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The dumbest thing? Well… towards the end of my freshman year in college, Stan’s Rollercade got a new arcade machine, and I told Hannah that I was going to get the new high score for it no matter what. Three hours, and a lot of tokens later… no dice. Felt like I’d made a fool of myself, but Han played it cool, so we just went upstairs and got pizza as a consolation prize.

I’ve gone back to that game a few times over the years– I suppose it’s not surprising that superpowered reflexes can give you a bit of an advantage for arcade activities.

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Cowboy!Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) x Mutant!OC

Descriptions:   Kurt tries to clear up the misunderstanding, and a storm threatens the cattle. 

A/n- They’re doing their best…? At least Kurt’s strange childhood comes in handy, I guess. Also… I have never lived on a cattle ranch, nor have I worked on one, but I’ve been around when they herd cattle, so if there’s any discrepancies you notice… yeah, let me know…

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Beth opened her door, finishing putting her hair up in a bun. 

She stepped out into the room, determined not to look over to the couch where Kurt would be, but as she looked up to the corner where the kitchen was, he was sitting at the table, reading a worn book. 

He looked up as she halted in her steps. “Gute- good morning,” he greeted softly. 

Beth looked away, turning to go to the stove. 

“The fire is going,” he said, his voice again soft. 

Beth stopped, hesitating before turning toward the door. 

It was just too bizarre; him being so nice after telling her he’d never like her, getting up early to do work. 

“I’ve milked the cow already,” he told her, thinking that’s where she would be going so early. 

Beth let out an irritated, exasperated sigh and quickened her pace, leaving the house. 

Kurt stared at the door for a minute, then set his book down, covering his face with his hand. 

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Warnings: fluff, teasing, bedsharing (oh no c;)

A/n: We’ve finally hit the halfway mark! So the next three chapters will be focusing on there little getaway and me and our semi problematic Bucket trying to make amends and bring these two together, you all excited?! Also the last three works I’ve released had not been doing good note wise, and i thought maybe my writing was doing bad or i was just updating to frequently, but i actually found out that my works are not showing up in the tags so I figured that’s what it must be. So I’m going to try something, if you want to read previous chapters you will need to  find the work in my main masterlist and catch up there, my masterlist and series masterlists will be updated regularly due to this issue. As always i hope you enjoy this chapter and happy readings angels!


Tucked away into the back of the sleek black sedan your eyes were trained on the window, the sights were absolutely breathtaking and that’s because it was all a blur from the moving vehicle.

“it’s beautiful isn’t it?”

You struggle to pull your eyes away, a chuckle leaving his lips when your eyes finally meet, your eyes sincere, “its breathtaking Buck, how did you manage to get this all together, surely it wasn’t easy with such a small-time frame.”

A soft smile tugs at his lips as he dips in a little closer, “had this planned for over a year now,” your breath catches in your throat, “a year,” you question, “but that would mean -”

He’s nodding his head softly a look of disappointment flashing behind his eyes, “I know, I know I’m horrible, and the thing is I didn’t realize how bad I had let it get till the lady I was booking the hideaway houses with asked if I would be calling a week later to hold off on the reservation again,” he’s shaking his head eyes falling away from yours, “I’m so sorry dove, I can’t believe I let it get this bad, how could I not realize in that moment what I was doing to you and the kids, how did I let myself get so wound up in the job, I became the same person I told myself i refused to be like, I became my dad.”

Your heart clenches in your chest, and you don’t stop yourself as your hands reach out for his squeezing, “at least you came through now buck, that’s what matters, besides,” you add, “you’re trying to grab hold of the reigns of your life and make better choices, I’m not going to hold that against you.”

His eyes meet yours, “I don’t deserve you, you know,” he murmurs, his eyes trailing to the middle seat where Steve and Peggy sit, Winnie and James talking animatedly with them, “I don’t deserve either of you,” his eyes meet yours and your fingers squeeze.  

“well that’s not your decision to make, James and Winnie those are your babies, you’re their whole world,” you reply, “so whether you think you deserve them or not, you have them Buck, they aren’t going anywhere for a long time.”

A small smile tugs at the corner of his mouth, “and what about their ma, how does their ma feel?”

Your returning his smile, you consider your next words carefully before your leaning closer shoulder brushing against his, “like I want you to keep trying for your family,” a breath, “to keep trying for me.”

Bucky’s breath catches in his throat, words dying on his tongue, your squeezing his fingers a little more eyes drifting back to the window, he’s just as surprised as you are when your fingers remain tangled with his.

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A man and his dog… dinosaur? 

hulk should have a dog in every universe, especially if that dog also happens to be able to turn into a dinosaur. 

so you know agents of smash? and how devil dinosaur is basically the teams dog? cutest shit ever, so of course i made it canon for my bros AU. david gets a special little pitbull princess from the pound named devil dinosaur; long story short she eventually gets mutated and can now turn into a t-rex. 

dont ask how, not even bruce knows. 

💚REBLOGS make my day!!!💚
My commissions are OPEN! 

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Spoopy Fun

Peter ParkerxParker!Reader (friendship/family)

Warnings: language; wanting others to like you; self-doubt

Context: you’re sister, May, has to go out of town and called you to fill in on babysitting Peter. Since May found out Peter was Spider-Man she’s somehow ended up more protective over him, even if he is the first line of defense if someone breaks into the house. But what happens when a certain someone offers to help you babysit, after taking one look at you and deciding he just cannot leave?

A/N: so for this season I wanted to do some short stories with some of the people who have been here spurring me on (not to say others haven’t) in different ways and one of those people (in no specific order except when the ideas reach me) is @witchything. You kept me going through one of my longer stories, ‘A Morning Run’, and even inspired a few ideas along the way. This is the least I could do for someone as thoughtful as you: hope you enjoy…


Originally posted by tmhllnd96

Getting a call off of your favorite nephew always made you smile, you weren’t sure if it was because he was, somehow, your favorite person in the universe or whether it was because you always knew he only called when he needed you to pick him up.

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Originally posted by therantygeek

Author: hela-avenger

Word Count: 1977

Summary: When Loki desires to never fall in love, he casts a spell to prevent such a thing from happening. Except, well, in the matters of love and magic, you never know the result it may have in the end. Loki x Reader

A/N: This one’s a bit long and the next one will also be pretty long. I’ve just got a lot I want to include!  Tags are open! (Send me an ask/message/response.)

TTSWL Masterlist

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Warnings: angsty feels.

A/n: Part five of our most problematic Bucket getting a taste of his own medicine. There will be a time skip but the skip and time frame will be mentioned so no worries! Two chapters left y’all, are we ready to wrap this series up, to have a semblance of fluff between these two? Also, CLIFFHANGER!!! As always happy readings angels. Other chapters can be found on my Masterlist!


Bucky’s looking at his mom with an unreadable expression, his resting face in full force, “well it’s good to see you too son,” she mutters walking over to smack him in the chest. It shakes him from his mind, “you weren’t on my schedule,” he replies watching his ma take a seat in the chair you had just been in.

His mother scoffs, “sit James,” he looks at the door one last time before he’s moving back around his desk, eyes falling to his mothers.  

“Now,” Winnie begins, “are you going to tell me what you did to y/n, or am I going to have to invite her over for dinner and find out on my own terms, because son, and I tell you this from the heart,” she adds, “that if that’s the case, then I won’t mind smacking your head straight.”

Bucky sighs running a hand over his face, “did y/n call you?”

His mother adjusts herself on the seat, “she did much more than just call, she begged me to make sure you were okay, she didn’t tell me what was going on, just that you might need someone to keep your head on straight for you.”

Bucky’s fingers still on his skin, “she told you that,” he questions softly.

His mother is nodding lips terse, “now I’ll ask again, what the hell did you do James, because while she may have told me snippets here and there, I need to hear it from you.”

Bucky slumps into the chair, hand running over his face before he’s leaning forward, “where do I even begin ma,” he questions, and his mother picks up on that tone that has her heart hurting momentarily for her son.

“Let’s start with the beginning.”

Once his lips part, he can’t bring himself to stop, it’s his ma, he tells his ma everything, aside from you and Steve she’s his best friend, though lately he’s been doing a shitty job to all three.

Winnie doesn’t but in like Steve, and she doesn’t shake her head and not hear his explanation like you would, no Winnie sits and listens, she hears all of it.

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Spoopy Fun

Clint BartonexAvenger!Reader

Warnings: language; being mean; feelings; fluff

Context: uh-oh, here we go again. Another holiday, another Stark charity gala. Of course, the charity isn’t the main reason why Tony hosts these things: the party is. At least you’re best friend and co-worker, Clint, can make it more bearable

A/N: so for this season I wanted to do some short stories with some of the people who have been here spurring me on (not to say others haven’t) in different ways and one of those people (in no specific order except when the ideas reach me) is @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123. I remember exactly when you asked to be put in my Avengers Tag List… when I did ‘The Highwayman’. Since then, I haven’t done anything that made Jeremy Renner the star of the show, so I hope you enjoy this little addition to the small collection…


Originally posted by clintt-bartton

“I’m not dressing up,” Steve shook his head at the little maid’s outfit that Natasha and Clint were waving in front of him, “and I’m definitely not wearing that.”

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Bucky Barnes x Reader (Dark!fic)
Warnings: Possessiveness, swearing, smut. Daddy kink, choking, rough sex, dirty talk, breeding, creampie (maybe?)
Word Count: 1.2K
A/N: I’M SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG! I’ve been having mega issues with m computer but its all fixed now! I suck at transitioning. I apologise :( I wanted to add more background in this part so I hope you like it! Thank you for reading!
Part 1 Here
Social Media AU Masterlist / Writing Masterlist
He’s still here. Bucky was still in your house, determined to never let you or your son out of his sight again. He was worse than before which you couldn’t believe. At the beginning of your relationship Bucky made it clear he was a little protective of the things he loved, it was his way of showing love and care he explained. 

You could handle that, in fact you thought it was a good thing! He wasn’t afraid to show people he loved you and it made you fall in love with the man even more. Until it got worse, Bucky progressed from a protective arm slung around your waist or shoulder to coming with you on every, single, errand you had to run. 

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Summary: With Austria just around the corner, Clint psyches himself up to take the leap and confess his feelings to Bucky. When they’re on the train, he does everything in his power to stop him from falling but some things are inevitable. Warnings: nakedness, pining, Bucky falls, ill-planned rescue, guilt, regret, injury, blood

Note: For @barnesnmrnoble​ how is your heart holding up? If you still have any intact once this chapter is done, I promise to shatter what is left with the final part later :D 

Words: 2837


Crawling around in the dirt, freezing his balls off and being shot at by Nazis (again) were absolutely not Clint’s favourite way of spending his time. However, doing all of those things meant that he got to be near to Bucky and that absolutely made it worth the sacrifice.

After proving himself to be as good a shot as he claimed, Clint was reluctantly welcomed into the Commandos team on a provisory basis; given that he was happy to kill Nazis, hadn’t shot any of them in the back and was willing to follow their Captain into any ridiculous, certain-death situation without a question (70 years might have changed many things in the world but Steve was still the same regardless of when in time Clint knew him).

Once again, Clint found himself as a part of a team of insane heroes and felt as unworthy with this lot as he had the Avengers. But when Bucky smiled at him after a perfect kill shot or let him share from his bottle of whiskey beside the fire, when he took out the enemy that threatened his partner’s life in the way he had failed to before, it was easier to ignore that voice that claimed he was useless.

The worst part about all of this wasn’t the horrible conditions or dealing with Howard Stark or getting shot – although that sucked, and Clint was certain that the wound on his side was infected. No, the worst part was knowing that it was doomed to end. The history books were undeniably clear about what happened in Austria. He knew what was going to happen and each day was just another day closer to having to watch Bucky slip away all over again.

Clint couldn’t say precisely what it was that told him today was that dreadful day when unstoppable forces were set into motion but he knew it in his gut. He rolled over and groaned into his pillow, willing the ache in his side and his heart and his head – god how much had they drank last night? - to be silent for a few moments longer.

It did no good. The wound burned and that bloody awful pounding continued until Clint finally realised that it was an external source. God these walls were thin if he could feel the vibrations from the bed. Shoving in his hearing aids, Clint shot daggers towards the door and yelled, “Go away. I’m sleeping.”

    “It’s Barnes.”

    “Oh. Come in, Buck.”

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Summary: Steve and Peggy have been divorced for a year and Sarah is still starting to find her groove in it. However, it becomes a lot easier when she and Typhanie realize it might be time for her dad to start dating again.

Pairings: tattooartist!dad!Steve x Reader, Typhanie x Sarah, Peggy x Logan, Bucky x Natasha

Word Count: 2095 words

Warnings: Snarky Steve! And a bit of angst? Because there’s a fight…it happens…But I don’t know if I would count it as angst??

Between the Ink and Papers Masterlist - Masterlist to Other Works

Previous Chapter

Three parents and one counselor. The tension was…exhausting. And they’d only been here a minute. Oh, what Y/N would give to kick all three of them out. “So…” She looked from the married couple to the single dad. “Since this is Mr. Roger’s first meeting, who wants to play catch up?” Y/N opened her drawer, pulling out a file.

More silence.

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Reblog Challenge Masterlist 

Day 245: What’s Your Story Masterlist: Chapter 9 (Peter Quill x Reader) After having a not so great couple of weeks the reader finds their way to The Milano a dive bar in NYC where they meet the owner Peter Quill. @starlord3000
Day 246: What’s Your Story: Chapter 10

Day 247: Call Sign: Renaissance // Epilogue (Steve Rogers x Reader) @captain-kelli

Day 248: Lovin’ Every Minute (Frank Castle x Reader) Frank Castle wasn’t an easy man to love but that didn’t stop you. From the ranks of the military to following the newspapers reporting his crimes, you still loved him. Once you got a chance to protect him in the only way you knew how, you were never gonna let him go again. @avengerofyourheart

Day 249: Strange Magic Masterlist: Part 1 (Stephen Strange x Witch!Reader) You’re a powerful, off the grid witch who is relatively new to Manhattan, New York. You’re good at keeping yourself hidden, but your influx of magic attracts none other than the protector of the mystic himself, Dr. Strange. What happens when he finds you and invites you to his sanctum, and you finally meet? @thedevilwearsvibranium​​
Day 250: Strange Magic: Part 2
Day 251: Strange Magic: Part 3
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Day 253: Strange Magic: Part 5
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Day 256: 10 Years Time Masterlist: Chapter 1 (Steve Rogers x Stark!Daughter Reader) As princess of Alberia, it is your duty to grow into a rightful young lady if you plan on ruling your family’s country. Of course, the only way your father can see this happening is sending you off to a boarding camp at the age of 14 for 10 years to learn what it means to grow into a Queen.That means leaving all your friends and family behind. One specific person, your best friend, you never want to say goodbye to. But 10 years later, you come back grown into a young lady, and find your best friend has grown into a knightly young man. How will you two adjust after 10 years apart? Will things be the same, or will all that’s happened in that span of time affect your relationship. (Royal AU)  @justkending​​
Day 257: 10 Years Time: Chapter 2
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Day 273: 10 Years Time: Chapter 18
Day 274: 10 Years Time: Chapter 19

October Reblog Challenge Masterlist

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I’m so glad you like them!!!! That means the world to me!!! And of course I will write you a drabble-y thing. Anyone can always ask. I hope you like it. :)

Title: Bad Movie

Summary: Jensen shows Rebecca a shark movie.

Marvel Kiddos: Jensen Barton and Rebecca Barnes

Word count: 270-ish words

Warnings: Cursing?


Originally posted by fyeahefrongifs

“I don’t get it.”

“What’s not to get?”

“It’s – It’s not realistic!”

Jensen laughed, hand clutching his stomach. Of all the things he would have expected to hear, that wasn’t it. “Of course it’s not realistic. The girls would’ve died like…twenty minutes in if this was real life.”

Rebecca grimaced. She took a sip of her margarita. How she had been talked into watching this, she had no idea. But never again. “I swear to god, this movie better end soon“ She practically jumped off the couch, legs tucked into her chest as the blonde went scrambling from the current.

“Just wait for it. And – “ Jensen laughed when Rebecca’s jaw dropped. The shark had practically dove out of the water with the sole intention of grabbing this girl. That wasn’t the real problem. The problem was, she had just shot one with a flare gun to save her stepsister.

And the whole thing had played in slow motion.

Now, that same girl was trying to stab a shark with a shark tooth. Again…in slow motion.

“Fuck this movie.” Rebecca collapsed against the couch, still unable to take her eyes off the screen.

Jensen cackled, his lungs practically aching from how hard he’d been laughing. This was his favorite part about watching disaster movies. Making someone else endure the absurdity was just too good to pass up.

Finally, when the credits rolled, Rebecca took a long drink of her margarita. “Never again. Never ever again.”

Jensen snorted and took a sip of his beer. He knew very well that this would not be the last time. “Whatever you say.”


Originally posted by ng4w

Also, if you can guess the disaster movie…Idk, you can make a request or get a high five? XD Or I just give you internet cookies XD

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SUMMARY: When an opening for her favorite Disney Princess is posted backstage, she take her chances and auditions. To her surprise, she got the part. But there was a catch. Her Flynn Rider was none other than Bucky Barnes, the well-known womanizer of the Disney Park. Will the two be able to play it off as a couple when there’s tension between them?

WARNINGS: angst, liiiiitttlleeee bit of fluff if you squint really hard at the end

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this one is pretty short, also kind of a filler? feedback is appreciated! any questions, feel free to ask me and as always, enjoy!!!


Bruce left a couple of hours after they finished eating and talking about Y/N’s dilemma. When he bid his goodbye, he looked Y/N in the eyes and told her that it wasn’t worth the pain with the utmost sincerity lacing his every word. Y/N knew what Bruce meant by that. He didn’t have to utter any name or drop a hint.

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One | Quiet

Librarian!Bucky x Reader

Warnings: smut


You loved the library.

It was a sanctuary of sorts. The peacefulness. The smell of old books. The vastness. The super hot librarian. Bucky made it worth it, even if he didn’t know you existed. Of course, he checked out your books, but he didn’t check you out.

He was perfect. Soft, sweet. The absolute dream. Brown curls, full beard. The most beautiful blue eyes you’d ever seen. He seemed almost…ethereal. Like he wasn’t quite human. Too perfect to be real. And he barely gave you a second glance.

But you were determined. Twice a week turned into three days. Three turned into four. You spent more time in the library than anywhere else. Absolutely itching to get just a little bit of his attention. Just the way he’d adjust the black-rimmed glasses made you weak in the knees.

“Can I help you with something?,” his voice came from behind you as you perused the stacks, nearly making you jump out of your skin. “Sorry,” he apologized, blushing slightly, adjusting the glasses again. “Just…you looked…lost.” Your eyes roamed over him, the cream colored cable knit sweater fitting him just right.

He smirked slightly, as if he could read your mind. “I’m okay,” you muttered shyly. “Just looking.” He hummed a bit, his eyes still on your face and you did you best not to blush. “Just, uh, let me know if I can do anything for you. Absolutely anything.” Okay, there was definitely a hint of something there in his voice.

It wasn’t your imagination.

Was it?

Not ten minutes later, he was behind you again. “You sure I can’t do something for you?” Okay, there was definitely something there. “I’m okay,” you told him but he shook his head. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed,” he said, just barely above a whisper, causing goosebumps to erupt all over your skin.

“N-noticed what?,” you asked shyly and he chuckled. “Oh, sweetheart. Don’t play coy. You come in here at least twice a week. Rarely ever check out anything but me.” Yeah, he knew. “Don’t know what you me-,” you started but he put his index finger to your lips to stop you.

“You know exactly what I mean,” he grinned, voice still low, gravely. “I can give you what you want, sweetheart. But you have to keep quiet.” That did it, a soft moan escaped your lips and he chuckled again. “I’ve been watching you,” he told you, slowly backing you up against the stacks.

“Notice the way you watch me.”

“You need something, don’t you?,” he asked and you squeaked, causing him to press his lips to yours. “I need you to be quiet.” You nodded, you could do that. Couldn’t you? “I’ll give it to you. Promise. If you can stay quiet for me. Can you be my good girl and be quiet?”

You nodded furiously. Yes, you could. You had to.

His fingers threaded through your hair and pulled your lips back to his. Soft, sweet. Just the tiniest hint of peppermint. His tongue swiped over your bottom lip and you opened up to let him in and then it was his turn to moan. “Damn, sweetheart.”

The kiss turned heated. All tongues and teeth. His hands slid up under your shirt, feeling heated against your cool skin. He played coyly with the hook of your bra, smirking against your neck. “Needy?,” he teased and you nodded. “Me too, baby. Me too.”

His hands pulled back and unbuttoned his jeans, then back up under your skirt, rubbing his fingers along your clothed folds, making you moan loudly. “Quiet,” he breathed. “Quiet, sweetheart.” You nodded again, his fingers circling your clit, causing you to bite down on your lip.

“Good girl.”

He adjusted himself before wrapping your leg around his waist, pushing your panties to the side before pushing into your waiting heat. “Fu-fuck!,” he hissed, eyes screwed shut, mouth hanging open. Pumping slowly, making it last, savoring your warmth. “Wet, baby, aren’t you?,” he panted and you nodded.

“So ready for me.”

“How long? Hmm? How long have you wanted this? Since the first time?,” he asked and you nodded, making him chuckle. “Yeah. Me too, sweetheart. First time you came in, just wanted to make you come. Again. And again,” he breathed, making you whimper at his words.

He was close. You could feel him twitching inside you. You were close, too. Clenched tightly, making him clench his jaw, desperately trying to hold out for you. “Gotta let go,” he whispered in your ear. “Gotta let go for me before we get caught, baby. Can you do that? Can you come all over me?”

You nodded, legs shaking. So close you could barely breathe. Focused on the feeling, focused on his face. “God, baby!,” he breathed, “baby girl, come on. Come for me. Yeah, fuck!,” he hissed, hips stuttering. He was trying so hard to hold off. He wanted it, wanted you to let go first.

“Come baby. But come quietly.”

And you did, a small whimper falling from your lips as you clenched tighter around him, walls fluttering. Completely shattering for him. “Pretty girl,” he hummed, “feels so good.” His hips stopped, buried deep as he filled you full. “Perfect,” he whispered, kissing you softly.

He helped you clean up and settle, holding you to his chest until your heart stopped hammering. “Sorry,” he breathed and you looked up at him. “Wanted to do that for so long,” he chuckled softly. “It’s…yeah, me too,” you laughed and he kissed you again.

“Can we do this again?,” he asked and you nodded.

“Only if you can be quiet.”

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Chapter One


Pairing: Mob!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Updates : Every Sunday

Word Count: 4264

Chapter Warning: Language, Angst, Blood/Torture, Murder

Warnings: *18+*, Blood and Graphic Violence, Injury, Criminal Activities, Medical Procedures/Whump, Rape/Aftermath of Rape, Suicidal Idealization, Pregnancy/Birth, Depression, Anxiety, Angst, Smut, Fluff.

Series Summary: Faced with blackmail and the loss of your beloved charity, you’re forced to marry the son of your mobster father’s friend, James Barnes, in order to keep the peace between the families. Little did you know, James had fallen in love with you at first sight. As he tries to woo his new wife, a new rival family comes into play, threatening all you’ve come to hold dear.

A/N: And here we go! I’m ridiculously excited about this one, I’ve never written for mob!Bucky before but I’m loving it so far! This is based on a request I received, please see the masterlist for the original request.

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