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#marvel fanfic

Set Myself on Fire

Summary: An unprecedented circumstance forces Bucky to realize he desires more than to just protect you.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word count: 2.6k

Warnings: Smut, non-con/dub-con, sex pollen, breeding kink, language


Originally posted by bishopl

Bucky sat on the couch, his foot tapping incessantly against the ground. His metal fingers fidgeted against his bouncing knee, keeping in time with the ticking of the clock on the wall. He never tore his gaze away from the double doors for a second, except to glance at the clock on the wall. They should’ve been back by now…

He felt a hand on his shoulder, jolting him out of his thoughts. “Stop freaking yourself out.” He turned to see Wanda smiling warmly at him. “She’s fine.”

Bucky knew she was right, but that didn’t stop him from worrying any less.

Ever since you joined the team, he’d been glued to your side, much to the surprise of the rest of the members. Bucky was never really talkative or made much of an effort to bond with anyone (rightfully so, after all he’s been through), but that all changed when you showed up. He didn’t know why, but something about the twinkle in your eyes when you looked at him and the way you sometimes would blush around him made him want to protect you like you were his little sister, even if you were more than capable of handling yourself in a fight.

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A/N: Chapter 4 is long and full of sad feels with hints of fluff. Don’t get your hopes up things are only going down from here.Hope you like it, feedback is greatly appreciated

REMINDER: I want to write some soft, funny headcanns/one-shots for this series that would fit between this chapter and chapter 5 so if you have any ideas or request just send an ask: here!

Warnings: Mantion of sex, nightmare, mention of death and sickness, mention of mental illness, sad feels, language?

Masterlist - Series Masterlist - Previous Chapter - Next Chapter 


Originally posted by tommybabyholland

As you woke, you couldn’t feel the hard and cool glass of your table in your lab. But instead, the soft and warm feeling of covers. You hummed, relishing in the softness and burying yourself deeper into the comfortable bed.

“-Ah, fuck!” You heard something clatter to the floor and then someone shushed it.

You slowly sat up, clinking your bracelets, the suit’s gloves covered your hands. Quietly, you got out of bed and tiptoed to your kitchen. Only to find a young man whispering to himself while struggling to crack eggs open.

“-Hey.” Peter jumped at your voice, dropping the uncracked egg into the pan.

“-Fuck” He muttered at what he’d done, you took a seat at the counter as he tried to take out the egg without burning himself.

“-Aren’t you supposed to have some like sixth sense?” Peter frowned, showing that he didn’t understand what you meant. “You know… the… Peter tingle!

-Spider-sense. Not Peter-tingle.

-Same difference.

-And it’s not a sixth sense, it’s more that all five of my senses are heightened.

-Whatever it is, I think it’s broken.

-What do you mean?

-Well, first you didn’t hear me coming, and now you’re not smelling anything burning.

-Shit!” Peter’s eyes went wide and he grabbed whatever he could to protect his hands before taking the burnt cake out of the oven and putting it down in front of you.

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For those asking about how I add people to my weekly recommendations list here are some guidelines.

I read for Marvel Characters. Steve & Bucky are my favorites but I will read any marvel character. Examples: Tony, Peggy, Carol, Nat, Clint, Thor, etc.

With kinktober going on I am reading other characters. So keep those coming this month. I love supernatural and any characters played by Chris Evans & Sebastian Stan.

I will read both fluff and dark fanfics. Please tag all fics appropriately.

I will NOT read for underage characters or pedo fics. Everything has to be 18+ If there is a topic I’m not comfortable with I will also let you know.

Anything over 500 words must have a page break or I will not reblog it anymore. It takes up too much space.

I will leave comments, mostly they are short and thirsty responses lol, I will reblog and like your post as long as it follows the above.

If you tag me in a multi chapter fanfic it is taking me longer to get through them. One shots and drabbles are quicker to read but I am reading multi chapters one chapter at a time.

My cut off for my lists are either Wed/Thurs now or 50 fics. Which ever comes first.

If you don’t see your fic on my list for the week after you tagged me it will most likely be on the following week due to my cut off that is listed above. If you don’t see it in two weeks tumblr might have eaten your notifications. I’ve seen this happen a few times now so please retag me.

Please note I am doing this for our community for free and have no obligation to repost work that makes me feel uncomfortable or if you are being rude about how long it takes me to read your work. Anyone trying to bully me will be blocked.

Lastly, if you are reading this please SIGNAL BOOST / REBLOG this. I want this to reach as many writers on here as possible. Whether you are a new writer, established, big blog or just looking for comments & reblogs I am that person.

Let’s keep supporting one another and be kind

💜 Missy

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summary: there are only 88 officially recognized constellations, a small number considering you and your soulmate would have the exact same constellation on your skin. how can be sure if it was really them with so few of them? you could mistake your soulmate.

word count: 1628.

pairing: bucky barnes x reader.

warnings: mentions of past violence.

author’s note: well babes, this is it! I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far and I’d love to hear what you think about this story.

constellations masterlist | masterlist


Originally posted by coporolight

Everything was a blur, Erik was just there standing as if this was over. Hands around (Y/N) throat and her eyes, her eyes were red. Little petechiae were already forming thanks to the pressure cutting her oxygen.

Erik’s smug was on full display every time his eyes were fixed on mine and the grip on (Y/N)’s neck was only getting tighter and I couldn’t do anything. But her eyes, oh boy. Her eyes showed nothing but love, nothing close to fear, just love and an apologetic look.

How could she not be afraid? I was terrified on the prospect of losing her, losing her kind and warm smile as well as the feeling that explodes on my chest every time her soft lips are pressed against mine.

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Yes, you read that correctly!
Initially, I planned on Bucky getting hurt rather than Y/N, if you recall when she injured her ankle. Bucky was supposed to suffer a minor head injury, but I scrapped the idea for a number of reasons, some of which being that I had not done enough research on concussions for my own liking and that I did not want to rush the storyline.

But here it is! It takes place very shortly after the minor head injury I mentioned. And unless that is a trigger for you, there are no other trigger warnings. (But it is a tad angsty??)

I hope you enjoy!

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Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: You were experimented on, resulting in you now having wings. Eventhough you might hate it, Bucky doesn’t.

Wordcount: almost 1.6K

Warnings: angst

A/N: I’m so sorry, again, it’s been so long. And again, it’s not a identical mosters update but an oneshot. I kind of really like this concept and i think its cute, also this one has been ready for quite a while but i wanted it to be longer but i had no idea how to make it longer and i kinda like it like this. So here you go, please enjoy, and also another side note, i think i found motivation to continue identical mosters so we’ll see if i upload in the next couple of days, I’m very sorry if i don’t in advance.



Originally posted by classylena

(gif is not mine)

When you first met everyone in the tower, you were scared of their prying eyes, their gazes and their eyes scanning your appearance.

Oh, how far you’ve come since then. You remembered the way everyone had looked at you well, but you never held any grudges against them for it. They all had apologized, it’s just that they had never seen anyone like you. And that’s probably because there is no-one like you, and if there was the things you’d give to meet them.

You were special, and you had accepted it now. You had maybe chosen a different way for yourself to become special, but oh well you were here now. It wasn’t your choice to be kidnapped and experimented on.

No, no experimenting they had done on you wasn’t like the experimenting Hydra had done to Wanda. No, it wasn’t alike in any way. Loki’s staff caused them to have awesome powers, what your torturers had done was cut you up and stitches you back together again and again and again until they had finally reached their goal.

Now there were two protuberances sticking out of your back they had dared to call wings. And yeah, they had actually succeeded, you were able to fly with those wings. When you first came to the tower you were weak and they had called a miracle that you were still alive. You could use the wings back then, but barely, and it also hurt so badly you passed out every time you’d use them.

You were different and kept to yourself, but surprisingly it was Bucky who had taken you under his wing. He helped you when you needed it, while you were trying to distance yourself from everyone, and who knows, they might have tried to distance themselves from you too, he didn’t. He took care of you, he knew what it was like being the odd one out and when he was he took great comfort in knowing Steve.

He felt bad for you, everyone was curious about you, but didn’t seem to care to talk to you, or to even question you about the things on your back. You knew no one in the tower and suddenly you were living in the same ‘house’ as them, used the same kitchen and walked through the same hallways.

Bucky had never looked at you that way, and you couldn’t find the words to tell him how grateful you were for that. It was because of him you were able to grow into the person you were today, nothing compared to the person who first walked through those doors.

Of course you’d never be the same person you were before everything happened but you are content and confident being the person you are today. Although you may have hated living in the tower at first, you couldn’t be happier to be there now. Most of your mornings were spent training with Sam or sometimes Nat if you were feeling up to it for the day. And then you usually made breakfast and ate with whoever was in there with you, it didn’t matter anymore they all warmed up to you and became great friends. Afternoons were spent having fun with Wanda, occasionally Peter and Shuri too if they were around, there was also rarely a day you didn’t stop by Tony and Bruce in their lab. Overall your days in the tower were good, you were fine being with anyone and speaking with anyone but you were also perfectly okay being on your own and watching a movie or reading a book.

But the thing you were maybe most grateful for was that at the end of the day you’d get to be able to curl up to Bucky and talk to him about the days you had, whether they were spent apart or together.

You and Bucky took great comfort in each other, although you were very different people, if you look closer you may have more in common then first meets the eye. He was the first person you ever let close to your back, and the first time you let him he almost shed a tear, you may not have noticed, but that really meant a lot to him. He was known for being violent, his name was connected to hurt and yet he was the first person you let take care of you.

Like the skin connected to his metal arm, your back was scarred and had an angry red color. So when you had let him touch your back the first thing he did was gently rubbed some cream onto it that would help your skin heal itself. He had learned you how to take care of yourself, and in return you did the same. He still had his own trauma to deal with, but you thought it was safe to say that you both had come a long way already.


It took you a long time, even after you had become more open with everyone in the tower, before you were able to join the others on missions. You trained long and hard, because making a change for the better in the world was something you really wanted to do.

So when Steve finally agreed to let you come to a smaller mission you were beyond happy. To say the mission went extremely well was an understatement, and you were happy you were an asset to the team. And from then on you went on almost every mission fury sent your way. Mostly Natasha but the others too trained you to be a skilled fighter and with the help of Bruce, Tony and doctor Cho you could now use your wings without it hurting which was a great help as well.

But even though the wings didn’t really hurt anymore, the skin surrounding the wings was still scarred and red. But there was another thing about the wings that you hated. Yes of course you got looks from everyone that saw the wings, I mean a human with wings? Yeah something doesn’t add up there.

But they weren’t pretty wings, bird like wings with feathers, like the ones angels have. Beautiful white feathers, if only your wings looked like that. But no, in stead the scientists gave you purple-ish, red-ish wings the resembled more batwings then anything else. They were ugly in your opinion, the skin like consistency of the wings felt and looked weird, ugly and dare I say it, scary.

How everyone, but most importantly Bucky, could accept you this way was something you could never understand. The wings made you look scary. The world was aware of you, they knew who you were and they knew that you were with the avengers, but they don’t know your story. There are times when you are out on the streets with Steve or Tony to anyone really gets recognized for example by little kids and they scare away from you, they hid behind their mothers legs. You were sure nothing could ever hurt you more, you loved kids, you truly believed you had a kind heart and you took pride of that. Even though you’ve been hurt so much, you aspired to be the best kind of human being. And when young kids are scared of you, your heart breaks into a million pieces.

But sadly, scaring away children isn’t the only thing that happens when you get recognized on the streets. Teens and often older people too, throw hurtful words at you.





And that list goes on and on and on. You would think you’d know all the hurtful words by now, but it seems like they come up with new ones everyday. But Bucky is always there, at first you didn’t show that you cared about what people thought, but little by little as Bucky broke your walls down, you let him in on your thoughts. And of course he told you not to care, they didn’t know better, but the also knew from experience it’s not easy. After what he had done all those years, Bucky received quiet some backlash too. At the end of a hard day he always called the two of you ‘the monstrous couple’ and for some reason a smile magically appeared after those words. Maybe it was caused by the butterflies you still had every time he called you a couple, maybe it was the reminder that you weren’t alone in all this, or the fact that the two of you could make fun of it because deep down you knew in the end, you only need him.

But he still found you often looking at yourself and your wings in the mirror. This conversation was one you had with Bucky over and over again. And for some reason you two always said the exact same words, as if it was the first time you ever had the conversation.

“What are you looking at, doll?” He’d ask as if he didn’t already know.

“The wings” you’d reply

“And why is that?”

“Because they’re horrendous, I look horrendous.”

“Honey you’re the most beautiful human being the world has ever seen, inside and out”

And he’d always take a little breath before adding the next part. The part you loved most.

“Darling you’re an angel, you’re my angel and you got the wings to prove it”

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Summary: You think your feelings for Steve are one sided, but when he quickly comes to your aid after some car trouble, you realise you might be wrong.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female Reader

Warnings: idjits in love, fluff, smidge of angst 

Word Count: 1,429

Square Filled: Car Trouble for @star-spangled-bingo​ 

                         Obliviousness for @anyfandomgoesbingo


Even when you moved into the avenger compound and became an official member of the team, you still insisted on keeping your own car. 

It was small and not a new model by any means, so it stuck out in the garage full of Tony Stark’s high tech, fancy cars. You couldn’t bring yourself to get rid of yours though, it was that small slice of normality that you could just get into and drive whenever you wanted to have some time away from the compound. 

Today, you decided to go to an art gallery in the city. 

Natasha and Sam had been teasing you about picking such a ‘romantic’ setting and asked if you were going on some secret date.

“You’re such big kids,” you huffed a laugh, serving up the pasta you’d cooked for the team’s lunch.

“I’m not hiding any secrets from you, I just like art. It’s quiet there, unlike this place,” you teased.

“She’s not wrong,” Sam agreed, before asking FRIDAY to tell the others to ‘get their butts down here’.

Nat grinned, stealing a piece of pasta with her fork before you could stop her. 

“My bad,” she said after finishing her mouthful. “I thought Steve had finally manned up and asked you out.”


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A/N: Although I plan on making all of these chapters shorter, this one is definitely one of the shortest! Hope you still like it, feedback is always appreciated. 

Warnings: PTSD, mention of death and loss, mention of drinking

Masterlist - Series Masterlist - Previous Chapter - Next Chapter (Oct. 26th)


Originally posted by billyruhsso

“-Alright Lewis, thanks for sharing that” Curtis thanked Lewis who nodded his head as a reply. It was Friday, the meeting had already started for 20 minutes but you still weren’t here. The chairs were arranged in a small circle. There was an empty seat where you should’ve been sitting, next to Bucky.

Steve and Bucky were here, their friend Sam between the two of them. Curtis was about to move on when he got distracted by some noise. He turned his head to see you leaning against the doorway. When your eyes met he could tell you were anxious, you were fidgeting with your hands. You gave him a small smile and he smiled softly back at you. As if to ease your nerves.

“-In or out, Y/N?” You chuckled softly and he could hear the tiredness, guessing that you hadn’t been able to get much sleep. 

“-In.” You declared, pushing yourself off the wall and stepping into the room. You took a seat next to Bucky, giving him and Steve a small wave which they returned with a smile. Once you were seated Curtis spoke up,

“-Alright everybody, this is my friend Y/N, she was in the marine corps and this is her first VA meeting.” You received a mix of hello’s and hi’s from the people and you gave them a small wave. “Speaking of  newbies,” Curtis turned to Sam, “Sam. Do you want to share anything? You don’t have to, of course.” Sam cleared his throat, sitting up straighter.

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Warnings: angst, depiction of violence, blood.

A/n: Part four, and we have one more chapter left to wrap this one up! This was one of my favorite to write, but also one that was difficult in trying to make sure it ties nicely to the other parts. This one is definitely a doozie so bear with me, and i promise you won’t have to wait long for a resolve as  Part 5 will follow shortly after this one! Thank you once more to @jaywolf840​ for sending in that amazing image request! I hope it has been everything you might have imagined! As always Happy Readings Angels and Thank you for continuing to enjoy my work! Oh and Happy ALMOST Monday c;

Part 3 / Series Masterlist


“What the hell is going on in that head of yours buck, was any of what you told us even the truth then, did you ever really love her, was she really the one that got away, because pal it looks like she’s not the only one who had secrets to hide?”

Bucky scrubbed a hand over his face, hands falling into a fist, jaw clenched as he looked away from his friends, “of course I loved her i-”

“Have a shit way of showing it,” Wilson grunted.

Bucky’s eyes snap to Sam’s, “stay out of it Wilson, you don’t know the half of it,” he growled.

“and who’s fault is that Barnes,” he questioned angrily, “you only showed us what you wanted to it seems, your true colors are barely seeping through.”

Anger fills the already aggravated biker as he charges towards Sam meeting him in the middle, hard chests colliding, “do something Barnes,” Wilson growls, “please do something,” he grunts jaw clenched, “I’ve been looking for a reason to knock some damn sense into you.”

“Enough,” Steve growls when he sees Buckys fist rising, ready to give the first blow, “where the hell has your mind gone Barnes, you would really go after one of your own,” Steve grunts, “this isn’t you man!”

Steve shakes his head, “we’re your family Buck, and you don’t go after family, you said that shit yourself, same goes for you Sam.”

Sams shooting him an incredulous look, “so just like that we’re supposed to be cool?”

“Didn’t say that man, but look at the two of you,” Steve replies, “neither of you are the enemy, the enemy is the one y/n has chosen to go after on her own,” Steve grunts.

“Hydra is the enemy, Rumlow is the ENEMY,” he hisses moving up in the hospital bed, “So either you two get it together and get moving before y/n gets herself killed or I’m going to need to you call Tasha and Barton to get me out of here, I’m not going to lose one of our own, because you have your head in your ass Barnes.”

“She’s not -”

“Don’t want to hear it Barnes, she’s family,” Steve grunted, “she’s been here a month buck, a month is enough time to get a know a person, especially one as vulnerable as y/n, had you given it a chance im sure you would see it the same way.”

Steve leaves Bucky stumped for words; he can only watch him beckon Sam over to unplug the wires so the machines won’t go off.

“Steve,” he tries, “you got shot pal, you really think you should be moving?”

Steve meets his eyes, “well I don’t see you moving, and as the next in line, I’m making my decision, I’m making my move.”

“Steve,” a warning, but Steve looks away, letting Sam help him get out of the bed.

“When you arrived with only your bike, and a small pack on your back, nobody sent you away, we knew about the things you did too Buck, but we didn’t judge you, we listened, we gave you the chance to prove to us that you weren’t the person hydra made you to be, the person y/n became too because of you” he speaks, eyes finally meeting his, “she was placed under you wasn’t she, you trained her to be just as good for them,” he questioned.

Bucky’s eyes fall to the floor, a knot growing in his throat, “so then why is she any different than you,” Steve adds, “we gave you another chance at life, and you might not be as willing to get her that fresh start but we will.”

Bucky hears Sam and Steve move around the room, “if you finally decide to get your head out of your ass, and man up, meet us at the county lines.”

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Title: The Good Doctor - In Progress
A03 Link
When an attempted kidnapping leaves her mysteriously altered, Dr. Anna Riley discovers the world of superheroes is darker and far more perilous than she could have ever imagined. Tasked with hunting down the assailants, Bucky Barnes finds the life he’d left behind has finally caught up with him, and he can’t outrun it anymore. With dark forces at play and danger lurking around every corner, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep each other safe – even if it means crossing the line.
Language, graphic depictions of violence/medical situations, alcohol, explicit sexual content, slow burn.
*Reblogs are welcome. Plagiarism isn’t. *
Want to be Tagged? Submit an Ask!  

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johnny - a spideytorch/emma au

johnny storm, handsome, clever, and right — with a comfortable home and happy disposition —seemed to unite some of the best blessings of existence; and had lived nearly twenty-two years in the world with very little to distress or vex him. (besides mr. parker who so loves to vex him)

you do not have to have any knowledge of emma the book and/or movie to read this!

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You’ve made an unfortunate habit of pilfering Bucky’s ice cream stash. Of course, it was only a matter of time before he caught you.

Characters: Bucky Barnes / f!Reader

Warnings: smut (18+ please!), secret late-night kitchen sex, ice cream sharing, f l u f f 

Notes: I’m trying this thing where I don’t post at midnight, like a swamp creature.

This is not proofread as thoroughly as it should be. I’m throwing this at the wall and running away. Today’s prompt was ‘In the Kitchen,’ so of course I had to make it cute. 

*flails* i love picturing Bucky with a sweet tooth 🥺

Kinktober Masterlist


It’s three o’clock in the morning and you’re starving.

You’re not quite sure when this little habit of yours turned into such a thing. After all, originally it was a bit of a fluke. You were fresh off a mission with frayed nerves and exhausted muscles. It had been the middle of the night and you’d just wanted a little comfort food.

It wasn’t your fault that you’d found out about Bucky’s love of ice cream. It was something he’d never tried growing up. Milk, sugar and eggs were commodities far too valuable to be affordable in his youth. Let alone the even more precious ability to keep things cold.

Now, he keeps at least three flavours of Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer at all times. They’re always there, though, so you can’t imagine he samples them often. What, you’d thought, so many nights ago, could possibly be the harm in sampling a few bites?

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Part Two

Summary- 7.5k Steve Rogers x You. Having you back makes the Alpha very happy, and has a hard time keeping his hands to himself. Which you don’t have any issues with that. Shuri continues her work with you, and making progress everyday, enough so Steve hopes to take you on a run through Wakanda. Bucky and his team are drawing in on Brock, but will they be able to take out the ex Alpha and his bitch for good? Warnings- Smut and Violence. Divider made by @firefly-graphics

A/N- Im breaking this into 2 parts. Its long and I feel like its just a lot to handle all to once. So next chapter will be posted soon. As always, Thank you for sticking with me and The Pack, I hope you all enjoy. As always feedback and your thoughts are encouraged, I’m always open to hearing what you all think and would like to see for them in the future. Happy Reading 🐺❤️

Part One / Chapter 8 / Masterlist


Brock did nothing to fight back or defend himself. His eyes glittered malicious at Bucky, baring his teeth at Bucky. 

“Cassandra really had NO idea what you were. You were just such a good fuck and easy listener Barnes. You should have heard her screams when we showed her what you were, what we were.” Brock taunted, making Bucky recoil slightly hearing him.

Brock’s taunts gave Alanna enough time to shift out of Bucky’s sight, for her to slink around the room and low to the ground and start to approach the White Wolf from behind. In Bucky’s mind the White Wolf paced, wanting to rip out Brock’s throat, lap at the hot spurts of blood that would spray. But then he noticed the silence, his ears flicking around but he heard nothing. 

<Where’s the bitch?> the White Wolf snarled out.

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A/N: This is part 2 of Sunshine. BTW I haven’t had a tattoo done before so I’m just winging it. I want to get one tho ngl. I hope you enjoy. 

Warning: slight angst, fluff

My Masterlist

Part 1


“MOMMY! WAKE UP!” Aiden jumped onto the sleeping woman’s form. She groaned and rolled over to her side, hoping it was just a dream. “Mommy! Come on! Your phone is ringing!” (Y/N) huffed in frustration, realizing that her phone was blaring loudly on her nightstand. She slowly opened her eyes and winced at the brightness that struck her eyes, coming from the open curtained windows. Aiden sat on her side and tilted his head, his blue eyes showed energy getting ready to burst. He smiled widely, showing his little pearly whites, “Mommy, you have to get up! You have your appointment today!” Aiden crawled off of her, sitting on the foot of the bed. (Y/N) covered her head with her bed covers and cuddled into her pillows. There was complete silence surrounding her as her phone missed the call.

She moaned softly at the sudden silence and softness of her bed. She began to drift off into wonderland with a certain beefy brunette on her mind. There he was, standing at the park where they first met with her favorite flowers in his hand. His flannel was tied around his slim waist and his muscles bulged out of his tank top. His hair let loose and free. He was beefy and (Y/N) wanted a taste. She began to drool at the sight of him, hearts for eyes. He approached her and yelled in her son’s voice, “GO GET HER, SUNSHINE!!” She flinched at his sudden outburst, “uh, what?”

Suddenly something body slams the woman awake. She burst her eyes open and began to panic. Her son’s giggles and a certain canine’s playful groaning interrupted her sudden screech. She removed the cover from her head and saw her son laying on his back, laughing while Sunshine cuddled into (Y/N)’s form. Sunshine rolling around while balancing on (Y/N).

(Y/N) groaned while rubbing away the sleep from her face and smiled at her son, sighing, “oh so you think this is funny, young man?” The boy stopped and gasped, “of course not, Mommy!” She began to softly scratch behind Sunshine’s ear, “I spy with my little eye, a little cute liar~.” Aiden’s face turned pink with embarrassment, “u-uh no Mommy. I know I’m cute but I’m not little or a liar!”

(Y/N) gave him a small smirk, “Has Uncle Loki been teaching you how to lie?” Aiden pressed his index fingers together and gave his mother an innocent look, “m-maybe.” (Y/N) bursted out laughing, “I guess I’m going to have a little chat with dear ol’ Uncle Loki about his little habits.”

“No! Don’t let Uncle Loki get in trouble!” He grasped her covered leg and pleaded with his eyes, playfully. (Y/N)’s phone interrupted their conversation. She answered, “hello?”

“FOR FUCKS SAKE WOMAN! FINALLY! Do you know how many times I’ve been trying to reach you?!” 

(Y/N) winced at the loud voice coming from her phone, “L-Loki?”

“Yes Odin-damnit!”

(Y/N) snickered, “Aiden and I were just talking about you.”


“Yeah, I heard you’ve been teaching him how to lie.”

“Now now (Y/N), let’s not get too hasty. I did no such thing!”

(Y/N) tilted her head, “Loki, I can hear you lying through your teeth.”

There was silence on the other end of the line.


“…. I guess you caught me.”

Aiden giggled, hearing his uncle admit defeat.

“Anyway enough about me teaching your son how to lie, very poorly at that. What time is your appointment with the stud?”

(Y/N) scratched Sunshine’s head, earning a satisfied groan from the dog, “at 12, why?”

“Because I want to see this man that has you all hot and both-”

“Hey hey hey! I have a kid here!”

“Awwww but he already knows that you like the stud.”

(Y/N) whispered into the phone while covering the side of her face, away from Aiden’s gaze, “he doesn’t know I like Bucky.”

“You like Mister Bucky?!” Yelled Aiden. She uncovered her face and looked at her son horrified, “u-uh no!” “Mommy is lying! Mommy is lying!”

Loki laughed on the other end, “awwww Mommy got caught lying in front of her son!”

“I’m not! And don’t call me Mommy!”

“Oh I’m just teasing, my dearest!”

“No you’re not!”

“I’m really not,” he chuckled.

She groaned and rubbed her face.

“I’m sure this “Bucky” fellow would absolutely l o v e to hear that in his ear.”


Aiden laughed and laid his head on Sunshine’s body, “Mommy is shy! Mommy has a crush on Mister Bucky! Mommy has a crush on Mister Bucky! And he’s gonna be my daddy!” He skipped out of her room and down the hall. His voice echoed.

(Y/N) got silent. Her breath suddenly escaped her lungs. A cold sensation ran through her body.

“(Y/N)…. I know you are terrified right now but you have to snap out of it.”

(Y/N) covered her mouth, her eyes began to water, her words muffled but Loki clearly heard, “He never asked about his father or even mentioned wanting one…. Why all of a sudden?” Sunshine lifts her head and stares at her older owner. Concerned filled her as she can sense (Y/N)’s demeanor changed to distress.

“He likes this ‘Bucky’ character. He can also see that you like him too. I mean he’s basically perfect.”

She lowered her voice, “I don’t even know if Bucky likes me and even if he did, would he even consider fathering my child? Would he judge me for going out and having a child in a non-traditional way?”

Loki sighed, “darling, I know you can sense when I’m lying so please listen to this honest truth. From what you have told me, he seems like a really nice guy. He respected you. He cared about your son finding his perfect furry friend. He even gave you his phone number instead of his work number. I mean what tattoo artist does that?!”

(Y/N) thought long and hard about the facts Loki laid out for her. She thought about the multiple sweet late night conversations she has had with Bucky over the past couple of weeks. He asked about her likes, dislikes, her hobbies, dreams, and listened about her silly adventures as a child. He shared his stories in return, his weaknesses. Stories about war and why he got his sleeve. 

Bucky: After my honorable discharge from the military, I knew my arm was a scary thing to look at. My dreams of becoming a family man went down the drain every time I looked at it. The thought of my future family looking at it and fearing me, scared me to death. I mean who would want to be with me with this hanging around? I guess you can say that I was too much of a coward to embrace my survival mark so I decided to cover it. I learned how to tattoo in the military, so I used that to start my scar cover up. It was so fucking painful but I did it. I made something I thought that was ugly, beautiful.

(Y/N): I believe that if someone loves you enough, that they’ll look past your arm and just see you. You’re an amazing person, Buck. Like you said it’s a mark of your survival but whatever makes you happy, then I am here for it :)

Bucky: You make me happy, Dollface. You, Aiden and Sunshine. ;)

Although Bucky did tell her to just walk into his shop, she still called his shop and made an appointment. She didn’t tell him that she was coming later that day but she hoped that he would be happy to see her and Aiden.



“You got silent on me. Let me know that you’re doing okay.”

(Y/N) huffed out a laugh, “I’m fine, Loki. Just thinking about something.”

“Oh? Is it Buuuucccckkkkyyyy~????”


Loki laughed on his end and (Y/N) hung up mid laugh. She groaned and put her hands on her face, “fuck…. I think I love Bucky.” Sunshine silently licked her owner’s hands, catching (Y/N)’s attention. She huffed another laugh and rubbed Sunshine’s belly, “come on, Sunshine. I have to go get ready! And you have a date with a sunbath.” Sunshine gave her owner a satisfied groan and hopped off of the bed, walking out of the room to look for Aiden.

“Aiden! Please get ready, sweetheart!”

From the other side of the house, she heard a faint, “okay Mommy!” He began to grab his backpack and started to pack it up with toys and coloring books.

She smiled to herself and started to get ready for her appointment.

After an hour of getting ready, finishing their food, and putting Sunshine in the backyard to catch some sun, the pair left and decided to walk to Bucky’s tattoo shop. Aiden grasped his mother’s hand and started to lead her to their destination. He had a feeling of excitement running through his body. As for (Y/N), she was terrified that Aiden would say something that would make Bucky run away.

Aiden turned his head to look at his mother from the corner of his eye, “do you think Mister Bucky will remember me?”

(Y/N) smiled at her son, “of course he will remember you, sweetheart! Nobody will ever forget your cute little face!”

Aiden gasped and smiled as wide as he could. They both approached and entered the tattoo shop. It was cozy and felt like home. There were some people looking over some books with some drawings in it while others looked at the walls full of art prints and photos of the employees. They looked like a family.

“May I help you?” A woman with short red hair called out to (Y/N) from behind the counter. “U-Uh yes!” (Y/N) and Aiden approached the counter, “I have an appointment at 12 with Bucky Barnes.”

The woman looked at the computer, “(Y/N) (L/N)?” (Y/N) nodded. The red head smiled, “oh right on time too. He’s in the back, I’ll get him for you.” She was about to walk off but turned back to (Y/N), “by the way, my name is Natasha but you can call me Nat.” She winked then disappeared from sight and the pair decided to look around the shop. 

Aiden gasped and pointed at a couple of drawings of traditional designs of roses, skulls, lettering, ships, and animals. “Mommy, do you know what you are going to get?” She nodded in response and put her index finger to her lips, “it’s a secret though.”

“You have to tell me what it is if you want it.” A familiar voice interrupted the pair. They turned around and saw Bucky approaching them. He wore a tank top, his hair tied back, combat boots adore his feet and army pants hugged his thick muscled legs. (Y/N)’s cheeks suddenly began to grow hot and she gulped audibly. He crossed his arms over his chest and tilted his head slightly to the side, “you never told me you were coming.” She laughed nervously in response, “w-well it slipped my mind!”

Aiden let (Y/N)’s hand go and stood next to Bucky, crossing his arms, matching Bucky’s stance, “Mommy is lying like my Uncle Loki.”

(Y/N) gasped, “Am not!”

Bucky laughed, “Are you ready for me, Dollface?”

(Y/N) made eye contact with Bucky, “All the time.”

Bucky smirked and led them both to the back.

After preparing the chair and equipment and having Aiden sit in another stool by a table in the corner of the room, Bucky ushered (Y/N) into the chair and sat next to her in his stool, “alright Dollface, what do ya want?”

(Y/N) bit her lower lip and whispered, “you know I love my son with all of my heart? And Sunshine too?”

Bucky nodded and whispered, “of course I do.”

“Well…. Someday my boy is going to leave me for his future and Sunshine won’t be around all the time…. So I want someth-”

Bucky cut her off, “say no more, Dollface. You’re gonna make me cry.” They both quietly laughed, “let me surprise you with what I can do. No stencil. Just something on the spot. Something simple.” She nodded in agreement and Bucky began the process. Aiden began to play with his toys but eventually stopped and looked at the man creating art on his mother’s skin. Her shoulder was completely exposed to Bucky. They were facing each other and as close as ever. (Y/N) slightly winced a couple of times but not enough to worry Bucky or her son.

She looked over at her son and saw that he was lost in thought, face full of concentration onto what Bucky was doing. She looked down at Bucky’s concentrated face. She began to see the similarities the two held. The blue eyes. The brown hair. The perfectly structured nose. Their carbon copied stance from earlier. There were so many similarities, that it slightly scared her.

“What are you thinking about?” Bucky muttered.

She muttered back, “nothing.”

Bucky stopped his tattooing for a second, dipped his machine into the little cups of ink and looked at her questioningly, “there’s something on your mind. You know you can tell me anything.” he continued his work on her shoulder. She sighed and whispered, “you’re going to think I’m fucking crazy….”

He looked up for a brief moment and slightly smirked, “when it comes to you…. I’m willing to put up with crazy.”

“E-ever since I’ve meant you…. I’ve started to see some similarities in you and Aiden…. I-It’s fucking crazy, I know.”

Bucky stopped his work, looking at her with widened eyes, “S-Sam said that too.”

(Y/N) snickered, “but the odds of that are basically zero though.”

Bucky turned off his machine and put it aside, “you know there may be a small chance but even I doubt that small chance even happening…. It’s just that, you’re such a beautiful woman so I doubt that you would have problems getting with someone to have a kid like him.”

(Y/N) huffed a pathetic laugh, “I-I…. you’re wrong.”

Bucky began to clean up her tattoo, “I mean there is nothing wrong with you…. You are so amazing and thoughtful and loving and all of these things that I want in a woman and so I wonder to myself late at night…. Why hasn’t anyone put a ring on that finger or claimed you as theirs?”

(Y/N) shifted in place, “b-because I’m always the one getting my heart broken…. I have had enough and I wanted something in the end. I wanted a child to love with all of my heart…. Even if it meant not having a man in my life.”

Bucky nodded, “I bet his father would be proud of what kind of kid Aiden is.”

She smiled, “I know if I actually had a relationship with his father that he would be proud of his son but I don’t know if they’ll even meet in this lifetime.’

Bucky grabbed a hand mirror and paused, “what do you mean, Dollface?”

“After my last breakup, I decided to have a baby of my own but I didn’t want to get hurt…. So I decided to go to a sperm bank in Brooklyn. It was the best decision of my life.”

Bucky’s eyes widened, his lip trembled slightly, “B-Brooklyn?”

She nodded, “yes, is there something wrong?”

Bucky shook his head, “n-no um lemme show you your new tattoo.” Bucky gave her the mirror and she saw the talent Bucky possessed. She gasped at the sight of it.

It was gorgeous. It was a simple design. Two hearts next to each other with a single letter in both of them. The letters were in cursive. One said S and the other said A. Sunshine. Aiden.

“I knew you would like something simple for your first so I decided to do some calligraphy with simple heart shapes.”

“I love it,” she put the mirror down and hugged Bucky as tight as she could, “thank you Buck!”

Before Bucky could hug her back, Aiden put on his backpack  and ran to the two adults, “Mommy! I wanna see!” (Y/N) removed herself from Bucky and showed her son. He gasped at the little artwork, intrigued and mesmerized on the talent, “It’s so beautiful! Just like you, Mommy!”

(Y/N) snickered and ruffled her son’s hair, “you’re too kind, sweetheart.” She began to collect her things and asked Bucky, “how much?”

Bucky wrapped up her tattoo and began to clean up his work station, “it’s free, Dollface.”

(Y/N) crossed her arms, “no way! I need to pay you for your service!”

Bucky crossed his arms, “and I refuse to take your money, Dollface.”

(Y/N) narrowed her eyes, “I need to pay you. Tip and everything.”

Bucky smirked, “well then, how about a date then?”

(Y/N) froze. “She’d loved to, Mister Bucky!” Aiden responded for her and giggled.

Bucky snickered, “well? Guess you don’t have a choice, Dollface~”

(Y/N) licked her lower lip, “Surprise me, Barnes.”

Bucky’s smirk widened, “you got it.”

Bucky walked them to the front, “ya know, Imma woo you to death so don’t bother backing out.”

(Y/N) rolled her eyes, “I won’t, Barnes.”

“Hey Buck! Are you ready for lunch?” A familiar voice reached (Y/N)’s ears. She froze and began to feel a sense of panic. Aiden’s hand was in hers but she could comprehend her surroundings besides her and the voice she desperately wanted to forget.

Bucky responded, “yeah, just finishing up with my favorite people.” He winked at her but stopped when he noticed her scared face.

“Oh yeah, who’s that?” the voice snickered.

(Y/N) knew she had to face the man she dreaded to run into ever since he cheated on her. She turned and faced him. Steve Rogers. The man that broke her. The man that pushed her over the edge.

Steve made eye contact with her and gasped silently, “(Y-Y/N)?”

(Y/N) audibly gulped. Aiden tugged her hand, “Mommy?”

Steve looked at Aiden, eyes wide, “Buck…. You never told me you fucked my ex and had a kid with her!”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

(Y/N) breath quivered with her lower lip.

Aiden pointed at Steve and looked at his mother, “MOMMY, HE SAID A NO-NO WORD!”

Steve gritted his teeth together, fists tightening, “You little fucking slut! I cheat on you and you decided to go behind my back and fuck my friend?!”

Bucky got in front of (Y/N) and Aiden, “You better shut your filthy mouth before I rip it off your face…. A kid is present.”

Steve bit the inside of his lip and looked between Aiden and Bucky. The similarities were there. The eyes. The hair. The stance. The angry looks on their faces. No question about it that Aiden is Bucky’s kid.

(Y/N) took a deep breath in and picked up her son. She began to take out some money and put it on the counter. She walked past Steve and went home with her son held closely to her form.

Bucky looked at the counter, grabbed the money and realized that even though he didn’t give her a price, she overpaid. He pushed Steve out of the way and ran outside to catch up to her. 

When he looked left and right for the pair, he realized they disappeared.


A/N: Also if you really want it, then I’ll make a part 3 because I feel like there is more stuff to be said and done. Let me know! Thank you for reading and stay safe!

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College. College was Y/N’s least favorite thing in the entire universe. She had been transferred from her previous college to this one because they had offered her a great scholarship in the art department. It was something she simply couldn’t pass up. But that didn’t stop all her other classes from being boring.

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Pairing: bucky x female reader

Synopsis: you’re nervously waiting for bucky to return from a mission to tell him the (hopefully) good news. “baby, we’re having a baby.”

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 1.1k

Rating: pg-13

Warnings: none

Other: credits to someiconx for the background collage!


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Summary: You and Bucky decided to go your separate ways, but the both of you had doubts about that decision. However, after Bucky is thrown into a secret mission and is gone for over a year, you have moved on and found someone else. Who will your heart choose?

| PART 1

A/N: Here is the second part. I was going to wait until the first part received more than 100 notes, but I couldn’t wait! However, I am going to wait with the third part though. So, until part two receives at least 100 notes, I won’t begin to work on part 3, because due to school I don’t have much time to write, so when I do, I’d like for it to be worth it (and i’m sorry if that sounds rude, but i’ve just had a good decrease in notes recently and it hurts the pride y’all. lol) 

ANYWAYs I hope you all enjoy the second part and thank you to the ones who shown interest in the first part! I love all y’all and I hope you enjoy!! xx 

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~ Over a Year Later ~ 

To say the past year had been easy would be an understatement. You experienced things you never expected and did them all alone; Not fully alone. You were thankful for the help of your fellow avengers, especially Nat and Wanda. They’d been your shoulder to cry on, your punching bag during a few of the worst moments and the ones who weren’t scared to tell you the truth.

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