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After Midnight Adventures

Relationship: Loki/Gender Neutral Reader

Warnings: insomnia, sleeo deprivation, nightmares, some language

Summary: You find Loki’s sleeping habits quite alarming, and you decide to do something for it

Notes: The Reader is shorter than Loki, but I can’t really put a short tag because Loki is just huge. Also, the fic has description of the effects of sleep deprivation to a person, please be sure that you are 200% comfortable with this topic before deciding to read it or not.

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Originally posted by fixitwithyourheart

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summary: natasha finds you once again to be able to keep her an tony’s promise to keep you safe, but how would they react when they’ll learn about the little dirty secret you have been keeping since you left bucky’s side?  

word count: 717.

pairing: bucky barnes x reader.

ignoti nulla cupido series | masterlist.


Originally posted by natasharomanoff

It’s been a few years since (Y/N) left the Avengers HQ, also meaning she left Bucky behind. She could still remember the last time (Y/N) saw him, he was so angry and sad and both her screaming and his could still make her wake up in the middle of the night up to this time.

That fight, she couldn’t understand what was it about or how she and Bucky ended up in that place but it happened and once it was over, too many things were said that couldn’t be taken back. Feelings were hurt, hearts were broken and hits were taken. 

(Y/N)  just decided to leave it all behind, head back to her normal and plain life. Being in that tower made her heart ached with sorrow every time she caught his scent or walked nearby to where he was, so she just left. Left every piece of her life behind, Tony and Nat the only ones that knew about (Y/N)’s departure, promising her that they’d made everything in their power to keep her hidden and safe from anyone, including the other Avengers.

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Above The Rest

Summary: Loki can’t help but notice the shy and awkward analyst, who doesn’t seem to fit in.

Rating: G

Pairing: Loki Odinson x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Early morning sunshine poured through the kitchen windows. Loki couldn’t help but look at you as he makes himself a cup of tea. You were standing off in the corner of the room, staring into the depths of your coffee dejectedly. He can’t stand to see you that way.

Loki grabbed his mug of rose tea and moved across the kitchen to stand across from you by the window. You don’t even seem to notice his presence, your Y/E/C eyes infinite pools of sadness. He could feel the loneliness radiating off of you.

You had been requited as part of the Avengers team as a pyschological analyst. Loki would never know how you did it, but you were able to accurately determine a person’s personality with a mere glance at their file. When that method failed, all you needed was five minutes alone with person in question. And while everyone treated you with respect and kindness, they weren’t exactly friendly.

It wasn’t that you hadn’t tried to fit in – you had. You just didn’t. When you had first come to the tower you had been eager to make friends with the others. But sometimes in the midst of a conversation you would say things that just didn’t ring quite right. Or you would go off on a tangent about some mental disorder or syndrome. Or you would make a joke that would just fall flat.

Loki had found it amusing at first, watching you flail, but that was only until he realized that this was who you really were – you were actually trying. Then his amusement turned to pity and later to shame. He began wandering up to your office in the medical wing, meaning to seek you out for a conversation. But you would be knee in research on some criminal or another or reading some tome in the semi-darkness, the only light in the room being the sunlight from your window. It was on one of those days that Loki realized you were beautiful in your sadness. His heart would slightly pick up pace whenever you were near and he longed to speak to you – to comfort you.

But Loki was not only an alien refugee – he was a monster, and everyone on the planet knew it. It didn’t matter that he had been under Thanos’s control when he attacked New York or how many lives he saved. The others watched him warily, afraid that he might snap and turn on them at any moment. He was worried about what they’d say about you if you became tied to him in some way. He was even more worried that you would be afraid of him. He wasn’t sure if he could bare that.

This morning, though, was the saddest he had ever seen you look. Loki knew he had to say something. He took a sip of his tea and cleared his throat. “Little one,” he said just loudly enough for only you to hear. You looked up at him, shocked that he was speaking to you and startled by his presence. “I –” he started to say only to be cut off.

“Y/N!” Tony called out suddenly, causing the two of you to look at him. “Would you mind coming to help me in the lab?”

Confusion spread across your features. Tony had never asked for your help before. But still you nodded and said, “Yeah, sure.” Then before you moved to deposit your coffee mug in the sink you looked up at Loki, smiling sadly. “Bye, Loki.” Then you were gone.

Loki stared after your retreating figure before lowering his gaze to his own mug. “Goodbye.”

Although he knew it was far from it. He was determined to speak with you.


The next day you were missing from breakfast, so Loki thought he’d bring you a mid-morning coffee. He stood in line silently behind an IT worker who was chattering incessantly on her cellphone. “Morning,” a voice said quietly.

Closing his eyes, Loki took a deep breath and exhaled softly. This man was usually intent on testing his patience. “Good morning, Stark,” he said at last, forcing calmness into his words.

Tony rocked back on his heels with his hands buried deep in his pockets. “So coffee, huh?” He said inquisitively. “Thought you were a tea drinker?”

Loki looked at him with one eyebrow quirked. “They sell that as well,” he reminded him, nodding at the drink kiosk. “You built it – shouldn’t you know as much?” He turned his attention back to the IT worker as the line moved ahead.

“Well, yeah,” Tony grunted, dodging the question. He stepped into line beside the trickster. “I saw you, uh, talking to Y/N yesterday.”

Loki heaved a sigh. “So that’s what this is about,” he spoke slowly through gritted teeth. “I might have known. What do you care?”

Tony’s smile faded into a scowl. “Y/N is not like you,” he said, pointing at Loki and pretending not to notice him really rolling his sapphire eyes. “I know her and she is–”

“What, a good person?” Loki cut him off. “How you would know, Stark – have you ever actually spoken to her? Ever tried to get to know her – you think I don’t notice you and your friends,” he said it like it was a swear, “the great Avengers, pretending not to hear her when she speaks up? Shunning her or blowing her off and making her wait til the last minute when she tries to bring you a file? You think I don’t hear the things you’ve said about her – we all know you like a joke. Admit it, Stark, you know just as little of Y/N as you do of me.”

Tony stared at him, his mouth opening and closing in shocked anger. Finally he managed, “I’ve spoken to her!”

Loki scoffed. “Yes, just never in public.”

“Your order, please?”

They both turned to look at a confused-looking barista who was watching the argument timidly. Loki strode forward towards the register. “A vanilla cappuccino and a cup of hot white tea – make the tea seething, please,” he ordered quietly. He pulled his wallet out.

Tony lunged forward as the God dropped a bill in the tip jar. “You know, reindeer games, there are cameras everywhere!” He spat at him. “I’ve seen you lurking around her office like a creep – I couldn’t say anything because you hadn’t hurt her yet. But if you spill even a single drop of blood in this tower–”

“You’ll what?” Loki said, taking the cups from the girl behind the counter. He turned to face Tony apathetically. “Move me to a smaller prison cell – at least I’d be able to get some quiet away from you. Enjoy the rest of your day.” He shouldered past him and pretended not hear Tony’s shouts in the distance.


When Loki got to your office you had your face pressed closely to a book, your nose almost skimming the page. He balanced the drinks carefully and raised his fist to knock on the door. You raised your head and looked up at him through the glass, your eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

You stood and crossed the room slowly. “Loki,” you breathed out, pulling open the door. “What are you doing here?”

He stared down at you and it was then that he noticed your red, swollen eyes and the sheen on your cheeks. “You’ve been crying,” he stated simply, ignoring your question.

“I….” You started to say quietly. Then your voice drifted off and you turned to stare sadly down at your shoes as you stepped aside to let the God inside the office. It was small but not cramped with a window behind your desk and a large bookshelf against the sidewall.

Loki stepped inside, closing the door behind him, and watched you move to sit behind your desk. He sat down in the cushioned chair in front of it and set the cappuccino down, pushing it towards you. “I’ve brought you this.”

“Thank you,” you said, hoping you sounded grateful. “But you really didn’t need to, Loki.”

He stared at you fondly, savoring the way his name sounded on your lips. “I wanted to,” he told you. “Won’t you please tell me what’s wrong?”

You stared at Loki silently, uncertain why he cared. The God was fascinating, yes, and also attractive as you were sure he was aware. But before yesterday, he had never sought you out. You needed to talk to someone, though. Maybe he would listen.

You closed your book and pushed it off to the side, laying your head on the cool surface of your desk. You didn’t care if Loki thought you were pathetic – everyone else already did. “I feel so isolated – so alone. I haven’t seen my family in so long, and I just don’t understand what I’ve done to make the others want to mock me. Even the other doctors find me…..Inferior.”

“You’re not inferior,” Loki said firmly. “Not to anyone – not the others and certainly not me.” He bit his tongue to keep from saying you were a Goddess among mortals – literally, to him. “The others don’t understand you because they don’t want to, Y/N – you know how cliques work. I know you do – they pick and choose who gets to join their club because they’re pathetic and petty. You are above them.”

You looked up at him stunned. “That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me in a long time. Thank you. Really, though, why are you here, Loki?”

Loki frowned and looked away from you ashamed. A monster, he reminded himself. “I can go if you’re afraid. I really just wanted to speak you, that’s all.”

“I’m not afraid of you,” you informed him truthfully.

Loki looked up at you. You weren’t lying, he realized confusedly. He would know if you were. “You’re not?”

“No, of course not,” you smiled up at him, and it was the most beautiful he’d ever seen you look. “I noticed how depressed you seemed right away and angry, and you’re right to be. Its not fair the way everyone assumes those horrible things about you – you’re a hero. And I’ve wanted to talk to you about it, but I didn’t want to force you to talk to me if you didn’t want to. Most people won’t open up unless they’re ready to – they have to want to be understood. You’re not a villain, Loki, and I really like you a lot.”

Loki set his tea down on your desk. Then he stood up and walked behind it. He knew it was a confession once you allowed him to take your hand and pull you to your feet. He could tell by the blush that spread across your cheeks and the almost hopeful gleam in your eyes as they traveled to his lips. Loki pressed his palm against your cheek, his thumb tracing the delicate outline of your jaw. “I like you as well, little one,” he promised you.

Then he leaned close and pressed his lips to yours.

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So I’m thinking of making a prompt list for one shot/drabbles for people to request i write on here because I dont really have the time or brain space to work on my bigger fics but I still NEED to create…. what do you all think?

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summary: natasha finds you once again to be able to keep her an tony’s promise to keep you safe, but how would they react when they’ll learn about the little dirty secret you have been keeping since you left bucky’s side?  

pairing: bucky barnes x reader.

warningsagnst, cheating, sex abuse, abusive behaviour, bad writing [see each chapter for individual warnings].

author’s note: so, here it is! my second series and I’m really proud of it, I hope you’ll like it.

status: ongoing | 28th january 2021.

part one | part two | part three | part four | part five | part six | part seven | part eight | part nine | part ten | part eleven | part twelve | part thirteen | part fourteen | part fifteen | part sixteen | part seventeen | part eighteen | part nineten | part twenty 



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Series masterlist - Masterlist

Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x OC Sophie Green

Warnings: Strong language, fluff, pining, maybe smut

Summary: After a tough year, Sophie decides she should work in the family business for a while to take it easy after seeing how well Emma, her niece, is doing. And then she meets Tom Hiddleston. She falls head over heels while he seems to keep cool.

Word count: 2079


Sophie continues cleaning outside and finds something between the couch cushions. Something she had seen before. A watch that looks quite expensive at first glance. She grabs his and runs after the group of men, hoping to catch them before leaving, but they’re gone. She sighs and puts the thing in the cash register so no one can get to it easily. They’ll probably pick it up soon enough.

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Series masterlist - Masterlist

Pairing: Chris Evans x OC Emma Meijers

Warnings: Strong language, age difference, smut but not really smut

Word count: 2476


‘No, just admiring you,‘ he says casually. Emma’s eyes widen, she feels a pit of butterflies in her stomach, and her face turns bright red. Lucky for her, Chris is not looking at her.
‘I’m stunning, I know,‘ she jokes, flipping her hair to play it off.
‘You are though.‘

‘Morning Chris. Ready to go?‘
‘Not at all. I feel like shit.‘
‘You big baby. You’ll still outrun with me ease.‘

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Pairing | Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings | swearing, implied smut, fluff, period cramps (those fuckers really do need their own warning)

Word count | 545

Summary | steve helps with period cramps



You groaned, then whined, then groaned again. Pulling your legs up to your chest, you curled onto a ball, rolling onto your back and clutching your stomach with both hands. A wince slipped through your lips when you head slapped into the wooden floor as it fell back, a puff of a sigh escaping as you legs straightened out.

“Baby?” You heard the concerned voice of your boyfriend, Steve, as his quiet feet padded into the living room. Another groan. A long sigh. You let your eyes slip shut, hands resting over your cramping stomach. “Baby, are you okay?” Steve’s voice became I little bit more desperate, the man quickly kneeing at your side and cupping your face in his large, warm hands. “What happened?”

“It’s feels like the fuckin’ devil is plaiting - no, Dutch plaiting - my uterus before twisting it into a bun and using a hair tie that’s way to tight.” You groaned, kicking your legs as an even harsher wave hit you.

“Oh, baby. Do you need anything?” Steve mumbled, nibble fingers brushing the hair out of your face and placing a lingering kiss to your forehead. You opened your eyes, head rolling to the side to stare that the closed bedroom door that was half way across yours and Steve’s apparent.

“My goal was the bed…but I couldn’t make it that far.” You whined dramatically. You looked back up at steve with the biggest puppy dog eyes you could think of, pouting your lips for the extra affect. “Could you carry me?” You pleased, voice small. Steve smiled widely, a chuckle playing on his lips.

“C'mon, princess, let’s get you nice and comfy.” Steve murmured, scooping you into his arms bridal style and whisking you to the bedroom. He dropped you softly into the sheets, helping you manoeuvre under the thick duvet before plumping up your pillows and kissing you temple, then your cheek, then the tip of your nose and finally pressing a sweet kiss to your still-pouted lips. At the feeling of his on yours, your lips tugged into a smile and Steve’s did the same, a look of pure adoration in his eyes.

“There she is. That’s my happy girl.” Steve mumbled, climbing off the bed and sauntering into the bathroom that joined to your shared bedroom.

When he returned, he held a red towel in his hand and a mischievous smirk captured his lips. You raised a brow, a quizzical look upon your face as Steve chuckled.

“What’s that for?” You asked, moving yourself to sit against the headboard. Chris bit his lip in a smile, sitting himself down on the edge of the bed beside you. His hand found its way under the covers, running up your thigh and settling close enough to your core to make you breath hitch.

“After last month’s visit, I googled some better ways of…helping relieve you.” Steve murmured, kissing you again as he fingered the hem of your sleep shorts. “What do you say?” He breathed, and you bit your lips to contain your growing a excitement.

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Steve x Reader (sort of) Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,993

Summary: Steve likes when you’re alone with him, it helps him reflect on you and all the things you make him think when the lights go out. There’s only one obstacle in the way sometimes…your boyfriend and his best friend, Bucky

Warnings: Slight Stalker Vibes from Steve, Voyerism, Unprotected sex (wrap it up), SMUT 



Originally posted by 3intheam

Your head fell back into the pillow, mouth open wide as you pleasured yourself with a toy he gifted you. He’d never tell you that though. He pumped himself as he watching your breasts rise and fall, goosebumps decorating around your peaked nipple. He licked his lips wishing that it was him making you feel good. Like a good boy, he stayed outside your bedroom door, peaking into your moonlight room shared with Bucky. 

Your POV: Bucky and you were spending as much time together as possible before he had to leave this upcoming Wednesday for a mission Fury is sending him to. You two walked as you shared a double scoop, of your favorite ice cream in a waffle cone. Taking small licks here and there and licking your lips you continued your conversation with your dashing boyfriend, “So tell me again…where is he sending you?” you inquiry with a raised brow.

 “Well, you see doll…I actually can’t say exactly where I’m heading, you know the whole deal with Fury and his ‘Confidential’ bullshit.” Bucky waves his hand as he explains. He is supposed to go somewhere in Asia to follow up a lead about a cartel that might very well be dealing with Hydra. But yes you understand the whole ‘Hush-hush’ ordeal of this mission. “Hmm…and how long do you think you’ll be gone for?” 

“Probably a week, a few days not long…why?” He looks over at you, his beautiful chestnut hair pulled into a low pony as a five-o’clock shadow peaked through. “Oh nothing, just wondering if I should spend a little fun time with you later In the coming days” you smirk over at him, your eyes roving over his body as you bit your bottom lip. He looks over at you from the corner of his eye, a little playful smile dancing on his lips, “Mmm I don’t see why not, I probably would want to remind you what you’d be getting when I get home.” Hand in hand, you swung your arms back and forth as you both walked back to the shared apartment with your beloved friend, and Buck’s best friend, Steve. 

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Pairing: Bucky x Empath!Reader

Word Count: 2.1k

Warnings: nightmares, a little blood.

Summary: Y/N is an empath tasked with helping the Avengers but healing only comes if you want it.

A/N: Why yes I’m posting chapter 2 just 2 days after chapter 1. I have no self control. Tags definitely aren’t working so reblogs would be deeply appreciated.  If you’d like to be tagged just send an ask and I’d be happy to knock up a list.



The door shut behind you and you heard Steves soft steps retreat. You looked around your new room and were grateful to see little homey touches. The bed was made with a clean, fluffy, white duvet. A few books had been placed on the bookshelf and there was a couch and tv. A sweet bouquet of flowers sat on the nightstand. Signs of welcome that did not extend to the team’s attitude. You sighed with a shrug of your shoulders. That was a problem for tomorrow.

You quickly emptied your overnight bag into the chest of drawers and your toiletries in the bathroom. You tossed your book onto the nightstand and flopped down in front of the tv. It had been an exhausting day and you were ready to switch your brain off for a little while. You flipped through channels pausing here and there but you found yourself unable to settle on anything. Instead your mind kept wandering back over the conversation after dinner. You had expected resistance, you were just a little sad about how much resistance you encountered. And while Bucky’s attitude was not unexpected it was disheartening. He was clearly in a lot of pain and wanted nothing to do with you. Your stomach did a little flutter when you thought of his blue eyes on yours and you rolled your eyes at yourself. It was just like you to crush on a man who actively hated the sight of you.

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warnings: none, fluff.

A/n: shits about to start hitting the fan so please brace yourselves, we seem to have a theme going on here at worldofAUs and the theme is mothers. Anywho i hope you enjoy this little fluffy scene, and as always thank you, THANK YOU for reading! All previous parts of a  maiden’s tale can be found on my pinned masterlist!

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Steve Rogers x Alien!Reader
You’re the lone wolf of The Avengers and prefer not to form close bonds with people to prevent getting hurt. Witnessing Steve Rogers, your crush, flirt with someone else is an example of why you choose to keep people at a distance.
Word Count:
Slight angst. Slight violence. The reader is being a tsundere. Natasha Romanoff is also spreading your business (only to Steve).
Original gif by @Oliverwxod, this takes place during Age of Ultron then Civil War
P.S. I’m not the best writer, so please forgive me ‘cause this is horrible and…fast paced. Also, Steve’s most likely OOC. This may or may not get another part.

You’ve probably thought of 30 (thirty) different ways to kill the individual that’s talking to Steve - more like flirting, and it was pissing you off. You’re currently attending a party at the new headquarters for The Avengers; you should’ve just stayed home. You probably looked like someone pissed in your drink from the way you were staring daggers into both Steve and the person keeping him company.

“You know, if you like Steve so much, why not go and talk to him?” You almost jumped out of your seat hearing the feminine voice behind you. Was it that obvious that you like Steve? Or was your displeasure with him flirting with another person causing others to assume you have a crush on him? Both. Probably both.

“If I needed advice, I would talk to a shrink; not you, Romanoff.” you rebuffed. Why were you a part of The Avengers? You rarely spoke to anyone on the team, and if they did speak to you - you never spoke kindly to them. Has anyone offended you? No. Your guard is just up and you refuse to get close to anyone.

“With that attitude, you’ll never get to Steve; plus, sitting here at the bar the entire time won’t get you anywhere either.” Natasha was practically in your ear whispering these things to you. You finally spun around in the stool and faced Natasha, who was standing behind the bar in front of all the drinks and glasses.

“I, I don’t like Steve…I’m just…” Your sentence trails off and you’re trying to think of a lie that actually sounds like the truth. However, this is Natasha Romanoff you’re speaking to - if anyone is good at lying and getting the truth out of people, it’s her. You sigh and hang your head down in defeat “Fine. Yes. I like him, but it won’t ever happen. I won’t let it happen.”

Natasha graciously sets a glass of Burgundy wine in front of you with a small smile on her face, waiting for you to finish what you have to say. You raise your head and rest both of your hands under your chin “Relationships are for the weak, for people that don’t love themselves and seek validation in others. Besides, no one can stay faithful for long…what’s the point if you’ll just get cheated on.” You grabbed the wine glass and took a sip.

The room that was buzzing with chatter erupted into loud cheering “…Are humans always this loud?” you asked Natasha, but she seemed fixated on something else. She looked disappointed, but at the same time not surprised. As though she knew this was going to happen. You turned in the stool and saw Steve kissing the person he was having a conversation with.

You turned back around and chugged the rest of the wine “Ouch.” You say flatly. What did you expect? Something different? You always end up getting hurt by the people you care most about. This is a prime example of why you don’t do relationships, and why you keep your distance from others. You sigh and stand up from the stool “Thanks for the ‘girl talk’ and the wine, Romanoff.”

Natasha knew you were hurting, but there’s nothing she could’ve said in the moment to make you feel better “Get home safe, okay?” you nodded in response to Natasha and left Avengers headquarters.
After the party you went back to your home planet for a while - being an Avenger got exhausting after a while. Your vacation, however, time came to a screeching halt when you received a holographic call from Tony Stark. You thought perhaps it was a simple courtesy call but, no, it was a call about Steve going against the government wanting to regulate The Avengers.

You sigh and place the bowl of berries you were eating on the table and stare at the holographic of Tony “Can’t you two just talk it out? Instead of waging war on each other?” You crossed your arms and began tapping your foot on the carpeted flooring. You still weren’t over the fact that Steve is currently dating someone that’s not you, so if you see him now…you might unintentionally kill him.

“Look, if the Captain won’t reason with me, maybe he will with you.” You damn near burst into laughter at Tony’s words, but you left it at a giggle. Reason with you? From the lack of interaction you and Steve have had over the years, you doubt he even knows your name. You sigh through your nose - Tony’s a stubborn guy; he probably won’t stop bothering you until you choose a side.

“Fine. Whatever. I’ll come and help you humans and try to diffuse the situation.” You finally agreed.
“Great! Oh, and don’t try to kill the Captain if you two fight.” Tony warns you.
“Don’t worry, Tony. I won’t try to kill the captain.” You promise.
You slam Steve on his back and firmly place your foot on his throat “I’m going to kill you!” Yeah. At this point your promise to Tony was a lie, you may actually kill Steve. Regret it later; but still do it. Unfortunately, you didn’t have enough strength on Steve’s neck and he easily maneuvers from under your foot. He grabs your ankle, and pulls up - causing you to fall on your back. Steve straddles you and holds both of your arms down.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were angry at me.” Steve jokingly says, it only made you roll your eyes. Was now really the best time to try to crack friendly jokes? No. In fact, it made you want to kick his ass even more. You squirmed under him but he wouldn’t budge “Honestly…I’ve always noticed you from afar, you never seemed like the friendly type.” Steve continues on.

Where the hell was he going with this? “Then the party rolled around and you just kept staring…well, more like glaring - in my direction.” your face began to heat up from embarrassment “I wasn’t looking at you, you moron!” you retorted.

Steve removes one of his hands and holds up his index finger “Ah. I never said you stared at me, I said “in my direction”.” he corrects you in a matter-of-fact manner. You took your free hand and tried to punch Steve, but he caught your wrist “And from what Romanoff told me…” you began to internally scream when Natasha’s name was mentioned.

“I think you have a crush on me.” Why was this even being brought up? Especially now? Was he trying to get some sort of satisfaction out of hearing you confess? It wasn’t going to happen. Not in a million years. “So, with that being said, will you go out with me?” A record playing came to a screeching halt in your head. Huh? What? Date?

“Huh? Date? You? Why?” Uh oh. You confusion then turned to your bitter feelings spilling out in a rant on how Steve is a womanizer, you hate him, he’s a prime example of why you don’t date. As you’re telling all of this, he just stares at you and smiles.

“Why are you smiling?” You asked, clearly confused.
“That’s the most you’ve spoken to me since you joined The Avengers - you know that, right?” Steve replies with the biggest smile on his face. As though it made him happy to hear you opening up to him in some way. Your face is beet red at this point and just as you were about to yell at him, Spiderman comes swinging through and kicks Steve off you.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay?” Peter asks once he helps you on your feet. You looked at Peter, at Steve - who was groaning a bit on the ground, then back at Peter “Yeah, I’m alright. T..Thank you.” Steve gets on his feet and gets in his fighting stance, prepared to fight both of you “I-I got this! You go help Mr. Stark.”

“Uh…” You turned around and saw that Iron Man was struggling a little and sighed “Humans…” you mutter to yourself. You turn back to Peter and nod “Okay. I’m leaving this to you.” you take a step forward before looking back at Steve and getting embarrassed by his proposition from earlier.

“I will never go out with you!” You yell to Steve before running off to help Tony, leaving Peter confused, and Steve chuckling to himself.

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each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor - StopIWantToTalkAboutCheese - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
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of course!! thank you for requesting :)

fluff prompt: “I can’t think around you.”

warnings: fluff, touch-starved reader, nightmares, reader is naked but it’s purely fluff, kinda sad but v bittersweet

send me any character and any prompt for weekend requests!!

You had always been the best at hiding your feelings. No one could ever acknowledge what you were actually thinking whether it was an insult or even pain. 

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Chap 3 - Tell me everything

“So tell me everything,” Tony said to the mermaid, as he sit down next the bathtub.

He had brought some cushions into the bathroom where the woman was still, and settles close to her.

“What does it feel like to be a mermaid?”

“Oh, not much of anything very interesting actually. We spend our time swimming and trying to find food… And fearing the surface and its dangers. Even if a very long time ago it was quite different…

The ocean is beautiful, but I was getting bored in this life and I needed to change. Have you ever felt like that?”

“Yes, I have…” Tony replied, nodding his head. “More often than people think.”

“What do you do all day?” Asked the mermaid as she leaned against the edge of the bathtub.

“I spend most of my time in my garage. I make things, lots of things. I’m a genius, literally… so I try to help people as much as I can with my inventions.”

“Oh Tony I’d love to see them!"  "Really?”

“Yes I’ve always loved human inventions, I even took a wheel off an old mill once to see how it works. Without telling my sisters, of course.”

“It reminds me of when I was a kid,” added Tony. “Every time I saw something I wanted to take it apart to see how it worked. I wanted to become a mechanic”

“Oh so you are a mechanic?”

“No, it’s actually not really my job”

“So what do you do? Who are you? I want to know everything..”

Y/N felt so good around Tony. It was as if she had always known him even though she knew nothing about him. And now, she wanted to know everything. His story, his past, every detail.

Tony smirked. “It’s going to be long” “I’ve got all the time!”

“Yes.. Even if I bore you, you are stuck in this bathtub anyway” joked Tony, which made the mermaid laugh.


Tony then told her a few things about his life, his childhood, his relationship with his father, how he met his friends like rhodey and happy, or how he had to take over the family business even though he didn’t really want to. He also told her about his passions and various things.

“But enough about me,” interrupted Tony, “How did you get here? In the river?”

“I wanted to discover the human world. Every day I was getting closer and closer. But yesterday I got too close and a fisherman’s boat saw me. The men started to throw their fishing nets at me. I got scared and managed to escape, but without realizing it all of a sudden I found myself in a river. I was hurt, lost, exhausted and passed out. That’s where you saved me… thanks again”

“That’s why I’m here for..” Tony smiled.

“Tell me about your life as a hero…” asked the woman.

The man raised an eyebrow and looked at her. He wasn’t used to talking about his life, but since the young woman seemed genuinely interested, and that was rare, he decided to try and continued his story.

He told her how he became a superhero and what it meant. From positive to negative.

It was surprising how easy it was for him to confide in Y/N. Of course he didn’t trust her yet, he had been betrayed too many times before, but he felt comfortable with her.

“It must have been hard,” the siren said to him after Tony had talked about everything he had been through.

The man’s suffering was like a stab in her heart.

“Yes it was. But it’s all right.” Reassured Tony with a movement of his hands.

“I wish I could have been there to help you…”

This man had a heart bigger than she had ever seen and he was willing to do anything to protect those he loved. Mermaids had a special ability to read people’s hearts, but even without it Y/N could have easly known it by reading it in his eyes.

She could only be in awe of this man. He was so strong. And intelligent. And with such a big heart. And funny. And handsome. She could feel her heart beating in her chest again.

“You deserve better” were the only words the mermaid managed to get out of her mouth as Tony looked at her tenderly.


“If you say so,” replied Tony, letting his hand slide into the bathtub water, his eyes resting on the mermaid’s tail. Her scales were a beautiful color and shone in the sunlight that was now setting.

“May I?” He asked, pointing to her tail. She nodded her head and Tony delicately passed his hand along her tail, touching her scales who sparkled with the feeling of his hand on it.

“It’s beautiful,” Tony said.

“Is it really?.. Don’t humans find it repulsive or even frightening?” “Maybe I’m more reckless than most humans,” Tony winked at the mermaid, which made her laugh.

The two looked at each other for a moment. Tony still had his warm hand on her and she felt shivers running down her body.

“It’s getting late, you should sleep and get strengh back..” Tony said suddenly as he took his hand away. “You’re going to stay here until you get better, okay?”

“I don’t want to go, and I don’t have anywhere to go.. where I live I’m pretty lonely.”

“You can stay here as long as you want,” Tony smiles as he turns off the bathroom lights, leaving only a few candles lit.

As he was about to left the room Tony turned to Y/N “Good Night Little Mermaid”

“Good night, my hero”


Chap 1 / 2


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Summary: (First Responders!AU) Moving to Los Angeles and living with your brother, Thor, was never part of your plan nor was being a 9-1-1 dispatcher, but plans change when you are faced with your own emergencies. In your case, it was leaving behind a relationship that wasn’t as perfect as it seemed. Will this be the fresh start you were hoping for or will your past find a way to catch up with you?

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Odinson!Sister Reader

Word Count: ~1800

Warnings: Car accident, angst

Lifeline Masterlist / Main Masterlist


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There a hundreds of amazing fics out there. Some I remember more than others; some I love returning to for a second/third/etc read.

On the Equinox by lodgedinmythoughts is a story that I stumbled on last year. It’s a Steve Rogers x reader ABO story with lots of support from other marvel characters.


Originally posted by fishragnarsson

It hasn’t been updated in forever and the author has it listed on indefinite hiatus…but it’s something that I’ll reread and get lost in all over again.

Even though I’m bummed that it doesn’t have an official ending, the author’s pause on this story has given me the chance to create all sorts of scenarios and come up with different endings every time I visit these characters. 

Go read it if you haven’t already! 

Sooo if you’re a writer who has had to pause a story for whatever reason - writer’s block, real life drama, running wild with another story, etc - don’t feel so bad. All the things you’ve shared is being cherished and loved by your audience, even it’s not complete. 

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~ chapter 4: red-handed. (or start at the beginning!) ~

~ overall synopsis ~ 

Sam and Bucky are looking for criminals in the frozen breaches of Alaska. Bucky knows that Sam resents him, but they’re stuck together until the case is solved. Also included: Bucky gets a haircut, Sam wrestles with the legacy of Captain America, and old secrets resurface.

~ chapter 4 excerpt ~ 

“It’s just that, Bucky does not have the time. There will never be enough time. No matter how many years he is put under, brought up, and put under again. He doesn’t have the normal, human time to love someone like they deserve to be loved. And Sam deserves that.”

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Pairing: Bucky x Royalty!Reader

Warnings: angst

A/n:  This was a request sent in by the lovely @bx725​! 

Here we are part two, (you can part one on my pinned masterlist!) there should be one more part to wrap up this piece. I truly hope you all will enjoy this part, and as always happy readings angels! Also a friendly reminder if anyone wishes to be removed from my perma Taglist please let me know!


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Yay! Thank you so much for your suggestion, I already know what next week’s compilation is gonna be about!


Send me your fic recommendations of MOB AUs! It can be for any character from Marvel, Supernatural, or even RPF!

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