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They’re supposed to be incredibly powerful, but they’ve lost against RWBY and Penny twice now. I’ve seen a few people asking why so I thought I’d just throw my ideas into the mix!

Off the bat, I think there’s three key points to this:

  • The Ace Ops have been operating in an idealistic, well funded scenario for years
  • The Ace Ops do not consider each other friends 
  • The Ace Ops have a complex towards team RWBY; they underestimated them and got emotional

Under the cut (that I really hope works for mobile users!) I’ll go into a bit more detail

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Gotta love how Marrow is the only one to vocally express and acknowledge that he was holding back in that fight in Volume 7 and even in the most recent one against Penny and later Ruby, Weiss, and Blake 

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half the reason Marrow is so hot is that he’s got the sexiest possible form of moral conflict going on

tfw you’re a good person but you’re realizing you’re being used for evil purposes and you’re grappling with it because doing the right thing would mean going against everything you’ve been raised to believe but that would be the only way to be true to yourself and your moral code but you’ve worked so hard to get here and it’s so hard to admit that it was all for nothing and also additionally you’re a just a REALLY attractive man—

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Harriet might be an angry person overall but Marrow has been bottling his rage for years just waiting for someone to actually deserve it. If they get into a fight, Harriet better win it quickly because as soon as he makes the transition from “oh gods what am I doing what am I doing” to “FUCK ALL OF YOU AND YOU IN PARTICULAR”, it’s pretty much over.

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