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#marlene mckinnon
kaithewallflower2 days ago
james: regulus and i are going on a two week holiday for our anniversary
sirius: oh great when are we leaving?!
literally everyone:
james: mate it's actually just the two of us
regulus: sirius we've been married for two years now what the fuck
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Remus: *minding his own business*
Music in the background: 馃幎I always feel like somebody is watching me馃幎
Sirius, looking at him almost without blinking: He's so perfect... he doesn't know it yet, but I'm going to be his husband. I'll do whatever it takes.
Lily: You sound cute and very creepy, just like Potter.
James: You're dating me!
Lily: I said it was cute!
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged2 days ago
Marlene: *walking into Lily and James鈥 kitchen* you guys got any juice?
James: Just pickle
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theresthesnitch12 hours ago
Tumblr media
In this entry, Lily spends time remembering some of the lives that were lost in the last few months of the First Wizarding War. Though their names are not alone in the count of those that were lost, we want to take the time to remember these individuals specifically.聽
Our deepest sympathies to their families and friends who are left behind.聽
G.R. Abbott, Editor
Tumblr media
October 19, 1981
I cannot stop thinking about the dead. So many people we have come to know and care for, and now they're dead.聽
Edgar Bones, his wife Catherine, and their two little boys, Andrew and Benjamin. The first time I met Edgar was at our first Order meeting after graduation. I'll never forget the way he smiled at us when we walked in. I adored Catherine. When we found out we were having a little boy, she packed up a few boxes of their baby items and sent them over. Harry still sleeps with a teddy bear from them. Andrew and Benjamin were just the sweetest kids. At 4 and 6, they adored playing with baby Harry, doting on him and doing whatever they could to make him smile. They've been dead for two months now.聽
Marlene McKinnon, her parents, and her younger sister and brother. Marlene was so funny. She was a handful of years older than us at Hogwarts, so we didn't really know her before joining the order. I will never forget spending New Years Eve 1980 with her and the Marauders. We silenced the room after Harry went to sleep and counted down to the new year. We all hoped that 1981 would be the year the war ended and we could get on with our lives. Six months later, Marlene moved in with her parents to help protect them. A month and a half after that, they were all dead.聽
Caradoc Dearborn. He was always a such a serious man, but his lessons on dueling are at least half the reason that James and Sirius are as good of fighters as they are. He took them from halfway decent corridor brawlers to strategic, thoughtful soldiers. He is almost certainly to thank for the fact that they are still around. I count him among the dead, but I suppose we don't really know. I just don't know why else he would be missing for so many weeks without a word to anyone.聽
Dorcus Meadows. She must be the most powerful witch I've ever met. I wasn't at the battle where she died, but James was. We knew You-Know-Who was holding her, and there was a rescue mission. Just before they were able to overtake the defenders, You-Know-Who himself showed up with a badly beaten and tortured Dorcus, and killed her in the middle of the battle. After that, he and all the Death Eaters apparated away. At least they were able to bring Dorcus's body back for a proper burial.聽
Benji. I still can't believe he is dead. Benji was a year ahead of us at Hogwarts, so we knew him better than some of the others. He was my first kiss. He took me on a date to Hogsmeade in 4th year, and then kissed me behind Honeydukes. We never had another date, but I鈥檒l never forget that kiss. I wonder if James knows that? I鈥檇 ask, but talking about Benji now is hard.聽
Fabian. Gideon. I just鈥 they were so sweet, and so funny. I think that they would have given James and Sirius a run for their money if they had been at Hogwarts at the same time. Thank Merlin that never happened. Somehow, those two always found a way to make us all laugh, even when the war was at its worst. Or, I guess it鈥檚 at its worst now, and they can鈥檛 make us laugh any longer.聽
How are we supposed to come out the other side of this? Who will be left to carry on? How will those of us who are left remember those who we have lost?
Will I get the chance to find out?
Tumblr media
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trouvailleamora day ago
鈥淚t鈥檚 getting more serious than I expected it to,鈥 Remus says. 鈥淗e鈥檚 settled into my life now. I鈥檝e never had anything like this before.鈥
鈥淚 know you weren鈥檛 looking for a relationship when you met him,鈥 Poppy says. 鈥淗ow do you feel about it now?鈥
Remus smiles, he can鈥檛 help it. 鈥淗appy,鈥 he says, being fully honest in the only place he feels like he can. 鈥淚 feel happy.鈥
from Part II, Chapter 3 of The ghosts we both see
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intourdadsbed2 days ago
miscellaneous marauders & co. hcs锟
because i have a bad memory and forgot to add these (there may be more of these)
- remus is a swiftie, 1989 stan
- sirius is a one direction fan, four and mm stan
- james listens to EVRYTHING and get to you by the honeysticks is her comfort song
- peter adored the smiths.
- james is also an abba fan and cried when at his 17th birthday everyone sang dancing queen
- marlene listens to lady gaga and watched shameless
- dorcas screams the lyrics to reverse cowgirl by mickey darling and pathetic lately by nico days
- regulus hates country music with a burning passion.
- lily is the type to say she鈥檒l listen to anything but on her own it鈥檚 just, heavy metal.
- lily is also a swiftie (yes ik confusing)
- regulus likes niall horan bcs sirius showed him his music
- remus loves the beatles and sirius loves queen, idk we know these things but they have to be said again
- james is trans femme sometimes in my head idk why but he carried hari
- speaking of hari, his name is hari fuck y鈥檃ll /lh
- sirius bites people to show her affection :)
- remus likes it
- peter is always confused
- everyone tries to help but its usually too far gone
- marlene lockes people in the car if they don鈥檛 get out fast enough
- remus gets locked in the car often
- remus and sirius sit in the backseat
- peter pettigrew cannot drive.
- remus鈥 favourite crime is arson
- remus lupin has committed arson more than once (no one got hurt)
- james鈥 favourite colour is orange and people make fun of him for it
- they all call everything transphobic or homophobic
- peter says swag more than any other word
- sirius calls everyone dude (unless it makes them uncomfortable)
- remus swears a lot
- james says oi for no reason
- lily need glasses but refuses (she cannot drive)
- sirius has reading glasses
- remus lupin wears overalls. so does regulus. so does peter.
- remus blinks a lot and no one knows why
- james has a tic where shakes his wrist and one time he almost sprained it bcs how much it was happening (same james)锟
- they all run a tiktok page where they do stupid shit (it鈥檚 called gaypeople.r.real)
- james potters only fault is that he uses "馃槣" unironically鈥
- peter drinks strawberry milk
- regulus black eats dino nuggies.
- regulus came up with the name wolfstar
- remus has a big dick (/hj bcs he has BDE)
- remus and sirius are in love
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runillholdhimoff2 days ago
110% sure that at some point, the Marauders placed a semi-permanent charm on the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry crest so that instead, it read 鈥淕ood Old Fashioned School for Lover Boys鈥 for a month
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mischief-marauders4 months ago
Marauders Era as Annabelle tweets
James Potter
Tumblr media
Sirius Black
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Remus Lupin
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Lily Evans
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Regulus Black
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Marlene McKinnon
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Dorcas Meadowes
Tumblr media
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paddoonya month ago
Dumbledore: I need your help
Harry: Hang on I have to ask my parents
Dumbledore: wha-
Harry: *pulls out a Ouija board* Hey mom and dad, can I go with Dumbledore in a mission?
Lily and James from the afterline: A-B-S-O-L-Y-T-E-L-Y N-O-T
Harry: They said no :/
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moony06a month ago
It's really not that hard to understand, I'm a harry potter fan not in a "I'm in love with draco and I love jk for creating this universe" way but in a gay marauders fanfic masterpiece good old fashioned lover boy dorlene happy sadness flowerpot regulus headcanon human golden retriever wolfstar happy ending everyone lives 70s way
I don't know why people don't get it
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