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Vital Organs
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!Reader
Summary: Reader is in love with her best friend, Bucky. The feeling is mutual but having a troubled relationship with her father means that she’s scared to risk the heartbreak.
A/N: I MAY have cried while writing this. To all the girls who, like me, have shitty dads and derive a lot of comfort from Bucky - I’m dedicating this to you. We deserved better.
Tumblr media
“Do ya think you’d ever go on a date with me?”
Bucky’s words echoed in your brain, sending a sharp pain in your chest with each repetition. The quietness in the jet only increased the agony of that moment being replayed. Your best friend had stood before you and put his emotions on the line - something he had never afforded himself to do. Then you made him realise why.
Two of your ribs were fractured from the mission but that thought was more painful.
“So quiet, what are you thinking about?” Yelena commented, looking over her shoulder from her pilot duties to check up on you.
“Nothing.” You replied putting your hand over your ribs and resting your back against the seat.
Bucky was going to be so worried when he’d found out you’d been injured. You could see it now, him following you around like a puppy. At least, he might have done if you’d given him a better answer than ‘I don’t know’ to a date. When you left for the mission he had worn a wounded expression that he’d desperately tried to conceal as you told him goodbye.
The truth is, when Bucky had asked you that question it threw your body into a complete state of conflict.
Your heart was about to burst out of your chest, as if it was trying to escape and connect with Bucky’s. It was crying out for you to say yes to him and take everything you had ever wanted.
That was until your brain stepped in and lassoed your heart to keep it in its place. The logic had corrupted you and was determined to prevent you from getting hurt. It wore you down and drowned out the excitement of your heart. It went to work in bringing back all the disappointment and hurt caused by your father who had left you behind at an early age.
But your lungs burned. The air was trapped in them and you struggled to breathe. It felt like you were being suffocated. It was a curious and familiar feeling from when you were younger.
To be the daughter of a man who abandons you is to constantly hold your breath in fear that if you let go, you’ll fall apart.
The other organs had overpowered and barricaded your lonely heart. They left you in the predicament of stuttering and stammering in front of a very nervous Bucky which had concluded with your pathetic answer. The memory had plagued you ever since.
Simultaneously, your brain provided you with flashbacks of being a child and waiting excitedly for a a man that rarely ever came. The feeling of disappointment after every interaction with your father that somehow managed to make you feel so unimportant had returned. The lump in your throat held there with every breath reminded you of the struggle to accept that he was never going to be what you needed to him to be.
It had taken some bone-crushing strength to move on. He was your father and you needed him to be better. As his child, you believed you should be the only motivation he needed to stop being so unreliable and grow up.
Whilst you were right, that is unfortunately not how the world works.
Now the perfect man had asked you the question you deemed was only possible in your wildest dreams. But to say yes to him was to give him access to potentially do the exact same thing as your father had done.
It was just too much of a risk.
The jet had landed with a halt and Yelena came over to assist you with walking off. You were quietly grateful for her, trying to hide just how much pain in you were in as you grasped Yelena’s shoulder.
Sam was poised and waiting for you both. Bucky stood next to him, fidgeting anxiously in anticipation of your return. He had spent the last few days licking his wounds in your absence. He had accepted that you had only ever been so affectionate with him because you were a good friend and he’d misinterpreted it. It fucking stung, but he respected that you can’t help how you feel. Although your answer had left him unsure where he stood with you, he was eager for you to return so he could be the best friend you needed him to be.
Bucky’s face fell as his eyes landed on Yelena holding you up with your arm round her shoulders and your regular wincing.
“First of all, are you okay?” Sam asked, him and Bucky instinctively making their way over to you both, ready to take you from Yelena if need be.
“Yeah, just fractured some ribs. No biggie.” You joked but it sounded painful. You could feel Bucky’s eyes on you, scanning and analysing you, processing the possibilities if this had been worse.
It made you feel weak and incompetent. The strong super soldier wanted to protect you and all you could think about is that you wished you were stronger. All of those years of having to establish your independence and leave behind weakness and vulnerability were completely discarded in that moment with Bucky’s pitiful look.
“Okay well, get checked out. No training or missions for you until you’re better.” Sam instructed, having settled into his new role as Captain America; he needed to make sure his team were in the best shape possible.
“Got it, Cap.” You nodded at Yelena to get her to take you to the medical wing of the compound. That was when Bucky stepped in.
“I’ll take it from here, Yelena.” He said and before you could even say anything, you were scooped up into Bucky’s arms and he was carrying into the compound.
“I could have walked.” You protested meekly. Being in his arms felt awkward, you didn’t allow yourself to hold on to him because then you’d stop holding your breath and you’d be done for.
“This is easier.” He retorted. For the first time since Bucky had started his recovery, he was unable to look you in the eye.
It was stony silence between you both, each of you having moments to open your mouths but no words came out. Nothing felt right. Despite being in his arms, a gap had been wedged between you and you were unsure how you’d ever be able to get back to him again.
You fixated on Bucky’s jaw which was constantly clenched, you could just about feel his teeth grinding together. His slouched shoulders and defeated expression didn’t go unnoticed by you. He was your best friend, you knew everything about him. Bucky was heartbroken.
Heartbroken, yet he still showed up for you when you needed him.
It was now a requirement that the compound had medical staff on hand at all times. Pepper had insisted on it in the rebuild, too many people had been lost. More preventative measures were put in place to keep the team as safe as possible.
You were thankful that you didn’t have to go to hospital but it now meant that Bucky was glued to your side as you were checked over. He was sitting on the edge of his seat, digesting everything the doctor had said to you while you lay back wishing he would go away.
Bucky being there was a constant reminder that you’d hurt him. Locked inside its cage, your heart wept at the thought, desperate for you to tell Bucky you’d been stupid and you’d love to date him, marry him, die for him.
It made your lungs tighten and your breath hitch, ready to give way. You had to be stronger than this. Love was not worth risking the pain of being abandoned. You had vowed never to give anyone the power to make you feel that way again.
When the doctor left, Bucky settled back into his chair, clearly having no intention of leaving. You settled down on the bed, feeling drowsy from the painkillers and squeezed your eyes shut like a child, wishing that when you opened them that he’d be gone.
Alas, moments later when you opened your eyes again he was still there, watching over you protectively.
“You don’t need to sit with me, Buck. I’m sure you’ve got better things to be doing.” You mumbled, looking away from him to stare out of the window.
“I am not leaving your side, need to make sure you’re okay.” Bucky responded. “And I missed you.”
His voice broke a little at the last four words, almost as though he was scared to admit it to you. It wasn’t like you were a stranger to his vulnerability but this felt different after him admitting to having feelings a few days prior. It made you frown.
“I missed you too.” You muttered. “I’m sorry about the other day.”
“You have nothing to be sorry for.” Bucky said defensively and definitively as though he didn’t want to talk about it. He was ready to pretend it didn’t happen and move forward as your friend.
But Bucky deserved the whole world. The least you could do is offer an explanation.
“No, Bucky, you deserve better than an ‘I don’t know’. In all honesty, you’re… perfect. And I’ve loved you for a long time. The way my heart skipped a beat when you asked me that question, you have no idea. But I just can’t…”
“Why?” Bucky choked out, his voice still broken. He had moved to the edge of his seat again, his eyes constantly darting between you and your fingers which you were anxiously playing with.
“Can’t risk it. I can’t risk being abandoned.”
“I’d never leave you.”
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” You snapped at him and instantly regretted it as you could sense his posture shrink with the unsolicited harshness. It wasn’t intentional but rather instinctual. Words were empty; if a parent could leave you then there was nothing to stop a boyfriend from doing the same thing.
“You promise me you won’t leave all the time.” Bucky offered after a couple of seconds of uncomfortable silence. He was right, in all of his moments of insecurity and grief after Hydra; it was you providing comfort and reassurance. It was you by his side, being his supportive and loving best friend.
“Because I know how shit it is to be left.” You sighed and felt the painful tug in your chest. Your breathing was rapid and your lungs were aching. They were agonisingly trying to keep everything in; keeping your heart locked up and holding your breath. You’d come too far, you couldn’t let go now.
“And you think I don’t?” It was Bucky’s turn to snap now.
His words were a cruel and embarrassing wake up call. It prompted you to give him eye contact and fuck, he really was broken.
It was so insensitive: you should have known better than that. Steve leaving him behind had had a profound effect on Bucky. Rarely did he ever let people see his tears but he had allowed you to cradle him like a baby while he sobbed for his friend who had left him behind.
“Buck, I’m so sorry.” You mumbled, feeling like a fool with your carelessness. Twice now had the tight leash you had kept on your lungs resulted in your words hurting Bucky. It was becoming more than you could bear.
Bucky shook his head lightly, waving off the comment and wiping the slate clean again. Nonetheless, he held your eye contact in search of further elaboration.
“It’s just I used to get all that crap from my dad about never leaving me and he did. It means nothing to me anymore. What if I’m not enough for you like I wasn’t for him?” Tears has trickled from the corners of your eyes and spilled down on to your face and the sheets.
Bucky wasted no time in getting up and sitting on the bed next to you, pulling you into his chest. The remaining pieces of the puzzle formed in his head. He had known before that any mention of your dad made you extremely uncomfortable and he had always changed the subject. Bucky understood all too well what it was like to be left behind, but not by a parent. Not by one of the very few people in this world that actually owed you something. He cursed himself for not considering this beforehand but quickly turned his focus to comforting you.
This time you didn’t protest to being taken in Bucky’s arms, you just wept into his t shirt as he stroked your hair and pressed loving kisses to the top of your head. Your brain was too fatigued to provide you with reasons why you should push him away. You just needed him.
“I need to protect my heart.” You asserted finally, trying to explain yourself further.
“Sweets, you’re breaking your own heart.” Bucky sighed as he pulled you in closer to him.
Just as you had cradled him when Steve left, it was his turn to do it for you. Engulfed in those strong arms, he rocked you gently and carefully. It felt safe and warm and like home.
Now that your brain had called surrender on this pointless fight against your feelings for Bucky, it played a different film in your head than memories of your dad.
You remembered Bucky teaching you to ride a motorbike. He had put your helmet on for you and let out a hearty laugh at the goofy grin you’d given him. Everything he did that day was with extreme patience as he’d put his hands over yours on the handlebars, explaining what everything was and how it worked. The praise he’d given you when you did something right had encouraged you to keep trying. Conversely, when you got something wrong or made a mistake; Bucky was calm and reassuring, compelling you to try again.
Or the time you’d gotten sick and were bedridden for days. Bucky made it his personal mission to take care of you. He was out of his depth, sure, but he had just tried to mirror what you had done when you comforted him after nightmares. Your cup of tea was never empty, you were never left without enough blankets, you never had to wait for your medicine. Bucky was attentive, caring and there.
Even today, you knew that based on his stoic face that you’d hurt him. But he still turned up for you. He was nothing like your father.
Bucky had proved already that he could be there. He was right: you were breaking your own heart. The trauma of abandonment had caused you to deny yourself a love that felt like home. You had been judge, jury and executioner in your own trial and had made a mistake.
Then it happened. You stopped holding your breath.
Your lungs expanded as fully as possible and then shrunk dramatically again. This process continued over and over as you inhaled as much air as possible and then exhaled in deep, incredible breaths.
“You okay, sweetheart?” Bucky asked, looking down at the powerful heaving of your chest and listening to your breathing.
You nodded in response, unable to offer any words. Without realising, you had clutched on to his t-shirt and balled up a bunch of the fabric in your fist.
It was exhausting after having kept your lungs in tension for so long but it was so liberating to let go safely. Focusing on the thudding of his heartbeat in his chest, it grounded and secured you.
Your own heart was screaming in her cage, knowing her rightful partner was close and she needed to be near him. You had set your brain and lungs free, it was time to do the same for your heart.
With some slow coaxing from Bucky as he rubbed your back and continued to kiss the top of your head, you started to calm down. Your lungs adjusted to regular breathing and seemed content in their new routine of being used the way they should always have been.
Your head was rested on Bucky’s chest, still finding comfort in his regular, clockwork heartbeat. The fabric of his shirt that you had grasped before had been let go and was left wrinkled and misshapen.
“You know, Doll,” Bucky began. “I understand why you feel like that, but I’m not your dad, okay?” He took a moment to look at you and ensure that you weren’t too upset or triggered for him to continue.
“You say you love me, so can you trust me? Can we give this a go?”
You looked up and met the adoring gaze of his ocean eyes. Instead of answering him with words you pressed your lips against his. It was soft and gentle, his flesh hand moving to hold your face. Even with his eyes closed, he’d studied your face enough to know where to run his thumb so it was along your cheekbone.
It was the key to unlocking your caged heart. She leapt from her shackled prison and lunged for Bucky’s heart to connect with him. The hearts embraced with the deepening of your kiss and formed an unbreakable bond.
When you finally pulled back for air - which your lungs were well accustomed to now - you couldn’t help but give each other a chuckle. Your foreheads met as your hearts worked in unison to pull you as close to each other as possible.
“Is that a yes then?” He asked, with a cheeky smile stretched across his face.
The insecurity and fear of being left was still there. You accepted that it always would be on some level. On the other hand, you’d had enough of constantly being on your guard and having to be so strong all the time. No longer would you send your vital organs into mortal combat over an irrelevant man when the man in front of you just wanted to love you.
“Yes.” You decided. “Yes it is.”
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I Love You Too Much (W.M)
Dark!Wanda / Dark!Scarlet Witch x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: You met a sweet and timid yet mysterious redhead who loves you so much...a little too much.
Warning: This is a DARK fic. Violence, swearing words, mentions of blood, mention of death, (maybe) graphic, a little bit of knife kink and blood kink.
A/n: Hi! This is my first dark fic. Been having this dark idea in my mind even before I watched MoM. This fic was inspired by the song "Boyfriend" by Dove Cameron. Thank you @heartsforlee for recommending "Who Is She?" by I Monster to help me set the vibe for the beginning part of this part. Thank you @silver-lotus and @stonemags for helping me brainstorming. Also thank you @yourtaletotell and @imdoingsortagay for the input. Happy reading!
Working at a coffee shop in a small town is not that hard. Even though it’s in a small town it  doesn’t mean it’s always slow, in certain hours the shop can get busy and packed. You love your job and the busy hour rush.The smell of the coffee and the baked pastries at work are bonuses. Just like an old saying says “Choose the job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”, hence two years of working feels like nothing for you. You are comfortable with where you live, your job and your life.
The low number of the town’s population makes it easier for everybody to know each other. It’s easy for you to remember your regular customers. Most of your customers are nice and sweet even though some of them are cranky before they get their daily dose of caffeine. You remember who likes what. Then one day, a new face came in. She looks familiar but she is not. A familiar stranger, that’s what came to mind when you saw her. A stunning redhead with piercing jade eyes and the way her lips curve into a smile is something else. You guessed that she is new in town, otherwise you would remember who she is or at least her order. Wanda, she told you her name for her tea order. Her voice and broad accent she has makes her name sounds even prettier.
As a social butterfly you are, you made small talk with her. She responds to you very sweetly yet a little timid at the beginning. First impression, you don’t know why but you found that her eyes are so hypnotizing.
Since then, the charming older woman always comes at the same time. Everytime she comes in, you feel something draws your attention to her. You always turn your head to her direction no matter how busy you are or what you are doing. Sometimes, when it’s almost her usual time to come, you subconsciously wait for her to walk in. Both of you don’t talk that much but when you do, you love it. Somehow, you feel like you are in trance when she is around. Her words wrapped in her voice and accent when she talks sounds like a spell whispered to your ears and really has an effect on you.
Wanda always orders the same thing and even sits at the same table that’s right across where you make all your orders. At first, you didn’t notice but your co-worker, Kate, pointed out that the gorgeous Sokovian watches you from where she sits. Since then, you sometimes take notice that you are being watched or even eye contacts are caught between the two of you every now and then. You could've sworn that sometimes you think that her eyes look like they glow in crimson color. Surprisingly, you don't really make a big deal about it. You always think that she is sweet and harmless even though she seems mysterious. Weirdly, you shrug it off and always think that she is your favorite customer and how lovely she is. That’s how you met the lovely Wanda.
After that, It all started on a day when it wasn’t really your day. You are present at work physically but not your mind. Your eyes feel dry, probably look swollen or even red from crying all night. You had a huge fight with your boyfriend, Chad. You spent the whole night crying back at Kate’s apartment after you moved out from his place. She is your best friend, she agrees for you to stay with her until you sort things out. You thought you would feel better today, but you were wrong, it seems like you feel worse. You can’t focus and keep making mistakes. Sometimes you would zone out and your coworker has to keep bringing you back every time you are lost in your own little mind.
This time, it wasn’t your coworker who interrupted your little trip of thought and brought you back to reality. It was Wanda’s enchanting voice. She calls your name as she waves in front of your face to see if you are okay. “Y/n? Are you okay?” She asks softly almost on a comforting level.
“Oh h-hi Wanda. Y-yeah I’m okay. Sorry. Uh you want your usual?” You ask awkwardly wishing she won’t notice your swollen eyes.
“Yes please.” Wanda looks at you in concern but you are too busy to take your focus back to work and you didn’t notice it. She takes a seat at her usual table after that. Her eyes won’t leave you, she watches your every single move. You bring her order to her table like usual. “Are you sure you are okay, y/n?” This time her voice sounds a little stern. “Yes, Wanda. I’m sure. Thank you for asking.” You gave her an awkward smile and try not to look her in the eyes right before you turn around and walk away. Wanda gets a little unamused by it, she notices you are not okay. She tilts her head as she watches you walk away.
As you continue working, you feel weird in your head. You feel like something is wrong in your mind, as if it’s not just you in it. You feel like there is someone else, you quickly turn your head to her but you find her drinking her tea and reading her book. You shake your head softly and try to gain your mind back. You feel out of it. Little did you know, Wanda really did invade your mind secretly, to find out what is happening with you.
Then magically, your manager sends you home. He told you that you can take the rest of the day off because he notices that you are really out of it and not in the right mind to work today. You tried to convince him that you can still work but he insisted. Her glowing red eyes slowly fade after she is done with what she needs to do so you can leave work. Wanda smirks after she sees it. You get ready to leave. As you walk past Wanda’s table, her question falters your steps. “Broke up with the boyfriend?”
You turn your head quickly with furrowed eyebrows. “H-how did you know? I never really tell you about my boyfriend.” You ask in such surprise.
Wanda got caught off guard, her mind quickly searches for excuses before you suspect something. “Uh well, I remember one time, I saw him visit you here while you were on your break. Seeing how handsy he was, I assume he is your boyfriend and seeing how red and swollen your eyes are right now, I’m sure it was because of a break up.” Wanda answers calmly to convince you.
Her answer rings a bell of memory in you. The day that she mentioned when Chad came to visit you at work, you remember that day you noticed Wanda left in a rush, looking upset. Two days after that, she didn’t come like usual, then she explained that she had an emergency when she finally came back.
“Oh. Uh I-I’m so sorry Wanda. I didn’t mean to accuse you or anything.” You apologize instantly. “It’s okay, y/n. I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.” Her green eyes look softer now as they look at you.
“No, you didn’t.” You let out a genuine smile to her. “Well, in that case, come sit with me. Let’s talk.” She smiles as she taps gently the chair next to her. “We don’t have to talk about what happened.” The witch vaguely insists. You hesitate but once again, her voice gives comfort to you and just like that you oblige. You thought a thirty minutes conversation won’t hurt but it is always nice talking with her. You open up to her slowly, telling her about what happened and how Chad has treated you lately. How mean he was to you, taking you for granted. Wanda looks upset when you tell her about him. You didn’t notice how she clenched her fist.
“I could be a better boyfriend than him, detka.” Wanda’s joke and pet name that she sometimes  calls you with made you blush and smile timidly. “There it is, the pretty smile that I always look forward to everyday when I come here.” She leans closer to you as she wipes the tears on your cheeks with her thumb and smiles gently to you. Her warm smile and voice, not to mention her touch comforted you and led to more conversations.
Both of you had a great time and thirty minutes passed easily. Two of you decided to take a stroll at the park and spend more time. Before you know it, three hours have passed. You are now comfortable enough to give her your number when she asks you.
The simple conversation and little stroll at the park turn to daily texting. Texting turns into casual hangouts together and you get to know more about her. Then you both had your first date and both of you got closer with each other.
Wanda is always there for you. Whenever you feel down, she will suddenly show up, either "accidentally" or you both make plans to meet up. She always gives you the right gifts, exactly the one you want. She always says sweet things as if she knows what you want to hear from her. She makes everything all about you. You love spending time with her even just to go grocery shopping with her.
One day both of you just got back from the grocery shopping, you accidentally dropped a bottle of red wine on her white carpet but the bottle stayed floating right before it touched the ground. Your eyes rounded in such a surprise when you saw the floating bottle is wrapped with red wisps coming from her hand. That was how you found out that Wanda has power.
You were shocked and Wanda was secretly panicked. Your eyes rounded and you were speechless at first. She finally told you who she was, an Avenger. She confessed that she can move things with her power. Wanda told you that she was so scared that you wouldn’t want to see her anymore because of her power. Fortunately, it didn’t scare you at all. You think it makes Wanda really cool. 
"It's okay, Wanda. I think it's cool. You are an Avenger, a superhero. Do you have any other power or this is your only power?" You tried to give her the assurance you knew she needed as you hugged her. "No." She lied.
You pulled yourself away from the hug slowly. "So, no more surprises?" You cupped both of her cheeks as you smiled at her. "No, y/n. No more surprises." Wanda lied again, she didn't want you to know that she can read and manipulate mind. She knows you would freak out if you find out how she manipulated your manager's mind that day to send you home so she could talk with you or how many times she uses her power to read your mind.
She has no plan to stop invading your mind. In her defense, she wants to know what's on your mind so she’ll know what makes you happy, so she can be the best for you. She wants you to fall for her and you can be hers.
The date turns to another date. Wanda helps you forget about the break up with Chad, you slowly start to have feelings with her. She treats you so well, you both get closer and closer. You slowly fall for her. Wanda puts a smile on your face. You said yes when Wanda finally asked you to be her girlfriend. You are really happy dating Wanda. Everything seems perfect, you think that she is a dream girlfriend and you are so lucky to have her. 
Both of you are happy, Wanda is perfect. She seems to know everything about you, what you want and what you like. Sometimes you wonder how could she know? But then you think that it was probably because she pays attention to details. First few months, your relationship seems magical. Everything is so good, too good to be true. Until slowly you notice how much Wanda loves you, or perhaps you can say you notice that she loves you too much.
Wanda starts to show some jealousy or being possessive of you. At first you found it cute but as time went by, you didn’t find it cute at all. She starts to keep asking wherever you want to go. She always asks who you go somewhere with. Wanda gets so clingy and starts to complain if you don’t reply to her text or if you don’t update her where you are at.
She even starts to show her dislike to Kate, saying that your best friend takes your time away from her. You started to get irritated by all of those acts. You addressed your feelings about it and she loosened up a little bit, just for a little bit. Things went back to where it was, Wanda got jealous again and this time she got a little controlling of you. You started to feel that all of her acts suffocated you. One argument after another and another until you can no longer tolerate it.
You have reached your last straw and you told Wanda that you want to break up with her. From how she acts lately, you are a little scared of how she would react to it. You are worried that she would go berserk after but to your surprise, she didn't argue at all. All she did was just look at you as she tilted her head with no words. It would be a lie if you say that when she does that it doesn't give you chills to your spine. Behind her calm quiet expression, her mind is thinking about a few things, one question and ways to win you back or plan to make you leave your scumbag boyfriend.
“Wanda, please say something.” You look very uneasy as you ask. “Is there someone else?” Wanda asks with a tone that you can’t explain. Her accent sounds crystal clear. Both haunt your soul. “What? No, Wanda! I would never do that to you! I already told you my reason. I hope we can still be good friends.” You tackle the accusation in her question right away and you try to make sure that both of you are not having a messy break up and everything remains civil.
“Oh okay, and of course, dear. We’ll always be around each other, forever.” She answers with a smile. A smile that has a lot of meanings behind it. You think that the last word she just said sounds a little over the top but right now all you want is everything ends nicely. "Thank you, Wanda." You care about her, hell you fell for her. You hate that it has to end and despite the calm reaction she gave you, you know that it hurts her as much as it does to you. Too bad that it's the best for both of you, well at least that's what you thought. She even kissed you gently and told you that she loves you before she left the restaurant.
It has been three weeks since you broke up with Wanda, she hasn't come to the shop at all. You started to get worried about her. You texted her but silence is what you got from her. You called her, you were relieved that she finally answered you. She told you she was okay and got called in for a mission. You believe her as long as she is okay.
Once again, Wanda lied to you. She has been busy with the Dark Hold. Looking for ways to make everything work out with you but she can’t find any. 
You thought you knew who she was. All you know is that she is the lovely Wanda Maximoff, one of the Avengers but you are wrong. She is the furious, jealous and possessive Scarlet Witch. Who loves you a little too much.
A week later, Chad came back to you. He apologized and begged you to get back with him again. He promised you to change for the better. As someone who believes in a second chance, you take him back and date him again.
The next day, Chad promised to come to see you for a lunch date on your break but he ghosted you like usual. He hasn’t changed at all. First day after you got back with him, he already disappointed you. Wanda comes to see you after she watches Chad. She knows what is happening, how Chad takes you for granted once again. She saw everything. It pisses her off even more now and there is only one way she can do it, a plan that she has been thinking about since the day you broke up with her. The only way to make you hers again, ONLY HERS.
As you walked towards the front door of the shop, a familiar voice made its way to be heard. “You gave him a second chance? Really, y/n? You think that he deserves it?” She asks in a stern tone, giving you that same look as she tilts her head again. You are stunned with her standing in front of you, showing up out of the blue. “Wanda, Hi. Y-yes.” You awkwardly greet her, your brain can’t find words to give her more answers. Your heartbeat slowly speeding up. You just don’t know why you feel scared and you swallow hard. You think this is weird, Wanda never makes you feel scared of her.
Ignoring your greeting, she questions you again with her eyes slowly glistening with tears and clenching her jaw. “ He is not good for you, y/n. He doesn’t love you. I do. He is just going to hurt you all over again. I will make you happy.”
“He said he will change, Wanda. I know you will make me happy, I love you but things just didn’t work out.” You answer. What you just said makes the witch clench her fist, meanwhile without you knowing, somewhere it affects Chad. All of a sudden, he chokes on nothing. Falls on his knees, coughing and fighting for his life, gasping for air. He is slowly turning purple. “I love you too but you don’t think I deserve a second chance?” Another question slips out of her mouth.
“Of course you do, Wanda. Everyone deserves a second chance if they are willing to change for the better.” You answer and she unclenches her fist. The red wisps around Chad’s throat finally gone as if his life depends on your answer to her question. He inhales as much air as he can right away, wondering what just happened.
“Well, I’ll see you soon then, darling.” The redhead in front of you smirks, turning her back around and walks away. You call her name and ask her where she is going but she keeps walking away. You want to chase her to make sure if she is okay but you have to get back to work.
The rest of the day at work, you feel weird. You can't really focus. You keep hearing soft whispering voices, Wanda's. Your mind keeps thinking about your Sokovian ex-girlfriend every now and then. You keep thinking that you should’ve given her a second chance instead of Chad. Your mind feels fuzzy and cloudy. Something tells you that you need to go home and you did. You told your manager that you are not feeling well. You feel even weirder, Wanda’s whispering voice still vaguely came into your mind. You are in front of Chad’s apartment’s door and as you hold its handle to open it, your vision gets blurry then everything goes dark. Wanda’s magic takes your consciousness.
You felt something in your mind woke you up, you tried to move and it was limited. Your heart jumps up to your throat when you find you are at Chad’s apartment with your wrists and ankles tied to the chair not with ropes nor duct tape but a red magic wisps. You are panicking and your mind instantly thinks of Wanda. You want to scream but you can’t. The same crimson wisp floats around you and your mouth prevents you from screaming.
The air in the room feels so different, it feels dark even though there are lights in the room, eerie and soulless. The temperature is so cold that it gives you goosebumps.
“Hi, malyshka.” The same voice you used to adore calling you with the pet name which is only used by Wanda and now makes your blood run cold. She walks up to you. You look at her deep dark red crown and her outfit, from head to toe, confused because that’s not how she usually looks as an Avengers. Your heart rate is tripling in speed, you breathe faster in such fear and shock. You try to ask her what she is doing and ask her to let you go but it was all in vain. Mumbled words are the only thing that comes out from you.
“I will let you talk if you promise me that you won’t scream, y/n.” Wanda compromised. You nod your head eagerly, with that your mouth is free from her red tendril. “Wanda, why–what are you doing here? Please let me go.” You try to break free but you are no win against her power.
“What am I doing here? I’m here to win you back sweetheart and give this low life a lesson for hurting you.” She answers you with an eerie calm tone as she lets out her magic to bring Chad into the room. Just like you are now, he is all tied up by her magic. His hands are tied up behind his back. Wanda slams Chad on the floor, making him kneel in front of you. He mumbled a scream that could be heard clearly.
You gasp. “C-Chad? Oh my God!! Wa- wanda? Wanda?! What-what did you do to his mouth??!” You asked.
"What mouth?" She asks in complete sarcasm with a cold expression.
"His fucking mouth, Wanda! Where is his mouth?!" You are in terror, you raise your voice as you ask her panickedly because you never see anything like it. Chad is grunting and screaming in fear, knowing why he can't scream or talk. His throat is burning from trying to scream. She walks closer to you, looking down at you adoring you.
Her right hand cups your left cheek and her thumb strokes it so gently as she says "Sssh..ssh. Calm down, y/n. I asked you not to scream. Do NOT raise your voice to me, love. This is all for you, I’m doing this for you. Everything is under control." Wanda responds softly in a creepy way. She tries to comfort you with her words, she knows that you are scared.
"I-i'm so sorry, Wanda. Please don't do this to him." You plead. She walks back to your boyfriend.
Wanda ignores your pleas for Chad as she yanks his head back by his hair. "So, you were asking where is his mouth? You meant the mouth that keeps talking shit to you? The mouth that kept flirting with other girls while he was dating you? I bet his mouth can't make you feel good the way I could."
“Wanda, please let him go.” You plead once more as you do another useless effort of getting away from her power that ties you up.
“No, my love. I won’t, until he learns his lesson. He hurt you, so many times. Nobody hurt my y/n. Not on my watch.” Wanda looks at him in disgust as she answers in gritted teeth.
Chad keeps trying to talk even though he can barely say anything. Wanda rolls her eyes. Her black fingertips hold Chad’s jaw so tight, it hurts as she leans to him and warns him. “Don’t scream, or you’ll regret it.” wIth the move of her fingers, his mouth magically reappeared and he slowly floated. 
“What do you want from me? I’ll give you what you want! Just please let me go, please.” Chad begs for his life. Wanda lets out a sinister chuckle. “What happened? Are you scared?” Wanda mocks him. Sweats started to form on his forehead.
“Wanda, please.” You ask in a begging tone. All of a sudden Wanda’s red magic wraps his throat. The choke slowly gets tighter and tighter. His fast breathing sounds so loud from being so scared as he is slowly running out of air. You can hear his strangling noise. “Look at him, darling. Ungrateful pathetic loser. Took you for granted. I should be the one who got the second chance, not him.”
“He has nothing to do with us and our break up, Wanda!” you reminded her with an alarmed tone and louder voice. Your mouth feels dry. Your body feels so weak from enduring such fear, you feel helpless but you are trying not to show that to Wanda. Your gaze flicks from the enraged Scarlet Witch and Chad that’s gradually suffocated almost to death.
“I know but he got in between us when I’m trying to win your heart back but what did he do the next day after you forgave him? Stood you up, spending time with another girl. That pisses me off to see you get hurt. Like I said before, I could be a better boyfriend than him. I could do the shit that he never did.” The witch whispers closely to Chad’s face, making sure that he listens to the hurtful thing he did to you then she looks at you at the last two sentences she said.
Your heart wrenched from what Wanda just said, wishing that it wasn’t true. “W-what? You have been watching me? What do you want from me??” Chad reacted faster than you did even though he is struggling to talk as oxygen is running thin in his lungs. He is alarmed that he is caught red-handed. You have been suspecting that he cheated on you but you tried to trick your own mind that he will never do that. Sadly, his reaction says it all, disappointment sagged through you.
Wanda notices that tears start to pool in your eyes. You are frightened, shocked but mostly you are hurt. You regret taking him back. She is very concerned and she feels you. She gets closer to you. Dejections burden you and your sadness crushes her. "Oh sweetheart, he doesn’t even deserve your tears. Be with me, I love you. I will always make you happy in every single way that exists. Together, we’ll be inseparable.” The red haired witch tries to convince you lovingly, both of her hands cup your cheeks to bring your face up so you can look at her. You look at her green eyes, you feel her softness right now. You feel comfort just like how you used to feel when you were with Wanda. You close your eyes in distress yet mixed with comfort and in one blink your tears escape your eyes. She kisses your forehead tenderly. Your body is shaking from distress and crying. You feel helpless, it has been only a month since you broke up with her, there is still some love in you for her. You know Chad is wrong but Wanda is wrong too for doing all this. There is something in your mind that keeps telling you to take her back no matter how hard you try to resist or think rationally.
Heart pounding through your chest. "Wanda, please let him go. What you are doing is not right." You hang your head low and you beg in whispers. You don't feel like yourself and feel empty inside, numbness infused your body.
Wanda let go of the magic around his throat. Chad drew in a harsh inhale as soon as his windpipe was free.
“Stop resisting me, beautiful. I know you still love me. I can read your mind.” Her breath softly touches your ear as she whispers to you. Her voice is as irresistible as her green eyes. Then it hits you. “You can read minds?! You told me you don't have any other power! You lied to me, Wanda!"
"It's for the greater good, y/n. I know you would freak out if you know that I can read minds and manipulate them." Wanda explains as Chad asks for mercy, floating behind her.
"You have been invading my mind?!" You ask in exasperation. "I'm the Scarlet Witch. How do you think I know what you want and what you like, y/n? Be the perfect girlfriend for you. How do you think I know that this liar cheated on you?" You can see as she speaks her face expression turns cold and mean like she was earlier as if the sweet Wanda has gone all of a sudden. Her eyes are glowing red furiously and she quickly turns her head to Chad.
Wanda floats your terrified boyfriend closer to her face as she whispers in gritted teeth but loud enough for you to hear. "Your disgusting thoughts are very loud." Angry tone floats around her words.
"W-what? I didn't say anything bad! All I said was asking you for your mercy! Please, please let us go." His voice starts to break vaguely. "LIAR! Tell her what was on your mind! You have exhausted my patience!" Her pulse slammed her neck. She yells at him as she clenches her fist and just like that Chad screams in such pain instantly. Her magic starts to crush his body slowly like a python slowly but deadly wrap around its prey. Rage swept over her.
"Wanda! Stop! Stop doing this! What is wrong with you! This is not you!" You scream hoping that people will hear but you notice all the walls are covered with red magic of hers so nobody will hear any of this.
"Okay! Okay! If you want her, you can have her! I can find a new girl like her anywhere. Just let me go!" He tells you what was on his mind. He screams more agony as he feels excruciating pain. Parts of his bones slowly crack, painful but not deathly just yet.
The sounds of his scream and the cracking of his bones is loud and clear for you, you wish you were deaf at this point. His words felt like thousands of knives stab your heart. “And you dare to ask for mercy? This is mercy from me! I could've just killed you the very first time I saw you!” Wanda focuses on Chad, ignoring you as if she enjoys punishing him for hurting you. “Did it hurt? Have you ever thought about how much pain you caused in Y/n’s life? It’s worse than this.” Chad screams in torment. Blood starts to come out a bit by a bit from his nose and ears from such bone cracking pressure.
“Wanda! Please! Please! I will listen to what you want. We’ll get back together and I’ll be with you. Just put him down, please!” You beg. Nasty fright twisted your gut from everything you see and hear. You are hopeless, thinking that your plea won’t stop her but it did. Wanda turns her head to you, loosen up the magic that is torturing the dying and injured floating man. She did what you ask but in her way. She raises him high up to the ceiling and slams him hard to the ground. Chad still screams and grunting in pain, lays down as if he is spineless on the floor with his hand tied up behind his back, too much pain to move.
“I knew it, baby. I know you still love me and I can win you back.” Wanda starts giving you small kisses on your face. You want to move away from her but you don’t want to trigger her anger anymore. Your body shakes in grimace, you turn your head a bit away from her.
With her power, Wanda makes the weak Chad kneel in front of you again. “Please! Leave me alone! You heard her, she will take you back. What else do you want from me?” Again, his head was pulled back, exposing his throat. Blood and sweat run down over his veins that show up on his skin.
“Your life.” Short and cold was her answer. You raise your head so quickly like a deer in the headlight after you hear it. Before you know it, a sharp kitchen knife flies so fast towards Chad’s throat. Both of your scream and his screams overlap as the tip of the knife reaches so close but it stops right on time.
He swallows hard as his breathing accelerates so quickly. He closes his eyes for a few seconds, he can feel the sharpness pressing slowly to his throat. He opens his eyes and his eyes look down trying to look at the knife, his jaws clenched. He wrings his hands behind his back in agitation. Wanda chuckles so darkly. You are petrified with what just happened. It chilled your soul and paralyzed you. You can’t take your gaze away from the floating knife.
Shock of fear zipping through your heart. “Wanda! What the fuck! What are you doing? I already agree to get back with you. Don’t do this. Please don’t kill him. Please, I beg you.” You start to cry again, tears come out in the corner of your eyes. She takes the knife with her hand. She looks at you. She tilts her head as she licks the other side of the knife slowly. Your eyes look up and follow where the knife is at then you lock your gaze with hers.
Her left hand cups your cheek. She leans lower to whisper to you “Oh, I have to do this, sweetheart. Do you want to know why? Because you ask me not to be jealous anymore. It’s so hard for me to do, detka. I tried. It drives me crazy. So I thought, why not just get rid of ANYTHING or even ANYONE that makes me jealous, right? That way, we won’t have problems anymore and can live happily together. Just.. YOU..and..I..” Your torso is rigid with fear. Vivid image of what might happen to Chad parading in your mind. Wanda smirks after she reads your mind. “Oh? You are thinking what I’m thinking?”
“What? No. No. I don’t want it to happen. I don’t want you to kill him. Wanda, please.” Your lips quivered. The red glow in your eyes faded after she read your mind. Her green eyes adoring you, every inch of your face figure. “God, I love you so much. You are so perfect. You are mine, only mine. Imagine how happy we could be after this. Living our dream life together” she says as she slowly and gently runs the sharp tip of the knife from your forehead, to your temple keep moving down to your jawline then she presses a little harder as soon as it reaches the side of your neck to the front of your throat and ends on your collar bones, as some a little blood flows. Your temple pounding with each beat of your heart. She then licks that little blood off your neck. You wince in pain but it’s still bearable for you. You don’t even know how to react anymore. You feel like slowly losing yourself. The feelings want to submit and give in to her, slowly show up out of nowhere. You try to fight it. Is that really what you want? Or is this her playing with your mind? You don't even know anymore but you still try to fight it.
“Wanda, this is not how it works! If you kill him, I won’t be with you. I’ll do what you want and you’ll do what I want as well. That’s how relationships work, take and give. Be reasonable, Wanda!” You tried to put your foot down this time, told her in a stern tone but you bargained with the wrong witch.
“Oh honey, this is how it works. You are right though, take and give. I’ll give anything that makes you happy and you’ll DO what I WANT.” Just like that, her tone changes and the crimson color starts to show again in her eyes. The restraint on your wrists and ankles is finally gone, you are free but not really. Your body is now moving as if it has its own mind. You try to fight it but you can't win. Wanda’s magic makes you stand up and the knife floats to your hand, your hand now grip the handle so tight.
You are now standing in front of Chad and she is standing close behind you, his eyes rounded and horror is written all over his face. “No. No.” He tries to move his head but he can’t. His jaw is locking shut. His throat is freely exposed to you. “Wanda! What are you doing? Stop using your power on me!” You demand. “What’s wrong, y/n? I thought you like it when I use it on you?” Wanda whispered sarcastically.
You try to fight with every energy you have left. You grunt as you fight, trying to let go of the knife but you can’t. You feel like your body is frozen but still moving on its own. Wanda whispers again “I do hope you understand..that even now, what’s about to happen…this is me.being.reasonable.”
With that, your hand moves on its own so quickly, the sharp knife reaches his throat and quickly slices a deep cut on it. Just like that, Chad is gone. A loud thud appears to your hearing as you see his lifeless body fall onto the floor. For a few seconds, terrors took your voice. It bit back your scream. As the red tendrils no longer take control over your body, you drop the knife. You look at your shaky hands with Chad’s blood on it. Your instinct makes you quickly touch your face to wipe the splattered blood that lands on your face and all over you.
You scream your fear out on the top of your lungs. Your throat feels raw from screaming. You quickly move away from Wanda, the woman who you used to love. You run then tripped and you crawl backwards from her, trying to get away from her, for your life. “GET AWAY FROM ME! YOU MONSTER!” You try to throw everything you find to her. “Y/n! Stop! Y/N! STOP IT!” She yells at you as she walks towards you, following you.
“NO! NO! Please, don’t hurt me!” You cry. You are trapped now, your back touching the wall. “I won’t hurt you! I love you! I will never hurt you! I’m not a monster! I just love you too much, I don’t want to lose you, Y/N. Please...I can’t be without you.” Wanda falls on her knees in front of you, crying. She never wants to be a monster to you. All she wants is just to love you and make you happy.
“No, Wanda! You made me kill him! I don’t know you! I don't want you around me! Get out of my life!” You refuse frantically, you raise your arms, covering your face as your effort to protect yourself, that’s all you can think of in this traumatizing situation you are in.
“Then you leave me no choice, detka.” That’s all she can say after the painful view of you rejecting her, rejecting her wrong way of showing how much she loves you. Her eyes light up again and this time so are yours. This is her last resort to finally be with you, make you as hers and live the life she has been dreaming about.
You act differently in an instance. “Wanda? Wanda?” You turn your head to find her. “I’m right here, sweetheart.” She answers. You quickly go to her and hug her. She is no longer in her Scarlet Witch look. She look just like the usual Wanda, the woman that you love, your girlfriend. That’s what you have in your mind. She is your regular customer and she is your girlfriend.
“Are you okay? What happened? Where is Chad? He tried to kill you. We need to get the cops.” You ramble in panic and are so worried about her safety. “No need, y/n. He uh he’s gone. He couldn’t take the fact that we are back together again so he killed himself in front of us and you passed out. I took care of everything and already called the cops. We can go home later after they are done with everything, okay?” Wanda lays out the plot of another lie, the lies that you will never find out.
“Okay..okay..Oh my God! I’m just glad you are okay, Wanda. I love you!” You hug her tighter.
“I love you too, y/n. I love you too much.” She replies. Her eyes glowing as she reads deep in your mind to find names of people who are close with you, she can't let them close to you. The thought of it already made her jealous.
Because to her, you are hers only.
A/n: Welp, that's it for today. Please let me know what do you think about this. Reblog, comments and feedback are appreciated. Follow me for more! Thank you and see you in next! :)
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khonshus-wife · a day ago
Khonshu: What are you in the mood for?
Me: World domination.
Khonshu: ah i see
Me: you’re my world.
Khonshu: what?
Khonshu: Oh-
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imeternallylove · 2 days ago
Hoot with laughter - Stephen Strange
Tumblr media
Stephen Strange x Reader
genre: fluff
warning: no
words: approx 700
(gif not mine)
I just want to make a nice image of Stephen laughing and interacting with Levi (cloakie) ;-; they deserve to be happy
*     ˚ .  ˚     ⋆ . ·    +   
You close your tired eyes for a moment, trying to relieve the pain and anguish of lack of sleep. "Ugh."
"Why don't you get some sleep?" Stephen asks calmly, his honeylike voice light enough not to push you, yet forcefully and able to easily express his position on the point.
"Can't," you yawn, rubbing your eyes. "I have a lot of work to do," you repeat a dozen times that night.
He doesn't react this time.
You move through your papers and take up your pen again, blinking and scratching your eyes. You just write for a few more seconds before putting the pen down and rubbing your eyes once again.
You expect to hear Stephen sigh, as you have been over your insistence on finishing work for the previous hours, but there is no voice of it. You open your eyes and turn to face him. And he is not present.
It's now your time to sigh. Perhaps he's gone to bed.
"Hey!" That's when you feel yourself being pulled from your chair just as you return to your paper.
It's his Cloakie, he flips down your laptop screen and leads you straight to the bedroom. "Come on! Both of you!"
Your boyfriend is already perched on the edge of the bed, as shown by a little smirk on his mouth. You wriggle when Cloakie throws you on your boyfriend's lap. You shout as the Cloak swings out from your shoulder floats directly on top of both of you and Stephen, and even appears to mock you. "Cloak, I hate you!"
Stephen grins while he watches you slide into the blanket and turn off the light before getting to sleep next to you in a few seconds. He draws you into his embrace, kissing your sleeping head. "That's my princess."
The Sorcerer is just dozing off to sleep after you when he feels you shivering in his arms. He shrugs off the sleep tendrils that have wrapped around him. "Y/N? What- are you crying?"
However, you are not crying. You're laughing heavily just because he calling you princess. Stephen's brow furrows, you could hear his half-asleep from aside. "What's so funny?" You are unable to respond one bit, and even more, burst out laughing out of fatigue through your lung.
"Y/N," he groans and rolls away from you, but you continue to giggle. He throws a pillow over your face to muffle your noisy silly laugh; it does not work. "Go back to sleep," he rolling his eyes, flinging slightly the pillow at your body, only causing you to burst out laughing a great further. "What's wrong with you, baby?"
Your boyfriend moves away from you, arms crossed and his back rests against the bedhead as if he's trying to ignore you. "Damn you, darling," you half-cry, half-chuckle as you wipe the tears from the corner of your eyes, and the loud fit goes.
You're climbing, leaning in, and brushing up against his neck. "I'm sorry," you whispered softly, your leg looped around his waist. "Can we cuddle? Yeah?" He just answers by keeping silent. "Stephen," you tease, your fingers circling his strong board and flirtatiously nipping his arm.
And now it's his shoulders that are trembling with laughter. "Stephen?"
Stephen flipped over in an instant, trapping you between the mattress and his chest. His warm laughter is rocking overall of his body, leading you to sink back into a laughing pack.
"What?" You grimaced but smiled broadly, your smug chuckle tucked away. Stephen leaned into your neck, his scarred palm clutching the tip of your shoulder, still cracking up with you.
Tiredness gradually overtakes you two, and the merriment fades. Stephen is softly rubbing his nose towards yours. "Gonna be good and sleep now?"
"Hey, you were laughing as well."
"Because you were laughing like crazy."
"No, wasn't me," after that, he remains silent, waiting for you to answer his query. You exhale. "I'll be good, okay?"
Stephen simply hums and brushes your lips quickly before repositioning you in ideal snuggling positions. "Good night, princess."
"Good night," you kiss his jawline before resting your head on his chest, "my prince."
The two of you then fell asleep peacefully, guarded by Cloakie, who gladly glides and hovers in the air alone in the Sanctum's bedroom all night, lovingly wrapping both of you.
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The Hippo Talk
Characters: Steven Grant / Marc Spector / Jake Lockley
(I love this gift with all my life. It's remind me to my beloved Poe 💖)  
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steven Grant x Fem!Reader / Marc Spector x Fem!Reader / Jake Lockley x Fem!Reader
Mentions: Alters. DID 
Warnings ⚠️: No big deal. Mentions of Egypt Battle. Mentions of Avatars and Egyptian Gods. Mentions of the Duat. Fears. Insecurities. Fluff. So fluff. Cute moments. Post!Moon Knight.
Tags: @abluelavalamp @mochacake2016 @dreamingaboutyousworld  
Author's Note: Hello Everyone! Again....
I'm here again with this fic for second time 'cause this doesn't appear in my main blog, so... I'll post again. I tell you if this fic appears twice in the hastags.
I hope you're doing well this time!! Here is so cold and my perfect time to write a few cute things about our Moon boys. 
What do you think about a talk of the desire of being parents about our Moon Boys? 
This is something that I thought the last week, and this is the result. I hope that this fic likes you and thanks so much for all the replies. The comments, the likes, notes or reblogs means a lot. 
If someone wants to be tagged or remove to the taglist, just tell me!
Have a nice reading and welcome to my new followers and readers! 
XOXO 😘 Noe! 
- Hello everyone - Layla's voice reaches me from the living room and Marc moves away from me before she enters the room, but not before removing the remains of my red lipstick from his lips - Can I come in? Or should I give you time to get dressed?
I pull away from Marc laughing as I watch him roll his eyes and walk to the door. As soon as I see the image in front of me, I let out a sigh of satisfaction when I see what she has his little one baby in her arms.
- Oh... But if it's the beautiful Khepri - The little one lets out a gurgle as soon as he sees me and stretches his little arms towards me. I don't hesitate to take it as I walks into the kitchen and Marc smiles as he walks over to Layla and hugs her. After everything that had happened in Egypt, things had become easier and simpler between them. I hear them muttering some things, but I can't help but look away from the little baby with dark curls like her mother and an amber gaze that sees me as if I were a pacifier that wants to bite - you've grown a lot since the last time I saw you .
 - That was two months ago, baby.
I turn with a mocking laugh at Marc, who moves and the second I hear Layla burst out laughing at Steven's effusiveness, who seems about to smother her with his arms.
 - I missed you so much, Layla. How is Cameron? - The genuine interest in Steven's words, or perhaps the particular tone of his voice draws Khepri's attention, and he makes a sweet little noise as he teases my hair and leans in to see where the voice calling his attention.
I turn around just to see what Steven is telling Layla about our living together and his personal living with Jake and Marc.
 - Do you want to get Uncle Steven's attention?
The little boy answers me with a sound like laughter and stretches out one of his little arms as if he could reach for Steven
 - Layla, Khepri says to stop hogging the attention of his uncle.
 They both turn to me and I see Steven's cheeks turn a tomato-like red.
I had never seen him like this, blushing at the attention of a child. He looks so adorable more when he focuses on Khepri and he lets out a laugh that makes Steven's eyes soften and for a flash of my mind, I imagine a little boy with Steven's curls in my arms, and that look full of curiosity and interest in the world.
 Shit. This is not a good thing.
 - Don't you want to be with me a little bit more longer? - I hear the footsteps behind me, and barely feel Steven's hands on my waist, I lean against his chest while Khepri reaches to take a handful of Steven's curls in his little hand and pull them causing Steven to let out a laugh that makes the boy burst out laughing - Do you want to go with Uncle Steven? You are treacherous as your mother.
Layla bursts out laughing as I move enough for Steven to take Khepri into his arms, but as soon as I see the little boy start laughing, I turn to see Steven wearing the Mr. Knight suit.
I hold back for a moment the cry of fright that fights to come out of my lips and I shake my head while his mask disappears and he takes the little boy out of my arms, who enjoys the softness of his suit running his little hands through the lapels of it .
Steven seems so intent on watching Khepri play with his tie that he barely even notices I'm looking at him. He seems so comfortable with it that I can't help but think about having a child with him, with Marc, and with Jake.
It would be a bad idea? I think as I watch him play with the little one and exchange a look with Layla, who smiles, reading my thoughts and comes over to give me a light handshake.
Or maybe a girl. I can already imagine three overprotective dads to the moon and back.
I giggle as I let my hand move unconsciously towards my belly and that movement catches Steven's attention and he air kisses me as he turns his attention back to the boy as I drop my arms to my sides as if they had no life of their own. 
 "Tell me that you are thinking the same as me, that the idea of ​​the child in our arms feels too good for me." (Marc)
 - Hmm?
 "You know what I'm talking about, Steven" (Marc)
Layla says something about the new investigations in Cairo, and Steven hands the little boy back to me, who stares at me intently as I listen to his mother complain about the extra work she has to do for Tawered.
 - How do he take it? - I ask about her temporary work as an avatar of an Egyptian god - It's not something easy to assimilate.
 - Who? Cameron or Khepri?
 - Both - I pinch the little boy's nose, who giggles again and I tickle his tummy - Who is the most beautiful baby on the entire planet?
 "I want us to have a baby with her, Marc" (Steven)
 "Me too, Steven.. Me too" (Marc)
 "She…Will she want to have it?"  (Steven)
 "Don't you see her? She's in love with Mini Layla - Marc growls as Steven rolls his eyes at the thoughts running through his head - She will look beautiful with her swollen belly with our child. And for that, although I love her very much Layla, I want her out of here."
 I see that Steven stays silent for a few minutes staring at me and I don't have to ask to know that maybe he is thinking the same thing as me.  He is still wearing his white suit and lets out a laugh that makes us both turn to look at him.
- And what makes you laugh? - Steven shakes his head as he reaches his gloved hand out to Khepri and he grabs his finger like a magnet - I think he has a soft spot for you.
- I should let Marc out and we'll check it out.
- No - I take the little boy away for a second and they both laugh - The Moon Knight suit will scare him.
- If he isn't scared to see his mother running around with a shrill accent and speaking Egyptian mantras, he won't be scared at all. Less Marc.
- Hey - Steven's accent changes and I know it's Marc, who is still wearing Steven's suit - More psycho than this... - indicates the white suit and approaches the little boy, who looks at him curiously, and after deciding if Marc is worthy of his attention, he stretches out his little arms towards him, who for a second sees him as if he were some kind of jackal that is going to eat him - Do you want to come with me baby?
- You hit the nail on the head, Marc.
Layla walks away for a minute to answer her cell phone, which I don't know when it started ringing, but I approach Marc while the little boy demands his attention. Marc looks at him with a hint of fear at first, but once Khepri takes his hand, he notices that he begins to relax.
 - Marc? Are you okay?
 - Yeah. I've never been better.
 - Are you sure? You look a little…
 - Worried? Concerned? Calm? - He blurts out those words, making his nervousness clear and I giggle as Steven's suit disappears as he is replaced by his regular clothes and little Khepri makes a strange little noise, as if he is confused. We both laugh and when our eyes meet, a shiver runs down my spine. He is afraid. He's terrified at the slightest thought of a child around here.
 - I was going to say scared… 
- Nah, I'm just thinking about something - I know that he's clearly lying to me. He's not a good liar.
- Tell me. I was thinking about something too - I take his hand from him in mine and I feel a particular warmth between us. He feels it too cause he looks at the baby and then, where our hands are united.
I move a little closer and feel one of his arms around my waist while Khepri rests his little head on my neck and I let out a sigh at the boy's gesture.
I feel my heart tighten as I wish for this. I want this scene in our house every day.  Hearing Marc complain about getting up early to bottle feed our little one, or Steven walking quietly so he doesn't try to wake me up to be with our baby. Or Jake looking for the necessary things for our little adventure…
 - It's about Khepri, right?
 - Sorry? - He tenses up and just wants to get away from me, I hold him by his dark blue shirt so that he doesn't run away as if he were a little boy - I don't know what are you talking about…
"Don't be scared Marc. Tell her what you want… I want this baby too and I have the feeling that she wants it too… " (Steven)
  - What about Jake?
"Idiota. Serás idiota. Claro que quiero un niño también. Que estamos esperando, ¿un permiso divino o de Khonshu?" (Idiot. You're a fucking idiot. Of course I want the child too. What are we waiting for, divine permission or Khonshu's?) (Jake)
- I'm thinking about a baby too... - I murmur softly as if that confession were a mortal sin that will kill us all.
 - Really?
- Yeah. I imagined him like you. With your curls and that curious look from Steven or that annoying murmur from Jake. I don't know what I think about this right now, but…
 - Do you want to have a baby?
- Yes, of course. 
- With us?  Are you sure? - Marc takes Khepri's hand and lets out a sigh as soon as the baby starts playing with it - It's a dangerous life for a little creature like him.  Most if one of these parents are an Egyptian god avatar who has many enemies behind his head.
- I know. But I'm sure about one thing… You'll protect us like Layla does with Khepri. You have the power of the God of The Moon, apart from he's an idiot silly bird, you have the best of him. You protect everyone, Marc. And Steven and Jake too.
- Oh fuck, baby. If you want it, we'll give it to you without hesitation.
- No no, I don't want it if you all don't want it too. It's a couple thing - Layla enters in the room and Marc feels something changed because he's on the defensive side and I see Layla's eyes are a little bit shining like before - Marc?
- Hello! Hello! - Khepri start laughing out lou and as soon as I identify the shrill accent that Layla was talking about, I know that Tawered is here - Are you the smart one or the dramatic one?
- Hippo….
- The dramatic one, definitely - Tawered, in Layla's body begins to move around the kitchen and looks around for something until she focuses on me, and sees that I am holding the little boy behind Marc, who is still tense - Hello … Is she right? She was in one of the rooms of your memories.
- Yes yes, it's her. It's nice to see you again - Steven's British accent reaches my ears but as soon as she gets closer, she pushes him away and takes one of my hands, seeking to reassure me while she makes faces at the little boy - She's my girl, well, our girl.
- Don't be afraid, please. Let me introduce myself I am Tawered goddess of women, children, fertility and births. I also tend to play the role of Anubis when she's not in the Duat. They know, I accompanied Marc on his way… - I nod as she takes Khepri from my arms and lets go of my hand before, with a very slow and controlled movement, she takes Steven's hand and very gently supports it on the base of my stomach, causing a shiver to run through both of us - I know you want this, I know you're afraid, plus you three - She turns to Steven who is a little blushed - especially the dramatic one, but... let me tell you something about this: you will be amazing parents when you decide. I can see it…. The Duat not only allows me to see what has happened but what will happen as well.
  - Can you….?
  - Don't be afraid, Marc. You won't be like your father - I feel Steven take a deep breath and nod his head - And you, Steven are incredible with children.  It will be very easy for you and Jake… well, he will need patience, but they will be incredible parents for your little girl.
  - A baby girl?
  - The first of three - She murmurs with complicitly and I see that Steven smiles but he is a little paler than usual.
We both let out a laugh as I feel tears falling down my cheeks.
"It couldn't be less, of course" (Marc)
"Eran tres o nada, Spector. Debían ser tres. Tenemos que tener la oportunidad de ser padres cada uno" (It was three or nothing, Spector. It had to be three. We have to have the opportunity to be parents each one) (Jake)
Steven starts laughing and I look at him in surprise. He is blushing too much and it looks like he is going to choke from laughing so much.
- Steven?
- I'm sorry, I'll just say that Marc and Jake are glad there are three of them. So everyone has their chance.
I shake my head as Khepri touches her mother's face and heaves a sigh to which Tawered slumps her shoulders.
- That sigh is a sign that the little boy wants his mother back - She lets us both go and Steven takes my hand and brings it to his lips to leave a kiss on my wrist - It was such an honor to see you again Steven and to meet you, darling. I repeat to both of us, when you decide, my blessing is already yours and his little girl is waiting for you.
We both nod and as soon as Layla comes to, she holds Khepri tighter and we both giggle.
- She was here, right? - Steven nods as he hands her a glass of water and she lets out a curse - What did she tell you?  Something serious?
- No, only that we have the blessing to be parents.
Layla lets out a startled squeal and I see her eyes fill with tears.
- You will be amazing parents, that's for sure - She doubt for a second and let out a sigh - I know Marc… will be very scared as hell, but he will do it amazing. I hope that by the time I come back to visit again, there's already a little Steven or Marc or Jake running around here.
- A baby girl. That's Tawered said… 
Layla shake her head and centre her attention to Khepri. 
- Oh... Better than ever. Another empowered woman in the world. Just, when happened, tell me, please. 
- You'll be the first to know, and I think not by us, for Tawered sure. 
Thanks for reading!! 💖💖💖
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you don't feel pretty, you just feel used - K.B.
(Part of my Red (Taylor's version) fics)
Song - The Lucky One
Pairing - Kate Bishop x Reader
Summary - When your date ignores you Kate is there to show you how you should be treated
Warnings - smut; daddy!kate, sub!reader, thigh riding, nothing major idk
Word Count - 2204
A/N - this is kinda shit but i haven't written for like a month and wanted to finally post something also she's so hot and beefy in that gif i-
Tumblr media
You were starting to hate SHIELD agents. Sure, maybe it was just one particular agent that was the subject of your anger filled eyes but for tonight, your petty self hates them all. 
You thought it’d be nice, accept an invitation to a Stark party, maybe an Avenger bringing an agent to a party would look good - you didn’t know, you just didn’t want to go alone. So, you accepted their suggestion but of course they’d leave you sitting at the bar alone whilst they flirt with countless other people. You didn’t like them anyway, just thought a crappy trainee agent might enjoy a night out.
So, you let yourself sulk at the bar, dressed to the nines with nobody to appreciate it; feeling annoyed at yourself for thinking you’d finally have somebody to spend one of these repetitive nights with and like you could punch that stupid flirty smile from that stupid agent’s face.
You swilled the syrupy liquid in the bottom of your glass, watered down from the melted ice, cringing at the diluted taste as it burned down your throat. You smiled at the bartender as he slid another over to you, this time with an orange twist balanced on the rim, two fresh cubes of ice surrounded by the dark whiskey.
You couldn’t help but feel slightly sorry for yourself, mindlessly swinging your legs from the barstool, leaning your head on your hand as you looked out at other people who seemed to be having the time of their life. There’s only one person you’d want to spend this time with and you were yet to spot her in the crowds; she had spotted you though, looking over your body where you sat with effortless beauty. Her eyes were drawn to you the moment she stepped into the room and now she was waiting for an opportune time to slip away from the conversation she’d been dragged into.
It was a dull few minutes for her, nodding and smiling politely and quickly calling Sam over when she saw him. He glared at her playfully when she walked away, leaving him to be bored by the businessmen guests with endless questions, a sheepish smile and a shrug thrown his way. She nervously fidgeted with the rings on her fingers as she approached you, loosening her shoulders with a deep breath to psych herself up, mumbling potential opening lines under her breath. She was always nervous around you.
“Uh, hi - fancy seeing you here. At this bar, this party - well, of course you’re at this party, you’re an Avenger and I am too so. I knew you were gonna be here but hi.” She rushed out, blushing at the soft and amused smile you gave her, the same one you always give her.
“Hi Katie.” You smiled, gesturing to the stool beside you which she clumsily climbed onto. You couldn’t help but always smile at her endearing awkwardness, the ways she stumbles over her words. “You look great.” You grinned looking over her outfit, dark suit perfect on her body with a tie loosely hanging down, you’d be lying if you said it didn’t make your skin burn hot. She always was so effortly attractive, everything about her was perfect to you, the small snort she does when she laughs and the way she rambles about anything and everything. You could listen to her all day.
“You look beautiful.” She smiled, such earnest in her tone and surprisingly no awkward blush, just a completely sincere look in her eyes as she took in the view. 
“Mm, well I’m glad you think so.” You hummed. “My date didn’t seem to.” You shrugged, pointing over to where they had their arms looped around someone else’s waist.
“Well, fuck them.” She grumbled, a blush in her cheeks but this time in annoyance accompanying the angry tone she rarely exudes. “You look perfect - like always.”
“You scrub up pretty perfectly yourself.” You returned, fiddling with the end of her tie where it hung down and she instinctively moved closer. She was so close you heard the breath leave her lips as she looked into your eyes, saw the movement of her neck as she swallowed thickly and the air seemed to heat up between you. “Come with me.” You breathed, pulling her towards you by her tie as you hopped down from the stool.
“Where are we going?” She muttered, following you through the crowds of people as you kept hold of her tie, looking even more beautiful in the brighter light of the hallways. Her hands subconsciously held onto your waist when she stumbled into you from a harsh pull, wrapping the tie around your hand to pull her closer.
“Kiss me.” You breathed, so close to her she could feel your breath against her lips, licking them nervously before using all of her confidence to close the space between you. She tasted like apple juice and vanilla vodka, an odd combination she swore by, her lips were perfectly soft against yours as she pulled you into her with her grip firm on your hips.
The way she kissed you was surprising, confident and sure movement of her lips against yours as she guided you backwards until your back was flush against the wall and her body was pressed against yours. 
Your hands looped around her body, holding onto her back with your hand getting lost in her hair, dark strands wrapped around your fingers as her lips perfectly melded with yours. You gasped slightly at the coldness of her rings against your skin where her hand slipped beneath your shirt to hold onto your waist, giving her the perfect opportunity to slip her tongue past your lips, kissing you with all the confidence you never knew she had.
She left a path of soft kisses across your jaw to your neck, softly biting into the flesh of your neck beneath your ear. “Would you, maybe, wanna go somewhere more private?” She asked beside your ear, grinning widely at you at the eager nod you answered her with, taking your hand and dragging you in the direction of her bedroom. 
You hurried with small giggles through the hallways, bright smiles at the finally revealed attraction you’d been harbouring for one another for a while. You smiled against each other’s mouths as she pulled you back into her as soon as the door shut behind you, laughing at the way you stumbled in your eagerness to be close, clumsily falling onto her bed from the push she gave you.
“I did not mean to push you that hard.” She laughed looking down to you where you sat on the edge of her bed.
“It was kind of hot actually.” You smiled, pulling her into you by her tie and pressing your lips to hers again. She lifted the hem of your shirt questioningly, watching with her lip caught between her teeth when you pulled it over your head and discarded it across the room along with your bra before leaning back on your elbows to watch her do the same.
Her eyes never left yours as she pulled her tie from around her neck, fiddling with the buttons of her shirt to reveal the soft skin beneath, discarding it along with her bra. The sight made your breath hitch in your throat, face flushing under her gaze and the smirk plastered across her lips as she continued to undress until only her underwear remained. 
“Like what you see?” She smirked as she approached you, crawling across to straddle your hips whilst you just dumbly nodded. “Makes a change for you to be the flustered one, huh?” She chuckled, cupping your jaw in her hand with her thumb stroking over your cheek.
“Oh shush.” You huffed though couldn’t help but be flustered more as her lips pressed kisses across your chest and she dragged her nails down your torso leaving goosebumps in their wake.
“Can I?” She asked, lifting the hem of your trousers, only tugging them and your underwear from your body after receiving an eager nod from you. “So beautiful.” She muttered, dragging her eyes over your naked body beneath her, adoring the sight she’d longed to feast her eyes upon for so long. 
She positioned herself over your leg, pushing her lips to yours again in a lust filled kiss, lips moving together whilst your hands idly roamed her back and your bare chests pressed together. It was a glorious feeling, finally having her in the way you wanted with her soft skin against yours, only feeling better with the way her fingers danced across your body venturing south.
“This okay?” She asked, her breath hot against your lips from her proximity, as her hand grew ever nearer to where you wanted her most.
“Mhm, please.” You nodded, sighing out at the way she slid her fingers through your folds.
“Fuck, so wet for daddy already huh?” She asked, pushing her fingers into you with ease, the name she’d given herself had only left you craving her more, wanting nothing more in this moment than her, her touch, her lips. 
Her fingers curled inside you, tips brushing over your g-spot in a perfect motion and the heel of her palm brushing over your clit whilst she kissed your neck. Never have you seen her successfully multitask but somehow she was able to push her fingers into you in the best way, bite into the skin of your neck and grind herself onto your thigh all at the same time; if your head wasn’t going fuzzy from the feelings between your thighs you’d be in awe at her skills.
You pulled her face back to yours, stomach twinging in arousal at the moan that bounced from the back of her throat to yours. You pulled away from the kiss with a bite to her bottom lip, leaving a path of kisses across her jaw to her neck, no doubt leaving marks behind from how you sucked onto her skin.
“Daddy, I’m so close.” You breathed out, groaning internally at how her actions slowed at your words.
“Hold it, baby. Cum with me, hm?” She returned, looking down to you with lust blown eyes, her lip bitten between her teeth and her thumb stroking over your cheek where she tenderly cupped your face in her palm. Her breathing quickened as she pushed her clothed centre over your thigh, thrusts growing sloppy as she neared her climax. You gripped onto her hips to aid her movements, fingernails digging into her skin at the sudden pressure of her thumb over your clit. 
“Fuck, I’ve always wondered what you’d look like under me like this. Let me hear you, baby.”
It didn’t take much more for you to fall apart at her touch, moaning out beside her ear as she pressed tentative kisses along your collarbone and the grunt of pleasure she let out through shuddered breaths as she came moments later was music to your ears. 
Your lips reunited in a messy kiss through heaving breaths and lust filled air, tongues swirling together whilst your hands tangled in her hair to hold her close. Her teeth nipped at the skin of your chest, trailing down teasingly slowly as your hand stroked through her hair. She kissed over your thighs, softly biting into the flesh before looking directly into your eyes as her tongue licked a stripe through your folds to your clit.
The confidence and intensity of her gaze was enough to set your skin on fire, a feeble whining at the pleasure of her lips latching onto you with a suck. She hummed at the sweet taste of you on her tongue, wrapping her arms around your legs with her nails digging into your thighs with dominance to keep your hips from bucking upwards in search of your release.
Your hand tugged on her hair with her actions, skilled lapping of her tongue over your aching bud and a stare that never wavered; watching your mouth hang open with heavy breath and choked moans, your eyes scrunching closed from the pleasure. The sight was perfect to her, only spurring on her motions.
“Fuck, Kate. ‘M so close.” You stuttered out, hand squeezing into a fist tangled within her hair making her groan against you. The vibrations of the sound along with the particularly harsh suck onto your clit was enough to send you over the edge, cumming into her mouth with a moan.
You looked down to see her hungry eyes on you still, her tongue swiping over her glistening lips cleaning away every drop of you she could as she crawled back over you.
“You taste so good, princess.” She muttered, kissing you again and you could taste yourself on your tongue. You rolled her over to switch positions, straddling her waist and looking down at the beautiful sight, eagerly pressing your lips to every bit of skin you could.
“My turn.” You smirked, kissing your way down her body as she watched with her bottom lip gripped between her teeth. “Let me make you feel good, daddy.”
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monarcascension · 19 hours ago
stupor | bb
Tumblr media
summary: after a long night of drinking, you wake up in your apartment building with a hangover and a surprising new bed buddy.
pairings: bucky x fem!reader
tags: fluffy fluff fluffers 𐑺
author's note: hi it's been so long! i'm sorry for my absence things have gotten so crazy in my life, but i really want to try and get back into the swing of things here and do what i love again, so i wanted to start with something quick but cute all around! enjoy <33
word count : 727
A storm began to brew outside. Droplets of rain fell in pattern against the windows— pelting the sides of the building harshly and awoke you from your slumber. You were not granted the pleasure of waking up easily as your brain suddenly began to throb harshly against your skull. You sat up onto your side, wincing from the pain before pressing your hand on to the side of your head with the hope of lessening the damage, but to no avail. You surrendered back to the comfort the bed provided you and rested your head on the pillow, staring blankly up at the ceiling.
It was so quiet here. So peaceful. As bad as the storm outside was getting, it still brought you some comfort, almost being solely responsible for your drifting back into unconsciousness. You shut your eyes, and grasped onto the warm blanket that was thrown overtop of your body, lifting the hefty fabric to reach your midsection.
While your hand still clutched onto the blanket, realisation hit you at that moment. The blanket had no softness to it. It wasn't plushy nor was it fully covering you at all. You glanced down and noticed that the blanket wasn't a blanket at all, but a human arm draped across you. A shiver traveling up your spine and cleansing you of your headache almost instantly with the thought of what could have happened. There’s somebody in your bed… sleeping with you… in your bed. Shit.. Could you have been that drunk to bring somebody home with you? How could you be so reckless?
You were almost deathly afraid to even look over at who it possibly could be, but curiosity struck you. Careful to not make any more sudden movements to alert them, you slowly turned your head to peek only to have your heart drop even further into your stomach. A topless man with messy brown hair peacefully slept next to you. A man you recognized— your best friend, Bucky was laying beside you with his arm strung across your body, almost pulling you into him– using you as his personal pillow. You looked away instantly as if he were to catch you. Your heart pounding in the cage of your chest as you returned your gaze back to the ceiling. You weren't too sure who you were praying to, but you could only hope that nothing happened last night between you.
Not that it would be the worst thing, but you didn't even remember how he got here more or less if anything happened.
You know you went a little overboard last night, but were you truly THAT wild that you would try something with him? It was hard to pinpoint if you were embarrassed because you could have said anything to him while drunk, proud of yourself for being so brave, or scared that he would wake up just as confused as you.
Bucky moved slightly and you froze. He changed the position of his head to rest on your chest, and you immediately felt a fire being lit underneath you, sending a wave of heat through your body. His thick arm almost completely engulfed you, sliding underneath your back and hugging you. He then settled in this position and continued to snore softly on top of you. You weren't sure what to do or how to feel even in this moment. The two of you were close, but never on a physical level– it confused you more to see a man like him be so soft in his sleep.
It was… cute.
It wasn't a word you would use to ever describe Bucky to his face, but when he wasn't being such a pain in your ass, he was indeed cute.
You looked down at him again, seeing how strands of his hair crumpled into his face and smiled. Hesitantly, you pushed your fingertips gently across his forehead removing the bothersome strand entirely. Your fingers dove into his scalp and you began to play with his hair, finding an odd sense of comfort in this moment. You rested your head against his and relaxed into him, shutting your own eyes in turn and drifting away into slumber once more, a smile woven into your features.
And faintly, before you completely lost consciousness , you could feel Bucky’s face warm on your chest as well, leaving you with a carving of his smile.
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moonlight-presence · 19 hours ago
The suit stays on
(Marc Spector x Reader)
Tumblr media
Category: F/M
Fandom: Moon Knight (2022)
Relationship: Marc Spector X reader
Words: 4378
Summary: You always found Marc´s suit really appealing so you ask him if you could try something new... 
Warnings: Dom Marc, Sub reader, Smut, Some fluff too, Aftercare, Missionary, Cunnilingus, Handjobs, Body worship, Role-playing, Basically Marc being dominant, kind of a religious kink (?) 
You drum your fingers to the beat of the song you were currently blasting in your ears. Your headphones were resting just around your head as you swung your legs with the melody. You mouth the words and then open your eyes to stare at the ceiling of your living room.
You were lying on the couch, your head on Marc's lap and the rest of your body nearly falling to the floor. You didn't care that much, Marc was warm and his thighs were pretty comfortable so you remained there.
The music starts fading off and you take off the headphones before pausing the next song on your phone. Marc doesn't notice this as his attention was focused on the show he was watching.
You glance at the TV and see a man in full armor battling another person. You weren't sure what was happening but suddenly your attention was drawn to the show as you observed how the man in armor removed his helmet and spat some blood on the floor. Your cheeks turned a bit pink as an inappropriate thought crossed your mind.
You remove your eyes from the TV and try to catch Marc's attention. He doesn't notice as you widen your eyes at him so you start moving your head in his lap, your hair tangling itself with his pants. You give him a slight rub against his crotch and this seems to finally catch his attention. Marc looks down at you with an arched eyebrow.
"What's your plan, beautiful?", he asks with humor and you laugh at him before biting your lip in thought. You stop moving your head and stare at his gorgeous eyes.
"I am bored... Give me attention.", you whine with a childish voice. He lets out a deep chuckle and shakes his head in humor before looking at the TV again.
"Just let this episode end and I will give you all the attention you want, baby, okay?", he says and you groan in frustration. You secretly always liked to annoy him a little bit and you were extremely bored so you decided to push it a little.
"Is the episode more important than your girlfriend?", you ask with an arched eyebrow. Marc's lips curl into a cheeky smirk and you already know he is going to say something to annoy you.
"At the moment? Yeah.", he answers making your mouth drop open. You see him smirking without looking at you and you hit his leg softly in protest.
"Okay, rude...", you joke, clearly playing along with his banter. He chuckles but doesn't say anything, his eyes still on the show.
You glance back at the screen and see the same man from earlier taking off his shiny white armor. You notice how his body is now covered in blood and bruises and his hair sweaty from the fight... You can't help but admit how hot he looks in that fucking armor.
You blush deeper as you finally realize how the armor he is wearing is very similar to Marc's suit. It doesn't have that many details but it does the trick. A thought crosses your mind and you lick your lip before looking up at him again.
"Marc?", you say and he hums, his eyes still on the TV.
You inhale in annoyance and then raise your torso so you are now sitting next to him. You put your phone and headphones down and move closer to him, your head resting on his shoulder. He leans back against your touch and grabs your cheek before giving it a small brush. You admire his profile for a bit before you finally speak again.
"Marc, baby, I wanna talk to you about something...", you whisper slowly and that seems to draw him in again. He looks at you and brushes a strand of hair behind your ear.
"About what?", he whispers back with a gentle smile. You bite your lip softly and then grab the remote before pausing the TV. Marc frowns but doesn't say anything.
"Well... I was thinking... Hum...", you struggle to find words for what you really want to say and Marc presses a small kiss on your forehead.
"Hey, is everything okay? You know you can talk to me about everything, right?", he reassures with worry and you nod before groaning with frustration and leaning back into his neck. You bury your face on his shoulder and rest your hands on his chest.
You always loved how muscular he is so you gently massage his torso as you try to find words. You really want to tell Marc what you want, but you are afraid of how he will react... What if he hates it? What if he finds it weird? Fuckkkkkkk.
"Y/N, what is it? You are scaring me.", he confesses as you massage his abdomen gently. You can't really feel his skin because of his t-shirt but it does the job.
"Okay, okay, sorry... I wanted to try something new with you.", you feel your cheeks heat up but you raise your head and look at his eyes again. His breath smells like mint and you stare at his lips.
"Okay... What?"
"I want to do it while...Hum...", your heart quickens and you actually laugh a bit because of how nervous you are. Marc can't help but smile at your reaction and pull you closer.
"Baby, come on, while what? Tell me.", he pushes further as his fingers brush your arms up and down.
"Fuck, okay... I want to do it while you are wearing the suit."
You study his face but he doesn't show any facial expressions, his eyes looking back at you with an unreadable gaze. You panic and start to regret ever saying anything in the first place.
"Shit, sorry, look never mind. It's stupid, I-"
"Okay.", he interrupts and you frown at him.
"Okay? That's it, that's your answer?", you ask with curiosity and he nods. You see him look at your lips and then lick his own, the action waking up things inside of you.
"I want to try that, too, baby... Honestly, the thought has crossed my mind before."
"It has?!", you ask with shock and he laughs and nods again. Marc pulls you closer to him and you slowly part your legs until you are sitting on his lap.
"Yup... The thought of fucking you while wearing a suit made by an Egyptian God is like top 3 best sexual fantasies of all time. Right?", he jokes making you giggle and shake your head.
"You are unbelievable..."
"You love it, don't lie.", he smugly says making you roll your eyes. You feel him push your belly against his chest and you open your mouth before pressing a small kiss on his lips.
"Are you really okay with this?", you whisper against his lips and he pulls away and then rocks his crotch against your core. You feel his unexpected boner poke you and your lips curl into a smirk.
"Does that give you an answer?", he teases and you roll your hips again making him suck in a breath.
"It definitely does... Fuck, I want you so badly.", you confess against his lips, your breaths mixing as you inhale his scent.
You tangle your fingers with the curls on the back of his head and slightly massage his scalp with your fingernails. Marc simply moans into your open lips, your mouths just gently pressing against each other, and you part your lips wider. You love it when he makes little sounds when you are touching him.
"Do you think Khonsu is gonna be mad you are summoning the suit for something like this?", you ask with a soft giggle as Marc lowers his hand down your spine. He slightly lifts his thigh making you bump into him again and a little whine escapes your lips.
"I don't care what that pigeon thinks, baby... I am his avatar, I will use the suit for whatever I want." before you can answer, he captures your lips into a strong kiss.
You kiss him back and slowly start rocking your hips again, each swing making you tremble on top of his body. Marc moves his hand towards your ass and squeezes it, the harsh grip sending waves of arousal right to your core.
You gently nibble his bottom lip and then lick the area, your saliva mixing with his as you kiss.
"I want to fuck you in the bed, baby.", he says making you nod and break the sloppy kiss. You catch your breath for a moment and then feel Marc grab your waist and lift you making you squeal a bit.
You quickly wrap your thighs around his waist and tangle your arms around his neck as Marc guides you towards the bed. You put your mouth on the side of his neck and start slowly applying small kisses and bites. You know how much he loves when you do that.
"Fuck... I am gonna fuck you so good, baby. Gonna make you scream my name.", he says with filthy words making you moan against his skin.
He groans and then lowers you on the bed, your back hits the mattress and you don't let go of him. Marc goes down with you until he is completely towering over your body, his messy curls just softly touching his eyes.
You buck your hips and feel how hard his cock is against you, the action making another moan leave your mouth.
"I want to feel you, baby... Come on, give it to me.", you tease making Marc curse under his breath and then lift his body from off of you.
You catch your breath and watch as he looks at you- the moonlight that pours from the window behind illuminates him beautifully, as he scans you.
"How much do you want me to fuck you in my Moon Knight suit?", he asks with genuine curiosity and you lick your lips and stare right at him.
Instead of answering, your hands travel down your body until you reach your pants. You open the buttons and then manage to slide your hand towards your panties. Marc parts his lips in wonder and observes as you start circling your flushed clit slowly, soft moans escaping your mouth as you make direct eye contact with him.
"Fuck, baby... That's the hottest shit I have ever seen in my fucking life.", he says with curses that make your arousal drip from your entrance. You give your clit one last rub before removing your fingers.
"You want to know how much I want the Moon Knight to fuck me?", you use the name on purpose and watch as Marc's eyes glow with the words. You never imagined how much this whole role-playing thing would turn you both on.
"Fuck, yeah.", he answers and you lift your back from the mattress before putting your wet fingers against his mouth.
Marc immediately takes the digits and starts sucking on them, his tongue circling your arousal as he makes sure to taste everything you gave him. You have no words to explain how hot that is, your entire body is on fire as you watch him.
"Holy fuck... I never wanted you to fuck me so badly before.", you confess and he gives your digits one last lick before removing them from your mouth. He wipes his lips and then smirks at you, mischief in his eyes.
"Do you want the Moon Knight to fuck you? Do you want this cock?", he teases and you suddenly begin seeing his eyes turning white.
You suck in a breath at the sight and nod rapidly. Marc smirks wider and you start seeing his suit transforming around his body. His face gets covered in his mask and hood and you just watch, your clit throbbing at the sight. Fuck, he always looked so good in his suit but now he looks absolutely irresistible.
"Are you gonna fuck me, Moon Knight?", you play along with a big smirk making Marc nod. You put your hands on his body and trace the half-moon blade that is stuck to his chest.
"Lay down.", he orders and you immediately drop behind.
Marc grabs your knees and then slides his hands down your thighs until his fingers find the hem of your pants. He begins undressing you and you lift your ass to make the task easier for him. You just want him inside of you as soon as possible.
Marc throws the pants to the ground and then grabs your soaked panties before sliding them off your legs. The sudden exposure makes you blush a bit but Marc simply rubs your inner thighs in reassurance.
You quickly start undoing your blouse and soon enough, you are completely naked below him. His glowing eyes look at you up and down and you can't help but part your thighs wider to give him a better view.
"You are unbelievable...", he whispers making you laugh a bit.
"You love it, don't lie.", you tease him back for earlier making Marc shake his head a bit. You kind of wish you could see his face but you don't say anything.
Marc continues massaging your inner thighs with his gloves and you throw your head back and feel how nice this feels. You wait for him to reach where you want him to touch but he, instead, goes up to your belly.
He uses both hands to massage your belly and waist, each stroke as heavenly as the previous. Marc moves to your ribcage and then he cups your breasts with your palms. You arch your back and moan softly with an exhale as he starts squeezing and pinching, very gently, your nipples.
"Fuck... Just like that.", you praise and he continues massaging your breasts until he gives them one last squeeze.
Marc's hands go up to your neck and he slides his fingers up and down your throat. You can't feel his skin on you but the gloves are as equally good.
You let out a loud groan as he traces your jawline and then you look up at him. You meet his hooded face and his white eyes, the sight making you whine.
"You look so hot... Fuck.", you say out loud making Marc slide his right hand down your body again. His left-hand stays on your cheek as he finally meets your dripping core.
"Does this feel good?", he asks and then starts circling your clit making you moan and buck your hips.
"Hum, hum.", you say and he moves his digits more rapidly.
"Words. Use them.", he orders and you swallow and try to catch your breath. He moves his fingers towards your wet entrance and starts teasing it.
"Y-yes...", you breathe out and he gently inserts one gloved finger inside of you.
"Yes, what?", he asks and you arch an eyebrow. You feel him go deeper into you and you groan before finally understanding what he means.
"Yes, Moon Knight.", you say and that makes Marc curl his finger inside of your walls. The pressure makes you whine and look at him.
You see Marc, no, the Moon Knight, looking back at you- the moonlight behind him making him look like an Egyptian God. You nearly cum at the sight as he slowly teases your entrance with his middle finger.
"Shit... Holy fuck.", you curse as he inserts another finger. The pressure builds and you rock back against his hand as you try to take him deeper.
"You are so tight, fuck. You are gonna feel so good around my cock.", he murmurs and you nod and moan.
"Y-yes, so tight, just for you. Only for your cock.", you reassure and that makes him curl his fingers deeper into you, his digits hitting your g-spot suddenly.
You moan more loudly and he does it again, your clitoris throbbing as you feel pleasure increasing inside of you. Marc puts his hand just below your belly button and starts pushing his fingers up. You realize he is trying to feel his actions inside of you with the palm of his other hand.
"Does that feel good?", he asks with a whisper and you moan again and nod. He thrusts up again and you nearly scream as a wave of pleasure overwhelms you. You are going to cum soon, you are sure of it.
"I am close... Fuck...", you warn and he gives you another thrust before slowly taking out his fingers. You breathe out and curse under your breath as Marc circles your clit with his wet fingers.
"I am going to fuck you so good, baby. You want to get fucked by a God?", the sudden question makes your heart skip a beat and you meet his glowing eyes. Fuck, you really wish you could see his beautiful face.
"Y-yes... Fuck me, please.", you ask him and Marc releases the touch on your clit and starts pulling his pants down. You weren´t sure if the suit could be taken off like this but apparently, it can. Thank you, Khonsu, for the extra help.
"Marc..", you whisper as he takes out his flushed cock. You look at how his head is a bit shiny from his pre-cum, it's so fucking pretty.
"Yes, baby?", he asks as he strokes himself with one hand. You look up at his mask.
"I want to see your face... Hum, while we do it.", you confess and Marc stops stroking himself. You wait a few seconds for an answer but, instead, his mask starts retracting from his face until his beautiful eyes meet yours.
"Like this, beautiful girl?", he asks with a smile you missed deeply. You bite your lip and nod with a blush making him chuckle slightly.
"You have no idea how fucking hot you look right now... That fucking suit does things to me.", you confess while he resumes his stroking. You slightly lift your torso until you are close to him.
Your hands go up to his chest and the golden blade, your fingers begin tracing the sharp edge as Marc groans. You sneak one hand towards his cock and remove his hand before putting yours around his member.
"W-what things?", he asks with a slight stutter as your thumb traces his leaking slit. You move your hand all the down and gently squeeze his base making Marc bite down a moan.
"I want you to fuck me until I am praying to every God on Earth... I want you to make me pray to you. Can you do that, Moon Knight? Can you fuck me like a God?", you tease with a mischievous smirk making Marc lick his lips.
"You are quite filthy today, aren´t you?", he asks with a teasing voice, and you stroke him faster. Marc puts his hands on your shoulders and pushes you down suddenly making you lose balance, "If you want to get fucked by a God, then I will fuck you like one."
Marc grabs your wrists and pins them down, his whole body towering over you. You almost squeal in anticipation, your whole body begging him to enter you. You can feel his hot breath against your mouth and the head of his cock hitting your entrance.
You try to free yourself to touch him but he gives you a sadistic smirk before holding you tighter. You are completely trapped under him- you have no choice but to obey his orders... A God´s orders.
He lowers his mouth to your ear and then you shiver as he says, "Now take it like the good girl you are."
He doesn´t give you time to react as his hard cock enters you. The stretch makes you moan loudly and buck your hips but Marc is faster, his thrusts begin and soon he is pounding you at a fast pace.
You have no choice but to take it, your whole body held by him. You manage to wrap your thighs around his waist and he groans at the action, the new angle making him go deeper inside of you.
"F-fuck... Holy fuck...", you moan with a breathless voice as he moves faster and faster. Marc groans against your lips and you try to kiss him but he pulls away from his face.
"Uh-uh...", he says with another smug smirk making you whine. He slows down his thrusts a bit, "Who do you belong to? Who is fucking you this good? Tell me."
"Y-You... Oh fuck, it´s you.", you tell him as your clit throbs with every slow thrust. He slightly redirects his cock and soon his head is hitting your g-spot again, the area is already swollen and sensitive enough to make you whine.
"I want you to spell it. Spell my name.", he commands and you try to process his order. He starts moving faster again and you nearly cum just from that.
"M... A-"
"Nope, try again, baby.", he interrupts and you frown a bit. Marc´s right-hand moves your wrist above your head and his left does the same. Soon, both of your arms are trapped under his left hand.
You aren´t sure how he managed to do that so smoothly but you don´t try to understand as his right-hand moves to your jawline. He grabs your face and pulls it closer to his, your neck lifting from the bed.
"Spell my name.", he growls against your lips and you suck in a breath at how hot he looks when he is acting like this. You always loved to see him dominate you.
You try to think of what he wants as Marc continues fucking you at a relentless pace. You are almost seeing stars, your whole body dripping sweat as his heavy suit touches your breasts slightly.
"FUCKING SPELL IT!", he says again with a loud voice making you moan. You feel his grip on your jawline get a bit looser and you look at his eyes, even though he is acting angry you see so much love behind them.
You take a deep breath in and try to focus. You start to think of what he means and then you look at his suit again. Suddenly realization hits you and you swallow dryly before answering.
"M...O...O....N....", you begin spelling and he smirks and drops your face. He fastens his pace and you stop spelling, your mind too fucked up to think anymore.
"You weren't done, carry on.", he orders and you bite down a moan and try to think of the next letters.
You can feel the knot in your stomach beginning to unfold, the pressure on your body increasing, threatening to explode. You are sure he is close by the way his thrusts are becoming more and more violent.
"K...N...Oh, fuck....I...Argh....", you are nearly there. Marc doesn´t stop his pace as he fucks you into nothing, "G...H...Shit...T."
"Good girl... Now, tell me, who is fucking you this good, baby?"
"The Moon Knight... Y-You... I am close. I am close. Oh, fuck...", you warn with deep moans. Marc groans against your neck and then tries to go deeper.
You are going to explode but he hasn´t really given you permission to orgasm so you just lay there and try to focus on not cumming. It´s getting hard so you speak again.
"I am gonna cum... May I come? Fuck... Let me cum."
"Who do you belong to?", he asks again with a moan. You can sense his cock twitching inside of you and you contract your walls around him. He nearly cums just from that and you smirk a bit.
"To you... I belong to the Moon Knight... I am gonna-", and your orgasm rips through you. Marc just groans your name and starts cumming as well, his seed bursting inside of you as your whole back arches.
You close your eyes and feel wave after wave of pleasure overwhelm your body. Your clitoris throbs violently as your walls pulse around his cock. It´s absolute chaos...
"Fuck...", he whispers against your lips and then kisses you again.
He slows down his thrusts and you whine a bit at how sensitive you feel. You feel the grip on your wrists get looser and soon he sets you free, your hands going straight to his sweaty curly hair. You kiss his cheek, his forehead, his nose, his lips, everything and he smiles before slowly pulling himself off of you.
He drops next to you and you see as his suit starts disappearing rapidly. You realize he never actually took off his clothes and the thought makes you giggle a bit.
"What?", he asks with a smile as he looks at you. You shake your head and move towards him, your head now resting on his shoulder.
"You must have been boiling inside of that suit...", you joke making Marc chuckle and hold you tighter.
"A bit, yeah... It was worth it, though."
"Was it?", you tease him and he smirks before kissing the top of your head.
"Yeah, definitely....", he answers with a suggestive voice making you blush a bit. You start closing your eyes for a little bit, "So, how was it?"
"How was what?", you try to clarify as you open your eyes again. Marc´s teeth are showing as he grins cheekily at you.
"How was your first time getting fucked by a God?"
"Oh fuck off...", you mumble with a blush making him laugh. You roll your eyes playfully and bite your lip before adding, "It was fucking amazing, actually... The suit definitely will stay on during sex."
"Are you trying to boil me alive?", he asks with a chuckle and you laugh a bit.
"How dramatic...Come here.", you pull him closer and kiss his lips again.
"I love you."
"I love you too, Moon Knight.", you whisper making Marc actually blush a bit. You give him another kiss before closing your eyes and feeling his heartbeat against your head.
This was definitely something to try again...
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mrs-hotchner · 2 days ago
Black coded Fanfiction made by black writers >>>
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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masterninjacow · 14 hours ago
blue jeans ; bucky barnes.
Tumblr media
based on blue jeans - lana del rey !!
pairing ; bucky barnes x shield agent!gn!reader
synopsis ; four instances you managed to chip away at bucky's icy heart before he realized he was in love with you.
words ; 3.6k
themes ; fluff, action, slight angst, s2l/f2l, shield agent au
warnings / includes ; sparring in the first scene, mild injuries, mentions of death, alludes to insomnia/difficulty sleeping, tony throws a party, hints at steve/natasha, one sexual innuendo, bucky experiences *gasp* emotions, bucky doesn't understand references bcs he's older than your grandparents
a/n ; for @fairydxll's 2k writing event :D
main masterlist.
Tumblr media
blue jeans, white shirt walked into the room, you know you made my eyes burn it was like james dean, for sure you're so fresh to death and sick as ca-cancer
The first time you met Bucky, you were drenched in your own sweat, grunts of exertion falling from your lips as you ducked and rolled away from Natasha’s quick strikes. You were doing pretty well today, managing to evade her offensive strategies in your effort to get her to tire herself out. She was starting to get worn down, you could see it in the soft blue of her irises. The plan was working considerably until…
Well, until Bucky Barnes strode into the training room. Steve was by his side, wearing his Captain uniform, and you absentmindedly wondered if there was a mission you somehow managed to forget about.
Taking advantage of the distraction, Natasha jolted forward, landing a solid blow to your jaw, which made your head snap sharply to the side. She tackled you with a derisive huff, your body slamming firmly against the cushioned grounds of the sparring ring. Her knee hovered over you throat, and she tilted her head at you, a smirk curling at her mouth.
“Dead,” she said flippantly, before rolling off of you, clasping your hand to haul you back up. 
The ceiling came into view as you rolled your eyes, despite the grin forming across your exerted features. Gingerly, you rubbed your sore jaw with a dark chuckle, shooting her a playful scowl. “I had that coming.”
“Nat,” Steve called out from across the room. The two of you turned to face the pair of super soldiers. The blonde sent you an apologetic look. “Sorry for interrupting, but could I borrow you for a second? It’s about what happened in Chicago.”
What happened in Chicago?
You sent Natasha a curious glance, but she only shook her head, as if to say I’ll tell you later. 
She clapped your shoulder in good nature, before ducking underneath the sparring barriers, following Steve out the same way he came in. 
That left just you and Bucky. You suddenly felt awkward, fiddling with the bandages over your knuckles. You’ve never come face to face with the Winter Soldier before. The most you’ve heard were stories and rumors that spread like wildfire through the compound. Some were quite outlandish, but you couldn’t help but listen. The man kept to himself, usually confined to his quarters or out on long, long missions with Steve or Sam. He was a mystery, and you prided yourself on being a rather good detective.
What you did know about him, was the fact that he was accredited to over a hundred kills during his time with Hydra. One of the most notorious killers of all time.
And he waved at you. 
You had to blink twice before you realized that you had to respond in some way. Two fingers raised to your forehead as you awkwardly saluted him.
Jesus, he might’ve been from the forties, but really? Did you just salute him? 
Despite your inner turmoil, a slight grin flitted over his lips. 
Desperate to break the silence, you asked without thinking twice about it, “Do you… do you wanna spar?” If your muscles weren’t frozen in trepidation, you would’ve face palmed. You might’ve been a good fighter, but against the Bucky Barnes? You didn’t stand a chance. Sending him another furtive glance, it finally dawned on you that he was wearing jeans. “Oh, I mean, you don’t have to if you’re not dressed for it. I was—”
“Sure,” Bucky said, shrugging. “I’ve fought in worse.”
Damn it. 
He strode closer, swinging onto the sparring platform. 
Your heart was beating irregularly quickly, and you had to suck in a few deep breaths to steady your pulse. 
Bucky raised his hands tentatively, and the two of you began circling each other. This close, you could see the deep blue of his eyes, the shadow of a stubble gracing his sharp jaw, the haunted bags beneath his eyes. There were small things you noticed about his stance. Bucky favored his right side, which was quite ironic, considering he had a vibranium left arm. Though he had a heavier build, he was expertly bouncing on the balls of his feet, ready to strike forward at any given second. But he was slightly drawn back, and that was how you knew he had no plans of going on the offensive any time soon.
Narrowing your eyes, you darted forward, swinging a hit to his face. To your expectation, he easily blocked your blow, moving to the side swiftly. You were quick to follow the hit with a kick to the chest, which he let you land, and he staggered backwards a couple paces.
He was going easy on you.
With clenched teeth, you drew forward and struck his side, followed by a roundhouse punch to his shoulder. The impact made him falter, so you hooked your foot over the crook of his knee and yanked him back, which made him fall back with a grunt. 
There was a smile to his winded features. God damn it.
“You’re holding back on me,” you said, panting slightly, backing away from him. “Don’t think I didn’t notice.”
That pretty smile of his warbled subtly. “I’m sorry. Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. You wanna go again?”
“Nah,” you breathed out, clasping your hands together behind your head, stretching with a mild grimace. “I promised Tony I’d look over the mission debriefs. Think we could pick this up another time?”
Bucky pushed himself up from the ground, running his flesh hand through his close-cropped hair. Jesus Christ, could he just stop being attractive for one damned second? 
“Sure. I’ll look forward to it.”
You nodded once. “It’s a date,” you said stoutly, before ducking beneath the sparring ring’s barrier and striding out of the training room with a heart that slammed far too erratically against your ribcage—and you highly doubted it was because of physical exertion.
you were sorta punk rock, i grew up on hip hop but you fit me better than my favorite sweater, and i know that love is mean (oh oh) and love hurts (oh oh) but I still remember that day we met in december, oh baby
It was late, and you definitely should’ve been sleeping by now. 
But, alas, your eyes stayed open and your mind ran rampant with such horrid irrationalism that you tore the blankets away from you, clambered out of your bed in a rush, and strode out of your room as quietly as you possibly could. A quick glance to the clock hanging in the hallway told you that it was nearing three in the morning, and a heavy sigh fell from your lips. You shuffled towards the living room, curling into the corner of the plush sofa and turning on the television, placing it on the lowest volume so it wouldn’t awaken the others. 
The screen cast a dull blue glow onto you, playing some old Christmas movie you couldn’t recall the name of, and you placed your head against the armrest, eyes hooded with fatigue.
Much to your surprise, Bucky came out not too long after, rubbing his own eyes sleepily. His hair was disheveled, sleep shirt stretched taut over the muscles of his torso.
“Sorry, did I wake you?” you winced, propping yourself up on one arm.
He was quick to shake his head. “No, no, it wasn’t you. Why’re you up?”
“I could ask you the same thing,” you replied cautiously. 
The two of you stared at each other for a good minute before he shook his head with a hoarse chuckle, sitting himself down on the sofa, not too far away from you. Hesitance splayed over your features evidently, but you eased yourself back into the seat and turned your attention towards the television.
You fell asleep to the faint sound of Christmas music and the feeling of Bucky’s arms wrapping over you when your forehead accidentally landed onto his chest. Not that he minded much—he rather liked the way you fit perfectly into him.
The following morning, Tony was the first to stride out, pleasantly surprised to see the two of you sleeping on the couch peacefully, limbs entangled to no return. It was safe to say that he took enough pictures to blackmail the two of you for a lifetime. 
i will love you 'til the end of time i would wait a million years promise you'll remember that you're mine baby, can you see through the tears?
Tony’s parties were a grand spectacle you had the joy of being invited to every year. He claimed it was because he thought you were a fun drunk, but you had a sneaking suspicion that Tony was starting to see you more and more as a close friend—though you presumed he wouldn’t ever admit it.
This year, you appeared in a dark, red velvet suit, crisp white button-up visible just beneath the jacket. The party was already in full swing, music reverberating pleasantly through the room and people milling about with wide smiles and flutes of golden champagne.
You weaved your way through, stopping to greet Natasha and Steve with a flourish, clapping the burly super soldier on the shoulder and bumping your fist playfully against the ex-red room assassin. The both of them wore a deep hue of green today, unintentionally coordinating outfits—even though they were quite the oblivious pair to one another’s feelings, you thought they’d be quite the attractive couple, both in the physical and metaphorical sense.
As Natasha recounted some story of the time Tony messed up one of her missions, your gaze drifted over to the bar, where you saw Sam and Bucky bickering quietly—the former having a wide grin splayed over his lips and the latter wearing a glowering scowl, carding his vibranium arm through his close-cropped hair. The action led you to notice that he had a small red ribbon tied around the metal limb, and you could feel an amused grin tilt at the corner of your glossed lips.
The party drew on—you were whisked away by a handful of your colleagues to play catch up just around a dozen times. It would be quite the understatement to say you were enjoying yourself. Thor��s boisterous laughter seemed to rumble the very ground, Clint challenged you to a game of ‘I bet you can’t flick this olive into that guy’s drink’, and Maria mixed up your drinks for you with surprising ease, sending you a wink when you asked for your fifth sugary beverage in a row. Tony had joined you at one point, nearly black-out drunk, and you had to prop your arm beneath his forehead before he could face-plant against the counter.
A lot happened in such a short span of time, you found yourself bee-lining for the balcony when you gulped down your sixth glass, in need of some fresh air. Outside, the music dampened to a faint echo of its volume inside, and the quiet warped over you like a cold blanket. You sighed in mild relief, rubbing at your sore cheeks gingerly—you weren’t used to smiling this much in just one night.
When the balcony doors squeaked as they gave way for someone else, you looked over your shoulder, eyebrows quirking upwards upon seeing none other than James Buchanan Barnes.
“I’m surprised to see you,” you said quietly. “Didn’t think parties were your forte.”
The suit he wore was a rich shade of navy blue, bringing out the juxtaposing lightness of his irises. That stubble you liked far more than you’d admit brought out the sharpness of his features, giving him a rough edge you knew countered with his tentative and soft personality. You glanced down at the red ribbon tied around his metal bicep, grinning gently. 
“Sam forced me to come,” he replied dismissively, moving forward to stand next to you. Awkwardly, he cleared his throat—this close, you could see the subtle flush of rouge creep over his skin. “You look great. Really great.”
A warm sensation flooded your chest and your nose wrinkled as you looked towards him in muted delight. “You look good, too, Bucky. Blue really is your color.”
Bucky rather liked the way he could see the stars in your eyes. 
After a considerably lengthy period of ponderous silence, you quietly asked, “Why haven’t you been let out for any missions? You’re an Avenger like the rest of us.”
The fond smile that once graced his mouth melted away at an instant, replaced by the harsh framing of an uncomfortable slant. You immediately regretted asking the question, about to tell him that it was alright if he didn’t want to answer before he cut you to the chase and said, “You know why.”
Disappointment unfurled within your ribcage, like a roll of paper stretched taut. “Yeah. Yeah, I guess I do.” You weren’t quite sure what had come over you, so you wrapped your hand over the coldness of his vibranium wrist, clutching it tightly and watching him with keen eyes. “You don’t deserve any of this, for the record. I hope you know that, Bucky. You deserve the entire world and I hope people start to look past the actions of someone you were also a victim to.”
Bucky had so much he wanted to say, but the words were lodged in his throat. He found himself nodding to your words, allowing a meek smile to crack through his stony disposition. No more words needed to be said, and the two of you parted ways with the sort of comforting silence that could be shared with only people who’ve seen too much for a single lifetime.
love you more than those bitches before say you'll remember (oh baby) say you'll remember, oh baby ooh i will love you 'til the end of time
Rumors spread around the compound rather quickly. You had just come back from a rather rough mission, dropping your long-range firearms into the storage room when you heard two other agents gossiping feverishly in the corner. Knowing it was none of your business, you quickly put away your weapons and strode out, but you couldn’t help overhearing Bucky’s name being thrown out between the two. Curiosity getting the better of you, you pressed yourself against the wall and listened just enough for you to catch what they were discussing.
He went on a date. And not just any regular date. The first one in decades. 
Blinking in mild shock, you made your way to your quarters, yearning to wash off all the blood and dirt that rendered your skin sticky and uncomfortable.
It wasn’t until the late hours of the night you bumped into the super soldier in the kitchen. You were washing your dirty dishes from a couple hours ago when you made dinner for yourself, sighing in annoyance at the dried leftovers that clung to the ceramics. 
“What’s the point of living in a multimillion dollar compound if there’s no fancy tech to wash my dishes for me?” you hissed scathingly under your breath, using your shoulder to knock away a stray piece of hair that fell over your eyes. “Stupid broken dishwasher. Didn’t Tony say he’d get that looked at a week ago? Bet he completely forgot.”
Your grumbling was interrupted when you heard the fridge door open. Pivoting by the waist to see who it was, a string of colorful curses fell from your lips when soap suds dribbled from your arms and all over your shirt, iridescent bubbles now lining your pajamas. 
“Seems like you’re having a bad day,” Bucky said from the fridge, now moving towards the cupboards to grab a glass for the carton of orange juice in his hands. “Can’t say I’m better off, though.”
“Yeah?” you asked with an amused edge, quickly turning back around to rinse off your soapy hands and dishes. Ripping off a kitchen towel to dab at the soap on your shirt, you glanced back up at him. “Heard you had a date.”
Bucky shifted uncomfortably. It was only then that you realized that he was still wearing a crisp suit—no doubt he had just come back fresh from his night out. “It, uhm, didn’t go so well.”
“Sorry to hear that, Bucky.” Sensing that he’d rather be talking about literally anything else, you nodded once and swiftly changed the subject. “I was just about to start a new show. You’re welcome to join if you’d like.”
The tired glint to his eyes seemed to wane away as he shot you a grateful beam. “That sounds amazing, honestly. I could use the distraction.”
It was certainly a strange sight—a SHIELD agent in a poorly-dried soapy shirt sitting beside one of the most famous ex-assassins in the world, who just so happened to be wearing a fancy date suit. You turned on the TV wordlessly, lips only faintly twitching upwards when he settled into his seat further, flesh arm coming round over the back of the couch to land over your shoulders, tugging you into his side. 
“You are ridiculously wet right now,” he commented with all but a straight face, eyes flickering down to your still-damp shirt and hands, which made you snort unattractively.
“Gee, Bucky. Didn’t know we were at that stage yet.”
The super soldier appeared affronted for a moment at what you were implying before he quickly began backtracking, “I didn’t—I wasn’t—!”
“I know,” you chuckled, patting his knee consolingly. Then, you turned your attention back to the screen. “I hope you don’t mind animated shows.”
“You kidding me? I was a huge fan in the forties. Snow White was all the rage back then,” Bucky hummed, fingers flexing experimentally on your bicep. It took all you had in you not to preen with delight at how comfortable he was with physical touch with you, so you settled on tucking your knees up to your chest and shuffling even closer to him.
A brilliant smile spread over your features. “I love it when you talk about the forties. It’s like I’m looking through a window of your life before… before everything,” you said quietly before shifting about one last time to make yourself more comfortable.
The episode was brightly colorful, exuberant in both visuals and dialogue. He often found himself in awe at the wonderful animation and spectacular voice acting, enthralled whenever you made small comments on the plot—something he knew you were just doing to subtly check if he was enjoying himself as well. 
One gripe he did have, however, was the fact that there were far too many jokes and references that Bucky couldn’t really understand. At first, he didn’t want to ask you because you seemed to be enjoying yourself—but after the first few, you seemed to realize that he wasn’t catching on and from then you’d pause the show to quickly explain some of the obscure pop culture references. 
“Scooby Doo is a famous mystery show that was super big around the 80s and 90s,” you whispered over to him. “Just in case you didn’t know.” 
Bucky could feel his heart lurch in its steady pace. He wasn’t entirely used to someone considering his own enjoyment in general—much less for something as mundane as watching a show. You were just so… nice. So nice that it left a yearning sort of ache within Bucky’s chest that he couldn’t exactly place. 
“Thanks,” he hoarsely muttered and you only responded with a half-minded hum, hand somehow finding its way back to his knee.
God, you were going to be the death of him.
Eventually, the episode ended and the credits rolled by, the wind-chime music tinkling in the background as you stretched your limbs with a weak groan, followed by an audible yawn you hid behind a fist. You blinked away the sleepy tears and shot him a reluctant watery smile.
“I better call it a night. Got some meetings tomorrow I have to lead.” After a tentative pause, you tacked on, “It was really nice being with you tonight. I, uhm, I hope this took your mind off of things, even if it was temporary.”
The corner of his lips slanted upwards. “It was great, really. Do you think we could… do it again sometime?”
Oh, it was like you could feel your heart melting through the bones of your ribcage. “Yeah! Yeah, I’d love that!” you breathily said a little too quickly, and you cleared your throat in embarrassment. “I, uh—g’night, Bucky.”
Bucky couldn’t understand just how easy it was for you to suddenly lean over and press a chaste kiss to his cheek. Your lips brushed over his stubble, nose bumping softly against his cheekbone. He could smell you—lavender and dish soap infiltrating his senses. Nearly short circuiting, he remained as still as a statue, only forcing himself to lift a hand to stiffly wave goodbye when you promptly hauled yourself onto your feet, turned on the heel, and padded down the hall to your room. He watched you go with slightly parted lips accompanied by a longing stare. 
Hours later, now retired into the privacy of his room, moonlight spilling white through the windows and onto the cold floors, Bucky could still feel the burning imprint of your lips on his skin. He wasn’t able to sleep for the rest of the night, plagued by nightdreams of how your smile would feel molded against his.
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beyondspaceandstars · a day ago
hiii, i've been binge reading your blog for a while now and its AMAZING, really, anyways, i've finally gathered the courage to make a request and I was wondering if you could do something, like, drabble, hc, idrk, writers choice, with Bucky dating a Widow, I think it would be a pretty interesting dinamic :)))
The Widow
a/n: omg thank you for requesting !! I think this idea lended really well to a headcanon post (it’s like a ramble of thoughts, vague plots and such) so I hope that’s okay! I’m so so glad you’ve enjoyed my work, that means the world to me !!!! I love writing and im so glad others like reading it. Hope you enjoy this as well :) I hope it's not too short or anything idk it was kind of all over the place but that's what HCs can be sometimes lmao
When you and Bucky first met he hadn’t realized you were anything but a normal, average woman living a normal, average life
You two had met at a little coffee shop just around the block from Bucky’s apartment. He saw you there often and finally, one day, the stars aligned —
Well, actually, what happened was you had accidentally spilled your iced coffee on Bucky because you were distracted by your cell phone.
Little did Bucky know at the time, you were engrossed in your phone because you just never had one before, you never had anything of your own, and technology immediately pulled you in.
But, anyways, after spilling your coffee and apologizing profusely nonstop for a good minute or so, Bucky assured you it was okay and even offered to buy you another drink. You agreed after some protest.
He then invited you to chat for a bit.
And that was that. A couple months and many dates later, you two were officially a couple
All was going pretty well until you got to the stage where you two really opened up about life and family and friends and everything.
It hadn’t taken Bucky long to realize that you were incredibly vague about your past.
On top of it, you held a keen fascination for certain things in a way that reminded Bucky of, well, himself.
Technology was a big one.
You enjoyed your phone and laptop and were very protective over them. They were encrypted just so, along with your smart home devices, which scared Bucky the first time he visited your place.
There was also the thing you had for fashion and decorating.
Much like technology, you were protective of your style and tweaked everything so it was just so. You appreciated it all, everything the shops had to offer. Bucky never missed how your eyes would move and your hands would glide.
Bucky couldn’t help but notice how you two could be so similar in that way. Things just seemed to surprise you both
Bucky found this a bit peculiar. He understood his situation but with you he couldn’t help but wonder what happened? What laid beneath the surface for you?
The answer was finally revealed one night when you two were out at a bar. You had had one too many vodka martinis and Bucky made a teasing remark about how you’d need assistance getting back to your apartment.
"I was a Widow, Buck, I think I can hold my own just fine," you had shot back. "Tipsy or not."
Once you made your comment, you went back to sipping your drink like nothing happened.
But Bucky had a hard time getting past this little factoid your tipsy brain decided to drop on him.
A Widow. You had been a goddamn Widow.
The lightbulb suddenly went off in his head. It explained…everything. The reason for your fascinations. The technology, the protectiveness, the indescribable past, the fashion. You were just starting to figure out your life.
Hell — you probably never even dated someone before him.
Bucky kept all these thoughts to himself for the rest of the night and for the next few days. You were oblivious to what you had let slip and Bucky, being a trained assassin himself, had no trouble keeping it a secret.
At least, that was until he was ready to confront you about it.
In hindsight, it was kind of a stupid, maybe cheesy idea, but Bucky had one day suggest you two work out together. Have a little gym date. You weren’t shy about the fact you worked out and neither was Bucky so the idea wasn’t weird. In fact, at the time, you wondered why you hadn’t suggested it before.
But when you arrived at the gym you realized it wasn’t going to be a normal workout full of cardio and weights.
Bucky had taken you to a boxing ring.
You looked at him weirdly. "We’re boxing?" You asked.
Bucky hopped in the ring and shrugged. "A little sparring."
"Oh, Buck… I—I’m not really—,"
"Humor me," he said with a smirk.
And you did. You didn’t hold back no matter how confused you were about this situation. You used your fight, pulling up moves from the deep depths of your brain. It was like riding a bike. You were surprised — and a little scared — to see that you still had it in you. But why would Bucky suggest this, you thought you had done well…
It wasn’t until you had Bucky pinned to the ground did it click for you. He muttered out a little, "I knew it" and all the puzzle pieces came together.
You rolled off him to catch your breath. You sat beside him in the ring. "I told you I was a Widow, huh?"
Bucky nodded. Your face went red with embarrassment as the memory finally came back to you. You could never be trusted around vodka.
You apologized for telling him that way but Bucky didn’t mind. In fact, he apologized for bringing you to a boxing ring but admitted he was greatly curious about whether you were telling the truth or just letting out drunken lies.
You said you weren’t lying and went into some vague version about how you were freed and struggled to begin a life that wasn’t about…your skills.
When you told him you haven’t done anything like that in years, he apologized profusely again, but you assured him it was okay. It was…interesting to see what was still up there, what you still possessed. Frankly, you didn’t think you still had it in you.
From then on, you became Bucky’s workout buddy. You two regularly sparred together, helping you keep sharp and helping to keep Bucky on his toes. The sparring actually became very therapeutic. You were able to release your training in a safe, positive environment. Much different to the…facility.
You didn’t feel like someone’s weapon. You felt like a girlfriend working out with her boyfriend. And that was great, that was something you hadn’t realized you had been craving.
But it wasn’t just your fighting moves that intrigued Bucky — it was your mind, too.
Your interest in technology ran deep, having likely begun during your time as a Widow. There was…a lot of revolutionary technology you came across in your time and you had subconsciously formed an interest that was finally able to bloom in your newly discovered freedom.
This allowed you to assist Bucky with any missions he was assigned to. You didn’t formally work for anyone and instead operated as his independent contractor.
"Jesus," Bucky swore as he watched you work, "what else lives in that brain? Can you tell me the lottery numbers for next week?"
You just laughed. "Bucky, if I knew the lottery numbers, I wouldn’t be living in an apartment, would I?"
But sometimes it wasn’t always good. You could suffer from nightmares from time to time as memories never seemed to want to leave you alone. Bucky understood this very well and had no problem comforting you in the night. Often you both would be awake and need to lean on one another.
"I got you, doll," Bucky would mutter as he held in bed.
"I got you, too," you’d respond, placing a kiss on his cheek, making him blush.
Sparring with him, for as safe as you usually felt, could also be triggering and you’d have to walk away for a while. Bucky knew to leave you alone during times likes these as you could get quite intense. But he was always happy to welcome you back a couple of days later and you’d pick up like nothing happened.
"Ready to kick my ass today, sweetheart?" Bucky would teasingly ask.
You’d have to muster up a smile but wouldn’t be shy to respond. "Always, honey."
Really, you two would make such a good couple. You had more understanding for each other than any regular person could ever have. It wasn’t all smooth sailing and you would need different support from one another at different times but humor and some bit of optimism kept it all going.
Because every day was a reminder that you both were out of your situations. Free to make a life, especially together.
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blushstories · 2 days ago
hii! i love your stories and blog so much! i'd like to request a blurb about reader getting a big comforting warm hug from steve!! i've had a really rough and long week and i need some stevie comfort🥲🤍
thanku lovely anon!! *cracks knuckles* this is right up my alley. i hope you feel better soon <3
He's watching you from across the room, irises flooded with concern because you hadn't actually told him that something was wrong. But he can sense the unkind beating of your heart, see the tension sitting on your shoulders as if you were Atlas. Curled up in your blanket, the corner of the couch is threatening to swallow you whole.
He doesn't know what's happening on the television screen in the dimly lit room. Doesn't care. All he knows is that his heart is aching and the tips of his fingers are alight with the urge to hold you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear.
It's not until a tear falls down your cheek that you fall out of your thoughts, shaken. It's clear that you aren't watching the movie either. You glance up, then, meeting his gaze. His expression softens, a sympathetic "oh," floats under his breath, more tears leak, and within two steps Steve crosses the room. You pull the blanket over your face, which was hot with embarrassment, amongst other things.
He settles next to you, the cushions on the couch sinking underneath his weight. The motion pulls you in his direction. You retreat further into the safety of your blanket, choking on an involuntary sob.
"Hey." His voice, like a wisp, dances with the silence. You squeeze your eyes shut tightly, and one two three four tears raced down your cheeks. "Wanna come out?"
Fingers find the edge of your blanket, peeling it away gingerly. His eyes are blue and swathed in a gentle concern reserved only for you. You sniffle, but wipe your face hastily and sit up. "There you are," He coos, wrapping a heavy arm around you and scooping you into his side. You're half lying on his chest, padded by his cable-knit sweater, feeling it rise slowly before deflating. "What happened?"
"Bad week. Sorry," You mumble, fingertips tracing a pattern over his chest. He squeezes you tightly, face pressed against the top of your head. He inhales dustily, plants an endearing kiss on your hairline. "Don't be. Do I need to do anything about it?"
You snort, looking up at him again. He wipes a stray tear from your cheek with a featherlight touch that flows over your cheekbone, until his grip is firm on your scalp, behind your ear. "Like what?" You're unsure how much of that was a joke. His thumb strokes your temple.
"Anything. I'll do anything for my best girl." He squeezes you again, pulls you into him entirely until your face is hidden in the crook of his neck, skin hot with your breath and sticky with your tears. Your own grip tightens, clutching at the fabric behind his neck with one hand and tightening your hold around his shoulders.
His affection sets you off again, and you're glad that your face is hidden in his neck as it scrunches with the effort of keeping quiet. Steve feels that you've suddenly tensed, and coaxes you out of your cave with a kiss to your head. His hands cup your face, thumbs swiping away your fresh tears before they have a chance to reach your cheeks. "How can I fix this?" He barely whispers, perhaps to himself more than you. His gaze is heavy, a crease between his eyebrows as he studies you melting into his hold. Your stare falls for a moment as you think, then you settle back into his side and pull the blanket over the both of you.
Pressing a kiss to his cheek, stubble softly scratching your lips, you slip your hand into his. "Stay here while we watch something happy?" You say. "Anything."
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celestialspecial · a day ago
These Beautiful Torments (Epilogue)
Writers Notes- For those who hung in there and stayed with these guys for their whole story, congrats. You deserve some fluff!
Tumblr media
The sun was high in the sky, only a few clouds threatening rain drifting in and out, a light crisp breeze weaved through the park. Trees rustling, the sounds of children playing in the playground, shrieks of laughter, people talking, the distant sound of New York City traffic. The sound track to your new life, sounded the same and yet so different.
“There are my boys!” You giggled, watching Billy laying on his back on the large blanket spread out for the three of you. A wiggly baby boy making sweet cooing sounds from where he lay on the blanket next to Billy, kicking tiny feet into the air. A light blue onesie lovingly stating “I love my aunt” gifted by Karen herself, who would probably pride herself on knowing it was boy until kingdom come.
You kneeled on the other side of them, tickling baby Jack’s tummy watching his little feet kick out back and forth. You’d both decided on the name at the eleventh hour, the first name Billy had thought of when you’d two first discussed names. He had a head full of dark brown soft wispy hair, and while ,his eyes were still that soft baby gray you could tell they’d darken into the chocolatey brown you were very familiar with.
You kissed at his chubby cheeks, reveling in the excited sweet noises your baby boy made in response. The sweetest face looking up at you, with the biggest smile.
“Even his smile looks like yours.” You chuckled, brushing some of his dark hair aside before looking to Billy who was watching the two of you, head propped up on his hand, elbow resting underneath.
The Russo genes were too strong, Jack was going to be the spitting image of his father. You nestled your face into jacks tummy again, “That’s ok you can look just like daddy, not like I did anything over here.” Billy responded with a loud laugh, his smile lighting up each of his features. Features you saw mirrored in your son, even now.
“You did all the work, if we’re lucky he’ll have your personality.” You leaned over to kiss Billy. Your fiancé.  His lips molded to yours perfectly, each taste of him better than the last, getting lost in the headiness of it. You let your tongue run along his bottom lip, both of you groaning at the sensation, not giving a damn you were in public, then a gurgling and string of baby babble between you broke apart the moment. You felt heat rising in your cheeks as you pulled away from Billy, picking up Jack as you instantly noticed him starting to get fussy.
“Little squirt cock blocking me.” You smirked at Billy, adjusting yourself as you picked up the feeding blanket from your bag.
“He just doesn’t want a younger sibling yet.” 
Billy made comically dramatic huff, holding Jack while you situated yourself to feed him.
“Poor guy doesn’t know he’s gonna have 12 younger brothers and sisters.” The sound you made was half scoffing at Billy’s remark half feeling Jack latch immediately.
“Yeah sure, just let me know how many of those you’re gonna carry yourself, Russo.” This only made him smile, scooting closer , assuming his resting position close to the both of you, one hand reaching up to rest where Jack’s back remained under the blanket. You remembered the day, in this very same park, when Billy had mentioned wanting children.
At the time you didn’t totally believe him, he was an amazing man to be sure, but the idea of him changing diapers, covered in spit up and with dark circles under his eyes had seemed like a long shot. But in your last month you watched fatherhood take hold of the man. You laid in bed resting, one hand on your bump watching him on the floor in the corner, just in underwear pouring over the crib directions.
Scratching his head as he turned over a random part of the furniture with one hand. The hair on his head growing back into something you could card your fingers through while he rested against your belly, speaking to the baby, words that you could only halfway make out before you’d fall into restful sleep. Sometimes waking and seeing he’d fallen asleep where he lay too.
He’d even started looking at houses in the suburbs. You’d laughed at the idea initially. Thinking this was a one and done situation, but with each day your love for both the boys in your life grew. Watching him bounce Jack softly on his shoulder to get him to burp, holding him in the rocking chair by the windows whispering, or maybe singing softly until those small cries ceased.
The rocking chair had shown up at your place, no note, or sender information. You both knew it was from Frank. It had also shown up with a large check, the beginning of a “college fund for the kid”. You both understood while he now knew the truth, it would take time for him to make room inside himself to see Billy again, as friend not foe. To see the baby. It’d take time but that was alright.
You made a sound of discomfort as Jack sucked a  little bit too hard for your liking, bringing you back to this moment.
“Well there is no doubt he’s your son.” You mumbled fixing him with a goofy face, sending him onto his back laughing at the implication. As he gathered himself, running his hand up and down Jacks back again. Grinning ear to ear. It felt so nice to see him like this again.
“Hey buddy, gotta leave those intact for me.” 
It almost felt unreal, that this moment even existed for you two. A year ago he could barely remember your name, battered and beaten down, on the fast track to either dying or spending his remaining days behind bars. Karen and Frank had stepped in, making sure the drives and their appropriate information got into the right hands.
They knew a couple of lawyers that had…experience with sharing the right intel to make a case work. Things were still ironing themselves out, but Billy was here, pondering his next steps, but relishing the here and now as well. Taking Jack from your chest, and holding him with the utmost softness but also a protective grip that only you could understand.
Resting your forehead to his, hearing the soft sounds of contentment that only a baby could make, pressing your lips to the side of Jacks head then up to meet Billy’s waiting lips. The distant sounds of the playground children laughing and talking, people walking  nearby, all faded until all you could hear was Billy and your sons steady breathing, whole and complete.
Billy walked along the lines of the carpet in the apartment, bouncing his newborn on his chest, fast asleep, lulled by the constant motion. You had fallen asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow but Billy enjoyed these quiet moments at night with his son. 
His son. He couldn’t believe how easily tears seemed to spring to his eyes looking into the face of something so pure and innocent.
Everything he wasn’t, and everything he hoped to protect for as long as humanely possible. He had been a hardened man, cold as steel, shrewd and unafraid to make bargains and deals that were unpredictable and dangerous. He’d swallow his pride watching old friends and colleagues showing off wedding photos and eventually baby pictures. Denying that he wanted any of that. He was ceo of a multi million dollar corporation, had a penthouse overlooking the park, a Bentley and liquid stock in multiple countries and banks.
HE was the epitome of what every man hoped to be, scratching and clawing to the top, emerging from the cesspool of a broken childhood in the system. Success incarnate, hundreds of confirmed kills on the field, taking that work ethic and squeezing every drop of his gumption out during board meetings and marketing events. He fucked who he wanted, went wherever he pleased and could own anything he desired.
Then you had to fucking walk into that restaurant and challenge everything he knew he wanted out of life. The food didn’t taste so delicious anymore, the liqueur and cigars didn’t bring the zest they once had, expensive items and clothing lost their opulence. 
His whole world shrunk down to waiting for you to text him back, hanging on every word you said over a meal. He’d give up every high class car in his collection if it meant hearing your soft sighs in the morning after a good nights sleep next to him.
He suddenly understood the men he worked with, leaving at regular hours in order to be home for dinner with their wife and kids. Taking their vacation time and giving up fat bonuses to be home Christmas morning. The warm bundle on his chest stirred and he felt his throat work to keep a cough silent, lest he wake you or the baby up.
He’d toyed with the idea of wanting a baby so many times before and it’d felt heavy and scary but the idea of having one with YOU had been all he craved when you’d agreed to be his girlfriend. Once smooth and calculating, now reduced to a puddle of mush when he heard his child cry.
He’d give it all up in a heartbeat for you and Jack. He knew he was doomed that day in the park when you’d agreed to children with him, and even wanted to be married to him. Things he never saw in the cards for himself were falling into place, then he’d gone and fucked it all up. Waking in the hospital, alone and afraid, barely remembering his own name. Wondering if he’d ever feel anything other than fear again.
Then you were there, by his side, reading to him. He had no clue who you were but your presence eased every cell in his weary broken body. His heart called out for you each day you weren’t able to be there. Seeing your face, a face that felt so familiar he’d wrack his brain night and day trying to remember you. Glimpses would flash in the back of his eyes, he knew you were important to him, he could feel it just looking at you.
Seeing your baby bump for the first time he’d panicked, thinking you truly were just a friend, but surely no one feels these feelings for just their friends right?
 A soft yawn emanated from the tiny body resting against his, moving from the window to the couch, venturing to lay down and see if his sleeping companion would allow it. The memories were coming back to him more and more each day, tiny details were made clear once again, small instances from his past re-emerging.
Easing onto the couch slowly watching the small face before him for any signs of waking. When there were none Billy let out a soft breath, relaxing against a few pillows, looking down at his sleeping son. Chubby cheeks, dark hair, soft lips in a little pout. You kept joking with him that he was a complete mini of His father, Ladykiller in training, it felt vain to admit it but Billy saw so much of himself in Jack already.
The little mannerisms would start coming in more frequently but the looks were there nonetheless. It felt hard to remember himself being a baby, a young child who did no wrong in the world beside being born. He felt anger that he was once this innocent and defenseless and no one wanted him or stood up for him, when he’d gladly lay down his life at any point to protect the sleeping baby on his chest.
Billy felt his eyelids starting to droop, the comfort of the couch, the bundle of warmth on his bare chest, rising and falling, knowing you were asleep soundly just in the other room. He was just going to rest his eyes for one minute…
You yawned, sitting up in bed when you realized that Billy wasn’t next to you and the baby’s crib was empty. Padding into the living room, rubbing your arms in the cool night air. Billy was fast asleep on the couch, Jack on his chest, also sleeping, Billy’s protective arm wrapped around his son, it was so quiet you could hear both of them breathing in the wide open space. Moving over to them as silently as you could, reaching to grab Jack and settle him in his crib, letting your love get some well deserved sleep.
As your hands wrapped around his small form you saw Billy stir, eyes fluttering open, hand instinctively holding the baby tighter. When he realized it was you leaning over him he un-tensed giving you a sleepy smile. Even half asleep he could still make your pulse race.
“Hey handsome.” You purred, running a hand up the side of his face, he leaned into it eyes shutting once more. “Beds feeling real empty.” He smirked, adjusting Jack on his chest allowing you to lift the baby up and give him the leverage to sit up himself, following you closely to the bedroom. You placed the still sleeping newborn into his crib, right next to yours, intending to get as much sleep as you could before his next feeding.
You felt the bed dip as Billy sat down next to you, snuggling in, his arms wrapping around your body, pulling you close. A contented sigh escaping his lips, you melted back against him, feeling the steady rhythm of his heartbeat against your back. Your eyes were watching Jack in his crib, little face making expressions as he dreamed, tiny eyebrows drawing into a frown then softening, his little mouth parted, a hint of a familiar smirk on his lips.
You felt movement behind you, as Billy was watching both you and the baby from his position, hand kneading your hip tenderly, the heat of him seeping into the covers and covering your body in the only warmth you ever wanted to know. His lips brushed over the shell of your ear, breath tickling along the nape of your neck as his eyes fixated on the little baby still in dreamland, the perfect combination of the two of you.
Billy placed a kiss to your temple, laying back down, dragging you closer to him, hands gripping your hips tightly to him under the covers. You moaned into your pillow when you felt his cock pressing into your back through his boxers. Feeling him move ever closer to you, sucking on the tender skin of your neck.
“I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to start trying for another.”
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commander-writergirl · 8 hours ago
Tio Jake Sings
Tumblr media
Synopsis: Jake works on helping you with the kids when a trip doesn’t go as planned.
Rating: PG
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 1139
Notes: Lani, darling, Spector-Grant Family AU is too powerful to not inspire this little thing. @ofstarsandvibranium​
    This was the moment you wished YOU had taken the car to get checked before the big road trip. It had been Marc’s idea and Steven was all for it with the agreement that all museums would be stopped at. Though now you were starting to think the trip was cursed, between Luna not sleeping and Alex throwing things into the front it was a miracle your patience lasted so long.
    “Are we there yet?” Alex asked again. You sighed and pulled into the auto shop parking lot.
    You parked and turned back to the kids, “Mommy has to run inside right quick, okay?”
    Luna started whining and Alex tilted his head, “Why?”
    You chewed on your lower lip, “Well when papa was supposed to get the car checked, he apparently didn’t.”  
    You looked over to your husband to see his posture had changed and you sighed. “Tio Jake is going to stay in the car with you.” You grabbed your purse and got out walking towards the building.
    Jake knew you were more upset that Marc had forgotten about getting the car checked then at him fronting. So, Jake did a thing he never thought he would do, he climbed into the back seat and sat between Alex and Luna.
    “So, what shall we do, Alex?” Jake asked as he got Luna out of her car seat and rocked her trying to get her to calm down.
    “Can you sing? Papa says he can’t.” Alex undid the straps on his car seat so he could turn to face his Tio.
    “I can try.” Luna had started to play with the Star of David necklace that all three men left on, Jake didn’t mind, it was keeping her calm.
    “Can you sing Encanto?” Alex asked reaching for the snack back on the floor in front of him.
    “Which song would you like?” Jake watched as a few people walked out of the shop before turning his attention to Alex.
    Alex hummed and opened a pack of apple slices.  “Can you sing one of the songs that’s in Spanish?” Alex looked at his Tio. Alex knew not to push, and he was ready for his Tio to say no, knowing his papa and daddy didn’t like singing much.  
    “Sure,” Jake pulled the star out of Luna’s mouth. “No puedes comer eso mi pequeña luna.” Alex quickly handed Luna one of his apple slices as she began to whine again.  
    The Star to apple transition was a success.
    “Ah I know one,” Jake took a deep breath before he began to sing Two Oruguitas.  
“Dos oruguitas enamoradas Pasan sus noches y madrugadas Llenas de hambre Siguen andando y navegando un mundo Que cambia y sigue cambiando Navegando un mundo Que cambia y sigue cambiando...”
    Alex listened as his Tio began to sing in Spanish. Alex was used to his daddy speaking in French and his papa in Arabic, Hebrew, and Yiddish (mainly when he was angry). But Tio Jake speaking in Spanish was new and he wasn’t around enough for Alex to understand it... yet.
    As Jake sang, he noticed Luna slowly falling asleep, the apple slice loose in her mouth and Alex yawn but still watching him as if it was the most magical moment on their whole trip. When the song was finished, Luna was fast asleep in Jake’s arms and Alex wasn’t far behind.  
    “Duerme un poco hombrecito,” Jake said to Alex as he worked on getting Luna in her car seat and buckled up again.
    “What does that mean?” Alex yawned and rubbed his eyes.
    “Nap time.” Jake said as he fixed Alex in his seat and buckled him back up. Alex slowly fell asleep as Jake doubled checked everything before moving back to the front of the car.
    Once Jake was settled back, you walked out of the shop.  
    He could tell you were angry, and he had never been more thankful for Alex’s curiosity in his Tio. Because even Jake knew parents had their limits and with Marc’s forgetfulness, yours's had been pushed. Jake had a feeling he was going to be fronting for the rest of the trip as you got to work fixing whatever was wrong with the car.
    You had never been more thankful for Jake since that night on the street. While you were inside, he had gotten the kids to sleep and it made the drive to the hotel bearable, especially since he wasn’t much of a talker.  
    Once you got checked in and the kids in their bed, you walked to the living room to see Jake double checking everything. Since his first time coming forward, you read a lot on DID (more so than when Marc and Steven first mentioned it) and had figured out Jake was probably the actual protector of the body.  
    And watching him start a triple check of the room confirmed it for you. “Thank you for getting them to sleep.” You said as he finished his third round.
    Jake looked over and nodded before going to grab an extra blanket and pillow.
    “Guessing neither of them wants to come out right now?” You asked watching him set the couch up. Jake never really stayed around this long and part of you really hated the idea of going to bed alone after a long day.
    Jake cleared his throat. “I think they are both worried about you being angry with them.”  
    You sighed and walked over to him. “I’m annoyed, not mad but they can’t hide behind you this whole trip.”  
    At that moment Jake’s shoulders relaxed and caved a little, “What?” Steven. Steven looked around the room before seeing you. “Oi, did we black out again?”
    “Not really, I think Marc let Jake take over.” You moved a bit closer and hugged him.  
    Steven sighed and wrapped his arms around you. “He forgot about the car, didn’t he?”
    You couldn’t help laughing at how quickly Steven could figure out what Marc did wrong to put you all in this situation.
    “And I’m sure you reminded him a thousand times.” You looked up at him and stroked his cheek.
    “I did but he’s a twat and told me he got it.” Steven smiled lightly at you.
    You bit your lower lip, “So Jake sang for the kids.” Steven groaned and laid his head back, causing you to giggle. “They may ask you for the encore.”  
    “It was bound to happen sooner or later.” Steven kissed your head before wrapping his arm around your shoulders and walking to the other bed in the hotel room. “I’ll make Marc do it as a punishment.”  
    “You’re the twat, Steven.” Steven rolled his eyes at Marc’s statement as he climbed into bed with you, ready for the rest of the adventure to come on your first family trip.  
Translations:  No puedes comer eso mi pequeña luna “No, that’s not for eating my little moon.”
Duerme un poco hombrecito “Time to sleep little man.”
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just-dreaming-marvel · 2 days ago
Tomorrow ~ Part 7
Tumblr media
Word Count: 2,445ish
Summary: Steve’s still worried about you. The team helps you get that promised date.
Warnings: slight angst, fluff
< previous part
Tony was super paranoid to let you sleep or even leave your side after the incident that caused you to slip into your subconscious. You put up with it for the rest of the day, especially because he needed it. Steve’s bed was pushed closer to yours to make one big bed so that he could be next to you. 
As the evening came, Tony fell asleep awkwardly in his wheelchair while Steve fell asleep with his head on your shoulder. You were almost too afraid to fall asleep but didn’t want to say anything. 
“Hello,” Pepper greeted quietly, looking at the scene around her. She smiled. “It seems like worrying about you has worn them out.”
“It seems that way,” you responded quietly.
“You okay?”
“Can’t sleep.”
Pepper gave an understanding nod as she went behind Tony’s wheelchair. “I’ll get a doctor or a nurse in here to give you something. You need to rest.” She begins pushing Tony away. 
The woman paused. “Yes?”
“Steve promised me some sort of date thing. I know that he’s going to stress about it and won’t be able to actually plan it because he’s unwilling to leave my side. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But… could you help him? Like, don’t tell him I put you up to it, but help him so that it’s an enjoyable date for him as well.”
“Of course,” she smiled. “Goodnight, Y/N.”
“Goodnight, Pep.”
You closed your eyes after Pepper left with Tony, trying to get some rest. It wasn’t long later when you heard someone come in and inject something into your IV. You almost instantly fall asleep, so grateful for the rest.
Breathing in deeply, a sleepy smile formed on Steve’s face as your scent hit his nostrils. He carefully moved closer to you, pressing a kiss to your exposed neck. Steve leaned back and took you in. He loved the feeling of being next to you, especially in a moment like this when you were peacefully asleep and close to him. He longed to feel this way every morning, as much as he could. Steve smiles as he kisses you under your ear. You begin to stir slightly and he presses another kiss under your ear, beard brushing against your face.
“Morning,” you rasped, a smile forming.
Steve moved so that you could see his face. “Morning, sweetheart,” he whispered. “How did you sleep?”
You bit your bottom lip as you shook your head slightly. “Someone had to come in and give me drugs to help me sleep.”
“I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you wake me?”
“You needed the sleep too.”
“Not if you’re not getting sleep.”
“It’s fine, Steve. I eventually slept.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m sure. And I didn’t even dream.”
Steve nodded, still worried. “How are you feeling?”
“Fine. I little uncomfortable but no pain.”
Steve immediately sat up and began assessing you. “What can I help with?”
He rambled on, ignoring you. “Do you need me to call someone in?”
He pushed himself off the bed. “I can go get—“
“Steve!” His eyes snapped up to meet yours. “You can’t fix how uncomfortable I am. My lower half is numb. I have tubes in me and a diaper on to help me go to the bathroom. It’s uncomfortable, that’s just how it is.”
His broad shoulders shagged slightly. “I’m sorry I can’t fix that.”
It broke your heart how disappointed in himself he sounded. “Steve,” you gently called, holding a hand out to him. “Come here.” He reached out and let you take his hand, pulling him back onto the bed and toward you. “You just being here fixes so many things.”
“I just want to fix everything.”
“I know. But you can’t… as long as you’re always here, that’s all I need.”
He leaned in and kissed you softly. “You can’t get rid of me easily.”
You pecked his lips. “Good.”
“Good morning,” Bruce greeted as he walked in with a tablet in hand.
“Morning, Bruce,” you responded, turning to face him.
“Looks like they gave you something to sleep last night. Rough night?”
“Just couldn’t fall asleep.”
Bruce nodded. “I’ll see if we can get something less addictive today for you. Besides that, how are you feeling, Y/N?”
“She said that she’s uncomfortable,” Steve quickly responded. “Is there anything we can do about that?”
“Uncomfortable doesn’t equal pain and it’s expected for her to be uncomfortable. Her body’s been through a lot, is still going through a lot.”
“That’s basically what I said,” you mumbled.
“Just remember this, Steve, her being uncomfortable is better than her being in pain. If she’s in pain, we know that something is wrong. Her being uncomfortable will usually not mean that something is wrong.”
“See?” You turned to Steve. “I’m alright.” You went back to facing Bruce. “And what about Steve? How is his recovery going?”
“From the scans, FRIDAY ran last night, he’s all healed up. The super-soldier serum of course had a big part in that.”
“That’s so good,” you smiled at Steve.
“I would advise that Steve clean up.”
“I’m good,” Steve replied. “I’m not leaving her side.”
“I’m good to stay with her while you get changed and cleaned up.”
“Steve,” you called, grabbing one of his hands to help gain his attention. “Bruce will be with me, I’ll be fine. You go get cleaned up.” You raised your hand to cup his bearded face, him bending slightly to meet you. “Maybe groom the beard a little, but don’t shave it.”
“I don’t know—“
“Steve. You literally don’t need more than twenty minutes to get cleaned up and changed. I’ll be fine. I promise.”
He held your wrist lightly, keeping your hand still as he turned and pressed a kiss to your palm. “Yeah… okay. I’ll be back.”
“I’ll be here.”
Steve leaned down and kissed your head before hurrying out of the room. He was almost to the elevator when he saw Pepper coming down the hall.
“Hello Steve,” she greeted. 
“Hey, Pepper,” Steve responded.
“How are things going?”
“Good. I’ve been cleared so I’m going to go get cleaned up.”
“That’s great. Is there anything I can do for you or Y/N?”
“Actually, there is something.”
“I promised Y/N a sort-of date thing today and you could really help get it set up. I want to make it as perfect as it can be in our given situation.”
“I can see what I can do. Just make sure that you’re presentable before our normal dinner time of 6.”
“Thank you, Pep. You’re an absolute lifesaver.”
Tony had joined you in your room, without his wheelchair, shortly after Steve had left. Bruce felt like he could slip out as you weren’t exactly alone and he knew that Tony would like some time alone with you.
“You hand me scared there, kid,” he muttered, absentmindedly playing with the edge of the blanket that was laying over you. “I thought you weren’t going to make it.”
“Well I’m here,” you tried to give him a small smile. 
“I just… you’re my best friend…”
“You’re mine… I would have found a way to haunt you if I survived and you had died of a heart attack.”
Tony chuckled. “I don’t doubt it.” He carefully took your hand, holding it in between his very calloused ones. “Can you…” He let out a shaky breath. “Can you be honest with me about something?”
“How are you?”
The simple question almost took your breath away. “I… I’m alive and I’m… uh, I’m still processing everything… It’s all been—“
“A lot.” Tony nodded. “I get it… so, you and Rogers?” He wiggled his eyebrows. “That escalated quickly.”
“Oh like you didn’t want it to.”
“I won’t deny that.” He sighed slightly. “I just didn’t want it to be like this.”
“Me too… Tony, can you be honest with me about something?”
“You know it.”
“Will I… okay, I know that I’ll never fully recover from this experience. There will be permanent scars, physical and mental, I know that. But… will I ever be able to go in the field again?”
Tony inhaled sharply. He knew that he had to tread carefully, and actually think before speaking. No one had talked about it, but it was kind of an unspoken, agreed-upon thing, that it would be a very long while before the team even entertained the thought of you going out in the field.
“I think that you should focus on rest and recovery right now,” Tony carefully advised. “You have plenty to worry about and focus on there.”
“Yeah,” you mumbled. 
You knew that he was trying to be nice and positive about the situation, but you also knew Tony and the rest of the team very well. They weren’t going to let you out on the field until they were sure that you could hold your own. And after this, that might be never.
“Hey,” Steve greeted as he walked back into the room.
“Hey,” you smiled at him as he came around to sit next to you on the bed.
“Don’t worry, Cap, I’ve been watching your girl,” Tony commented, giving you a smile. “She’s a much easier patient than myself.”
“That’s good,” Steve replied. He turned his focus to you. “How are you feeling? Uncomfortable still?”
“I think I’ll be feeling uncomfortable for a while,” you responded. “But that’s okay.” Steve nodded, clearly not okay with that answer. “Steve.” You reached over and took his hand. “I’m okay. All I’m really worried about is if you’re going to keep your promise about that date?” A quick flash of remorse over Steve’s eyes made you regret saying what you did. “I-I-I’m sorry, Steve. I didn’t mean it like that. I was just trying to tease you, I’m sorry.”
“Oh, no, no, no,” Steve shook his head. “I didn’t mean to make you feel bad either. Of course, I’m planning on keeping that promise. How does dinner sound?”
“It sounds great.”
You were able to take a nap with Steve before Natasha and Wanda burst into your room. Wanda had a bag slung over her shoulder that was clearly overstuffed.
“Out Rogers!” Natasha ordered. 
“Wh-what?” Steve groggily questioned. “Why?”
“You have a date tonight and we need to get her as ready as she can be.”
You could tell that Steve didn’t like the thought of leaving you again. So you cupped his cheek and got him to focus on you.
“I’ll be okay,” you whispered. “They’re just getting me dolled up for you.”
“You don’t need to get dolled up for me,” he replied softly.
“Yes, but I would like to.” You rubbed your thumb along his beard. “If you don’t want to leave, then just sit outside on the chairs. The girls will shut the door and blinds but you’ll be there if something happens.”
Steve took a deep breath and gave you a small nod. “Okay.”
“Okay.” You leaned in and gave him a kiss. “I won’t be long.”
He gave you a small peck on the lips before standing up. “I’ll just be outside.”
“Go, Rogers,” Natasha nagged. “She’ll be fine.” Steve kept his eyes on you as Natasha shut the door in his face and Wanda got the blinds. 
“What are you even going to do, guys?” You wondered. “I can’t move my lower half. I have tubes and wires connected to me all over.”
“That doesn’t mean we can’t dress you from the waist up as best we can,” Wanda responded.
“I can’t even leave this bed.”
“That’s okay,” Natasha said. “Just trust us, Y/N, we have a plan.”
“And don’t worry,” Wanda added, “Bucky will take care of Steve.”
Wanda and Nat cleaned you up with wipes and damp washcloths before dressing you the best they could. You just let them do what they wanted to like you were a doll. You knew that arguing would be completely pointless. Once they felt like you looked good enough, a nurse came in and replaced any tubes and bags needing to be replaced. 
“Alright,” Natasha smirked as the nurse left, “almost ready.”
“Almost?” You repeated.
“I got it,” Wanda replied, coming over with an eye mask. 
“Are you really going to make me wear that?” You asked.
“It’s only for a few minutes.” Wanda guided the mask over your head and snugly put it against your eyes. “There.”
“I’m scared now.” You were slightly joking, slightly not, scared of the darkness that had succumbed you to. 
Wanda could feel the part of you that was scared. She rested a hand on top of yours. “It’s alright, Y/N/N. We’re not taking you too far from his room.”
“Right.” You gave a nod. 
Wanda and Natasha gave each other a small smile before unlatching the locks on the wheels to your bed and began moving your bed. They guided you out of your room and down the hall. You honestly had no idea where you were going, at all. Maybe if you had fewer drugs in your system you’d be able to tell exactly where you were headed. Eventually, they stopped your bed and locked the wheels.
“Okay,” you could tell Wanda was smiling as she spoke, “keep your eyes closed, I’m going to take the mask off.” You nodded as she did so. “Alright, have fun.”
“Wait, when I can open my eyes?” You asked.
“Now,” Steve gently directed.
You opened your eyes to see that the med-bay cafeteria had been decorated. Fairy lights were strung around the room, the only light besides the few candles on the table in front of you. Steve was standing in front of the table. You could tell he was nervous but you didn’t have the words to comfort him because you were just so in awe. Steve was standing there in black slacks and a dark blue shirt.
“Steve…” you gasped. “It’s…”
“Is it too much?” He asked. “I’m sorry if it is. I asked Pep—“
“It’s wonderful, Steve.” Tears pricked your eyes.
Steve rushed over and cupped your face to catch the tears. “Then why are you crying?”
“Because this is wonderful… you’re wonderful… and I’m stuck in this damn bed.”
“It’s okay, once you’re out of the bed, even in just a wheelchair, we’ll get out of this place and I’ll take you somewhere excellent.”
“I don’t need excellent… I just need you.”
Steve’s smile grew and he kissed you softly, still holding your face. “I just need you too.” 
next part >
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hellurbba · 6 hours ago
What if Jake had a partner before Steven or Marc even knew he existed, like his partner in crime. Bonus if they have goofy personality and makes dirty jokes every chance they get?
hello lovely! this is one of my first official asks, so thank you. this is also my first time writing for the lovely Jake Lockley! I hope you enjoy and it’s what you wanted! I was a little confused and it’s not a lot, but I hope you enjoy it all the same. 
There is a bit of Spanish, which I do not speak at all! It all comes from google translate so if it messes up then please let me know so I can try to fix any and all mistakes. 
Tumblr media
Jake had always kept you a secret. 
You weren’t sure if he had done it because he was scared that you’d run from him after meeting his two alters, ones who didn’t even know he existed yet or if it had something to do with the fact that he wanted to keep you to himself. The thought of Steven giving you one of the shy smiles, stuttering about how your hair looked nice and Marc’s small smirk after you were quick to shoot back a small dirty joke, the thought alone was enough to make Jake want to keep you a secret for a while. 
One thing you did know? Jake wasn’t keeping you a secret because he was scared for your safety. No, he had no reason to! You were able to keep up with him when he went on the idiotic Khonshu missions, quickly disarming and forcing the men and women on their knees, making Jake’s job easier than he was used to. 
Now, at first Jake was put off by the idea of having you come alone with him, but after seeing you effectively take down a 6′5 male faster than he could run over to you, his worries were silenced, instantly knowing he’d actually enjoy your help and the witty jokes you’d yell out as you beat-the-living-shit out of one of the mercenaries. 
“What? You think you could use your hands for something better sweetheart?” It was your voice, making Jake snap his head towards you, watching as you had a burly man’s hands up against the wall, one of your knives lodged into his shoulder. The mad had been trying to pull his hands away from the wall, but every time he moved around the knife would find itself slipping further into the tissue. 
“Ahora cariño, no lastimes demasiado el ego del hombre.” Jake let out a small smirk as he walked towards the two of you, catching your eye as you smiled back at him. Jake would never admit it, but he was completely in love with you. He loved how you never judged him when he went a little overboard when killing someone, or when he would have those days where he would feel a little too broken, like he didn’t deserve to have you when Steven or Marc could have treated you better. 
Seeing you now, disheveled hair, blood slowly building under your eyebrow, a small split in your lip as you smirked back at him, slowly digging the knife deeper into the man’s shoulder, which caused a small scream of agony to slip through his lips, had been one of those moments Jake got where he just wanted to pull you into him and give you a kiss that told you everything he couldn’t. 
At the sound of his voice you gave a dazzling smile as you confidently stated back, “Bueno, tal vez se lo merece.” Jake had gotten beside you, keeping his eyes on the man he was about to question as you began telling him all the information you had gotten from him and the group of bodies that had been littered around the ground. 
“Alright, seems we’ve gotten what we’re getting out of him, cariño.” The man seemed to have gotten happy about that, thinking he would get away from the vicious couple. “Oh but it was such a short time to talk with our buddy here…” You had grabbed the man by his cheeks, shaking his head as he whipped his head back. “It’s been so long please. Please just let me go. I told you everything I know!” 
A mocking laugh fell out of your lips as you whispered, “I pity whoever you sleep with if you think these past 10 minutes have been long.” At the mockery, Jack had let out a small laugh as he grabbed your hand and pulled you away from the man, leaving him trapped against the wall with the knife lodged into his arm. 
“You never know when to keep your mouth shut, do you corazón?” 
Tumblr media
I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted, but I’m currently working on another fic when I saw this and got excited! 
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espinosaurusrexex · 2 days ago
Dying Isn't So Scary with You, Either
BuckyBarnes x female!reader
In which Bucky and Y/N have to put their deep late night conversation to the test.
This is part two of an imagine I posted. I guess it can be read independently, you just won't get all the references.
a/n: sobbing rn, please tell me what you think, because I was so pleased with how the first part came out, and I'm not sure if this one put the feels across just right
word count: 3k
warnings: angst, angst, oh and did I mention angst?, death of a character, mentions of blood, some cussing, and I guess a little fluff
Part One | Part Two
Tumblr media
I also recommend listening to 'the same' by mehro when reading this. It's so beautiful, and I listened to it while writing this, too.
The air was drowning in dust and smoke. Rubble of former buildings was surrounding the site and unfolding for the helicopters that were reporting the incident. There was screaming and alarms, motor noises, and explosions. Everything was chaos. 
Bucky had about 300 feet of broken cement beneath him, held up by god knows what, just waiting for the next blow to finally rip it apart.
“Take my hand!” He screamed as he reached over the edge of the building, his foot anchoring him to the roof. He was scared - deeply and utterly frightened seeing the person he loved hanging on by a thread.
“I can’t!” Y/N’s voice was broken and disrupted by heavy breathing. Her fingers probably lost feeling after the amount of time they had held onto the metal ledge, where sharp edges tore through her skin. “I can’t reach you, Bucky!” Her eyes glazed over with tears, but there was a determination within them, barely flushed by the salty water.
Bucky looked around frantically. “Hold on just a little longer!” The sound of blood rushing in his ears trumped the sounds of distant ambulances and helicopters and made everything seem like white noise. He had only one focus: Save Y/N. 
"Come on, Bucky. Think," he muttered to himself, angry and frustrated at the same time. He felt so scattered, as though he had no control of his thoughts, spilling worst-case scenarios over him from a big bucket of worry. He couldn't have that now. Looking around, he tried to silence his mind by occupying it with solutions - or the attempt to form them.
There was another building about 20 feet beneath him, if he could get down there, chances were high he could break Y/N’s fall - if she could hold on for that long. 
Unfortunately, there was no easy way down to the next building, and Bucky didn’t have time to look for something to help him ascend. So, he peeked over the edge. This was a bad idea. A very stupid, bad idea, but he didn't care about that. It was all he had come up with under the pressure he found himself under.
Watching the depth beneath him and ignoring the mental image of him smacking the floor with his head, Bucky mumbled a last 'fuck it' under his breath.
He took a couple steps backward, shot a look at the sky to take a deep breath, and then he ran. Once he had reached the end of the roof, he jumped forward, leaping to the next roof and falling for the remaining distance down. He rolled over his metal arm after he reached the floor, easing the pain from the impact. When he stood again, he saw Y/N barely hanging onto the metal ledge that reached over him now. 
One of her hands slipped as the building she was attached to began to stagger. A high-pitched scream escaped her mouth when she looked down at the 20 feet separating her from steady ground. She tried to get her hand back up, but the moving ledge made it difficult.
“Y/N, I’m right here!” Bucky screamed over the noises that had somehow gotten louder. “Just let go!”
“No!” Her head shook violently. She was scared, too. But Bucky knew that it wouldn’t affect her fighting for her life. She was strong and enduring. He just needed to remind her of that.
“You can do it! I know you can!”
Her eyes were pleading and Bucky could clearly see that she was hoping for another solution to present itself. But there was no other possibility. Y/N slipped further down the ledge as the building tumbled again. It was now or never.
Bucky opened his arms - held them away from him to be able to catch her. How he would really break her fall? - he didn’t know. But one thing was for sure: he would do anything to help her survive this. The serum in his veins had to be good for something. He’d rather break all his bones than see her have to deal with any type of pain - use his stupid powers for something good.
A final explosion ripped through the skyscraper with an ear-shattering ‘peng’, and just as it began to fall, Y/N let go. She fell along with the rubble. But other than the cement chunks, which eventually hit the ground and shattered hundreds of feet beneath Bucky, Y/N fell into a safe embrace. The force of her momentum was strong, and the Super Soldier struggled to protect her from scratches as they rolled across the roof until they came to a standstill. Bucky had cradled her body with his, legs and arms wrapped around her like a life west, her head securely tugged in his chest.
His heartbeat was pounding through his veins ferociously. He could feel it pulsing in his neck, toes, and fingers. It took a couple breaths to subside and finally, after he felt Y/N moving in his grasp, a wave of relief washed over Bucky.
“You did it.” He stammered as he wiped the dust from her forehead. Not that he had doubted her for a second.
“I’m so glad you’re alive.” His statement was followed by a warm kiss on Y/N’s temple before he unwrapped his body from hers. Watching as the tower tumbled to the ground with dust clouds climbing to the sky, Bucky squeezed her hand with his flesh one. 
Y/N’s breathing was rapid but steady, the shock of the situation etched onto her face as she watched the chaos she had escaped from. As Bucky squeezed her hand again, her breathing began to slow.
“Thank you.” Y/N averted her gaze from the ruins beneath them to the brunette beside her. “I couldn’t have done this without you.”
A smile painted her features when she got up and pulled him up with the hand still latched in his.
Bucky nodded in acknowledgment. He would have done everything and so much more to help her. And Y/N knew that, too. That’s why he didn’t feel the need to reply. He looked at her for another second, appreciating her lively eyes and warm smile. He could stay like this forever, holding her hand and catching her mesmerizing gaze with his eyes. But sadly, that had to wait until later, when they were safe and sound at the compound again. So Bucky turned around with reluctance, retracting his hand from her heated fingers to search for a way down.
He explored the roof for anything. A fire escape, a door - hell, even a window one story below would have done - but there was nothing. It was a dead end. The sirens surrounding them echoed in his skull, adding to the quickly built frustration of this situation and growing an unbearable headache.
“Fuck!” Bucky’s hands buried in his hair as he paced to another possible exit.
They had made it so far. And now? They let the lack of a ladder stop them. This was ridiculous. There were still people who needed saving, as well as idiots who needed to get their asses kicked. Bucky made another round to check for anything he had missed. He would certainly not be defeated by this inconvenience.
His vibranium hand was pulling on the door of an AC unit until his quest was interrupted by a strained voice.
“Bucky, I-” Y/N started, but her sentence was interrupted as she bent over, pushing her hand under her ribcage.
His instincts were on high alert again, flashing like a big bright 'DANGER' sign. She was in pain, though her expression fought to remain stoic. 
Bucky jumped at the sight before him, heading in Y/N’s direction - his prior plan seemingly forgotten. Everything was fine, right? She had made it. She did not fall to her death, he had saved her... right?
He searched her eyes for answers, desperate and hopeful to see her smile. But when Y/N looked up at him, Bucky’s blood ran cold. He had seen that look before. And it meant nothing good. 
Her eyes were wide open, her lips pressed together as her jaw wired shut. Darkness spread over her features, pained and unforgiving. There was nothing but utter fear within her usually bright orbs. It took up the color of her irises like a shadow, turning everything stone cold.
“What? What’s the matter?” Bucky’s movements were hectic as he reached for her shoulders, eyes roaming her entire body to figure out what was going on.
Y/N pressed her eyes shut with a grunt. Her knees gave out, and before Bucky knew it, she was falling back to the ground. He leaped forward, desperate to catch her, but just ended up on the floor next to her. He sat up quickly, eyes wide in horror at the body before him. What the hell happened?!
Then, Y/N’s hand moved slightly and that’s when he saw it: crimson red staining her suit in one decently sized blotch, growing bigger by the second.
Shit. Shitshitshit!
How did he not notice? How could he have been so careless? Had she been shot? Impaled? Bucky didn’t know. All he saw was red hot blood seeping from her torso. And judging by the look on her face, the adrenaline that had rushed through Y/N’s body just moments prior steadily subsided. This was bad - really fucking bad.
“Y/N, doll, you’re going to be fine, okay?” Panic surged up his spine. He cradled her head in his lap as his metal hand rushed to press on the open wound on her abdomen, drawing a pained hiss from her lips. “I’m so sorry. I’m- Nothing bad’s gonna happen, I promise.” He was trying to convince himself rather than console her at this point. He didn’t know what to do. He always knew what to do in battle, but right now, his mind was swept off rationale as it got occupied by fear.
“Bucky-“ He pushed some hair from her forehead as he looked down. “I will get you to an ambulance. It will be okay, I promise.”
"No, Bucky-“ But his panicked babbling made him unaware of the weak voice coming from her lips.
His head was racing with ways to get her down to the ground. How to move her without excruciating pain, and how to do it quickly before she had lost too much blood. Take the stairs? No, there were no stairs. Wait for a helicopter? Too risky - there was no time. “We could-“
“Bucky.” Y/N’s voice was stern and seemed as though she had put every last bit of strength into his name. His gaze drew back to her face at that - his eyes distressed and helpless. Y/N’s hand found his jaw, stroking it softly and gaining the last of his attention again. 
“It’s okay,” she whispered. And there was a certain peace in her features that made goosebumps travel up Bucky’s spine.
“But, but you’re bleeding. You-“ A sob broke through his speech. Something was off, he didn’t know what it was but deep down he felt, it was bad. It made itself known through a horrible feeling that squeezed his insides harshly and painfully.
Y/N smiled. “It doesn’t hurt,” was all she said as her eyes conveyed an uneasy calmness.
“What?” He didn’t know why he asked that dumb question. But in hopes of denying what he thought her words meant, it had slipped his mouth. This couldn’t mean anything good at all. She was hosting a hole the size of a quarter in her body and claimed to feel okay - she clearly wasn’t.
“It’s okay,” she soothed again, her thumb still drawing weak circles on his skin. And even though her hand was warm on his skin, a fast wave of goosebumps spread down his body. It was dread. Burning hot and heart-wrenching fear that settled deep within him.
“No,” Bucky whispered, tears streaming down his face, “we will get you down here, and then we will be back in the compound. Sitting on the roof like last time. Remember?”
This was not the end. He couldn’t accept that. They had defeated death so many times before - it would work this time as well. It had to. There was so much he wanted to experience with Y/N - so many moments in the future he had dreamed of once this was all over. This was not how it was supposed to end. Not here, not now.
But Y/N shook her head weakly, her eyelids looked like they were heavy with sleep.
“No, please,” Bucky’s voice broke as his hand cradled her head tighter to his body, “please don’t leave me.” I don’t know what I’ll do without you, he added in thought - pained and already devastated by the knowledge of what was to come. There was no way he would survive in this world alone - not after he had gotten to experience how life could be… with her.
“I’ll be with you,” Y/N whispered. It was barely audible and everything seemed to happen in slow motion. “Right here,” her hand lowered to his chest, resting on his heartbeat, “remember? It’s the best place I could be, too.” Y/N smiled weakly, her eyes droopy and gray before her breathing began to grow heavy.
“No, no!” His second hand came up to her face, staining her cheek with deep-red blood as he brushed over a single tear falling from the corner of her eye.
“I love you.” Her mouth barely moved, but there was definitely a somewhat representation of a smile in her statement.
Bucky pressed his forehead to hers. “I love you, too. I love you. I love you. I love you,” he muttered like a mantra.
And then her hand fell from his chest. Bucky tried to catch it in time to press it back on his skin, hoping his rapid heartbeat would revive it again, but it was too late. His hand met his chest as his eyes fell on the lifeless wrist beneath him. He clenched his fist in his shirt.
Pain. The most unbearable pain he had ever felt in his entire life. Nothing compared to the things Hydra put him through. This, somehow, felt more real to him. It started out as a mental spark and then transformed into real physical misery. His heart felt squeezed, and it sent sharp shockwaves to the parts of his body that were still touching her, holding her, keeping her safe in vain.
A sudden shiver overcame him as he was slowly pulled from reality. This was all he had now. A part of her soul within him. And he knew exactly where it had settled. Because warmth mixed with the aching in his heart and somehow soothed the rest of his body - strengthening him when he felt like falling apart.
A static overtook his ears then, erasing every other noise in his surroundings. And for the first time, Bucky realized how lonely it was up on the rooftop - when all of the environment was shut down, leaving a tunnel vision leading towards the horizon to unfold before him.
The view was nice - beautiful, even. Y/N would have loved it, Bucky thought as he watched the sun go down beneath the compound. He did that a lot, now. Thinking of the things Y/N would have enjoyed if she were still here. But she wasn’t. And it still broke his heart, it would probably never stop doing that.
“How are you holding up, pal?” Steve’s hand laid on Bucky’s shoulder, and Bucky concentrated on its weight to stay grounded. 
“I should have saved her,” he whispered, “I promised her that nothing bad was gonna happen.” And it lay guilty on his chest. He had lied to her. He should have noticed her wound before she even fell off the edge. He should have prevented it, maybe even taken the hit instead of her. But he didn’t. Hell, he couldn’t even remember when it happened that day.
“Hey, everything was chaotic that day. None of us would have noticed.”
This conversation had taken place over and over again during the past few weeks. And even though Bucky was pretty sure that everyone had already grown tired of his moping, Steve didn't let it show at all. He was there, by his side. And he made sure to tell him that that would never stop. Bucky tried to hold onto that promise, but he knew, promises could get broken and fate could be vicious with the people it took from him.
Bucky’s head fell back as he closed his eyes with his arms crossed. He took a deep breath and when he opened them again, they landed in the orange sky above him. He had heard that sentence too many times now. None of us would have noticed. This Super Soldier serum must have been good for something. All his senses were heightened, and yet, it didn’t help him at all. Y/N was gone - at least physically. Bucky grabbed his chest at that thought, feeling for his steady heartbeat, reminding him of the little consolation he carried with him every day.
Steve sat beside him on the roof and watched as Bucky slung his other arm around his knees, looking ahead into the distance.
“You know what they say,” the brunette started low, not averting his gaze from the horizon, “When you die, a piece of your soul stays with the person you spent your last moment with.” His voice was shaky as he recited Y/N’s words.
Steve was silent for a moment, directing his gaze to the setting sun as well.
“You think that’s true?” He asked after a while, curiosity evident in his tone.
And finally, after weeks of grief and sadness, Bucky smiled, as he realized what the answer was. His hand pressed deeper into his chest, rubbing on his shirt slowly. It was warm and it tingled.
“I know it’s true.”
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khonshus-wife · a day ago
Tumblr media
You can’t tell me this isn’t Matt Murdock
From tiktok: ambrosepets
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professorrw · 10 hours ago
Hello!! Is it possible to ask for a (fem) reader x Bucky, (Chaotic besties that make out sometimes) where reader has the ability to heat up any part of her body to 100+ C degrees, (Can't catch on fire w/ out a bit've help, and if she uses it to much she gets a horrid fever, or 3rd degree burns) and she uses it during battle, for the first time in front of everyone, and scares most of the avengers because "How did she melt the creatures skin and grab it's heart?? WTF??"
very interesting concept i've got to say 😂
marvel masterlist
Title: You Can Set My Heart on Fire
Pairing: female reader x Bucky Barnes
Warnings: injuries, some gore, and chaotic besties
A/N: Requests open, check my request rules and who I write for that’s linked on my navigation! My taglist is open and I would love it if you would like, comment, and reblog!
Tumblr media
the Avengers know you have powers but don't know the full extent. other than Tony who recruited you after reading a file on you from SHIELD
you got in some trouble after having a meltdown (literally) and had to go into rehabilitation for a while before you got recruited.
you were a teen whenever the meltdown happened, and you didn't get much contact with other people so you're living your life to the fullest now. even though you're 26 when you join the Avengers you're still pretty lively and fiery (also literally)
when you joined the Avengers you were introduced to everyone, including Bucky, who was VERY quiet at first
you saw his shyness as a challenge and for two years (yes two years, he was a tough nut to crack) you made it your job to get him to open up
it worked, and in the process you guys became best friends
Steve thinks you influenced him a little too much because you're both kind of reckless and do dumb things sometimes
don't let alcohol anywhere near you two
the first time you two made out it was because you were drunk
that wasn't the reason the second, third, fourth... you get it.
what you two had going on was very convenient. you came and went as you pleased and didn't have many strings attached. you were still besties, but whenever you wanted someone to spend the night with you could go to each other
you found Bucky extremely attractive, and he also found you very attractive. you were also the only person that was dead set on getting him to become your friend instead of judging him for his past actions.
missions with the whole squad were very fun. you and Buck tag teamed and dicked around (but still got work done of course)
the first time you used the full extent of your powers was three years into you becoming an Avenger
normally you wouldn't need to use the full extent. you didn't want to use the full extent because you knew it wouldn't be pretty
but that particular mission was difficult. you were exhausted and had been fighting for what felt like forever.
you were already burning up and your skin was starting to blister.
unfortunately for the monster running towards you, you were aggravated. in less than a second you heated your arms up as much as you possibly could and grabbed the monster, burning through its flesh and gripping its heart. you ripped the monster in half and threw the burning heart at the next approaching creature.
you weren't aware that a couple of the Avengers were looking your way, but when you heard a "Ho-ly shit" from Bucky you turned around and saw everyone staring at you in awe
"What?" you asked, out of breath
"Didn't know you could do that," Clint said. "That's cool- wait are you supposed to be on fire?"
you looked down at your arms and lo and behold, they were aflame
you waved your arms around and swatted at your skin, which seared from the developing third degree burns
Bucky ran to help you, and together you put the fire out.
"This doesn't look too good doll," he said.
"I'm alright," you smiled
"Y/N," Bucky said, looking at you with a no bullshit face
"Okay maybe it hurts a little," you confessed. you were trying to brush it off so Bucky wouldn't worry. but it did hurt pretty bad.
"Uhuh. We'll take care of this when we get home."
the rest of the Avengers finished off the rest of the creatures while you took it easy (curtesy of Buck)
when you got home Bucky took you straight to his room.
"Wait here, I'll be right back sweetheart."
"Fiiiine," you grumbled.
a few minutes later he returned with bandages, an IV (who let him have that? you thought), and multiple ointments
he sat beside you on his bed and applied the creams to your forearms.
you winced
"Sorry," he whispered.
"It's okay. Thank you for helping me Buck," you said.
"Anytime doll. I don't like seeing you hurt." he looked up at you, taking his attention away from your arm
he looked at you so tenderly you couldn't help but kiss him. he immediately reciprocated, cupping your cheeks
without thinking you put your hand on the bed but regretted it almost instantly. you cursed
"You better take it easy on that arm," he teased.
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Shadows of the Past
Part 36 (Part 35) 
“Can we talk inside?” Thor gestures to your office.
You nod quickly and open the door for him. Before he can take a seat, you close the door an ask him again, “Is Loki OK? He was gone when I got up and he didn’t respond to my texts.”
“Sit down, Y/N,” he says, pointing to the chair next to him.
“I don’t want to sit, I want you to tell me what happened,” you try not to yell but you are having a hard time staying calm.  “Please, tell me he’s ok,” you urge as you start to pace around your office while you think nervously.
Your mind has started racing, all your fears coming to the surface.  What would have caused him to disappear in the middle of the night and then not answer you all morning?  You worry Loki might somehow have gotten injured while training this morning with Thor.  You knew sometimes they accidently hurt each other while sparing, what if it was worse than usual?  You imagine him being called away on a mission in the middle of the night and not being able to come back because... you can’t even finish that thought.  
Thor sits but you continue to pack back and forth.  “Loki is in my room.  You need to talk to him,” he says, sounding serious.
“About what?” you ask him as you stop pacing.  
“He wants to leave Y/N,” he says.
“That doesn’t make any sense... leave and go where?”  Everything had been going so well, you and Loki were perfect together... weren’t you?  You wonder if you had missed something, if maybe he wasn’t really as happy as you thought he was.
You look at Thor.  “Wait... does this have to do with my nightmare last night?” you ask him, its the only thing you can think of.
“No...,” you shake your head.  
Thor nods, “He says it was about him, that he was hurting you.”
“I told him that couldn’t have been it,” Thor says as he stands up.  You look at him and then the ground in front of you, unable to hold eye contact.  “Wait... no, it was about him?” he asks, he sounds as if he doesn’t believe you. 
You bite you lip and turn away from him.  “It was but...,” you say in a low voice.
“What do you mean?” he walks over to you.  You turn, walking past him so you can take a seat at your desk.  You put your head in your hands.  “Y/N, what does that mean?” he asks again, standing over you.
“The nightmare started out like it did so many times,” you tell him.  “I was on the helicarrier and he had just escaped... He looked like Loki but he was different, it was his eyes, they weren’t Loki’s.  They were empty and cold and...” you shake your head. 
Thor moves quietly back to the seat he was in before as you continue, “And I knew it wasn’t my Loki.  It was the one who was under the control of the mind stone.  He came for me, slowly and deliberately like always.  He grabbed me by the throat and picked me up, squeezing harder and harder.  There wasn’t anything I could do.  I kicked and tried to fight back but I couldn’t...”
Thor looks at you sympathetically, sometimes you forget that he was there when it happened.  He had been tricked into being locked in the glass cell when he charged at Loki as he escaped.  When you were in the hospital, right after it happened, you would hear Thor pounding on the glass and trying to get Loki to stop in your nightmares.  
“I couldn’t breath, his grip was so tight but then... I saw Loki, my Loki.  He pulled him off of me and...” you look at Thor, fighting back tears.  “The one who had been hurting me, he looked so angry.  He threw Loki aside and kept trying to come for me but Loki wouldn’t let him.  No matter how hard he tried, Loki always got between us and was trying to protect me but he was getting so hurt...”
“Y/N... I’m sorry,” Thor says.
You nod slowly, “I didn’t want to talk to him about it when he woke me up.  I just, wanted to hold onto him and know he was ok.”
"You have to tell Loki this,” he said quietly. "He needs to understand what it was about... he thinks you are still afraid of him because he is a monster. Y/N, he asked me to take him to Asgard."
"Asgard? No, he can't go there... isn't the deal that he needs to stay here or... or go to the dungeons?" you ask Thor as you stand up.
He nods, "That's why you need to talk to him. I already tried, all night I talked to him but he sounds so lost."
"He's still in your room?" you ask as you walk past him towards the door.
"Yes, I told him he needed to talked to you but... he seemed scared to. As if he thought you would just confirm his worst fears," Thor says.
You shake your head, unable to believe Loki is so close to leaving, to throwing everything away just because he is afraid to talk to you. "Why... why can't he just talk to me? All I want is for him to trust me," you say, more to yourself than to Thor.
He shrugs, "Loki has been through a lot and he hasn't dealt with most of it. He was lied to, betrayed, tortured... for a long time after the Battle of New York, I didn't even recognize him. He was a shell of who he used to be. I thought..." Thor sighs and walks towards you. "I thought when he found Sarah that things would be different. That he would be who he used to be and he was... for a time. I never told him this because I never saw a point in it but... but I never thought Sarah was right for him. She never cared for him the way he cared for her, I had thought she was just a selfish person. Taking advantage of how lonely he was and how much he wanted someone to love him but obviously we know what she was really doing was so much worse."
You stand there looking at Thor, “Y/N... when Loki is with you, I see my brother again.  The way he used to be, before all of this happened.  I know he loves you and he would never hurt you... and I think you know that too.  You have to talk to him, get him to talk to you.”
You nod wordlessly and without thinking you take a few steps forward and grab Thor in a tight hug.  He takes a second but hugs you back, “It’ll be ok Y/N, go talk to him.  He’s waiting for you.” You let go of him and leave your office as quickly as you can, not sure if you thanked him or not. 
You pace anxiously around Thor’s room, waiting for Y/N.  You had spent the night talking to your brother and as much as you hated to admit it... he was right, about everything.  You were being a coward and using this as an excuse to not let Y/N in.  You run your fingers through your hair as you hear the doorknob turning.  
“Loki,” the voice from the doorway calls to you.  
You stop pacing, turning slowly, "Y/N... I-”
“You are the biggest idiot I have ever met!” she says angrily as she slams the door closed.
You look at her, suddenly too stunned to speak.  She walks quickly towards you and continues, “Were you really going to throw everything we have together away because I had a nightmare?”
“Y/N, please... I-” again you try to say something but she keeps speaking.
“No, no I’m going to talk and you’re going to listen, since apparently you forgot how to talk to me,” she tells you.  She sounds angry but you can hear her voice cracking, she looks like she has been crying.   “Do you have any idea how worried I was?  You were just gone and then you didn’t answer my texts... I thought something had happened to you.  I thought you had left for training or a mission without telling me and then when Thor was waiting for me... I thought you had gotten hurt or worse.”
You take a step towards her, taking away the last of the distance between the two of you.  She can’t hold back her tears any longer, looking down at the floor, she lets them flow freely.  You reach out for her slowly, gently touching her cheek to wipe away her tears.
She looks up at you slowly, your hand sliding down her cheek to her chin.  “You can’t do that, you don’t get to just leave me,” she says, her arms crossed around herself.  
“Loki... I don’t want to lose you, especially over something so stupid.  You thought I regretted being with you when you couldn’t find my note, you think I’m afraid of you because of some dream... I don’t know how many more times you need me to tell you that I’m here.  I’m here and I’m not going anywhere,” she says as you put your arms around her, holding her as tightly as you can.  
You rest your cheek on the top of her head and she uncrosses her arms slowly, hugging you tight.  She clings to you as if you are just going to disappear, you can feel her shaking softly.  You take a deep breath and finally say, “Y/N, you are right... about everything, especially me being an idiot.”
“The biggest idiot ever,” she corrects you, talking into your chest like she always did when you hugged her.  You try not to smile but you can’t help it, she was always so cute without even trying.
“Y/N... I am by far the biggest idiot in the nine realms.  I can’t tell you how sorry I am... I just-” you stop and she looks up at you.  You didn’t even realize you were crying until she used her thumb to wipe away a stray tear.  “I love you Y/N, so much.  More then I could put into words.  I know, I should have told you sooner... I’ve wanted to tell you, every day since your surgery but I was worried you didn’t feel the same or that it was too soon... and I guess a part of me still thinks I don’t deserve to be happy, to have someone who will loves me-”
She cuts you off, putting her arms around your neck she reaches up to kiss you.  Y/N pulls back, still on her toes and smiles at you.  “Mischief, I love you too,” she says and you can feel your heart jump in your chest.  She runs her fingers through your hair, “I’m sorry that its still easier for you to think the worst but I promise I’m not going anywhere.  And I’m not afraid of you, I feel safe when I’m with you.  I know you would never let anything happen to me... that’s what my dream was about.”
“It was?” you ask her.  She nods and tells you about her nightmare while you hold her in your arms.  
When she finishes she smiles at you, “If I was scared of you, would I have wanted you to hold me when I woke up?”
You shake your head no and now you really do feel like the biggest idiot in the nine realms.  You could have lost her forever because you were too scared to talk to her, to tell her you loved her... 
“I love you Loki,” she says again.  You smile at her, knowing you’ll never get tired of hearing that.  You bend down and kiss her, putting one hand on the back of her neck and the other on her lower back.  She puts both arms around you and holds you tight as she kisses you back.  You kiss her harder, your hand on her lower back wrapping around her waist as you pick her up easily.  She giggles a little as she puts her legs around you.  
You break the kiss just long enough to say, “I love you Y/N,” then you kiss her again and again.  You walk through Thor’s room and put Y/N against the nearest wall you can find.  Pinning her there, her legs still wrapped around you.  You start to kiss down her jaw and her neck.  She moans softly as you kiss her exposed skin, one of her hands pulling gently at your hair.  
A knock on the door stops you in your tracks and you look up from Y/N.  Thor is standing in the doorway with a smirk on his face.  “So... it looks like you two talked which is great but... could you not do what you are about to do in my living room?” he asks.
Y/N laughs, burying her face in your neck as you groan.  How is it that Thor always seems to have the worst timing, you think to yourself.  You can feel how red her cheeks are as you set her back down.  “Thanks Thor, we were just leaving,” she says as she grabs your hand and pulls.  You follow quickly, nodding at your brother as you close the door behind you.
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