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How do you think Venom would feel about watching is s/o get cat called for the first time that's hes seen?


“Calm down, it’s not even that big of a deal,” you would attempt to calm your partner.  He had taken over Eddie’s body out of pure rage from what had happened.  “I AM NOT GOING TO CALM DOWN,” Venom spit with his words.  “I know you’re upset, but how many times do I have to tell you humans SUCK,” you tried to make him feel better.  Venom growled, “I am going to kill them.

You rushed over to him, “No, no, no.  We aren’t killing anybody.  They didn’t touch me.  I am fine.  I am used to people do shit like this, V.”  Eddie’s face revealed on the side of Venom’s, “I have to say I am on board with Venom this time, Y/N.”  You knew he was kidding, but now was not the time.  You couldn’t help but smile at him.  “See!  Even Eddie understands,” Venom did not understand that Eddie was kidding.  You ran your hand up and down Venom’s giant arm, “I am fine, V.  I promise if it was serious I’d let you handle it however you wanted.”  

Venom pulled away from you, “But you are mine.  They don’t get to talk to you like some piece of meat!”  You chuckled to yourself.  “You have to understand why we are upset.  You’d be upset if some girl was whistling at me while we were walking somewhere,” Eddie continued.  Venom nodded with him, agreeing to Eddie’s statement.  “There are other ways to handle this.  You could scare them or something, not hurt them,” you pulled them into a hug.  

Venom allowed Eddie control of his body again.  Venom hovered next to him.  “I think we’re gonna go for a little walk,” Eddie kissed you on the cheek.  “Wait, where are you going?”  You questioned knowing the answer.  “We’ve got some scaring to do,” Eddie smiled a goofy grin that Venom mimicked beside him.  You rolled your eyes with a smile, “Do NOT hurt them, Eddie.”  

Venom groaned, “FINE!  Just make ‘em piss their pants a little.”  Eddie laughed at Venom.  You crossed your arms, “Have fun, you two.”  You loved them so much, especially in times like this.  

They left the apartment going to avenge you.  

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You take Steve to a drive in movie to celebrate your three month anniversary.


Originally posted by weed-and-poetry

“Hey Steve? Can I speak with you?” You watch as his punches falter, and he turns to you, his hands moving to take off the white wraps.

“Sure. Is everything alright?”

“Yeah everything is fine. I just wanted to talk about our three month anniversary. Its in a week. I know for our one month that you had made the plan. This month, do you mind if I do it?”

“Of course you can! Were you that worried to ask?“

“Yes! I know that you typically like to plan for events like these. And I don’t want to take that away from you. I just have a few ideas that I thought would make the night really special.”

“Of course you can.” He kissed the top of your head, gently rubbing your shoulders.

“Just tell me what to wear and when to be ready and I will.”

“Alright. Dressy-casual, 7 pm. I’ll meet you in the lobby, alright?“

“Yes ma’am.”

Every moment of that week you spent downtown, about twenty minutes away from the tower, making sure that the day went according to plan. With a bit of help from Tony, who was more than willing to help for his power couple, rented out a spot on a hill and organized a large projector to project the movie onto a white sheet that he helped you hang along with Clint, who used his arrows to mount the sheet to the trees. Tony had also helped you find a car, and after many options, you decided on a 1948 Buick in the color Belmont Green.

When the day had finally arrived, you spent the day away from each other. You had commandeered Sam to keep Steve busy and the girls helped you get ready. Natasha was gently curling your hair and Wanda was painting your nails a nude color and gently applying a red lip.

“You look like a woman out of time. He is gonna freak when he sees you!”

“Are you sure? I really hope that he likes it. I don’t want to let him down.”

“Shut up. You are the best thing that has ever happened to that man. You are clearly right for each other. Now go on. You’re going to be late. Do you have your purse? And the keys?”

“Yes. I’ve got both.”

“Then go.”

You saw Steve before he saw you. He was sitting in one of the chairs, black dress pants and a dark blue shirt hugging his arms. He stood when he saw you, mouth agape. after a moment he picked up a bouquet of flowers from the table and started walking towards you.

“Wow, doll. You’re the finest dame I have ever seen.”

you giggled lightly at his words, carefully reaching into your purse.

“I hope I got everything right tonight. I did a lot of reasearch. Everyone chipped in to help. There are a few parts to your present. Is that okay?”

“Whatever you have planned, I’m sure it will be perfect.”

You handed him the keys to the car, and a map. “Do you mind driving? Ive never driven it before and am a bit nervous.”


He put his elbow out, and you held on, Steve gently taking the lead.

“Where did you park the car?”

“It’s right infront of you.”

His jaw fell open.

“By any chance does this date night have  particular theme?”

“I know you missed out on your time, and that a lot of the time you wish that you could go back. I thought I could help with that.”

He kissed your lips, lingering for a moment.

“There is a map inside. I put a star where we are supposed to go. Think you can find our way? I sure hope that we don’t get lost.”

“You’re in good hands, doll.”

He smiled as the engine revved.

“This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. Thank you, (Y/N).”

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Inbox is Open!!

I’m currently accepting asks for just about any fandom and any ship of au that I know!

Here is a list of fandoms!

That I can and will write for and there is probably more but they are slipping my mind at the moment! feel free to take your chance and just ask anyway!Have fun!!!!

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Bloopers from @captainmarvelofficial featuring @clarkgregg and @samuelljackson 😂

#ClarkGregg #samuelljackson #Nickfury #philcoulson #captainmarvel #marvel #agentsofshield #coulsonlives #shield #thor #ironman #avengers #AoS #actor #bloopers #funny #behindthescenes

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Summary: Waking up from a one night stand isn’t the worst thing to happen. But when it’s the one guy you have been hiding your feelings from? It might be.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: 18+, smut, cursing 

A/N: Written for @buckysmischief​ Gab’s Bday Writing Challenge. I had the prompt “What makes you think it was an accident?”


The sheets are too soft. It’s the first thought that crosses your mind when you wake up. Your sheets are cotton, and a reasonable thread count. Something about luxury still made you sick to your stomach. A bed felt like too much at times, the stability of it was too much. But Bucky swung the other way. He craved extravagance and bought thousand dollar sheets and the fanciest mattress known to man. Claimed his years of no bed made up for the cost of his current one.

So when you woke up to the softest sheets, you knew exactly who’s bed you were in. No doubt about it, you were in his bed. Every other detail though was fuzzy, clouded by the headache you had. You were definitely hungover, that much as certain. Tony had an anniversary party for him and Pepper the night before. Alcohol was free-flowing, even the type that brought genetically modified people, like yourself, down. You feel rustling next to you and finally, open your eyes. 

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