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#marvel fanfiction

Summary: Seeing you get engaged to someone else is the hardest thing Bucky’s ever witnessed. The regret of not telling you how he feels about you consumes him until he does tell you. The only question is, do you feel the same? Or will you marry someone else?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Jackson (OMC) x Reader

Warnings: Bit of angst, a couple of swear words.

Requested by: Anon

A/N: Based on the 'Don’t marry him’ scene from Little Women (2019)

It should be him that you’re looking at with that adoration and love. It should be him with his arm around your waist, making you laugh and kissing you. And it should be him getting down on one knee and asking you to spend forever with him.

He’d been in love with you for years, but he’d never told you. The truth is, he was scared. What if you didn’t feel the same or what if you got together and it ended badly? Or worse, what if the soldier came back somehow and he hurt you? He couldn’t have that.

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“I will always watch over you, I swear.”

Sam looked surprised by the sudden declaration. He stopped at his track, his hand gripping the shield a little too tightly. Bucky just stood there, staring back at him. The other man stared down at his shoes, thinking the sentence over and over.

“You really think I’m worth so much fuss?” Sam asked finally. His voice timid and small, Bucky noticed, not like when he faced the reporters back there, not like when he had to fill a mission debrief, not like when he gave orders over the comm. 

Not even when Sam was talking to Bucky.

This was Sam opening himself up to Bucky, a bit by bit everyday. He recorded every moment to his mind, tucking it close to his heart. And he realized that Sam noticed it and appreciated it with his dear heart. It just reminded him again that this moment was Sam letting himself being vulnerable.

So, Bucky didn’t waver, he straighten himself, looked Sam at the eyes, and put out his most honest answer.

Every bit of it.


Insp. from this post (x)

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader // High School AU

Warnings: Violence. Language. Mentions of assault. Sort of somewhat crappy parents. Bad relationship issues. Cheating mentioned. Lies. Secrets. Underage drinking. Drinking to forget problems.

It’s fake. It’s just helping the two of you out. Right?                            
Bucky Barnes is hot, Star athlete, brooding as fuck and wait, yours?              
But it’s not real. So why does it feel like it might be, could be, real?           
You’re slipping, maybe it’s not as fake for you as you thought. Things like this never really work out, right? Not when everyone has secrets they’re not willing to tell.                                          
The thing about lying, things always get blurry after a while.

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Bucky x girlfriend Reader

Summary: Bucky is out with the guys and you have a party by yourself. That is until Bucky comes back and finds you in one particular item of clothing.

Warnings: fluff, mentions of alcohol abuse (reader is an adult, no worries here), more fluff, was in a fluffy mood

Word Count: 1104

A/N: You guys!!! I wrote something, what a surprise! I might not be able to update ongoing series but I thought I’d at least try and write something with prompts to get my brain going. If it’s shit, I sincerely apologise but my brain is still not where it used to be a while ago. The story is shorter than what you’re all used from me, but I need to make baby steps to defy the writer’s block I’m having.

This is my submission for @itsunclebucky​ ’s challenge #itsunclebuckyswritingchallenge, with my prompt being “Are you wearing my shirt?” which will be highlighted in the text. I hope you all will enjoy some Alpha Bucky fluff, and let me know what you thought. Love you all!! xx


Originally posted by queue-happiness

Bucky Barnes Masterlist __ Masterlist

The door shut behind Bucky as he hollered his goodbye and left the apartment, going to meet Steve and Sam for a couple of beers. It has been a tradition of theirs, every Thursday they would meet and unwind a little, talking about everything but missions and the world’s crisis.

That was a task which was getting harder each day, but they still tried. Even superheroes needed a break from time to time, and though it took the boys a few years before they realised this, you could see the change in all of them.

They were all much calmer even on the missions themselves, and you had to smile whenever Bucky came home and listed all the things they did. From playing darts to having a race towards a car or something, always betting a keg of beer. There was even one time they tried to see which one of them would jump the furthest, which resulted in Sam’s broken arm and your scolding all of them like little children.

When you were sure you were alone, you got to work around the apartment. You always used this time alone to clean up space before Bucky came and messed it up once again.

This time you opened a bottle of wine so that the afternoon and evening were a little nicer even for you.

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Summary: Peter had been hoping to tell you how he felt about you on your 18th birthday. However, the day takes a turn for the worse as a killer is on the hunt for you, throwing you into thinking that you’ve lived this day before (Happy Death Day au).

Pairings: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Warnings: Death/murder, panic attack, swearing, description of injuries and blood, a bunch of angst, with a sprinkle of fluff throughout.

Words: 5.2k (oh yeah, it’s a bit long) 

A/n: This chapter, the ending… Oh, my heart hurt writing it. Don’t judge me on the unexplained science of this time loop, I do biology not physics. It is going to be an rollercoaster of emotions so hold on tight. (If this flops I will cry myself to sleep). Thank you for reading!

*** means break, same day 

— means break, next day

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Part Two - The Fall

Your heart was pounding in your chest the second you opened your eyes, your birthday alarm ringing loudly in your ears. Your head was pounding, your mind racing with crazy thoughts as you tried to calm your racing heart.

You shut your alarm off a second later, anxiety setting in as you realised something. The alarm. You checked the date, reading and re-reading it a few times before it finally dawn on you. It was your birthday… Again. Panic began to grow, your chest feeling tight as you pulled yourself up to stand on shaky legs, registering the dull pain in your chest.

“This isn’t happening, no no no. This can’t be happening right now, not again.”
Your head shot to look at the door, waiting.

Just on cue, Peter walked in, a nervous smile on his face and a cupcake in his hand.

“Happy birthday,” he called out to you, catching you stood by your bed, his smile widening.

“No, no, no! No, this… this can’t be happening,” you began to freak out. You quickly walked to your desk, breathing heavy as tears formed in your eyes. You quickly shimmed your pyjamas shorts off, grabbing your jeans from the chair and fumbling to pull them on.

“Oh,” Peter mumbled as you began to change. He turned around to give you privacy as you quickly grabbed an old T-shirt from off the floor and threw it on.

“Are you alright?” Peter asked, a deep frown on his face as he turned back around, watching you struggle to pull on a hoodie. “What’s going on?” 

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Summary: Bruce is the antisocial owner of Cafe Gamma, the only all-night coffee shop on campus which the reader visits practically everyday. One night, Bruce steps out of his comfort zone and asks the reader out in his own, awkward way. No warnings

Notes: This may or may not become a mini series with a few related parts, depending on inspiration! Please let me know what you think, comments and reblogs are most appreciated.

@brucebannerbingo​ square B3: Coffee Shop AU

Words: 1229


Cafe Gamma was your safe haven. The only place on campus open after midnight to provide you with that well needed, if ill-advised, shot of caffeine as you worked late into the night on your projects. Run by a handsome and slightly eccentric post-grad, the cafe opened at sundown and was boarded up for the day by the time the first rays of the morning sun shone across the city. Due to that exclusively nocturnal schedule, many people had begun to believe he was a vampire. You wouldn’t judge either way, though, not when he brewed the best coffee around.

Lured by the delicious scent as it drifted across campus on the evening breeze, you let your feet guide you to the cafe, already salivating before you even walked in the door. Despite the late hour, the place was bustling. The equivalent of a nerd’s nightclub, students were sprawled across the comfortable sofas and beanbags with their laptops, each plugged in to their own music or podcasts as they fought with their dissertations. 

Thankfully, the queue moved quickly. Gamma’s fast service was also a major selling point of the cafe, although it came about only because the brunet behind the counter ardently refused to make small talk with anyone. Only fools attempted to draw him into conversation, newbies to the area who learnt very soon that, despite his many talents and great intelligence, the owner’s people skills were somewhat lacking.

You stepped up to give your order and met Bruce’s light brown eyes with a smile. It had taken almost three years of frequenting the cafe to learn his name. In line with his polite but antisocial attitude, he refused to wear a name tag and you only caught his name by accident when you overheard his singular friend - Tony, a robotics genius on the fast track to running NASA before he reached twenty five - mention it one evening. 

Before you even opened your mouth, Bruce pulled your order from behind the counter and handed it over. Still boiling hot, which meant he could only have prepared it within the past few minutes. Astounded, you fumbled for a response and were met with a quiet, nervous chuckle escaped his lips as he glanced at the clock. “It’s four thirty on a Tuesday morning.”

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I’m accepting requests from anyone who donates to a BLM-related cause and sends me proof!

I can write for any MCU character you want (male or female) and I’m willing to write everything as long as it doesn’t involve anything sensitive (mental illness/suicide) or taboo (incest, underage, etc). 

If you want example of my writing, here.

Not only will you get a request fulfilled, but you’ll be helping a wonderful cause. More information on this & other writers participating can be found here: masterpost. 

Please feel free to send me a message if you’ve donated to a BLM cause- whether it be right now or a week ago <3 

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  • ⚘ = 1k words
  • * = +18 only
  • ★ = dub non-con (dark fics/triggering themes)

All my written readers are black and brown females unless otherwise specified.

An 18+ rating doesn’t always refer to smut (99.9% of the time, it does!)


Thanks to the amazing @blue-like-barnes for creating these beautiful banners!








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Troubles at a Concert with Peter Parker


Originally posted by tomegranate-seeds

hey guys! so i’ve only been to like three concerts and never been in a big crowd, but it looks fun! and i decided to write out a peter parker x reader concert imagine/headcanon. i hope you enjoy, love y’all!


Peter Parker x Reader (established relationship) (Fluff!) Warnings: cursing

  • you were decked out in concert gear, even before the concert has started and you were basically pulling peter to the front
  • “so babe listen to me, you gotta be careful in this crowd, people will try to tear you down for some stupid ass reason, and if they do that just call for security, ok? and if…”
  • peter stopped listening to you, as he ogled the crowd you were leading him into
  • it was fucking massive, and people were already standing up and some were dancing- even though no one was on stage right now 
  • this was peter’s first concert, and you were a concert expert
  • you saw how peter stopped paying attention, so you saved yourself the trouble of talking for no reason
  • i mean, those rules must be sooo boring to hear, right? 
  • you were just trying to make sure he didn’t do anything stupid
  • “hey, babe? what were you saying?” peter asked, now embarrassed he basically ignored you
  • you smirked back at him, and looked into the crowd- it was fucking crazy and you knew it would be a blast
  • “oh nothing baby, it’s alright” you said back to him
  • maybe, just maybe, it was a little mean of you not to tell him the rest of the rules, but it was payback for the time he didn’t warn you about the actual damn spiderwebs that would get tangled in your hair from when he swung you around New York
  • the concert was starting now, and once everyone was on stage, and that first note of music played- it was pure chaos (but a good type)
  • everyone was screaming, including you and peter felt terrified (but excited)
  • he cowered down for a quick second to grab his camera he left on the floor, only to see it had been kicked to the next row
  • “oh, excuse me!” peter called out, trying to be polite
  • you didn’t notice what he was doing, as you were too pulled into the sway of the crowd, now jumping up and down and watching the stage
  • peter started shifting through the crowd, to get to the damn camera
  • it wasn’t even a nice camera, he got it from a sale a few years back
  • “excus-” he got cut off,
  • a large man had pushed in front of him, and didn’t even budge the slightest, as peter tried moving ahead of him
  • “i need to get something- i dropped it!” peter tried explaining, and he looked back at you, only to see you were dancing and shouting along the lyrics
  • the man barely even glanced down to peter, and turned back to the stage, ignoring peter
  • “hey!” peter called out, now getting pissed
  • the man, once again ignored him
  • “HEY!” peter yelled out, and at that moment you looked over to him, completely confused
  • in a quick few seconds- you practically flew over to peter, pushing people to the sides, trying to get peter to stop
  • “babe! what are you doing?!” you questioned, face all red and sweaty 
  • peter pointed down to the floor to his camera, “he won’t let me pass!” 
  • you huffed out a few large breaths, before tapping onto the man in front of the two of you
  • “mister, uh, my boyfriend left his camera down there-” you got cut off just as peter did
  • the man rolled his eyes at you, “leave me alone!” he pushed you back, turning back around 
  • you scoffed loudly, and peter looked at you confused as you suddenly screamed, “SECURITY!” 
  • the man in front of you turned back to the two of you, watching as you started to repeat your scream and he turned to run away
  • as he shuffled up his stuff, peter saw him pick up the camera, and stuff it into a bag
  • “HEY!” peter shouted again, now angry as the man tried stealing his camera
  • almost immediately, two security guards are next to you guys, and peter is off tackling down the very tall and big man while you grabble out the story
  • “pete babe!” you shouted as one securitiy guard tackles peter to the ground, 
  • and then it’s just a domino effect, in a damn mosh pit
  • everyone is piling up on each other 
  • the people on the stage stop, and it all goes silent after almost a full minute of complete fucking chaos
  • “babe? i got my camera!” peter called out
  • you laugh out loudly, as you stand back up 
  • peter found his way to you as the music started playing again
  • and once he finds you, you both just stare at each other before bursting out in laughs
  • “babe- that camera is almost as old as us!” you say in between laughs, peter nods in return
  • and the both of you ignore the rest of the concert goers as you lean in and kiss
  • peter sighed out, feeling at peace again before he pulled away with a sweet smile
  • “i love you-” he got cut off as the man shouts your way again
  • the man is actively trying to get away from the guards as he shouts, “i’m getting arrested because of a fucking camera?!”
  • you shrugged back at the man and with a nod, peter turned back to him and stuck his tongue out
  • once peter turned back around, you pulled him into another kiss, deeper this time and as you pulled yourself away, you spoke into his ear, 
  • “i love you too, camera man” 

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Mojitos & Whiskey (Part Two)

Part One here

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You and Bucky had liked each other for a while, but neither of you will admit it. Until now.

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: alcohol use, fluff, some vanilla smut (if you even call it that)

A/N: if y’all haven’t seen how to lose a guy in 10 days you should watch. just saying. anyways, 


Originally posted by classylena

As soon as you stepped into your room, you fell down.

“Good lord, woman.” Bucky helped you off of the floor. “You alright?”

You couldn’t contain your laughter, and he joined you. 

“I’m fine,” you told him once your breathing was back to normal. You were still clinging onto his forearms, and you squeezed the muscle there. “Whoa. You really are jacked.”

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The incredible @wxstedhexrt has agreed to collaborate with me in a collection of Bucky x Fem!Reader fanfics! Each of these fics will start with a poem, (written by the gorgeous Destiny herself) which will act as the heart of each little chapter. I’ll be adding to this list as we go along so stay tuned! :) - Pies

I’m so excited to be a part of this! This was 100% Christina’s idea, but I appreciate her reaching out to include me so, so much. This is really fun to work on, and she does such an amazing job at elaborating and fleshing out the half-formed ideas I reach at with the poems. The titles of the poems are going to be in Latin or Russian, and there will be included either a definition or a translation for each word. I hope you guys like this collection! :) - Destiny

Below are the links to the fanfic post, which include the poem at the beginning, but in case you’d like to read the poem in a typed out version, there will also be a poem link!

Thanks so much for reading and we both hope you thoroughly enjoy these as much as we’ve enjoyed writing them!

** ** ** ** ** ** **

vetustus (Latin): aged, old, ancient, of ideas of longstanding, of former times
Fanfic // poem

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hnnngg um i have a lot of thoughts on daddy bucky esp when he’s angry sooooo gonna put a read more (which dont seem to work on my end but they work for other people i hope???)

didnt mean for this to get dark…..oops?

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Word Count: 139 in the poem, 3,070 for the fic

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader

Warnings: mentions of an experience while disassociating and a lot of anxious thoughts so please be wary reading ahead if this may trigger something for you!

Author’s Note: Trying something completely new! Welcome to the first instalment of the ‘falling’ collection. This selection is going to be a collaboration with the lovely and amazing @wxstedhexrt​ (if you don’t know her, go follow her and her poems because holy hell, guys). To find the typed out version of the poem, here’s the link of the poem posted on Destiny’s blog! 

Anyways, please read the follow poem FIRST before you read the fic! The centrepiece of this collection will be the poems so please read them carefully :) 


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Keeping Up With The Starks: Growing Pains

Stark!Reader x Steve Rogers

Summary: The progression of the unlikely relationship of you and Captain Rogers up until your father finds out in an abrupt manner. Tony takes protective dad to an extreme.

Takes place after the first Avengers film.

Warnings: Father/Daughter angst.


It took no genius to see that your father and Captain Rogers did not get along.

Their personalities could not be any more contrasting they already were. Your father was oil. Steve was water. They did not mix. They clashed in the most obnoxious manner possible. Tony’s underlying psychological trauma with your late grandfather’s fixation with the Captain did not help the cause in any way. Howard Stark dedicated all he could to recreating Erksine’s supersoldier serum; unfortunately, it was at the expense of a healthy relationship with his only son. For that, Tony would resent Steve forever.

For a moment, Steve was convinced he had a curse when it came to the Starks. His camaraderie with Howard was cut despairingly short, Tony loathed even the mere mention of his name, and you- the yougest stark- were caught in the middle of it. Following in your father’s footsteps, you too carried a great amount of distain for Captain America. Half of which was your father’s baggage that had been unloaded on to you. The other half? Simple, he infuriated the shit out of you. His self righteous, willing-to-die-for-anything mentallity, and savior complex left a bitter taste in your mouth. It almost seemed rehearsed. Theatrical. Except it wasn’t. It was real. That made him even harder to swallow. However, you could not deny that Steve Rogers was a good man. Not Captain America. Steven Grant Rogers. The golden man with a heart of the purest, richest gold. You admired his courage, selflessness, sincerity, and dedication to justice deeply. A little too deeply. Without even realizing, you began to develop a slight crush on the Captain. You, a well established grown woman, were crushing like a school girl.

Luckily for you, the feeling was mutual.

Steve fell for you the second you shoved yourself in front of your father protectively during their first spat. He couldn’t help but lose himself in your fiery orbs are you glared defiantly at him. He wanted to drown in them and never come back up. Your nose twitched adorably with anger and Steve found himself wanting to kiss it. God you were gorgeous. A goddess amongst the ordinary living. A titan in your industry.

There was just one problem; You were Tony Stark’s daughter. Howard Stark’s granddaughter.

You were the forbidden fruit.

And Steve had a habit of breaking rules.


A familiar knock sounded through your bedroom.

“Let him in please, JARVIS.”

“Right away, Miss Stark.”

Your door quietly opened and shut. You didn’t even have to open your eyes to identify your visitor. You knew that knock. You knew those heavy, yet agile footsteps. You knew the arms that wrapped around you. That scent that enveloped you. You were nose to nose with him as he laid next to you, still in his uniform with his boot clad feet hanging off the bed respectfully. Your heart warmed at the idea of him coming straight to you.

“How was it?” You asked in a low voice.

A much needed exhale exited Steve’s body.

“As planned. All civilians have been relocated to safe houses.” He reported back, still in Captain mode.

“Good.” You praised softly, cupping both sides of his face with both of your hands.

“Shhh,” you cooed. “You’re here now.”

Steve melted into your touch as his entire body went slack, alleviating itself of all tension. Every worry, objective, task, and responsibility left his mind. His heart rate slowed down to the familiar cadence that lulled you to sleep nearly every night. This was you and Steve’s routine after missions; addressing that the objective was met followed by hours of soft touches, sweet nothings, and gentle coos. You were the only one who could tranquilize Steve Rogers like this all with one touch. His best girl. And he, you.

“What time does your flight leave tomorrow?” You asked, attempting to maintain your tone as casual as you could.

Even as your heart was breaking at the idea of being without him again until the next time the world needed the Avengers.

He smiled at you sadly, wrapping his arms tighter around you.

“Six thirty. I need to be at the airport in about-“

Steve glanced at his watch.

“Five hours.”

A melancholy sigh left your body as you nuzzled into his chest. The two of you continued to lay together in silence. Basking in each other’s presence. This was your routine.

“Can I tell you something?” Steve barely whispered, his deep timbre laced generously with sleep.

You hummed in response, breathing in his scent.

“I never want to leave.” He confessed, stroking your locks soothingly.

“One day you’ll never have to.”

One day.


Your movements were easily comparable to an exuberant puppy as you bounced and skidded up the stairs of Steve’s apartment building, dragging your luggage behind you. Fumbling through your purse for your spare key, your luggage was knocked over. Your eyes went wide as a thud echoed through the quiet hallway. The door in front of you opened unexpectedly, revealing your adonis of a man standing broadly in all of his post-run glory. His honeyed locks dripped with sweat, landing on to the nape of his shirt. He eyed you with an amused expression, his hands on his hips as a small grin grazed his face. These damn Starks and their enterances.

“I thought I was picking you up from the airport.” Steve teased, hauling your fallen suitcase into his home with ease and taking your hand in his available one.

“I didn’t want to interrupt your run.” You said sheepishly, making yourself at home as you’ve done many times before.

As you began to prepare the ingredients for his post-run smoothie, Steve promptly fought for your attention. Scooping you up into his arms, you wrapped your legs around his waist and arms around his neck as you squealed with surprise and glee. You pressed yourself closer to him, having not a single pertubation for his sweat soaked shirt.

“It’s just a run. You know you can call me for anything, sweet girl.” He cooed, planting a kiss to your awaiting lips.

“I need a shower now!” You whined.

“Oh look, I need one too. Good thing Captain America is a huge advocate for saving water.”


Steve smiled smugly at you.

He’ll have to thank SHIELD for recruiting you.


“Captain America was finally spotted out romancing a lady…Tony Stark’s DAUGHTER?”

“Captain America the craddle robber? Exclusive photos of Steve Rogers and Y/N Stark’s first outting.”

“Y/N Stark and Captain America spotted KISSING in D.C.”

“Iron Man’s daughter dating Captain America? Can someone say daddy issues?”

“Captain America and Y/N Stark: Why Age Gap Relationships Are Bound To Fail”

“Captain America, the star spangled man with a plan….to move in on Tony Stark’s daughter.”

Tony Stark could not believe what he was seeing.

The news was everywhere. His inbox was flooded with article after article. Every channel was talking about it. Hell, his own employees were gossiping throughout the building. He was the last to know. Tony seethed in his seat, angrily shoving his laptop on the floor and shutting off the television before catapulting the remote across his office. How dare he. How dare Steve Rogers think he had some claim over his daughter. How dare he disrespect him directly to his face them proceed to pursue his own daughter. Tony could not for the life of him wrap his head around the situation. His mind replayed the images of you and Steve holding hands, staring at each other with obnoxious goo goo eyes, kissing each other. You were too young. Too smart. Too pretty. You were his little girl. How could this happen? You never hid anything from him before. You never hid any secrets. So why now?

“JARVIS.” Tony growled. “Call in an Avengers meeting. It’s…urgent.”


Confusion loomed over the entirety of the team at they all sat in a tense silence. The sudden distress call for a meeting jolted everyone into a minor panic. If that wasn’t confusing, Tony was absurdly silent. Glaring at the floor below him, his anger brewed as he waiting for his daughter to arrive. It took everything in him not to punch Steve in his perfect teeth. Break his perfectly chiseled jaw. Was that was his appeal to you was? Was that how he reeled you in?

Finally, the door to the board room opened. And so did the floodgates.

“Okay, I’m here. What’s this about?” You greeted, taking a seat at the table.

Ironically, the only available seat was next to Steve.

You were met by an eery silence as your father shifted his glare to you.

“You’re late.” He reprimanded.

“I was in the middle of a meeting with the board when you sent out the call.” You reasoned.

Why was he angry? You were never late to anything. You had the extra amount of discipline your father lacked.

“I don’t care.” Tony spat, making your eyes widen in surprise. “I’m your father. If I tell you that I need to speak to you, you come and speak to me.”

“Tony.” Steve leveled. “She was at a meeting. You know how long those things go on.”

Your father scoffed loudly.

“Oh! Of course you’re going to defend her.” He guaffed.

Everyone’s eye brows furrowed.

“But…they’re literally down each other’s throats every single time they’re in the room together.” Bruce mumbled

“Down each other’s throats! Funny you say that, Banner!” Tony forcibly laughed.

“Is something wrong?” Natasha perked up.

“Cut the shit. Who knew.” Tony demanded, his chest rising and falling rapidly.

“I know I’m dumb but….I genuinely do not know what’s going on and for once, I think it’s not just me that’s missing something major here.” Clint blurted out.

“Man, just get on with it.” Rhodey demanded.

Everyone look around at each other, trying to find any sign logic. More silence.

“Dad.” You spoke carefully. “What’s going on?”

With a dramatic sigh, your father got up from his seat and marched right over to you.

“You tell me what’s going on, Y/N Maria Stark.” He began, his voice too calm to possibly match the rage he held in his chocolate orbs. “I had to find out from the tabloids that you and Rogers are together?!”

It felt like someone punched you as all the air exited your body. Your throat constricted. Gasps and sharp intakes of air filled the room. Your teammates all eyed you and Steve, their mouths agape. Discreetly, Steve grasped your hand underneath the table hidden from everyone’s view, giving it a firm squeeze.

“This isn’t uh, an appropriate conversation for all of us…” Bruce stuttered, his hands awkwardly scratching the back of his neck.

Your father shook his head furiously.

“No, it is.” He snarked. “The media found out. At least one of you had to have known something was going on between them.”

“I knew.” Natasha admitted.

All eyes shifted towards her. Your best friend threw a supportive glance your way before staring at your father with conviction.

“And I stand by my decision. It wasn’t my business to tell you.”

A satiric laugh left your father’s mouth as he massaged his temples.

“So much for trust.” He muttered.

That was the last straw for you.

“You’re not going to be angry at anyone besides me for this.” You interjected. “Not Nat. Not Steve.”

“You’re telling me not to be angry?!” He implored. “I trusted you to tell me things like this. And you go and hide things from me? Since when have you ever done that?”

Tony stood right in front of you. Looming over you intimidatingly with a stone cold expression.

“Is Rogers making you hide from me now? Is he making you lie to your own father-“

“Enough already!” You yelled with exasperation, leaping out of your seat. “No one was hiding anything from you! Nothing. I wanted to make sure this was a sure thing before I told you.”

“Can you blame me for being scared to tell you? Look at how you reacted!” You continued on.

Your hands began to shake as you paced back and forth anxiously.

“I’ve never hid anything from you. Ever. And the one thing, the one special thing, I keep to myself you decide to exploit it into some fucked up version of a family intervention!” You screamed.

Steve shot up out of his seat, softly but firmly grabbing your hands to cease your pacing.

“Easy.” He soothed.

He knew your temper. He knew that if you said anything too harsh that you would regret it. And that was the exact road you were heading towards.

Your eyes began to water as every emotion you were feeling began to assault your mind; embarrassment, shame, anger, resentment. Your father stared at you with an unreadable expression.

“I wanted the dignity to introduce the man that I love to the most important person in my life. You took that from me. Instead, you chose to broadcast my life to our team like I’m some- some whore.” You croaked.

Steve pulled you to his chest protectively, soothingly rubbing his hands up and down your arms. Your father eyed the two of you with a distain that was almost tangible.

He scoffed.

“You think you know everything, huh. You don’t know shit about love.”

Steve’s entire body hardened as he glared at your father.

“Stark.” He spoke slowly. “Don’t you ever talk to her like that again.”

“I knew the version of love that you taught me.” You gravely whispered. “Leaving me with nannies for hours to get so wasted you forgot you even had a daughter. Bringing random women home to the house you shared with my mom to try and replace her. That’s what you taught me.”

Gone was his stony expression. It had been replaced with guilt. Remorse. Anguish. His eyes watered as he took each of your words as if they were bullets to his chest. The worst part? You weren’t wrong. Here Tony was, under the impression that another man was stealing his only little girl from him. Another loss to the great Captain America. He had it all wrong. You were being taken care of. Loved. Cherished. All he could wish for his daughter as a father was that the man she chose was only the worthiest of all of mankind. Steve Rogers was the man that you deserved. One that- unlike Tony - wouldn’t subconsciously drop all of his psychological trauma and baggage on to you. You weren’t a child anymore and it was hitting your father like a ton of bricks.

Steve’s heart broke as he pulled your little face to his chest. Each of your sobs felt like a punch in the gut. Guilty thoughts ran through his mind as he helplessly attempted to soothe your pain any way he could. He should’ve told Tony. He should have been a man, protected his woman, and handled him himself. That’s what is father would have done for his mother.

Lifting his head, he faced his team’s tense and worried faces.

“Everyone out.” Steve commanded, sternly.

Hesitantly, each of the Avengers slowly rose to their feet and made their way to the door. Each of them glanced at the three of you worriedly. Natasha lingered back protectively, trying to gage your expressions.

“Sweetheart.” Steve whispered, lifting your face from his chest. “Go upstairs. I’ll take care of this.”

Helplessly, you nodded. Your bottom lip quivered as you released yourself from the safety of Steve’s embrace. Natasha gently grabbed your hand, kissing your forehead before assuring you out of the room.

It was just Steve and Tony left.

The two men stood off to each other. This was always how it was with them. It would only be a matter of time before one of them decided to push their pride aside. It was Steve’s turn today.

“It was my idea to wait to tell you.” He spoke unwaveringly.

Tony sighed, his exterior softening at the captain’s admission.

“No it wasn’t. You’re trying to protect her.” He muttered through his teeth.

Steve’s bright azure orbs widened.

“Why her? Out of every woman in the world that you know you can have, why my daughter?” Tony demanded.

“I meant no disrespect, Tony.” Steve swore, his voice filled with conviction. “I love her. Waking up after seventy years in a completely new world…it’s scary. The only constant in my life was war. And then I met her, and suddenly…I knew that everytning was going to be okay. She’s my stability. She’s my home.”

He wanted nothing more than to prove himself to Tony.

“I’d do anything for her. And if your approval of our relationships is what she wants, then I’ll beg for it. I’ll literally crawl-“

“Thank you.” Tony interjected sincerely. “As much as I’d love to exploit this moment, my daughter wouldn’t appreciate that. And I’m sure her happiness is the only thing you and I will ever agree on.”

Steve chuckled, nodding his head in agreement.

“She deserves someone like you in her life.”

Placing a hand on your father’s shoulder, Steve smiled bashfully at him.

“Thank you, Tony.”

Tony rolled his eyes.

“Don’t get all mushy with me, loverboy. I’ll kill you if you even do as much as make her upset. Hear me? I’ll fucking ruin you.”

Howard was right. Having a daughter was indeed what Tony needed to change his perspective on life.


It’s been a couple days since you’ve last spoken to your father. You knew you needed time away from him, and you were more than sure that he needed it too. You were aware of the hurtful things you had said. You had gone too far, and so had he. You were more than happy to hear that Steve’s talk with him went well. One less problem for you to stress about. Even if Tony hadn’t approved, you weren’t leaving that man. You loved Steve. There were some moments where you felt like he was it for you. And you deserved it. You deserved to be loved just as much as you deserved to love with no fear.

The door to your office swung open and shut gently. There was only one person that entered your space without knocking. You looked up at your dad with sad eyes, staring at him for a moment before leaping out of your seat and into his arms. You held each other tightly.

“I’m sorry for what I said.” You choked out as your eyes stung with tears.

Your father hushed you, placing a kiss at the top of your head.

“Don’t be sorry. That’s how you feel, and you deserve to be heard. I’m sorry I didn’t realize what I was doing to you.” Tony pleaded. “And I’m sorry for handling the news that way.”

He pulled back to look at you.

“As much as I can’t stand him and his perfectly coiffed hair….Steve’s good for you. You’re good for each other.” He mumbled.

Your chest swelled with pride.

“Should I plan a family vacation soon and invite him?” 

“Do not even go there, smalls.”

You cackled loudly.

This was a great start.


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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count:2,825

Warnings: smut 18+ fluff all the fluff.

Author’s Note: this was a little late, but i am still on time in a sense and i am so proud of myself lol. Tag-lists are open for both Behind the Screen and Family Matters if you all are interested in being added just send me an ask or a message! Also again if you’d like to be removed from my tag-lists you can always message me privately. Thank you all for reading and enjoying the content i put out words truly can’t describe how happy your comments, reblogs, and likes make. This goes for just the ones reading as well, thank you! - xoxo



Bucky couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, it’s not like he was able to before, but there was something about you now that was just absolutely glowing, injury or not you were ethereal.  

“Alright y/n well it’s not broken but I wouldn’t put too much pressure on it, and I definitely recommend taking a good two weeks off from doing any strenuous activities if you want to be able to join the others on missions sooner rather than later,”

A groan left your lips, “anyway I can get you to push that to a smaller time frame?” You questioned.

A smile tugged at the doctors lips, “sorry, but no can do, unless you want that foot to continue to be a problem I’d advise you stay off of it and keep it elevated at all times,”  

Another groan left your lips, Bucky chuckled from beside you, you turned your head slightly to give him a playful glare, “laugh it up Barnes, we all can’t be super soldiers” you muttered like a petulant child.

“Barnes make sure y/n gets to her room, relaxes, and keeps that leg elevated,” Bucky nodded, “ oh and one more thing, next time you break your nose you might want to come to med bay just in case, I know you all tend to heal a little quicker but it’s advised you get seen by a doctor and not your teammate,” she grinned.

His cheeks flared with heat as his eyes slid to you, you held your hands up in surrender, “I was busy fixing you up, it wasn’t me that ratted you out,”

“alright you two,” she chuckled, “Barnes, can I trust that you’ll take care of y/n, the way that she took care of you last night?”

“no worries Doc, she’ll be in good hands,”

The doctor chuckled helping you from the bed, Bucky sidled up to your side, his arm wrapping your waist supporting your body. You two were almost out of the room when the doctor was calling out again, “oh and Mr. Barnes, please make sure y/n actually gets rest, remember no strenuous activities, she needs to keep that leg elevated,”

Your lips parted open, cheeks going red in embarrassment, Bucky chuckled lowly, “no promises doc, but I’ll make sure that leg stays elevated,” he grinned pulling you out of the room and into the hallway.

“James Buchanan Barnes!” you hissed smacking him in the chest.

Bucky chuckled, “what, words going to get out, and be careful doll, I just might pull a you and leave you behind without warning,” he teased.

You glared up at him though a smile pulled at your lips, “you know I’m beginning to think I maybe didn’t mean what I said earlier,”

Bucky stopped abruptly in the hall, eyes looking down at you, “oh really now,” a cheeky grin pulled at his lips, “you should really watch your words sweetheart,”

“why, you gonna make me eat them?” you questioned.

“oh, I’ll make you eat something, but it won’t be your words,” he grinned, a loud laughfalling from his lips at the red hue that painted your cheeks.

“You’re insufferable,” you muttered into his side as he continued to drag you along.

“my room is that way,” you muttered into his shoulder as he dragged you down your corridor but in the opposite direction of where your room was.

“m’aware sweetheart, but I thought I’d change things up,” he grinned placing a kiss to your hair.

“are you expecting me to limp back to my room?” you questioned with amusement.

Bucky stopped the two of you in front of his door, his body turning to face yours, his hands came up to grasp at your face, “didn’t plan on sending you away,” he murmured thumb running along the peaks of your cheeks, “was kinda hoping you’d stay,”

“you sure about that, you okay if the other’s find out about us?” you questioned teasingly.

He smirked, his head closing in, lips hovering just above yours, “let them find out doll, m’ tired of always having to leave you behind,” he murmured his lips connecting with yours.

A soft sigh left your lips, your fingers curling into the material of Bucky’s gear at his sides, “So I’m assuming you told her?”

You groaned as you pulled your lips away from his to look over your shoulder, a laugh left your lips, your head falling to Bucky’s shoulder, “It just had to be you Steve, didn’t it?”

“at least it’s been me and not one of the other’s,” he shot back, “buck I know I said to help y/n out but I didn’t mean in that way,” he teased.

You groaned a laugh slipping past your lips, “Steve stop!” you whined.

“alright, alright, I’ll leave the two of you alone, but be prepared for this to be happening for a good while, especially once Sam finds out,”

“please don’t remind us,” you laughed.

“anyways I’ll leave the two of you,” he replied walking past, “oh and one more thing,” he paused the two of you looking over at him, “make sure you keep the noise down,” he winked.

“Steven Grant Rogers!” you gasped.

He threw out a hearty laugh, waving at the two of you as he disappeared into his room, “sure we can’t keep us a secret a little longer?” you questioned looking up at Bucky with amusement in your eyes.

He pressed his head against yours, “not a chance doll, now let’s get you taken care,” oh he murmured pressing his lips to yours, “doctor’s orders”

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Three Little Words

Maria Hill x reader

request: above

warnings: angst w/ a happy ending, getting shot (nothing gorey)

AN: sorry this took forever for me to finally do!!!! I hope you actually like this lmfaoo. stay safe!


Originally posted by marvelladiesdaily

You two promised that you’d never go to a mission angry at one another. No matter how bad the fight was, the two of you always managed to put it aside before either leaves for a mission, but this time, that wasn’t the case.

You and Maria have been fighting for the past few days. At this point, you don’t even remember what the first argument was even about. This truly snowballed into something more than it should have. You guys never got like this, so it was concerning not only for you and Maria, but with the rest of the team. Is this it? Are you two finally over? You shake your head and walk onto the quinjet. Maria normally walks out with the team to say our goodbye’s, but she wasn’t there. You felt a small pang in your chest. Nat saw your saddened expression and gave you a comforting smile.

Everything went wrong in the matter of seconds. There was at least a hundred soldiers coming at you at every second. You were doing well until one snuck up behind you. You heard the bang before you felt the burning pain in your lower abdomen. With that, you dropped to the floor. You tried to call out for help, but you couldn’t fix your mouth to say a word. The last thing you thought about before going unconscious was her. You wished you were able you able to hug her one last time. You wish you could tell her that you loved her. Why did you wait so long?

You wake up to the beeping sounds of the plethora of machines next to you. You try to open your eyes, but the lighting in the room is too bright. You take a couple seconds to adjust and try again. You hear the soft sniffles and feel a familiar weight in your hand. You try to sit up, but you immediately regret that. The sound of you groaning alerts the beautiful girl besides you. She stands up and looks at you. You could tell that this also hasn’t been too kind to her. You know her so well to know that so many things are rushing through her mind. She tries to be so strong and never allows herself to just feel.

“I’m gonna uh go get the doctor.” She mumbles and leaves you in the room.

She’s being hard on herself you know it, but you just wish she didn’t build her walls back up. Moments later, your doctor comes in and checks up on you. The whole time your girlfriend had her eyes trained on the floor. She didn’t say a word to you or the doctor. As the doctor left you said a gentle ‘thank you’ and turned your head back to Maria.

“Baby…” left your lips softly. The brunette immediately started to break down. You gestures out for her to lay with you on the bed.

“Come here, Maria.” You sternly said after she tried to reject.

“But what if I hurt you? I can’t hurt you anymore.” She choked out. You’ve never seen her get like this before.

“Come on, baby I promise you’re not gonna hurt me. I want you here.” You move over the best you could and patted the bed once more. She took of her shoes and cautiously slid onto the bed. She immediately cuddled into your side like she always did.

“I know that you’re sacred and that you’re beating yourself up over this, but I want you to know that this isn’t your fault, okay?” You turn your head and look into her eyes. You whipe the stray tears on her cheek and plant a soft kiss on her lips. God, have you missed her lips. After a few moments of silence, she finally speaks up.

“I knew that we put our ‘never go on a mission angry’ rule in place for a reason. I should’ve got my ass out of the training room on time. I should’ve got the balls to admit that I was sorry, Y/n, but I didn’t. I don’t think I’ve regretted anything more than this. I was pushing you away because I’ve never felt this way about someone before. It scared me and it still scares me. All I could think about is the ‘what if’s’, but look where that lead us.” She takes your hand and interlocks then while playing with your fingers. She only does this when she’s nervous.

“You are the love of my life, and I was too afraid to admit it. I love you y/n.” She turns her head to look at you.

“You know, for one of the smartest agents here, you are pretty dumb.” You giggle as she frowns. “I love you too you idiot.” You leaned down and gave her a long, passionate kiss. The look on her face when you said those three little words back made the waiting worth while. The two of you started talking about anything and everything.

“You know, when I was uh going,” She looked at you with a pained look. You could tell just thinking about it makes her hurt. “You were all I could think about.” You smile.

“I was thinking about our future and how dumb I was for not letting you know sooner. I wish I could’ve heard your laugh one more time. I wished I could just hug you one last time. Luckily, I got something way better than that.” You look back at her with a gentle smile. “I get to have you for as long as I get to live. I got a second chance, and I’m not letting that slip away. I love you, Maria.”

“I love you, Y/n.”

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