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#marvel fanfiction

Pairing:Mobster!Bucky x Reader

Word Count:3,010

Warnings:soft, protective!Bucky because that is a warning!

Author’s Note: and we’re back so sorry for the wait on this one, it seems I’ve become more critical of my work, and i find myself erasing my work more and more. There are only two more chapters left to this series before it wraps up and i’ll venture into newer things. I hope you’ll enjoy this one, thank you for reading!

Chapter 17 / Series Masterlist


Another sleepless night; you tossed and turned, but you couldn’t find the right position. It wasn’t that you weren’t tired, the lingering haze of sleep that sat at the back of your mind was proof enough, it was the pool of memories that your lingering sleep sat in that kept you awake at night. You wish you could shake it, shake the sight of her, the sight of her in a pool of her own blood. The guilt that lingered from that night had loomed over you like a dark and rainy cloud, it had been a week and you couldn’t shake it. Bucky had tried to talk to you, get you to listen to reason, but you knew if you let him in you would only break further. You had killed the person he loved the most, you knew he said he would have done it had he been given the chance, but there was a part of you that wasn’t believing that to be true.

A shaky breath left your lips as you kicked off the cooled sheets from your pajama clad body, the silence around you is teasing; the world around you sleeps yet here you are awake. Your body felt tight, constricted, your mind screaming at you to run and continue to run till you couldn’t anymore. Your numb feet carried you to the room, the walls around you warping ever so slightly as you continued to push yourself forward. Your hands gripped the stair railing as you ran down the stairs your breath coming out shaky as you made your way through the kitchen and out the back door.  

You try to focus on your breathing as you continue to stumble further down the yard, your sight set on the withering bench. Anxiety bubbles deep within you, making you sick. You grip the back of the bench making your way around it as you fall onto it.

The world around you is no longer silent, a buzzing sounds from you ear, buzzing, buzzing, buzzing. A choked sob falls from your lips, why did this life have to be so cruel? A choked gasp falls from your lips as you struggle to ground yourself. Your head falls to your hands where they rest on your knees, you wish you could just wake up from this nightmare, because that’s what it felt like now, one big nightmare.

A hand fell to your shoulder, and from where your head was cast down a pair of legs appeared in your sight.

“Y/n sweetheart, look at me,” you shook your head, you couldn’t meet his eyes, you’d only break further. Bucky’s hands are finding their way to your face, pulling, pulling, till he can get you to look him in the eyes.

“y/n,” he coos, “c’mere sweetheart,” he murmurs pulling you into his arms.

“I just want this feeling to go away,” you cried, “I just want it to go away, I don’t want to feel like this anymore.”

Bucky pulled you in closer embracing the best he could with his position, “why haven’t you come to me y/n, I’ve been trying for a week to get you to talk to me, look at you sweetheart,” he voiced fingers running over your wet cheeks, “you’ve reached your end, you need to let me in, let me help you y/n.”

Your shaking your head again, “it’s too much Bucky, I can’t get the image of her out of my head, and seeing you just makes it worse, I-”

Bucky’s getting in your space, hands gripping your face a little firmer, “y/n, doll I don’t blame you for what happened that night, I told you had it been me I would have done the same, y/n what dot did I wouldn’t have hesitated to put a bullet through her and you know that,, as horrible as this might sound, she did more than just betray my trust, she abused my love, and what happened to her that night we can call it karma.”

His eyes are searching your watery ones, “y/n is that why you locked yourself away in the room when we came home that night, do you think I blame you for what happened to dot?”

Your eyes water more, your voice a broken whisper, “I’m sorry,” you choke out.

Bucky’s standing then his hands wrapping around your arms as he pulls you up bringing you into a tight embrace, “y/n I don’t blame you,  could never blame you for what happened to dot, everyone gets what’s coming to them in this life, and dot was no exception.”

You move your head from where it had been pressed against his shoulder to look into his eyes, “but you thought she was the one, she had changed you so much, you wanted to be better for her, to go against all you knew to make her happy.”

A lopsided smile is pulling at Bucky’s lips, his hand cupping your tear stricken cheek, “y/n were you that out of it that night that you can’t recall anything I said,” he questions, you shake your head, “you know you all get after me when I’ve spent a week with someone and you all think I’ve changed,  but look at what happens to you a week without me,” he teases.

A teary chuckle escapes your lips, your head leaning into his hand, “don’t get to ahead of yourself there Barnes, and excuse me for not focusing on anything you said that night I killed another person in the span of a month, don’t think I’ve gotten to your level yet.”

Bucky laughs, “there’s my cheeky girl,” he grins, “y/n I don’t blame you for any of what happened to dot, because she didn’t matter,” your brows furrow, “sweetheart the week I spent with her really wasn’t what anyone was thinking, but I couldn’t let any of you know what it was that I was doing, if I wanted my plan to work,”

You sniffle rubbing under your eyes, “plan,” you questioned, “w-what do you mean, what plan,  you had a plan aside from the one we put together, the one you messed up by going in alone?” You questioned.

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Originally posted by ohmy80s

Tony Stark x Reader, 90s AU

Summary: English class is never just english class when Tony Stark is involved

Words: 1k

Warnings: Swearing, sexual innuendo

A/N: My entry for the 90s Film Drabble Challenge by @unlockingyourmcutalent​. I chose 10 Things I Hate About You and used one character and some lines from the movie. As always feedback is welcome and reblogs are appreciated. (I just want to say, I think Ms Perky would be on Tumblr if she were real, she’d be all over the PWP talking all sorts of pulsating [redacted] and engorged [redacted], ok,byeee.


You straighten your back and steady yourself, breathing deeply once more,ready to speak and do justice to the prestigious words of foreign days.

“In faith, I do not love thee with mine eyes, for they in thee a thousand errors note;-” 

“- But ‘tis my heart that loves what they despise, who in despite of view is pleased to dote; “

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Part 2 of “Friends…..Maybe?”

Summary: Bucky finally mans up and confesses everything and has to ask for forgiveness.  

Warning: None

A/N: I finally decided to write the second part of this. And now I’m going to write another chapter of “Unexpected Gifts” 


Originally posted by minmiin1d

“I messed up big time.”

After putting you to bed and texting Steve, Bucky goes to the kitchen and cleans up everything. He puts all the food away. Of course, he can’t help but taste it while he does. Once he taste it, it only causes him to hate himself more.

“God, I’m such an idiot.” He says to himself as he puts a lid on the container.

He puts the dishes in the dishwasher then heads to his room. He gets to his room and his phone chimes with a notification. It was a message from Steve.

Steve honestly doesn’t want to know what Bucky means by his text, but he has a gut feeling it has something to do with Y/N. He shakes his head and types a response. He presses send then puts his phone away.

-What did you do?

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Who I write for….

(Forgot about this, I do The Kissing Booth too!)



Greys Anatomy

  1. Derek Shepard
  2. Alex Karev
  3. Mark Sloan
  4. Andrew Deluca

The Walking Dead

  1. Glenn Rhee
  2. Carl Grimes
  3. Daryl Dixon
  4. Rick Grimes


  1. John B
  2. JJ
  3. Pope
  4. Rafe
  5. Topper
  6. Kie
  7. Sarah


  1. Harry Styles
  2. Tom Holland
  3. Niall Horan
  4. Chris Evans
  5. Sebastian Stan
  6. Chris Hemsworth
  7. Harrison Osterfield
  8. Harry Holland
  9. David Dobrik
  10. Sam and Colby
  11. Shawn Mendes
  12. Charlie Puth

I’ll be posting dialogues tomorrow!!

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steve rogers x female!reader I

fluff ♡ 。• * I

warnings: a few swear words here and there, otherwis pure fluff I

request: ‘’#4 fluff “oh you’re just jealous” Steve Rogers please!? You’re an Avenger that’s best friends with Thor and Tony but Steve thinks you and Tony are a thing until someone else says you two are oblivious idiots. Thank you! 💙’’


prompt: (fluff #4) ‘‘OH you’re jealous!’’ I

summary: you’re best friends with tony, but steve is persuaded you’re more. I

word count: a bit over 1k I


Originally posted by sersi

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Pairing: MC!OC!Howie Stark x OC!Becca Barnes

Warnings: Language. Stalking. Violence. SMUT. Cheating. Lying. Sneaking around. Alpha males being alpha males.

A/N: 18+ please. Let’s not make this the last and only dirty thing I put out for y’all. Come on now. Be smart about it.

A/N: Guess we’re going to do this like Fated. 60 notes, max and if we want to do double posts that’s game too. Guess we’re just going to get through it, so we can move on.

Becca Barnes has one rule. No Bikers. Simple rule, right? Not so much  when her father built the Reapers MC and her older brother Bucky is  their current Pres. While her father is cooling his heels in  prison.            
Keeping herself out of trouble just isn’t in her blood. Needing to be  bailed out of jail by the Club Name, puts her right where she doesn’t  want to be. In the center of nothing but Bikers for miles.              
Only when she lies eyes on Howie Stark, that one simple rule, just isn’t  so easy. He’s getting under her skin. He needs to stop kissing her. He  has to quit touching her. Is breaking her rule worth it, with the guy  who doesn’t do serious? It’s the least expecting ones you should have to  watch out for.              
Is Howie worth ruining herself again for, or will she end up somewhere  she can’t come back from?

Tag List Is Open!!


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Chapter Index: 1, 2

Pronouns used for (Y/N): they/them

Warnings: None

Word count: +7.1k

A/N: Hello all! Thank you for waiting so patiently for the next chapter in the series. I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during these unfortunate times. Please enjoy this chapter! Comments, reblogs, likes and feedback is greatly appreciated!


Chapter 2 - Peter Parker, the nuisance

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Summary: You and your husband take a break from the festivities 

Features/Warnings: Pure Fluff

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader

Notes:  I’ve been MIA. I’ve not been feeling great but I’m slowly getting there. 

Word Count: 546


Originally posted by coporolight

Leaves floated past, dancing in the early autumn wind as the pair of you stood by the water. Sounds of a distant party drifted through the air, but neither of you paid it any mind. You had snuck away the moment the opportunity arose and everyone was distracted. Being the center of attention was never your favorite thing.

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↳ here’s my second one! I’ve been feeling kinda shitty about my writing to i decided to go and read some of my favorite fics/find new ones! it kinda made me get out of my funk. Also, still not even close to being done, another one will come!! big, big, big thank you to all of these amazing writers. you all deserve the whole world and I love each and every one of you.


✧: complete series

❀: uncomplete series

❥: oneshot

✰: headcanon/drabble

Bucky Barnes

Love Struck by @jobean12-blog, [part I] [part II] ~ Beefy!Bucky Barnes x Reader

❥ Seafarer by @barnesandco, Bucky Barnes x Reader

✧ Nikah by @barnesandco, Bucky Barnes x Reader

 Little Break by @schmuckyschmarnes, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Make A Move by @tuiccim, [part I] [part II] ~ Bucky Barnes x Reader

❥ Make It Better by @schmuckyschmarnes, Bucky Barnes x Reader

❥ Dominant by @bubbabarnes, Dom!Bucky Barnes x Sub!Fem!Reader

All I Want by @captainchrisstan, Bucky Barnes x Reader

❀ Penumbra by @buckys-other-punk, [part I] [part II] ~ Knight AU!Bucky Barnes x Huntress!Reader

The One by @captainchrisstan, Bucky Barnes x Reader

The Surprise by @teenagereadersciencenerd, ~ Bucky Barnes x Reader

It’s Been A Long Long Time by @saintsebastian-stan, [part I] [part II] ~ Bucky Barnes x Reader

❥ Surprise, Daddy by @softboibarnes, Daddy!Bucky Barnes x Sugar Baby!Reader

Still by @shay-iamiam, Boxer AU!Bucky Barnes x WOC!Reader

❀ On My Tongue by @moteldwelling, Dad’s Best Friend!Bucky Barnes x Reader

❥ Dirty Secret by @tokoyamisstuff, Bucky Barnes x Reader

❥ Rainy Days by @kittykatlow, Daddy!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Made For Me by @saiyanprincessswanie, [part I] [part II] [part III] [part IV] ~ Dark!Bucky Barnes x Reader

✧ How You Feel by @suz-123, Blue Collar AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

✧ The Rivals by @kashirenae92, Mobster AU!Bucky Barnes x Mob!WOC!Reader

❥ Past, Present, Future by @chris-evans-indian-fanfic, Bucky Barnes x Reader

❥ On The Run by @muchadoaboutbucky, Bucky Barnes x Native American!Reader

❥ Baby, Just Say Yes by @muchadoaboutbucky, Bucky Barnes x Native American!Reader

 Old Wounds, New Scars by @muchadoaboutbucky, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Steve Rogers

 Nomad by @spideywhiteys, Steve Rogers x Reader

❥ Two Good Dogs by @jobean12-blog, Veterinarian AU!Steve Rogers x Reader

❀ Mr and Mrs. Rogers by @buckys-other-punk, Mr. and Mrs. Smith AU!Steve Rogers x Reader

Summer by @softboibarnes, [part I] ~ Steve Rogers x Female!Reader

❥ Lost and Found by @buckybarney Biker AU & Soulmate AU!Steve Rogers x Reader

❥ Muse by @honeyloverogers, Artist!Steve Rogers x Dancer!Reader

❥ Moon River by @spideywhiteys, Soulmate AU!Steve Rogers x Reader

Bated Breath by @honeyloverogers, [part I] [part II] ~ Steve Rogers x Reader

❥ You Are in Love by @spideywhiteys, Steve Rogers x Reader

❥ Try Again by @shay-iamiam, Biker AU!Steve Rogers x Reader

❥ So Unrequited by @wonky-bonky, Steve Rogers x Reader

Mine by @saiyanprincessswanie, [part I] ~ Dark!Steve Rogers x Reader

❀ Take Care by @cherrypickertheory, Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader

 Solace by @saiyanprincessswanie, Steve Rogers x Reader

 Mad About You by @chrissquares, Daddy!Steve Rogers x Agent!Reader

 Golden Boy by @kashirenae92, Fratboy AU!Steve Rogers x WOC!Reader

 Firelight by @kashirenae92, King AU!Steve Rogers x Queen!WOC!Reader

❥ Head(ed) Argument by @stevenssrogers, Alpha!Steve Rogers x Omega!Fem!Reader

 Falling For The Captain by @jimblejamblewriting, Steve Rogers x Reader

❀ Little Situation by @jimblejamblewriting, Steve Rogers x Black!Daughter!Reader

❥ A Second Chance by @chris-evans-indian-fanfic, Steve Rogers x Reader

❥ Fight Me by @whiskey-cokenfanfic, Steve Rogers x Reader


❥ Dirty Honey by @moteldwelling, Stucky x Reader

❥ Winter’s Child Has A Gun by @moteldwelling, Stucky x Reader

  Little Minx by @saiyanprincessswanie, Dark!Stucky x Reader

❀ Welcome Home, Kitten by @buckysbunny, [part I]  ~ Dark!Stucky x Reader

Peggy Carter

 ❥ Cookies or Kisses? by @wokeupinawalnut, Peggy Carter x Reader

❥ Like You A Latte by @fandomsandxfiles-writes, Peggy Carter x Daniel Sousa [ao3 only]

❥ Not So Subtle by @fandomsandxfiles-writes, Peggy Carter x Daniel Sousa

❥ Invention by @sammys-world-of-imagination, Peggy Carter x Reader

Business as Usual by @fandomsandxfiles-writes, Peggy Carter x Daniel Sousa

❥ Love Is Love by @marvel-wlw, Peggy Carter x Fem!Reader

❥ A Little Faith by @wokeupinawalnut, Peggy Carter x Bi!Fem!Reader

Sam Wilson

❥ Forward by @honeychicanawrites, Sam Wilson x Black!Fem!Little!Reader

❥ Brown Sugar by @marvelmaree, Sam Wilson x Black!Reader

No Heat by @whiskey-cokenfanfic, Sam Wilson x Reader

Date Night by @whiskey-cokenfanfic Sam Wilson x Reader

❥ I Need Your Help by @marvelmaree, Sam Wilson x Reader

 Imagine Sam Trying To Make It Up to You After An Argument by @marvelmaree, Sam Wilson x Reader

❥ Missing by @whiskey-cokenfanfic, Sam Wilson x Reader

Natasha Romanoff

❥ Blurred Lines by @world-of-aus, Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader

❥ How (Not) to Hide a Relationship From Your Coworkers by @fandomsandxfiles-writes, Natasha Romanoff x Reader [ao3 only]

Two Different Sides by @marvel-wlw, [part I] [part II] ~ Natasha Romanoff x Reader

❥ To Prove A Point by @sammys-world-of-imagination, Natasha Romanoff x Reader

 Windows To The Soul by @sammys-world-of-imagination, [part I] [part II] [part III] [part IV] [part V] ~ Natasha Romanoff x Reader

❥ Make It Right by @marvels-writings, Natasha Romanoff x Reader

❥ I Never Stopped Loving You by @marvel-wlw, Natasha Romanoff x Reader

❥ Temper by @marvel-wlw, Natasha Romanoff x Reader

❥ Can’t You Tell? by @marvels-writings, Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Erik Killmonger

❥ From Paris, With Love by @ghostfacekill-monger, Erik Killmonger x Black!British!OC

❥ Written All Over Your Face by @ghostfacekill-monger, Erik Killmonger x Black!Reader

❥ Comfort by @thorsthot, Erik Killmonger x Black!Stripper!Reader

❥ Just Like That by @thorsthot, Erik Killmonger x Black!Reader

In Lust With Danger by @tgigoldie, [part I] [part II] [part III] [part IV] ~ Erik Killmonger x OFC

❥ She Got Game by @ghostfacekill-monger College AU!Erik Killmonger x Black!OC

❥ Where There’s Smoke by @ghostfacekill-monger, Firefighter AU!Erik Killmonger x Black!OC


Okay okay i know these last two aren’t marvel but like… they’re so amazing I just can’t not mention them in a fic rec, you know? Please read them, you will not regret it one bit!

❥ Undeniable Attraction by @mochaxmars, Trevante Rhodes x Black!Reader

❥ Lost Time by @mochaxmars, Trevante Rhodes x Black!Reader

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Coming soon…


Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader - (Oneshot)

Warnings: Cussing, Angst, Gunshot wound, Near Death, Fluff

Word Count: 2592

Summary: New to the Avengers team everyone welcomes you with open arms, everyone except Bucky. It seems no matter how you try to win him over he wants nothing to do with you. With animosity and anger running wild you both are tasked to a mission together. Will being hurt in the line of duty bring out true feelings?

A/N: this is for both @kitkatd7 & @buckys-other-punk writing challenges. I combined them both. Thank you for being patient with me while I balanced all my health issues. 💜

Permanent Taglist:

@jtargaryen18 @kitkatd7 @marvelfansworld @trashmenofmarvel @mdemontespan1667 @get0verit @miraclesoflove @notyourtypicalrose @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @the-soulofdevil @threeminutesoflife @pagesoflauren @imanuglywombat @sophiria @sapphirescrolls @searchforanotherway @miri-est-fou @sagechanoafterdark @awsome262338 @charmed-asylum @rainbowkisses31 @nekoannie-chan @shield-agent78 @americasass81 @thoruvial @what-is-your-plan-today @music-culture-mythology

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Summary: Bucky settles into a quiet life after the Blip, but an unexpected visitor one night threatens the stability he’s worked so hard to achieve.

Word Count: 2580

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: A few h*ckin words, minor Endgame spoilers, angst with some fluff to round it all out.

A/N: I literally wrote this today for no other reason then it’s Sebastian Stan’s birthday and I wanted to post a Bucky fic to commemorate it. Thanks to @marvelxholland​, @honeyloverogers​ and @sexy-sea-basss​ for beta reading! Insipired by the song Candles by Hey Monday. And for once I made a moodboard myself! (Which is why it’s garbage). If you’d like to be added to my permanent taglist, just send an ask!

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Thor Bingo Masterlist


A/N: I’ve planned on doing most of these, if not all. This is my first Thor/Marvel Bingo ever, so super excited! Please read the warnings before going ahead. Happy Reading! :))

Tags are open. If you wish to be tagged in these fics, please send me an ask or comment.


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A Child Stolen - Chapter One


Summary: A child is abandoned in central park. Not any ordinary child, however, but a mutant child. One of which gain’s a certain Angel’s guidance.

Warning(s): None, maybe minor baby abandonment?

Author Note: Honestly, I’m not happy with this but here we are after attempt #4.


A baby’s wail caught in the morning breeze. Each tearful cry overpowered by the hustle and bustle of city streets, deemed unimportant by the adult population. Though a savior came in the form of a four legged friend, a cocker spaniel came upon the child beneath the willow tree. Wet nose to cheek earned a giggle, tiny hands yearned to bask in the warmth provided by red fur. “Lady? Lady, where have you gone to?” An elderly woman called to her missing canine, it was so unusual for the dog to run off in the manner she did. Then she found her curled around the infant, no more than a month old. 

“Oh my- oh you poor dear,” She gasped and scooped the child up in an instant. Bare form wrapped in the woman’s scarf as she cradled her. Little did the old woman know she hadn’t stumbled upon any ordinary child. Rather, she’d discovered a mutant. It didn’t make her love the child any less, didn’t stop her from raising the girl as her own. Pandora, a name which meant all gifted, that’s what she would call her. Such a name fit her well.

Pandora’s mutation blossomed on the eve of her sixth birthday, she’d been away from home, playing with other neighborhood children. Her abilities triggered and the playground plunged into darkness. For weeks after the incident she refused to go back outside. A decision made in good fortune, since one of the neighbors had filed a report with the Mutant Response Division.

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I have a lot of things in the works, so I thought, why not show some previews. I don’t know when a majority of these are coming out, but I promise they will eventually. There are a lot more than just these, but they aren’t as fledged out. The title names may change in the future, once I finish, but the summaries will be the same. The eta’s may be really off, but I’ll try to get them out.


summary- you disobey Steve on a mission and now you have to pay the consequences.

current word count- 2.3k

eta- 8/17-8/21

“What did I say?” Steve asks, once you close the bedroom door behind you. His voice is low and angry, which is scarier than if he were yelling. If you were being honest, you deserved his exasperation. What you did was reckless and completely disobeyed orders, but in the heat of the moment, you didn’t really care.

“Retreat,” you mumbled, knowing how much trouble you were in. Steve hadn’t spoken to you since the mission ended and the two of you could be alone. The moment the jet landed, he stormed off to his room. Steve didn’t even need to tell you to follow him, because you knew whatever was coming would be much worse if you didn’t.

“And what did you do?” Steve questions, knowing you knew the answer.

“I proceeded with the mission,” you replied, head low and eyes stuck on the ground. You were usually confident and brimming with enthusiasm, but on the receiving end of Steve’s anger, you couldn’t even lift your head up. Steve senses your timidness, so he grabs your chin and forces you to meet his eyes. Unlike their usual softness, his eyes are tough and piercing. You fight a little to lower your head, but Steve’s strong grip stops any resistance. You know he’s angry with you, but you can’t stop the dirty thoughts that rushed in your mind.

“You did. And what happens when you disobey orders?” Steve asks, his tone leaving you trembling beneath him.

“I get punished,” you answer meekly.


captain idiot

summary- Steve finally tells you how he feels, but then tells you it won’t work. Maybe a couple of people can knock some sense into him.

current word count- 943

eta- late august-early september

It’s the day you’ve looked forward to since you joined the Avengers and you’ve never wanted a day to end more. It was actually a good day and when Steve told you he wanted to talk, you thought it would be even better. Oh, how ignorant you were.

“So, what do you want to talk about?” you ask, trying to contain your excitement. You bite the inside of your lip to prevent the giddy smile from forming. Sitting beside him in the common room, you force your leg still as you wait for him to speak.

You’ve had a massive crush on Steve ever since you joined the team. Actually, you liked him even before that, when you saw him on TV for the first time. You were only sixteen at the time, but seeing people like you saving New York inspired you. All of your life, you’ve been ostracized and cast out for your abilities. While your parents tried to be supportive, they still held some fear. You don’t blame them, especially after your accidentally split the house in half with a tree.

You were only seventeen when you first met Fury. He offered a position on the team. At the time, you wanted to attend college, so you declined, but you kept in touch and after graduating, you decided to join the team. Tensions between the team were high as Steve, Natasha and Sam just rejoined the team and the Accords were dropped. But gradually, strain eased and the team seemed back to normal. Tony started talking to Steve and Bucky even joined the group. Everyone lived in harmony, until today.

“I don’t know how to say this, so I’ll just be blunt.” Steve states, his intense eye contact piercing into your soul. “I like you. More than just a friend.”

You try to remain calm, but you can feel the childish joy rise in your chest. Steadying your tone, you reply, “I like you, too.” For some reason, Steve doesn’t smile, but looks more serious.

He sighs and asserts, “I was afraid you’d say that.”


swindler’s trick

summary- Steve Rogers needed to clear his head. Haunted from the war and his past relationship, Steve sets sail for England to reunite with an old friend and hopefully distract himself from his life in America. His distraction comes in the form of a beautiful young girl, who proves to be a worthy distraction, but will she be enough to help Steve move on from his past?

current word count- 7.3k

eta- mid-september

“Perfection is relative, old friend. You’ll understand when you find it.” Anthony advises wisely and as if on cue, an angel walks through the doorway. Well, not literally, but you are the closest thing to a saint on earth.

With your smooth hands and polished nails, you don’t look like a servant, but for your status, you dressed rather simply. As opposed to a large, decorated dress, you donned a dark, modest gown. You dressed closer to a middle-class maiden than a noblewoman, yet Steve took note that no outfit could diminish your beauty. Instead of the intricate up-dos he’s seen many high-class women wear, you have your hair down and pulled back.

Anthony notices your entrance and greets, “Y/n, dear!”

Steve knew Anthony favored beautiful women, but he did not expect for him to marry someone so young. Steve’s seen his fair share of older men and young partners, but he didn’t think Anthony would be that kind of man.

Strolling up to Anthony, you greet him lovingly by placing a gentle kiss on his cheek. Turning to Steve, you acknowledge politely, “Hello, sir. To what name shall I call you?” The moment you address him, Steve forgets every word in the English language. His mouth runs dry and he starts to regret denying Anthony’s tea offer.

Your stunning beauty and air of confidence fluster Steve and he manages to stutter out,“I- I am Captain America Rogers. I mean, Steve Rogers.” Attempting to recover, he clarifies, “I’m from America and I served as a Captain in the Army.”

You laugh lightly and Steve could have sworn an angel acquired its wings. “Well, Captain America. I appreciate the background information, but I figured from your accent that you were not from here.” you quip.

Anthony glares as you and gently scolds, “He is an old friend, y/n. Please be nice.”

You smile softly and tell him, “Oh papa, I hold no malice. It was a simple jest.” You turn to him and say, “But if any offense was taken, I do apologize. I’m aware that my tongue can be quite scathing.”


powers of persuasion

summary- you’re an expert assassin with ‘powers of persuasion’ who happens to be at the top of S.H.I.E.L.D’s most wanted list. catching you was the easiest part, now comes the hard part: turning you into an Avenger.

current word count- 1.4k

eta- mid-september

You are one of the most insufferable, arrogant, rude people he’s ever met. You are the one handcuffed to the chair, not him. Yet you acted like you were the one in control. No, he had the upper hand in the conversation. You definitely did not fluster him when you implied something about the handcuffs and Steve certainly didn’t imagine a scenario where he’d put the handcuffs to use.

Fine, you’re attractive, but you already knew that, which is one of the worst qualities about you. You know that you’re beautiful and use that to your advantage just to mess with people’s minds. That and your actual ability to mess with people’s minds.

Steve didn’t think he’d get that angry in such a short span of time, but something about the smug look on your face and unfazed teasing made Steve want to snap the table in half. He had to leave and clear his head.

Steve leaves the interrogation area altogether, needing to get as far away as possible. He talked to you by yourself, which was his mistake. Hopefully back at the base, he can find someone who will sympathize and agree that you are selfish, annoying, disrespectful…

“She’s joining the team,” Fury states. Steve couldn’t even hide his reaction, as his jaw dropped and eyebrows furrowed.

“Fury, are you serious?” Steve asks instinctively. While they are basically the same rank, Steve still treats Fury with respect, but right now, all of that flew out the window.

“Yes, Rogers. She’s useful.” Fury responds, “Not only is she an expect fighter, her persuasion ability will be advantageous.”

“So what? She’s untrustworthy!” Steve exclaimed, his voice rising more than he’d like.

“Well, learn to trust her,” Fury says in his blunt tone that shuts everyone down. “Besides, it’s better to have her on our side.” His last sentence shut all of Steve’s protests down. When Fury sees that he ended the argument, he places a key in Steve’s hand and commands, “Bring her to the Compound. You’re training her starting tomorrow morning.”

Before Steve could start another argument, Fury walks away and leaves Steve alone with his angry self.

the flirt

summary- Peter’s a sucker for British accents. Especially when they’re attached to a beautiful girl with glowing eyes.

current word count- 1.1k

eta- unknown

Peter Parker is a very anxious person. Whether it was asking strangers for help or working in group projects, he found it very difficult to speak up to newcomers. So when Mr. Stark called from a mysterious location and told him the Avengers gained a new member, Peter instantly began to worry. He asked for any information on them, but Tony insisted that it should be a surprise.

“Do you know who it is?” Peter asked Clint. He’s spent his entire morning bugging everyone at the compound. So far, he’s received a groan from Bucky, a ‘go away’ from Sam and an ‘I don’t know’ from Wanda.

“No,” Clint replied bluntly. subtly turning the knob on his hearing aid to block out Peter’s pestering. Nat looks up from her phone and shakes her head.

“You’re not going to get anything from us, kid.” Natasha simply states. Peter plops beside her on the couch and Natasha doesn’t even try to hide her eye roll.

“Wait, so you do know something?” he asked. His bouncing irritates Nat and she puts her phone down.

“Yes, but I won’t tell you. Besides, Tony will be here in a couple hours.” Nat says. Peter flops on the couch dramatically.

“But I can’t wait a couple hours!” he announces. Fed up with his antics, Nat gets up from the couch and leaves Peter to his thoughts. What if the new person doesn’t like him? It took him years for the others to like him and they still get annoyed. Now he has to get another person to tolerate him!

Peter bounced between pacing his room and annoying the other Avengers as he waits for Tony’s arrival. He only stops when Bucky threatens to ‘put him to sleep.’ Peter then, on his own, decides that he’ll stay in his room for the rest of the time. He’s pulled out of his thoughts when F.R.I.D.A.Y announces, “Mr. Stark has arrived.”

“O-okay voice lady,” Peter replies nervously. He sprints downstairs and meets with the others at the compound’s entrance. Steve’s standing with his arms crossed and stoic like usual. Bucky’s arms are also crossed, but he has a bored expression on his face. He doesn’t know why he’s so bored. There is going to be someone new living with them!

Natasha and Wanda on their phones, probably texting each other so they don’t have to talk in front of the guys. Sam leans down and tells Peter, “They call her the Green-Eyed Monster.”

He knows Sam only said it to scare him, but what kind of name is the Green-Eyed Monster. She must be evil to get a name like that. And if she’s evil, why would Tony willing bring her in. Wait, Sam said her?

As if on cue, Tony Stark opens the doors and following behind him is the most beautiful girl Peter’s ever seen.

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