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julietophelia · a minute ago
Archie got back together with Veronica almost immediately after admitting to Eric that he's "white-knuckling it" and avoiding his trauma. He is repressing something and he knows he prefers to keep it repressed.
He's channeling a lot of rage into the football team, which is primarily made up of his army recruits. He desperately wants to run back to the comfort of his high school relationship and he gets mad when Veronica can't just instantly unmarry Chad with no feelings about it. He has two men living in his house.
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ahappydnp · 17 minutes ago
Dan looks like a married hoe like he'll flirt w you and then act offended when you flirt back
SCREAMMM omg he’d slide into someone DMs then immediately yell stranger danger the second they responded
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must-be-art · 37 minutes ago
Because Liam and Catrina didn’t start dating till a few years after Rene almost killed Johnny, Catrina didn’t actually know he was an ex-villain when they began to date. He, however, knew she was Lady Bat pretty quickly, mostly because he noticed how similar the two were when there were no cameras around after the two had become friends when Catrina funded a new science and history themed play place and Liam brought the twins to the grand opening.
The reason they began dating (and how she found out about his past) is because Clark had realized someone was trying to follow in Liam’s footsteps and gimmicks and had brought Catrina with him to confront his old enemy and see if he had any information that could’ve been useful. Johnny took to Catrina like a fish to water and both twins cried when she and Superman went to leave, so she ended up going back over and over again until Liam asked if she’d like to stay.
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24601626505 · 56 minutes ago
Fun way to find out your friend from high school got married: Taking up the last name of her high school boyfriend on GroupMe
#personal diary#I fear this will happen a lot in the next few years#it’s been 2 years since high school and at least 5 of my high school friends have gotten married#i say high school friends bc we kinda fell out after not seeing each other every day#I have mixed feelings about not being able to keep most of my high school friends#I don’t regret losing them in particular but I regret not being able to leave high school with friends#I’m about to leave college and I think it’s about to happen again and it suck bc I like these guys more#im just hoping that my future jobs will be permanent enough for me to make friends there#but there’s also the problem that idk how to make friends unless we have a fandom or something to talk about#I can make conversation pretty well and I can do it like every day for a real long time but then that’s where it stays until#we don’t see each other every day for whatever reason#I need to go to therapy for several reasons but I’m mostly just hoping they can tell me how to make friends bc I missed the memo on that#there was no class on that in school. school itself was the class for learning friendship but it was hands on and I flunked w/o instruction#I know my fault for not reaching out and calling or anything but I feel like me calling for reason just makes it a chore#I want to be at a level where I can hang out w/o having to bear their mental illnesses#I want someone to watch movies and YouTube w/o having to the recipient of a vent about how much they wanna kill themselves#like I’ll listen but I won’t have any good advice bc me too but if I tell you that then you won’t talk to me or anyone else when in need#and then if they kill themselves then it’s gonna be partially my fault even tho it’s not but it’d be a lie to say i had nothing to do w/ it#I don’t even think I’d be that sad and that’s the worst part bc she’s my world and my only key to my past self/true-ish self#she’s my only attachment to anyone outside my family and I’m currently trying to figure out if actually want friends#I crave friendship and relationships and cry when I think about how life could be with friends#but then when I think about completely detaching and creating a new version of myself I’m OBSESSED with that too#I wanna be nothing to no one so that I can shed this skin and be a different person. I don’t want to be me anymore. I wanna be someone else#someone pretty someone skinny someone sociable someone who fits in but sticks out with friends and job and money and hopes and a future#atm I have none of those things. I’d love to take my one friend with me but idk if she’s like me still. idk if anyone I know now would.#🤞 that my family will want to associate with me. they’re the only thing I have.#I’d just like to be myself- but I’m scared that I’m a jerk and selfish- bc I am pretty selfish- I just try to not give into my selfishness#it’s a learning process but I don’t get much experience these days doing things for others lol. my main thing is that I’m insanely#helpful and known for being helpful like at an event when we’re putting stuff up- like that was a THING growing up that I was a sunshine#but when it comes to ‘hey I’m moving on Saturday and you’re completely free- will you help?’ and I’m like ‘but I’d have to go out of my way’
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babyjordy · an hour ago
Characters from my main fandoms that I think would have faked a wedding with me for my great grandma before she died.
Jason Todd, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Harley Quinn, Pamela Ivy, Kon-El, Barry Allen, Kory Anders, and John Constantine
Sam Wilson, Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff, Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton, Wade Wilson, and Laura Kinney
Harry Potter:
Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Lee Jordan, Luna Lovegood, Angelina Johnson, Lavender Brown, Blaise Zabini, James Potter, Sirius Black, Dean Thomas, and Neville Longbottom
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retroosquared · an hour ago
also! I know cc!techno isn’t comfortable being shipped, so I (personally) tend to extend that boundary to the character the cc plays unless specifically stated otherwise
yeah exactly!
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hyuckles-chuckles · an hour ago
1) !!!! Afiba😭😭😭 but I’m glad you met him!!! That’s fun!!!! I’m glad he was nice🥺
2) a bunch of people I graduated with are having babies and getting married and I was like❓🥸 but then I remembered that I’m about to turn 21 so it’s not weird😭✋ -🍄
yeah 😭😭 he had nothing to say after that 😭 but yes!!!! i’m glad that our online friendship matches irl!!!! he’s even more annoying omg 🙄
literally my friends last friday 😭 like please i’m happy for you but please slow down i’ve not even had a boyfriend at all 😭 but nah being 21 and getting married is weird to me....... like you’re old and young at the same time 😳
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tkcarlosreyesstrand · an hour ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: 9-1-1: Lone Star (TV 2020) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Carlos Reyes/TK Strand Characters: Carlos Reyes (9-1-1 Lone Star), TK Strand, Original Characters Additional Tags: Established Relationship, Married Carlos Reyes/TK Strand, Future Fic, Kid Fic, SO MUCH FLUFF, Fluff, Tooth-Rotting Fluff Series: Part 1 of 911 In The Future Summary:
911 in the future day one prompt - are all these kids ours?
Carlos is at the breakfast buffet, trying to work out if he should pick his normal oatmeal with raisins or because today is such a special day, whether he should splash out for eggs and bacon with a side of waffles.  He knows what TK would tell him to do, and he’s at least thankful that he left his husband up in their room, promising him he’d save him a seat and get him some coffee in whilst he pulled himself together.  
It’s a special day for the Reyes-strand family.
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embrosyn · an hour ago
embron in a tux! a concept!
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goreneamesmcs · an hour ago
Another Day in Paradise
By Triggerhappyworld
Summary: Goren is undercover with Narcotics and Eames is undercover with Vice. They learn to work together and a relationship ensues.
A/N: Most of this story takes place Pre-Season One in the year 2000 before Bobby and Alex joined Major Case, but it starts off in 2008 during and after 'Purgatory'. Detective Odafin 'Fin' Tutuola from L&O: SVU is in this story also; however, this is not in any way a cross-over.
Very hot love scenes.
Tumblr media
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