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lis-alis2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you know i love memes
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8bitscarlet6 hours ago
Lesson in Trust
Tumblr media
Summary: Some time has passed and you've begrudgingly decided to fulfill your contract. Trust still runs thin but not placing trust might just be your downfall.
Pairing: Wanda x Reader
Genre/Warnings: Angst (minor cussing, canon violence, mention of blood)
Word Count: 4.5k
A/N: Part Four of Accidentally on Purpose! Happy reading!
*please do not repost or translate my material or claim as yours. reblogs,comments and likes are always appreciated! *
Slowly, the weeks inched closer and closer to months. It was a slow time trying to get anyone standing near you to stop preparing to tackle you whenever you poured cereal into a bowl. Still, you had succeeded in getting most of the Avengers to stop giving you death glares the moment you left the threshold of your room.
After your first mission with them and the fact that Wanda was still alive, Natasha convinced everyone that you'd been inside of a cell long enough and there was an empty room for grabs. She also let everyone know that you without a doubt knew everything there was to know about the security systems here and you could've escaped weeks ago. When they all glanced at you, you just gave a small shrug.
It was true. You even mentioned some of the lax areas of Stark's security nonchalantly after a meeting before going back to your cell to retire for the day. You remember the face he gave, pointing at you with stuttered questions as you walked away.
The day you dropped your small bundle of clothes on the bed, Natasha told you that if you got a gold star every day for a month you'd get to request snacks for grocery runs. You flipped her off and promptly left before Rogers could grab you for another lecture on behavior.
That was the big thing with Rogers you learned. He'd sit you down like you were a toddler and explain how to act like an adult. Despite wanting to just shove past him, you sat there and took it. You were basically an independent contractor for the Avengers. That meant you had to play by their rules. No neck snapping on missions. No smacking Sam on the back of the head when he made an insulting comment. All of those were easy habits to stop when you had to sit through a half hour lecture with the Captain.
Stark was more interested in you than being scared of you. He asked a lot of questions that usually centered around what Hydra did to you and all of things you'd done for them. You gave sparse details and snide comments but he eventually gave you your own suit and some gear. After that, there really wasn't much reason to complain when he poked you with things.
Sam still held a grudge that you had broken his gear and he had to spend all of this time fixing the complicated wires. Watching him for a few days, you learned exactly what would help him. You offered to help fix his stuff and held up two cases of beer. Four cases and some fixed wings later, everything was smoothed over with the Birdman.
All the gears were running relatively smoothly with everyone. There was only one last gear that occasionally needed a greasing.
Wanda would keep her distance most days. She'd watch from afar as you interacted with everyone. A frown on her face when laughter filled the room after something you said. A smirk on her face when you were taking down a couple notches by Natasha. Other days, she'd sit around with the group but she never let her eyes wander from you for too long.
The two of you didn't share many words with each other. The occasional courteous greeting or offhand comment during meetings, even some rare agreements between each other.
You'd successfully been able to avoid going on any further solo mission with Wanda. You made sure you signed your hours up to work with Natasha or Rogers.
As long as you didn't have to constantly push down the abrupt desire to pin her to a wall and get out all of your frustration and her hatred in one go, you were fine. You'd catch your eyes lingering down her body whenever you were training. That won you a curious look from Nat. Your fists would clench tightly whenever Wanda's fingers just brushed yours.
One time, you were rushing around the corner to grab your journal when you ran straight into the witch. Her hands automatically went to protect her face, smacking against your chest as you both stood there staring at each other. For just a moment, neither of you said a word as everything become background. It was only a short instance before you both were shoving each out of the way, but you glanced back at her.
Now that you were granted a curfew, with a tracking chip in your phone, it was easier to get rid of those feelings. But every morning you walked down those stairs and saw that red headed witch stirring coffee and flipping omelets, those feelings came back stronger.
Now as you sit in the Quinjet as you fly towards a team mission, your eyes scan the area around you. Rogers is standing near the cockpit, talking to Tony about some newly installed tech system he can't figure out. Sam is sleeping in his little hammock hanging amongst the cargo boxes as Nat struts past you.
Unconsciously, your brow ticks upwards as your eyes skim down her black suit. It had evolved some since you last her all those years ago. When you first met, it was practically a shiny skin suit. Now, it seems she's started to lean more into functionality and her abilities than just sexualizing herself. Still, you had no complaints. You never worried about her abilities. Your only worry was how snug it still fit.
"You're drooling," a voice startles you, "You keep thinking like that and you're gonna get in trouble." Wanda finishes, nonchalantly turning the page of her book.
You glance up at her sitting across from you, "Excuse me?"
With a sigh, annoyed that she's had to stop reading, she drops the book into her bag. Wanda stretches out across the seats, resting her arms behind her head, "Wondering if that Black Widow suit slips on and off pretty easily. Please. How old are you?"
Swallowing the lump in your throat, you lean forward and lower your voice, "You can read minds?"
Wanda nods silently, closing her eyes. Recalling your conversations with Strucker and her file, they failed to mention that magic trick. You watch her, wondering how much she's heard in your head. As if she's answering you, her brows rise and you feel your face flush with heat.
She grins, "And I can feel you staring at me."
"Sorry," you mutter as you sit back, "I forgot the fine print on my contract says I have no privacy."
Wanda opens her eyes slowly, a frown filling her face as she turns to look at you. You were mostly poking Wanda for reading your mind for fun, pushing her buttons to get a rise. Still, you feel more vulnerable than you normally would about someone learning things about you.
Looking back to Wanda, you can see the apology in her eyes as she figures out what to say. She knows what it's like to have no privacy, nothing of your own. She's been in a Hydra cell, just like you. Watching the shame on her face, you could even convince yourself that she had it worse. But you'd never tell her that.
"I'm sorry. I didn't think that... I'm sorry."
Waving the situation away, you shake your head with a forgiving grin, "Better you than Hydra."
Wanda nods, twisting the rings on her fingers as she stares up at the ceiling. You lean forward and wait for her to continue, you can see it in her face, the way she chews on her lip. The quick glances she throws near you as her brain tries to figure out the perfect way to phrase her thoughts.
"You don't talk a lot. I just wanted to try to figure you out. That's why you're not in that cell." Wanda's eyes rest on yours, "Your relatively less violent thoughts and Nat's endorsement."
She breathes out carefully, pausing for your response.
You grin, "I figured you gave a good word at least. I did save your life once, remember?"
Wand chuckles, remembering the attack on the Compound after you got your ass handed to you by her, "I was holding my own."
You give her a half hearted shrug as you lean back into the wall behind you. Wanda turns to look at you, the start of another apology forming at her lips. You hold up your hand with a smile,
"If you keep getting worked up about this, I'm going to start thinking you care." Your words pull a roll of her eyes and a small smirk that has you staring one second longer, "You already promised to rip my limbs off. Keep face, Maximoff."
Spreading out your legs, you shimmy down into the seat to try and get some rest before the mission starts. Peeking carefully out through one eye, Wanda glances over at you with an intrigued look. The look on her face is one that you've seen before because you've given it before. A look you've been trying to keep to yourself for months.
"Y/N," you hear a voice over the quiet humming of the Quinjet and pick up your head to Natasha waiting for you.
Holding out her arm as you approach, you take the parachute as she swipes through a screen. You peer over her shoulder and glance at the flight plan. You'll be over the drop point within a few minutes. As you smack the dust off of the bag before slinging it onto your shoulders, you let out a chuckle,
"When was the last time these were performance checked?" Clipping on the last buckles, Nat checks you over.
With a shrug, she shakes your shoulder straps, "Maybe a few years."
You roll your eyes but suck in a hiss as she tightens the strap around your waist, pinching your skin. If the parachute doesn't open, maybe you'll be lucky enough not to have to work with them anymore.
They weren't the most annoying people you've worked with but they certainly weren't the easiest. They gave you your own room but you know it's all a play. If homecooked meals brought you down, a soft, cozy bed would too. It was lucky for you that you never sleep on a bed. Still, you just wonder what exactly their motives are.
Nat smacks your cheek, "Don't worry. I'm forty percent sure Sam will grab you."
With a roll of your eyes, you glance over at the opening ramp as the wind howls inside.
Peeking over the metal ramp into the blustering wind, you squint as the Quinjet begins to descend below the clouds. You can just make out the buildings of the city as you lean forward, gripping tightly on the straps attached to the walls. Taking the radio from your small vest pocket, you insert it into your ear and listen to the connecting static.
"You're still not afraid of heights, right?" you hear Nat inside your ear and smile as you turn around.
Holding out your arms, you cautiously place your heels precariously over the ramp, "You tell me."
Rogers shoves on his helmet and looks at you, scoffing as Nat shakes her head. With a salute to Rogers, you tip over the edge into nothing, the drop in your stomach sending a grin across your face. The air whips past your face as you roll through the air, centering yourself out. Tapping the glasses Stark made, you follow the line of trajectory that will land you perfectly in front of the building
As you press your palms against your legs, you begin your nosedive towards the approaching earth. Feeling the harsh stinging of the wind on your cheeks, something comes screaming past you. The change of air current sends you into an uncontrolled spin as you try and find the ground through your flashing goggles.
"Screw you, Birdboy!" You scream as you hear his laugh, ripping off your glitching glasses and violently arching your body.
Holding out your limbs as symmetrically as you can manage, you find your balance in your fall. Wobbling just a bit as you glance at the descending numbers on your watch, you suck in a breath to try and control your beating heart. You take back what you had thought before, Wilson was the most annoying person you'd ever met.
Ripping the cord much lower than the usually taught 5,000 feet, you slam your feet into an unsuspecting soldier who was staring at your approaching shadow on the concrete. The hit sends him skidding across the ground as his partner points his rifle towards you.
Quickly unclasping the harness, you hold it tightly in your hands as you sprint forward against the wind. Bullets fly past your dodging movements but you slam your foot into the muzzle. Lunging forward, you take out the guard's legs and fluidly wrap the harness and ropes around his ankle. His head smacks hard against the pavement as the parachute expands and the wind drags him down the road.
Wanda hovers down with her magic next to you, glancing back at the unconscious guard riding the wind. She gives you an exasperated sigh as you snatch up the rifle, glancing to make sure the sights are still aligned. Cap only told you that you shouldn't kill them as a first course of action. The guard's still alive, you're just having some fun.
Wanda hears your thoughts, you can tell by the way she rolls her eyes and shakes her head in irritation.
"We've got the roof," Sam calls in as you watch Steve cannonball straight though a window.
There's a scream and you clench your brows as you watch a guard fly out of the window. He slams into a dumpster with a loud clang, unmoving. You extend your hand at what obviously was a practically lethal throw from Cap and look at Wanda with wide eyes. She sighs, rubbing her forehead as she turns away from you and heads towards the building.
"Fine," you grumble as you trudge forward, "I'll just ask people not to shoot me."
Jogging inside, Wanda is already working on the group of guards on the lower floor. You slide behind a pile of tables shoved out of the way and watch Wanda throwing a guard at her friends, knocking them into a wall. With a grunt, you ram your shoulder into the tables and send it speeding across the room on their squeaking wheels. The tables slam the unbalanced group into the wall, knocking them out and keeping them pinned.
Wanda waves you forward quietly, stepping behind your aiming gun as you head towards the staircase. Stopping at the door, she pats your back as you kick it open and clear the area, exactly how you trained. Sweat is pouring down your face from the heat of the day, but you can feel Wanda's cool hand pressed against your arm as she stays close.
Ascending upwards, you hear Cap call that the middle floors are cleared. That leaves the last remaining floor to you and Wanda. Which is, hopefully, where the rest of the files should be located.
Creaking open the door, you peer out into the gray hallway and count underneath your breath how many soldiers you see, just loud enough for Wanda to hear you. You sling the rifle behind your back, creeping into the hallway. Looking to Wanda, you nod and peer through the clear office windows.
With a yell, her powers fly forward. The glass shatters in front of you as you take off into a sprint at the closest guard. His arm reaches back for his weapon but you're on top of him before his eyes even see Wanda. Gripping his arm tightly, you yank down as your legs wrap around his neck. Their helmeted face slams into the ground as you roll backwards and hear the crack inside his arm. Ignoring his screams, you kick off his helmet and place a punch into his jaw, watching his eyes roll back.
The workers are in a panic at the explosion of your entrance, tripping over chairs and desks as they try to escape. Nat will be at the exit with Sam, ready to pick them up and hand them off to the Shield agents for some arresting. The last worker who stayed behind to grab his portfolio sees your approach as he tries to run.
"Uh uh, stay!" You snap at him, holding up a finger. They promptly sit back down as you lean in close, patting the monitor on their table, "Can you unlock all of these files, please? A cherry on top, even."
As you place your rifle on the table, his eyes widen as he quickly sputters out every word he knows that agrees with your commands. You tap your fingers against the gun, edging the panic in his body as he apologizes for an incorrect password. You hide the amusement you're getting from all of this, letting out hums of disapproval when they look at you.
Holding a flash drive in your palm, he takes it gingerly and begins to download the files. Practically hyperventilating next to you, he stares at the incredibly slow download, waiting for your next words. You yank his chair to you, watching how he flinches his eyes closed. Gently, you roll their chair away from you as he gawks in surprise.
"Thank you," you tell him and watch him leap out of the chair and sprints out of the room.
You chuckle, leaning next to the computer as Wanda walks into the room. She rolls her shoulder, grimacing slightly at whatever fight she's walking away from.
"I didn't think you were one for manners."
She stands next to you, clicking through some of the files as you run your hands through your sweating hair.
"Guess we're learning new things about each other today," you grin when those green eyes meet yours, tapping your head.
Wanda nods, remembering how you just recently learned about her party trick. As she continues to click through schematics and memos, you walk off. Keeping the area secure until Nat calls in to let you know every Hydra employee is accounted for was the last part of your mission. Wanda had called in that she had incapacitated four guards while you were working with the computer.
As you turn the corner, you can confirm there are unconscious bodies. Clenching your brow, something is off. You know you're not a math whizz but you're sure you only count two bodies.
Unless Wanda is a liar, two guards are awake and angry. Pulling out your pistol, you round the corner carefully. Placing each step with meticulous placement, you listen carefully for heavy breathing or the scurrying of feet.
A squeaking wheel catches your attention as you turn to your left, following the front of the barrel with your eyes. Finger hovering above the trigger, you watch a chair roll across the hallway. Breathing out your held breath, you turn sharply and see a crouching figure, your heart leaping into your chest. They lunge forward, slicing a glinting knife towards you.
"Shit!" You whisper out, bounding away from the knife and hear the tearing of fabric.
They move quickly, quicker than you do as they rebound their attack. The blade pierces through your suit, entering your torso with little resistance. You gasp, feeling the warmth of your blood as you grab hold of their hands.
Grimacing, you hold their wrist as tight as your slippery fingers can and slam them back into the wall. The knife jostles inside of you, as you snarl, their eyes widening in terror at how you pushed the knife further inside of you. You slam your forehead into their nose, pulling back and seeing blood pouring out. Instinctively, they let go of the knife and you raise your gun in retreat, firing off two rounds.
As they slide down the wall with a groan, you collapse to your knees, shaking hands ripping out bandages. Every breath is agony against the new wound in your body. Sucking in a breath, you take the gauze from your vest and start shoving it into the wound. Biting down on your lip to stop your pained yells, you pack the wound as well as you can. You taste blood as your teeth bite through your lip, letting go as a pained groan exits your mouth.
Leaning over onto your hands, you press your forehead into the ground as you try to breathe through the blistering heat in your torso. The faster you get this mission done, the sooner you can stitch yourself up. You don't know if you can trust the Avengers if you're put under. They might put the tracker they have in your phone inside of you.
You don't even notice the ringing in your ears until someone yelling your name is bringing you back to reality. Opening your eyes with a groan, you carefully sit yourself up. Wanda stands there, unsure if she should approach you or not. You expect to see fear in her eyes, you must look like a savage animal. Covered in blood, sitting in a puddle of blood next to your enemy.
Instead, you see a flash of panic in her eyes as you wipe your nose with a shaking hand.
"Is this yours?" She asks, gesturing to the blood.
Holding in a grimace as you stand up slowly, zipping your suit back up before you stand. You chuckle, holding your crotch,
"Ripped my pants."
Wanda rolls her eyes and holds up the USB in her fingers, successfully distracted. Trying your best not to press against your side, you walk up to her.
"There's another guard walking around," you say as Wanda's eyes glance down at the two she fought with a sigh, "I'm not sure-."
A shadow expands from the corner as you yank Wanda, "Get down!"
Wrapping your body around her as you kneel, trying to reach for your pistol before you get peppered in bullets. Hearing the shots as your fingers skim the grip, you tense your body for the incoming pain. A second later, you feel nothing but the throbbing wound in your side and the warm air that encapsulates you.
Ripples of red surround the two of you, Wanda's heaving breath on your neck. Her lips skim your ear as she whispers,
"He brought friends. Three shooters behind us."
Letting go of her waist, you grab the gun and follow her as she crawls backwards while the guards fire into the shield. Wanda looks at you, eyeing a cabinet to dodge behind. Putting in a fresh magazine, you hear the click from the second guard as his rifle runs dry. Staring into those green eyes, you center yourself as the third rifle clicks. You nod.
The shield falls and you lunge forward as the first rifle fires, while the other two cock their guns. Falling to the ground, you empty your weapon. The guards fall with heavy thuds, rifles clattering against the ground. You groan, your forehead knocking against the ground in exhaustion.
A hand rests on your shoulder,
"Good shot."
Your chuckle is muted into the carpet, eventually deciding to climb slowly up to your feet. Looking over at Wanda who waits for you to stop being lazy, you let out a careful sigh.
"Why aren't you guy's retired yet?" You mutter, limping towards the exit with Wanda.
Wanda watches you carefully as you walk past her and hold open the stairway door. You wonder if she notices the lack of color in your face or the gentle shake of your bloody hands.
"Why aren't you?" She asks, gliding past you with an interesting glance.
You chuckle to hide the grimace on your face as you take the first steps, "Cause I get paid vacation days."
Wanda lets out a scoff, squinting as she opens the door to the bright sunlight. Before walking out, there's a loud explosion from the other side of the building. You look to each other as Nat yells into the radio,
"Assholes called their friends!"
Without another thought, Wanda exits the building as you follow close on her heels. Turning the corner with the attention of beating more people up, you skid to a stop. You both weren't expecting to see the technical parked in front of your paths.
"For chrissakes!" You yell, wrapping yourself around Wanda again.
This time, you can feel the pain shoot through your thigh as you both slam into the ground. You get your hands beneath Wanda and throw her back towards the building. She lands hard on the steps as Rogers jumps in front of you. The bullets ping off of his shield as he smacks your head to get you behind him.
"You good?" He calls out through grit teeth, holding his shield steady against the stream.
Sputtering out in pain as you pull in your leg, you pop open one of the Captain's belt pockets and yank out his tourniquet. Steve yells at a wobbly Wanda to go around and help Nat, you two would handle this technical. Squeezing off the circulation in your leg, you climb up to your knee. Peering around his broad shoulders, you count the group of soldiers they have in front of you.
"You go left, I go right?" You grimace out, pulling out your pistol.
You catch the nod he gives. Tapping his shoulder, you follow in crouched steps as he pushes into the stream of bullets. As you get closer, you split off as he slings the shield into the machine gun with a thud. Shooting two of the approaching soldiers, you lunge forward towards the third one.
Tumbling to the ground for dominance, he shoves against your face as you climb onto him. Gripping your legs around his thighs, you slam your elbow into his side. His hand on your face weakens and in that moment you pistol whip their face with a loud grunt. Leaning back from their body, you breathe carefully as you turn your heavy head slowly with a growing dizziness. Rogers walks over, holding out a hand. Weakly placing a bloody hand in his, he pulls you to your feet.
"Nice work," He tells you, eyeing you as you drag yourself towards the Quinjet, "Guess we could give you more trust, huh?"
You chuckle, letting out a groan as you step up onto the ramp. Looking back at the Shield agents here to pick up the mess, you see Stark talking to the one in charge. He's angry, probably yelling about how they were able to get a distress call out if Shield was supposed to scramble communications.
As Steve helps you up the last of the incline, you pat his back, "Well, I did just spill my blood for you guys. At least get me a cake."
Wanda notices your limping form, pointing from behind the famous Dr. Banner who showed up as a tag along with the Shield agents. He was more happy being used in the medical side of working with the Avengers rather than turning into the big, green guy.
"There's the idiot," She says, pressing an ice pack against the rather large lump on her head from when you threw her.
You furrow your brows as you slide up onto the table for Banner to look at your leg.
"You're welcome," you say as Banner starts to clean the wound. You hiss when you feel the stinging in your leg, "Remind me to let you die when you're shot."
Before Banner can finish the knot on your new bandage, you climb off of the table. He tries to get you to come back when you land a little wobbly on your feet. You shove Wanda out of the way as you limp towards the seats, ignoring Steve trying to calm you down.
Plopping down with a groan, Nat casually sits in front of you. You can hear a changing noise through the ringing in your ears but you're seeing two of Nat. Squinting, you can see her lips are moving and she's trying to keep eye contact with you, she's trying to talk to you. Her muted words have no meaning but you nod along when she glances at you.
You clench your eyes shut as you feel your body twitch with a stinging jolt, letting out a calming breath as you lean back. Opening your eyes, Nat's glaring at you.
"You haven't listened to a word I've said have you?"
You muster up a smirk, "And yet for some reason your mouth just keeps," You raise your hand from your side and open and close your fingers like a mouth.
The blood on your hand glistens in the light. It's fresh. As you glance up from it and to Nat, you watch her breathe in deeply. She lets out a sigh as she tears Banner's bag from the table, ignoring his protests.
Unzipping your suit and practically ripping it off your arm, you clench your teeth in pain.
"You stupid idiot," She tells you, slamming bandages over your stab wound. Her hand runs over your body for other wounds you're keeping from them, "This is not the way you get out of a contract!"
Gripping her arms tightly as your breath sputters out, she carefully guides you to lay down.
"It's slave labor," you grunt out, grimacing as she smacks you to keep your eyes open.
Everyone's come to see what the commotion is about but the last thing you see through blurred vision are red curls falling out of a ponytail.
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strawwrites19 hours ago
Steve Rogers x Female!Reader: Thank You
Summary:聽He knows Tony鈥檚 just trying to annoy him, but it鈥檚 not a bad idea.
Rating/Warnings: All聽
Notes: Written in June of 2012. I hadn鈥檛 even seen the lead-up movies (save for Iron Man) yet.
Thank You
Steve was unused to being the object of so much feminine attraction. Before the super soldier experiment, no one would give him a second look. Afterward, he only had eyes for Peggy. Peggy, of course, was elderly now (he was still working up the nerve to go visit her), but he鈥檇 still mostly tried to avoid romantic interaction since his awakening.
At least, he鈥檇 tried until the afternoon Tony pushed a blushing, stammering girl into his apartment. Steve had only to put down his newspaper and look at Tony鈥檚 grinning face to know that something was up.
鈥淗ello,鈥 he said to the woman.
鈥淗-Hello,鈥 you said, looking quickly at his face and away again. 鈥淯m, you鈥檙e鈥ou鈥檙e Captain Rogers, right? Cap鈥揅aptain America?鈥
鈥淵es, that鈥檚 me.鈥 Steve sent a quizzical look at Tony, only to have the man raise his eyebrows and grin more widely still.
鈥淥kay,鈥 you said, your voice still quivering. 鈥淚鈥揑 just wanted to say thank you.鈥
鈥淔or what?鈥
Your knuckles turned white as your blush spilled more fully into your face. 鈥淔or saving my life. I鈥揑 wouldn鈥檛 have made it to safety if you hadn鈥檛 stopped that alien.鈥
鈥淥h,鈥 Steve said. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e welcome.鈥
An uncomfortable silence fell. Tony continued to look highly amused. Steve could feel his temper flaring at the obvious fun Tony was having at the your expense. Finally, he had to ask:
鈥淲hat鈥檚 so funny, Stark?鈥
鈥淪he said she wants to thank you,鈥 Tony offered.聽
Steve glared at him.聽鈥淚 knew that, actually. Why is that funny?鈥
鈥淢aybe,鈥 Tony said as he nudged you gently forward, 鈥測ou should ask her on a date to show your appreciation for her coming all this way just to say that.鈥
Steve was about to say a polite no, thank you, but something made him stop. He didn鈥檛 know what it was鈥搈aybe the way you stared so determinedly at your feet. Whatever it was, he smiled, got to his feet, and said:.
鈥淵ou know what? That鈥檚 a great idea.鈥
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yokiteryokiter4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier聽but it鈥檚 WandaVision
my insta - my twitter聽
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frizdrawshjt3 months ago
Tumblr media
If I could fall into the sky Do you think time would pass me by? Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles If I could just see you tonight
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neottia-orchidsa month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He can't gut you like a fish unless you know what a fish is, Casey.
It's time to get attached to another goofball side character.
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