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#marvel fanart

30 Day Multifandom Fanart Challenge, Day 6 - *pls read before you hate me* - The worst canon couple EVER

(First of all, I decided not to watch the Endgame, so this is about the earlier movies.)

I love Tony and I, well, really like Pepper. And you know what? They both deserve better than their relationship.

He deserves better than being pushed into traditional family stuff he’s clearly not ready for - because jeez, he has so many things he needs to sort out first - and constantly blamed for being who he is.

She deserves better than mothering a grown ass man with PTSD and tons of emotional baggage, or not feeling safe sleeping in her own bed.

Yes, they do love each other and care about each other, but they want absolutely different things when it comes to relationships - and they really should have stayed best friends.

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Avengers Assemble doesn’t have enough Namor but way too much Attuma

So yeah, the show is great an’ all but I do miss my fishman
And then I thought: Why not just try and draw him in the same style?
Here u go

Currently at season 2 

Stay tuned for the Maximoff’s and the original Human Torch

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