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Sorry for not updating for such a long time guys, I have been a little emotionally wasted for some time and I haven’t been able to think of anything that would catch one’s eye.


Is it unhealthy? How much I have been laughing on these?

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Avengers: Endgame “You Used to Fricken Live Here” Exclusive Deleted Scen…


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People aren’t defined and shouldn’t be defined by religion or politics. People should be defined by their character. What’s character? It’s what Joe Biden showed towards Trump when he got sick. He wishes him well and to have a quick and full recovery. They don’t agree with each other and certainly don’t like like each other but Joe Biden didn’t want to see anything happen to Trump. That’s character.

Attacking celebrities for standing up for their friend that they know personally is stupid. So, Chris Pratt is a republican, as was Abraham Lincoln. So Chris goes to a church that is anti-lgbtq. What church isn’t? The point is judge Chris Pratt for his character and what he does as a person not for where he goes to worship or who he votes for.

Jumping on the ‘cancel culture’ bandwagon because someone, as Matthew 7:1 goes, “sins differently than you” isn’t helping anything. It’s toxic and it can be dangerous. Don’t do something because it’s on trend or because other people are doing it. We all need to lead with love not hate. Hate isn’t going to get us anywhere.

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Halloween Prompt: Garden

Author’s Note: More Familiar!Loki! I enjoy this!

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“Alright, students,” Professor Sprout exclaimed, “Your next big project is plant growing! Pick a plant of your choosing, that will be safe to your fellow students, to grow. This could be a project with one partner, or it could be a solo project. That is up to you! Here is where you’ll find your seeds! The student whose plant has the best care will award their house with 25 points!”

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for Hauntober 2020. day twenty one: “garden”

Sequoia plans an engagement party for the boys, though it’s not nearly as big as anyone anticipated.

With a groan, Deke fidgeted with the bottom of his tie and tried to take a deep breath. The party had only barely started and hardly anyone had been shown up yet, but the boredom had set in soon after everything had been set up, and now he just wanted to go home. “Remember when you said I had to wear a tie for date night and then I wouldn’t have to wear one again? What happened to that?”

“You agreed to marriage, that night, remember? That means you have to wear a tie today, for the party, and on our wedding day. And then we’ll go from there.” Shaking his head, Trevor’s fingers found his to give them a small, reassuring squeeze. “Besides, you look nice.”

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Chris Pratt deserves every bit of discourse he is receiving. It’s so weird seeing co-stars back him as if dude was just diagnosed with cancer or jumped in an alleyway. But then again this is Hollyweird.

I see signs. The first time I said “fuck you” to this sociopath was when he gloated about letting his kids befriend lambs and then killing them. His language was that of someone with low empathy. I still have that screenshot on my laptop. Then on top of that he’s gonna defend blatant pedophilia. It all went downhill from there. I would say Anna Farris dodged a bullet but she’s just as fucked up. I’m sure his current wife is too.

Not surprised by Zoe Saldana coddling him like he was attack for no good reason. She was right by his side in defending that fucking pedophile. Zoe go back to crying about why Black people don’t wanna fuck with you. You sad bitch. All of this for Chris Pratt? What does this man have on y’all because he’s not that great or charming. At least not to me. He might’ve charmed you pathetic hoes. He’s useless.

Fuck all of the Marvel cast. I’ve been done with y’all for a while now. Glad everyone is catching up like they always do.

Here’s one of the sociopathic posts this man has made. Y’all need to catch on early. These people show you the level of empathy they have from jump.

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