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Tessa Thompson as King Valkyrie and Natalie Portman as The Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder
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not a monster :(
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moon knight incorrect quote #3
Steven: Were you dropped on your head as a child?
Marc: Bold of you to assume I was held.
Steven: Are you...okay?
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The t-shirt! The sunglasses! Those arms! The hair! HIM!
All of it makes me (s)cream
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Texts From Superheroes
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MoM Spoilers
America: Parentless child
Wanda: Childless parent
Marvel: So she's going to try her damndest to murder this kid
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One of my favorite moments in all of comics, also I need Bats (the ghost dog) in the MCU please
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#No one can destroy robots like Wanda
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Avengers (2016)
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Wanda Maximoff + this hand gesture™
Tumblr media
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you're a drug that's killing me
summary || your happy night leads to a not so happy morning.
warnings || smut (I wanna add details, but I’m tired) — MINORS DNI . 18+
* this story is DARK and I’m not adding a few warnings to keep the suspense. So please don’t interact if you think this might make you uncomfortable.
I have decided to not do taglists anymore, so if you wished to be notified of my newest updates please follow @bonky-n-steeb-lib and turn on the notifications!
I had this idea lingering in my head for too long and I finally wrote it and it feels good lmao
Tumblr media
Bucky smirked as he finally found you in the crowd. You were standing in the corner, away from the raucous noise. You were like an angel standing amongst the unworthy mortals — radiant, beautiful, pristine.
You were so unaware of his love for you.
It was some kind of a magnetic pull he couldn’t really describe that pulled him to you. He didn’t even realise when he walked past the crowd towards you. He noted the way your eyes widened and your breath hitched when he asked you for a dance.
He hated that. He hated how you didn’t believe that he was asking you out. He hated how you doubted yourself. But not for long. He would give you so much love that you would never doubt yourself again, ever.
He could feel the way your body trembled as he pulled you to the dance floor. Your hand was shivering as he held it in his and he swore he could feel your souls connecting. He had been dying to touch you, and now that he had you in his arms, he was in heaven.
His hand was draped over your waist and only he knew how he was controlling himself from squeezing. You were both swaying to the rhythm of the song blaring when suddenly you tripped over your feat and fell straight on his chest.
“I… I’m sorry. I just.., I’ve never done this before.” You stammered and he thought you looked so cute. He knew you were inexperienced, in more ways than one. He held his arm tighter on your back so that you were still pressed against him as he pulled you across the floor.
“It’s okay; even I’m dancing after seventy years.” He chuckled but something changed in your eyes. You were looking up at him with concern glinting in your eyes. Oh you cared so much for him. And now that you were in his arms, he wasn’t ever going to let you go.
“Oh Bucky!” You gasped with excitement as he picked you up in his arms. He closed the door with his foot as he carried you into his house. You were honestly turned on by how strong he was as he carried you easily to his bedroom.
He was very gentle as he laid you down on his soft bed. You sat up on your hands as you saw him remove his coat and unbutton his shirt. All of this truly felt like a dream. You had fantasised about this night, but then, who hadn’t?
Bucky Barnes was every girls’ wild dream and on top of that, you seeing him everyday didn’t help. You worked as an assistant to Tony’s PA and honestly, your job didn’t entail much except running to get coffees and taking the brunt when someone had a bad day.
You were honestly so shocked when the Bucky Barnes asked you for a dance. You never thought he’d even notice you, much less ask you in front of everyone. You were sure there were many women giving you looks as you danced with the super soldier.
But you didn’t care for that as Bucky patiently guided you throughout your clumsy steps. He chuckled when you slipped and held you when you fumbled. You honestly hadn’t ever thought the feared assassin would be so gentle and understanding with you.
No man had ever made you feel like he did — so desired.
You gasped as his fingers slipped down the straps of your dress. You were inherently shy, and if it weren’t for the little alcohol running in your veins, you wouldn’t be here. Your heated body shivered when Bucky’s cold metal fingers touched you.
Bucky looked spellbound when he pulled the dress down your body. His eyes twinkled as if he had seen a goddess and it boosted your ego. You spread your legs on your own accord when Bucky settled between them. His shirt was off and you marvelled at his chiseled body.
You gasped when his hot breath fell open your already heated folds. His tongue was skilful as he ate you out. You hadn’t ever done this before, and it felt much much better than you had thought — something straight out of the books.
Bucky was lapping up your slick juices as if he would die if he didn’t taste you. His hands were firm against your thighs as he held you open. You clutched the bedsheets beneath you as you arched your back when he flicked your swollen clit.
The room was filled with your hoarse moans and little lapping noises. You whimpered out his name when two of his fingers entered your sopping hole. A squelching noise permeated as he began thrusting those fingers within you.
His lips sucked and nipped your swollen folds while his fingers fucked into you. You saw the way his hips humped into the bed and you smiled as you realised he was loving it just as much as you. The fact that he wanted you so bad that he couldn’t control himself was what did it for you.
His fingers curled inside you just as he sucked on your nub, and you bright lights behind your eyes as you came. The entire world stood still as you experienced the sweetest pleasure of your existence. You were probably mumbling a chant of his name but you were too out of it to realise.
His beard glistened in the moonlight as he got up from between your thighs. Your eyes traveled below as he began unzipping his pants and you nearly choked on air as you took in his size. He was thick and you whimpered thinking of how it might hurt you.
“Shh., I’d never hurt you doll. I promise.” His reassuring words were like a ball to your ache. You body was still twitching with aftershocks when he draped himself over you. You finally placed your hands over his chest and slightly traced the scars on his shoulder.
“Fuck. I can’t wait anymore.” He said with a thick voice as he rubbed the head of his cock over your folds. He entered you slowly, making you aware of each thick inch you took. You clutched his bulging biceps as he finally settled within you.
He held your hips in a bruising grip as he began rutting into you. The bed rattled with the speed of his thrusts and the noise was accompanied with your loud moans. He was fucking you like a desperate man who’d finally found his hold.
“This is so much better than I thought. Pure heaven.” He grunted mostly to himself than you. Bucky thought about you, this knew found knowledge sent your head into an overdrive. “You feel so good doll. Just made for me. Only me.”
“Yes. Yes Bucky! Please.” You babbled and your little whimpers spurred Bucky more. His lips were swift to press little kisses and nibbles on your neck while his hand snaked down to rub your nub. All of this was so overwhelming, you thought you’d combust.
You felt the coil getting tight in your stomach and before you could say something to Bucky, you came. It felt like a dam being released and for a minute you thought you were peeing before you realised exactly what was happening. You were squirting.
“Oh my…. I.. I’m so.. sorry!” You struggled to speak as your body trembled with the intensity of the orgasm. Bucky’s eyes were planted to the place where you were joined as he took in the mess you made. And to your surprise, he was probably turned on by it as he came in you with a loud growl.
“Fuck! That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” He said as he laid down besides you. You were both catching your breath and you smiled at him as he wasn’t embarrassed by you. Your eyes followed the droplets of sweat that traveled down his spine and you still couldn’t believe you slept with him.
He pulled you closer and you instantly relaxed in his embrace. You laid your head on his chest and your eyes closed of their own accord as the tiredness of the day settled in. You heard a little I love you murmured, but it slipped out of your brain as you drifted off to sleep.
You woke up with a smile as you remembered last night. The sunlight filtered through the curtains as you opened your eyes and yawned. Bucky was already dressed in sweatpants and he wished you a good morning and you grumbled the same back.
Life was sweet, but that was before you tried to set your feet on the ground. You let out a shriek when you noticed your legs were cuffed together, and so were your hands. You hadn’t noticed it when you woke up, but these things now poked your eye.
“B… Bucky, what is this?” You raised your hands up as if to bring it to his attention. Bucky just shrugged and kept staring. He didn’t move or even give an explanation. “Let me out of this Bucky! If this is a joke, then I’m not liking it. Let me out, now!”
“My love for you is not a joke!” His face suddenly turned hard as he banged his fist on the table. You gulped nervously as your eyes watered. You knew that whatever this was, it was no good. “What do you mean?” Your voice was meek.
“Can’t you see? I love you. I love you so much that I can’t stand the thought of you being away from me for even a minute. I saw you. I saw everything you did when no one else even noticed you.” At this point, you were openly sobbing as the meaning behind his words sank in.
“You can’t keep me like this. People will come to find me!” You saying that more to yourself than him. “Who will come to find you doll? We both know your boss won’t care and will replace you within a blink of an eye. But not me. To me you’re irreplaceable. You’re everything.”
He came closer and sat in front of you. He cupped your cheek and you hated how much it still comforted you. “You don’t have to do anything anymore. You don’t have his work, you don’t have to worry. You just have to love me.” You shook your head as tears ran down your cheeks. “No.” You muttered.
“Don’t worry. You’ll learn to love me.” His tone was so sweet and calm. He believed his words. As if he had some sort of magic potion to make you fall in love with him. And that was the single most horrifying thing you’d ever heard.
“You know.. I uh,,.. I was thinking…” you nervously muttered. Bucky placed down the book he was reading and looked up at you with loving eyes. “What do you want doll? Don’t be afraid. Have I ever denied you anything?”
You shook your head and mentally chastised yourself. Bucky had been nothing but a loving husband to you — but then why were you so scared of him? It was like some baser instinct you couldn’t quite get rid of. Something that your soul was screaming but your mind couldn’t listen.
Bucky was the man of your dreams. You had met each other and quickly married and later settled into these suburbs. Everything happened so fast that you barely even remembered anything. It was like a blur in your memory and your head hurt when you tried to remember the details.
“I was wondering if we could order pizza. I mean Wanda is coming over and Billy and Tommy love pizza…. and I’m tired.” You nearly whispered the last part. You wanted to be the perfect wife for him, and you hated it when you disappointed him.
“That’s all? Of course you can order pizza for all of us.” Bucky’s smile was so sweet you wondered why you were even slightly wary of this man. He was literally a warm beam of sunshine, and you were so lucky to have his love.
“I love you.” You bent down to press your lips to his in a quick kiss. He complained when you separated and you giggled at your husbands antics. You quickly placed the call to the local pizza place and placed the order. When asked for the address, you replied,
“24, pine tree lane, westview.”
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Tumblr media
Had to paint Supreme Strange.
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alsoashleybarron · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Damn… I seriously crushed this Scarlet Witch cosplay from a few years back 🔥 this was fun to rediscover in my photos 😁
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Moon boys reacting to wearing their clothes? You can include some nsfw too.
I love the 'sharing your partner's clothes' trope, its so cute and just screams domestic bliss.
Pairing: Steven Grant, Marc Spector, Jake Lockey x Reader
Tags: mild-smut, suggestive content, fluff, domestic fluff, kissing, morning bliss, romance, teasing, flirting
A/N: Here's more moon boys content! There's never enough is there!
Tumblr media
Steven would get heart eyes when he wakes up and sees you getting coffee or tea ready while wearing one of his button up shirts
He would walk up to you, kiss your cheek and whisper good morning against your cheek while his hands gently run over your hips
Would definitely leave shirts around the apartment for you to wear if you want, you joke with him about it a lot because you like to see him flustered
When the two of you are folding the clothes after washing them he will toss you one of his shirts because he knows you're just gonna take one from the closet by morning
Marc is always happy to see you wear anything of his, weather it be his shirt, his long pajama pants or his jacket
He always leaves clothes for you to wear when he's off on a mission, he wants you to feel like he's close
Lends you his jacket a lot, especially when it's cold out, even if gets a little chilly on the way back home
Sometimes gets a little handsy, especially if you leave a few buttons open so he can see more of your skin, or if you choose a shirt that barely reaches part your thighs, if that's the case, then you better be ready for a few rounds of love making
Jake got a big hard on the first morning he woke up and saw you waring his shirt, he couldn't help himself, he had to have you right there and then
He got used to it over time but it still has an effect on him, what gets him more than anything is when you send him pictures of yourself wearing his clothes when he's away
He makes sure to buy the softer kind of clothes, he doesn't mind the material being a little rough on his skin but since he met you he started wearing softer things
Would pass by you and whisper how good you look, give your ass a little squeeze, his hand just barely dipping into the shirt before he pulls it off you to go and toss it in the washing machine while smiling to himself for making you so flustered
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Whorehouse (part 2). | w. maximoff
Tumblr media
summary: in which wanda feels a possessiveness over you that she shouldn’t.
warnings: top!wanda, dubcon, violence, hints of suicidal behavior, general depression, really hot sex, me in my prostitution era
this post is for 18+ only. minors: do not interact.
series masterlist.
Tumblr media
Wanda couldn't seem to get her thoughts in order that Monday at work. She brushed her lack of focus off as just a case of the Mondays, but even throughout the weekend she sought no clarity. Ever since her visit to Whorehouse, all she could think about was you.
In the midst of an immoral and unprincipled palace, there stood you, a shining beacon. Though you certainly proved your choice of career to Wanda that night, it was clear to her that you were nonetheless different. Maybe it was an act you put on, or maybe it was just Wanda scrambling to make sense and right of what she had done. Maybe she was delusional, or drunk, or grieving her dead husband, but Wanda had thought about you her every waking moment since she saw you.
It was ridiculous. You were just some prostitute that she barely knew, that she had only met for a matter of an hour. It was pure lust that you had ignited, she told herself, that led her to visit Whorehouse again after work.
This time she did not run into the owner as she pushed past the door in the alleyway, barged down the hall, and burst through the double doors to be met with the same pink flashing lights and naked beauties. She made a direct line for the staircase in desperate pursuit of the only clarity she had felt since Vision died. A year of pain and a moment of relentless pleasure was enough to make her jog to your door and burst through it without even noticing that the sign read Busy.
The sight to be held moved her to freeze in the open doorway, eyes wide. Across the room you were being pinned down to the bed by another woman thrusting between your spread legs, her hand on your throat. You were arching up into her, your face contorted with pure pleasure. A small gasp that elicited from Wanda's throat, along with the sound of the door flying open, caused both you and the woman to look over at her in shock.
"Oh, shit," the woman exclaimed, immediately pulling her strap out of you and crawling off the bed, covering her naked lower half from Wanda's view.
You stared at Wanda in shock, not bothering to cover up your completely naked body. "What the fuck?!" you exclaimed, wondering why the woman you recognized from the other night had burst into your room and why she looked so disheveled. Noticing that your client was putting her clothes back on, you started to panic. "Wait, wait," you told her in your seductive voice, kneeling up and placing a hand on her arm as you looked back to Wanda with angry eyes. "Get out!"
Wanda told herself to leave, to escape such an embarrassing situation that she created, but she couldn't. She felt dumbfounded as she watched the woman throw some money on the bed and rush past her, avoiding eye contact guiltily. The stench of sex reeked in the air as the woman hurried out of the door.
"Wait!" you called after her, noticing that the money on the bed was only half of what you would have gotten if you hadn't been interrupted.
Wanda felt beside herself with varying emotions. She felt stupid for coming back at all, embarrassed for barging into your room, and oddly enough, a sickening sense of betrayal.
Trying to make sense of what had just happened in a matter of seconds, you placed your palms over your face and climbed off the bed. "What the fuck are you doing, Wanda?!" you screeched, worried about how Lenny, your boss, would react to you leaving a customer unsatisfied even if it wasn't your fault. You had a reputation to keep, after all.
"I..." Wanda trailed, trying to keep her eyes off your naked body. "Who was that?" she asked without thinking, but it was the most pressing thing in her mind.
Wanda did not know you very well, but by the furious look on your face, she could tell you were royally pissed. "Who was that?!" you repeated her questioned, coming closer to her. "One of my highest paying clients, that's who!"
A strange sense of disappointment filled Wanda. Had she expected you to sit around alone in your room in Whorehouse until she came back? How had she not connected the dots that you had many other clients, regular ones, that visited you every night? Why did it make her feel so sick?
"What the fuck," you repeated in a whisper, still in disbelief. "Did you not see the fucking sign on the door?!"
Wanda pursed her lips, all the confusing emotions in her causing a thread of irritation to sew within her. "Obviously fucking not," she snapped back, to which you raised your brows in surprise that she was the one now getting angry with you.
"Get out!" you screamed, pointing your finger at the door. "Now!"
"Look, I'm sorry," Wanda snapped, "I wasn't thinking. I just... I just really wanted to see you again, and I was frantic, and I just walked in here without even thinking to see if you were busy," she breathed, the images of you and the woman flashing in her mind. "And I then I see you getting fucked and I just—"
"Yea, it's my fucking job, Wanda," you cut her off. "I'm a prostitute. Getting fucked is what I do." Shame resounded within you at her words, and anger in Wanda.
Wanda felt so stupid and embarrassed, and the only way she felt to express it was through the anger filling her. "Right, sorry, I forgot you're just a whore."
You could feel your lower lip trembling, and your own feelings of shame began to rise to the surface. Stepping closer to her so that you were merely a foot apart, you told her in a low voice, "I want you to leave and never come back."
To your surprise, Wanda let out a degrading laughter. "Oh, don't worry, honey, your communal pussy was only average, anyways." The sting of her words slapped you across the face, and as she stepped closer to you, peering down at you with seething eyes, she spat, "I don't fuck hand-me-downs."
Tears welled in your eyes. Why were her words slicing right through you like a bullet? Why were you standing there in front of this delusional woman, fully believing her words even though she was the one who solicited you?
Biting back your tears, you tilted your head and whispered, "You're just a psycho with a dead husband too lonely and pathetic to realize your own narcissism." With a shove to her shoulders, you turned away. "Now get the hell out."
Wanda opened her mouth to respond with rage, but as you turned away, the light of the chandelier caught your eyes and illuminated the tears shining there. Your back turned to her now, she watched you raise a hand to discreetly swipe them away.
There had never been so much guilt in a human vessel before. She stepped forward to apologize, but her throat went dry. She was acting like a complete asshole, taking out all her pain on this girl she just met, using her as some sort of safety cushion in her extended time of descending grief.
Wanda oscillated towards the door and left.
Your room was closed for the night after the events that had happened earlier in the evening. After cleaning yourself up with a long shower that consisted of you questioning your existential situation as per usual, you explained what happened to Lenny. Fortunately, he was understanding and let you off the hook, promising to kick Wanda out if he ever saw her in the house again.
As you lay in bed late that night, nearly 3 in the morning which was early for you since it was a Monday and most the nary-do-wellers lingered out at an appropriate time to get back to their corporate jobs in the morning, all you could think about was your exchange with that woman. You'd only met her twice in your life, both times fleeting, yet she had managed to give you whiplash with her moods both times.
There was always issues with people who fostered some sort of weird emotional connection to you in their minds, or who grew too obsessive in their visits, but as you remembered the moment Wanda burst through the door, you remembered the look on her face. She was nearly crying before she registered what she saw on the bed. She was coming to you for sex, sure, but it seemed like perhaps she was coming to you for something else. Strangely enough, you wanted to know what it was. This woman was a walking broken mirror whose shards cut your fingers, but you found yourself desperate to piece them back together.
"Stupid," you whispered to yourself, burying your face into your pillow. It had become hard to sleep ever since you started working at Whorehouse. You could only think of how your life could have turned out if things had happened differently, if you had handled certain obstacles in your life with more clarity and calmness than you had.
You wondered if Wanda ever felt the same way. She was a widow, after all, for however long it was. Did she resent the alternate universe where her husband never died the way you resented yours where you hadn't turned to selling your body? Did she dream of other lives where she was happy like you did?
After several minutes of your brain folding within itself in thought of these things, you finally began to drift away. Right when you were over that edge of unconsciousness, you felt weight at your hip from over the blankets. Taking a few moments to register that it was a hand on you, you woke up with a sharp gasp and sprang up in the bed.
A figure standing over you, shadowed by the darkness of the room, remained obscure until your sleepy vision could clear. When you saw those pained green eyes, dread filled you.
"Wanda?!" you exclaimed in fear, noticing that she was holding something in her other hand. Your fingers trembling in horror, you opened your mouth to scream for someone, but her hand on your hip slapped over it.
Grabbing onto her wrist in an attempt to pry her hand away, you felt something cold press against your chest. First, you thought it was a gun and immediately began praying for your own life, but the sound of liquid sloshing and the putrid smell of whiskey made you realize it was a bottle.
"Shut up," she slurred, using the bottle to push you down onto your back on the bed, keeping her hand clamped over your mouth. You struggled to breathe under her as she put her entire weight on top of you, forcing her knee between your legs. You tried to squeeze them shut, but she was too strong and they gave away, allowing her knee to rub up against your crotch.
Terrified, you used your hands to try and push her off you, but it was like the alcohol in her had made her feel like a heavy stone. Tossing the bottle to the other end of the bed, she took hold of one of your wrists and pinned it painfully to the bed. "Settle down, baby. This is your job, remember?"
Your heart was racing in your chest. The only thing you could think to do to protect yourself was to grab the nearly empty, discarded whiskey bottle by its neck and throw it down towards Wanda's head, missing and hitting her shoulder. The bottle was too thick to break, but you swung it down hard enough for her to gasp in pain and release you, standing up and stumbling away from the bed while gripping her shoulder and hissing.
Scrambling off the bed and turning on the lamp on the nighstand, you threw open one of the drawers and found your small gun, whipping around and pointing it at the intruder. Wanda, still holding her shoulder in pain, looked up and froze when she saw the gun. You expected to see fear in her eyes, or maybe the realization of what she was doing, but you saw nothing but an immense sadness.
Wanda stared down at the barrel of the gun you were pointing at her from a few feet away, the bone of her shoulder throbbing. She did not beg for her life. She did not apologize. All she could think, staring into that barrel, was how that was the last thing Vision saw before his life was taken. He saw a little black metal machine, pointed between his eyes, and then he saw nothing.
It should have been her.
You held the gun up firmly. You weren't even sure it was loaded; it was just something you kept on hand in case anyone like Wanda came around. Truthfully, you were not going to use it. You didn't have the guts to shoot anyone, let alone this beautiful stranger no matter if she had just broken into your room.
To your utter surprise, Wanda straightened and stepped closer to you, her eyes focused on the gun, lips parted. She came towards you slowly, but you stood your ground, not daring to coward away. You held the gun so tight your knuckles turned white, suspecting that she was coming closer to slap it out of your hand. In more surprise, she stopped until she was an inch away from the gun and leaned forward, pressing her forehead against the barrel.
Your eyes widened as you watched hers close. "Do it," she whispered, biting her lower lip. You could see a tear roll down her cheek, and something inside you twisted painfully. "Do it," she whispered again, opening her eyes to zone them in on you. They were full of tears, of pain, of sadness. You could feel the weight of her head pressing against the gun.
Slowly, you moved the gun away from her, and she straightened, looking thoroughly disappointed. Contrary to this woman's belief, you were not about to splatter her brains on your bed even if she was a psychopath.
"Well," she began in a colder tone, recovering from the rather vulnerable moment she just showed you. You saw her reaching into her pocket, and although she could have easily been pulling out a weapon, you trusted her. "If you wont put me out of my goddamn misery, at least do your fucking job." She took out a wad of cash and threw it at you, the dollar bills flittering through the air and raining over you. You stepped away from them, watching the many twenties and fifties and even some hundreds drift to the ground around your feet. Hearing her step closer, you looked up to see her sauntering towards you.
Her hand reached yours and took the gun from it gently. Her eyes focused on yours, she opened the chamber to see that it was not even loaded. Smirking, she tossed it to the nightstand before returning her gaze to you.
You felt her hand touch your neck, sliding around to tangle through your hair. Chills ran down your spine as she closed the space between you. Her eyes flickered down to your lips, and when she started to lean in, you quickly turned your face to the side, holding her stare. "I don't kiss," you whispered, feeling like your knees were about to give out.
Wanda's eyes roamed your face for a moment, a longing look passing them, before she suddenly yanked your hair to pull your head to the side, moving her face to your neck and biting you there. Your lips parted at the feelings, hands carefully holding onto her arms. You could feel her start to suction on your skin, and while you usually scolded people for trying to mark you because it was against the rules, her lips sucking on the most sensitive part of your neck was so heavenly your eyes fluttered shut.
Turning you, she began to walk you to the bed, pushing you down onto the mattress without removing her mouth from your neck. She nipped your skin extra hard, causing you to yelp before her tongue soothed over the mark. Her hands came to your silky pajama shirt, sliding up it and relishing in your soft skin there. You felt her hands rise to grab at your breasts, and for the first time in a while, you enjoyed being touched.
Her fingertips caught your nipples and pinched them softly before rubbing them in circles. Moving your shirt farther up so that it bunched around your collarbone, Wanda moved her lips over the fabric of your shirt until they again met skin, taking your whole breast into her warm mouth. Your rosy peak hardened under her tongue, your chest involuntarily arching up to meet her mouth. Her breaths came heavy against you as her kisses moved to your other breast, her hand groping the first one.
A remarkable spark of desire ignited in the pit of your stomach when you felt Wanda grind her lower body onto you, her hips jutting forward to rub her hard strap against your crotch from through her pants. Came prepared, you thought to yourself, keeping quiet since she obviously was not in the mood for talking.
Bending your knee up, you hooked your ankle around Wanda, pulling her down closer into you. She was focused on sucking on your tits, undoubtedly leaving more marks. Wanting to please her, you tried to turn her onto her back so you could ride her, but a hand to your arm quickly put you back down.
“No,” she growled into your chest, running her hand down your soft stomach and to the hem of your pajama shorts. Her strap was pressing into your bare thigh now, her hands running all up and down your waist and squeezing it at its indentions. She was all over you, taking in the feeling of your body under hers, manhandling you at will.
Hooking her thumb around your shorts, she pulled the thin fabric down your thighs, seeing the black lace there. Finally removing her mouth, she looked down at your underwear with swollen lips and eyes, wasting no time in tugging them down hastily. Not even bothering to pull them down your ankles, simply getting them past your knees and kicking them down with her boot so she could return her hips between your thighs. You felt the scrape of her booth against your thigh and winced, but she was spreading your legs wide open before you could process the pain. She buried her face back into your neck, pushing your head to the side with her own. Her breath, warm and faint of liquor, fanned across your ear as she grunted.
“Wanda,” you breathed as you heard a zipper being undone, the woman pressing her face into your neck as leverage to raise her hips. Your hands, oddly shaky, gripped her arms as she continued to grind against you.
You were already wet enough, but Wanda brought her fingers to her own mouth anyway, swiping her saliva on her tongue before moving her hand to your pussy and coating it with her spit. She leaned up, finally looking at you as she bent one of your knees to your chest.
You expected her to say something, to pause, to give you some sort of mysterious look, but she simply moved her strap to your wettened entrance and pushed it inside you. Your eyes crossed at the feeling, biting your lower lip painfully hard as you threw your head back onto the bed.
Wanda sighed and lowered to bite your breast as she slid the length of her cock into your aching cunt. She was large enough to make you squirm under her at the feeling, turning your head to the side and wincing as you adjusted. Wanda was merciless in this, though, for once she was all the way inside you, she drug her cock back out before smashing it into you again, curling her hips to jut against your g-spot.
“Fuck,” you gasped, mouth falling wide open. Wanda watched your face as she started to pound into your pussy, reveling in the way your mouth fell open with pleasure. Reaching up, she slid two fingers into your open mouth. It was the same hand she had used to lubricate you, so you could taste a mixture of her spit and your cum as you sucked diligently, moaning around them.
“Good girl,” Wanda praised you through a strained voice, keeping a hand pressing your hip down as she thrust into you. Every time her strap moved inside you with a roll of her hip, the other end of her strap moved against her. She was overwhelmed with pleasure, way more than what she had felt her first time with you. You were under her spread open, moaning, and she couldn’t help but think back to earlier when she had walked in on you getting fucked in a similar position. Smirking, she watched you look 1000x more pleasured and turned on than you had with the other woman.
Again, Wanda could feel all the pain inside her decreasing. Her pupils widened as she watched you, as if she was taking a drug and falling into addiction. As she pressed her hand down on your tender lower stomach and felt her cock move in your guts, she chewed her lip and groaned.
Taking you by under both your knees, she folded them forward until they were pressed against your chest. Noting how flexible you were, she pushed your ass up and pinned your wrists down on either side of your head, using nothing but the strong force of her hips to fuck you.
You could feel yourself coming closer. Wanda was so deep inside you now while managing to never break her pace. She was groaning and moaning into your neck, squirming against you as her body was used to keep your legs pushed against your torso. Her covered thighs were slapping against the bare back of yours, and you could feel your cum leaking down to your ass from the position.
“Fuck,” you whined, unable to keep your eyes open any longer when Wanda grabbed one of your breasts and started playing with it again, moaning into it as she continued fucking your pussy forcefully and without mercy.
Wanda found a thread of climax and followed it, hammering her hips down into you at just the right angle so that her pleasure was heightened. “Shit shit shit,” she groaned, lifting up off you to hit you harder, dipping her head downwards and keeping her eyes closed as she focused.
Your face was a sweaty mess by now, and thankfully you hadn’t worn any makeup to bed. You stared up at Wanda as you started to come close, her thrusts getting harder and more accurate. After a few moments, they started to become sloppy, but she hit you hard enough that your pussy was coaxed into orgasming around her large cock that continued to penetrate you as she chased her own high.
Needing to hold onto something as her climax neared, Wanda listened to your mewls of pleasure while grabbing your waist and squeezing it hard, holding you still as she pounded her way to an orgasm, throwing her head back and moaning out as she came inside you.
“Fuck!” she exclaimed, her hips slowing but still forceful as she rode out her orgasm. You were panting, holding her arms weakly as she stayed inside you for a moment, hips stalling. Finally, she slid out of you, tucking her strap, slick and covered in your juices, back into her pants and zipping them up.
She stood off the bed, leaning down to pick up the whiskey bottle off the floor. You sat up slowly, looking down to see that your legs were trembling. You could still feel the remnants of your orgasm tingling inside you as you watched Wanda adjust her coat.
You opened your mouth to ask her where she was going, but then reality hit you as your eyes shifted to the money scattered on the floor.
You were only doing your job, you told yourself. This was strictly business, just someone coming to have their sexual needs met while you met your financial ones. You were nothing but an expensive fleshlight to her.
Wrapping your arms around your exposed body, you glanced to the gun on the nightstand and remembered the way Wanda had approached you with no fear of you pulling the trigger. Did she want to die? Did she just call your bluff? Whatever it was, it worked in you letting her fuck you.
Seeing the way your eyes were staring morosely at the gun, Wanda stepped closer to you. Your eyes darted to her at the noise, and she saw a look of trouble in them.
“Will you be back?“ you bluntly asked her.
Wanda paused for a moment, her finger twirling around the cap of the whiskey bottle. Coming closer to where you sat on the edge of the bed, she stood between your legs, running a hand over your thigh.
Unscrewing the cap of the bottle, Wanda stared down at you as she brought it to her lips, throwing her head back and taking a swing. She licked the liquor from her wettened lips and brought a hand to the back of your neck, cradling the lower bend of your skull. Tilting your head back, she brought the bottle to your lips that were puffy and red from you biting them and poured the whiskey down your throat. You swallowed complacently, feeling the burn sting your throat and prick tears at the corners of your eyes.
Wanda watched you with a curious stare, her eyes roaming to your neck and watching the way it tensed as you swallowed. She felt strangely like she had known you for a long time, when in reality, she hardly did know you. She knew you well enough to know that you could definitely stand your own ground, and that you had a youthful joy and heart that she lost when Vision died. Given your circumstances, you were a diamond in the rough.
And no matter how rough things got, Wanda wanted to catch that diamond.
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Wanda, trying to flirt: I like your name.
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Natasha, whispering in Wanda’s ear: Are you SURE you want this one?
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