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Thank you three!  I’m ordering some sushi in from my favorite place tonight since thankfully they do delivery and are still open during all of this. Gonna be a super fun chill time with lots of tuna sashimi!!

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marraphy replied to your post: I very nearly did not make it through my high…

That is brutal. Even if they’re taking their art seriously, art should be fun. I’ve never liked class critiques and when they happen it should be kept as positive as possible to avoid hurt feelings

honestly I don’t blame the other students, we were high schoolers and competitive and it’s to be expected that we’re gonna be harsher and think that “if this extremely good art is an A then this pretty good art must be a C and this average art must be an E” 

on the other hand, the teacher absolutely should have stepped in and it’s fucked that she didn’t especially when I was not the only person on the verge of tears constantly

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Hi I just found out about this so I’m pretty late for applying, but if I made artwork for a day would I still be able to submit it to you? I could try to do a day that you don’t have many artists for.

Hello and thank you so much for your interest! Unfortunately, we’re no longer accepting new artists for the countdown.

However, if you have Twitter, you can consider participating in ssbu_countdown, which is managed by different mods. New prompts are posted each week and you can join in at your convenience as there’s no sign-up required :)

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Hi there! I saw your post about zine etiquette, and was wondering if you had any advice on where to /find/ zines to apply for? I see them on my dash here and there, but that's usually because those ones are super big and popular and my portfolio is never good enough to get into them! I'm looking for smaller zines that don't have as many applicants but I'm not sure where to look. Do you know of any communities or websites that watch out for new ones?

hello !! @magicalzombie is a beautiful graceful starfish and made this spreadsheet that keeps track of upcoming, open apps, pre-orders, and more for zines. Its sorted by sheet and by fandom and its the main thing I check to keep track of zines 

i also keep an eye on @fandomzines and @zine-scene which reblog open apps and zine po posts. there’s also fandom specific zine blogs– i only know a few, but there’s @uahigh-newsletter and @bnha-community-board for boku no hero fandom events (and zines) and @yoizine-n-doujin for yoi zines

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@marraphy aaa yeah that’s about what I do now so I guess I’ll just like. Change face cleansers and rinse Even More Often thank you!!💝💖

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Did you see the news about the SSB-like game for Steam and Nintendo Switch, called Brawlout, that's including Hyper Light Drifter as a playable character?

yes and i cried for twenty-seven minutes. i love hyper light drifter

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it's because there were rumors about Stars for months beforehand from people claiming to have insider knowledge, and I think Game Freak trademarked it

were these rumors from the same people who told us about Pokemon Z and Gray and Waterblue and MindCrystal and DeltaEmerald and Snap: Reloaded and Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Hey You Pikachu! 2 and Pokemon Dash: Grand Prix 

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