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Here is an extra panel today for a statement:

I’ve noticed a pretty sad trend of irrelevant and mean-spirited comments about Mace Windu on the comic panels I share. So far, this hasn’t happened to any other character, but it has happened multiple times to Mace, even on panels where he is not at all present!

This is a pro-Mace Windu blog! He is awesome, and we stan!!! And I say this as an Anakin fangirl myself! If you don’t like the character, that is fine, and good-faith criticisms and discussion are always welcome. I don’t like Mon Mothma, but I’m not, like, weird about it. If Mace-haters keep making these kinds of comments, I may block them.

Please keep in mind the optics here. If you dislike the Black Jedi for being mean to your boy Ani, but you don’t dislike Obi-Wan nor Qui-Gon (Liam Neeson, you guys…), please, at the very least, spread the nuance around a bit. Obi-Wan kicked out Ahsoka, too.

Allow me to take this opportunity to gush about Mace, as a prequels fan who loves the Jedi almost as much as she loves dragging them. I think the biggest source of drama in the prequels is the tension between a relative outsider (Anakin) caught between the Republic/the “real world” (Padme) and the Jedi Order/the spiritual world (Obi-Wan). This is the love triangle, with Anakin in the middle. Mace is a parallel to Anakin because Mace is also caught between these two worlds; but, unlike Anakin, Mace fits. The Jedi are his family, and the Republic is his home, and Mace believes in both of them – even so far as to stage a coup to more fully combine them.

This is what Mace represents in the story: the unity of the Republic and Jedi – as impossible and troubling as that is. His ultimate act is to preserve the Republic with a Jedi-sanctioned assassination attempt. Palpatine took “emergency powers” to control the galaxy; but Mace is the one who faces an actual emergency, and so he MUST take over the galaxy himself (a KING!).

When Mace is killed by the combined force of Anakin and Palpatine, Mace’s death represents not only the end of both the Jedi Order and the Republic, but also the severance of what those organizations stood for – the severance of the real world and the spiritual world. This thrilling tension – the beauty of life, the call of the Force, the heart of the story – is gone, leaving behind only misery and fog. At that moment, Anakin stops believing in anything, and he won’t believe again until Luke recreates Mace’s rebellion and stands up to Palpatine in RotJ.

“What have I done?!” You killed Mace Windu, my guy!!! This is the moment that breaks our hero – not the Sand People or Temple massacres, not fighting Obi-Wan, not strangling Padme, but killing Mace Windu. Mace is, above all, belief; Darth Vader is, above all, hopelessness.

In the comics, Mace is often shown to be a deeply concerned family-man to his fellow Jedi. He is also shown to care for citizens, children, and animals. His Jedi lineage extends from his Padawan Depa Billaba to cartoon protagonists Kanan and Ezra, who keep these traditions alive (YES I want to connect Ezra’s affinity for animals to his Force-great-grandfather Mace’s defense of the Zillo Beast!). Mace is also a major character in my favorite Star Wars-y thing of all Star Wars-y things, Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars.

💜also, purple lightsaber go swoosh💜

As soon as I can organize my Quinlan Vos comics, DSWCP will have a Mace Windu-themed week!

“Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu.” Marvel. February 27, 2018. Writer: Matt Owens. Penciller: Dennis Cowan. Inker: Roberto Poggi. Letterer: Joe Caramagna.

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Hello I would like to say

if you’re looking for a comic, or aren’t but you just see this–

Young Avengers Vol. 2 is phenomenal: and I don’t wanna spoil it but there are beautiful gays and an emo disaster child also best maybe-lesbians plus wholesome plot and characters

Loki: Agent of Asgard is such a wonderful comic series about accepting yourself as you are, finding your true self, breaking cycles, and becoming who you’re meant to be by breaking out of the boxes people put you in. (Also, Lady Loki is a nice bonus)

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Yandere Spider-Gwen/Gwen Stacy

  • Gwen is some what self aware in her obsessive tendencies. She’s knows she shouldn’t feel the way she does, especially with someone she barely knows. But then she’ll decide to actually get to know you, maybe it’s not as bad as she’s making her behavior out to be. That’s when things really start to spiral out of control.
  • She will constantly pursue you for anything and everything. Whether it’s for a school project and she needs a partner, or if it’s her asking for an extra set of eyes while on patrol.
  • Gwen can get pretty clingy easily. Can you blame her she just wants to spend time with you. It’s canon that she’s pretty self conscious as is, but when it comes to you, it gets worse. Her self consciousness will hit tenfold coming from you. She’ll think you might hate her or not like a certain about her and she’ll obsessively try to fix it. She wants to be the definition of perfect for you.
  • But most of her “evidence” or thinking of you snubbing her or “disregarding” her presence, is 99.999% a misunderstanding. As much as Gwen is smart, she can easily get stuck in her head when it comes to you and what you think.
  • You probably don’t even really pay any attention to Gwen and her “crush” on you, as other people would call it. You’re just sort of living life and existing while Gwen is having a full on panic attack about whether you’ll like her new blouse or skirt, or if the color of her new head band might be a little too much for her outfit.
  • As time goes on though, and the more Gwen stalks spends more time with you, the more delusional she’ll become. She’ll slowly give in to her obsessive behavior, thinking that it’s okay now that she actually “knows” you now.
  • Gwen will stalk you whenever she has the chance. While out on patrol, she’ll stop by your window and watch you for awhile, seeing and knowing that you’re safe helps calm her down and keep her more worried thoughts at bay.
  • She will easily insert herself into your life without you even knowing. By the time you actually take notice, the two of you have already been inseparable to the point you don’t remember life without her being by your side. It’s unnerving to say the least, like you’ve barely held a whole conversation with this girl and don’t know much about her, but she knows so much about you.
  • It will make you feel like you’re not a good friend (even though you weren’t friends with this girl to begin with.). She will have inserted herself so deep that even your family knows about her, but making you feel even more like shit. This will lead to you apologizing to her for not even knowing what your “best friend’s” favorite color is. She’ll laugh it off and forgive you, offering for the two of you to spend even more time together, just so you can get to know her better.
  • By the time you actually catch on to the unhealthyness of her attention and behavior, you’re in too deep and that’s just how Gwen wants you. She’ll be too far gone at this point with how addicted she’s become to you, that she won’t or can’t even stop herself from showing her more obscure actions and tendencies.
  • Gwen would also be the type to take what she can get out of a relationship with you. I mean like the two of you could have been dating but you broke it off, she would still want to be in your life as a very close friend. And I think she could definitely get away with it. Whether you knew about her obsessive behavior before or not, she’s going to be everywhere you are.
  • If you’re on a date with someone else, she’ll just so happen to be at the same place, and join you. Your date/partner would be very uncomfortable with the situation, especially after Gwen openly mentions that you two were a thing before. They will pick up on the odd behavior right away, wondering how you can’t feel that something his off with this girl. But you’re so far gone, being used to having her around, even if you know about her behavior.
  • At this point having Gwen around is more of a norm, than not having her around. You probably wouldn’t know that to do without her hanging off you 24/7. She basically lives at your house or apartment.
  • Gwen won’t let you leave her by any means. She’s put a lot into this, into you, and she won’t let her hard work go to waste just because you’re uncomfortable. She’ll make you comfortable, just watch.
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