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It is interesting to see the whole “”invisible to all technolgoy” thing has actually pretty much hurt the X-men every single time it has come up and I can’t think of a single time it has actually helped them… also we pretty much get some insinuation that the Genosha guards raped Rogue while they were “processing” here, which man, going from “never touched” to that, woof. She is gonna fuck these guys up when she gets the chance.

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Nothing is better than Dan Stevens in the first season of Legion 🥵

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𝐑𝐞𝐝 𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐩𝐞𝐭 • 𝐒. 𝐑𝐨𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬


• Gif Credits - @giorno-plays-piano

Summary: You and Steve walk the red carpet together at a big show.

Word Count: 0.6k

Warning(s): None, this is just fluffy.


As an Avenger, you always had to face publicity. Persistent reporters, eager photographers and constant invitations to events and premieres. Even after attending so many over the years, you would still get nervous right before stepping out infront of an audience. You’d even tried to blow off a few, pretending you were sick or simply getting someone else to go for you. But Tony wouldn’t let you skip out on any more, so Steve offered to go as your plus one.

“Do you think it looks okay?” Standing in front of your bedroom mirror, you observed the dress hugging your figure. It was floor length, glittering black in colour, a slit cutting all the way down your right leg. “Do I think? You look amazing, I don’t understand why you try to get out of these all the time,” Nat said from behind you, her hoodie and jeans looking washed out compared to your attire. It wasn’t that you didn’t think you looked good - you were nervous about what Steve would think. Even though he was your superior, you’d developed what you could call a completely huge ‘moderate’ crush on him.

And speak of the devil, there he stood in the towers foyer, all suited up and ready to leave. You had to admit he looked classy, even if he was a thousand years old.


You began slowly walking down the steps to approach him, stopping the man dead in his tracks. His mouth was agape - you looked stunning. “Doll, you look absolutely gorgeous,” he grinned at you, holding out his arm for you to take hold of. Your hand snaked around it willingly before making your way out of the compound, into one of Tony’s limos, and off to the event ahead of you.


While seated in the overly cushy limousine, you quickly began to grow restless. The car was almost at its destination and you couldn’t seem control the swarm of butterflies in your stomach. Steve picked up on your unease and took your trembling hand into his own. “It’s alright to be nervous,” he reassured you. “I’ll be by your side the whole night.” You interlocked your fingers together, and though that further added to your nerves, Steve managed to calm you nonetheless. The car halted and even through tinted windows, the lights were almost blinding. Steve got up and subsequently brought you with him, taking you out into the pack of paparazzi. You made your way slowly down the red carpet, grasping onto Steve like he was a life line. Together you posed for countless photos, spoke in interviews and signed autographs until finally you reached the end, where a camera crew and journalist were waiting for you.

“So (Y/N), Steve, we’ve been hearing a lot of rumours lately about you two being in a relationship - is that true?” She held the mic up to Steve’s lips, where he began to speak. “Well, we’re not, unfortunately, but I hope I can make a change to that soon,” he said, flashing a smirk towards the camera. Your heart fluttered at the sound of his hopeful words, but you managed to produce a small grin at the reporter before walking in to the venue.

As soon as the two of you were inside the building, you tugged Steve to the side, hiding behind a tall, marble pillar. “Is everything you said out there true?” You questioned him, eagerly, causing his unsure expression to fade away. “Of course it is, Doll. Why do you think I asked Bucky if I could take over your training?” He looked down at you with a smile, earning an identical grin from you in return. Tugging lightly on his silk tie, you pulled him down to a more familiar height and into an elated kiss.

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My favourite thing about Wandavision is the erasure of Wanda Maximoff’s Slavicness.

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Geraldine/Monica Rambeau Wandavision icons ,kind of spoilers


No credit needed ⛔ don’t steal ⛔

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ep 3 rant!

ps: I’m a MCU fan, not a comic book fan. please don’t come at me

why doesn’t Wanda bring Pietro back?

At the end of the day, it’s her alternative universe. She brought back Vision , another dead person. Why can’t she bring back Pietro as well?

It makes no sense to me because we all know how much he means to her.

Anyways I cried at the “I am a twin. I had a brother. His name was Pietro” scene

it was such an emotional moment and it reminded me how much I missed their relationship.

and she sang songs to the babies🥺 (I wish she named one of them Pietro but anyways)

  • Alsooo,, Agnes didn’t finish her sentence.
  • That was such a cliffhanger!!!
  • “We’re all..” WHAT ARE YOU AGNES, TELL ME😭

And Geraldine plot was so interesting.

And now, Wanda sent Geraldine to the location that mjolnir was found at Thor 1 (it looks so similar!)

Also this episode reminded us that Vision isn’t real, which I’m glad it did.

During the first 2 episodes, everyone kinda forgot that Vision is dead.

But in this episode, Wanda basically controlled him.

He questioned stuff she didn’t want to answer, so she went to past and re-lived the moment.

She’s controlling him. I don’t mean this in a bad way, I love her. I’m not trying to say that she’s manipulative or anything, I’m just saying that Vision isn’t alive.

best part of this episode was definitely Pietro getting acknowledged AFTER YEARSSSS. I love him so much, he’s one of my favorite characters and I’ve been waiting for this for so long

if you wanna talk about WandaVision, I’d gladly join the conversation 🥰

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Okeey so I realized, after reading a lot of fanfics, that I could forgive Steve for everything he did in Civil War (betraying Tony, for example) if he had admitted he was in love of Bucky, because I can understand that if he had to choose between his friend and his lover, he would choose his boyfriend. I totally get it.

I mean, if Tony would have had to choose Pepper or Steve, he would not even doubt it.

But do all the shit he did just for a “friend”… fuck you Rogers.

(I can’t stop of imagine what Tony felt when he saw the video of his parents, for God sakes, imagine you seeing your parents being killed and having their killer in front of you).

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Thor: Love and Thunder, prime foto dal set del film Marvel

External image

Dall’Australia giungono le prime foto scattate sul set dell’enorme film Marvel Thor: Love and Thunder

Dopo numerosi annunci di casting e ritardi a causa della pandemia, sembra che i Marvel Studios abbiano finalmente iniziato la produzione di Thor: Love and Thunder con le star Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman e il regista neozelandese Taika Waititi pronti a tornare in azione! Delle foto scattate in Australia rivelano un set nuovo di zecca costruito al centro del Centennial Park di Sidney. Anche se non è ancora chiaro per cosa verranno usati questi set, dalle foto sembrano essere delle enormi formazioni rocciose. C’è ancora molto lavoro da fare dal momento che le riprese dovrebbero iniziare la prossima settimana, quindi non aspettatevi chissà quali anteprime succose da questi primi scatti!

Data la natura cosmica del franchise di Thor sembra altamente improbabile che queste foto dal set mostrino un luogo sulla Terra. Probabilmente ne scopriremo di più man mano che avremo un’idea di quali attori saranno presenti sul set. Le foto del set sono disponibili sul Daily Mail proprio QUI.

External image

Molti dei membri del cast di Thor: Love and Thunder sono già arrivati ​​su suolo australiano, probabilmente a causa delle due settimane obbligatorie di quarantena prima di poter lavorare. Tra loro vi sono Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Matt Damon, Karen Gillan, Christian Bale e Chris Pratt. Giusto qualche giorno da Chris Hemsworth ha pubblicato una serie di foto sul suo profilo Instagram in cui ha scritto che avrebbe iniziato le riprese molto presto.

Originariamente previsto per il 18 febbraio 2022, il film arriverà nelle sale cinematografiche qualche giorno prima, l’11 febbraio 2022. Thor: Love and Thunder è uno dei film più attesi per la prossima Fase del MCU, la pellicola vedrà Chris Hemsworth tornare nel ruolo del Dio del tuono, insieme a Mark Ruffalo nei panni di Hulk e a Tessa Thompson come Valchiria. Nel cast anche Christian Bale nel ruolo di un misterioso villain e i protagonisti di Guardiani della Galassia. A dirigere torna il neozelandese Taika Waititi, già regista del precedente capitolo sull’asgardiano membro degli Avengers, Thor: Ragnarok.

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My MCU and Harry Potter character tier lists.

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Red Velvet: Marvel’s Runaways AU

Part 6: They Sold Us Lies


light horror, Marvel’s Runaways AU

Joy x Yeri

“My mothers must have stolen these from the hospital.” Yerim took the folder from Sooyoung’s hands.“Maybe that’s where they chose their victims for their experiments. There’s a list in here with quite a few names on it.” Her gaze skimmed over the many incomprehensible words until she suddenly paused, frightened. “There are our names on it too,” Yerim stammered.  Fearfully, she looked up at Sooyoung…

Horrified, Sooyoung snatched the folder. “What kind of morbid game are our parents playing here?” Disgusted, she screwed up her face and aggressively flipped through the cryptic pages. “Absolutely absurd.”

“Wait!” Yerim stopped her. “Take the notes out of the folder. We’ll take this stuff upstairs and have a look at the rest of the data in my room. I just want to get out of here, this place scares me.”

“Okay,” Sooyoung agreed with her. She also felt like her panic was slowly but fatally cutting off her oxygen. She unstapled the stack of notes from the folder and tucked them under her arm. “Just make sure I don’t lose anything,” she admonished Yerim before paranoidly checking one last time to make sure the lab looked pristine before they escaped together from the secret basement.

Yerim carefully locked her room door before spreading out the notes from the folder on her bed and frantically switching on her computer. “We need to figure out the reason or purpose for the experiments and what role we play in them. We have gathered enough evidences for the police.” She sat down at her computer and opened the flash drive with the stolen data. “I’ll create a back-up for the files, then I’ll look through them and hopefully find an answer to our questions.” Yerim sighed heavily. “Meanwhile, you go through the pile of papers,” she ordered Sooyoung.

A strange stifling silence weighed in the room. Only the sounds of Yerim’s frantic typing on her keyboard and Sooyoung’s flipping through the many papers disturbed it.

Frowning, Sooyoung let her gaze wander over the many data before she picked up two particular papers and held them against the light. They were two photographs showing the enlarged structure of a DNA double helix. Different sections of the DNA had been marked with yellow dots, arrows led through a colourful chaos of notes and again their names were written at the bottom. Sooyoung cleared her throat. “I think I know what all these notes with our names mean by now,” she claimed. Curious, Yerim turned away from her computer and looked at the photographs from a distance before raising her eyebrows sceptically and eyeing her incredulously with her arms folded in front of her chest, but Sooyoung nodded vigorously. “There are records of two different projects in the folder and only our names seem to be related to Project Ultraviolet. Either we are the first success of Ultraviolet or the main reason for the project.”

“What makes you think that?”, Yerim wanted to know. Interested, she glanced over Sooyoung’s shoulder, but she understood nothing of the complicated, biomedical data.

A cocky and far too confident grin graced Sooyoung’s lips. “When we moved into the new house, Seungwan made me help her move in and set up her office. I spent days lugging boxes full of folders, papers and thousands of books up the driveway and shelving them. As soon as Seungwan left the room, I might have peeked into the papers and books out of curiosity.” She pointed her finger at the photographs. “These are all records and evaluations of experiments with gene modifications. The whole Project Ultraviolet is about the possibilities of genetic modifications on unborn babies,” Sooyoung explained, unable to hide her pride at this discovery. 

“I think I’m going to puke,” Yerim retorted, her face contorting in disgust. “So Joohyun, Seulgi and Seungwan have been experimenting on embryos in this secret lab, trying to genetically modify them to their liking? And they used us for their experiments as well. That certainly crosses all ethical, moral and legal boundaries.” She shuddered as an icy chill ran down her spine. “I knew I was adopted. Joohyun and Seulgi didn’t make a secret of it, they were honest with me about it. But I thought the reason I was adopted was to start a family, not some sick experiment with genetically modifications,” Yerim spat bitterly.

Sooyoung shook her head. “I don’t think you or I were adopted.”

Yerim contorted her face into a mocking grimace. “So you’re claiming that Joohyun and Seulgi were my biological parents and that Seungwan is also your real mother?”

“To get into the secret basement, you need a remote control,” Sooyoung remarked, holding out her palm. “Give it to me,” she demanded. Confused, Yerim pulled the remote out of her pocket and handed it to Sooyoung. “You have to press the button to make the secret passage open, but the little devil’s tool jabs a needle into your finger first.”

“I’ve felt that before, too,” Yerim jeered impatiently. Slightly annoyed, she watched Sooyoung hold the shiny button up to the light.

“I am convinced that the remote control only works with DNA recognition.”

Yerim’s eyes widened in shock as she became aware of what Sooyoung was trying to say. “The secret passage could not have opened at all if I were not related to either Joohyun or Seulgi. One of them is actually my biological mother.”

“I would bet that the remote would work with my DNA too,” Sooyoung explained. “My theory is that Joohyun, Seulgi and Seungwan developed a way of modifying the genomes during their student days. They just took their own DNA and modified the genes at their will in the lab to create us. So technically we are their biological children, which is why the DNA recognition thinks we are our mothers. Maybe it was just a blank theory during their student days, which they wanted to test out, but it worked and they created two living beings completely out of nothing according to their own designs and raised them as their children.”

“So in their eyes I’m not their daughter, I’m just a test subject with a number…” sighed Yerim. She rubbed her temples in exhaustion. “So in fact we shouldn’t even exist in this damned world.” The unbearable sight of the many documents burned itself unforgettably into her memory, while Sooyoung searched unsuccessfully for more information in the pile of papers.

“I want to know if there were any other experiments under Project Ultraviolet,” she murmured. “Are we the only ones who were created genetically modified, or are there other experimental subjects?”

“Could you please stop referring to them and us as experimental subjects. We are all real, genuine human beings! Humans with a consciousness and a conscience and feelings, we are not monsters from some lab!” Yerim shook her head in panic. “ No monsters…” Bewildered, she clutched her forehead as tears shone in her eyes and her breathing went in frantic, rapid bursts.

“Hey…” whispered Sooyoung gently, taking her in her arms. “Calm down.” Slowly, she stroked Yerim’s back. “You’re right, we’re humans, not monsters or test subjects. I’m sorry I put it that way.” Yerim’s fingers clawed into her top as the younger girl hid her face in her shoulder, sobbing.

“I want them all to burn in hell,” Yerim whispered in a choked voice.

“We just need to find out what happened to the boy in the video, then we will bring them into jail,” Sooyoung promised. “He certainly wasn’t part of Project Ultraviolet.”

“Joohyun and Seulgi talked about working on a new project. They probably used the boy for experiments as part of the new project. Maybe we can find information about that on the flash drive, but the data is quite confusing,” Yerim opined. She broke away from Sooyoung’s embrace and sat down at her computer again.

With a worried expression, Sooyoung looked over her shoulder as she began to type. “Can you search the data for photos or profiles? Maybe we can find out the boy’s name that way.”

Yerim nodded and tried to distinguish and sort the many cryptic files by type. After a tenacious search, she actually found a profile with a photo of the boy, but instead of a name, only a number as a designation. “Apparently the boy was a runaway whom they picked up off the street,” Yerim read aloud the notes in the profile. “He had no relatives or name or meaning to anyone. They just kidnapped him to use him because he wouldn’t be missed. Probably the boy was not the first runaway they kidnapped.” Testingly, Yerim searched for the number in the files and found more digital documents relating to the experiments. “This is so creepy,” she commented on the many logs that accurately documented the experiments on the boy.

“Joohyun was talking about an implant yesterday,” Sooyoung suddenly remembered the brittle sentences from the video. “These implants must be related to the runaway abductions. Maybe they are trying to develop a new, more universal type of genetic modification down in their lab and are putting these implants into people in cruel experiments to do so. It must be similar to what happens with transplanted organs. The human body rejects the implants and shows deadly side effects.”

Yerim swallowed hard. She closed the files again and switched off her computer before turning to Sooyoung. “All this data proves how many people our parents killed with their illegal experiments over the past years,” she whispered. Her voice trembled. “If we hand this evidences over to the police, then our parents will be put in prison forever and we will never see them again.”

Sooyoung took Yerim’s hands in hers. “I would so love to see Seungwan burn in hell, but we are still part of the experiments. What if they lock us away too?”

“What if we just erase our data. We manipulate the evidences and-” Suddenly Yerim’s mobile rang. Startled, she saw Joohyun’s name flash on the screen.

“Answer it!” urged Sooyoung. “Act normal, I don’t want her to suspect anything.”

Yerim nodded, chewing nervously on her lower lip. “Hello?” she spoke quietly into the receiver after answering the call.

“Are you okay, honey?” Concerned, Joohyun’s voice rang out from the other side of the receiver. “The school called me at work. They inquired about your whereabouts and told me that you didn’t show up for class after lunch, but just disappeared without reporting out.”

“I-I…” stammered Yerim. “I wasn’t feeling so well after lunch,” she claimed. “I’m home and sick in bed because I had to throw up at school. I feel really miserable,” she lied. Sooyoung gave her an encouraging grin. “I must have accidentally forgotten to sign out at school, I’m sorry.”

Joohyun sighed. “My poor sweetheart,” she replied worriedly. “Luckily, I’m already on my way home. I’m taking the rest of the day off to look after you.”

Before Yerim could object, Joohyun had already hung up. The colour had drained from her face, panicked, she turned to Sooyoung before glancing at the mess on her bed. “I need you to help me get rid of all the traces quickly and then I need you to get out of the house immediately. We’ll talk about a new plan later.” Hectically, Yerim stuffed the papers into a backpack. Along with the remote control and flash drive, she handed the items to Sooyoung before the black-haired girl made her escape out the back door and Yerim stripped off her clothes to crawl under her duvet. Just as she had pulled the covers up to her chin and Sooyoung had texted her that she had the evidences safely hidden, Yerim heard Joohyun’s car pull up to the courtyard and less than two minutes later, her worried mother was already standing in her room…

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Recensione - WandaVision 1x03 “Ora a Colori”

Recensione “Ora a Colori”, terzo episodio di WandaVision su Disney+. Continua il viaggio di Wanda e Visione giunti agli anni ‘70. Con la prima alle prese con una particolare gravidanza.

Trama:Wanda è alle prese con una particolare gravidanza.

Cast:Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Evan Peters, Kathryn Hahn, Teyonah Parris, Randall Park, Fred Melamed, Jolene Purdy e Debra Jo Rupp.


Se settimana scorsa (qui) il debutto di WandaVision era stato tanto riuscito quanto misterioso, la situazione migliora leggermente in questo secondo appuntamento. Chiaramente, si…


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Maximoff Twins… Set 1

do they… you know… drink Folgers?

I actually drew this last week but now seems to be as good a time as any to post it.

[Posted: 1.23.2021]

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