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a quick guide to . . .
- Planetary Hours.
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what are planetary hours?
each hour of the day is ruled by a specific planet. every planet holds a different energy, resulting in each hour holding a different influence. planetary hours are great to schedule important meetings or dates, to study, manifest, post content, etc. and it's a technique often used by wealthy people to boost their success ✨ this practice dates back to hellenistic astrology; as such, we'll only take in consideration the seven classical planets: the sun, the moon, mercury, venus, mars, saturn and jupiter. in this reading I'll show you how to calculate planetary hours, what they mean and how you can use them based on your birth chart 💫.
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calculating planetary hours
calculating planetary hours is extremely easy, and also free. first of all, I suggest using the website planetaryhours.net. you just have to select the date of the day you want to check and the place of your location, and you'll automatically get a chart of all the planetary hours of the chosen day. apple users also have access to the planetaro app, which pretty much works the same. the advantages of this app are the possibility to enable notifications, in order to be noticed whenever it is a certain planetary hour, and you can also add an aesthetic widget to your home screen to always keep an eye on them.
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how to make the best out of planetary hours
☉ sun hour: great for being in the spotlight, creativity, confidence and self-expression. during sun hour, try to schedule your job interviews, post your social media content to reach more engagement, work on your creative projects to be more inspired; talk to authoritative figures during this hour (for example to ask your boss for a raise). sun hour is also great for manifesting success, fame, popularity and confidence.
☽ moon hour: great time to spend with your family or at home in general. you can book a table at a restaurant during moon hour, since it's also the hour for food, you can have a meal with your family, or also cook, as the food cooked during this hour turns out very delicious. moon hour is also great for serene naps, with frequent dreams. in fact, during this hour we tend to be more in tune with our imagination and intuition. as such, you can also read tarots or your birth chart with better results during moon hour. this is also a great time for journaling and writing down your feelings.
☿ mercury hour: this is the best time for communication and learning of any kind. it's the best hour to study, you may find yourself easily more focused on the topics you're studying. this is also the best time to write essays or any kind of formal document. if you have to write and send an important email or message, this is the best time to do it. this is also the best hour to take a lesson or an exam, if you can schedule them at your leisure. this is also a good time to write content for your blog (it's mercury hour as I'm writing this rn!) and for creative writing. this is also a good hour to sell items and to make deals in general.
♀︎ venus hour: during venus hour you can do a bunch of things! first of all, it's the best time for love, therefore you can schedule a date, a marriage during venus hour in order to make it turn out well. it's also a great hour for creative activities and for entertainment in general. during venus hour you may attend a concert, go watch a movie, go shopping, throw a party... it's also the best time to book an appointment with the hairdresser, with your nail tech and anything that involves beauty. this is also a good time to grow your social media, create and post content and manifest luxury and money.
♂︎ mars hour: great for physical activity; if you workout, make sure to do it during mars hour for better stamina and results. this also applies for sports and competitions of any kind. mars hour also makes you more assertive, so it's a good hour to make decisions and plan your week, do something that you always procrastinate. on the other hand, remember that mars is also a malefic planet: try to avoid confrontations that may escalate into an argument, as during this hour it's easier to get stressed or lose our temper.
♃ jupiter hour: jupiter hour is obviously the lucky hour of the day! it's the best time to manifest abundance and wealth, you may want to play the lottery during this time. this is also a good time to launch your business, do anything that you may want to grow and turn into success. that can implicate studying for an important test, investing your money... during jupiter hour you can also pursue spiritual activies like meditation, astrology, yoga, tarot reading, etc. in addition, it's the best time to study a foreign language and planning trips.
♄ saturn hour: during saturn hour we tend to feel more disciplined; as a result, it's the best time to do your house chores, complete a project you are procrastinating, organize your week and your plans for the future. saturn usually makes things slow, therefore if you want to do something swiftly make sure not to do it during this hour. instead, do things that you want to take slow and nurture with time. saturn also rules karma, therefore be mindful of what you do and what happens during this hour. most of the time, significant events that occur during saturn hours are karmic events that were meant to be.
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a little trick
to make the most out of planetary hours, look at your birth chart and act based on your personal planets. for example, let's suppose you want to cut your hair. you can book your appointment during venus hour, but what I suggest you to do is to look at the sign your venus falls in. for example, if your natal venus is in virgo, it means it's ruled by mercury, and therefore mercury hour will activate your natal venus and give you its benefits. in this way, you'll be able to match the energy of your birth chart to planetary hours for better results.
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if you made it until here, thank you! hope you enjoyed the post ✨ don't hesitate to ask more questions if something's not clear, my ask box is always open.
also, I do complete birth chart readings for only a few $, therefore if you're interested in having your chart read by me you can get all the info on my pinned post. 🦋
last but not least, if you liked this post make sure to follow me for more content! - libramc xx
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Fig. 23. Mars and the paths of the Martian satellites as at present situated. Flowers of the sky. 1879.
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Reasons planets can cause Depression
When planets are damaged and are starved in your horoscope. They can't be fulfilled and cause you depression. Often serious depression is a combination or multiple starved and struggling planets.
Sun Causing Depression
Does not have a true identity or sense of self
Self confidence is low. Feels can make no difference
Feels like has nothing special to offer
Receives no recognition or attention for uniqueness
Does not feel seen and feels invisible
Lack of charisma to draw attention from others
Vitality is low and can't take action to make a difference
Father was weak and ineffective in helping build your own authority
Moon Causing Depression
Struggles to fulfill basics likes or dislikes
Often doesn't even know what is liked or disliked
Struggles to adapt and feels left behind
Really bad at self soothing and cant comfort emotions
Emotions aren't received by others and feels alone
Lacks empathy and loses relationships, adding to loneliness
Moods are unstable and ruins consistency in life
Nourishment was lacking and feels unloved/cared for
Feels unsafe and hides from the public
Mother was ineffective in nurturing and caring, can't be a source of comfort or safety throughout life
Mercury Causing Depression
Cant keep up with speed of life, things move to fast
Feeling overburdened by information
Struggles with retaining information (which can actually be good for some forms of depression…)
Unable to make a decision
Makes poor decisions that make no sense
Has ideas that are not well received and make no money
Lacking friends and social associations
Doesn't have a solid following on social media
Not feeling heard or others
Has no one to talk to and banter with
Venus Causing Depression
Feels no pleasure in life
Never feels happy with anything
No passion for anything
Lack of love or sex life
Lacks satisfying social relationships
No marriage
Has bad relationships with women
Blocked from living by values
Has no car, bike or way of getting around
Lack of possessions or luxuries
Does not feel beautiful or well received
Mars Causing Depression
Lack of courage and struggles with assertiveness
Will is blocked from manifesting outwardly
Environment is restrictive and cuts off actions
Faces situations cant fight through and overcome
Situations you cant overcome end up continuously beating and wearing you down
Opponents are stronger and defeat you every time
Jupiter Causing Depression
Feels like there is no purpose in life
Nothing brings a feeling of great fulfillment
Nothing in life offers hope for a better future
Blocked from prospering due to the environment
No luck or opportunity in life
Educational opportunities are lacking to grow intellectually
Gurus or teachers fail you and teach you nothing worthwhile
Not well received for philosophies or beliefs in life
Philosophies are very negative and dont raise optimism level
Saturn Causing Depression
Negativity is intense causes a heaviness
Feel old and lack the energy and motivation to do anything
Have disabilities and are not able to live a functional life
Feeling of pressure is overwhelming and crushing
Constantly dealing with delays and impedes progress
Cant built any foundations or anything substantial
Time is not on your side and does not work with you
Fears are overpowering and very restricting
A feeling of famine and not having enough
Never feel perfect or good enough
Lack of structure in life
Things are disorganized and all over the place
North Node (Rahu) Causing Depression
Have a constant feeling of lack or emptiness that cant be fulfilled
Material Desires are never materialized or never satisfying when achieved
Assumes what will happen and disappointed when things dont turn out that way
Goals beyond reach cant possible be fulfilled and feel hopeless
Pushes boundaries but in runs into a wall
Forced to fall into roles of tradition against desires
Gains no attention for actions in the public sphere
Innovations are denied attention or gain no recognition by societ
Risks taking in life fail and come up short, destroy the life
South Node (Ketu) Causing Depression
Bored and disinterested when being forced to do things
Is very critical and only sees the negative in things
Absolutes and Perfection is not realistic and achievable
To much time in inward and insolation disconnects socially and society
The past is traumatizing and clung to intensely. Stops from moving forward
Misremembers the past and other people challenge their perspective on it
Lose of desire of the physical world and has no interesting being alive
Is so certain of how things happen in the past and woken up that its all illusion
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Haaaayyy, Elysian!! (can I call you that, by the way? I'mma just stick with that for now, but if u have something you prefer to go by, just let me know)
I stumbled across your page quite some time ago, and never got around to actually sending you an ask until now!! Let me just say something. Your posts--FAB!! Your astrology blog is one of the most spectacular things i've ever come across, and I'm not even lyingg
As for my ask, though: I know your posts take dedication and time, but if you've ever got a spare minute, would you mind doing a quick explanation of Mars in the 3H?? I've never seen it explained in a thorough way besides the "aggressive communicator" stereotype, and you're just amazing at explaining things. I'd be forever grateful!!
Hello love, yes, you can call me like that. Thank you so much for your words, I genuinely appreciate them. And of course I can do it.
Mars in the 3rd house
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here we find natives with a quick intellect and mind, someone who understands things easily and who tends to prefer to learn independently. These natives are people who get bored easily and find it difficult to concentrate on only one thing at the same time, their mind seems to be simultaneously exploring many different topics. They love and are passionate about learning new things, it is not surprising that they take you off guard with new random data that you were unaware of. They are very frank and direct people in their way of speaking, they like to be clear with what they want to say. They can speak very fast and it can be normal for them to naturally have a strong tone of voice [this can vary depending on the sign the 3rd house/Mars is in or if Mars is retrograde]. They may be people who dislike sitting still, seem to have a lot of energy, and look for ways to spend it [either physically or mentally]. We have the passionate communicator, the one who transmits fire when talking about what he likes, a person extremely passionate about his hobbies and interests, someone who when he likes a topic it shows in his face, a person with transparent opinions, who gives his point of view clearly, without pretending, simply being authentic.
This Mars placement tells us about a person who could have had many arguments with a brother or even in their school environment. In fact, the relationship with some or all of their siblings could have been somewhat conflictive, they could have had very marked differences or temperaments that collided with each other. Very probably they could have problems with their siblings or at school due to their temperament or the aggressive or hurtful attitudes of peers. Despite the fact that this placement from Mars has a reputation for being very angry or aggressive in their speech, they are people who rationalize a lot before acting, they are not as impulsive as others would describe them and rather they are a little more reflective when they feel that they are they are getting angry with quick reflexes, these natives are hardly taken unnoticed. These people can think a lot about the future, they think about many possibilities in the short and long term. Something that in my opinion is very faithful to what is said about them is how good they can be for debates, because they are not afraid to defend their point of view and support it with everything they have. It is not aggressiveness, it is confidence, when they speak they appear to be very confident in what they are saying.
They could have a very active early life or just be very active when they were young. They may have many short trips throughout their lives, they may feel a natural desire for the idea of ​​knowing places that call their attention. They like to leave home and be in contact with the outside world. They never stay with the knowledge they have, they seek to know more and more. They know how to quickly adapt to their environment, no matter who they are with or where they are, they adapt. This also applies in a certain way in sex, being people who do not have a fixed preference for any role, neither dominant nor submissive, rather switcher. They love when a person is a mental challenge or at least when a person is intelligent and original and authentic enough to have their own opinions. They could feel sexually attracted to someone's voice, sense of humor and some could be attracted to pretty hands. Sex with them is something funny, experimental and very interesting, it's never the same, they like to surprise their partners and like to be surprised too. May be verbal in sex too.
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Know a distraction when you see one.
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Losing my shit over Perseverance's pet rock.
I want what they have
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Mars, Nestle, Hershey, Mondelez, and Cargill enslave children for their chocolate production. The Supreme Court protected them 8-1 in June 2021.
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Top TextBubble: Ima Keep it real with you Nestlé, Cargill, Barry Callebaut, Mars, Olam, Hershey and Mondeléz
Lower Text Bubble: This wont make people forget about the child slavery lawsuit.
Child Slavery Lawsuit is in a magenta color while the rest of the text is in black.
The image is very fried or burnt colored and has Kermit the Frog with his left arm extended over and has his hand resting on Pepe The Prawn Kings shoulder.)
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Battle Scar of Mars
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Which one is your favorite?
Photo credit: NASA
via voyager_of_cosmos
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heyo! here’s a list of all the brands owned by Nestlé, Mars, and Hershey
Cerelac (baby food)
Gerber (baby food)
Naturnes (baby food)
Nestlé Pure Life (drinks)
Perrier (drinks)
S. Pellegrino (drinks)
Blue Bottle Coffee (drinks)
Nescafé (drinks)
Nescafé Dulce Gusto (drinks)
Nespresso (drinks)
Starbucks Coffee At Home (drinks)
Milo (drinks)
Nestea (drinks)
Nesquik (drinks)
Carnation (drinks/dairy)
Coffee-Mate (drinks/dairy)
Nido (drinks/dairy)
La Laitière (drinks/dairy)
Cheerios (cereal)
Fitness (cereal)
Lion (cereal)
Nesquik Cereal (cereal)
Aero (confectionery)
Cailler (confectionery)
KitKat (confectionery)
Milkybar (confectionery)
Toll House (confectionery)
Smarties (confectionery)
Quality Street (confectionery)
Orion (confectionery)
Nestlé Les Recettes de l’Atelier (confectionery)
Dreyer’s (ice cream)
Extrême (ice cream)
Häagen-Dazs (ice cream)
Mövenpick (ice cream)
Nestlé Ice Cream (ice cream)
Buitoni (food)
Herta (food)
Hot Pockets (food)
Lean Cuisine (food)
Maggi (food)
Thomy (food)
Stouffer’s (food)
Chef (food)
Chef-Mate (food)
Minor’s (food)
Sjora (food)
Boost (nutrition)
Nutren Junior (nutrition)
Peptamen (nutrition)
Resource (nutrition)
Alpo (pets)
Baker’s Complete (pets)
Beneful (pets)
Beyond (pets)
Cat Chow (pets)
Dog Chow (pets)
Fancy Feast (pets)
Chef Michael’s Canine Creations (pets)
Felix (pets)
Friskies (pets)
Gourmet (pets)
Lucky Dog (pets)
Purina (pets)
Purina ONE (pets)
Pro Plan (pets)
Spillers (pets)
3 Musketeers (confectionery)
Bounty (confectionery)
Dove/Galaxy (confectionery)
Life Savers (confectionery)
M&Ms (confectionery)
Mars (confectionery)
Milky Way (confectionery)
Snickers (confectionery)
Twix (confectionery)
Celebration (confectionery)
Ethel M. (confectionery)
Flyte (confectionery)
Maltesers (confectionery)
Munch (confectionery)
Revels (confectionery)
Topic (confectionery)
Treets (confectionery)
Flavia (drinks)
Ben’s Original/Uncle Ben’s (food)
Kind LLC/KIND Snacks (food)
Combos (food)
Dolmio (food)
Kudos (food)
Promite (food)
Tracker (food)
Seeds of Change (food(?))
CocoaVia (nutrition)
Eukanuba (pets)
Iams (pets)
Pedigree (pets)
Whiskas/Kal Kan (pets)
Catisfactions (pets)
Buckeye Nutrition (pets)
Cesar Canine Cuisine (pets)
Dreamies/Temptations (pets)
Crave (pets)
Dine/Sheba (pets)
Exelcat/Exelpet (pets)
Frolic (pets)
The Goodlife Recipe (pets)
Greenies (pets)
Chappie (pets)
James Wellbeloved (pets)
Nutro (Max, Ultra, and Natural Choice)(pets)
Royal Canin (pets)
Techni-Cal (pets)
Natura (pets)
Optimum (pets)
PrettyLitter (pets)
Advance (pets)
Chum (pets)
My Dog (pets)
Nature’s Table (pets)
Schmackos (pets)
Winergy (pets)
Mars Fishcare (API, RENA, AQUARIAN, PondCare) (pets)
and anything owned by the Wrigley Company:
5 (gum)
Airwaves (gum)
Altoids (confectionery)
Big Red (gum)
Doublemint (gum)
Eclipse (gum)
Excel (gum)
Extra (gum)
Freedent (gum)
Hubba Bubba (gum)
Juicy Fruit (gum)
Life Savers (confectionery)
Lockets (confectionery)
Orbit (gum)
Rondo (confectionery)
Skittles (confectionery)
Spearmint (gum)
Starburst (confectionery)
Tunes (lozenges)
Winterfresh (gum)
Hershey Bar (confectionery)
Hershey’s Kisses (confectionery)
Reese’s (confectionery)
Brookside (confectionery)
Ice Breakers (confectionery)
Breath Savers (confectionery)
Jolly Ranchers (confectionery)
Twizzlers (confectionery)
Good & Plenty (confectionery)
York Peppermint Patties (confectionery)
Almond Joy (confectionery)
Payday (confectionery)
Bark Thins (confectionery)
Lily’s (confectionery)
Dagoba (confectionery)
Bubble Yum (gum)
Skinny Pop Popcorn (food)
Pirate’s Booty (food)
Dot’s Pretzel’s (food)
Paqui (food)
ONE (food)
it would be awesome if we could buy less from these brands, and encourage friends and family to do the same :)
instead of buying from these brands, try:
buying from local brands/small businesses
buy from store brands: most grocery and box store chains have their own food brands that are more affordable than other name brands
buy from brands you know make ethical choices
make things homemade (some of the items on this list are things you can find recipes for online and learn to make yourself)
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For a minute I was so confused on why Mars was trending and thought I missed a major transit or something only to realize they're talking about the chocolate bar.
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love and romance astro observationsˏˋ°•*⁀➷
Tumblr media Tumblr media
disclaimer: These are my personal opinions and observations. Do not plagiarize my writing or repost on other forms of social media under any circumstances.
❥ You can look at your 11th house to possibly tell you your future partner's style of dating. This is because in derivative astrology, the 11th house is 5 houses (pleasures, entertainment, lovers) from the 7th house (relationships/marriage). For example, if your 11th house is in Taurus, your future partner may enjoy going out on dinner dates and sharing sensory experiences; this gives me a couple spa day vibe, such as receiving massages together. If your 11th house is in Capricorn, your potential partner may take dating seriously and want to create a good impression by taking you to highly quality destinations that will be highly meaningful and unforgettable to you. If you have your 11th house in Cancer, your future partner could be a homebody who plans beautiful dates at home or very romantic dates; this gives me walking on the beach together energy.  My bestie has her 11h in Cancer, and her fiancé loves to cook for her and decorates the entire apartment just for a movie date!! 11h in Leo and your partner will wish to give you the best of the best and show you how much better they are than those from the past lmfaoo, very extravagant. These are just examples of how it could manifest.
❥ You can look at your 10th house to get some insight on your future partners childhood (and mother). Again, this is because in derivative astrology the 10th house is 4 houses (childhood) away from the 7th house.  For example, suppose Pluto is in your 10th house, or it's in Scorpio. In that case, your future spouse may have had a highly dominating or forceful mother, their upbringing may have been chaotic and dramatic, and this may be something they attempt to hide at first. If your 10th house is in Leo, your future partner may have a flamboyant mother who could have Leo placements. If the sun is in your 10th house, your future lover may have been favored as a child and regarded as the "golden child." 10th house in Gemini, and your prospective partner may have a mother who is highly talkative, intelligent, and curious. 10th house in Pisces, your future partner might have a very nurturing and sensitive mother. 10th house in Aries and your future partner could have had a chaotic childhood where they were met with little to no patience. But, again, these are just thoughts on how it could manifest; there could be dozens and dozens of examples.
❥ You can look at your 5th house to see what kind of of social life and aspiration your future partner has and even how they make their money from their career (the 5th house is 11 houses from the 7th). For example, if you have your 5th house in Capricorn your future partner could have a much older age group or tend to surround themselves with serious and more mature individuals. 5th house in Aries and your future partner could be the type to make money off their career fast, like frequent direct deposits or just cash. 5th house in pisces and your partner could have a lot of passive income in regards to $ earned from career. 5th house in virgo and your future partner could make money through being of service, forms of aid... their friend group could consist of very grounded and practical individuals. If your 5th house is in Aquarius your future partner could aspire to be a humanitarian or make a living through working with the collective. Uranus in your 5th house and your future partner could work with technology or have very non-traditional dreams and goals. 5th house in Scorpio and your future partner could aspire to help the most marginalized/forgotten in society, they could have a very loyal and small friend group.
❥ You can analyze your 2nd house to determine what kind of energy your future partner or relationship will demand before there is complete unity (both in regards to shared finances and sexually). This is because the 2nd house is 8 houses (aka 8h themes) away from the 7th in derivative astrology. For example, if Venus is in your 2nd house, your potential lover may want you to express your total dedication and demonstrate how much you care and are attracted to them before they take the relationship to the next level. If your 2nd house is in Aries, your potential partner may need you to be extremely straightforward about how you feel and your plans for going forward.  In terms of sex, if it is in Aries or has Mars in it, it may also indicate that your future partner might require some encouragement when it comes to initiating things. If your 2nd house is in Capricorn before any serious financial commitments or sex, your future partner must be certain that they trust you, that you are responsible, and that they are safe with you. If your 2nd house is in scorpio or has pluto in it, your future partner may want to see that there is complete loyalty in the relationship. If your 2nd house is in Libra your future partner might want you to make it official (like announcing your relationship to the world) before investing any time or effort any further, put a ring on it energy lmfaooo.
❥ The house opposite your Venus might represent the verbal & emotional reassurance you wish to receive from your relationship. For example, if your Venus is in your 7th house, you may subconsciously crave a partner who will highlight your unique aspects of you, someone who will encourage you in the moments where you feel like changing your image and are hesitant to do so.  If Venus is in your 9th house, you may want a partner who will listen to your random ideas, reassuring you that you are making sense and that your opinions matter. Venus in the 10th house, and you might desire a lover who inspires you to explore your desires and beliefs... to figure out what you do and do not want to take away from your childhood experiences, someone who may help anchor you. Venus in the 8th house, and you may wish for a lover who hypes you up and spoils you; you need someone who gives you a confidence boost and tells you that you look gorgeous (I mean, they should be doing this anyway, but for you especially because you need to see and feel that you are valued). Venus in the 2nd house, and you crave and require a partner who does not shy away from your intensity and does not dismiss you when you have dark thoughts or express your intimate desires.
❥ You can look at which house your partner Mars is in to see what gives them an ego boost lmfaoo. For example, if your partner has Mars in the 1st house, tell them they are so attractive that their very existence excites you. If they have Mars in the 6th house, compliment their body and tell them they look stunning even when doing mundane things. If they have Mars in the 9th house, praise their intelligence and life philosophies, and tell them how much you have learned from them and appreciate them. If they have Mars in the 8th house, tell them they are magnetic, like no one you have ever met, that you have never desired someone the way you desire them and are 100% loyal to them. If they have Mars in the 11th house, tell them how much they inspire you, how much they drive you to pursue your ambitions, and how no one else thinks like them. If your partner has Mars in the 12th house, tell them how you long for their touch even in your dreams, how they have motivated you to conquer your fears, and how they inspire you to be better.
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