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jaemtens · 2 days ago
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stick together ep.4 ◇ mark lee (mark x glasses 🤓)
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writemekpop · a day ago
Bad Bunny | Mark Lee
Pairing: Mark Lee x Reader
Summary: Mark insists you’re just casual, but you want something more. To make him jealous, you hook up with his best friend Jaemin...
Genre: College AU
Word Count: 1.2k
Warnings: Frat party, alcohol, jealousy
Tumblr media
“Marky, baby! We’re leaving in five minutes – why the hell aren’t you changed?” As you peek round your bathroom door, your eyebrows hit the ceiling. 
Your boyfriend Mark grins sheepishly, running one hand through his freshly washed jet-black fringe. “I am changed…” 
Your eyes slide downwards. Despite being sculpted by lean muscle, his grey T-shirt still looks like pyjamas. 
You roll your eyes, the hanger holding his outfit still hidden behind your back. Your heart is pounding. Tonight, you have a grand plan – to finally reveal your relationship with Mark to your friends. 
Every time you start daydreaming in the PR office where you work, you imagine one thing. You and Mark, a power couple, the ones everyone is jealous of because they’re so sickeningly in love.  
It’s been six months, and this is perfect time. And you’re not letting anything get in the way of that. Not even Mark’s hate for dressing up.   
“It’s Jaehyun’s costume party? As in… you have to come in costume?” You can’t hide the wobble in your voice. 
Mark wrinkles his nose. “But I don’t have one…”
A shy grin spreads over your cherry lip-glossed lips. Slowly, you creep out from behind the door, raising your arms in jazz hands. “Ta-da!” 
Your outfit is revealed: a neon pink bodycon dress so tight you can barely breathe, topped off with a fluffy rabbit headband. You’ve never worn something this skin-tight, but for your boyfriend, you’ll do anything. 
On the front, in a swirly white font, is written: “Miss Bunny”, with an arrow pointing to the right. 
You pull out the pink fluffy onesie from behind your back – labelled with an identical “Mr Bunny.” Your eyes are stinging. It must be your eyeliner because you can’t understand why you’re getting so emotional about this.  
But when you see his face, your victorious smile fades. Mark’s nose is still wrinkled, chestnut eyes squinting in disbelief. 
“What? You don’t… like them? I thought you liked pink!” Sweat blossoms on the back of your neck. 
Mark pulls crosses his arms, fingers kneading nervously into his skin. “I do, I do, it’s just… matching costumes? Isn’t that kinda… intense?”  
Your foundation is so thick you can’t move your face to frown. But inside, your gut is crumpled up like tissue paper. 
“Well, we can lose the ears if you want…” Your voice trails away, folding in on itself. 
Mark continues, tongue flicking over his lips. “No- I mean…” His voice drops. “We don’t want to make a huge deal about… us, you know?” 
This time, you can’t hide your vanishing smile. You suddenly feel stupid; a big pink hotdog.  
Before you can answer, Mark continues, “Look, you look smokin’, and we have so much fun together… but you know that’s all this is, right? Just fun? No one else needs to know about our sweet little deal.” 
Forced to break his gaze, you turn away. “Right, no, I get that! I’m suuuper casual. It was just, a joke, you know?” You start laughing awkwardly. Your breaths are getting shakier. 
You know your voice is too wobbly to fool him, but Mark still laughs as if he believes you. “I mean, you do look… wow.”
As you turn away, you catch your reflection in the bathroom mirror. The dress clings to your round hips like the shiny skin of a ripe peach. He’s right. You do look wow. 
You’re not wasting a look this hot crying the night away.
 No – it’s time to let Mark know just how much he’s missing out on. 
The funny thing is, you weren’t even the one who suggested ‘Spin the Bottle’ at the party. It was Jaemin. 
Now, it’s finally your turn to spin. In the corner of your eye, you see Mark smirking casually. Like he doesn’t even care who you kiss. 
Angry flames shoot up inside you, and you flick the bottle with all your might. 
It lands… perfectly between two people: Mark and Jaemin. A seductive smile curling your lips, you crawl into the centre of the circle. 
Mark is taking a deep draught of his beer. The next moment, you see him choke a little. Because you ignore him completely and wrap your arms over Jaemin’s shoulders.
In a black hoodie with tiny cat ears, Jaemin can hardly be described as ‘in costume’. 
“Can’t fight the bottle, can we?” you murmur, stroking Jaemin’s jaw with one thumb. You watch his Adam’s apple bob as he gulps.  
Mark is furiously clearing his throat beside you, but you take no notice. 
You’re too busy watching Jaemin’s pink tongue flick over his lips. His clear brown eyes have stopped blinking. Now they’re gazing deep into yours under dark lashes. 
“Miss Bunny… you better hop right to it.” As Jaemin whispers his bad pun, his pink lips turn up in a dry smile. It’s now or never. You lean forward, and kiss that grin right off his face. 
You hold nothing back in kissing Jaemin. Your hands grip wildly in his gelled hair, messing it up as best you can. Your lips grab his so hungrily he’s pulled forward. It’s not just snogging; it’s like you’re devouring his face right off. 
When you pull back, a triumphant smile graces your lips.
A halo around Jaemin’s mouth is stained a bright pink, and his hair sticks out in mad tufts. He gives you a dopey, half-eyed smile, which you’re happy to return.
Beside him, you notice Mark getting up from his seat. He storms away, muttering under his breath. 
You get up, not giving Jaemin a second look. Mission completed. 
For the rest of the party, even Doyoung stops teasing you about how your costume ‘isn’t bunny’. All of your friends can only stare in silent awe. 
At the end of the night, you approach Mark as he’s leaving. 
“Wait up!” you say, grabbing your coat and keys. “Tonight was so fun.” 
You get a tiny stab of excitement when you see Mark’s expression. He’s wearing a stormy frown, his muscles flexing with the effort of crossing his arms.
“Yeah, well, for some of us,” he mutters. 
You can’t help but grin. You exaggeratedly strain to catch his expression. “Is Mr Mark Lee… jealous?” 
Without turning to you, Mark blurts out, “That bottle was halfway between us, and you know it!” His broad shoulders are rising and falling with his deep panting. 
You purse your lips, struggling not to giggle outright. “I didn’t offend you, did I? See, I thought were just having fun.”
Mark stops at the end of the hallway, and swivels to face you. His eyes are fixed on the floor, like he’s telling off your shoes. “Fine. I don’t like it when you kiss my friends, okay?”
Slowly, you wrap your arms around his shoulders and lace them behind his neck. It’s hot under your fingers, just like his burning cheeks. “What I hear when you say that, is that you’re dying with jealousy because you care about me so much.” 
Mark flicks his jaw in annoyance. “Okay! You win. I change my mind. I want us… to be exclusive.” His voice is so low it’s almost a whisper.
You lean in. “Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that…” 
A tiny smile creeps onto Mark’s face. “I want you to be my girlfriend, Y/n,” he yells. 
You hear a gasp, and flick your head around. 
All your friends are collected at the door. They’re all suddenly very interested in their shoes. 
“It’s okay guys, I know you’re listening,” you call. 
“Good – that was killing us! Go Y/n and Mark!” Jeno cheers. 
You’re not sure what you enjoy better – your friends’ wild cheers or the deep blush spreading over Mark’s cheeks. 
“Come on, boyfie,” you call, pulling him away with you. 
Let us know what you thought in the comments or on anon! 💋
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kpopco · 2 days ago
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intro fairies :: sticker :: 210924
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yellow-sprout · 22 hours ago
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210926 MARK IG Update
"just me and a cone😐"
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himitsu-luna · 10 hours ago
*~✩ Nct 127 - Lovely silly things they do for you ✩~*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
~♪ Taeil
Agreeing on having a movie night with you and pretending he is not tired even though he is exhausted
–"Taeil, do you want to watch this movie with me?"
With a loose yet easy smile on his face, Taeil agrees, despite of the fatigue he feels in every muscle of his body. You did notice his slow movements and his heavy eyelids, but his "Sure!" came out so cheerfully that it was able to immediately put your worries away. Beside you on the couch, Taeil fights his toughest battle against himself, supressing uncountable yawns, blinking as little as he can to not take the risk of his eyes not opening again, trying to stay awake by caressing you hand ir massagii your head. And the moment you stop feeling his warm touches you notice he peacefuly fell asleep on your shoulder. With a light chuckle and a caring look, you kiss the top of his head and lower the volume of the TV, concentrating on the movie to give Taeil a synopsis the next day.
~♪ Johnny
Stand in line for hours to get you something you wanted
– "This bakery is always so full of people. I wonder how their pastries taste like."
Passing by the bakery again, displaying in front of it the most ridiculously long line he has ever seen, Johnny remembers your saying and your big hungry eyes looking at the showcase exhibiting an infinite number of types of bread, cakes, pastries. He stops his steps to concentrate better on an internal monologue he is having. His practical side scoffs "No way! I'm not standing in this enormous line, you better forget it", but his romantic side shows how astute it can be, showing in Johnny's brain a little clip of you all happy with squirrel cheeks, munching and smiling at him, thanking him for being such a perfect man. Johnny laughs at the image, and just shrugs, while walking to the end of the line :"Oh well, it seems we have a winner. Y/N, Y/N, since when have I become this cheesy?"
~♪ Taeyong
Spend all his money in an UFO catcher
– "Ahh, let's go, Taeyong. This won't work."
You try to convince yourself to give up the impossible mission of getting that cute plushie from the arcade UFO catcher, but your stubborn sad eyes continue to glance back to the pink fluffy ball behind the glass of the machine. Watching this scene, Taeyong takes it on a personal level, and his determination to catch the toy for you goes to the roof: "Wait, I know I can get it, let me try, just once". And then once becomes twice, that becomes three times, that becomes 12 times. He almost had it a couple of times, but the plushie seemed to have its own will, and slipped away from the claws everytime. You start to worry, but he gently says: "It's ok, I have tons of coins, don't worry! We are almost there!". He actually has only one coin left. Praying to all of the existent divines, he inserts it into the machine, and focus. Ok, the claws catch it. Hold, hold, just hold it. One more centimeter and... Taeyong jumps and takes you in his arms when he sees the toy falling right to the hole that leads to the outside. "I'm calling it 'Yong'!", you announce with sparkly eyes. Taeyong has no regrets, every cent was definetely worth it.
~♪ Yuta
Letting you style him, even though he knows you're bad at it
– "And now, the final touch!"
Yuta is amazed, in every possible meaning of the word. He thought nothing could surpass the yellow zebra stripped neon pants combined to the greyish-earthy-green oversized ripped shirt you made him wear, but he has to give you the credit for the pink feather you've just stuck behing his left ear. Tilting his head as he looks at the mirror, Yuta is speechles. No matter from what angle (or from what planet) he looks at his unusual outfit, it is undeniably weird. "No, but you are so cool!!", you reassure him, really believing your own words. It's not the first time he finds himself in this situation, and it will not be the last. Yuta knows that everytime you come to him with a random suspicious piece of clothing, the result will be the same. And that's why he always lets you do whetever you want. He will look weird, but at least you will be excited and enthusiastic like a little child, and that's what matters. "I don't know why I still let you do this.", Yuta says, checking his back now. "Because you love me!", you cheekily respond. He laughs at your confidence, dearly thinking: "And you are completely right."
~♪ Doyoung
Covering you with his tiny umbrella and letting himself get soaked by the rain
– "But the sky was so clear this morning!"
Feeling the first cold raindrops hitting you skin, you try to explain the reason you don't have your umbrella with you to the slightly annoyed Doyoung beside you. You are expecting an "I told you so" but, instead, he just opens his umbrella over you, with a caring "It's ok, I got you." You are intriguered by how such an small umbrella can protect two people so well, but your thoughts are interrupted by Doyoung's warning: "Don't get wet, you get sick too easily." He can nag a bit sometimes, but you know how much he cares about you. Last time you got ill, he diligently took care of you for a whole week, without complaining at all. You reach your destination completely dry, safe and sound. While Doyoung folds his umbrella in, you notice half of his body dripping water. "Doyoung!! What's this? Why didn't you cover yourself properly? What if you get sick?", you scold him, mad more at you than at him, for not realizing what was happening sooner. He just pats you head, finds your worry cute, and, with a grin, he says :"So I guess you're taking care of me, right?"
~♪ Jaehyun
Skillfully pretending he is not scared of the giant cockroach you're pointing at
– "Eeeeeewwww!!! Jaehyun, Jaehyun, look!!! There, omg!!"
Hardly being able to follow the direction your frenetic finger is pointing at, Jaehyun gets chills all over his body when he catches sight of the most enormous cockroach hiding behind the kitchen cabinet. Trying his best to keep his composure, he fakes his chilliest voice: "Oh my, this must be the king of them all. Don't worry, I got this". That's what he says, but it takes him long minutes of gathering courage to finally make a move and get the insecticide. With his lips pursed, his muscles all tensed up, he slowly goes to the giant insect like a robot, giving milimetric steps. He then loads the entire spray of insecticide over the cockroach, barely registering you saying "Hmmmm...I think it's already dead, Jaehyun" behind him. "Oh, yes, I bet it is!", he finally breaths again. You know how much effort he put into this act, and you're really grateful: "Thank you so much, my hero", you say as you plant a kiss on his cheek. He is proud of himself, happy you are happy, but he hopes he never has to do this again.
~♪ Winwin
Saying your burnt food tastes good
– "So, what do you think?"
Making some effort to smile at you, Winwin raises his brows and nods, trying to appear satisfied and delighted, slowly chewing something that tastes maybe too much like charcoal. After the hardest swallowing of his life, he mutters an "It's... good enough". Your happiness and little claps make him feel better, and even forget for a moment the taste of the food, until he looks at it again and starts to calculate how many bites he has ahead to finish everything on the plate. Giving himself some time, he watches you sitting and having your first try of the food. You look at him perplexed. Winwin promptly shoves another portion into his mouth, chewing and smiling. You understand what he is doing, and your heart feels warm and thankful. But you also have your limits. "So.... Pizza?", you suggest, kind of embarrased yet determined. "Yes, please", Winwin shyly agrees, making you melt at how cute he is.
~♪ Jungwoo
Embarrassing himself when you embarrass yourself so you won't feel that bad about it
– "Woopps!!!"
That's the sound you made while tripping on your own feet and walking weirdly for about five meters in an attempt to recover your balance to not fall in the middle of a street full of people. Jungwoo immediately notices your red coloured face and your eyes not daring looking ahead, and he just knows you want to bury yourself into the ground out of embarrassment and hide there until everyone is gone to another dimension, preferably. Jungwoo doesn't like you to feel like this, so he pretends to trip as well, so you won't feel so bad about it, so you'll see it's really nothing, or at least so you can give a good laugh. This actually draws even more attention to you, but you know he has the best of intentions, and you're aware that this small and silly way of his supporting extends to every other aspect of your life. He is always there for you, in good, bad and embarrassing moments. "Thank you, Jungwoo.", you tenderly say, hugging him. "Oh, I should trip more times then!", he thinks loudly, relieved you're good.
~♪ Mark
Giving you his jacket even though he is freezing
– "I should have brought a coat"
As the night falls, the air gets gelid and you regret wearing just a simple t-shirt. To the sound of your words, Mark doesn't think twice: he quickly takes off his own oversized denim jacket and throws it over your shoulders. You can feel the warmness of his body trapped into the fabric slowly being released and heating your cold skin. In no time you're comfortable and your muscles are relaxed again. Mark, on the other hand, takes the opposite route: he get the chills as soon as the jacket uncovers his body, and now he is trembling like a bamboo stick. "Mark, you're cold! Here, wear your jacket again, you're shaking!!", you demand, taking the jacket off and extending it to him. "No! I'm good, I'm good! You keep it, it's ok!", Mark says, his words being eventually interrupted by his chattering teeth. You know him, you know he won't ever take the coat back, so you propose: "Ok, so let's share it! I think it has enough room for the two of us under it. We just have to squeeze well together". That single suggestion is more efficient than any heavy coat, making him warm up instantly, especially on the face, cheeks getting redder and redder. He won't lose this opportunity though, so there you are, hotter than ever in a cold starry night.
~♪ Haechan
Staying awake until late at night, waiting for you to come back home
– "I'll arrive super late, so don't wait for me, please! Go to sleep!"
You're finally going back home after a whole week out, but because of a rearrange of schedule in some flights, you now will only be able to be on Haechan's arms around 3 AM. Ending the call only after forcing Haechan to promise you he would sleep, you rest, anxiously counting the seconds to open your house's door. When you finally do though, you come across an completely illuminated living room, the TV is on, and Haechan is sitting on the couch, sleeping, his head hanging over his left shoulder. You sigh, trying to get mad at him for not keeping his word, but the scene is so heart warming that you just can't. You softly call his name, to what he reacts confused, straightening his body while saying rapidly, with an unsure voice: "I... I was not sleepy, that's why!". You laugh and jump on his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck: "You silly little thing. I'll pretend I believe in you just because you're cute. But I'm serious now, let's sleep, ok?". Happy and extremely satisfied with his decision of staying awake to greet you, he agrees, returning the hug and immediately falling asleep on your arms.
Tumblr media
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envirae · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: when an innocent agreement to become his wingwoman turns into having to pretend like you’re his girlfriend, Mark suddenly starts to see you in a new light. he tells himself it’s nothing big, but are the two of you really just faking?
PAIRING(S): mark lee x fem!reader, platonic!kim jungwoo x reader
GENRE: fluff, angst, college au, fake dating au
WARNINGS: swearing, jealousy, kissing, alcohol usage, mark and reader are kinda dumb
WORD COUNT: actual fic: ~5k? (subject to change) teaser: 325
please fill out this google form if you would like to be tagged when the fic comes out! <3
part of the ROM-COM TROPES with 7DREAM series
Tumblr media
Befuddled as you tried figuring out what was wrong with him, he drags you into the car and rests his head on the steering wheel. “Hey Mark, what happened?” You ask, genuine concern in your voice.
“It’s stupid, really. When I found her, she had her tongue down some guy’s throat.” He confesses, wearing a solemn expression. It’s probably the shots he took, but he doesn’t feel embarrassed to speak to you. You’re just so easy to talk to.
“Hey, it’s not stupid.” You reassure, reaching out your hand to cup his shoulder. “I know you really liked her, I’m sorry.”
“I shouldn’t have asked you to come in the first place, it was a stupid idea.” He blames himself, and you can’t help but pity him. “I’ll still do your bio homework for a month.” He smiles, watching as you shake your head.
“Actually, I have a better idea.” You suggest, a look of mischief adorning your expression. “We pretend to date!” You enthusiastically propose, watching as his glum look turns to shock.
“What?” He’s sure he’s misheard you, and the few shots he took earlier are definitely affecting his awareness. “Did I hear you right?”
Your face heats up at his reaction, suddenly losing confidence. “We don’t have to if you don’t want, it was a stupid idea anyways-”
“No! I like it!” He cuts you off, eyes still slightly widened. “I mean, I think it’s a good idea, but do you really think it would work?”
Rolling your eyes, you scoffed lightly at the question. “Of course it will work. Girls always want what they can’t have. Trust me.”
Common sense tells him to drive you home, ignore all of it, and pretend this party never happened. The idea was idiotic, after all. Why would he even consider it?
But the look in your eyes pulls him away from logic, and all he can do is nod.
“Okay then, let’s do it.”
Tumblr media
MARK taglist: @youreverydayzebra @rae-blogging @so-jays @icywhatim @sseyk @iuwon @yeoforce @bluhr @heebabyy @athena103 @tyongolden @yjwfav @baekhyunstruly @enhacolor @eternallyhyucks @definitely-not-kyuzu @tyongishs @missyouraccent @aliceu @ryu-naa @aishiohs @mora134340 @cutecutepsycho @cookydream @orangegyu @bhebeleng @alymii @eggoyu @ellie-idk-anymore @tbhidkwhatimdoing @deryderydery@chitaphrrrr @frickyratz @huangberryyy @navoeur @d1nne @t-toodumbtocare @arishaechan @tyongf-sunflower99 @skuezk @yerminie @Shawkneecaps @kkzldk @waffledaisy @marinaandtheunicorns @lovekyr @pagindak @neoculturetingz @aaasteroidsky
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taeyongdaze · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We Never Stop l Stick together l Ep.4
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jjenovrs · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
[ 11:11 pm ] — lmk.
now playing — payphone by maroon 5
mark despised seeing his best friend’s demeanor change. he hated more to see you try for something with no meaning.
and little did you know how he’s been trying to distract you from the wound as much as it didn’t help cover the scars it left.
mark’s persona in contrast to johnny’s had always fascinated you.
you shook the thought away.
you didn’t want to stoop that low, to compare both boys who were sworn soul-brothers.
moving away to face him with eyes probably puffier than the cheese balls you two’d eat on movie nights together whenever johnny was working late, you sniff once and mentally make a note to pull yourself together.
you removed yourself from the spot you’d been on mark’s lap, still remaining close to him.
he gives you time to collect yourself — another thing you’d been grateful for.
you sat there on the carpet across him, unbotheredly as you could manage, as if you hadn’t been kept to sob on your ex boyfriend’s best friend’s lap the other minute.
mark’s never seen you like this — this torn.
and for a second he flinches, he’d been unfair to you as well.
mark had knew from the day he’d come to the conclusion of johnny neglecting his relationship with you, to the day he’d seen you laugh for the first time in ages after you beat him in mario-kart — that he was in love.
and he too, was hurting.
for a minute or two he contemplates his next actions, settling with caressing your hair.
if you think about it, there’s a lot you owe johnny, even if your efforts to keep whatever you had together was in vain.
you owe it to johnny for letting mark come into your life.
instead of further making you feel like a nuisance or reminding you of your strained relationship with his best friend, he’s there to provide you with solace, no questions asked.
“y/n?” mark cuts the silence, both of you had been seated on the carpet now. you averted your gaze to him from where you’d been
“do you uh—“
“—do you still remember what you said last friday?” he inquired, voice slightly shaking.
you furrowed you brows, trying to recall what he was mentioning.
that night, you’d woken up in your bed despite not having remembering falling asleep there, you’d just shrugged it off assuming johnny had tucked you in.
only, mark had woken you up with a text asking if you’d been fine after being wasted that night.
what had you said to mark?
“er.. yeah. johnny and i,” you were cut off before you could further elaborate.
“yeah— fought. i know,” mark heaves a hand through his dyed blue-green locks.
“typical boyfriend girlfriend stuff. i know,”
he drops the subject, thank heavens.
unknown to yourself, you smile.
you vividly remember that day, he kept his promise of dyeing his hair whichever bizarre color combination you came up with upon losing a bet to you.
without intending to, you let out a silent gasp — you had more memories with mark.
more than those with your own lover.
at first, it takes a while, but when the realization hits you, you no longer try and run from it.
something mark’s always asked of you to do.
“whatever happens, don’t neglect your emotions, okay? dude— listen, your craziest emotions are valid too.”
now, those words hit deeper than the wounds they left open.
“mark.” you face him, taking deep breaths.
like he always reminded you to.
“whatever happens, whatever johnny’s reactions are like, don’t try to feel like a burden to yourself. by keeping those things bottled in. breathe in, breathe out. then, let it all out. and—”
“—i love you, i think.”
you think you remember what you said to him that night, but you needed confirmation.
“i think. i think i love you too.”
and before you know it, you’d been pulled back onto his lap, his arms wrapping around you in a tight hold. you had already been sobbing, but you were a mess by now when the boy in front of tou breaks down in your arms.
“please say that again.”
god, it was only now that you know just how selfish you’d had been to mark.
“i love you, i’ve honestly loved you for a while now. which is—“
you threw your hands into the air.
“—completely stupid, stupid for me to never realize what i was feeling? i just. i don’t even know,”
you kept on blabbing, afraid for what was to come. but the boy just grins timidly, burying his face into the crook of your neck.
“i didn’t think you’d remember. and even if you did remember, considering.. considering you and johnny—“
you cut him off abruptly.
“we broke up seven months ago,”
you admitted, in a tiny voice.
“—but i guess you didn’t know that, so you were left feeling all that guilt on your own.
mark, i’m so sorry.”
and you really meant it.
“shh, shh, it’s okay,” mark holds his head higher, one of his hands coming up to cup your face softly.
“what you felt then and felt now is valid, you know that right? i was willing to wait as long as you needed to feel what you felt when you and johnny broke it off, and right now—“
your eyes lock with his big brown orbs, his gaze on you genuine yet gentle. “—all i need is to get you to heal.
how long it takes, i don’t care. i need you, and need you to be happy too.”
and in that moment, it didn’t really matter to you that this was your ex boyfriend’s best friend.
it didn’t matter to you that mark was your only own friend either. you were crazy, sure,
but you were ready to love again.
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yellow-sprout · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
210925 MARK
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