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#marvel au

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 

Warnings: 18+

Author’s Note: Is anyone else confused on there days, because i literally thought today was Monday and i thought i was on schedule only to realize it was actually wednesday! So sorry for the delay, i’m debating moving around the day updates for Behind the Screen to Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday & Family Matter’s will be Monday, Wednesday and i’m also aiming for Fridays, im thinking if i make this change it may help me feel caught up! With finishin up our year, and being a fulltime mom updates are a little hard, but im trying! As always tag-list are still open for both BTS & FM, so if you’d like to be added just send me a message or ask. Thank you all so much for reading and enjoying the work i put out!



“How bad is it?” Bucky groaned head resting in your battered hands.

“I’m pretty sure it’s broken, I don’t think I can set this,” you sighed gnawing on your bottom lip in worry as you assessed his injured nose, “Buck I really think we should get you to med bay, why didn’t you go there first before coming here, I’m not a medical professional.” You muttered applying more pressure to the soaked cotton hanging from his nostrils.

“take my nose between your fingers will you,” he grunted nasally.

Bucky was having trouble breathing, through his more than likely broken bloodied nose, the hot air from his mouth fanning over the palms of your hands where they rested on his cheek, “buck seriously this is broken, let me get you down to m-”

His fingers looped into the tops of your leggings, pulling you into the slot between his tense thighs, “stop with the med bay, I’m not going and you’re not taking me,” he wheezed, “set it for me, you do it to Steve all the time,” he murmured.

You stared at the bloodied man before you in bewilderment, “Buck that was once and it was his shoulder, we’re talking about your nose here,” you voiced exasperatedly, “what if I break it more than you’ve already managed to do!”

“Sweetheart,” he grunted, the word going straight through you, “will you just straighten it up, I can’t fucking breathe.”

You knew you shouldn’t, but you also knew how stubborn Bucky could be when he was this badly messed up after a mission, and man was his brooding showing through, and where there was brooding his stubbornness was sure to be as well. There was just simply no arguing, you would be here longer than needed if you didn’t just do what he was asking.

“count of three?” you questioned.

He nodded his head, his fingers holding onto your waist as he pulled you in a little closer, “alright,” you took a breath, “one, two, th-” your thumbs pressed into the sides of his noise, fingers pushing on his nose, a crack sounding below your fingers as you pushed it back into place.

“Son of a bitch!” he growled, “what the fuck doll, I said three!” he grunted his fingers pressing harder into your skin sure to leave a mark. His head fell to your shoulder, his breathing labored, “Buck had I counted to three you probably would have moved away at the last second.”

“I wouldn’t have, should have just done it myself,” he muttered.

You couldn’t help the chuckle that slipped past your lips, “m’sorry buck, but if you had gone to med bay like Steve had advised when you guys landed instead of catching me in the hallway maybe they would have been gentler with you,”

Bucky lifted his head up from your shoulder then, “maybe I wanted you to be the one to tend to me, have you not read those types of fics of mine?” he questioned a teasing tone to his voice.

Laughter fell from your lips, “I’m regretting ever letting you find out, I mean how long has it been now and you still tease me about it?”

A low chuckle fell from Bucky’s lips as his eyes looked over your face, you felt so exposed in that moment, “Wouldn’t say I’m teasing you in that way doll, but I am teasing you in another way,” he replied his voice dropping to a whisper.

You cocked your head, eyebrow raised, “Buck” you warn, “don’t you star-”

His hands are cupping your face then, thumb running over your lips silencing you. He’s staring at you in a way that has your heart stalling in your chest, your knees going weak. He’s leaning forward then, bringing you in closer, his breath ghosting over your parted lips.

His name falls from your lips in a silent whisper, his lips close the distance between the two of you. The kiss is slow, un-rushed like the two of you had time. His tongue runs along your bottom lip, coaxing you to let him in. Your fingers are curling, looking for something to bury themselves in, you push further into his open legs your hands sliding up his chest where they weave their way into his long locks. You’re pushed against his warm broad chest, lips magnetically drawn to his as your tongues continue to dance, delicate moans spilling from your lips into his.

The need for air becomes too much in the wake of your heated kiss as you draw your head back, a gasp falling from your lips as you suck in a lung full of air. Bucky nuzzles your neck then, placing delicate kisses along your awaiting skin. His hands have found their way to your hips, fingers gliding along the hem of your shirt slipping under to feel the soft skin that lays there. Your hands still weaved in his hair, are pulling his head back to you, your lips connecting with his again. The kiss is not like the first, this one is fiery, demanding, your senses having been clouded over with want, a need building up within.  

He speaks your name into your lips, you heart fluttering wildly in your chest from the sound, never had your name sounded so wonderful falling from someone’s lips as they did his. Your leaning in again when three sharp knocks to your door have you both jumping apart from one another,  

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you owe me a dance

AU! Wanda was the love of Steve’s life during World War II and he decided to write her a letter before he died in the ice, knowing that she would never read it:

‘my beloved Wanda, it’s hard for me to write to you now. and i’m sorry my handwriting is so infinitely corrupted. i remember how often you used to comment on my spelling and the completely obscure dancing letters and their combinations. i’m sorry, but there’s no time, there just isn’t.

there’s snow around me and i think i’ve had frostbite for a long time, but i can’t just disappear without telling you everything that’s warmed my soul for so long. and let it be a charred piece of my notebook, but that’s where i leave a piece of myself.

winter 1945, i’m in the Yartsevo area. it’s so quiet around.. i can only hear a thousand prayers in my head. i’m still holding on, but no one’s coming to me.

this war.. for what? and for whom? where did people get so angry!? i don’t understand. for what ideals, for what ideas it’s possible to kill each other so ruthlessly? for whose word, we can make hell on this earth? because no one will give an answer, everyone will just drive cars and point guns at each other without knowing who invented all this and why.

forgive me, Wanda, i know you don’t take care of yourself and you work day and night on the machines. your hands have long been wiped out of blood so we can kill, and more and more every day.. death factories have to function all over the world.

i remember my mother and father every day. the little house on the edge of the village and the cattle yard. warm milk and green grass, not smelling of garbage and soot. i used to bring D’s from school and getting a set-down from my father. i remember my mother explaining arithmetic to me and helping me add up the numbers. then i really didn’t like it, i wanted to run away and play with my friends. and you know, they say men don’t cry, but i can’t hold back those damn tears. i so want to go back and hug my mother, Wanda, who taught me to see the inexplicable in everyday things, to dream and believe that the whole world can still be changed for the better, and there will be no terrible trial.

i keep thinking about how good it would be to shake hands with my father, who made me look for and find a way out of the most difficult situations and made it a rule never to give up. but now, Wanda, the day of judgment has come and there is no way out of this hell. and my mother and father have already taken the war.

do you remember our acquaintance, Wanda? that warm May night and my timid phrase “hello”. i guess not, but i remember every day. i fought with myself, overdid my shyness. and yet i managed to beat something out of myself. because then and now i’m only lost from thinking about you. i remember everything, and our first dance and those nights in the hay and our wedding.

Wanda, i’m sorry i’ve been spending so little time with you. that i’ve been away from you all the time. i just wanted you to be happy, but it’s only now that i realize that that’s not what happiness is about. and that happiness takes so little time, and unfortunately my limit has been exhausted.

Wanda, do you remember when i got my uniform, how i used to show off to you and ask you not to cry. i really wanted you to be proud and admire me. i really wanted to come home, all in medals and you see your hero and throw yourself at my neck. uh, Wanda.. what a fool i was then, because not a single medal, not a single iron is worth all the lives that have taken and those that have been taken around me. we all have our own history, our own memory. and we all die, albeit in different colors of uniforms, and speak different languages.

Wanda, how much would we have?

goodbye, my beautiful Wanda, goodbye.. i have no time left at all..

and you still owe me a dance.’

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Hello beautiful!

Oh my gosh. This is just the sweetest dang thing. 🥺

I’m honestly overjoyed and a little floored to hear you enjoyed that story so much. I had so much fun writing it, and getting to explore all my loves in one story; medieval, werewolves/lycans, greek myths, and our steeeeeebie boy. Ugh. Love them all so much!

And yes! I had to explain the names! I spent soooo long searching through names for ones that worked for each character, plus started with the first letter of the Gods they each were. It was probably the silliest and most time consuming thing I’ve ever done. And honestly, I’m so glad I did it. I don’t think it would have been the same without those chosen names. So I’m really glad to hear you liked that final post. I wasn’t sure if anyone would even care, or read it, so I posted it more for myself. Honestly. So hearing you wanted to know what they all meant, makes me so dang happy. And I feel like that final post and all the effort I put into the silly names was entirely worth it!

And oh gosh. This ask honestly made my whole week. I read it right after it came in, and was just speechless to the point I didn’t think I could reply the way I wanted to, at that point. So I gave myself a day to let it sink in, and now here I am haha. Thank you so so much for reading that story, and for taking the time to reach out and tell me what you thought of it. I honestly really needed to hear this rn, I have been struggling with my writing lately. So this really helped to boost my writer ego. Which was more needed than I can explain.

So seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s messages and comments like this that keep me going. And keep me writing and posting. ❤️

Okay, okay. I’ll stop rambling now hahaha 🙋🏻‍♀️🤣

- Kaytee.

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Series Summary: These two college friends have had years to grow together. Each being the others support system, adventure buddy, movie night partner, and dorky roommates. That is until things start coming to a new light in their relationship. At least for him… Is there something else there? Is it possible? Were these feelings always there?

Pairing: (Modern) Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Fluff, Adulting, sexy-times mentions, language.

Word Count: 2700+

A/N: This is a very simple chapter, but I needed it for the next chapter:) Hope you enjoy!!

Chapter 27:

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Fandom: 1970s!Loki Multi-Chapter

Pairing: Loki x ConArtist!Reader

Warnings: Swearing, drinking, drug references, later death, later smut, crime, loki and the reader are con artists….. It’s a wild one y’all, hold onto yo’ seats.

Loki’s life on Asgard has become vapid; uninspiring. He’s got the taste for a little danger.

During a trip to earth, he finds just the danger he’s looking for.

A partner in crime - in every imaginable sense.

This is a teaser chapter for an upcoming fic. If you’d like to be tagged in the series, please either message me or comment.


Originally posted by maryxglz

Montecarlo, Loki thought, might be a little more interesting than he’d initially thought. Possibly, his favourite place he’d visited on Midgard.

It was like a hive of temptation, the culmination of human greed. Nowhere on earth quite said luxury like a city dressed to the nines, and Loki loved it.

His last visit midgard had been sometime during the 16th century, and he’d found the planet stricken by violence and a deadly plague.

1973, with its penchant for sex, drugs and rock’n’roll was far more to his taste.

He had, in the short time he’d been in the city, become very well acquainted with the calibrate of person who liked to visit. Men with enough class to never let an expletive pass their lips within company, but perfectly happy to snort narcotics off the seats of public toilets using a ten dollar bill that was on its fourth use.

Women loyal enough to remain on the arm of one gentleman for the whole of an eveneing but not opposed to a quick fuck in a back alley from a tall dark stranger with a mysterious smile.

Sex was not something Loki was particularly concerned with, but he did enjoy the sense of power he got from looking directly into the eyes of a man whose wife he had made come undone not ten minutes earlier.

Humans, he noted, were no different to the savage tribes of Vanaheim. They just hid it better, under expensive clothes and university degrees and layers of makeup.

This was not something he necessarily was bothered by. He was having far too good a time for that.

Casinos, he had taken a real liking to. Money was another thing that held no meaning for him, but cheating pompous assholes out of what they believed was rightfully theirs?

That he could get behind, and it seemed he was not alone in that.

He had been watching you all evening, as you worked your way around the room.

You were dressed to kill, and the man you’d turned your attentions to looked like he would gladly die if it would please you.

One hand stroking his *ahem* ego, and the other steaking his wallet.

You were perfect.

Mischief was on his agenda, and you looked like a wonderful accomplice.

He’d approached you quietly, a gentle hand on your shoulder, his lips by your ear.

“Well, hello.” He’d murmured, as you turned to face him. “Who might you be?”

You’d practically preened at the sudden attention, clearly very pleased with the idea of a second conquest of the evening.

“Darling, I’m your worst nightmare.”

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Begin Again Chapter 17


Summary: Struggling to cope with single parenting and work, after your boyfriend leaves you, knocked up, you try building your life back again, trying to leave men out of it, focusing on your daughter and work, until baby blue eyes catch your interest, giving you no choice but to fall hard for them.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Single Mom!Reader

Word Count: 1626

Warnings: Mentions of smutt, drugs, some swearing and drinking

A/N: This chapter is for @kayteewritessteve challenge. With the prompt “I wanted to say ‘I love you’ for the first time without stuttering, but that failed miserably.” Hope you guys enjoy it!

Sereis Masterlist

You sat in a high stool on the kitchen, knife in hand, cutting some cheese into cubes. Pepper talked about how things were going at the company since you left four months ago. Sure, you kept in touch with both of them, but it was always just to make sure everything was okay, just small talk.

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Originally posted by twirld

Author: hela-avenger

Word Count: 1664

Summary: Prince Loki of Asgard is in need of a date to take back home. That’s where you come in with a task of your own to make the whole trip with an insufferable prince worth it. Too bad that things don’t always go as planned and you end up giving more than you can take. Fake-Dating AU.

A/N:  Thanks for reading and commenting everyone! Please send me a message/ask if you’ll like to be tagged!

poison & wine masterlist

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Coffee & Crayons -  Chapter Six


Moodboard made by me :)
Series Masterlist:
mary: Kindergarten teacher Bucky Barnes suddenly finds himself becoming a frequent customer of a cozy little coffee shop, newly opened around the corner of his school. Self proclaimed Queen of Coffee and the shop’s owner Y/N also finds herself giving Barnes the title of “favourite customer”. Will caffeine simply be their only addiction or will they find a new release within each other?


I own none of the photos used! :)
Coffee & Crayons Tag List:
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pancakes are my specialty

pairing: peter parker x reader

warnings: slightly ooc peter, fluff

summary: after unintentionally cuddling with you, peter seeks to make amends by making you breakfast. (sequel to that’s my pillow!)


Originally posted by softapricity

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Series Summary: There’s a murder in the Avengers Tower. No one came in or out of the building, meaning one thing: it was one of the hero’s. For the safety of others, they are all locked inside until the case is solved and the murderer is put to rest… but who did it?

Warnings: Murder, Mentions of Blood, Angst, Mentions of Hookups, Fluff

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader


Series Masterlist


Originally posted by riricitaa

That night, you didn’t seem to get a wink of sleep. It didn’t come to you, rightfully so. If you fell asleep, you didn’t know who could come into your room and just kill you then and there. The thought lingered in the back of your mind, teasing the possible ways you’d get killed. Usually, you felt so safe within the walls of the tower, but now all you wanted to do was get away from it.

But, you couldn’t, so you decided that since it was morning now, you would get some food. As much as you wanted to avoid people, you couldn’t starve yourself. Plus, if you were gonna die, it might as well be with a full stomach.

Walking into the kitchen, you grabbed some food and a glass of water, just something to hold you over for a while. As you turned around, you jumped, gasping when you almost collided with a strong looking chest.

“Woah, relax. Sorry I freaked ya out, doll.” Bucky apologized, reaching to touch you but pulling away, afraid you’d get scared. Even he was slightly cautious of you. It seems that you weren’t the only one on edge.

“No, no, it’s fine. My fault.” you chuckled. Somehow, Bucky made you feel relaxed. Even if he could be Pepper’s killer, he just felt safe. It was weird, but you felt like you could trust him. Evidently, he felt the same. His body was relaxed and his eyes gleamed with relief.

Suddenly, the lights flickered before going out. You set the food down and quickly lit your palm on fire, ready to attack. This was like the beginning of a horror movie, and you did not want to die.

“Bucky?” you called out, voice trembling slightly.

“M’right here, doll. Come here.” Bucky’s metal arm lightly wrapped around your wrist, pulling you into his side. “What’s going on?”

You blew on your hand, a small ball of fire buzzing to the door. No one was there, so it went into the hallway. When you called for it back, it didn’t come. Usually, it would buzz back into your hand, absorbing into the fire once more. The only times it didn’t come back was when it was blown out.

“Weird, it should’ve come back,” you observed, walking out of Bucky’s arm. You went to the door, peaking your head out of the kitchen. “I don’t see anything, either. It’s empty.”

A metallic ching! noise came from the hall, so you walked out a little more. It sounded like a penny dropping to the floor. Or maybe it was the sound of a belt buckle being pulled tighter. When you heard it again, you realized it was no penny or belt, it sounded small. The only thing you knew that sounded that small was a bullet hitting the floor, but it couldn’t be, right? That was so cliché, no one would flick off the lights and get ready to shoot.

Blowing on the fire in your hand again, you let a small ball go again, but it came back this time. You looked to Bucky, confused as to what was happening.“I hear something, Buck,” you whispered, squinting and leaning even more further. The hallway was pitch black, dark as night. You couldn’t see a thing, even when the fire was out.

“What?” Bucky asked. “What is it?”

“A rattling noise almost metallic,” you replied, but Bucky pulled you back into the kitchen as a loud bang rippled through the kitchen. You gasped when you saw the bullet hole through the wall right next to where you were just standing. More shots came, so Bucky leaned his body over yours. His metal arm deflected the bullets that came after as he urged you to the hallway.

“My room’s closer!” you yelled over the gunshots. Bucky guarded you all the way to your room and quickly ushered you in, following right after and locking the door. Two more shots were heard, but after it was silent.

Bucky and your breaths were unsteady, breathing harshly. Your heart was beating out of your rib cage, you felt like you could explode. Whoever Pepper’s killer was, they really were inside the walls of the supposedly safe tower.But the room was silent now, almost like everything was normal. Like nothing had happened. It made you even more on edge, knowing that the attacker had left and could be planning on striking again.

“Are you alright?” Bucky asked, walking over to you and looking over your body for any injuries. “Did you get shot?”

You shook your head. “No, I’m okay. Is your arm fine?” you asked, wondering just how strong the metal was. Could it even get dented?

“Never better.” Bucky joked before turning more serious. “Who was that? Did you get to see?” Bucky asked as the two of you sat down on your bed, your nerves easing down to normal.

“No, didn’t get a close look. I didn’t even see anyone. Even with my fire, it was completely empty.” you shook your head. “It doesn’t make sense. Who would do this?”

Sighing, Bucky bit the inside of his cheek. “I dunno, doll. But it’s messed up, that’s for sure. Whoever killed Pepper is clearly back for more blood.”

Blinking, you took in Bucky’s words. They wanted more blood. They did so much to Pepper, and it wasn’t enough. That was the scariest part, that they wanted more. And it was one of your friends, too. It made the circumstance even worse.

Bucky observed your horrified expression, realizing that his words had upset you. “But don’t you worry, alright? I’ll keep you safe, I promise.” He looked around the room, the lights were out, too. “Guess the power was cut.”

“That’s even scarier!” you groaned, flopping back onto your pillow. “A killer who hunts in the dark, how stereotypical yet bone-chilling.”

“You have any candles?” Bucky asked. You raised an eyebrow, pointing at the flame that emitted from the top of your finger. “Right, human lighter, course you do. I’ll grab one.”

As Bucky stood up from your bed, a dip in the duvet appearing where he sat. Quickly, you sat up. “Wait, let me come. Don’t wanna be alone right now.” you shrugged. Bucky nodded as your feet padded along the cool floor with his. Grabbing some candles from your sink cabinet, you placed them around your room, lighting them all. Thankfully, these were all unscented. Don’t really need the room to smell like Bath and Body Works exploded.

“So, any clue who done it?” you asked Bucky, who just shook his head. “Well, I have some theories.”

You pulled the notepad from under your pillow out, along with the pencil. Scribbling out Bucky’s name - he was no longer a suspect in your eyes, he saved you from getting shot - you showed him the list.

“I was on there?” he asked, a light teasing undertone in his voice. It was nice hearing him joke around, it made you feel more at ease and more relaxed.

“Everyone was, but if it makes you feel any better I didn’t think it was you from the very start.” you offered.

Smiling, he chuckled. “Thanks, I didn’t think it was you, either. So you suspect someone?”

“Well, not really. I just have this list of motives. I just knew it wasn’t you.” you admitted with a soft shrug. “But what do you think of these? Seem realistic enough?”

Bucky looked over the list, mouthing some of the words slightly. At the last one, he looked up confused. “You put Loki on here? He isn’t even in the tower.”

“Hey, he can shapeshift into other people. You never know, plus it seems like a Loki thing to do.” you giggled.

Truthfully, you shouldn’t be laughing, hell, you shouldn’t even feel this safe. Five minutes ago, you were being shot at. Even now, the killer could be right outside your door, waiting for you to step outside. They could be lurking behind each corner, awaiting their next victim.

But Bucky was different, you never saw this side of him. It was clear that he was unsure of you before this, just like how he was with everyone else. But now it seemed he trusted you, and you had always trusted him so this was good. One, it was one less person to be a suspect, and two, someone was by your side to protect you. It put your mind in a happier place knowing that you had a friend in this, someone to relax you and keep you away from harm.

After what happened to you and Bucky, you couldn’t help but wonder if the others had heard or seen it. Maybe they were experiencing the same thing, too. Or, maybe just you were being targeted.

“It does seem like something he would attempt.” Bucky agreed. “And I’m pretty sure Thor explained how Loki posed as his father for a year. Really isn’t out of character for him.”

“If he were here and wasn’t the killer, he’d already be gone.” you and Bucky laughed at the comment, knowing the killer would’ve probably killed Loki before Pepper, even. Once you had calmed down, you looked at the time. “It’s almost noon,” you observed.

“What– noon?” Bucky asked. “That early? It seems like midnight.”

You looked around. “With the blinds shut, out time conception is off. We need the sun in order to have an internal alarm clock,” you explained. “Wanna work on some more theories? Maybe watch a movie or just talk? I don’t wanna keep thinking about how I could die in thirty seconds.”

“Yeah, sure. We aren’t leaving this room anytime soon, that’s for sure.” Bucky agreed.You turned on the TV, allowing a random show play for white noise while Bucky and you thought up some more theories. It even provided white noise when you both just talked. At some point, you even allowed him to see some of the tricks you could do with your fire powers. Since the only mutants in the tower were Wanda and you, Bucky was very interested in what you could do.

By the time it reached a decent time to sleep, it was decided that you would take the chair by the window while Bucky slept on the bed (much to his dismay, this was all your idea since you were the host of the room).

“Wake me up if something happens, okay?” you whispered to Bucky.

“I will, don’t worry.” he was silent for a moment after speaking, until he added one last thing. “Night.”


With a snap of your fingers, the flames went out and you leaned your head back on the chair. This was going to be an uncomfortable night, but ten times better than being dead.

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Does anybody know a fanfic named “I’ll see you in another life” or “ we’ll be together in another life”

Alll I remember from it was that the avengers crashed the reader’s wedding. Her and Bucky were together but were forced apart, and she was forced to marry some guy? I think it was a AU.

Plus it was a Bucky Barnes fanfic.

If you know what I’m talking about please send me to the blog cause I really want to read it again.

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Originally posted by robertpattnson

Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/N:The parts will be under 1k each, short and simple. If you want to be tagged, send me an ask or leave a comment!  

Warnings: language. Happens right after CATWS. 2 MORE PARTS LEFT.

Summary: Steve Rogers has a mission for you - help him find his old friend, Bucky.


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Steve Rogers x Reader, Summer AU

A/N: Every chapter will have a designated song to it, so please take a listen! Will be linked below. I don’t own any Marvel characters.

Summary: For five summers, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes and you had been a trio; spending the summer at a lake with your families. While Bucky tagged along, there had always been a special bond between Steve and you. Every summer the lake had been something to look forward to until you stopped going and life moved on. Now as adults, Steve and you return at the same time, for different reasons. Can you rekindle that friendship or was it just youthful summer magic?



Originally posted by heyabooboo

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don’t worry, Barnes, he won’t eat you alive, — Nat laughs, nodding towards Stark house. — we’ll get you out of here if you need us.

i didn’t order a scarecrow in the backyard, — Tony shows up in front of the house with daughter in his arms, and Bucky automatically backs up. guilt still gnaws at him, making him subconsciously beware of Stark, who looks frowning at him for seconds and then his face lightens up. — come in, or you’ll be sitting on the floor. Peter and Harley are almost fighting over a seat on the couch.

Bucky is walking cautiously, but Nat is following him, distracting by talking about the house, and he is surprisingly calmer from her chatter.

aunt Nat, — Lila throws herself at Natasha, grabbing her neck and she immediately hugs her, taking her off the ground.

you’ve grown up so much, Hawkeye, — Romanova’s voice is shaking and two brothers are running after Lila that it’s timid - nothing like their sister - hugging Nat, and as soon as the children let her go, she’s in Laura’s warm embrace.

i’m glad you’re back, — Nat smiles as she looks around, and Lila hugs her again, unwilling to let go.

you’re not the only one, — Clint, pleasantly smiling in the background, leaning against the door jamb, keeping an eye on his family.

he’d be glad you’re here, — Clint finds himself next to Wanda, who’s gone from general company to the street, and now humbly watches the horizon line, clinging to the fence.

i know. Pietro, too, — Clint puts his head down, and it doesn’t slip out of Wanda’s eye. — he’d like you here. he doesn’t regret anything.

you’re so sure of what you’re saying, — he laughs back. — it’s reassuring, — she’s only now turning to him, but no muscle on her face has flinched: Clint has no idea what the girl has inside. — come on, recluse, we won’t let you be alone.

source: i used to have nothing (VK)

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when we were young, we loved and appreciated each other so much

AU! after saving the universe, Wanda goes crazy and destroys reality, creating an alternative spiral - a utopian city of the fifties, where everyone lives happily ever after as they always wanted.

🏠 Anthony Stark is a promising young inventor, creator of weapons that came in handy for the U.S. in World War II. get rich, he continues to create technology and weapons, while meeting a beautiful young girl — Pepper Potts;

🏠 Virginia Potts is Tony’s assistant, a brilliant economist and natural leader. she temporarily managed Stark’s company during World War II, but after its completion, Tony finally approved her for the role of head, assuming the role of inventor and giving up paperwork and extra responsibility. she grows all kinds of crops in the backyard of her house, except strawberries;

🏠 Steven Rogers, a World War II veteran, reached the rank of captain, but left the army for Peggy Carter. since childhood he was a strong kid with excellent health, as well as a courageous character. he works as an illustrator in a local newspaper;

🏠 Peggy Carter is a scout, a local celebrity who has been awarded many times for her services to her homeland. she has created her own school where she teaches young girls self-defense. she dances beautifully and never misses a single concert in town;

🏠 Natalia Romanova, Soviet ballerina, who fled to the U.S.. during the war, she worked in an orphanage, but in the forty-sixth returned to the theater, not forgetting to allocate most of the fee to support orphans. men follow her herd, but she prefers the society of Bucky Barnes;

🏠 James Barnes, World War II hero, sniper, for his coolness received the nickname “Winter Soldier”. not indifferent to Russian speech, and only this explains his attachment to Natasha, who says “милый мой (my dear)” better than anyone else. almost reached the captain, but gave way to Wilson;

🏠 Jarvis “Vision” Maximoff is a young scientist, nicknamed by Tony Stark, of whom he is an assistant. he is most interested in the development of artificial intelligence and in his wife, which, unlike him, perfectly cooks;

🏠 Wanda Maximoff is a scarlet witch who has redefined reality, created a beautiful lie that everyone believes, but only she knows the truth and she is happy in her world.

source: i used to have nothing (VK)
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Summary: To get hold of Brock Rumlow, his nemesis Steve Rogers is not holding back. He will cross lines if he has to, even if this means to use Brock’s sister to take him down.

Pairing: Cop!Steve Rogers x Rumlow!Reader

Characters: Bucky Barnes

Warnings: angst, mentions of injuries, pregnant reader, language, scared reader, comforting, fluff

A/N: Just a short epilogue to end this series.

Love Undercover Masterlist


This is the end. The thought won’t let you go watching the doctor and nurse talk to Director Fury. Your throat tightens and you fear you will blank out any minute.

“He’s going to be alright, doll. Breathe, Y/N. Steve is too stubborn to die that easily. You’ve got no clue how strong your boyfriend is.”

Bucky runs one hand gently up and down your back while you try to get a glimpse of Steve when the door to his room opens.

“I…I need to see him, please.” Tearing up you look at the doctor who ignores you for the longest time. “I said, I need to see my man!” Your voice rises and the doctor’s head snaps toward you.

“Doc, you better let that girl into Steve’s room. She’s his wife.” Bucky insists and you squeeze his flesh hand to thank him. “I am his brother and we want to see him. Right. Now.”

“Sir, we need to ask you to calm. Detective Rogers is in no life-threatening status. You can see him after my colleague checked his wound.” Your hands shake hearing the word ‘wound’.

“I am a doctor too. Please tell me what’s wrong with my husband.” Sniffling you feel like your legs are about to give in. “I want to know how he is!”

“Mrs. Rogers, I have to ask you to take a deep breath. You shouldn’t stress yourself in your condition.”  The doctor tries to reason with you but your stoic face and the angry look in your eyes tell him to fall silent.

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