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Summary: Following the events of Far From Home, Peter has to deal with the aftermath of the world finding out he’s Spider-Man. A new friend helps him through, and an old foe comes back in search of revenge.

Word Count: 1213

Warnings: A lil fight scene but nothing graphic

A/N: This is it! This is the end! I can’t believe this series is finally over! Thank you to everyone who suppored me through this. This fic is my baby and I’m so so so so so so so proud of it. Thank you to @londonspidey​ and @jamesbbarnes-anon for beta reading for me. See you all for the next one!

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warning: semi-smut, 18+ content ahead

summary: (spidersona x Peter Parker: 18+) It is now only a matter of time before Peter confronts Y/N about her identity. Y/N has no choice but to wait for Peter to step through the white, laced curtained window.

a/n: I’m sorry for the wait. I had posted a one shot, Wishing Drinking to appease anyone after this much needed chapter update! Also good news, Something Familiar is not over just yet!

Ch I | Ch. II | Ch. III | Ch. IIII | Ch. V

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Chapter Summary:  Thor’s stalking reaches a new high with the help of a certain former Russian spy. He comes to realise that he’s hopelessly addicted to the woman named Jess. Thor gives her a name for himself, and they strike an easy rapport. Weeks on, something suddenly changes and Thor is thrown into a dilemma: kiss the girl or do the honourable thing.

Words:  5.6k

A/N:  Here, Donald Blake is Thor’s alter ego. (It’s a little nod to the comics.)

Warnings:  Angst, emotional hurt & distress, crying, a really mean argument happens, sexual attraction, soft Thor, first kiss, morale dilemma, guilt, bad language… also Thor is a stalker (but he means well).  Really long chapter - sorry.


New Heights

Thor had accepted that the mystery woman had not wanted his company on her walk back through the park but he did not stay on the promenade.  At a distance he followed her, watching her traverse the foot-worn trails through the brush in the sporadic light of the lampposts.

He watched from the shadows as she met with her fiancé, as he kissed her and they embraced.  With the use of his bionic eye he watched them walk further up the street where they seemed to get into a fight.  He couldn’t make out the words but he could see she was angry, and then terribly sad.  Whatever that man had said or done to her was none of his business but it irritated him nonetheless.

When they both disappeared into an underground parking garage, he thought perhaps they lived there in the building above.   Soon after, a small red Toyota emerged onto the street and disappeared along a side street. Perhaps not then.

There were many things about the woman that he didn’t know, and those were mostly things that he had no right to know, like where she lived or worked for example.  Thor liked to know things, he preferred to be prepared.

The parking garage served the offices and businesses above, of which there was a mixture from legal to health and not surprisingly, an art studio.  It also served as a limited space public parking area.

The art studio is promising.  He thought.

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Summary: Peter had been hoping to tell you how he felt about you on your 18th birthday. However, the day takes a turn for the worse as a killer is on the hunt for you, throwing you into thinking that you’ve lived this day before (Happy Death Day au).

Pairings: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Warnings: Death/murder, swearing, description of injuries and blood, a bunch of angst, with a sprinkle of fluff throughout.

Words: 3.8k 

A/n: This has been my baby for like six months now, I was suppose to post it in February but I got carried away writing it and wasn’t ready to post it then. It is going to be a rollercoaster of emotions so hold on tight. (If this flops I will cry myself to sleep).

Add yourself to my taglist 

*** means break, same day

— means break, next day

Part One - The Repeat

The familiar alarm your dad had set up to annoy you each birthday pulled you from sleep. You let out a groan before rolling over to hit the snooze button on your phone, wishing you could have a few more hours sleep. 

You rolled onto your back, blinking up at the ceiling as Jarvis automatically opened the curtains for you. You blinked a few times for your eyes to adjust to the sudden light streaming into your bedroom. You let out a sigh, eyes closely again. 

“Happy birthday!” Peter suddenly called as the door swung open, waking you up again after having nearly falling asleep. He held a poorly frosted cupcake in his hand, a single candle flickering away on top.

“Ugh,” you grumbled, pulling yourself to sit up as Peter made his way over to you. He sat down on the bed, giving you a nervous smile.

“I came early to be the first to wish you happy birthday. Jarvis said you were awake so I uh, I thought I’d come in and well… Make a wish,” he said and you smiled softly, closing your eyes briefly while blowing out the candle on the cupcake he had made you. 

What did you wish for?”

“I can’t tell you that,” you said with a smirk and Peter chuckled, blushing slightly. “Thank you, you’re very sweet.”

“Well today’s activities have only just begun,” he said, standing up and pulling the covers off you. “Let’s go.”

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prompt: “You’re too good for this world.”

pairing: peter parker x reader
genre: friends to lovers au / fluff, romance
word count: 741
author’s note: fingers cross tumblr actually lets this show up in the tags! just some random fluffy fluff that i felt like writing.

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader

Word Count: 556

Warnings: Smut, Light Cussing

Summary: Out for the night on your wedding anniversary with Bucky you both come back to Stark Tower to continue your fun night of traditions..

*Just a fun drabble*

Thank you to @pagesoflauren​ for beta reading this for me

Permanent Taglist:

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Reblogs & Comments on Tumblr are welcomed and encouraged. 😊💜

Reposts on other social media pages or apps is NOT allowed. 🚫🚫

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Summary: In a battle between head and heart, which will win out? Will you and Steve let down your walls enough to admit to yourselves - and each other- that there might be something between you?

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Reader

Word Count: 4.7k

Warnings: angst, referenced character death, self-depreciation, language, sam wilson being a little shit

A/N: once again, i am SO sorry it’s taken so long to get this posted! life’s gotten in the way a bit but i hope this was worth the wait!

*technically* this is the last part to the fire it ignites, but it ended up being a lot longer than i anticipated so i split it into 2… i plan to post the second part sometime in the next day or so :) enjoy!

Read on AO3 || Masterlist || Series Masterlist


Originally posted by avengerscompound

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Everyone has moments where they break but everyone needs to be reminded of how beautiful they are with everything they have.

Bucky x Latin!Reader/CurvyReader

Summary: When you see your fat and cellulite in a picture, you can’t take it. You knew you were healthy, but the cellulite is a reminder that your body isn’t ‘skinny.’ Bucky sees you beginning to break down and chases after you but you don’t buy it. Can Bucky remind you how great you are?

A/N I had a breakdown about my body today so I needed Bucky to remind me what’s so great about myself. If you’ve been there you know what it’s like, but you also know to remind yourself that you are worth love for every reason. 

Warnings: Body insecurity, self-pity, body shaming, self-esteem issues. 

Inspired by: Juicy by Doja Cat

Honestly, you thought you were doing better. The month of May was spent poolside with a White Claw in hand. You’d asked Nat to take a picture of you poolside in your new bikini too. You loved the color yellow and it clung to your skin perfectly. But when you looked at the picture, you didn’t like what you saw. 

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Originally posted by thetony-stark

Summary: You move to New York to focus on your art but end up working as an intern at Stark Enterprises

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader (friendship)

Word Count: 2803

Warnings: gets kinda intense towards the end

A/N: for the purposes of this story Stark Enterprise is set out like an office building in New York and the story does not follow the same timeline as the movies. Reader does not know Peter is SpiderMan. Also, spelling and grammar is not my strongest skill so please be kind :)

Part Four | Masterlist

- - - - -

When you arrive at the location of the fundraiser ball, Tony gets out of the car first and walks around to open the door for you. He holds his hand out for you to take and you get out of the car, thanking him. You take a moment to brush down your dress and he presents his arm for you to hold onto. You walk together up the steps towards the grand building and the man at the door ticks your names off the guest list before opening the door to let you in. Tony gives him a small knowing nod as you walk past.

Once inside the building you feel a sudden wave of anxiety hit you. What if this event goes horribly wrong, it would surely be your fault as the one who helped organise it. What if no one bids on the items at auction and no money is raised? Tony gives you arm a small squeeze.

“you ready?”

Then another thought pops in your mind. What will people think when they see you and Tony walk in together, arm in arm? Will they judge you? Will they think you only got this job because you’ve been flirting with him? You push all those thoughts out of your mind. You’ve worked so hard to make tonight happen, you are not going to let anything ruin it. Especially not your own mind. You take a deep breath, turn to Tony and smile.

“lets do this”

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Paper Rings | Bucky Barnes


Originally posted by friendzoned-by-avengers

Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: modest/innocent stalking lol, fluff, references to sex (sfw)

Word Count: 1.5k

Summary: In a series of vignettes, you discover your recent relationship development with supersoldier Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. From friends to more, in the most unexpected way.


A/N: tag lists are open! This is part of my 5 Days of Oneshots! Based off Paper Rings by Taylor Swift! This is my first song fic, am I doing this right?

The moon is high like your friends were on the night that we first met

You were cleaning up the bar when you caught eyes with him across the room. He was handsome and put together neatly. His beard longer, but well-maintained; long hair swept back in a low bun at the nape of his neck. He wore a deep emerald green suit that complimented him nicely. 

He raised his hand to take a sip of his drink when you caught sight of his metal arm. Was this the Winter Soldier? Seated beside Captain America, there was no doubt this was the man that occupied media coverage so many days throughout the year.

The Avengers were crowded in the VIP section of the downtown club that you spent so many hours working in. Sure, you were used to a variety of celebrity clients because of the upscale nature of the club, but the Avengers was a group that you didn’t expect to see on just any day.

Tony Stark had presumably dragged the team out for a celebration following the grueling mission that headlines the news for the last week. Their business was straining; surely everyone needed a drink every now and then. 

But he looked stiff, uncomfortable, as though he was in a situation he felt he didn’t belong in. From what you knew about him, it could be expected that he would be a private individual. As America’s longest-serving prisoner of war, brain-washed by Nazis for nearly 70 years, the man had every right to abstain from social interaction.

When he happened to glance over towards you at the bar and caught eyes with you, you could only describe the connection as instant. When he realized that you met his gaze, he turned away, instead, shifting his focus to the rest of the group.

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Pairing: MobBoss Bucky! x Reader

Word Count:3,103

Warnings: no warnings that need to be counted for

Author’s Note: Hope you all enjoy chapter two, can’t wait for this series to really take off which it should in chapter three and onward. Thank you all for reading and as always my taglist is always open! 



Taking a breath, you brought a shaky hand up to the bronze door knob, you were reluctant to twist it knowing it would more than likely be locked. These doors were always to remain locked, regardless of whether your father was attending to his business or not, “I don’t need any rats snooping around my studies” he would hiss glaring at you and your mother, and as a child you never thought anything of it but as you grew, you were right to heed those warnings or suffer the wrath of your father.

You twisted the knobs a shiver running down your spine when the door squeaked open. The door continued to swing open on its hinges while you stood there frozen, breath baited waiting to hear your fathers booming voice, but it never came. Hesitant steps drew you further into the room, shaky breaths slipped past your parted lips as you took in your father’s secret. Cold, dark, and eerie were just a few of the words that crossed your mind as you stood in your father’s grand, luxurious, private space.

Looking at it now you couldn’t imagine your father having a hand in all the things Detective Stark had accused him of. You knew your father though, the type of man he was, he wouldn’t ever be caught with the like of mobsters, murderers, the sin of the city. At least you hoped you would have known him enough, but you were beginning to wonder if you ever did know who your father truly was.

Taking in more of the room your eyes finally fell on the substantially grand expansive flat-topped red wooden oak desk. Your eyes were drawn to the massive wooden structure, but what really caught your attention was the strewn stacks of manila folders and various paper work thrown around the top of it. Your feet carried you towards the desk, body rounding it as you stood in front of where you father was sure to have sat many times.

Shaky fingers ran through the strewn paper work, brows furrowing the deeper you got into it, there was various letter of foreclosures, dubious amounts of bank statements, and even the occasional printed email. You weren’t sure what any of it meant, but from the various red-penned markings you could only assume it wasn’t something in favor of your father. Pulling up the plush leather rolling chair you plopped your tense body into the chair, rolling yourself forward as you sorted once more through the papers, your fingers gripping a foreclosure notice.

Dear Mr. Y/l/n,

This letter is a formal notification that you are in default of your obligation to make payments on your home loan, account #1234567. The current account holds the sum of 5,000 payable May, 27, 2020.

The amount has been overdue since April 27,2020, you have ignored multiple requests to make a payment or reconsolidate your debt.

Unless the full amount is received within 15 days, we have no choice but to begin with foreclosure on your home. We have given you more than adequate notice on this issue, and we have no other choice.

Please act accordingly,

Wilson Lending Inc.

Your brows furrowed deeper as you looked over the notice once more, this couldn’t be right, your father was never behind on his payments, and you would know, your mother was always on top of the finances in your house hold. Looking through more of the papers you stopped at what seemed to be an email,

Mr. y/l/n,

I’ve been nothing but a patient man with you, and frankly I’m growing tired, you wouldn’t want me to send my men to pay you a visit to you and your lovely wife, would you? Shame that your daughter is no longer in the picture, such a tragedy to lose a child. You have a week to get my money, that you’ve owed for seven years now, again, you either pay my money, or I’ll find a way to collect, and I assure you Mr. Y/l/n, you won’t want me to have to come collect from you.

Your breath was caught in your throat, fingers stark white from the grip you had on the paper. Tragedy to lose a child, money, collect, you couldn’t fathom what you were reading. What in the world had your father done, what had he been doing under the roof of this house. You sorted through the next one, this one completely knocking the air from you, leaving you feeling more confused and worried than ever before,

Mr. Y/l/n

It’s a tragedy for me to be writing this email, but had I done this in person I can assure you one of us wouldn’t be breathing when it was over. Do you take me for a fool, did you not think I wouldn’t catch on to what it was you were doing? Working with the enemy, such a shame, I know you know this is unforgivable, you were witness to what happened to the other fellow who crossed me. It’s a shame though that you continued to do business with who you did, you’re the only one to blame for your fate. I would end this by saying see you soon, but we both know that won’t be the case. My condolences to your daughter.

The email after that was just eight words long, but it was enough to shake you to your very core.

I’ll be seeing you very soon Mr. Y/l/n.

You threw the papers down onto the desk, your body slumping into the seat, trying to figure out what the hell was going on here. None of these papers except for the foreclosure statement contained any sort of information that could help you to understand what it was that your father was involved with. None of the emails which were your main source of concern contained any sort of information of the sender, and seeing as it was printed there was nothing for you to further dig into. Why was any of this laid out here in the first place, was this meant to be found, did your father want someone to see this information?

The longer you set there and looked at those papers the more you wanted to scream, to cry, you were feeling just as lost and scared, fearful of the uncertainty as you did seven years ago. You were frustrated because you couldn’t understand what was going on, you couldn’t even begin to grasp the reality of your situation. You’ve lost your parents in a tragic accident, you’ve just found out your father worked for the mafia, or at least laundered for them it seems, and to add to all this it would seem that one of the men Detective Stark mentioned earlier wanted to collect from your father, but what was there to collect, your father was losing it all.

You could feel the underlying pins and needles of your nerves, what were you supposed to do, should you contact detective Stark, take him all this information and see what he can make of it? What if you did just that and he thought you had been lying all long, what if he accused you like he accused your father, what if he suspected you did have a hand in all this. You chewed on your lower lip in worry as you thought about the next worry, your mind going back to the emails, were any of those emails from Pierce, Rumlow, or Barnes, and was one of those the men that was going to collect. Thinking back to the first email, you couldn’t place why your father would apparently fake your death, unless you had a sibling you were unaware of. You were stumped and you were only growing more and more confused the longer you sat thinking on all this new information. You felt like your whole life was a lie, everything you grew up in and around was all fabricated to the lifestyle of your father.

You went to pick up the same papers but were jumping back into your seat when the office phone trilled on the desk. Your heart was beating wildly away in your chest, eyes wide as you looked at the noisy device. You stared at it unmoving, should you answer it, should you let it continue.  You weren’t given a chance to make the decision as the incessant ringing grew quiet an eerie silence filling the office once more. You stayed staring, once again jumping as it trilled again catching you off guard, it seemed to have gotten louder the second time. With shaky fingers you reached out picking the corded phone up and bringing it to your ear,


“Good morning, is Mr. Y/l/n in?” the voice on the other line questioned.

You swallowed the lump in your throat, “No, I’m sorry sir, but my parents have been in an accident and they,” god you couldn’t bring yourself to say it.

“oh, I’m so sorry miss, wait did you say parents, are you Mr. Y/l/n’s daughter?” he questioned

“uh yes, I’m his daughter, may I ask what the reason for the call is?”

“oh yes right, well, I’m calling from Wilson Lending INC, I was needing to speak with your father, but since that won’t be possible,” a pause on his end an irritated sigh sounding through the line, “actually you wouldn’t happen to be y/f/n y/l/n would you?” he questioned.

“Uh yes actually that is me,” you murmured.

“that’s actually great, do you think you could stop by our office, there’s something I will be needing to go over with you, seeing as you’re the next of kin.”


“great,” he cut you off, “I can squeeze you in for 30 minutes from now, so I’ll be seeing you here,” he chirped.

You could barely get a word in before the dial tone was sounding through the receiver, the call having ended abruptly. A loud sigh left your lips as you placed the phone back on the stand, your body slouching into the seat, what more news could you possibly take today you thought with a groan.

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Bucky x short!civilian!fem!reader

Author’s Note: YEs i love this! Sorry, it’s taken me a while, with this shitty website it’s super hard to have any inspiration. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and thanks for sending in another request! I’m not gonna lie, I love doing them (thank u and i luv u). @kpopgirlbtssvt enjoy!!

Warnings: a little angst?, fluff, prolly swearing


The whole team was on a pretty big mission. Bucky told you to stay at the compound because it ‘won’t be long.’ When you whined about being cooped up, he stated that this was a harsher mission which is why they’re all going. So, he wants to keep you safe and know you’re in a place that can lockdown. 

Now, with a month longer than they were supposed to be gone you were extremely worried. Were they ambushed? Did they need help? Did you need to call for Thor and Banner? Were they dead? Thoughts were running a mile a minute in your head. You tried to think about the feeling of being back in Bucky’s arms again but it was still extremely difficult with that feeling of impending doom.

Even if they were fine, you wondered why the hell they were gone for so long. Nevertheless, you stayed in the tower, ready for your Buck to come home. You were ready for him to be in your arms again.

Then, you heard the sound of the AI’s voice, “Miss, y/n. They’ve arrived.” You jumped up from the couch, not caring that you’re in avengers pajamas. You run to where the Quinjet landing pad is and stand there, waiting for their arrival. They all walk out one by one, greeting you with tired smiles. Natasha speed walks up to you and engulfs you in a breathless hug. She holds you there for a little bit, not letting you go. “You okay, Nat?” She nods, the tears in her eyes slowly dissipating as she looked at your pajamas.

She laughed and kissed your cheek, “He’s been roughed up, by the way. We were ambushed at a hydra facility where they did a lot of the Cyro on him.” You nod and thank her as she lets go of her hold to go inside and clean up.

Bucky was the last one to walk out of the jet. Your heart ached at the sight of him; his hair was a frizzy mess—you could tell he had been pulling at it—and his eyes were glossy. You reach out to comfort his hurting figure but all he does is ignore you, walking straight past you and continuing to walk into the compound. Your head drops and you sadly follow him, tailing right behind.

Bucky had been so engrossed in his thoughts since they all piled onto that Quinjet. This was supposed to be a simple recon mission, gaining anything they know about the rest of Hydra’s whereabouts. Since they had been discovered in S.H.E.I.L.D., the team had been working ridiculously to wipe out the terrorist organization.

However, once they arrived Bucky could feel his heart in his throat, a disgusting feeling was rising in his stomach as he recognized the place. There was that feeling his stomach, that pit right in the center of his stomach, eating what redemption he had left. Natasha quickly looked at Bucky, to see if he was okay.  She knew what this place was and she knew what Bucky was feeling. Trepidation. Terror. The two of them knew that feeling all too well.

They finally arrived, landing the Quinjet near the facility. It was where they tested Winter Soldiers and primarily wiped his memory. Steve could sense Nat and Bucky’s dismay but decided not to say anything, just wanting this mission to be over. 

Then, the team hears explosions coming from all sides of them. Steve is yelling at them to duck but it seems too late and the dust clouds roll over them. Bucky knew this was going to happen. He knew this didn’t feel right. That crater of panic and dread in his stomach only grew. The team was separated, the smoke from the explosions is thick and continued to stay around them. They tried calling out to each other but were stopped by Hydra agents attacking them.

You arrive back into the compound and sit next to sam in the kitchen, watching him munch one of the cookies you made. Stress baking was part of your specialty. The whole team was in the living room beside Nat and Bucky. They all knew this was particularly hard for them so they didn’t push it. Steve walked up and clasped a hand on your shoulder, giving you an endearing forehead kiss. “Didn’t miss too many game nights did we?” You smile, shaking your head and watch that teasing glint in his eye.

Sam speaks up with a mouth still full of cookies. “Maybe you need to stress bake more often, these are heaven.” You all laugh and you then glare at Sam in distaste. Bucky walks into the living room and everyone is silent, he grabs some water and immediately goes back to his room. You quietly excuse yourself and Steve nods, giving you an encouraging shoulder squeeze. 

You creek open his door slowly, letting him know it was you. Bucky was on the ground, sweats hanging around his hips and a shirtless torso. You sit on the ground next to him, cupping your hand on his cheek. He doesn’t even look at you, staring blankly at the wall in front of him. “Leave me alone.” You obey, getting up to walk out of the room. You don’t take it too personally, understanding that this mission was too hard on him.

He snaps out of it, watching as you almost open the door to leave. “Wait!” You turn around, softening your eyes as you watch his grief-stricken appearance. His next words were spoken faintly, tears forming in his eyes again. “Please don’t go. Please…” His eyes flickered towards yours, tears falling down his cheeks. “Please, y/n. I need you… I-” You slowly nod, sitting back down next to him but that doesn’t seem close enough for him as he pulls you into his lap. He wraps his arms around you, head shoved into your neck and breathing you in lightly. 

You wrap your arms around his head, cradling him. You softly move your fingers through his hair, listening to him weep quietly in your arms. He then grips your arm, holding you tighter and refusing to let you go. You see Steve peak through the door, checking in on the two of you as he heard Bucky’s cries. He smiles at the state of the two of you and mouths a quick thank you. You smile back in return and he stalks off to the rest of the team.

He tells the team that game night will have to carry on, you and Bucky were occupied. Sam quips, disgusted face appearing on his features. “Oh my god, are they having sex?”


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Anonymous said: Hi!! Can I request some more Poindexter x reader? I’ve read ever fanfic on this website and I’m so sad that the amount of fanfics for him is so limited! Maybe some more dark, Dex stalking the reader but the reader falling for Dex and everything goes according to his plan! I’ve fallen down the Dex hole

AN: It’s been a while since I’ve written for Dex! I hope I did him justice! (I will forever be bitter that we will not see him and DareDevil in the same way again)


Originally posted by marvelheroes

This was not part of Dex’s plan. Hell, the idea of it set him on edge. With his occupation, his senses were used to overloads. The sound of gunfire and flashing lights did little in the ways of hindering him during his working hours. Outside of his schedule, well, it was different.

Different meaning near piercing. There was noise everywhere. Crashing, geering, shattering, all of it all at once. It took everything Dex had not to cover his ears. That day he learned that he hated arcades. There was nothing worth the smell, the sounds, any of it.

Except you. You were worth it all and that confused him. 

How could someone like you, all collected and cool, work at a place so obnoxious? The answer alluded Dex, taunted him, teased him with the tilt of your smile. When he learned where you worked, he almost lost his tether to you. Yet, he found himself watching you smile at people under the neon lights and assault of noise almost daily now. 

Dex pulled the brim of his cap down as he stepped further inside. You were behind the ticket counter bartering with a gaggle of loudly dressed children. Despite how annoying they were, how annoying Dex assumed all children were, you were smiling. It, no, you amazed him. If he could, he would watch you smile like that all-

“Fuck off, loser!”


Dex forced himself to take a long, barely steadying breath before turning to face the high-pitched yelling. When he finally opened his eyes, his gaze was assaulted by the flashing, gold lights of ‘Shoot ‘Em Up Hoops’ and the pair of children fighting there. An older looking girl was pushing away a younger boy until the basketball in his hand fell. The orange ball rolled over to Dex, bouncing slightly, almost to the beat of the game’s music.

“You can’t shoot for shit.”

Dex reached down, hands gripping the ball tightly as he listened. The young boy was growing red in the face, tears welling up in his eyes. For a moment, Dex saw himself. He could feel the sting of rejection and twinge of fear as if it were his own. 

As if to prove that he was real, that the boy he once was was truly no more, Dex effortlessly threw the ball. His aim was sharp as always, the impact ever-so satisfying. There was a sudden silence around him as eyes turned to study him; but Dex was focused on the ball, where it had hit.

So neatly, the ball ran circles around the edge of the hoop before dipping inside. The older girl stared at him wide eyed as points were awarded to the younger boy. It was just enough to put the boy’s score ahead, winning the game. The children turned then, still in a stunned silence, to study Dex. The girl looked furious. 

Slowly, Dex walked up to the pair, crouching down before them. He locked eyes with the girl and he could see her resolve melting. Now the fear was hers.

“Cheating will get you no where,” Dex said lowly, “because there will always be someone better than you.” The children blinked at him, dumbfounded. “Run along now.”

Dex stood up as the two kids ran off. With a little more quiet, he found himself set a little more at ease. He turned his head only slightly to peer back at you. For a moment, in the din of jingling tokens and game sound effects, Dex swore you were looking at him. Yet, with his senses so overwhelmed, he convinced himself he imagined it and turned away.

Just leave, he thought, just fucking go. There was other things he could be doing, new regimes he could follow to distract himself from you. Hell, the new routines could even prove to be grounding. Dex needed stability. He turned to glance back at you.

You were talking to a frazzled looking mother and a very young girl pointing at a stuffed pony. Despite the obvious annoyance, you were smiling. It was a steady smile, one that Dex would have to practice in the mirror to get just right. You were the stability he lacked and Dex couldn’t leave you.

He let out a sigh and eyed the tokens that rest beside the ‘Shoot ‘Em Up Hoops’ game. The dumb kids left them there. They wouldn’t be back for them and Dex had time to kill before you shift ended. He would walk you home, well, a few paces behind, then. He had to make sure you were safe. There was too much going on, too much at stake.

Leaning down, Dex picked up one of the tokens and stepped up to the game. The coin slid into the slot and the game’s music started up again. He picked up the ball as the timer began and took aim. With an ease that never needed practice, Dex made a basket.


Many, many baskets later, and Dex took note of how much the noise in the arcade had died down. Most of the evening crowd had funneled out the door when the first stars began poking out in the dark sky. Now, it was a scattered few teenagers and desperate adults clinging to what they could; and Dex. Though, he was clinging to something, someone, too.

But your shift still wasn’t over yet so Dex continued racking up the points in ‘Shoot ‘Em Up Hoops’. It was so easy to get lost in the movement. Though, it wasn’t as fluid as throwing knives or axes. It reminded Dex of a simpler time. A time when-

“Are you bored yet?”

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Title:  Deepest Desires [29]: Early

Author:  Mimi @captain-rogers-beard

Summary:  Things don’t always go as planned, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work out.  

Deepest Desires Master List

Characters:  Bucky Barnes x female reader

Word Count:  2893

Warnings:  potential problems with pregnancy, fluff, fluff, more fluff,

Author’s Notes:  This is a re-imagining of a previously posted series. It is a representation of a healthy, not-abusive, BDSM relationship.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites (AO3, Wattpad, etc.) without my express written permission. Reblogs are fine.***


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5 Times Tony Wasn’t There for You, and 1 Time He Was

Word Count: ~3200 words

Ship: Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader, Peter Parker x Stark!Daughter (Platonic), Lots of IronFam ft. the Parkers 

Warnings: Probably some swearing, not completely movie compliant but follows the general timeline ❤ Kinda unrelated gif (kind of related if you pay attention) but look how CUTE Morgan and Tony are




As the young daughter of Tony Stark, you were used to your dad being busy with work. Meetings across the country, dinners with royal dignitaries across the globe, or simply just endless hours spent locked in his office. All of this before he went missing for three months and came back as Iron Man. 

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Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 4430

Warnings: Fluff, flirt, 

Summary: The team leaves for a mission leaving you and Bucky alone at the tower. 

Part 1


After bidding the team goodbye the next morning you and Bucky head to the kitchen for breakfast.

“How was your first night in the new place?”

“Good. Slept okay. How’d you sleep?”

“I have a hard time getting to sleep any given day but once I did last night I was good.”

In the kitchen you pull out a frozen breakfast burrito to heat and grab an apple and peanut butter.  Bucky fixes a huge bowl of cereal. 

“Why aren’t you on the mission?” Bucky asks.

“You want the official answer or the truth?” You ask.

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the inaugural Marvel Fandom Scramble and helped to make it a smashing success! Throughout the final week of May, we will be posting three works everyday from creators throughout the Marvel fandom who took on the task of writing a fanfiction or creating a piece of art for randomly selected characters and tropes. Please enjoy what they have worked so hard on and make sure to leave lots of comments and kudos. They make all creators happy (whether they like to admit it or not!).

Check in every day this week at 7pm Eastern Standard Time for new works from our creators!


- Mod Mags


Originally posted by xopsychogirlxo

Title: You’re My Hero

Author: puddles-posts

Rating: General Audiences

Characters: Bucky Barnes & Tony Stark

Prompt: Hurt/Comfort



Originally posted by bishopl

Title: Winter is Coming

Author: shortpromptlongkiss

Rating: Explicit (18+)

Characters: Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark

Prompt: Snowed In



Originally posted by tonxstark

Make sure to signal boost and follow @marvelfandomscramble​ for the daily master list! We will be posting new fics for the next three days and we hope you enjoy them all as much as we did creating them!

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Rain, Rain, Go Away | Steve Rogers


Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: none! just fluff!

Word Count: 900

Summary: anon requested a rainy day with Steve! Waking up with Steve was a rarity, but when it happens, you enjoy it. 


A/N: tag lists are open! This is part of my 5 Days of Oneshots!

When you woke in the morning, rolling over to Steve’s side of the bed, expecting to sprawl out across the mattress, but instead you were met with a large man. Peeling your eyes open, you were surprised to see that Steve was still home. Normally, by this point of the morning, he would have gone out for an early morning run, shower, and have made breakfast before getting on with his work.

“You’re still here,” you mumbled sleepily.

“Yeah, babe, it’s pouring outside…take a look.”

You rolled over to face the window, Steve pulling your hips into his front.

“Mmm…’s better,” you sighed, lacing fingers with his that rested on your hip bone. 

He grinned and leaned in to kiss the side of your face softly. Leaving a gentle trail of kisses from your jaw to your cheek, he whispered, “do you want breakfast?”

“Yes please.”

“You stay, I’ll be back soon,” he parted from you, pulling a pair of sweatpants on before leaving the bedroom for the kitchen.

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