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mrsscxrletwitch · 4 minutes ago
y’all what if instead of an action movie the marvels was just a kardashians’ style reality show
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nerdyanon · 5 minutes ago
✨Reminder to Marvel that Agatha Harkness better be coming back✨
You’ve got an entire group of wlw who will literally follow our witchy wife anywhere. Give the people what they want. Oh and also, STILL WAITING FOR MERCHANDISE. I’m literally ready to throw my money at you, Disney/Funko/whoever else wants to give us what we deserve.
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tifftac · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
today i offer you a baby sam 
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crazythoughtsandlove · 10 minutes ago
Imagine this with me: you, Sam, Bucky, and Zemo all living in a house together. Sam and Bucky got a house together and brought you along to ‘maintain the peace’ and Zemo is there because of his knowledge and skill set and part of a new deal/prison sentence is now doing work with the Avengers so he’s on house arrest with you all
Now shenanigans would include:
You and Zemo gossiping about Sam and Bucky and how they are an old married couple
Also asking Zemo to teach you Sokovian so you can talk shit in private
Asking Bucky to teach you another language so you can also talk shit in private about Sam and Zemo
You and Sam talking shit about Zemo and Bucky to their faces
Additionally learning to cuss in almost every language
Two words: game night
You stealing all of their clothes
Sam catching you at 3am eating cereal out of the shield because all the bowls were dirty
Spa day
Knife tricks with Bucky
Shield throwing with Sam
Target practice with Zemo
Just training in general with them
Calling Sam ‘America’s tiddies’
Teaching Bucky the toy story scene of ‘can you lend me a hand? *tosses arm*’ and him doing it on a mission at Sam
Quoting John Mulaney which prompts all of you to watch his specials together
Princess Dina bit happens and you, Sam, and Zemo glance over to Bucky who shakes his head
You and Bucky calling Sarah to tattle on Sam
Prank wars
Bucky waking up in the middle of the night to you trying to steal his arm
Falling asleep on any one of them
Zemo being the sugar daddy that he is
Pillow forts
Movie night
Long midnight conversations one on one with them
You soothing them if they have a nightmare and vise versa
Weekend boat trips
Drinking games
Just them drunk and being goofy
Constantly cracking jokes especially you and Sam on serious missions
Zemo catching you in his fur coat and you refusing to take it off
Cooking with Sam
Dancing with Zemo
Reading with Bucky
Asking Bucky about any unsolved murder and if he had anything to do with (he never does)
Quiet Sunday mornings
Marathoning Lord of the Rings/Hobbit trilogies with Bucky
Tea with Zemo
Visiting Sarah and her kids with Sam
You get hurt in a mission, they take care of you for the next few days
You get better after one but still act injured and in pain so they keep doting on you (they know you’re lying and don’t care)
If Bucky gets injured he plays it off and tries to move around so you have to force him to lay down
If Sam gets injured he’ll listen to whatever advice you say, you say he needs to rest then he’ll oblige and take a nap
If Zemo gets injured he won’t get out of bed because he likes you taking care of him
Constantly asking Bucky to open up jars
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mischievous-thunder · 12 minutes ago
Natasha: What do you dread the most?
Loki: That'd be when I ask Thor to get an adult to handle a situation-
Loki: -And then I realise that he's the adult.
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heartonanoose · 13 minutes ago
I haven’t been around for a while. I also have no inspiration for new starters so go take a look at my opens and answer some?
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innerstrawberrypolice · 14 minutes ago
Natasha Romanoff fact #2:
When someone asks you what your favorite avenger is Black widow/Natasha Romanoff if the only right answer
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summerofsnowflakes · 14 minutes ago
Go On, Leave Me Breathless - Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Mob!Bucky Barnes x Reader (OFC)
Warnings: Fighting, Mentions of death, Murder, Anxiety, Violence, Crime, Explicit language (I will add to this if I think of anything else.)
Word Count: 3.3K 
Previous Part | GOLMB Masterlist
A/N: Two chapters in one week? Look at me go!! 
Chapter 2: Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover
Location: Howard Beach, Queens
Jarvis was in the driver’s seat for the journey home. While he drove back at his normal pace, to the average person, he drove dangerously fast and completely out of control. Tony and Y/n had grown accustomed to it over the years, they barely noticed the way their bodies were being flung from side to side. Peter on the other hand hadn’t been driven by Jarvis before, he’d had no time to adjust. When they pulled up, he looked like he was going to empty the contents of his stomach onto the driveway.
Meanwhile, Steve was certain he’d broken every speed limit on the way over, so that he could keep up with Jarvis. Collectively, Steve and Natasha tumbled out of the car, clumsily landing on their feet. Sam and Bucky followed them in a similar fashion, both mimicking Peter’s rather green complexion.
Bucky stood up straight, swaying in place as he struggled to maintain his balance. He stared up at Stark’s house, centering his breathing slowly. It’s extravagance was undeniable. Although he didn’t care much for the view of the house itself, he continued to stare up at it, breathing it in and listening to the world around him. There was nothing but quiet for miles and for the first time in a long time, he felt relief break over him like a tall wave.
In truth, it was too muted, the feeling of calm would soon become uncomfortable and he’d be craving the overwhelming sounds of the city. At least he could drown out his mind that way, in the long silence his mind would only scream louder. But, for the moment, he would welcome the serenity as though it were an old friend.
The salty, damp air stuck to his skin like early morning dew. His lungs expanded, growing desperate for more of the clean oxygen. They’d only travelled a short distance from Steinway, but this felt like it was world’s apart.
Steve’s request played on a loop in her mind, Y/n’s gaze found Bucky once again. She smiled softly noticing the difference in his body language. He wasn’t hunched over, hiding himself from their prying eyes. Instead his shoulders stood taller, his chest puffed out wider as he deeply breathed in the clean coastal air. She fell behind the group as they walked up to the house, her gaze following his as they walked. He was transfixed by the long emerald grass as it blew softly in the wind. She sensed he found comfort in nature, just as she did.
The Stark mansion was nothing short of luxurious. Located in the gated community of Howard beach, it backed onto a private beach that spanned the length of the house. The ebb and flow of the water could be heard from any room in the house when it was quiet enough. Since the death of Tony’s parents, it was nearly always silent.
The exterior was constructed of an orange shaded brickwork. It was warm and inviting, juxtaposing the cool dark frames that decorated the window panes. Many, many years ago, Maria Stark had designed every fixture and feature of the house that stood proudly on the beachfront. She’d strived to create the perfect looking home to match her seemingly perfect family.
When she passed away, Tony had done his best to preserve the house for her, particularly the front garden. He could still picture her sitting in her study, smiling softly as she watched the colours of plants alter to fit the passing seasons. Tony wouldn't say it out loud, but he believed his mother would be at peace, if he could maintain the house's pastoral beauty.
Following the initial meeting, Tony offered to host Steve's family for dinner. There was a promise of no shop talk. As hard as they’d tried over the years to get along, Steve and Tony agreed on very little.
Their mutual respect for one another was surface level, nothing more than a publicity stunt. They had different management styles. Tony hid behind a barrier of quippy remarks, surviving on an alarming amount of luck. Steve couldn’t approve of that approach, he’d spent years learning, crafting his leadership. There was no mistake that he was the boss and he revelled in people’s fear of him. Running the mob was a serious job, not a stand up gig.
Ultimately though, it was their similarities that drove the real rift. Steve, like most people, found Tony’s narcissism intolerable, failing to see that he too suffered the same affliction. They were both driven by emotion and controlled by stubbornness.
But for tonight, that would all be left at the front door. There was no need to end a day of breaking bread, on the sour notes of disagreements.
Tony stepped into the foyer of his house, holding his arms out proudly claiming the space as his own. The large grin on his face faltered as his energy was left unmatched. He turned away from the group, hiding his embarrassment and coughed loudly.
“Can we get those off him now?” He inquired, waving his hand over his shoulder in the direction of Bucky’s wrists.
Sam’s chest immediately puffed out aggressively as he watched Steve silently remove the restraints. His arms crossed over his chest making him appear larger,  his curled biceps tensed as he prepared for the worst.
But Bucky’s hands dropped from Steve’s grip and immediately fell to his sides. He raised his head to meet Sam’s angry eyes, challenging him.
“Jarvis, will you show Barnes up to his room please.” Tony called out, still facing away from the group. Unknowingly cutting through the tension that hung thickly in the air and missing Bucky and Sam’s fatal staring competition. “Oh and please give Antonia and Michael a call. Tell them we need them urgently.”
“Consider it done sir.” Jarvis replied with a curt nod. “This way Mr. Barnes.”
Bucky began to follow the man but stopped again as his brain intercepted, instead he frantically turned to the familiar faces of his family. He searched for signs of malice, as he  waited for the world to come crashing down around him. To wake up from this cruel dream and come face to face with his torturers. When he saw nothing but blank, confused stares, he silently followed the old man.
“My tailor and barber.” Tony explained as he began to walk off down the hall. Y/n and Peter followed quickly after him, signaling the remainder of the group to do the same. “Barnes could do with a spruce up if he’s going to be staying with us… And child size clothes aren’t a good look.”
“Tony that’s very kind of you, but please let me send a few things over for him or at least bill it to us. He’s my man after all.” Steve reasoned, catching up with Tony.
“Nonsense Steve! We can spare a small fortune to get the man looking smart, right?” Tony paused, his eyes flickering to Y/n as he silently asked for her permission. “Plus the red white and blue would stand out in Queens.”
As much as Steve hated the idea, he couldn’t argue with Tony’s logic. He knew deep down if they were to hide Bucky here successfully, then he’d have to blend in. He shuddered at the thought of his best friend donning the red and gold colours of Queens.
The night was meant to be a celebration of sorts, but the atmosphere hanging over the room was far from jovial. Peter had tried to keep everyone talking. However, after the first twenty minutes, he'd exhausted all the talking points he’d thought of during Tony’s tour.  
He’d spoken with all of the guests, with the exception of Bucky, who had stared right through him, ignoring his very existence. Eventually, he’d settled in a chair opposite Natasha, resuming his earlier actions of staring down at the floor, bouncing his legs nervously.
Y/n stood beside Tony on one side of the room as they conversed in hushed tones about their new guest. It was imperative to both of them that they had a plan of action. Y/n sensed that Tony had already formulated a plan, but he wasn’t ready to share it yet. Only giving her a few pieces of the puzzle.
Thoughts of Bucky invaded her mind once again, successfully setting up camp in the forefront of her mind. Carefully, she peered in his direction with the intention of looking away immediately. However, once she had him in her sights she couldn’t look away.  
Tony’s barber had worked his usual magic and had cleaned Bucky up magnificently. His long unwashed hair was a distant memory as he now sported a short cropped style that highlighted his chiseled cheekbones.
Under the harsh lights of the room and no longer hidden behind the veil of his hair, she could see a yellow tinged bruise that spanned from his forehead to his cheek. She could also see dotted purple bruising along his jawline, nestled between the short, clean stubble that had been left on his face.
Jarvis had spent the afternoon digging through the loft, in hopes of finding something more suitable than his previous garments. Although it was a rather unsuccessful venture, he’d managed to find one all black suit that was an acceptable size. The trousers fitted perfectly, as did the shirt, the suit jacket on the other hand was a couple of sizes too big. The arms were too long and it hung off him baggily, but he seemed more comfortable than earlier.
Since Bucky had resurfaced from his room, Sam had become a relentless bodyguard for him. They stood impossibly close, their elbows always touching. It was clear how uncomfortable they both were, but pure stubbornness stopped either of them from moving and admitting defeat.
Bucky’s gaze shot up from the floor, feeling eyes on him. He searched for the culprit burning a hole in his head. Their eyes met from across the room, his icy stare boring into her. He quirked his eyebrow challenging her, the corners of his lips turned up into a smirk.
Y/n’s breath hitched in her lungs as his eyes flickered up and down her frame, analysing her in the same way she had done to him. She felt exposed. He was taunting her, giving her a taste of her own medicine, but still her eyes never left him.
She’d lost track of the world around her, unaware if Tony was still talking to her.  So consumed that didn’t see Steve coming her way. He stepped into her vision, abruptly ending the pair’s eye contest. Y/n looked up surprised, letting out a relieved breath.
He smiled at her curiously, “I thought it might help if I introduced you to him before we leave. Just so he knows you.”
His tone suggested far more than his words offered up. She’d been caught red-handed, by more than one person in the room.
Y/n tried to hide her embarrassment, plastering a fake smile on her face and nodded to Steve. “I was thinking the same thing actually.” She replied, linking her fingers under his elbow, allowing him to lead the way.
“Buck, this is Y/n Stallworth.” Steve announced. “Tony and I have spoken and decided that she’s going to oversee your stay.”
Sam stepped forward before Bucky could respond, extending his hand to her out of respect. Bucky’s greeting was far more cold, offering nothing more than a nod as he smirked at her again.
She smiled politely at Sam, although it was strained and turned her attention to  Bucky. “James, I look forward to getting to know you better while you’re here.”
Bucky scoffed loudy, before he could stop himself. Up close his dark features seemed menacing. “Look doll face, I can see through the little act and I don’t need a shrink.”
Sam and Steve turned their attention to Bucky, shocked.  “Good because I’m not one, not a good one anyway.” Y/n replied simply letting out a humourless chuckle. “But if you need anything at all please just ask.”
Bucky examined her face, the tired eyes and the strained smile spoke loudly. It was clear to him that she was only doing this purely out of obligation. “Well it has been a while, you know of any good strip clubs around this way?” He shot back snarkily.
She’d tried to remain unphased, but her face deceived her. She was unable to hold back, rolling her eyes and walked away from him, leaving his unanswered question suspended in the air.
Bucky regretted his words as soon as they flew out of his mouth. Sighing as he watched her saunter off in Peter’s direction, retreating from his stupidity.
Sam placed his hand on Bucky’s shoulder and squeezed it softly. Bucky flinched at the intrusion on his body. “Nice one Bucky. You just pissed off the one nice person willing to help you.” Sam chuckled quietly, walking off.  
“Don’t call me that.” Bucky muttered after Sam was out of earshot. He turned to Steve, hoping to find some reassurance. But Steve’s face was tinged pink with rage. His jaw clenched, eyes stern. Bucky had to apologise.
Dinner and the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol lifted the spirits of the whole group. The flow of expensive whiskey loosened almost everyone’s lips, although Bucky much preferred the tense silence.
It was overwhelming how loud they had become, it hurt him that he couldn’t join the conversations fully. Three years locked up as an experiment had rendered him useless. He didn’t know of the new operations, the unrelenting politics or hot gossip. It was the loneliest he’d felt in a long time.
Everyone’s attention had turned to a debate regarding Carol Davners and the Bronx family. So, he decided to slip away, in search of a quiet place to look out at the ocean.  
He strolled down the long empty hallway, staring at the cream coloured walls littered with photo frames. There was no dust collected on the frames; but, it was clear they hadn’t been touched in years. There were many of Tony with his father and in all of them he looked uncomfortable, they both did.
He stopped as he came to a photo of Tony and a little girl at the beach. They’d built a large sandcastle kingdom that was decorated with seashells, both real and sand. Tony and the young girl’s hands were thrown in the air, large cheesy grins splayed on their faces and one leg in the air, ready to knock down their kingdom to rubble.
He inspected the photo closely, recognising Y/n’s features in the young girl. He looked around him, noticing more of her on the walls.
Bucky didn’t know Y/n’s story completely. Everyone knew about her parents. He remembered hearing about their story when he was a rookie, but that was. Looking at the pictures, she was clearly a member of this family and he was happy she’d had somewhere to go after the incident. It resonated with him, as he’d lost most of his family early on and quickly found refuge with Steve and his parents.
He moved along coming to a set of large red stained double doors. The left door  was cracked open enough that he could see the floor to ceiling bookcases. He’d been pulled in by the smell of leather bound books before he’d realised he was entering the room uninvited.
He pulled his right hand free from the confines of his black leather glove, running his hand along many smooth spines as he walked further into the large library. He passed a few bookcases before  coming into a clearing in the centre of the room and he noticed her immediately.
Y/n had slipped off earlier, but no besides Bucky had noticed. He’d been checking on her throughout the evening; waiting for her to have a free moment, trying to build up his courage and apologise. But she’d slipped off subtly before he’d got the chance.
She was seated on the large cushioned window sill. Her head was resting against the window as she stared out to the beach. The top window was cracked open, allowing the sound of the ocean to ride in on the waves of the cold spring air. She had a worn out book resting in her lap, it closely resembled the hundreds he’d passed on his way in.
Bucky was surprised by the sight before him. Gone was the tailored burgundy pant suit she’d sported earlier. Now she wore grey shorts and a navy oversized sweatshirt, with the sleeves rolled up so that they sat just under her wrists. Her walls were completely down, the cogs in her mind were taking a well deserved rest.
Bucky stood there for another moment admiring her, before clearing his throat to catch her attention.“Sorry. I didn’t know anyone else was in here.” He mumbled, his eyes dropped to the floor sheepishly. “I should have knocked.”
“On a library door? Sweetie, this isn’t a strip club, you don’t need permission to come inside.” She smirked to herself, turning to face him. Although he was lost for words, Bucky relaxed as he caught her playful expression. “You’re fine. Please stay if you want.” She answered herself. Her smirk changed into a gentle smile that she sent to him.
Bucky’s mind blipped. He felt the rug being pulled from under his feet. This wasn’t the strained smile she’d forced herself to wear all day, this was genuine and beautiful.
Y/n turned her attention back to the window, whilst Bucky rocked back on his heels, lifting his ungloved hand to scratch the back of his neck anxiously as he decided where to sit. His eyes flickered over the many options, there were bean bag chairs, a blue sofa and an armchair in the clearing. It wasn’t by any means over crowded, but it seemed like too much furniture for one space. With a sigh, he lowered himself into the leather armchair that faced the window.
The light inside the room was just gentle enough to allow him to view the world outside. He’d found the perfect spot to watch the world go by.
Bucky became so engrossed by the calm unchanging waters, that he didn’t notice Y/n turn back. Her eyes flitted down to his hands, the exposed one was tinted a light shade of pink. He’d piqued her interest, she’d noticed he had worn the gloves constantly since he’d arrived. But now wasn’t the time.  
“Why did you leave everyone else?” Bucky asked, turning his attention to her.
Y/n was surprised by the directness of his question. For a moment she pondered her answer as they examined each other’s faces.
“I suffer from anxiety. So I usually slip off a little early when my social batteries are drained.” She paused and took a deep breath. While she didn’t enjoy the prospect of sharing this information with a total stranger, how could she expect him to open up to her, if she wasn’t willing to do the same. “I try to stay a little bit longer each time because I know there will be a day when I have to stick around for the whole thing. For now though, Tony knows where I am if he needs me.”
Bucky’s mouth gaped open slightly as he allowed her honest words to wash over him. He looked as though he might speak, but quickly clenched his jaw shut again.
“What?” She asked quietly as she watched carefully as his face went through a jumble of emotions.
“Nothing.” He finally looked away from her soft eyes, focusing back on the ocean. “Sorry about earlier…”
“It’s okay.” Y/n smiled, returning her gaze back outside. “It’s beautiful out there isn’t it?” She asked, not really expecting an answer as they fell into a silence that was somewhere between awkward and pleasant.
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rewrittens-ads · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
                the year is 2012  …  again .   the  avengers  had  thought  that  it  was  a  done  deal :   they  go  back  in  time  ,   they  stop  thanos  ,   &  everything  goes  back  to  normal  -  and  of  course  ,   they  get  back  the  people  they  were  missing  for  those  five  years  .   alas  ,   nothing  would  go  perfect  for  the  avengers  ,   would  they ?   something  goes  wrong  ,   and  when  they  try  to  go  back  …  there's  a  flash  .   everyone  wakes  up  moments  later  .   and  they’re  still  in  2012  .  
REWRITTENHQS  is  a  marvel  +  dc  rpg  centered  around  the  multiverse  ,   taking  place  in  the  middle  of  ENDGAME.  instead  of  the  avengers  returning  back  to  their  timeline  ,   not  only  are  they  STUCK  in  2012  ,   but  it  seems  others  have  been  brought  back  to  2012  nyc  just  as  well  .   
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kratosfan6632466 · 16 minutes ago
Loki : hello new people I’m loki odinson
Atreus: wait a minute I also have the name loki
Loki : interesting your from a different universe but you are definitely not anything like me
Atreus: no but it’s cool to see another god
Tumblr media
Zima: ah the god of mischief
Loki : the one and only I’ve heard about you though
Zima: yeah I know your brother he is a interesting guy
Loki : I think you’ll find me even more interesting
Zima: I can tell
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darklydeliciousdesires · 17 minutes ago
Sunday writing rec’s!
Because these hard working authors deserve much more recognition. Sadly, tumblr’s tagging issue is partly to blame for that not happening, something staff are reluctant to look into, it seems, so we have to help each other! 
@longlostinanotherworld For her new Tyler Rake series
@chickensarentcheap For their long-established Tyler Rake series
@mostly-marvel-musings and @lancsnerd for their MCU collections
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paigejj · 18 minutes ago
maybe some headcanons on what it would be like to be close friends with loki? love u<3
Tumblr media
being close friends with Loki
yes thank you for the request! i love you too :P
• I feel like he’d tease you A LOT because he likes to see you all shy
• Very protective over you, no one messes with you, if they do they have to go through Loki
• Takes you to Asgard sometimes
• Tries to be a better person for you
• Honestly just wants the best for you
• Calls you ‘love’ just to see you blush
• You two love spending time together and honestly if you could yous would be together 24/7
• Always looking out for each other no matter what
• He's very thankful for you being there for him, he may not show it a lot but he is thankful
• If you tell him to stop doing something he stops immediately
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sokoviarising-promos · 18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
SOKOVIA RISING is a literate, app-based Marvel/DC crossover RPG written by and created for longtime writers and passionate fans of Marvel and DC comics, movies, and media. Dozens of roles are open, so apply today—Sokovia needs you, heroes!
                                WILL YOU JOIN THE FIGHT?
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