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Our Love
Tumblr media
Synopsis- You didn’t expect to fall for Wanda as hard as you did. So when the time comes to take the big step in your relationship you discover something about Wanda that she was hesitant on telling you. But you didn’t mind helping her, and you loved the idea of being her first.
Pairings- Bottom!Wanda Maximoff x Top!Reader
Warnings- 18+ Content
Word Count- 5.5k
A/N- I WAS LISTENING TO ‘OUR LOVE’ FROM ARCANE  WHILE WRITING THIS (listen to it for the sake of your ears!)😫😫😍🙏🏾Decided to dedicate this fic to that song😊😊😍😫I recommend listening to it as you read. Oh yeah and thanks for @stonemags​ for helping me with this and to get out of writers block for now..
Everyone in the compound could see just how in love you two were. You were always cuddled up on the common room's couch, Wanda seated in your lap as you wrapped your hands around her back, enclosing her in your arms as she stuffed her face into your neck breathing your enamoring scent in. You would be settled in this exact position for hours if it wasn't for someone interrupting you or a quick unexpected mission briefing.
Nat would always walk in on you and Wanda in the early mornings in the kitchen, she always questioned herself as to why you two were up at the crack of dawn every day. Wanda would be seated on the kitchen counter wrapped in a blanket that had your identical long-lasting scent, wrapped around her body like a cocoon to shield her from the morning cold as her legs dangled in front of the counter. While you stood perched in between her legs, spoon-feeding her favorite breakfast which consisted of fluffy blueberry french toast douched in maple syrup with glistening beef sausage links that made her eyes roll to the back of her head. You stared at her with a dopey smile on your face, admiring the stunning view, you couldn’t deny it was your favorite.
Mesmerized with the way her lips enclosed over the fork, basking in the quiet moans she would release from the clash of flavors in her mouth. It would take a lot of self-control in Natasha to try and not physically gag from the high amounts of PDA you two both showed in public all the time, but you two were both too busy gazing deeply into each other's irises to ever notice her presence. And she made her trips to the kitchen quiet and quick to not disturb you two. She might have found it weird at first but then those feelings washed away when she saw how in love you both were.
Or the way Steve would flick on the lights in an empty briefing room and catch you two entwined in each other's grasps as your tongues were down each other's throat. Your hands moved madly across her hair while her knuckles started to turn white from the hold she had on your neck as she dove into the kiss. The bright lights never deterred your movements, only the loud thud of unfinished mission reports echoing through the still room. You and Wanda quickly hustled out of the room, avoiding the big workload as per usual. Steve would always be startled by the way you two would constantly be touching each other like you couldn’t get enough, but he knew the only solid explanation is the passion that you both shared which was like an untamed raging fire.
And the way Sam would always find you guys outside under the big oak tree that stood at the edge of the compound's property. You leaned against the tree as Wanda laid on her back, her head in your lap. Your fingers brushed through her curls all the while gently scratching at her scalp as she bit down on her lips softly while staring deeply into your eyes that shined with so much devotion. From a far distance, he could tell you were whispering honeyed words to her as her laugh echoed through the grass field. He always thought about messing with you guys a little by throwing a ball your way or shouting out ”enjoying your sex, ladies?” but he decided it was best to leave you both be. 
One because of Wanda, she was sweet and soft but when she got pissed she turned scary and spine-chilling and he rather chose life than death. And second, because he didn't want to disrupt your moment together, the way you two were always stuck in your own world not paying a single mind to anything or anyone else brought warmth to his heart after witnessing such evil come from mankind. He always would walk back to the doors of the compound with an authentic smile shown on his face.
Or the way Pietro would catch you hugging in the hallway, your arms sealing Wanda in as you swayed back and forth kissing her head every few seconds. And seeing the way you treated Wanda with complete respect and adoration, always taking her words into consideration and hearing her out, never making her feel bad or being passive-aggressive. You were gentle with her and patient, something that he admired about you. 
At first, he was uncertain about Wanda going off and dating an Avenger, worried it would end wrong or you wouldn't treat her well, past resentment still residing within him. But when he saw the way she looked at you endearingly he no longer felt the need to bring upon his negativity towards your relationship but relished in the way you made her feel such joy after a long time of despair which use to almost always be present in the brunette.
It's safe to say that everyone in the compound could see and feel the love blazing off of you both. And for the first time in a long time, Wanda felt at true peace. Every night she had big warm arms to settle into as she dozed off into a deep sleep, her nightmares stopped the day you moved into her room and fell asleep together for the first time. You were like her own personal dream catcher that warded off all the darkness and devilry that consumed her exhausted mind at night. But to her, you were way more than that. The way you praised her and gave her attention, literally made her feel like the only woman in the world. The way you would grab her hand and do small circular motions to take away the anxiety she felt at certain times, and she didn't even have to tell you, you just knew.
Or the way you mastered the skill of cooking just for her to be able to make her favorite dishes and surprise her weekly. She heard from Natasha how whenever she was on a mission you were always in the kitchen cooking or baking up a storm, being successful at most attempts and failing some too. But you never quit because your determination to please Wanda was far greater. Her eyes teared up at Natasha’s words because she has never had someone be that committed to making sure she was content and satisfied.
And lastly, the way you touched her, you two haven't had sex yet despite being together for a year and you were both perfectly fine with that. You always told Wanda that when the time came it would be ideal and that there was no rush. She was relieved by your words and so grateful that she had someone as extraordinary as you to call her own. Whenever your hands touched any inch of her body it would send an electric shock down her spine, your touch was so addicting to her and she couldn't get enough, that's why she was always close and in your proximity. 
You both were head over heels for one another and never strayed far apart for too long. You both were like a magnet, always coming back together. And you were both like the fairy tale romance everyone wished to experience just once in their life.
Today was the one-year anniversary since you and Wanda started dating. The most special day to you that you held dear in your heart. This date held clear significance because when it rounded the corner it was all you could think about, getting nervous jitters about making it unforgettable for Wanda. You were planning to go all out because you wanted to show her just how much she meant to you. It was insanely crazy how fast you fell in love with her, but what brought more satisfaction to your heart was knowing she held the same feelings for you. And because of that, you deemed yourself the luckiest person on the planet.
You got up around five am to start preparing for the day, trying your best to leave the bed as silently and quickly as possible. But that was almost impossible considering how interlaced you and Wanda’s bodies were. She lay on top of you with her head resting on your chest while one of her arms came behind your back and the other behind your neck while your legs interlocked in a weird but comfortable position. 
Groaning quietly at how you didn't want to leave her perfect form here to wake up by herself and potentially spike her anxiety at the thought of you gone, but you had to start setting up your surprise for her. So as best you could you wrapped your arms around her and started prying her locked body parts off of you. It was hard but after a few close calls of her eyes fluttering open, you managed to slip from underneath her and rush to the bathroom.
Once you exit your room quietly without making a peep you booked it for the kitchen, having forgotten your notebook full of phone numbers of the places you needed to request things from. As you mindlessly speed-walked into the kitchen you bumped into someone, getting knocked out of your trance. You looked up to see Natasha with raised eyebrows as she looked at your near panicked form. She was about to wish you good morning but you cut her off quickly.
“Please keep Wanda busy for the rest of the day, can you do that? Okay, thanks!” You sputtered out giving her a final pat on the shoulder and snatching the open notebook from the cluttered counter next to her.
Natasha was left dazzled in your wake, she nodded briefly while you turned your back and walked away. She didn't know what this was about but she could certainly tell it had you extremely anxious from the way your hair was in a slight mess and you looked as if you just threw on the first things you saw.
But she stuck to your word and kept Wanda busy all day whether it meant giving the extra mission reports that needed to be done or taking her out to retrieve covert packages from an undisclosed location. All day she could tell that a dark cloud had come over Wanda, the little groans she let out after looking at the clock every half an hour to see if time had magically flown by. Taking out her phone every few minutes to check it, then letting out a deep sigh when she seemed to not find what she was looking for, slowly tucking it back into her pocket. Natasha wondered why you wanted to keep Wanda away from you all day and couldn't help but feel sad that maybe there was something going on between the both of you. 
She tried her best to cheer Wanda up by stopping by at a drive-thru and ordering her favorite cheat meal that Wanda liked to call it. But when Natasha pulled up into the Shake Shack near the warehouse Wanda waved her off and said she wasn't in the mood. A sense of uselessness overcrowding Natasha’s being because a good old greasy burger and high sodium fries always cheered up the brunette.
As the gloomy day carried on for Wanda all she wanted to do was go back to bed and curl up in her bundle of blankets. She thought you forgot about your anniversary when you didn't bother to text or call her, she didn't like the pain she felt at the thought of your absence. And her heart almost stopped when she woke up alone, your body no longer providing a sense of warmth for her. She thought back to when her eyes started to water faintly then Natasha burst through her bedroom door, dragging her out of bed and forcing her to get ready for the long day ahead of them.
Wanda tried to beg her not to go but Natasha was taking none of it as she planted herself on Wanda’s bed, supervising the witch's slow actions as she meandered about the room grabbing various items to get ready. She heard Wanda’s quiet sniffles fill the room and she contemplated asking if there was anything going on between Wanda and you but decided to stay silent when Wanda chose a hoodie from your dresser and held it close to her body when she walked into the bathroom. 
You had just gotten out of the shower after finishing everything, you were running around the compound like a mad man. Shouting over the phone if a place canceled and said they couldn't be able to give you the proper stuff you needed or the wind messing up your set up multiple times. But after all the hardship you were finally done and now all that was left was to get yourself cleaned up which you did, choosing to wear your black velvet blazer Tony had bought you for one of his parties, and black leather pants that were hidden deep in your drawers with a black button-up dress shirt underneath.
Shooting Wanda a quick simple text for her to meet you at the compound's front doors after she looks in the bag on the bed and gets dressed. A smile on your face from the anticipation but it faltered when you saw ‘seen’ pop up below the text and no reply after that. Your heart started to beat rapidly because you thought that it was over, that she wouldn't come but you reassured yourself that this was Wanda, who adored you, so you flattened out your blazer and took in a deep breath closing your eyes as you transported to the front of the steps of the compound. You took a seat on the cement step and collected your inner thoughts as you waited patiently.
When Wanda saw your text her heart skyrocketed, not because you finally decided to text her but because she thought you were preparing to break up with her. It was a wild thought that got the best of her mind and made her start to worry. She excused herself from Nat quickly, not giving her a chance to keep her there any longer as she ambled over to her room with heavy steps. She wasn't relaxed she was tense all throughout her body.
When she got to her room door she stopped before she opened it to take in deep breathing, thinking about how everything was about to change. But as she pushed the door open her eyes took to scanning the contents of the room to see if you have packed all your clothes and miscellaneous things away. But to her surprise everything was how she left it this morning, a feeling of peacefulness washing over her aching heart; maybe there was still hope after all.
The beige bag went unnoticed by Wanda as she walked further into the room, all her worries about earlier washing away. A smile was brought to her face as she walked up to the front of the bed and took a seat while her eyes filled with joy. Her bottom collided with soft sharp edges, she released a small yelp at the intrusion. Head whipping around as she shot up and directed her attention to the bed, breath-stopping when her eyes landed on a white tinted beige Prada shopping bag. Her angular fingers moved down towards the matte lengthy bag, picking at the strings and unraveling them to access the inside. When she looks inside the contents of the bag her face lights up with gaiety, subtly biting her slip at the sight of a black plunging tall neck split thigh dress. Butterflies come to her stomach when she holds up the eye-catching dress in the warm soft glow of the bedroom light.
It doesn't take her long to also find the note that was left at the bottom of the bag, her fingers quick to grab it from the bag and read it. Her eyes skimmed over the note and her lips turned upwards into a dazzling smile as her heart grew bigger in her chest. 
 To my beloved and most loved Wanda,
     I got this dress for you specifically and I know that it’ll match you exquisitely. I don't want to give away too much but know that everything has a reason so don't think negatively my love. Meet me in the front of the compound when you're done, I’ll be there, always.
 From your biggest follower and admirer, Y/n
She held the note close to her chest for a few seconds as she left your words to sink into her deeper and ease away the doubt she carried earlier. It didn't take her long to grab her makeup bag from her messy vanity and shuffle off into the bathroom to get dressed, she wanted to make sure she looked her best, even though you've always thought she never needed makeup because of her natural beauty was so pure.
It’s now been around thirty minutes that you have been waiting at the front steps of the compound, panic running wild within you as you thought about all the possibilities of what she could be doing. Did she not see the dress? Does she not want to come? What if she hates me? I fucked up. Pacing back and forth as your arms were crossed around your chest, biting your lips harshly as the cool wind whipped against you moving form in the silence of the night.
But what you didn't recognize as you paced back and forth was Wanda’s approaching form, she was also hesitant but worry quickly overfilled her when she saw your nervous anxiety-filled figure. As she comes face to face with the compound's front door you still don't notice her in your fit of haziness, she gently pushes the door open and is met with the cool breeze that engulfs her as she steps outside.
Something in your mind redirects your attention to the front steps of the compound and your breath is taken away from the impeccable view, jaw literally dropping as your eyes stay trained on Wanda. Time moves in slow motion as she moves her hair to one side of her head and takes her time walking down each step. The way the air flows through her curled auburn hair and black dress perfectly accentuates her curvy figure. Gusts of wind reveal her excitingly toned lanky shining legs that you have spent so much time caressing.
You snap out of her trance and rush to give her a hand at the bottom of the stairs all the while a wistful smile erupts on your face from the longing, you never knew how you managed to not even talk to her today. But she happily takes a hold of your warm hand when she gets to the final step, her divine perfume attacks your senses making your eyes almost roll to the back of your head and she catches it, releasing a soft chuckle that breaks the silence of the night.
Walking away from the steps hand in hand Wanda cant help the shaking in her hands when you suddenly stop from continuing the path to your car. You turn her over by the shoulders releasing your grip on her hands and a small frown finds its way onto her face from the loss of your fingers. You clear your throat trying to think of something, anything to say but you don't want to ruin this moment. So she takes over instead.
She takes your hands in hers and looks up into your eyes meaningfully. “Well if you’re gonna break up with me I had to at least look my best to hopefully change your mind.” She tells you softly while playing with your flexible fingers, something she liked to do often.
Her words snap you out of your stillness and you're quick to respond, “You know I would never.” Your response makes her cheeks start to warm up and she looks away trying to hold back a smile. “I'd be a fool to let someone like you go, I could never make that mistake.” You finally tell her. Looking into her sharp turquoise green eyes for what felt like eternity brought such fondness to your body.
You silently turn her back around to where her back is facing your front and you slowly bring your hands up to her eyes, her hands quick to touch yours in an act of confusion. You whisper into her ear. “Don't worry, I’ve got you.” You simply tell her and all the concern slips away as she fully trusts your motives. 
You press her front into your back deeper so there is no ounce of space in between you, pressing a gentle kiss to her head, then teleporting. Wanda has always expressed how she dislikes the way you teleport, the impact being too much on her stomach which caused her to let out a quick shriek when you transported to another location. You couldn’t help but laugh, removing your hands from her eyes and pressing multiple pecks on the top of her head, her eyes slowly open making her quietly gasp at her surroundings.
Her eyes wandered the enticing view, her head moving around in different directions to capture the true beauty of the scenic scene all around her. The dark grass cascading around the lit-up hilltop draped with fairy lights while the lampposts also provided a low source of light to accompany them flawlessly. The large blanket is spread out across the grass with multiple items like a large picnic basket, a bucket of champagne, plates, and cutlery, with a folded up wooly blanket resting atop the blanket.
She quickly turns over to look at you with wide eyes, tears threatening to fall down her precious face. Your hands were quick to come up to her cheeks and cup her face.
“You did this all for me?” She let out quickly, holding in her tears to the best of her ability.
“Yes, I’d do anything for you. To the moon and back.” You tell her, delicately stroking her ample cheeks that held a tint of red.
She couldn't respond with words so she dove into your chest, wrapping her arms around your upper torso as she snuggled closer to your body. Your arms came to wrap around her body as you took in the feel of her in your hold, rubbing the small of her back gracefully. You stayed connected for a few minutes silently taking in this moment for yourselves and enjoying it to the best of your abilities. 
After the hug, you brought her over to the picnic setup and offered to take off her heels so she could step on the blanket to feel; more comfortable, settling down on the edge of the blanket to also take your dress shoes, setting them down next to Wanda’s heels on the grass and scurrying over to find her digging into the picnic basket.
Once you have mini desserts and snacks settled onto plates, some of Italy's best delicacies. Spoon feeding Wanda her favorite stuffed ravioli, sauce catching onto the side of her lips but your hand quick to wipe it off making her blush uncontrollably. After you finish up eating the luscious finger foods you settled into one another's arms while indulging in small talk and stargazing, sipping on chardonnay and stealing lengthy and lazy kisses every few seconds.
You two have been staring at the slowly moving clouds in peace for the past couple of minutes, reveling in the serene calmness that the night brought on. Wanda was currently curled into your side, her head resting on your shoulder comfortably while your dress coat was covered her upper body allowing some of the cold air to breeze upon her collarbones. She decided to have your dress coat over the blanket because it smelled of you. Wanda's hands were wrapped around your arm closest to her chest, your free arm coming around to rest on her waist.
It was Wanda who broke the hold, rising up to hover above your face. A dumb smile spread across your face as she gathered your cheeks in her hand gently stroking them while staring intensely at your face as she bit her bottom lip in thought. Seeing this side of her always made you empty-headed, too consumed by her hypnotic features to think about anything else so you stayed still in her grasp, breathing becoming shallow. 
“This means so much to me Y/n, you don't even know, thank you.” She concluded by dipping her head down to connect your lips in a long sensual kiss. Her fingers slide their way up into your hair gently pulling on your strands which makes you give out a slight moan. She smiles into the kiss after hearing the noise released from you, having to clench her thighs together to suppress the thrumming between her legs. 
You manage to reply to her in between the mini-breaks for air. “It’s all my pleasure, baby.” Wanda hearing the pet name roll off your tongue makes her dive deeper into your face, dragging her cunning fingers down your scalp.
You bite her lip with pressure then run your cool tongue over the spot, making her squirm above you. Your hands came to grip her thighs that now lay on each side of your torso, your hands sliding up slowly to the bottom of her ass, palming it roughly which makes her release a soft groan into your mouth. Your fingers work around her dress fabric and make contact with her porcelain cool skin.
She lets out a little squeal breaking out of the kiss and moving out of your grip. Your heart starts racing thinking you have done something wrong or accidentally overstepped the boundaries. When you look over at her she is staring at the blanket with her arms wrapped around her protectively, her eyes bouncing all over the blanket in anxiousness. You want to reach out to her so bad but you stop yourself thinking she wouldn't want you to touch her right now.
“I'm sorry,” You couldn't help but apologize. “That I overstepped, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. Shit.” You mumble the curse word under your breath, resting your elbows on your knees as you stared off into the distance.
“It's not your fault.” She replies softly, playing with the various rings that occupy her fingers. “It’s my fault, all mine.” She finishes timidly, keeping her gaze trained on the ground.
Your head whips towards her with raised eyebrows and this time you don't hesitate to touch her. You place your hand gently on her back scooching closer to her. “What’s your fault?” You ask patiently.
“I- It’s- This! I can't give you this.” She burst out, looking you in the eyes with distress.
“This? What does that mean?”
“You want sex, and I can't be able to give that to you.” She responds, breaking eye contact with you. You can see the self-consciousness cloud her from the inside.
“No- no, we don't have to have sex if you don't want it. I’m sorry if I made you feel like that, we can go if you want.” You tell her rubbing small circles on her back.
“No, I want to be here with you. I- I never said I do not want to have sex with you, it's just that I don't know how.” She's quick to say.
You're confused now, eyebrows scrunched as you try to understand what she is saying.
“So you do want to have sex, but you don't?”
“No! It's just that I’ve…” She responds, speaking too soft for you to hear the last of what she is saying. She looks away from you again this time biting her lips harshly, worry overriding your system now.
“You what, baby? I couldn't hear you.” You tell her serenely, making sure to be patient with her.
“I’m a virgin, ok. I’ve never had sex, ever. And I just want to make sure that our first time is pleasurable for you, but I have no experience so that wouldn't be possible. I’ll never be able to make you feel as good as you would make me feel.” She pants out, turning her body away from you.
Sudden realization hits you and your heart pains at her confession. You are quick to grab her attention again, bringing your fingers up swiftly to her avoiding her chin, and lifting it up gently. Her uncertain eyes meet your soft ones. 
“Oh Wanda, only you could ever make me feel such things that are way better than sex. I don't care if you are a virgin, that changes nothing because as long as I’m with you nothing is wrong.” You tell her dearly.
She jumps into your arms the next moment, letting out a soft sigh as she is back in your hold. You wrap your arms tighter around her kissing her shoulder as you rock her back and forth. She pulls her head back so she is now directly in your line of sight.
“I’m ready. But, I’ve never done anything like this so please be gentle with me.” She whispers.
You nod your head with a small smile. “Of course, tell me if anything is wrong. I'm glad to be your first,” You mention which makes her cheeks grow rosy.
She nods her head and that's when you carefully place one of your hands behind her soft locks on her head and the other around to the small of her back, taking her down so she is laying on the comforting blanket. Her lips are parted as she stares deep into your eyes, the connection never faltering.
You bring your head down slowly and trap her tender lips in a vehement kiss. Her eyes shutter close from the burst of emotions she is feeling right now in this special moment she is sure to hold sacred with her. 
As the kiss starts to get more intense you slowly drag your hand from her back and trail it down delicately towards the slit in her dress. Your cool hands once again meet her skin, you can feel her slightly tense beneath you and you break away from the kiss whispering, “Remember, it's just me.” And that's all it takes for her to completely relax under you and grant you permission.
Your fingers meet her wet panties and a small smirk appears on your face, a witty reply on the tip of your tongue but you remind yourself now isn't the time. Your fingers slip past the soaked underwear, sliding them out of your way so you have access to her bare cunt. 
Your fingers softly run over her arousal-coated folds and a shiver runs up her spine. The anticipation is too much for her so she breaks apart from the kiss, breath heavy as she finally opens her eyes and meets your vivid gaze. Your thumb starts to work at her clit with the right amount of pressure to make her spiral which releases a breathy moan from the woman beneath you. She sucks in more air as your pace around her clit starts to fasten and the pressure increases, eyes rolling to the back of her head.
She can never say she has felt this much intense pressure down there, she has always had build-up but has had to take care of it herself with the fear of telling you about her chasteness that held her down more than it should've. But the things she is feeling right now make her want to go back in time and have sex sooner, sad she missed out on such an elevating experience, but happy to first have it with you.
But it's when your fingers first enter her that makes her eyes pop open and breathing start to quicken, there is some resistance from her reluctant hymen, a small whine leaving her mouth from the moderate pain. Biting her lip to try and suppress the noise but quickly releasing the hold when you shake your head.
“I want to hear you.” You tell her softly.
It’s not much but it is enough to make her stomach flutter and with you finally breaking through her wall the build-up starts to get relieved slowly, making her yearn for more. Small mewls of gibberish released from her opened mouth.
“Faster.” She demands, hands coming up to your clothed back, gripping hard to show you her want for more. Her eyes stay trained on you, strong confidence keeping her afloat.
A small smile creeps its way onto her features from finally being able to know how it feels like to say and ask for a ‘faster’ pace and a blissful smile comes to your face at seeing her start to be comfortable enough to request more to satisfy her better.
It's not long before she is cumming, her lower body writhing beneath your hands while moving up to have your fingers further buried inside her. This new level of intimacy and closeness made her head spin madly, her hands coming up to the nape of her neck as she felt what it was like to experience sexual ecstasy for the first time. Her fingers squeezed your neck as her mouth hung open widely. It was more than nirvana for her when you kept eye contact with her throughout her orgasm and gently stroked your fingers in and out to ease her out of her high.
This wasn't a night she would forget for the rest of her life, and neither was it for you. Wanda was always aroused about how her first time would be, but with you, she knew that she had nothing to worry about. You were right because as long as you were together nothing would ever be wrong.
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[Natasha & Y/N, married, at the Avengers compound]
Natasha: *walks into the room where everyone is*
Y/N, looking at Natasha lovingly: My dream girl.
Natasha, still annoyed because of something that happened: Shut up, I’m not.
Y/N, with a blank face: I never said what kind of dreams, you fucking nightmare.
*the Avengers pushing a wide eyed Y/N out of the room and telling her to run, while Natasha glares at Y/N*
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stanytork1 · 2 days ago
Fashion Icon
Tumblr media
i’m in admiration for his whole being, permanently and forever
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
who's gonna complete the holy trinity?
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Tumblr media
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manu-007s-world · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Natasha: Aw… I cut my finger…
Y/N: *runs* wheeee ooooo wheeee ooooo wheeee ooooo
Natasha: What
Y/N: *stops and put a bandage to Natasha’s finger*
Y/N: *runs again* wheeee ooooo wheeee ooooo
Natasha: ….
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Princess of Asgard, Goddess of Mischief
Summary: Peter Parker instantly falls for the Princess of Asgard and the Goddess of Mischief and decides to show him a few tricks she has up her sleeve
Word Count: 8.3k
Warnings: Smut, Minors DNI
A/N: Things have been changed around from the canon storylines in the MCU, Peter is 21 and a college student
Tumblr media
There weren't enough words in the Asgardian language to describe the amount of rage that burned in your veins, hell there weren't enough words in any Midgardian language for that matter. 
After everything he has done so far, after every failure, he still has the audacity to keep trying.
Your father was an ambitious man, you'd give him that. But even his ambition wasn't enough to save him from his own offspring.
The click of your heels against the linoleum floors were sharp and clipped as you moved with a purpose. Wisps of hair tickling your face that you couldn't even be half bothered to put back in place, which in of itself was out of character for you as your appearance was always perfected down to the very last strand of hair. But after the hellish trip through the rainbow bridge as well as your current situation, all you could be bothered to care about was making sure your father knew how much of a fool he was.
Only an idiot tries to take over the same place twice. 
The air of the Avengers compound was stale down in the cells. Everything you had seen so far was monotonous and boring. You knew not to expect much coming to Midgard but it was an even bigger let down than you were originally led to believe. 
You had't met the Avengers yet, too pissed at your father to waste another second not reprimanding him, so you had Thor lead you to him straight away. You passed empty cell after empty cell with Thor in the lead, until he came to a stop in front of the cell which contained Loki.
You stood in front of the glass cell, arms crossed. Your father raised an eyebrow and pursed his lips.
"I see you agreed to the arrangement then."
"I did," you jutted your chin out, "No thanks to you."
"You should have stayed home-"
"No. You don't get to tell me what I should and shouldn't do. You lost that privilege after your first attempt at conquering Midgard."
Loki narrowed his eyes, "I am your father--"
"And yet here I am, fixing another one of your messes," you said with a mirthless laugh, gesturing around you. 
He shut his mouth, and finally addressed his brother, "What's the next step now, seeing as you kidnapped your own niece."
"I didn't kidnap her. She agreed to this to help you," Thor said seriously, clearly offended that Loki would accuse him of kidnapping you. "They'll release you within a month. (Y/N) will remain the ward of Midgard for a year, as long as you can prove that you will no longer be a threat to this realm."
Loki snickered, shaking his head. "My own daughter in the hands of a bunch of Midgardians...” he trailed off. “I appreciate the gown you chose for today."
You tsked, "I figured someone should properly represent your name if you were going to keep pulling these stunts," you replied, gesturing to the expensive Asgardian gown you wore in his colors. Green with golden detailing.
"Perhaps you should try having more faith in me-"
"I do have faith in you," you snapped, "But It is your missteps that continuously lead to your downfall."
It was quiet for a few beats until Thor broke the silence, "She should meet the others now."
"Very well," Loki nodded, "Be prepared for them all to be very unpleasant, especially Stark. He thinks he's funny."
"I'll visit you later father," you said, turning to walk back down the hall, "Oh," you stopped, throwing over your shoulder, "If you ever put me through the pain of believing you were dead again, I'll kill you myself." You stalked back down the hall, not checking to see if Thor was following.
Loki looked at his brother, "That bad?"
"She was inconsolable. You broke her heart, brother," he said with a shake of his head, "You broke all of our hearts."
Loki looked back to your retreating figure as Thor now followed, staring regretfully after you.
You were stuck in your head now, deep in thought after seeing your father for the first time in a long time. 
Thor had told you that the Avengers had gathered to greet you and discuss the next steps from here. It truthfully sounded like a very boring affair, more so when you thought about the more productive things you could be doing back home.
In fact, that was the thing that irked you the most about these Midgardians requesting this of you. They must have been under the impression that your time wasn't important, as if the title "Princess" and "Goddess" were simply just for show.
Eventually a man came into view, waiting outside two large doors. He grinned upon seeing both you and Thor.
"Nice to see you two finally bothered to show up," he laughed.
"I apologize for keeping all of you waiting, Stark. She wanted to speak to her father first."
Tony lowered his glasses, giving you a once over, "Why? Planning on getting the band back together?"
"Excuse you?" You deadpanned only making him laugh.
He turned to Thor, "I can see where she gets her humor from," he said sarcastically, before finally introducing himself, "I'm Tony Stark. You might know me as Iron Man, I don't really know what names get around on Asgard or wherever."
"I'm not familiar with either."
"Ouch. I'll pretend not to be offended. Ready to meet the others?"
"I suppose."
"Then let's go Game of Thrones," he said, turning around and heading towards the closed doors.
"My father warned me about your humorous wit," you said sarcastically.
"Good. I wasn't sure he noticed."
Stark pushed open one of the meeting room doors, holding it for you and Thor. You were immediately greeted with the sight of numerous costume clad superheroes, the sight made you roll your eyes and once again think about what you could be doing back home instead.
You stalked to the front of the room wordlessly, with not a single misstep, presenting yourself elegantly.
Thor took his spot beside you as Tony stood opposite of you. The others in the room were quiet, you knew they were assessing you. Your father had tried taking over their realm twice so you understood that judgement would be all that you received during your stay.
So you wouldn't give them anything to judge.
Thor grinned beside you for the first time since the meeting with his brother.
"This is my niece (Y/N) Lokidottir. Princess of Asgard, Goddess of Mischief." Thor spoke the words with pride. He always had, he was convinced that raising you was his brother's best accomplishment.
You took the few moments of silence following your introduction to study their eyes and even you had to hand it to some of them, a few had eyes cold as stone. The red head and the one with the metal arm specifically. But there are always a few that communicated everything with a simple gaze.
Your eyes landed on the smallest male in the room. The look in them was not a foreign one. You had many suitors back on Asgard that would sing praises about your beauty daily, and the look in this boy's eyes was the same... maybe a bit more... pathetic. It made a smug grin fit itself on your face.
Stark finally spoke. 
"You can add Ward of Midgard," he laughed.
Your smile fell.
"Anyway. As I explained earlier, our arrangement with S.H.I.E.L.D. is to detain Loki for the next month or so before sending him back to Asgard. If he can play nice for the next year he can get his daughter back." You noticed the one with the shield shaking his head. It was nice to know that not all of them agreed with these terms. "If he can't, we keep her until he can. Until then, I came up with a few precautionary measures for our new house guest."
You stiffened, "I was not told about this."
"That's because I just came up with them this morning." Tony said, opening a folder. He began passing out its contents, "I've come up with different shifts for everyone to keep an eye on her. That way she'll be under constant surveillance by at least one person."
"Why weren't we told about this earlier?" Natasha asked., clearly annoyed.
"Is no one listening? I just came up with it."
"I'm not doing this," Bucky said, "I have better things to do than babysit an alien chick-" You raised your hand, making Bucky's metal hand clasp over his mouth and everyone turn to you in shock.
"'Goddess of Mischief'" you said, "It will serve you well to remember it." You dropped your hand, releasing him.
It was silent... until it wasn't, "And that is why we're doing this babysitting protocol. She's Loki's daughter, she needs to earn our trust."
"I can assure you, (Y/N) is very trustworthy," Thor said, coming to your defense.
"You also said you trusted your brother," Steve spoke up.
"Yes but (Y/N) is different. She'd never hurt anyone."
"My mouth hurts," Bucky muttered to himself.
"Again, she earns our trust first," Tony said. "Anyone with 'Mischief' in their name needs a trial run. Now onto this schedule..."
You rolled your eyes... Perhaps being on your best behavior was going to be more difficult than you had previously thought.
Quite honestly... Peter could have fainted when he saw you. He didn't even notice ha had stopped breathing until he coughed from the lack of air.
He felt like someone should have warned him better, because when Tony said, "Come meet Loki's kid later," did not count as a heads up.
This whole situation just felt so fucking unfair all of a sudden.
And being the devastatingly hopeless romantic that he was, he could only form one coherent thought:
You were fucking ethereal
You were so beautiful Peter felt like he could cry and scream about it, and he wouldn't be surprised if someone actually has before.
And the chill that he got when Thor introduced you, was enough to make him worship you -- a goddess.
Peter was quite convinced that he would be making a shrine to you as soon as he got home that night.
Peter swallowed nervously, his grip tightening on the fabric of his jeans.
Sam raised an eyebrow, "You cool Peter?"
He blinked in quick succession, only partially being broken from his trance, "Huh- yeah..." He suddenly trailed off when you looked directly at him. 
Your gaze was intense and he could have sworn he watched a flash of green flare in them, making him gulp.
Sam whistled lowly, noticing the small interaction, "Someone's gonna be dangerous for you... Can't say I blame ya though." He hummed, eyeing you.
Tony's voice suddenly cut into Peter's mind, "I've come up with different shifts for everyone to keep an eye on her. That way she'll be under constant surveillance by at least one person."
Right there.
That was the moment Peter retained nothing else, only trying to comprehend that he was going to have to be with you alone multiple times that week.
Peter would remain in a daze for the rest of the week, only staring at his name on the schedule that Tony handed out at the meeting:
PETER PARKER: FRIDAY 3pm-10pm,  SATURDAY 3pm-10pm, SUNDAY 3pm-10pm
He couldn't even be mad how late his shift was on Sunday when he had an 8:30 class the next day, because let's be real, Peter had the chance to be alone with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.
The day came a lot faster than he had anticipated, but he guess that's what happens when you float through the entire week on cloud nine.
But now Peter felt like he was laying at the bottom of a pit. 
His heart beat quickly with anxiety the entire day, his palms were sweaty, and he was completely tongue tied making it embarrassing enough to talk to classmates that day that he didn't even want to think about how he was going to embarrass himself in front of you later that afternoon.
But soon enough, it was 2:50, and Peter found himself back at the Avengers compound to "babysit" you.
He licked his lips nervously as Happy led him into the building.
"What's got you all worked up? Well- more than usual?" Happy threw over his shoulder, noticing how fidgety Peter was acting, "Is it your tingle? The spider-tingle?"
Peter shook his head, not finding it in him to come up with a clever quip, "No."
"Is it because you need to watch Loki's kid, because she's really not that bad to handle, but I can get someone to cover your shift if--"
"NO!" Peter shouted, suddenly widening his eyes and clearing his throat at his little outburst.
Happy turned around in surprise before clocking in on what was going on based on Peter's composure, "Oh, I get it. Word of advice, because I know you're gonna do it. Don't talk too much, she doesn't like talking. Just let her read her books and you'll be on her good side."
Peter's eyes shined at the advice, "No talking, got it."
Happy turned back around, proceeding towards the library where Peter assumed you were currently in. "And another piece of advice," he said, reaching for the door handle, looking down at Peter before opening it, "Don't even think about going for it. She's Loki's daughter, kid. And just as terrifying."
Peter pursed his lips, "...She's also related to Thor, so..."
Happy scoffed, "And inherited none of his traits." He opened the door, letting Peter go in first.
Peter noticed the back of Bucky's head as he walked into the library, but only for a second as his eyes landed on you.
And again, the sight of you took his breath away. He was almost hoping that he hadn't remembered you correctly and you weren't even a quarter of how beautiful as he thought, but he was proven oh so very wrong.
You laid across one of the couches in the reading area, leaning against the arm, in one of your beautiful Asgardian gowns. The light from the windows filtered into the room, forming a halo around your body.
You looked like a goddamned renaissance painting.
It was then that Peter took in what was happening, and... well he wasn't sure if he really understood what was happening.
"You two are still at it?" Happy asked, shaking his head before turning to Peter, "I swear, every time Bucky has to watch her the two have a staring contest the entire time. I think they're trying to figure out who has the more intense stare." Happy then walked over to you both, waving a hand in front of Bucky's eyes, "You're off duty Buck, you can both blink again. Also Steve invited you to go train with him once you were done here."
Bucky grunted before standing up. He noticed Peter on his way out and raised a brow, muttering a "Good luck" which sounded like he had absolutely no faith in Peter to survive the next seven hours alone with you.
"Right." Happy nodded, "(Y/N)'s free to go to all the common areas, her room, and the bathroom. Stay out of the labs, away from the cells. Thor is her designated escort to go see her father so you have no business being down there. Anything else, just ask F.R.I.D.A.Y. Sound good?"
Peter just nodded, not being able to take his eyes away from you as you stared back at him.
Happy looked back and forth between the two of you, "Good lord," he sighed, "Don't forget that you're on camera (Y/N)," he called over to you before taking his leave.
Now it was just you and Peter. You watched as he tentatively took a seat where Bucky had been previously sitting.
He gulped again, eyes flickering all over the place, feeling uncomfortable under your gaze. It was a weird feeling for him to be speechless, but he couldn't form a coherent thought around you.
You finally looked away, reaching for a book that you had placed on the table beside the couch you were on. Your fingers carded through the pages until landing on the page Peter assumed you must've left off on.
It would be silent for the next half hour before Peter finally found it in him to speak up.
"What are you reading...?" He asked cautiously. He knew Happy said you didn't like talking, but it felt weird to sit in complete silence the entire time.
"Game of Thrones," you hummed, and dear God... he forgot how euphonious your voice was considering he only heard you speak a few sentences earlier that week. "Stark keeps calling me 'Game of Thrones', and I don't like when people below me speak things that go over my head."
Peter laughed awkwardly, until he realized you weren't joining him, making his awkward chuckle turn into a cough. "Yeah... that sounds like Mr. Stark."
It was silent again... and Peter was starting to regain his uncontrollable urge to speak again.
"So uh... what were you and Bucky doing?"
You hummed, "I like Bucky," you said, not answering his question, but hey, if you were willing to talk, Peter wasn't going to stop you. "There's a lot of pain in his eyes."
"And you like that?" Peter asked suspiciously.
"I'm partial to broken things," your eyes looked up from your book, once again locking with his, "Tell me Peter... are you a broken thing?"
Peter spluttered as he felt an uncontrollable heat crawl up the back of his neck, and once again, he found himself unable to form any words.
You cut off his broken stutters, "I see pain in your eyes too, different... but it’s there."
"I mean-- yeah I guess. Who doesn't have a story, right?" He chuckled uncomfortably, "I don't think anything I've been through compares to Bucky's past though, y'know? Maybe that’s why it looks different? Or something, like you said—“
"You talk when your nervous," you noted.
"Wha- yeah, I guess I do--"
"Do I make you nervous?"
Peter's eyes widened and he truly felt helpless under your gaze as you waited for his response, "Um... "
"Why do I make you nervous?"
Peter bit his lip, looking away from you, "Well... you're a Princess... and a Goddess from another planet. I'm not really sure how to talk to you."
"From what I heard from the others, that's never seemed to stop you before."
Peter looked at you with wide eyes, "Have-- Have you been talking about me with the others?"
"Yes," you easily admitted, "You intrigue me Peter Parker. From the moment I saw you in the meeting room."
Peter felt like a fish out of water, mouth falling and closing shut as he searched for the words to respond to that. He almost didn't want to believe you, it felt too surreal. "Why would I..."
You shrugged, "You're different than the others. I can tell you have a kindness your friends do not possess."
He thought back to all the times he showed villains mercy where he knew the other Avengers wouldn’t, and he was to compelled to agree with you, just a little bit, "Maybe a little... but the others are heroes too."
"Come here."
And for the first time, Peter saw you smile and if you were pretty before, he was sure he was going to have to take a few days off in order to cope with how pretty you were now.
"I said, 'come here'," you laughed gently.
Peter took a shaky breath and nodded, walking over to you as you swung your legs over the couch to make a space for him while placing your book back down. He sat on the opposite end of the couch so that there was an empty cushion between you and you laughed once again at his tentativeness. You moved over, the side of your body pressing against his as he gulped, staring straight ahead of him.
You gazed at his side profile for a moment, and you did have to admit-- this Midgardian was quite cute.
Most of the men back on Asgard were too proud for their own good, and you found that too much pride made a man insufferable... but Peter? Was a breath of fresh air.
You promised not to get too ahead of yourself though as he still was a Midgardian. At least now you couldn't fault your Uncle for finding some sort if interest in that Jane woman he had told you so much about.
"I like you Peter."
Peter turned to look at you, eyebrows drawn together in utter confusion, "But you barely know me," he said, voice high pitched and flustered.
"And you barely know who I am, however that hasn't stopped you from being attracted to me either," you said challengingly.
"Are you-- Are you saying you're attracted to me?" 
You studied him, a silence filling the air between the two of you. Your faces were only a few inches apart and you wanted to attempt something, so you leaned forward and--
A sudden shock of Peter’s spider sense going off caused him to jump backwards, back bending along the arm of the couch, staring at you with panic as he assessed that yes, you had just leaned in to kiss him.
Peter continued to gaze at you with his panic stricken expression, as your face slowly morphed into a look of glee, and he could have sworn your eyes flashed green again with magic.
"You're fun," You said breathlessly, "You are nothing like the men back home." 
You placed a hand on his shoulder to draw him in once more, before saying, "I would like to get to know you some more Peter Parker."
"Are you gonna try to kiss me again?" he rushed out.
"Would you like me too?"
"Yes-- No-- I mean-- I don't know what the protocol is here."
"There is no protocol. I may be a ward of Midgard but I am still the Princess of Asgard and Goddess of Mischief. I will be gone within a year. So would you like to kiss me before I go?"
He bit his lip, contemplating the correct answer before slowly nodding.
"I would like that too." you grinned, before an idea came to mind. You hadn't seen your father in quite a bit due to Thor being busy, so you decided to use this as an opportunity, "But first, I need a favor from you Peter Parker."
"S-sure, anything."
"I would like to visit my father."
Peter's face dropped, "I'm sorry Princess but I can't do that."
"I know you're not supposed to, but my Uncle has gone back to visit Asgard a few days ago and I haven't been able to see my father since I first arrived and I am asking you because I think you are kind enough. The others would never take me to visit him."
Peter looked away, contemplating his options. You were right in saying that the others would never let you see your father.
"Can we wait until your uncle-- I mean, Thor, comes back?"
You sighed, leaning away from him and Peter immediately missed your closeness, "I suppose. However he isn't meant to come back for quite a bit. My grandfather, Odin, will be waking up from the Odinsleep in a while, and my Uncle needs to be there for Asgard until that time comes. I'm worried I won't be able to see my father before they free him by the end of the month."
"Oh... Then, maybe, just for a short while, I could maybe accompany you in the cells--" he conceded.
"You would?" you asked, immediately leaning in close to him again, "I would only need a few minutes and you could stay with me the entirety of the meeting. Then afterwards... I would like to get to understand you better Peter."
Peter found himself nodding like a lovesick fool. "Okay..." Suddenly he remembered what he would need in order to get you down there, "It's not going to be easy. I need to find the code for the cell room and there's going to be guards."
"Well... perhaps if you would allow me. I could bewitch the guards so that we could sneak past." Peter suddenly narrowed his eyes, so you backtracked seeing as you were willing to do whatever need be in order to see your father once more, "Unless you would like to do it another way? I won't use my magic if it makes you feel uneasy. I only want to see my father before he leaves, not get you nor I in any trouble."
Peter nodded, "As long as you don't hurt them then I guess it's fine."
"Of course."
"There's also the issue with the cameras."
"I can bewitch them as well."
"Alright then," and slowly Peter started smiling at the prospect of going on a little adventure with you. "First we need to go into one of the labs to find the code. I'll have to hack into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s database to find the passcode but it shouldn't be too hard. I had to do it before and it wasn't too bad."
You grinned, "Perfect."
You followed Peter as he led you to one of the labs as he refused to let you out of his sight-- you assumed he wanted to do something correctly since he would be breaking multiple rules for you.
It didn't take long for him to find the passcode, thoroughly impressing you as you couldn't even begin to understand the complexities of their technology. And he was leading you down to the bottom floor in no time, making sure to point out all of the cameras along the way.
Peter didn't even need to ask you to bewitch the guards because he immediately noticed a green fog in their eyes the moment they came into view. He glanced back at you a bit nervously but seeing as his Spider-Sense hadn't been triggered by you, he figured that you really weren't planning anything.
He felt bad not trusting you as you had seemed sincere when speaking to him along with Thor vouching for your trustworthiness, and he knew he shouldn't judge someone based on the actions of their parents, but you made him nervous... but again that could just be because you were so fucking pretty.
Punching in the passcode, Peter shoved the piece of paper he wrote the numbers on into his pocket before leading you to your father-- well, it was more like he was wandering the cell blocks, looking for Loki seeing as he had never been down here before.
As Peter stumbled around, you stalked down the hall with a purpose, Peter not missing how elegant your walk was.
And soon the two of you were in front of your father's cell.
Loki was sitting up on the bed once he noticed your approach, and he raised an eyebrow as he looked from you to Peter.
Peter felt a chill run down his spine as Loki studied him.
”Where’s Thor?”
You quirked a brow, “Have you forgotten already father? He had to leave for Asgard a few days prior.”
”Right,” He nodded, glancing at Peter briefly, “I presumed you were just avoiding me.”
You laughed, “Of course not. You should thank Peter for allowing me to see you before you leave.”
”I see… Are you that Spider-Boy…?” Loki asked.
Peter shifted on his feet, glancing back at you, “It’s Man. Spider…Man.” He finished awkwardly.
”Ah…” Loki nodded, turning back to you, “How have your accommodations been?”
”Fine I suppose. Stark has his men watching me around the clock so it could be better.”
Loki scoffed, ”They’re infantalizing you.”
”Yes, but I can’t blame them. You haven’t set a very good example so I can see why they don’t trust me.”
Loki rolled his eyes, moving onto the next thing, “I need to apologize to you. I would have liked to do it in private but seeing as I won’t see you for a year, I should do it now.”
“Go on,” you nodded.
“What I did to you was… unfair. I should have let you know, but I didn’t and what’s done is done now, and I can’t take away the pain I caused you for my ruse. So… I’m sorry.”
You jutted your chin out, holding back the tears that pricked behind your eyes at his words. You gave him a curt nod. “Unfortunately I cannot accept your apology, but I do thank you for it… I care about you deeply father, so I ask you to please, never pull a stunt like that again… or at least tell me before you do.”
”I promise.”
You nodded once more, knowing that his word to you was the only word he would never go back on. 
“Good. We’ll be heading back now.”
”Very well. I love you (Y/N).”
The words sounded foreign. Despite the obvious care you both held for each other it was simply not in your natures to voice them, but sometimes, very rarely, he could ignore what was ingrained in him.
And so could you.
”I love you too father. Have a good night.”
After you bid your farewells, you and Peter were taking your leave.
Peter was quiet as he followed you out with a feeling of guilt weighing heavy on his heart.
He had been so distracted by your appearance and fancy titles that he had almost forgotten you were human— actually he wasn’t sure whether you were human or not, but you clearly had feelings and your situation was truly dawning on him.
He felt like an intruder, watching the interaction between you and Loki, almost like it wasn’t meant for his eyes and ears. But he knew that whatever Loki had done, it had hurt you. And as selfish as it was Peter liked seeing this vulnerable side of you.
”Let’s go to my room.”
”Huh—?” Peter asked, staring at the back of your head, “Are you sure?”
”Are the guards—“
”They returned to normal once we were out of sight,” you said as you stepped into the elevator with Peter.
”What floor—“
”Go to the library first. We need to make it seem as if we were leaving from there.”
Peter did as you said, going to the library where you two had assumed your earlier positions before you stopped bewitching the cameras. From there, the two of you left to go to your bedroom.
Once there, Peter watched as you situated yourself on your bed while he stood awkwardly by the door.
He noticed the look in your eyes now seemed distant than they were earlier. Peter understood that he didn't know you very well-- in fact, he had only known you for about four hours in total but even still, he had a feeling that this faraway look in your eyes was not who you typically were.
"Can I... ask you something?" Peter asked with hesitation, shoving his hands in his pockets as he looked around your barely lived in room.
You blinked, almost as if remembering he was still there, "Yes."
"I don't mean to pry but... what did Loki do to you? It just seems like something happened between the two of you," he said, fumbling with his words.
You pursed your lips with a hum, debating whether or not to share your sob story with him. But you guessed that after you left you wouldn't be seeing him ever again so... why not?
"I don't know what Midgard knew of my father's antics before he tried conquering Midgard again, but he faked his own death."
Peter nodded in recognition, "Yeah, I actually did hear about that."
"Yes... and he lied to me too."
"He didn't... you believed he was dead too?"
You nodded, "I believed he was dead for years... So imagine my surprise when my Uncle comes to me, telling me my own father who we both believed to be dead-- who we held a funeral for, was captured on Midgard and I was to replace him as Midgard's ward in order to free him." You continued, "I’ve seen him for one of the first times in years,  just to be without him for another year." 
You stared across the room and Peter continued to gaze into the distant look in your eyes. He found it quite ironic how you were saying you liked broken things when Peter could see that you were feeling just as broken.
But suddenly, you snapped out of it and looked up at Peter.
"But enough about that. I'd prefer to hear you speak instead. Come, sit." You invited, patting a free space on your bed.
Peter walked over, starting to feel a little bit more comfortable around you as he sat at the end of the bed, leaving more than enough space between you both.
"You called yourself Spider-Man?" You asked, remembering what he had said when you both visited Loki.
"Yeah," Peter grinned, "That’s my um, alias.”
”I see,” you hummed, “You seem to be much younger than the others.”
”Yeah, when I was 15 I got bitten by this radioactive spider and it gave me superpowers, so I kinda got into the game pretty early on.” He shrugged.
”What kind of powers did you receive?” 
“Oh y’know… super strength, speed, flexibility… I guess that’s the normal stuff when you think of super powers.”
You moved closer to him, making him blush even though there was still plenty of space between you both. “Did the bite make you humble as well or was that always apart of you?”
Peter blushed harder, laughing awkwardly as you fixed him once again with one of your intense gazes.
”I-um— I dunno,” he stuttered, before finding himself into another one of his ramblings, “Another cool thing I got though is this spider sense, so I can like tell when I’m in danger before something happens.”
This really piqued your interest, “Really now? To what extent?”
”I’m not too sure… like one time I was able to tell the milk was spoiled before I drank it, and like before… when you leaned in, I knew you were going to kiss me, that’s why my reaction was kinda, uh, violent…” He trailed off.
You quirked a brow, “So you think I’m dangerous?”
”No!” He yelped, “It’s just— I was able to tell you were going to do something kind of, I dunno, but it’s like I think you kissing me would have surprised me which is why it triggered my spider sense— do you know what I mean?”
You laughed at his desperation, “So, if I tried to kiss you again, would you move away?”
”Um… No?”
You hummed, placing a hand on his shoulder and gently pushing him down.
”W-what are you doing?” 
“Relax Peter. You’ve been on edge for hours now. Are you usually like this?” You asked. 
Peter eyed you warily, allowing you to push him down onto your bed, gasping when you straddled his lap.
He jerked up onto his elbows, looking frantically around the room, “Are there cameras in here. If Mr. Stark sees this then—“
”Shh,” you hushed, placing a finger on his lips, his wide eyes meeting yours again. “I’ll take that as a yes. And no, there are no cameras in here.”
Peter felt even more on edge now. You were setting off his spider sense with whatever you were planning making him feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.
On the one hand he knew he shouldn’t be doing this, this was technically fraternizing with the enemy seeing as you were Loki’s daughter and Mr. Stark didn’t trust you yet but on the other hand… here was a goddess practically throwing herself at him.
You placed both hands on his chest and pushed back down again and he allowed you to.
You leaned over him, placing both hands on either side of his head, your hair draping down around his face.
”You look scared Peter.”
”I’m sorry.” He rushed out in a single, high pitched breath.
”Don’t be,” you lilted, dragging a finger along his jaw, “I find it endearing. The boys on Asgard are always so full of themselves, it’s nice to see how… compliant you are. It is doing wonders for my ego right now,” you said with a laugh.
Peter gulped, his entire body was tingling, especially where you kept stroking his skin. And he swore, waiting for you to kiss him was driving him mad as the anticipation was almost too much to handle, so instead he found himself leaning up and crashing his lips to yours instead.
You reciprocated immediately, pushing him back down to the bed as you took control of the kiss. His lips were completely to your mercy as you kissed and nipped at them.
”There’s… something about— you,” you said in between kisses, “That makes me feel… powerful.” 
“Oh shit,” Peter muttered at the feeling of his hands being restrained by magic. He broke the kiss, looking at his hands, then back at you. A soft unrestrained whimper escaping him.
Peter clearly had no idea what he was getting himself into, but he was starting to realize.
“Oh my God,” Peter hissed, jerking his hips up as you shoved your hand down his pants, “Princess, I—“
”I’m very impressed,” you hummed, squeezing his cock, “Back on Asgard there are many rumors about Midgardian men being small, but I can’t say that about you.”
Peter’s face grew ten times more red with your comment, moaning as you squeezed him.
”Wait— Princess, if you keep doing that, I’ll—“
”That soon, huh?” You said with a laugh, quite enjoying the helpless and desperate look on his face, “Very well,” you let go of him, pulling your hand out of his jeans. “I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun too soon.”
Peter felt a rush of air enter his lungs once you let go, chest rising and falling rapidly. “I’m sorry,” he said once again.
”For what?” You asked with a raised brow, “There are plenty more activities we can partake in first. I’m actually quite interested in seeing what your mouth can do. Care to show me?”
Peter swallowed nervously, “You mean— you want me too…?”
”Would you like to?”
Peter found himself at a loss for words, only being able to nod frantically in agreement.
”Wonderful,” you giggled, climbing off him.
You situated yourself on your back, leaning up on your elbows.
Peter watched as you pulled up your dress and spread your legs… for him.
He must’ve fucking died and gone to heaven at that point. 
Peter also thought that this must have been his reward for dealing with all the grief and pain he had endured in his life.
He sat up. Staring at your cunt— you hadn’t even been wearing underwear this entire goddamn time.
Peter was struck with the sudden need to make you feel good. He wanted to prove to you that yes— he was so much better than the boys back on Asgard. He would do anything for the Princess of Asgard and Goddess of Mischief to be hooked on the pleasure only little Peter Parker from Midgard could provide.
He would have done anything for you in that moment just to prove he was good enough.
He tentatively made his way between your thighs. You leaned up further, pressing your lips against his briefly before muttering, “Get to work.”
Peter stared back at you with a puppy-like gaze, bright and completely under your control.
He did as you said and laid down on his stomach. 
Your cunt was only a breath away, his cock twitched realizing how wet you were— you wanted him.
Without any more hesitation, he dived forward, dragging his tongue against you. He relished the moan that left you upon licking your clit.
He moaned at your taste, he was sure that he’d never get enough of it now. He wrapped his arms around your thighs, tongue focusing on your clit.
You laid back with a gasp, fingers tangling into his brown curls. This wasn’t exactly part of the plan for today, but you’d take it. He was much better with his mouth than you were expecting.
You bucked your hips against his mouth and gave a harsh tug to his curls, making him whimper. “Use your fingers,” you ordered.
He did as you asked without a moments hesitation, letting go of your thigh to press his fingers into you, immediately curling his fingers to find what he was looking for.
”A little more— ah, there,” you gasped out in bliss as he continued to thrust his fingers into you while sucking on your clit.
Peter stared up at you. You were so fucking gorgeous he was sure this was a dream.
Your mouth fell slack as you moaned out his name, eyes screwed shut and toes curling. He was doing this. He was the one making you feel this good right now.
Peter nearly came in his pants, untouched, as you opened your eyes and locked your gaze with his. 
Eyes smoldering and intense, even more so than they had been earlier, almost making him freeze in his spot if he wasn’t so determined to make you cum.
And you did.
While moaning his name.
Peter worked you through your orgasm, letting you buck against his face until you became limp, laying against the bed as you panted.
Peter pulled his fingers out of you, making you whimper. He then pulled away from you, his mouth and chin covered in your slick.
”You taste really good,” Peter said breathlessly, moving up your body.
”Do I?” You giggled, clearly in a much better mood. “Care to give me a taste then?”
”Yeah,” he breathed, leaning down to press his lips to yours again.
You were nearly too much for poor Peter Parker to handle as he hadn’t felt his spider sense calm down since this began.
Your fingers toyed with the curls at the nape of his neck, lips moving against his lazily after your orgasm.
It only took you a few moments to get back into the game as you pushed his hoodie down his shoulders. He eagerly pulled it off, tossing it off the bed.
He broke the kiss, tugging his t-shirt off and making you giggle.
”You seem very eager,” you commented, eyeing his chest and abs.
”After that— yeah.”
You sat up, fingers trailing up his arms. “I really must say that you are full of surprises,” you hummed, thoroughly impressed with how muscular he was. “I think it’s your turn.”
You sat up more, pushing him back onto the bed so he lay on his back, once again straddling his hips and giving you an even better view of his upper body.
You rolled your hips, making him grunt and feel how hard he was.
Now, growing up, Peter learned an important life lesson.
If something seemed to be too good to be true, it usually was.
His crush asking him out in ninth grade was a prank.
Spider-Man seemed like a pretty sweet deal until he realized that he’d nearly die and get his loved ones killed many times over.
The time the Princess of Asgard and Goddess of Mischief seduced him?
Turned out to be apart of a fucking scheme.
“What is going on here!?” Peter suddenly heard, and none other than from Nick Fury as the door was violently thrown open.
You looked up to find Stark, Thor, and the rest of the Avengers standing in the doorway. Tony’s arm wearing the arm of his suit, palm open and ready to shoot.
”What!?” Peter yelped, sitting up and pushing you off him.
”Loki’s missing,” Tony suddenly said, “And we had a feeling it might have something to do with his daughter considering you two were no where to be found on the camera system.”
Peter’s head snapped towards you, eyes widened in panic.
You sighed, your shoulders sagging as you climbed off the bed. 
“A shame really,” you hummed, looking back at Peter, “Things were really about to get fun.” You turned back to the Avengers. “Next time, it would serve you well to take your own advice Stark. If you ever meet someone with the word ‘Mischief’ in their name. Don’t trust them… and Uncle,” you looked at Thor, “I do apologize, but it had to be done.”
”Then it’s too late?” Thor asked defeatedly.
“What’s going on?” Tony asked, aiming his question at Thor, “Why do you Asgardians always talk in riddles?”
You only smiled and with a wave goodbye and a flare of green light… you were gone.
”Where’d she go?” Nick demanded furiously of Thor, the others now waiting on him.
”That wasn’t her,” Thor answered, “That was merely a replication of her. Her true self must have slipped out and freed Loki… I would imagine that they are both off Midgard by now.”
"Her true self must have slipped out, huh?" Nick Fury repeated accusingly, now staring at Peter, "I wonder how she managed that."
Peter's mouth fell open as everyone now stared at him. "Okay. I know this looks bad--"
"Looks bad?" Steve hissed, finally speaking up for the first time, "Tony being caught playing with S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new weapons 'looks bad'. Not only did you let our only assurance that Loki wasn't going to attack Earth escape with him but you were about to--"
"In the kid's defense," Bucky started, cutting Steve off, "She probably could have done that to most of us, her tactics seemed kind of... foolproof."
Nat shook her head, "We need to debrief this properly. Everyone in the conference room, Tony get Bruce, I'll get Clint, and Peter... put your shirt on." She quickly stalked off with a few of the others following behind.
Peter stared at the ground, sitting guiltily under Nick, Tony, and Steve's glares, "She's right." Fury said, "We'll review this and figure out what our next steps are," and finally the last of them were leaving.
Peter buried his face in his hands and swore that if he ever saw you again he was going to... well he didn't know what he was going to do yet, but he sure as hell was fucking pissed and humiliated.
"Let's go," you muttered, pulling your father along with you and giving a nod towards Heimdall.
"Why are you in such a rush," Loki asked, wondering why you seemed so apprehensive.
"I doubt Thor will think we came to Asgard but we can never be too sure-- My plan isn't over yet."
Loki quirked a brow, "You set up more than just our escape?"
"Of course."
He hummed, walking with you towards the kingdom, "I’m impressed."
"I'm just glad you picked up on my lie about Thor's whereabouts back in the cell."
"That quirk in your brow wasn't as subtle as you think, however you did a nice job in choosing the weakest of the Avengers."
You shrugged, "He’s a young and naive man— they all think the same. Show them a pretty face and there’s only one thing on their mind. I was able to slip this from him without him knowing," you said, raising the piece of paper with the passcode that he had shoved into his pocket earlier.
Loki tsked, “I don’t want to know what you got up to with that boy, but I will assume that you did what needed to be done. What's the plan now?"
"Well, I figured since this entire situation stemmed from you wanting to rule a realm then... you'll rule Asgard."
"And how are we accomplishing that?"
"You will pretend to be grandfather." You said.
"And what will you do with your grandfather then?"
"I'll take care of that. You just focus on ruling Asgard.”
”Hm, I guess you take after me more than I thought.” He hummed.
You didn’t respond, now focused on figuring out how to proceed with the next phase of your plan.
That, and trying to ignore the way your mind kept wanting to think about the Midgardian boy and how he made you feel.
But just like every man you felt for before, you’d crush each and every one of those feelings… you had a much more glorious purpose to live up to after all.
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professorrw · a day ago
hiya, please can I request a Chris Evans x female!reader fanfic where the reader is a teacher and it's during the panorama so her classes are online and one time Chris thinks she's finished her classes so comes into her office. Chaos, fluffiness and awkwardness ensues. Love your work, thank you :D
...hi. it's been a while. but i'm back!! i'm sorry it's taken me so long lovely 😭 regardless, i hope you enjoy this <3
marvel masterlist
Title: Interrupting Online Classes
Pairing: female reader x Chris Evans
Warnings: none! fluff and cuteness + the pandemic
A/N: Requests open, check my request rules and who I write for that’s linked on my navigation! My taglist is open and I would love it if you would like, comment, and reblog!
Tumblr media
The pandemic had changed a lot of things in everyone's lives, especially yours. Being an elementary school teacher was no easy task but also now having to do your classes online it added a new set of challenges. Microphones being turned on by accident, being kicked out of meetings for no inherent reason, the internet being choppy: all things that you dealt with on the daily. No matter how difficult it was at times you wouldn’t change your job for the world. You loved the kids and getting to talk to them all the time.
It was a wonder that a simple school teacher like you could possibly be dating Chris Evans, but you were. Your romance didn’t start like one in fanfictions, a huge celebrity seeing you in the crowd and deciding then and there that you had to be together. No. You and Chris were childhood friends and had grown up together in Massachusetts, two peas in a pod. You supported his acting career and he supported your dream of becoming a teacher. Low and behold, you both got what you wanted.
None of your students knew about Chris for many, many reasons. Most kids knew who Captain America was and if your students knew that you were living with ‘America’s Ass’ (something that fans called him), they would go ballistic. So when you were having an online class you made sure that Chris was aware and steered clear of the camera.
Sometimes to tease you he would walk into whatever room you were having classes in and start dancing, which was his best effort to get a smile and laugh, but also distract you. The kids would sometimes ask what you were looking at, but you would have to tell a little white lie and say that it was your dog playing with a toy.
The school year was nearly over, and all the students were ready for summer. You weren’t giving your kids too much work to do and on the Zoom calls you were mainly just talking to them about their plans for the next two months. 
Everyone was so absorbed in listening to all the stories that you didn’t even realize your last class had gone over the regular time. It was nearly four o’clock and normally you would just be working on lessons, so Chris didn’t think anything of strolling behind you and wrapping his arms around your shoulders.
“Hey honey,” your boyfriend said.
It only took a few seconds for your students to process who was standing behind their teacher. “IS THAT CAPTAIN AMERICA?!?” one of them shrieked. “OH MY GOSH IT IS!” another one said.
You turned around and looked at Chris who could only give the kids a bashful smile and wave. “Hi guys.”
“HI!” they all responded with enthusiasm. They were more excited about seeing Chris than they were when they saw your dog for the first time. The kids were so adorable you didn’t even bother to tell ‘Captain America’ to get out of the camera. More than one student had told their parents about the celebrity that had appeared on their Zoom call, and you could see them taking their phones out and recording.
“Are you married to Captain America, Ms. Y/N?” a young girl asked.
You didn’t even get the chance to answer when Chris chimed in with, “Not yet, but someday.” He kissed the top of your head, leaving you speechless.
“OOOOO,” the students said.
“Okay guys I think it’s time for Captain America to go fight some bad guys.”
“Aww,” they pouted.
“You’ll see me again, don’t worry,” Chris said before giving them a big smile and waving goodbye. He took three steps away to be just out of the camera’s view and looked at you and mouthed “sorry.” You shook your head and mouthed, “it’s okay.”
“It seems like Captain America needs my help! I gotta go but I will see you all tomorrow!” you said to your students.
“Bye Ms. Y/N!”
You ended the Zoom call and shut your computer. When you turned to Chris he was bashfully standing just a few feet to your left. “You are sooo done.”
“They’re never going to let me live that down, are they?” you asked.
“Nope. Those kiddos are going to ask you a million questions. Be glad you aren’t teaching much because they aren’t going to be paying any attention to school work.”
“I would just tell them that Captain America said they had to get their work done if they wanted to see him again,” you said.
“Isn’t that blackmail?” Chris laughed.
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musenilla · a day ago
Tumblr media
Had inspiration from other artist styles and I just had to draw her out 😭💕
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ivanawho · a day ago
Moon Knight // The Goldfish Problem
Steven Grant Oscar Isaac being a cutie pie
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
How can you not love him 🥺🥰
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lucas-stucky · a day ago
Steve: Gay marriage just got legalised !! I want to show my support to the community
Bucky: Okay, how do you plan on showing support?
Steve: Wanna get married?
Bucky: Yeah okay
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Quill: Look, I don’t think-
Tony: Oh don’t worry, I’m very much aware.
Quill: …Are you always such an ass?
Tony: No, you just bring out the best in me.
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diaryoflife · a day ago
[Natasha, waking into the room where Y/N is talking to a team member]
Natasha: Y/N, do you think I’m smart?
Y/N, looking at Natasha: Oh, is that what we’re gonna do today? We’re gonna fight?
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tetsukentona · 21 hours ago
singing in the rain
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
features: dr. stephen strange x f! reader
type of writing: drabble
trope: colleagues to friends to lovers
warnings: reader’s insecure about her looks, doctor strange and christine still break up, reader and strange meet up after the events of infinity war and endgame, overall it's pretty fluffy
song: singing in the rain - gene kelly
inspiration: from the moodboard @burnthoneymint made for her 3k event <333
beta reading: @/burnthoneymint (thank you so so much 😭😭 especially for the moodboard, you make such beautiful ones ♥️♥️)
(taglist form / library account, turn on notifications to be updated)
number of words: 971
a/n: finally!!! this is my first marvel writeup, and this is especially after i watched the dr. strange and the multiverse of madness movie. i forgot what it was to crush on the actor until i saw him again hehe. i hope y'all like this <33, likes, comments and reblogs are appreciated :D also, sil’s a fabulous author so go check out her works soon! (be mindful of the byf’s and dni’s)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He saw you stepping out of your house in a blue gown with (h/c) bun earrings and a silver necklace as Dr. Stephen Strange's car came up to you. As Stephen emerges from the vehicle, clad in a black suit, black trousers, a white shirt, and black shoes, his stare never leaves yours as you descend the stairs to the car, him being taken aback by your beauty. He approaches you with one hand which you hold, opens the door for you to sit in the car, and runs to his seat while maintaining eye contact with you. 
He remarked, “Dr. (L/N), you look stunning!” when he got into the car. 
You smile and respond meekly, “oh, really? Thank you,” while nervously tucking your hair behind your ears, your gaze fixed on the stereo. 
He smiles and drives you to your normal hangout spot. You reflect on how your relationship with him has evolved in an unusual way.
While you two initially were colleagues, you as a medical researcher and him as an arrogant neurosurgeon, he was very gentle towards you, having known of your previous relationships with people like him, who were selfish workaholics, and he didn't want to treat you the same way. However, his established relationship with Dr. Christine Palmer, who was extremely nice & kind to you, despite her knowing of your feelings for him, for the sake of keeping the friendship intact, moved you, so you let it slide. 
After his accident that caused him to lose control of his hands, and his attempts to restore them resulting in a breakup with Christine, you wanted to help him. So, you introduced him to Jonathan Pangborn, who'd gained miraculous healing, and encouraged Stephen to go to Kamar Taj, where he was cured. Strange, on the other hand, did not maintain in touch with you after being cured and studying the Magic of the Mystic Arts in order to keep you safe.
When you did meet him again years after he took up residence in the Sanctum Santorum and after “The Blip” occurred, in a coffee shop next to your apartment, you smiled at him, and to your surprise, he hugged you and spoke with you as if he didn’t just go to another country or another dimension or broke the laws of time for the sake of humanity. 
“(Y/N),” he puts his hand on yours while you two were sitting at the table, “I need to tell you something.” 
Nodding, you reply, “go ahead, Stephen.” 
Taking in a deep breath, he asks, “(Y/N), I don’t know if you know this, but I’m now a-” 
You put your hand forward and halt him, and say, “you’re now a superhero, is it?” 
Widening his eyes, he asks, “wait, how did you know?” 
You laugh and reply, “well, I saw you in the news on the streets of New York when you were fighting people,” then you shrug your shoulders and snap your fingers, “and the next thing you know, you’re taken away from the universe in a snap.” 
With his mouth gaped wide open, Stephen asked, “wait, did you go away too?” 
This time, you were shocked as you nodded in agreement. He then explained everything that happened and you somehow took it all in, responding calmly, “Stephen, I’m so sorry that you had to go through all that. I hope there’s something I can do to help.” 
Suddenly, an idea strikes your head, “wait, are you free on Saturday?”
He tilts his head to look at you in confusion, “what for?”
You then reply with excitement, “well, I’m presenting a paper that I finally published after everything that happened at this conference, so would it be okay if you could be my plus one?” 
He smiled, noticing that you were hinting at a distraction for him to be more involved with people, to which he nodded, saying, “okay, I’ll pick you up. Is that okay?” 
You nod, “it’s a date.”
A few hours later, as you two left the conference room, Stephen broke the silence between the two of you, stuttering, “Dr. (L/N), that was such a beautiful presentation!” 
As your eyebrows rise, you smirk, “were you talking about the presentation or about me?”
His hands were in his pockets and his eyes were pointed towards the door as he laughed, his smile turning into a frown. 
“Oh, damn it!” he cried, as he held your hand and ran outside.
“Stephen, where are-” you asked as you were dragged in his direction as the clanking of your heels reverberated down the corridors until you went out the door and saw that it was pouring down rain.
He exclaimed “Oh, for goodness' sake, now what?” while you laughed hysterically. 
As he furrowed his eyebrows at you, you run to the middle of the street to feel the raindrops patter against your skin. While you twirled around in the rain with your eyes closed, Stephen smiled at you and decided to join in. As he ran towards you and put his arms around your waist, jolting you out of your reverie, you focused your (e/c) orbs on his greenish-blue eyes, smiling at him as you wrapped your arms around his neck, combing through his jet-black hair and a few gray strands that tangled with the ends. 
“You have such lovely eyes,” you say as you smile at him, while he strokes your cheeks and presses his lips against yours as he moves closer to you. 
As you two began to kiss hard, locking lips, you didn't care about how you were soaked in the rain. After several moments, you two released each other from the kiss, keeping your foreheads touching and eye contact intact. At this moment, your heart was quietly singing in the rain.
Tumblr media
© Shyna 2022
tagging: @scandalous-chaos @leydileyla @scandescent @saintlike78 @moonbcrry @thesecretwriter @hyeque @wakatshi @akaashi-todorki @ceo-of-daichi @beware-of-the-rogue
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bthehufflepuff208 · 2 days ago
So I came across a post that was accidentally put in the “anti-Wanda” tag.  Basically the OP says that Dr. Strange owes Wanda an apology for making her kill Vision because if he hadn’t given Thanos the Time Stone for Tony’s life Vision would still be alive.  So I’m assuming the poster meant that Tony deserved to die on Titan, as he is, in their words, an “egotistical dickhead”; and that Strange, another “egotistical dickhead” had no right to act “morally superior to Wanda” (again in the OP’s words) because it’s Strange’s fault that Thanos won and that Strange forced Wanda into killing Vision.
And I’m like, huh? 
I mean, of course the majority of MCU fans wished Thanos tortured the “murderous, evil villain Tony Stark” to death, but do they really believe if Strange had let Tony die, Thanos would have just been like “Okay, you can keep the stone” and given up?  Like, wasn’t the point of Strange seeing only one outcome in which they won implies that even if Strange let Tony die, Thanos would have gotten the Time Stone no matter what?  And no matter what happened, Wanda still would have had to destroy Vision?
Also, these are the same people who add to their “Tony Stark is a piece of shit” lists by saying he’s a piece of shit because in Endgame, instead of going back in time to avoid the snap, he wanted to keep his daughter alive, so he brought everyone who was snapped to the present day (so those who were snapped AND the babies/toddlers born after the snap had a chance at life).
And yet, they are arguing that Wanda has every right to go on a massive killing spree because she lost someone she loves.  Someone who, even if Strange let Tony die on Titan, still would have died no matter what.
Amazing.  Remarkable. 
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mewi-or-lara · a day ago
Tumblr media
I got this strange idea of swaping outfits between Hunter and my MCU OC Lucky :D
They both have a good angsty vibe... especially with Lucky from bad timeline, hee hee
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manu-007s-world · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Natasha: *staring deadpan into the camera with a microphone in hand* And here, you can see the endangered Y/N in their natural habitat.
Y/N: *falls down the stairs, spilling her cereal everywhere*
Natasha: Natural selection is coming for this specimen.
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xbamboowishesx · 2 days ago
Time foooor: What some of the moon knight characters would do if someone was being creepy to you at a bar! Credits to my [email protected] for coming up with this with me. They reposted this with some clarification for each of them
Steven: would speak loud enough for the other person to hear, apologizes, and then gets really quiet. He wants to be the bigger man but is afraid of getting hurt because his type is the protector in a way. If he is being particularly sassy; the dude would look at him like he will throw a punch but never would.
Steven would do his best to show you that he doesn’t like when others get flirty with you. Being himself he would apologize to you for “not being scary enough”, but you’d reassure him that his simple “ bug off mate!” Was more than enough. Thankfully the rest of your night goes smoothly after that with no injuries to either party.
Marc: Can fight, will fight, did fight. Someone even blinks in your direction and they’re already in the hospital. You hear about it on the news a lot one day. He tried to justify it by saying “ oh I only just put them in the hospital” before turning off the tv and doing something else. This ends up becoming a bit of an unfortunate trend. You joke about this becoming a “body count” for him and clock every hit he makes.
On days where he does fight; it’s his average. Where he doesn’t; he pulls you off and does something else to do something sweet. More than usual. Knowing you would feel bad, but in his usual personality to try to apologize without verbally saying it.
Layla: starts small bar fights and is extremely protective, also possessive. She sees someone randomly talking weirdly to you, and that’s it. Full on shoved them around with her finger. Making the most violent threats you ever heard.
“I’m going to shove this bottle SO FAR UP YOUR ASS THAT-“
“ Layla babe please-“
“ no they deserve it because they said you looked hot. You’re hot for me only. Got it?”
The most obvious visually when she is upset. Layla makes it extremely loud to the rest of the room that you are hers. Then after a scuffle she drags you out of the place and you finally get home; you aggressively make out to prove a point. And everyone at the bar knows this, yet you’re both strangers. Sometimes you even make out right in front of the glass windows. When you leave to go home she mumbles the whole way back in Egyptian Arabic about how scummy the people are.
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xx-kachi-xx · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
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