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Title: Collar Full

Summary: Peter would rather die than admit he’s pining for his married neighbors, Steve and Tony Stark-Rogers. Turns out, he doesn’t really have to. They already know.

Or, married Stony want Peter Parker in their bed. No one’s really surprised at how well it turns out.

Word Count: 17k

Rating: R

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When she saw it, she would know. That’s what you said. What was that even supposed to mean? All the motel doors looked the same. But you refused to tell her which room you were staying in over the phone, scared you were being recorded, listened to, fearing if you said, then the police would be banging down your door. You were on the run, a fugitive, something, you realized, that wasn’t helping your case. You looked guilty, running and hiding made you look guilty, but you had to, you had to escape. Everyone thought you were a muderer, but you weren’t. You couldn’t go to jail for something you didn’t do. There were few people in the world who believed you, the rest of the world deeming you a villain, a cold blooded killer already. One of those people was Karen, who worked hard to get Matt and Foggy to defend you, to make a case for you when all the evidence pointed at you. She had to talk to you face to face, though. You made her promise she couldn’t turn you in, that you would do it yourself when they had a solid case. Now she found herself wandering, worried, looking for any sign of you among all the identical doors and rooms.

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While fans seemed hopeful at the recent gameplay of the Marvel Avenger’s video game, once again corporate greed is proving that we can’t have nice things. From microtransactions to a ridiculous imbalance of exclusive content, make sure you tune in this week for Teegan’s breakdown! (Because it’s really too much to write about in one social media post)

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A corporate buffet table for the ages, Marvel’s The Avengers is set to be perhaps THE textbook definition of a so-called “AAA” videogame. The glitz, the glamor, the overwhelmingly cynical branding of it all! What fun. 

Hot off the news that Spider-Man will be a PlayStation exclusive, Square Enix’s pathetic “live service” cash grab will feature exclusive skins for Verizon, Virgin, and Intel customers, as well as cosmetics tied to gum products. 

Something tells me we’ve only just begun to see what an avaricious free-for-all this mess of a game can be. 

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Requested by anon // Summary: You’re Steve’s younger sister and secretly dating Bucky and Steve finds out. 

A/N: I love the 40s, and love 40s bucky and steve. I hope I did this justice.. this was the first time writing for them in the 40s. I kinda like how this turned out… kind of.  Hope you guys enjoy! xx 

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Originally posted by agoldenplum

A knock sounded on the door of you and your brother’s shared Brooklyn apartment. You wiped your hands on the apron and walked to the door. Where was Steve? Probably obsessing over the war again. When you open the door, you can’t help but let out a smile at the person standing in front of you. James Buchanan Barnes. Bucky. Also, known as your brother’s best friend.

 “Why, don’t you look beautiful?” Bucky smirks and slips his hat off. He’s dressed in his uniform. He’d be shipping out to war tomorrow and tonight was his last night. 

You blush and glance over your shoulder, before leaning in for a quick kiss.

“y/n, who’s at the door?” Steve’s voice echoes through the apartment.

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