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#martial arcs

monster au

this au belongs to @i-like-the-stars

i’m not gonna go into deets, if you have questions about this au you can drop em in mine or i-like-the-stars’ ask box.
basically ren is a vampire, nora is a werewolf, and jaune is a human (he’s not in any of these drawings tho lol)

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jaune: i made tea

rin: i can see. what kind?

jaune: i boiled gaterade

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Jaune always knew there was someone out there for him. Ever since he was little, he always felt other emotions in his head, ones that were foreign to him but… oddly comforting. Knowing there was someone out there for him. And he made it his goal to find his other half. 

Jaune spent years trying to get himself ready to meet his other half. Took lessons from his dad on how to woo women. Read adventure stories. Attempted, and failed, to learn how to fight. As each day passed by, he would feel new emotions that would pour through his mind, slowly distracting him. It wasnt long before he took Crocea Mors and ran away from home to find the one he was meant to be with. 

Jaune smiled as he walked onto Beacon campus, still nervous and still a bit sick from the flight. But today, things were different. Today, he felt the pull of his soulmate, knowing exactly where he could find them. 


Lie Ren felt a strange pull as he started walking closer to the cafeteria. He stopped in his tracks for a moment and turned around, following this new feeling. He could feel the emotions of someone being nervous and… sick? He shook his head to clear his mind and kept following the pull. 

Once Ren made his way to the courtyard, he stopped when he saw a tall, blonde, noodle boy wandering around like he was lost. He smiled and walked over to him, stretching his and out. “My name is Ren. And yours?” 

The blonde looked at him and smiled, taking his hand. “Jaune. Jaune Arc. Rolls off the tongue and the ladies love it.” 

“Do they?”

Jaune shrugged. “I’m not sure. Never really was into girls.” 

Ren chuckled a little bit, knowing who this boy was to him. “Since orientation doesnt start for another couple hours, why dont we get to know each other a bit?” 

“I’d love that.” 

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thinking about how jaune and ren kissed in rwby chibi

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martial arcs be like *gentle shoulder touch*

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Just some good old Martial Arcs angst.


[Image ID 1: Ren in his volume 7/8 outfit with slightly messed hair. He has a face of realisation mixed with confusion and his hand on his heart. There are pink and blue petals scattered around him and he is crying.]

[Image ID 2: Jaune and Ren in their volume 7/8 outfits. Ren’s braid has come undone. His hands and face are covered in blood. He is back lit with yellow. Ren is cradling Jaune with one hand on his shoulder and the other in his hair. Half of Jaune’s face is completely burnt and the other side is covered in blood. He is looking up at Ren with a soft apologetic expression. His armour, clothing and hair is covered in blood and he is lit with pink. They are surrounded by a white circle with a backdrop of yellow and pink leaves.]

I love them your honour. The first one is actually Ren realising he likes Jaune maybe a little too late when he feels something off. And the next he’s just cradling his dying crush who just got out of a fight with Cinder.
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I don’t know how anyone can say Jaune is straight. His symbol is literally a rainbow and he wears it proudly. Mr. ‘I don’t need to make contact to use my semblance but I’m going to squeeze Ren’s shoulder anyways and let him sit on my bike.’

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“Ren needs therapy!!” he has Jaune’s fat tits he’s fine

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JanuRWBY: Day Four

… y’see I am damn sure this was put here to spite specifically me. But whatever, let’s try this.

My favourite “palerom” ship is Lancaster. They’re cute, they’re both dorks, and I have this headcannon that Jaune carries her on his shoulders whenever they’re on missions together.

My favourite “redrom” ship can change on the daily, but if we go by wlm to mlm to wlw, I’ll go with Blacksun for wlm, Martial Arcs for mlm, and Hot Chocolate for wlw.

And we are NOT going to “blackrom”. That’s a whole mess.

Overall, though, the ship that’s always in my heart and mind despite the circumstances and the ship I draw a lot of inspiration from is Fair Game. Makes my heart go badum badum no matter how it’s presented.

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All of my ships are either:

Character I relate to x Character I would date


Character I want as a friend x Character I relate to


hnggggg somft

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Bro, is it gay to hold onto your best friend’s weapon?


icb Martial Arcs is basically canon. Now kiss. :3

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Jaune: Someone please peer pressure me into doing my homework

Ren: Do it or your straight

Jaune: I said peer pressure not threaten

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