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Susan looked around the interrogation room. It’d been “requested” that she come in to “discuss” a case. I bet this has something to do with that Agent Carter. A week had passed since her midnight visit from the woman, but Susan had not been able to push what she’d said out of her head.

A man walked into the interrogation room. “Susan Pevensie. British. 25 years old.”

“Congratulations. You can read my passport.” Susan answered.

“You’ve been in the states 6 years.”

Susan nodded.

“Who are you.”

“Susan Pevensie. British. 25 years old. Been in the states for 6 years.”

The man rolled his eyes. “Do they teach you how to do this in Britain?” He showed her picture after picture of her dead intruders.

Susan said nothing.

“No one knows what these things are. How do you know how to kill them?”


“No. This is education.”

Susan remained silent.

“Where were you trained?” He demanded.

“I wasn’t. I used to be attacked by these creatures as a child. You learned, or you died.” The words escaped Susan before she could stop them, and she instantly knew they were true. Memories she’d been suppressing washed over her. She tried to push them back. Tried to hide them away again, but she couldn’t.

She’d caught her interrogator off guard. “You were attacked by these as a child?” He asked weakly. “So they’re in Britain too?” Thankfully that was not a question directed at her.

Susan offered no extra information.

“What are they?” He asked her.

“The nightmares out of children’s stories, ogres, werewolves, giants, etc. I had convinced myself they weren’t real until they showed up at my door again.”

He looked from her to the pictures, then back to her. He couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing, but he’d seen the evidence. Finally, he walked out of the room, then called over his shoulder, “You’re free to go.”

Susan wasted no time in leaving.

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Fighting For Attention

Requested by: @kaosbabe

Pairing: Lucifer Morningstar x reader, Loki x reader

Genre: Fluff

Characters: Y/N, Lucifer Morningstar, Loki

Description: Lucifer and Loki both adore Y/N and end up competing with each other to win her affection.


You shook your head in disappointment as you watched the two fully grown men bicker in front of you. For days, both of them have been in competition with each other to try and win you over, but so far nothing has worked.

“Seriously guys, this needs to stop.” You looked at both of them, your arms folded across your chest. They both turned around to look at you, the most apologetic expressions on their faces.

“Sorry, Y/N” They gave each other the most dirtiest look as they both said this in unison. You rolled your eyes and walked away, leaving the two idiots to fight amongst themselves.

“You know, Loki, I will get her. Any woman I’ve ever met has been unable to resist my charm.” Lucifer leaned back cooly against the counter, a large smirk growing on his face.

“In your dreams, Lucifer. Why would she want a pompous prick like you when she could have an Asgardian prince?” Lucifer shot Loki a very dirty look which quickly changed to a slight smirk as an idea crossed his mind.

“Alright, Loki. Let’s make this a competition. We’ll pull out all the stops to try and woo our precious Y/N. May the best man, or devil, win.”


You were sat in the living room, eyes glued to the pages of your book when a delicious scent wafted in from the kitchen. Your curiosity peaked and you made your way to the kitchen to find Lucifer stood by the cooker, wearing a ‘kiss the devil’ apron and making your favourite meal.

“What are you doing?” You leaned against the doorway, eyebrows raised at the handsome devil standing before you.

“Why, I’m cooking you dinner. I thought you deserved it because you’re always working so hard.” You felt happiness bubbling up inside you at the lovely words and walked over to Lucifer, pecking him on the cheek.

“Thanks, Luci. You’re the best.” You walked away to wash your hands as Lucifer was finishing the dinner. A gleeful laugh sounded from his mouth. “Top that, reindeer games.”


After sitting down to have a lovely dinner with Lucifer, you went upstairs to have a nice bath and get ready for bed. You walked into your room and noticed a small envelope placed on your pillow. Again, your curiosity peaked as you walked over to open it. Your eyes widened when you realised it was from Loki.

In the envelope, there was a small, handwritten note telling you how amazing you were and how you deserved to be treated like a queen. Adoration filled your heart as you noticed a vase of flowers on your bedside table. You smiled as you leaned over and smelt the flowery scent, a mixture of rose and lavender filling your nose.

You walked into the bathroom and ran a bath, ready to relax and wash away the stresses of your day.

After a few minutes, you began to think over the actions of the two men. They were acting a little out of character. None of them were lovey-dovey types so you began to try and figure out the reasons behind their actions. Your eyes widened a little as the reason dawned on you: they were both trying to fight for your affection.


Both Lucifer and Loki were standing side by side as you walked down the stairs, their arms behind their backs.

A quizzical look crossed your face. “Why are you guys acting so weird today?” You walked past them and took a seat on the sofa, keeping eye contact with both of them.

Lucifer walked towards you and sat down, revealing a box of chocolates from behind his back. Loki copied his actions and revealed a bunch of flowers from behind his back. They both waited patiently for your reaction.

You looked between the both of them and burst out into a fit of giggles. Lucifer and Loki shared confused looks as your giggles began to get louder and louder.

“What’s so funny?” You looked at Loki and patted him on the back, doing the same with Lucifer.

“Guys, guys, guys. If you’re trying to win me over, you’re going to need to try harder than cooking me dinner and leaving little love notes on my pillow. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to head to bed. Alone.”

You walked out of the room and up to bed, leaving Lucifer and Loki staring after you, their mouths hanging open.

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Til The End

Pairing: Steve x Bucky

Summary: After fifty years of life, Steve and Bucky take a look back on what they’ve lost and what they still have left to lose.

Warnings: Many mentions of death, mentions of torture. 

Word Count: 2025

This is my story. Please do not repost or put on other websites without explicit permission. Feel free to reblog!




“Do you ever wish we did things differently?”

Steve looked up from his newspaper, glanced at his husband’s lined face. “No. No, I don’t.” He moved his chair closer to the hospital bed and smiled.

“Me neither,” Bucky said, “I guess I just wondered if you did.”

Three weeks. That’s how long the doctors said he had. Bucky was strong, there was no doubt about that, but a super soldier serum can only do so much. Especially when said serum was administered hastily by a Nazi organization.

They both knew he was going to die. It was inevitable, more inevitable than that fatal snap that stole James away for five long years. More inevitable than the snap that took Tony away for good. The snap that Natasha died for. The snap that saved the universe.

But that was history. The world had collectively decided to move on, embrace the new present that their Avengers had given them. And Steve moved on with them. Gave Sam the shield. Gave Bucky his love. Gave up the heroics and gave in to the domestic life that called him.

The domestic life that was going to die.

Fifty years. They had grown even older together, gone to game nights and baby showers and weddings and funerals for every single one of their friends. They were the first ones born, the last ones left. It was ironic in this way.

Peter Parker was the first to go, that poor boy. 2025, he was only nineteen. Seven gunshot wounds during a patrol gone wrong. The Starks didn’t stop crying through the whole funeral, and Tony’s legacy was attacked when New York found out their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was a child.

It was Rhodey after that, 2032. He had helped to raise his best friend’s daughter for as long as he could, but died of complications associated with a cardiac arrest before Morgan could go to college. Steve had a hard time with this one, especially since Rhodey had been the one to officiate at him and Bucky’s wedding.

And then, just a year later, tragedy struck. Both Sam Wilson and the Stark family, gone within two months of each other. Sam died first, freezing to death while waiting for backup to come help their grounded Captain. They arrived to find a corpse. And too soon after his military funeral, while the world was still devastated by loss, Happy Hogan was hit by a high driver, both of the Stark girls in the car. Pepper and Morgan died immediately, Happy held on for another six months.

Steve and Bucky reeled after that. They had been planning to adopt a child at this point, but decided against it. Morgan was sixteen years old. They had wanted to adopt a teenager. That was a bit unappetizing after they saw a neat row of headstones engraved with the name “Stark”.

Two years passed, they got a dog. And then another. And another. They were happy, life carried on as best it could. In 2037, they attended Scott Lang’s funeral. He was 57, died in an explosion. Everyone gave his family their love.

23 years after Natasha Romanoff died, Wanda Maximoff followed in her footsteps. A group of CHIMERA operatives abducted her, she was unable to be located for two years. Steve was hell-bent on finding the girl, even though he had given up heroics long before. CHIMERA was founded on the broken remains of HYDRA, after all, and he couldn’t help but feel responsible for leaving enough of their operatives left that they could take Wanda.

SHIELD finally found her body in 2046. Tortured past the point of recognizing the forty-three year old Witch. Her daughter was the only one who was allowed to see the corpse, Sylvia decided to have her mother cremated as soon as possible. Sokovia became Wanda’s final resting place, and the Barnes-Rogers’ decided to visit it once a year as a tribute to the Maximoffs.

Bruce was next. That one was hard. Only a year after Wanda, bless her heart, though his death was far less violent. At 78, Professor Hulk was suffering from Alzheimer’s and didn’t recognize anyone anymore. He suffered a severe stroke, never recovered. Bucky, having been very close to the man before his health declined, was devastated by the loss and became severely depressed. Steve moved out for a month when their marriage was tested by this. A year of therapy and several reminders of how much they loved each other helped things get better.

No one ever knew what happened to Thor. Steve honestly hadn’t thought about him in about 10 years when a spaceship touched down in Northern Ireland. Clint, Steve, and Bucky were informed that the god had passed away. They never got any more information from the cranky man who called himself Starlord. It was a sad moment, nonetheless.

Even sadder was when Clint passed away in 2053, the last of the original Avengers other than Steve. Steve, who sobbed, right alongside the entire Barton clan. Clint was 82, they saw it coming a mile away, but it was still devastating. The funeral was televised, and millions of people from all over the world paid tribute to the man who had kept them safe as long as he was able.

Steve and Bucky never did end up having kids of their own, but they got very close to some of Bucky’s siblings’ descendents. Life moved on, the world kept turning. Bucky finished his memoir in 2055. Steve opened his exhibit in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in 2057. They attended charity balls and backyard bashes, no longer in the spotlight but admired nonetheless. They were happy.

2060. Nick Fury finally died, the bastard. Lived to 104, which almost felt like an insult to everyone who died before him. But no one was angry that the Director had stuck around for so long, they were just sad to see him finally go. He had kept his wits about him until the moment he died peacefully in his sleep.

Bucky started having pains in his back ten years after that. He was around 75, biologically speaking, although it was very hard to gauge his actual age with all the cryofreeze and such. It worried Steve, seeing his life partner in pain all the time, but Bucky assured him it was nothing. Steve believed him.

At 90 years old, T’challa passed away. His four children threw a large funeral, just as they had for Shuri sixteen years before, and invited the Barnes-Rogers’ out of politeness. The two men decided to go, pay their respects to the King who had eradicated the Winter Soldier all those years ago.

Bucky collapsed before they could even make it out of the door, though, and Steve insisted that they go to the hospital. In 2072, there were few things that medicine was incapable of achieving. But curing Steve’s husband was one of those things.

His cells had been degenerating for decades, Bucky only started feeling it physically a few years before they finally went to the doctor. Because the technology that had made the man a super soldier was so old, and they had no information on how it was done, there was nothing they could do. A year, they said. They could give the man one more year of life.

Steve was in denial for a long time. Bucky accepted his fate immediately, simply chose to live the remainder of his life as best he could. Steve forced him to go to countless specialists, spent hours and hours poring over medical textbooks when those specialists said there was nothing they could do. Bucky went to the hospital six more times over a span of six months, and that final visit was the one where they said they only had three more weeks to be together. That final visit was the one where Steve broke down.

He didn’t want to lose his best friend. Not again, not like this. He didn’t want to lose his lover, the man who had stuck by his side even when he couldn’t remember his own name. Steve didn’t want Bucky to die. But Bucky had three more weeks of life, and those weeks were not going to be easy. And Steve finally understood just how real this all was.



“Do you ever wish we did things differently?”

Steve looked up from his newspaper, glanced at his husband’s lined face. “No. No, I don’t.” He moved his chair closer to the hospital bed and smiled.

“Me neither,” Bucky said, “I guess I just wondered if you did.”

Steve stared at the man, the tubes sticking out of him from what seemed like everywhere. The bags under his bloodshot eyes. Eyes that still sparkled with youth, even if they were surrounded by sagging and grayish skin. Steve looked at that handsome face, those beautiful eyes, and felt tears well up in his own. “There’s no point to regret, honey. We’ve had a good run-it hasn’t been easy, but it’s been good. Everything has to end eventually.”

“You know I love you, right?”

“Yeah, yeah. I know.”

Bucky took Steve’s hand and looked at him fiercely-or as fiercely as he could in this feeble state. “Listen, Stevie. I love you. I know this ain’t gonna be easy, but I’m gonna keep loving you even after I’m gone. And when you join me in heaven, you better be the cranky old man I love and not some shell of him, you hear me?”

“I hear you.”

“Good.” Bucky leaned his head back and loosened his grip on Steve’s hand. “It’ll be okay, you know. You’ve lost me before, you can lose me again. Death can’t keep us apart.”

“Til the end of the line, right?” Steve smiled softly as his husband chuckled at the old, old phrase.

“Til the end of the line.” There was a pause before Bucky murmured, “You know, it’s kind of funny. The first Avenger is gonna be the last one left. Hope he keeps dancing til the end…”

Bucky sighed, eyes drooping. Steve kept looking at that handsome face as it fell into sleep. “I love you,” he whispered, a tear dropping onto the hospital sheet, “So goddamn much. I don’t want you to leave, but I’ll see you again. It won’t be long, I just know it.”

The funeral was a month later. Steve kept it together until the end, when he finally broke down. When it finally hit him. When he finally realized just how alone he was.

James Barnes. 1917-2073. The headstone was huge, practically a monument. Bucky never told Steve what he wanted for his funeral or burial, that was a topic he always shied away from, so Steve just let the public have their monument. He knew Buck wouldn’t really care. His legacy was more than a rock covering a casket.

It was easier than Steve expected, letting his husband go. Not to say that it was easy. The kind of commitment they had, the bond that stood strong after 150 years, it was agony to lose. Steve screamed and begged and sobbed for hours, took months to get past the initial shock, but he ended up recovering. Five years, that’s how long he lasted. Five years. He thought of his Bucky every day, and it never stopped hurting to look at pictures of that dashing man, but he kept on living for five more years after Bucky died.

It was a different world than he was born in, the world that Steve left. Everyone knew it was time. He had been alive for 160 years, for God’s sake, it was long past his time to go. He went softly. He went peacefully. And, just for James, he kept dancing til the end. Even when his legs stopped working and dancing was just smiling slightly as he watched people he barely recognized twirl about to songs ten times their age just for him. He kept dancing, and that was enough.

Steve Rogers. 1918-2078. James Barnes. 1917-2073. Together til the end of the line.

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No. I don’t think there’s a limit for fan-fiction at all. You can read whatever you want. I don’t know if people think they’re not going to get old as the years go by but sorry to disappoint, it happens to everyone. So, if someone judges you, I’m sure they’re going to find themselves in your position in a near future and they’ll understand. 

Read whatever you want, your age shouldn’t matter.

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THIS LEGIT TOOK HALF AN HOUR!! (if u hv any ideas for these collages or wallpapers lemme know) FOLLOW FOR MORE

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Square Filled: Truth serum

Thor Bingo Masterlist

Pairing: Thor Odinson x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, humor

Word count: 1180

Written for @thorbingo

Thor Odinson Taglist – @raspberrymama​  @bitchycherryblossomlove@jennie22feona@innerpaperexpertcloud@thorfanficwriter

Everything Taglist – @godofplumsandthunder​  @ladyacrasia@agustdowney@swaggysposts@littlegasps@little-baby-vixen​  @another-stark-sub@supraveng@kahlanmars@marvelgirl7@disappointmentofthefam​  @pandaxnienke@tom-hlover​  @just-the-hiddles

If you wish to be tagged in any of these lists, send me an ask or DM!

“Forget it Loki. This isn’t to use for your one of your pranks, it’s for future missions.” Bruce warned albeit a little cautiously. The God of Mischief still gave him the creeps, nobody could tell when he was being playful or serious, and Bruce definitely wasn’t willing to take chances.

“Look Bruce, this will prove beneficial for the team, at least your silly bets against the two of them will stop for good. Be thankful I’m asking permission, I can very easily just steal it from your lab without a fly noticing.” Loki’s voice low and threatening.

It had taken months for him to act civil around others, eventually friendly with the team but every now and then he used felt forced to use his old tricks to get his way. The people in question here were (Y/N) and his brother. For several weeks now, there had been palpable sexual tension between the two, however neither of them were brave enough to confront the other and Loki along with the team had grown impatient.

“Think about it Bruce, you can record the scene with one of your telephone things and use it against them. Everybody wants leverage against someone.”

“You’re a psychopath! I won’t let you treat my friends like lab rats. However…” Bruce trailed off, he hated that Loki had got to him so quickly, as much as his principles advised him against it, a part of him wanted the whole ordeal to be over.

“Fine. Take the vial, remember not to overdo it though, or you’ll cause permanent damage to their nervous systems.”

“My brother could use some of that damage.” He rolled his eyes before striding over to collect the vial containing truth serum and heading out of the lab.

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