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#maru rambles
djsadbean · 2 years ago
irl stardew valley birthdays headcanon list
Harvey: February 14th
Shane: March 20th
Alex: June 13th
Sam: August 17th
Elliot: November 5th
Sebastian: December 10th
Emily: April 27th
Haley: May 14th
Maru: July 10th
Penny: September 2nd
Abigail: October 13th
Leah: December 23rd
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authenticalyn-blog · 3 years ago
Things of Interest + Headcanons for Octopath Traveler - Part 2
Part 2 of the other ‘things that caught my interest along with my headcanons for them’ post. Due to the length, I’m cutting it again! Sorry! Also, there are some guaranteed spoilers here for the other characters.
She has the House Azelhart Dagger with her all the time. It’s listed in the valuables category in your inventory and the description says that it is ‘a dagger engraved with the crest and motto of House Azelhart.’ This could be her only possession and remembrance of her father after his death and probably the only identifying mark of her being part of House Azelhart. Could you imagine, having a weapon the only thing you could have as a memento of your deceased father? It’s tormenting because Primrose probably didn’t have any kind of picture on her of his father or that the actual mementos she did have of him were probably taken away by Helgenish in order for her to focus more on her dances. This could also be her everyday reminder of what had happened ten years ago, on that day where she lost everything.
She also still has Yusufa’s handkerchief. It’s in the valuables as well along with the House Azelhart Dagger. It’s described to be ‘threadbare, but soft and gentle to the touch’. Another memento of someone dear to her that she lost. However, unlike the last time, she managed to avenge her and now Primrose’s dear friend and herself are free. Not only that, Yusufa would forever live on in Primrose’s heart and that handkerchief would always remind her of Yusufa herself, not just her kindness.
We’ve heard it a few times already from Zeph that, in the past, Alfyn was a little troublemaker before the Great Pestilence came to their village and got almost everyone sick. He might not have been the type to simply play anything mean on a lot of people, but from the constant teasing Zeph gave about it, it seems pretty evident that he was quite a nuisance to the others. Just picture him probably stealing a fish from the fishermen’s catch of the day, or possibly annoying Alec and running off with his pipe for a day so he would give his lungs a rest or to simply just annoy him, and tricking or scaring Zeph from time to time - he’d hide in the bushes one day and suddenly jump out and scare the living daylight’s out of the poor kid.
Alfyn is the youngest male traveller, but he is also the second tallest among the whole group with H’aanit and Cyrus just barely reaching his height. According to his profile on the official Octopath Traveler site, he’s only 21-years old - just a year younger than Therion. Besides from Olberic, he’s probably the one that most of the smaller travellers - like Tressa and Ophilia - would ask whenever they need help grabbing something off a high shelf (also, another reason why he gets asked more often to grab things is that the other are a bit intimidated with Olberic). He also seems like the type to use his height to tease the others (like Therion, that poor hobo thief).
He likes apples. That’s a fact at this point from the official art and the descriptions of the Therion-based meals in the Octopath Traveler Cafe. (The fictional bartender describes how Therion is always munching on apples whenever he’s in their tavern). When he was probably younger and less experienced with stealing, Therion might have not a great opportunity to taste them. Now that he’s a master thief and all that, he takes every opportunity he gets to enjoy such delicious fruit.
Despite being 22, he’s the smallest male traveller. A stunted growth or from his own genes, either way, his height isn’t something to be desired. Primrose is just as tall as him and Ophilia also almost reaches him and the both of them are around the same age as the thief. Just imagine the many teasings he must get for being tiny, especially when he’s with Alfyn - the second tallest of the travellers and the one who’s a year younger than Therion. The apothecary probably props his chin on Therion to piss him off.
From what we’ve seen, common people can understand her clan’s speech. At least some people who seemed to have associated with them before, like Eliza of the Knights Ardante. For people who have never even heard of the way her clan speaks, it would definitely be jarring. Imagine that when she groups up with the rest of the travellers. There are possibilities for miscommunication, but H’aanit would always remain calm when that happens and understands the barriers. I also feel that her interactions with the travellers could help her loosen her tongue a bit, which both helps her with communicating with people outside of her tribe and thus avoid some miscommunications further.
There is a charm tied to Linde’s tail. H’aanit probably did tie it herself and did not want the charm to be just around Linde’s neck for the reason that H’aanit accepts she is not a house pet so she should not be leashed or at least have anything tied to her neck like what most owners do to their pets to show that they own them - Linde is a snow leopard that (possibly) grew up in the wild and should not be treated as such and that she is more than a pet, Linde is H’aanit’s partner and friend.
H’aanit probably dislikes the practice of having to leash animals or tie something around their neck to show that they are owned by someone. She firmly believes that animals are like humans as well - they are not meant to be owned by anyone and should just be treated more like partners and friends instead of just as household pets - but she understands the reason behind them.
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formationb · 2 months ago
not me thinking the king of curses (a sadistic ancient demon) is cute
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captain-mcgintley · 14 days ago
The raw power in Look What You Made Me Do is as intense as in The Archer, but (obviously) in different ways: one is channeled towards burning everything to the ground and the other caters more to the insistence on begging the other person to be trustworthy. I feel and love both almost equally, as I feel both these things very often.
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kuviras-btch · 24 days ago
I had a full ass gay panic while drawing kuvira
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ultra-despair-kins · 2 years ago
I cant get to the rules page on mobile (>×
Tumblr media
-Be respectful! All of the mods work very hard on this blog, and we do our very best with each edit we post. We all dedicate our free time on this blog too, so please show some kindness towards us.
-We do prefer specifics regarding requests! It’s alright if you aren’t sure what you want, but please do have a small idea! Asks like “Edit of Toko Fukawa” aren’t that great, and often make us confused! Please include what type of edit, and what character at the very least. Extra info is appreciated!
-If we happen to make a mistake, let us know! We never hold any ill will towards anyone, and we are always open to listen and fix our mistakes. We will do our best to fix the problem effectively and efficiently if there is one.
-Feel free to chat with us! We don’t bite at all! (Note from Maru; Buki and Monaka are the sweetest ever so trust me when I say we’re all cool
-We will NOT request requests relating to: NSFW, Pedophilia, Racism, Ableism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Facism, TERF ideaolgy, MAPS, NOMAPS, Abuse, Incest, etc. Depending on the circumstance we may do requests revolving around recovery, but it depends on the situation. We will also not be doing requests involving Haiji Towa.
Mod Buki; Abuse of any kind , Touko x Byakuya (hhhh it just really bothers me- its canonically abusive and really nasty- im really sorry if you like that pairing but it just makes me reallly uncomfy-) , Kotokos trauma (as a kotoko kin its really h- it just really got to me hhh)
Mod Monaka; *TBD*
Mod Maru; The word “Fingering”, Eye / Nail gore, Animal Abuse (Dogs specifically), Souda x Gundham, and Tenko x Men. I most likely won’t do Kokichi x Women ship requests, but it depends. Friendship requests are fine!
what we can do
-Aesthetics / Moodboards
-Icons (Sprite, Anthology, Pride, Circle, Gif)
-Wallpapers (Phone, Desktop, etc)
-Headers (Heart Eyes, Gif, Still)
-Edit Sets
-Pendulum Readings
-Kin Matchups / Kin commonalities
-Head Canons
-Self Care Kits
-Fashion Sets
-Canon Calls
-Doodles ✿
-Sprite Edits ✿
✿ = Takes a while to do / Won’t always do your request
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kuviras-btch · 26 days ago
the urge to finish dancing with kuvira so that I can star writing the sequel is HIGH
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ultra-despair-kins · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Hello hello my name is stupid and I forgot about this blog for a bit--
I’m so so sorry for being gone for so long! (Nearly two months, I think?) I’ve been very busy with IRL stuff + my other kin blog that I forgot to announce I was on summer break! It’s nearly half way over, but I still have some time to do things:tm:. When I do eventually go back to school, I might be a little busier, but that’s for the future. I’m not gonna stress about it now while on vacation!
Tumblr media
Anyway, feel free to send some requests our way! Mod Matsu hasn’t been able to do much here yet, and we’d love love love it if you could send a couple things in! As always, please read our rules before requesting~! Thank you very very much, have a good day!
-Mod Komaru ❀      
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ultra-despair-kins · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
...Hi! I’m so sorry for being silent for a bit.. I feel really bad for not saying anything for a while... I’ll try to make this quick.
I want to say that I may need to take a small break from the blog. It will only be a couple of weeks, though. I’m NOT leaving the blog! I just need some time to focus on school. I want to let you all know what’s up just so no one worries about me.
Thank you very much for your patience, guys. I appreciate it a lot, and I promise I’ll be back soon! <3
-Mod Komaru ❀
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kuviras-btch · a month ago
it's almost 9am, I haven't slept at all because I spent the whole night drawing
two drawings of the same character
and I spent approximately eleven hours just drawing
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