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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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The #hummingbirds really come out to eat during the golden hour and this video was captured using the #motorolae5plus and laying it with the main camera facing the feeder. In this time of #socialdistancing and #shelterinplace orders, they just don’t care because it’s Spring, nature’s interspecies festival of debauchery where everything alive wants to get it’s freak on. Enjoy. Someone gave me a little bit if #ganja, enough #marijuana to create the situation where I’m not #dankrupt. Been smoking be and toking at #420 and #710 until I run out. That’s the origin of this video. (at North Auburn, California)

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Psychedelic Visions:

Aries: Can see auras flames flickering

Taurus: Can see the rocks and concrete breathe

Gemini: Can see Veins in infared

Cancer: Can see vision dissolved in light clearly

Leo: Can see stars connect and communicate

Virgo: Can see floral patterns on the floor

Libra: Can see giant lotuses in the sky

Scorpio: Can see clouds turn into faces

Sagittarius: Can see the floor underneath wave

Capricorn: Can see angels visit this realm

Aquarius: Can see a gigantic space dragon

Pisces: Can see aliens dissecting us in the sky

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Products I Got On Deck

Ketamine, Xanax, Oxy etc.

Lsd tabs in bulk and deal

Girls scout cookies:$150. Oz

White widow: $200.oz

Blueberry: $250 oz

Og kush: $260. oz

Ak47: $200.oz

Moonrocks: $200.oz

Pink Runtz: $250. oz

Power plant : $200oz

Lemon Kush : $170 oz

Banana Kush: $150.oz

Gorilla Glue : $200 oz

Mango Haze : $250 oz

King Louis og: $250 oz

Purple kush: $150.oz

Purple haze: $250. oz

Northern lights: $200.oz

alien og: $250. oz

Strawberry cough. $ 200 .oz

Candy kush : $150.oz

Girls scout cookies : $490.qp

White widow: $500. qp

Blueberry: $550.qp

Og kush: $560.qp

Moon rock: $500.qp

AK47: $500.qp

Purple kush: $490.qp

Purple haze: $560.qp

Pink Runtz : $560.qp

Power plant : $500.qp

Lemon Kush : $495.qp

Banana Kush : $490.qp

Gorilla Glue : $510.qp

Mango Haze :$560.qp

King Louis og: $570.qp

Northern lights: $500.qp

Alien Og: $560.qp

Strawberry cough: $500.qp

Email :pedropablo meds kush@gmunk . Com

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Isolated stoner sessions 🤝👏🍁
#marijuana #weedporn #thc #hightimes #cbd #seedbank #medicalmarijuana #indica #marijuanaseeds #sativa #cannabisgrow #ganja #cannabisbreeding #repost #hemp #cannabissociety #homegrow #weedseeds #dabs #cannabisindustry #marijuanagrowers (at United Kingdom)

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