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Mark 2:1-12 Jesus Forgives and Heals a Paralyzed Man

Jesus is back in Capernaum where he is preaching to basically everyone. The place is so packed you can’t even stand at the door to watch. There are these guys who want to bring their paralyzed friend to Jesus to be healed, but they can’t get to him. They climb onto the roof and dig a hole into the building and lower the paralyzed man down to Jesus. His first reaction is to forgive his sins. Everybody freaks out because that’s something that only God can do. Then Jesus tells the man to get up, take his mat, and go home. The man does so and Jesus takes the opportunity to tell the people that he has the authority to forgive sins. They believe him.

Mark 2:13-17 Jesus Calls Levi and Eats With Sinners

Here Jesus tells a tax collector named Levi to follow him. From what I understand, tax collectors are terrible sinners. So Jesus goes and eats with a bunch of sinners. Pharisees sees them all eating together and wants to know why Jesus eats with these people. Jesus says “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” I love this.

Mark 2:18-22 Jesus Questioned About Fasting

People are confused as to why John’s disciples and the Pharisees are fasting, but Jesus’ disciples aren’t. He basically tells them that a time of celebration isn’t the time to fast. Once the celebration is over, that’s when is the time to fast. He is alluding to the fact that one day He will be gone, and in sadness, people will fast.

Mark 2:23-28 Jesus Is Lord of the Sabbath

Jesus and his disciples are wandering through a field and his disciples pick some grain. The Pharisees are, once again, confused. Jesus tells them “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” My interpretation of this is that no situation is perfect and sometimes it is okay to do things that don’t follow exactly the letter of the law. The Sabbath isn’t meant to make things more difficult. It is meant to be a blessing and some things are more important than following rules simply because they are rules.


What I’m learning through Mark is that Jesus brought a very unique perspective to the people. It seems like rules were really rigid before he came along and made following God’s word more about the spirit of the word than the exact letter of the word. It makes it seem like intentions are as important, maybe more important, than following a strict set of guidelines that must be followed at all costs.

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One Sabbath he was going through the grainfields, and as they made their way, his disciples began to pluck heads of grain. And the Pharisees were saying to him, “Look, why are they doing what is not lawful on the Sabbath?” Mark 2:23-24

“The Sabbath was made for rest and blessing and joy and mercy and compassion and the meeting of needs. There wouldn’t be a better day in the week to heal somebody. There wouldn’t be a better day in the week to provide food than the Sabbath.” - John MacArthur

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T!!! Hai!!!! You are super super super cute and you and your blog are adorable and I am really looking forward to you not being able to deny any of this hahaha

Herrooooo nonnie!!!!

Grrrrrr you really just had to do it didnt you😅 aldkjfhskakskdn maybe you’re not fully wrong on those statementsssss

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Making things for HVFF London

OK so I cut 2 curved shapes out of foam am gluing them together and will attach to a polystyrene ball. This will be painted green and attached to a stick. Bonus it will hopefully be thin enough to pack next to the scythe.

@littlehollyleaf do you think he will like it?

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