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Jaune: Pizza delivery

Jaune: With extra sausage as requested




Pyrrha: *Opens the box*

Marrow: Dude those are anchovies

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Of coourse he’s baby

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Ruby, running in: Yang just told Blake she’s in love with her!

Weiss: Fuck, it’s Tuesday, isn’t it? Who had Tuesday in their bingo card?

Sun: I had Friday.

Marrow: I had Sunday.

Nora: Yes!!! I had Tuesday! Hand over 20 bucks, everyone!

Weiss: Damn it, Xiao Long, couldn’t you have waited 1 more day.

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The AceOps’ leitmotif demonstrates the oft terrifying effectiveness of propaganda music. Conveyed through major key scoring and bombastic fanfare, the illusion of heroism is reinforced in juxtapose with the Happy Huntresses via tighter voicing, chromaticism, etc. In this essay I will

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New au

Guard dogs office au

Jaune is an intern at this new office building where he is Marrows new assistant

Jaune gets Marrow coffee every morning and thanks Jaune

Soon Jaune devolops a crush on marrow and gets flustered any time marrow compliments him

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But he was too late.

Day 6 - Desprate Measures / Last Chances

It occurred to me that I never posted what happened after Qrow and Marrow met even though I decided a while ago. Basically the two come up with a plan to get married but not actually be together, like a political marriage, but they couldn’t tell anyone because well, infidelity and all that. So James is left thinking that Qrow actually chose Marrow over him until Qrow tells him.

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Janurwby Day 7 Favorite Side Characters

Marrow and Velvet are really good

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Marrow: Thank you for not saying “I told you so”

Ren: When you’re as right as I am, you don’t have to say it

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Marrow: *high pitch noises and hiding his face*

Elm: *patting his back* Oh dear. You seem to have broken him.

Harriet: They broke the boy!

Vine: I’ll report the broken boy to Monty.

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Jaune: Hmm It’s been a while since I feed the night clowns

Marrow Trembling in fear: WHAT IN GODS NAME DOES THAT MEAN??!!

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Yang:*Breaks into Raven’s camp*

Weiss: YESSSS! We know eachother! She’s a friend from School!

Raven: I have to get out of this Kingdom.


Ren: Nora, stop! Just for once in your life: DON’T. SMASH.

Nora: Big monster!


Clover: The city is exploding, we’re fighting an army of Grimm, and I have a fishing rod. None of this makes sense.


Ironwood: *about Oscar* Gods Qrow, how old is this kid?

Qrow: I don’t know, I didn’t carbon date him. He’s on the young side.


Harriet: *after ambushing Blake* You didn’t see that coming?


Jacques: Listen to me! You are a Schnee! If you turn your back on me, you’ll be just like everybody else.

Weiss: What’s so wrong with that?


Qrow: *about Raven* There was one time when we were children, she… she transformed herself into a bird, and she knows that I love birds. So I went to pick up the bird to admire it, and she transformed back into herself and she was like, “YEAH, IT’S ME!”, and she stabbed me.  We were eight….at the time.


Ruby: The longer Salem’s in Remnant, the more powerful she grows. She’ll hunt us down. We need to stop her here and now.

Blake: So what do we do?

Yang: I’m not doing “Get Help”.


Marrow: his people are completely literal, metaphors are going to go right over his head. 

Vine: Nothing gets over my head. My Extendable Arms Semblance is too fast, I would catch it.

Harriet: I’m going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in Remnant.


Mercury: Whoa! Whoa. There must be some kind of peaceful resolution to this, fellas… or even a violent one where I’m standing over there.


Watts: Hear me, and rejoice. You are about to die at the hands of the Council of Salem. Be thankful, that your meaningless lives are now i…

Yang: I’m sorry! Atlas is closed today. You better pack it up and get outta here.


Ruby: I get the first crack at Cinder. I’m the one she’s waiting for.

Penny: *Walks by* That’s true. She does hate you the most.


Oscar: Ozpin. Oz, I know you like making your entrance at the last second, well, this is it, man. This is the last *last* second. Oz! Oz! OZPIN!

Ozpin: NOOOO! 

Oscar: Oh, screw you, you old secret-keeping asshole! I’ll do it myself!


Robyn: I recognize that the Atlesian Council has made a decision, but given that it’s a stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it.

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I said it before ‘War’, but going to repeat I would be very surprised if Winter and Marrow actually got themselves arrested? Like, is court-martial still a Thing? When leader man discharged his weapon dubbed Due Process on political dissenters. And Ren marked them, Marrow most prominently (or the acoustics must be Really Good), before the rest of the AceOps. How does this pan out with the “O.K. (not O.K.)” game Winter is playing

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Jacques: *being throw in h by a cell* how dare they throw me in jail, especially with a filthy faunus!

Marrow: trust me I am not happy to be nere you either.

Jacques: *put in cell* at least it can’t get wor-

Weiss: BABE! *jumps into Marrow’s arms* are you almost done?

Marrow: yep just finishing up he-




Weiss: love father, love is what it is. *proceeds to make out with Marrow*

Marrow: *walks away caring Weiss well flipping off Jacques, tail wagging wildly*

Jacques: *speechless*

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RWBY gaming headcanons, Atlas edition

  • Winter is a PC snob, and she plays the newest Call of Duty and Battlefield games.
  • Whitley is also a huge Kingdom Hearts fan. Jacques once found out and belittled him for months. He felt better, however, when-
  • Klein specifically plays Kingdom Hearts, as well as all of Weiss and Winter’s favorite games. He isnt into gaming himself but he plays to have something to use to cheer up the Schneeblings. He eventually got so attatched to these games he started doing videos of him playing while impersonating the characters.
  • Henry Marigold also plays bejeweled like the douchebag he is.
  • May Marigold likes sidescrollers. She unironically loves sonic and regularly annoys the other happy huntresses by blaring her gameplay. She also plays Halo.
  • Robyn is really into the newer assassins creed games. She tried to get into Assassins Creed III a while back, but had a hard time with it. She has thouroghly enjoyed every game since Origins.
  • Joanna is the minecraft fan of the Happy Huntresses, and regularly organizes nights for them all to play.
  • Fiona likes both Xbox and Ps4, but enjoys poking fun at Stadia just as much. She adores the Spyro the Dragon games, but she also owns every elder scrolls game.
  • Harriet plays jetpack joyride to relax after a mission.
  • Elm plays Halo on a regular basis and is completely unaware she has been playing with May for months. May is aware of this and uses it to pick up on Ace Ops conversations.
  • Vine plays on the Stadia. He has a grudge against Fiona because she makes fun of this.
  • Marrow likes the mario party games and has tried to get the other aceops to play. They refuse every time.
  • Clover was really into first person shooters, and would often win due to his semblance causing lag or causing other players’ controllers to die without meaning to. He once played against Qrow in Halo 2 back in the day. Qrow’s TV fell off his entertainment unit because Ruby tripped on a cord.
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i agree, but i can’t get over that episode when team rwby fought the ace ops. the themes definitely didn’t feel right with me, and honestly didn’t make me think too highly of weiss.

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