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#mark lee
nctparadiserp · 31 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Paradise RP is a 20+, polyamorous, idolverse, semi-lit discord RP. We are looking for the rest of NCT and are accepting all of-age NCT members except Jisung currently. Join us for writing, monthly events, game nights, movie nights, and more! [Click here for roster and rules!]
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jubileesstuff · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I don't have anything against Mark from NCT. He was just the first one I thought of when I started doing this oneshot. I'm really sorry if some feel this story is too brutal.
Since English is not my first language, you will find many mistakes here. So sorry for that. You are always welcome to give me tips so I can improve.
"Every two years, between the first and the ninth of August, pizza delivery people disappear all over the city. And you know what, Mark? Today is the first of August and the last incident was 2 years ago. And you're working the late shift today," said the young man standing next to Mark as he slapped him kindly on the shoulder. "It was nice knowing you," he laughed. Make rolled his eyes. "That's just a fairy tale, you're just trying to scare me again, Haechan.", Mark spoke. While taking his friend's hand from his shoulder. Haechan shook his head, "No really, please take care of yourself."
It was 12 midnight, Mark would only have half an hour left, then he would be off work.
"Last order for the day, Mark." chimed in from the kitchen. Mark, who was standing behind the counter, turned and walked into the kitchen.
Kyungsoo and Suho were standing there. Suho owned the store, actually Suho owned many stores in the city. He was quite rich and bought up just about everything, so he owned almost half the town. And Kyungsoo was the cook, a close friend of Suho. The two leaned by the stove and drank a beer while sharing relationship tips.
"The pizza has to go to SooMan Street number 5. This is your last delivery today, then you can go home. We decided to close the store early today," Kyungsoo spoke. Mark nodded and took the pizza box that was lying on the table, along with the bill.
"Well then, off to SooMan Street number 5." sighed Mark as he got into the car and started the engine.
It took him about 20 minutes and then he was there. The building was just outside the city. It was an old mansion that could have come straight out of a horror movie.
Mark got out of the car and walked to the door of the house. Since there was no doorbell, he had to knock. And immediately the door was opened, by a girl in a rainbow dress. "Ah, there's our pizza. Come in quickly. It's you cold, I'll get the money. 4,50€ it was, wasn't it? I'm Yeri.", Yeri spoke and pulled Mark into the house. Behind the two of them the door slammed shut and Mark winced. And with that came 4 other girls in rainbow dresses, from 4 different rooms. And they all ran after Yeri. Mark suddenly felt dizzy and fell over.
When he came to, he was chained to a chair. The pizza he was supposed to deliver was on a plate next to him. But it was now studded with precious stones. And all at once the door opened, a girl with long black hair, in a red dress came in.
"I'm Joy, it's really great that you made it here," she said, smiling. "What the hell is going on here? Let me go!" shouted Mark. The door flew open a second time, bringing 4 girls, one of them Yeri, strolling into the room. They were all wearing red dresses now.
"Did I run into a cult or something?" asked Mark. "But no! We're not a cult after all. Even though you might think so," one of the girls spoke, and then she added, "Oh, and I'm Wendy. I'm sure Joy has already introduced herself." Joy nodded and smiled. "Those next to me are Irene," Wendy pointed to what was probably the most beautiful person Mark had ever seen. "...And Seulgi.", this time Wendy pointed to a girl who looked like she was about to murder someone.
"We plan to sacrifice you. To our nine mothers, the goddesses of women, wisdom, beauty, singing, safety, children, food, the-", Yeri enumerated until Seulgi interrupted her. "I think he gets it, Yeri." Yeri nodded and Mark immediately felt sick. If he had eaten anything, he would have thrown up for sure. "But first, let's play some games. If you win, you can leave and we'll find a new victim. But if you lose, well, we'll sacrifice you.", Joy spoke, looking pretty happy about it. "But I don't want to! Let me go! I won't tell the police either!", now Mark was crying. "Stop it! I really can't see any tears! We haven't done anything yet," Irene hissed. Wendy clapped her hands and sang, "Let's get started."
The first game was an eating contest. Mark was blindfolded and he managed to eat a mountain of Jell-O in one minute without using his hands. It took Mark exactly one minute and twenty-three seconds to eat the mountain of Jell-O.
And with that, he had lost the first game. His chance at freedom and life thus shrunk.
"Game number two!!!" said Seulgi, removing Mark's blindfold. He was no longer sitting in the room from earlier and Seulgi was no longer wearing the red dress either, now she had on an all black outfit. The two were outside and Mark was sitting on a sofa, in a backyard. His hands were tied behind his back. "Game number 2, is very simple. Yeri, Irene and I will throw knives at you. And if you flinch, you've lost," Seulgi explained with a sadistic smile. And with a 'poof', out of nowhere Yeri and Irene stood next to her. All three had knives in their hands. Seulgi was the first to throw a knife. Mark winced so hard that the knife grazed his cheek. "If you hadn't moved, the knife would have just flown by and your cheek wouldn't be bleeding," Irene said, pointing to the knife stuck in a tree. "Well, let's just start with game number three. It's also the last game. It's very simple. You run away, and we have to catch you. If we catch you, you die." explained Wendy, who was now suddenly standing next to the sofa. Joy released him from his bonds. And with that, Mark ran, crying, for his life. The five girls ran after him laughing. "I haven't had this much fun in a long time!" exclaimed Yeri.
Mark made it quite far. He made it to a public phone, outside the house. "You made it far, I'll give you that. But now you have to die." spoke Seulgi, who grabbed Mark by the shoulder and pulled him back into the house. Mark screamed for help, he cried, but no one came.
Once inside the house, Irene approached Mark with a rope. "Yeri, as the youngest, today you have the honor of killing the very first victim. Make our mothers proud.", Irene spoke and gave Yeri the rope. "Thank you Unnie. I'm honored.", she said and took the rope. Seulgi pushed Mark to the ground. And Yeri made the rope, around Mark's neck. "You know Mark, I'm really terrible at strangling people. I'm really sorry, this might take a while.", and with that Yeri went to tighten the rope around his neck. She kept doing it until he gave no more signs of life.
"One down, eight to go."
Its also on my Ao3 account, SauerstoffBrauchtManZumAtmen23.
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ncteaxhoe · 2 hours ago
Don't you wanna kiss this lips?
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neonacity · 2 hours ago
Chapter 9: In Memoriam
“Only the dead have seen the end of war.”
An NCT mafia AU with OT23. Summary: Working for the mafia comes with many layers. There’s excitement, violence, loss, and betrayals. Yet there’s also friendship, family, loyalty, and code. The last thing it needs? Love and all the complexities it brings.
TW: violence, death, mentions of sex, drugs, and other illegal activities. If you’re uncomfortable with any of these, feel free to skip. Author’s note: This is purely a work of fiction. In no way am I supporting all the illegal activities and behaviors that might be mentioned in the story nor am I implying that any member of NCT acts whichever way I may write them here.
Chapter: 1/ First Stage
Chapter: 2/Overture
Chapter: 3/The Conductor
Chapter: 4/Crescendo
Chapter: 5/Canzona
Chapter: 6/Rapture
Chapter: 7/Proem
Chapter: 8/Ophelia
Tumblr media
10 Years Ago. 
Location: City of Seoul
It was dark, damp, and cold. Even with more than half of my face covered by cloth, I could tell from the stale air clinging on my cheeks that I'm currently somewhere with poor air circulation, most likely underground. The little skin exposed from my tightly bound arms was covered by a light sheen of sweat and what I can assume are bruises from the way my flesh throbbed. Above me, I could pick up the sounds of distant cars and the soft trickle of water from overhead pipes. 
I tried to give my shoulders a little wriggle but stopped at the sharp pain that flashed on the base of my neck. It was a harsh reminder of the blow that I received there from the butt of a gun, the last thing I could remember before I passed out.
It was supposed to be an ordinary day out with my mother. It was a routine visit to the family's private doctor—one of the few reasons I was allowed to leave the prison I call home. Everything started the way it usually does; my mom kissing my father’s cheek who, as usual, barely looked up from the papers he was reading, her holding my hand and telling me secretly how we will snuck into the mall after our appointment, and me smiling, squeezing her hand back to thank her. Thinking back, I should have noticed the small but telling signs that pointed to the abnormality of the situation. How my father's hands tightened when my mom kissed him or the fewer number of guards that were assigned to us for our little outing.  
It happened 20 minutes into our ride. Unfortunately for me, I only noticed something was off when our car suddenly spun out of control from the driveway after swerving from two plateless vans that showed up around the corner. The next thing I know, there were gunshots ricocheting around us, and there was my mother pulling me back against her chest as she tried to unlock the door on her side. She was unfortunately too slow to do it, her cry filling my ears as I watched her get grabbed by the hair before her head was slammed  against the window. That was the last I've seen of her before I blacked out myself. 
I was brought back into my current reality by the sound of my voice breaking into a sob. I didn't know how long I had been out, but the soreness on my hands and feet could tell that it's been a few hours since we had been ambushed. I have always been warned about this kind of situation, been trained for it even, but all those don't seem to make a difference now when you're finally on the spot, cold and alone. 
My voice cracked as I tried to call out into the room. I could tell from the silence surrounding me that I was alone, but the confirmation that I got when no one answered me was enough to make tears prickle my eyes and mix with the sweat that has already collected behind my blindfold. I tried wriggling my hands again from behind me as desperation and panic started rising from my chest like a wave. Before I even realized what was happening, I felt my chair crashing to the floor in my pointless panic and struggle. I grunted in pain and tried to roll over to no avail.
The sound of a door being unlocked caught my attention as I tried to control my quiet sobs. Whoever opened it stopped on the threshold of the room before finally making their way towards me. 
One. Two pairs of steps. One was dragging their other leg as if they were injured, the other was wearing cheap rubber soles. 
"Heh. The little princess is awake, I see."
I flinched from my spot on the floor as the man knelt in front of me. I could smell cigarette breath as well as the hint of alcohol in the air as he spoke. My legs tried to kick back to put more distance between us but my feeble attempt only caused him and the other person in the room to chuckle at me in amusement.
"Feisty. Just like her mother."
The mention of my mother made me freeze. It took a few seconds for the statement to sink in, before I was finally thrashing and screaming profanities in the air. 
"Ah shit. Shut your trap, little girl. You're not doing yourself any favors here."
"Back upstairs entertaining our boss. Don't worry you'll have your turn later," the other man who remained standing said in a sleazy voice that reminded me of maggots crawling on dead flesh. I thrashed harder, ignoring the pain shooting on my legs from the ropes binding me.
"You think the boss will let us have a turn on this bitch?"
The man asked his partner again, clearly unbothered by the fight I was trying to give. The other answered with a grunt before stretching up. "No idea. She'll be a good punching bag though. Probably will last longer than her mother. Mamba's getting pretty tired of the lady."
The realization made ice slowly creep through my veins. This isn't a normal kidnapping. This is a long overdue war, the very same one that people from my own family had been regarding with watchful caution for years.
The mention of the name made me freeze. Though I haven't been fully exposed to the outer workings of the family yet, I am not entirely left out of the loop when it comes to the basics. "Mamba" is one of the earliest names that has left its mark on me as soon as I realized who I was and what I'm expected to do. My father made sure that I know what it means, and its weight was even more emphasized on my by how often it is uttered in the conversations of those in the higher circles.
Mamba is the leader of the Serpents, the sole competition of my father for full control over Korea's underworld. The two crime families have been toe-to-toe in the past decades, with one group always trying to do something to entirely wipe out the other. Things have calmed down in the past few years as the faction focused on overtaking parts of South Korea that my father didn't have much interest in, but it seems like the former has gotten tired of being handed over scraps from the less powerful cities.
My fear and shock must have been so obvious that it caught the eye of the two guards above me. To my horror, the one with the sleazy, hair-prickling voice shuffled closer to me again and bent over to get a closer look at my terrified state. 
"That's right. You realized it now too, doll?" he sneered in a tone that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand. I felt the back of my chair roughly lifted up from the ground before his hot breath hit my face. 
"You and your mother are never getting out of here again. So I suggest you start praying now before we—"
I reared my head back and slammed it blindly against him.
A loud shout ripped through the room. I couldn't see, but judging from the crack I heard, I must have made a good target on the asshole’s nose. I didn't get the chance to do anything else though as a backhanded slap made my cheek snap sideways. 
"You slut! I'll make you pay for that, you goddamn whore—"
I could hear the faint sound of a gun's metal being pulled from a holster. I couldn't care less though, even when blood started trickling from the corner of my lips that caught the ring of my attacker. There was only one thing going through my mind again and again, like a chant and a prayer to whoever god is listening. 
My mom. My mom. I need to get out of here with my mom. 
"What are you doing? Don't be stupid. The boss said not to touch her until he says so," I heard the other man say above the heavy breathing of the one in front of me.
"SHUT UP. Bitches like this one need to be taught a lesson. Put them in their place."
"You'll be the one put in your place if you kill her now."
"I won't kill her. I'm just going to put a hole through her leg."
The soft cocking of a gun screamed back at me in the split second of silence that followed his warning. 
My body froze at the sound of a bullet slicing the air. Another one tore through the room and for a moment I wondered where I was shot.
Except there was no pain that assaulted my senses. Instead, I could hear hurried footsteps running towards me before my blindfold was pulled up from my eyes. 
"Noona! Are you okay?"
"Come on, we don't have time." 
I blinked back quickly to gather my senses as the boy of 16 dipped out of my vision to undo my binds. My eyes found the owners of the voices earlier sprawled on the floor with matching holes on their foreheads. 
"—go. We need to go."
My attention snapped back to Taeyong who was currently trying to haul me up from my seat. His face was pale even in the dim light of the room but there was a definite set on his brows that shook me back to attention. 
I tried to stand up and stumbled a little, my balance off after being tied to the chair for god knows how long. He lifted my arm pressed against him and draped it over his shoulders to steady me as we both wobbled to the door. The moment we got out of the room where I was being held, I was suddenly assaulted by the sound of shouts and gunfire echoing around us. An explosion from upstairs shook the whole building and rained dust over the two of us. 
"Shit. We don't have time. I'm sorry, can you run? We really need to get out of here."
"Taeyong, my mom. Mom is still here. We need to get her."
"Jihoon—but did he get her already? She was—I heard—she was with the boss," I pressed, my voice rising as the pair of us emerged from the basement and started making our way to what I can assume is the exit. Taeyong gritted his teeth and suddenly pushed my head down to shoot at someone behind me.
"Jihoon is taking care of it—"
"Just a little bit more, you'll be safe outside," he said as he hauled me up again to my feet. 
"Give me a gun."
"You're injured—"
"I can still shoot, just give me one!"
He shot me a torn look before pulling a handgun from his holster. I quickly grabbed it and tried my best to steady myself on my feet as we both made our way to the exit. 
We were able to escape through one of the backdoors of the building which opens up to a clearing fringed by a dense area of trees. The first thing I noticed when I broke through was the number of cars parked outside and the crowd of people weaving between them. Men—my father’s men to be exact. Before I could take in everything though, Taeyong pulled me towards one of the vans, guided me inside, before slamming the door behind us.
Panic rose in me again when he started the engine. My hand shot to grab his arm, forcing him to look at me. 
"Wait! My mother—"
"Noona, Jihoon's assigned her. We can't go back even if I want to, your father said I need to get you back as soon as possible."
"I'm not leaving until I make sure she's safe!"
"Please. Your radio—just please let me make sure she’s safe first."
He hastily pulled his right earpiece and handed it to me. I didn't waste a second and pressed a small button to the side to quickly talk through it.
"Jihoon. Where's mom? Are you two out of the building?"
Nobody answered at the end of the other line.
"Jihoon? Jihoon!"
I looked up at Taeyong with eyes filled with fear. He turned the other piece that's still on his ear to echo my question, only to be met with the same silence.
"I don’t understand. He should have found Goomah by now," he said through gritted teeth as he grabbed for his gun again. 
"How—maybe he couldn't. We need to go and help him."
"I checked and both of your trackers were intact before we broke in. She was on the top floor," Taeyong quickly explained as he unstrapped his seatbelt again. It took me a few seconds before his words sunk.
Why were we being tracked? everyone knew we were going to be taken?
I didn't have enough time to dwell on my question as the line cackled and came alive. Both Taeyong and I froze as we listened to it. 
"Sir, Mamba dragged Goomah with him into one of his safe holes. We can't break through it right now."
I froze at the sound of Jihoon's voice. He clearly wasn't speaking to us. I was about to jump in and bombard him with questions when another voice answered him. 
"How secure is the safe hole?"
"Level three resistance. But probably can be taken down when we blast the whole building."
"Does it have an escape route?"
There was a moment of silence.
"It leads to an underground road, sir. Goomah's tracker says they are headed there now," Jihoon answered, his tone emotionless.
My heart jumped to my throat. I looked at Taeyong who was staring ahead, face etched with what looked like foreboding horror.
"You can't get her before they escape?"
"It will take a while...sir."
The line went quiet. It was only for a few seconds, but it was enough time to make my world start to crumble around me. When the voice spoke again, it decimated everything to ashes.
"Bomb the whole building before they leave."
This time, the line went quiet for good. 
A blinding flash and explosion knocked me back to my seat before I could fully haul myself out of the car. My ears rang from the explosion as the ground beneath me shook. 
I couldn't hear or see anything, but I knew; I was screaming.
Tumblr media
"Wake up!"
I almost jumped up from my covers at the sound of the voice above me. The light in my room was on but even its blinding glare didn't stop me from turning my head wildly, my hands grasping for something to hold. Something grabbed my arms and I hurriedly took purchase of it, my fingers closing in on a set of shoulders. 
"Hey, it's okay. It's okay. You're alright."
My eyes finally locked at the man in front of me. Taeyong sat on the edge of my bed, looking equally shaken. 
"Yes, it's me. It's just me. You're safe. You're here with me," he said softly as his eyes scoured over my face. I felt one of his hands move towards my back to gently rub circles on it. Before I could say anything else, he gently pulled me towards him and pressed my face against the crook of his neck.
"I'm sorry I barged in. I heard you screaming and I just had to check…" he explained quietly as he continued rubbing my back. I kept quiet as I tried to calm down my breathing, still shell-shocked from my nightmare. Before I could stop myself, I reached out a hand to grab onto his shirt. 
"What was it…?"
I kept quiet. It took me a while to notice how much I was shaking until Taeyong took my free hand and held it on his own. He didn't say anything but his silence was enough to tell me that he knew exactly what my nightmare was about. It's been years since he had to calm me down like this, but it has always been the same dream, the same memory.
"It's okay… You're safe… It's just a nightmare."
My face crumpled and I pressed my face closer to him. No, it's not just a nightmare and we both know it.
"It's happening again."
"What is?"
"I'll lose someone—you"
The past few years spent covering up everything seemed to fall away like paper blown away by a gust of wind. All those years that I spent trying to live my life differently as I left everything behind... All those moments he tried to keep up with my silent request for us to act nothing more than simple associates. All of them, gone. 
He stilled for a few seconds at my words. How long has it been since we found ourselves in this kind of situation? When was the last time I was this honest and vulnerable, and him this open? 
"You're not going to lose me. You've never lost me…" Taeyong answered quietly as he buried his nose into my hair.
"Then don't do it. Don't let him use you."
"We don't really have any other choice."
"We do. I can tell him—"
"You're not going to tell him anything you don't want to do… We both know that."
That made me stop. Tears started pooling in my eyes again and I felt him hold me just a little bit tighter. 
"I'm so sorry… I'm so selfish."
"No, you're not. You have your reasons," he stopped briefly before speaking again. "And I have mine too."
I slowly pushed myself from his hold so I could look at him. Taeyong spoke gently, as if he's trying his best to explain everything without adding to my doubts. 
"I want to do this for the people who mean a lot to me. Yes, I didn't want to at first but then I realized, if I win this, everyone will be happy, right? You, our friends, even me… So don't beat yourself up over it. Okay? And you’re not going to lose me. Because I’ll win. You know I will."
I didn't say anything. When Taeyong squeezed my hand that he was still holding though, I felt myself squeezing it back. 
"How can I help?"
The smile he gave me was enough to chase away some of the heaviness on my chest. 
"Just stay with us… with me. A mafia head needs a good wingwoman, right?"
I felt my lips twitch into a small smile despite myself. I will probably regret letting this honest moment happen between the two of us after trying to keep a distance for so long, but for now, this is enough. I nodded and gently moved my hand that he was holding between us. While he didn't pull me back, I felt his touch linger for a little while longer before letting me pull away. 
"Taeyong! Where are you?"
The two of us looked at each other one last time before turning to the door of my room. He must have left it slightly ajar when he barged in because we could hear voices from the first floor living room float to where we are.
I wiped my tears with the sleeve of my shirt and tried to fix myself before following him outside. We both stopped on the second floor to peer at the crowd of people that had collected downstairs, Taeil standing out from the crowd. He looked up to us and lifted a folded piece of paper. 
"We have a letter from Jihoon."
Taeyong and I exchanged glances briefly. 
"Let me see," he said, turning to  go down the stairs to join the rest. He hadn't made two steps before Taeil stopped him though, his voice quiet. 
"It's not for you," he said slowly before his gaze landed on my unmoving form. "It's addressed to her." 
Tag list: @hen-marks99, @negincho, @nctisthecity <3
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markmyworld · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*in the recording studio*
This is one of my fave genres of Mark
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markmyworld · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This ✨look✨
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amourtaeyong · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
in which boyfriend!mark is finally able to make time and takes you to an overdue staycation at his aunt’s rest house he promised you months ago.
i do not own any of the photos.
you may send in requests! ;)
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guuanhang · 3 hours ago
WHY Is---his eyes look like he's a vampire whose eye colors change under fluorescents.?. He looks so vampirish here omg
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yungisstar1117 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
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fullsun-dreams · 4 hours ago
Can I request a fluffy morning with mark? Thank you in advance
thank you for requesting!
[7:03am] mark lee
with the blackout blinds still drawn, it was the sound of the city that aroused you from a deep slumber.
mark, still sleep, breathed heavily beside you, his black hair tousled from hours of sleep. you ran your hand over his bare chest slowly up to his jaw, admiring his relaxed face. you kissed his nose softly, smiling to yourself as he stirred, and then blinked up at you.
‘what time is it?’ he asked, wide eyed.
‘i have no idea. early,’ you smiled as he leaned in for a kiss, pulling you close to him.
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kpopincorrect-quotes · 5 hours ago
Cashier: That’ll be eighteen dollars and ninety eight cents.
Haechan: I don’t have the money
Cashier: ...then I’m sorry but I can’t sell this to you
Haechan: [sneakily sliding the cashier a twenty dollar bill like it’s a bribe] how about now?
Mark, from the chip aisle: Donghyuck stop fucking with the Americans.
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nayutata · 5 hours ago
¬ nct dream reaction when you make them breakfast
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[🍶] mark
⌇Mark is in shock. "What is this?" He would point to the table full of dishes in surprise. He already knew you could cook but he didn't think you would wake up early to make food for him.
"Is today a special day or something?" He questions and you shake your head. He really enjoys the food but wonders if he forgot that there was something special going on that day. Definitely secretly hopes that you would make breakfast for him again, but doesn't ask.
[🍶] renjun
⌇When renjun wakes up to the smell of food, he would immediately get up and eat without thinking about other things. Head empty, just food. I don't think he would realise that it was you who cooked it for him, probably think you ordered in.
"Wait, it was you who cooked the food this morning?" His jaw hangs open in disbelief at what you had just told him. He had asked you to cook multiple times, but you always turned him down. "I just felt like being caring today," you look at him with a cheeky smile.
[🍶] jeno
⌇This man would probably question you, he thinks it's super weird that you decide to make him food all of a sudden. He tries to stall time, not daring to eat your food until you make him sit down and try it.
Jeno slowly puts the food in his mouth, eyes shut tight, embracing himself for the taste. "Wait, its unexpectedly good," his eyes open in surprise as you hand raises, ready to hit him. "What do you mean unexpectedly?!"
[🍶] haechan
⌇When he sees the food layed out on the table, he thinks of asking you if today was a special day. But after he catches the smell of his favourite Kimchi stew, he doesn't catch a breath and immediately sits down to eat.
"Cook for me again," He constantly pokes your arm as your gaze is locked onto the screen of your phone. He would snatch your phone and continuously annoy you about your cooking skills until you agree to cook it for him again.
[🍶] jaemin
⌇Jaemin immediately snaps a thousand pictures, non stop compliments throughout the whole meal. He basically finishes it in a flash and begs you to make it again tomorrow and the next and the next.
"Jaem, I can only make this though," you mutter, not wanting to dissapointed your boyfriend. Jaemin being super sappy, would probably say "I'll never get sick of this, because you made it and I'll never get sick of you."
[🍶] chenle
⌇Another one who's shocked but would snap millions of pictures. Goes around boasting to his friends that his significant other is a michelin star chef. He would constantly brag about how both of you can cook well, definitely say both of you are the best.
"Who's cooking is better, mine or yours?" You ask as you playfully glare at him, eager to win. "You're good but I'm slightly better," you scoff at his words and raise your eyebrows. "Fine, we're both on the same level," He ruffles your hair at the sight of the pout on your face.
[🍶] jisung
⌇Thinks that the person who's cooking is not his significant other. Questions you as soon as he find out you're cooking for him. "Is this actually y/n, what have you done to the real y/n?"
But after he tries a bite of your food, he can't help but wolf the whole thing down. His cheeks full and eyes wide, he'll raise his thumbs up and groan in delight. Definitely shyly asks you to make it again another day.
Tumblr media
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auriiskz · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aww his smiles are so cute! They brighten the day☀️
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dangosung · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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𓏲   마 ﹕ 크 ⠀⊹ ♡゛🪁
𝖳𝗁𝖾 𝗆𝖾𝗇𝗎 𝗈𝖿 𝗍𝗐𝗈 PERFECT 𝗍𝗁𝗂𝗇𝗀𝗌 𝗉𝗎𝗍 𝗍𝗈𝗀𝖾𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗋. 𝖠 𝗋𝖺𝗌𝖻𝖾𝗋𝗋𝗒 𝗌𝗁𝗈𝗋𝗍𝖼𝖺𝗄𝖾 𝖺𝗇𝖽 𝖺 𝖻𝗎𝗍𝗍𝖾𝗋𝖿𝗅𝗒 𝗉𝖾𝖺 𝖿𝗅𝗈𝗐𝖾𝗋 𝗅𝖺𝗍𝗍𝖾, 𝗐𝗂𝗍𝗁 𝖺 𝗅𝗂𝗍𝗍𝗅𝖾 𝖼𝗈𝗅𝗈𝗋 𝖼𝗁𝖺𝗇𝗀𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗍𝗐𝗂𝗌𝗍!
𝗉𝗅𝗌 "♡" 𝗈𝗋 𝗋𝖾𝖻𝗅𝗈𝗀 𝗂𝖿 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝗌𝖺𝗏𝖾
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Shifting Towards You
Tumblr media
No Specified AU
TW: Language, Implications of a Verbally Abusive Household, Implied Sasaeng Activity
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Angst
Pairing: Lee Mark x Reader
Y/N Pronouns: Not Specified
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Word Count: 3.9K
General Tag List: @vickylamore​ @yeongwvnhi​ @mizzdivagirl7-blog​ @sehunnies-hunnie96​ @yangsrose​ @bat-shark-repellant​ @cloudreads​ @raeincitizen​ @here-aeth​ @lofied​ @lune1897​
Notes: This was a bit of an impulse write that I suddenly got an idea for while I was finishing up school! I’m finally on vacation lol, and this just popped into my head when my friend randomly told me “you know what? some of these idols are a little too perfect” and the first idol in my head was Seonghwa Mark and I was like “mm yeah... WAIT” and now... a fic! I hope you all enjoy!
Disclaimer: Please remember that this is an AU and a work of fiction, obviously the idols mentioned/written about in this story would never partake in or condone these actions. I would never wish any of these actions to occur to the Idol(s) mentioned in the writings of these stories, nor do I wish any harm on them.
Tumblr media
“Mark! Mark, get over here!” Your voice was barely audible through the walls of your shared apartment.
Mark sat in your shared bedroom, guitar across his lap and tuner on the bed next to him. He stopped mid-song, listening if you were going to say anything more, with nothing but the faint hum of stopped strings fighting the chirping birds. While he waited, he glanced to the side, catching the array of colors displayed proudly in your room. On your shelf above your desk were every single NCT album he could think of and the SuperM ones underneath them, something you’d show off then jokingly say that you were supplying his paycheck. They were always kept clean, much like the rest of your room, and everything always had its place.
“I’ll be over in a second!” He called back. He turned one of the tuning pegs on his guitar a little more before he laid it against the foot of the bed and walked out of the room. “Where are you?” He pulls the door open and it closes behind him without a sound.
“I’m in the kitchen!” Mark walked out into the hallway. All the windows in the small apartment were open, allowing both natural light and cool air in and creating an atmosphere that Mark could only describe as dreamy. But that was always how he felt when he was with you. Mark had always considered himself to be the hopeless romantic sort, you could just ask him to grab something for you, and that night he’d write a song for you. You, his warmth and his inspiration. You, his muse and his joy. He wondered if he ever released a song about you, would you know that he had you in mind? Would you know that he loved you so? He paused momentarily, pulling his phone out and writing all of his inner thoughts in his notes for what he hoped to be song inspiration if he remembered it upon waking up. He stepped out into the kitchen and spotted you by the stove.
“What are you making?” He asks you. Various bottles of sauce and other ingredients lay organized on the counter next to you and the kitchen looked nearly pristine. It was a stark difference compared to when he cooked, and he had agreed to never do it again without your supervision when the fire alarm went off and you both had to apologize to the neighbors. He moved closer to you while he glanced into the pot and seeing a medley of vegetables and noodles inside of it and submerged within a dark and translucent soup.
“Open your mouth,” you turned to him and held a spoon in your hand. He obliged easily, something that came with years of building trust in the relationship, and tried the sauce. There wasn’t much he could say about it other than it was sweet, but not in a bad way, it had the perfect balance of flavors. Balance, right, it was an important thing to him since he had so many things to juggle at once and, wait. He spared a glance towards you while you awaited his response. He hoped you didn’t think of yourself like that, someone who he had to balance on his plate… did you? Should he ask? Make it clear that he’d drop everything in a heartbeat if it came to you? He looked at the spoon again, what did you put in that soup? It was just a little less than a spoonful, but it warmed his heart in the way it always did when he was with you. “What do you think?”
“It’s good! What are you making it for?”
“Just wanted to experiment a little with all the things we had in our fridge,” you shrugged. Our, right. Mark loved to hear it. And, he had to admit, that did sound very weird, but just the thought of sharing things with you always sent his heart into flutters. Sharing stories together, sharing moments together, and even sharing random things in the apartment together, Mark loved it. Any time you’d both grab something it brought this immense and embarrassing smile to his face, something you’d mirror quickly, and suddenly you’re both giggling messes. Or those sweet moments when you’d both be in bed together, not particularly doing anything, but a chance glance locks eyes and it was like Mark was watching the movie of falling in love all over again. To him, this was the perfect romance. “Should be done soon.” You nodded. Mark booped your nose with his finger and took the spoon from you, stealing another taste.
“Might want to add some salt to it.”
“Gotcha,” you sprinkled it around the pan and lowered the heat. “Well, we’ll let it simmer for a bit then,” you smiled. “Why don’t you show me that composition you’ve been working on?”
“Oh, that?” Mark looks back towards the bedroom, a sudden anxiety growing in his chest. It wasn’t ready yet, he barely had so much as a measure on it. “Nah, you don’t want to hear that.”
“Yes, I do! I heard some of it from here!” Truth be told, he didn’t want to share it just yet, it was a song that was close to his heart and one he found escape in, and he didn’t think he was ready to play it just yet.
“It’s not ready yet,” Mark continues. “Plus, it’s nowhere close to being done yet,” he says.
“Well, from what I heard, it sounds amazing,” you encouraged him. “Are you going to share it with your fans?” Hell no. They’d make fun of him for sure and it wasn’t even done yet, just wait until they saw the lyrics he had planned for it, good god, no way. He was kind of hoping that he could save it for a very special moment, to commemorate the first time you’d ever meet. It was a song reserved for you and for you alone, but he didn’t want to tell you that, he thought that he’d die of embarrassment if he did. But he didn’t want to unload that on you.
“Depends if the company will let me, plus, copyright is a thing,” Mark frowns. You both sit down at the counter. “What do you want to do today?”
“Whatever you do, it’s rare you get breaks like this. You’re always so hardworking, Mark.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Mark’s face dusts in a light red. Sure, he had heard those words many times from many people but it was always different hearing them from you. “In that case, how about we just walk around the park? Just keep it simple, you know?” He asks. Any minute with you was honestly enough for him. He was never the kind for fancy dinners or expensive dates, and he sincerely hoped that you didn’t mind either. He strongly believed that there wasn’t a correlation between the two, love and money, that is.
“Sure, that sounds fun, let me get ready first, yeah? In a couple of minutes, turn off the stove.”
“For sure,” Mark watched you leave to the bedroom. He leaned back on the couch while he waited for you. He grabbed his hat from the coffee table and put it securely on his head, he’d have to disguise himself more properly this time if he didn’t want your little outing to get interrupted again.
He wondered if this was a hassle for you, him constantly having to duck under people’s radars and having to work around his schedule. The last thing he wanted was for you to be burdened with this and…
Oh god, he didn’t even think about this. What would the fans think when they found out that he was dating you? He could already see the flames. No one really cared about how he felt, no, most of them would just be mad that he wasn’t available after all. Most of them would reprimand him for not thinking of them, probably. Mark sighed, he really didn’t think much of this before, a careless mistake he knows but then again why would he have thought of this? All he cared about was whether you were comfortable or not.
He stood up and walked back to the kitchen, turning the heat off and placing the lid over the pot to keep it as warm as possible. Mark’s phone rang in his pocket and he pulled it out, reading the message from his manager. But among reading just the first few words, Mark’s heart dropped.
‘We need you to come in today and fix some recordings.’ Was all the message read. Mark slumped his shoulders and stared at the ceiling once again. More things he forgot about. He turned and walked over to the bedroom, turning his phone off in the process.
When he walked inside, you were at the vanity finishing up your makeup. The room felt twenty times brighter with you in it while you hummed Love Song to yourself. It was crazy how it looked like the light moved to you, even when you were with him it was like you were the center of attention and he loved it. You, getting the love and recognition you deserved, it made him happy to no end.
“Hey, Mark, almost done,” you told him.
“Take your time,” he says. Mark picks up the guitar and sits down at the bed again, his back towards you and facing the closet. He strums the strings softly first, serving as some sort of warm-up before he started playing the song.
“Play me a song, love,” you sang. Mark strummed the guitar again, hitting a few chords first to get a beat going.
“Do you want to sing it?” He asks, knowing that you could tell what the song was from the first plucks at the guitar.
“Me? Oh, no, I couldn’t,” you laughed. “I can’t sing as well as you, at least,” you continued.
“What? That’s not true,” Mark continues holding the steady strumming. “You sure?”
“Maybe when I’m not doing eyeliner.”
“Right, right,” Mark’s chuckle was somewhat rhythmic. He looked back at you for a moment, seeing that you were largely preoccupied, but he could tell that you kept a listening ear. You were always the perceptive type, he knew, he was never able to hide anything from you and he would never want to. You were just that kind of special person to him, and he hoped that you felt the same. Never would he ever find a person where he could truly be himself with, a person who he could laugh out loud with without fear of being made fun of or even a person who he could just sit within complete silence and still feel like he had all that he could have ever wanted. 
He wanted to sit you down one day and tell you about all the times you saved his life, he wanted to tell you every little thing that you did that he adored, and he wanted to tell you about all the things he wanted to do with you. He wanted to tell you about the life he had dreamed of, he wanted to tell you about how you turned things around for the better, and he wanted to tell you just how much he loved you. He wondered if you already knew. He never tried to hide it, but at the same time, he never made it obvious. 
“When the night,” Mark’s voice is a little pitchy at first but he clears his throat and continues regardless, “has come, and the land is dark, and the moon is the only light we’ll see,” he gets the key right this time, bringing it down slightly. He trained more as a rapper, after all, and with no warm-up, he should probably take it easy. He misses his entrance on the next bar purposely, sighing instead and repeating the measure. He didn’t want to complete the song, truthfully, but there were some things he had to fix as soon as possible, it would seem. “No, I won’t be afraid. Oh, I won’t be afraid,” he continues. He feels the bed dip behind him, hinting to him that you sat on it to listen better. “Just as long, as you stand…”
“Stand by me.”
Mark rolled over in his bed, a loud groan coming from him while he stretched his aching bones. He opened his eyes slowly and waited for them to focus on the ceiling fan above him. Once they did, he draped his arm over his eyes and sighed, it felt like he had sunken further into the mattress. He pulled his earphones out of his ear, silencing the song. He had forgotten to put a sleep timer on his phone again, great. He checked the battery and cursed himself when he saw the red icon. He hooked it up to a portable charger, it would just have to charge on his way to work.
‘Back to reality,’ he thought. He stood up and swiped the area under his pillow, grabbing the notebook hidden underneath it and opening it around the middle.
“I should’ve written this in the first place,” he mumbles to himself, quickly scribbling down the affirmation “I will live life freely” beneath the affirmation “I will work hard to be successful.” He shuts the notebook and carefully places it under his pillow again, grabbing a hoodie after and slipping it on.
“Mark?!” His aunt’s shrill voice called him down. He could swear that her voice made his ears ring in the worst way possible.
“I’m awake! I’m awake,” he answers back while he grabs the SM Ent. badge hanging on his wall.
“Don’t you dare yell at me, young man, you’re lucky I took you in!” He heard the resounding slam of a door somewhere downstairs.
“And I can move out whenever I want,” Mark mutters. What’s sleeping on a bench compared to getting belittled every waking moment in this house? He grabbed his backpack hanging off the back of his seat and just shook his head while he walked down the stairs. “I’m going to work.” He didn’t wait for his aunt’s response and ran out of there, not stopping until he reached the bus stop. He put his headphones on and shuffled his playlist.
He stepped onto the bus and sat at his usual seat, waiting for his stop at the office, as usual. It was a dull day today, as usual. The bus came to a harsh stop, as usual. Just a usual day, Mark realized. He opened his notes app and continued writing down the lyrics to songs he had performed to you before, hoping that they would spark some joy in them, but none would arrive, something he should’ve learned a while ago, actually. He wondered if he would ever send these to the producers, maybe one would go through or maybe it wouldn’t.
He walked off the bus and into the office building, everyone busy with their own work. He clocked in and sat at his desk. Everything was mechanical from there. Logging into his computer, turning on his printer, and going through messages left for him. 
“Mark?” His supervisor’s voice sent him into attention.
“Yes, Mr. Suh?”
“You look dead, here, have a coffee,” Johnny placed a freshly brewed cup by his hands. “And I know you don’t like coffee, but you’ve been working late nights, just take a sip for me.”
“Thank you, sir,” Mark smiled and nodded.
“Keep up the good work,” Johnny continues to the next round of cubicles. “We’ve got a comeback in two weeks, people, pick up the production! We want ANiMA looking perfect in these teasers!” Resounding affirmations rang around the office room and quickly died down while everyone returned to their hunched positions over their desks.
“Hey, Mark?” another voice caught his ears. Mark glanced to his left, seeing that Donghyuck had slid out of his cubicle. “You’re signed on to the ANiMA showcase later, right?”
“Uh… yeah, I am,” Of course he was, hell, he jumped at the opportunity to be on staff for that event. He loved ANiMA, they were his group. His shelves were lined with their albums, he has alarms set for content, and he’s even bought the fan membership. “There were a couple of spots left and I had an opening in my schedule, so I signed on.”
“Liar! I saw your photo card!” Hyuck pointed an accusing finger and Mark grew wide-eyed. Did he leave his wallet out on accident at one point? “Anyway, I’m working it too! I’ve been stanning since Run Lads Run so this will be my first event on the team, think you can show me how the ANiMA management team usually operates?” Mark thought about it for a moment. True, he had been working with the management team since the group debuted a couple of years back, but the con was that he’d have Hyuck following him around the whole time and would make it all the harder to take pictures. He moved his backpack further under his desk.
“Are you sure? I’m not the best mentor”
“Yeah, man! Come on! You’re the only person I’ll know there! I’d really appreciate it!”
“Uh… I just feel bad if I tell you the wrong things.”
“Are you kidding me? You’re Mark freaking Lee. You never make any mistakes, bro, you’re a total workaholic. You’re literally the best guy for me to ask,” Hyuck insists.
“You’re 100% sure about this?” Mark asks. “I know Renjun’s working the venue too.”
“Ugh, no way, Renjun and I work best as friends but as co-workers? Not so much,” Hyuck says with a joking tone. Mark downcasts his eyes to his lap momentarily before looking up again.
“Sure, I can help you,” Mark’s eyes lit up and he saw the slight smile of relief on Hyuck’s face.
“Thank you so much! You have no idea how much I appreciate this, man.”
“It’s no problem, plus, you’re right, the ANiMA management team rarely comes over here so you wouldn’t know a lot of them.”
“Exactly! Thanks again, Mark, you’re the best,” Hyuck winks and rolls back into his cubicle.
Mark finally drank some of the coffee. It was bitter, scalding almost, but it jolted him awake. He felt his eyes grow wider with each attempt to swallow the harsh liquid. Time to work again. He pulled up the various tabs on the computer from the day before and monotonously typed away at them, finishing a few but leaving more undone. He’d have to pull another all-nighter to reach the deadlines again. He’d have to wait longer to see you. It should be fine, though, he was certain to remember to write that the passage of time halts in his absence, but there are some things that seep through the faults in his script, minor bugs if you will.
He looked around, making sure no one was snooping near his desk, before he pulled his phone out, the battery at a goof 68% now, and opened YouTube. It was Thursday today, and ANiMA would normally upload some form of content then. He refreshed the page and saw the second part of the promotions the group had decided to do revolving around some café concept, the only problem was that the video itself was at a lengthy thirty-two minutes. Maybe when he got home tonight he’d watch it and allow himself to sink back into the world he called his own.
A world where he was appreciated, a world where his efforts amounted to something. He nitpicked it to the very end until it was perfect and representative of what he wanted.
His phone buzzed on the countertop and he glanced over to it. It was roll call for the staff working the showcase event. Mark tossed his things in his bag, pulling the camera out carefully to make room in there, before zipping it up and pushing it back in its place. He knocked on Hyuck’s cubicle.
“Let’s go, the team hates staff who are late.”
The soundstage was bustling with other staff making sure everything was set for the live broadcast. Aside from the live audience, the company was live-streaming on ANiMA’s YouTube account and they were doing last-minute checks.
“Oh! There you two are,” the stage director, Doyoung, looked exasperated. “We’re short on hands in set two, the solo stage for Little Love. Head over there and do whatever Taeyong asks, alright?”
“Right away, Mr. Kim,” Mark answered for both him and Hyuck. Doyoung walked off as loud screams erupted around set five. “This way,” Mark guides the younger staff to the set and they maneuver around the scrambling set designers. 
“You two with promotional design?” Taeyong asks.
“Yes,” Mark answers again.
“Nice, take a step back for me and look at the set, this is exactly how Suh had it in the teasers back when ANiMA promoted the Shattered Memories album, what do you think?” Mark let the older staff drag them back to look at the set more, but as he observed the array of fake clouds and hanging stars, a certain person caught his attention. He glanced through the small opening in the set between clouds and… god… there you were. You were talking to someone, that much was clear. There was a wide smile on your face unlike any he had seen in any of your content and there was this dreamy look in your eyes that was enchanting. He felt his shoulder slump down slowly, whether that was because the camera around his neck got heavier or because he felt himself falling in love again, he didn’t know. Hyuck and Taeyong were talking about the set next to him, but he could care less. He wished that you showed this side of you more often in your contents, oh how the fans would adore you. Mark held his camera up, taking a few paces back to look like he was taking a picture of the set, but he zoomed in as far as he could to get you in the center of his lens.
But, in a split second, you stepped back and your manager stepped into view. Liu Yangyang, he had previously managed the group Post-Script but once they disbanded he was promptly moved to ANiMA, since then the group had soared on the charts and rose to popularities that the small company couldn’t have dreamed of. But there was this look he had on his face, he knew it well because it was the same one he’d give to you. And right as he leaned forward and two arms wrapped around his neck, Mark clenched his jaw and snapped a photo.
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Tumblr media
NCT Dream are live on Vlive right now
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alreadyblondenow · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Two is better than one
Pairing: Lifeguard!Mark Lee x female!reader
WC: 2,857k
Warnings: unprotected sex, couch sex, quickie, swearing, mentions of making out, this drabble is very light smut and fluffy HEHE
A/N: NOT PROOFREAD. I’ll fix it once I have time. Please let me be, I just want to write something fluffy for Mark to take away all my stress. For Neo Smut Collective’s Sunny Side.
There’s this one guy in school that your friends have been telling you to date during summer vacation because you’re the only single gal in your circle of friends. Of course that’s completely fine, but whenever your friends has double dates and they wanted you to come, you simply turn them down because you don’t want to be a burden during their date.
“And that’s why we’ve been telling you to date Mark, give him a chance, he’s a nice dude. Not to mention very good looking,” Your friend whines while she scans the clothes on the rack.
“I know what he looks like and I know that he’s nice,” you giggle at what your friend said, “but we don’t know if he wants to date. What if he’s perfectly fine with being single too? Seriously you guys, you’re wasting your time. I’m fine with being single,”
“Oh honey you can’t fool us. Admit it, you don’t want to date Mark because you want him to earn it, and not because we set you up with him” she smirked.
If you’re being honest, what she said was partly true. Partly. It’s true that yes, you wanted him to make the first move and actually like you first before you go on a date with him. And what you said earlier about being happy while you’re single is also true.
And the reason why you wanted him to like you first is because there’s no doubt that you will like him back. He’s Mark Lee. The guy is basically perfect and you knew already that falling for him is not going to be hard. He’s cool, funny, loud and you heard that he’s actually nice with everyone and not in a flirty way.
Given that you’re single and you’re used to do things alone, on a perfectly good day and nice weather, you decided to get some sun at the beach alone. With your juice on the side and a book on your hand, this day is going to be perfect you thought.
But while you were admiring the beach while siping on your drink, you saw a familiar figure sitting on the lifeguard chair which immediately made you remove your sunglasses so you could have a good look at him and to confirm your own judgement if you were right. And yes, you were right. It’s Mark Lee. Guarding the beach with no shirt on and just wearing his beach shorts... looking so hot and handsome with his shades on while smiling back to you.
Just when you realized that he caught you looking at him, you feel so jumpy and nervous for no reason and you avoided him immediately. Going back to reading your book, just reading and not actually understanding a word. But when you saw him come down from that tall chair and saw him heading towards you, you suddenly got up and gathered your stuff with panic movements.
“Is she avoiding me?” Mark murmured to himself while walking towards you. “Wait! Look behind you-“ he shouted and tried warning you about the waiter carrying a tray of cold beverages. But too late because you already bumped on him and spilled different kinds of juices on your swimsuit.
“Don’t worry about it I’ll pay for it” he said to you while wrapping a towel around you and keeping you close to him. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up”
And just like that, without further discussions, you found yourself in Mark’s arms. Heading over their backdoor and you, entering his house for the first time. Everything happened so fast that you didn’t have time to refuse his offer of getting you cleaned up. He brought you straight to his cozy room, preparing the bathroom for you and telling you that if you need anything else just call him.
“Uhm... Mark?” You shout from the bathroom.
“Yeah? You need something?”
“My clothes are ruined and wet because of the juice-“
“Right, uhm... Gotcha! I-I’ll leave the clothes on the floor, okay” and off he goes to his closet to look for something that you could wear. Mark was all jumpy and nervous as he heads to the bathroom door and leave the clothes on the floor. This was all his fault, if he didn’t startled you by running towards you at the beach, you would’ve stayed in your comfort under the sun and the accident wouldn’t happen.
“I’ll pay for the damage and I’ll make sure to bring your clothes back immediately”
“No, don’t worry about it. Uhm... the restaurant, we own it. So don’t worry about it” he said nervously. Smiling so big in front of you. “So you know my name, huh? Why’d you ran off like that earlier?”
“Hmm. To be honest I got shy. And it’s so stupid, now I’m humiliated” you put your on your face and let out an awkward laugh, Mark did too but you notice that he can’t stop looking at you. That’s when you noticed that he has a pretty big head, beautiful eyes and sharp cheekbones. In other words, you’ve never appreciated his handsome features quite this close.
At the end of the day, Mark walked you home and you had a good talk with him. Taking it as a chance for apologizing to him for whenever you don’t show up during planned double dates. Turns out he never showed up too. Does that means he’s not interested with dating? Or with you in general?
A week after that unforgettable interaction with Mark, you found yourself looking at the neatly folded sweatpants and hoodie in front of you while thinking long and hard if you’re going to message Mark first and let him know that you’re going to his house to bring back the clothes... but it looks like you’re flirting with him already and you don’t like that... “fuck it” you murmured and head to their house just because you knew you’d have to return his clothes eventually. And just when you were a couple of blocks away, he came from behind and tickled you on your waist. Making you jolt and turn around with quick and sharp movements. He giggled and greeted you with a handsome smile, surprised that he even looked dashing with a shirt on.
“No lifeguard duty?” you asked, returning his big smiles with awkward ones.
“Just finished, that’s why you have no choice but to hang out with me” he said confidently like you two have been friends for a long time already.
Funny how just a week ago, you and your friend were debating whether you should give Mark a chance to take you out but you still refused because you wanted him to make the first move first. And now as you two hang out together in their house, watched the sunset by the beach with a couple of beers on the side, you can see that you’ve been missing quite a lot.
“So you’re saying that you’ve been waiting for me all this time?” he said out of nowhere while eating a pizza crust. You’re now in their kitchen, eating pizza and having more beers with him. Getting a little too friendlier than earlier.
“Not really waiting. I wasn’t expecting anything, but off topic...You’re cuter than I expected you to be” and just as the words came out from your mouth, you don’t know where the bravery came from. This must be the alcohol’s doing, you thought. You tried to avert your focus on other things like munching a few chips and finishing your beer in one down. Thinking of a better escape for this awkward situation that you started but before you come down from the kitchen counter, he confidently went in between your legs and came closer to you. So close that you can smell each other’s breath and smell the sweet flavor of the alcohol... but Mark wanted more than smelling you.
He wanted to taste your lips, and so he did.
Tongue swiping on your lips the moment his touched yours. Letting him dominate the kiss while he reaches for your arms and make you embrace him. He smiled and put the kiss to a halt.
“How’s that for my first move?” He smirked and placed another sweet kiss on your lips. And the next thing you know you and Mark are exchanging kisses nonstop until you reached their living and continue what you’re doing on their soft couch. Sitting comfortably on Mark’s lap, legs on both sides, while your hands are all over him.
“Take these off, let’s have some fun” he whispered while tugging your shorts. Completely aware that he’s brave and confident like this because of the alcohol push.
“Oh Mark Lee, you’ve been challenging me lately huh”
And it only takes a few seconds for you and Mark to get naked from waist down and go back to your previous position. Oh you wanted to feed your lust and look at his cock just for a few seconds but you need him already.
“Parents will be home soon, fuck-“ he informed you while you put his cock inside you slowly. Breathing heavily when you finally moved your hips slowly, then fast. You watch him furrow his brows, rest his arm on his head and watch you move with lidded eyes as you fuck him good. “Faster” he requested, grabbing your clothed boobs and kissing your neck that immediately put you both on edge.
With fast movements and sweet moans, soon Mark cant handle it anymore and grabbed you by the waist so fast that you didn’t even saw it coming, pulled out his cock from inside of you and pumped it while you kiss him during his orgasm. Not giving a fuck if his cum stains on their couch.
“I was planning to ask you on a date. Sorry this happened earlier than expected. I promise to try and stop myself from luring you to having sex with me. I promise” he apologized and looked at your swollen lips from kissing, tracing it gently and letting out a satisfied sigh as he tries so hard to not look down and look at your pussy.
“It’s fine with me Mark. But y-yeah. You’re right. We should do this the right way” you shyly admitted. Getting up from his lap and making yourself decent again. Why do you feel like you’re having great regrets?
After that night you and Mark did not see each other for a few weeks again. Well, mainly because you’re avoiding him and whenever you remember about the sex and how good it felt... it just feels wrong at the same time and you don’t know why you feel this way.
“Are you really not going to give Mark a chance?” your friend once again nags you about Mark. Maybe Mark kept what happened between you two and did not tell it to his friends.
“Uhm. I seriously don’t know” you answered weakly.
“Well, I hope you won’t get mad because we tricked you. He’s going to the park with us tonight”
But right before you get mad and whine about the situation, Mark and his friends appeared. And immediately forcing you two to stand beside each other.
The park was packed and busy with people wearing big smiles the whole night. You wanted to smile too and laugh loudly whenever Mark tries to make you laugh or even make a decent conversation but you’re afraid that your friends will get the wrong idea.
Good thing, Mark knew that you’re not comfortable right now especially that your friends are around. He also knew that what happened between you two completely ruined everything already, and he admits that he fucked up.
“Want to go somewhere else?”
He whispered beside you while your friends are riding the roller coaster and you and Mark are on bag duty. You wanted to say ‘yes’ of course, and you will use this time to apologize to him privately and explain what you’re really feeling.
Coming up with different excuses, you and Mark left the park and your friends separately and eventually meet him at the beach near their house. When you arrived at their house, surprisingly he set up mini picnic just for you, ordered pizza and made sure you two drink non-alcoholic beverages tonight to avoid what happened last week.
“This is not our first date. Not yet. But this is my way of apologizing for what happened. I’m sorry,”
“You did nothing wrong. I should be the one apologizing. It’s not right that I left you hanging just because my regrets got into me. I’m sorry”
After apologizing and talking about random stuff that comes out of your mouths, Mark finally had the guts to ask you something serious. Something that he has been thinking the moment his lips crashed on yours for the first time.
Firstly he admitted that he liked you. A lot. And that didn’t surprised you already because you found out with the way he kiss and hold you during the day you had sex. But what surprised you is that, you don’t feel the same way towards him even though he’s perfect.
“Honestly I was expecting myself to fall in love with you easily. But turns out you can’t really force your feelings” you said. Careful with your words so you won’t hurt him but you don’t have a choice.
“But do you want to give it a try? Give us a try?”
“I’ll think about it” you answered honestly. Because truth be told you don’t want to give him false hope.
And after a night full of truths and honesty, you and Mark remained close friends and promised each other that you will be honest with your feelings for him no matter what happens. As part of being friends, you visit Mark at the beach whenever he has lifeguard duties and wait until his shift is over to hang out or whenever it’s raining and his parents are away, you and Mark stay in their living room and watch Netflix while enjoying the weather together with his fluffy blanket covering your entire bodies.
Being single is not a problem to you, you are perfectly happy and contented with your self love and you believe that having a boyfriend will not make much of a difference in your life. And you also believe that Mark, a genuine and very lovable person, deserves someone who will shower him with love. You just can’t see yourself doing it with him.
But with almost a month of hanging out everyday, you grew fond of him that sometimes you unconsciously hug him and became unexpectedly sweet. Like that time at the beach, while watching the sun go down. You rested your chin at the top of his shoulder and decided to play with his black soft locks. Massaging his scalp while you admire him closely. Even Mark was shocked to the core when he realized that you are incredibly close. After that moment, you saw him as someone who can add up to your happiness. You’re now confident that Mark can double the happiness that you have in your heart now. Love is not easy. Loving someone is never a walk in the park. But being loved by someone like Mark, is not an opportunity that knocks on your door everyday.
Tonight is stargazing night and as usual he let you have his blanket, now your favorite blanket. It was a very tiring day for him and he accidentally fell asleep next to you. A thin mattress on the sand is not that comfortable but he will trade any comfortable bed in the world as long as you’re beside him while he rests. When he opened his eyes, the beach was blue and the sun was just about to come up. He noticed that you’re shivering, so he decided not to share with the blanket with you and give it to you completely instead.
“No, we can share. Come here” you murmured when you feel him move aside. So to keep him beside you, you wrapped your one arm around his waist and hugged him tightly. “This is better” you said, and in that very moment, even though the beach was still dark, you witness him blush and smile from ear to ear. Showing those sharp cheekbones and returning the tight hug.
“Hm? Still cold?” he asked while keeping you warm using his hand, rubbing it on your shoulders.
“Not at all. But I decided to give us a try”
He let out a satisfied sigh and became instantly clingy and giggly, “Finally,”
And you were right. Mark made you happier than you could have ever imagine. But even though that he won your heart already, for Mark, he still thinks that you can leave him so easily. One mistake, one fuck up and he can ruin everything that he’s building right now. That’s why while making you happy everyday, he’s working on keeping you forever by showing you that he can love you even more each day. Showing you that two is better than one and you don’t have to experience love alone
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