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pikahlua · 4 months ago
Remember our discussion on how this scene is about Katsuki coming to terms with Izuku’s weaknesses, not his own?
Tumblr media
Katsuki already acknowledged his own weaknesses after Deku vs Kacchan 1. He stopped looking down on his classmates a long time ago, and we know that. That’s how he’s able to defeat Monoma in the cavalry battle and Uraraka and Todoroki and everyone else in the tournament. His friendship with Kirishima is proof that he can build equal relationships with his classmates.
So do you really think this little kid is supposed to represent a younger Katsuki?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
No. That kid is Izuku.
Katsuki‘s advice in this scene is heart-warming for the audience because he hasn’t put words to it before. It’s nice for him to say out loud something like this just to confirm that he knows this truth.
But his words here aren’t the character development he gained from Deku vs Kacchan 2. That part of Katsuki’s development is showcased through his actions, not his words.
Katsuki is reaching out instead of keeping to himself. Katsuki is speaking from the heart to earn trust. He’s trying to save people.
Tumblr media
So how is that kid Izuku?
Well, why don’t you tell me what his quirk is.
Don’t know?
That’s because he never uses his quirk. We don’t even know if he has one.
All the kids in that class attack the remedial student heroes except this kid, who is somehow their leader. The kid even scoffs at the notion of violence when Katsuki suggests combat. All the other kids are down to fight heroes, but this kid acts like he’s better than all that.
Refusing to use his quirk? Avoiding direct combat? Looking down on everyone else?
Sounds an awful lot like what Katsuki accused of Izuku in Deku vs Kacchan 1.
That’s right, this kid is giving us Katsuki’s perspective on who Izuku is. So then, why would Katsuki want to tell Izuku, “If you keep looking down on everyone, then you won’t notice your own weaknesses”?
Tumblr media
Because accepting weakness is how to get stronger.
Izuku can say as many times as he likes that he doesn’t look down on Katsuki, but why should Katsuki believe him? Izuku’s actions don’t always match his words.
Whose fault is it in the practical exam that the two are incapable of teamwork?
Tumblr media
The anime cuts out this moment where Izuku realizes Katsuki somehow knows All Might’s weakness. From the beginning, Katsuki has the correct strategy for dealing with All Might, but Izuku doesn’t acknowledge it. Even worse, Izuku gives no good reason why they should run away. All he says is basically, “Kacchan, you can’t defeat All Might.”
And he’s wrong, as they go on to prove.
They’re not able to work as a team until Izuku admits his weakness, that he can’t think of a way to win. At the same time, he admits Katsuki’s strength, that Katsuki can think of a way to win.
Tumblr media
Izuku does look down on Katsuki sometimes. The mistake Katsuki makes is assuming Izuku is doing so consciously, because Izuku never says the other part out loud, not in a way that acknowledges his admiration of Katsuki without looking down on him...
Tumblr media
...until Deku vs Kacchan 2.
And suddenly Katsuki realizes Izuku has the same problem Katsuki himself once did: Izuku hasn’t noticed his own weaknesses.
If Deku vs Kacchan 1 teaches Katsuki how to acknowledge his own weaknesses, then Deku vs Kacchan 2 is when he learns to accept weakness, be it in himself or in others.
Going back to our discussion, I concluded with Katsuki’s strategy for victory:
[Katsuki] hasn’t heard what he wanted, but he accepts that he has to grow stronger in order to prepare for when the OFA secret gets out. He’ll follow All Might’s advice and do what he has to do to be ready, and he’ll hold Izuku to the same standard. When the time comes, Izuku cannot lose.
He’ll grow. He’ll get stronger. He’ll take All Might’s advice to heart and become the ultimate hero who wins and saves. He’s planning their victory strategy, and he’s making sure they’ll be ready.
If there’s one thing Katsuki’s a genius at, it’s victory.
If Kastuki is a potential weakness for Izuku because he knows the secret of OFA, then anyone else who learns the secret could also become a weakness. Even if Katsuki becomes strong enough to take care of himself, Izuku is still vulnerable via All Might or anyone else who knows about OFA.
All Might was unable to protect Katsuki in the Kamino Ward arc, and that led to his downfall. If Katsuki wants to surpass All Might and Izuku, he has to make sure Izuku doesn’t meet the same end, and he has to do what All Might couldn’t.
Katsuki has to be strong enough to protect anyone else who could be used against Izuku.
(the last third of the post is under the cut due to manga spoilers)
Tumblr media
And suddenly his teamwork skyrockets.
If he’s gotta protect everyone, he’s gotta be able to compensate for their weaknesses. And if he’s a potential weakness, he has to be able to let his own weaknesses be compensated for by his team. The only way to accomplish this is if everyone is aware of everyone else’s strengths and weaknesses. That takes trust.
So if Katsuki is going to make sure Izuku also gets stronger, then he’s got to get Izuku to notice what his weaknesses are. He needs to earn Izuku’s trust.
Izuku doesn’t know Katsuki is one of his weaknesses.
Tumblr media
But Katsuki knows it, and he knows Izuku doesn’t.
Katsuki lightens Izuku’s load by looking out for everyone else, and this is why Katsuki works so well as Izuku’s weakness. He’s become the cornerstone of Izuku’s house of cards.
As much as he hates being a weakness, Katsuki can’t just make it stop by telling Izuku not to care. Izuku will keep on caring regardless. So instead Katsuki has to convince Izuku that Katsuki is stronger so Izuku will keep chasing after him. Izuku needs to believe Katsuki is stronger in order to get stronger himself. Katsuki needs Izuku to believe Katsuki can handle himself, that Izuku can trust him, so they can work as a team and compensate for each other’s weaknesses.
Tumblr media
We get a rare glimpse inside Katsuki’s head in chapter 275. Out loud, Katsuki tries to convince Izuku that he’s still the stronger one, but on the inside Katsuki acknowledges how he’s barely keeping up. He’s got a lock on Izuku’s strengths and his own weaknesses. He’s just not convinced Izuku knows his own weaknesses or Katsuki’s strengths.
And he’s right.
Tumblr media
Izuku does not acknowledge Katsuki’s point. Just like in the practical exam, he can’t think of a solution and fails to engage with Katsuki on the strategy. He doesn’t even try to use Katsuki as his teammate, even though he implored Katsuki to use him in the practical exam.
Because Izuku cannot trust Katsuki, Katsuki is forced to compensate for Izuku’s weakness by trading one for another.
Tumblr media
And Izuku’s other weakness is exploited.
Katsuki chastises Izuku for trying to win on his own, spelling out Izuku’s weakness in plain terms. The question is, has Izuku acknowledged it? Has Izuku learned his lesson?
That remains to be seen.
(My money’s on no.)
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NYC's driver-owned Uber alternative
Tumblr media
New Yorkers have a new ridehailing alternative to Uber: The Drivers Cooperative is a driver-owned, app-based ride-hailing service that pays drivers more, charges riders less, and pays out any profits to driver-owners as periodic dividends.
Platform cooperativism is a powerful antidote to app-based gig work: a way to provide customers with the convenience that made app-based services so popular while putting workers in control of their days, schedules and working conditions.
It’s particularly buoying to see a platform co-op challenge Uber, a company that started as a way to funnel Saudi royals’ billions into a bid to dismantle public transit and worker protections in a single fell swoop.
Uber is especially vulnerable. It’s losing billions of dollars, and it had to pay a group of suckers $400m to relieve it of its failed, $25b self-driving car unit whose product couldn’t manage a single mile on its own.
Uber’s main project has always been regulatory, not technological: that’s why it funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into passing California’s Proposition 22, a law that legalized worker misclassification and banned unionization.
After years of losing billions, Uber’s original investors exited through an IPO that brought in suckers who bought in on the premise that a pile of shit as big as Uber must have a pony underneath it somewhere.
Now those investors have to figure out how to recoup the billions that Uber squandered on subsidizing rides, suborning regulators, and staging elaborate long cons like its self-driving car unit.
It must pay drivers less and charge riders more than a new market entrant that has none of this baggage. That’s why a drivers’ co-op is such a big move.
But I fear that Uber has one enduring advantage that the drivers will struggle to overcome: the network effect.
Drivers and riders are already overwhelmingly on Uber. If you’re a rider, trying to hail a Drivers Coop car is likely to result in a longer wait because fewer drivers have the app installed. So fewer riders will try, and drivers won’t have an incentive to sign up.
Both critics of tech monopoly and apologists for it zero in on this network effect as the key driver of market concentration — but this analysis misses a far more important factor: switching costs.
It’s easy for a driver to drive for Uber and the Drivers Coop (just as many drivers already keep both Lyft and Uber running simultaneously), but it’s extremely hard for a rider to send out ride-hail requests to multiple companies at once.
That’s not because of any technological barrier — it’s trivial to build a service that hails your driver as an Uber, then automatically checks whether they have Drivers Coop running as well, and, if so, cancels the ride and rebooks it as a Coop ride.
That would be fully in keeping with Uber’s fiction that drivers are “independent contractors” and not employees, but Uber’s got a powerful tool to prevent drivers and customers from evading high switching costs.
Uber and other tech giants use “IP” — a cluster of laws best understood as “any policy that allows me to control the conduct of my customers, competitors and critics” to criminalize the “disruption” they laud — if it’s directed at them.
Thus a meta-ride-hailing app would face claims under Sec 1201 of the DMCA (for bypassing the DRM on the Uber app); CFAA (for violating terms of service) and maybe even tortious interference (for allowing drivers to get a better deal).
I will definitely use the Drivers Coop the next time I’m in NYC and I hope you will too. But if platform coopertavism is to take hold, we need ways to lower the switching costs of using a co-op over a monopolist. We need interop.
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A little off topic, but something whose philosophy is deeply applicable.  I feel that this video on gaming, regarding ‘player trust’/’soft data’ is extremely important to every major media form. In short, I think Marvel Comics has lost the trust of its consumers. This becomes especially clear with the MCU when it is brought in comparison. The public trusts the MCU Movies without question.  They’re more hesitant with the TV shows after two or three missteps, but still largely trust them.  The comics . . . Readers have little faith in. 
For Teen Heroes in particular, there is one sticking point which can be brought up as a whole where that trust was lost.  Heck, it can also explain the unwarranted success of the “Classic” Teen X-Men going far past their expiration date story wise.
Because they’re the safe option. 
Be it on Teen Heroes in particular, where the symptoms first arrived, or the company as a whole, this issue is of particular note for Marvel right now.
- majingojira
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land-of-the-animals · 3 years ago
Ever wonder what location data Google has on you?
I ran a brief analysis today. The first picture shows everywhere Google has tracked me in the last three years. To get an idea regarding the level of detail, the second picture is zoomed-in and shows my tracked location on campus during my last semester of undergrad.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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uesp · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
5. Lydia: Sworn to carry your burdens, and the price of infamy from being one of the most common first followers people obtain. For her sacrifices, she makes it to the number five spot. Apparently you have to be bound by duty to stay with us through our journeys...
4. Serana: Because on second thought, her habit of resurrecting anything that’s been dead for more than two seconds and turning its body to ash isn’t annoying after all. Thankfully, since almost everyone she ever knew died long ago, or you kill, she won’t leave you. You’re all Serana has left.
3. Cicero: According to our market analysis, following the insane popularity of the movie It, we have very cynically chosen to include a clown on this list to increase to increase the chance it gets shared. Thankfully, since everyone he ever cared about died long ago, you’re all he has in this world besides the corpse of a dead woman who he has never even heard the voice of. You’re all Cicero has left.
2. Iron Sword: Won’t abandon you like everyone else will. Not judgemental.
1. Meeko: A lonesome dog you find in the woods. Thankfully, since the only person Meeko had has died, Meeko has nowhere else to go but back to their abandoned body. You’re all Meeko has left.
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georgenotfond · 7 months ago
at this point it’s like. if dream is intentionally bringing up george out of nowhere in order to ship bait, then hats off to him ig? it’s not only cruel but also a genius marketing strategy
but going into his friends streams, george nowhere in sight, and just randomly mentioning him? relating things to george that have nothing to do with him, even when it adds jack shit to the conversation? idk. to me it seems like the easier assumption here is that he really is just whipped for GeorgeNotFound.
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npr · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
They claim to help you sleep, make your hair grow, speed weight loss, improve your sex life and ward off the nasty cold going around the office. Though it's often impossible to tell if dietary supplements work, consumers generally feel certain they can't hurt.
But they can.
The Food and Drug Administration has identified hundreds of supplements tainted with pharmaceuticals – from antidepressants and erectile dysfunction to weight-loss drugs – since 2007, a study published Friday shows. Even after FDA tests proved the supplements contained unapproved or recalled medications, many of the products continued to be marketed and sold, the analysis finds.
The report in JAMA Network Open calls into question the FDA's ability to effectively police the $35-billion-a-year supplements industry.
No Wonder It Works So Well: There May Be Viagra In That Herbal Supplement
Photo: Courtesy of FDA Flickr
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all-assignment-services · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Market Analysis Assignment Help
Market Analysis refers to assessing quantitative and qualitative data to understand the tangible and intangible factors at work, in an industry. Organizations can evaluate the future of a business in a market by understanding the opportunities and threats of the market and relating them to the company’s own strengths and weaknesses. With studies, work, and extracurricular activities; it gets difficult for students to devote time to market analysis assignments. The assignments require focus and devotion of time. Students lack analytical and technical proficiency in the subject to write assignments. We provide the best Market Analysis Assignment Help as our experts hold years of experience in writing and have the ability to write efficient market analysis assignments.
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chibimyumi · a year ago
Grell and Undertaker are extremely popular and always included in merch and other things along with the main characters Ciel and Sebastian, especially Grell who is always included in the "main trio" despite being a side character. Do you think there will be backstory chapters for them? The servants had their backstories revealed and they aren't very popular...
Dear Anon,
I think the chance of them getting a backstory is 50/50 for a few reasons I will illustrate below.
Tumblr media
Undertaker is the third most popular character in the series, and in Japan, he enjoys this rank mainly because he is 1. a very powerful and handsome character (sadly, one cannot deny that many in this fandom are indeed mostly drawn by the eye-candy), and 2. a very mysterious character.
Backstory - yes
Of course, Undertaker is - until proven otherwise - basically the main antagonist of the series now, and the marketing of the manga might really benefit from having a backstory on him. Many readers are very curious about who he really is, how he came to be a reaper, and why he is so obsessed with the Phantomhive family. For the shippers among us it might be satisfying to see some type of romance being confirmed between him and Claudia Phantomhive. For the non-shippers, it would be gratifying see a narrative that focuses on whether he had any influence on Claudia Phantomhive as the Queen’s Watchdog herself (much like Sebastian has on O!Ciel).
In short, giving a backstory to Undertaker would serve to quench some curiousities in fans, and if not, then at least some thirst by presenting more panel-time.
Tumblr media
Backstory - no
As I said above, part of the main reason why Undertaker is so popular (in Japan at least) is because he is mysterious. The core of mysterious characters is that there is a lot we don’t know about them, without the lack of information distracting from the appeal. (A character whose lack of information DOES distract from the appeal is not ‘mysterious’; that’s just ‘vague’ or ‘underdeveloped. Yes, it’s a fine line, but these do sadly get conflated a lot…)
There is an enormous risk to revealing too much about a character whose main appeal is the mystery. Once the disclosed canon backstory does not appeal to the fans of the character, this character’s popularity really might suffer. Of course, there has been a lot of theories in the fandom, and Yana could - if she had the time/wanted to - do research on what is the most welcome theory.
Yana has two things she could do then:
Give the readers the most accepted/popular fan-theory, either because the fans guessed right and continue her intended route for Undertaker, or start writing the story towards this route. Some readers might be happy that they were “right”, while other readers might be upset because the product would be “predictable”.
Give the readers a ‘surprise’, but risk the backstory not being well received, or worse, rejected.
Nowadays consumers of media really have this urge to ‘be as smart, or smarter than the media they consume’. In the internet age, it is impossible to stop the overexposure of fan predictions. In this constant ping-pong of information, many brilliant minds can come together and it is inevitable that at some point - IF the story is well written that is - readers will be able to find the solution to the puzzle.
Let us just consider the hot mess that is HBO’s Game of Thrones…
“I struggle with this because I do want to surprise my readers, [……] Some readers in internet boards got the clues. Do I change it? No, I can’t, as I had planted them and it would be a mess. I’ve been planting all these clues that the butler did it, then you’re halfway through a series and suddenly thousands of people have figured out that the butler did it, and then you say the chambermaid did it? No, you can’t do that.” - Game Of Thrones author George R. R. Martin.
“Pandora’s Box”
With the 2CT having went on for approximately a decade, Yana must be painfully aware of her cornered position as a writer in revealing the truth behind the Phantomhive twins. I personally think Yana might think twice about whether she is going to give readers anything about the Undertaker.
We have evidence from the past that Yana does not mind keeping the mystery in her stories.
Tumblr media
“However, I’ll probably never state clearly what Sebastian’s true nature is […]”  Cited from the translation by @akumadeenglish .  
If she is not going to reveal too much about the titular main character of ‘Kuroshitsuji’,  it is not inconceivable either that she won’t for Undertaker.
The real question we (us fans as well as Yana) should be asking is; “do the readers really ‘need’ a backstory, or do they just ‘want’ it? If we do get one, then at what cost?”
Perhaps the Pandora’s box might better be left unopened.
Tumblr media
Likewise addressed in the same post before, Grell is popular because she is: A super powerful reaper who transcends traditional gender boundaries, and is funny.
Tumblr media
Backstory - yes
There is considerably less risk to revealing Grell’s backstory. Her backstory is not necessarily what the fandom is thirsting for, but the question really would be: “why not?”
Finny got a mini backstory, Meyrin seems to be getting one, so it would not be a stretch if Grell got one of her own too. The only real requirement her backstory would need is a timing in the current plot that would allow for one, without it distracting too much from the main plot.
On the other hand, Kuroshitsuji SEEEMSS to possibly, maybe, perhaps, be heading towards the end. Even though I am sure Yana’s earned enough money to live the rest of her life without worries, what is she going to do next?
It is VERY hard for successful manga artists to finish the successful franchise, start a new one, and to have that new story not be known as “by the same makers as XXX!” (See Death Note… See Fullmetal Alchemist.)
Also, marketing wise, Kuroshitsuji is ‘a’ or even ‘the’ support pillar of G-Fantasy. I am not sure how well G-Fantasy would do without Kuroshitsuji. Most mangaka have no say in when they can terminate their own story; they usually get the instruction to just go on and on, until the content is not ‘milkable’ anymore, and then get terminated by force. That is the exact reason why many mangas having a VERY dragged out and sloppy ending.
If Yana also has no say in whether she terminates the story or not, she might really use backstories, spin-offs, etc. to stretch out the material. Of course the main reason why Kuroshitsuji’s pacing feels very slow now is because 1. the chapters are very short for a monthly published manga, 2. the art is VERY detailed and it takes Yana double the time to draw X number of pages. But most importantly 3. probably because G-Fantasy wants her to drag it.
Backstory - no
Unlike Undertaker, the fandom (Japanese or otherwise) seems to be less busy speculating about Grell’s backstory. It is possible that it’s simply because Grell’s character just does not beg for as many backstory-speculations, as her main thing is not the mystery. (And also, probably because most people in the non-Japanese fandom have been too preoccupied with arguing what her gender is…)
Just like with Undertaker, disclosing a backstory might risk it not being well received. Most Grell-fans seem plenty satisfied with just knowing what we do already. As there is less thirst for Grell’s backstory, Yana does not have to risk her popularity.
Most fans would not MIND or are curious for a backstory, but the same question as above: “do we really need it?” is likewise the question here.
In Conclusion
Yana might give us a backstory for Undertaker, but it really would be a gamble on her side. As for Grell; she might, she might not. The risks are lower, but she does not need to take the risk.
Considering the nature of media consumption culture, perhaps Yana may better opt for ‘better safe than sorry’.
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absurdthirst · 7 months ago
I’m resubmitting something that might have been lost in the purge. Whiskey watching someone being hit on with great amusement when they reply “Tender what?!” to being asked if they were on Tinder and making his way over to try his luck. That other guy wasn’t your type but perhaps he just may be. 😏
Tumblr media
The Shot
It wasn’t often he found himself at a bar anymore, unless he was down in Kentucky. The cocktail hours and mingling of New York never seemed to sit with Jack. Too polished and so damn complicated. Talking about Tinder dates and stock market analysis when all a man really wanted was a stiff drink and pretty girl to flirt with, and if he was damned lucky, to take home.
Still, the loneliness got to him sometimes. The large penthouse apartment that echoed drove him mad. It was supposed to be filled with kids and a wife, but that future was dead and buried. To escape it, the reminder that he was alone, he ended up here.
It was a hole in the wall. As most good bars were. Crowded, and lacking the peanut shells or sawdust on the floor from back home, it still had that vibe that they weren’t as plugged into technology as the rest of Manhattan. No credit card machines or fancy martinis. More like whiskey and beer and a dim corner to sit in.
That was where he was, nursing his third whiskey. He’d already talked to the barkeep about carrying Statesman, but he supposed this would do in a pinch. He had already spotted you across the bar, nursing what looked to be a Guiness. He always did admire a woman who could drink beer.
He watched as a suit walked over to you. Obviously enjoying his happy hour after a day of trading stocks on Wall Street. Not looking anything like your type by the way that you looked him up and down, your eyebrow lifted as he introduced himself.
Jack smirked when you shook your head, turning down his offer of a drink. Lifting your beer in salute before taking a swallow. “I can buy my own, thanks. And I don’t drink Cosmos.” Feisty, just the way he liked ‘em.
He had to hand it to the guy, even when he was stuck down, he got back up in the saddle. The cocky man, who obviously thought he was better looking than you realized, leaned against the bar and shot you what was supposed to be a lady killer smile. “I’ll swipe right for you baby.”
A big grin settles on his face when you say something, a little too low for him to catch but the suit’s face says it all. You have no clue what the hell he’s talking about. Jack leans forward, very interested now, since his own blunder with that infernal dating app a few months ago.
“Tinder.” The suit says, frowning. “Swipe right on Tinder?”
“Tinder what?’ That makes him laugh, setting his drink down on the table and standing at the confusion in your tone, paired with annoyance.
“Tinder, the dating app?” He tries again, still not willing to give it up.
Jack decides it’s time for him to step in, the man obviously not realizing that he’s blown his shot. He is not your type. Although, given what he has observed, maybe Jack is. He makes his way through the bodies easily, his own tailored clothes were neat but far different from a suit. A dress shirt and jacket, sure. But it was paired with a bolo tie and jeans which were cut to fit his lean frame and cowboy boots.
Making his way behind you, he notices the suit’s eyes shift over to him and he gives a rueful smile. “Hey honey.” He says, drawing your attention. “Sorry, I’m late. Had a hell of a time getting out of the office.”
Your eyes widen in recognition of his play and he sees the mischief in them, making his lips twitch. You grab onto his offer like a lifeline and hand on tight. Turning your body towards him, you hold up your beer for him to take a sip, a silent challenge in your eyes. “It’s okay, baby.” You tell him poutily. “You will just have to make it up to me, making me drink all by myself.”
Jack does smirk at that, the twist of his lips hidden by the glass as he takes it from your hand and takes a healthy swallow, the foam catching in the edge of his mustache. He looks past you to the suit and offers his hand. “Daniels, my man.” He offers. “You are?” Grinning when the suit quickly makes an excuse and turns around to leave.
Looking over at you, he raises his eyebrow. “Wonder what made him light out of here like a cat with a firecracker tied to his tail?” He muses, making you smile. He takes another drink of you beer and then looks around to the barkeep to catch his eye. “Another for the lady.” He asks, looking down at you with a questioning look. When you nod, he grins and leans against the bar.
“I promise you I don’t know anything about Tinder.” He says, laughing at your relieved expression.
“Perfect.” You say as the barkeep sets your beer down. “Have a drink with me and I’ll decide if I’m gonna buy you dinner.”
Jack raises his eyebrows and grins, lifting the beer you had handed him when he walked up to you. “Yes madam.” He nods his agreement, looking like the shot he took was going to pay off.
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