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littlefeatherr · 2 days ago
Captain Rex, Marshal Commander Cody, Commander Wolffe and Captain Gregor in The Clone Wars-style by Cinteltex
Tumblr media
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ilovecatsandbaking · 4 days ago
Cody isn't on board with Anakin planning/mission style, but fine with bad batches
Which means he knew
He was going to give Anakin a taste of his own medicine in a measuring cup x3
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*In the 212th barracks*
Waxer, whispering: hey, don’t you think general’s saber look like that when he holds it like this??
Boil: *gasps* wha- commander’s gonna kick your horny ass if he hears that! You can get decommissioned vod!! You can’t say something like that about the GENERAL-
Cody, passing by the door carrying paperwork: *crashes straight into the wall*
Cody, flat on the ground:
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obes-kenobes-benos · 11 days ago
Cody: Guys, do you think I’m a badass?
Anakin: Yeah, sure
Obi-Wan, distractedly: No, I think your ass is great.
Obi-Wan: Sorry, what was the question?
Anakin: I’m going to leave you two alone…
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rain-on-kamino · 13 days ago
Time after time for the WIP ask game
Ohhhh... this is going to be a very self insert story with the Marshal Commander Cody!
Maybe I should make it as an OC/myself.
She's accountant for the GAR and and gets exasperated with all the shit for annual accounts. When she is in the office again late at night, Cody comes across to help her.
And during the next months he visits her sometimes between deployments. But everytime they might come closer... his comm buzzes, he’s sent off to duty... or whatever.
And they both finally crave to share a long overdue kiss... and more... if the moment ever comes.
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kote-wan · 22 days ago
for the colour pallet thing, A7 and Waves for our beloved Kote please 🧡
Tumblr media
🙏 always grateful for an excuse to draw lord and saviour kote, ty goldleaf <3
from the emotion/colour palette post 🧡
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coline7373 · 29 days ago
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dalidalia359 · a month ago
I did a thing?
Obi-wan turned his eyes to Rex, who was sporting a black eye and a gash on his cheek. The good captain seemed to be holding back a smile, Obi-wan had not seen Rex so relaxed since the whole Ana- Vader fiasco.
“Everything’s good, General.” Rex said with a small nod.
“Good?” Came Wrecker’s booming voice from the ship, Obi-wan noted one of his arms was on a sling, the rest of the bad batch also looked injured, even if just mildly, but were also smiling softly. “We took the beating of the century.” He laughed regardless.
“That cannot possibly be accurate.” Tech interjected, readjusting his cracked goggles. “But it is rather impressive that one man could cause so much damage.” At his side Crosshair huffed but nodded once in reluctant respect, Hunter also grunted an agreement.
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bubblymochicat · a month ago
Tired Marshal Commander Cody who has not slept in like 5 days looking count Dooky (Dooku) dead in the eyes after he outright lies to his face: This is some bippity boppity bullshit
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shadestepping · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I couldn’t resist 💋
[ Crosshair ] • [ Gregor ] • [ Echo ] • [ Fives ] • [ Howzer ]
[ Rex ] • [ Wolffe ]
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thecodyagenda · a month ago
hey lynn! here are some cody thoughts for you:
i think cody would listen to speighties (space eighties) music
cody's 100% a cereal before the milk kinda guy but rex is the opposite and they argue about this frequently
cody's tendency for being "the normal one" comes from him growing up and trying to avoid being noticed by the kaminoans in a way that could result in re/deconditioning. it's a survival mechanism he can't let go of (imo)
thanks so much for sending these, zip!! so correct.
Cody blasts sp80s music on the way to a mission/battle and rex groans like "cody why can't you play some NEW music like Speyonce (space beyonce)" and cody looks at him and says "rexy old boy, the day i listen to some new-fangled pop singer complaining that their partner doesn't holo-call them enough instead of sp80s rock music yelling about making out with a stranger is the day a droid kicks me in the head."
Rex and Cody staring at each other from across the mess as Cody pours his milk into the cereal and Rex pours the cereal into his milk. ("but i'll get stronger bones, cody!" "its the same amount of milk dumbass [affectionate]") Meanwhile Fox is in Coruscant pouring hot coffee into his cereal.
And yes, Cody isn't boring he's just the competent survivalist in a universe where teenagers and pre-teens get laser swords and commit war crimes.
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tobitheninjakitten · 2 months ago
*banging pots and pans*
*slams fist on table*
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Cody and Obi-wan are definitely the type of couple who's shameless enough to fuck around and make out literally everywhere.
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obes-kenobes-benos · 23 days ago
Wooley: We were helping Cody write his vows, but he kicked us out because Gregor kept making inappropriate suggestions.
Gregor: How is "Obi-Wan, I love your sweet ass" inappropriate?
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chopper-base · 2 months ago
Cody update since yall asked!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He's an absolute cuddle monster! We have found he also has an obsession with licking my septum ring? Idk-
He's finally figure out how to jump on the window hammock and will sunbath there for hours!
He's also a food thief. He steals all the other kitty's food along with mine-
He loves his sibling, Pidge, and his new friend Maui (who is temporarily staying with us while their owner is out of state). My cat, Nerys, hates that I brought more cats home but she is getting over it (slowly).
(The little bugger almost fell in the trashcan this morning in an attempt to get on the counter)
(If you can see my phone number on his collar, no you can't)
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dikut · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
cody! <333
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lightasthesun · 2 months ago
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