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#marie curie

I’ve been thinking about Marie Curie today (mostly because of @guilty-as-battery-charged​‘s post about her), and here’s a few things I’ve learned from Wikipedia (and also the sources):

  • Her tomb and her husband’s tomb at the Panthéon in Paris are lead-lined  as her/their bodies are radioactive.
  • A lot of her items (from clothes, to her research notes, etc) are still radioactive and will be for another 1500 years. (Or 1495 years, since the article that says this is five years old)
  • Pierre died in an accident unrelated to radioactivity, but it’s postulated that the radioactivity would have killed him as it did Marie, their daughter Irène, and Irène’s husband Frédéric.
  • Also Irène and Frédéric changed their names to Joliot-Curie after they married. They did this in the 20s. 
  • Marie and Pierre’s grandchildren via Irène and Frédéric (Hélène Langevin-Joliot and Pierre Joliot) are still living and are over 85. Hélène is a nuclear physicist and Pierre is a biologist (possibly biophysicist or biochemist or maybe both?).
  • Ève Curie (Marie and Pierre’s other daughter) lived to 102. 
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