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Spooji au lol (•̀ᴗ•́)و
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The Lost Child - Chapter 11 // Teen Wolf x Marvel AU
Summary: Y/N Stark was taken from her family when she was three years old. It's fifteen years later and her family believes she is dead. Then how is she living in Beacon Hills?
Warnings: Langauge, Discussions of Death, Mentions of Needles/Being Injected, Mentions of Drugs, Kidnapping, Discussions of Murder, Discussions of Child Kidnapping, Mentions of Experimenting on People, Possible Grammar Mistakes (please let me know if there is anything else)
Pairings: Derek Hale x Reader, Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes, Bruce Banner x Natasha Romanoff, Vision x Wanda Maximoff, & More To Come!
Previous Pairings: Tony Stark x Pepper Potts, Scott McCall x Allison Argent
Words: 2.4k
Note: I am posting every 2-3 days! I am terribly sorry that this is late! I meant to post yesterday!
Additional Note: While this is a Teen Wolf x Marvel AU, not everything is true to the shows/movies/comics. I had to change things for the story.
One Last Note: Y/N was adopted by Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. I did this so that more people can see themselves in this story.
Previous Chapter
When Y/N opens her eyes again, she notices she’s no longer in the empty room she was in before. She’s now strapped to a chair and Peter is strapped to another one in front of her. He was staring at her with a scared look in his eyes.
“Oh thank god,” Peter sighs in relief when he notices Y/N awake, “I thought you might’ve been dead.”
“Not yet,” she mumbles, looking around the room they were in.
She and Peter were the only ones in the room. It was a lot brighter than the previous room she was in, but it was just as empty.
“I guess we’re even now.” Peter states.
Y/N gives him a confused look, “Why do you say that?”
“Well, I got mixed up with your hunters. Now, you're mixed up with my hunters. Well, technically they aren’t my hunters and I have no idea why they attacked us, but they’re a part of my world and not yours. I’m going to stop talking now because I feel like I’m rambling.” Peter says in one breath.
“Yeah, I’m still so confused,” Y/N laughs a little.
“We’ve been captured by Hydra.” Peter informs her, “I know because of the logo on the clothes they were wearing. They’re a terrorist organization. They experimented on my uncle Bucky and my aunt Wanda. They also experimented on my aunt’s brother, but he’s kinda dead now. They are also the reason my sister is dead.”
Y/N thinks back to what the voice she heard said to her, “I think they know me or maybe they have me confused with someone else. They kept calling me Shadow Wolf. They also asked if I remembered them.”
“Who did you see?” Peter asks with a concerned look on his face.
“I didn’t see anyone. They spoke to me from like a speaker or something. I couldn’t recognize their voice, but I think they expected me to.” She struggles against the straps holding her down.
“Good luck trying to get out,” Peter states as he watches her struggle, “I tried for about ten minutes until you woke up.”
Y/N continues to struggle against the straps holding her arms and legs against her chair, “I’m sure werewolf strength is better than spider strength.”
She stops struggling for a moment to try and conjure a knife out of her shadow behind her but nothing happens. She tries again and nothing happens again.
“I think they drugged us with something,” Peter tells her, “I can’t even feel my spider tingle.”
“Oh, ew, I don’t want to know about your tingles,” Y/N pulls a disgusted look on her face.
“I’m not talking about those kinds of tingles!” Peter quickly exclaims, “My spider tingle helps me sense danger and stuff.”
Y/N signs in relief, “I was very concerned as to why you were worried about your tingles at a time like this.”
They chuckle a bit until the only door in the room opens. A masked man wearing all black steps into the room. He has a syringe in his hand.
Y/N rolls her eyes, “Is that supposed to scare us?”
The masked man silently walks over to Peter.
“Don’t touch him!” Y/N exclaims, struggling against her straps in an attempt to break free and help Peter.
The man injects the yellowish liquid into Peter’s neck before exiting silently exiting the room.
“Oh my god,” Peter starts freaking out thinking of all the possibilities of what the injection could be, “I’m gonna die. I’m so going to die”
“Calm down. Maybe it’s nothing,” Y/N tries to soothe him, "You'll be okay. We'll either get out of here soon or my friends will find us."
“Shadow Wolf, I hope you’re ready to play my favorite game,” The same voice from before booms throughout the room, “Earlier we gave you a little something to null yours and Spiderman’s powers. In about an hour or so, that drug will wear off but the one we just gave Peter won’t. Can you save him, Shadow Wolf?”
“Oh my god. I knew it. I’m dead.” Peter mutters under his breath.
The wall beside them starts to shake before moving slowly to the side. Y/N assumes it’s just a black wall until several lights flick on revealing a large room. At the back of the room, she can see a small safe in the wall. Sitting against the same wall, she can see three boys huddled closely together. The only thing separating her and Peter from them was a large glass wall.
She doesn’t understand what they want her to do. None of it makes any sense.
The ceiling above her starts to shake as it opens up to reveal the sky, “We’ve been perfecting the werewolf DNA. They’re stronger and faster than any normal wolf. At the back of the room, you will see a safe. Inside that safe is the cure for your brother. The problem is, you’ll have to get through three new werewolves who have never felt the moon since they were turned a year ago. They also have a mission. Their mission is to kill their targets. You and Peter. Now, will you let them kill you and Peter, or will you kill them to save your brother? It’s your choice.”
The boys looked like they were teenagers. One of them even reminded her of Stiles. She’s not a killer and she never has been. Even with hunters, she hurts them but she doesn’t kill them. Her eyes may be blue, but she doesn’t even know why.
She can’t let Peter die but she can’t kill some brainwashed kids either. If it was Stiles or Derek here with her it would be an easier choice, but she barely knows Peter. They are asking her to save one stranger and kill three others.
They must be confused because they called Peter her brother, but he’s not. She's also not Shadow Wolf. She's Y/N.
“Don’t do it,” Peter looks at her with tears in his eyes, “Don’t kill them.”
“I don’t want to.” Y/N whispers out, her mind was too busy thinking of different outcomes, “What if it’s my only choice?”
“Don’t. There’s always another way.”
Y/N scoffs, “You sound like Scott.”
“You can save me and you can save them,” Peter pleads with her.
“This is bullshit!” Y/N yells in hopes someone from Hydra can hear her, “I’m not doing this.”
The voice booms through the room again, “Either they live or you do. You decide.”
“I’m so confused,” Scott mutters, looking around at the shocked faces of the Avengers.
Tony’s shaky hand grabs Stiles’s shoulder and forces him to look at him, “Tell me everything you know about Y/N. What's she like?”
“I’m not telling you anything about my sister until you tell us what’s going on,” Stiles removes himself from Tony’s tight grip.
“Sister?” Bucky looks at Stiles with an indifferent look on his face.
“Yes, my sister.” Stiles states.
“Was she adopted?” Tony questions.
“Why do you care?” Stiles asks back defensively.
“You know a lot about us, right? Y/N mentioned something about a brother telling her all about the Avengers.” Steve steps in between Tony and Stiles as Stiles nods his head, “You know exactly why we care. You just don’t want to believe it.”
Stiles huffs in anger, “She’s not her. I’m sorry for your loss and all but she’s dead, she’s not my sister. You are out of your mind.”
“What are you talking about?” Lydia asks with a confused look on her face.
“But she’s not dead,” Tony informs Stiles.
“You buried her! Her funeral was broadcasted! They said you found her remains!” Stiles exclaims.
“I thought I found her,” Natasha walks over to Stiles with tears in her eyes, “but they lied. They told us that it was but we just found out that it was all one big lie.”
“I had someone I trusted look me in the eye and tell me that my daughter was dead.” Everyone can see the anger and the hurt in Tony’s eyes, “That same person just told us that they lied and they have no idea if she’s alive or dead. Like he just told us about an hour ago. All he gave us are some files from when Hydra took her. Do you know what the project was called? Project Shadow Wolf.”
“You’re lying,” Stiles states as Scott, Derek, and Lydia give each other confused looks.
“Why would I lie?” Tony asks, “You said that her funeral was broadcasted. Did you watch it?”
“But you saw pictures, didn’t you? Her face was plastered everywhere and you recognized her as the girl you call your sister. You recognized the bear. I bet you have old photos of her when she was a kid and she looked exactly the same.” Tony was desperately trying to get Stiles to realize the truth, “You convinced yourself that it was just a coincidence. People look similar to others all the time, but in the back of your mind, you knew that it was her. You just didn’t want to accept it as the truth.”
Stiles takes a step back away from Tony, “You’re wrong.”
“See for yourself,” Steve hands Stiles one of the Hydra folders off of the coffee table.
Stiles slowly takes the folder from Steve. He opens the file to a picture of a young Y/N with glowing yellow-gold eyes and her fangs growling at the camera. While she looks younger than when he first met her when she showed up on his front doorstep wearing tattered clothes and holding a note and her favorite teddy bear, he knows that it’s her. She’s wearing the same clothes in the picture that she wore the day she showed up. The ones in the picture just look new.
He notices the name typed on the bottom right side of the photo, Y/N Stark, “This can’t be real.”
Steve hands Stiles a picture of him and Y/N at her third birthday party. She’s holding the exact same teddy bear in her arms that she is in the photo Bucky took from Derek’s garage, the same bear she had when she showed up in his life, and the same bear he recognized in the picture used at Y/N Stark's funeral.
“Stiles, what’s going on?” Scott asks. He doesn’t understand what’s happening.
“The other day, I told you about how Tony Stark had a daughter who was kidnapped when she was three years old,” Stiles looks at Scott with tears in his eyes.
“Her name was Y/N Stark,” He holds up the picture of a young Y/N and Steve.
“Again, so?”
“Look at the bear in the photo,” Stiles hands the picture to Scott.
Scotts looks closely at the bear in the photo as Derek and Lydia look at it over his shoulders. While it’s not the best quality, he can still recognize the bear that Y/N cried about when he and Stiles hid it from her when they were eight.
“It’s just a stupid bear,” Lydia states, confused about the fuss around a simple teddy bear.
“It’s not just some stupid bear!” Thor speaks up from his spot on the armchair, “I gave her that bear. She never went anywhere without it.”
“Her name is embroidered on its right paw and her nickname is embroidered on the left,” Wanda informs them.
“I already said that,” Bucky mutters under his breath.
“She calls her bear Petal.” Stiles states, “She thought its name was on it so she’d never forget.”
“This still doesn’t mean anything,” Lydia looks around the room in hopes of finding someone on her side.
“How old was Y/N when she was adopted?” Steve questions.
“She was five.”
“Technically, she was either four or five,” Stiles informs them, “They didn’t know her exact age so they assumed that she was five.”
“She was taken from us when she was three. She was taken from Hydra when she was four.” Bucky stares at the photo of Y/N in his hands.
“These are just coincidences,” Lydia states, “Her name, the bear, the age she came to Beacon Hills, the name her kidnappers called her. None of that means anything.”
“Does she have a scar on the right side of her back?” Steve questions.
“How should I know?”
“She does,” Derek says, “It’s small and she has no idea how she got it.”
“She got that scar when she fell onto our glass table and it broke,” Steve informs them.
“I’m still waiting for some concrete evidence that our Y/N just happens to be your lost daughter or niece or whatever.” Lydia huffs in frustration.
“Don’t believe us.” Tony shrugs his shoulders, over the conversation, “When we find her, which we will, we will DNA test her and we will prove to you she’s my daughter.”
“I’m just sayin–”
“Lydia, stop.” Derek interrupts Lydia, “We are wasting our time discussing this. Y/N is gone and we should be searching for her right now, not fighting about who she is.”
“If they called her Shadow Wolf, then Hydra took her.” Bucky angrily states.
“Bruce, you and Nat go out to the jet and start searching for anything. We’ll stay here and start digging through her files and looking for any indication of where they could have taken her.” Steve orders the Avengers.
“Who’s going to tell Sam?” Bruce asks.
Bucky sighs, glancing down at the photo in his hands, “I’ll tell him.”
“What can you do?” Steve looks at Stiles, Scott, Derek, and Lydia.
Stiles nervously looks back at Scott, “Um, well, we can–”
“Shh,” Lydia shushes Stiles, staring curiously at the fireplace.
Everyone quietly watches Lydia as she curiously walks towards the fire going in the fireplace. As she gets closer and closer, the voices that she hears get louder and louder.
“Lydia, what do you hear?” Scott asks, slowly walking towards her.
“Get me a laptop,” she mumbles loud enough for everyone to hear.
Stiles looks around the room before noticing an open laptop on the kitchen table. He grabs the laptop before running it over to Lydia. He sits it down on the coffee table next to her and pulls out his phone to type in the code for the third Deadpool list.
Stiles steps away from the laptop after he types in the code. Lydia sits in front of the laptop and types in the third key. She hits enter and the third list pops up.
“Oh my god,” Scott mumbles in disbelief.
Stiles shakily backs up against the wall before sliding down in complete shock.
“What was it,” Derek asks.
“The key for the third list.” Lydia didn’t want this to be real, “It was Y/N.”
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And who is this, to the sweet angel with kisses climbs? That's right, this is Tony❤️
Stefan has stars on his cheeks✨
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The Renewal: Chapter 15
Tumblr media
Relationship: Dark!Loki x Reader
Series Summary: You volunteer for a cruel Asgardian ritual to protect someone you love. Armed with only your magic and hunting skills, you fight to turn the tables on those in power. In accepting this task you agree to sacrifice your life, unknowingly to the God of Mischief.  
Chapter Summary: The Asgardians decide their plan after Karnilla’s threat. 
Word Count: 3.4k
Series Warnings: MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, 18+, NSFW
non-con/dub-con, forced voyeurism, humiliation, possessive behavior, forced marriage, Asgardian age gap, mentions of forced pregnancy, murder, violence, smut, loss of virginity, minor character deaths, unprotected sex, cream pie, cum play, m/f sex, oral sex (both male and female receiving), fingering (female receiving), breeding kink, cock warming, mentions of blood, Thor and Frigga are terrible people
This is dark and explicit. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14
You sat sandwiched between your mother and Loki around a table with the rest of the royal family in a private chamber to discuss how to respond to Karnilla’s threat. Your mother held your hand under the table to keep you calm, since you were still upset and worried about your baby. Loki tried to do the same but you swatted his hand away, much to his dismay. 
“We must strike first!” Thor bellowed as he slammed his fist on the table, “We need to show Karnilla and all of Asgard’s enemies that they can’t just come to our palace and make threats with impunity!”
“I think she is bluffing.” Loki declared condescendingly, “The woman would be mad to think she can stroll into Asgard and kidnap a member of the royal family. We are going on with the wedding as planned and will not entertain her nonsense.”
“Even if it is a bluff, brother. It should not be one that Karnilla should feel safe in making.” Thor responded gruffly, “My vote is to attack as soon as possible.”
Your mother cleared her throat to get everyone’s attention, “If there is something that I know as a subject of Nornheim, it is that Karnilla does not bluff.” Your mother warned, “She does not make threats either - only promises.”
“Provoking an attack is likely what she wants anyway.” You added on, “It would rally the people of Nornheim to her side. Which means that even if you were to defeat her, ruling it would be nearly impossible.”
“Listen, while I appreciate your ‘insight’, you have no experience in these matters. I don’t know why you’re even in the room.” Thor responded patronizingly with crossed arms. 
“Thor,” Odin chided him, “they are the only ones in this room from Nornheim and thus have insight that you do not have, my son.”
Thor glared at you from across the table, but you only responded with a smirk. 
“As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted,” You continued, “Not attacking first means that Karnilla has to come here. It gives us time to prepare for whatever she may be planning. You would have the advantage because she will be unfamiliar with this place. It’s like during the hunt, I studied the woods weeks beforehand, which gave me the upper hand over the noblemen.”
Loki turned to you wide-eyed and Thor’s face turned red. Frigga just shook her head in disapproval and Odin gave you an amused smile. Your mother let out a loud cackle and slapped her knee. 
“You cheated!” Thor stood up, pointing at you, “Do you hear this, mother?! Y/N fucking cheated!”
You stood up across from him and put your hands on the table, leaning in almost as a challenge, “There’s nothing in the rules that say maidens cannot study the terrain in which they are being hunted. Don’t like it, then speak to the priests!”
“Sit down!” Odin commanded him, “We have more important things to do than squabble about the past.”
“You and Loki are meant for each other.” Thor grumbled childishly, “Tricksters, the both of you!”
“Perhaps we are, Pet.” Loki said in a low voice and squeezed your thigh, causing you to grimace and roll your eyes. 
“On a more personal note,” Your mother interjected, “My husband is still in Nornheim. I don’t doubt that she would kill him to hurt my daughter should Asgard attack first.”
While worrying about protecting your child, you hadn’t even thought of the danger your father was now in. Now the stress of this decision weighed on you even more. You feared that you may not be able to protect them both. 
“I obviously agree with my mother. Whatever decision we make needs to take him into account.” You insisted. 
Thor scoffed, ‘We can’t make our decision based on - “
“Y/N and Hilda are right about not striking first,” Odin agreed, cutting off Thor, “I’m also impressed by your instincts in these matters, Y/N. Perhaps you do belong in this family indeed and with my son.”
Loki squeezed your hand again and you dug your nails into it, making him wince and tear it away with a hiss. You both turned to each other and narrowed your eyes. 
“As I was saying.” Odin continued authoritatively, “We will use this time to prepare for whatever attack she will attempt. We will also increase our presence of spies, though instead of Asgardians, we will turn some in Nornheim to work for us.”
Thor let out a loud annoyed sigh, “Well, if it is decided, father, may I at least be in charge of the defenses? I will inform Heimdall of the situation as well.”
“Yes, good idea.” Odin nodded in agreement, “Then the matter is settled.”
“Before we go,” Frigga chimed in, “I believe that we should increase the security around Y/N. We can’t take any chances. Perhaps Karnilla will try to kidnap her before the baby is even born.”
You felt the blood rush to your face at her suggestion. More security meant an even tighter leash than you were already on. This was the last thing that you wanted and you knew Frigga was most likely doing it to keep an eye on you for her own reasons. 
“I will need to continue my magic lessons,” You countered, “I will need them in order to protect myself and my child.”
“Absolutely not!” Both Loki and Frigga objected at the same time. 
“It’s absurd for you to bring this up, Y/N.” Loki scolded you, “I agree with my mother. The answer is no.”
“And what if I and the baby are somehow alone? Then what?” You questioned him, ”Hm? Then I will need to know how to defend us both.”
“As you’ve just said, Your Grace,” Your mother looked at Frigga, “We cannot take any chances.”
“Frigga, Loki, you will both continue Y/N’s lessons.” Odin commanded them, “I need her to be able to not only defend herself, but also to attack.”
Loki paused for a second and then looked at you with an evil glare in his eyes, “Father, if I may make one final suggestion before we all depart. As a show of defiance, we should push the wedding up. Perhaps, a week from now?”
Your mouth dropped in shock at Loki’s audacity. He grabbed your hand hard beneath the table.
“What do you think about that, my love?” 
Your stomach churned but you knew what your answer had to be. You saw Thor look at you with a shit eating grin, waiting for your answer. 
“I think it’s an excellent idea, Loki.”
You sat in your bed, well, your shared bed with Loki, and giddily read a book on combat magic you’d taken from his study. Now that Odin had ordered for you to hone your skills you were going to raid Loki’s study and the grand library. You even had your mother uncloak the books she had ‘borrowed’ from it earlier. 
You tried to ignore Loki as he entered the room and stopped at the bed to stare at you. You flipped to the next page without turning to look at him or even say hello. 
“So much for keeping you in line,” He huffed as he started to undress, “and just when I thought we would be able to make any progress. Bloody Karnilla ruins it!”
You rolled your eyes, “If you actually cared about this baby, your baby, then you would be happy that I’m learning how to defend myself better.” You retorted, your gaze still focused on the book. 
Loki let out a low growl before trudging to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He came out and ripped the book from your hands and tossed it on the floor before hopping on to the bed with a bounce. 
“Loki! What the fuck?!” You exclaimed angrily, turning to hit him with a pillow. 
“I’m insulted, Pet!” He complained immaturely, “You think that somehow the entire Asgardian army -- oh, and myself-- wouldn’t be able to protect you. That we would be so useless as to have the fate of my heir in the hands of a peasant girl. It’s ridiculous.”
Your eyes went wide in disbelief, “A peasant girl? You mean me, the mother of said ‘heir’. And might I add, soon to be a princess of Asgard. You utter bildersnipe ass!”
“Only by marriage.” He retorted while fluffing his pillow. 
“Hmm…well that didn’t take long.”
“What didn’t take long?” Loki inquired with his back turned to you. 
“To start acting like the cunt you are again.” You mocked viciously, “A cunty little arrogant spoiled brat.”
Loki shot up and looked at you offended, “I will have you know, Pet, that I have had quite the rough day. And you picking at me won’t make my mood any better.”
“Awwww poor, Loki!” You teased, “Perhaps I should bring in Ingrid and give her a hug in front of you. Then you’ll get jealous enough to be nice to me and act like a proper fiancée.” You cackled as Loki’s face turned red. 
“I am not jealous of that servant girl.” He denied, “It’s just difficult to be nice when you mock me after such an awful day. You with your wicked tongue.” He scowled. 
You continued laughing at him, much to his irritation, “You truly are a green eyed monster, both literally and figuratively.”
Loki suddenly grabbed you, making you yelp. He pulled you into him tightly, “You’re already quite difficult, Pet, and it’s only going to get worse as you get more pregnant.”
You gasped at him and then whacked him as hard as you could. You quickly got up and straddled him attempting to continue hitting him but he just grabbed your wrists to stop your assault. To your disgust you felt Loki becoming hard between your legs. 
“Are you aroused right now?” You said in shock.
“Well, obviously.” He admittedly matter-of-factly, “I’m always aroused around you. Angry and aroused. Sad and aroused. Frustrated and aroused. Pick an emotion and then add aroused.”
You couldn’t take Loki being such a pest anymore and needed him to shut his mouth. You wrestled your wrists from his grasp then lifted up your nightgown and quickly sat on his face, resting your cunt over his mouth. 
“Well, I hope you’re aroused and hungry, you ass.” 
Loki groaned and grabbed your hips as you rested one hand on the headboard and grabbed his hair with the other. He licked between your folds hungrily and lewd slurping sounds came from beneath you. He ate your cunt like a starving man, savoring your juices. Then he slid his tongue into your quivering hole. Loki swirled his tongue and explored your heat as you moaned above him. You rocked your hips more as you felt a warmth spread from your core. 
He pushed you slightly down and tilted your hips forward so he could have better access to your clit. Your body jerked and you squeaked when he gave you a soft nibble. You felt his hot breath on your delicate flesh as he chuckled against your folds. Loki continued to suck on your bundle of nerves and you mewled as the pleasure within your body overtook you. Your body tensed up as the ecstasy flooded through you. Loki grabbed you harder to hold you against his face as you threw your head back and shook from your orgasm. 
You let go of his hair and panted, keeping your weight up with your hand that rested on the headboard. Loki moved you off of him then wiped your slick from his lips, sucking on his fingers to relish the taste.  
“Sit, Pet.” He patted his thigh, “Ride me.” He lustfully commanded you while leering at you. 
You moved to straddle his hips but he tutted you, “No, face the other way. I want to watch your ass and me fucking into your cunt.”
You looked at him wide eyed and scandalized. Loki had taken you in many a position during your time at the palace, but this was new. The angle of what he would see felt dirty and yet, it also turned you on. 
“Well, don’t be shy now.” He teased as you froze, “I’ve already rutted a baby into you. Now hurry up, Pet, before my cock begins to hurt.”
You turned your back towards him and lined the thick head of his cock up to your slit. Loki grabbed your hips and thrust up while pulling you down. The sudden harsh intrusion made you yelp and knocked the breath out of you as he slammed against your cervix. 
“Mmmm..” He hummed lasciviously while pushing your back down so you had to rest your hands on his thighs for leverage. 
The new angle filled your core in such a way that Loki somehow felt even bigger. You rocked yourself slowly at first to adjust. You felt his smooth cock hit against your sweet spot and your body suddenly jolted. You tilted your hips to rub the spot again and let out a satisfied moan as you massaged it to your own rhythm. 
“That’s it, Pet.” He seductively purred behind you as he watched your ass bounce. You felt his cock twitch inside of you as he gazed at his glistening thickness sliding in and out of you. He bit his bottom lip and squeezed your soft flesh, holding onto it as you continued to ride him. 
You sped up as you felt the pleasure begin to build just in that tiny spot. You closed your eyes and focused on working it as it grew and grew. You clenched around Loki and let out a guttural moan. You rocked your hips faster and faster to chase your high. The coil in your belly tightened and tightened before it snapped. You gripped around Loki as your body tensed enough to almost push him out of you. You went slack jawed as you fell over the edge and you saw stars. 
“Fuck, that’s it.” He grunted, “Squeeze my cock.” He slapped your ass and kneaded it again before grabbing you and holding you against his chest. 
Loki held you by the neck with one hand and played with your swollen nub with the other. He snapped his hips roughly into you. You let out a hoarse scream as he forced another orgasm from you. He grunted animalistically each time he plowed into you. 
“I’d fuck another child into you right now if I could.” He panted as he squeezed your neck tighter, “Keep this tight little pussy filled. So everyone knows it’s mine.”
His thrusts became frantic and sloppy as he neared his orgasm. He let out a loud groan and you felt the muscles in his cock pulsate as his hot seed coated your inner walls. Loki let go of your neck but held you on top of him. You both laid there sweaty and heaving as you tried to catch your breaths. 
Loki turned you both over onto your sides without letting himself slip out of you. He grabbed your hips and thrust his cock into you so that your ass was flush against him. Although softened, it was still filling and heavy. He hummed as he kissed your neck before dozing off to sleep. You wrapped his arm around you tighter. Despite his cruel treatment and being generally annoying, you needed to be held and to have some comfort after what you’d gone through that day. 
“You are unbelievable!” Frigga spat at Odin in their shared chambers, “Do not feign innocence! I know precisely what you have been doing and feel like a fool for not realizing it earlier.”
She glared at him as he sat on the bed enduring her reprimand angrily. His jaw was clenched and his hands were balled into fists on his thighs. 
“This all makes so much more sense now. You have been trying to provoke Karnilla.” She seethed, “Oh, the ‘bravery’ of the Nornheim girl! You let that girl participate in the Renewal because you knew it would get back to Karnilla and piss her off! You knew what it represented!”
Odin shot Frigga a warning look, but she paid it no mind, “And you know my deep belief in the custom, and yet, you desecrated just as much as your son!”
“Frigga -” He said with a low growl. 
“No! I am still speaking!” She hissed, now merely a few inches away and looming over him, “Your hasty acceptance of the engagement was suspect, but after hearing your nonsense about reunification during your speech - that was a pure provocation!”
Odin stood up furiously, almost knocking Frigga over. She recovered and continued to berate her husband, “The only reason you want to wait for her attack is so they strike first to give you an excuse to invade! You have put us all in danger - the safety of your grandchild - because of a stupid feud that should have been settled when the map was drawn centuries ago!”
“This is not just some feud!” Odin bellowed, “It is an insult that Karnilla is able to keep her kingdom within our realm. Every moment Nornheim is independent is a threat to Asgard’s safety.”
“Bullshit!” Frigga sneered, “Your battle with Karnilla was the first you fought without Hela. You lost and now you can’t get over it. Every time you think of Nornheim, it reminds you of your own failure!” She pointed at him. 
“So what if this is a matter of pride!” He snarled at her with his finger in her chest, “I am king. I am king. And as king, these are my decisions to make.”
“Odin! You cannot -”
“Yes, I can and I have.” He stared darkly at her, “This matter is settled, wife.”
Frigga stood and glared at him for a moment, “Then out!” She commanded furiously while pointing at the door, “Find other quarters to sleep in tonight, husband!”
“You cannot be serious!” He scoffed, “Frigga, sweetheart - “
“OUT! NOW!” She yelled at him, pushing him towards the door, “OUT!”
Odin sighed and shook his head before moping out of the door. She closed and locked it behind him. Frigga sat on the bed and put her face in her hands and exhaled to calm herself.
“All of the men in this family are bloody children.” She hissed. 
Karnilla sat in her throne room with her advisor Magnus the day after her visit to Asgard. Unlike Odin’s gilded throne room, hers was dark and made of dark grey stone. The giant columns rose to high ceilings and her purple sigil hung from each one. Her large steel throne sat upon a giant stone platform that made her tower over her visitors. Two guards stood at the main entrance to the room at attention. 
The door opened and her spymaster Ivar entered. He approached her throne cautiously and gave her a deep bow before nodding at Magnus. 
“I suspect the serious look on your face means you have important news for me, Ivar?” She inquired as she stared at him. 
“Why, I do, My Queen.” He replied, “My source within the palace reported that Odin has decided not to strike first. They will move up the wedding and take their chances waiting for whatever move you choose to make.”
“Hmm…and what of their preparations?” She asked, leaning forward with interest. 
“They will spend until the child’s birth preparing. However, the girl will also be tutored in magic by the Queen and Prince Loki. Her powers will be much stronger when we make our move.”
Karnilla sat back in her seat  and crossed her legs as she thought about what Ivar reported, “This gives us more time to prepare as well and to fortify the kingdom should Odin try to invade us afterwards. Tell your source to give detailed reports on Y/N’s progress. Hopefully she will be too tired from birth to be of any use to the Asgardians, but I do worry given the prophecy. Double your sources pay for the information. You’re dismissed.”
Ivar bowed again, “Yes, My Queen. Happy to be of service to you.” He replied obsequiously before departing. 
Karnilla turned to Magnus, “No matter what, we must get that child and bring it back with us.” She said gravely, “Everything else be damned.”
“Agreed, My Queen.” He nodded, “Even if the prophecy is wrong, we cannot take any chances. The seers all said the same thing after their ‘interrogations’. Not only will the girl be powerful in her own right, but her child will be one of the most powerful gods known in all the nine realms.” 
“I know, Magnus. I know.” She replied gravely, “We cannot let that child be raised in Asgard. Odin will surely poison it against us and it may try to finish what its grandfather failed to do. That is something I will not risk.”
Chapter 16
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abbatoirablaze-blog-blog · 2 days ago
Getting Ready
Word Count: 549
Warnings: mentions of sexual situations/creampie, mentions of oral, breeding kink if you squint. Bucky and y/n showering together.
Tumblr media
Just a little drabble if Bucky had a serious relationship, but none of the guys met her, so to smooth it over he agreed to bring her to a Stark party. Just them before they get ready to go.
“Is that what you really want though, James? Or are you just saying that because you know it’s what I want one day and you want me to suck that big, thick cock you’ve got between your legs?”
Bucky looked into your eyes as the two of you laid on the bed together and he chuckled. He brushed some of the stray hair from your face, tucking it behind your ear.
“You think my cock’s big and thick, huh?”
“You’re deflecting,” you said playfully, narrowing your eyes at the man you loved as well, “stop playing with me.”
“I’m not messing around, doll. I’d marry you today and put a child in you if you told me that is what you want, doll,” he uttered, feeling exhilarated and terrified by the thought, “I’ll never turn down being inside of you, but that’s not what it’s about right now. I love you. I’d do it all for you.”
Your eyes widened, “what?”
“I’d do it all for you, doll,” he repeated, “I love you.”
“You’re joking,” you laugh, lightly pushing his shoulder. But he bounced back, that dopey smile on his face, “Bucky…Bucky?”
“I know you don’t believe it when people tell you that you’re beautiful,” he sighed. He reached down to your hands and brought them to his lips, kissing each individual knuckle, “doll, you have been here for me through so much…when I didn’t think I was enough. When I thought I didn’t deserve love because of my past. You’re my everything.”
“Bucky,” you whimper softly. He pulled you into his arms and kissed you, his hands already working their way down your curves. He whimpered in response when you pulled away, your hands catching his own this time, “we can’t lay in bed any longer though…we’ve got to get ready for Stark’s party.”
“Do we have to?”
“Yes,” you laughed softly, kissing his temple before getting out of your bed, “you told your friends they’d finally get to meet me last month after Sam walked in on your little call with me.”
“Hey, he didn’t see you,” Bucky laughed as you walked to your bathroom and started the shower, “Doll, are you really showering without me right now?”
“Yes,” you laughed, getting in, while still holding the conversation with your boyfriend, “because I’m trying to get clean, not have round three with my amazing boyfriend.”
“We could do both,” he offered, his voice drawing closer to you, “I’m great at multitasking.”
“No you aren’t,” you laughed, splashing him as he got in with you. He grabbed your shampoo and started working it through your hair, “Bucky what are you doing?”
“Helping my girlfriend get clean,” he muttered. You rolled your eyes as his hands left your hair, and the sudsy mixture that was on his hands started down your body once more. His lips attached to the back of your neck, and his hands began massaging your breasts, “see I’m helpful…washed your hair…full body massage…”
“Oh, is that what this is?” you giggled.
“Oh, just you wait until the lower body portion,” he chuckled, “I do this amazing thing with my tongue…”
“I know,” you giggled softly, “you did it fifteen minutes ago after you came in me.”
“I love you, doll.”
“I love you too, Bucky.”
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winterdrag0n · 2 days ago
Treasure - Part 17 (Steve's finale)
Pairing: Bucky x Fem!Reader; Steve x Fem!Reader
Chapter Warning: None, it's pure fluff. (We all deserve it after the long angst rollercoaster)
18+ Only! The series contains other trigger warnings such as mention of rape and unhealthy coping mecanism. Please DO NOT consume this content if you’re uncomfortable!
Word Count: 3.3K
[Treasure Masterlist]
Tumblr media
XVII.I. Steve and You: Moments
The friendship was budding organically, as easy as a cool breeze on a sunny winter day, as natural as the flower blooms in the spring. Although Steve had always loved her more than friends, he knew it was needed for him too, to let time heals what willpower can’t.
When she came over to his house almost two years ago, sniffling, “I know you’re hung up on me, and I don’t want you to. I need to be alone for a while…” Steve didn’t want to let go. He was about to win her back and how he swore the timing couldn’t be worse. He wished he could pour his heart out to her, he wished he could say what he had been rehearsing.
“What I feel about you is not something I can just let go, Y/N. This is… special. And ll do everything in my power to make it work. Give me a chance to show you how much this means to me.”
But life gave him another story, so he offered to be her friend instead.
And they had always loved each other, no matter how they wanted to label it so it was really just about time until they ended up falling in love again. It was all so natural, effortless and easy, they didn't even know which date they had to choose for their anniversary, there was no grand gesture or epiphany or the metaphorical line being crossed, it was like eating ice cream in a hot summer day, you enjoyed it so much you didn’t realize you finished it.
So when their wedding planner asks them that question, they stare at each other with puzzled looks and they chuckle, “We don’t have an anniversary date,” they say it in unison. The three of them are sitting in the coffee shop a couple of blocks from Steve’s apartment.
“You guys really don’t know the date? Or… maybe the date of your first kiss?” The wedding planner, Jerome, whom Nat recommended to them, raises his eyebrow.
Steve smiles shyly at him, “We didn’t note that on our calendar either.”
But of course, although Steve doesn’t remember the date, he remembers the moment. After all, we all keep the moments, the feelings, the memories, not the technicality of some symbol made by the Romans.
At first they were only hanging out once a week, usually after him and Sam went for a run on Sunday. The three of them would try different breakfast places in New York and sometimes she and Steve would continue the afternoon by lazing around at his place, watching some old movies.
And then Sam got busy so sometimes it was just the two of them going for a run, eating breakfast, watching movies and then the hour became longer and it stretched to dinner. And then Sunday became the whole weekend, and then sometimes they added weekday dinners. And just like that, they had a shared calendar.
The new bagel place next Saturday!
Or; I know you have an ophthalmologist appointment next Monday but do you think it’ll be over by noon? I have surgery in the afternoon.
Or; Can we go to Walmart instead of Wholefood for the next grocery shopping?
Or; I’m so sad, the pizza place on the 13th will be closing for renovation! We have to eat there EVERYDAY now.
The relationship evolved from platonic to romantic when Steve came to her place one night, feeling down after losing a patient in the surgery. The little dog who was hit by a car didn’t make it, the seven year old boy cried in front of Steve and he couldn’t shake that image out of him. She was reminded again how gentle and kind Steve’s heart was, and if it was still hers, she would take care of it this time, not to let it ever break again.
She made him a warm chocolate as it was the beginning of winter and Steve felt cold. Steve watched her back as she poured the hot water into the mugs, then he approached her and hugged her from behind, his hands on her stomach, chin rested on her right shoulder and she leans her cheek to his head, letting the time froze, staying like that in solitude, feeling the warmth transferring from one another.
And she remembered how easy it was to love this man.
It was almost Christmas, they were sitting on the park bench while eating hot dogs. They just came back from the concert in Carnegie Hall and they were hungry and all the restaurants were full. She was too lazy to take off her gloves because it was freezing and she held the warm coffee cups in each of her hands. Steve shared the hot dogs with her, both hands holding it because it would fall apart if he didn’t. He took another big bite and the mustard splattered to the edge of his mouth, he licked it but it was smeared even further. “You made it worse,“ she commented.
“Can you please wipe it?” Steve nodded to the napkins that were shoved to his jacket’s pocket earlier. She looked at their hands, all occupied. So she leaned in and licked the mustard instead and left a peck to his lips afterwards, innocent and nonchalant.
Steve gasped, his breathing stopped for a second while she showed him a toothy grin. His face turned red— oh, Steve blushed easily, he couldn’t wait to free up his hands. So the moment she finished the hot dogs and his hands were finally free, he cupped her face and went for a real kiss, her tongue was still tangy of mustard and bitter of coffee. He kissed her before, but this one was especially memorable, it was long awaited yet unexpected at the same time. It was perfect.
“Well, what about the first… um, sex? We can use the date, do you remember that?” Jerome fans his face with his long and perfectly manicured fingers. He checks out Steve again. At this point, she has come to understand that both women and men check out Steve all the time because of his too-friendly demeanor and a greek god body, and that’s something she has to live with for the rest of her life.
She and Steve look at each other again and his cheek blush a little. “Oh boy, did we remember—, of course,” he chuckles.
The sex happened a couple of days after the kiss. They were already spending the night together, not leaving each other’s side and Steve had to stop the make out session because it was just too hot for him to handle. He was hard and felt like about to explode so he said, “I gotta take a cold shower, sweetheart. Let’s stop for a while.”
“Why?” she protested. “I didn’t say stop, did I?”
Steve looked at her with anticipating eyes. “You’re okay? If I… you know.”
“Yes.” She didn’t waste any second to pull him for a kiss again but Steve breaks the kiss. “Wait, wait, wait, I really need to make it clear this time. You let me… um, you know.” He couldn’t seem to say it.
She almost laughed, she thought Steve looked so adorable, nervous yet really horny.
“Yes. I’m giving you full consent… to fuck me. Is that what you need to hear? Come on, Rogers, fuck me,” she said it in a scandalized tone and Steve gulped. With just those words alone, Steve swore he almost came in his pants. He had been fantasizing about this for years.
“Oh I will,” he hissed, and they never came out from the bedroom that weekend.
“But really, we don’t remember the exact date,” she says.
“What about the proposal?” Jerome asks again, batting his eyelashes. “Surely it must be quite memorable!”
She chuckles, “No, not really… nothing like a grand gesture.”
Jerome sighs, “Luckily you look like this,” gesturing to Steve’s head to toe, and then sips his tea.
It was one year later, another winter, after their first kiss, they were talking about how good it was to go somewhere warm in the globe to escape the cold weather. Steve suddenly remembered she still owed him something from a bet he won a long time ago.
“You said you’re gonna wear anything I choose!”
“There is a statute of limitation of bets, Steve!” she groaned, but Steve argued, “No, not in my world!” And they were childishly bickering until Steve said, “I only wanted to ask you to wear white, sweetheart. That’s all.”
Her face went what do you mean?
So Steve opened the drawer in his nightstand and took out a vintage looking box, it was his mother’s ring. And she said yes.
No grand gesture, no uncomfortable or awkward situation, just her and Steve sharing the moment, a memory they would cherish forever, the way she loved and wanted.
“Ok, so I guess I can’t create a timeline in the pre-wedding video or photos collage then?” Jerome knits his eyebrow.
“Um, can we also not have those? To be honest, we didn’t even want a wedding,” Steve continues. “You’re gonna be the only person who knows this secret, Jerome. But we’re technically already married.”
Jerome’s eyeballs widen, almost jumping out of their sockets. “Pardon?”
“We eloped a week after the proposal. We just went to the city hall and got married.” She smiles, remembering that night. It seemed like a good idea at that time but then they realized it wasn’t so good anymore when they thought about their friends and family. Nick would want to walk her down the aisle and Bucky would kill Steve if he never got to be his best man. So they picked a date in the spring, cleaned up the garden in Steve’s parents’ house and hired Jerome.
“Oh my god, you guys are really one of those couples, aren’t you…” Jerome shakes his head. “So blindly in love, you don’t care about material things. Oh my sweet summer child…” He rolls his eyes.
She giggles at the view of Jerome’s face, this guy does have a thousand expressions. Jerome scribbles something on his iPad and asks again, “Do you have anything in mind for the flower, the cake or the invitation’s design?”
“Can you do that for us? We trust you have an eye for those beautiful things,” Steve says.
“Are you saying you leave everything to me?” Jerome drops his jaw.
“Yes,” she affirms.
“So you’re paying me to plan and run a wedding that’s basically anything I want?” Jerome’s eyes sparkle.
“Yes, but please, nothing over the top. Just a good time with friends and family.” Steve grins.
They drive together, the three of them, to Steve’s parents’ house and Jerome looks even more excited than before, looking at the beautiful backyard. He’s babbling about all the things he wants to do with the place and promises the happy couple that it’s gonna be an intimate and beautiful wedding.
He keeps his promise.
Bucky arrives two days before the wedding day. His reunion with Steve is not dramatic at all, it’s like they were never separated. Yes, they hug and it may last a minute longer than usual but apart from that, it’s like they just met up yesterday for lunch. Technically Steve and Bucky talk every week, unless Bucky is away for missions. Sometimes Steve would just prop the phone up on the kitchen counter, while the video call is on and Bucky would just watch him cooking while doing push ups. Bucky told Steve about their codependency, but they didn’t seem willing to take care of it. They video called each other so often that sometimes Y/N didn’t realize if Bucky was on the phone. Steve would leave the phone and go to the door to get pizza or go to the bathroom and she would pass by and Bucky would call her, “Hey, Y/N! How’s it going?” And she swore she would talk to Steve about setting boundaries but then Steve never really listened.
It’s been almost two years since the last time she saw Bucky and he still looks so dashingly handsome and his eyes are still as blue as the ocean. Bucky hugs her and murmurs, “God, I missed you!” And she grunts at how tight the hug is. It’s warm and comfortable and she knows she misses him too, but it’s not like that anymore. They lock eyes for a moment and only the two of them know how much they mean to each other. It’s appalling to think about how she thought she would die of a broken heart but then here she is, surviving and staring at the man who she thought killed her.
“Life on an island does you good, Sergeant Barnes,” she comments.
Bucky gives her the kindest and most genuine smile. “Life is much easier when I learn to accept the apology I never got.”
Steve knows, he’s always known that Bucky and Y/n had shared some moments in their life, but Steve also knows that the moments are theirs to keep and Steve would never intrude.
The three of them know; every moment in their lives happened for reasons. Although things change, feelings change and circumstances change, it doesn’t make those moments less true. It was true at one point of their lives, and will always be for as long as they hold onto it.
The wedding is beautiful, intimate and fairy tale-like without looking like they’re trying hard, just like Bucky thought Steve’s wedding would be like. White roses and fairy lights are everywhere, jazzy love songs are played by the live band, and really that’s all it takes to build a crazy romantic ambience.
As the best man, he holds the rings. She walks down the short aisle under the stars in the backyard of Steve’s house where he (and practically Bucky too) grew up, her arms are enveloped to Nick’s, his eyes already welled up before they even took the first step. The song is a classic Canon, Steve is standing, looking so handsome, proud and content.
They exchange vows, not too cheesy, a little funny and so wholeheartedly genuine, and Steve tears up just like Bucky expected. Bucky gives him the ring and a big hug, whispering in his ear, “So, very happy for you, pal.” Steve tears up again. They kiss and everyone cheers, it’s a wedding of the century, or so Bucky thinks.
And then it’s time for Bucky to finally make a toast.
“Steve and Y/N…” Bucky begins. “I don’t know where to start… To be honest, I spent countless hours scribbling what to say at this wedding. As the best man, I’m sure the pressure is high. But I didn’t get to write anything… So here I am, winging it. Hope I’m not too drunk yet.”
The crowd laughs in the background, Steve rolls his eyes.
“I’ve known Steve since we... '' Bucky squints his eyes, “forever. I’ve known him forever—, anyway, Steve is the most amazing, wonderful, kindest, sweetest, most intelligent human being I know. And he’s also a little shit.” The crowd burst in laughter.
“He’s so fucking stubborn, annoyingly naive and over-dramatic sometimes. When I was nine, I broke my arm— my left arm. It was gone for good anyway, so I don’t have any proof.” Bucky waves his left robotic arm, the crowd laughs again, oh they love him. “I had to wear cast on my arm for weeks and Steve, who by the way was skinniest little kid you’d ever seen, brought my books to the school, every fucking day. One day he didn’t show up at my class after school. I thought he was fed up with the books, or me, but then I looked for him and he was beaten up by bigger kids, and there was a little puppy there. Those assholes were bullying the poor little lost puppy and yes, Steve being Steve, called them off and got his lips split. I know Steve. Even if it wasn't a dog, even if it was a caterpillar, or an ant, he would still do the same. I think that was the moment I realized, he’s not just another human on this earth, he’s Steve Rogers, a good person. So if he stayed with me, if he loved me, it meant I’m good too. During my darkest time behind the enemy line, I would remember that Steve Rogers thought I was good.” Bucky’s eyes are soft.
There’s a choir of “Awwww” follows. “I always thought nobody in this world deserved Steve Rogers, that is until I met Y/N.” Bucky turns his gaze at her. She smiles at him, thankful.
“Look at her. She’s so gorgeous it’s almost a crime! And if you know her, her heart…. She has the biggest and kindest heart. And thank God, she had that eye issue when she was with Steve, because come on, that’s the only explainable reason she wanted this punk, right?”
Steve mouths you jerk to Bucky. Bucky laughs, “I know… I know… all of you think Steve is like a Greek god with an insanely attractive ass, but seriously he wasn’t like this. I knew him since he was a scrawny little dude. And really… all my life, all I ever wanted… is just to see that scrawny little dude to be happy.” Bucky stares at Steve, his eyes starting to well up as Steve’s too. And then Bucky turns his gaze to her, she returns his gaze, they share the unspeakable connection over the one person that resembles love, Steve Rogers.
“I love you, Steve. And God, I’m so, so, so happy you met Y/N. I’m so fucking happy for you guys, I—” Bucky doesn’t finish because Steve hugs him and Bucky hugs him back, letting the microphone drop to the table beside him. They murmur “I fucking love you,” to each other.
Tony Stark then takes the microphone and says, “Ok, it’s my turn, and I wouldn’t be able to top that toast. Goddamnit, Barnes! And Y/N, if you wanna run and let these two boys get married instead, I think you still can. Just blink three times to me, sweetie, I’ll take it as a code.” The crowd laughs again and Tony continues joking for the next ten minutes.
Dr. Raynor is at the party, approaching Bucky and gives him a warm hug. “Did you receive my letter?” Bucky asks and she nods, “You wanna dance, James?” Bucky smiles and accepts the invite. He didn’t know his therapist is one hell of a dancer.
It’s funny how life takes them. Some time ago, they would think they’d die if a certain thing didn’t happen… but then it didn’t happen, and they didn’t die. Life still goes on, the earth still rotates. At the end of the day, the world still revolves whether they’re in it or not.
Bucky is standing by the bar, sipping his whisky, staring at how happy Steve looks, dancing with his wife. The two of them stare at each other like the other person hangs the moon. Bucky remembers how he thought fate did him bad, how time cheated on him, how she was being taken away from him. Looking at it now, Bucky is clear, she was never his to begin with, she was the one who taught Bucky how to really love someone, the one who brought Bucky back to Steve, the only constant in his life, the good that stands by him, so that he knows he is good too.
And Bucky will remember this moment forever, when he’s feeling content, relieved and truly happy.
Tumblr media
A/N: Hope you like the ending with Steve! Please do let me knooooww, comments, emotions and feedback means a lot to me, it helps me grow as writer and keeps me motivated. And you know what will make Bucky happy? A reblog! (yeah!)
I will post the Epilogue together with Bucky's ending. Please bear with me, I'm just very busy with work, but I promise to post Bucky's ending as soon as it's edited!
Do send me an ask if you have ideas/prompt for my next project. Taglist on the notes.
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creamytinydays · 18 hours ago
The Crush: A Spiderman x Everlark crossover (Part 2)
Tumblr media
Chapter summary: Katniss and Peeta go on a date. Or two. <3
Story summary: Mild-mannered student by day, famed thief-turned-hero the Black Cat by night, Katniss Everdeen is juggling taking care of her sister and protecting New York City all while not trying to fail Criminology 101. If that weren’t complicated enough, she’s got a crush on two guys - Spiderman, and the cute nerd she sits next to in class. What’s a girl to do?  
Unbeta’d, Rated M
Enjoy! 🕷
The next day, I show up early to the coffee shop. Unfortunately, this gives me plenty of time to think about what I’m doing.
Last night on patrol, Spiderman made me laugh so hard I almost fell off the side of a building. When he grabbed my arm to stabilize me, electricity shot through my body, making me tingle down to my toes. 
Now I'm on a date with somebody else. What is wrong with me?
I spot Peeta hurrying through the throngs of tourists. His nose is pink from the cold, and his face positively lights up when he sees me.
God, Peeta’s cute. Those freckles should be illegal.
“Hey!” He gives me a hug. “Aren’t you cold? Let’s get inside.” He gallantly opens the door for me.
Peeta orders a plain coffee, and I order a mocha latte with whip. We settle in a booth by the window, and I try not to stare as he sheds his jacket to reveal a navy turtleneck. Between the way it stretches across his chest and the way he peers at me intently through his glasses, I’m feeling a little hot.  
The steam from Peeta’s cup fogs up his glasses and he removes them, drying the glass with his shirt. Great. Now I’m thinking of what I could do to make those glasses steam up. 
“Are you from New York?” I blurt out, before I burst into flame. Who knew I was into nerds?
“Born and raised in Queens. How about you?”
“I was born in Brooklyn. Then I lived in Hell’s Kitchen for a while.” Before he gets the idea I lived in the gentrified areas, I clarify: “not the nice part.”
“Tough neighborhood.”
“It sucked.” No point sugarcoating it. I don’t miss the random break-ins to our crappy first-floor apartment. “Now I’m in the Upper East Side, living with my sister.”
“Wow.” He lifts an eyebrow.
I shouldn’t have mentioned Hell’s Kitchen, since I can’t explain how I paid for that move (hint: it involved a lot of diamonds). But something about him makes me want to be honest.
“Is your family still in Brooklyn?”
My heart clenches. “No.” My voice cracks, just a little.
Peeta’s eyes widen. “Sorry, I didn’t mean-“
“It’s a normal question.” I take a sip of my drink, but it tastes thin. “My dad died when I was a kid. My mom didn’t last very long without him.”
“I’m sorry.” He folds his hands on the table. “My parents are gone, too.”
“Sorry.” There’s not much else I can say, and I’m not going to offer some meaningless platitude. Instead, I reach out and place a hand over his, squeezing it gently. He squeeze back and gives me a crooked smile.
I withdraw my hand safely back, and safety tuck them both under my thighs.
I didn’t expect to dive into all the deep stuff on date number one. “What made you choose NYU?” I ask.
“NYU has some of the best science labs in the world. Especially the nuclear lab, have you seen that?” His eyes light up. “I was offered this spot with a really up-and-coming researcher, he’s super smart –” 
Peeta launches into describing his research and the nuclear physics lab and his classes and boy, can this guy talk about science. I follow along as best as I can (hey, I took physics in freshman year), but mostly I just watch him as he speaks, his face animated. He’s enthralling like this, talking about his passions.
“But enough about me.” He brushes some curls from his forehead, his face a little flushed, and gives me the sweetest smile. “What do you think of criminology so far?”
“It’s interesting.” Fantastic, we can talk about class and stay far away from my tragic history and new extracurriculars. As long as he doesn’t ask me about – 
“So, you never told me.” He leans in. “Why did you want to take the class?” 
“I guess I watched too many episodes of Law and Order,” I lie.
“That’s-” But I miss the rest of whatever he says, because the TV on the wall draws my attention. An image of the Vulture takes up the entire screen, with the header reading “Vulture terrorizing Midtown.” 
Adrenaline fizzes through me like champagne. Spiderman is probably already on his way, and we actually have a chance of stopping the Vulture from doing any real damage if we do it together.
I have to go.
“Peeta, listen –”
“Katniss, I have to-” He clears his throat. “Sorry, you go first.” 
“I just realized I have a paper due tonight. This was really great but I need to get going.” Stupid. Who has a paper due the second day of classes? I’m cringing internally, waiting for him to call me out on the lie, but he’s staring at his phone. 
“Totally,” he says, shoving the phone in his jacket pocket. “I’ll see you tomorrow in class.”
That went better than I expected, but I feel terrible. He doesn’t look upset, but walking out on a first date with a barely concealed cover story is not how I imagined this ending.
“I’m really sorry. I’d like to stay longer.” 
“Don’t worry about it.” He flashes me a grin. “Remember the professor I was telling you about? He needs me at the lab. This is perfect timing.”
Relief floods through me, and together we walk out of The Bean. There’s a little tug in my chest as I watch him disappear into the crowd.
It’s not until I am dressed for battle and halfway to Midtown that suspicion grows like a weed in the back of my mind, tangling my thoughts with thorny questions.
What are the odds both of us leave at the exact same time?
Spiderman jumps off of a building a few blocks ahead of me, heading the towards me, his lithe body cutting through the air with grace. Together we confront Vulture where he’s perched on top of the Empire State Building. Vulture loses his balance for a second, which is unlucky for him, and Spidey starts webbing him while I unsheathe my diamond claws. As sarcastic quips and insults start to fly, all thoughts of the date disappear.
The next day after class, Peeta and I go for a walk around Washington Square. I’m moving gingerly, thanks to Vulture throwing a motorcycle (a freaking motorcycle!!) at me to escape yesterday’s confrontation.
We end up on a park bench, watching the tourists ambling through the Square.
The bench is small, but I keep some distance between us despite how good Peeta looks in his red sweater and fitted slacks.
The suspicion from yesterday has reappeared. It was quite lucky for me that he got that “text” just as I needed to go.
“So, how was the lab?” I ask casually. “Did you get some work done?”
“Good! Professor Octavius has some great concepts. Sometimes he has an idea and he has to get to work on it right away.” Peeta’s face is open and honest, his blue eyes intent on me.
My suspicion withers and dies. God, I've been hanging out in the world of criminals and hidden identities for too long.
“So how’s working for the Bugle?” I ask. The sun is shining today and the autumn leaves have just started to fall. Peeta looks particularly good in sunshine, I decide. 
“The job has its ups and downs,” he says.
Yesterday, I’d asked Spidey about his contact at the Bugle. He said his photographer was named Peter Parker, but before I could ask more, he had to leave.
“Do you know Peter Parker?”
“Um.” A flush creeps along his neck.
“You know him!”
“No, actually.” He pushes a large hand through his hair, tousling his curls. “Ok, honesty time? I am him.”
I blink at him. “What?”
“One of Spiderman’s enemies hunted me down after seeing my name in the paper. Not many people named Peeta Mellark in the city, I guess.”
Fear squeezes my heart. I have this awful image of Peeta lying on the ground, bleeding and powerless as the Green Goblin laughs manically, hovering above him.
“They found you? How’d you escape?” Can he hear the stress in my voice?
“Um, Spiderman saved me.”
Thank God. Although the idea of my two crushes being in the same room makes my head hurt.
“I got to thinking about using a pseudonym. My editor keeps calling me Peter anyway, so I decided to use it. That way, when some crazie goes looking for ‘Peter Parker’ in order to get to Spiderman, they won’t find me.” 
I know from first-hand experience that connection to Spiderman is dangerous. I don't want to think about what would've happened if Spiderman wasn’t there to save Peeta.
This leads me undeniably to an uncomfortable truth. Peeta doesn’t only have a connection to Spiderman, and all the danger that could bring. If we keep dating, he’ll have a connection to the Black Cat, too. And who knows what someone would do to him to get to me? Worry claws at me.
I hadn’t considered how dating Peeta could put him at risk. I just started being a so-called hero a few months ago, so I’ve never had to navigate this before.
I force myself to take a breath. I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ve barely hung out twice, and besides, no one know about our connection.
But still, the worry lingers.
“Using a pseudonym is smart.” I chew my lip. “You have to protect yourself.”
He flushes, and I watch the red creep over his skin. There’s a faded bruise on the side of his neck, and my gut twists. Is that what I think it is?
Maybe Peeta has a secret or two after all. 
“So tell me,” I tilt my head towards him, flicking my braid over my shoulder. “How is a cute guy like you still single?”
Peeta flushes even more.
“My last girlfriend was from high school. Since then, I've had one relationship.” He pulls a face. “Actually, relationship isn’t the right word. It’s just physical.”
“Is she the girl that gave you the hickey on your neck?”
Peeta’s hand flies to his neck. “Yeah.” He lowers his gaze, staring at his hands clasped in front of him. His eyelashes are so long. “But like I said, it’s just physical. I’m looking for something more.” 
He looks up at me then, and I feel like I’m hurtling through the air, just the same as when I’ve leapt from a ledge and I’m halfway from one building to the next, the city so far below. Peeta has one hand on his thigh, the other resting on the bench between us. If I stretched out my fingers just a bit, I could grab it.
But I can’t let myself fall so quickly. “And Hickey Girl doesn’t want more?” I’m not going to get invested in him, no matter how cute he is, if he’s got feelings for someone else. 
And yes, I see how hypocritical that is.
“She likes the physical parts, but we barely know each other.”
“Have you asked her?
“I don’t have to. I just know that she has this perception of me that isn’t real. I think she likes the fantasy more than who I really am. I just want something real, you know?”
Spiderman’s mask appears in my mind, and my heart twists. 
I slip my palm into his, and his fingers close gently over mine. “Yeah, I know.”
Read Part 1 here
Thanks so much to everyone for commenting, reblogging, and reading the story. It truly means a lot to me. Let me know what you thought!
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palettesofrenaissance · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Allure, Gravity, Magnetism:” the reincarnated soulmate au
Although his face is neutral and tone leveled, there is definitely something hiding behind Sam’s carefully chosen words. They’re like smooth-sounding tools meticulously chiseling away at Bucky’s carefully constructed wall, slipping between the cracks and prying them open further, wider, allowing more words to slip through.
Sam knows something.
Sam sucks his teeth, picks up the cooking tongs and smacks it, hard, in the palm of one gloved hand. Looks to the stove, then takes an empty pot to a sink to fill with water. “Okay, since we’re going there by talking about past relationships—it’s your turn!”
“No, we’re not going there.”
“Yes we are, Tin Man! There’s a heart in there, somewhere. Talk. Who was your last ex?”
“I’m not gonna talk about that.”
“Sure you must’ve had some. At least one.”
“I didn’t…”
“You didn’t have not one crush growing up? Remember that one time at that wings restaurant bar? What about that lady you said you used to like back in the thirties? Bet she was some pretty blonde singer, wasn’t she? You said she was a singer, right?”
“She was a singer… She wasn’t blonde, though…”
Chapter 10: up on ao3 now
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earlgreydream · 25 days ago
𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐨𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐩𝐡𝐬. || 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐤!𝐩𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐞𝐫 𝐱 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐦!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐤!𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐰!𝐩𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫’𝐬 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐬𝐡 𝐨𝐟 𝐩𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐬 𝐡𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐛𝐲 𝐚 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐩𝐭 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 @creme-bruhlee
𝐜𝐰: 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐤!𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭, 𝐝𝐮𝐛𝐜𝐨𝐧, 𝐝𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐲 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤, 𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐝 𝐚𝐛𝐝𝐮𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧, 𝐦𝐞𝐚𝐧 𝐩𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫, 𝐝𝐫𝐮𝐠𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐧𝐨
Tumblr media
“I have to go, sweetheart,” Peter hummed, gently waking you. 
“Daddy?” your eyelids felt heavy as you tried to wake from a drowsy sleep. 
He ran his fingers through your hair, hating to leave you at the cabin all by yourself. Peter almost never left you alone, afraid you’d run, or something would happen to his precious girl that he’d worked so hard to protect in the safety of the secluded little cabin in the woods he built. 
“I need to see you’re nice and awake before I leave,” he rose you out of bed. 
“M’awake,” you yawned, rubbing your eyes, standing in your skimpy little pajamas he’d picked out for you. 
“Be my good girl while I’m gone. Don’t use the oven or the stove, and stay inside. It’s cold out,” he reminded you of his rules, and you nodded.
“Yes, daddy. I’ll be good.”
Peter sighed, kissing your forehead, swearing he’d be back in a few hours. You watched him go, leaning against the locked windows as his car pulled from the drive. Anxiety immediately washed over you, his absence far worse than his presence. 
You walked to the kitchen, peering to see what he’d left for you, turning on the electric kettle, opening a tea bag. You wished you had pancakes, but you knew better than to make any on the stove, residing yourself to wait until Peter got home, hoping he would be in a good mood.
You sat on the couch with your tea, turning on Netflix to watch a movie while you waited for him to return. The morning seemed to drag on, every little strange sound making you nervous. Very quickly, you wished he was there with you, missing his constant, dominant presence.
You shivered, chilly in the house as cold air seeped in from the snow outside. You decided to look for something to wear, something of Peter’s to keep you warm. Your feet padded across soft carpet as you entered your suite, going to his closet.
Your fingers parted the sweaters, searching for one to pull over your pajamas. You found a grey one he wore often, one of your favorites that he’d slipped over your head before.
You tried to pull it off the hanger, the movement accidentally knocking the shelf above the rack. You gasped as a box tumbled down, trying to catch it, but failing as the contents spilled all over the floor.
“Fuck,” you whispered, kneeling to quickly clean up the mess before he got home and punished you for meddling in his things.
Your knees dug into the carpet as you picked up photographs, your body going rigid as you realized what they were pictures of. You stared at the photos of you, from before you and Peter ever met.
There were hundreds of them, some of them taken from angles that were clearly inside of the home you were stolen from in the middle of the night. Memories from before you’d been brought to the cabin flooded your brain as you stared at photos of you sleeping, getting dressed, taking showers, and drinking coffee. Some of them were you at school, dated months before you had ever seen Peter.
You bit down hard on your tongue as you lifted one of you asleep, completely unconscious, but Peter’s fingers holding apart your dripping folds, exposing your cunt.
“Did you find what you were looking for?” Your head snapped up, pictures falling from your hands as you stared at Peter in the doorway.
“I was trying to get a sweater because I was cold, the box fell, I was trying to pick up, I swear I wasn’t prying!” You rushed out, dodging back, his voice making your blood turn cold.
“No? You just happened upon this?”
You nodded meekly, realizing he was waiting for you to put the stack of photos back in the box. Once you’d done so, you handed it to him, watching him put it on a higher shelf.
“I was protecting you,” he hissed, gripping your jaw.
“I know-”
“I do everything for you. All of this for you, because I fucking love you and want to keep you safe from the monsters out there,” Peter snarled, making you whimper and try your best to nod.
“Tell me you love me. Tell me you fucking love me!”
The shout startled you.
“I love you!” You obeyed, looking up at him with watery eyes, holding his wrist as he leaned over where you knelt. You meant it, how could you not love the man that was so devoted to you, who kept you safe and cared for?
He wrenched your jaw open, though you would’ve done so if he would’ve asked. You barely had time to get out an apology before the man was shoving his length down your throat, choking you roughly. Peter didn’t care about the tears welling in your lashes or the way your chest shuddered as you couldn’t take a proper breath. 
Your throat would be sore the next morning after the brutal way he was fucking it. His fingers fisted in your hair, holding you down on him. His cock was too big, painfully stuffing your throat as you gagged on it. His brown eyes burned with anger, devoid of sympathy as he brutalized you, getting off roughly. 
You were used to him pulling out and coming on your face or chest, but this time, he pumped his load down your throat, snapping at you to swallow everything he had to give you. You dropped forward onto your hands, wheezing as you struggled to draw in oxygen, your head spinning as the darkness slowly left the edges of your vision. 
“I’m sorry daddy, I’m sorry,” you sobbed, trembling beneath him. 
“Oh, sweetheart. No tears, now. Daddy loves you, you’re okay,” his voice was gentle and soothing, lulling you into false safety. 
He leaned down and picked you up off the floor, snuggling you into his chest and sitting down with you in his lap. Your arms were tight around his neck as you cried into his shoulder, letting him rub your back and whisper softly to you. 
He was comforting, your fear dissipating as he held you, pressing sweet kisses to your cheeks. 
“I hate to have to punish you, baby. Don’t make me hurt you, daddy hates to make his little girl cry,” Peter frowned, stroking your cheek as you gazed at him with wet eyes. 
“I know, daddy. I’m sorry, I’ll be your good girl again,” you whimpered, nodding in guilt. 
“I know you will. Always my good girl,” Peter breathed, kissing your pouted lips. 
You fussed when he moved you off of his lap, though your complaints were silenced by a warning look. 
“I’m making you some tea, for your throat. Put this on,” he slipped the sweater- the one you’d been trying to get- over your head before starting the kettle.
You waited on the chair, bleary eyed and hazy headed. A few moments later, he sat back down beside you, holding the tea so you didn’t burn your hand. 
“Open, baby,” he softly urged, holding the cup to your lips and helping you drink, hoping the sedatives in the tea would take effect quickly. 
“Tastes funny,” you whispered hoarsely.
“It’s got your special supplements in it, the ones that keep you my good girl,” he said, a vicious grin tugging at his lips as you began to weaken.
You wanted to argue, to tell him you’d be good on your own, but you were too drowsy to form words, barely able to force your eyes open. 
“Finally,” he breathed when you were unconscious, carrying you to the bedroom and laying you down, slipping the tiny silk panties off of your legs. 
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oswildin · 29 days ago
Let The Chaos Begin ~ Peter Parker x F!Reader (Part 2 to ‘Bittersweet’)
PART ONE - https://oswildin.tumblr.com/post/671027622563741696/bittersweet-peter-parker-x-freader
Summary: After finding another universes Peter Parker in your apartment, it appears that the universe didn’t return back to normal after Strange’s spell…
Warnings: Spoilers for NWH!!!
Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield)
Dr Strange
a/n: wow! over 1000 notes on part 1… damn. I am so thankful, and it makes me happy you guys liked it so much! now this story is gonna play out more like a tv series narrative, I’m planning as I go, but I have a rough idea in mind using the last few projects of marvel (Loki, WandaVision, No Way Home, Multiverse of Madness…) I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
“So, you’re telling me… That you’re from another universe, managed to transport into this universe by accident because a wizard did a spell that went wrong, causing multiple versions of you and your enemies to have a battle, a battle that I was there for but have no memory of you or the other Peters because the only way to say the universe from tearing apart was for the world to forget Peter Parker…”
“Er… Basically, yeah.”
“Right… And you know how crazy you sound right now?”
“I have a pretty good idea, yeah.”
You sat opposite the man who had mysteriously appeared in your apartment, who seemed extremely sincere, which was the scary part. His big brown eyes bore into your own (e/c) ones as he seemed like he was pleading for you to believe him. Sighing, you spoke once again.
“Okay, okay…” You leant forwards, leaning on the table that was between the two of you. “Say that is all true, it still doesn’t explain why or even how you appeared in my apartment.” He looked at you and gave a half shrug.
“To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how I ended up here either-“ He paused, copying your body language as he also leant forwards. “But I have a theory.” You raised a brow, motioning him to go on. “What if, the spell didn’t fully work?” He paused, licking his lips. “What-what if, I don’t know, the damage to this universe, the tears in the fabric of reality was too extensive?” You nodded slowly.
“Right.” You said quietly. “Okay…” You cleared your throat. “Going along with this theory of yours, if that is the case, and these tears in reality are forming, could that mean this universe as well as others are in fact bleeding into one another?” His eyebrows shot up as he suddenly jolted, lifting his hands in the air.
“That’s what I’m saying!” He exclaimed. “And if, if it isn’t fixed… It could cause everything to fold into itself and on the way unleash a world full of chaos and destruction.” He looked around the room, seeing a notepad and pen on the kitchen side as he grabbed it. Taking the pen lid off with his mouth, you watched him closely, as he began drawing on the paper, taking a few moments before handing you the notepad. You grabbed it from him, taking a look at what he’d drawn out. “From what I know myself about the theories of multi dimensional reality, and from what little knowledge I picked up from when I was last here-“ He leant over your shoulder, pointing at his drawing. You couldn’t help but notice how close he was to you as you held your breath for a second at the proximity. “This is your universe-“ He pointed to the circle he’d drawn in the middle of the page. “And all these balls around it are other universes. Same identities, different variations, differing timelines-“ He used the pen again to draw arrows. “With the tears in the fabric of this reality, elements from these universes ar-are colliding with this one, displacing people or things from one universe to another.”
Turning your head slightly, you saw his side profile as he stared intensely at the notepad. He was handsome to say the least. And weirdly, you found him comforting.
“Okay, say that is the case…” You paused as he turned his head to look at you, seemingly not phased by how close he was to you in that moment. “How do we stop it? I mean what can we do? We’re just two people who are in this massive web of complex mess…” He bit his lip, before taking a step back. “Face it, if this is the case, we’re screwed.” You shook your head. “Our heroes are gone, or lost, or in space!” You put the notepad down on the table. “We haven’t even recovered from the blip…” You said defeated, running a stressed hand down your face.
“Sorry… The blip?” Peter asked, furrowing his brows.
“Oh, I’m guessing that hasn’t happened in your universe.” You peered over at him. “Half the universe was wiped out by one man. Well I say man. He was purple.” You shook your head, trying to stay focused. “They were gone for 5 years. The Avengers saved them all, but life for those who were blipped were forever changed and those who were left behind…” You paused. “Well, let’s just say it wasn’t pleasant.” You swallowed the lump in your throat. Peter noticed your coyness on the subject, wondering if something had happened to you during those 5 years.
Peter stared at your features, taking you all in. It had been a few months since he last saw you. As in, this you. It hurt for him to know you didn’t know who he was, or this universes version of him either. The only plus side to the universes colliding together is that he got to see you again. It was selfish, but he would do anything to keep you with him if he could. He was brought out of his thoughts as he heard you clear your throat. He was staring.
“Oh, I- Sorry.” He said embarrassed. “I’m a deep thinker.” He tapped the side of his head as you narrowed your eyes at him.
“There’s something else you’re not telling me.” You told him straight. He tried his best to fake confusion, but you saw right through it. “Look, whatever it is can wait.” You stood from your seat as he stood up straight. “If what you think is true, then there’s one person we need to go pay a visit to.” You told him. His eyes suddenly lit up.
“Is it the wizard?” He asked excitedly. “It is isn’t it.” He smiled slightly.
“He’s not a wizard.” You corrected. “I don’t really know what he is, but he’s not a wizard.” You grabbed your jacket, throwing it on. “But, yes… Dr Stephen Strange is our best option.”
On the way to Strange, you noticed how Peter would give you longing gazes when he thought you wouldn’t notice. Nothing felt off about this guy. He seemed genuine, and he had kind eyes.
“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” You broke the silence as Peter instantly gawped, pulling his intense gaze away from you as he felt his cheeks grow warm.
“Sorry.” He mumbled as you smirked turning to him.
“I’m teasing you.” You told him, as he let a small smile fall on his lips. “But seriously, maybe lay off the creepy stares, you know, stare for the appropriate amount of time for a stranger to be looking at another stranger.” You told him teasingly. You missed the sad look that flashed over his features.
But you’re not a stranger. Peter thought to himself. He supposed he was a stranger to you whether you remembered him or not. You’d only known him for a few hours, and although you weren’t his (Y/N), you were very much his in his eyes. The same face, same mannerisms, same… well, everything really.
Suddenly the Taxi you were both riding in came to a halt. Car horns were beeping around you as you groaned in annoyance.
“I hate New York.” You muttered to yourself, looking out the window. Peter narrowed his eyes, feeling the hair on the back of his neck stand up.
“I don’t think it’s the traffic that’s stopped us…” He trailed off, feeling his Spidey senses kick in. You snapped your head to him as he gave you a concerned glance. He immediately got out of the taxi, much to the confusion and anger of the taxi driver. You followed suit, heading the driver curse you both, but you ignored him, as you looked ahead, seeing people getting out of their cars, as they surrounded the area a few metres ahead. Peter turned to you. “Come on.” He grabbed your hand, pulling you with him as he went off through the cars, the taxi man still shouting at you both.
“I’m reporting you both!”
Ignoring the man, you ended up down a side alley, as Peter turned to you.
“Trust me?” He asked as you furrowed your brows.
“I don’t know you!” You scoffed, but this time you saw the flash of pain in his eyes as you softened your tone. “You have to earn my trust.” You told him. “But I’ll give you a chance.” He nodded.
“Good enough for me.” He grabbed your arms, wrapping them around his waist as you sent him a stern glare. “Going up.” He warned you.
“What?” You asked, confused, but before he could answer he shot a web upwards, wrapping his arm around your own waist as you flew upwards. You screamed at the sudden movement. It didn’t last long as you quickly found yourself on solid ground once again. You opened your eyes, not even realising you’d closed them as you pulled yourself away from the man. “Don’t. Ever. Ever. Do that again!” You warned him, pointing your finger at him. He held his hands up in surrender.
“Look, I thought it would be better if we were up high… Then we can see clearly what is going on down below.” He told you, not able to hide the small smirk on his lips. Oh he was enjoying this. You grunted at him before moving away, walking to the edge of the roof of the building you were on. You hated to admit it but he was right.
Looking down at the scene below, you could see perfectly what had happened.
“Oh my god.” You whispered, as Peter also looked down at the sight before you.
There was a giant crack in the road, with purple light coming out from it, as it appeared like space was on the other side of the crack.
“Okay… starting to believe in your theory now.” You told him, slightly breathless at it all. You immediately pulled out your phone, scrolling through your contacts.
“What are you doing?” Peter asked, curious.
“Phoning a friend.” You told him, as you dialled the number. “Come on… Pick up.” You begged, but it kept ringing out. “Shit.” You grumbled, before turning back to Peter. “Okay, we stick to Plan A.” You told him. “I can’t believe I’m gonna say this… But suit up.” You told him as he raised a brow. You turned away from him as he began undressing, removing his clothing as he had the suit ready underneath. A second later you turned back around to face a masked Peter in his Spider-Man suit. “Okay. Still weird that there is multiple Spider-Men.” You commented, before walking over to him and wrapping your arms around his waist, much to his surprise. “If you drop me, I will kill you.” You threatened as he nodded.
“Don’t worry. I won’t drop you.” His voice was soft, almost like it was a promise to you. A promise you couldn’t quite understand the full depth of. “What about my clothes?” He suddenly asked, his tone changed. You rolled your eyes.
“That’s the least of your worries right now. I’ll guide you.” You told him, and with that, he held you close and jumped off from the buildings roof, swinging down the street as you yelped.
God you hated this.
“You ok?!” You heard Peter ask after a minute as you begrudgingly nodded, trying to keep yourself from throwing up on the people below, or on his suit.
Finally, you arrived at Stranges house, thankful you could feel solid ground beneath your feet again. You leant over for a second, as Peter stood beside you, secretly amused behind the mask.
“Shut up.” You told him, steadying yourself.
“I didn’t say anything!” He exclaimed, the smile evident in his voice.
“You may be wearing a mask Parker, but I can hear that stupid grin of yours through it.” You told him, standing back up straight as you took a deep breath in. You turned to the door, knocking on the grand door. After a few seconds, it opened. You entered, Peter following behind. Once inside, you closed the door behind you, as Peter removed his mask.
“Wow.” Peter breathed out, spinning round as he took in the hallway. “This wizard must be loaded!” You rolled your eyes at him.
“Not a-“
You both snapped your head up to the stairs as you saw Strange stood at the top.
“Wizard.” Strange finished his sentence.
“Strange-“ You began.
“Stephen. Please.” You sighed as you restarted.
“Stephen,” You annunciated. “I have a feeling you know why we’re here.” You told him as he looked down at you both. He stayed silent, only nodding once. “And I’m sure you know how he is here.” You gestured to Peter, who awkwardly waved at the man.
“Hello again.” He greeted. “Huge fan. I love magic.” He told Strange as you gave him an apologetic smile. “A-and I love your cape. I wish I had a cape. All cool superheroes have capes.” You turned to Peter, whacking him in the chest as he looked like a kicked puppy.
“Shhh!” You told him, scolding him like a child.
“I don’t have time for your married couple act-“ Stephen told you as you turned your head back to him.
“I know! I know I’m sorry.” You told him as Peter’s heart slightly clenched at the thought. “But I think you may need all the help you can get. Because, it’s happening.” You stepped forwards. “Tears in the fabric of our reality are bleeding through to the surface.” You told him. “And if we don’t stop it-“
“The end of the world. Yadda yadda yadda.” Stephen waved his hand. “I am aware.” He paused. “Come.” He began to move from the stairs, heading back the way he came as you followed, Peter hesitantly behind.
“He’s a bit-“ Peter whispered to you, as you cut him off.
“Yes well, I would be too if I was Sorcerer Supreme and kept having people come to my door with problems.” You commented as he gave a ‘yeah okay fair enough’ look.
Suddenly, you were in his office as the scenery around you changed.
“Woah!” Peter exclaimed. “That was so cool.” He let out a small boyish giggle as you disagreed, the movement making you feel queasy.
“So,” Strange began. “I see this Peter Parker made his way back to this universe.” He commented. “Coincidental he found you.” He said suspiciously. You furrowed your brows confused by the comment. “But you don’t remember meeting him before, do you?” He turned to you as you shook your head. “Oh good, So that part of the spell worked.” He raised his brows. “But it appears the rest was only a temporary fix to something beyond us all.”
“Why is this happening? What has changed?” You asked. “I mean, surely spells have gone wrong before and not caused this much damage?” You inquired.
“There’s been a shift in the flow of time.” Strange told you both, a hologram appearing in the middle of the room.
Tumblr media
You could see Peter instantly going to inspect the image that appeared. It looked like a vein, with one main artery, with branches coming out of it. “Time has been fractured, it happened years ago, but only recently has it collapsed.” He explained, the branches growing longer on the hologram. “One event has caused this to happen, which means-“
“The branches are breaking off, expanding into one another.” Peter finished for him as Strange looked at him.
“Correct.” He confirmed, as Peter kept his eyes on the hologram. “Universes are colliding with each other, and it’s only so long before they completely annihilate everything we know.”
“So how do we stop it?” You asked, concern written all over your face.
“We don’t.” Strange told you as you and Peter gave him a confused stare.
“We contain it.”
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sinner-as-saint · 25 days ago
‘Tis the damn season
Stucky x Reader 
Run-through: What you, Steve and Bucky have, started out as a purely transactional relationship - powerful businessmen who needed a little fun and someone to spend their money on. But now after a while, it turned into so much more. The guys noticed that too, and they decided to do something about it and bring it up while all three of you are spending the holidays in a cabin up on the top of an icy mountain
Themes: smut, fluff, threesome
a/n: hi my little sinners!! also i’m drunk, merry christmas 
Tumblr media
A sudden, heavy warmth woke you up. 
You sighed in delight when you realized that it was a warm, muscular body pressing into your back as you slept. A pair of lips kissing your shoulder while a pair of wandering hands touched you everywhere. 
“Wake up, baby girl.” A deep voice whispered into your ear, kissing and nibbling on your earlobe. You felt all the butterflies in your tummy at the sound of that. 
You smiled sleepily, eyes still closed as you leaned back more into his chest and whispered, “Hi Buck.” 
He nuzzled your neck, kissing and biting and nibbling until you opened your eyes and finally turned to face him. “I missed you so much, baby. Still jet lagged?” 
You murmured you missed him too and nodded, “Just tired, and a headache which refuses to go away.” 
As soon as you said that, you heard another voice scoff from the other side of the room. You turned to look and found Steve leaning against the doorframe of the bedroom door, shirtless. He shook his head disapprovingly and said, “It’s almost like all that could’ve been avoided if you’d travel with us in the private plane, in much more comfort.” 
You sighed, sitting up and leaning against the headboard. You were wearing one of Steve’s t-shirts as PJs. “I keep telling you. You guys are always photographed when you’re out, and if we’re seen to be traveling together to a place like this then…” You trailed off, sighing, “It’ll draw too much attention to your private lives. Won’t people wonder what the three of us are? You said it yourselves, you didn’t like the media knowing too much about your private lives. Let alone your sugar baby.” 
Due to that reason, you insisted that the guys reached the cabin a few days before you did. Flying together was not an issue, the problem was being caught - by paparazzi who almost always swarmed the two businessmen. If you were to be photographed together, it would spark rumors and gossip and headlines in the tabloids which you were almost certain the guys didn’t like. 
Steve rolled his eyes while Bucky sat up next to you and pulled you into his arms. You didn’t miss the look they shared for a brief moment. “It’s alright, baby.” Bucky whispered, “We’re gonna nurse you back to health in no time.” He kissed down your neck while his hands caressed your exposed thighs. “You know the best cure to jet lag?” 
You leaned your head back onto his shoulder, closing your eyes, “Lots of naps?” 
“No.” He mumbled, bringing his hands further up your legs. 
“Tea?” You said, almost moaning at how slowly he caressed your skin. 
“No, even better.” He said, slipping his hand in between your legs, cupping your bare, already wet cunt, “Orgasms. Lots of them.” 
You gasped as he slowly slipped two fingers inside of you, stroking your walls gently. You were whining in pleasure as you felt the bed dip in front of you. Opening your eyes, you found Steve kneeling in between your parted legs, looking down to where Bucky has his fingers buried deep inside you. 
Steve looked up into your eyes and you saw the hunger in them, “We were miserable up here without you for three whole days.” He said. 
You chuckled, but it ended up in a moan as Bucky’s thumb started slowly rubbing your clit. Still, struggling to breathe right you said, “I’m sure you were alright. You can barely keep your hands off each other on most days.” 
Bucky said, his fingers moving faster in and out of you, “You’re right, we fucked in almost every room in the cabin. Especially on this very bed.” He leaned down to murmur in your ear, “We both came so hard, whispering your name each time.” 
The mental image of that made you let out a moan, squirming on Bucky’s lap as you thrust your hips forward into his hand. Steve, meanwhile, lifted your shirt up to your chin and leaned over you to take one of your nipples in his mouth while fondling the other with his warm hand. His soft, yet steamy touch made you arch your back in pleasure. 
“Oh please…” You begged, “Please make me come, it’s been so long. Please.” 
They both chuckled. “So you did listen.” Bucky pointed out. “Such a good girl. Did you hear that, Steve? Our girl obeyed for once and didn’t touch herself while we were away from her.” He pressed a kiss to the side of your temple, his fingers making you moan louder and louder each time they slid in and out of you. 
Steve lightly bit down on your nipple, making you whine louder. Pulling away for a brief moment he whispered, “Good girl.” 
Your walls clenched around Bucky’s fingers and he sped up even more when he felt it. “Come on baby, come for us. You know you want to.” He urged, “It’s been so long, hasn’t it?” He cooed into your ear. “Come for us, baby girl. Make it good, come on.” 
And just like that, with Bucky finger-fucking you and Steve sucking and nibbling shamelessly on your tits, you came around Bucky’s fingers, moaning loudly as you did. Your body writhing in between them, back arching off of Bucky’s chest. 
“That’s a good girl,” Steve murmured, reaching up to press his lips to yours, swallowing your quiet moans as he did. “Now come on, breakfast is ready.” 
You smiled against his lips, “Give me a few minutes, I’ll be downstairs in a bit.” 
He winked at you, kissed you again then got out of bed and left the room. You got off Bucky’s lap and gave him a kiss as well before walking into the bathroom. After a much needed shower and after getting ready for a cozy day, you walked downstairs and walked down the corridor to the kitchen. 
And what awaited you there was quite the sight: Bucky pinned to the refrigerator by Steve who had his tongue shoved into his mouth, making the former moan and groan against his mouth. You leaned against the wall, quietly watching them with a dirty smirk on your face. God, there was something so satisfying in watching them both making out so recklessly. Both of them shirtless, their muscular bodies rubbing against each other. All golden, smooth skin and strained moans and their rash movements; desperately trying to touch and feel each other as best they could. 
But then, as Steve was kissing down his neck, Bucky’s eyes met yours. He smirked, knowing damn well what they were doing to you. When he let out a deep chuckle, Steve stopped and pulled away. He turned to look at you, his lips equally as swollen and soft as Bucky’s, “Like what you see, baby?” He teased. 
You gave him an innocent smile, “Oh don’t stop on my account. Please, continue. Just pretend I’m not even here.” You said, but they had both already untangled from one another, both reaching for you instead. You let them drag you closer, eventually trapping you in between their warm bodies again. “Fuck,” You whispered, “Why are you guys always so warm?” You almost moaned again as they both caressed your body wherever they could reach. 
Bucky was the first one to pull away from the steamy, 3-way makeout, “Come on, you need to eat, baby. We can play later.” He whispered into your ear, pulling you out of Steve’s arms and helping you up on the stool at the breakfast counter. 
After breakfast, you ended up taking another rather long nap on the couch. When you woke up, your feet - now in soft, fuzzy socks - were in Steve’s lap. And he was sipping on whiskey while typing on his phone. You didn’t move immediately, you just stayed still and admired the beauty that was Steve Rogers. 
You still remembered the first day you met him and Bucky; a friend introduced you to them at a party and you began talking. As the conversation flowed effortlessly, Steve decided he didn’t want to beat around the bush anymore. So they both laid it out pretty clearly in front of you; they were looking for a sugar baby, and you could definitely use the money. You agreed, and several months later, here you were now. 
“Hey, pretty blue eyes,” You called out, your voice a little groggy after your nap. Steve turned to face you with a soft smile which melted your heart. “Where’s the other one?” You asked, yawning and sitting up so you could be closer to his warm body. 
“Right here.” You heard Bucky’s voice speak up from somewhere. You searched for him and found him by the fireplace, feeding more wood into the fire to keep the house warm. “Doing the hard work, as always.” 
“Oh shut up.” Steve groaned playfully at him as he reached out and pulled you into his arms and kissed you so hard you forgot your own name for a moment there. “Hi baby.” He whispered against your lips once you pulled away to breathe. 
“Hi,” You whispered, giggling. “I feel so much better.” You said, snuggling closer into his warm embrace. “So warm,” You mumbled, nuzzling Steve’s chest while he chuckled looking down at you. 
You heard Bucky sigh from the other side of the room. “It’s warmer here, just saying.” 
You looked up and found him lounging lazily on the large, white and fluffy rug in front of the fireplace. He patted the spot next to him. You were out of Steve’s embrace and running towards Bucky in less than a second. 
You jumped into his arms and he caught you perfectly. “Hey Princess,” He murmured, nuzzling your neck and playfully biting it. 
You giggled in his arms, squirming as he lazily tickled your sides. And soon, Steve joined the two of you on the rug with a playful smirk on his face and mischief in his eyes. 
Soon you found yourself right in between them; Steve was behind you while Bucky in front. Bucky gripped your hips and settled your body right in between him and Steve. You could tell by the look in their eyes that they couldn’t wait for both of them to fuck you at the same time. 
After all, you’d rarely go days without being in bed together. You could tell each of you were reaching their limit and you all just needed one another. 
“You just can’t wait, can you babygirl?” Steve teased, biting down on your shoulder as he and Bucky slowly undressed you in front of the fire. 
You whimpered, your core throbbing and sore but ready for them at the same time. Your heart raced in anticipation as you waited for them to finally fill you up. “Please,” you murmured once you were completely naked in between the two of them. 
You were desperate, and so were they given that Steve already had a bottle of lube in his pocket. Any other time and you would’ve teased him for it, but not now. Not when you were dripping wet and hungry for them. 
Steve slid inside of you first after he lathered his cock with the lube and toyed with your hole for a bit, pushing his thick cock slowly into your hole and he had you whimpering and moaning in no time.
You whimpered and you leaned forward and rested your forehead on Bucky’s shoulder to steady yourself, but before you could catch your breath and adjust to Steve’s size, Bucky guided his cock over to your folds and pushed himself into you as well. They both groaned once they were inside you and they didn’t have it in them to be slow and gentle.
“Fuck… we missed you so much, baby,” Bucky murmured, once he was fully inside of you. “Missed this tight little cunt so much.” 
You moaned as you felt your holes stretching with both of their cocks inside of you and you felt so full that you could barely talk. You gripped Bucky’s shoulders and tilted your head back to lean against Steve.
“So fucking good …” Steve whispered against your skin as he nuzzled the crook of your neck. They both had their arms around you, holding you up.
They moved fast, in and out of you until they found a rhythm which worked for all of you. Your moans, your gasps, the way you clenched around them only made them want to please your body even more. Your walls clenched equally tight around each of them and the wet sounds your bodies made got drowned out by the crackling sound of the fire. 
Steve carefully bit down on your shoulder, whispering how good you felt while his arm tightened around you and he firmly placed his palm against your abdomen, right above your core. He could feel each one of Bucky’s thrust and the bulge which formed each time Bucky’s thick cock filled you up. So did you, moaning at how full you felt with both their cocks moving in and out of you. It felt overwhelmingly good. 
All you could focus on was their moans and their body heat as it wrapped around you. The sounds of their rapid breaths, their groans and grunts. 
“Come for us, babygirl. Come on.” 
They both moved perfectly against you, your heart beats and breaths in sync. 
“Come on, be a good girl and come.” 
You felt the pressure growing in between your legs again, and you could no longer hold it back anymore. You were sensitive and needy. You felt your walls clenching around both of them, and your eyes rolled to the back of your head while you came violently around both of them.
You cried out and whimpered as they kept going even after you came, pounding into you from both sides and chasing their own release. The sounds of the moans and grunts coming from them made your body tingle, and you throbbed still.
Steve came right after you with a loud moan. Bucky came after both of you, panting as he carefully slipped out of you, letting his cum drip down your skin again. You whimpered when Bucky pulled out of you, you felt his cum oozing out of your folds and dripping down your thighs.
Your body felt heavy and limp, so you just leaned back against Steve while Bucky kissed your lips roughly. You were sure you would be sore until tomorrow morning but it was so goddamn worth it. 
After you calmed down, all three of you lying lazily on the rug, soaking in the warmth from the fire, Steve was the first one to speak up. “We needed to ask you something, baby.” 
You frowned, given he sounded so serious. “Sure, what is it?” 
He sent a look towards Bucky and they both inhaled rather nervously before looking at you with a look which you couldn’t quite understand. “So,” Bucky started, “You know, we work so well together, like, I mean the three of us. So we thought-,”
Steve cut him off. “We want you to be ours. As in a real relationship. One where we don’t have to hide, or keep secrets or be scared of cameras. A real thing. What do you think?” 
You were stunned. “Okay… you want me as your girlfriend?” 
“Yeah,” They both said at the same time, then turned to look at each other and sent each other faint, hopeful smiles. 
“Or more, we’ll see as time goes.” Bucky reached out and caressed your cheek, scooting closer to you, “It’s been a long time coming. We were driving each other insane trying to figure out when to talk to you about this. Besides, we’re so good together. Aren’t we, baby?” 
You melted under his touch as you nodded. “Yeah, I… I suppose I saw it coming as well. I love you both, so much.” 
“Perfect then, baby. I guess, when we go home after New Year’s we could make it public. You know, social media and all.” Steve said, always the one to see things from a bigger picture. “Won’t that be good, baby? We won’t have to hide anymore.” 
You smiled and nodded, your heart fluttering at how they no longer wanted to keep you a secret. “We get to live in our secret little bubble till New Year’s then?” 
“Yup,” Bucky answered, already so excited for this upcoming new chapter. “Until then, we’re not sharing you with anyone.” 
You giggled when he showered your face with kisses. “Okay, okay,” You managed to get out of his grip and turned to Steve for protection. He engulfed you in a bear hug and nuzzled your neck, a habit of his which you’d grown to love. “We still need to decorate the cabin.” You said. 
They both groaned. “We’re grown men, babe please.” Bucky muttered. 
You frowned, standing up and grabbing a nearby shirt to put on. “Oh stop your theatrics both of you, now get up and help me make this place more christmassy! As boyfriends, it’s your job to bring the tree in. Now come on, move your lovely asses and let’s get this place ready for Christmas!” 
a/n: I absolutely did not proofread this, merry christmas my darlings! 
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randomshyperson · 2 months ago
Right answers, Wrong questions - Wanda x Reader - Part One
Tumblr media
Summary: The one where you and Wanda are part of the trivia team, and have hated each other since first grade. Or, enemies to lovers in high school (again). / Requested by @abimess
Warnings: (16+), Bottom!Reader, Jealous Wanda (she's also kind of mean? so hot),reader is a total dork, emo wanda, mentions of trauma and familiar toxic environments, minors drinking, kissing, teasing, a lot of cursing.
A/N: I haven't published anything for a while, but here it is. Hope you like it, I brought enemies to lovers again. Good luck with possessive Wanda. By the way, this work is finished! Uploads won't take long (I'll leave it scheduled).
Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | AO3
All Works Masterlist
Chapter One - One Time Things
Biting your lips to keep from sighing, you closed your eyes tightly as you felt Wanda's lips against the sensitive spot on your neck.
She seemed to be finding amusement in your stubbornness, or at least you thought so, as you felt her smile against your skin.
"This..." You tried breathlessly, feeling her hands move up the inside of your shirt. "It's just going to...oh...be a one-time thing."
"Yeah, whatever you say." She murmured against your neck before kissing you again, just as intensely as the first time.
How did you end up in an empty room aggressively making out with your arch enemy since first grade? Well, it all started with a wrong answer.
The national trivia competitions were the most talked-about event at your high school, and awarded many points for college.
Obviously, you signed up.
Being one of the best students in your class, it was to be expected.
The problem was that your classmate, Wanda Maximoff, the most despicable and annoying girl you knew, who seemed to have the pleasure of driving you up the wall ever since you met, was also very interested in the competition.
Things went well though. You casually teased each other between one practice and another, but your other colleagues soon worked it out before it ended in a bigger fight.
The problem was the semi-finals.
In your defense, Wanda was the real culprit for your wrong answer.
Neither of you could get the position of captain of the team, precisely because of the unbiased way you treated each other. The one who got it was good boy Steve Rogers, and he could be fucking annoying, as your best friend Tony would say.
You were hoping to get some more practice in for the final semis, as Steve asked everyone to do. But Wanda came to practice at the same time as you in the library, and before you knew it, you were arguing, and being thrown out by the noise.
Fortunately, Tony was spending time with you, and prevented you from jumping on Wanda's neck.
Studies ruined, you spent the rest of the afternoon complaining about the way the brunette seemed to be everywhere now, and you couldn't stand to see her around anymore.
"Not even when I went to buy a cup of coffee this morning, Tony!" you told indignantly, on your way to the main building for your last class. The boy next to you didn't take his eyes off his cell phone, but you kept talking. "She was there, early in the morning, can you believe it? I think she's following me. I wouldn't be surprised if she was a stalker, the girl won't leave me alone even for coffee. Are you even listening to me right now?"
Tony laughed, putting his cell phone away. "What, listening to you talk about Wanda Maximoff like you have for the last three weeks, every day, without exceptions? Of course I am, I wouldn't miss it." He sneered. "I'm even thinking of starting a podcast and writing down the whole love story of you two."
"Idiot." You retorted, crossing your arms. Tony laughed again, throwing an arm over your shoulder.
"Hey, don't be so grumpy." He asks humorously. "The competitions will be over soon, and we're off to college. You'll never have to think about Wanda Maximoff again, and thankfully I'll never have to listen to so much complaining about her again."
"For a best friend, you whine way too much about my topics, you know that?"
He smiles, rolling his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry. You can complain all you want, it's just that sometimes I'm more interested in hearing about other things besides how much you hate that girl."
You gave a short laugh, and pushed Tony away. "Whatever, Tony. Race to the classroom?"
He ran before conconding. It was effective in getting your thoughts away from Wanda for the moment.
Senior year classes were difficult, and you no longer had time to study for the competition before the contest that took place the same night.
The auditorium was full, you were nervous. Tony brought a little flag with the team colors, and sat in the first few seats, but he seemed more busy flirting with Pepper Popps than cheering for you. Not that you were much affected by this, busy in passive offensive exchanges with Wanda before the competition.
So yes, a million distractions before the contest. And as always happened, Wanda was competing with you on who could answer the most questions, even though you were on the same team.
The judge announced the second to last question, and you were trying to get that cocky smile out of Wanda for answering the geography session practically all by herself, so you pushed the button so fast that you almost got a penalty.
Then you realized that you hadn't even heard the question.
"S-sorry, can you repeat the question?" You said clumsily, the judge didn't mind, but your team was considerably tense.
“How many different combinations does a Rubix cube have?”
Right, mathematics was your specialty topic.
So why the hell couldn't you remember?
Tic tac.
Crap. Fuck.
"It's... forty quintillion?"
The red light on the panel was glowing in your head for many minutes after the contest was over.
Your team managed to secure a place in the final precisely because Wanda answered the last question correctly.
The universe was testing you.
Steve lectured you, and you were trying not to punch someone.
Wanda had that cocky little smile on her face, and thought it was a good idea to comment out loud, "I think we should review our team, Captain." She commented as you all stood behind the auditorium, collecting your belongings before leaving, "Our math competitor seems too distracted, this could jeopardize our victory."
Steve was about to reply, in your favor by the serious expression, but you spoke first.
"Why don't you shut the fuck up, Maximoff?"
"Make me shut up."
"You are so fucking annoying."
"At least I can answer my topic correctly."
You clenched your fists, glaring at her furiously. She didn't flinch.
Your team sighed, leaving the room. Someone commented on "Not that again." And the atmosphere cleared.
You took a deep breath, giving in, and taking a step back. As you packed your backpack, you felt Wanda's gaze burn into your back, but you said nothing.
For some strange reason, on the few occasions you were alone, you usually didn't argue, just exchanged angry glances and moved on to an environment with other people.
And that is exactly what you tried to do.
The team went out first, to celebrate the victory in a pizza place. You imagined that they were in the parking lot waiting for you both.
There were three hallways of rooms past the auditorium exit, and as you walked down the first one, you heard footsteps behind you.
"Seriously, are you going to follow me now?" You commented angrily, without turning your face away. Wanda gave a humorless laugh behind you.
"I'm not following you, this is literally the exit."
"Couldn't you have gone out the public door? I don't want to walk with you through two hallways."
You didn't have to look to know that she had rolled her eyes.
"You are so immature." She commented. "If this bothers you, stop walking and stay back. I'm going for pizza and I don't want to lose my ride."
"You stop walking." You returned stubbornly. "I got out of the auditorium first."
"I don't care."
You rolled your eyes, and stopped walking at once. Wanda bumped into your body, and took a step back.
"You know what, Maximoff?" You started angrily. "I can't wait until this competition is over and I don't have to spend another day around you.”
"The feeling is mutual, now walk." She returned with no emotion on her face, straightening her backpack on her shoulders.
"Don't tell me what to do."
She let out a laugh, rolling her eyes again. "Why not? You seem to love being told what a good girl you are."
You widen your eyes, feeling your face heat up. Wanda seemed pleased to note that she had hit a nerve.
She smiled, moving closer, and you instinctively stepped back. "What, are you speechless again?" She sneered. "Is that your thing now? You don't answer when you should."
"Fuck you, I have a right not to know an answer." You returned, much less sure than last time. Your back slammed against a wall, and you held your breath, watching Wanda rest her hand next to your head, leaning her body toward you.
"Not when it's your topic in the game." She returns with bright eyes. "If you spent more time student than fucking Stark you wouldn't get that question wrong."
You blink in confusion, almost unable to formulate a response with Wanda's gaze so intense in front of you.
"W-what? I don't... Me and Tony are no-"
"You're his type." She cuts in with a thread of irritation in her voice. "Sweet and innocent, something for him to corrupt."
"I never..." You started and then frowned, realizing what was happening. "Wait, that's none of your business."
You returned angrily, and pushed her away by the shoulders.
Wanda clenched her jaw, but stood still.
"So you admit it?" She questioned, making you give a short laugh.
"Admit what?"
"That you are sleeping with him."
You shook your head in disbelief. "And that matters to you, why exactly?"
"Just answers my fucking question."
Wanda squeezed her eyes. "No, as if I'm not fucking Tony Stark or no, as if i'm not going to answer your question?"
You laughed, shrugging. "What do you think?"
Wanda stared at you for a second, and before you could turn around, she pulled you by the collar of your shirt and kissed you on the mouth.
It was so unexpected that you let out an exclamation against her lips. You brought your hands to her shoulders, intending to push away, but surrendered to the softness of her lips before you could.
She moaned softly as you kissed her back and you felt a strong tug at the pit of your stomach.
But she pulled away before you could understand exactly what had happened.
"I don't think so." She mumbled with a cocky little smile. "I know you don't blush like that when you're with him."
Your face only grew hotter. She gave you a wink, and straightened her backpack, walking back as if nothing had happened.
You swallowed dryly, and watched her walk.
No chance she would kiss you like that and just leave with that victorious expression.
You ran to catch up with her, and Wanda didn't resist when you took her hand and pulled her into the first empty room you could find in the hallway.
Before you had even finished closing the door, she was kissing you again, and pushing yours and her backpack to the floor.
And so we return to the beginning of the chapter.
You and Wanda kissing against a door in an empty room on the third floor of the school.
It was unfair how quickly you became a mess of gasps and moans, your legs weak with the feel of Wanda's tongue on yours. And boy, did she know how to kiss you good.
"This... will never... happen again." You warned once more, in a helpless sigh, Wanda's hand tugging at your thighs only to have your legs entwined against her waist the next second.
"I'd better make it worth it then." She mocked against your lips, her fingers busy digging into your uniform.
But before she had the chance, a noise attracted her attention from outside.
The fucking janitor. Great timing.
He was whistling, probably going to lock the rooms. Wanda sighed against your collarbone, and helped you stand properly.
"I..." You started in a hoarse voice, Wanda seemed as affected as you were, but just smiled.
"Don't overthink it." She warned, adjusting her blouse. "We still hate each other, this doesn't change anything. See you around."
And she opened the door and left.
You stood there alone, listening to her mumble an excuse to the janitor before you heard the footsteps driving away.
Swallowing all the confusion and excitement, you picked up your backpack from the floor and left the classroom.
You didn't join the team's celebration, and you made up bad excuses to go home.
Tony thought it was strange, but didn't insist, because he was going to take Potts home.
He was known in school for his short affairs, but he had never made a move on you. You thought it was normal that Wanda thought something was happening, since you were his only female friend.
But still, you couldn't understand why on earth she would even think about it.
Since Tony had complained about the fact that your only business had been Wanda for the last few weeks, you didn't tell him about what had happened.
The weekend passed slowly and torturously. He invited you to the soccer game, but you said you needed to study after the embarrassment you had experienced on Friday.
But studying proved to be quite inefficient as you kept remembering the feeling of Wanda's hands around your body.
And to make matters worse, she texted you.
“Since you missed the pizza place on Friday, you probably don't know this, but Cap had scheduled a tutoring session before the final on Wednesday.”
She was trying to make conversation. Steve would surely let you know about it at school, or send you a text beforehand. But Wanda used that as an excuse, and you felt your stomach give a complete turn.
“Thank you, Wanda.”
It was the first time you ever thanked her. Even though it was only a text, just imagining yourself saying it felt strange.
You thought she wasn't going to say anything else, but she was much more direct than you were.
“I want to kiss you again.”
You dropped the cell phone in your face.
"Fuck." Sighing angrily, you massaged the sore space in your cheek, and stared at the cell phone screen.
Just like that, like it was no big deal, a confession in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. Your heart was racing against your chest.
She told you not to think about it too much. And that's what you were doing, technically.
You started to type, and you deleted it. And you repeated it a couple of times before Wanda sent something first.
“Did I melt your brain, sweetheart?”
You let out a short laugh, straightening yourself on the bed. Gathering your courage, you wrote:
"I was just thinking of the nicest way to reject you."
It took her a full minute to answer.
"Since when do you care about being nice to me?"
You bit your lower lip, typing quickly.
"So you don't mind if I say no?"
A pause. "You won't say no."
You laughed at her self confidence. And then she sent an attachment, and you widen your eyes. "Oh my god." You muttered breathlessly. It was a picture of her, changing clothes in front of the mirror. Wearing open jeans and a black bra.
"Don't drool too much." She typed. You swallowed dryly, and replied.
"You shouldn't send pictures like that, Wanda. People aren't trustworthy."
"But you are, sweetie. No matter how much you hate me, I know you wouldn't share that picture with anyone."
You bit your lip, she was so right, "Maybe you don't know me well enough."
"I know you're a total dork. And you'd be too embarrassed to show it around."
"Fuck you."
"I'd rather you did that."
Okay, so you are really doing this. Taking a deep breath, you typed: "Where do we meet?"
Wanda took two minutes and thirteen seconds to respond. Not that you were waiting for an answer from her.
"I can't right now. See you at school before first class."
And it wasn't a question. You blocked your cell phone, and buried your face against the pillows.
This was the worst idea in the universe, and yet, you couldn't wait for Monday.
"Was your cell phone off by any chance?"
That was the first thing Tony asked as soon as you met him at the school entrance. You mumbled in confusion, distracted because you were looking around for any sign of Wanda.
"I tried to call you a few times to go to Quill's house, but you didn't even call me back." He clarified. "And I texted too."
"Yeah, it was out of power. " You lied. "Sorry."
No chance you would tell him that you got busy exchanging messages with Wanda and threw the cell phone into the closet and forced yourself to study so you wouldn't think about her.
Tony didn't seem upset though, he began to tell you about his date with Potts on Saturday, and you joined the other team colleagues on one of the outside tables.
They were Tony's friends, much more than yours, but they treated you well, and that was enough. Since Tony had been your best friend since elementary school, you didn't shy away from him despite the differences in interests between you two.
"Are you going, Y/N?"
Hearing your name makes you blink in confusion, and try to pay attention to the conversation. The group was looking at you, seeming to expect a response. Tony spoke first.
"Sorry guys, she's a little distracted today." He commented with a smile. "It's probably because of the final. Bucky was just saying that his birthday party is next Friday, and asked if you were coming, Y/N.
You let out an exclamation of understanding, and ignored Tony's insinuating look. He knew very well that Bucky had a crush on you. The problem was that at that moment, you couldn't be less interested.
"I..." You started, but caught a glimpse of Wanda arriving in the parking lot a few feet away, and controlled yourself not to smile. " I will try. I need to go now, I have to take care of something before first class."
"Oh, right." Bucky spoke a little disappointed. Tony looked at you with confusion, but said nothing. You left faster than he could do after all.
You caught up with Wanda at the entrance to the building, but she kept walking.
"Hey." You greeted, and she looked at you without smiling. You swallowed dryly. "C-can we talk?"
"Sorry." She mumbled. "I'm not in the mood, okay?"
You frowned at the way she behaved. "Wanda, did something-"
"Sestra, hold on!" Someone cut you off loudly.
You stopped walking because Wanda did, and a tall boy appeared beside her, and held out a key to her.
"You forgot this." He said, and then smiled as he noticed you. "Hey, you're on the trivia team too aren't you?"
"Yeah, I'm-"
"Thanks, Pietro." Wanda cut in quickly. "I can't be late for class, I'll see you at home."
The boy let out a short chuckle, "Jezz, Wands, relax. I'm just saying hi to your friend."
"She's not my friend." Wanda clarified between teeth. You frowned. "And papa will get mad if you take any longer."
"Yeah, you're right about that." He commented as he moved his arm away from the girl's shoulders. "See you later then, sestra."
And he left.
Wanda sighed, and looked like she was going to say something to you, but you were so annoyed at the way she treated you, that you turned your back and walked away.
She didn't go after you.
Your awkward interaction with Wanda has bothered you all morning.
Things don't get any better when you had history class together.
"I wanted to congratulate the members of the trivia team on their victory last Friday." Mr. T'Challa began with a smile. "It was a tough contest."
"Especially with certain people answering wrong." Wanda added not so low, making you clench your jaw. The professor didn't hear, but some of your classmates did, and giggled, which only made your irritation increase.
"To match the mood of the competition coming to a close this week, I've brought some questions for you all to answer." T'Challa commented, causing the room to let out a grumble of disapproval. He just smiled, bending down to pick up a piece of paper on his desk. "Come on guys, it'll be fun. And whoever gets more than three questions right will get a point on their final average, what do you think?"
No one was happy, but that didn't make T'Challa cancel the activity.
You weren't really in the mood to participate in the class, occasionally glancing at the chair next to yours, where Wanda had sat and was writing in her notebook something you couldn't read.
Resting your chin on your hand, you turned your attention forward. The professor was almost finished with the questions, and if you wanted a grade you better participate now.
"Okay, who can tell me…" T’Challa continued to read after the last question was answered by one of the girls sitted in the back of the class. “When was the Declaration of Independence signed?”
As if guessing your intentions, Wanda raises her hand before you.
You think if you weren't in the classroom, you would have jumped and punched that pretty face right then and there.
"Ah, Miss Maximoff, I'm glad you decided to participate." T'Challa spoke. "I've been waiting for our competitors to do it. So what's your answer?"
“July 4, 1776.”
You were unable to hold back the soft laugh that escaped your lips.
"Sorry, Wanda, wrong answer." He said, and you had your hand up before he asked if anyone knew. "Miss Y/L/N?"
"August 2nd, 1776" You replied and gave a wink to Wanda, who clenched her jaw, and set her pencil down on the table.
T'Challa smiled, and wrote a correct answer line for you while commenting briefly about this being a common wrong answer question.
“Alright, let me see the next one.” T’Challa said. “What were the names of Columbus' ships?”
You raised your hand. "the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria."
T'Challa smiled but shook his head. You let out a disappointed sigh, and Wanda held up a hand.
"The correct answer is the Santa Maria, the Santa Clara, and another ship of unknown name." She answered.
The teacher smiled, congratulating her. You rolled your eyes at the smug look she gave you.
T'Challa turned the paper on his hand over and asked: “When did the American Civil War end?”
You and Wanda both raised your hands at the same time.
By then, the whole class had given up on participating, watching the two of you attentively.
"Sorry girls, we don't have a bell like in the games." T'Challa commented.
"That's okay, she can answer first." Wanda spoke, and you frowned at the niceness. But noticing the little corner smile, you knew she expected you to get it wrong.
"Actually, professor, this question usually has divided opinions as well." You say turning your face to the man in front of you. "It would be fairer if we wrote the answer on a piece of paper, that way no one eliminates the wrong answer."
Wanda rolls her eyes, but the professor agrees.
You wrote your answer quickly, and T'Challa collected yours and Wanda's torn paper next.
He smiled as he opened the sheets. " You're both correct."
You and Wanda let out a sigh of disappointment, and T'Challa laughed softly. "Girls, you sound like you're even competing with each other. This is just an activity, no one is winning or losing."
You and Wanda did not contradict the professor. No one needed to know about the silent competition between you. He cleared his throat, and read the next question.
"Why did the pilgrims come to America?"
You hesitated because you thought of a second answer, so Wanda raised her hand first.
T'Challa pointed for her to answer.
"They were seeking religious freedom."
"I'm sorry, Wanda, but that is incorrect." T'Challa spoke, and you were already smiling. "Y/N?"
"Poor Wanda, it happens darling." You sneered, and the whole room tensed up. The girl raised an eyebrow at you. "The Pilgrims already had religious freedom in Holland. They came here for an economic opportunity."
T'Challa seemed to notice that things were starting to get tense between you, especially since some of your classmates let out little giggles and made ironic comments about you beating Wanda in her specialty topic.
"Very good, Y/N. That's correct." He commented half uncertainty, looking at the murderous expression Wanda was casting at you. "Three correct answers, you got your extra point. You don't have to participate anymore. Wanda, do you want to keep going? I have just one last question."
She nodded, finally looking away from you.
"Okay." The teacher continued. “When Was Russia’s “Red October” Revolution?”
“November 7, 1917”
She answered mechanically, almost bored. Part of you let yourself believe that it was because you weren't competing anymore.
Wanda forced a smile when the teacher congratulated her, but soon turned her attention back to the notes in her notebook.
The class didn't take long to finish after that.
When the bell rang, all the students rushed to leave, and you were just finishing putting your things away when Wanda stood beside your desk.
"I want to talk to you."
You let out an incredulous laugh. "I beg your pardon?"
She didn't hesitate. "I want to talk to you."
"I'm busy." You retort, getting up and putting your backpack on your shoulders. But Wanda doesn't give you passage to leave, "Excuse me?."
"Five minutes?" She tries again, making you sigh impatiently. "Please."
"Fine, five minutes."
She gives you a small smile, and looks around. The room emptied and finally only the two of you remained. You stepped back a little, crossing your arms.
"Aren't you going to talk?" you asked angrily. Wanda swallowed dryly.
"I'm sorry I..." She starts with a smile. "Fuck, you're beautiful."
You felt your face heat up, but you didn't hesitate. "Is that all you have to say?"
She smiled, clearly able to see your flushed cheeks. You don't think this conversation was a good idea. "No, I wanted to apologize."
"That's more promising."
She let out a short laugh. "Will you let me talk without making fun of me?"
"Depends on what you say."
She smiled, tilting her head. You bit your lip to avoid smiling as well. Her expression became more serious in the next second. "I'm sorry for the way I spoke to you earlier. I had a lot on my mind."
"That's new." You sneer. "You never apologized for the way you spoke to me before."
"Neither have you." She returns, but then sighs. "I don't want to fight. I'm apologizing now."
"Yes, and what an incredible apology, you should get extra points for that." You return angrily. "It's okay, Wanda. I don't even know why we're doing this anyway."
Her expression falters, and she frowns. "What exactly are you talking about?"
"You know very well." You retort, letting all your uncertainties rise to the surface at once. "What happened on Friday was a stupid mistake. We should never have done that, and we certainly won't do it again. This is weird, we never even talked to each other before. You don't have to apologize for treating me the same you have for years.
She swallows dryly, and puts her hands in her pockets. "Is that what you think?"
"Okay, I..." She continued, and the first time in all the years you've known her that you see Wanda uncertain and fragile about something. "Won't bother you anymore."
She turns around, and picks up her backpack. You swallow dryly, and watch her walk away, not understanding the bitter feeling in your stomach.
It was the first week since you entered high school that none of your classmates witnessed a discussion between you and Wanda.
The chemistry teacher, Mrs. van Dyne, even commented about missing the fierce disputes that made the classes more fun, but neither you nor Wanda said anything.
Tony noticed on Wednesday that something was strange.
"Okay, I don't want you to punch me, but I don't think I've heard you complain about Maximoff in two whole days and it's strange to say at last." He comments as he finds you studying for trivia in one of the free periods of the afternoon. He was in his game uniform, which means that he was going out for team practice.
You considered lying, or hiding. But Tony even remembered that when you were studying you forgot to eat, and had brought you a snack from the cafeteria.
Before the first bite, you were saying, "I'll tell you something, and you promise me you won't freak out."
He laughed for five minutes once you did. And you rolled your eyes as you chewed the sandwich he gave you.
"I can't believe this!." He commented between laughs. "I should have known Romanoff was right."
"Excuse me?"
"Natasha Romanoff, our quarterback." He clarified. "Red short hair, dates that brunette girl from Mrs.Harkness class-
"I know who Natasha Romanoff is, Tony." You interrupt with a laugh. "What I want to know is what she was right about."
"Oh, yeah. I think the whole team, if not the whole school, it's used to seeing you arguing with Wanda. And well, the other day, I think we were at one of the practices, Nat told me it was because you had a hard-on for each other."
You choked on your snack, but Tony laughed, patting you on the back. "Tony, I can't believe you talk like that behind my back!"
"Hey, I'm not the one who said it." He defends himself still laughing, "Nat said it, I just agreed."
You slap him on the shoulder, but he laughed even harder. "I don't know why you're mad, we were both right in the end."
"No, you weren't." You contradicted angrily. "What happened was a one-time thing, a stupid mistake."
"But I bet you liked it."
"I think you might want that punch."
He laughed, shaking his head. The rest of the team was gradually leaving through the building, and the coach called out to him.
"I have to go now, but we'll talk about this." He warns good-naturedly. "Text me after the last period."
You muttered in agreement before turning your attention back to your book.
Your last period was Arts, but you had a meeting with the trivia team after that.
Steve, Bruce Banner and Helen Cho, the other members of the team, were already in the empty classroom when you arrived.
"Hey, Y/N." The blond guy greeted as he saw you enter. "We'll get started in a minute."
You bit your tongue, but the question slipped out anyway, "What about Wanda?"
"She's not coming." He replied. "She had a thing with her sister."
"Okay." You merely replied.
Team practices were usually easy, but this one was quite tiring, because Steve wanted to prepare you for the final that would take place on Friday.
And to make it worse, since Wanda wasn't there, you practiced some of the topics she mastered, and you got a lot more wrong than you got right, leaving Steve a little unsure.
"You know, I think just to be safe, you should go over some questions with Wanda." He suggested as soon as you were done practicing. Bruce and Helen exchanged glances, but said nothing about a possible discussion between you and Wanda.
Honestly, you were tired of this whole thing. "Okay, I'll talk to her."
Steve was surprised at the lack of contradiction on your part, but he smiled, turning to collect some sheets of paper in his own backpack. "I've prepared more questions on her topic. It would be cool if you guys could practice together before the competition. But only if you two aren't going to kill each other during."
You laughed, shaking your head. Bruce commented aloud, "You'd better do that in a public place." Which made the team laugh.
You sighed, picking up the questionnaires Steve handed you, "Okay, cap. See you guys later."
On the way out, you told Tony that you were outside the school, and he replied that he was leaving the locker room.
Before he arrived, you texted Wanda.
“I have a team thing to talk to you about. Can we meet?”
She only answered when you could already see Tony walking towards you beyond the bleachers.
“I'm only free tomorrow. After school.”
You swallowed dryly, but typed. "That works."
Since Wanda didn't answer anything else, you put your cell phone away.
Tony threw his arm over your shoulder, commenting about having invited Pepper to go with him to Bucky's party, and you made a joke about things getting serious between them before your cell phone vibrated again.
"It's a date" She added simply, as if it hadn't made your heart miss two beats in a row.
Tony raised his eyebrow when peeking at the message, a wry smile on his lips as he teased: "One time thing, you said?"
"Shut up." You retorted before walking off ahead, but Tony only laughed.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Hanging Around” 
spidrien fanfic by meeble on ao3
Tales of Mari Jane and Spider Agreste
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Shattered Doll - Chapter 1
Tumblr media
Relationship: Dark!Stucky x Reader 
Summary: Steve and Bucky think their innocent downstairs neighbor is the perfect girl to add to their marriage, whether she likes it or not. But bringing strangers into your home can come with unexpected and shocking consequences. 
Word Count: 5k
A/N: No Beta reader so all mistakes are my own. 
Series Warnings: TOTALY NSFW, 18+ MINORS DNI, non-con, drugging, double penetration, anal sex, kidnapping, murder, smut, loss of virginity, obsessive behavior, implied stalking, minor character death, unprotected sex, m/m/f sex, m/m sex, oral sex (both male and female receiving), rough sex, fingering (female receiving), mentions of blood
This is dark and explicit. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
You sighed to yourself and rubbed your tired eyes as you closed up the small antique bookshop you worked at. The owner had taken the week off and so you ended up handling every client on your own for five days straight. You were worn out from interacting with people all day and couldn’t wait to get into your bed.
You packed up your things and noticed the beautiful weather as you locked up. It was the perfect spring evening and it managed to pep you up a bit as you walked home. You were too wrapped up in your own thoughts to notice the tall man in the baseball cap following you. He stayed on your trail until you reached your apartment door and then went on his way. 
A familiar face greeted you as you waited for the elevator. It was your upstairs neighbor James “Bucky” Barnes, who also happened to always come home around the time you did, save for when he was on missions. He and his husband Steve Rogers had lived in the building before you did and were always incredibly nice to you. Though sometimes it seemed like they were flirting with you. You usually dismissed that thought on account of them being married.
“Hey there, Y/N, how’s your day been?” He asked cheerily as you both hopped into the elevator. 
You groaned and tilted your head back, “Ugh, exhausting. Thank god my boss is back tomorrow and I can actually have the weekend off.”
“Yeesh, I forgot you said he took a vacation. Do you have any weekend plans at least?”
“Aside from sleep? No, nothing really other than catching up on chores.”
Bucky chuckled and then grinned at you, “You know what? Why don’t you come over to our place tomorrow night for dinner? Say, 7?
“Ummm, sure, I’d like that a lot, actually! Should I bring anything?” You beamed back at him. 
“Nah, just bring yourself, Doll.” Bucky replied with a wink. 
The elevator dinged on your floor and you said goodbye and quickly got off. 
Bucky held the door and called out to you, “Oh, Y/N! Our apartment is #1412!”
You settled in on your couch in your pajamas with a glass of red wine and dinner. You never cooked for yourself since it was something your father didn’t bother to teach you growing up. So you dug into one of the dishes from the prepared meal service you normally ordered from. Your case worker recommended it when you started living alone, otherwise you would have survived on takeout. 
You watched a horror movie you’d seen probably about fifty times as you wound down for bed. They were really one of the only things you watched other than true crime. The more gore the better. It’s not that you were particularly entertained by them, but the violence helped satisfy something buried deep within. 
When you couldn’t keep your eyes open anymore you went to the bathroom and brushed your teeth. Then you took your evening dose of your mandatory medication before curling up in your bed and drifting off to sleep. You were looking forward to finally sleeping in after your taxing week at work. Bucky’s invitation to dinner tomorrow night was also especially exciting.
Bucky growled as he snapped his hips into Steve at a frenzied pace. Steve’s cock slapped against his stomach as he was on all fours and Bucky held his hips tight enough to break them. 
Steve let out lewd moan, “Fuck, Bucky!” He hissed as Bucky worked his inner walls, “That’s it, baby, just like that.”
“You like that rough shit don’t you, Stevie. You fucking slut!” Bucky said before he slapped Steve’s ass with his vibranium hand, causing him to yelp. 
Steve gripped around Bucky’s cock from the sting, “Ughnn, another, please, another!”
Steve whined as he frantically thrust himself onto Bucky’s cock. Bucky ran his fingers through Steve’s hair and pulled his head back, causing his back to arch more. 
“God, Stevie, you’re so fucking tight.” Bucky grunted as he continued to pound into Steve at a brutalizing pace. 
“Play with yourself!” Bucky commanded, causing Steve to mewl. 
“I said play with yourself right now or I’m going to stop fucking you and cum on your face.” Bucky panted heavily. He could feel his cock beginning to stir inside of Steve’s tight hole and desperately needed to chase his release. 
Steve stroked himself with an urgent need as he felt the pleasure building from Bucky’s cock hitting that spot inside of him. He could feel Bucky’s sweat dripping down onto his back while pistoning inside of him and every twitch of Bucky’s hard member sent him closer to the edge. 
Steve’s body shook and gripped down on Bucky as he felt a burst of ecstasy rip through his body. He came with a guttural yell, spraying his spend onto the bed. The vibrations of Steve’s fluttering hole brought Bucky to the edge and with a few deep thrusts he coated Steve’s inner walls with his hot cum. 
Bucky collapsed onto Steve and laid there. The two men were sweaty and panting as they tried to catch their breaths. Bucky licked some of the salty sweat off of Steve’s shoulder, causing the other to jerk at the sudden sensation. Bucky chuckled and kissed up and down Steve’s neck. 
“Get off of me, Punk.” Steve laughed, “You’re making me even hotter than I already am. You know you’re a goddamn furnace.”
Bucky playfully bit Steve’s shoulder and rolled off of him, his cum leaking from Steve’s still quivering hole. 
“Christ, Buck, you still fuck me like you did 80 years ago.” Steve said with a satisfied sigh. Bucky pinched his ass causing him to squirm away. 
Steve turned over onto his back and snuggled into Bucky’s flesh arm. 
“Tomorrow’s the big day, Stevie.” Bucky said softly as he stroked Steve’s hair. “We’re bringing our sweet girl home.”
Steve slowly stroked Bucky’s chest with his fingertips, “She’s perfect for us. So sweet, so trusting, so innocent... untouched.” 
“Aside from her work we won’t have to do much to cover our tracks either. She’s got no family, doesn’t date, and only has one friend who visits her once a week.”
Buck let out a deep exhale, “We’ve waited so long for her, Steve. Tomorrow night has to be perfect.”
You woke up late that morning, feeling better than you did yesterday, but not entirely refreshed. You dragged yourself to the bathroom to brush your teeth and take a nice long shower. As usual, you took your morning round of medication and then went about your day. 
You spent the entire day giving your apartment a much needed deep clean before sprucing yourself up to meet Bucky and Steve. Despite Bucky telling you not to bring anything, you still brought a bottle of red wine.
You knocked on their door, still in disbelief that you were having dinner with Captain America and Bucky Barnes. 
“I definitely lucked out picking this apartment building.” You smiled to yourself. 
Steve opened the door with a big warm smile and brought you in for a hug.
“Wine? Y/N, you really did need to bring anything. That’s so thoughtful of you.”
You shrugged your shoulders and blushed a little at the praise, “Well, my dad always said that it’s polite to at least bring something when you’re invited over for dinner. I’d feel rude if I didn’t.”
Steve took the wine and motioned you into their apartment. Whatever they were cooking smelled exquisite and you couldn’t wait to dig in. 
“Hey, Doll!” Bucky beamed as he walked over to give you a hug. It was a tight embrace and he lingered a bit, but you thought nothing of it. He’d always been really friendly. 
“What are you cooking?” You asked as you sniffed the air playfully. 
“Ah, the main course is lasagna. It’s actually my mother’s family recipe.” 
“Oh, main course?” You teased with a raised eyebrow. 
“Bucky also made the sauce from scratch.” Steve bragged as he put his hands on your shoulders. 
“Why don’t you have a seat over on the couch while Buck finishes the food, yeah? I’ll bring you a glass of wine.”
“Sounds good!” You said cheerfully while walking over and taking a seat on their large sofa. It was probably the most comfortable thing you’d ever sat on. You imagined how great taking a nap on it must be. 
Steve sat next to you and handed you a glass of red wine with a smile. 
“Cheers. To neighbors.” 
You clinked your glasses together and then took a sip. 
“Mmmmm! This is really good. What is this?”
“It’s a Côtes du Rhône, actually.”
“Well, who knew that Captain America was a wine connoisseur and Sergeant Barnes was an expert chef. And here I thought you were both still simple guys from Brooklyn.” You laughed. 
Steve chuckled at your comment before taking another sip of his wine, “We still are simple guys from Brooklyn, Y/N. We brought out the fancy wine Tony gave us just for you.”
“Well, you’re too kind, Steve - “ You were about to continue your sentence but felt woozy all of a sudden. 
Steve stared at you as you touched your head.
“Hey, Y/N, you okay?”
“No...no..I..” You could barely speak as the room started spinning. You tried to stand up but fell back down. 
“Hey, Doll, you’re alright.” Bucky said as he walked towards you and Steve. 
You slumped over on the couch and everything went blurry. The last thing you remembered was one of them stroking your cheek gently. 
“It’s okay, Peach. You’re just going to take a little nap. 
Your eyelids fluttered open as you woke up and you felt groggy. You tried to lift your head but groaned at how heavy it felt before collapsing back down. You took a few deep breaths to psych yourself up enough to try again. You pushed yourself up, still a little woozy, and then rubbed your eyes. 
Your vision focused and you noticed that you were no longer in Bucky and Steve’s apartment. You were laying on a king sized bed in a large room, wearing a skimpy silk nightgown that wasn’t yours. 
The room was minimally furnished with medium toned wooden furniture. Aside from the bed there was a square table with three seats, a book shelf near a large window, a plush chair for reading, a wardrobe, and two night stands on either side of the bed. The room was painted a dramatic shade of forest green.
You strained to get up and your legs wobbled as you stood. There were two doors and one of them, which you assumed was the way out, had a keypad next to it. You slowly worked your way to the other door, hoping it was a bathroom so you could relieve yourself. To your surprise, it was stocked with toiletries and menstrual products. Whoever brought you here intended on keeping you for a while.
You heard the main door open as you washed your hands and moved as quickly as you could out of the bathroom. Bucky and Steve stood there with the door closed behind them. Bucky held a dining tray with what smelled like the lasagna he had prepared earlier and a glass of water. He smiled at you and then sat down at the table. 
“Hey, Peach, you're awake!” Steve grinned as he quickly walked over to embrace you. 
You pushed him away with as much force as you could muster, but the super soldier just stood there and didn’t budge. 
“What is this?! Where am I?!” You asked him as you panicked. 
“It’s okay, you’re safe.” Steve cooed as he continued walking towards you, cornering you against the nightstand. 
“I know you must be scared right now, but why don’t you sit down and eat something while Bucky and I explain, hm? You’ve been asleep for most of the day.” His voice was soft but you could tell he wasn’t asking. 
“Most of the day?” You murmured to yourself confused. 
You were so scared that you could barely walk and almost fell when you tried to move your feet. Steve picked you up bridal style and carried you over to the table. He sat you down on the chair in front of the tray of food that Bucky had brought. 
“I’m sorry we had to make you sleep last night, Doll. But it was the only way to get you here.” Bucky said softly as Steve put his hand on top of yours. You tried to pull it away but he grabbed and squeezed it tightly. 
You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Bucky and Steve and drugged you. They’d kidnapped you and you had no idea where you were. 
Then you remembered your medication, you hadn’t seen it in the bathroom. For anyone else, being kidnapped would have been their biggest problem at that moment, but these two problems were almost tied. 
“Where are my meds?” You asked with a shaky voice. 
Bucky smiled at you, “Your anxiety meds? You don’t need those anymore, Babydoll.” 
“No, you don’t understand. They’re not - I mean, I...I need them, please!” 
Steve tried to reassure you while stroking your hair, “Peach, we saw your medical records and we know all about that. But listen, there’s nothing for you to be scared or anxious about now. We’re going to protect you. And you don’t need that crap in your body anyway.” 
“My medical records? They looked into my medical records?” Your mind began to race, “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. And not even the real ones.”
You didn’t know exactly how long you could hang on without your meds, but you knew it would only be a few days. You started to hyperventilate and you began to breathe heavily as your chest tightened.  
“It’s okay, Peach, it’s okay. Just breathe deeply.” Steve said as he and Bucky got up to try and calm you down. 
Bucky put his hand on your chest, “Easy now, just breathe.” 
You followed their instructions and took deep breaths. You managed to get your breathing under control, but you were still filled with fear. Your body was shaking uncontrollably and your lips started to tremble as tears began pouring from your eyes. 
Bucky and Steve started to kiss your tears away as you sobbed. Bucky licked the tears off of one of your cheeks and then Steve moved in to kiss you. You had never kissed anyone before and this was not how you’d expected it to happen. His tongue hungrily forced its way past your lips and explored your mouth roughly. He sucked the breath out of you before pulling away and looking at you with lust blown eyes. 
“She tastes amazing, Buck.” 
Bucky followed suit and grabbed your face. His kiss was just as suffocating as Steve’s, and yet more needy. 
“You two look so perfect together, Buck.” Steve purred as he watched you and Bucky. 
Bucky pulled back, his lips puffy and swollen. He touched your face gently and then looked at Steve. 
“Stevie, I know we said we’d wait, but it’s been months already.” He looked at Steve desperately. 
“Months?” You whimpered out and as your tears continued to flow. “You’ve been planning this for months?”
“Yes, Peach, we’ve been preparing for you, so we could make everything perfect.” Steve said softly as he looked at you adoringly, “And Bucky’s right we’ve waited long enough. We’re going to show you how much we love you.”
Bucky and Steve picked you up by your arms gently and started to walk you towards the bed.
“NO! NO!” You shrieked as you struggled to get out of their holds, “No, you can’t please!”
You were no match against the two super soldiers, but that didn’t stop you from trying. Steve held onto you from behind with both arms wrapped tightly around you. You flailed and kicked at him as Bucky undressed. You could see Bucky’s large throbbing cock. It was angry and weeping precum. 
“Shhhh….shh…” Steve whispered in your ear, “We’re going to make you feel so good, Peach.”
You sobbed and your body went limp as Bucky took you from Steve so that he could also undress. Bucky pulled you on top of his naked body and wrapped his arms around your torso to hold you still. Your back laid flush against his chest and he used it as a chance to assault your neck and shoulders. He nipped and sucked, hard enough to leave bruises..
The bed dipped under the weight of Steve’s body as he moved towards you. He leaned in to kiss Bucky, sandwiching you in between them. You could feel Bucky’s large cock pressing against your back and Steve’s equally huge member pressed against your stomach. The two men kissed each other passionately before Steve broke away and kissed you gently. 
“We’re going to make you feel so good each time we make love to you, Peach.” Steve murmured against your lips. 
You whimpered as he pulled you up so that he could remove the nightgown and your panties. He stared at you in awe and smiled at Bucky. 
“Buck, she’s so perfect…” Steve licked his lips as he examined your naked form. 
“Make her feel good, Stevie. Get her ready for us.” Bucky whispered to his husband. 
Steve began to kiss down your neck and chest. He licked your nipples and they involuntarily hardened. He squeezed your breasts as he began to suck on one nipple and roll the other between his fingers. You felt a tingling in your core and you openly cried at how your body was betraying you. 
“Shhh, Babydoll, it’s okay.” Bucky purred as he turned your head to kiss him, “Let Steve make you feel good.” You still shivered in fright at their touch. 
Steve continued down your body until he got to your sex and slowly licked a stripe up your folds. Your body jerked and Bucky gripped you tighter to stop you from squirming. Steve picked up your legs and placed them on the outside of Bucky’s to keep them spread.
Steve sucked your bundle of nerves and slid a finger into your tight core. He curved it and moved it in and gently. Steve licked his lips at the tightness of your virgin core around his finger. Your body writhed at the sensations around your clit and heat. You unexpectedly moaned and Steve took it as a sign to continue. 
“Listen to her, Stevie, her body wants this.” Bucky moaned as he started to rub his cock against your back for friction. 
“I don’t, I don’t want it.” You said meekly, all cried out from earlier. 
Bucky shushed you as Steve slid another finger in you to work the spongy spot within you, “You want this, Doll. Look at how wet you are already.”
Steve worked your tight cunt and added a third finger. You whimpered at how badly the stretch burned, but Steve kept going. 
The pain started to give away and you felt as though electricity was surging through your body. It continued to grow, causing you to shake as the pleasure washed over you. You could hear the vulgar squelching sounds of your wet cunt around Steve’s fingers. 
“I think she’s ready.” Steve said, smiling at Bucky.
Bucky continued rubbing his hard member against your back excitedly, “Tell me how she feels, Baby.”
“No. Please.” You meekly pleaded again, before Steve bent down to kiss you and then Bucky. 
Steve rubbed his cock against your wet folds to lubricate himself. He lined his bulbous head up to your entrance and prodded at it gently. Yelped in pain as he thrust into you slowly to the hilt in one go. You felt like you were being split in two as the agonizing burn spread through your delicate sex and lower body. You screamed and hit Steve’s chest, trying to get him off of you. 
Bucky continued to hold you down and Steve grabbed your face, bringing the two of you nose to nose, “It’s okay, Peach. I know it hurts. Just give it a second, okay. It’s going to feel so good.”
Bucky dipped his flesh hand down between you and Steve and rubbed your clit. You whined from his touch and he chuckled in your ear. “There she goes, Stevie. Look at how sensitive she is.”
Steve started to move and thrust into you gently at first. He leaned in to devour your whimpers before he grabbed Bucky’s face and gave him an passionate kiss. 
“I can’t control myself anymore, Peach.” Steve groaned as you bounced against Bucky’s chest with every thrust. “You just feel so fucking good.” 
You shrieked as Steve began to snap his hips into you roughly. “So fucking tight, fuck.”
Bucky continued to work your clit with his flesh hand and dug his metal hand into Steve’s shoulder. You felt suffocated between the two men’s bodies as Steve’s sweaty chest rubbed against you. But the pain subsided as your body finally gave in to Steve. You could feel the fire building in your belly with each stroke.
“You’re doing so well, Doll.” Bucky turned your face towards him again for a needy kiss and moaned into your mouth.
Steve thrust into you ravenously and massaged the spot inside of you that made come undone. The coil within your belly snapped and you let out a guttural moan as you came. 
“I need to feel her too. She sounds so beautiful, Stevie.” Bucky groaned as he lined up to your entrance. 
You felt him prodding as Steve pulled out a little and tried to move out of their grasps. 
“No! Please stop!” You begged, “Not the both of you!”
“Shhhh… you can take us, Peach.” Steve said as he grunted on top of you, “You were meant for both of us.”
Bucky slid into you and then Steve pistoned in and out of you slowly as Bucky stilled. The agonizing stretch of their two large cocks inside of you made your body spasm from the pain. Steve stopped and they both stayed still to let your abused cunt adjust. 
“You’re so fucking tight, Doll.” Bucky panted as he shivered beneath you, “So perfect for us.”
Bucky started to move as Steve stayed still. It was too much. This wasn’t what you wanted, let alone for your first time. 
Steve finally started to move and they fucked into you in a coordinated rhythm, “You’re doing so well, Peach. It’s going to feel amazing, I promise.”
The burning subsided again and was replaced with the feeling of being wonderfully full. You lost control of your body and mewled. One of your hands reached back to grab Bucky’s hair and the other clawed into Steve’s back.
Bucky and Steve grabbed each other to hold you in between them even closer. You slid between their sweaty bodies and could feel their heartbeats against your chest and back. They drove into you fervently. You let out high pitched shrieks with each thrust as your heat clenched around the two of them. 
“Fuck.” Bucky hissed. “I told you we’d make you feel good, Doll” as he continued to toy with your swollen bundle of nerves. “We’re gonna make you cum so fucking hard.”
Encouraged by your body’s reaction, Steve and Bucky pistoned into you with unrestrained fervor. Steve let out a desperate, filthy noise as Bucky snarled animalisticaly into your shoulder and sunk his teeth into it. 
Their cocks massaged your inner walls and your body shook as you neared the edge again. You wrapped your legs around Steve’s waist and bucked your hips to chase your release. 
“That’s it, Peach. That’s it.” Steve panted as he and Bucky sped up to bring you to orgasm. 
You didn’t recognize yourself as the salacious sounds you made left your mouth. You felt the pressure within your core build and build as Steve and Bucky’s cocks hit that spongy spot inside of you. You came with a primal scream and squeezed so hard around the two men that Bucky had to hold you by your hips to keep you from pushing yourself off of them. 
“I told you we’d make you feel good.” Bucky moaned into your ear, “Your body knows it belongs to us.”
You rolled your head against Bucky’s shoulder exhausted as the men chased their own peaks. Steve and Bucky greedily fought each for your kisses while they snapped their hips at a furious and unmerciful pace. Steve’s body convulsed as he came with a loud roar and thrust into you with a few more painfully brutal strokes as his warm cum filled you. 
Bucky wasn’t far behind him, “FUUUUUCK!!” Bucky growled as you felt him spurting inside of you. 
Steve laid on top of you and Bucky, his head resting in the crook of your neck. The three of you laid on the bed panting and sweating. Their spend leaked out of you when they softened. You stared at the ceiling wide-eyed, still in shock at what just happened while your Judas of a body still quaked. 
Bucky wrapped his arms around Steve and pulled him firmer on top of you both. “Do you see now, Doll? We’re going to be so happy together.”
“Now let’s get you a bath and something into your stomach.” Steve whispered into your ear breathily, “We’ve got more than enough time to make love again later.”
The next few days followed the same routine. They would bring you your breakfast and eat with you. Then you would beg for your medication and they would assure you that you didn’t need it.
They would do the same thing for lunch and dinner, pretending as though you were in a normal relationship. At night they would take turns “making love” to you as they called it. Although sometimes one of them or both would take you during the day.
You’d spend your time alone mostly reading, all of the books having been brought from your apartment. You’d often stare out the sealed window looking at the forest you assumed surrounded the house, wishing that you could find a way to escape.
Two days into your captivity your body started to go through withdrawal. Your head would randomly feel like it was going to split open and you would collapse, sobbing on the floor. Steve and Bucky watched you through the camera they had set up in your bedroom and would rush to check on you. 
They would bring you aspirin and sometimes heavier pain killers, trying to convince you that it was just from your giving up your “anxiety” medication, but you knew that wasn’t the case. You felt your control slipping every day. 
You stepped out of the shower one night after they had taken their turns with you and dried yourself off. You looked at yourself in the mirror, your body covered in bites and bruises from the two men who violated you each day. You studied your face in the mirror and suddenly froze, shaking in fear. The image of you tilted its head slowly and then back up. It stared back at you angrily and then raised one of its thumbs to drag it across its neck. 
You screamed and Bucky ran into the bathroom, stopping as he saw you shaking as you stared at the mirror. 
“Awww Baby Doll, come here.” He grabbed you gently and tried to soothe you as he walked you back towards the bed where Steve was waiting. 
“I know this is a lot at once, but you’ll be okay.” He said as he kissed you, laying you down on the bed between him and Steve. 
They both snuggled close to you in an attempt to calm you down to sleep. 
“You’re safe, Peach, you’re safe.” Steve whispered in your ear as he grabbed you tightly from behind before kissing Bucky good night. They both kissed you gently and then Steve turned off the lamp on the nightstand. 
You couldn’t do anything but try to submit to the warmth and comfort of the two super soldiers on each side of you. They were the only people you had in the despicable situation you were in. You wrapped one of your legs on top of Bucky, squeezing closely against him before you drifted off to sleep. 
“This is your fault!” A voice in your head hissed, “You let them hurt us!”
You knew who it was and whimpered in your sleep, “You’re not supposed to be here! You’re not supposed to be here!” 
“Oh, no, I am supposed to be here!” She taunted you angrily, “You need me. You need me to get us out of this!”
“No, no, no, go away, go away, go away.” You chanted sobbing and shaking in your sleep.  
She was awake. 
She was awake.
She was awake and it's all their fault. 
Bucky and Steve woke up at the sound of you crying and talking in your sleep. They pulled you into an even tighter embrace. 
“Shhh….Babydoll, we’ve got you.” Bucky whispered in your ear. 
“You are supposed to be here, Peach.” Steve cooed as he clutched you. “We're not going anywhere, honey.”
You sat at the table, swinging your small legs back and forth as you focused on your coloring book. Nick Fury and Peggy Carter stood behind the two way glass observing as the SHIELD psychologist spoke to you.
“Y/N, do you want to tell me about what happened at the store today?” She asked you softly.
You didn’t look up at her as you continued coloring, “No, I don’t wanna talk about it, please.”
“We need to though, okay? Those people got hurt.”
Your lips started to tremble and tears started to form in your eyes, “But I didn’t do it.” 
“Was it Sam?”
“Yeah..” You sniffled trying to keep from sobbing as you wiped your eyes with the sleeve of your sweater. 
“I know it wasn’t you, sweetie.” The psychologist said as she grabbed your little hand gently, “Do you know why Sam hurt them?”
You continued to look down, too scared and ashamed to look up at her, “Because she’s bad. Sam is bad.”
“Why is Sam bad, Y/N? Do you know why she does bad things?”
“Because…she...she likes to hurt people.”
Chapter 2
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world-of-aus · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
The Winter Soldier; Stark Hubs fresh faced starlet has her first time with the soldier.
Submissive Training; Stark Hubs fresh faced starlet is taught how to be a good girl for the soldier.
The Captain, The Soldier & Their Good Girl; Stark Hubs fresh faced starlet takes on two cocks.
A New Arrangement; Stark Hubs fresh faced starlet takes the soldier home.
Two Best Friends In A Room They Might Kiss; Stark Hubs fresh faced starlet takes on the Captain, the falcon, the god of thunder, and the winter soldier, and gets a little more than she bargained for.
The Girl Is MINE; Stark Hubs very own ‘Soldier’ shows Hydra Films who the fresh faced starlet really belongs too.
The Words We Couldn’t Say; Stark Hubs finest stars find it hard to say the words.
It Starts With Trust & Ends With Us; Stark Hubs finest stars find there roles versed.
Behind The Scenes With The Soldier;
BTS; 1
BTS; 2
BTS; 3
BTS; 4
BTS; 5
Extra Moments With The Soldier;
When Bucky Travels
When Bucky Sends A Spicy Picture
When Bucky Gets Jealous
When Bucky Goes After What He Wants
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bonkywobble · 22 days ago
What if librarian!Steve got in one of those erotica books that doesn’t look like erotica on the front cover, reads it, and gets embarrassed/aroused?
yes yes YES. Still don't know what 'just 5 sentences’ is. Also pairing it with this ask:
Tumblr media
Something Borrowed
Pairing: Librarian!Steve Rogers x Reader
Warnings: language, loosely implied smut (barest implications of sub!Steve.) 18+ only.
Word count: 584
Disclaimer: I do not give anyone permission to take, repost, copy or translate my stories, regardless of whether or not they are credited. This blog and all works associated with are 18+ only. Minors please do not interact or follow.
Librarian!Steve Masterlist
Tumblr media
He knows he shouldn’t have looked - his Ma raised him better than that - but Steven Grant Rogers has always been a nosy little shit. Besides, the type of book a person reads can say a hundred things about them, and what better way is there to learn more about you?
Steve wonders what it is about this book that’s got you excited. Is it adventure? Knowledge? A new mystery?
The novel you’d specially requested had finally arrived, and it was surprisingly unassuming. A small beige coloured book - the cloth a few shades darker than his sweater vest - with the cursive title underlined by a single, fine lined peony.
Without looking further Steve concludes it must be a poetry anthology, and then promptly opens it.
Jesus was he wrong.
He supposes that, in some unusual way, there is something poetic about the depth of the protagonists’ desires for one another. However, the paragraphs intimately detailing their numerous affairs are beyond obscene. This is what you desire so badly that you came to him the library to get it?
Getting lost in the book before he realises it, he asks himself that question as he reads on, gradually getting more and more flustered by the descriptive language, and it’s not long before he’s picturing you in these carnal encounters - a sultry, inviting smile on your face, lashes fluttering as you thank him for being so good for you, your chest in his face as you slowly reach for his-
Startled, he about falls from his chair when he hears the bell from the front counter ring. Quickly snapping the book shut he leans back in his chair, calms his harsh breathing and looks past the office doorway to see you patiently standing there. The second you catch his eye you wave at him hesitantly, almost as if you had just caught him in the act.
The thought both mortifies and stirs him.
“Is now a bad time?” you ask sweetly.
“No” - his hands fumble as he adjusts his now tight pants out of view - “not at all.”
Five painfully awkward seconds later he’s rolling over in chair, praying desperately that the stack of returns in his lap is enough to cover what’s left of his raging hard-on. He hopes his voice isn’t too conspicuous, too strained while he asks how he can help you.
“I received an email saying my book is here?”
Steve attempts to keep his cool when you mention your order, nodding in acknowledgement. He thinks his face doesn’t feel too hot when he wheels back and grabs the explicit material, his expression schooled into something a little more professional as he hands it over to you.
But then you lead forward to take it, the smile on your face growing. “You’re my hero, Steve. Honestly, my friend has been pestering me about this for ages so today’s the day I can finally get her off my back about it.”
Steve Rogers is fucked and he knows it, feels the familiar resignation settle underneath his skin as his fingers brush yours and his vision narrows down to this moment. To you.
There’s a small part of him that hates how he’ll twist this interaction later for his own pleasure, turn it into something else entirely while you, his favourite and most precious patron, remain none the wiser.
“Thank you, Steve.”
“I’m happy to help.”
He watches your thumb gently rub the spine of the book and -
Yeah, he’s utterly fucked.
A/N: Send me a NSFW headcanon and I’ll write a 5 sentence ficlet about it 👀👅
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captainsimagines · a month ago
the warmth of winter || B.B Masterlist
Summary: You’re home for the holidays after landing your dream job. When your dad’s old army friend stops by for the month, he makes waves immediately. Your little vacation is disrupted... for better or for worse? Nobody has to know.
Pairing(s): Bucky Barnes x (Fem) Reader 
Trope: Fast-Paced Romance; DBF!Bucky AU; Holiday Romance
Based on the Song: ‘Illicit Affairs’ by Taylor Swift
Total Word Count: 53,300+
Tumblr media
Warnings: This mini-series deals with heavy sexual situations, unwanted workplace harassment, an intense exhibitionism kink, as well as an age difference kink. Individual warnings are listed chapter-by-chapter. You are responsible for your own media consumption: this work is strictly 18+ only. This is purely fanfiction. 
Author’s Note: This holiday fanfic contains all the lovely tropes and cliche’s we love in our holiday movies. We’ve got the descriptive lights, the presents, the family gatherings, the old voices of reason, and all the love. It’s not only a romance, but it’s a love story of friends and family. Basically a mini Avengers AU for the holiday season.
🌹 indicates heavy smut
The long-awaited, naughty, and festive tale of DBFBucky is here! Hope you all enjoy. xxMoni
Tumblr media
Two 🌹
Three 🌹
Four 🌹
Five 🌹
Finale 🌹
Tumblr media
Taglist: @awesometheydontknowiamhere @allyourfavesinoneblog @acidwidow​
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saphirafoxgirlspost1 · a month ago
(Open Rp) "Tale of the Asgardian Princess"
Tumblr media
A Long time ago, there is a Place Home Where all the gods and warriors lived in the Center of the nine realms Called "Asgard". It was Ruled by the Allfather of the gods name "Odin" Whom he sits on his throne watching over his kingdom with his two Sons and daughter by his side along with his beautiful wife..Then One day, Odins Daughter Announce that She is marrying The general of Sakutopia back in midgard..Her father was pleased, Time pass by..She gave Birth to her Lovely Daughter Name "Saphira Lorraina Fox" the princess of All Asgard...She is Half Kitsune and Half Asgardian...When She got older by the age of 5 , She got Magic and Mischief lesson from her uncle Loki The god of Mischief and the Fighting Skills With her uncle Thor The god of thunder. When She got even more older, She became beautiful and Compassion and fierce Just like her Mother and father. Then one day Odin announce that Saphira Will become a goddess of Love and Compassion and War, But Odin heard about the Prophecy from the Oracle that Saphira Will be the Most Powerful goddess...More Powerful than Odin himself and the other gods... When Odin Decided to Send Saphira to Midgard To find a proper Suitor Upon a Watchful eyes of The gatekeeper name Heimdall..But years pass...Odin wanted to hear Heimdall reports...but Alas..Heimdall told odin that Her Suitors Mistreated her and treated her like a slave...His Words Made Odins Blood Boils..even Saphira's Father Mordue was Too was infuriated..Knowing that those Men are Down right cruel, greedy, and selfish For treated His own Daughter as a Slave and all...He wanted to Smite them..but Couldn't.. In the Meetings, Saphira's parents, grandparents and her Uncles are Arguing about Saphira's Suitors Delima....
Tumblr media
Thor: "What are we going to Do about it?!, Those Human Shows Nothing but Disrespect to Our Beloved Niece and yet, She never reveal her true self unless Someone is Worthy..But apparently No Mortal Is Not Worthy To See Our Nieces beauty With that Horrid Vulgary action of Theirs!!"
Tumblr media
Loki: " Brother, Please Calm Yourself...We are all aware that the Mortals Is too troubled For our Beloved Nieces hand..*turns to family* But He's Right...Not Mortal Shall not be Worthy For her hand...There Must be Someone Or Something that we can Do To find a right Suitor who cannot Treated Saphira Like a Servant girl?"
Then Odin Puzzled in his mind, thinking of someone from the nine realms until he realized something..So he stands up from the throne and he said
Tumblr media
Odin:" I believe there is One Thing that I Should tell you Long ago...There is a Race Which is More Like Midgardians..but they are very different People...They Called them "Saiyans" From the Place called Planet vegeta....I Knew his grandfather well..The Saiyans and Asgardians are close allies to Fights off Laufeys army itself...So Now..I Decided to...Arrange Marriage with the Saiyans.."
The Family was Suprised as Loki Knew about Saiyans as well..He studies them and taught His Niece Saphira about Saiyans...as Odin Sends the guards the Invitations to the Saiyans.. For the Arrange marriage challenge..Saphira the other Hand in the chambers With her Handmaiden by her side while brushing her hair..She was very worried about it..Until..She sees the pods landed into asgard..then..Saphira said," What On earth is going on?" then her handmaiden Said "haven't you heard milady? Your grandfather is inviting the saiyans for a Challenge to win your hand of marriage." Saphira was pretty suprised...and then the saiyans went inside as prince vegeta saw odin and bows down and he said.....
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earlgreydream · 8 months ago
| loki x reader | fluff | angst |
requested. Loki x Reader where they live in avengers tower and Loki updates the reader with his anger/annoyance level
slight angst for a dreary sunday 
Tumblr media
“Ten! Fucking ten!” Loki screamed, tearing into the kitchen where you were baking. 
“What?” Sam asked, looking up. 
“Nothing,” you said before wiping your hands on a towel and jogging over to the infuriated god. 
He was practically seething, his dark curls wild and eyes sharp with anger. You gave a look to Sam, Bucky, and Steve that said clear the room, and they took the hint, leaving you alone with Loki. 
You’d bonded with the god while he was at the tower, and you had a soft spot for Loki that no one else did. You had a system for gauging his unpredictable emotions. Loki would tell you a number, one through ten, that indicated his mood, or his anger levels. Usually, the moody Asgardian settled at around a four, just passive annoyance, but today he was shaken up by something. 
You didn’t speak at first, you just walked up to Loki and pulled him into your arms, wrapping around his waist. You felt some of his anger slip away, and his delicate hand came to rest on the back of your head.
“What happened, Loki?” you asked gently. 
“Thor. Stark. They taunt me, they call me a monster and they say that I should still be locked up in the glass cell, that I shouldn’t be let out of the tower. They were saying that I don’t deserve your attention, that I’ve casted some kind of spell over you to make you like me. It’s all lies, I’ve changed!” Loki broke down in your arms.
“Oh, Loki...” you hugged him tightly. 
The other’s distrust of Loki ran deep, and they couldn’t accept the fact that Loki really had changed. Thor spent multiple lifetimes witnessing his mischief, and he poisoned the well of hatred for Loki. It all broke your heart. You knew it wasn’t true, and you wished that the others could see it. 
Hot tears ran from Loki’s blue eyes, and you stroked through his dark hair, trying to calm him down. 
“Hey, Loki, it’s okay,” you whispered, kissing his temple. 
He looked so young like this. He was no longer the frightening villain that tried to overthrow New York. Now, Loki was just a wounded young god who’s feelings had been hurt by his brother, the one person other than you he thought that he could depend on. 
“Why don’t you help me finish the brownies? Get your mind off of them?” you offered, prying yourself free from him. 
He nodded quietly, following you back to the island where you handed him the batter to stir. You finished putting in the ingredients, going through the cabinets looking for something to add.
Loki smiled at the sound of your excited gasp, and you held up a bag of chocolate chips. 
“Lo, save some for the brownies!” you cried as he snatched some from your measuring cup. 
“There’s plenty, darling, I’m certain of it.” 
You let him steal some more of the chocolate chips before mixing them into the batter. He helped you pour it into a pan and slid it in the oven for you, insisting he wasn’t going to let you risk burning yourself. 
“How long until they’re done?” he asked, peering through the glass window of the oven. You smiled at him, running your fingers through his hair as he watched them cook.
“Half hour or so.”
“We have time for a chapter of our book,” Loki grinned, though his gaze was hopeful. You agreed, and Loki took your hand, pulling you to the couch. You sat beside him, and he read aloud from a novel. You loved his voice, getting lost in it. Loki loved to read to you, and you indulged him, leaning against his side as he read you stories of magic and romance. 
The oven beeped just as Loki finished the chapter, and you nearly fell over at the speed in which he bolted back to the kitchen. You smiled to yourself, thankful you were able to cheer him up, or at least distracted from the anger.
He set the pan on the stove to cool, leaning over them and biting his lip. You walked up beside him, your hand sliding up his slender back. 
“How are you feeling now?”
“After spending time with you? Wonderful,” Loki smiled. 
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oswildin · 29 days ago
‘Bittersweet’ Series Masterlist
Pairing: Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) x F!Reader
Summary: After meeting another universes Peter Parker accidentally whilst trying to find your universes Peter, things got a little complicated. With the world on the brink of chaos, with reality threatening to break at any moment, you and another universes Peter must work together to try and stop the destruction of the universe, along with unleashing some past demons along the way. (Slowish burn romance).
Tumblr media
PART ONE (‘Bittersweet’) - https://oswildin.tumblr.com/post/671027622563741696/bittersweet-peter-parker-x-freader
PART TWO (‘Let The Chaos Begin’) - https://oswildin.tumblr.com/post/671143294005329920/let-the-chaos-begin-peter-parker-x-freader
PART THREE (‘Into The Chaos’) - https://oswildin.tumblr.com/post/671391081862234112/into-the-chaos-peter-parker-x-freader-part-3
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