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#marvel comics

Wow Jason Arron really doesn’t give a fuck anymore huh.

I guess literally anyone can use Mjolnir is they believe hard enough. 

You’d think Moon Knight here would only be able to stop Mjolnir and not actually move it like Magneto, but guess not. 

You’d think the worthy enchantment on the hammer would overwrite the moon god powers, but guess not.

Arron never ceases to amaze.

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marvel writers take note:

idea for a mutant power:

mostly passive ability to project thoughts into other people, similar to charles, but undetectable as a mutation. cerebro can’t pinpoint them in any useful capacity, no other telepathy based powers can affect this mutant, and any projected thoughts are believed by the recipient to be their own authentic thoughts.

the only tip off is that if a telepathic mutant tries to use their powers on them, nothing happens.

it’s easy to assume the person is just “no thoughts head empty” or ignoring any strange voices in their head etc, esp without knowing what KIND of power they have.

bonus: they don’t know they are a mutant and just assume everyone is really agreeable and understand them well.

alternatively: they DO know and they project thoughts when being probed(assuming they can tell when it’s happening and who’s doing it) to seem like ordinary thought processes + the one probing them thinks, authentically, “well it’s not them, they’re normal”

1) potentially harmless, depending on the person

2) near undetectable

3) immune to telepathic attacks

4) potentially the absolute most powerful/useful ability of any mutant, could change society to their standards and will without anyone realising it wasn’t their own choice entirely

5) they could also just be COMPLETELY neutral and do absolutely fuckall zilch with their power ever and no one ever knows, including themself, they have the power in the first place

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Marvel Comics / MCU GrandCollector
En Dwi Gast x Taneleer Tivan

Playing around with designs. I think I’ve pretty much settled on Grandmaster’s alien form, changed Taneleer’s horns up a bit. I think it looks a little bit more cohesive and less like spider legs lol.

[Posted: 5.29.20]

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peter’s enhanced senses would make him waay more in tune with every little thing that’s going on around him: random bugs flying around, a goose that’s a couple hundred feet away, etc. the boy simply cannot focus with all of that happening at once. maybe he got a better hold on it as he got more used to his powers, but when he first got them, that had to have been the Most Distracting Thing in the World

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