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#marvel fanfiction
druigswhores · 2 days ago
gold rush | masterlist
Tumblr media
summary: in which druig found himself falling for the gentle soul who was known as the goddess of human love and flowers.
pairing: druig x fem!eternal reader
a/n: based on the eternals movie so will include major spoilers, the love interest is roughly based on the greek goddess antheia, will include angst, fluff and perhaps smut! add yourself to the taglist if you want to be notified whenever i update the series!
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
“They’ve began to call you Antheia, you know.” He chuckled softly, ocean blue eyes staring out of the window, admiring the view below the domo whilst gently twirling the stem in between his calloused fingers.
“What?” She questioned “But that’s not even close to my true name?” Gazing at him in confusion, eyebrows furrowed as she watched his fingers brush against the individual petals.
“It means flower, my love. Personally I think it’s quite fitting.” He paused, handing the flower to her, fingers grazing against her own, an unreadable expression on his face.
“Wouldn’t you agree?”
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
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the hands of fate.
frustrating, intoxicating, complicated.
loved you in secret.
heroes die all alone.
falling in love in the cruelest way.
clandestine meetings and stolen stares
rollercoaster kinda rush.
wounded the good, trusted the wicked.
the one who burned us.
flying ‘til the bones crush
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writing-for-marvel · 2 days ago
Now It’s You Keeping Me Up
Neighbour!Bucky Barnes x Reader
< < PART 2 | Series Masterlist
Summary: Your attractive neighbour can’t sleep when your ex-boyfriend shows up.
Request: @samantha-lefay wanted more neighbour!bucky, so they’re getting more
Warnings: TRIGGER WARNING for past manipulative relationships, violence (someone gets punched, reader gets grabbed on the arm), shitty ex-boyfriend John Walker, mentions of cheating, swearing/rude language, mentions of sex
Word Count: 1.5k
Masterlist | Ask me anything! | Taglist
Tumblr media
Bucky hadn’t felt more rested in his entire life than the week after you first cuddled up in bed with him.
He tried to convince himself that it was the endorphins released in his brain, relaxing him upon human touch - which was probably partly true, but not the entire truth.
If he was being completely honest, his cute neighbour who was willing to listen to 40’s music (even though he was positive you hated it) solely for him, who was gentle and patient, not needing to know the reason for his nightmares to insist that he not sleep alone, who had enough fire in her to stand up to him and remind him to take care of himself everyday, but who was also tender and forgiving when she saw he hadn’t, had everything to do with his new found sleeping habits.
You were the reason he was so well rested.
Every night you climbed into his bed, arm pulling him as close as possible, your soft skin pressed against his, the smell of you now infused in his sheets. You hummed Jimmy Dorsey music, which you had come to know by heart, in his ear as he closed his eyes. Occasionally there was a tune he didn’t know, and he suspected it was newer music which you seemed to have a preference for, but the tune itself wasn’t what calmed him, it was that you were the one singing it.
Besides the Sunday you first snuggled him to sleep, where he made you promise not to leave, there hadn’t been an explicit arrangement established between the two of you - you simply showed up at his door every night that week after you got home from work. He hadn’t asked you to, but you did it anyway.
In exchange for your generosity, he made sure to have food ready for when you walked into his apartment. Bucky wasn’t much of a chef, but he knew enough (and had access to an abundance of online recipes) to put together some rather tasty, if basic, meals.
This continued the whole week - dinner, watching movies, playing board games, which was always followed by nestling up beside each other on his bed.
One night, Bucky had been too tired to do anything other than lay down and listen to the sound of your voice, so you read to him. Your voice was so soothing, he passed out while still on the couch, cuddling up to your side. When he woke the next morning you were asleep beside him, hands cradling his head, book fanned out on your chest.
He couldn’t remember a time since before the war where he fell asleep with such ease, as if he hadn’t a care in the world. And he didn’t, he realised - when he was with you, looking into those stunning eyes, smiling inwardly at how your nose crinkled whenever you laughed, all his problems melted away.
But this Saturday night, as minutes torturously turned into hours and when the clock struck midnight, Bucky feared you weren’t coming home.
He couldn’t be mad at you - you had your own life to lead, family you would surely want to visit, friends to spend time with. So many other people in your life that weren’t him.
Just because his existence now revolved around seeing you every night, didn’t mean your life did.
He instinctively reached for his dog tags as his heart rate elevated and he bit down on his bottom lip to stop it trembling at the thought of getting through the night without you. It had only been one week, but it was long enough for him to become dependent on you. Reliant on your presence, your touch, to soothe him to a peaceful sleep.
As Bucky closed his eyes, trying to calm himself down, feeling the cool metal of his tags in the palm of his flesh hand, he heard the distinct jingle of your keys in your lock - the blissful sound he impatiently waited for every night that signaled you had come home and would show up at his door as soon as you changed into comfier clothes.
But tonight there was something different, something that made his heart sink through the floor and his stomach clench with jealousy.
You weren’t alone.
“John, we broke up more than two months ago, you can’t just show up here.” Your voice was loud and agitated, but something that resembled relief filled Bucky’s chest - this wasn’t a flirty conversation with someone who might be replacing his spot beside you in bed.
When did he become so possessive of you?
“You weren’t returning any of my calls! What other choice did I have?” A deep, yet slightly scratchy male voice responded. Not that Bucky was eavesdropping - the walls were just very thin. The tone of the man's voice, the way he snapped at you, Bucky took an immediate dislike to him.
“You know there is a damn good reason why I wasn’t picking up your calls - the same fucking reason why I broke up with you in the first place.” He knew he shouldn’t be privy to such a private conversation between ex-partners, but if something happened, he needed to make sure you were safe. There was a quality to this man that sent a shiver down his spine, even from an apartment away.
“It was a one time thing. Why do you have to be such a prude about it?” The more that came out of this guy's mouth, the more Bucky wanted to strangle him.
“You cheated on me! How would you have felt if I had some other guys dick inside me?” You yelled. In response to this, as if moving of their own volition, Bucky’s feet carried him outside his apartment so he was now staring at the bronze plated ‘4b’ on your front door.
“That’s completely different!”
“No it’s not, now get the fuck out of my place before I call the cops.” Bucky’s hand hovered over your door handle, debating whether or not to step inside. You were more than capable of handling things by yourself, but that didn’t mean you should have to.
“Don’t be such a bitter bitch!”
“Get off me!” Those three words were all Bucky needed to hear to storm your apartment. No one touched you without your permission.
The sight inside made his blood boil. The man named John was slightly shorter than him with broad shoulders, dirty blonde hair, and just about the most punchable face Bucky had ever come across. And he currently had a tight hold on your forearm that would most likely leave a bruise.
“Get your hands off her.” Bucky almost didn’t recognise his own voice, deep and threatening.
“This who you’re spreading your legs for now, is it?” You suppressed a whimper as John’s grip tightened on your arm.
“That’s not any of your damn business.” You said boldly as Bucky grabbed John by the shoulder, pulling him off you and shoving him towards your front door, keeping you safely behind him.
“Fucking whore.”
Bucky could feel John’s nose break under his flesh fist. He couldn’t remember actively thinking through the motions of swinging a punch, just the fury surging through his veins at John’s words. His punch had enough force behind it that if he swung at John with his vibranium hand, it would have killed him. There’s still time if necessary.
“Motherfucker.” John spat blood as his hands cautiously prodded his now skewed nose.
“If you dare step foot in this building again, a broken nose will be the least of your concerns.” Bucky assured, and John’s eyes widened at the threat.
“I’ll press charges! You just assaulted me!” He yelled as he cowardly backed out of your apartment, blood still dripping onto your floorboards. As soon as he was out of sight, you rushed to shut the door, snibbing the multiple locks that were installed on the back side.
“Are you okay?” Bucky asked, hands tentatively hovering over you, eyes roaming your frame to ensure John hadn’t hurt you any further than the red marks on your left forearm indicated. Seeing the distress in your eyes made him want to take another swing at John, he’d kill him this time.
“Bucky, your hand.” Of course you were more worried about him than yourself.
“I don’t give a shit about me doll, are you alright?”
“Yes, just a bit shaken. Thank you for stepping in, John never understood boundaries. And don’t worry about him, he wouldn’t dare say anything, not with what I’ve got on him.” It was an ominous statement, one which made Bucky question what deplorable, and potentially violent, history you had with him.
Fuck John and any other man who had ever treated you poorly, made you feel less than, made you feel small. You were the best person Bucky had ever met. You deserved so much better than that manipulative, hot-tempered bastard. You deserved someone who’d stop at nothing to give you the world.
“How ‘bout you let me hold you tonight?”
“Just what I need, Buck.”
And damn, he was already prepared to give you the whole darn universe.
Part 4 coming soon
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rodrikstark · 2 days ago
Steve Rogers plsss
steve rogers x gn!reader (fluff)
randomly generated prompt: Slow dancing in the kitchen
a/n: loml 😌💕 shteve
Tumblr media
although you know steve was heading home, the slam of your door still startles you, interrupting the soft music floating from your speaker.
“sorry. sorry,” he says, kicking off his shoes, dropping his bag, and tossing his jacket. you suck in a breath when he wraps your ribcage with his thick arms. “shit, i’m sorry.”
you stare at the counter, a certain stiffness keeping you from melting into his hold. “it’s fine." you're glad you're not facing him.
“it’s not fine, hey.” he tilts his head and plants a kiss to your cheek. “it’s not fine. i made a promise.”
“how were you supposed to know that…?” your gesture toward the living room leads steve’s eyes to the muted TV, the screen flashing with the blues and reds of police cars at the site of the burglary. which, of course, had to be on his way home. “it’s okay,” you say, and the sincerity in your voice kinda kills him. “i’m just glad you’re okay.”
his fingers trace the edges of the trays lining every inch of the counter. “i know you were excited about this, and i ruined it.”
you sniffle, so he lifts you until the soles of your feet are on top of his socks. “i’m just sad because you’re a better artist than me, and—” your hand waves over the sugar cookies. “they’re so ugly.”
he almost gasps. "what are you talking about?" they're brightly colored and glittery with sprinkles. hollies and snowflakes and stars. the edges could be cleaner, but steve isn’t sure that he could do a better job, working with royal icing instead of the precise pencil he’s used to. “they’re amazing, look at you, pastry chef.” he fits his nose in the space behind your ear and squeezes your waist again. “did you leave any for me to do?”
“they need twenty-four hours to air dry.”
you had been preparing for this all week. he was supposed to be here tonight.
to his relief, you turn in his arms, and accept the raining of kisses across your cheeks. “how do i make it better?”
you smile. “wash all the dishes?”
“i’ll wash them all for the next two weeks,” he counteroffers, already trying to get to the sink. “three.”
you step on his feet again before he can go, your arms clutching his neck for balance. with a soft laugh, steve sways you both back and forth, in an unhurried circle in time with your music. “and don’t be late to the party tomorrow."
he places his forehead right up against yours. “i won’t.”
— — —
part of my 2k follower celebration!
— — —
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belovasbrat · a day ago
OKAY OKAY OKAY but imagine Bratty!Jealous!Reader who hates when Daddy!Bucky has to babysit another little... So she acts out but Buckys rly soft with her and kinda kills the brattiness [🙄] by babying her and coddling her
this is the cutest thing ever omg i’m melting i’m a puddle on the ground
Tumblr media
“honey…” bucky croons from the other side of the room; you’re sitting with your back to him, pouting, as bucky takes care of wanda whilst nat and steve are out for the day.
“go ‘way.” you huff, crossing your arms over your chest indignantly. “don’ wanna talk to you. stupid daddy.”
“come on, honey. that’s not nice now, is it?” he creeps up behind you, his scruff scratching the crook of your neck as he murmurs love words into your soft skin. “come on, my baby. daddy wants to cuddle…”
you squirm and wriggle under his grip, holding back the grin that threatens to push to the surface.
“my angel…” he continues, “daddy misses you. daddy misses his favourite girl.”
“daddy!” you elbow him, rolling your eyes at his antics. “know what you’re doin’.” you grumble.
“i don’t know what you’re talking about baby. i just want to spend time with my pretty girl.” he chuckles, the deep voice reverberating through your body, only intensifying your urge to press yourself against his broad chest.
“dis isn’t fair.” you huff, turning around to face him.
“hi, princess.” he laughs at your frown and the creases in your forehead intensify. “c’mere, pretty girl. daddy needs you.”
“what you need me for?” you murmur against his chest, cheeks squished as he holds you close.
“this, baby. need you to snuggle daddy…”
“why, you could jus’ snuggle wanda.” you retort sourly, clearly jealous of all the time he’s been spending with her.
“wanda has her mommy and daddy. she doesn’t compare to my baby.” he coos, kissing your forehead as you finally allow yourself to sink into his embrace. “‘atta girl.”
“daddy.” you hum melodically.
“baby.” he replies.
“my daddy.” you grumble.
“yes, baby. yours only.”
you giggle, pushing your face into the crook of his neck and inhaling his scent. “forever and ever, daddy.” you chime.
“forever and ever and ever, my baby girl.” he grins, cradling you to his chest and kissing all over your face. you giggle, swatting at his chest playfully.
“you so warm, daddy. warm an’ cuddly.” you murmur, clambering into his lap like a kitten. “don’ move ever again. gotta stay here with you.”
“alright, princess. we’ll stay here and cuddle.”
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plxviofiles · a day ago
pizza and deep conversations
Tumblr media
☝️ originally posted by marvellegends
kate bishop x fem!reader, soft angst, fluff !!
warnings: one slightly suggestive joke 🙏
synopsis: it’s hard to be angry at kate bishop, even when she wakes you up at 2 am in the morning for pizza after an exhausting Christmas day.
a/n: @neozworld I KNOW I KNOW you gave me a fluff prompt and this was supposed to be fully fluff but I included soft angst as well 😭 I know you’re not a marvel fan, but ty for listening my rants on natasha and kate and ty for this wonderful idea <3 ily.
a/n 2: idk if this is counted as a christmas fic? but I hope you enjoy reading <3 this is truly my favorite prompt. also hawkeye episode 3 !??! maya is so cool and <clintkate's dynamic3
word count: 1.1K
“Babe. Babe. Babe. Babe.”
Look, there’s a whole lot of reasons why you were ignoring your girlfriend.
1. You were tired. So tired.
2. Why were you tired? Kate kept you up all night. And no, not for what you might think, but for watching chick flicks because Kate insisted that Christmas Eve was the best time to watch them.
3. You spent the whole Christmas day celebrating with the Avengers. With the idiocy of the boys (and by the boys you mean Tony, Thor, Sam, and Bucky), and with the combined teasing of Yelena, Natasha, Wanda, and occasionally even Kate, you felt like smashing your head into a wall.
4. It was 2 am.
“No,” you mumble in your sleep, pushing Kate’s face away with your hand. Kate huffs and swats your arm away, then starts to shake it over and over, “y/n! Wake up!”
It was times like this that your girlfriend reminded you of Clint’s kids. She always had energy and you were the opposite usually.
“Katie, I’m exhausted,” you manage to say, trying weakly to pull your arm away, “Please.”
“But I’m hungry,” she pouts, but to no avail, your eyes still closed, “You know what I need?”
You decide to give her the benefit of a doubt, silently praying that all she wants is crackers and tea (since you had that in the kitchen), but when you open one eye and meet her mischievous grin, you groan on impulse.
“Babe, I’m not getting up at 2 am to get you pizza,” you grunt with annoyance.
“Do you love me?” she asks you seriously, and you whine loudly, “Katie, please, just because I’m too tired to get you pizza doesn’t mean I don’t love you!”
“But you’re already awake,” she pleads continually, taking a pillow and swatting you with it, “Pleaseeeee!”
“ALRIGHT. ALRIGHT,” you shout tiredly, sitting up on the bed, “IM UP.”
“YES,” Kate pumps her fist in victory and you rub your sleepy eyes to meet the archer’s hypnotic blue ones. She blinks like she knows how much irritation is building up. You see that she’s already dressed and ready.
“How long have you been awake?” you question her, suddenly awake, and concern evident, “You need proper sleep, Katie.”
She threads her hand through her long black hair, sighing audibly and not looking directly at you, “I didn’t sleep.”
“Restless?” you whisper knowingly, intertwining your hand with hers and you realise for the thousandth time that it fits perfectly.
“All the time,” she whispers back, squeezing your hand in search of comfort.
You stay silent and kiss her knuckles, slowly and purposefully. Kate’s breath hitches in her throat.
“It’s hard being a hero,” you tell her, still holding her hand, “Whatever your hands do or are going to do, I love them.”
Kate tears up after a few seconds of resistance, and you instinctively wrap your arms around her.
After a few minutes of heavy breathing and loving rubs on her back, you detach yourself and wipe the tears under her eyes, eliciting a weak smile. Then, you pull a jacket on, throwing her your favorite sweater of yours, which she also loved to wear.
“Let’s go.”
The car ride was slow, peaceful, and quiet. Except for a few speeding cars, it wasn’t that lively given the time. Kate plays music on the radio.
You hum to the music, and the sound lulls Kate to a content state, the melodies of her favorite music and your voice filling her heart with warmth.
“Katie,” you whisper, grabbing her attention, and she turns to you upon hearing the nickname that only you and Clint get to call her.
Your hand finds its way to hers like it always does.
“You’re my hero, you know that right?” you say both teasingly and with seriousness, and Kate’s heart constricts.
“And you are mine,” she whispers into the dead of night, but you hear her, even when no one else does.
You wind down the windows and blast the music louder, and Kate finds enough in herself to laugh. Laughing was so much easier when she was with you.
You sang the song off key on purpose and Kate joins in, the same contagious smile taking place. You look over and smile, she was a better sight than the full moon.
“I love when you smile, it makes me feel like everything is going to be okay,” you tell her immediately.
Kate feels heat rush to her neck. You always gave compliments the moment you thought of them.
“How can you say something like that,” she stutters characteristically, trying to cover her face with her other hand.
“You always try to cover your blush when you’re alone with me!” you whine, disappointed, “I want to see the massive effect I have on you.”
“The effect I have on you is more obvious,” she tries to counter, smirking.
“Mhm, yeah keep telling yourself that.”
"I can't believe you almost started a war because there was no cola left," Kate chides you with a grin that represented her unbelief at her girlfriend's attitude. In her arms were a few pizzas (maybe one or two for Lucky).
"How is 'it's christmas and that's why we ran out' a good excuse?!" you complain grumpily.
"You're like the grinch you know, with your grumpiness and with the green sweater you're wearing right now-"
"Stop!" you start giggling, all the while still keeping your eyes on the road, "Don't antagonize me!"
"Right, right," you can practically hear the smirk on her face, "I'm sorry for saying you're the human embodiment of the grinch."
"I'm starting to regret bringing you out," you mumble quietly.
"Hey, I heard that!"
You roll your eyes and pretend you didn't hear her, tapping your fingers on the steering wheel.
Comfortable silence fills the car again. It started raining a bit ago, the raindrops staining the windows and the noise of it relaxing you.
"What Clint said during our meal today," Kate side eyes you, "The thing he said about-"
"About being a hero and about the risks of being one?" you finish for her, "And how you'll lose some things or people forever?"
"I know I sounded nonchalant but," she chuckles with little humor, "Yeah. It's scary isn't it?"
"You're not going to lose me you know. Not now. Not ever."
You want her to understand.
Kate struggles to answer, trying to find the right words.
"You're the last thing I'd want to lose," she fidgets with your sweater, "It was hard enough to win you over."
You laugh breathily but Kate's face still seems unsure.
"I mean what I said as much as Clint did," you reply firmly, "You're the last thing I'd want to lose too, you know."
Kate exhales slowly, and she smiles warmly at you.
"What would I do without you?"
"You'll never find out," you whisper, and the traffic light turned red, allowing you to grin at her.
And with the slight hint of snow on her hair, the redness of her cheeks due to the cold, the content shadow of a smile on her face, and her hand on your thigh, you pray that you'll never find out either.
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chmpgnesprnova · 11 hours ago
dearly detested / bucky barnes x reader
summary: you're stuck in a hellish dimension where your worst enemy is your husband.
word count: 1,471
warnings: bucky being mean, curse words
let me know if you guys want part two! i had a great time writing this.
Tumblr media
If there was one thing about you, you hated Bucky Barnes. You hated everything about him. His cocky smirk, the way that he would make comments just to get under your skin, constantly undermining you on missions. You hated everything. In your opinion, the man had zero redeeming qualities.
So, when a mission goes wrong and he blames it on you, you've had it.
"Dammit Y/N! They were right in front of you. I don't understand how you missed," Bucky yells, right in front of your face, blue eyes becoming stormy.
"I can't help it that someone tackled me, Barnes," you retaliate, meeting his eyes, refusing to back down.
"You're such a dumbass. All you do is slow us down and mess the missions up. You should go back to your other job before you went on missions. What were you, Tony Stark's assistant? Where all you did was get coffee and sit and look pretty?"
Eyes filling with tears, you speak, making sure that your voice doesn't waver. "At least I got the job because of my skills. You got yours because your Captain America's best friend. Obviously, I have some sort of talent or Tony never would have promoted me in the first place."
"You probably slept with him. You don't have an ounce of talent in your body. You're just a stupid little girl who is way in over her head."
Tears flow freely down your face now. "You're such a fucking asshole. I hope I never see you again. Actually, if you died right now, I would dance on your grave. There's a reason no one on this team can stand you." After your tirade, you spit on the ground next to him and walk off to your room.
You can't believe how mean he is to you. Women are actually treated with respect nowadays; it's not the 1940's anymore. You had no idea why he hated you so much, seeing as you never spoke a cross word to him before he spoke one to you. And you were talented. You were a great archer, having been trained under Clint, and you were great at diplomacy -- except with Bucky. You knew that you got in with the team because of your merit, so why were you doubting yourself?
On the way to your room, you pass Natasha, who quickly greets you and then does a double take. "Woah, Y/N, what's wrong?" she asks, voice full of concern. After not being treated like a human being by anyone in days, this makes you lose it.
"Bucky," you say, and she knows immediately. She wraps you in a hug and rubs your back soothingly.
"I'll kill him," she whispers. You chuckle through your tears.
"He said I just got on the team because he accused me of sleeping with Tony. Do others think that?" you ask, looking into her eyes. Her silence for a second told you your answer. "Who else thinks I slept with him, Nat?"
"No one else on the team. Just people that work at Stark Tower that would kill to be on this team. It's nothing but jealousy, babe. I've had my fair share of it being thrown my way too. You just have to hold your head up and move past it."
Not being entirely soothed, you smile the best that you can. "Thanks, Nat. I'll keep that in mind." You hug her quickly again, and then scurry off to your room to cry.
What were you thinking? You couldn't do this. Barnes was right, you don't have the talent for this. This isn't what your life should be. You should have some boring 9-5 job where you live the same day over and over.
So, you decide to sit at your desk and draft a letter of resignation. Dear Avengers Team, you write, then quickly crumple up the piece of paper and throw it in the trash can. Emotions overwhelming you, you drink a few glasses of wine and lay in your bed, just thinking.
I hate Barnes. I hope he has a terrible night. I hope the food he microwaves is cold in the middle, both sides of his pillow were hot, and Peter annoys the hell out of him on the next mission, you think, thoughts moving through your mind at a million miles per minute.
What if, somehow, you and Barnes could learn to be friends? You laugh out loud at such an obscure thought. He is pretty... you think, then physically slap yourself for thinking such blasphemy. Maybe one day, you could go on missions without wanting to kill each other. That simple goal would be enough for you.
Exhausted, you drift off to a dreamless sleep and hope that tomorrow will be better.
When you wake up the next day, something feels off before you've even opened your eyes. Cautiously, you open your left eye and scan the room. You're not in your room anymore. Instead, you find yourself in a neat bedroom tucked under a deep blue comforter. The walls were painted a simple grey, and the picture that you spot on the wall makes you gag.
You. And Bucky. You wearing a wedding dress, Bucky in a tuxedo. His arm was wrapped around your waist and he was looking at you adoringly, much, much differently than how he was looking at you just yesterday.
This has got to be the worst prank ever, you think. I swear, if Wanda and the kid did this I'm going to hurt them. More pictures adorn the walls and dressers, all of you and Bucky. In one of the pictures, there is a white kitten sitting on your lap, a cheesy grin decorating your face. In another photo, Bucky holds a little girl that looks exactly like him. You almost faint, looking for your phone. When you find it, the wallpaper is that same little girl, smiling with Bucky's smile. For some reason, your heart quickens and you feel fuzzy. Then, you shake your head and search the contacts.
When you see the first saved contact, 'James <3", you almost vomit. Quickly, you find Nat's number and call her. "Hi, Y/N, what's up?" she greets, sounding like her usual self.
"Have I always been married to Barnes?" you question, ditching the small talk.
"What kind of question is that, Y/N? You've been married to Bucky for five years. You have a kid, for Christ's sake. Did you take something last night?" she questions, and for some reason, you know that she's being truthful.
"No, Nat, I didn't take anything last night. I just feel weird today, that's all. See ya later."
"Wait, Y/N, are you coming to our Christmas party later?"
"When and where?"
"You must have did something last night. We've only discussed this a million times. It's at mine and Steve's apartment at 7PM."
Natasha and Steve? Since when? You decide to not question it and say you'll be there, then hang up.
You sit on the edge of the bed with your head in your hands, knowing that something was not right. You think you're dreaming, so you pinch yourself, and when you yelp you know that this is real life. It's too vivid and real to be a dream. And somehow, you feel watched, as if this is some sort of test or some sort of alternate dimension.
Suddenly, the bedroom door opens, and in walks your enemy. He's wearing jeans and a shirt that says Barnes Auto. His smile makes your heart beat a little faster, and then you shake your head. "Good morning, sweetheart," he greets and kisses your head. You noticeably stiffen and he looks at your face, concern lacing his features. "What's wrong, babe?"
You decide that you need to play this off, because you get the sense that you're meant to be here, playing wife to your enemy. "It's okay, I'm just super tired today," you reply, giving him the most genuine smile that you can muster. He looks at you suspiciously, then says, "Okay, babe. I'm going to go in to the shop, but I'll be home in time to get ready and go to the Christmas party. Elodie is still asleep and I've already fed Alpine. You need to just stay here and rest today, baby. I'll call Tony and tell him you're not feeling good and if he has a problem with it he has to go through me." He smiles at you again, but all you can think about is what he said to you yesterday. Or was that even him? You don't know what to do.
"Thank you, Bucky." He gives you a small kiss on the lips, says a small 'love you', then is out the door. What is happening?
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at her side - b.b x reader
Tumblr media
I was only just a breath removed from going to waste 'Till I found salvation in the form of your Your grace, your grace, your grace - grace by lewis capaldi
Plot: Y/N needs a boyfriend to bring to her family’s Christmas party. Her best friend Bucky Barnes offers to be her fake boyfriend. Of course, neither of them know that the other is madly in love with them, and would date them for real. No pressure, right? Basically, it’s a fake dating fic with Bucky Barnes. With a happy ending of course. Warnings: Some mentions of alcohol Notes: This is for day five of @staticscreenwriting​ and I’s Christmas Creation Calendar. Today’s prompt is fake dating at a Christmas party. If you’d like to be involved (and you don’t have to be a writer to do so), check the rules here, and read the masterlist of the days so far here!
“Is this the turn here?” Bucky asks, and Y/N nods.
“Thanks again for doing this, Bucky.” She smiles. 
“No problem.” He responds, turning the car into her parents' street. As best friends for the past three years, Bucky and Y/N do a lot of favours for each other. So, when her parents called and asked if she was bringing her boyfriend to her Christmas party, she panicked and said yes. Unfortunately, the ‘boyfriend’ in question was a guy she had been on two dates with, who then dumped her to go back to his ex. So instead of owning up and admitting how single and lonely she actually is to her parents, she kept the lie going a bit longer. But then she suddenly realised just how screwed she was a week before the party, and that most men would run a mile if she wanted to introduce them to her family on the second date. But thankfully, her best friend Bucky, kind and dependable Bucky, who still has a heart of gold despite everything the world has done to him, heard of her plight and offered to be her date. As a favour, of course. 
Bucky decided not to tell her that as a 106-year old formerly brainwashed super-soldier assassin, he doesn’t really get invited to too many parties at this time of year. Or ever, actually. So he would still offer regardless of how much she tried to convince him not to. This is actually his first party in a long time. And besides, he’s been friends with Y/N for almost three years at this point. What better time to meet her family? He gets to help Y/N by doing so too, which makes everything worthwhile. Besides, she’s done so much for him already, and continues to do so. When Bucky was at the lowest points of his life, and when the nightmares and insecurities were too loud for him to handle on his own, Y/N was there to help him through it. To this day, he still has no idea where he’d be without her love and support. Pretending to be her boyfriend for a few hours is nothing compared to the things she’s done for him, so of course he offered to help her out for once. And although he’d rather die than admit it, especially to Y/N...Bucky isn’t exactly going to complain about pretending to date his gorgeous best friend for a while. At least he gets to be with her, even if it’s just for one night. 
Meanwhile, Y/N gets to spend more time with her best friend in the entire world, and by doing so, she finally gets her parents off of her back. Of course, it also means that she gets to pretend to be dating the person she’s been in love with for the last year. She wasn’t going to turn that opportunity down anytime soon. So both of them consider it a win. They just have to be themselves, hold hands a few times and maybe give each other a small kiss or two on the other’s forehead or cheek if they have to. That’s not that bad, right? Even if the thought of kissing the other is enough to send both of their hearts into palpitations. Bucky soon pulls up outside her parents’ house. “You ready?” He asks. Y/N sighs.
“...As I’ll ever be.” Bucky gives her hand a squeeze with his non-metal one, which calms her down ever so slightly. She looks into Bucky’s eyes, so blue and calm. Like the sea. She smiles her first genuine smile of the day so far. Bucky smiles back at her. The pair get out of Bucky’s car and walk towards the front door of Y/N’s parents’ house. She holds out her hand to knock on the door, taking a deep breath to calm herself down. Part of her knows she’s being silly. It’s just introducing Bucky, her best friend, to her family for the first time. Okay, maybe they’ll have to hold hands once or twice, but it’s not that bad, right? 
So why does it feel like she’s being led to her execution? She suddenly feels another squeeze on her hand and looks over to see Bucky giving her another reassuring smile. One that tells her he’ll be right by her side. And they can face everything together. Once again, Bucky’s presence makes her feel a little better. So, she raises her hand and knocks. The door opens before she’s even finished knocking, and her mother stands before the pair.
“Y/N! Hi darling!” She grins, pulling her close for a tight hug so quickly that she loses her grasp on Bucky’s hand. She can smell the scent of her mother’s perfume mixed with home baking, something that brings her back to her childhood. It smells comforting, and it smells like home.  
“Hey, mom.” Her mother gives her another squeeze before turning her attention to Bucky.
“And who is this?” She grins. “Is this the boyfriend we’ve been hearing so much about?” Bucky holds out his hand. Y/N smiles. Always the gentleman and the sergeant, despite what happened to him.
“Hello ma’am, I’m-wow, okay.” He gasps as her mother pulls him into a hug. “I’m Bucky.” Y/N giggles as she watches him getting the life squeezed out of him by her mother. 
"One thing you gotta know about me, honey, is that I’m a hugger.” Her mother grins. But to Bucky, despite how weird it feels to be squeezed so tightly by someone he barely feels nice overall. Bucky hasn’t been hugged like this in a long time. The last person to hug him like this was his own mother, back in the twenties. There’s really nothing as sweet and welcoming as a mother’s love. And Y/N’s mother has it in bucketfuls. Y/N’s mother finally lets him go and ushers them both inside. 
“Can I take your coats?” Y/N notices Bucky tensing immediately. She knows he’s terrified about showing his metal arm to everyone, despite how much she constantly reassured him that her family would be okay with it, whether he decided to cover it up or let it show. Bucky glances to her for reassurance, and she gives him a small smile and a nod. Gulping, Bucky takes off his jacket. The gold of his metal arm glints in the light. Y/N’s mother doesn’t say anything to his immense relief, and takes both their coats without another word. “Almost everyone is in the living room, and some of us are in the kitchen cooking. Go say hi to everyone!” She grins. As she leaves, she throws a glance at Bucky and winks, mouthing “You did well!” to Y/N. Her cheeks flush. Thankfully, Bucky doesn’t seem to have noticed.
“Well, I guess we better-”
“Y/N! I MISSED YOU!” A squeal fills the room, and soon Y/N’s legs are tackled by her five-year-old niece and goddaughter, Amelia, who wraps her tiny arms around them in a hug. 
“Hey, sweetheart!” She smiles, bending down and picking her up. “Oh, you’re getting so big!” She kisses her cheek and listens intently as Amelia continues to rattle on about the things she’s done since she last saw her aunt and what she asked Santa for. Bucky smiles at the scene in front of him. Y/N really is a natural with kids...And why is he thinking about that? Why now? Sure he loves her and all, but he’s here as her fake date, nothing more. Now is not the time to think about how cute their kids would be. “Amelia.” Y/N begins. “This is Bucky. He’s my friend. Can you say hello?” Bucky gives a small wave, and Amelia gives him one back.
“Are you her boyfriend? My mommy and nana said that auntie Y/N’s bringing her boyfriend. They said that she told them that he’s cute! And she’s right! You’re cute!” She tells Bucky, who grins. Y/N’s cheeks turn a bright red, and Bucky chuckles. 
“Well, thank you. That’s very kind of you to say.” 
“Amelia, why don’t we go see mommy? I need to talk to her.” Y/N asks, placing her niece down, who runs into the living room, beckoning for the pair to follow her, which they do. “Talk to her about how to not spill things said in private.” She mutters under her breath.
“So, you think I’m cute.” Bucky smiles. Y/N starts wishing for the ground to open up and swallow her whole. 
“Well, I mean, you are, it’s just-” She trails off. Meanwhile, Bucky is still slightly in disbelief, despite how confident he seems. She thinks he’s cute? Him? But surely...she can’t feel the same about him, right? Nobody’s ever felt the same way about him, despite how much he wants them to. And with Y/N, her feeling the same way about him is all he’s ever wanted. 
Once Bucky has been introduced to Y/N’s family and friends and gotten to know them some more, the pair sit with her sister, brother in law, aunts, uncles and some cousins, chatting as Christmas music plays softly in the background and lights sparkle around them. Of course, as the new person there, Bucky is the one most people want to speak to about his hobbies, work, and everything in between. Bucky and Y/N sit on the couch, Bucky’s arm wrapped around her waist. This still feels weird to her, but comforting too. Like where this is where she’s meant to be. Surrounded by love and family, with Bucky at her side. Even though it’s just for one night, she doesn’t want this to ever end. She doesn’t want to wake up from this dream.
“You know, you two are so cute.” Her aunt grins, sipping from a glass of wine. “When did you two start dating?” Y/N’s eyes widen slightly. She completely forgot to prepare a dating timeline with Bucky.
“A few weeks ago. Almost a month, actually. But we’ve been friends for longer, right Y/N?” Bucky responds before Y/N can even start to panic. Damn, he’s good. Y/N nods.
“I see. So, what made you two decide to start dating? Did it seem like there was something more, or...” Bucky and Y/N gulp.
“Well-” Bucky begins, but before he can say anything, they’re called to dinner. Y/N breathes a sigh of relief. Saved by the turkey. For now, anyway. As her family leaves the room, Y/N and Bucky hang back. “Dammit. We don’t have a dating story worked out.” Bucky sighs. “Okay, at least we have some time over dinner to think up answers to their questions.” He whispers. Y/N shakes her head, sighing. 
“I wish, but nope. The questions won’t stop over dinner. We don’t have time to think up a story because they’ll send someone to come find us if we’re late to dinner, so one of us will just have to make up something whilst the other one nods and agrees. Okay?” Bucky nods. He can see Y/N is getting slightly worked up about it, so he gently takes her hand. 
“Hey, it’s okay. We’ll be fine. We’ve been through worse.” He reassures her. Bucky pulls her close, gently pressing a kiss to her forehead. Y/N swears the butterflies in her stomach must’ve turned into a colony by this point. “Now come on, let’s go get some food.” He tells her, leading her out of the room and into the dining room, where they take their seats.
As Y/N’s parents and some other family members bring in steaming dishes of food, Y/N’s mother comes in, struggling with a few dishes of food. Before Y/N can even do anything, Bucky stands up. “Let me help you with those.” He smiles, taking some of them from her with ease. His muscles flex ever so slightly, and he doesn’t even flinch under the weight of the dishes. Y/N gulps. That super serum really must be doing its job. God, how does he make everything, even carrying the roast potatoes, so attractive? Her eyes scan the table. All her female relatives seem to feel the same, given how they’re all staring at him. Bucky places the dishes down on the table and sits back down, not noticing how most of the women, including Y/N, are all staring at him. Some of them look like they’re considering leaving their husbands for him. Meanwhile, Y/N’s mom looks like she’s ready to start calling him her son in law.
Once everyone has their plates piled high and is tucking into their food, the incessant questioning of Bucky and Y/N starts again. Of course, a few other questions and stories are thrown in, but most of the conversation is centred on Y/N and her new date. Where they met, their first date, their second date, how they knew they wanted it to continue...and so on. Y/N and Bucky do well at keeping their stories similar. And besides, most of what they’re telling them is true. They met in New York at work and got closer after seeing each other every day. Nobody has to know they aren’t really dating. And it looks like nobody suspects they aren’t either. It’ll just be a funny, cute memory for them both down the line. Even though neither of them want this lie to end, or to let go of the magic just yet.
“So.” Her aunt clears her throat. “We got interrupted last time, but Bucky, when did you know you wanted to start dating Y/N? How did you know she was the one?” Y/N almost chokes on a potato. Next time her aunt goes to fill up her wine, she will tackle her whilst someone locks the wine up. If she has anymore, it’ll only be a matter of time before her next question is if he will propose to her.
“Nina.” Y/N’s mother tuts. “Stop with all the questions. You’ll give the poor boy a heart attack.” Her aunt shrugs.
“It’s just a question. I was the same when you met your husband.” Y/N’s father rolls his eyes.
“You don’t have to answer that.” Y/N whispers to Bucky. Surprisingly, however, he clears his throat and continues to talk.
“No, it’s okay. I don’t mind. Well. One day she came into work, and she’d brought me a coffee and a bagel. I mean, she does that a lot, but when she gave it to me, I realised that she’d left me a little note saying that she hoped I had a good day with a little smiley face on it. And as I read it, a lot of things just started to fall into place. She’s so kind and loving. Even on her worst days, this woman is like a ray of sunshine.” Y/N gasps softly, feeling tears stinging in her eyes. “And god, she’s so beautiful. I mean, she always is. Especially today. And I realised right then and there that I didn’t want to go another day without being with her. So, I asked her out, and the rest is history.” Her family aww around her, but Y/N is still in shock. Bucky...said those things about her? He thought them about her? Is it true? Does he really love her like that? 
Bucky’s hand finds hers under the table, and he intertwines his fingers with hers. He gently pecks her on the cheek. Y/N swears her heart is beating so fast it might break out of her chest. It feels like her whole world has been turned upside down. She has to talk to him and find out the truth.
After dinner, Bucky and Y/N lie on the couch, too full to move. Bucky’s arm is slung around her waist again, and she rests her head on his chest. “Oh doll, your mom is a talented cook. I couldn’t eat another thing.” Bucky groans. “I could sleep. For about a hundred years.”
“Yup. She sure is. I don’t know how I managed some dessert after all that turkey. She’ll have you invited over for her New Year’s feast if you’re not careful.” Bucky chuckles. They sit in silence for a while, and Y/N starts to smell Bucky’s cologne. It’s nice. It’s comforting. In its own way, it smells like home too. Her mind goes back to earlier and to the moment when Bucky practically admitted his love for her over the dinner table. “Hey, can I ask you something?”
“Mhm?” But before she can say anything, her mother and some other family members walk in. Y/N sighs. She can’t ask her fake boyfriend if he really loves her and wants to date her for real in front of her family, who thinks they’re actually dating. She shakes her head, and Bucky frowns but says nothing. 
“Okay, you two, we’re going to put some music on and have a dance party. And before you start groaning, Amelia requested it, not me.” Y/N’s sister says. 
“Bucky, can I dance with you, please? Just for a little while...” Amelia asks, looking up at him, her eyes wide and pleading. 
“Of course you can, sweetheart.” Bucky smiles. He glances over at Y/N. “But I would like to dance with your auntie too, if that’s okay.” He whispers loud enough for Y/N to hear, and Amelia nods. Y/N smiles.
“Actually, Y/N can I see you in the kitchen for a moment, please?” Her mother asks. Y/N frowns, wondering what she’s done now. But she nods and follows her mother out of the room. Once they’re in the kitchen, her mother turns to face her. “You really love him, don’t you?” Y/N frowns.
“He’s my boyfriend, mom. Of course, I do-” Her mother raises an eyebrow.
“Mhm. Y/N I know when you were a teenager, you thought I was born in the middle ages, but I am not that old or dumb. I can tell when you’re actually dating someone or if it’s just fake. And I know you and Bucky aren’t actually dating.” Y/N opens her mouth to argue, but her mother holds up her hand to stop her. “Don’t bother arguing. I know. A mother knows these things.”
“Seriously? Wow, I guess what they say about a mother’s intuition is right.”
“Well, yeah, it is. But it’s mostly cause you said your new boyfriend’s name was Henry, and now it’s Bucky all of a sudden.” Y/N blushes. Oops. “But you know darling...with the way he looks at you and speaks about you, and the way you look at had us all fooled. I think there’s more love invested into this ‘fake’ relationship than you think there is. You really do love him, don’t you?” Y/N nods.
“I don’t want this to be over. I don’t want to go back to New York and go back to being friends when I love him so much. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.” She can feel tears stinging at her eyes again, and her mother pulls her into another tight hug. 
“You have to talk to him. I know it’s scary and tough, but it’s what you have to do. And...I think I know his answer.” The two women walk back into the living room and are greeted by most of the family dancing to Paul McCartney’s Wonderful Christmas Time. Bucky holds Amelia in his arms, gently swaying and spinning her to the music as she giggles along. Y/N smiles softly. He really fits in with her family. They all adore him. And she does too. Her mother gently pats her back, and after taking a breath, Y/N walks over to Bucky as the song fades out and Queen’s Thank God It’s Christmas begins to play. 
“Hey, sweetheart. Can I get that dance with Bucky now?” Grinning, Amelia nods. Bucky places her down, and she runs off to find her parents. Bucky takes her hand in his and wraps his arm around her waist again. They begin to sway together. 
“What did your mom want? Everything okay?” She nods. Everything’s great. 
“Thanks for today, Bucky. For everything, actually.”
“Of course, doll.”
“And um.” She takes a breath. Bucky raises an eyebrow. “I don’t know how to say this so I’m just going to. I don’t want us to go back to just being friends after this. I’m in love with you, Bucky Barnes.” His eyes go wide, and his face lights up. 
“I love you too.” He sighs happily. “God, I’ve been waiting and hoping you’d say those words to me.” Y/N grins. “Can I kiss you?” She nods, and he gently places her lips on hers in a soft kiss. Y/N was right. This is all she needs, and it’s where she’s meant to be. Surrounded by love and family, with Bucky at her side. For real this time.
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fine line between love and hate (bucky barnes)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female reader
Summary: Starting off as ‘enemies’ with someone you would save the world with isn’t something the average person does for a living. Then again, you weren’t just an average person… and neither was he.
Warning: Angst – flashbacks to when reader and Bucky were ‘enemies’, fluff – sweet sweet floof, description of wounds, tiger chase and falling & lastly enemies to lovers.
Side note: Timeline in this is different from the mcu. Basically, infinity war and endgame never happened. Tony and Steve came up with the plan to get the stones from the past when Dr. Strange came to Tony with what he had seen. So, in order to prevent it Tony and Steve became friends again and everyone lived happily after that.
Marvel masterlist.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sun rays were shining through the leaves above you as you squinted, there was a pounding sensation to the right corner of your head where you were sure a deep gash was.
You try to sit up without hurting your already throbbing side. You must’ve taken quite the hit when the quin jet fell. The pieces of metal surrounding you confirmed that, everything was in little fragments and shards compared to what it once was.
The last thing you remembered were you and Bucky arguing about something you couldn’t recall, then came the frantic call of Tony’s voice over the comms and then everything was blank.
Something seemed to have hit the quin jet clean out of the sky and to the jungle that you currently found yourself in. You begin to pull yourself towards a nearby tree so that you could pull yourself up and stand up without any discomfort.
You needed to find Bucky.
The both of you were on your way to a mission when this happened. You needed to make sure he was okay and then try to get in contact with the team.
“Ow fuck.” You said through clenched teeth as you pulled yourself straight, which caused your side to tense and cause an intense pain.
You were surrounded by trees and bushes that towered over you, there were a few guns and backpacks which was scattered across the floor. You hoped one of them was a first aid kit, then at least you would be able to aid yourself before beginning your search of finding Bucky.
Taking a shaky step forward, you hold your side as you make way to the nearest bag. You stumbled but managed to make it to the bag. You open it and see a few food and bottled water with a knife and a small bag labelled with the first aid sign.
“Oh, thank goodness.” You said thankfully and begin to tend to your wounds.
The most intense pain came when you had to clean the wound the gash on your head. Other than that, you had a couple of bruises forming on the parts of your body which was hit on the way down.
You searched through the rest of the bags and managed to find some clothes and resources you could make use of. It seemed to be around midday when you finished gathering everything under the biggest piece of metal which was wedged against a tree.
With a backpack strapped around you, the journey for searching for Bucky began. There was a row of tree’s which seemed to be taken down by another big piece of metal, so that’s the path you chose to go down first.
“Bucky!” Your voice boomed around the jungle.
As you walked more further in, you began to see little pieces of the quin jet.
Surely Bucky would be nearby.
“Bucky!” You shout louder.
“Y/n?” Came the voice of the soldier.
You began to walk faster and tried running to his voice.
“Y/n?” His voice called out again, this time sounding more pained.
Your footsteps came to a stop when you saw Bucky with his back resting against a tree. You made your way to him, scanning him for any injuries and that’s when you came across the metal shard in his left ankle.
“Are you hurt? What happened to your head? Are you okay?” The questions began to tumble out of his mouth as he looked to you frantically, his metal arm gently touched the gash on your head.
“I’m fine, a few bad bruises and a pounding headache, but I’m okay… let me have a look at your leg.” You said bending down to examine it.
The metal shard didn’t seem to be too deep; you could take it out and bandage it with the larger first aid kit back where you were.
“I need to get you to the first aid bag. I found most of the stuff that was aboard with us. C’mon I need you to lean on me and get up.” You said waking up slowly.
“I can do it; I can get up.” Bucky insisted not wanting to put pressure on you. He noticed how you flinched when you bent down to check out his leg.
With shaky breaths and loud groans of pain, Bucky managed to pull himself up using the tree like you did.
When he attempted to take a step forward and stumbled, you went to his side and let him lean on you.
“I told you to let me help you.” You scolded him and moved his arm to rest around your shoulders as your one went to his lower back.
“You’re hurt too y/n.” He said with a glare.
“Yes, but you’re worse. Now c’mon, I’m not going to argue with you on this.” You and he walked back to the place where you woke up.
No words were exchanged as you let him lean against the tree. You rummaged through the bags when you finally found the larger first aid kit. This one had ointments and more bandages; you also grabbed a bottle of water to clean his wounds.
“I need you to sit down, you can’t put pressure on your leg while I tend to it.”
Bucky stared at you with a stern look but did as you said when you gave him the same look back.
“Be careful.” You mumbled as he gripped your arm to slide down the tree.
You sat on the ground next to him, you set out everything you needed and opened the bottle of water, you needed to see the wound clearly before taking the metal shard out.
“Sorry.” You said glancing at him when he hissed in pain when you put a little bit of water on the wound.
“Its okay… just do what you need to do.” His fists were clenched.
After cleaning it up to the best of your ability, you now needed to remove it.
“I need to remove it, don’t worry it hasn’t hurt anything that caused any long term damaged. You wont bleed out, so removing it is okay.” You explained to him.
“Okay, just do it. It fucking hurts.” He closed his eyes in preparation for the pain.
“This is going to hurt, I’m sorry.” You take your hand in his so that he can squeeze it if he needs to.
“1.. 2.. 3..”
“Son of a bitch!” his voice boomed around the place, he continued to groan in pain as his grip around your hand tightened.
“The worst is over, I promise.” You tried to assure him.
“Noted.” He mumbled as he stared up at the sky.
You got back to it and began to clean the wound again since there was a little blood. After applying the ointment, you bandage it up and reached over to get your backpack off of you.
“Here, you need to eat.” You handed him one of those weird bars that Tony and Bruce came up with to ensure you wouldn’t be hungry for hours on missions that required super under the radar circumstances.
“Have you eaten?” He asked looking at the bar and then to you.
“I have enough here for you and I.” You look to the bag and then bag at him.
With a nod he took it.
“Have you got a plan?” He asked.
“Well… I wanted to try and find the comms or some communication device and get in contact with the team or try and find a way out of the jungle and to some civilization.” You explain to him.
“Okay, sounds good. We need to make use of daylight then and make a move now.” He said trying to get up.
“Hold on, you can’t move around with your leg being in that state.” You put your hand on his shoulder to keep him in place.
“Yeah, that’s not happening.” He said attempting to wake up again.
“Bucky.” You said with a warning tone.
“Y/n.” He said in the same tone.
With a big sigh, he turns to you and says, “I am not about to let you go and explore an unfamiliar jungle alone.”
“I am trained enough to take care of myself, and you if I ever need to. I can manage.”
The look on his face doesn’t change, you try to think of ways to make this better and then an idea pops into your mind.
You turn towards the bags and rummage through it till you find what you’re looking for.
“You can hold this end of the rope and I’ll tie it to my waist. This way even if you’re not with me, you’ll still be there.” You hand him one end of the rope and begin to tie the other end around yourself.
Thank goodness Tony is always working on his weapons as well as the teams and managed to make this rope stretch really long.
“Just so you know, I do not like this idea.” He said looking grumpy as ever.
“Like I’m jumping at the idea of leaving you alone here.” You roll your eyes and finish tying the rope.
“I’m going to head down this way and if I find anything I’ll tug on the rope, okay?” You say to him with a reassuring smile.
“And if anything goes wrong, you call out to me.” He tells you with a stoned expression.
“Okay.” You send him a smile.
You and Bucky wasn’t the best of buddies. When he was on the run, you joined Steve, Sam and Natasha to try and help him. Although he seemed to get on great with the rest of them. It was specifically you who he ignored.
He barely acknowledged you and ignored you at every moment he could. This didn’t help when Steve, Sam and Natasha were away most of the time and because you were new to this lifestyle, they made you stay with Bucky, hidden.
Steve, Sam and Natasha would be gone for weeks sometimes and with Bucky being the way that he was towards you, it made you feel terrible. You didn’t interact with anyone because you never got the chance to be in public.
When Steve and Tony finally made amends, you were thankful to be able to live a somewhat normal life once again.
One day when you were expressing how you felt to Sam, Bucky walked in and took off with you like it was no one’s business.
“I don’t know Sam; I feel like he doesn’t even view me as a team member. I did whatever I could to help him. Even if all I did was sit in a corner and keep quiet.” You said sadly looking to Sam.
“Bucky can be difficult at times, but when you get to know him better, it changes. I guess its from what he’s been through.” Sam said with a reassuring smile.
“I try so hard Sam. I even asked Steve what Bucky’s favorite meal was and one day when you guys were gone, I sneaked to a market to get the stuff to make it, and he didn’t even eat it. All he did was scoff and walk away.”
“Well, I’m sorry for being such an inconvenience to your life. I never asked you to give up your perfect life to come and live the one like mine.” Bucky sneered as he walked over to you and Sam.
“Bucky cool it down. She’s just trying to get along with you and you haven’t exactly been the most welcoming to her.” Sam stepped between Bucky and you.
You knew he wouldn’t do anything to harm you, and Sam was just being protective.
“I didn’t give up anything. It was my choice to help because I wanted to.” You say softly and staring at him with a look of pain.
He avoided eye contact with you for a moment. He didn’t want to have this conversation.
“Steve wants you both in the briefing room.” He said bitterly and walked off.
It was from that moment forward when you and Bucky settled on a love hate relationship, more so hate if we’re being honest.
On missions he would avoid you and you would avoid him, the only time you would butt heads would be when you were paired up which was more times than you would’ve liked.
Although it may have seemed like you harbored a dislike for him, truth be told you admired him and wanted nothing more than to be his friend, but sometimes his words would just pierce too harshly.
You walked down a path which was next to the one where you found Bucky. There wasn’t anything in sight. Just trees, trees and more trees.
This was a big jungle and you seemed to have been in the dead center of it. You walked a little more till you saw a particularly interesting site.
There was some equipment set up in the area, but it seemed to have been abandoned since most of it was covered with vines. Taking careful steps towards one of the tables, you were hoping to find a something useful or maybe someone who was still here.
You felt relief run through you when you saw an old radio kept aside. Thank goodness to Natasha and Clint for teaching you the old school spy ways.
Placing the radio carefully into your bag, you were about to put your backpack on and head towards Bucky when the snap of a twig caught your attention. Immediately you take out one your gun and aim it in the direction of the noise.
There stood a few meters away from you was a Bengal tiger. Its eyes piercing into your form. It was crouched down and watching you carefully.
Now you know what might’ve happened to the people who were once here.
You needed to get out of here quickly, before triggering the tiger to attack you. A few minutes passed by with you maintaining eye contact with the tiger. It watched your every move; the gun not once left your hand.
The funny thing about this is, you couldn’t bring yourself to shoot it. You were a trained by literal assassins and took out men and women twice your size, but shooting a tiger? You couldn’t do it.
Taking slow steps back, you planned to do this till you were out of its sight and then run as fast as you can away from where it was.
Not the best plan, but it was a plan.
You managed to make it till you were out of its sight and then a dead bolt run straight ahead. You knew you were making you way more and more away from where Bucky was. You didn’t need to lead the tiger straight to him with him being injured.
The sound of leaves moving behind you told you that the tiger was hot on your trail. The rope was still around your waist, you quickly took your pocketknife and cut it. You knew Bucky would be panicking, but right now you were more worried about possibly being killed by a tiger.
You could hear water nearby and headed straight for it. Your gun was still in your hand, but you made sure to not use it. You saw a river and ran along side it, you either jump in or continue to run.
You jumped.
As soon as you were in the water, you could feel a strong current in the water which you concluded lead to a waterfall at some point.
You struggled against the current, one moment you were under water and the next you were above it. When you looked back, you saw the tiger in the water as well. Of course, it would be, tigers can swim.
There was a split in the middle of the river, one going towards another path and another leading to a waterfall.
You had to make a choice, and quickly swam against the current and gripped onto the rocks on the edge of the path. You pulled yourself up struggling with the weight of the water on your clothes.
You looked back and saw the tiger panicking, the poor thing was trying to come towards you when it unfortunately when down the waterfall path, you saw it go over the edge and felt a pain in your heart at the possible outcome that lies at the bottom of it.
Using all your strength and practically screaming with how painful it was, you pulled yourself up and onto the ground.
You laid on your back looking at the sky. You were out of breath and tired, but you needed to get back to the radio and then back to Bucky. The sooner you did this, the better.
When you were up and on your feet, you saw that you could look over the edge. You went to edge and saw that it was a long way down, but thankfully you saw the tiger pulling itself out of the water and to the shallow water.
It was fine.
With a sigh of relief, you turned back before it could notice you and left.
You made your way back to the site. It took a long time to find your way back as you didn’t know the way back to it, but eventually you found yourself there. Only Bucky was there too, with the radio in his hand and a scared look on his face.
“I thought I told you to stay put.” You scolded him as he took in your soaked form.
“Y/n… what the fuck?” He asked confused and concerned as ever.
You take in a deep breath before you explain to him what happened.
“At least I found a radio.” You said light heartedly.
“You see this is why I don’t like being paired with you on missions, everything is a joke, and you never take it seriously.
His tone was stern and angry, you had heard this tone many times before.
“Its not like I’m jumping at the opportunity to partner with you either.” You say with the same tone.
“No y/n, you don’t realize that if you get hurt… I would leave what I’m doing to immediately come to you. I can’t let you get hurt knowing that I could do something to prevent it, but sometimes it’s like you’re a magnet for danger.”
You would’ve taken off with him, but his words made you pause.
“You would do that?” You ask shocked.
“Of course, I would.” He limped towards you and took your face between his hands.
“It is so exhausting trying to dislike you. You think I like being rude and harsh to you when all I want to do is wrap you in my arms and keep you away from this world, but I could never do that. Not with you loving your line of work or with the dangers that come with you being mine.”
Maybe that gash on your head was more impactful than you thought, because here was Bucky basically confessing a liking towards you.
“You’re so frustrating, James Buchanan Barnes. All I ever wanted for you to be nice to me, for you to at least tolerate me, but all you did was ignore me like I was never there, and I still wanted nothing more than to get to know you more.” You pulled back from him and took a few steps back.
“Doll, being a part of my life isn’t easy. There will always be someone or something not too far behind coming for me.” He tried to explain.
“Oh, you think your life is the only one like that? I have my own enemies Bucky.” You say softly.
He looked at you with furrowed brows, “What do you mean?”
“I mean that there are people after me too. Before shield or the avengers, I lived my own chaotic filled life till I found a better path. I never lived a perfect life; it was always one day away from possibly being hunted.” You tell him sadly.
That all has since changed, but it didn’t make the healing process any easier.
“I lived a life I didn’t choose.”
You look to him, and he can see the tears brimming your eyes.
“Y/n… I didn’t know.” He was unsure of what to even say.
“Well, it’s not something I go around telling people.” You chuckle sadly.
A silence fills the space between the two of you, Bucky kept his eyes on you and watched as you wiped away the stray tears away.
“C’mon we need to try and get in contact with the team.” You lift up the bag and take the radio from his hand as you walk towards him so that he can lean on you.
“Yeah, okay.” He said distractedly.
You still had yet to address the words he said about wanting you to be his, but for now your main concern was getting into contact with the team and getting out of the jungle before any other animals found you and Bucky.
Once back at the place where you left Bucky, you found a dry set of clothes and changed into it as Bucky was fiddling around with the radio.
“I think I fixed it.” He called out.
All of a sudden, the radio begins to make static noises.
You sit down next to Bucky and help him to try and get a good connection.
It was becoming dark, but luckily you were soon able to reach some authorities. You and Bucky were in the Lacandon Jungle in Mexico. The authorities got into contact with the authorities back in New York and you were soon rescued by Tony and Steve.
It turns out at Hydra picked up the quin jet on their radar and did their best to get rid of you and Bucky making your way to them.
Once back at the avengers tower, Bucky and you were taken to the medical wing and treated for your wounds. You had to stay a few days in bed due to your head injury and Bucky had to use a walking stick for a week or two.
Turns out being a super soldier doesn’t stop injuries like this from healing super quickly.
It had been about 2 days since you last saw Bucky, he was now currently sat in your room and wanting to talk about some stuff.
“How are you feeling?” He asked referring to your head and bruises.
“Better than before and just happy to be home, and you?” You asked genuinely.
“Besides the fact that I’m 100+ years old in a 30+ years old body now using a walking stick, I’m doing great.” He chuckled.
You chuckled along with him.
It took him a moment before he spoke again.
“I wanted to talk to you about what was said while we were in the jungle.” He said looking straight into his eyes.
You could see that he was serious about what he wanted to say.
“Alright, what do you wanna talk about?”
“Well for starters, you haven’t said anything about what I said to you. You know, about-“
“Me being yours?” You said with a slight smile.
“Yeah that.” He said with a nervous smile.
“Well, I have had some time to think about it and if you would like, then I would like to see where this goes… at a comfortable place of course. So, that we’re both able to work out where we want this to be one day.” You say honestly.
“I would like that; I’d definitely want this to go right and try my best from here on out.” He said taking your hand in his.
Tumblr media
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fanf1ctionwrit1n · 16 hours ago
A/n: First time writing Chris Evans, I think I did pretty well. Enjoy the photo.
Word count: 649
Tumblr media
You groaned, and sat up in bed. “Come cuddle with me.” You stated, making grabby hands at your boyfriend.
Chris normally spent the weekends he wasn’t working with you, except this weekend, “Baby, Sebastian and I already made plans, I’m sorry.”
“You're leaving me, to hang out with my brother?” You questioned, faking offense.
“It’s too late to cancel now.” He said and opened your bedroom door.
“Maybe I’ll hang out with your brother.”
“He’d actually enjoy that.” You both chuckled at his comment. Suddenly Dodger came running into your guys bedroom and jumped onto the bed, cuddling up against you.
“At least someone wants to hang out with me.” Chris let out another chuckle.
“I’ll be back in two hours. I promise.”
“Then will I get my cuddles?”
“Of course.”
And with that he left.
Tumblr media
After lying in bed, longer than you care to admit, you got up with a heavy sigh. You grabbed Chris’ t-shirt you'd worn the night before and slipped it on. You threw on a pair of shorts, and headed towards the back door to let Dodger out. You hated just letting him out into the yard, because you'd much rather take him on a walk. You and Chris always took Dodger for a walk together, but seeing he'd left so early and in such a rush, he'd forgotten to let Dodger out at all.
While Dodger was running around the yard, you headed towards the kitchen to make some coffee while also finding yourself something to eat. When you walked into the kitchen, you smiled at the already brewed coffee still warm enough for your liking. You poured yourself some coffee and then prepared yourself a bagel. Which happened to be something you liked eating and required minimum effort.
You headed to the back door, holding the bagel in your mouth so you could let Dodger in. You mentally cursed at yourself for not at least playing with Dodger that morning. Once you opened the door, Dodger came running in. You shut the door, and grabbed your bagel. Seconds later, Doger attempted to lick your face.
“Hi bubba.” you said, petting him. “How about we cuddle on the couch, while we wait for dad to get home?” Dodger ran off towards the living room , and taking that as your ‘yes’, you followed. You sat on the couch, grabbing a throw blanket off the top of the couch. You threw the blanket on top of you before Dodger jumped on the couch and curled up with you. You smiled and turned on a random show as background before grabbing a stylus you had sitting on the coffee table.
You'd recently gotten into digital art, after Scarlett suggested you try it since you were already a good artist on paper. To your surprise you were really good, and you kept doing it, enjoying it more than regular art.
Tumblr media
You were not even five minutes into drawing when you heard someone clear their throat. You jumped, before looking up. “You scared the shit out of me Chris.”
“Is that my shirt?” Chris asked.
“It’s possible that this is your shirt.” You responded.
“Is it also possible that it's the same shirt from last night?”
“Yes?” You glanced at your phone, before looking back at Chris, “Aren’t you supposed to be out with Sebastian right now?”
“I canceled about half way through, so if he asks, you’re sick.” You chuckled slightly,
“You canceled plans for me?”
“Yeah, he’s your brother, I’ll see him a million more times.” He walked over, sitting next to you. “I’ll see him at work but I’ll also see him at things like our wedding.”
“Oh really?” You had an amused smirk on your face.
“Yeah, I mean I see a future with you in it. A nice house out in Boston, some kids running around, happily married.”
“I can’t wait.”
Tumblr media
Marvel: @arethosepotatoes
All: @sade-shark
Chris Evans: Feel free to lmk so I can add you
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the-emo-asgardian · 21 hours ago
Love Keeps Me Here
Pairing: Loki x reader Summary: After inviting you to the Tower for Christmas, Loki can’t help but find himself drawn ever closer to you. He hatches a plan to not only be able to see you again, but to make your dreams come true. Warnings: not proofread A/N: Part 2 to this (thanks to @abraodwaystateofmind​ @lokismidgardian and @electroma89​ for asking for it!)
Permanent Tag List: @lucywrites02​ @lunarmoon8​ @twhiddlestonsstuff @lokistan​ @lowkeyorloki​ @gaitwae​ @whatafuckingdumbass @castiels-majestic-wings @kozkaboi @cozy-the-overlord @birdgirl90 @myraiswack @mythicalgarlicknot @what-a-flammable-heart @marvelouslovely @laurenandloki @fallinallinmendes @sophlubbwriting @mooncat163 @lokislittlesigyn @wolfish-trickster @electroma89 @jgun2001 @toe-vind-ek-jou @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @theaudacitytowrite @patches-of-mist @nicoistrying @geminiwolves @funnyexel @nectav @50svibes @dryyoursaltyoceantears @bison-writes @magicandheaven @keepingitlokiii @captain-asguard @laufeyiison @lostgreekgod @essence-stealer @competitive-dust @i-reblog-fics-i-like @melinaflynn1982 @darkacademicfrom2021 @whatevenisthisxxxxx @funsized-mimi @tristansaurusrex @lokistoriesblog @fandoms4life-always @high-functioning-lokipath @dead069ssworld @xreaderandshits @loki-yoursaviourishere @angelicawastaken @i-am-the-trash-duchess @morality-the-hufflepuff @flimsysquid
Tumblr media
The party wasn’t anything particularly spectacular; Tony had certainly thrown more extravagant ones. Still, it seemed enough to awe you just being in the Tower. Loki was, however, an odd mix of sad and glad that you were acting rather timid. On the one hand, he wanted you to be able to enjoy the party and go mingle with everyone. On the other, you were sticking by his side.
Either way, the god was glad he’d rescued you from spending Christmas alone. It wasn’t hard to miss how your eyes lit up at the huge, beautifully trimmed tree. And if tonight went well, who knows? Maybe he could see you again. After all, the diner you owned wasn’t that far from the city.
Thor was quicker to introduce you to the other Avengers than Loki was, telling them that you had saved his brother.
“I didn’t do anything as heroic as all that,” you protested, nervously waving off the notion. “Loki just happened to come into my diner is all.”
“Perhaps, but you did take rather good care of me,” Loki chimed in. Then he explained to the group, “Thor and I thought to return the favor.”
The general consensus seemed to be the more the merrier. Besides you and the Avengers, SHIELD agents, tower workers, and their families populated the party. Everyone looked relaxed, a calm vibe in the room that you were sure was far from the usual stressed one when they were on the clock. 
“I do hope this isn’t overwhelming,” Loki said to you once the rest of the group had dispersed. “Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, yes?”
You nodded. “Of course.”
The two of you took a seat together, somewhat removed from the general hubbub of the party. Loki regarded you again as your wide eyes took in the scene again. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but something about you was cute. Perhaps it was the way you fidgeted nervously with your hands. Or maybe the way you were so genuine and kind. Or maybe it was that soft look you had in your eye when you gazed at him.
“Loki, are you alright?” you asked. “Your face is all red!”
He was quick to cover his blushing face in his hands. “Yes, yes. Just a tad warm. I am going to fetch some water; I’ll bring you a glass too.”
He returned quickly, before you could get roped into another conversation or feel awkward for sitting all by your lonesome. You took a sip of the water he handed you, thanking the god with a smile.
“So do you like living in the city?” you questioned. “I imiagine it’s quite different from Asgard.”
“Quite indeed, and sometimes I find all the hustle and bustle and busy streets far too stressful, but overall I enjoy the experience. There are plenty of things to do, though I do prefer to stay in a decent amount. Ah, but the cafes and bookshops in the city are to die for.”
You chuckled. “You’ll have to take me to some.”
Blushing again, though less than last time, Loki nodded. “I would like that.”
“You know I was going to open my diner in the city, but rent was too expensive,” you chuckled. “It’s just a pipe dream at this point.”
An idea popped into his mind. “Well, they say to never give up on your dreams.”
“Why are you smiling like you know something I don’t?” you chuckled.
Loki took your hand without really thinking about it. “Maybe I do.”
You leaned in a little closer to him. “How mysterious.”
“Brother! Small friend!” Thor, looking like he was heading fast towards tipsy, greeted as he came over. “Come dance with me!”
Giggling, you agreed, figuring that if you were at the party, you might as well participate. Reluctantly, Loki followed, but not so fast that he got to be your dance partner. No, his oaf of a brother stole that position.
“Consider it motivation, brother,” Thor said, far too joyfully as he deigned to make room for his brother. “I’m going to go scope out the mistletoe locations.”
“Thor,” Loki hissed, but didn’t chase after him. He’d much rather dance with you.
The mischief god was loathe to admit it, but his brother was on to something. He was feeling… Well, he was feeling something for you. He certainly didn’t want to part any time soon. Alas, the end of the night came far too soon.
By some miracle, Thor hadn’t dragged to two of you under one of the hanging holiday plants, so Loki was saved from that embarrassment. Luckier still, he’d arranged to drive you home without interference from his fellow god. And if at the point when you’d arrived at your home, Loki hadn’t figured out he was head over heels in love with you, he would have figured it out when he gazed into your soft eyes as you invited him inside for a cup of coffee.
As he sat on your couch, waiting for you to bring some, he began to gather his courage. “I happen to have a gift for you,” he said once you’d taken a seat next to him.
“Oh? That’s so kind. But really, I don’t need anything!”
“I insist.”
Loki handed you an envelope, watching as you opened it and befuddlement overtook your features. You looked it over once, then twice.
“Loki, what is this?” You glanced down at the check again, made out to you. “You already paid for your meal, and anyway, this would be far too much.”
Feeling a bit nervous again, his words were a bit rushed. “Yes, well, you mentioned wanting to open a diner in the city and I’ve tasted your delicious food; I wouldn’t mind having easier access to it. So, I’m making an investment.”
He began to worry this was rude. Maybe you didn’t want his money and were offended by the notion. But in reality, he had an underlying motive: Loki wanted an excuse to see you more. Of course, he was too nervous to come right out and say that. Still, he began to panic, and rushed to explain himself in some way.
“Now, do not feel obligated to take it! No, it is merely an offer if you wish me to be an investor, I suppose. I really think more people should taste your food, and it is your dream and all. But it is your call, and I shall respect whatever you deci-”
Stunned, the god cut off and became a blushing mess. You’d kissed his cheek! Oh, happy days! He was quite ready to burst with joy.  “I’ll accept on one condition; of this is truly an investment and not just charity, you actually have to be involved in the whole process. I know you’re busy with being an Avenger, but… But I think you should stop by sometimes, especially when I’m getting it off the ground.”
He smiled, almost cat-like. “Oh? Is that all? It would be my pleasure.”
His heart leapt at the idea of owning a restaurant with you. He always loved those charming little family-owned places. If he were lucky enough, maybe one day he could call you his family. 
Either way, he was sure he would love you, sure he was halfway there already. So for you, he’d always stay.
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undiscovered-horizon · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
REQUEST: Loki reader fic where Loki is seriously injured , in need of stitches, and the reader treats him despite Loki’s guilt that reader almost got injured herself
Author's note: this is me after three coffees, throwing a suggestive joke for your enjoyment and cringe
Imagine taking care of Loki's wounds despite almost injuring yourself too.
It was a miracle the two of you were alive. Everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong. "A disaster" could work only as a humorous euphemism. The make the matters worse, you were absolutely sure Loki got his hand burned and yet the foolish man tried to play the hero and pretended he was fine. Instead, he seemed very adamant about checking for your injuries, after you escaped a knife by a hair-breadth. Was it pride or genuine worry, you were unsure. You knew he would wait until most of the court is asleep to sneak around, grab a few essentials, and treat his wound behind closed doors. For his misfortune, you knew him a little too well.
Tumblr media
You were opening the door to his bedroom when you heard him hiss from the pain. Loki winced as he put the ointment on his burn. The moment he heard the door creak, he hid his hand behind him and faced the stranger barging into his chamber at a late hour of the night: you.
Loki's face showed genuine surprise. Sitting in the dim lights of the candles, he was but a deer caught in the headlight, for more reasons than one.
"You're making it even more obvious, dear," you spoke as you moved towards him. "If I was more of a fool than I am, I would think you have a burned hand. But because I'm not, I know you have burned your hand, Loki," you sat across from him. "Come on, all cards on the table."
He let out a heavy sigh and he placed his reddened palm on the wooden table between the two of you. The areas where he managed to put the ointment were slightly shiny. Loki's burned hand was shaking slightly, although his face remained straight. Or rather, as straight as he was able to keep it, since you could see how hard he was clenching his jaw.
"It's nothing, really. Doesn't hurt, just a minor inconvenience. You shouldn't worry about me, (Y/N)," he said with confidence, nearly fooling you. "Are you sure you're okay? I saw the swing of the sword, you could have lost your head, (Y/N). He didn't manage to hurt you, did he? Turn around, let me see."
"Your Royal Highness prince Loki Odinson," you spoke firmly. "I am completely fine. The one hurt between the two of us, is you. Let me help you, just this once."
He did not respond, just simply leaned back in his chair and stared at the ground. Silently, you warmed some ointment between your fingers and gently spread it around the burn. Although Loki tried his best to seem tough, his hand would wince every now and then, showing that he wasn't as fine as he claimed to be.
"I'm sorry," he said quietly, not looking at you. Not that he didn't want to, he just couldn't.
"Don't apologize to me for burning your hand, dear," you answered absentmindedly.
"I'm sorry, (Y/N), for bringing you with me. It was all my fault," with each word his voice was losing audibility. Was it guilt rendering him speechless?
"But I'm fine, Loki. Nothing happened to me. I could never blame you for someone swinging their sword at me."
For a moment, he was watching your focused expression. Your eyes were completely fixed on his skin, the realization making him slightly nervous. He could feel your slow breath on his hand as you were patiently wrapping the bandage around his palm.
It wasn't how he imagined having you in his chamber at night, gently touching his skin. He was, however, grateful for any undivided attention he could get from you.
"You nearly died, (Y/N), and it was because of me. Guilty is the surface of what I'm feeling. You shouldn't be taking care of me, not after the danger I had put you into."
Your hands stopped and you lifted your gaze to look into his eyes. He was being honest, probably more honest than you could ever remember him being.
"Listen," you began softly as you reached for his healthy hand. "I don't blame you for what happened and neither should you. We're both alive and that is what matters. Don't you know me, Loki?" you chuckled. His heart skipped one or two of its beats. "I would follow you to Hel and back."
"I don't want you to. Not if you can get hurt."
"Too late," you smiled at him and squeezed his hand gently.
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druigswhores · a day ago
gold rush | 1
Tumblr media
pairing: druig x eternal!reader
summary: in which druig found himself falling for the gentle soul who was also known as the goddess of human love and flowers.
warnings: this series will include major spoilers for eternals.
word count: 1.3k
a/n: first chapter!! so excited for you guys to read this, apologises if there’s any mistakes I haven’t proofread it and it’s almost 2am </3
masterlist - series masterlist
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
In the beginning…
A team of eleven Eternals were sent from Olympia to Planet C-53 to protect the inhabitants from the deviants, unnatural creatures who preyed on the vulnerable. They were given the mission to protect those who cannot protect themselves from these creatures.
In the thousands of years after the Eternals blessed the earth, the humans would assume things about them. Whether they were real, whether they did good for humanity or whether they were just normal people whose names became twisted due to the years that had passed. But there was no denying one thing, there was nothing that Druig cares for more than humanity itself.
Well, except for her.
Years later they couldn’t even find the letters he wrote to her, addressing her as ‘My Theia’, or how the two were rarely found without the other trailing closely behind. Not only would the public be surprised at the dynamic the two had but their fellow eternals who mistook yearning and admiration for simple friendship, however their relationship was discovered to be much more complicated than that.
Stood against the cold walls of the Domo she allowed the golden beams to wrap around her like a comforting blanket, in one glance her clothes were changed into bronzed armour, long skirt flowing with every step she took, hair cascading down as a delicate golden flower crown circled the crown of her head.
‘She’s glowing’ Druig thought, the first time his gaze ever fell upon her.
As the ship neared Earth she couldn’t help but peer out of the window in awe. The dark blue oceans in contrast to the greenery. All she wanted was to stare at the planet as it spun on its axis.
“We have one mission.” Ajax called out, causing the Eternals to band together. “Protect the humans and defeat these deviants, Arishem himself will be keeping a close eye on us.” She continued.
“Their fate is now in your hands.”
The group nodded in response before splitting up to get time alone before the mission began. Looking around the Domo she watched two figures stand beside the window glancing back and forth from the view of Earth to the other person whilst whispering amongst one another, smiling as she noticed the man’s gaze not once leaving the woman he stood beside.
She was told to stay back on the Domo by Ajax, left with other eternals to watch the mission be completed without their help. Unable to pull her eyes away from the ground below her, she watched the speedster take the humans out of the deviants path. Admiring each and every one of the heroes' powers as the eternal, she discovered to be called Sprite explained each and every one of their abilities.
“That’s Ikaris, he can fire energy blasts from his eyes and can fly.” She explained giddily, watching as the man took down a deviant.
“I don’t think that’s scientifically accurate.” Phastos cut in, causing the smaller one out of the group to roll her eyes.
“And what ‘special’ abilities do you have?” A voice spoke out suddenly, she turned to the direction in which the voice was heard from, eyes meeting his own as she took him in for the first time. His dark hair was meticulously swept across his forehead, a starking contrast to his cerulean eyes that stared at her own curiously. He sat cross legged beside the window, distant from the group.
“Who?” Sprite asked the brunette who tilted his head in the woman’s direction, she felt the nerves bubble up in the pit of her stomach as all eyes went on her, she stood up before clearing her throat. Taking a couple steps forward towards the Eternal before stopping in front of him, signalling for him to hold out the palm of his hand, he did as he was told to do so, hesitantly. Gently placing her hand above his, she placed her left hand below his, cupping his hand in between her own while glancing every so often at the group of Eternals that watched her every movement.
“Pick a colour.” She instructed him as his gaze was still fixated on her face, unable to look anywhere else but at her. Too mesmerised. His eyes flickered to the pink tinge on the apples of her cheeks before answering her.
“Pink.” He answered simply, watching as she acknowledged his response, eyes fluttering shut while directing all her attention to the palm of his hand. He barely felt the stem press against his skin, petals embracing one another. The rest of the Eternals were mesmerized by the golden aura surrounding the two whilst Druig was too distracted by the warmth of her palm against his own.
Seconds later she pulled her hands back, opting to fiddle with her fingers as she watched him admire the singular rose in the palm of his hand, the petals matching the colour he thought of in his head perfectly. He gently twirled the stem between his thumb and index finger, admiring the way the giardina moved as if it was still one with nature, attached to the bush with its roots trapped in the soil.
His fingers traced the edge of the petals causing the edges to turn a shade of gold. Fingers retreating back in shock, Druig watched as the flower fades back into the soft pink shade.
“Your turn?” She questioned, gazing at the man in curiosity. He opened his mouth to begin to speak only to be distracted by the sudden movements of the Domo making its way closer to the ground, the rest of the Eternals began making their way to the designated spot as the Domo appeared out of thin air to the humans below.
“I guess you’ll be able to find out soon.” Druig responded, she swore she saw a smirk forming on his face but as she blinked it disappeared, his back facing towards her as he made his way towards the other Eternals.
They were brought down to the earth’s surface by Phastos and his inventions. All stood in a line, facing the fearful crowd. She stood the closest towards the crowd, hesitantly making her way forward, freezing as the crowd began to raise their weapons towards her and the rest of the Eternals.
In a split second their weapons were dropped. Eyes now golden as they stood up from their defensive stance, a wave of calmness overtaking the humans. She watched in confusion, glancing over at the rest of the eternals before her eyes fell upon Druig who stood palm stretched out in front of him, his eyes which were once a beautiful shade of blue, similarly to the skies above, were now a bright golden. As he lowered his palm his eyes flickered back to the blue, his gaze met her own with an unreadable expression. She knew from then on that it would be difficult to know what the telepath was thinking about unless you had his own powers.
As the Eternals stood in front of the humans they noticed them visibly relaxing, understanding that their only aim was to protect them, not to be feared by them. A little child made their way towards the group, Sersi glanced at Ajax for approval before making her way towards the child. Holding the worn out dagger in which they were previously using. A string of gold wrapped around the dagger as Sersi used her powers to transform the dull brown into an elegant gold with an ink blue handle.
She wasn’t aware of the young girl making her way towards her until Kingo cleared his throat, nudging her with his elbow. She bent down to be levelled with the girl’s height before reaching her palm out to take the girl’s hand into her own. Using her powers to create a similar crown to the one placed on her head, placing it gently on the little girl’s head, letting out a noise of surprise when the girl wraps her arms around the eternal in an embrace.
Ajax’s words echoed in her mind as she pulled away from the younger girl.
“Their fate is now in your hands.”
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Tumblr media
Shorts Saturday
The light filtered through the slit in the heavy curtains, working its way up the bed as the sun continued to rise until it eventually reached Loki’s face and woke him from his slumber. Blinking a few times to push back the sleep, he looked around until he found your sleeping form beside him. He moved strategically under the sheets until he was up against your back and with his arms he pulled you further into his warm chest.
You stirred as you felt two strong limbs wrap around your middle and pull you into the middle of the bed and up against your lover. Your eyes blinked several times, trying to get accustomed to being open once more, as you enjoyed the feeling of his body pressed to you. Sleepily, you rolled over to see Loki smiling back at you as the early morning sun created a halo of light around him.
“Good morning my dear,” he said as he brushed his finger around your ear and down your chin. The sensation sent a shiver down your body.
“Morning,” you smiled back. 
He leaned forward and placed a delicate kiss on your lips, holding you in the embrace for a moment before pulling away slowly. The way you looked, cradled in his arms and wrapped in the sheets with your hair softly framing your face, Loki swore there was no more beautiful image than this. If ever he could bottle a moment to save for all time, it would be these mornings with you; not much was said, but the way you held onto each other and smiled back and forth said more than the most eloquent words.
The look in his eye was so unmistakable that you didn’t need to ask him what he was thinking, it was plastered all over his face. Gods, you loved the way he looked at you in these intimate moments when you were all alone: it was as if you were the only thing in his whole world and your heart would never be accustomed to the joy it made you feel. 
Loki stroked your cheek with his thumb. “Why am I so lucky to get to awake next to you every morning? I do not know, but I will be forever grateful that I do.”
You rolled your eyes playfully at his comment, though your heart skipped a beat at how sweetly he spoke about you. You kissed him again before moving back and stretched, checking the time on the table beside the bed.
“The morning is almost spent,” you commented, turning back to him. “We should probably get up and start the day. There are several appointments to attend to I am sure.” You tried to roll over and get out of bed, but you were stopped by two strong arms.
Loki held onto your body tighter, pulling you back into him and stopping you from getting up. “No, stay my love. Spend the day in bed with me. It’ll be our oasis just for today.”
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rodrikstark · a day ago
Sam Wilson!
sam wilson x gn!reader (fluff)
randomly generated prompt: Trapped in an elevator together!
Tumblr media
“we gonna talk about it?”
you launch away from your corner, ignoring the cocky way sam leans against the wall of your torture box. your finger punches some of elevator buttons, and, similar to the last fifteen minutes you’ve been stuck here, it accomplishes nothing. “talk about what, sam?”
“are you in denial?”
you drop your bag to the ground, rifling through it to find something to wedge through the door. “i don’t even know what you’re—”
“do you need a reminder?”
you spring back up, twisting to see sam now within arm’s reach. his hands dig inside his pockets, giving him a more boyish and vulnerable posture that makes your chest surge.
you shouldn’t have kissed him, that other night.
but after an entire evening of charming strangers, laughing at jokes and making plenty of his own, giving people hope and looking like that in a suit, it had amazed you that sam still walked you to your car at the end of the night. put his jacket on your shoulders to keep you warm. reserved one last smile just for you.
sam’s expression softens. “i wanna talk about it.”
you shrug defensively. “it was just a stupid kiss.”
“right, but you kissed me—”
a huff.
“—so i wanna make sure,” he continues, equally stubborn, “is that all you wanted? just a stupid kiss?”
as warm as they are, you can’t bear another second of looking into sam’s eyes. your head falls, your heart too, when you stare at your feet. “of course not.” you weakly kick his shoe. “but do you know how cliché it is to have a crush on captain america?”
“now that i’m captain america, it’s kind of refreshing." sam doesn't touch you at all, but his next step has your heated body brushing against the cool metal doors. “i want more, too."
“oh,” you say to the floor, concealing your panicky smile. “i—sam."
"can we focus on the elevator situation first?"
"right." he nods, glancing at the rows of buttons, punching one or two to no avail.
"then we can…” god, what are you even saying?
"talk about it?"
you watch that big smile grow on his face and imagine more than just talking. "yeah."
— — —
part of my 2k follower celebration!
— — —
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mostly-marvel-musings · 21 hours ago
If you can, please write some Tony Stark fluff. I need it!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader
Warnings: I tried some humour and fluff. I tried.
There was nothing more tranquil than being enveloped in the pleasantly familiar scent of Tony’s expensive cologne and traces of metal. Limbs entangled under a soft blanket, you had been reading a novel while Tony’s fingers traced invisible patterns on your skin, occasionally kissing behind your ear, down your neck just to get a reaction from you.
The evening was peaceful and quiet. For the most part.
The rarity of the situation being you actually managed to spend some quality time with the love of your life.
However, the hyperactive genius who was currently tapping his foot against your ankle apparently thought otherwise. His fingers thrummed against the book you held before dozing off, evidently waking you up.
“You can’t lay still, can you?” You asked, keeping the book away before weaving your fingers through Tony’s and closing your eyes yet again.
“Do you want to watch a movie?”
“Sleep some more?”
“Have sex?”
He tried, tightening his grip around you slightly, teasing the hem of your dress before you kicked him under the blanket.
“I don’t hear a no.”
You turned in his arms, staring with the most annoyed look you could muster while his doe eyes tried to convince you to cave.
“Are you incapable of laying still and just cuddling?”
“It just seems like a w— uh. Well—”
He stopped mid-sentence, knowing fully well he had messed up as you sat up, letting the blanket fall on the carpet.
“A what? A waste of time?” You were ready to pick up a pillow and throw it at the man, irritated at this point.
Before correcting himself you had flung the bowl of popcorn you were having earlier at him, muttering ‘unbelievable’ under your breath as you stomped away towards the bedroom.
“Honey, come back!”
Tony called out from the couch before running after you, cursing himself for ruining the evening.
“No thank you. I’m gonna waste my time alone!”
Tumblr media
This was born out of boredom and random daydreams during my time zoning out of team meetings.
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be-bhinn · a day ago
Breakdown: A Loki x Reader Fanfiction
WARNING: This fic contains discussion of past sexual assault. For that reason, I am rating it as M.
This is super unlike anything I usually write, and I'm not sure if I'll ever do anything like it again, but I got this in my head and couldn't stop thinking about it until I wrote it down. I hope you like it--it was incredibly therapeutic for me to write.
Words: 3,394
It was Natasha that insisted you be brought on. You’d worked together occasionally in the past and had a decent rapport, but you were still surprised to get the call. Maybe it was because Barton spent all his time at home these days and she was sick of being the only true fighting human in the group, or maybe she and Wanda were tired of being the only two girls in the compound. Either way, it was odd to pull up to the compound in the sleek black car that Tony Stark had sent for you.
The Avengers. How you possibly ended up becoming a provisional member of the team was absolutely bewildering. These people were superhuman, some not even human at all, and the few that were besides you and Nat were obsessed with metal armor and jet propulsion. It was intimidating. You were about to go live with gods—both literally and figuratively.
Natasha was on the formidable front walk when you finally emerged from the car. “I’m so excited to see you!” she said when she approached for a hug. You dropped your small overnight bag and returned it, smiling when you pulled apart.
“Girl,” you laughed, “I so don’t belong here.”
“No, trust me, you do,” she assured you as you picked up my bag and we ambled to the front doors together. “If for nothing else than to help me keep my sanity. These people are nuts.” She tossed her red waves over her shoulder as she guided you inside.
As it turned out, you did prove useful. You could tell that the others were skeptical of you at first, needing you to prove your skills, but when they discovered your nearly supernatural ability to see the enemy’s moves three steps in the future, acceptance came easily.
For all but one.
Loki was cold around you. Not in the Jotunn way, either—the god was a tough nut to crack. Thor, who had warmed up to you the fastest, finding your utter lack of a filter incredibly amusing, tried more than once to give you advice on how to bond with him, but it was pointless. You were resigned to having one member of the team not like you—and honestly, if it was just that one, who cares?
By the time “provisional” was removed from your title, five months had gone by. The team had planned a little surprise party to congratulate you, complete with plentiful alcohol and a few friends of the team. “Let’s hope the world doesn’t need saving tonight!” Thor roared as he downed his sixth mug of Guinness. You really shouldn’t have taught him what an Irish Car Bomb was.
A few hours later, when everyone was acceptably plastered, you noticed the lack of gods in the room and got curious. While Loki might be cold to you, Thor had become something of a big brother, and you noticed his absence quickly.
“You’re insane, brother,” floated a familiar voice hiss as you were about to turn the corner of the hallway. You paused, curious as to Loki and Thor’s conversation and suitably drunk to not care about eavesdropping.
“You are the one who is insane,” Thor rumbled. “Why do you resist?”
“Because it is not rational. And because we are teammates. What would you propose I do in this situation, then? Risk this entire team to indulge an infatuation? I thought you wanted me more committed than that.” His tone had turned snarky at the end and you raised your eyebrow. You knew enough about Loki, about his past, to understand why the older Asgardian would make such a request of him, but it made a little flare of anger go through you. In the time you’d known him, Loki hadn’t been anything but an asset for the good guys.
“This is more than an infatuation and you know it,” Thor said lowly. I strained my ears to hear his now quieter voice. “You are falling in love with her.”
“I barely speak to her,” Loki retorted.
“You watch her constantly.”
“We live together. It’s inevitable.”
“When she speaks to me or the others and you’re in the room, you turn your head to listen. I am not the only one to notice this, brother.”
Loki inhaled sharply. “Are you saying that Y/N knows?”
Holy fuck.
Holy fuck.
You stumbled back into the main room looking like a deer caught in the headlights and collapsed into the couch, staring at your lap. The God of Mischief didn’t hate you after all. In fact, he liked you. He liked you enough that it worried him and made him pull away. Fuck.
And you couldn’t even say anything without ratting yourself out for spying! But now that you’d heard him say those words, the thoughts you’d suppressed for the last five months began to creep up again until the damn broke, flooding your mind with everything at once. Shit. Shit. Shit.
Because Loki was gorgeous. He had a tendency to dress like an Asgardian rather than a Midgardian, as Thor had taken to, which should have looked ridiculous, and it did… but it was also infuriatingly hot. And Loki was… He was cold to you, yes, and perhaps now you knew why, but you’d observed him with others, particularly his brother. You saw how he tried to fit in with the rest of them, even if he acted like he wasn’t. You saw how wary the others were, how the pain flashed on his face when he thought no one was looking.
Your thoughts started to jumble then until the cushion next to you depressed with the weight of someone else. You looked over to see Cap looking at you curiously.
“Are you alright?” he asked quietly. You’d seen the fearless leader indulge in a drink tonight. It was unusual for him, but he wanted to be involved in the toast Tony gave, so a glass of champagne it was—obviously not enough to put a dent in his superhuman sobriety.
You nod weakly. “Totally. Just got stuck for a minute.”
Cap blinked. “Got stuck?”
“Up in my head,” you said, swirling your fingers around your brain. You noticed Wanda turn from where she was talking to Vision and give you a raised eyebrow before returning her attention to her beau. Cap was nodded, still looking confused.
“Is there anything I can do?”
“Anything you can do for what?” a slithering voice spun from behind you. Your eyes closed and you took a deep breath before turning to face him.
If he could stop wearing those damned leather pants, it would be great, thank you, because they looked amazing on him and you really shouldn’t be spending that much time looking at that pants of someone who had just put together the longest sentence he’d spoken to you in weeks. His gaze was calculating as he observed you before flicking his gaze to Steve.
“May I?” he asked smoothly, holding out his hand for you to take. You stared at it dumbly for a moment before placing your own in it and looking back at Cap. He was staring inquisitively at Loki; they seemed to have a silent conversation before Cap nodded and stood and Loki pulled you up. Before you knew what was happening you were being dragged back into the hallway where you’d overheard the conversation between the Odinson brothers.
His hand was gone from yours, and he was pacing in front of you, hands behind his back, spinning on his heel every so often to change directions. As he passed you once more you finally collected your thoughts and put your hand out to grab his arm. He froze, the looked up at you carefully. The dim lighting made shadows cast along his angular face and you saw the hesitation there, the confusion, the fear. He looked almost childlike in his innocence in that very moment, and you knew—he couldn’t be the man the team was wary of. He was still, on some level, a scared little boy who didn’t know how to process his emotion and communicate it.
So you did.
By reaching up and pressing your lips to his.
It took the team a hot minute to adjust to the fact that you and Loki, who had just a few days ago barely spoken, were now all over each other. He would appear when you were walking down halls and press you to it briefly, cupping your ass and pressing your lips to his desperately before having to return to his work. You slipped into his room more nights than not. You’d been walked in on more than once, including once by Steve one very, very early morning in the kitchen, at which point there was a team meeting about boundaries that Natasha had stifled her laughs through while Loki and you were purposefully sat on opposite sides of the room.
Another change was occurring, too—the team was acting differently. The edge of worry when they were around Loki was very slowly but most definitely starting to wane. Thor insisted it was because of you. You were unconvinced. Loki was a beautiful soul and a legitimately wonderful man despite his trickster ways; if you had any part of it, it was only bringing those parts out where they could now be seen.
“Family Nights,” as you had dubbed them much to Tony’s chagrin, became a Wednesday night tradition. The team found it awkward at first, but you’d only rolled your eyes before plastering on your best pout and asking them to pretty please give them a chance. Maybe it was that look, or maybe it was the way Loki was looking at them as he watched the interactions, but they all gave in and began to even enjoy the moments, even if Tony would pretend to complain through the whole thing. Bruce was uncomfortable at first as well, although you suspected that may have something to do with the wistful looks he would occasionally send Natasha, who always seemed to find her way to sitting next to him. She’d even fallen asleep on his chest one movie night—something that made him send such a lovestruck grin down at her that it made your heart melt.
You’d been an agent for a good while and had adjusted to losing people. Things changed. This was your family now, and whenever one would come back injured from an assignment, you would be the first to lead them to the infirmary and begin bandaging their wounds. The first time you came back with more than a few bumps and bruises, Loki had damn near lost it, yelling outside the infirmary door while Nat and Bruce patched you up and obsessively taking care of you for the week of recovery you needed. It would have been annoying if it weren’t so endearing.
So far you’d been able to avoid Loki seeing one of your nightmares. On nights you felt it may be particularly bad, you were sure to sleep in your own room, sometimes downing a double-dose of Nyquil to make sure you weren’t heard if your brain started screaming. You didn’t have nightmares every night—some nights you had the most beautiful dreams of Loki, of your found family, of the gardens of Asgard that Thor and Loki spoke so fondly of. But when those were interrupted by visions of hand and grabbing and pain and the tearing of cloth, they were more horrifying than anything you’d come face to face with in the field. It was a ridiculous thought in those terms, you determined, because you had no right to be worried about something buried so far in the past.
Until it wasn’t.
As soon as the file was set in front of you, you stiffened. A photo of the target was paper clipped to the front. It was slightly blurry, but you could tell. You would never be able to forget. That face was burned into your mind for all eternity, and you would never be the same for it.
No one noticed your struggle at first until Natasha turned to ask you a question and spotted your pale face and deadened expression. “Y/N?” she asked carefully, taking note of the way your body was starting to shake. You shot up, staring down at the table surface, needing to get out of the suddenly unbearably hot room before you shut down. You could feel the eyes of the three other Avengers in the room on you—Nat, Cap, and Bruce—but couldn’t look at any of them.
“I have to remove myself from this assignment,” you said lowly, turning and running out of the room and through the mazelike halls back to your room as fast as your feet would carry you. As soon as the door clicked shut behind you, you slid down against it, burying your face into your knees and choking out a panicked sob as you started to feel disconnected from your body. You crawled toward the bed, hoping maybe the softness of your sheets and blankets would quell the hole starting to open in your heart, but couldn’t even bring yourself to pull your body onto the mattress. You shoved your face into the edge of the comforter, trying desperately to muffle the sound as the sobs came.
There were knocks and words, curiously worried at first before turning into an edge of panic. You could hear people outside your door, but weren’t really able to separate each distinct voice… you could barely remember where you were. That photo was switching between actual memories, making them shoot through your heart like knives. You’d buried this deep. You erased it from your mind as best you could. For six years, you were fine.
Now you were not.
The knocks got louder, and then there was a yell and the door burst open with a crash that made you jump a foot in the air, whimpering into the blanket your face was buried in. Oh gods. He was here. He was back for you.
But the arms around you were familiar, tugging at the little part of your mind that was still grounded in reality, beckoning the rest of you to rejoin it. The voice was smooth whispering in your ear, the tone silky and familiar. With a gasp you recognized the voice and cold arms and spun to bury yourself as deeply into his body as you could. Loki was a god. Loki was safe. Loki was the love of your life. And Loki would never let that happen to you. He would never let Him come back and snatch you, the way he had warned all those years before.
“Come back to me, my love,” you heard him whisper in your ear. His hand rubbed gently up and down your spine and you felt his cool lips press to your hair. “Focus on me.”
Reality crashed back all at once and you whimpered, pulling away from Loki’s chest and trying desperately to quell the tears. Fuck. Fuck. You had to make up some excuse, and fast.
“I’m okay,” you whispered, but the crack of your voice betrayed your words. His green eyes bored into yours as he took your face gently in his hands to look at you. His thumbs rubbed gently at the tear tracks on your face, brushing away the remaining wetness.
“You are most certainly not okay,” he murmured, crushing you against his chest once more. You froze, instinctually wanting back away, before remembering who he was and relaxing into his grip. What was wrong with you? Why couldn’t you keep thoughts straight in your head?
Finally gathering some of your nerves, you peeked your head out, glancing around the room nervously for the rest of the group. You didn’t want them to see you like this—you didn’t want Loki to see you like this, either, but that was out of your control now. You needed him. You needed him to help you focus on what was real.
“I sent them away,” Loki explained softly when he noticed your curious glances. “We are all alone, my love.” You relaxed more at his words, burrowing yourself into him and letting his arms around you guide you back to safety. “May I lift you onto the bed?”
You only nodded against him and he picked you up swiftly, not breaking contact as he pulled the both of you onto the bed together, keeping you firmly lodged in his lap and wrapped in his arms.
“My love,” Loki said cautiously after a moment, “who is Santos Barone?”
Santos Barone. For the first time in six years you had a name to put with the face. Your eyes slid shut briefly as you comprehended this information. “He was a guard when I was briefly captured in Ukraine six years ago,” you said lowly. You could do this. You could make this story work without having to bring up the reality.
Loki’s thumb brushed against your cheek again. He was still, and you knew he was suspicious. Yes, prison guards in the shady underground world you roamed in were know to torture, but you’d been an agent for three years by then. You should have been extensively trained to tolerate torture. You were extensively trained to tolerate torture.
It bubbled from your throat before you could stop it, the desperation to finally tell someone about what haunted your dreams pushing it to the surface. “He raped me.”
There was a beat of silence so profound it briefly seemed like the world might have ended before you were alone on the bed, spinning your head towards the door just in time to see Loki crash through it, his clothing magically changing to his armor as he did. You stared after him for a moment until you heard him yelling for his brother and scrambled off the bed, dashing out of the room.
“Loki!” You yelled after him, but his strides were much longer than yours and he was crashing into the briefing room by the time you caught up to him, grabbing the file from a bewildered Bruce Banner.
“Where?” he hissed, leaning into Bruce’s face and jabbing his finger at the photo on the front of the folder. The doctor blinked for a moment before answering.
“We’re not sure. Either in hiding somewhere in Italy or heading into a prison network in Ukraine.”
A prison network in Ukraine.
Your stomach turned and you whimpered, wrapping your arms around your body to try to keep the pain from splitting you apart. Visions of cracked concrete walls and a stained mattress danced in your closed eyelids.
He was there. He was gripping you by the arm, shoving you down, he was tearing at the sack-like jumpsuit they made you wear, his hands were on you, his lips were on you, he was hissing insults in your ear, calling you a whore, calling you ruined, slapping you so hard across the face you tasted coppery blood. Those stone grey eyes bored into you and he grinned sadistically, enjoying the pain he was causing and the trauma that would be left on your mind for the rest of your life, no matter how hard you tried to scrub it clean.
But it wasn’t that overheated, sweaty body over yours. It wasn’t grey eyes staring at you. It was a refreshingly cool set of armor being pressed against you, following as you sank to your knees, letting you sob into his shoulder. “Loki,” you whimpered, not sure what you needed or what he could even do.
You could hear Nat, Bruce, and Cap whispering among themselves, but couldn’t bring yourself to care. Your god placed his hand on the back of your head to hold you tightly against him as you cried, cradling your face to his shoulder. “I have you, my love,” he whispered, kissing your hair again gently. His voice was starting to sound choked as well. “I have you, and I will never let anything like that happen to you again. And I will kill him.” He squeezed you tighter while you cried there on the floor of the compound briefing room. “You are safe with me forever.”
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writing-for-marvel · 16 hours ago
hiii congratulations!!🥳
i would like to request a drabble with Steve Rogers with the prompts: Hot chocolate + Here, take my sweater.
Thank you so much darling! I hope you enjoy what I’ve done with the prompts
For my 500 follower + Holiday celebration
Steve Rogers + hot chocolate + “Here, take my sweater”
Masterlist | Ask me anything! | Taglist
Dividers by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
“Baby, it’ll get cold when the sun goes down, are you sure you don’t want to take a jacket?” Steve asked for what felt like the hundredth time. You were already running late to Sam’s family Christmas Eve dinner, needing to cook additional roast veggies after you burned the first batch.
“I’ll be fine Stevie, you don’t always have to worry about me, you know?” You commented as you ushered him out the door, knowing the scolding look you would receive from Sam and Bucky if they missed out on a hot dinner because Sarah refused to start eating without you.
How cold could it really get in Louisiana anyway?
“You don’t know me as well as I thought if you think I’m never not worrying about you.” Steve commented, giving you a kiss on the cheek before opening the passenger side door of the car for you.
The dinner Sarah put together was spectacular - you felt your contribution of a dish of roast vegetables was completely inadequate, even though she assured you they were delicious and would have disapproved of you bringing anything more.
After eating, Sam took his nephews outside to throw around the football, to burn off the extra calories they’d eat over the next week, the boys pleading with Steve to join their team so they wouldn’t have to face off against Sam and Bucky alone.
You and Sarah watched as they played under the floodlights of the dock, hot chocolates in hand. You teased her about when she and Bucky were finally going to make things official, remarking about how much he adored her kids. In return, she teased you about when Steve was going to pop the question.
A peaceful feeling washed over you as you watched Steve play with his friends and the young boys, hoping there would be many more Christmas Eve’s just like this one. The thought that perhaps this time next year you would be more than just Steve’s girlfriend spread warmth in your chest.
But this was contrasted by the icy wind sweeping off the water which chilled your bones. The heat radiating from your mug was nowhere near supplying enough warmth to prevent a shiver running down your back.
You could simply go back inside, you thought, but everyone else was out, having a ball. You didn’t want to be the one to ruin the Christmas Eve spirit.
As Sarah got up to refill her mug of hot chocolate, Steve sat down beside you. You could tell from his demeanour he noticed you shivering and the goosebumps on your arms, but you were determined not to look at the ‘I told you so’ expression you knew was currently consuming his eyes.
“Here, take my sweater.” He offered graciously after a moment of silence, already pulling it over his head before you had a chance to refuse.
“No, ‘cause then you’ll be cold.” Your hands tightened around your mug, trying to extract every last ounce of warmth you could.
“So you admit you’re cold?” You could hear the smirk in his voice.
“I never said that.” You quipped, but you knew it would be in vain - Steve recognised you were uncomfortable and he would never sit idly by when there was something he could do to rectify it.
“Have I ever told you you’re too stubborn for your own good?” He laughed, taking the mug from your hands and forcing your head and arms through the designated holes in the sweater. You put up no defence to his actions, even though you didn’t want to admit he had been right, the warmth of the clothing which had only moments ago been resting against his toasty skin was too tempting to refuse.
“Maybe once or twice.” You chuckled, he told you at least once a week. The sweater was awfully large on you and smelled like a mixture of the cologne you bought him for his birthday and that quality that was so distinctly Steve. He folded up the long sleeves for you so you could resume drinking your hot chocolate.
“Yeah, but I wouldn’t want you any other way.” He said affectionately, placing a gentle kiss to your hairline.
Tumblr media
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itsanerdlife · 2 days ago
Bad At Love 8
Pairing: Howie Stark x Barton!Reader
Warnings: Bullying. Language. Lying. Rude behavior. Belittling. Jealousy.
When Clint brought his sister home, it was supposed to be simple, training the next Barton.
With one simple rule, Baby Barton is off limits, no matter to who.
The only one with a problem, Howie Stark.
Baby  Barton and Stark don’t exactly get along, but how long is Howie willing  to push her away till he has a choice to make or lose out.
Tag List Is Open!!
Tumblr media
“Why do we agree to do this?” Sam pants, dropping to the ground on his stomach.
“What, play prey to the Barton’s?” His father army crawls past them. “It’s fun, yeah know.” He grumbles.
“Anyone feel like they belong in the movie, The Hunt?” Howie looks around, a breathless chuckle follows. Sam snorts hard, into the grass. He hears his dad laugh loudly, before ‘Fuck’ follows.
“Run.” Howie laughs, pushing up and taking off, ducking down. Sam gives a panicked scream, and her laugh follows.
“God damn it Y/N!” Sam yelps. “Don’t laugh like that!” It’s rather unstable and closer to a cackle as she hunts down her teammates for kicks.
Howie peeks over the edge of the padded wall, seeing Sam haul ass rolling across the grass trying to stay out of range.
The sound of someone clearing their throat, above him makes him look up. Sneakers, shapely legs, black spandex shorts, a cropped white T-shirt, and the automotive bow in hand, aimed at him.
“Hi.” She grins, before releasing the bow. Stark built, instead of being stabbed, the heads are paintball. Neon purple explodes on his chest.
“You giggled to scare Sam and distract me.” He nods, wiping paint splatter off his chin with the back his hand.
She only shrugs. Meaning she read his lips but didn’t hear him with the volume on her headphones cranked up. She turns on her sneakers and gives a little shoulder and hip shimmie. She dances away, in her own world that sadly they don’t survive in.
He shakes his head, getting up, heading for the side lines with the other victims. Nat, Bucky and Sam still in the maze. Still being hunted by the girl, doing the moon walk, with her headphones in, and her bow in hand.
“I hate how cocky she is about this.” Clint huffs, shaking his head.
“Cocky, really? I never would have guessed.” Tony chuckles, uncapping his water bottle.
The four of them watch as she dances to the song playing, lip singing to the words as she hunts the others. She dances with her shoulders and hips as she loads up another arrow. She steps back and bounces forward, not close to paying attention. She fires off the shot, not looking and nails Sam as he attempts to sneak across and opening.
“She gets this from Barney.” Clint pinches the bridge of his nose.
The three of them look over at him, with the same pinched brow.
“What?” He looks over leaning back.
“She’s you, Barton. She’s you with a rack.” Tony snorts.
“Stark.” Clint growls.
“Jesus, dad.” Howie rolls his eyes.
She’s perched on top of a high point in the maze, her head bobs to the music and she plays with a single arrow. The top half of her wiggles along with whatever she’s listening too.
“You know this is questionable psychotic behavior.” Sam looks over at Clint.
“No shit.” Tony snorts.
“Who said any of the Barton’s are mentally stable?” Steve laughs.
“Hey.” Clint throws his hands up.
“Cause we’re wrong?” Howie laughs.
Clint glares at him for a moment.
“What did you do to my sister, Baby Stark?” Clint folds his arms over his chest. She whips the arrow, not bothering to use the bow. Nailing Bucky in the shoulder. Bucky looks down, and back to her. She blows a kiss to him and rolls backwards off the wall.
“Cocky? No, not Baby Barton.” Tony snorts.
“What did you do?” Clint glares at him.
“Huh?” He blinks in panic.
“She only acts like this when she’s happy.” Clint points out at his sister. Only she’s not there. “Wait, where did she go?” Clint turns back to the maze. They all stare, watching, waiting. Seconds tick by, it’s a full minute sliding into another before they hear it.
Nat yelling in pissed off Russian.
Y/N pops out, doing a dance, celebrating.
“How the fuck?” Bucky whispers.
“Did she really get Nat?” Tony reaches up on his tip toes.
“No, not possible. Nat’s never lost.” Clint watches as well.
“Anyone else just get more scared of Baby Barton?” Steve swallowed.
“Yup.” The five of them reply.
Nat stalking out of the maze, neon purple paint splattered on her side.
“She’s peeked.” Clint swallows. “She took down Nat. She’s too dangerous.”
“None of us are safe now.” Bucky whispers.
“Nat?” Sam swallows.
“I don’t want to talk about it.” Nat huffs, snatching a towel up wiping her brow.
They all turn to look as she two steps, hyping herself.
“This has something to do with you, I know it.” Clint squints at him.
“Huh?” Howie blinks back, slowly closing his mouth.
Clint steps towards him, neon purple paint splatters them both. Clint’s head whips to the side. Howie looks over, Y/N is staring at her brother.
“What?” Clint huffs. She replies in sign language. Clint huffs and does the same.
“Anyone else realize they have conversations we’re not a part of?” Tony looks around.
“They do that even when they speak.” Bucky snorts.
“True.” Nat shrugs. The two siblings having their own conversation.
“I have to shower and um, get to the lab.” Howie nods, slowly backing up.
“Hey what was Barton getting on about?” His dad looks over at him.
“No clue.” He shrugs, backing away. He turns away quickly but not before he caught Sam’s smirk.
He heads into the lab, clapping to wake Jarvis and the system. The lights come on and expose his brother sitting there.
“Peter?” He looks around confused.
“We need to talk Howie.” Peter sighs, leaning back in the chair.
“What about?” Howie licks his lips, moving to lean against one of the tables.
“You kissing Y/N in a dark, dirty alley, last night.” Peter folds his arms over his chest. Howie blanches, missing the table and stumbling.
------------------------------------- Everything Peaches 5/8/21 @mo320​ @ml7010​ @irepeldirt​ @dumblani​ @tanelle83​ @stilynskii​ @cutie1365​ @joannie95​ @nunu2888​ @coley0823​ @connie326​ @csigeoblue​ @xeniarocks​ @rileyloves5​ @sexyvixen7​ @duckestylez​ @abschaffer2​ @genius2050​ @drayshadow​ @shirukitsune​ @wandressfox​ @xoxabs88xox​ @henrietteoaks​ @miraclesoflove​ @rosalynshields​ @queenkrissy11​ @destiel-artemis​ @hookslove1592​ @royal-sunflower​ @iwillbeinmynest​ @bellamy-barnes​ @sunsetpatterson​ @geeksareunique​ @elizabethaellison​ @spookygrantaire​ @steel-blue-eyess​ @rainbowkisses31​ @helena--bertinelli​ @mariekoukie6661​ @capsheadquaters​ @bless-my-demons​ @notyourtypicalrose​ @petersunderoos96​ @loving-life-my-way​ @shinycupcakebaker​ @thefridgeismybestie​ @deathofmissjackson​ @also-fangirlinsweden​ @writingaworldofmyown​ @death-unbecomes-you​ @daughterofthenight117​ @physically-a-cheesecake​ @mrsstevenbuchananstark​ @matterdontminduntildone​ @for-the-love-of-the-fandom​ @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan​ @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked​
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OMGO Pt. 8
Tumblr media
Ok, I am getting really fucking tired of tumblr eating my posts, so here we go. TAKE 2. I have had the idea for this chapter rolling around my brain since the beginning, and I am so happy to be able to share it with y'all.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5| Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8
Also on ao3
Length: 3.5k
Warnings: none except I am my own beta so no promises on no typos.
The gate creaked shut behind you with a clang as you headed up the path to the little blue house. Holding a package underneath your arm, you kissed your fingertips and patted the grumpy gnome’s head as you walked by and scampered up the steps. Rapping out a tune, you knocked musically on the front door and adjusted your grip on the package. As you waited, you bounced up and down on your heels, eyes skirting around the porch, excited to show Bucky what you had brought him.
You were speechless when Bucky opened the door, sleepy, shirtless, and bedraggled. You looked him up and down, taking in all of him from his dark hair sticking out all angles to his bare feet peeking out from under the hem of his flannel pants slung low on his hips. As your eyes trailed down his body, you forgot to keep a hold of the parcel you were carrying, and it slid out of your grip.
Bucky caught the box before it hit the floor and handed it back to you without looking at it. “Good morning, doll.” His voice was raspy and deep from sleep as he stepped aside so you could enter.
“I - um - uh, “ you stuttered. You were trying to tell your feet to move and your mouth to work, but it seemed all you were capable of was staring at a shirtless Bucky. At least this time, when you raked your eyes over him, you managed not to drop the package.
There were a lot of muscles. His muscles had muscles. Everywhere you looked, beefcake reigned. Bucky was by far the most attractive man you'd ever seen - with or without his shirt on (although shirt off certainly helped).
“You coming in on your own or do I need to carry you?” He smirked at you and leaned against the open doorway.
You could feel your cheeks heating with embarrassment. “I can - ya know - walk and stuff.” You cringed internally as Bucky chuckled at your eloquence.
“Oh, that’s a relief.” He kicked off the doorway and turned towards the kitchen. “I’m gonna put a pot of coffee on. You can join whenever you remember how to - ya know - walk and stuff.” His accent was heavy on the pawt of cawffee, and it added to his charm.
Sighing dreamily, you watched him walk to the kitchen, loving the way the muscles in his back looked as he went. Your head cocked to the side and you raised your eyebrows approvingly. His butt was just as fantastic as his back and shoulders were, and it took Bucky calling your name to snap you out of the trance his naked torso had put you under.
Your cheeks were hot, and you could feel the heat creeping up to your ears as you finally came inside and locked the door behind you. You met him in the kitchen where he handed you a cup of coffee.
“Thanks,” you said quietly. Your eyes bounced around the room, but as you took a sip of coffee, you settled on the dog tags hanging around Bucky’s neck. “This is perfect. Thank you.”
As you thanked him, you realized that the coffee was, in fact, actually perfect. Setting your mug down, you opened the refrigerator and scanned its contents. Tucked between a gallon of milk and a row of sodas was your favorite coffee creamer. Surprised, you shut the fridge and turned to Bucky.
“You never get creamer. Did you get creamer just for me?” You cut him off before he could answer. “And how did you know which one to get?”
He shrugged. “It’s always in your fridge.”
Your brow furrowed as you questioned him. “You’ve only been in my fridge a few times.”
He tapped his temple while giving you a conspiratorial look. “Photographic memory.”
You must have looked impressed because he blushed a little.
“It’s no big deal,” he said. “It’s just creamer.”
Your heart swelled, and you smiled at him. “No, it was very sweet of you to think of me…and not to have me shop it for you.” You set your mug down and went to him. Forever going onto your tiptoes for him, you steadied yourself against his shoulders and rose to kiss him.
You had intended for the kiss to be sweet and brief, but as your lips pressed against his, Bucky sunk his hand into your hair and demanded another. He moaned against your mouth and caught your lip between his. Bucky kissed you deeply and thoroughly, and when his other arm came around your waist, you leaned against his chest, still pushed up on your tiptoes for him.
Swept up in his black coffee kisses, your hands roamed his shoulders; one hand over smooth skin; the other moving over ridged metal. You caught his beautiful bottom lip between yours and teased a little half-groan, half-growl out of him when you nipped at him. Bucky chased your kiss, curling his body over yours, sinking you back down onto your heels, leaving you to hold onto him for support.
Bucky drew a moan from you as his tongue swept into your mouth, and set your mind dizzying itself again. All you wanted was to be tasted and touched as you did the same to him. Your hands rolled over the bump of his collarbones and over the muscles in his chest, sending his dog tags jingling as they hit against each other.
His hand on your waist guided you backward, and Bucky shifted his body to push you back against the edge of the counter. He pinned you there with his hips, pushing his body against yours as his tongue explored your mouth. You whimpered as his hand snaked your side, running underneath your shirt.
His touch was gentle but demanding, and he claimed your skin as sweetly as if he was asking for it instead of taking liberties with you. The brush of his thumb along the side of your breast made you gasp and roll your hips against his. You could feel him hardening and pressing into your stomach. You caught his bottom lip between your teeth, nipping at him and breaking the kiss.
Bucky lifted his torso off of yours, but his hips were still flat against you. He looked down at you with half-lidded eyes, watching your chest heave. You felt delirious and all too aware that his hand had slipped back down to your waist. Swallowing tightly, you closed your eyes, inhaled deeply, and let the breath rush out all as you opened them again.
Your hands were still on his chest, and as you looked him up and down again, seeing the way his muscles shifted as you touched him, you knew you needed to keep your hands to yourself before things got more out of hand. But knowing and doing were two different things, and your fingers ran down his chest to his hard stomach, trailing down the center of his body and following the defined line of his stomach muscles.
Bucky was still pressing you against the counter with his hips, and while your mind played out a scenario where he lifted you onto the counter and settled between your legs, the real man was still waiting for your attention. Drawing yourself out of your fantasy, you found Bucky’s eyes trained on your mouth. He looked like he was imagining the same things you were; the clenching of his jaw gave away how little he trusted his own resolve.
He thrilled you - perhaps too much - and instead of giving in and throwing yourself at him more than you already had, you nudged him back gently with your hand on his stomach. Bucky stepped back only enough to keep his hips off of you, but close enough still that you would wind up back in his arms with just a subtle shifting of feet.
You took in a stuttering breath and shook your head to clear it as you exhaled, hoping somehow that you could find your voice.
“You should put a shirt on.”
Bucky hummed and tried to hide his smirk. “I’m running low on them at the moment. Someone keeps stealing mine.” He eyed you pointedly, and you froze, trying to come up with a comeback witty enough to be said aloud.
Nothing that sounded smart enough came to mind, and you fidgeted with the hem of the once-his-but-now-yours shirt you were wearing.
Looking down at the shirt put his lower half into your line of sight, and your mind immediately fell out of your head and straight into the gutter. You felt your ears heating and turning red, and you cursed them for giving you away. It was too much. He was too good-looking, and he wasn't wearing nearly enough clothes. The man needed a dress code, and for the first time in your life, you understood why your high school principal was so adamant that everyone’s body parts be covered. Parts were distracting.
“Can you put on some real pants, too?”
Bucky put his hands on his hips and looked down at himself. “I am wearing pants, doll.” He was, in fact, wearing pants, but they sat well below his hip bones, showing off the plane of his stomach and below.
The heat was creeping down your neck and flushing your face. “I mean, real pants that cover….things.” You cleared your throat and forced yourself to keep your eyes above his chin. “It’s distracting.” You lifted your chin definitely in the hopes it made you look less vulnerable than you felt.
“Oh, really?” With a knowing smirk, Bucky stepped towards you, reclaiming the small space between your bodies that he had afforded you. “And why is it so distracting?” He brushed a piece of hair off your forehead and pushed it behind your ear. The calluses on his fingertips skimmed over your skin, and the rough edges of his them sent chills through you.
As he touched you, you held your breath, and you swayed towards him when he lowered his hand and pulled away. You cleared your throat softly, taking a moment to catch your breath and gather your wits. “ It just is.”
Your voice was weak and without conviction. Bucky’s prompting made you feel like you’d been caught doing something naughty, and you hadn’t. You’d just thought it. Too embarrassed to hold his eyes, you found a spot on the opposite wall and made that your focus.
Bucky’s hand lifted your chin, taking away your ability to avoid looking at him. “What do you mean, doll?” He feigned ignorance while swiping his thumb over your bottom lip.
Pinpricks of pleasure bloomed up the back of your neck and over your head as he caressed your lips. You tried to nod your head, but his hold on you only afforded you the slightest bob of the head.
That wasn’t enough for Bucky. “Aw, come on,” he cooed. “Don’t make me hold my breath.” He demanded words from you, and you shut your eyes to avoid the hypnotic blue swirling in his eyes.
You wet your lips nervously. As Bucky waited quietly for your answer, the room felt like it was getting louder. You could hear the buzzing of the kitchen appliances mixing with the white noise of life, ringing in your ears in a dull echo. The only way to dispel the silence was to speak, so you spilled your answer out on a whisper. “‘Cause you look like a snack, and I want a bite.”
You shifted nervously on your feet as Bucky’s hand left your chin. You felt him move away, taking the warmth of his body with him. He paced to the counter opposite you and ran his hand through his hair, letting out a breath through pursed lips. Dread mixed with desire in your stomach, and you were afraid you’d ruined everything by being too forward.
“You can’t say stuff like that, doll. It’s …how am I supposed to say no to….” Bucky’s voice trailed off and he ran his hand through his hair again. “I - I’m gon - I’m gonna go get dressed.” The look he gave you was intense and made you squirm.
When Bucky returned, he was wearing a long-sleeved henley and jeans, and you watched him nervously from your spot at the table. As he approached, you slid the amazon box you’d brought with you over to him. “Here.”
Bucky eyed the box suspiciously as he sat down. “What’s in the box?”
You rolled your eyes and resisted the urge to repeat the question a la Brad Pitt in Se7en. You already knew that the reference would be lost on Bucky. You nudged the box closer to him and clicked your tongue. “Just open it up, dingbat.”
He wrinkled his brow at you while ripping the cardboard flap open. “So now we’re name calling?” The contents of the box tumbled around inside of it, and you watched excitedly as Bucky pulled out a Lego kit.
“It’s the space station!” You said excitedly, leaning across the table and pointing out the details on the box. “I thought we could build a Lego together.”
Bucky didn’t say anything, just turned the box over in his hands to look at the back. His face remained neutral, and he paused to read the small print on the box.
“Oh god,” a horrible feeling rose in your throat. “Please tell me you know what Legos are. They’ve been around since, like, World War II.”
“Of course, I know what Legos are. Sam’s nephews and I build with ‘em.” Bucky pulled open the side of the box and dumped the contents out onto the table. Bags of presorted Legos and the instruction booklet fell out onto the table, and you took the box out of the way.
“Look the wee spaceship, Bucky! It’s so cute.” Shifting onto your knees and kneeling on the chair, you leaned across the table to point out the small-scale NASA space shuttle on the box. You wobbled precariously but caught yourself on the edge of the table before you fell.
Bucky gave you a knowing look, and you shoved his shoulder and tried to defend yourself. “I didn’t fall! I caught myself!” A smile cracked at the corner of his mouth as the two of you started sorting out pieces from the first bag.
You watched Bucky tear off the corner of the bag and start sorting the pieces by color. He was serious as he worked. He always looked serious - like he didn’t know how to relax. The look on his face mixed with his quiet non-reaction to the Lego set your doubts spiraling, and you wondered if he was only playing along to keep you happy.
“Do you like it?” You took the instruction booklet and busied yourself flipping it to the appropriate starting page. You went through the pages slowly, keeping your eyes downcast on the shiny, little, rectangular booklet, watching the light bounce off its glossy pages.
Bucky hummed at you and continued to sort plastic pieces.
“The Legos.” You motioned towards the kit with the instructions.
“Yeah, it’s great, doll. Thanks.” He didn’t sound very excited, but Bucky never really got excited. Bucky’s quiet reaction to everything shouldn’t have caught you off guard or made you feel a certain kind of way at this point. You knew how he was most of the time. He was quiet. Contemplative. Introverted and introspective. He wasn’t someone who would scream “Fuck yeah!” and give you an over-enthusiastic high five, but you expected something more than nonchalance.
“Hey, can you bring those instructions over closer?”
You slid the paper booklet across the table, still stuck in your head with the belief he hated the Lego set and was only humoring you.
“No, closer. I still can’t see it.” Bucky repeated his demand, and you slid the paper closer still.
“Maybe you should just walk it over here. You know my old man eyes.”
You scoffed. “Yeah, so old.” Still, you pulled yourself out of your chair and walked the two whole steps to him.
“What are you gettin’, Bucky.” Your nose crinkled as you eyed him suspiciously.
“Closer, doll.”
You crowded his space and shoved the book in his face. “Any closer and I’ll be in your lap!”
“Say, that’s an idea!”
You squealed as Bucky’s arm came around your waist and pulled you over his legs. The booklet fell to the side as you flailed, grabbing onto his shoulders to keep from falling off his lap and joining the instruction manual on the floor. You threw your head back and laughed as he manhandled you into the position he wanted you.
Bucky sat you astride one of his thighs and kissed the side of your head. “There we go. Much better.” He held onto you tightly as he bent to retrieve the booklet. “You build; I help.”
You laughed through your nose, about to push away from him and go back to your seat, but Bucky’s left arm was firmly around your waist, and his head was resting against your arm. Looking over your shoulder at him, you saw the reaction that you had been hoping for earlier. He looked happy and content, and when he caught you looking at him, he teased you, telling you to pay attention to what you were doing.
The two of you had gotten through the first two sections of the build, and you had retreated back to your own seat. Bucky and you were working together to assemble the multiple solar panels when the opening of the front door startled you.
“Shit!” You slammed your hands over your mouth in surprise as your panel dropped out of your hands and hit the floor. It broke into pieces, some of them skating away on the wood floor from the force of the impact.
“Damn, GG. We gotta stop meeting like this. You live here now or somethin’?
Getting out of your seat and crawling on the floor to pick up pieces, you decided against scuttling over to Sam and biting his ankles. Instead, you hit him with your sharp words. “If I lived here, I would change the damn locks.”
“You know, when I gave you a key for emergencies, I didn’t know interrupting my Lego date constituted an emergency. Bucky held his hand out to you, and you dropped some of the pieces you’d collected into his palm.
Hands in his jacket pockets, Sam shrugged. “Yeah, sorry, Buck, but we gotta go. The - that thing we talked about - it’s a go.” Sam caught himself before he said too much, giving you a distrustful, sidelong glance.
Bucky groaned and threw his head back and glared at the ceiling. "Do we have to?"
“I know. Come on. I need my sidekick.” Sam kicked a leg of Bucky’s seat to spur him into action, and Bucky reluctantly got out of his chair.
“I’m not your sidekick.” Bucky glared at Sam then shook his head at you to reassure that he was, in fact, not a sidekick.
“I already got….supplies.”
You rolled your eyes at Sam’s attempt at speaking in code and finished picking up the Legos. You returned to your seat and began re-sorting the broken pieces so you could restart that portion of the build. Bucky gave you an apologetic look before slinking into his bedroom. When he came back out, he was wearing your least favorite piece of clothing.
“Oh, this must be serious. He put on the silly jacket.” You snapped a couple of pieces together as you made fun of the piece of clothing with an odd number of sleeves.
“It shows off the arm,” Sam explained as if it should be obvious.
You set your hands down a little too hard and the pieces rumbled on the table. “You know he’s more than a fancy arm? The man deserves the dignity of two sleeves.” You held your arm out emphatically at Bucky. “It’s just silly!”
“Oh? He’s more than an arm? Cool. So you know - “
“Let’s go, Sam.” Bucky raised his voice over Sam’s while retrieving his keys, working to slide one off the ring. “Here.” Bucky came to you and handed you the key. “Stay if you want. Just lock up if you go.”
You wrapped your hand around the key and tightened your fist around it. The teeth bit into your palm, and you nodded at Bucky with wide eyes.
“Don’t break anything,” he warned before he dropped a kiss onto your mouth.
“You don’t break anything either.” You remembered how terrible he looked the morning he came to your house.
He looked reluctant to go and gave you another kiss before heading out with Sam. They were arguing before they even left the porch.
“Why does she get a key? It took me forever to get a key out of you, and I had to steal it.”
“I like her, Sam. That’s why.”
You smiled to yourself as their voices grew quieter. The creaking of the gate signaled their departure, and the slam of car doors and rev of an engine confirmed it.
“He likes me.” You grinned like an idiot as you spoke into the empty room. “He really, really likes me.” Laughing at yourself, you realized that Bucky probably wouldn’t have gotten that reference either.
A/N: If Steve gets photographic memory, then Bucky does, too. I will not be accepting questions.
A/N 2: I probably quote that Sally Field line more than I should. It's from her 1984 Oscar acceptance speech for Places in the Heart - well, actually, it's from The Mask where Jim Carey is mocking her speech. Fields never actually said the phrase, but the bastardized version lives in infamy.
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golden-bucky · 17 hours ago
love story
Tumblr media
summary - Having a secret relationship with the prince is all fun and games until you get caught.
pairing - Prince!Steve Rogers x Maid!Reader
warnings/tags - Mention of alcohol and drinking, established relationship, angst and fluff, modern royalty au
word count - 2,605
note - this is the first fic from my old account (starrynocture) that i'm reposting! there are a few more coming; i plan on posting one a week. i also have a taglist for anyone interested! graphics from @firefly-graphics
It’s wrong.
Worse than that, it’s forbidden.
You and Steve aren’t supposed to be together; his family made that explicitly clear when you were hired. However, that didn’t stop your feelings from blossoming like the flower garden in front of their castle.
In the beginning, everything felt like a dream. How Steve looked at you with eyes as bright as the night sky and that million-dollar smile. It was like your mind was playing tricks on you, because how could anyone like Steve be interested in someone like you? Under different circumstances, you would act on your feelings. But a maid being with a prince? It could never happen.
And then Steve changed everything. He got you alone one night, just as you were about to leave for the day, and asked you something you never thought you’d hear. “Go on a date with me? Please?” You told him there was no way it would work; you’d get caught and would never see each other again. Steve was convincing and determined, and that night he snuck you out to the garden to stargaze with him.
Months after secret dates and sneaking kisses whenever you could, he made it official. How could you say no? Deep down, you knew you two were doomed, but you’d have to enjoy it for now.
As you wash the dishes in the kitchen, you feel a pair of hands sneak around your waist and a pair of lips kiss your cheek. “Steve!” you gasp. “We could get caught, what are you doing?” You pull away and continue working, trying to ignore the prickle on your skin from where he touched you.
“Everyone’s downstairs for dinner, we’re fine,” Steve promises before stepping closer.
“I can’t just stop working. Some of us have to work for a living,” you tease.
“Just one kiss? I’ll leave you alone after, I swear.”
“Just one,” you emphasize.
Of course it’s more than that; you’re practically making out in the kitchen with the sound of the sink drowning the sound out just in case. A few minutes pass before you pull back, already missing the feeling of his lips on yours. “They’re probably wondering where you are, you should go,” you say although you don’t want him to. He doesn’t want to leave either.
“Right,” he frowns. “Don’t forget, meet me in the garden tonight.”
That’s where most of your “dates” take place. Stargazing, picnics, and painting were the most common ones. Often, Steve would paint a portrait of you; you kept them hidden in a box under your bed, along with love letters he’d leave in secret places around the castle. You want to display the artwork like it deserves to be, but you can’t risk your parents asking where they came from.
“I’ll be there. Now go before they get suspicious.”
Steve rushes off back downstairs, leaving you alone to tidy up the kitchen. Going back to work like everything is normal after kissing Steve is almost impossible; you almost drop a plate after your mind drifts off. Even his mother notices, asking if you’re feeling alright, and you lie through gritted teeth.
Tumblr media
Later that night you sneak through the gate to see Steve. He’s sitting on a blanket in the middle of the rose garden, your favorite spot. When he sees you, his face lights up and he greets you with a quick kiss. “I missed you,” he whispers against your lips.
“It’s only been a few hours.”
“So? I still missed you.”
“What’re we doing tonight?” you ask as you sit next to him.
“I snuck some wine out, and there’s supposed to be a shooting star tonight.”
You rarely drink and Steve only does on special occasions with his family. Normally you would decline, but you deserve to relax from time to time. As he pours you a glass, you curl up into his side and look up at the twinkling sky.
“It’s beautiful,” you whisper.
“It’s nothing compared to my princess.”
The compliment makes your cheeks heat up; it only gets worse when he leans down and kisses them. His fingers trace little patterns up and down your arms as you silently wait for the shooting star. You think of what your wish will be and get lost in your train of thought when Steve gasps silently. “There it is.”
I wish for a life with Steve that isn’t secret.
“What’d you wish for?” he questions.
“I can’t say or else it won’t come true.”
The belief is superstitious but it’s a risk you don’t want to take. You don’t know it, but he wished for the same thing.
Tumblr media
“That one’s the little dipper,” Steve slurs, pointing up at the sky. The stars look absolutely nothing like the constellation and you can tell he’s drunk. You feel a little tipsy but not as bad as him; the whole bottle is almost gone, and you’ve only had a few glasses.
“No, it doesn’t,” you giggle and take the bottle. “I think you’ve had enough.”
He whines. Seeing this side of him is new, but you love getting to see a different side of him. “Dance with me?” Before you can answer, he’s pulling you up on your feet.
“There’s no music.”
“I’ll sing for you princess,” he says before belting out your favorite song. It’s messy, loud, and offbeat, but you’re both laughing and having too much fun to be bothered. Enough fun that you don’t hear Steve’s father calling out his name.
“What is going on here?”
The stern, livid voice sobers you both up immediately. You let go of Steve’s hand and take a step away from him, though it’s too late. His father’s eyes dart between the two of you, but your head is hung low in shame. “Don’t tell me…” he starts, shaking his head in disbelief. “Don’t tell me you two are seeing each other.”
“Father -” Steve tries but is cut off.
“You two, inside, now.”
There’s no point in arguing. You follow behind Steve who’s staring at you with horror in his eyes, and you can’t stand to look at him. This is it. Everything’s going to come to an end.
Steve’s mother is waiting in the main room, looking half asleep but still furious. He sits on the chair across from his parents and you stand as far away as possible. “Care to explain what’s going on?” she asks, her voice sending chills down your spine.
You don’t dare speak; it’s not your place, and you’re trying to get as little punishment as possible. It isn’t possible to turn invisible, but you sure are trying as hard as you can.
“I don’t know what there is to explain,” Steve says.
“The two of you are drunk dancing around out in the garden together, singing loudly enough to wake everyone in here. But yes, tell us how that doesn’t need an explanation,” his father huffs.
“We were having fun, which is something I don’t get to do very often.”
“Your idea of fun is drinking with the help and making fools of yourselves?”
Being called the help like you aren’t standing there cuts you to the core. That’s all you’ll ever be seen as around here. The help. Not a human being, not someone with feelings, and certainly not someone who can be with Steve.
“Don’t call her that. She’s my girlfriend.”
His mother almost faints at that. “Girlfriend? Please, don’t humor us, Steven. Whatever you two have going on is finished.” She turns to you. “And you, your work here is over. You’re dismissed.” She waves her hand to signal you away without a chance to explain or defend yourself.
“You can’t dictate our relationship, she’s staying.” Steve walks over and grabs your hand. Your entire body is shaking with anxiety and embarrassment. It reminds you of being reprimanded as a child by your parents, only ten times worse. Now there are stakes involved. “I’m tired of being treated like I don’t have a say in my life. We’re happy together, I won’t let you ruin that because of your stupid expectations of me. Maybe if you two weren’t so closed-minded, this wouldn’t be an issue,” he continues.
“Steven, apologize now. We won’t be spoken to like this,” his mother gasps. “Your father and I want what’s best for you.”
Steve chuckles, “I have nothing to apologize for, and you don’t know what’s best for me.”
Although you’re proud of him for sticking up for the two of you, it’s still nerve-wracking knowing the worst is yet to come. No matter what he says, you know your time together is up. You’ve always known it would come eventually, but the naive part of you hoped it wouldn’t have to.
“You can’t keep dating her, she’s nothing. I thought we raised you better; I don’t understand why you’re so defensive of her!”
“Because I love her!”
The room goes silent.
Steve loves you. Neither of you has said it out loud before, but it’s been an unspoken thing for a while now. It’s in the way that you look at each other, the soft touches and kisses, and the late nights spent together. You squeeze his hand as a silent way to express your love, but you’re dying to tell him properly.
“You don’t know how you feel,” his father responds dismissively. “I want her gone, and she’s not to come back. Understood?” Steve opens his mouth, but his father raises a hand to silence him. “There is no more arguing or backtalk. Go upstairs and go to bed.”
Once again, you’re being treated like you aren’t there. It’s expected but that doesn’t make it hurt less.
“Can I at least walk her out with the guards?”
His mother nods in silent approval. Steve follows behind you as a guard walks you out of the castle for the last time. Once you’ve reached the end of the walkway, you sigh and look up at Steve. “If it’s worth anything, I love you too.” Then you turn and walk away without looking back; the pain is too much to handle. Knowing you’ll never see him again brings unwanted tears to your eyes and a sinking feeling in your chest.
Your love story reached its final chapter. No epilogue, no fairytale ending, nothing.
Tumblr media
The next few months go by in a daze. Most days you can’t be bothered to leave your room, let alone your bed. Your parents were furious in the beginning; if you thought the anger from Steve’s parents was bad, it was nothing compared to theirs. After seeing how hurt you are, they lightened up a little bit. You’re still expected to go and find work again, but for now, they’re letting you rest (really it’s more like sulking).
It’s another restless night in bed when you hear something hit against your window. At first, you assume it’s the rain but it sounds heavier. You tiptoe over and pull open your curtains to see Steve waiting outside with a bouquet of your favorite flowers in his hand. You almost trip over your own feet as you run outside to tackle him in a hug.
“Stevie, I missed you,” you breathe out.
“I missed you too, princess.”
You kiss him and it’s different than usual. Normally it’s slow like you have all the time in the world together. After learning how that isn’t true, the kiss becomes urgent and needy. For all you know, it may be the last time you get to do this; you have to make it count.
“How did you manage to sneak out?”
“I found a way to distract the guards. I’m so sorry, I should’ve come months ago but -”
“Hey, you’re here now and that’s all that matters. They would’ve stopped you anyway,” you interject.
“You’re coming with me. Tell your parents where we’ll be.”
“I…what? You’re taking me back there?”
How could he possibly think that’s a good idea? Is he trying to destroy your relationship even more?
“I’ll explain on the way.”
Per his instructions, you go back inside and wake your parents, explaining where you’re going. They warn you it’s not a good idea, but you have to see what Steve is planning. You’ve already lost him before; how much worse can it get? You say goodbye and tell them you’ll be back soon.
Seeing the castle again brings back a flood of memories. You and Steve painting outside, sneaking kisses behind the guard’s backs, hearing him say he loves you. There are painful ones with those though: being called the help, being told you’re nothing, and leaving Steve and your relationship behind. It’s a lot to take in, but it’s not as intimidating with him by your side.
Steve’s parents are waiting down in the main room. You try letting go of his hand, but like that last night you saw him, he squeezes your hand in reassurance. “It’ll be okay,” he whispers before sitting on the loveseat. You hesitantly sit next to him and await your fate again.
His father clears his throat. “We’re waiting.”
“I know you’re mad, and I know I went behind your backs again, but please hear me out. I’ve never been happier than when I’m with her and these last few months have been like hell. If you really cared about me, you would let us be together without judgment. I love her, and I’ve never felt like this about anyone before. Please just consider it.”
They turn their attention to you. “Do you have anything to say?”
That’s unusual; you’re never asked to speak your opinion about anything. All you’re used to is making small talk while you cook or clean. It almost feels like a trap, with everyone looking at you, waiting for you to beg and plead to be with Steve.
“I feel exactly how Steve does. He makes me really happy, and I promise I never let my feelings affect my work. I love him, I don’t know what else there is for me to say other than I’m sorry.”
Silence again. That same pit in your stomach returns like last time while his parents whisper amongst themselves. Steve gently rubs his thumb against your hand to calm you down, but your hand won’t stop shaking.
“We talked about it, and if it’s what you both truly want, we’ll allow it. Are we happy about this? No, and it will take some time for us to adjust to everything and be fully on board. But who are we to deny our son love and happiness?” his mother says.
Your jaw drops, it’s practically on the perfectly polished tile floor. Steve gets up to hug and thank his parents and you collect yourself to do the same. “Thank you both so much. Steve and I appreciate you hearing us out; it really means the world to us.”
“Mhm. We’ll set you up in the guest house for now, and if this lasts long enough, you’ll move in here. Understood?”
You nod; it’s clear that they’re still processing it, but you’re grateful they’re allowing you and Steve to be together at all. They said goodnight and tell you to be back tomorrow morning before leaving you two alone.
“I can’t believe this,” you say, the disbelief clear in your voice.
“I can’t either.”
Steve kisses you and it’s the familiar slow kiss you’ve been craving these past few months.
“I love you, Stevie.”
“And I love you, princess.”
Turns out your love story isn’t over after all; in fact, it’s just the beginning.
Tumblr media
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