning the whole time. He bit his lip as he passed the notification and then bolted upright when he read it. His stomach knotted and his smile disappeared when he read her simple message.

I can’t see you anymore. It was great while it lasted. <3 M

The time stamp was from 42 minutes ago. He called her phone. He knew she wouldn’t pick up but he had to try. They had just talked this afternoon and everything was great. He knew she had been hanging out with coworkers tonight. He wondered if they had said something about him. He didn’t tell her exactly who he was. He gave his name but he knew she didn’t know exactly what that meant. But with her ability to see through masks knowing him would tell her the entire bat family. He tried calling one more time but texted when she refused the call.

Please talk to me.

Marinette wasn’t entirely comfortable at the party. She had never really been to one like this. Last time she hung out with her co-workers they all sat around watching videos and drinking beer or wine. Arnold, the cook, followed her when she went for a refill. He had kissed her and she let him. But then at work things were really weird for a few days. First 2 days he avoided looking at her the rest of that week he talked loudly about his new girlfriend.

This party though was loud and crowded. She tried to not make her drinks strong but she found herself drinking nervously a lot. There were too many people she didn’t know and a lot of them seemed to be using heliotrope. It reminded her of her experience and of Batman telling her he would tell them how to find her. She sent a message to Tim knowing it would leave him in the dark but perhaps would get Batman to leave her alone.

She was filling her drink when he called back. She watched the screen until it stopped buzzing. She used the nearest bottle and took a shot before ending the next incoming call. She knew there were people watching her probably curious why she was staring at her phone while it rang. She took another shot before she picked the phone back up and read the message. She looked over as one from the group watching her spoke.

“He isn’t worth it. You should have some of this. It will help you feel better.”

She shook her head at the offer of the heliotrope. She definitely didn’t want that again. She held up the drink she had filled just before her phone rang.

“I still have to work in the morning. This will probably make that hard enough.”

She walked over to join their group anyway. She didn’t know anyone except her co-workers and they were all spread out. The girl who spoke to her made introductions to the rest of the group and Marinette introduced herself as Meg. The conversation was pretty basic. They talked about work and activities they liked but the girl, Ashley gestured back to them phone that Marinette had looked back at again.

“Is your boyfriend giving you trouble?”

“I don’t think he’s my boyfriend anymore.”

There was a commotion from the other room followed by cheering. Ashley dragged her along as they headed over to see what was happening. Marinette wished she hadn’t once she got there. One of the people at the party knew a supplier for heliotrope and they had called them over to bring some for the party goers. The first one who there were 3 who came in to travel around seeing who wanted to buy.

That would have been fine but one of Ashley’s friends pushed her forward and announced she had never had any and was afraid to try it. There was lots of encouragement from the others to give it a shot. Even one of the other waitresses told her she would be fine for her shift tomorrow. Ashley suggested it might make her feel better after breaking up with her boyfriend. Her friend though had a different plan.

“Maybe you have an extra or two she could try. I bet she would really feel better then.”

Marinette suspected he either wanted her to feel loopy or wanted to benefit from the free doses that she didn’t want. She tried to decline but the dealer called over his boss. It all happened at once. She looked down at her phone to see a second message from Tim. Then she looked up and made eye contact with the man she knew was swat or former swat as her cup clattered to the floor with a splatter of liquid and half melted ice cubes.



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does anyone else do that thing when you have a bunch of WIPs but they’re all for different fandoms? and at any one moment you want to write for at least three of them but the process of switching between the wildly different lore and characters for each fandom every twenty minutes is just giving you a headache?

do yall do this or are you normal?

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TimAdrien but it isn’t headcanons, an actual one-shot!

The shutter-click of his elderly camera sounds as the hunk of junk takes another picture of Chat Noir, capturing the slender curves of the blond’s lithe figure slinking his way across the smog-dusted rooftops as Robin chases him. Not a rare sight, and, yet, Tim lives for every moment Catwoman’s sidekick spends under the warm glow of Gotham’s lights.

It’s one of the most flattering pictures he could take. Tim grins at the photo and tucks it in his pocket for safe keeping, adjusting the strap on his neck in preparation to follow in lieu of the chase. Instead, he stops his movements as he hears the soft thud of boots stepping down on his rooftop. Tim whips his head around, and—

It’s Chat Noir. Tim’s eyes widen comically, and his face heats up, a big tomato-shade of red, according to Chat Noir’s snicker as he gets closer and drops down next to him, swinging his legs over the edge.

Tim tries to keep a straight, pale face because fuck, that’s Adrien Agreste, his not-so-subtle-crush at Gotham Academy. The boy usually hangs around Tim and their friend Marinette, who coincidentally, happens to also be Wonder Woman’s sidekick, and that makes Tim surrounded by smokin’ hot superheroes most of the time.

“It’s cold out here, isn’t it?” Chat Noir pipes up, turning his head to stare at Tim with piercing green eyes. Tim gulps, and nods, not finding the words in his throat to reply. Chat Noir frowns at the lack of answer and slides closer to Tim, so close they they’re thighs are touching.

Tim finds he isn’t so cold anymore, staring off into the stars flush against to his crush.

• would y’all like to see more of TimAdrien? Also, I think their ages for this one shot is 16/17. Thanks for reading! -seed

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Me, planning a maribat reunion and marriage au:So Jason and Marinette met when they were 12 as penpals(I head cannon Mari be 2 years young for her year) and they knew they both liked each other when Jason died (nobody knows that they knew each other then when Jay comes back he goes to Mari first and they start dating.

A few years later (idk how long Damians 14) Bruce learns of what happened in paris and jason volunteers himself and damian because ‘He hasn’t reallly gotten the chance to bond with demon spawn’(read-he wants to introduce dami to his she-devil because dami need a person who deals with things in a similar manner that he does) and they go to Paris. Cue Damian challenging Mari to a fight, her winning and then asking if he likes animals because her friends parents run a zoo and the baby Panthers are really cute. Damian turning to Jason and saying “If you don’t marry her into the family then I’ll run away and live with her”.Marinette then goes down on one knee and presents a ring to jason. And they go get married with Luka as the wittness.

Me, 20mins later, addong an uncessersary amount of angst: soooo…

Is Bruce a bad father?Am I gonna hate on him? You know what fuck it Mari is gonna kidnap him after warching the security feed of the arguing, also Damijon

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Can I get a vaguely Danny Phantom esque maribat AU?

I’m sure you all know where I’m goin with this but like,,,,, Jason who died and was brought back in the lazarus pits but not- not completely. He is something dead that’s living. Something that’s never been seen before.

Ghosts are everywhere and it seems he’s one of the few people who can see them.

He’s still probably pissed at Bruce and everything but he doesn’t have the pit rage rattling around in his head. And like, he gets kind of distracted by the whole ‘ghosts everywhere and he’s the only one who can stop them from causing havoc so…’

Jason takes his rad ghost powers, peaces out of the league, and starts vigilante it up ghost style.

He ends up in Paris because something fucked up is happening there. Ghosts appearing and disappearing and there’s so much rage in the place that poltergeists and shit are cropping up on every block.

He tries to mostly stay out of the hero’s way. They’re handling their thing, and he’s cleaning up the mess they don’t know about. It’s a pretty good system all things considered.

That is,,, until the lady hero dies one day, mid-battle. Only, she doesn’t stay dead.

The whole city is quiet as they watch the pool of blood beneath her grow, they’re silent as the villain of the week crows about their victory, they’re silent as all the other heroes crowd around her and wail at her loss.

And then, then they watch her get back up.

(I wonder. If you kill something that is so full of life and creation, does it ever really die?)

The people don’t know what happened, think she was knocked out or playing dead or whatever, but Jason knows. He can see the difference in her. Sees the way the ghosts notice her now, in a similar (but ultimately different) way they do him.

She’s like him now. A little bit to the left, perhaps, but closer than anything else has ever come.

That night, Jason drops onto her balcony, eyes glowing sickly green to match her own burning red, and he tells her everything he wished someone was able to tell him when he became what he is.

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where books go

Two housemates and a missing book.

For Maribat Platonic November Day 24 - Book


Gotham has always been one of the kind. The mere miasma alone would discourage anyone of the thought of immigrate there permanently.

And yet, somehow, it is quite a promising land for the supernatural.

Marinette theorizes that magic is somehow both chaos and order and Gotham is just the unfortunate place where both exist. And seeing as she is not a wizard but a seer who cares not for magic, that theory of hers can turn out to be a hundred percent right or completely wrong.

Either way is fine with her because she came here to learn. And what she wants to learn is the delicious art course that Gotham University offers, rather than the inner working of magic.

What Marinette did not foresee, regardless of her gift in clairvoyance, is having a dragon as a housemate. More specifically, a dragon who hoards books and have a passionate love for literature.

“I’m surprised you aren’t a Lit major,” she comments, searching for her Advanced Math book that slips somewhere, “Honestly, I’d have pegged you to have been one of them.”

“You’re weird,” Jason grumbles, snorting out a little bit of smoke and Marinette is so glad that she disabled the fire extinguish system in their room after that one time he snorted out a tiny fire ball and activated it. None of them have been so happy with the soaked books and clothes.

Nothing a few spells cannot fix but it is rather inconvenient. Three out of ten not recommended.

“Well yeah but hey, you’re my friend so what does it says about you?”

Jason makes a growling sound and curls up on his bed like an oversized cat. You know, if cats have scales rather than fur. And yes, he is a dragon, with four legs and wings.

Marinette checks. Jason even tells her because apparently, he is tired of being mistaken for any other types.

“I have a brother who is a drake. Like, four legs and no wing. That’s a drake,” he had hissed, “I have wings. I’m a full-fledged dragon.”

It is a sore spot. And well, Marinette can understand. Heck, she would stab someone for mistaking her for a witch. She is a seer and what she does is looking at the future and maybe slipping a hint or two for some cash if someone offers enough. Magic generally does not vibe with her with the shits she got into with it.

But yes, back to the problem at hand. Ok, where is her book? God, living with a dragon who hoards book means it is virtually impossible for someone to sneak in and take it. Not that she suspects anyone would but hey, this is Gotham. And she has her own experiences with breaking and entering.

But if no one takes it, then where is her book?

Wait a minute…

“You!” she whirls on the lazing dragon and stabs an accusing finger in his direction, “Did you take my book for your hoard?”

Jason makes a hissing noise, the tip of his tail flickering like that of a cat. He stretches lazily like he has time to spare.

Well, he does seeing as it is his day off. Marinette, however, does not because her class starts in the afternoon and it is like, near noon.

“I hoard books. I don’t steal books!” he cries, “Honestly, why must you accuse me of such a horrible crime?!”

Marinette rolls her eyes at this familiar start. This happens like every other week with Jason accidently placing one of her books into his hoard and just, forgets about it until she is looking for it.

“No, you didn’t steal. You just displaced my books in your hoard. Like every other time it happened in the past.”

“What if it wasn’t me?” Jason challenges, tail thrashing around like that of an agitated cat.

“Then I will take over the housework next week.”

“The cooking is non-negotiable,” Jason tilts his head up, daring her to disagree with him.

He has always been fond of cooking and Marinette really does not discourage it. It is certainly better to live with a housemate who knows how to cook rather that one who does not.

“Sure, whatever floats your boat. Heck, I’d be even happier if you take over kitchen duty forever.”

(The book is found in Jason’s hoard and Marinette raises an eyebrow at a fuming Jason.

“I’m a seer, Jason. I can see this coming miles away.”

“That’s so cheating!” Jason roars, smoke rising from his snout, “You knew you’d win.”

“I said I could see it. I never said I foresaw it,” she rolls her eyes at a growling dragon, “Please, it’s just elementary detective shits that you love so much.”

“Now you’re mistaking me for Drake,” he grumbles, “No one ever calls me a detective.”

Marinette rolls her eyes again. God, living with Jason too long and one day her eyes would never be the same again. Too much eye-rolling is never good.

“Yes, yes, keep lying to yourself, Jay. We both knows you are a detective.”)

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