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#marvel fanfiction

Chapter Five - Ghosts of My Past


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Nurse!Reader

Updates : Every Thursday

Word Count: 4206

Chapter Warning: Minor Medical Procedures, Anxiety, Angst, Fluff

Warnings: Medical Procedures, Whump, Mentions of Death, Sickness, Anxiety, Depression, Angst, Fluff

Series Summary: The coma patient in room 212 is an enigma. Nothing is known about him save for the single scrap of paper that was found in his pocket after he was brought in one warm summer night, following his collapse outside the Smithsonian. He has no name and no visitors, except for the night nurse that sees something in him, and gives him something to fight for.

Bucky’s never laid eyes on the girl, but he finds himself falling for her. Perhaps, love really is blind after all.

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Season Of The Witch - Part 3

Summary: Your witchy abilities get you in quite a bit of trouble from time to time… But this time you don’t mind so much. 

Pairing: Bucky x reader 

Warnings: Swearing, Anxious reader, implied smut but still 18+ pleasee! 

Word Count: 2.7k

Author’s Note: Hey you guys! Hope everyone is having a good week so far! It’s been a long couple few days here, but I’m feeling productive today so here we are. Happy reading! Please like and reblog if youve read, your support means so much to me! 

Thank you forever to @cutie1365​ for all her help and advice on this fic. She’s killing it and you should definitely go check out her work! 


You sat, defeated and mentally drained in the wreckage that was your bedroom floor. After you ripped almost everything out of your closet it was decided, you simply could not go tonight. All you wanted to do was sink into the floor and let the miss-matched fabric swallow you whole without surrender. It could be the idea of spending the night surrounded by screaming thoughts… It could also be the frigid rejection you had received earlier from Bucky, but either way your fate was sealed. It was better if you just bailed. Peter would be disappointed he wouldn’t have someone to escape the ‘adult-ier adults’ with him, but he would understand. Wanda, however, would not be so forgiving. 

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·         a/n: a quick one-shot based on the prompt for day seven from the official fictober prompt list. this is set shortly before the events of Thor (2011) so we have a lovely time in the courts of Asgard with both princes. and I totally used a line from pride and prejudice (2005) in here, hehe oops. also, i realized i write a lot of garden scenes. oh well. xD


·         fanfic or original work: fanfic

·         fandom: marvel (mcu)

·         prompt: (#7) “yes, I did, what about it?”

·         warnings: jealousy, arguing, language

·         word count: 2.3k

·         music: Can You See Jane? by Patrick Doyle

The echo of Loki’s boots pounding against the marble floors of the palace resounded down the corridors of the royal wing like the beating of a war drum. The servants he passed averted his gaze to the shadows of their own feet. The guards posted along the doorways stiffened. A dense buzz of furious energy poured from his countenance as he carried himself with as much haste as his anger would afford him. His lips were taut and his eyes narrowed.

His knuckles turned white as he tightened his fingers into fists and rapped harshly on the door to his brother’s chambers. As he waited for a response, his lungs quivered as he tried to even his breathing. He knocked again when his patience ran thin, “Thor! Open this door!”

The thudding of Thor’s heavier footfalls muffled through the door and grew louder as he approached. Loki vaguely heard the words of quick excuse his brother delivered as he turned the latch and opened the door to reveal himself. Upon seeing him, Loki’s rage intensified.

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Pairing: Fighter!Bucky Barnes x Castle!Reader

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, death, overprotective brother, name calling, violence, strong language, and secrets.

Bucky had everything, he was sitting on top of the world. Till it all  came crashing down around him, accident, after accident. He lost  everything and found home at rock bottom.                    

Till she walked into his life.                  

She’s  just as broken as him. Covered in secrets and damage. He’s only ever  lost one fight, and he’d be damned if that happened again. For her, he’d  go against all odds and anyone in his way.                

He’s coming for everything that made his world, and this time, there wasn’t a chance in hell it was crashing down on him again.

Tag List Is open!!


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An Unconventional Idea

Summary: Pretty much that ^

Word count: 570

Warnings: Language, flashing

Author’s note: Anon knows what they want, I respect the hell out of that my guy

You were sprinting as fast as you could, occasionally glancing over your shoulder to catch glimpses of your pursuer. Sam and Bucky had narrowly avoided being incapacitated by this red-suited, web-shooting adversary earlier, but in their panic to escape, they’d accidentally lead him straight to you and Steve. 

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If anyone sees this and has a fan fic prompt/headcannnon they would like filled just send a request! I am fairly well versed in movies, books, and tv shows. My main areas are with Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the MCU in terms of movies. For tv shows there are a whole host of fandoms I write for, so feel free to just ask! I love writing for people, it brings great joy!

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Ooooh, I’m feeling it 😈

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Prompt: “I’m not afraid of you.”

Warnings: Vampire!Tony. Death threats.

WC: 326


Originally posted by kane52630

“I’m not afraid of you.”

Tony clucked his tongue and lifted his eyebrows, gaze disbelieving as it swept over your form. “Well, that’s a bit silly, isn’t it?”

He was enjoying it - making you squirm. His eyes held a delighted glow, as though you were telling him the hottest gossip he’d heard all year.

He leant back against the side of the couch opposite where you were seated, hands casually pressed into his pockets.

“You know I could kill you, right?” He grinned, flashing those razor sharp fangs, almost as if he was proving his point. “One wrong move and that’s it - it’s all over for you.”

You swallowed down the instinctive fear building in your chest. “You’re not going to hurt me.”

“You don’t know that.” He shrugged. You could feel his gaze on your neck. It turned your cheeks hot.

He breathed in slowly, eyelids fluttering at the smell of your blood raising to below the surface of your skin.

“I want to help,” you croaked, moving towards him despite the urge that screamed at you to move away. “How long has it been since you… ate?”

He pursed his lips at your use of words, eyes flashing open to watch you again. Up close, you could see a frantic edge to his focus.

“It’s been… a little while. I’m pushing it.” He huffed out a laugh, “All the more of a reason for you to not offer yourself up like this.”

You pushed yourself to your feet, crossing the short distance between the two of you and stepping into his space. His eyes flashed with something dark when your hands slid over his chest, up to his shoulders where you held on.

“You’re not going to hurt me. I’m not afraid of you.”

He was battling with the idea, obvious in the way his hands came to rest on your hips, yet his breathing halted - trying not to be pulled in by your scent.

Another push, then.

You pressed yourself up to his body, stepping between his legs and letting your arms wind around his neck. Once you were sure he wouldn’t let you fall, you tilted your head back, presenting the smooth expanse of your jugular to his lips.

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Pillow talk


Originally posted by cardamomblessing

A/N: This was so much fun to write!

Fluffy Prompts

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Tony Stark Taglist - @patheticallysentimental  @raspberrymama @ladyeliot @boop-le-snoot

Everything Taglist – @godofplumsandthunder  @ladyacrasia @agustdowney @swaggysposts @littlegasps @little-baby-vixen  @another-stark-sub @supraveng @kahlanmars @marvelgirl7

“What about Thor?”

Your fingers traced over the cool metal of Tony’s arc reactor as you questioned him quietly, the back of his fingers moving soothingly across your skin as you both laid in bed together, a little exhausted from your activities, but not enough to make you drowsy just yet.

“The demi-God? What if he breaks me with a single arm because I didn’t do it right?” he replied before joining your hearty laughter.

You didn’t really know when the conversation had gone from the best sex you’d ever had to choosing which Avenger to fuck in a hypothetical situation. Frivolous as it was, you were enjoying yourself immensely, mainly because Tony chose to stay in bed with you instead of flitting off in his lab.

“What about good old Capsicle?” this time he directed the question to you. Flattening your palm against his chest, you looked up, appearing to be thinking hard.

“Umm, I don’t know. I think he’d be too nervous to really do stuff you know? I’m pretty sure he hasn’t thawed in that department yet, if you know what I mean…”

You couldn’t get the sentence out fast enough before you burst into a fit of giggles once again as Tony hugged you closer and placed a kiss to your temple.

“I bet Natasha would be down for it!”

“I believe the Russian spy would be fine…”

You both spoke at the same time before stopping mid-sentence to look at the other with raised eyebrows.

“And Wanda?” Tony added making you scrunch your face in disbelief.

“She’s just a kid Tony! What’s wrong with you?”

“It’s only hypothetical honey! It’s not like I’m going over with my proposition, only to have my ass kicked by the android I built!”

That made you slap his chest lightly and shake your head at the sheer incredulousness.

“Well I’d consider Rhodey for—”

“Eww! My best friend?” he interrupted, dramatically leaning away from you faking disgust.

“Oh you’re grossed out by that but have no issues including a minor in your list?” you shot back.

Tony’s mouth opened and closed wordlessly, he had no comeback to that. That was a first!

“You’re lucky I love you Stark.” you pulled him back towards you, placing your head in the crook of his neck.

He shrugged before turning the light off and enveloping you in his embrace.

“Hmm yeah. I’m the lucky one here.”

Even in darkness you could make out that smirk of his as you poked at his side harshly making him squirm away.

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Originally posted by avengerscompound

A/N: I thought I’d give writing for Steve a shot, since I have 3 Tony Stark ones coming up! What do you think?

Fluffy Prompts

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Everything Taglist – @godofplumsandthunder  @ladyacrasia @agustdowney @swaggysposts @littlegasps @little-baby-vixen  @another-stark-sub @supraveng @kahlanmars @marvelgirl7

Steve clutched the drink in his hand tightly as his eyes were fixed on your form leaning against the bar counter laughing at some tall, rather handsome man’s joke. He was some random guy who had swooped in at Stark’s party and apparently made you giggle after every sentence.

Sam nudged him, concealing his smirk before speaking up, “You know she’s not gonna stop just by you staring daggers at them.”

That seemed to make Steve blink away and fidget around before taking a long drink from the beer bottle that had its label torn away in the process.

“You know how I am talking to girls, Sam. I don’t have the moves or charm.”

Even after years of acclimating to the current times, Steve Rogers was still the short, timid guy on the inside, who never had the guts to speak to women.

“So you’re just gonna sit back and let that guy sweet talk his way into (Y/N)’s pants?”

“I don’t like you speaking that way about (Y/N).” he replied sternly, the green monster huffing in his belly, urging him to do something.

“She has no idea you’ve been pining after her for months Rogers. Look, you don’t have to be all suave and gimmicky, honesty never fails.” Sam shrugged, soon joined by Natasha.

“Hello boys, are we watching our fellow Avenger flirt her way into that man’s pants?” she wondered out loud, earning a chortle from Sam and an eye-roll from Steve.

“Why does everyone keep talking like that, so inappropriate.” Steve blushed a little, shuffling his feet, hoping to change the subject.

“You know, she has a thing for you right Cap? She’s told me, on several occasions.” Nat mentioned casually, perching on the seat behind, sipping her martini.

“She does? What did she say?” Steve’s ears perked up, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief at the newly acquired information.

You liked him!

“What? Are we in high school? Go talk to her.” Nat smirked before giving Steve a little shove in your direction.

Steve took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves before downing the beer and walking towards you in determination.

“Atta boy!”

“What about you, little miss? You leaving Banner for me?” Sam wiggled his eyebrows at her before his eyes skimmed across the room to find Bruce standing within hearing range.

Sam swiftly got up and left the two alone as he watched Steve across the room grab you by your elbow whispering something in your ear that made you blush furiously with a shocked yet relieved expression on your face.

Atta boy.

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This is a post inspired by the wonderful fic “I love to suck […]” by @rabentochter and Raven_Ehtar on ao3. A short summary would probably be “Tony drives by an Anti-gay protest so he leans out of his car and yells “I love to suck dick!!!” and of course someone takes a pictrure and posts it online. Naturally he becomes a world wide meme - not that he minds.” 
Pls ignore the background because I kinda suck at backgrounds and this is already my second attempt but I’ll practice, I promise xD 
I have also never drawn a car in my entire lifetime so if there’s someone looking at it who actually knows stuff about cars pls be gentle with me xD 

@rabentochter Since there was even less to do than I originally thought you won’t have to wait until 11pm xD I hope you and your co-writer like it!!!

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A/N: Oh my gosh thanks for the request. I don’t know if this particularly counts a “fluffy” but it does have a happy ending and it is a part two to We’ll Find A Way, I promise. This was also loosely inspired by Just The Two of Us by Bill Withers and Grover Washington Jr. and the 3rd point on this tumblr post. Any feedback is appreciated! -Kay

WC: 1400-ish, Yes I know the sequel is longer than the original. 

Warnings: Not much just some references to alcohol

You walked hand and hand with Peter down the halls of his fancy Ivy League school. One that looked like it had just come straight out of a Jane Austen book. Somehow the click of your heels on the white porcelain tile sounded a little crisper than anywhere else in the city and the school’s air smelled a little fresher than the air even in Central Park. 

Peter took bigger strides than usual. You were almost walking twice as fast just to keep up with him.  He was so in his head about being on time to his presentation. You could feel the nervousness radiating off of him, he was being much more nervous than usual, hell he was probably the most nervous he had ever been in his life. He looked down at the thick stack of papers in his other hand. They were labeled: The Exploration of the BioPhysics Used in the Stark Industries Sonic Cannon. He studied them again for the fourth time since the two of you had walked in the building. 

“Peter, it’s gonna be okay,” You gave his hand a little squeeze to reassure him.

“Are you sure?” He asked, “What if I forgot something? What if I forgot my flash drive with my powerpoint on it?”

“You’ll be fine Peter,” You laughed a little, “We packed three extra flash drives with three identical copies of your powerpoint on each flashdrive,”

“Are you sure all the flash drives work? What if one doesn’t work when I get up there?”

“Than you won’t use that one and you’ll just try the next one,”

“Do you think I practiced enough times?”

“Peter, I let you practice in front of my students every week for an entire semester, I think they know more about Biophysics than your entire committee combined,” You laughed again. 

“What if there’s a spelling mistake somewhere? Or the committee doesn’t like the font I used?” He continued to panic about the small details as the two of you walked up to the meeting room where he would be defending his doctorate dissertation in. 

“Peter, you had me, MJ, Ned, Aunt May, Pepper, and Dr. Banner triple-check your presentation, your notes, and your handouts for any errors,” You said, trying to help calm him, “And you choose New Times Roman, how can you go wrong with that when you’re talking to a bunch of smarty-pants scientists?”

“Okay okay, I get it, I’m just really nervous, that’s all,” Peter said quietly as the two of you stood right in front of the doors to the board room, his feet still pedaling in place due to how nervous he was, “Do I look okay?”

“You look really handsome,” You responded, tucking his little fly away curls behind his ears and straightening his tie. You took note of how much Peter resembled his uncle in the few pictures Aunt May had shown you. 

“Will you be here when I come back out? Do you have anywhere else you need to be?” He asked anxiously before looking down at his papers again. 

“I’m gonna be right here Peter, and if you ever get nervous while you’re in there, just remember I’m right out here, it’s just the two of us” You smiled. You took your fingers and pulled his gaze up from his papers giving him a small kiss. 

“Okay,” He pulled you in close for one last hug, taking in your words, “Well, wish me luck?”

“You don’t need luck Peter,” You said before leaning onto the tip of your toes to kiss him again, you found yourself smiling against his lips, “You gonna kill it,”

He nodded slowly, “I am, aren’t I?” He smiled. It was the first thing he had said all morning with confidence. 

“Go get’em Spiderman,”

Two Hours Later

You were in the process of grading what seemed like your millionth book report of “Animal Farm” when Peter walked out the doors. You shoved everything that had been sitting on your lap aside and rushed to his side.

“Hey, how was it?” You asked, wrapping your arms around him before guiding him to the bench you had been sitting at. 

“It was a lot,” Peter responded, running his hands through his hair, still very clearly on edge, “But I think I got through it in once piece,”

“Did the committee say anything to you?”

He shook his head, “After my presentation they grilled me with a bunch of questions for about an hour and then they just asked me to step out, and now they’re discussing whether or not I’ll get my degree,”

“I’m sure you did amazing Peter,” You tried to reassure him, your hand cupping his cheek. 

“But what if I didn’t? I mean that dissertation was six years of my life, what if it wasn’t good enough for them?” His foot started tapping rapidly, bouncing up and down, “If I fail that means everything we put off for six years was for nothing, I could’ve had a secure job now and we wouldn’t be struggling to make rent on a one-bedroom apartment in Queens every month,”

“Peter, that doesn’t matter, you gave it everything you had,” You said and then kissed him, resting your forehead against his. 

“But I mean what if-”

“Peter, it’ll be okay, we’ll be okay,” You clarified. 

“Are you positively sure? How do you know?”

“Yes I’m sure, and I just know,” You answered his questions.

He shook his head a little with a small smile on his lips, “How do you do it dear? How do you just know?” He asked, his body slouching down and leaning against yours.   

“Because it’s you and I, just the two of us, and we’ll make it if we try,” You replied, “We’ve survived bad guys, world-ending apocalypses, and everything in between, who says this city is gonna get the best of us?”

“So this right now, it’s just a little rain, right?” He asked, although his tone made his word come out as more of a plea as he folded his hands together in his lap.

“This is not at all a storm,” You sighed. 

“Mister Parker,” One of the assistants you assumed popped his head out of the door, “The committee is ready to speak to you on their decision,”

Peter stood up again, straightening out the folds in his jacket and adjusting his cuffs, his hands slightly trembled as he did, “Do I still look okay?”

“I’d say you look like you could use a drink, You giggled before standing up next to him, “But you’re still very handsome,”

You tucked in his loose curls that had fallen out from behind his ears again and then straightening his tie again. 

“I love you,” Peter said.

“I love you,” You repeated back, “And you got this doctorate degree in the bag,”

1 Hour Later

Peter slowly waltzed his way out of the room with the rest of his committee and a few other individuals. His eyes eagerly scanning the hallway for you. 

“Peter over here!” You called out to him, standing up from the bench where you had finally finished grading. 

His eyes landed on you and he smiled instantly. He checked to make sure the rest of his committee was at least halfway down the hall and out of hearing range before running up to you. He immediately engulfed you in the biggest hug. His arms wrapping around your waist to lift you and then spinning you around a couple times. 

“Guess who is now officially Doctor Peter Parker?” He said before setting you down. 

“No, what?” You cheered, you hands cupped his cheeks, “See I told you that you’d kill your presentation”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,I really couldn’t have done it without you, you know? I love you so, so much,” He said as he peppered your face with kisses. 

“I love you too Spiderman,” You smiled, “Now come on, Ned and MJ are waiting at a bar for us so that we can celebrate,” You started to drag him down the hall, knowing that he had been waiting to have this beer for six years.

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Title: The Good Doctor - In Progress
A03 Link
When an attempted kidnapping leaves her mysteriously altered, Dr. Anna Riley discovers the world of superheroes is darker and far more perilous than she could have ever imagined. Tasked with hunting down the assailants, Bucky Barnes finds the life he’d left behind has finally caught up with him, and he can’t outrun it anymore. With dark forces at play and danger lurking around every corner, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep each other safe – even if it means crossing the line.
Language, graphic depictions of violence/medical situations, alcohol, explicit sexual content, slow burn.
*Reblogs are welcome. Plagiarism isn’t. *
Want to be Tagged? Submit an Ask!  

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Adopting a pet


Originally posted by spookyhemsworth

Fluffy Prompts

Pairing: Thor x Reader

Thor Odinson Taglist – @raspberrymama @bitchycherryblossomlove @jennie22feona @innerpaperexpertcloud @thorfanficwriter

Everything Taglist – @godofplumsandthunder  @ladyacrasia @agustdowney @swaggysposts @littlegasps @little-baby-vixen  @another-stark-sub @supraveng @kahlanmars @marvelgirl7

“Did you have pets growing up on Asgard?” you inquired, taking Thor’s elbow that he offered as you strolled your way to an animal adoption camp.

After months of lonely nights due to Thor’s absence, you had come up with an idea of adopting a pet with the God. You figured a furry little baby would provide companionship and much needed cuddles when he was away. Thor was on board, given how your face had lit up when you brought it up over dinner last night, even suggested a few Asgardian names for you to select.

“Odin had two ravens, Muninn among them was a great companion. Geri and Freki were his pet wolves. I was always fond of horses.” He recalled, looking at your amused expression. You could never get tired of listening to tales of his home planet, the way he got candid telling those stories made you love the man even more.

“Well I think you might be in for a surprise here, we keep adorable puppies and fluffy kittens as pets. Nothing as exciting as a pet wolf!” you exclaimed, rounding the corner to see a big banner of the adoption camp you had found from the internet.

As soon as you stepped in, high-pitched barks and yowls filled your ears, instantly bringing a smile to your face. The younger pups were kept in a make-shift cage, kittens in blanket-lined boxes and a separate section dedicated to older animals. One of the volunteers welcomed you, after gawking at your boyfriend for a good minute, showed you around before leaving the two of you to make a selection.

An older orange tabby with one eye caught your attention, he looked older than the rest and you felt a little sad for people were crowding over the little kittens and ignoring this poor fellow. He seemed to like you as the cat allowed you to pet him, even purred when you picked it up, melting your heart right away.

“Aww I love you handsome fella. Isn’t he cute, Thor! Thor?” looking up, you didn’t find the Asgardian anywhere. Turning around as the cat attempted to perch on your shoulder, you found him holding six squirming puppies, approaching you with a big grin.

“(Y/N)! I think we must take all of them home, a nice lady informed they needed a loving family.” He stopped right in front of you, holding his arms up, as if for you to take the pups back home right away.

You laughed whole-heartedly, before placing the tabby in his box who seemed reluctant to let you go.

“Thor, all of these animals need homes. Doesn’t mean we get them all! You do know that they will get much bigger as they grow up right?”

He looked down at them frowning, before looking back at you not really knowing what to say, and you laughed again.

This was going to be a lot fun.

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Warnings: fluff, teasing, bedsharing (oh no c;)

A/n: We’ve finally hit the halfway mark! So the next three chapters will be focusing on there little getaway and me and our semi problematic Bucket trying to make amends and bring these two together, you all excited?! Also the last three works I’ve released had not been doing good note wise, and i thought maybe my writing was doing bad or i was just updating to frequently, but i actually found out that my works are not showing up in the tags so I figured that’s what it must be. So I’m going to try something, if you want to read previous chapters you will need to  find the work in my main masterlist and catch up there, my masterlist and series masterlists will be updated regularly due to this issue. As always i hope you enjoy this chapter and happy readings angels!


Tucked away into the back of the sleek black sedan your eyes were trained on the window, the sights were absolutely breathtaking and that’s because it was all a blur from the moving vehicle.

“it’s beautiful isn’t it?”

You struggle to pull your eyes away, a chuckle leaving his lips when your eyes finally meet, your eyes sincere, “its breathtaking Buck, how did you manage to get this all together, surely it wasn’t easy with such a small-time frame.”

A soft smile tugs at his lips as he dips in a little closer, “had this planned for over a year now,” your breath catches in your throat, “a year,” you question, “but that would mean -”

He’s nodding his head softly a look of disappointment flashing behind his eyes, “I know, I know I’m horrible, and the thing is I didn’t realize how bad I had let it get till the lady I was booking the hideaway houses with asked if I would be calling a week later to hold off on the reservation again,” he’s shaking his head eyes falling away from yours, “I’m so sorry dove, I can’t believe I let it get this bad, how could I not realize in that moment what I was doing to you and the kids, how did I let myself get so wound up in the job, I became the same person I told myself i refused to be like, I became my dad.”

Your heart clenches in your chest, and you don’t stop yourself as your hands reach out for his squeezing, “at least you came through now buck, that’s what matters, besides,” you add, “you’re trying to grab hold of the reigns of your life and make better choices, I’m not going to hold that against you.”

His eyes meet yours, “I don’t deserve you, you know,” he murmurs, his eyes trailing to the middle seat where Steve and Peggy sit, Winnie and James talking animatedly with them, “I don’t deserve either of you,” his eyes meet yours and your fingers squeeze.  

“well that’s not your decision to make, James and Winnie those are your babies, you’re their whole world,” you reply, “so whether you think you deserve them or not, you have them Buck, they aren’t going anywhere for a long time.”

A small smile tugs at the corner of his mouth, “and what about their ma, how does their ma feel?”

Your returning his smile, you consider your next words carefully before your leaning closer shoulder brushing against his, “like I want you to keep trying for your family,” a breath, “to keep trying for me.”

Bucky’s breath catches in his throat, words dying on his tongue, your squeezing his fingers a little more eyes drifting back to the window, he’s just as surprised as you are when your fingers remain tangled with his.

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ooh yes yes yes oh my goodness i love this! i decided to make the best of both worlds and have a (kind)witch!reader and bucky dressing their kids up for halloween. okay so for this she isn’t so much of a witch, but she has the same powers as wanda and a similar backstory. also after rereading this i realize that this could be a part two that takes place five years from “keeping me warm”, so if you want you can read it like that. i went a little itty bit far with this but i felt the mood for fluffiness so i hope you enjoy<3


“Mama, mama, can you help me zip up the back of my dress?” You turned, a three month-old baby on your hip, holding a pair of scissors between your teeth as you looked at your oldest daughter who was impatiently tapping her foot on the ground. The back of her space-princess dress was half-zipped up, both arms reaching behind her head though she couldn’t reach the zipper. 

“Yeah, baby, let mama do it.” With one hand you expertly zipped up the back and smoothed down her hair which was in it’s usual Rebecca Barnes mess. Curly locks of chestnut hair fell short above the five year-old’s shoulders, topped with a headband with small planets decorating it. “You’ll be the prettiest space-princess all of New York has ever seen.”

“Not all of New York, mama, the whole wide galaxy!” Nico chimed in. He’d always admired his older sister, despite only being a year younger, and had decided to match with his sister and became one of Rebecca’s royal Martian subjects for the special night.

Halloween was never a stressful holiday before this one, with all of your kids being too young to go out trick-or-treating. You were scared of letting them go out, even if they were with their dad, and you wanted nothing more than to coddle them all in blankets know they were safely tucked in the house with you. However, it was Rebecca’s first year of school, and with relentless begging and pleading you had backed down and allowed them to go. 

The school day seemed to have gone by so quickly, with two of your kids at their respective schools, and baby Emma staying home with you. You picked Nico up from preschool, Rebecca up from kindergarten, and by the time they had gotten home, eaten their dinner, played for a bit, and gotten into their costumes it was already six o’clock. Bucky had been at the compound all day; after you gave birth to Rebecca he decided to step down from missions and just trained the recruits, and you were on maternity leave for another good two months before you got back out in the field. Every inch of you was dying to go back on missions, no respect to single-moms, but you had too much energy and were tired of sitting on your ass all day. 

“The great father of this household politely asks her Royal Highness and her subject to please help put the groceries away.” As soon as they heard their father’s voice the two older Barnes children sprinted as fast as they could to embrace him. Bucky stumbled backwards with their arms around his torso, but chuckled at his kid’s silliness and love. “Hey, guys, I missed you a ton.” He kneeled down to their height, cerulean eyes you loved so much filed with nothing but pure happiness. “Can you help me put away the groceries? I got you some broccoli because you need to eat more veggies, Nico, I know you haven’t been eating them.”

The young boy frowned, clearly upset that his dad caught him trying to sneakily avoid his greens, but nonetheless took the small bag of groceries to the kitchen counter. “Hey, baby, how was work?”

Bucky locked the door and sauntered over to you with a smile on his lips. “Boring, I miss having you there.” He pecked a quick kiss on your lips, moving on to the baby girl with the same eyes as him. “Hi, Em, did you miss your dada?” There was a hopeful tilt at the end of his question, waiting for the baby to say something in return

He got nothing but a wide-eyed stare.

With a huff he wrapped an arm around your waist and buried his head into your neck, sweet vanilla and cinnamon invading his senses. “Give it a while, Buck, she’s only three months old.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Nico and Rebecca’s chatter about candy faded in the background as soon as the lock on the knob of the door started rattling again. “Doll, I should probably tell you that I-”

“Guess who’s favorite uncle is here?” Sam yelled through the house, adorning a Mad Hatter costume and large bags that seemed like they were full of-

“Candy!” Both Rebecca and Nico swarmed their “cool” uncle and started to peek in the bags.

“Wilson! I told you you could come over, not feed my kids junk.” Bucky grumbled. He walked to his friend, snatching the bags of candy out of his hands and putting them away, effectively ignoring the cries of his children. “You munchkins are about to go out trick-or-treating, you don’t need any more sugar.”

Sam walked over to you with a kiss on the cheek for cooing at the baby in your arms. “Aw, come on, Barnes, I’m just trying to have some fun. A man’s gotta do something to ensure their place as the favorite.”

An eye roll from Bucky and a wink from Sam, the two men slumped onto the couch where you sat. “Mama, are you gonna come with us? Can you do the magic for us, please?”

The kids were never supposed to know about your past, a past full of darkness and pain until Bucky walked in. It was only a year ago when they had seen footage of you with their Aunt Wanda controlling objects with wisps of glowing red energy. You had cried into Bucky’s arms the whole night after that as he comforted you, knowing how terrifying it was to have your kids know that other side of you. Your kids, the innocent ones they were, thought you were still the most amazing and badass mom who could bake the best cookies and was like a witch. Yeah, they had lots of bragging rights at school.

Bucky pulled Nico into his arms and nuzzled the boys face, letting the little boy squeal at the feeling of stubble on his soft skin. “Not tonight, Nico, your mama needs her rest. I’m gonna take you kiddos tonight.”

The soft “aww” of the kids was silenced by Sam’s proposition. “I can take the kids if you want, Bucky, that’s actually why I came over. You’ve had a long week and I’ve been on bed rest from the leg. You stay home with your wife and start working on my next nephew,” you punched him in the arm, eliciting a wince from the large man, “or niece.”

“I just gave birth three months ago, Sammy, I’m not doing that anytime soon.” A quick look at you husband for confirmation and you turned back to Sam. “Are you really okay with taking Nico and Rebecca?”

“Of course! We’re gonna go tear up the state.” A peck on the cheek from the Falcon, and he took your kids in his arms and slammed the door open. “We’ll be back in two hours! See you later!”

Another thud let you know that Sam had left, little Emma jerking in response to the loud sound. Bucky took this as an opportunity to sprawl out, head coming to rest in your lap as he took a deep sigh. “Just the three of us for Halloween this year, huh, doll?”

“Yeah, Buck, just the three of us.” 

It wasn’t anything fun. It was you, Bucky, and Emma passed out on the couch at only six in the evening, exhausted from the days activities. But in the moment, you couldn’t find anything more special to than to share October 31st with two of your loves wrapped around you.

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Kinktober Day 27: Spanking - Bucky Barnes


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, dom/sub themes, daddy kink, mild bondage, fingering, and of course, spanking. 18+

Word Count: 1k

A/N: This is a continuation of Day 7 - Cock Warming w/Bucky. You can read that HERE, or you can read it as a stand alone if you wish but parts of it probably wont make much sense. Enjoy!

You knew you were in for it the minute he stepped through the door, dropping his briefcase to the floor, and draping his suit jacket over the back of the couch.

Bucky didn’t even look at you as he rolled up his crisp, white sleeves; your nervous hands carefully folding the dishtowel in your grasp.  

“What did I tell you this morning, doll?”

Still he wouldn’t look at you. You followed into the lounge, eyes fixed on him as he slouched back into the luxurious leather arm chair in the corner of the room.

“To stay at home. I’m sorry, I just…”

He held his hand up, quietening you instantly. Two fingers motioned to his left, your feet scuttling against the soft rug beneath you. You knew what he expected of you, making your way over to the liquor cabinet next to him and pouring him a drink.

You flinched when his palm kneaded at your ass, squeezing firmly, his thumb grazing against the cotton of your sundress.

“You’ve been such a naughty girl, princess. You just don’t seem to learn.”

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Word Count: 2,325ish

Summary: Y/N comes home for a break.


Limping down the quinjet ramp after landing on Avenger’s Tower, Y/N couldn’t hold back the smile that came over her features. She was happy to be home and excited to see Tony. She had told him that she was coming home, but didn’t answer him as to when.

“Welcome home, Agent Rogers,” JARVIS greeted as she walked through the doors and into the penthouse. “I have informed Mr. Stark of your arrival and he is on his way.”

“He’s not on his way, he is here,” Tony replied, exiting the elevator. The expression on his face quickly went from happy to concerned as he noticed Y/N’s limp. “Did you get hurt?” He rushed over. “When? How bad is it? And who did it? Their going to—“

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