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#marvel fanfiction

Word count: 8339

Genre: Angst and fluff

Pairing: Natasha x reader

Warnings: Minor violence (less than canon), swearing, brief mention of cheating (let me know if I need to add more)

Request: What about a natsha x reader fic, but its friends to then enemies to then lovers?

Summary: Reader is assigned to gather information and kill the black widow but instead befriends her. Natasha feels betrayed and although she becomes a Shield agent now hates the reader. After a mission gone wrong they reconcile. 

A/n: PLEASE READ!!! So this can be read as a standalone but it is part one of three (part one is friends, part two is enemies, part three is lovers). I really hope the anon that requested this is reading this because this was requested weeks ago. This is the longest thing I’ve ever written and it’s only one part of three. Maybe it’s just because I know how much time I’ve spend on this but so far it’s my favourite thing I’ve written as well so I really hope you like it. I am writing this Friday night/technically Saturday morning and I’m queuing it to be posted on Tuesday. My goal is to work really hard this weekend so I’ll be able to have parts two and three out on Tuesday and Wednesday but that’s not guaranteed. If you enjoy this and want to be tagged in the other parts, let me know, I’m more than happy to! Anyways this is a super long note, I hope you enjoy the fic!

**Please note that the genre and summary is for all the chapters, not just this one in particular.

**Also please don’t judge the little bit of French I included (I’m not fluent) and if Y/n’s part is messed up, that’s on purpose.

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Someone’s probably done this before but can I request;

Benedict Cumberbatch x tea

(doesn’t have to be smut but it would certainly add some points y'know +1🥴👌)

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So all my asks disappeared and i can’t get them back!! If you sent a request or a gif please send it again. I still have all the gifs i just don’t have the @ of the people who sent them in so drop me a message or an ask to let me know what you sent!

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Pairing: Different Sebastian Stan Characters x Reader

Description: A series of one-shots surrounding the reader’s relationships with various Sebastian Stan characters. 


willow (Jefferson x Reader)

champagne problems (Carter Baizen x Reader)

gold rush (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

‘tis the damn season (EB!Frank x Reader)

tolerate it (Charles Blackwood x Reader)

no body, no crime (Dark!Lee Bodecker x Reader)

happiness (Destroyer!Chris x Reader)

dorothea (Chris Beck x Reader)

coney island (40′s!Bucky Barnes x Reader)

ivy (Lee Bodecker x Reader)

cowboy like me (Carter Baizen x Reader)

long story short (Chris Beck x Reader)

marjorie (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

closure (Lance Tucker x Reader)

evermore (Jefferson x Reader)

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cause you were never mine

A/N: i haven’t even started this yet, but the post is here anyway🤷🏻‍♀️

a * indicates smut, so please don’t interact with those unless you’re over 18. it’s not cool, and can get writers in actual real life trouble.

summary: you’ve recently started dating thor and things are wonderful–mostly. thor always keeps you at arm’s length. you’re about to find out why.

main masterlist


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Originally posted by ravenouswild

frank castle x reader

warnings: none. just fluff. definitely my favorite imagine i’ve writen in awhile.


An art student. That’s who Frank had unintentionally fallen in love with. A woman who was the living, breathing definition of art. A woman who lived with such elegance and was the reason the phrase, beauty and grace, had been invented. Frank wasn’t sure how he managed to peak your interest or what he had done to deserve you. You were too good for him. Too pure. Too kind. And yet, someone as beautiful as you loved a man as broken as him.

He watched you intently as you worked. Your final art project was due at the end of the week and you had been working on it for the past month. It was supposed to be a realistic portrait using any medium of your choice. You had chosen charcoal. It was your favorite. Frank would often find used charcoal sticks scattered about in your small apartment. A small smile tugged at his lips, his eyes scanning your frame. Frank loved seeing you in your element. You were sitting at your countertop surrounded by various art supplies. Your bottom lip was tugged between your teeth, eyebrows knitted in concentration. You were clad in one of Frank’s tee shirts- that was much too big for your frame- and a pair of spandex. Your hair was pulled away from your face, glasses slipping down the bridge of your nose. In that moment, you had never looked more beautiful…to Frank at least.

You could feel his intense stare as you finished some minor details and added a few finishing touches. You glanced at him, meeting his brown eyes. His eyes were one of the few ways you could read him. You could often decipher between the sadness, anger, brokenness that lingered in his chocolate orbs. Right now, however, there was contentment..maybe even a hint of happiness.

Frank had been staying with you for the past couple of months. He had gotten a new construction job and was attending his meetings with Curt regularly. He was doing…okay. And okay was good.

“You almost done?” Frank asked. His voice was gruff from not speaking for a few hours.

“Yeah,” you replied back softly. You had been working for almost four hours and hadn’t allowed Frank to come near you. You wanted your project to be a surprise and you didn’t want him to lay his eyes on it until you were done. “Give me a few more minutes.”

You pushed your glasses up with the back of your hand before beginning to work again. Frank always admired your effort, determination, and rigor. You were hardworker. You knew that to get what you wanted, you would have to work for it. When you had first met Frank, you knew exactly what you were getting yourself into. And you wanted it. You wanted him. Every piece of him. And you got him. It took months though. Frank didn’t want you getting involved with him…with his life. You had such a bright future. You had dreams and goals and Frank didn’t want to ruin those for you. He didn’t want to be a burden. He was broken, so broken. A piece of shattered glass, with missing pieces, incapable of being put back together again. You, you were a daisy. Fragile, yet beautiful, with a heart that shined as bright as the sun.

God, she’s pefect.

Frank’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of running water. You were finally done and needed to get the layers of charcoal dust off your hands. Once you could finally see the color of your skin, you shut off the water and wiped your hands off with a dry towel. Frank’s eyes took you in as you padded over to him. Your legs moved to either side of his waist, straddling him as you sat down on his lap.

“Hi,” your voice was airy and light.

“Hi.” You savored the feeling of Frank’s hands running the length of your thighs. They were calloused and rough, but they were warm. “You done?”

You nodded, taking note of the fading bruises that littered Frank’s face. They were the same ones from a few weeks ago meaning Frank hadn’t been out in a little while. It made you feel better. You often worried that when Frank walked out your door, he wouldn’t return. You let your hands fall to his shoulders, thumbs rubbing small circles against his skin. His skin was seemingly tan against white ribbed tank top that covered his torso. “I’m sorry I took so long. I just wanted it to be perfect.”

The large man pressed a soft kiss to your lips before nuzzling his head into your neck. “Can I see?”

“Yeah. Come on.” You got up, pulling Frank to his feet. “You have to close your eyes though.” You led the man to the kitchen, stopping him in front of the counter. You wrapped an arm around Frank’s waist, pressing a kiss to his shoulder. “Open.”


“I was supposed to capture someone who was really important to me. You are the most important person in my life, Frankie.”

Frank was speechless. He knew you were good, your artwork was displayed all over your apartment. But he didn’t know you were this good. He was literally staring back at himself. It was an older look of his. Full beard, long hair…the hippy look. You loved that look.

The portrait was perfectly imperfect, just like Frank. A few bruises and scratches littered his face, but there was a small smile playing on his lips, nonetheless. His eyes, though black and gray in the portrait, held a certain kind of look. It was heavy. The eyes of someone who had seen too much, but there was a certain sparkle…hint of happiness? It was perfect. And it was Frank. Your Frank. The man you were head over heels in love with.

“Do you like it?” There was a nervousness in your face as you awaited Frank’s answer. He pressed a soft kiss to your hairline, a sigh escaping his lips.

“Why me?”

You snuggled into Frank’s side, dwelling in his warmth. “Because you’re all I got. You truly are the most important person to me. And I love you.”

The large man tilted your head up to his, leaning down to connect your lips together. Even after a year, the feeling of his lips on yours still made you weak in the knees. He made your heart race and your head cloudy. He gently leaned you up against the counter, hands tugging at your waist. “I love it. I love you. Thank you.”

You leaned back, resting your hands on either side of Frank’s face. That was the first time Frank had said those three words to you. You expressed your love about six months into the relationship. You also knew of Frank’s past and you knew he needed time. And you would wait. For Frank you would wait forever. He didn’t understand why. You deserved someone who wasn’t broken and a mess, yet you wanted him.

“Say it again,” you muttered, pulling the man close.

He kissed you again, this time harder…faster, more desperate. He poured every ounce of him into this kiss. He wanted you show you just how much he loved and adored you. It honestly terrified him what he would do for you. Every feeling of fear, love, contentment…so many emotions poured out of Frank and into the kiss. “I love you, Y/n.”

“I love you more. You really are a work of art, baby. I promise to tell you that every day until I die.”

taglist: @hellishseaqueen @calif0rnia-lovers

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Standing in front of him, are two more children, only slightly older than the one he had found. The blonde child was freakishly skinny with dark bags under his eyes, and was standing with another black-haired slightly taller child who had a bony arm wrapped around him.

The blonde was wearing an over-sized Captain America costume that drowned him, and the other only wearing a leather jacket with sleeves that covered his hands and fell to his knees.

Tony almost chokes.

The blonde in the Captain America costume. The black-haired child standing over him. The scared, timid kid on his hip with glasses and bruises.

He knows who these kids are.


After an accident with Hydra and the time stone, Tony and Rhodey are left with six of their teammates turned into young children. Trying to keep the six young, traumatized and rambunctious children safe all while finding a cure and attempting to give them a taste of a real childhood might be their biggest mission yet.

Read Here on AO3 or continue under the read more! 

!!! TRIGGER WARNING FOR THIS CHAPTER !!!! I’m serious about this one, y'all. Please, please be careful. Details in the next line:
Talks of childhood sexual abuse, as well as a scene involving a child attempting to come on to an adult due to past/pervious experiences. If you wish to skip this scene, stop reading at the part where Tony is outside messing with his glasses.

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here it is! hope you like it! 

words: 624

prompt: “you’re an idiot.” - “but you love me.” 

prompt requests are closed. 

Keeping Secrets

It was never easy to sneak back to your room in the mornings, because Tony lived in a completely separate wing of the compound than the rest of you. And a lot of the others were early risers, so it wasn’t like you could just waltz right in whenever you wanted. So you had started keeping clothes in Tony’s room, so you could just go from his room to the kitchen in the morning, and say you had taken a morning walk around the compound. Sometimes you didn’t think Steve and Natasha believed you, but they never said that to your face.

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Relationship: Loki/Gender Neutral Reader

Warnings: mentions of injuries (just a shoulder and a back pain), and one f-bomb?

Summary: After one drunken night, Loki lets something slip out of their tongue.

Notes: I swear to my Merenda, I’m writing that interactive fic. This is not procrastination. And pardon the size, please (gosh this sounded like a polite white boy)

Read On AO3


Originally posted by waiting-for-motivation

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i like you better, than anything else in the sky

18+ only, minors dni

synopsis: sometimes sam just needs a moment of normalcy, luckily, he has you by his side. and he knows that everything will be okay.

pairings: sam wilson x fem!reader

warnings: smut, dirty talk, pure filth tbh, unprotected sex (this is fiction, pls use protection irl!!) also, there’s barely any plot, but sam needs a hug (& he gets a whole lot more)

word count: 3k

a/n: it’s always loving sam hours in this house, thank u

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Chapter 1: Asshole husband


Pairing: Dark!Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: abusive husband but mental abuse. Some smut. Misogynistic views.

(Notes: So Steve will show his dark self in the next chapter more. This is a new dark series with old man Steve. Picture Timothy Olyphant as old man Steve but with shoulder length hair. Also there may be some errors.)

I wasn’t going to post this but fuck it

Summary: You are in a loveless marriage. Upon meeting Steve one fateful night everything changes. You start to have a steamy affair with Steve but when he goes to far. You break things off and try to focus on yourself. But Steve doesn’t like this one bit.

The front door slammed shut, the sound echoing. You were in your office when you heard it. You turned off your laptop before standing up from your chair. You could hear your husband’s footsteps. He called out your name.

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Now that I have a bit of time to write tonight, I can’t decide what to work on LOL.

Les Vengeurs: Peter Parker, Musketeers! Avengers au

Maybe It’s Too Late: Steve Rogers post-Endgame AU

Or Thor: Thunderstruck, Part III.

You, tell me. Seriously, reply/reblog and tell me!

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Summary:  Tony Stark has a daughter and he has no idea what to do.

Disclaimer: Based on the MCU, I don’t know much about comics. Please, be kind. Peter will show up when the time comes, lmao and  I’ll change the timeline at the convenience of the fanfic. 

That’s all, lol -Val

P H A S E - O N E

Iron Man

Chapter 1

Add yourself to the taglist!

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Welp, I decided to start up a writing challenge for two reasons: 1) I’m back from a two-year hiatus, and I want to see who’s active and all that/meet new folks; and 2) It’s almost Valentine’s day, and while I do adore the fluff of it all, I really want to see the darker side, too! I’m tagging some mutuals to hopefully get a signal boost :)


  • Any Marvel character and pairing is fine!
  • You don’t have to follow me, but it would be nice!
  • Please reblog this post to spread the word.
  • Send me an ask with the prompt you would like to request.
  • Multiple people can sign up for one prompt!
  • Pretty much anything goes except underage and incest. Angst for Valentine’s day would actually be refreshingly realistic. Dark and dubcon are welcome! Basically, I’m curious to know what your spin on Valentine’s day would be!
  • That being said, you can go full fluff if you want!
  • Feel free to mix and match prompts. Use as many or as few as you’d like.
  • HMU if you have any questions!
  • Due by February 13th to be included in the Valentine’s Day masterlist, but you can get it to me whenever you can after that.

Prompts below the cut.

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It’s been a week. So I’m changing direction for a bit, taking the day to work on a Dark Wanda one shot I started a few months ago. As motivation to finish this thing I’m posting a teaser below. Enjoy!

A is for Advent

There is a brightness in the eyes of a child that too easily slips through the grasp of the older generations. Wanda soaks up knowledge as though it is the only thing that matters in the entire world, and shares what she learns with anyone who will take the time to hear her out. Hope lives in her heart until it is stolen by fear

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Word count: 1679

Genre: Hurt/comfort 

Pairings: Natasha x reader, platonic avengers x reader

Warnings: Some swearing (let me know if I need to add more)

Request: hi~ was wondering if you’d do a natasha x reader with a dash of platonic avengers when reader has chronic migraines but hasn’t told nat so ends up in random places to try and sleep them away and the others keep finding her and then nat figures out she’s hiding something and feels hurt but ends fluffy wanting to take care of reader next time? you can choose who and change any part you want!

Summary: Reader gets really bad migraines and is constantly being found by the team when she wants to be alone, however her girlfriend Natasha doesn’t know what’s going on. 

A/n: This request was for @casperlikej​ so I hope you like it! Also I would like to mention that I know next to nothing about migraines so this probably won’t be super accurate but hopefully it’s ok to read anyways. I’m queuing this to come out on Sunday so that over the weekend I can work on the friends to enemies to lovers three part series and get that out soon (no I have not forgotten about that request). I am only like a sixth into that series but so far I’m super proud of it so I can’t wait to get it done! Also if anyone has ideas, feel free to request anything because I like having multiple fic ideas to think of at all times. Anyways I’m rambling now but I hope you enjoy this fic!

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