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#marvel cinematic universe

Lila: Aunty Nat can I have a cookie?

Natasha: What did your dad say?

Lila: He said no …

Natasha: Then why are you asking me?

Lila: Because he’s not the boss of you

Natasha, internally: Neither the Red Room nor S.H.I.E.L.D prepared me for this

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You were built without emotions and feelings; Two things in the world that would slow you down and cause you to second-guess your choices. You could analyze anything in a few seconds, and all the knowledge and use of the object would be burned into your database. Of course, you were intelligent. Being built by Tony Stark, Iron-Man himself, would give you some perks. However, some people weren’t so happy that a robot was protecting them. Although, you had the Avengers on your side, and they were like a family to you. Listening to you through thick and thin, and always quick to stand up for you when someone doubted you. You were all a family. A very dysfunctional one at that. And you couldn’t wish for anything better.

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Hey from, well, me! I’d like to begin by saying I’m competely overwhelmed by the recent response to my work. It’s truly incredible. You’re all incredible.

Please keep reblogging and adding comments to my works. It makes my entire life. You would not belive the impact of a lovely comment.

Coming soon:

Loki Takes The Tube- Following the cycling incident, Y/N is compelled to take Loki on the Tube once more

Loki Learns Crazy Love- Loki reflects on some feelings for his lover as she sleeps.

Strangelove [Lavender Blue, Chapter Six]- Our lovers continue their clandestine affair within the confines of a hotel room, within the parameters of their personal lives.

Trouble Never Looked This Good - But Then Again, Trouble’s Never Been Wearing A Push-Up Bra [Something Wicked This Way Comes, Chapter One]- Loki is bored of life. In Motecarlo, he finds exactly what he’s been looking for - a partner in crime.

The Adventures of Frosty the Hitman and the Chocolate Milk Bandit- Y/N is a true light in a dark world. It would be impossible to not love her - even if you were a genetically enhanced ex-assassin.

Loki Adapts To Life is open to requests! If you have any thoughts, drop them in the commments or my askbox.

If you’d like to be added to the Loki Adapts To Life taglist, please comment or message me.

Lavender Blue taglist is open. If you’d like to be added, either comment or message me.

Something Wicked This Way Comes taglist is open. If you’d like to be added, either comment or message me.

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So obviously, all I’m about to say is just connected to a tiny easter egg the writers of Runaways put in their show, and it was never meant to be part of a conscient continuity. But if it was…

I’m also using the timeline on the MCU wiki, which may not be totally accurate, but is close enough.

In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x22, there is the final fight against AIDA, which takes place on May 12th, 2017. Then, Coulson hands Robbie the Darkhold, and he takes it to another world, some kind of mystical plane, to take it somewhere safe (!), then fight some mystical war.


Then, later, on Runaways 3x07, we see the Darkhold again, in the real world, and definitely not somewhere safe, since it is in Morgan’s hands, who claims it is her spellbook.


Now, assuming she had it since her return on Earth and found it in the Dark Dimension (or else Robbie failed to keep it safe earlier than I thought), she possesses the Darkhold’s powers for at least since February 19th, 2018, less than a year after Robbie was tasked to protect it.

So, where the hell is Robbie ? Knowing Morgan’s sick mind and her having absolutely no problem to kill, well… She is very powerful. She could have overpowered the Ghost Rider. Robbie might be dead.


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Something that sprang to mind. Had to do it!

Hope you enjoy!


Originally posted by glamour-divine


Originally posted by jeonghanscheekboness

“Mommy, daddy, look!”

You and Loki watched your little girl in front of you as she hit a big puddle on the sidewalk. Luckily, you were a good few feet away from the splash zone. A normal parent would’ve been more concerned about their child getting soaked by the rain. Especially if they weren’t wearing a coat. But you and Loki weren’t normal parents, and your Daphne was far from ordinary. 

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You know, I just realised something.

2020 has been shit, there’s no doubt about that.

Australian bushfires, of which the country is still experiencing the fallout.

Trump nearly starting WW3.


The current protests, which aren’t a bad thing, but it’s 2020 and we should’nt still have to be fighting racism, come on.

But at least one good thing will come of this year, of that I’m certain.

Black Widow is still coming out.

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in case you need to have extra serotonin in your life rn, let me being back tom asking about hybrids so in response benedict cumberbatch and tom hiddleston fully acted like his parents

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson &/x fem!gifted!reader
Bit of this and that, but nothing that requires specific warnings.
Survival mode: activated.


Originally posted by creampuffanatomy

12. Running to the Edge of the World

…   Loki   …

“Are you out of your goddamn MIND?!

The Midgardian’s outrage surprises Loki as much as it amuses him, two emotions he keeps close to his chest especially now they are back aboard the ship where Arox has been waiting impatiently. The brute’s kind are made for action, be it fighting or merriment, not for sitting around alone. Thankfully, the warrior has accepted added payment in form of hard liquor and has resigned to his cabin for now.

Turning to glare at [Y/N], the Asgardian schools his features. “Watch it, wench.” Of course she balks at the moniker but he stops her quickly. “Enough! You know very well my plans for Jotunheim have failed. If the only means of guaranteeing your safety and that of the rest of the realms then this is the path we must take. At least the old fool can be guided by playing at his pride.”

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Title: Praise Chorus


Platform: ao3

Creator: Boudicamuse

Work Type: Fanfiction 

Fandom: MCU/Hawkeye comics

Rating: E

Pairing: Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis

Word Count: 10,826

Warnings: None

Number of comments: 8

Completion Status: Complete 

Short summary/description: Widowmaker was Darcy’s favorite band in the whole world and she was finally getting a chance to meet them. She’d thought about this day. Thought about what she’d say and daydreamed about what it’d be like to finally be in the same room as guitarist Clint Barton. Expectation, meet reality.

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