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Touhou cosplay
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Touhou Ship Week '22 4: Festivals and Swapping
“You want to what again?”
“Swap.” Suika held up a copy of her current outfit. “Swap clothes and roles! For a day!” She tugged on one of the chains. “Don't worry, these aren't as heavy as the real deal.” Reimu, laying on her side after a long day of work, looked blandly on. “Come on, it will be fun! I'll be a shrine maiden for a day, and you'll be a drunk oni!” Suika tugged on her dress.
“You want me to hand over one of my own outfits to you.”
“So we can spend a day pretending to be the other person for...what reason?”
“Because it will be fun!”
“Oh come on.” Suika sighed as she rolled her eyes and let out a mighty groan. “Surely you have heard of fun, right? This isn't some alien thing to you.” Reimu took a turn to roll her eyes. “I get it. You got a huge load of responsibility to look after the shrine and defend Gensokyo, but you don't have to do it each and every day! Nobody expects you to do that!”
“People don't expect much out of me in the first place.” Reimu groaned. “If I put that on and someone see that, I will either become more of a laughing stock or I'll be really ostracized for good.” 
“C'mon, you look good. And it will only be for a single day! Maybe not even the whole thing, like two hours tops!” Suika waved the dress around. “And I'll be the shrine maiden...” Suika sighed before also adding in: “And that means I'll do your chores for the rest of the day.” Reimu raised an eyebrow. “I mean it! You can laze around and drink to your heart's content and I'll sweep, and sweep...and sweep.”
“I do more than sweep.” Reimu mumbled as she started to sit more up right. “I have to pray and purify a good deal each day...which is a talent I believe you don't have.” Reimu looked at the dress. “Now...suppose I don't want to get drunk.”
“Then...you can just wear the outfit.”
Reimu looked at her own outfit. Threadbare. Then she looked over to the copy of Suika's. Looks thick and warm. “Eh.” She shrugged. “Why not?” Before she could add in anything else like a condition, the outfit got thrown in her face and Suika ran off. Reimu did also want to ask if Suika even had a shrine maiden outfit of her own...but her question got answered as Suika ran in with her own outfit. 
“Look good, huh?” Suika asked with the biggest smile on her face, showing off her appropriately sized miko robe. 
“Yeah.” Reimu sighed before her ears perked, sensing movement. “We got guests.” Before Suika could get the door for them, the guests made their way inside. Reimu could tell it's Marisa without even looking. Suika letting out a gasp did make Reimu look up to see what would make the oni gasp out in surprise. And it made Reimu do the same in return. Oh yes, it's Marisa...or is it Alice? 
It's hard to tell! That's Alice dress and hairstyle alright. But the face is clearly Marisa, even if Reimu is now realizing that the two had familiar faces. And maybe it's just the fact that Reimu has rarely seen Marisa without her witch's hat on. And Reimu just noticed that Suika has ran off. “Hello Miss Hakurei...” Spoke out Marisa trying to sound like Alice and failing badly. 
“Marisa?” Reimu asked.
“Yup.” Marisa sighed dejectedly. “It's me.” She giggled as she took a seat. “Bet you had a hard time in recognizing me without my hat on!” 
“...no.” Reimu replied back immediately. “So, why the outfit swap?” She stopped and put on a wide-eyed look. “And why do I have a feeling that it's the reason why Suika wants to swap outfits?”
“You don't know?” Marisa giggled. “It's a new thing. It's the Swap Festival.” She patted herself on the heart. “It's where lovers swap outfits and roles for a single day. You know?” She shrugged. “Where they get to live in the other's shoes for a day.” Marisa started to smile. “So! You and Suika...”
Reimu could feel her right lower eyelid throb. “I would much prefer to be told of these things beforehand.” She muttered. 
“Hey, who knows? You might look real good in that outfit...”
“...at the very least, she promised to do the chores...so why not?” Reimu shrugged. “I'll talk with her about this later, but why not?” She giggled. “
“Wait, you're going to sleep with Suika so she can do chores for you What kind of relationship are we talking about here?”
“Marisa, we aren't at that point yet.”
“Dunno, feels like you're close to it if you're going to bang over who does the chores.”
“...Marisa, how horny are you?”
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Marisa in Touhou 18.5 [High res.]
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spin cycle 38 times
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hey just a heads up im moving so i need a smol hiatus,,
Marisa is on hiatus until August 29th! Please remember to message the Masterlist once you return. Thank you!
- Mod Key
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Her positivity is remarkable.
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1 annno + 5 mesi senza te ❤️❤️❤️
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