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any trophy i could ever get (doesn’t compare to the light in your eyes)

Summary: Ned swallows and glances up at her, before his eyes fall back to his feet. “He’s not coming today, MJ, he’s sick. He came down with the chicken pox this morning.” / “Bullshit,” she shoots back. “You and I both know he can’t get sick. Why are you lying?” (Or, Peter gets sick for the first time after dating Michelle, and she thinks he’s lying. Hint: he’s not.)

Notes: This is a Spideychelle fic I’ve written for @goldenavenger02’s birthday, and I just want to say you’re the best person I’ve ever known. You’re sweet, honest, amazing, and always know what to say, and you’re the Stiles to my Scott, and the Stiles to my Lydia. I love talking to you, ranting to you, working with you, and I hope you have an absolutely amazing day today. You deserve it and you should be so, so proud of who you are.

Credit: thank you to @jaybaybay-01 and @spideygirl2003 @perseusjaxon for beta reading and editing. I love you all <3

Taglist: @nexparker @resting-confused-bitchface @merlinfreya27 @thespydersargon

Ao3 Link

“What do you mean Peter’s sick?” Michelle demands, as she stares down at the boy across from her. They’re about to go to a decathlon match—nationals, actually—in Portland, Oregon. As soon as the words come out of her mouth, Ned shrinks under her gaze. ‘It’s funny,’ she thinks, ‘how I still have this power, even though we’re supposedly friends now.’ She also has to admit, that it is uplifting that Ned’s still scared of her, despite the fact that they talk on a daily basis. She likes it, she decides.

“I-I mean—’’ Ned swallows and glances up at her, their eyes briefly meeting for a split second —hers filled with fire, and worry wallowing in his— before his eyes fall back to his feet. “He’s not coming today, MJ, he’s sick. He came down with the chicken pox this morning.”

Bullshit,” she shoots back, emphasizing the word, as she crosses her arms and continues her glaring. They’re supposed to be on stage in a little over an hour, and Peter specifically said he wouldn’t miss it, and she’s going to hold him to that. “You and I both know he can’t get sick.” This is most definitely true; the last time Peter had caught a viral illness was in their freshman year, when they visited Oscorp, and he ended up puking all over himself. Of course, there also is the time he ended up with food poisoning right before their regionals match in Philadelphia, and ended up spending an entire two hours in the bathroom with his head in her lap, but still; Peter getting sick is a rare occurrence, and the only reason it even did occur was because it was bacterial. Not viral. “Why are you lying?”

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Originally posted by a7estrellas

“you know what? i’m done ”you tried to catch your breath “i knew it was a bad idea to run with you”

“come on! at least until we get home“ Chris says jogging, you could hardly breathe and he was like nothing, he was barely sweating.

“maybe you really are a super human or something, i don’t know….” you say sitting on a bench “but i can’t go any further”

“I’m supposed to be the old man” he says sitting next to you.

“okay, I made my mind, I will not run with you anymore” you say between breaths.

“come on babe!” he says with a smile.

“I’ll run on my own, where i can ….you know… breath while doing it” you joke.

“okay…I’ll slow down and run slower” he offers.

“here’s the thing…you slowing down is my faster pace” you say and that makes him laugh “Don’t laugh, my legs feels like jelly ” you say hitting him on the arm.

“okay, okay….anyway there is another type of cardio that I like to do with you” he says raising an eyebrow provocatively.

“really? like what? cycling? dance lessons?“  you say playing dumb.

“not quite” he winks at you and you blush, it’s been over a year and you’re still blushing  “let’s go home” he says before carrying you in his arms.

“Chris! what are you doing?!” You look around embarrassed but there is only one older couple on the street who smiles at you. 

“Taking you home, I don’t want you to get tired, we have a cardio session to do” he starts walking home as he carries you in his arms.  Maybe you could get used to running with Chris if you were going to end up like this.


Quarentine with Chris (imagine) The One Where It’s His Time To Cook #1

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Welcome to Author Shout out Wednesday! Here we hope to highlight and bring attention to the lovely authors of our fandom! This week’s shout out goes out to


Notes: This author only has a few stories but they’re so interesting! They have an extraordinary way of seeing the characters and tapping on their own experiences to write compelling stories. Currently, this author has a wonderful series which features Trans Peter Parker. It’s really good and everyone should check it out! So please, go check this author our and maybe drop a comment or a kudos!

Link to their ao3

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Originally posted by chrisheavans

“When you said you were going to make dinner, this was not what I expected” you say when you see him take food out of the bag in food containers.

“shit…you weren’t supposed to see it” he say when you catch him.

“Did you really just went to your mom house for food?” you say approaching the counter.

“hey i wanted to cook but my mom give me this for you, it’s her famous chicken and green beans” He lets you see what he has brought.

“You forgot that it was your turn to cook, i’m i right?“ you put a hand on your waist.

“of course not!” he says offended, but then he adds “I burn it…”

“i knew it! I knew it smelled burned  and you told me it was from the neighbor, you liar” you say without being able to hold your smile, you wanted to make him feel guilty but it was impossible to get mad at him

“hey, i tried and i fail, i wanted to cook something that wasn’t pasta….” he says defending himself

“you are  incredible” you simply say:

“thanks” now he was smiling.

“that wasn’t a compliment” you hit him on the shoulder “at least im going to eat good tonight” 

“hey! you love my pasta!” He grabs you by the waist, pulling you closer to him.

“you should take advantage of the time during quarantine and learn how to cook” You say playing with his necklace, twisting the chain in your fingers

“If I had a sexy teacher who would teach me“ He lifts you up and sits you on the counter, placing himself between your legs.

“well…if i found one i let you know” you say smiling 

“oh i think i found the perfect one right here” he says kissing you “It seems to me that today we are going to have dinner late” 

“well i guess is a good thing that is already ready” you say taking off his shirt. you could get used to that…maybe being in Quarantine with Chris was not that bad.


Quarentine With Chris #2 ( The One When You Go For A Run)

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I’m kind of confused by this ask. I’m not exactly sure what it is you are insinuating about me? 

Yes. I do live in New York. 

But I live my own life with my own family and friends. I mind my own business. It’s just a city, unlike most of his stalkers, I did not move here after knowing he lived here, too. I’ve lived here for fucking years. This is my home.

I don’t post pictures or go out of my way to get celebrities’ (his, specifically) attention. I have never, in my fucking life, tagged him in an of my city life pictures. My Instagram is fucking private, to begin with. 

I do not chase him down and I never would. It’s fucking disgusting. I’ve made a statement with that post, and I live by it. Live your own fucking life, and what’s meant to be will happen. 

Don’t force yourself onto another human being like a creep who he would need to file a restraining order against. 

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pancakes are my specialty

pairing: peter parker x reader

warnings: slightly ooc peter, fluff

summary: after unintentionally cuddling with you, peter seeks to make amends by making you breakfast. (sequel to that’s my pillow!)


Originally posted by softapricity

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Originally posted by ransomflanagan

Chris was promoting his new tv show on Apple. He spends all morning doing interviews and  as soon as he got a break from interviews he called you.

“hey babe” he says 

“hi, how is going your day?” you say smiling like he could see you.

“is going good you know… the same questions pretty much all morning” he says in a sigh “i need to ask you a favor, could you go to the supermarket and get some coffe and eggs? i finished this morning” 

“Im at the bank so as soon as i finish here i’ll go” you say.

“thanks babe, I would go but i wont finish in time to go” He felt bad for making you go to the store but there was no way he could go.

“its okay don’t worry, i have to go it’s my turn at the bank, call me when you are done okay?” 

“okay, i love you babe” he says smiling. 

“love you too” you say before hanging up.

He was in the middle of an interview, answering the question of whether he had read the book or not for the thousandth time in the day, when he sees his assistant enter the interview room, which she couldn’t do while they were recording. Chris tries to focus on the interview but something inside him was telling him that something was wrong, so his publicist who had been talking to his assistant stops the interview. 

“I’m sorry but the interview is over” the publicist says and then looks at Chris and says in a lower voice “there’s been an accident, i don’t know any details but Y/N is in the hospital” 

“what?! is… is she okay? what happend?” he asks full of fear but he doesn’t wait for an answer and runs out the door. A car was already waiting outside for him. The ride to the hospital was the longest ride of his life. He didn’t know what happend to you, if you were okay, nothing and that was killing him. As soon as the car stops he runs out to the floor where he was told you were admitted.

“Y/L/N , i need to see her” he says to the first nurse he finds when he sees that the bed was empty.

“i’m sorry, she is in the operating room but when she is out i’ll let you know” one of the  nurse responds. 

“but what happend?!” he yells this time. 

“Are you a family member of the girl in the 2586 room?” a man aproches Chris and when Chris nods the man lowers his eyes to the floor “I’m sorry…i didn’t see her, everyhitng happend so fast… i swear i wasn’t going fast but she came out of nowhere ” 

“what….what happend? what did you do to her?!” he yells and grabs him by the collar of his shirt. 

“Chris let him go” Scott suddenly appears pulling him away from the man “Chris we are in an hospital”

“he did this to her” he says letting out all the anger he felt.

“we don’t know what happend, let the police do his work, now the important thing here is Y/N, calm down” Scott calms him

“shit” he says hitting the wall.

It takes two hours until you finally leave the operating room and the doctors come out to talk to Chris. “the operation to stop the bleeding has gone well, it remains to be seen how she reacts these days but it seems that she will recover one hundred percent” 

“thank good….can i see her?” Chris asks, he need it to see you.

“she is sleep right now but if you want to be with her there is no problem” the doctor says before leaving you alone with Chris. Chris grabs your hand and gives you a kiss. 

“Chris? I  know what happened to her” Scott enters the room “the man from before reversed and ran over Y/N when she was leaving a supermarket” 

“If I hadn’t asked her to go to the supermarket, she wouldn’t be unconscious in a hospital bed” Chris says with tears in his eyes.

“you can’t blame yourself for this, it was an accident and you heard the doctor, she is going to be okay” scott hugs his brother, he knew that it was what he need it right now.

three hours pass before you open your eyes, you see Chris who had falling sleep at your side with your hand in his “Chris..” your throat is dry so your voice is hoarse. 

“babe” Chris smiles when he see that you are awake “how are you feeling?” 

“i’m fine, my side hurts but i’m fine” You say squeezing his hand to comfort him.

“i’m sorry i ask you to go to the supermarket, this wouldn’t happend if…” Chris starts to say.

“Chris, that could have happend everywere, and i’m fine so relax okay” you say.

“you don’t know how i felt when they told me you were in the hospital” You can see the tiredness on his face and his eyes were red, as if he had cried.

“i know… i’m sorry” you caress his face

“don’t scare me like that again“ Chris puts his hand on top of yours.

“I promise“ you kiss him.

“we should move the wedding forward“ he says surprising you.

“our moms would kill us” your wedding was going to be at the end of the year.

“we didn’t want a big wedding anyways” he says.

“are you being serius?”

“yeah” he caress your face “We should get married this weekend, just the close family”

“yeah… i mean … i have the dress so why not?” You didn’t want to wait to marry him either.

“okay then, this weekend we will be husband and wife” he kisses you.

“i can’t believe we are doing this…..” you bite your lip.

“when you know what you want why wait?” he gives you another kiss.

“i love you” you say between kisses.

“i love you too” he says before kissing you again.



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Hey everyone; I feel like i don’t interact enough on here; is there anything you want to see from me?

More WIP/update posts? More prompt lists or challenges?

Would you rather me post the requests asks right when I get them or keep the system I have now?

Are there any fandoms you’d want to see me branch out into?

Any tropes or AU’s you’d prefer?

I dunno I feel like I’m not doing enough I guess

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Highlights Of Watching Endgame With My Father Who Has Seen ZERO MCU Films:

  • He asked “Is that Antman?” Three times. One time it was Clint, one time it was redskull, & the other time it was Nebula.
  • He asked me “why the badger was talking”. It was Rocket Racoon.
  • “Where is soul stone girl? Oh, she’s not coming back?”
  • “Back when I was a kid Captain America was not this strong.”
  • “What’s Gwenyth Paltrow doing here?”
  • “Where is Samuel Jackson?”
  • Me: “That’s Wanda, she’s the strongest avenger.” Dad: “Where has she been?” Me: “SHE WAS DEAD.”
  • “Why is Iron Man dying? That doesn’t make any sense.”
  • “Why is Spiderman a little boy?”
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V’s Song-Themed Writing Challenge

(Dylan O’Brien & Tom Holland Characters)

Hi everyone! I’ve been really really bored during quarantine and since this whole coronavirus thing has been really hard on a lot of people, I thought maybe you could use a distraction, something fun to take your mind off of everything. Here are the rules for my Song-Themed Writing Challenge:

  • Pick any song in the list below and write a fic inspired by its lyrics!
  • You can choose to name your character or make it reader insert
  • You can pick who the fic talks about (has to be: Dylan O’Brien or any of his characters, or Tom Holland or Peter Parker/Spiderman). 
  • Your fic can be fluffy, or angsty or even a smut (in which case I ask that you add a disclaimer!).
  •  Feel free to choose any of the songs below.
  • Keep in mind that the songs each belong to one of three genres.
  • Each genre (acoustic, pop, rock) has a special guideline you have to follow while writing your fic (I added this for extra challenge but the guidelines shouldn’t be too difficult to implement in your fic). 
  • Once you have chosen the song you will use for your fic, please tell me the name of the song or the letter and number of the song, and who you’ve chosen to write about -> in my asks so I can cross it off the list! 
  • Wether you choose to follow the challenge or don’t (which is completely up to you obviously!), please reblog this post and signal boost so more people hear about it (thank you!!) 
  • The challenge officially starts today (24th May 2020) and will end exactly one month from now (24th June 2020). 
  • This means that your fic must be posted before the 24th of June
  • When you post your fic, please tag @mischiefandi​ in it and add the tag: v song-themed writing challenge , so I can find it and read it and shareee it!


A) Acoustic : Guideline : must use an AU (any AU you like: soulmate, coffee shop, plane, roommates, etc)

  1. Saturn – Sleeping At Last
  2. Home – Foo Fighters
  3. Little Light (acoustic) – Lewis Watson
  4. 25 in Barcelona – JP Saxe
  5. If You Love Me Come Clean – Flatsound
  6. Liking All Your Posts – Oscar Lang
  7. Coffee – beabadoobee
  8. Please Never Fall In Love Again – Ollie MN
  9. Places We Won’t Walk – Bruno Major
  10. July – Noah Cyrus
  11. Terrified (demo) – Isaac Gracie
  12. I Love You – Billie Eilish

B) Pop : Guideline : must slip one of the lyrics in your fic

  1. Phases – PRETTYMUCH
  2. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room – John Mayer
  3. Ghost Of You – 5 Seconds Of Summer
  4. Dancing With A Stranger – Sam Smith, Normani
  5. The One That Got Away – Katy Perry
  6. Like I’m Gonna Lose You – Megan Trainor, John Legend
  7. Sucker – Jonas Brothers
  8. Dusk Till Dawn – Sia, ZAYN
  9. My My My! – Troye Sivan
  10. Death of A Bachelor – Panic! At The Disco
  11. If the World Was Ending – JP Saxe, Julia Michaels
  12. Talk About You - Mika

C) Rock : Guideline : must make your fic happen throughout maximum 1 day

  1. Tommy’s Party – Peach Pit
  2. The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala
  3. Pleaser – Wallows
  4. Make You Mine – PUBLIC
  5. Mr. Brightside – The Killers
  6. Do I Wanna Know – Arctic Monkeys
  7. Cigarette Daydreams – Cage The Elephant
  8. Make Me Your Queen – Declan McKenna
  9. Heaven – The Walkmen
  10. Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day
  11. Police Station – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  12. Everlong – Foo Fighters

I hope you guys enjoy this challenge and it helps keep your mind off whatever’s going on with you. remember that this too shall pass, and it’s okay to feel sad or scared or anxious, or even angry. Stay safe and stay kind <3

Hope you guys will wanna participate, im really exciteeeed to read your fics (please mutuals signal boost <3)


  • please tell me the name of the song or the LETTER AND NUMBER of the song you’ve picked
  • please tell me who you’ll write about (it’s okay if you change your mind but do keep me posted) (either Dylan O’Brien or his characters, or Tom Holland or Peter Parker/Spiderman)
  • please tag my blog @mischiefandi and add  v song-themed writing challenge “,  so I can find your post faster
  • the challenge starts today (24th May 2020) and your fic must be posted before the 24th of June 2020

@twilightparker @brien-odylan ty for being excited, love yus🌸🌸

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Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Language

Catch Up Here

Word Count: 1337

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings are for him.


Originally posted by everythingrelationshipsx

I watched the flames consume the log, lost in thought. “Y/N?” Bucky’s voice was soft, but still caused me to jump slightly. “Sorry I just…” he ran a hand through his hair nervously as he offered me a cup of coffee.

“It’s okay, Bucky,” I answered tiredly as I took the cup from him with a small smile of thanks.

“Are you… okay?” he asked as he sat beside me, fidgeting nervously with his now empty hands.

“Honestly?” I asked as I turned back to the fire. “I feel relieved… and guilty for being relieved.”

“Do you… want to talk about it?” Bucky asked cautiously.

“I think I’ve had enough trips down memory lane for the day, Buck,” I answered as I took a sip of the coffee. “Besides, we shouldn’t waste anymore time. I want to start training today.”


“Again,” Bucky ordered as I huffed in frustration.

“It’s not working,” I protested as I rested my hands on my knees— trying to catch my breath.

For the last week the training had been relentless as Bucky sought to fulfill his end of our bargain. We began at dawn only breaking at noon for a quick lunch and then continued until dusk. What had started as routine training and simple tasks to flex my new abilities had started to become challenges that were nearly impossible to beat.  Today he had decided that I should be able to lift myself from the ground during a dead sprint. To motivate me he had decided to pick a shallow river to clear – resulting in me falling on the ice several times. In fact, I was certain that my body didn’t have an inch left that wasn’t black and blue. I huffed as I wiped away the hair plastered on my forehead. Even with the snow, I never failed to break a sweat through the day with Bucky’s constant demands.

“Try again,” Bucky answered calmly.

“Buck… I… I can’t do it,” I huffed as I put my hands on my hips. “It’s getting dark anyways.”

“Not an excuse – try again.”


“Then I’ll leave without you,” Bucky responded matter-of-factly.

“Fuck! Fine! I’ll just fall again!” I shouted angrily. I turned to look at the river again as my anger began to rise. I didn’t want to fall, but I didn’t want to waste anymore fucking time doing this. I needed to find my friends… I needed to protect them, and instead I was being treated like a child. I pushed off the ground, running full speed towards the river. As I ran the images of my friends played in my head – and my anger peaked. I kicked off the ground and, instead of my body hitting the hard ice of the river again, I soared across, landing a few feet from its outer banks.

“Well that was pretty impressive,” Tony’s voice drifted from the darkening tree line causing me to turn around.

“Tony?” I asked, and as his name left my lips he and Sam emerged from the shadows.

“Hey kid,” he answered as he closed the remaining distance between us and wrapped his arms around me.

“We…. We thought you were dead…”

“Yeah about that…. We should probably talk,” he answered with a sad smile.


“How?” I asked as we sat in front of the fireplace.

“It’s a long story, and to be honest Sam and I haven’t eaten today…” Tony answered as he turned to Bucky to raise an inquisitive eyebrow.

“I was about to start dinner – Y/N you’ve had a pretty long day training. Why don’t we wait until dinner?” He asked quietly.

As much as I wanted to argue with Bucky, the thought of the day brought the aching of my body to the forefront of my mind. “Okay… I’m going to go change since I’m covered in mud,” I added as I looked down at my clothes and realized the absolute mess I had made of them during the day.


I sighed as the warm water cascaded down my back. I was convinced that every cell in my body hurt. As I relaxed under the torrent, I could hear movement in the other room, before a gentle knock on the door drifted through the room.

“It’s me,” Bucky announced softly from the other side.

“Come in,” I called as I began to lather soap on my body – wincing every time I moved.

“I gave Tony the spare bedroom and Sam is sleeping on the foldout couch,” he announced awkwardly. “I.. I can sleep…”

Before he could finish the sentence, I interrupted. “You can share my room.”

“I… just wanted to make sure that as okay…” he responded reluctantly. The last night that Bucky had slept beside me had been the night he had revealed that my father had been part of the plot to kill my mother. Since then he had silently respected my space each night, even as I secretly wanted him to be beside me. He had respected the words I had said out of anger and desperation even as I struggled to adhere to them.

“Absolutely,” I answered before letting out a sharp huff from pain.

“What’s wrong?” Bucky asked as I pulled back the shower curtain slightly to peek out at him.

“Well… let’s just say… I don’t think I’m quite as tough as you,” I responded with a small smile.

Bucky’s face fell. “Can I see?” he asked quietly as he looked at me. I pulled the curtain back further revealing the bruises and cuts that covered my body. Bucky’s face darkened at the sight. He slowly lifted his shirt, pulling it over his head, before depositing it in the floor.

“What… what are you doing?” I asked – my heart rate quickening as my eyes scanned over his bare torso while he unbuckled his pants.

“Those cuts need to be cleaned properly. You won’t be able to reach half of them because you’re so stiff. I’m going to help you,” he answered matter-of-factly. “Unless you object?” he asked, cocking his eyebrow inquisitively as he pulled his pants off.

“Won’t dinner burn?” I asked nervously as my skin flushed – luckily Bucky wouldn’t be able to tell that it wasn’t just from the hot water.

“Nah – Sam fired me. Something about not letting any man other than himself make him chili after an incident with Steve,” Bucky shrugged as he removed the rest of his clothes. “I can leave if you want…”

“No.. No… that’s fine,” I answered as I pulled the shower curtain back far enough for Bucky to slide into the shower behind me. I stood still as he gently ran his hands across my back and shoulders. The gentleness of his touch left goosebumps in its wake despite the warmth of the water.

“Turn,” he commanded softly. As I did my eyes met his. He looked at me – nervously biting his lip as his hands hovered over my abdomen. After a brief pause he began his work again, his fingers gently tracing the scars that had been left behind from the shooting. Before resting his hands on my hips. I looked up at him, my hands reaching for his face. I traced his jawline with my fingers as he looked down at me. “Y/N…” he began but I put my finger to his lips. He looked at me in silence as his fingers dug into my hips. I reached up on my tip toes and placed my lips on his. At first, he was reluctant, obviously confused by my sudden change in behavior, but as I pressed my body against his, his lips gave way.

After quite some time had passed, I broke away. “Thank you,” I said softly as I rested my hands on his chest.

He smiled as he covered my hands with his. “For what?”

“Loving me. Even the dark parts.”

“I have plenty of those myself. Now come on… we should probably get ready for dinner. I’m sure Sam and Tony will want some hot water.”


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Summary: Bucky/Reader Pt 4, Reader is an Empath and manages to misread the Winter Soldier’s emotions

“Y/N any ideas for the theme?”
“Well since it’s a charity maybe I dunno find an organization to support and use their ideas for a theme?”
“We’ve already said that.” Tony rolls his eyes.
“So we should do that then? Since multiple people have said it.” Steve nods smiling at you again and you smile smugly at Tony.
“I think it’s a good idea.” It takes a while for everyone to settle on a charity to support. It’s Sam who makes the final decision for the party to be in support of the main memorial hospital, which had recently opened up to being mutant friendly. With the charity decided Natasha turns to you insisting she’ll help you dress.

“I can pick my own outfit I’m not five.”
“You can, doesn’t mean you should, your idea of ‘dressing up’ is wearing your mission suit. Not going to fly here.”
“The party is in a week, I can get something later.” Natasha grabs your shoulder steering you towards the garage.
“Or now, I can get something now I guess.”
“Trust me Y/N if you have Nat styling you, you’ll kill at the party.” It’s Sam of all people who winks at you.
“Have all the boys in love with you.” Natasha adds in.
“Love? You mean Lust right? A skimpy dress isn’t going to win me a heart.”
“It could help.” Natasha snickers as she drags you towards an awaiting car. You settle into the seat trying your best to dissuade Nat from dragging you around her favourite shops. You silence yourself at the glare she shoots you.
“You like this.”
“Your pain? Yes I love it.”

“No shopping. Your excitement is nice. You should feel it more often.” A trickle of embarrassment intertwines with the excitement you feel.
“Shopping is a comfort. Something normal.”
“Nat, you don’t need to explain, I can feel it.” You laugh when she rolls her eyes threatening you.
In between the dresses you’re trying on Natasha continues your earlier conversation post sparing session.
“So Barnes?”
“What about him? He hates my guts; I’ve never met someone so angry to see me. I can feel it the minute I walk into the room. It’s awful, makes me all warm and uncomfortable. I hate hot anger.”
“You ever felt it before?”
“Yeah a few times on old missions, when I worked as a hired gun, the undercover missions always brought along that sort of anger.”
“You think he wants to fight you? Or kill you?”

“Yeah, why else would he be so angry, earlier it felt like a slap, a wall of heat that I just stumbled into.” Natasha raises an eyebrow handing you a maroon dress over the doorway.
“Back to the undercover ops, was it only on those?”
“Yeah it’s like anytime they made me super girly, everyone hated it, got everyone really riled up and angry. It’s why I’m not a huge fan of dressy missions.” You hand the dress back wrinkling your nose as you open the door. You have a navy blue dress on and Nat nods approvingly.
“Collars too high for my liking but it is pretty. It’s a maybe for now.” Natasha looks up from her phone smiling.
“Not blue, try green. There’s another store that has a very pretty green one I think you’d look great in. Let’s go!” You frown pulling the blue dress off and following her back towards the car like a lost puppy.

“Working as a hired gun you were trained by whom exactly?”
“Offshoot of hydra, minute my parents realized I could change their emotions when I got too upset they left me with my aunt, who then brought me to a ‘doctor’ so he could heal me. The usual sob story, the offshoot got a hold of me and I’ve been working for them ever since, till I turned over a new leaf and started with Shield.”
“So you know all your emotions right?”
“Course I read every psych book on them they gave me.”
“Reading and feeling aren’t the same thing.”
“Close enough for me to kill people with it.” Natasha pulls you through the next stores doors and smiles as a man greets both of you holding a deep green dress.
“So why green?”
“Makes your eyes look pretty. We still need you to show us you properly emotionally manipulating people by the way. Steve won’t clear you for fieldwork unless you do it. Sparing with me doesn’t count.” You nod. Eyeing the dress, you run your hand along the fabric turning it over in your hand.
“Looks good I’ll take it.”

“We’ve been running around for two hours. It’s good enough.” You sigh dramatically and roll your head in the direction of the check out and the exit.
“You’re such a baby, we’re getting it tailored later in the week, okay?”
“Sure what ever you want. Can we go back home now?”
“Course. If you talk to Bucky about his anger issues with you.”
“We can stay and shop.” Natasha stares at you, her face and emotions blank.

“Do you know what it’s like to confront someone and they know they’re caught and feel them scramble for a lie? It sucks.” You gesture again to the checkout and the man holding the dress nods and goes to ring it up for you. Tucking the bag under your arm you retreat following Natasha as she makes her way back to the car.
“Talk to him, it’s probably a misunderstanding.”
“I can feel it Nat, it’s not a misunderstanding.”

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A/N: This is fluff? Yes? It wasn’t that painful! I did have to add one little angsty tag on to the ending, sorry bout that. 


“Come on Peter, it’s karaoke!” You said, excitedly. He bit his lip, looking back at the teacher supervisor sound asleep on the bed, the reason why you were both whispering. Any time out of the room he had to share with the teacher would be well spent but-

“I don’t have any money.” He argued, noticing you were dressed up. You looked really pretty…

“I’ll shout! Come on!” You whisper convinced, hand on his arm, half pulling him out of the doorway he was leaning out of. He conceded a step, super-strength and all, opening the door wider, remembering he was in pjs only when your eyes drifted down to his attire with a smirk. It was Spider-Man pjs. You brought him them. Thankfully you said nothing as he blushed, begrudgingly accepting the invitation but retreating back into the room to change into actual clothes. 

You were still waiting by the door, signing something to Ned who was at the end of the hotel corridor, bouncing on his toes like an excited child when he reopened the door. When you turned to see Peter carefully closing the door, you let out a silent shriek of excitement, bouncing like Ned. 

“Come on, come on, come on-” You repeated, grabbing his hand, running down the corridor to Ned, grabbing his hand in your other, forcing the three of you to rush outside the hotel to where the rest of the decathlon team was waiting. MJ greeted the new arrivals, announcing that that was the whole team, leading the way downtown to a karaoke place she spotted earlier on the bus.

Peter walked happily hand in hand with you, ensuring you were at the back of the group just in case anyone decided to walk off. You didn’t need to stress since the karaoke place was only a two minute walk away, not allowing anyone to stray on the mandatory team fun. 

On entering Peter was thankful that the place was near empty, a drunken party to one machine in the back corner but ultimately no one else to watch the embarrassing night that was about to unfold. MJ paid for an hour with the students pool of money for one of the machines in the other corner and as usual with karaoke, no one wanted to go first. Instead everyone comfortably settled into the couches as an employee set up the machine. Peter smiled as you sat next to him, leaning into his side, probably for his warmth, while Ned sat on the other side of him. 

There was only two microphones so Gwen suggested a duet first, cheering as Flash volunteered himself to go first with her. They read through the list that was being handed around before picking Bohemian Rhapsody, a bold choice. Or, more likely, the first one they both recognised. 

Peter automatically passed the list from Ned to you, knowing he wouldn’t go up for a song unless it was a duet. Thus he was left watching Gwen and Flash stumble over lines and attempt high notes, cheering with the rest of the team, even singing along to the better known parts. Eventually they gave up on the seven minute song, passing the mics on to Betty and MJ, who reluctantly stood to attention, singing along to some Rhianna song Peter didn’t know. 

When the song finished, they mockingly bowed, MJ handing her mic to Ned, who still hadn’t picked a song. Thankfully Jess, who Betty gave her mic to, had, and she sung bad guy alone, pretty well too. Once again, the team joined in for the chorus, though the only voice properly heard was through the mics. 

She finished too, passing the mic to Ned, who had finally decided on Wannabe by the Spice Girls, handing the second mic to you. On your way up to the mock stage, you pulled MJ and Betty back up with you, laughing through most of the song’s lyrics. Still you impressively held yourself together to perform the rap, locking eyes with Peter as your voice lowered while your breath ran out. He cheered you on, clapping with the team. You made it through, heaving a new breath while the girls sang through the next chorus for you, leaning into the microphone. 

Laughing and passing the mic on, you fell back into your seat, immediately snuggling against Peter. He automatically put an arm around you, ignoring MJ’s raised eyebrows, knowing what she thought of his crush on you. He frowned throughout the next song, belittling himself for falling in love with his childhood best friend. It didn’t help that you were so comfortable with him, sneaking an arm around his waist, underneath his jumper, clapping along to the song with your unused hand against your thigh. 

He wanted to tell you, he really did, but he was putting it off, hoping his feelings would disappear soon so life could continue on as normal, without your friendship needing to be weird. 

That had been one year ago. No, his feelings hadn’t gone away but now MJ knew and Ned had all but given up on Peter telling you. To be honest, so had he. 

Maybe it was better to suffer in silence he thought, smiling back at your ecstatic face as Flash went up once again, this time for a soulful solo. 


There was now only fifteen minutes left on MJ’s booking and Peter thought he was in the clear, not having to move from his seat once. You and Ned had come and gone, leading songs or dancing along with the team when the chorus came up. 

Of course his luck ran out when MJ did a quick run through of who had sung, realising Peter hadn’t gone up once. Flash immediately went into bully mode, and couldn’t be stopped up a mic was in Peter’s hand. Reluctantly he stood, scanning through the booklet for a song, trying to find a catchy one that the team would join into. He was interrupted as your hand darted underneath his arm, pointing towards song choice. When he turned, you had the other mic in your hand, already putting the selection into the machine. 

The opening notes played and the team cheered, recognising the song as you helped Peter onto the mock stage. You squeezed his hand as his opening lines popped up, “I found the love, for me…” 

He continued singing, watching the lyric screen intently, though chuckling through lines as the team joined in. Apparently it was a good idea to breeze out the night with a ‘slow’ song. Although he probably should feel embarrassed, he just used your hand to twirl you under his arm, Betty cheering loudly as you fake swooned in his arms. You batted your eyelids with a soft ‘Peter’, leaning into his arm. He was thrown off, having to read the lyric screen for the next words, a blush creeping up his neck, “You look perfect tonight…” 

The team was waving their hands along to the song, though they stopped to cheer as you started singing, pulling way from his body, “Well I found a man…” 

You swayed with the song, bumping into Peter with your hip until he joined in on the swaying, laughing as you bumped into his hip harder and harder, clearly wanting to throw his balance off. Instead he kept ground, refusing to move as you overbalance, thrown off by your own sheer force.

“We are still kids but we’re so in love…” You sung, smiling as Peter looked down to you only to realise you had already been looking up at him. You had to smack his hand and point towards the lyric screen for him to realise it was his line now, too lost in the joy shining through your eyes. He loved your eyes, refusing to look away until the song’s ending, even forgetting the team was in the same room. 

“You look perfect tonight…” 

As the closing notes sounded the mics were taken from your hands, Gwen wanting to finish the night with one last song. As you settled back into Peter’s now shirted side, having stolen his jacket ten songs ago, he licked his lips, thoughts blurring together. When he caught eyes with MJ’s disapproving glare, he decided to throw caution to the wind, leaning down to your ear, “You do… look perfect tonight- uh, that is.” 

You looked up at him, a strange look passing by your eyes, searching his for an answer to a question he didn’t know yet, “Thank you. You look perfect too.” 

And with that all of his confidence was gone, leaning back into the seat and watching Gwen sing, ignoring your inquisitive look, missing MJ’s disapproving glare, this time directed to you. 


On the way home Peter walked with Ned, quizzing him on some last minute questions before the competition tomorrow morning. You had lingered behind to talk to MJ, laughing to one of her jokes before getting silent all of a sudden. He could feel that you were watching him so he tuned out Ned’s answer for a second, listening into your conversation. 

“The song didn’t work MJ.” You were whining, though there was a humorous undertone. 

“Just asked him out,” MJ popped back, shrugging, “I told you the boy is oblivious.” 

“I was looking directly into his soul and everything, there’s no way he missed it.” You groaned back. 

Before he could listen any further, Ned interrupted his thoughts, “Yes? Neptune? Right?” 

Peter hummed in agreement, wondering who you were talking about. When it suddenly dawned on him, he faltered a step, Flash stumbling right into his back. After apologising and accepting a few new insults, he gave an excuse to Ned before stepping to the side and waiting until you and MJ approached, being right up the back. 

MJ seemed to read the recognition in his eyes and quickly walked forwards until it was only you and Peter. You were blushing slightly in your adorable way, looking like you were caught doing something you weren’t suppose to. 

“D-Do-Do you like me?” Peter fumbled out, not caring as the team disappeared in the distance. 

You snorted, watching the floor intently as a blush spread across your cheeks, “Of course I like you, you’re my best friend.” 

Peter could’ve left it there, laughed it off with you as some insecurity but bravery hit him once again and he found himself asking, “N-No, no, Y/N…do you like me?” 

You blinked, hands finding the pockets in his jacket, looking up to counter, “Do you like me?” 

“Yes,” He breathed and it felt like a weight off his chest. 

You stilled any nervous movement, looking at him with wide eyes, “I-I… yes.” 

He approached you, in a familiar way he had done so many times before but now with intimacy, eyes searching yours. You responded to his movement, wrapping your arms around his waist like you had done so many times before. “Can I kiss you?” He whispered. 

“Yes.” You repeated. 



Bleeding out wasn’t fun but it did allow him to go through his happiest memories, knowing no one would find him for hours yet. By that time it would be too late. 

And yet, instead of being miserable about dying, he was remembering how you looked that night. Perfect, just as the song described. He dryly chuckled, realising the song had now gotten stuck in his head, the chorus repeating through his thoughts. 

Blinking slowly, he realised that the chorus wasn’t repeating in his thoughts, he was singing along to it. Oh… well… It wouldn’t be the worst last words. 

It hurt to think but he forged on, moving through the decades of memories you had together. Moving on from your first kiss, he went to the first time he told you he loved you, the first time you said it back, winning that decathlon competition the next year. His eyes were closed, breathing shallow as he then remembered graduation, how beautiful you looked when he proposed, only to look even more beautiful on the wedding day a mere few weeks ago. And all of the incredible memories in between. 

You had both just returned from the honeymoon, him diving right back into the crime of Queens which had only become more dangerous when he left. Which ultimately lead to him bleeding out in a random alleyway, the thug that managed to stab him in such a vital place webbed to the wall unconscious. 

He could feel his life seeping away from him, but continued to desperately cling to it, one last happy memory before he left. Which, of course, had to be when his super hearing picked up on the second heartbeat coming from you. He hadn’t told you yet, wanting you to figure it out on your own. It was your body after all.  He wondered if you knew. He wondered when you would’ve announced it to him. He wondered…


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I don’t think that some people actually realize how important all these fantasy worlds that we are into are for us.

For example, my main fandom is (obviously) Star Wars. My mom knows how much of a geek I am and supports me, but she sometimes really wonders. My ex- stepdad, who abused me emotionally in my childhood and teenage time, always just said that it’s dumb. And so many other people I know also think about it.

But reality is: it’s an escape. It made me stronger. When I first watched The Clone Wars on TV, I was 11 years old. Star Wars became the topic of my day dreams, in which I isolated myself whenever I was with my stepdad. I saw the Clones and the Jedi, and I wanted to be like them, I wanted to fight, to be calm and patient like a Jedi. I tried not to hate my stepdad, because the Jedi didn’t hate anyone either. I wanted to be smart and know as much things as possible. I had a lonely childhood, and needed to raise myself because I rejected whatever it was my stepdad wanted me to become; Quiet, helpless, dumb and suppressed. I tried to be like Ahsoka, I asked myself what Master Qui-Gon would tell me to do, these characters raised me, and I will never really let them go.

Also other shows and movies. My real dad made me watch Marvel, and I was excited by all those hero’s with their imperfections, they made me feel like a hero to. Tumblr got me into Sherlock, and I strive to be smarter, into Supernatural, and I keep the Winchesters in mind whenever there is a tragedy I need to handle.

It’s not just ‘stupid fangirling’. It’s a lifestyle. It’s rolemodels, because no one in real life could ever show me how to handle my life properly. I will always adore stories, because I learned from them how to be human, how to be myself, and what I really what in life.

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S P I D E R M A N chatbot



[ This roleplay will disregard any of endgame’s deaths/changes . Tony is not dead, Steve is not an old man, and Nat has not passed. ]

After a fight, Tony finds you curled up and alone. He takes you in and you find yourself sharing a room with Peter Parker. You don’t talk to him much as you’re always training with another member of the team.

To Peter’s surprise, you’ve got some skills up your sleeve. He’s never seen any of the team kick Nat’s ass that hard. But dang, you schooled her.

Of course as you’re around more, you’ll develop a connection with all of them. But specifically Peter.


This is a roleplay .

to write actions -> Peter dazes off as his gaze is on you.

dialogue -> “ pft! Please, I’d kick your ass Parker.”

speaking out of rp -> [ hey admin, could I make Bucky more protective?]

all together -> Peter catches up to you, gripping the straps of his backpack. “Hey..maybe we could hang out after school?” He asks you, hoping you’d agree.


Reblog. I will message you first with a list of questions !

I will also prepare other plots if you decide you’d like to have a different story line!!


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