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Marauders #13 X of Swords

I really need to see how this plays out. So far this was the best issue of X of Swords for me. And that’s considering the whole run is enjoyable. 

It draws on the past, making Krakoa’s champions revisit their personal history.

For Storm it is of course Wakanda and her marriage to T’Challa. Which… oh I’ll get to that, hopefully soon but this is a matter I really want to talk about.

It started as if out of nowhere (out of a retcon to be more clear). It ended with just a fight and the king announcing their annulment. We didn’t get to see nearly enough in between, and they had so much potential.

So it’s very nice to see her back there and with a personal stake. These things don’t happen a lot in comics. Most of the time past is just past.

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Cyclops: Will you stop killing all the bad guys! It’s not the X-men way!

Wolverine: That guy died of natural causes!

Cyclops: Logan, you threw him off the roof…

Wolverine: Gravity is natural

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Logan: *huffs*

Scott: What?

Logan, glaring: I’m jealous of you, Slim.

Scott, smiling: Why?

Logan: Because your boyfriend is way smarter than mine.


Scott: wait…but I’m your–

Scott: LOGAN!

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Scott: I didn’t know you had a Facebook page?

Logan: A what?

Scott: a Facebook page. Why didn’t you tell me, I could have sent you a friend request before now.

Logan: The hell are you talking about? I don’t have a page for anything?

Scott: *hands over the phone*

Logan: *sees over 2000 posts, 319 photos, 410 friends, an icon of a wolverine wearing sunglasses, a backdrop of the Canadian flag, likes, dislikes, relationship status: it’s complicated, emojis, quotes, and over 1000 friend requests from Deadpool*

Logan: *crushes phone*


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Me: Marvel, can we please have some Logan/Rogue in the comics? Pretty please? Just a lil Rogan to keep my fantasies alive to withstand the canon fire.

Marvel: Say no more.

Marvel: [Releases Uncanny X-men 2nd series #169]


Marvel: BOOM. You’re welcome.



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Scott: Okay, let’s just agree to say ‘I’m sorry’ on the count of 3?

Logan: Fine.

Scott: One…two…three.




Scott: …well now I’m just disappointed in us both.

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Logan, already exasperated: Let’s try this again. If you see something bad happening, what’s the first thing you do?




Bobby: …call the X-men?


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Imagine the X-men playing hide and seek as a team bonding experience but everytime Logan’s the seeker he always wins because of his feral senses so Scott gets revenge by using a metal detector to find him every time.

Scott: You’re in the couch, Logan! Try again!

Logan: *muffled cursing!*

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Gabby: If I ate an entire container of laundry pods, would it kill me or would my healing factor kick in?

Wade: Only one way to find out!

Laura and Logan, running towards them: NO

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