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fuck yeah,

you close??

you close??


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I went on Markiplier Stan Twitter to see what’s up and apparently it’s nothing good nor friendly :]

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Did we ever figure out why Yancy has Dark and Mark on his knuckles???? Please tell me we know.

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everyday I fall more and more in love with markiplier

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there hasn’t been a single day since it’s been gone that i haven’t missed the wax video

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The first of my [REDACTED] merch came in today! Gotta find a frame for it before putting it up

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To the Truth…

Have you found yourself beguiled by the dangerous and wild And been hooked as you looked at the beauty underneath? Have you felt your senses surge and surrendered to the urge? Tell me you know it too, know the beauty underneath…

This was a rather large piece, please click and zoom for details!

(Drawing 3 of 4… nearly done!)

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Im a bit worried abour this but I’ll dry it a bit and add last touches. Any suggestions would be nice

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I had the gay urge to draw fem Wilford(Wilma warfstache) cause I can

She sounds like Jennifer Coolidge when she does her silly little voice btw 😳👌

Reblogs are appreciated as always💗💕💓💞

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Meeting new people perhaps??

I like talking about:

- dream smp + hermitcraft

- markiplier

- homestuck/hiveswap (I haven’t read homestuck 2 or the epilogues!)

- minecraft

- reptiles and other creatures!

- drawin’

I avoid:

- drama. I just block and go

- terfs/homophobes/biphobes/racists/abelists

- anyone who doesn’t have open leftist beliefs

- antis, cringe culture, ect

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i did a redraw of a very very old drawing of mine ( shown below ). i love it quite a bit and I’m proud of myself for how far i came. pls be proud of me too.

btw. if people who have followed me for a long time have suggestions on drawings to redo. pls send them to me.

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Rb this with your favorite ua quote/moment I’m gonna make something

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Do I still get murdered if I have a tic that is the dance of Italy??

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