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the-queen-of-hell-666 · 2 days ago
Not Done
Tumblr media
So this was a request by; @hq6667754 I hope you enjoy this fic!!!
Warnings: explicit sexual content (unprotected vaginal sex, vaginal sex, creampie, semi-public sex, dom!Bucky, sub!Reader), easily pissed off Bucky, bratty!reader 
Tumblr media
You sat in the booth next to Bucky and he wrapped his arm around your waist. You laid your head on his shoulder as you took a sip of your wine. 
He pulled you onto his lap and you leaned against his chest with a smile. You smirked widely and started grinding down on his lap. His hands squeezed your hips and he growled low in your ear. You giggled and reached behind you to tangle your fingers in his hair. 
Bucky groaned as you tugged on his hair lightly and you smiled at him. You ground your ass against his groin and his hands dug into your hips. You were wearing the small black cocktail dress that always drove him crazy. 
You two came here with Steve and Peggy and they went dancing on the nice dance floor. You and Bucky stayed behind and drank your alcohol and enjoyed each other’s company. You loved how he smelled of metal and cologne. He loved how you smelled of lavender and gunpowder. 
You turned around in his lap and you wrapped your arms around his neck. He squeezed your ass softly and you squealed quietly. 
“What’s wrong, baby?” You smirked as you continued to grind on his lap. 
“You keep acting like a little brat and I'll take you over my knee right here, I don't care how many people are watching,” Bucky growled in your ear, and a shiver rolled down your back. You loved how dominant he got with you. It always turned you on to no end. 
You usually crumbled under his glare but you wanted to tease him a little longer. “Oh, so scary.” You smirked, and he stood up and dragged you to the bathroom.
He made sure the bathroom was vacant and he locked the door before he pinned you to it. His lips crashed down on yours and you moaned at the intensity of the kiss. He picked you up by your thighs and pressed you flush against his chest. 
You squealed as his hands squeezed your ass and he growled against your lips. He pulled back to start taking off his button-up and you stood up. You looked at him in a daze before smiling and playing with the hem of your dress. 
“Wanna see what I'm wearing underneath all this?” You asked, and he grabbed your wrists and pinned them above your head. His metal hand gripped your dress and he tore it from your body. It revealed your brand new matching black lace lingerie. 
It had gold and black details all over it, matching his arm. He smirked at the sight of you looking like his property. He leaned down and kissed you passionately as he picked you up again. 
Your hands went down to his jeans and you unbuckled his belt before pulling his cock out. You stroke him slowly and he groaned against your lips. His hands slid your panties to the side and he slipped his cock into you. 
You moaned as his cock filled you up and stretched your cunt. It was always a bit painful to take him but it felt so good. His hands gripped your ass and started pounding into your tight and wet core. 
He groaned at how tight your walls squeezed his cock as he fucked you. You moaned and he thrusted two fingers into your mouth to keep you quiet. You gagged on his fingers as your head fell back against the door. 
He smirked at how fucked out you looked and he sped up his hips. He felt your walls throbbing and clenching around his cock as you got close to your orgasm. He leaned into your ear and whispered all the dirty things he would do to you once you get home. 
Your walls clenched and throbbed at the thought as you got to your edge. He nibbled on your neck and you fell over the edge and came around his cock. You cried out around his fingers as your walls squeezed his cock tight. 
He growled your name before he thrusted deep into you and came in spurts of warm cum. He filled you up to the brim and he kept thrusting into you, making sure that you get all of his cum. He pulled his fingers out of your mouth and a bit of drool spilled out of your mouth. 
You had a dazed smile on your face as he pulled out of you. He tucked himself back in and he helped you stand. He kissed your lips softly and you kissed back with passion.
“That was fun.” You whispered.
He chuckled and nodded. “It was, but I’m not done with you.”
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lay-z · 17 hours ago
thy who plays foolish games, shalt garner foolish prizes
MCU | dark!Stucky x f!Reader | 18+ | coming soon...
Tumblr media
Summary: It all starts with an innocent crush, and your passion for teasing and banter. You don’t mean anything by it, really. However, unaware of what you’ve started, the consequences will soon catch up to you.
Warnings/Info: This will be 18+ only! Trigger Warnings will be listed at the beginning of the story/each chapter. This story will include dub-con/non-con. | I hope some of you will be interested in this! I will post the first chapter in a few days. Comment if you’d like to be tagged. Thx, babes! xoxo ♥
Tumblr media
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neottia-orchids · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
“Out here living our best lives.”
“Dollar store Captain America is getting his ass beat...”
“This ain’t about him.”
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foureyedfreezy · 11 months ago
If you like Chris Pratt and want to defend him, that’s your decision. But friendly reminder:
Brie Larson was boycotted, had her movie Captain Marvel review-bombed, had thousands of hate Youtube videos made about her, had death and rape threats, and been compared to Hilter, for almost 2 years for her opinions of diversity.
Natalie Portman was blamed for Thor 2 flopping and attacked for playing the next Thor in Love and Thunder. 
Elizabeth Olsen was bullied out of Instagram for not speaking about Chadwick Boseman’s death soon enough. 
Don Cheadle is hated for his liberal opinions. And he, Idris Elba, Zendaya Coleman, Tessa Thompson, Anthony Mackie and the cast of Black Panther had racist hate for playing black superheroes.
Comcisgaters and “anti-woke” people rioted against the idea of an Ironheart Disney Plus show to a point they made a rumor that black people harassed Lexi Rabe believing she would be MCU’s Ironheart when it was really about white people bothering her for signing autographs. And plan to attack whatever child actor who will play Riri Williams.
John Boyega, though not Marvel, has been getting death threats for playing the first black lead in Star Wars and accused of getting in between the Reylo ship, accused of being sexist by white women for making a sex joke about Rey, and called out for Disney’s racism.
Chris Pratt getting defended over a Twitter joke but the people I’ve listed above didn’t get as much of the help from big white male stars when they were harassed for real.   
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marvel-diaries · 5 months ago
Two Servings
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female! Reader
Summary: Bucky enjoys two servings of his delicious breakfast... you.
Word Count: 1519
Warnings: NSFW, 18+, minors DNI, oral (female receiving), fingering, face riding, hint of sir!kink, praise!kink, slight spanking!kink, multiple orgasms, language, mention of bodily fluids.
Authors Note: I just needed to use that gif because it’s so fucking hot! Enjoy loves <3
Main Masterlist | Bucky Barnes Masterlist
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Credit @ theavengers for the wonderful gif
Tumblr media
The morning light shining through the window blinds was what woke Bucky up from his comfortable slumber. When he looked over at your side, he found you still sound asleep in your little utopia of velvety dreams.
Today the both of you had a day off to spend some much-needed time together. The deal was to snooze in as long as possible to then order breakfast or lunch in bed, depending on how long you decided to be lazy. It was still early, and he shouldn’t be waking you up, but he didn’t manage to go back to sleep, so he took the second-best option, and that was to take his time to stare at your beautiful sleeping figure.
You started to stir as mumbles of something he couldn’t catch escaped your lips. What perked his ears was when you let out a long moan of his name followed by pleas for him not to stop.
Oh, this was interesting. He would have so much fun with you now that he knew that the dream was sinful and naughty about him making you feel so good.
Luckily for him, you only slept in a pair of panties and nothing else, making his playground much more accessible to his fingers and tongue.
His digits snaked into your underwear, already finding you wet and ready to go for him. It was no surprise. You were always prepared for him. He loved the feel of you on his fingers. The gasp you emitted was like music to his ears as his middle finger ever so softly massaged your aching pearl. Tongue, fingers, dick, whatever it was, he knew how to please you.
The vibranium one took a firm hold of your plump breast, massaging your nipple that was hard as a rock. He was amazed at the effect he had on you while still asleep.
He slid under the covers until he found your legs stretched out. Even in your dream, you were such a good girl for him. “Dreaming of me, doll?” He questioned against your covered core but got no reply. You were still in that hot and steamy dreamland.
He smirked before he got to work on you. The panties were slipped off of you in success to keep you under sleep. There was no way in hell that you would be able to sleep through this for long. He helped to keep you open for him, as the assaults on you would be immense.
Bucky nuzzled his face into your pussy before he licked from the slit to your clit, flicking the tip of his tongue at the sensitive nerve. A moan left your lips as the dream you were having felt so lifelike.
His lips enclosed around your clit as he altered between sucking and licking on the sensitive nerve. Like clockwork, your hand tangled in his hair. His soft locks were between your fingers as the grab on him was hard enough to make him groan out against your core. The vibrations created wonderful tingles that had you moan and whimper in need of more.
“F-fuck, don’t stop, Bucky.” The cover was pulled off by you to be met with a starving man between your thighs, clenching his thirst. His eyes found your open ones. Finally, you were awake.
His lips released your clit for a few moments. “Good morning, princess.” He quickly returned to his assault on you as your swollen clit throbbed in need to be sucked again.
“Go-good morning in-de-ed.” Your back arched off the bed somewhat as a whimper fell into the room. “Mo-more, p-please babe,” you begged him. It felt so good as he ate you out for his and your pleasure. You didn’t want him ever to stop. You needed more. You always needed more from him. “More? You want more?” “Yes! Fuck yes!” “I’ll give you more baby doll, don’t you worry.”
After he promised to bring you that sweet pleasure with all his expert tools, a finger was inserted in you. A second one was inserted just a few moments later. The stretching of your tight hole felt too fucking good as you shut your eyes close to revel in the pleasure. Moans, whimpers, and pleas of his name went on a loop.
His other hand was placed on your stomach, pushing you down into the mattress to keep you under his control.
Watching you there completely under his mercy was so intoxicating to him that he could spend the rest of his life between your thighs if he had the chance. Pleasing you over and over again was on his mind every second of every day. His eyes darkened in lust at watching you toss and turn on the bedsheets.
The suck on your clit was gentle before the speed was increased. Your legs clenched around his head as it became so intense with pleasure for you. “No, no,” his hand pushed on your thighs, “I need you to stay open for me.” Obeying his commands, he smirked against your pussy for being so obedient, “good girl. Always such a good girl for me.”
“I’m going to cum.” “So then let go for me. I need my breakfast.”
The combination of his lips sucking and licking on your clit, his two fingers hitting that spot inside you which made you see stars, and his raspy voice was what brought you to an end.
Your pussy contracted around him as you came all over his digits. Your clit was pulsating as he kept stimulating it with his tongue. Cries, pleas, and whimpers escaped you as your vision got blurry from your orgasm. His movements stilled after having pleasured you through the intensity of it.
You thought that was it. That he was done, but when you searched for his cuddles and love like you always did after him pleasuring you, he denied.
“I’m not finished. I still have another serving left of you, so come sit on my face, baby.” Oh, God! This man was going to be the death of you.
“I-I don’t know if I can.” The early hours of the morning always had you much more sensitive, so the thought of having another orgasm so soon after the first one was both frightening and thrilling.
“It wasn’t a suggestion. Come sit on me now!”
Your legs were placed on each side of his head as you held onto the bed frame. It was going to be needed with what Bucky was about to do to you. His hands had a firm grasp of your hips to keep you under his control.
He licked his lips at soon having his second serving of the delicious breakfast, you of course. He kissed everywhere but your needy pussy, and his actions had you whine out in protest. If he was going to eat you out a second time, he could at least skip the whole teasing act.
Bucky found it in no way amusing with you rushing him. This meal was to be enjoyed slowly so it would last longer. Out of surprise, a hard smack was left on your ass as punishment. A cry was released from you at the sensation. The stinging of it was both harsh but enjoyable at the same time. “Behave! Let me enjoy my meal.” “Y-yes, Si-Sir.”
Finally, after minutes of torturous teasing, he wrapped his lips around where you needed it the most. He switched between licking and sucking on your pulsating and raw clit. The added sensation of his scruff on your skin had you clench your thighs slightly around his head.
One of your hands tangled in his soft locks as you rode his face for extra added stimulation. Both of his hands on your ass to help you ride him.
“Fuck… just like that, Bucky. Feels so good.” You wouldn’t last much longer. The second orgasm was creeping up on you quickly.
“Let me taste you. Let go, baby.” The vibrations from his mouth against your core were what you needed to reach the second high.
The orgasm was so intense that he needed to help with keeping you upright as he licked, sucked, and slurped up your juices. He was now full of his breakfast, the two servings were more than enough, but he could go for a third if he wanted. He thought best not for your sake. You would most likely die if he did. He would save it for lunch.
You were almost sobbing at how sensitive he had made you feel so early in the morning. Each kiss and lick to your now abused clit had you spasm and whine. A satisfied smirk was on his face at bringing you to the state you were in just now.
Once he was done, he helped to bring you to his side to calm you down. You curled yourself into a ball as his chest found its place against your back. Arms were wrapped around your frame as words of affirmation were whispered in your ear.
“Good girl. You did so well. Sleep again now…”
Tumblr media
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journalbye · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
《 be free, my horned friends, be free! 》
(my instagram: arashiart)
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marvelandimagine · 5 months ago
I think some people mad about the arm is not necessarily about the fact that Ayo disabling the arm itself, it's more of the fact that it was not necessary and the fact that Bucky had no idea they can do that. If I were to be honest, I think it was not that necessary because Ayo is well capable of taking him down without having to disarm him and she is definitely not threatened by him. I think what some people find upsetting about that scene is the fact that it kinda comes off as Ayo putting Bucky in a position where it would make him feel like he doesn't have full control of his own body after all. The Wakandans, especially Ayo, T'Challa and Shuri had every right to feel betrayed and upset but the point is they should have told Bucky about how the arm can easily be disabled like that, they didn't know Bucky was going to set Zemo free when they gave him the arm and regardless of the things they have done for him and if they were ones who gave him the arm, they should have at least told him about it, because it's connected to him, it's a part of HIS body. It doesn't matter if it was necessary to disarm him or not, the point is they should have told him about it because apart from the fact that it's his body and that it was a bit insensitive given his history, it's also a point of vulnerability, and the fact that she did it in front of Walker (and possibly Zemo) --- people who can easily turn on Bucky, could easily that to their advantage and attempt to disable it themselves. Just my thoughts on it.
Thank you for sharing your perspective, anon!
I’m going to use this long-ass reply to address this stuff with Ayo and also voice some thoughts I’ve had over the past few weeks seeing people paint Bucky into being this complete soft and harmless human that needs 25-7 protection which I don’t jive with — and this is me, a complete Bucky stan.
Many moons ago, I saw a post that compared 1940s Bucky moving with stealth and a loaded gun on the train to the Winter Soldier doing the same thing, essentially discussing the similarities and debating how much of non-brainwashed Bucky was in the Soldier. And I think the fandom forgets or chooses to neglect the following when painting him as this fragile, peace-loving guy:
Bucky was an incredibly skilled sniper in the United States Army. His job is to eliminate threats in the most efficient way possible, and he’s good at it. HYDRA gets their hands on him and + the serum, this gets magnified. It wasn’t like HYDRA turned him into someone with the ability and mental capacity to kill — that was already there. The brainwashing and torture just carved out the rest of him to leave those honed skills and an amplified ruthlessness with no moral issues, no sense of self to contend with. That ruthlessness is part of Bucky, whether people like it or not.
When Bucky is outside of HYDRA for the first time and hiding in Civil War and gets attacked, he’s so brutal in his actions that Steve Rogers, the man who literally was ready to die to save Bucky and free him when no one else believed in the good in him, intervenes because “Buck, you’re going to kill someone.” Bucky responds that he’s not going to kill anyone, but the fact remains: with or without HYDRA control, Bucky has a strong capacity for violence that hovers on brutality — again, what’s the most efficient way to eliminate or neutralize a threat? Like, I don’t want to kill you, but I’ll knock your ass out with cinder blocks to the chest.
Bucky has a good heart, he’s loyal, he’s smart, he’s caring, he’s the longest-standing POW in history and was turned into a slave for decades, put through unimaginable trauma and torture and horror with no escape. Bucky is also a strong and incredibly skilled super soldier who has a bionic arm, is a trained sniper, is unnervingly precise with knives, and self-describes himself as “semi-stable.” Zemo notes in the bar that “it didn’t take Bucky long to get back into form,” and he’s right because the ruthlessness and skill of the Winter Soldier is a part of him and always has been. We see it when he has his hand around Zemo’s neck and tells him he will kill him, when he rips the glass from his hand and throws it across the room.
And I’m sure the Wakandans know all this about Bucky, this light and his ability for hard-to-stop violence, whether from talking to Steve and Bucky or doing their own homework. And they still choose to help him out of the goodness of their hearts because he’s been put through hell and they believe they have the capacity to help him and it’s the right thing to do — they’re betting more on those positive attributes. And they put a failsafe on his arm, a literal weapon, and chose not to tell him. You know why I think that shows how much they did care about him? Because they could’ve blatantly come out and said “Hey, we don’t trust you,” and hurt him outright, but they didn’t because they’re betting on the light in Bucky to outweigh the dark or any future manipulation. That it’s a worst-case scenario function they hope to never have to use — so they’re prepared if shit hits the fan, and if it doesn’t, Bucky doesn’t have to be hurt feeling like he can’t be trusted. I see no issues here, they’re just being cautious.
Now coming to Ayo, my QUEEN Ayo. From that beautiful, beautiful opening scene, we get to see her support, her reassurance, her belief that Bucky will be able to work through this, even when he doesn’t believe it himself. She watches him fight and struggle and cry, and you can feel the hope in her and how moved she is when she gets to tell him it worked, he did it — he’s free. And she says it not once, but twice. And you can hear not just the comfort, but the PRIDE and warmth in her voice directed to him, who I’m sure she’s watched throughout the whole deprogramming process and gotten to know and is happy to see him work through the pain and come out on the other side.
And then she sees that same individual make a decision in freeing Zemo that she perceives as a “fuck you” not just to her country, but to her, someone who was charged with protecting her king. She could’ve just disarmed Bucky the second they met up, but she doesn’t. She takes the time to explain her side and her feelings, her guilt and her shame, and basically implies that she feels betrayed by Bucky because Wakanda helped him and now he’s doing something that’s hurting her country. And still, she doesn’t attack or just go get Zemo. She gives Bucky the benefit of the doubt and a whole 8-hour American workday to do what he has to do because again, she believes in the best of him. And then that time limit runs up, and he chooses to get in her way.
And that’s the final straw. She’s angry, she’s guilty, she’s frustrated, and she feels betrayed hurt by someone I think she did respect and care about, someone whom she worked with and helped and supported when he was his most vulnerable. Did she “need” to disarm the arm to fight Bucky? Probably not. But is she doing it in the heat of battle and adrenaline and a whole bucket ton of emotions, including what she sees as the White Wolf blatantly disrespecting her country and her as a person and even friend and she just says fuck it, I’m done? You hurt us and me, and I’m going to hurt you back? Oh yeah. And Bucky looks shocked, not because he’s a poor fragile baby and “oh no, my arm, how could you?? my TrAumA”, but in the dual realization of “oh shit, how’d you do that?!” and “oh shit, I think I crossed a line here.” And also, I don’t think a single person in that room would be able to recreate the disabling sequence other than Ayo — it’s way too targeted and specific for someone like Walker to pick it up in the whole three seconds it took.
People need to stop reducing characters to these black and white extremes of soft and hard, of good and bad. Doing so completely devalues and ignores the REALITY of the complexity of being human, and Bucky and Ayo are both great examples of that played by stellar actors who portray that range and depth extremely well. End of the day, my thought is that the failsafe in the arm was justified and people need to stop coming for Ayo based on this ridiculous narrative that Bucky is too traumatized and sensitive and too much of a fave to ever be challenged or he’ll explode into dust. Boy deserves a life of freedom and healing and mental health support, but he’s also still a formidable opponent with the capacity for violence and skillset to kill. People are more than one thing.
Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk!!
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neottia-orchids · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Wanda when anyone tells her she can’t keep alternate dimension people around.
That’s it. I’ve milked this episode’ to the end. Goodbye.
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lay-z · 17 days ago
While I'm trying to pick a prompt from your list or think about something better, what about a basic and cliché request? 😁 Shang Chi kissing headcanons
Sure! Love the basics, and on this blog we enjoy a good cliché once in a while! Thank you for requesting, luv, hope you like it! (:
Warnings/Info: None; just fluff ♥
Tumblr media
Shang-Chi | Kissing Headcanon:
Due to his upbringing, and basically growing up in exile, Shang-Chi is not the most experienced when it comes to being intimate with someone
Sure, he’s kissed before, and he’s not a virgin anymore, but still
Whenever it comes to first base with a new person, the poor guy gets nervous
However, as soon as he gets comfortable, it’s on
He loves making out with you until you’re both out of breath, lips swollen, and tender
Shang-Chi loves to hold your face when he kisses you, building tension with smoldering eye contact before he leans in
It’s hot, and passionate, and it leaves you weak in the knees
Also, his lips are so soft, and he makes sure to take care of them
He owns several lip balms and keeps them around his home, and one in different jackets
Shang-Chi loves to pinch your cheeks before kissing them; he loves to hear you giggle and know that you enjoy being with him
One of his biggest weaknesses is when you kiss along his jaw, and nuzzle his neck before you bite down gently; it’s a danger zone, because it can always lead to sex if you’re down for it
Listen! Gentle forehead kisses, and kisses one your temple when you’re cuddling in bed or on the couch
Shang-Chi acts all flustered when you leave hickeys on his neck and chest, but he secretly adores being marked up by you
Licks his lips before he kisses you, and bites your lip when you tease him too much
Overall loves receiving and giving kisses to show his affection
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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marvel-diaries · 4 months ago
Black T-Shirt
Captain America and The Winter Soldier
Pairing; Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Summary; Bucky in that black and tight T-Shirt has you in desperate need to have his dick in your mouth.
Word Count; 1588
Warnings; NSFW, 18+, Minors DNI, cursing, language, dirty talk, pet names, oral (male receiving), masturbation (female), Daddy!kink, face fucking, mention of bodily fluids.
Authors Note; sorry that the beginning is literal trash! I just didn’t know what in the hell to write leading up to the big event lol. I hope you all enjoy regardless <3 Minor spoilers to TFATWS 1x04!
Main Masterlist || Bucky Barnes Masterlist
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Credit @ brucelangley for the wonderful gif
Tumblr media
Watching Bucky in that tight, black t-shirt all day had your mind in other places than the mission. Places of sin and pleasure as your mouth was watering in need to have his dick in your mouth at the way the shirt clung to his muscular body. But the busy day of finding Karli and the Dora Milaje threatening to come for Zemo gave you no time to pull him somewhere to the side for him to bring you to your knees and to suck him off.
Until the Dora Milaje arrived at the place you were staying, and all hell broke loose with spears and arms swinging everywhere, which resulted in Zemo’s escape.
“Get your stuff. We're leaving in 20 minutes to find him,” Sam ordered the two of you. 20 minutes? That was more than enough time to get what you wanted out of your boyfriend.
“Come here.” You took his hand and rushed the two of you into the bedroom where you could carry out your little mission. “What is it? Where's the rush?” Bucky questioned when he saw the rush you were in.
“I need you.”
He caught on pretty quickly in what you needed when your hand was placed just above his bulge. Your soft and pleading eyes were begging for him. How could he ever say no to a face like yours?
“Get on your knees, and I'll give you what you want so much doll.”
There was no trace of hesitation in your soul as you sunk to your knees in front of him and looked up as innocently as you could muster.
The belt buckle being undone by him was like sweet music in your ears. When he pulled down his jeans with his underwear, you came face to face with his throbbing cock that was full and erect for you only. The need for him to be in your mouth was just as great as your need for him to use your mouth to the fullest. Fuck, he looked so beautiful as you peeked up at him through your lashes.
When he went to pull off his shirt as well, you stopped him immediately. “No, keep it on.” The way the shirt clung to his muscular body had your core scream in need. The print of his abs could be seen from how tight it was. His biceps teasing to burst out any second from the tightness of his short sleeves had your tongue peek out to wet your lips.
He traced your lips with his thumb, and you gave it a light kiss before you allowed entrance for him. Hollowing your cheeks, you sucked and swirled your tongue on his digit, making a groan emit deep from within him at your mouth being so obedient to him.
“Let's put that mouth to good use, shall we kitten? Are you going to be a good girl for Daddy?” He asked as his hand found its place at the back of your neck to encourage you on.
Oh, Daddy? So he was in that mood now. Then you knew he was going to use and abuse your mouth to the fullest.
“Yes, Daddy.”
“Good girl.”
Your hand wrapped around his base as you looked up to him for permission to continue. The slight nod of his head was the signal you were looking for.
You opened your mouth to let your tongue trace his throbbing vein on the underside of him. The feel of you on his most sensitive part had him shudder at the feeling your tongue was giving him.
Your tongue swirled at the head of him. It ended with a light suckle to his mushroom tip like it was a delicious and tasty lollipop.
That was enough teasing for him. He needed more, so his hand at the back of you pushed your mouth more on him. All the way until your nose met his base, your tongue teasing his length as you managed to take him in fully. The feeling of him so deep in your throat made you cough around his entire cock. The vibrations felt wonderful on him as it made him shiver down his spine.
He needed more. With his hand holding your head in place, his hips thrust quick and sharp into your mouth, taking all it had to offer.
“You take me so well, doll. Such a good girl for me.”
He kept his dick deep in your throat at all times, fucking it to his liking, bruising and abusing it to the fullest, until you showed signs that you needed a break which he kindly let you have.
He couldn't help but hiss out at the loss of you around him, already missing having you on him. It was something he never could get enough of.
Your lips were swollen from the actions Bucky laid on you, and your eyes were watery at him tickling the back of your throat with every thrust of his hips. All in all, you were a beautiful mess for your Daddy, and he couldn't stop praising you for being so good to him.
The saliva from your mouth was trickling down his length, and it made you hungry to taste him again and again. You could never get enough of him in your mouth—the place where only he belonged.
His cock twitched when you looked up at him through your long lashes, and he couldn't help but wrap his fist around himself, making quick strokes to hurry up the process of cumming in your mouth.
“Show me that pretty tongue.”
Sticking it out for him like he asked and giving it a wiggle, he laid his head on the tip of it. Switching between tapping his head on it and making sinful strokes on himself.
The image of him looking so in control and dominant where he was standing tall and towering over you had your clit tingle in delight. You couldn't help yourself when you undid your pants some so you could snake your hand in your panties and give it the attention it so desperately needed.
“Look at you. Such a needy little thing. Needing to touch yourself while you suck me off.” His movements ceased to a halt. It was his way of saying it was your turn now to continue where he left off.
You took him in your hand to jerk him off as he did just a moment ago. The focus was on his red and sensitive tip. Your other hand was working on yourself to bring you to orgasm as well.
“Does it feel good, Daddy?”
“So good, kitten. Keep going.”
His eyes were closed shut, and his head leaning back some at the pleasure you were bringing him with your expert hand.
When you felt like he had enough, you let him in your mouth again for him to do as he pleased. His sounds of pleasure increased in volume as he fucked your warmth.
Encouraging flicks of your tongue were given to him as he fucked your face raw to his liking. Using your mouth for his pleasure, and you loved every second of it.
He was going to cum in your mouth; you could feel it, see it, and you wanted nothing more than have him shot his delicious seed down your throat. He twitched in your mouth and his muscles tensed up in preparation to let himself go. You were close to finishing as well as your hand was working on your clit.
He pulled himself out again, much to your disapproval, as he once more wrapped his fist around himself, making quick strokes.
“Open your mouth and show me that tongue.”
Doing as told, you opened wide for him to empty his cum on your desperate tongue. Your eyes were large and innocent when you looked up at him.
He was so close. His hand was losing the steady rhythm that he had. His vibranium one went in your hair to pull hard, making you emit a yelp at the pain.
“Fuck, I'm cumming, kitten. Cum for Daddy as well.”
The coil in your stomach snapped as his loud, and heavy grunts filled the air as he came all over your tongue and lips. Ropes of him decorating it so beautifully like an expensive artwork at the museum.
Once both of you came down from your high and he emptied himself entirely on you, he took a second to admire his work. Proud of how beautiful it looked.
“So pretty baby girl, Now swallow all of it.”
You closed your mouth and swallowed his load with no second thoughts. It was ingrained in you to do so. Like it was second nature. You showed him your empty mouth, which made him let out a satisfied groan of approval.
His thumb traced your lips to collect some of the remaining cum and pushed his digit into your parted lips for you to suck him clean.
“Such a good girl for me.”
A few seconds later, there could be heard a knock on the door and Sam's voice speaking from outside.
“Look, I don't know what the hell you guys are doing in there, but we need to leave, like right now.”
You and Bucky stifled a laugh at knowing that Sam most likely knew what was up with the two of you.
“Come on.” He helped you to stand up on your feet. “Let's get cleaned up, and then we have to leave.”
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