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bonkmeonce · 4 minutes ago
I personally find it hilarious that canonically, Dark and Anti have this super serious rivalry to be like...the most powerful, but that doesn't take Wilford into account AT ALL. I'm convinced Wilford is more powerful than both of them, being able to manipulate reality as we have seen in both WKM and Wilford 'Motherloving' Warfstache. (Or maybe he just knows something we don't.) Not only that, he's a fan favorite, so if he wanted to "take over" he absolutely could and the viewers would be like "Hell Yeah‼‼". So Dark and Anti's rivalry means basically nothing, because they will always be competing against one another for second place. But the funniest part about it? Wilford does not give a single fuck about power or his position on the channel. Dude just wants to have fun.
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lilyminer · 5 minutes ago
It feels like the good ol days of YouTube today, today I had Markiplier playing papers please, Ethan playing little nightmares two, and Jacksepticeye playing the new resident evil game all queued up in watch later.
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flowers-zombie-rob · 57 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Many little internet bois
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ladyknight919 · an hour ago
I have watch Papers, Please gameplay from three different content creators. That is the quickest ending that I had ever seen. Let's be REAL, we're NOT gonna see another series of Papers, Please until next year.
Just saying 🤷🏾‍♀️
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fuzzyemotions · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Y/N WINTERS- RESIDENT EVIL 8 WKM AU my art, please reblog! The protag of my Resident Evil Village AU!
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Happy Birthday to:
"Mark Teaches Ethan Korean"
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fairyscorpicus · 4 hours ago
hunger games markiplier ego au
ao3 link:
I feel like its a given by warnings for character death, violence, death, more death, more violence, murder
“Mark Fischbach.”
He can’t breathe. He can’t move. He can’t think. Someone grabs him by the arm and pulls him forward. There is mourning and guilty relief on everyone’s face: he is loved, but they’re thankful it’s not them.
He is helped onto the stage. Someone is talking. He can’t hear what they’re saying: everything is muted. Someone is clapping but no one joins in. As he’s being led away, Mark finally realizes: He’s been chosen for the Hunger Games.
His father is talking to him but Eric can’t listen. Something about putting pride in the Derekson name. It doesn’t matter if there’s pride in the name; they’re the last ones left and they’re both going to die. His mother had worked so hard to keep his name out of the Reaping bowl, but when she died his father made him put in extra tickets for more food. And now both the remaining Dereksons had been chosen. He held the yellow cloth from his mother tightly and closed his eyes. At least she wouldn’t know she failed to keep him safe.
They say no goodbyes to their counterpart; they meet each others’ gaze as Annus boards the train. Eyes shining but face blank, Unus understands. The bells will toll, the cannons will fire. The train has already left the station. Annus turns away and looks forward to the destination ahead. Death is coming.
The train ride to the Capitol is long, and Silver Shepard doesn’t have anything to do. His friends had hugged him goodbye, furious that he had volunteered himself, but he’s a hero, it’s what he’s supposed to do, isn’t it?
The woman announcing the Reaping called him special. He doesn’t feel very special. District 4, known for fishing, is often overlooked by the other districts. He is overlooked by his own district: He’s not even good at fishing.
The other person chosen from his district is loud; he’s not inside the same room as Silver Shepard, but his hearty voice and heavy steps can be heard from the other side of the train car. He’s big, Silver Shepard recalled, tall and with a feral gleam in his eyes. The visage of a true pirate. He hopes that they don’t kill each other. He looks at the floor, throat tight. He’s never killed anyone; he doesn’t think he can.
He’s volunteered for a death sentence.
Dark can’t sleep, but living is agonizing. Wilford was chosen, the DA was chosen, everyone he knows and cares about is going to enter the arena with him. He would rather he die than they, but the fact remains that there can only be one victor and he has more than one friend. He buries his face in his pillow and tries not to scream. The pillow is soft: the Capitol is known for luxury and riches provided by District 1, but his pillow back at home in District 13 is flatter and harder. He throws the pillow away and sleeps on the floor.
The Author thinks the training room is a waste. Very few people are showing off their skills: they don’t want people to team up against them. Not that many people are thinking about teaming up- all alliances get broken in the end. He eyes the kid with peanut butter on his face- what did he call himself? King? Ridiculous- and the kid scrambles out of sight, darting over to equally scared looking people- an android with a yellow shirt and another young man with a sweater, nervously fiddling with a yellow cloth in his hand.
Weaklings. The Author eyes them contemplatively. Easy kills, but they’re grouped together. Killing them would make him look more impressive in the eyes of sponsors, but killing them all at once may make him look bad.
Someone walks past him, talking to another person with pink hair. Their posture is intimidating, but less so when next to their partner, who is ridiculously buff but openly friendly.
“-stand a chance,” the intimidating one says, straightening out their black clothing. “It’s hardly fair he has to compete, he can’t even see!”
The Author perks up, but the black and pink pair move out of hearing range. Someone was blind? He turns around, interested, and scans the training room again.
“If The Author thinks I’m an easy target,” someone drawls out from behind him, “He will find I am quite the opposite.”
The Author turns to face the speaker, and pauses. It was The Host, a fairly popular podcaster, bandages wrapped around his eyes clean compared to the filthy coat he wore, which looked as if it had never seen the inside of a washing machine.
If he was thrown off by recognizing the man, it was nothing compared to the brief moment of shock where The Author mistook The Host to be himself.
“I can’t imagine you have many useful skills in the arena,” he scoffs, taking into account The Host’s words.
“You’d be surprised,” The Host smirks. “I used to be quite the killer.”
“Are you referring to your looks?” The Author snarks back, and The Host’s smirk became sharper.
“I was referring to bodies,” The Host says directly, and The Author straightens up. He couldn’t recall The Host being a victor of any of the previous Hunger Games. “I used to lure people into the woods and kill them.” The Host clarifies, and The Author bristles It sounded rather close to what The Author did in his spare time.
“Then I had visions of the future and gouged my own eyes out.” The Host continues, and all The Author could think about was how he sometimes had visions of the future.
“Who are you?” He asks slowly, hackles raised.
“Just a man who lives in a cabin in the woods and tries to sell books and make podcasts,” The Host replies, voice heavy with unspoken meaning.
The Author snarls, tense. “Are you threatening me?” How could he know about The Author’s cabin, how could he-
“It would be ridiculous to threaten myself.” The Host huffs, and breezes past him as if that ended the conversation.
The Author watches him go, furious.
“You’re first!” He shouts, livid, and ignores the way the quiet chatter in the training room died. “I’m killing you first, you hear me?”
“My hearing is fine, it’s the other sense that’s impaired,” The Host responds without turning back, still walking away with a firm confidence.
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bimiplier · 4 hours ago
I don't SIMP for any of the DreamSMP guys, and honestly I couldn't put their names to their faces bc I don't watch them, but IDK why people get so mad that teenagers find them attractive?? Like ppl say "Oh they're just regular white guys nothing special" but it's a FACT that if someone has a great personality they LOOK more attractive.
So like?? Just let ppl think they're attractive. As long as it's not weird and it's not, like, an adult person finding these minors attractive I don't see the problem? Let people find other people attractive is what I'm saying.
NOT defending overbearing SIMPS/stalkers/weirdos just saying,,,,let people do their thing
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blueisbored · 4 hours ago
i love the fact that the top posts in the #the boys is all from markiplier fan blogs ekndjdns. we r everywhere. u cant avoid us.
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angelixily · 4 hours ago
I just R E A L I Z E D something!! (And no it isn’t that I suck, I’ve known that for a while)
Remember that one scene in “Who Killed Markiplier” when we were all teleported to the table after Celine told us that we’d been “oddly quiet” ?
And than EVERYONE told us that maybe they shouldn’t have trusted us because of what we wore or how gorgeous we were??
Where was Damien’s input on that one? Everyone else commented on us. The Chef, Benjamin, and even Abe.
I mean we all knew that the Colonel obviously wouldn’t comment on us because he’s in love with Celine and he definitely doesn’t think of us like that. He respects us enough not to comment on us in a negative way, but he doesn’t think of us as the most gorgeous person in the room.
But Damien didn’t even get a chance to comment on us.
Why did everyone else get to comment? Why couldn’t Damien? Heck, even Celine proposed something.
Who knows, it may just be me overthinking it, but if my observations are correct, I think that it’s because Damien may like us more than just friends.
@statictay told me that it’s canon that the DA and Damien are good friends, but just because you’re good friends with someone doesn’t mean there isn’t any attraction between the two of you.
If any of you have searched up the signs of a crush, which I assume ALL of you have, you’ll know and realize all of them add up to Damien!
1. Mutual Eye Contact
When we talk to Damien he always averts his eyes from us before returning them back.
You can see that when he talks to anyone else, if it’s Abe or even the Colonel, he keeps eye contact with them. But when it comes to us, he looks at us, averts his eyes, and than returns them back not even a second later.
It’s like he knows he shouldn’t stare, but he does.
2. Mirroring/Body Language
We see this a lot with Damien. Whenever he talks to us especially is when he does this.
When he sees us, he IMMEDIATELY ignores everyone else around us and turns towards us. He stands directly towards us, mirroring us.
He also fidgets a lot when we come around. Usually with his cane. When he’s talking to everyone else, we immediately see that he’s leaning against his cane. But when he sees us, he starts to fidget with it.
Tumblr media
3. Inward Leaning
We ALWAYS see this with Damien.
He may not directly lean in towards us, but he moves around a lot, something you don’t see him do with any of the other guests.
With us, you see him move around, lift his cane up, talk with his hands. And you also see him stepping towards us a little bit each time.
4. Barriers
When you’re at a party with someone and they’re holding a magazine, a book, a purse, or even a jacket between you two, that can be a sign of attraction at its lowest. But when we see Damien, you can see he usually lifts his cane up to his side. Away from in front of the DA.
You can see he’s comfortable around us.
5. He’ll make an effort to talk to you
Ahem ahem? Did you know that Damien is the person we talk to the most besides Abe??
And it’s also usually him who talks to us first! I mean, of course we don’t talk. We’re possibly mute even, but he is always the one who strikes it first.
When we walked in for the first time he immediately started talking to us. When we walked out of our room he was there waiting for us. Come on, you CAN’T tell me he was just there by coincidence. When we were on the balcony, he turned around to talk to us. When he was looking for the Colonel by the golf course, he pulled us aside to talk to us.
And he ALWAYS said “we’ll catch up later.” Like he WANTED to talk to us, or at least so we could talk.
Tumblr media
6. Touching
You may be asking “But angelixily Damien didn’t touch us!” AHA falsehood! I can prove thou false.
Remember when we got really drunk and Abe punched us? Who was immediately there to help us out?
Tumblr media
He placed his hand on our cheek and carried us off to bed. He could have just let us lay there. He could have just asked the Butler to get us to bed, but no, he did. He carried us to bed.
7. Teasing
Yes this man is a teaser. When we first walked in and had that mini conversation with him.
Before he walked away from us, telling us he hoped we would catch up with us later he said, “Try not to rob me blind again.”
This idiom could mean that our loving DA is a sneaky one. Maybe she’s better than him at Poker and she ended up with all his money. Or it’s an idiom for a whole other thing.
Maybe he’s trying to simplify “robbing me blind” as with beauty. Or maybe my batshit insane ass if overthinking it ;)
And who can forget Dark in this scenario? Dark teases us through thick and thin! If it’s “or maybe you just mis my pretty face.” From AHWM, or “did you miss me? I missed you... very much.” From ADWM. He’s a teaser.
So I truly do believe Damien fancies us. But my question is still left unanswered. Why didn’t he compliment us at the table?
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livvi3love · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lost steam and am not gonna finish the trio, but I'm actually really happy with how these two turned out!
Was thinking about flower symbolism too,
Actor!Mark has black roses
Warf has pink cosmos
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iwant-fuitgummi · 5 hours ago
markiplier playing resident evil village is so funny to me because he keeps mentioning lady demitrescu but he tries to be subtle about it but it's always very obvious
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sushispicious · 5 hours ago
When the worst thing that happens in your relationship is your boyfriend is mad at you for watching the new Markiplier videos without him lol
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ask-mayor-damien · 5 hours ago
Yup! It'd be a crime not to flirt with you, you know with how pretty you are and everything
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I want to know. Because I don’t think that this is what you want. So, please. Tell me the truth. What do you want?
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oh-itskitkat · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
All's fair...
(Inspired by @viannaheus's post)
(Amor y Guerra = Love and War)
(Please do not steal/repost)
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