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r-uwu-by · 57 minutes ago
Ironwood: We won't back down! My men don't know the meaning of "surrender".
Marrow: But we're willing to learn -
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invincibleweasel · 4 hours ago
Miles: confirms Marrow as mid-20s. 
Twitter Antis: You can no longer ship Guard Dogs because of the 6 year age gap and power imbalance uwu.
Me & every other sane person who still ships Guard Dogs:
Tumblr media
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dirtygremlinblog · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some more older drawings
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firelxdykatara · 6 hours ago
are people really trying to make guard dogs problematic again
rwby fandom can you be normal for five minutes
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sourgrapelaffytaffy · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
so @flowersunderawillow & I were talking Winter x Marrow & I quickly made a meme
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invincibleweasel · 7 hours ago
This just in, Guard Dogs (Jaune/Marrow) is now problematic because of checks notes a six year age gap between two consenting adults.
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slushpuppiesrwby · 10 hours ago
Weird question, but what Disney song do you think fits them best?
At last I see the light
Neither Marrow or Weiss would have been looking for a relationship when they develop feelings for each other, I also feel like Marrow would over compensate since she’s a Schnee and makes extravagant dates.
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slushpuppiesrwby · 10 hours ago
CONCEPT: Marrow is amazingly bad at flirting. Like he just instantly becomes this bumbling dork whenever he tries to be suave or romantic. And just when he's thinking, "Well, I blew it. She thinks I'm an idiot now. It's over." meanwhile, Weiss is reeling over how cute he is.
Oh I love this!
I do think Marrow could pull off being flirty but it’s very rare and always throws Weiss off and she becomes a bumbling mess. They would have a very soft romantic relationship, a lot of cute nuzzles, hand holding, forehead kisses, snuggles and naps together.
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slushpuppiesrwby · 11 hours ago
If you could polyship them with someone, who would it be?
I am also a very big iceberg shipper so shipping them all together could be cute, personally anyways. I just think they could add a fun dynamic to mess with, Marrow being playful, Neptune being a dork and Weiss being the one who could possibly be the flirty one.
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slushpuppiesrwby · 11 hours ago
I am trapped in Slush Puppies hell and you brought me there.
Welcome, we have slushies
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slushpuppiesrwby · 11 hours ago
I imagine Marrow is more resistant to admitting his feelings. I mean, Weiss is the daughter of Jacques Schnee. By all means, he is understandably put off by her. Yet, she surprises him again and again by not only being nothing like her father, but by just generally being a cool, respectable person. So, this has him in full tsundere mode as he tries to hide his feelings, and everyone finds it hilarious because he couldn't be more transparent.
Marrow: Don’t flatter yourself Weiss, I don’t like hanging out with you. It’s just better than being alone. *Happy tail wags because he’s hanging with his crush*
Weiss: Uh huh... Your tail says otherwise puppy
Marrow: SHUT UP *gets all flustered*
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slushpuppiesrwby · 11 hours ago
Really looking forward to the ship week next month. Bout time this rarepair got a spotlight. 😁
I just hope people participate 🥺
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slushpuppiesrwby · 11 hours ago
I know it's silly, but "The Day I Fall In Love" from Beethoven's 2nd makes me think of this ship.
Ooooh! That’s awesome!
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slushpuppiesrwby · 11 hours ago
One of the first things Weiss noticed about Marrow? How gorgeous his eyes are.
Oh absolutely! And how can you not? His eyes are beautiful 😍
I also imagine Weiss really likes making his tail wag, it’s constant reassurance that she’s making him happy.
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slushpuppiesrwby · 11 hours ago
Having a hard time finding fics for these two. Any recommendations?
Honestly, I have yet to find any slush puppies fics. I’m hoping with slush puppie week next month will change that... or I’ll have too
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dreamfoiled · a day ago
My friend Rook was kind enough to send me a snippet from their con conversation with Miles Luna where they asked about Marrow and his age. Miles says he is ‘definitely in his mid-twenties’, not 18-21 like the voice actor had guessed. 
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aravas-writing · 2 days ago
Jaune's nicknames for the ace ops
Clover = captain crunch
Harriet = thighs
Elm = the mom friend
Marrow = lassie
Vine = future ren
Clover: "oh, that- *laughs*"
Harriet: *shrugs* "they are my best feature."
Elm: "heh, flattered that he thinks of me this way."
Marrow: *so very unamused*
Vine: *??????????*
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northforwinter · 2 days ago
Ironwood: Has it already been three days?
Marrow: Time flies when you're being unreasonable.
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gemtail · 2 days ago
I’m pretty sure the only reason Marrow said ‘I’m not here to fix any systemic issues’ in V7 was because he was saying that to Weiss and Blake & I think he was hoping it would somehow make him look better to her? Considering Weiss was a Schnee and up until the end of v7, when she said ‘This is my home’ he had made his generalizations about her (I deduced that from him saying “I know you Schnees are used to getting what you want. But it's time to let this one go!” as well as the time he was at the Schnee manor and he seemed wary of her when her knight came close to hitting him) so I think he was trying to look ‘harmless’ in that moment. But when she referred to Mantle as part of her home and continuously proved that she was willing to fight for Mantle, that effectively mitigated any stereotypes he had about her. In the few interactions they had in v7, I don’t think he actually started liking her until she showed him that she actually wanted to help Mantle and by then, he had to fight her. Before that fight at the end of v7, she was ‘just another Schnee’ to him. But when she said ‘this is my home and I’m not giving it up without a fight’, she showed that she considered Mantle home and she sure as hell didn’t want to leave it behind. She started out as an ally he didn’t seem to like but after their fight in v7, she became an enemy he did not want to fight at all. I sometimes wonder if he would have befriended her if he'd known sooner?
Although his apprehensions were not entirely uncalled for: Weiss was the heiress for some time. She probably appeared on the Atlas media a lot. Her dad had her sing for public appearances a lot. She was famous in that kingdom! Everyone had probably heard her singing, saw her on interviews, and watched her fight. The Schnee family had a lot of social influence, too. But the SDC was also known for bad ethics, especially towards faunus and Weiss used to be guilty of being racist towards faunus. To normal humans of that kingdom, she was royalty... but to the faunus of that kingdom, as far as they were concerned, they were looking at the next corrupt billionaire that would be in charge of their livelihood. Sure, it’s unfair to Weiss to assume such things before knowing her but with her being in the spotlight in Atlas as heiress for some years, she wound up getting a lot of negativity associated with her. I can’t blame Marrow for generalizing her but it must have been ironic for him to figure out that he was unfairly making assumptions about her... which probably only piled onto the guilt of having to fight against team RWBY at the start of v8.
I really hope he does get a chance to be her friend when they meet again. But, since he’s a side character, I won’t get my hopes too high.
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