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i learned that Alan Alda (an actor) met his wife at a mutual friend's dinner party; when a rum cake accidentally fell onto the kitchen floor, they were the only two guests who did not hesitate to eat it (x)
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disregardcanon · 2 days ago
.... apparently british marriage certificates didn’t switch their wording from “spinster/bachelor” to “single” until TWO THOUSAND AND FIVE
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crazycatsiren · 3 days ago
The husband: "Babe you're so hot and I adore you so much!"
Me: *rocking in my rocking chair* *wearing my noise cancelling headphones* *nibbling on my chew toy* *looking at cat memes on my phone*
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pratchettquotes · 2 days ago
"Of course they'll see you, Sam. You're leading the procession. I'm very proud of you."
She brushed some lint off his shoulder.*
* Women always do this.
Terry Pratchett, Jingo
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rhubarbplants · a day ago
GUYS! I wrote c!bee duo wedding vows. QPR marriages mean so much to me so their marriage is very close to my heart. 
here are their vows:
“I Tuberculosis Underscore vow to love you though all three of your lives, and for the rest of mine, through death and revival, through war and peace. I will honor your beliefs and always take the time to listen to your perspective. I will protect you from fire water and steel, and nurse your wounds if you get hurt. I will love you, Ranboo My Beloved, though any arc we may go through, for ever and ever.”
“I Ranboo M. Beloved vow to love you though all three of my lives and for the rest of yours. Through death and revival, though war and peace. I will help you with your many ideas, your builds and your inventions. I swear to protect you from harm, and from the ghosts of your past. I will respect your individuality though I promise to stay by your side whenever you need me. I will love you, Tuberculosis Underscore, though any arc we may go though, for ever and ever.”
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blackswaneuroparedux · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Although he is almost invariably described as a “conservative philosopher” and certainly sought to conserve what Burke termed the political “entailments” transmitted through the generations, temperamentally Scruton was somewhat Bohemian. This and his iconoclastic tendencies, together with a low boredom threshold, sometimes led him to shock “conservatives,” much as he unsettled liberals. I remember one occasion when we both spoke at a conference at Princeton dedicated to defending traditional marriage. Good things were said by a series of able speakers, but it began to feel like they were preaching to the choir. I suspected that this was Roger’s feeling, too, and feared what he would say when his turn came.
In a voice that sounded as if it were about to take the conservative argument to new heights, he observed that amid this wonderful celebration of traditional marriage, an important bulwark of the institution had been forgotten. Heads turned in curiosity. He paused, then said, “the mistress.” He went on, in a somewhat Chestertonian paradoxical manner, to argue that the mistress was a sustaining cause of fidelity, holding many a marriage together that might otherwise have fallen apart. To their credit the others resumed discussion without comment as if nothing of the sort had been said, but a few glances in our direction suggested they thought the Brits weren’t to be trusted when it came to upholding decency.
- John Haldane, BBC broadcaster and Catholic ‘analytical thomist’ philosopher, on his friend Sir Roger Scruton
**Photo (from left to right): John Haldane, Roger Scruton, and Ed Winters, Windsor c. 1980.
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tastefullyoffensive · a year ago
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thatbadadvice · 29 days ago
Help! A Teen Disagrees With Me!
Dear Abby, 23 September 2021:
DEAR ABBY: I am cleaning out my closet and have decided to sell my wedding dress from 21 years ago. I love the dress; it's beautiful. But it's a very large box to store. My 16-year-old daughter has made it clear to me she will never marry. It was difficult for me to accept, as she's my only daughter. The thing is, she wants to try my dress on. I don't want her to because she doesn't agree with the sanctity of marriage or the commitment of it, and I don't want my wedding dress tried on by anyone who feels this way about marriage. It means more than playing dress-up, and I believe it should be worn only by someone who respects it. Am I wrong? Does my daughter have a right to have hurt feelings over this? -- NOT A GAME OF DRESS-UP
Dear Not A Game Of Dress-Up,
Madam, you must defend the holy and precious institution of marriage at all costs lest one single teenager wearing a dress decimate the blessed sacrament! You hold the fates of marriages the world over in your hands, and you mustn't let your daughter obliterate billions of lives by applying cloth to her body. You and your unassailable principles are the only thing protecting an all-too-vulnerable world from the end of the very concept of marriage as we know it!
Not only does your daughter not have a right to experience hurt feelings over this, but she really owes you and every other person who has been married, considered marriage, or who vaguely believes in marriage as a concept a major apology. Why, marriage is not a game of dress-up! Marriage is primarily and historically a business and financial arrangement built to reinforce the patriarchy by legally regulating and mandating heterosexual relationships for the purpose of increasing wealth and property by treating women like interchangeable broodmares whose sole value rests in their reproductive capacities, and making men think they're worthless if they don't make gobs of money and spend their evenings grunting with the boys over brandy and cigars. Ah, romance! That your daughter would take an ill view of such a beloved and honored custom is genuinely mystifying.
We can be sure, of course, that your daughter will never marry, nor will she ever change her mind about marrying under any circumstances whatsoever. Teenage declarations are contractually binding, and grand proclamations about future life plans by 16-year-olds in particular are known for their consistency and longevity. And yet you must seek to change her mind, otherwise you may be obligated to support her in indefinite spinsterhood should she fail to match with a master who can provide her with food and housing in exchange for heirs.
The best way to convince your daughter that marriage is desirable is to tell her that her filthy, offensive body will desecrate a piece of clothing you've kept shoved in a box in the back of your closet for over twenty years unless the little hussy straightens out her attitude. If that doesn't have her beating a path to the altar with the closest available male, the next best way to respect and honor marriage as an institution is to sell your wedding dress for cash.
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justcatposts · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
The only correct way to propose 
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macrolit · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Advice from a 1918 suffragette pamphlet.
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that1betch · 2 months ago
Just stumbled on to this woman's tiktok about polygamy, and she's spinning it as a good thing because she would have less burden as a wife.
Girl. Where do I start.
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