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#marvel fic
can i please make a request with prompts #8 and #14. with bucky and reader.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (unprotected vaginal sex, vaginal sex, creampie, overstimulation, spanking, doggy style, dom/sub dynamic), bratty reader, dom Bucky
I loved these prompts!!!! It was so fun to write!!!! I hope you enjoy this fic!!!!
Please Request More Smutty Prompts!!!!!!!
Tumblr media
“Oh come on, Bucky. I wanna go home.” You whined as Bucky pulled you around the ballroom. You two were roped into this Gala held by Stark. You hated Galas especially held by Tony, he was flirting with you.
“It’s not that bad, Y/n,” Bucky whispered, as he smiled and nodded to his teammates. “It’s only for a few more hours.”
You groaned and rolled your eyes as you took a sip of your champagne. You slumped against his shoulder, not bothering to hide your boredom as you walked. You just wanted to go home and cuddle up with your boyfriend.
“Come on, baby. Don’t you want to go home and have fun?” You smirked and pressed your breasts together to show him your cleavage. He looked over and growled and gripped your waist tighter.
“If you're going to act like a little brat then I'm going to treat you like a little brat.” He growled, and pulled you out to the hallway, and pinned you to the wall. You looked up at him and giggled as you bit your bottom lip.
“Whatever do you mean, Sargent?” You smirked and looked up at him with innocent eyes.
“You’re such a fucking tease.” He snarled, and moved his metal hand up, and wrapped it around your throat. His thumb swiped against your bottom lip and you poked your tongue out and licked his thumb.
He growled and squeezed your throat lightly. You whined and your hands went to his hair and you pulled him close to your lips.
“Fuck me, please.” You whispered, and he slammed his lips onto yours in a passionate kiss. You moan and whined against his lips. He let go of your throat and pulled you towards the elevator. You smiled and tugged on his hair softly as you two walked into the elevator.
He picked you up and pinned you to the metal wall and kiss you passionately. You kissed back with just as much passion as you pulled his lips closer to yours. His hands moved down to squeeze your ass tight and you squealed and giggled against his lips.
The doors opened and he carried you to your bedroom and he kicked the door open. He tossed you on the bed and you laid back and smirked up at him. He stepped back and started taking off his clothes slowly.
“What old age catching up with you?” You remarked, and he growled and stripped off his shirt. He crawled up your body and pinned your hands above your head.
“You better watch how you talk to me, brat.” He growled, and you gulped a little but just smirked.
“What are you going to do about it, Sargent?” You asked with a smirk, knowing exactly how to push his buttons. He snarled at you before he manhandled you across his lap. He tore your dress and undergarments off leaving you bare under him.
“You fucking brat. Teasing me, talking back. You’re in a lot of trouble.” He said sternly, and he spanked your ass once and you jumped and whimpered. “Do you think you deserve to be punished?”
You nodded and gripped his leg. “Please punish me, Sargent. I need to learn.” You whimpered and closed your eyes ready for the spanks.
“Good girl.” He smirked, before delivering ten spanks to your right cheek. You counted with stutters as your ass stung with each spank. Your tears stained his pants as you cried. You felt yourself get wetter and wetter, you felt your slick drip down your thighs.
He rubbed your right cheek before he spanked your left cheek ten times. You whimpered with each one and your ass stung so bad but you were so turned on. He smirked at your reddened cheeks and he leaned down and kissed your cheeks softly.
You whimpered quietly and he helped you onto your hands and knees. You whined and grinded your hips back, wanting him to fuck you hard.
He pulled away to strip off his clothes and he climbed back up. He stroked his cock slowly as he watched your cunt drip with arousal.
You dropped your head down on the pillows and you gripped the soft material. You pleaded for him to fuck you with a small voice, and he smirked and he slammed into your wet core. You two moaned simultaneously as you felt him fill you up and he felt you wrapped around him.
He gripped your hips tight as he rutted into you. You moaned and whined loudly as he gave you pleasure. He grunted and groaned as he felt your walls gripping him, and pulsed with every thrust.
“I-I’m gonna c-cum.” You stuttered out with a whine, as you gripped the sheets tight.
“Cum for me. I want to fill you up.” He groaned, and you cried out his name as you came around his cock. He yelled your name before thrusting deep into you and filled you up with his cum. You expected him to stop he kept thrusting into you. “I’m not done with your cunt, baby doll.”
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turbolisedcomet · 23 hours ago
Summary: Bucky has always been a man of his words. Just not to you.
Author’s note: Hi again and yes it's an angsty one again. Trust me there will be some fluffy and smutty ones coming soon. Hang in there little starfish, hang in there. Feedbacks and comments are really appreciated. I would love to hear what all of you think of my fics and constructive criticism is always appreciated. 
Pairings: Bucky x reader(any race)(past), Bucky x Female!OC!Leila
Word count: 2.6k+
Warnings: angst, ANGST, ANGST.
“ We could either get out here or you could get drunk and give him the speech of his life and make a dramatic exit.” That makes you laugh for the first time since you arrived at the wedding location. It felt weird hearing the sound of laughter coming out of your mouth, especially considering where you were and you could see that Sarah was genuinely happy to hear you laugh. She looked a bit surprised too but, you ignored that.
“ As much as I am tempted to do both, especially the latter, I think I’ll pass. I read in this blog run by a divorced lady that this can be a way to get closure.” Sarah looks at you with the same emotion you’ve seen in her eyes ever since he broke up with you for your best friend. Pity and worry. As much as you appreciated Sarah, you did not want to be looked at like that. It only further reminded you of why she worried so much. So, you look away and admire the beautifully decorated place. They really did put a lot of thought into the wedding. There were lilies adorning the place and everything about the whole place looked like something out of a fairytale just like how Bucky wanted his wedding to be and now when you think about it maybe he was talking to you about the wedding he wanted with Leila but you were so stupidly in love with him to notice that and thought it was about the two of you. Maybe he had been thinking about how his wedding would be with Leila while he was with you. 
“ You don't owe them anything, (Y/N),” Sarah says rubbing your shoulder comfortably as the both of you sit on your cushioned chairs, waiting for the ceremony to begin.  She was right, you did not owe them anything and you knew it.  But you were doing this for yourself. Seeing him for the last time and accepting the truth would finally help you to move on with your life. It was about time to have your life back in your own hands.
You thought you were doing well after the grand breakup. You had a job that kept you occupied most of the time and most importantly you had Sarah and Sam. Each night you cried, or felt down they were always there for you doing anything they could to make sure you were doing well. Or as well as you could be doing for someone who was dumped by her boyfriend of 5 years for her best friend. Even though that painful throb in your heart was still persistent every time you came across a picture of the happy couple having the time of their lives, you started feeling hopeful again that maybe you can have a future without him.
But constant peace had not been something that was a part of your life for a long time.
You were finally back at the house which you and Sarah shared now after an exhausting day of work. The only thing on your mind was to get into some comfortable clothes and sleep through the weekend. Or maybe even watch that one movie Sam wanted to. Caught up in your head you did not notice the guests as you walked over to the kitchen to grab yourself a glass of water until Sarah had called out your name and there they were, the oh so lovely couple sitting on the couch giving you cautious smiles. But all you could focus on was how they looked picture perfect together, Bucky’s arm around her shoulder and his other hand holding her’s on his lap and they fit together so perfectly. Not even a year ago it was your hand holding his, your legs draped on his lap, your fingers raking through his soft locks as he whispered how would do anything to stay like this forever. 
You were finally finding the lost broken pieces of your shattered heart and you would not let them ruin your healing process. And the reason for their visit did not ruin your healing process. It ruined you even more than before, your heart crumbled and broke into even more pieces, a sick painful throb made its way to your chest and even more pieces of your heart were lost and you knew you by the agony you were feeling that they would remain lost.
They were there to invite you to their wedding. That word left you stunned in the worst way possible.  A bloody wedding. It hadn't even been a year since your and Bucky’s separation or since he and Leila had started dating. That's when your eyes fell on the lovely diamond ring resting on her finger twinkling under the rays of sunshine pouring in through the window.  You didn't even know that they had gotten engaged. No matter how much the whole situation was affecting you, you put on your unbothered facade and congratulated them, and kept conversing. Sarah saw right through you and kept sending you glances that conveyed how proud she was of you for staying strong in front of them.
Bucky and Leila wanted to invite you to their wedding in person because apparently, you’re a very important person in their lives. They sure did have a lot of funny ways of showing it. Like, when Bucky confessed his undying love for your best friend a few days after your five-year anniversary and said how it had been her all and how she was the one for him. Or when Leila decided to set you up with one of his friends to go on a double date with her and Bucky, not even a week after he left you. You hated how they were acting like you were not affected by the breakup. It was like you and Bucky didn't even share a past. Like it was Leila instead of you who had been in a 5-year relationship with him.
“ The ceremony is about to start,” Sarah said, nudging you with her elbow to snap you out of your dreadful reminiscing. Taking a deep breath and giving her a small nod, you looked up at the bright blue sky trying to calm yourself down.
“ I’m here.” Sam says as he took a seat beside you and the boys took seats beside their mother after giving you “hey (Y/N)”s and you ruffled their hair in response.
“ What took you three so long?” You ask genuinely curious as to why the three first insisted you and Sarah leave before them and then arrived only minutes before the ceremony. The three did a really bad job at hiding their panic as they exchanged glances.
“ Sam, what's going on ?” You hear Sarah ask, her voice slightly raising and a smirk made its way onto your face thinking about the pleasant time you're going to have at home watching Sarah giving Sam a hard time to get him to tell what he was doing and by the looks of it you don't think its something Sarah would like hearing about.
“Noth-” Sam was cut off by the guests erupting in whispers.
“The groom is here.” You hear someone say, making you close your eyes instinctively, preparing yourself to look at the man who promised you the world once upon a time. You open your eyes to see him walk towards the altar where he would wait for his soon-to-be wife to arrive. He looked ethereal in his wedding suit and slicked-back hair. Under the golden rays, he was glowing, wearing the biggest and brightest smile. You don't think you have ever seen him this happy. Not when you used to bring him a flower every night when you came home after work, not when you planned a surprise rooftop dinner date and slow danced under the moonlight. It hurt to think about how you never got to see him this happy and hopeful while he was with you when Leila had an effect on him that you never had during the whole of your relationship. But then again, it had been a while since Leila owned his heart. 
 As he stood at the altar, his eyes already glistening with happy tears, you couldn't help but notice how he didn't even spare you a glance. The least he could do was acknowledge your presence.
“Breathe.” You hear Sam whisper as his fingers laced through yours and you do as he says which draws Sarah’s attention.
“You're going to be just fine.” She says as her hand repeats the same action as her brother’s from a few seconds ago. You allowed yourself to hurt now and feel the pain and betrayal. It was better to get over dealing with all these emotions than denying keeping them for later. The excruciating pain swallowed you. Your heart ached, your stomach twisted in sorrow and tears threatened to spill from your eyes, and your emotions compounded even more when you heard the music play as an indication of the bride’s arrival. Tears were freely rolling down Bucky’s cheeks as well as yours. The only difference was that his were of joy and yours of the misery the bride and groom had caused you.
As the bride walked down the aisle arm in arm with her father, your chest tightened as you recognized the gown that she was wearing. You designed that. Back in high school, Leila had asked you to draw a wedding gown for her because in her eyes no one had better taste in anything other than you and she wanted you to design a dress so that she could add it to her wedding planning book that she had kept. In a different circumstance, your heart would have been soaring with happiness at the sight of her wearing what you designed for her. You were convinced that your life had turned into some sick joke.
The ceremony continued, with Sam and Sarah squeezing each of your hands comfortingly, some of the guests dabbing at their eyes and giving the soon-to-be-married couple teary smiles. A few minutes later Bucky finished saying the traditional vows but he wasn't done yet. He had a few vows that he made for her. You were starting to question your decision to come to the occasion that was only proving to be even more dreadful and miserable with each passing second.
“ Sweetheart, there's nothing that can compare to how much you mean to me and how special and lucky you make me feel every day. There’s nothing in this world I would not trade if it means that I get to hold you and love you for the rest of my life……”
STOP. You wanted to scream at him to stop. Those were the words he spoke to you, the promise he made to you the first time the two of you made love.
“ Oh sweetheart, you're so good to me. What did I ever do to deserve an angel like you?” He says nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck as the two of you lay on your bed sweating and trying to catch your breath after he made love to you for the first time. Giggling at what he said, you press a kiss to his forehead. “ You deserve the entire world and more, love.” He pressed his forehead to yours before saying, “ Sweetheart, there's nothing that can compare to how much you mean to me and how special and lucky you make me feel every day. There’s nothing in this world I would not trade if it means that I get to hold you and love you for the rest of my life.”  He sealed the soon-to-be broken promise with a soft kiss.
“....You have taught me so much about true love and how deserving I am of it. I promise to cherish you and make you feel as loved as you have made me feel for as long as I’m alive…” He stops to swallow his tears and releases a teary laugh. All you can focus on is how he made the same promise on your birthday that you celebrate with him, 2 years into the relationship.
“ You baked a cake for me?!” You couldn't help but laugh at how adorable he looked when he was nervous.
“ I tried.” He said, smiling shyly at you before gesturing for you to cut the cake and so you did.
“ This is so good.” You said after taking a bite and the way his eyes lit up was enough of a birthday present for you. “Baby is there anything you're not good at?” you ask, wrapping your arms around his neck.
“ God, I love you so much.” He said before going in for a passionate kiss.
“ The cake does taste good.” He smirks cheekily before going in for another kiss.
“Sweetheart, happy birthday.” He continues in a soft voice, “ You have taught me so much about true love and how deserving I am of it. I promise to cherish you and make you feel as loved as you have made me feel for as long as I’m alive.” And like that, another promise was made that he would definitely break.
By now your hand was clamped over your mouth as you silently sobbed. You don't think you can ever get over this kind of intense pain. You felt so used like he was experimenting and practicing everything about being a boyfriend and in a relationship with you so he could be the best for Leila and that realization only caused more tears to flow down your heavy eyes.
“ (Y/N), come on, let's leave. You have been so strong all along but this is not healthy for you. You don't have to put yourself through this.” Sam says as Sarah smoothes down your hair. You could see that they were very concerned, borderline panicking, for you at the moment. You wanted to explain to them what tipped you over the edge but you were too afraid to open your mouth so you just shook your head no and proceeded to take a deep calming breath. 
The vows were said, they shared a kiss filled with passion and love, something you ached to feel and share with him one last time. But all you could do was stare at the happy couple. As the couple proceeded to walk down the aisle arm in arm with all the guests cheering around them and flowers being thrown into the air, all you could think about was how Bucky and Leila got their fairytale life. She got her Prince Charming and he got his Cinderella while you were living a tragedy where the man you thought was your Prince Charming left you for another.
You knew it would hurt a lot for a while but you had a feeling that the divorced lady was not lying about finding closure
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natashxromanovf · 2 days ago
Hi taja! For writing hours could I request dialogues 1 & 35? I’m kind of picturing dialogue 1 being spoken by platonic Clint to the reader who likes Steve or bucky (or whichever guy you like to write romantically for) while dialogue 35 is spoken to the reader by the guy they like.
If this doesn’t strike info or anything of the sort there’s no worries. I just think it’d be really cute to have Clint comforting & encouraging the reader to stop running from love.
- @theoreticslut
I'll Wait For You
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers x reader, Clint Barton x best friend!reader
Word count: 790
Warnings: a lot of dialogue
A/N: I chose Steve because I haven’t written for him in a while, I hope that’s okay with you! Thank you for this request, I love it! And oh my god, I love best friend!Clint, I just have a feeling he’s such a good friend. Also, this is not one of my best works but please bear with me, I lost my motivation and I’m trying to get it back again :)
Tumblr media
“Hi,” Clint starts as he enters the kitchen, reaching for an apple. When you don’t reply he stops and looks your way, a grin appearing on his face as he notices you’re completely lost in your thoughts. His expression is soon replaced by a worried one though, realizing the thoughts are not happy. “Hey, bubs, what’s wrong?”
“Huh?” you say as you wake up from your daydreaming, noticing Clint right in front of you.
“What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours?” he asks again, a comforting smile on his face.
“You know who,” you sigh, looking down at your hands. The fact that you have a major crush on Steve is no secret. You first told Clint a couple of months ago when you weren’t completely sure about it but now you are. He’s so nice and sweet but can also be commanding at times; he’s perfect. At least to you. And everyone else knows it too. Hell, even Steve knows.
“Oh, Y/N. Again? Why don’t you just go and talk to him?”
“It’s not that easy, you know. What if he doesn’t feel the same? What if I blow everything?”
“You’ll never know until you try,” he jokes, but is it really bad advice? Probably not. God you hate it when he’s right. “Being in love is not a weakness,” he suddenly states, your head shooting up, a confused look present on your face.
“Wha- What? No one said anything about love,”
“You can lie to yourself all you want sweetie but we both know you don’t just like him,” he explains, a smirk playing on his lips. You send him a murderous look, knowing damn well that he’s right - again.
“I hate you,”
“I love you too,” he laughs as he kisses your cheek before exiting the room, a groan escaping your lips from annoyance.
The next few days are… stressful. With the realization of the fact that you’re feeling not so innocent feelings, everything turns upside down. Your whole world collapses in front of you but in the most beautiful way possible. Because frankly, love is one of the best feelings in the world. And it’s no surprise you’ve fallen head over heels for Steve Rogers, I mean, who wouldn’t?
Suddenly there’s a knock on your door, waking you up from the daydreams you were just in. You’ve been catching yourself do that a lot lately, zone out while someone’s talking to you, when you’re alone, practically all the time. It has become annoying by now, really.
Standing up you open the door, met by a bouquet covering someone’s face. A smile appears on your face before the person even reveals themselves, getting on your tiptoes to smell the flowers.
“They smell amazing,” you mutter, totally intoxicated by the aroma. But that’s not the end of surprises - the person behind them is none other than Steve Rogers. When your eyes lay upon his face your smile only widens, your heart filling with joy and warmness.
“Oh, you bought me flowers?” you ask in the sweetest way you can manage.
“Yeah, well I noticed you’d seemed kinda down, so I wanted to cheer you up,” he replies, handing you the bouquet. You almost melt by his ability to notice things, another trait of his you love. It takes all the control you have to not just drop the flowers and pull his lips into a kiss right here, right at this moment.
“Thank you,” you say instead, your eyes stopping at his lips for just a tad too long, catching yourself before you could’ve done something you would regret later. “Wanna come in?”
“Of course,” he answers, stepping inside while you put the gift into a vase. “So, wanna tell me what’s going on?”
“It’s complicated,” you start, debating on whether you should tell him or not. It’s a hard choice but you would have to do it eventually anyway.
“I understand,” he smiles, taking your hand in his while looking straight into your eyes with the look that tells you he isn’t pressuring you into anything.
“I really want to tell you, I do, because I think I owe you that much but I can’t. You probably already know what it is but I can’t say it out loud. Not yet,”
“Hey, it’s okay. I’ll wait for you. Sort out your feelings first and then we’ll see. We have all the time in the world, no need to rush” he comforts, lovingly kissing your palm.
“Oh God, what did I do to deserve you?” you question yourself, smiling like you never did before. And you really don’t know how you got so lucky - he’s everything you could’ve ever wished for.
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoyed this! As always, feedback is very much appreciated <3
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theconstantsidekick · a day ago
Im so confused on what timeline to read static in? do I read it from the first iron man ?
If you wanna find out organically? Read it in the order of release as presented in my masterlist. If you just want a quick rundown?
D. O. B. - Date: Unknown. Year: 1922
1929 - adopted by The Orphanage
1946 - sold by The Orphanage to HYDRA
1947 - begins being "trained" by The Winter Soldier
1953 - rescued from HYDRA by Peggy Carter
1953 - becomes an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
1960 - resigns from S.H.I.E.L.D. (mostly because of Hank Pym's ugly hair)
1960 - becomes sister to Tony Stark
1963 - sent off by Howard Stark to search for more information on The Tesseract
1963 - fucks Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd
1964 - brief stint at Kamar Taj
1964 - back at the Stark Residence
1965 - "I'll watch your back. I'll be right behind you."
1989 - starts her degree at Harvard Law
1991 - death of Howard and Maria Stark
1992 - decides to take up the name y/n and step out of the shadows. Comes out to the world as Howard Stark’s adopted ward
2000 - starts working at Stark Industries as the head of their Legal team and as Tony Stark's personal lawyer
2008 - events of Iron Man
2009 - events of Iron Man 2
2009 - rejoins S.H.I.E.L.D. as an liason
2010 - events of Avengers
2013 - events of Iron Man 3
2014 - events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier
2015 - events of Age of Ultron
2016 - events of Captain America: Civil War
2016 - goes on the run
2016 - meets Malcolm Brekker
2019 - events of Avengers: Infinity War, gets snapped
2023 - unsnapped, events of Avengers: Endgame
2023 - death of Tony Stark
2023 - threesome with Carol Danvers and Valkyrie
2023 - events of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
2024 - Steve comes back
2024 - events of Static: Get, Set, Glitch
2025 - events of Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been?
2025 - events of The Sound of Silence and Static
This is what you guys know so far. The rest are spoilers.
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becca-e-barnes · 3 months ago
What if Bucky and the reader are in a relationship and he finds out he’s really into being a pleasure dom and wants to try it with the reader? 👀
Pleasure Dom Bucky, yes please 😩 you just know that mf would take such good care of you after a long stressful week. Honestly, this one took me a hot minute to write because I had to do some research for it lmao, I hope it’s okay!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word count: 5.6k
Summary: You have a terribly long week at work so Bucky helps you relax
Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex (wrap it pls), PleasureDom!Bucky, sub reader, pet names, praise kink, degradation, size kink, breeding kink, multiple orgasms, forced orgasm, oral (f receiving), somnophilia (done with consent established previously), daddy kink, the dog tags make an appearance, mention of safe words, overstimulation, lil voyeurism (watching yourselves in a mirror), light humiliation
Minors, do not interact
What had started out as a week with very little in your calendar soon turned into an absolute killer. You weren’t quite sure how your time got filled up so quickly, wall to wall meetings scheduled into your diary, leaving you hardly any time to even breathe. The meetings themselves weren’t even the worst part, the worst was knowing that after your work day had officially ended, you had endless catching up to do for your other projects and then all the planning for the meetings the following day. Your sleep was limited, as was Bucky’s. He hated going to bed without you, tossing and turning in the sheets for hours until you eventually gave in and joined him. As the week went on you found yourself only getting more and more stressed. By Friday you were almost ready to lie in bed and not move all weekend, just hoping Monday wouldn’t bring more of the same torture.
When 5pm on Friday rolled around, Bucky was standing waiting at the door to your study, adamant that your laptop would be switched off and hidden from you all weekend, along with your work mobile. You huffed out a little tired laugh, rubbing your sleepy eyes as you surrendered your gadgets, not even wanting to put up a fight, just glad to see the back of such an awful week. Bucky had let you choose a takeout to order from, keen to get some real food in you before making sure you got a good long rest to combat those dark circles forming under your eyes. Within 20 minutes of finishing dinner, your sleepy eyes became too heavy to hold open. Bucky hated seeing you so worn out, scooping you up in his arms and carrying you to bed, thankful that you had changed into your pyjamas before the food had arrived so he wouldn’t have to disturb you too much. His heart melted at the sight of you clinging to his thin cotton pyjama top, craving the comfort his body afforded you even when you were sleeping.
But God, waking up the next morning, he was reminded of exactly how much comfort your body afforded him. Your hair was fanned out on the pillow gently, your face looking so relaxed compared to how it had been all week, long eyelashes casting shadows on your cheeks in the early morning sunlight. Your little snores were still deep but fuck, the sight of you in only his shirt and a thin pair of panties had him harder than he could’ve believed possible without being touched. Suddenly, the room felt stiflingly hot, his whole body itching to touch you, to make you forget all about that terrible week, fucking all thoughts from your head until you couldn’t think of anything never mind work. He put it down to the fact that he had hardly so much as kissed you goodnight all week, his body going into overdrive from the pent up longing and frustration.
He couldn’t help how he noticed everything about your body this morning, the way your nipples pebbled quickly when he slipped his cool metal hand under your shirt to gently grab at your breasts, doing his very best to contain his satisfaction at the way you tried to lean into his touch. He also didn’t miss how your body responded when he ran one flesh finger over your clothed core, a little groan falling from your parted lips when he added a little extra pressure to your clit. He loved how your body was just so intoxicating, always ready to take him. After a few more teasing glides across your core he pulled your panties to the side, finding your body was reacting to him nicely, wetness beginning to drip from your needy hole. Without thinking, he shuffled down the bed, his tongue poked out, lapping gently at the sweet nectar he had drew from your body. He was so hard now it almost hurt, noticing how even in your sleep, the wetness between your legs only grew. Tiny whimpers fell from your lips as he pressed a metal finger to your entrance, sliding in with ease, tongue lapping gently at your clit.
“So delicious toots, takin’ me so well.” He whispered, knowing you couldn’t hear him but still needing to tell you. Your hands grasped at the sheets, fingers gently bunching them, stirring from your sleep but not quite conscious yet. Your walls were fluttering around the single digit, your high not far away.
“Christ, Bucky.” You whined, eyelids flickering open, trying to adjust to the brightness of the room and make sense of the overwhelming sensations between your legs at the same time. “What are you doing?”
“Havin’ a little breakfast babydoll, jus’ let me take care of you. Wanna make you feel good all day, okay? You aren’t leavin’ this bed.” His voice was so low and seductive, lips latching back onto your clit and his finger curling inside you. You could only nod, whining as the pleasure became too much, keening against his face to ride your orgasm out against his tongue. “Tha’s it toots, gimme more. Good girl.” He encouraged, working his finger even faster, prolonging your high for as long as possible. God he got off on this, your needy moans nearly too much for him to handle. But no matter how much precum leaked from his swollen tip, no matter how badly he needed to cum, so long as you were getting off, his pleasure was only an afterthought to him.
“Well good morning to you too.” You huffed out a little laugh as his finger eventually slid out of you.
“Sorry baby, couldn’t resist.” He smirked, wiping his now glistening chin with the back of his flesh hand.
“No complaints here Buck, it was better waking up to that than an inbox full of emails.” You chuckled, stroking his hair lovingly.
“It had better be, if you’d rather have the emails I’d be offended.” He laughed softly stroking the inside of your thigh with his flesh thumb. “But if you talk about work anymore I’ll have to gag you.” His voice was light and teasing.
“Maybe some other time Buck.” You chuckled, running a hand gently through his messy bed head, your high ebbing pleasantly away as your feet hit the plush carpet of your bedroom.
“Ah ah ah toots, what did I tell you? You aren’t leavin’ this bed today. Gotta make you feel good til you can’t think of anything but me.” He reached out, grabbing your legs to pull you back onto the bed, lips latched onto the soft meat of your thighs, fingernails digging into your flesh gently as he kissed you, a fire burning fiercely behind his eyes once more. God he meant it. You really weren’t going to get a minute’s rest today.
“I was thinkin’ babydoll, how many meetings did you have yesterday?” He asked thoughtfully in between sloppy kisses to the sensitive skin of your thighs
“Eight honey, why?” You managed to choke out.
“Wanna give you that many orgasms.” He stated bluntly as if it was the most normal request in the world. You knew very often Bucky got as much pleasure from making you cum as he got from cumming himself but this suggestion was something else. His lips on your thighs felt amazing, the little dusting of stubble burning as his face drifted up the inside of your legs, his eyes never leaving yours
“There’s no way I can handle eight.” You whispered, losing yourself slightly to the pleasure of his mouth on your sensitive skin.
“Course you can little slut, that’s one down, only seven to go. That’ll keep you nice and busy won’t it? By the time I’m done, work will be the last thing on your mind.” He made it sound so easy, so lovely, like it was absolutely manageable, enjoyable even, but you knew better than to dream of gentle orgasms, soft touches and sweet kisses. You knew that when Bucky got into the mindset that everything he did was entirely for your pleasure, it was all about tearing you orgasms from your trembling body in the quickest succession possible, one barely ending before the next began. This was the first time he had ever suggested such an intense session. His kisses got sloppier, his wet mouth making you groan as it connected with you core once more, panties pushed to the side. Fuck, his tongue felt incredible, broad, firm strokes over the entire length of your dripping sex. You pressed your lips together to stifle your noises, your hands sinking into the soft, dark hair on Bucky’s head to pull his face closer to where you needed him most.
“If you’re holdin’ those pretty noises back toots, I’ll add another orgasm on as punishment.” He quipped, mouth creating a seal around your clit before sucking hard to pull the filthiest moan from you he had ever heard. He was in his element, hard and needy and damn near ready to hump the bed beneath him for some relief but determined to absolutely wreck you before he could even think of his own pleasure. Without saying much more, he slid two metal fingers into you, admiring how they slipped in with so little resistance.
“That’s it, oh God you take me so well. Know exactly what your body needs baby, need to be fucked like a whore don’t ya? Gonna make sure you can’t even think straight by the time I’m done with ya.” He was almost growling in between little kitten licks to your clit, fingers plunging in and out of you, rubbing your silky walls perfectly.
“Bucky, more, fuck.” You hissed out, grinding your hips against his hand. The vibrations from the little laugh he let out in response felt amazing.
“God doll, you’re not gonna be begging for more by the time I’m done with you. Gonna have you begging me to stop. But since you were a good girl this week, I’m sure I could play nice for now.” He laughed, lips and tongue crashing against your clit, fingers working faster and his eyes trained on your face as he tore another orgasm from your body. You groaned out, rutting against his face, your juices soaking his fingers and tongue as you rode out your high, panting and whimpering deliciously for him.
“Good girl honey, did so well. Want you to ride me now, yeah? Want that little body on top of me. You just gotta use me to make yourself feel good doll, don’t even worry bout makin’ me cum. Want as many of those pretty moans as you can give me before your legs give out.” His filthy plans had you whimpering, knowing that when your legs turned to jelly from too many orgasms, that didn’t mean you’d be stopping. It just meant he would take over. You did as he asked, hopping up onto your knees while Bucky undressed himself, giving his proud, hard cock a few lazy pumps watching you remove your pyjamas. You positioned yourself above him, his metal hand lined his cock up with your soaked, already abused hole. Sinking down onto his length tore groans from both of you, Bucky’s flesh hand gripping your waist to stop himself from pushing you the whole way down too quickly.
“Tightest fuckin’ pussy, you feel so good for daddy. God kitten, this pussy is so hungry isn’t it? Needs me, I can feel it. You need daddy’s cock to make you feel good? Gonna take such good care of you.” He was losing himself in the feeling of your silky walls gripping him, wetter than he could ever remember you being before. But god, you had six more orgasms ahead of you, how on Earth was he gonna make it if you got any wetter? The thick drag of his bare cock inside you was almost more than you could take as you pulled yourself back up his length again, sinking down quickly until he was entirely seated inside you.
“So so big daddy, I can’t.” You wailed, the sloppy sounds coming from your pussy fuelling you to keep going regardless.
“Yes you can angel, doin’ so well for daddy. So tight around me, can hardly move. Nothin’ feels as good as you do. Fuckin’ live to be buried in this little pussy, you know that?” His filthy pants had you rolling your hips faster against him, not really fucking him, more grinding your pelvis against his with his length fully seated inside you. It was such a different sensation to being fucked, it just made you feel endlessly full, the thickness of Bucky’s cock stuffing you, the head nestled deliciously against that sweet spot inside you. Every little grind of your hips had him nudging that spot inside you, making your eyes roll back and your head flop to the side. And Bucky was absolutely obsessed. He couldn’t find it in himself to tear his eyes away from you, not knowing whether he wanted to watch how your breasts jiggled as you moved, watch down at the mess you were making where your bodies were joined or watch the look of sheer pleasure on your face. He loved seeing you take what you needed from him, knowing that he was still in control but letting you use his body to satisfy yourself.
“So deep ‘nside you toots, bet you can feel me in here.” He pressed his metal hand to your lower tummy, the coolness making you gasp. Everything felt like it was too much but the grind alone wasn’t enough to tear your building orgasm from you and of course Bucky knew that.
“Tell me what you need, tell me and I’ll give it to you.” Bucky whispered softly, lips dusting chaste kisses on your shoulders, flesh arm wrapped up your back, helping you move against him.
“Fingers daddy, on my clit.” You pleaded, eyes squeezed shut and your mouth hanging open slightly.
“Magic word toots?” He teased with a little laugh, flesh fingers dancing over your clit torturously.
“Metal ones daddy, please.” Your whine would have been mortifying under any other circumstances but right now, you didn’t care. Bucky raised an eyebrow at your little request, secretly thrilled that you got so much pleasure from his metal digits.
“Filthy girl.” He whispered, replacing his flesh hand with his metal one, rubbing between your bodies in harsh circles. The cool fingers felt even better, the ridges in the unrelenting metal only added to the sensations threatening to consume your body. It didn’t take long for you to feel yourself tightening, Bucky’s movements never even faltering as you hit your peak.
“That’s it, cum for me, good girl, hump Daddy’s big cock. Know how much you need this, know you love daddy fillin’ you up.” His eyes were completely trained on your face, loving how it screwed up in response to the words he mumbled in the quiet, early morning air. Your gasps didn’t stop as your high started to subside, mainly because his fingers didn’t stop. You tried your best to pull away, becoming far too sensitive very quickly but Bucky’s flesh hand on your hip held you in place.
“Want another one out of you before I let you move.” He whispered, fingers only speeding up against your overstimulated bundle of nerves.
“Can’t take it daddy, it’s too much!” You sobbed, face buried into the crook of his neck as your body twitched around him, another peak fast approaching. You knew you could’ve said your safe word if you needed to but deep down you knew you could handle it.
“I know you want it angel, c’mon, stop holdin’ back.” He growled, rubbing you even faster, dragging you screaming into yet another orgasm. You couldn’t help but bite down on his flesh shoulder as you came, your body shuddering, wet nectar dripping out of you and down over his balls.
“Oh fuck, soakin’ me, you know that? Pussy is drippin’ everywhere. Such a wet little slut for daddy, aren’t ya cupcake? Such a good girl.” Bucky’s praise only made your walls flutter even more, pulling a growl from his throat. Before you even got a chance to register what was going on, Bucky had you flipped over, ass in the air, face down on the bed with his cock still inside you.
“Can’t wait anymore toots, need this.” He grunted, fucking into you recklessly. You could’ve screamed from the overstimulation, body trembling, walls still trying to milk Bucky’s thick cock. Again, your last orgasm didn’t even get a chance to ebb away before you were being worked towards another one. Your back arched into the bed of its own accord, letting Bucky fuck deeper into you. Your whimpers mingled with Bucky’s grunts, sounds of skin slapping on skin filling the house.
“Pussy’s still clenchin’ me so tight, you’ve no idea how good you make me feel. Body’s always so ready for me.” Bucky was almost growling, his own need almost entirely taking over, eager to cum so he could get back to focusing on giving you as much pleasure as you could handle.
“Thank daddy for fuckin’ you. Thank me for givin’ you my cock raw like this.” He groaned, fingers drifting between your thighs to play with your swollen bud once more.
God, this was humiliating and you were loving every single second.
“Thank you daddy! Love your cock so much, think about nothing else. Love how you fuck me, love how big it feels, love your cum, just need more daddy please.” Your words were only broken by little gasps, Bucky fucking into you harder than you even thought possible.
“Tha’s it, God yes, takin’ me like a good girl, my best girl. Little pussy so hungry for daddy’s cum. That never changes, does it honey? Should just keep you plugged and full of me all the time. Only thing that could keep your needy cunt happy, isn’t it? Just a little cum whore. Gonna give you a load now baby, okay? Keep that little face pressed to the bed and ass up, want it all drippin’ as deep ‘nside you as it can get. Don’t want a single drop spillin’.” Sometimes you wonder where Bucky possibly learned to talk so dirty but right now you didn’t care, teetering on the brink of a fifth orgasm as you lowered yourself the way he wanted, his cock nudging your cervix in this new position.
“So deep daddy,” you whimpered, muffled slightly by the thick duvet as he pounded into you. His fingers rolling perfectly against your clit was enough to tear you apart, your body shaking, fingers squeezing the sheets as you rode out the electric feeling shooting the whole way through your body. That was all it took to drag Bucky over the edge too, not able to hold back with how your walls were tightening around him, milking every drop of cum into your body.
“So tight toots, can’t even move.” He groaned, stilling his movements to stay pressed right at the deepest point inside you. The warm feeling of his cum exploding into you was almost more than you could handle, knowing every drop had to stay there to keep Bucky happy. His fingers didn’t stop moving against your clit though, tearing as many aftershocks from your over worked body as you could muster.
“Bet there’s so much cum in you now.” He whispered proudly, kissing down your spine despite the thin sheen of sweat, slowly pulling out and humming appreciatively when there wasn’t even the slightest indication of the mess he had made inside you. You felt absolutely boneless, knowing you were over the half way mark but still nowhere near finished yet.
“Three left honey, how ya feeling?” He cooed softly, taking a second to stroke your hair and dote on you. His cock hadn’t softened at all but it rarely ever did after only cumming once during such an intense session.
“Feel good Buck, sensitive.” You whispered, flopping onto the bed with your eyes closed, sucking in deep breaths to steady yourself.
“Think you can take some more for me?” He asked quietly, placing tiny kisses to your shoulders and neck. You could do nothing but hum contentedly, letting him give you as much affection as he wanted.
“Need you to use your words sweetheart. Didn’t make you, dumb already, did I?” He chuckled, making you open your eyes to see that dashing smile
“Want more daddy, I can take it.” You nodded gently, noticing how his smile only widened at your eagerness.
“I’m so in love with you, ya know that?” He beamed, giving you a gentle kiss that was all teeth and tight lips, his smile still so evident on his face. “Won’t mind though if you need to stop. Want you to enjoy this babydoll.”
“No Buck, I can keep going. But we can cuddle afterwards, yeah?” You asked, placing a little tired kiss to his knuckles of his flesh hand.
“Oh honey, when we’re done here, we can do whatever you like. This weekend’s about you, jus’ wanna make you feel good.” He agreed, heart aching at the sight of you looking so beautifully fucked out and still asking him for more.
“Thank you daddy.” You smiled lazily, knowing it would get him right back in the mood to fuck you relentlessly through the final three.
Bucky groaned hearing the title fall from your lips again when he was least expecting it, cock bobbing deliciously in agreement.
“Fuck princess, you’re gonna be the death of me you know that?” He laughed, metal hand falling to grip his aching cock. “Jus’ you lie there angel, lemme do the work this time.” You sure weren’t going to argue, pressing your head back on the soft pillows as Bucky positioned you how he wanted you, slotting neatly between your spread thighs. Despite how kinky Bucky was, missionary was still one of his all time favourite positions. It was simple, comfortable, uncomplicated and he loved being able to see your face contort as he takes you apart, not to mention the perfect bounce of your tits when he slams into you. Bucky lined up with your soaked pussy, taking the time to make sure none of his seed from the last round had spilled from your core. Once he was satisfied that it was only your own juices that were coating your thighs, he pressed in, revelling in the gasp you let out.
“So warm and wet babydoll.” He hissed, head thrown back as he set a decent pace, thrusting in and out with his metal hand pressed to your lower tummy. “Swear I can feel myself in here, just so deep ‘nside you, aren’t I?” You couldn’t really believe how your body was still craving him, still needing more even though you were so fucked out already. You couldn’t even find it in yourself to reply, almost every coherent thought having been fucked from your head. The soft clinking of metal had you opening your eyes. But when did you close them? You had no idea, and far less did you care upon seeing Bucky hovering on top of you, his dog tags swinging in front of your face. Somewhere deep inside your brain you registered that he must’ve pulled them from the nightstand when your eyes had been shut but there was something about them that just made the sex that little bit better. He knew how much you loved them too, smirking down at you as he continued his leisurely thrusts.
“Like what you see?” His voice was deep and seductive, close to only being a low rumble. His abs rippled with every push into your tight heat, little grunts slipping past his lips occasionally, a light flush on his cheeks from arousal. What was there to not like about Bucky Barnes? You could only nod, trying to press your hips closer to his pelvis, wanting to pull him deeper than even should have been possible.
“God, you can’t get enough can you? My cock that addictive honey?” He teased, flesh fingers toying with your clit. You cried out quietly at the feeling, not understanding how you could possibly still need more. Pushing yourself up on your elbows, you reached up, taking those jingling dog tags in your mouth, lips wrapping neatly around the chain. Bucky thought once more that he might cum then and there, just at the sight of your little pretty mouth enveloping his tags, the metallic taste covering your tongue.
“Need your slutty mouth filled too baby? Should’ve said somethin’, coulda had my fingers ‘nstead. But maybe you couldn’t tell me? Can’t get any words out now, can you? Daddy’s cock knocked all thoughts out of that little head, hm? That’s okay angel, daddy doesn’t need you to think, jus’ need you to cum. Think you can do that for me?” Your legs were shaking but you nodded you head regardless. As Bucky had been talking, he had dialled everything up a notch, fucking you faster, rubbing you in tighter circles, everything just felt incredible, your orgasm so close once more.
“Ah, daddy, please.” You pleaded, absolutely no idea what you were even pleading for anymore other than release. Bucky chuckled lowly from somewhere deep in his chest before giving you what you had begged for, pressing a little harder on your clit, rubbing in the same tights circles, dragging you through a painfully intense orgasm. Your teeth bit down on the hard metal in your mouth, trying to stifle the screams and whines that fell from you as every single vein in your body throbbed, desire washing through you violently. Bucky was completely and utterly obsessed with you, coaching you through your high with the same filthy grunts and promises that you had learned to expect from him.
As your high subsided, Bucky didn’t slow, if anything he just fucked you faster, not chasing his own release yet but loving how you looked like you had been fucked absolutely senseless, eyes rolling back, head crooked to the side, fingernails digging into his flesh, dog tags still in your mouth.
“You’re a fuckin’ picture like this doll, so beautiful for me. Can’t believe you’re all mine.” His thrusts had your tits bouncing back and forth, jiggling even more as you squirmed, trying to move away from him given how painfully overstimulated you were becoming. You screamed and yelled as his fingers picked up speed, slipping around from the insane amount of slick that had dripped from your hole.
“Come on little whore, cum for daddy, give it to me. Silly little slut can’t do anything but cum, can you? So fuckin’ good at it, no thoughts left in that pretty head of yours, daddy fucked them all out didn’t he? Love seein’ you like this, greedy pussy takin’ everything I give it. You’re an angel, you know that? My angel. Body’s always so ready for me.” Bucky’s voice was deep, strangled and needy, working you as fast as he could. Your legs couldn’t hold still as he pounded you, metal hand still pressing on your tummy so you could feel his cock even deeper inside you. It was all too fucking much, that ball of need inside you exploding once more making you scream, thrashing around under his huge body. Your rhythmic squeezing had him groaning, screwing his face up, unable to hide how good it felt.
“Last one princess, you ready?” Bucky asked softly, pulling out to give you a second. Christ, you looked wrecked but in the best way possible. His dog tags slipped from your mouth, spit trailing down your chin that you wiped away with the back of your hand.
“You sure you can take another? Need a colour toots.” Bucky probed gently, stroking your cheek lovingly, pushing your hair away from your sweaty face.
“Green daddy, just one more. I can take it.” You nodded weakly, fawning over the little gentle kiss Bucky pressed to your forehead.
“That’s my good girl.” He soothed. “I’ll make it quick, promise.” With that he hopped off the bed. You couldn’t really find it in yourself to care about why he had got up, taking the time to catch your breath and steady yourself but when he came back empty handed, you couldn’t help but be a little confused.
“Gonna move you toots,” he hummed quietly, shifting you onto your hands and knees at the side of the bed and that’s when you realised what he had been doing. Bucky had pulled one of the wardrobe doors open, specifically the door with the full length mirror, leaving it at an angle so you could see yourself from where you sat on the bed.
“Want you to watch yourself, see how pretty you look when you cum for me.” He groaned, harder than he could ever remember being in his life before. You whimpered even just at the thought, letting him slip inside you then pull your back flush to his chest. His whole body felt like it was surrounding you, probably because it was. His firm chest felt so comforting against you, both of his arms supporting your bare frame, casing you in against him. He pulled your hair out of the way, making sure he was able to kiss your neck and shoulders before beginning to piston his hips, fucking into you at a punishing pace. You were so glad he was holding you up, knowing if he took his arms away, you would be left to crumple onto the sheets. Your moans were so lewd you surprised yourself at how keen you were to just keep taking his cock. You knew you would feel empty without him inside you after such a long session but the emptiness might even be a blessing after this insane amount of stimulation.
“Look at yourself baby, you just came seven times for me and you’re still keen to go again. Still gonna give me ‘nother one. Cause you’re the best girl, aren’t you? So so good for daddy. Jus’ lettin’ me take and take from your body. You feel that mess sweetheart? You’re fuckin’ soaked right down to your knees, toots. All my cum from earlier drippin’ out of you. Don’t worry, got ‘nother nice big load to fill you with. Gotta give my best girl what she needs.” You hadn’t even noticed the sticky wetness between your thighs, the change in position letting it all seep out of you. You whined, high and needy as his fingers ghosted through the wetness, landing on your clit. His movements were smooth and methodical, rubbing you at the exact pace he knew you liked. He didn’t want to drag this out any more and he wasn’t even sure that he could last any longer.
“Cum for me babydoll, one last time. That’s it, good girl, hump daddy’s fingers. Excellent baby, doin’ so well for me, ‘m so proud of you, you know that? So so proud.” You felt your body clench harder than you had even thought possible, a strangled cry being torn from Bucky’s throat, his seed spilling so deep inside you.
“Ah, holy shit, can’t stop cummin’.” He panted against your neck, your head flung back onto his shoulder as the most intense high of your life took over. Your whole body was alight with pleasure and yet everything still felt so intimate in this position. Your bodies just felt connected in a way that you couldn’t even describe. Maybe you were just delirious with pleasure but it didn’t even really matter, chants of Bucky’s name falling from your lips like a prayer. Your pussy throbbed, aching and abused but not relenting in the slightest, if anything it only clenched harder around Bucky, milking every single drop of cum from him.
You practically collapsed onto the bed together, chests heaving, both spent and sweaty from the most exhausting morning of you life.
“Christ.” You whispered with a little content laugh, words not even connecting in your brain to form a coherent sentence.
“I agree.” Bucky laughed softly, pulling you practically on top of him, needing to feel you close and take care of you. “How ya feelin’?” He asked quietly, kissing your forehead and playing with your hair, being as delicate with you as possible.
“ ‘m good.” You hummed, giving him a little nod, taking in all the adoration he was offering.
“How bout a little nap, hm? You’re exhausted sweet pea. Then I’ll make us some lunch, yeah?” Bucky suggested, losing his mind when you snuggled yourself even closer to his body. You could only nod and give him a little smile, his fingers carding through your hair ever so gently. The hammering in Bucky’s chest was returning to a more natural thud, comforting you even more, your eyes closing of their own accord.
“My best girl.” He whispered, pressing more gentle kisses to your fragile body, little compliments and praises breaking the silence, lulling you into the best sleep of your life.
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starks-hero · 3 months ago
What Is and What Should Never Be
Pairing: Loki x F!Reader
Summary: Loki is forced to watch both his past and his future and only realises what he had once it's gone.
Word Count: 2,015
Warnings: Angst, major spoilers for 1x01 of Loki!
a/n: I had to write this because I am so not okay after episode one and I need to vent somehow so voila. Spoilers below!
Tumblr media
“What is this?” Loki scoffed as the screen in front of him whirled to life.
“A sample of your greatest hits, if I may.”
Mobius flipped a switch on his machine and a clear image of the Avengers lit up the screen. Loki sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, his irritation reaching its limits. He didn't know how much more of this idiocy he could take.
Footage of the attack on New York and the death of Phil Coulson filled the screen and Loki watched on with a glare.
“Do you enjoy hurting people?” Mobius asked and the god raised his head to glower at the agent.
“Your games don't frighten me. I know what I am,” Loki replied calmly.
“A murderer?”
“A liberator,” he countered.
Mobius scoffed. “Of eyeballs maybe.” What Loki recognised as his attack on Germany replayed in front of them. “Look at that smile, you're enjoying it. Did you enjoy hurting them?”
Loki shook his head. “I don't have to play these games, I'm a god.”
Mobius reclined in his chair with a quiet chuckle. He looked Loki over and when his menacing glare didn't falter, he sighed. “Alright, looks like someone needs a little humbling.”
The tape began to rewind and Loki lowered his gaze to his hands, not bothering to watch. He noticed Mobius stopping the footage from across the table with a quiet ‘here we go.’
The new voice on-screen caused Loki's head to snap up and his eyes widened when he saw you. You were stood in front of him, a bright smile adorning your face. You looked so real he could almost reach out and touch you.
“You remember her don't you?” Mobius asked with a smirk. Loki didn't answer, his eyes still fixed on the screen. He recalled the memory. It was the day of Thor's coronation, the day he was supposed to become king.
“If you're late your brother is going to kill you,” you continued with a smirk as you lifted Loki's horned helmet from a nearby table and handed it to him.
Loki watched as his past self, younger and far less burdened, stepped back and allowed you to take in his appearance.
“How do I look?”
“All eyes will be on your brother, Loki. As much as I may appreciate it, there's no need for you to dress to impress.”
Loki's past self chuckled. “I know. But honestly,” his voice became slightly timider. “How do I look?”
Your smile didn't falter as you gently traced his jaw with your hand and placed a chaste kiss against his lips. “Like a prince.”
“Oh, that's sweet,” Mobius commented as he took a swig of his soda and Loki bit his lip, drawing his eyes away from the screen.
“Why are you showing me this?”
Mobius didn't answer, flicking a switch on the machine as the footage began to fast forward.
“Let's keep going,” he said plainly.
Loki immediately remembered the day that was now beginning to play on the screen in front of him. It was the day he discovered everything he'd known was a lie. The day that changed him and set him on the path that led him to this very moment. He watched as the version of himself on screen lifted the jötun casket and exhaled in horror when his hands and arms turned blue. After his confrontation with Odin, he watched as his past self fled to your chambers, barely keeping his composure.
“Loki,” you said as you opened the door to your room, knowing something wasn't right the moment your eyes landed on him. You ushered him inside with a gentle hand on his back. “What's wrong?”
The moment the door shut, his arms wrapped around you and he broke. Loki turned away from the screen, not particularly wanting to re-watch one of his most vulnerable moments. He heard the conversation that took place on-screen and recalled how you'd asked him to show you his true form. Loki kept his eyes trained on the table in front of him.
“Look at me,” your voice ordered quietly from the screen and Loki couldn't help but comply, it was almost instinctive. He glanced up at you and his hardened expression softened when he saw the memory play out. He stood shamefully in his true form, skin blue and eyes red. Yet you cradled his cheek, staring at him with no hint of fear or repulsion. A soft smile pulled at your lips. “Loki, look at me.”
His past self finally gave in and raised his head to look at you. You gently traced his cheek with your thumb and Loki's eyes slid shut.
“You're beautiful,” you said quietly and Loki felt his chest tighten as he watched on from his seat. “And I'm not afraid of you. I could never be afraid of you.”
He watched as you pulled him into an embrace, the image freezing on-screen as Mobius paused the footage.
“She really was the best thing that happened to you, wasn't she?”
Loki shook his head as he pointed to the screen. “That is private. And I don't see how it is relevant either.”
“You were different with her,” Mobius stated plainly. “You weren't the big and scary Loki that wanted to take over the universe and rule everything. You were happy, content even.”
“That's enough,” Loki bit out but Mobius didn't stop.
“So why didn't you listen to her when she told you to stand down and not attack earth?”
“That is none of your concern.” Loki hated how his voice wavered, knowing his emotion had given him away. He didn't have a choice. He attacked Midgard because there was no other alternative. After the Jötun attack he coordinated on Asgard, he was convinced he'd lost you. You couldn't possibly love him after what he'd done. That's why he'd let go of the Bifrost. He had nothing left to lose. And it was also why all the memories Mobius was forcing him to relive cut so deep. He didn't need a reminder of what he'd lost.
“Alright, let's skip ahead a little shall we?”
Mobius flipped the switch on the machine again and a new image filled the screen. You and Loki stood facing each other, hand in hand and smiling lovingly. The memory was unfamiliar and Loki couldn't pinpoint when it had occurred. He slowly stood from his seat and approached the screen.
“What is this?”
“That's the night of your wedding,” Mobius stated and Loki's brows creased as he watched the scene unfold in front of him.
“We never married.”
“Not you, not yet. This is your future, Loki. What would have happened had you stayed in your timeline.” Mobius explained, tinkering with the machine so that multiple other images were pulled up on screen. All moments Loki was yet to live. “She forgave you for what you did on earth, stood by you when Odin had you locked up, fought alongside you. And then,”
Loki's heart threatened to stop when the mad titan Thanos appeared on the screen.
“W-what is this?” Loki asked, watching intently. He watched in horror as you, bloody and beaten, stood your ground against Thanos, refusing to back down. Freezing you in place with the power of an infinity stone, Thanos accepted a blade from one of his henchmen and Loki shook his head, refusing to accept what he knew was coming. A horrified shout left his lips as the blade pierced your body. Tears fell freely from his eyes when he saw your terrified expression as you died slowly, painfully.
He stumbled away from the screen and turned to Mobius. “What have you done to her?”
“We haven't done anything.”
“Where are you keeping her? Where is she?!” Loki yelled, his voice straining and his cheeks dampened with tears.
“She's dead, Loki,” Mobius explained simply. “Thanos found the Asgardian ship and he killed her. She died defending you.”
“No, you're lying! It's not real, that's not real,” Loki growled, pointing at the screen that held the image of your lifeless body. “This is just another trick, a cruel illusion.”
“That is the proper flow of time. It's what was, what is and what will always be. Loki, she's gone. Had you not taken the tesseract from Asgard Thanos wouldn't have found you.” Mobius shrugged. “You lead him right to her.”
“Stop it!”
“Let me ask you again, do you enjoy hurting people? Do you enjoy killing?” Mobius pried, watching as Loki turned to him with a vicious glare. He was torn between anger and heartbreak, both feelings battling for dominance.
“I'll kill you.”
“Just like you killed her?” Mobius rivalled quickly and Loki grabbed his chair, throwing it across the room and through the screen. Mobius only barely dodged the piece of furniture.
“I don't believe you. She's safe on Asgard!” Loki yelled, still in complete denial. Mobius simply shook his head.
“She was in 2012. But either way, sooner or later, she dies because of you. And it happens over and over again because it's supposed to, it has to. The TVA makes sure of it.”
Loki's glare became murderous as he began to stalk towards Mobius, but one turn of the time twister and he was sent back to the desk, falling to the floor beside it. He glanced up at Mobius and then the screen, his anger melting into sadness. His breathing became laboured as more tears blurred his vision.
“You weren't born to be king, Loki. You were born to cause pain and suffering. Everyone you love dies. Your mother, Y/N. Do you think that's a coincidence? You breed chaos everywhere you go and others pay the price.”
“Stop it,” Loki begged quietly. “Please just stop it.”
Mobius stood by, slight guilt taking hold of him as he watched the once arrogant god sit broken in front of him. He offered Loki his hand and after a moment, he accepted the offer and pulled himself to his feet.
Mobius watched him sympathetically, realising he may have just pushed Loki a little too far.
“Are you alright?”
Loki didn't answer. He wordlessly looked back at the screen before the horrifying image he was met with caused him to quickly look away.
“You said that this is the future,” Loki started quietly and Mobius nodded. “But the Y/N from my timeline, she's still alive?”
“Right now, yes she's alive.”
Loki swallowed. “If I help you, you said that you'd get me out of here?”
Mobius' expression fell when he realised what Loki's plan was. “Loki, you can't change anything. If there's even the slightest chance I can get you back to your timeline and that a big if, she'll still die the same death. It's inevitable.”
“I know.”
Loki's words sent Mobius back on his heels slightly. He expected Loki's plan to consist of going back for you and then attempting to rewrite history. Breaking the timeline completely just so that he could live out his life with you. But he appeared to have accepted that it wasn't possible. He knew he couldn't save you. He simply wanted more time.
Mobius nodded as he realised just how much you meant to Loki. That you were the one thing that he was willing to do anything for. He didn't question him any further, instead, he gently clasped him on the shoulder.
“Okay, let's get to work.”
Mobius crossed the room and stopped at the door, patiently waiting. Loki took a moment to compose himself before clearing his throat and following the TVA agent. Before he left the room, Loki turned and glanced back at the screen. The footage had changed. It now played a memory from many years ago. Of both of you, huddled up in Loki's chamber, reading and enjoying each others company. You were grinning and laughing and despite the ache it caused in Loki's chest, he couldn't help but smile sadly at the sight.
He was going to do everything he could to get back to you. Regardless of what it would take.
Tumblr media
tag list: @miraclesoflove​ @bakerstreethound​​ @doozywoozy​​ @leftperfectionmoon​​ @nahthanks​​ @the-queer-dungeoneer​​
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celestialbarnes · 6 months ago
love me harder | b.b
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
summary: you and bucky have been flirting and screwing around for months now, after seeing him getting frisky with someone else, you decide to do the same and bucky’s just about had enough.
word count: 3.2k
warnings: nsfw, literal flith, unprotected sex, rough sex, cocky bucky, jealous bucky, reader being touch starved
a/n: hello! my first nsfw fic is up! honestly, i am such a simp for bucky, so yes here goes, i hope you all enjoy it!
masterlist in bio (links hate me now) | requests open!
thank you for reading!
Tumblr media
“(Y/N) you ready?” Natasha asked as you took one last look at yourself in the mirror before deciding to put on the red lipstick that you had gotten a few weeks ago, the colour complimenting your dress of the same shade perfectly.
“Coming!” you replied as you quickly smoothed out your dress, slipping on your heels as you headed out your room, your door closing behind you with a soft click.
“Damn, someone’s gonna get laid tonight”. The redhead adds and you shrug, “That’s what this dress is for Nat”. the two of you laughed as you headed towards the lift, the doors to it sliding open. Tony being Tony had decided to hold a party for Bucky’s birthday, well you were pretty sure his exact words were, “Barnes’s a hundred and four, that’s worth celebrating,” though you were more convinced that it was just another way for the billionaire to have a party, after all, what’s Tony without a party.
The music was already pounding through the speakers as soon as you and Natasha walked in, it was so loud you swore the walls were shaking alone with the floor that looked like it was going to break anytime soon with the throngs of half-drunk people that were on it.
“Nice to see you two finally came”. Tony says as soon as you settled on the bar stool.
“Was I supposed to say no?” you retort playfully as he snorts, bringing his glass of whiskey to his lips.
“Like you would, you’re here for the birthday boy,” He adds.
“Nope, I’m here because there’s an open bar and I don’t get drunk enough.”
“That wasn’t what you said last week when capsicle caught you both banging like rabbits in the quinjet”.
“We didn’t bang like-“
“What?!? You and Barnes are fucking?” Natasha cuts in, clearly shocked at the newfound information that Tony had ever so kindly provided.
Thank god for Tony Stark.
“Shut up” you were answered with Tony’s laughter and a reply of “use protection” before the billionaire walks off, joining Pepper at the table.
“You didn’t tell me you and Bucky screwed” Natasha pipes up as she easily finishes her martini, raising her hand for another.
“It was a onetime thing Nat” you said in exasperation, shooting your friend a glare when she wriggles her eyebrows suggestively.
“How’s he in bed?”
“Nat, I swear to god-“
“Beer can or carrot stick?”
“Okay, fine. How many times?”. You groan and before you could let out a string of colourful vocabulary, Natasha was gone, a knowing smirk on her face as she heads towards Sharon, who was seated with Wanda, and when you saw the giant grins on their faces, you knew that your secret wasn’t exactly one anymore.
You raised your hands asking for shots, shit, it was a terrible mistake to have allowed a certain blue eyes soldier to get into your pants. The two of you had been flirting for god knows how many months, at first it was simple, a little too many pick-up lines, nicknames and  jokes, then as time passed, fleeting touches followed suite and so did the knowing glances, the way the two of you eyed each other during meetings, the tension only grew.
And before you knew it, he had crashed his lips unto yours when it was just the two of you in the jet, the brunette making up an excuse of having to go through report protocol with you, waiting for the rest of the team to leave before he had you pinned up against the wall, lips pressed on yours and his hands wandering your frame, tugging at the leather suit that clung to your frame.
“You want this don’t you princess?” he had growled in your ear as he lifts you up, your legs wrapping around his well-built waist as he plunges balls deep into you, you couldn’t come up with any reply, moans of pleasure falling from your lips as he thrust into you, his mouth leaving hot, open kisses on your neck and shoulders, your skin burning up as you dug your nails into his shoulder, his groans doing nothing but egg you on as you moved in sync.
You were so close to coming undone when the door opened and the poor Captain had walked in, wanting to add on to the mission’s report only to have the scene of Bucky, his pants half way down his legs as he practically pounds into your dripping cunt, your tits bouncing and your face contorted in pleasure as you hung on for the ride.
Needless to say, Steve was scarred, you had scrambled to put on your suit with Bucky chuckling in the background as he watched you try to come up with an excuse for your, well, state.
And from that day on, you swore every damn time you walked into the kitchen or training room, Steve could not look you in the eye. Hell, that added on with the smirk that Bucky had plastered on his face was enough to make your face burn up in embarrassment as you tried your best to get him out of your mind, which was pretty much next to impossible seeing how you were so often in your bed, hand in your pants as your fingers rub circles on your clit, moaning his name like a mantra as your head replayed what happened, and all you could think of after that was how it would feel to have Bucky balls deep in your cunt again.
Talk about missing someone too much.
Word had spread and before you knew it, a few people on the team already knew with Sam shooting you a knowing smirk when you saw him a few days after the events had played out and Tony being Tony was curious about the giggles, decided to go find out exactly what happened. You would have never thought that the very same men that wiped out HYDRA would be seated on leather couches with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills playing while they giggled like some high school girls, and Wilson just had to make things worse.
“Hey (Y/N), like the angle of the dangle?” your eyes had widened in shock, and you had gone speechless, just like that Tony found out through FRIDAY who had said something along the lines of “vigorous activities happening in the jet,”.
And yet, the eye fucking never stopped, if anything it got better, with the both of you looking as if there was nothing more than just to bang on the couch, the counter or wherever the hell you both were at that moment, you didn’t believe it to be anything serious, just some casual no strings attached sex.
You were deprived, touch starved, and the fact that Bucky had left you without helping you cum had got your, well, panties in a knot and no matter how many times you had your back arched as your pussy throbbed thanks to your trusty fingers, it just couldn’t compare to that of Bucky’s cock stretching your wet, dripping pussy.
You sighed, finishing your shot, your eyes scanning the crowded room, the lights flashing as you tried to make out the shadowy figures, and when your sight caught on just the man you were looking for, you were not that elated that he was at the pool table, some blonde chick in front of him, fake smile on her face as she slapped his chest playfully, and you didn’t miss the way Bucky had chuckled, leaning down to help her shoot her shot, you didn’t miss how she had her skirt hiked up to the point where you were convince she wasn’t wearing anything, a smile on her face as she presses herself against the front of his pants. 
You watched as Bucky simply smirked, leaning closer, and you had to thank the alcohol that flooded your system that you didn’t just go up to him right there, you watched as Bucky’s eyes found yours, a hint of the devil swimming in his irises as the smirk he had plastered on his face simply grew bigger, almost as if he wanted you to stare. 
Great, just great.
You were about to raise your hand to ask for another round, when the bartender slid a glass of whiskey towards you.
“I didn’t order this,”
“Courtesy of the gent behind you” was all he said before he went about his business, completely ignoring your protests.
You frowned slightly, you were pretty sure that you had easily rejected every man’s attempt to hit on you tonight, shooting them sarcastic remarks when they tried flirting and chuckling when you saw the shocked look they had on their faces, nevertheless you picked up the glass of alcohol, turning back to see the man that your friendly bartender had mentioned and there he was.
The dim setting did nothing to hide the fact that he had a jawline that looked as if it could cut through glass, a handsome smirk plastered on his face as he walked over.
“So, I’m gonna assume that you’re the guy that got me the drink” you asked, despite the flashing disco lights, you could make out his features, he had blue irises that seemed to bore into your very soul and the button down he wore barely did his biceps the justice they deserved, it was unbuttoned at the top and as much as you didn’t want to admit, he looked good and you found yourself being pulled towards him.
“And if I was?” He asked smoothly, a grin on his face as he lifted the beer bottle to his lips taking a huge swig, his eyes still fixed on you.
“I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?” You shot back, sarcasm lacing your voice as you bought the glass of whiskey to your lips.
” Feisty, aren’t you?” He continued and you looked towards him, a suave smile on his face as he downed the rest of his drink. You had to admit he was handsome with baby blues that you couldn’t get enough of, blue eyes that just reminded you of a certain someone that you wanted to get out of your head.
You bite your lip, looking over your shoulder to see Bucky and the blonde at a pool table, the hands that had been digging into your waist was now around her slim waist as he leaned down, whispering something in her ear making the latter blush and you wanted to throw up watching her practically grind against him not even bothering to hide the fact that she wanted something a lot more than a game of pool.
Turning back to the stranger, you shot him a sultry smile. “You dance?”. He nodded, smirk forming on his face as he watched you down your whiskey, the alcohol burning your throat. You knew that you desperately needed liquid courage to even bring yourself to the dance floor not to mention dancing with a stranger.
You took his extended hand, your heels clicking as you allowed him to lead to the floor, the alcohol that clouded your mind made you pull him close to you, his hands on your waist, and for just a while, your mind was free of a certain super soldier, maybe you would get laid tonight after all, it wasn’t Bucky but it would suffice but at least you’ll get railed and perhaps, whatever game that you and the soldier played would come to an end.
Tumblr media
“Damn, isn’t that (Y/N)?” Bucky’s head shot up at the mention of your name, looking in the direction of where Sam was pointing to, his jaw clenching as he watched the scene unfold before him.
You were dancing with some guy who had his hands on your waist and if Bucky were being honest, those hands were far too fucking low for his liking, you were grinding against the asshole, your body flush against his and he watched as the man leaned down whispering something in your ear, whatever it was , Bucky was pretty fucking sure it had something to do with the both of you screwing by the looks of how the bastard’s hands sliding under your dress, which was far from innocent, the fabric was a sinful red, a colour that he had once said looked good on you, and hell, he was damn right, because the way it clung to your skin, amplifying all of your curves was good enough to drive any man mad with desire.
Bucky’s eyes narrowed as you circled your arm around the stranger’s neck, pulling him down towards you, your lips barely inches from his, his hand clenched around the pool stick as your eyes met his cerulean ones, taunting him with a smirk that formed on your pretty face as you pulled the stranger down closer, your eyes fluttering shut as you crashed your lips onto the man’s.
“That’s it” Bucky growled, throwing the pool stick down as he stormed over to the dance floor, leaving the blonde behind as he took big steps over to where you stood as you gyrated against the man.
“This is going to be fun” Sam joked, taking a swig of his beer as he leaned back into the chair, Steve laughed, leaned back and against the pool table as he watched the scene unfold before him.
“What the fuck is going on?” You looked up to see a fuming Bucky, his irises filled with rage as he stared at the stranger. He was angry alright, seeing you gyrate against this ass was more than enough to set him off and right now he wanted nothing more than to land a punch on the guy’s face.
“Hey Bucky, this is-“
“I don’t fucking care who he is (Y/N)” Bucky growled, shooting the man daggers and if looks could kill, your “friend” would be a pile of ash right now, not that you cared.
“What Bucky? You get to feel up some stripper and I’m not allowed to have my own fun?” You retorted, venom lacing your voice, as you looked towards him, at this point you were pretty sure half the room had their eyes on the scene that was playing out, ignoring the whistles from Sam and Tony.
“Yeah man, what she said.” Before he could continue, Bucky’s fist came in contact with the stranger’s face, causing him to stumble back, pressing his hand to his now swollen nose.
“What the hell’s wrong with you?!” You exclaimed, Bucky grabbed your wrist, pulling you out of the dance floor, both of you ignoring the wolf whistles as he drags you towards the bathroom, pushing you in as he locks the door behind him with a click.
“What the fuck is your problem?” You hissed pulling your wrist away from him.
“Dammit, (Y/n), you’re the fuckin’ problem”. Bucky shot back, running his fingers through his hair.
“I can’t get you out of my fuckin’ head”.
“That’s not my pro-“. Before you could finish your sentence however, Bucky crashes his lips onto yours, barely even giving you time to process what he had just done before he backed you up against the counter.
You barely struggled as you find yourself caving into his advances, your eyes fluttering shut as you returned the kiss, your arms wrapping around his neck, pulling him close as you deepened the kiss, your lips moving against his as you both fought for dominance, Bucky smirking when he won.
You were lifted from the ground and placed on the marble countertop, Bucky’s lip quaking in a snarl as you rolled your hips against his growing erection. You grinned, tugging his bottom lip between your teeth, relishing in his breathlessness over your actions. Heat pools in between your legs as you interlock your fingers in his locks, moaning when you felt his hard on pressing against your thigh.
“Tell me to stop” he mumbles between each kiss, his hand sliding down to your covered cunt, easily finding your bundle of nerves making you let out a whimper as he rubs teasing circles on your clit.
“Stop talking and show me what you got James”. Bucky’s growl was vicious as he hooks his fingers into the band of your panties, tearing them down your legs, throwing them away carelessly. He shimmies out of his jeans, the denim pooling at his ankles as he pumps himself in his hand before teasing his tip at your entrance.
You whimper, bucking your hips, desperate to feel him to push into you. Bucky chuckled lowly, only to continue teasing your dripping cunt.
“You’re so eager love, thought about me fucking you,haven’t you?” Bucky asked, slowly pressing his cockhead against your fold making you bite you struggled to hold back a loud moan.
“Tell me you didn’t and you’re a fuckin’ liar Barnes”. You retorted, fighting the urge to buck your hips knowing full well that all he would do was to make you wait longer instead of taking you like you want him to.
“Trust me Princess, I thought about it”. Bucky growls, thrusting into you hard, making you cry out, your fingers gripping the edge of the counter. “Thought about how wet and tight you would feel ‘round my cock,”
Bucky pounds into you mercilessly, his fingers digging into your hips as you held on for the ride, a string of curses falling from your lips as he thrust into your heat, your walls clenching as his tip brushes against your spot making you whimper as you dig your nails into his back.
“Thought about you plenty doll,”
Bucky was slick with your arousal and the sound of skin slapping against skin was pornographic. You wrap your legs around his waist, taking him in deeper into you, moaning as you felt him stretch you out ever so deliciously.
“You feel so fuckin’ good,” Bucky groans into your shoulder as he mouths against the curve of your neck, the feeling of your walls choking around his cock was damn near enough to push him to the edge of his release, his hips snapping as his thrusts become erratic.
“F-fuck Bucky, I’m going to cum” you whimper, your ankles digging into his back and your nails, his shoulder as Bucky hissed.
“That’s it princess, cum for me. Atta girl”. Bucky soothes as your walls clench around his thick length, pulsating around his cock as you come undone, diving headfirst into euphoria, the coil in your stomach coming undone with Bucky following not long after you, a low groan erupting from his chest, his cock throbbing as he spills his seed into you, both of you breathless.
Bucky pulls out of you, white stickiness trailing down your inner thighs as he helps you down from the countertop.
“Thanks for the birthday gift” Bucky teases as scrunches up the familiar red laced panties, stuffing it into his jean pocket.
“You’re getting me new ones Barnes,” You retort, and he chuckles.
“That depends,”
“How many you’ll let me destroy”. Bucky replies, giving your ass a tight squeeze.
The door opened, and you made a mental note to thank Tony when you saw a paper taped to the door that read “out of service”.
Tumblr media
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a/n: i hope you enjoyed this fic! pretty sure i need some holy water now, let me know how it was! :)
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angelkhi · 27 days ago
House Sitting - S.R
Pairing: neighbour!Stevex Reader
Summary: Your parents leave you in completely charge of the house for two weeks... under the watchful eye of your neighbour of course.
Warnings: SMUT (18+ minors dni) age gap, voyeurism, masturbation (f), edging, size kink, hair pulling??, oral (f+m), p in v, cumplay, bodily fluids?, dirty talk, spitting, choking, slight breath play, swearing (obvs), overstimulation, praise kink, let me know if I missed anything!
Word count: 4.5k
A little note: Hey, so this is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever written, it’s a fucking good job I’m a renounced catholic. This can be read as a stand-alone or a continuation of my other neighbour!steve piece, it’s completely up to you. I wrote it as a second part (though I use that phrase lightly) so just know that this relationship was previously established in my other Neighbour!Steve work. Sorry about any typos! I hope you enjoy!<3
Tumblr media
"Don't forget to turn the stove off." "Don't forget to lock the doors." "No parties." "Keep the house clean."
Listening to your mother drone on and on about the house rules for the fifth time that evening grows tedious, so much so you'll be sure not to use the stove or open any doors, and constantly walk around with a mop if it shuts her up. Your father rolls his eyes from behind her and continues hauling the luggage into the boot, a small smile threatening your lips.
"Steve will check in on you every couple of days, but if you need anything call him, numbers on the fridge oh and don't forget-" Her words fizzle out into a faint ringing, and that into the sound of your countertop shaking beneath you some weeks ago.
Fucking shit.
Steve Rogers, your next door neighbour, whom you haven't seen since he left you to walk around your parents housewarming party with his cum dripping out of your panties. Steve Rogers who you've imagined fucking you every night since, only to be left with the dissatisfaction of your own fingers.
Your head snaps to hers quickly, eyes surely as wide as saucers as you divulge the new information, the fact that Steve is now at your beck and call for two weeks. You'd mother starts going over the tumble dryer settings for a third time and so you shoo her into the car, unwilling to go through it yet again.
"Yes mum, I've got it all. Lock the doors, turn off the stove, don't trash the place." She raises her eyebrows for a moment and smiles as your father begins reversing out onto the street.
You wave until the car disappears out of sight and walk back up the drive, stealing a quick glance at the Rogers household before and going inside and locking the door.
Tumblr media
Three days, three, was all it took for something to go horribly wrong.
You wake up to a lukewarm fridge, gone off milk and a scolding from your mom if you don't get it sorted soon. The day drags on as you skirt around having to call Steve over to your empty house, the possibilities of what exactly could happen seemingly endless and very tiring, though that afternoon you have no choice but to cave as there's nowhere for the surprise delivery of fresh groceries (courtesy of your mom) to go without spoiling.
Dialling the number on the little post it note seems nothing short of illegal but it's there for emergencies and this surely counts as an emergency. You stare at digits on the screen, forcing yourself to click dial before you think too hard about it and chicken out for another few hours. It rings once, twice, three times before he picks up.
"Hello?" His voice is smooth, like butter melting on a hot day and your words are lodged in your throat for a heartbeat or two.
"Steve? Mr Rogers? My mom said to call if I had an emergency..." you pause and chew at your lip adding quickly, "It's your neighbour, by the way."
"Hey honey, what seems to be the problem?" You force yourself to talk, though your brain runs in circles at the little pet name, memories of the last time he used it heating up your cheeks. Forcing yourself to focus on anything but the sultry gravel in his voice, the broken fridge has suddenly never seemed more interesting, still not trusting your voice, hums are the only responses he gets to the various questions you struggle to answer.
"I'll be over about six, see you then."
"Thank you so much, goodbye Mr Rogers." With that the line clicks off and you're stood alone in your kitchen, unsure what to do with yourself until Steve makes an appearance in a few hours, so you do what any self respecting 20 something year old would do, and hide out in your room until he arrives. You try to focus your mind anywhere other than on your neighbour many years your senior, but he's like a parasite, one thought of how good his hands and mouth felt on you leaves you squirming. You contemplate doing something about it, but true to his word Steve is at the door at dead on 6:00pm, tool bag in hand and smile on his face.
You leave him to it, unsure of how to even look him in the eye, let alone string together sentence after sentence. The occasional bang and fuck or bastard shit, travel about the house, a small smile etched on your lips whenever he cursed but soon enough he shouts a halle-fucking-lujah. You're contemplating going down to him to see him out when he appears at your door, knocking twice and waiting for permission to enter.
"All fixed, should get cold within the hour."  He leans against your doorframe with such ease, sleeves rolled up to his elbows, hair slicked back.
"Thank you so much... please don't tell my mom. She already had so little faith in me and maybe she was right to-"
"Your secrets safe with me sweetheart, don't worry." He chuckles, folding his arms across his chest, "I've missed you."
The revelation shocks you into silence, your eyes locked on Steve as his are on you, unmoving, even as he pushes off the doorframe and stalks forward, even as he sits on the edge of your bed.
"You missed me?" You repeat his words, disbelief and shock evident in your tone and he huffs out a laugh once more, leaning even closer still.
"Mmh. Missed you a whole lot." Steve reaches out and tucks a piece of your hair behind your ear, his thumb swiping over your jaw. "I missed your pretty face. Missed the way you say my name, missed the taste of your pretty cunt."
You're unable to meet his eyes as he speaks, thighs clenching together even at the lightest touch from him.
"Missed you too, Mr Rogers. Steve." You admit, his smile widening a little.
"Show me."
"Show me how much you missed me." His breath fans the shell of your ear, a kiss on the nape of your neck, "Show me how you play with that pretty pussy whilst you think of me."
This is filthy. It's filthy and nasty and dirty, but so was fucking your neighbour in your basement whilst a house full of people (including your parents) partied upstairs.
Without giving it another thought, you're shuffling backwards into the mountain of pillows behind you. Your eyes finally meet Steve's as you pull down your trousers, his hands pulling them from around your ankles, repeating the process with your panties but he snatches them up, bringing them to his nose and inhaling then shoving them in his shirt pocket.
Holy fuck.
"Spread your legs for me babydoll," he's leaning back against the foot of your bed, bulge in his loose fitting trousers at the sight of your glistening cunt, "Touch yourself for me, pretty girl."
Your movements are slow, cautionary under his gaze you slide your hands up your thighs, swallowing a small gasp when you finally feel just how wet you are. You circle your pussy lips for a moment, your breaths shallow with each passing stroke. Steve's mesmerised, his eyes wide and focused on you playing with yourself.
You're unable to quiet the moans when you begin to circle your clit, changing the pressure and speed every now and then, building yourself to an orgasm.
"Fuck, Steve, Mr Rogers." Your breath is erratic, chest heaving when you enter a single finger into your wetness, "Feels so good."
"That's it, my good girl," Steve's tongue darts out to lick his bottom lip, his eyes flicking between your face and your squelching pussy, a hand over the bulge in his trousers.
"Gonna add another finger for me? Gonna fuck yourself til you cum on your pretty little fingers?" Fucking shit. The man has a filthy mouth and he knows it, the ghost of a smirk on his face when he sees how you react to his words. You obey, fucking two fingers into yourself, occasionally toying with your clit.
"M'close Steve," You're sure you sound pathetic but some part of yourself loves it, "Fuck, I'm gonna cum." 
Steve quietly eggs you on, calling you his pretty girl, telling you how pretty your pussy looks and you're falling over the edge in seconds. He leans forward quickly, pressing a slow kiss to your lips as you come down from your orgasm, hips bucking a few times, catching your clit on the rough material of his trousers.
He pulls back and just stares for a moment, his gaze so intense you're not sure what to do with yourself but then he's on the move, his lips pressed against your neck and shoulder and chest and stomach until his facing your pussy.
"Gonna let me have as many as I want? Let me eat your cunt till you're crying, please pretty girl." The sight of Steve practically on his knees, begging to taste you until you're in tears is an offer you can't refuse. Your hands lock in his hair pulling him forwards.
He's tentative at first, weary of the fact that you've just cum but it only takes minutes until he's pulling you apart, suckling and nipping at your clit repeatedly, two fingers fucking into you at a bruising pace, right into a brutal orgasm.
Your body relaxes wholly, legs shaking around his head, your hands tightening in his hair as he continues to lick your clit. Steve's tongue explores your pussy, nudging your weeping hole and sliding in, fucking you with his tongue repeatedly, his fingers applying pressure on your clit.
Steve is relentless, pulling orgasm after orgasm from your spent body until you're pushing him away, chest heaving, cheeks wet with tears, body completely blissed out. He's kissing you again, whispering small words of praise against your lips as he lets you catch your breath, bringing you down from whatever cloud you're currently floating on.
You can taste yourself on his lips when he kisses you again, but you're too sleepy to care, you just want sleep and Steve. He disappears for a few moments, some rustling coming from the bathroom and your closet and he's back, washcloth and clean pyjamas in tow. He's careful as he runs the washcloth over your sensitive folds, listening to each sound and movement of your body, equally so when he pulls on some pyjama trousers and pulls the covers up to your chest.
Steve kisses you once more, slow and soft and you're asleep in seconds, far too tired to keep your eyes open.
Tumblr media
When you wake the next morning Steve has already left, a text message from an hour prior explaining that he'd be at work for the rest of the day, and he wants to see you for lunch at his tomorrow afternoon.
Your legs ache the entirety of the time you're in the shower, but it's pleasant, welcomed, a reminder that Steve was there the night before. It's an effort to climb downstairs, the thought of the spoiled groceries almost enough to send you back up the stairs, but you had to eat regardless.
Though there's no foul smell of off kale and dodgy chicken when you enter the kitchen, only a second note next to your mother's on the fridge.
Put the groceries away, maybe this house sitting thing really isn't for you - Steve x
You chuckle and put it in your pocket, grabbing some granola bar and going back to bed, knowing that if you're going to Steve's tomorrow, a day of rest would be your best friend.
Tumblr media
3:00pm the next afternoon as promised you're at his front door, a bottle of wine under your arm. You're beyond well rested, having slept most of the day and all through the night after your run in with Steve.
He opens the door, stepping aside and closes the door behind you, his hand resting on the small of your back guiding you towards the kitchen, a tangy and sweet smell filling the house.
"I um- I bought this wine... I don't know if it's any good but I got it from the basement I uh." Your eyes meet quickly when you mention the godforsaken room, the air in the room stifling as the memories of that day and a couple of nights ago replay in your head.
"I'm sure it's perfect, angel." My god this man, "Come sit, lunch is nearly ready,"
He nods to one of the stools at the island and grabs two glasses, a bottle opener and sits next to you. Steve pours the wine with such grace, his ridiculously large hands enveloping the bottle, leaving you in a trance and clenching your thighs once more even as he slides the half full glass in front of you.
"How're you feeling today?" Steve's gaze is intense, caring, and once again you're frozen, scrambling over the right words unsure what to say.
"Good. I slept a lot yesterday, so I'm feeling good." You smile, redirecting your gaze to his hands once more, "Thanks for asking."
"It's my pleasure," he pauses, glancing down, "I know the other night must've been a lot, are you sure you're okay?"
His concern was sweet, being a worrier suits him, but you're too distracted by the memory of him destroying you with his tongue and fingers to fully appreciate it. His hand drifts from the countertop to your thigh, squeezing once and bringing you back down to earth.
"I'm good, promise," Steve grins at that, planting a kiss on your lips leaving you a little stunned momentarily before you kiss back, only to be pulled apart by the oven beeping.
The food Steve has prepared is nothing short of delicious, and the wine you'd picked out wasn't too horrid that lunch, overall was a giddy success. Of course the pair of you could barely keep you hands to yourself, even whilst eating the feast set out before you.
The two of you talked for hours, about everything and nothing, until the sun was beginning to send the clouds pink. You lean up off of Steve, the window seat in the corner of his kitchen diner having the perfect view of his well looked after garden, and gather your things together much to your dismay.
Steve walks you to the front door, his steps slow as he drags out the afternoon as much as possible, wishing that time would slow, if only a little. His thumb rubs over your wrist in a calming motion as the pair of you come to the end of your short walk and blissful afternoon.
"Stay over? We can watch a movie, do whatever you want, honey, just want you to stay." You've never heard Steve sound so needy, his usually somewhat stern eyes soft, almost begging and you cave, agreeing to come back later that evening and stay the night.
He cradles your jaw as you lean back into the cool stone wall, leaning into the hungry kiss wanting nothing more than to stay a little longer, but one day of not cleaning would quickly turn into two and two to three, something you were too lazy to think about, let alone actually sort out.
The few hours pass quickly, and you're once again on Steve's doorstep, a small wash bag and change of clothes over your shoulder. He pulls you in quickly, slamming the door shut behind you and kisses you tentatively, taking your bag from your shoulder and setting it at the bottom of the stairs.
"Wanna watch a movie?" He asks against your lips. You nod against him and he makes his way into the kitchen to retrieve the snacks he'd set out for the two of you, sending your heart lurching your chest at the small gesture. That afternoon, something changed between the two of you, something new and good, something you can't wait to explore.
It takes a moment to shrug off your jacket and untie your shoes before you're sat next to him on the couch, his arm slung across the back of it, fingertips brushing your shoulder.
The movie plays for some time, the pair of you readjusting a few times but ultimately settling on Steve pressed up behind you. Halfway through a fast paced scene he pauses the movie and you turn over your shoulder, throwing him a confused look.
"Can we try something?" Steve asks, chewing at his lip awaiting your answer.
"What do you wanna try Stevie?"
He shudders a little at the nickname, pressing a swift kiss to your cheek and continues on.
"Want you to keep me warm," he pauses, strumming the waistband of the jogging bottoms you'd dragged on when you went home, "Just 'til the end of the movie?"
You're barely finished nodding before Steve's yanking down his own sweats and boxers, being more careful when it comes to yours and working you open a little until you're ready to take his cock. He slides in, the stretch you'd missed so much making you sigh, his own breaths faltering as he feels you around him.
Once he's bottomed out he kisses your shoulder through the thin material of your T-shirt and plays the movie once more, leaving you struggling against the urge to squirm as you focus your attention on whatever ridiculously high payed actor is on the screen.
The movie drones on, though none of the plot is being retained, in fact nothing makes sense in your head beyond the feeling of being so full of Steve. It's been almost an hour and a half and he's adjusted the two of you twice, each time sliding deeper or nudging some sensitive part of you, tiny whimpers escaping your lips.
Though it's not all in vein, his constant mutterings of good girl, doing so good for me, and the occasional feel so fucking good into your ear creating a surging warmth in your chest. That and his fingers running soothing lines up and down your arms, he managed to turn any discomfort into the most comfortable you've been in a while.
You're almost asleep when the credits roll in, woken up by the rumble of Steve's chest as he chuckles quietly.
"Movie's over," He rasps, and you rest your chin on his chest to get a better look at him whilst he speaks, "D'you wanna go to sleep?"
"M'not sleepy Steve." You sit up, just to prove the point and you both groan at the friction of readjusting. His hands find your hips, holding you still before you move again.
"Babydoll..." It's sweet how caring he is, but that edge to his voice has you almost squirming. Almost.
"I promise, I'm not tired Steve, the movie was just boring."
"Hey, that's one of my favourites!" You giggle at the look of offence on his face, leaning down to kiss him and he pulls you in closer.
"Sorry Stevie," You mumble against his lips and he smiles, "But I promise I'm not tired."
"Can I try something?" You repeat his words from earlier, aiming to sound confident, but instead you remain timid as ever. Steve raises his eyebrows but smiles and agrees regardless, the pair of you hissing when you lift yourself off of him, his cock glistening with your wetness. He watches as you sink to the floor, onto your knees in front of him, waiting. Steve sits up slowly, a look of disbelief on his face though it's soon replaced when you grip his dick between your little hands.
You lower your mouth to his tip, suckling at the mixture of precum and your own slick. You take him a little deeper, your hands accommodating for what your mouth cannot.
"Fucking shit honey, oh god." He looks so pretty, head thrown back, "You're so good to me, fuck."
You continue gagging on his cock as it hits the back of your throat repeatedly, the sting in the corner of your eyes never felt so good. You release him from your mouth, his panting chest and chanting of your name egging you on, licking a stripe up the underside if his dick, watching him squirm when your fingers press against that small muscle between his hole and his balls.
Steve thrusts up suddenly into your hand, his tip angry, red and inviting. You slip him back into your mouth and he continues to buck up, hitting the back of your throat. Your whimpering around his cock is all too much for the whining man above you and he tangles his hands in your hair, pulling you up off of him. A of saliva hangs between your lips and his tip and you're quick to lick it up, Steve hissing in the process.
"Get up." His tone is sharp but strained, his grip on what little control he had over himself slipping. Steve guides you upstairs, into his room and onto his bed, muttering something about not wanting to cum yet and there's no way he's fucking you on a couch.
Steve's bed is spacious, though you don't get a chance to admire his interior design skills because he's on you in a second. His large shoulders caging you in, trapping you between him and the bed.
His lips are feverish on yours, claiming you as his as he grinds his cock into your naked pussy, reaching down between you to thumb your clit, groaning at just how wet you are from warming and sucking his cock.
"God you're fuckin perfect for me." Steve whispers, the words only for your ears, though no one else could possibly hear. He sucks along the base of your neck, leaving small bruises behind, letting everyone know that you're his. His kisses trail down to your chest and he's circling your stiff nipples with his tongue, alternating between nipping and biting.
You grind your hips up into his, desperate for any kind of friction, whimpering his name over and over like a prayer, but he still takes his time, giving equal attention to your tits and coming back up to your mouth.
Steve grips at his cock, drawing up and down your pussy, catching the sensitive head on your clit, the both of you moaning in unison. He continues to toy with your clit, dipping his head into your hole and back out again until you're writhing for it.
"Please Stevie," You whimper, his hand coming up and wrapping around your throat, "Fuck me."
He applies a little pressure to your throat, cutting off your air as he slides home and bottoms out, and releases your throat, the small head rush pushing you close to an orgasm before he's even started. Steve's hand stays on your throat as the other finds your hip and he steadies himself, pulling out to the tip and bottoming out once more before he's fucking into you at such a brutal pace you can't remember your name.
His hand works your throat and his cock works your pussy, the two in tandem pulling you apart from your foggy head to your curling toes, swallowing your moans in filthy kisses of clashing teeth.
"Fucking hell, you feel so good honey," Steve's voice is deeper than you've ever heard it, borderline feral as he claims your body, "Who's pussy is this?"
"Yours, yours Stevie." You're a blubbering mess, your face wet with sweat and saliva and tears you didn't even know you were shedding.
"That's my girl, god you're so tiny, so proud of you for taking me so well." You whimper once again, pleased to be pleasing him.
"Open," you have no choice but to comply, only knowing how to do what you're told as Steve continues to fuck you apart. He spits in your open mouth, once, twice tapping your chin with his thumb, a silent command to swallow what he's given you. And you do. You do it with ease, even going as far as to open your mouth once again, silently begging for more.
"Dirty fuckin thing, can feel your cunt clenching around me. You like it when I spit in your mouth, huh?" You nod frantically, only stilling your bobbing head to let him spit his saliva into your mouth once more.
"Play with your pussy for me," his grin is feral when you comply instantaneously, your fingers toying with your swollen, sensitive clit.
"Please sir, feels so good." Your voice is borderline pornographic, so much so you'd doubt you're the one making such sounds if it weren't for being on the brink of an orgasm.
"Cum around my cock, angel."
Your body convulses violently, the build up of the evening spent being warming Steve leaves your legs seizing beneath him, your breath wrecked when he squeezes your throat once more, choking and fucking you through an orgasm.
Steve continues fucking into you, using your spent body to get himself off. Your nails draw red lines along his back and his hips begin to slow in their movements. Strung out, deep thrusts sending your eyes rolling as you cum one last time, Steve's cum painting your walls as he finishes deep inside of you.
He lets you come down, pulling himself out of you admiring your beat up pussy, the sight of his cum spilling out of you enough to make him half hard. He's moving before you've even registered what he's doing, his face in your pussy as he cleans you up, drinking a mixture of your gushing wetness and his own seed, collecting it and travelling back up to your body.
Your obedience still shocks him, even when you open your mouth and gladly take what he has to offer to you, when you swallow it all down and when you plant a filthy kiss on his lips.
"You did so well for me, thank you," Steve speaks and you feel like jelly and all his touches are feather light, as though he's scared to break you any further. He pulls you into his warm embrace whispering in your ear bringing you down, soothing your aching body.
"C'mon, let's get you in the bath," Steve's thumb strokes at your cheek for a moment longer and he's up, into the en suite bathroom pouring god knows what into the water but you can't move, far too blissed out. Far too sore and sensitive, far too tired, even when Steve lifts you from the bed into the warm lavender scented water, when he runs the loofa across your body with the utmost care, when he dries you, dresses you in a loose t shirt and some boxers, and tucks you in to the freshly changed sheets.
He slides in next to you some moments later, pressing a kiss to your forehead, pulling you against him lulling you to sleep, and whilst you can just about feel you legs, and the ache in between his thighs, you're content. More than content. You're happy.
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earlgreydream · 5 months ago
| loki x avenger!reader | fluff | smut |
requested by my favorite @fitzfiles
a/n: this is completely indulgent, but we love loki in this household
Tumblr media
Whenever you walked into a room, conversation ceased. The other avengers would glance at you, and often leave or just stare. You hated it at Stark Tower, and you would’ve left if you thought you could even make it ten feet out the door before Stark dragged you back, kicking and screaming.
The other avengers didn’t trust you after your attempt on Banner’s life in a misunderstanding. You didn’t realize that Banner didn’t mean to destroy your home when he was in his hulk-form, and that Banner himself had no knowledge of the tragedy. Your revenge did not pan out as planned when Wanda and Vision had caught you, preventing you from carrying out your assassination. 
You had screamed and fought back, but Wanda’s magic was stronger than your own. You hadn’t been fortunate enough to receive training, not until Fury and Stark decided you would be a great addition to the avengers.
The only person who seemed to put up with you was Bucky, the ex-assassin. He wasn’t as openly cold to you, and he had even stuck up for you against his boyfriend, Steve, when he argued with Stark about the questionable safety of letting you roam Stark Tower. 
The other person who didn’t give you any grief, was Loki, the god of mischief. He was the other outcast, hated by most for attempting to overthrow New York and enslave its people a few years before. You rarely saw him, because he was either reading in the library, or arguing with his insufferable brother, Thor.
You couldn’t sleep in your room, tossing and turning in the sheets. Finally, you got up and walked around the silent hallways. It was late, and everyone was asleep. You slipped into the kitchen, stealing one of Thor’s poptarts he kept in high cabinets. You were floating above the ground in order to reach them, and you looked behind you at the sound of a laugh. 
Thor’s brother, Loki, stood in the dark kitchen, and your feet came to rest on top of the counters, so you were standing over him. You silently handed him the second poptart from your package, trying to bribe him into secrecy. Loki smirked at you, taking the poptart from your hand. 
“Were these the last ones?”
You nodded, and he looked even more amused.
“My brother will be feral.”
“We’ll blame it on Stark,” you suggested with a small smirk. Loki smiled at you, offering up a hand to help you down off the counter. You took it, jumping to the floor with ease. 
You went back to bed, curling up in the blankets and drifting off. You woke up to the sound of Thor shouting about his poptarts, and you smiled to yourself. 
You didn’t see much of Loki for several days, Steve and Stark working you to the bone in training. You were fed up of Strange struggling to help you with your magic, giving up when he didn’t have the patience. 
They finally sent you away, and you showered and went to the library, wanting to just relax, away from the avengers and their judgement. Loki was curled up in the corner of a couch near the fire, absorbed in a novel. You smiled when you saw him, the closest person you had to a friend. 
You walked to the couch, sitting down on the opposite end, listening to the fire. Loki smiled at you over the top of his book, and you picked up one of his finished novels off the coffee table, losing yourself in the story.
After your training sessions, you spent quiet evenings in the library with Loki, then grabbing something to eat after your colleagues cleared out of the kitchen for the night. 
“I’ve just finished the best fantasy novel. I can show you, if you’d like.” Loki offered as the two of you finished a platter of fruit left on the kitchen island. 
“Yes, please!” You said excitedly, following him to the library. 
You sat down on the couch and he walked around to the shelves, pulling a thick novel from the third row. He had a gentle smile as he walked back to you, taking a seat beside you. His leg brushed against yours, and you felt butterflies erupt in your stomach. 
Loki enthusiastically recalled the plot for you, setting the novel into your hands gently. You grinned, listening to him happily, enjoying the way his eyes sparkled with delight as he spoke to you.
Loki was infatuated with you. From the moment that you had been brought to the tower, you caught his eye. A frightened and angry young witch, held there against her will, made him sympathetic. He knew what that was like, and he hated the way that the others looked at you in disgust. He kept his distance from you and your moody attitude, until he had found you stealing food in the kitchen from his brother. From that moment on, you started being around him more and more, until you were spending every evening together in the library. 
It was like your own safe, private world, where the two of you could enjoy yourselves and each other without judgement. You had swapped novels and ate together, eventually discussing what you’d read over the gentle cracking of the fireplace. 
On a particularly stormy afternoon, Strange had knocked you off the dueling platform, and your body ached from the impact with the marble floor of the training room. 
You were limping when you walked into the library that night, and Loki noticed immediately. He closed his book and stood up, moving toward you. You stopped walking, watching his expression twist into one of worry. 
“You’re hurt.”
“Just a little bit sore.” You answered, and he slowly lifted your shirt, revealing a dark bruise on your waist and hip, where you had collided with the ground only an hour before. 
Loki knelt down beside you and tenderly laid his hand over your bruised body, green sparks dancing over your skin. His magic touch felt like electricity, and you watched him heal the pain and damage done to your body. The bruise had faded when he removed his hand, dropping your shirt. He looked up at you, and you wrapped your arms around his neck.
“Thank you,” you murmured as he hugged you.
“Of course, darling.” 
“Will you read to me from that Asgardian novel you promised?” You asked Loki when he set you down. 
You followed him, and you laid down with your head on his lap, nervous about his reaction. He smiled down at you, and his fingers went to brush through your hair as he began to read aloud in english, translating for you. 
His voice was smooth and serene and you listened to him for hours. You drifted off in the safety of Loki’s presence, sleepy from training. 
When you woke up, he was silently reading another novel, his hand resting on your waist, the top half of your body draped over his lap, your arms folded under your head. 
“Oh, I’m sorry,” You apologized shyly, moving off of the trickster. 
“For what?” he asked, tilting his head to the side, confused as to why you were sorry. 
“For falling asleep on you.”
“I don’t mind at all,” he smiled, and you blushed, adjusting your Stark Industries hoodie. The Asgardian novel sat on the coffee table, a bookmark nestled in between its pages. Loki watched you, only half paying attention to the book he had, and you rubbed your eyes, trying to wake up. You finally gave up, feeling sleepy, so you grabbed a blanket and curled up on the opposite end of the couch.
Loki wished you’d laid back on his lap, enjoying you curled up on him, even though you were innocently sleeping. You didn’t seem that comfortable on the couch, and he discarded his book before standing. He lifted your passed-out body, carrying you gently to your bedroom. 
Stark watched him as he passed in the hall, and he hesitated before letting Loki disappear with you. Loki closed your door quietly with his foot, laying you down in your clean sheets. He pulled the duvet over you and turned on the switch that made tiny, electronic stars light up all over your ceiling. Stark had built and installed them for you, a gesture of peace once you’d moved into the tower. 
You stirred, but your eyes felt too heavy to open. You vaguely registered you were no longer in the library, but your need for rest dragged you under. 
“It’s alright, darling, get some sleep,” Loki left you to rest, closing your door softly.
You woke up late, a rhythmic melody of rain hitting the roof overhead. The room was dim, clouds concealing the sun outside, and you were thankful for the weekend. You hadn’t remembered going to bed last night, and your last memory was being with Loki in the library. 
You got up and changed, wandering around the tower in search of Loki. The library was empty, and the fire extinguished. The last place you looked was his bedroom, and you knocked softly on the door. It swung open to reveal the god, who was practicing magic, transforming objects into animals. He was bent over a large Asgardian spellbook, and he seemed focus.
“I can come back...” You murmured, and he shook his head.
“No, come in, please.” He smiled at you, waving his fingers, and a staff turned into a hissing snake. You jumped back with a frightened shriek, and Loki moved his hand again, and the snake jumped into his grasp before returning to a staff. 
“I didn’t mean to frighten you, Y/N.”
Loki set down the staff, and you rubbed your arms.
“Did you take me to bed last night?” You asked, and Loki raised his eyebrows. 
“Yes, do you not remember?”
You shook your head, and he looked into your eyes, trying to decipher your emotions. You murmured a quiet thank-you, and he smiled. You walked closer to the table, and Loki leaned over you. 
“Pick up the bowl, darling.” Loki instructed softly, and you obeyed, cupping the ceramic in your hands. Loki performed the spell a second time, and the bowl transformed into a tiny, fuzzy bunny. Its nose twitched and it snuggled into your hand. You looked up at Loki in delight, and you held the sweet animal to your chest.
He smiled warmly at you before turning the rabbit back into a bowl. You set it on the table, and he closed the spellbook. 
“Want to continue our novel?” He asked you, offering his hand. You nodded, placing your hand in his, and he slipped his fingers in yours, squeezing your hand gently. You blushed, walking with him, holding hands as you moved toward the library. 
You passed a group of the avengers, and they stared at you harshly, making you sink into Loki’s side.
“They don’t like me.” You stated, once they were out of earshot.
“Don’t pay them any mind. I think you’re lovely. You deserve to be treated like a princess.” 
You squeezed his hand, looking up at him. He brought your hand to his lips, pressing a kiss to your smooth skin, making you smile.
“Sit with me?” Loki sat down on the couch, not releasing your hand. You sat down on his lap, his arm wrapping around your waist to pull you back against him. You were blushing furiously, unable to keep the grin off of your face, soaking up the only affection you had in months.
He read to you, his arms around your waist as he held the book on your lap. You leaned against Loki, your head resting under his chin. Your fingers played with the stitched gold lining of his clothing as you listened, tracing the patterns in the fabric.
The two of you spent most of the weekend like that, curled up in the library, finishing your novel before deciding to watch a movie on one of Stark’s huge televisions.
You brought tea into the library, handing Loki one of the teacups before curling up against his side, his arm coming around you. You fell asleep in his arms, comforted by his presence, and forgetting that you were an outcast at the tower.
“Y/N, you need to work harder! This defense magic isn’t that complicated!” Strange shouted at you, beyond frustrated. 
“I’m SORRY!” You shouted back, the lights flickering from your negative energy.
“Use this energy.” 
You tried to block the magic that came at you from his hands, but you weren’t fast enough, exhausted from the ruthless training he insisted. You were knocked over, the air yanked from your lungs. Pain jarred your body, and you covered your face with you arm, afraid he was going to hit you a second time. 
You opened your eyes to see Strange fly back, slamming against the glass walls and collapsing to the floor. Shouts echoed around you, and the air felt charged with a familiar electricity. 
“Knock it off, she’s fine!” Stark yelled, and you pushed yourself to sit up. 
Gentle hands held your face, and you felt dazed as you looked up at Loki. 
“Are you hurt? Did Strange hurt you?!” Loki asked, and you shook your head weakly. Green sparked around your body, healing any bruises from the impact with the floor, and you wrapped your arms around Loki’s neck. His arms scooped you up, carrying you out of the training room with him. 
“I’m okay, Loki,” you promised, and his lips pressed against your forehead. You opened your eyes as he set you down in the library, inspecting you to make sure you were being honest. 
“I hate them.” 
You nodded in agreement, reaching up and bushing black, unruly hair from his face. His hand came over yours, resting against his cheek, and he kissed the inside of your wrist as green eyes bored into you. 
He leaned in slowly, and you closed the gap between you, kissing his soft lips. Your whole body ignited from the touch, and you suddenly felt alive, energy surging through your veins.
The kiss was intense, and Loki deepened it, his silvertongue sliding past your lips and moving in sync with your own. Your thoughts blended together until Loki consumed all of your senses, making the rest of the world melt away.
When the kiss finally broke, you were breathing hard, staring into his lust-blown eyes. Loki broke the silence first, his hand gently holding your face.
“May I?” You nodded as he gently removed your clothing with green sparkling magic.
“Beautiful,” Loki breathed before pulling you into another deep, needy kiss. He was your only focus, the feeling of his lips on your and his hands exploring your body.
“Loki!” The sound of his name tumbling from your lips made arousal spike through him. He gently pressed wet kisses down the curves of your body, drawing soft moans from you.
Your fingers laced in his dark tresses, and you tugged on his hair, writhing with his head between your thighs. Your head hung over the side of the velvet couch, your vision filling with the elaborate renaissance-style paintings that covered the ceiling.
You felt like you were floating, pleasure coursing through you as Loki’s tongue teased your little bundle of nerves. Your vision sparked as his long fingers stroked your velvety walls. A scream tore through your chest as he pressed forward, hitting your g-spot. You felt him smirk against your sex, and you were sure you must’ve been hurting him from how hard you were pulling on his hair, trying to yank him off and pull him closer at the same time.
Your body screamed for him, your core tight and threatening to snap with an orgasm. Loki pressed down on your belly, holding you still. You tried to roll your hips, but he just laughed, sending vibrations through your whole body.
“Fuck! Loki,” your screams echoed off the library walls as the building pressure finally snapped.
Your orgasm washed through you, your body shaking as Loki kept dragging his tongue through your sex until you were whimpering.
Loki sat back on the couch, hauling your body forward to straddle his lap. You caught his shoulders for balance, your chest rising and falling heavy as you tried to catch your breath.
Loki kissed you, and you tasted yourself on his lips, electricity shuddering down your spine.
“Do you think you can take me, darling?” Loki asked, kissing along the column of your throat as he spoke.
“Yes, please. I need you to fill me,” you begged the god. His green eyes were almost black with lust, and you could feel him painfully hard under you.
You’d forgotten about everything other than the Norse god in front of you. You were safe and alone in your own world, surrounded by golden walls, paintings, and thousands of novels.
Loki’s hands wrapped around your hips, guiding you over him. He slowly pierced into you, and you squeezed his shoulders.
“Y/N, you feel amazing,” he breathed into your chest, lightly biting your smooth skin, dragging a whimper from your throat.
Your eyes rolled back as you stretched around him, struggling to adjust as quickly as he was sheathing himself in you. He pulled your hips down until you were seated on his lap and he was nestled deep inside of you.
“Look at you, taking me so well,” Loki’s quiet praises made you roll your hips forward. He swore at the action, and you did it again, smiling as his head dropped back.
You built a rhythm as you rode him, his hold on you taking most of the effort. You squeezed around him as you felt him spasm inside of you, and Loki’s back arched off the velvet.
“Let go for me, Loki,” you encouraged, your breath coming out in uneven pants.
You kissed along his jaw before kissing his soft lips, slipping your tongue into his mouth. You swallowed his moans of ecstasy, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him deeper. He pushed his hips up into yours before spilling inside of you. His arms wrapped around your waist, holding your body to his as he came inside of you, filling you up.
The two of you stayed like that for a long time, before Loki carefully eased out of you. You looked at him sleepily, earning a loving gaze from Loki. He wrapped the two of you in a blanket, and you relaxed in his arms, feeling his lips against the crown of your head.
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boxofbonesfic · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Title: Siren
Rating: Mature. MINORS, DNI!
Warnings: Angst, Fluff? So much fluff, allusions to past abuse, toxic ex, Firefighter!Bucky
A/N: OMG NONNIE I LOVE—beefy firefighter bucky to piece you back together again🥺
You unload the last of your meager boxes from the rental van with a triumphant grin. You’d done it—though it had been hard without any help, but you tried not to dwell on that part. The important thing was, you were finished. You shut the large door and gave yourself a moment to take in your surroundings. You liked this neighborhood—you’d liked it when you toured it a month ago, and you still did now. 
 There were kids playing in the street, and the houses were all quaint and pretty. Across the street was a small fire-station, with two trucks in the garage. You wiped at the sweat on your forehead with the back of your hand before turning to glare at the last box. This would be it, the last box between you and rest. It was one of your heavier ones, with the majority of your books. 
 You bent to pick it up with a grimace when the sound of a voice had you snapping upright. 
 “Hey, do you need some help?” You whirled, your heart pounding in your chest. “It’s just the boys and I saw you moving boxes, thought we might offer.” He’s tall, with steely blue eyes and short chestnut hair that’s just beginning to curl at the edges. His white henley is stretched tightly over the huge, corded muscles of his chest and arms, and you take in the sharp, expensive looking prosthetic attached to his left shoulder. He smiles at you brightly.
 “We?” You ask, a small smile playing on your lips. “It’s, um. It’s just you.” At your words he glances around before rubbing the back of his neck. 
 “Y-yeah, I guess just me. I mean, Steve and Sam said they’d be right behind me, but yeah. I can help,” he reaffirms, his smile turning bashful. You can’t help but notice the way his sweet smile has turned bashful. He raises his arm to rub the back of his neck nervously, and your mouth goes a little dry and slack at the bulge of his muscle. You pray he doesn’t notice, and you quickly avert your eyes. “I’m Bucky.” 
 “It’s just the one box now,” you say awkwardly after giving him your own name, kicking the toe of your shoe against the ground. “But, um, it is pretty heavy, so—“ He leans forward to pick it up easily, and you squeak, jumping out of the way. The big glass door is open, and he strides inside, waiting in the front hall for you to catch up. “You can put it in here,” you dart quickly around him and point to the living room. 
 He drops the box and dusts his hands off. “Thought you’d have more stuff,” he admits, chuckling. The house is sizable, but you’re in it alone, with barely any furniture. 
 “Yeah… It was kind of a quick move.” You don’t want to tell him you’re running from Rich, it ruins most conversations. But you’re six states away with a new I.D. and a fresh outlook. “Didn’t really bring much with me.” You sigh. “Do, um, do you want a beer, or something? I have a few. To say thanks, for moving the box.”
 He smiles at you, and it makes weird warmth settle in your belly. “I’d like that.” 
 It’s easy to like Bucky, he offers to do yard work on his way out—your lawn is a mess—and you accept. And that Saturday when he’s done mowing your lawn, he invites you over to the fire station for dinner. You’re worried his friends won’t like you, that no one in the neighborhood will like you, but when Natasha compliments your chili, and Steve joins in on your ribbing of Bucky, you don’t feel like such an outsider anymore. 
 “Hey, uh, you know, we have a lot of spare furniture, um, at the station,” Bucky says as he walks you back across the street to your place. You’ve been sleeping on an air mattress for a week, and he knows it. “Some of it’s never even been used.” 
 You balk at his charity, putting up your hands and shaking your head. You can’t ask him for that, you barely know him, it’s not polite—but he shows up with the mattress on your porch just two days later. Steve and Sam are behind him, holding the box spring and bed-frame respectively. 
 “We’ll help you set it up, doll.” He shoulders gently past you, and you excuse yourself to the bathroom for a carefully alotted five minutes of crying before you returned, sniffling to the bedroom. You’re not sure what to feel beneath the healthy dose of shame that a relative stranger has seen you at your worst and that he wants to help you. 
 You order pizza for the guys that night. Sam runs out for a couple of cases of beer, and by the time he and Steve stumble back across the street to the station to sleep it off, Bucky is knocked out on your tiny, worn sofa. You don’t wake him, letting him snore gently on your too small couch, and you cover him with the throw blanket. 
 Bucky slowly just… becomes the person you call. When you find a bigger couch on craigslist, you ask if he might be willing to help you get it. He tells you not to bother renting a truck, and when he shows up in his huge dodge with Steve in the bed, you understand why. Beer and pizza with the guys—and Nat—becomes Friday routine, and by the time you’re six months in your new house, you’ve already got plenty of memories to fill it with. 
 Of course, this is all shattered when you see Rich’s name and number pop up on your phone. Panic sets in as you excuse yourself to the back porch. 
 “What do you want?” 
 “That’s not nice, baby. You should ask me how I’m doing, shouldn’t you?”
 “How did you get my number?” You hedge, knowing that if you hang up he’ll only call again. 
 “I got friends, baby. Hows the new house?” Your stomach turns to lead, and when you don’t answer, he chuckles. “Sounds like it’s real nice. You know I was thinking I should pay you a visit sometime soon, see what all the fuss is about. Never pegged you for a small town girl—”
 “Fuck you. Don’t call me again, Rich. You understand? Don’t call me anymore!” You hang up, and your entire body is shaking, thrumming with the quick pulse of your heart. You’re crying, you realize belatedly, as the end-of-summer breeze chills the salty tear tracks on your cheeks. 
 “Hey, doll. You okay?” Bucky’s voice startles you, and you wipe uselessly at your puffy eyes. 
 “Y-yeah, fine.”
 “Who… who was on the phone?” He asks, and you tense. Bucky sees it, and holds his hands out placatingly. “It’s okay if you can’t tell me. I just… He didn’t sound too nice.” His eyes are hard as he glances at the phone held tightly in your shaking hands. 
 “I, um, I—” You swallow thickly. “It’s, um. My ex.” 
 His jaw ticks. “I see.” You watch his hands flex open and then closed as a he huffs a loud, slow breath through his nostrils. “Not a good guy, huh?”
 Bucky doesn’t ask you anything else, and you’re grateful for it. When you go back inside, he sticks close to you, and instead of strange, you find it… comforting. You’re already used to navigating around his bulk, and it’s not hard to adjust when he’s right behind you, beside you, his hip brushing against yours as if to tell you he’s there. When Nat and Sam herd Thor and Peter back across the street, you watch Bucky wave Steve off in his truck. 
 “I thought you were off duty tonight,” you say, nursing the rest of your beer as you clean up the living room. 
 “Not for you, doll.” Your face warms, and you busy yourself reaching under the couch for a forgotten paper plate. You get to your feet, dusting yourself off, and you glance up at Bucky, leaning against the wall as he watches you. There’s a bat in his hand, and you pause. “I’ll stay on the porch tonight. Just in case.” 
 You tell him he doesn’t have to, that he should go home, you’re fine, Bucky, really, but he doesn’t budge. He does accept the pillow and blanket you bring him however, and he catches your hand as you head back inside. 
 “Any time you need me, you call, okay?” His eyes are soft as they rest on yours. “I mean it.” He lets go after giving it a soft squeeze, and you feel your chest clench as you look at him. 
 “Okay.” I think I could love you, Bucky Barnes. “Goodnight.” 
 “Night, doll.” 
 I really think I could. 
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alisonsfics · 3 months ago
accidental pictures
pairing: dadsbestfriend!bucky barnes x reader
summary: you’ve always had a crush on your dad’s best friend, but it’s always been easy to hide. that is, until you accidentally send him pictures meant for someone else
word count: 2.5k
warnings: swearing, bra pictures, age gap, teasing, dirty talk, fingering, thigh riding, smut, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, praise kink, minors DNI
Tumblr media
“Thank you, Mr. Barnes. I’ll see you in an hour” you said, stepping out of the car. You grabbed your purse from inside the car and slid your arm through the strap. “I’ll see you then. Text me if you’re done early, and I’ve told you to call me Bucky. Mr. Barnes makes me feel old” he told you, slightly chuckling. You smiled and nodded, before closing the car door. You waved as he drove away.
Bucky was your dad’s best friend. He was always coming over to your house for barbecues and all sorts of parties. Over the years, you had grown fond of Bucky, but he was significantly older than you. You were only twenty four, but that didn’t stop you from admiring him.
You were visiting your dad for the next two weeks. Your dad was going to drive you to the mall, but he got called into work. So, he asked Bucky to drive you. After thirty excruciating minutes in the car, you were finally at the mall.
You never knew how to act around Bucky. He made your heart beat at a million miles per minute and always ended up turning you on. The brunette man was gorgeous, which made it hard to control yourself around him.
You walked into the mall doors. Forty minutes later, you were almost finished. You had returned the shoes that you bought in the wrong size and found a dress to wear to a party you were going to in a few weeks. All that was left was to buy a new bra.
You headed into Victoria’s Secret and headed to the bras that were your size. You instantly found a few that you liked and walked towards the dressing rooms.
You set down the few pairs of bras and felt your photo buzz. You saw a new text from Bucky:
“I finished my errands early. I’m waiting in the parking lot, once you’re done :) ”
You felt your insides tingle and felt a new rush to finish up. You quickly typed out a response and hit send.
“Okay! I’ll be out in a few minutes. I’m almost done”
You moved on to the bras that were waiting for you. You tried all four of them on and couldn’t decide between your top two. You quickly snapped photos in each of the bras. One was a dark red bra with lace, and the other one was a black bra that had some sheer panels.
You quickly sent the pictures to your best friend and asked which one she liked more. You looked into the mirror and looked closer at the bra, still trying to decide. You heard your phone vibrate, and you quickly grabbed it. You were eager to see your best friend’s response. You assumed it would make the decision easier.
Instead, you saw a text from Bucky that read:
“Fuck, sweetheart. You look hot in both of them, but I’m assuming you didn’t mean to send that to me”
You felt your blood run cold. Just to be sure, you checked and realized you had sent him the pictures. You didn’t know what to do. You wanted to run away and hide forever.
First and foremost, you wanted to never see Bucky again. You knew you would die of embarrassment. There was no way you could survive a whole car ride home with him.
You quickly decided to buy both the bras and headed towards the parking lot. You kept your head low as you looked for Bucky's car. You spotted it, and he waved you over.
You got into the front seat without saying a word. You couldn’t even look at him. “Hi, sweetheart” he said, softly. You muttered a quick “hi” and then looked out the window.
Bucky accepted that you didn’t want to talk about it and put the car in drive. He started the drive to your dad’s house, where you were staying.
After about ten minutes of silence, the car pulled up to a red light. Bucky looked over at you and saw you still looking out the window. “Sweetheart? Look at me” he said, tapping your thigh. You hesitantly looked over at him. He gave you a soft smile.
“I really don’t want to talk about it” you begged him. He placed his hand back on your thigh, rubbing circles into your skin with his thumb. You could feel your face heat up. “I know you’re embarrassed, but you don’t have to be. We can both pretend it never happened. You really don’t have to worry about it, love. By the way, those pictures were pretty amazing,” his soft genuine smile turned into a smirk.
You felt even more embarrassed. You couldn’t tell if he was being serious or if he was teasing you. You knew you had nothing else to lose. You grabbed the collar of his jacket and pulled him for a kiss. Before he could kiss you back, cars began to honk behind you.
You both pulled apart and realized the light was green. You were mortified. “I’m sorry” you muttered, wrapping your arms around yourself. Neither of you said another word to each other. You continued to drive. Bucky drove past the turn to get to your dad’s house.
“Bucky, you missed the turn” you said, finally willing yourself to look at him. Instead of turning around, he just smirked and kept his eyes on the road. “Relax, sweetheart. We’re making a pit stop” he said, moving his hand to rest on your thigh.
You could feel a fluttering feeling in your stomach as his hand inched up your leg. He was only inches from where you wanted him, and he stopped. You practically whined. “Patience, baby” he instructed.
You squirmed under his touch. You started to rub your thighs together, trying to get some friction. “You’re so needy, sweetheart” he said. His words practically made you moan.
He slipped his fingers into the waistband of your leggings. His fingers ran over your lace panties. “God, you’re soaked. Do you need me that bad?” He asked, not moving his fingers. You nodded while biting your lip. You started to grind down on his hand, trying to get the release he was denying you.
“Look at you, so desperate for my touch. The least I can do is help you out” he said, moving your panties to the side. He ran his fingers through your folds, collecting your wetness. Your hips bucked up and pushed against his hand.
He pushed two fingers into you at an agonizingly slow pace. He curled his fingers as he began to pump them in and out of you. “Does that feel good?” He asked you, quickening his pace. You bit down on your lip and eagerly shook your head.
“You don’t have to be quiet. Let me hear you” he commanded. His fingers hit your g-spot, causing you to call out his name. A cocky smirk grew on his face.
The car pulled up to a red light, and you could see a car creeping up next to you. “Look at me, sweetheart. No one gets to see this look on your face through the window. This is all for me. Only I get to watch how you squirm under my touch” he said, repeatedly hitting your g-spot. The light changed to green. He continued driving towards his house.
His thumb started to rub circles onto your clit. You threw your head back against the headrest. “Fuck—Bucky...faster please” you begged him, breathlessly. His fingers sped up, ramming into you as you clenched your thighs around his hand.
You could feel the coil in your abdomen begin to tighten. The pressure continued to build. “Bucky, I’m almost there” you moaned. Then, the pressure disappeared. You noticed he had completely removed his hand from you. You also realized you were in his driveway.
Bucky wiped his hand off on his jeans. “I was so close. My ex-boyfriend could never get me that close” you complained, the last part said more to yourself.
“That was nothing, sweetheart. I’m going to show you what it’s like with a real man” he whispered, before pushing a piece of your hair behind your ear.
He unlocked the car doors, and you both headed inside. He grabbed your hands and pulled you into his bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed, keeping your hands in his.
You felt your nerves hit you like a brick wall. You realized how much this could change your life. There was no going back after sleeping with your dad’s best friend.
He moved his hand to cup your face. “Sweetheart, before we do anything, I want to make sure that you’re really okay with this” he said, gently. You pressed a light kiss against his lips. “You have no idea how long I’ve wished for this to happen” you said, looking into his eyes.
That was all the permission he needed. He grabbed at your waist and pulled you into his lap. Your hands were instantly in his hair as you connected your lips. You started to roll your hips into his, chasing all the friction you could get.
He pushed you off his lap, and then pulled your leggings down your legs. You stepped out of them and stepped towards him. “I’m sorry I didn’t let you finish before. I wanted to be able to watch you fall apart” he said, kissing your temple.
Then, his eyes lit up. He patted his thigh. “Sit right here for me” he said, gently. You straddled his thigh. “Can I?” You asked, softly. He eagerly nodded his head and placed his hands on your hips. You rolled your hips forward, grinding against his thigh.
“Cum on my thigh, sweetheart. I wanna watch” he said, watching you. You rested your arms on his shoulders as you slid yourself back and forth on his thigh. The harsh material of his jeans only added more friction.
A soft whine passed your lips. “That’s it, baby. You’re doing so well” he said, placing light kisses along your jawline. His words only turned you on more. You could feel a warm feeling in your stomach as you got closer to your peak.
“Buck—almost...there” you moaned, breathlessly. The coil returned and continued to tighten. He began to bounce his leg up and down, creating more friction. “Oh...Bucky, fuck” you called out, moving your hips faster. You shut your eyes, overwhelmed with the pleasure. You were reduced to a whimpering mess. “Such a good job, princess. Let go for me” he said.
You fell over the edge; your vision going white. Your hips slowed down, and you leaned against Bucky’s shoulders. You panted as you came down from your high.
“You are so beautiful” he said, peppering kisses up and down your neck. You noticed his bulging cock against your leg. “I want to make you feel good too” you said, starting to unbuckle his belt.
He grabbed your wrists and stopped you. “You don’t have to do that. I just wanna be inside of you, sweetheart” he told you. You pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the side. He used his metal arm to flip you over. He was laying on top of you on the bed now.
“Stay” he said, as he stood up and took off his jeans. You watched him as he stepped out of his boxers, and his cock sprung free. You heard it slap against his stomach. You clenched your thighs together as he thought about having his large cock ramming into you.
He stroked himself a few times. You whimpered to yourself, and your hand found itself inside your panties. “Sweetheart” he said, catching you. You quickly removed your hands and looked back into his eyes.
“I can’t wait to fill you up and have your pretty pussy wrapped around me” he said, crawling on top of you. You cupped his face and pulled him up to kiss you. He moaned into your mouth as one of your hands stroked his length.
He pulled your panties down your legs and carelessly threw them aside. He teased you, lightly drawing figure eights on your clit. You quickly pulled off your T-shirt. He stopped what he was doing as he realized you were wearing the dark red bra.
“Fuck” he muttered under his breath. You noticed that his cock was throbbing. “Your tits look so fuckin’ good” he said, cupping your breasts through the bra.
You reached around your back to unclip the bra, but he stopped you. “Don’t” he practically growled. You smirked as you watched the effect you had on him.
“Keep it on. I want to fuck you while you wear it” he said, not moving his eyes from the lacy material. Then, without warning, he pushed into you.
He watched as your face contorted in pleasure. “You’re so fucking big” you moaned as you wrapped your arms around his neck, holding on as he thrusted into you. He smirked down at you. He wrapped your legs around his waist. “You’re taking me so well, sweetheart” he moaned in your ear. You grabbed on to his shoulders, leaving little crescent indents. You moaned as he continued to stretch you out.
“Bet your ex never made you feel this good” he said, hitting your g-spot. Your walls clenched around him. Your eyes rolled back, and you threw your head back against the pillow. “I’m getting close, sweetheart. You’re so tight” he moaned.
You pulled him into a kiss. “Need you to—faster” you begged him. He listened, speeding up his pace and bringing his thumb down to rub circles on your clit.
You could feel the coil tightening in your stomach. “Close” you mumbled. He moaned out your name as he quickened his pace. “You gonna cum with me?” He asked you, and you quickly nodded your head. It was like he was in overdrive. He was ramming into you. The sound of your skin slapping together and the squeaking of the mattress filled the room. He kept going faster, chasing his high.
“Sweetheart” he moaned, and then you could feel him cum inside of you. It was enough to send you over the edge, and your orgasm hit you. “Oh shit” he moaned, as your walls tightened around him.
You could feel yourself pulsing. You both laid like that for a while, neither of you moving. You both tried to catch your breath.
Eventually, he pulled out of you and then cleaned you both up. Bucky crawled back into bed with you and began placing kisses up and down your chest. “Can you call your dad and say you’re staying over a friend’s house?” He asked, lightly kissing your lips.
You nodded your head. “God, you’re so beautiful” he said, pulling you in for another kiss.
“Bucky, that was amazing. That was the best sex I’ve ever had. No man is ever going to measure up to that” you whispered. He smirked to himself, proud of his work. “Well I guess it’s good that this wasn’t a one-time thing” he said, running his fingers up your arm.
You had a fluttering feeling in your stomach as you listened to what he said. “It wasn’t?” You asked him, raising your eyebrows.
“Hell no, sweetheart” he said, before pulling you in for round two.
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artisancowbells · a month ago
better than coke
˚ ༘ ┊͙boyfriendsmom!nat x female!reader (sex pollen au)
A/N: this is in honour of @agentofbarnes 7k celebration!! zee’s account is one of my absolute faves and i freaked out when i found out she was following me, lovely lovely human who is vvv talented! congrats again love <3
this is the worst thing ive ever written, wish i couldve done nat better justice....
WARNINGS: drug mentions, infidelity (reader has a boyfriend), 18+ // smut, fingering, cunnilingus, sex with a strap on (reader receiving), face sitting, mommy kink, age gap (reader is 21/22 and nat is 40), degradation kink, dub-con TECHNICALLY because reader is drug induced and cannot give proper consent —— NOT BETA’D all mistakes are my own <3
WORDS: 4k of crap
Tumblr media
That was what it was advertised as. ‘Better than coke’. Occasionally being referred to as ‘the new heroin’. Drug wise, you’d tried a few out, weed, pills, coke once, but what with the flurry of excitement surrounding this new stuff you felt more compelled to try it.
Simply, it was a strong aphrodisiac. Giving you higher highs but also lower lows. As are the consequences of most drugs.
It was stuffy and hot in the frat party; your boyfriend had promised he would meet you there. Either he was really late, or he was letting you down again.
Music bounced off the walls, people bounced of each other. Dripping bodies grinding on each other to the bass, it was filthy. It had never appealed to you, the frat party atmosphere. Cheap bear and even cheaper people. Shitty dugs and shitty music. The music hurt your ears and the weed stung your throat. None of it was worth it. The only reason you ever came was due to your boyfriend, and now in a quest for a certain substance.
The reason you were seeking it out in the first place was because of him. Lately, your relationship had taken a… dead end it seems. Cam, or Cameron, wasn’t paying you enough attention. It sounded bratty an unlike you, but you only say it because he is likely paying it to another girl. So, before you flicked a match into all of his belongings you decided to try and ignite the flame you found in him so long ago. And this medication was your petrol for the fire.
The blurry guy in the corner of the house said to just inhale some of it. Not snort, inhale. For a drug dealer he seemed very coherent and certain about that. Inhale, not snort. Got it.
The only hitch in your plan was that the other party wasn’t here. And unfortunately, wasn’t responding to any of your messages.
Now, this is where you slipped up. Any intelligent person would’ve waited to take the drug before going to find him, but you weren’t thinking clearly. The blaring music and flashing lights must’ve inhibited your logic and you decided to just say ‘fuck it’ and inhale some of it beforehand. Thinking, like most drugs or alcohol it’ll give you that kick of confidence.
His house was a five-minute walk so you headed off in that direction.
One thing you noticed, is that it hadn’t done anything. Like… at all.
Initially when you inhaled, it tickled your nose. It sort of sparkled in the air, like gold flakes, dusty shimmers clouding your eyes. But after that had dissipated, you felt nothing. Either you had spent £50 on a fake drug, or it was going to take a while. Assuming it’s the second option, that meant you had time to find Cam before it set it.
The light to the kitchen was on and if you squinted you could see a flash of red-hair moving around. Fabulous, she was home.
Natasha Romanoff. Cam’s mother who you had only met briefly a couple of times. She was usually working in her offices across town or going on a jog. All you really knew was that she was a bigshot corporate lawyer and that she was absolutely stunning. In a dangerous way. Even though it had only been two or three times, each time you felt like she stared through your soul or undressed you with her eyes. You definitely imagined the last part. Or hoped.
You had decided long ago that if Cameron could flirt or cheat on you, you had every right to crush on his mom. Right? Ok maybe it was slightly unethical, but you couldn’t help it. She was personified sex with a side of sensuality. Plus, she flirted with you back, you were certain.
One time when Cam was out of the room, she was drinking a cup of coffee, manicured fingers curling round the mug and looking at you like she was trying to figure you out. Chopping you up into bite seized pieces in her mind, deciding which would be the best way to tear you to shreds. In her spine-tingling way. Exactly which piece would taste the most delicious. How to get you on her plate.
“How old are you, sweetheart?” voice dripping like honey. If the tone she said it in didn’t melt you the nickname did. It took you a second to reply, to engrossed in drinking her in. It’s like every part of her figure was carved, but her curves licked her body making her just beautiful. It was like she was one of those statues you had seen, of the Greek goddesses. But unlike the statues she had harsh lines, a sharp jaw and there was something in her eyes, like she had figured you out. She was real. And was waiting for a reply.
“I’m 22 next month ma’am.” you say. Its apparent your nervous and her demeanour softens further. You’re practically screaming at yourself in your mind, who the fuck calls anyone ma’am nowadays? You’re surprised she doesn’t outright laugh in your face. From her reactions she thinks it’s cute. And she does think its cute, adorable actually.
It would take her absolutely no time at all to fuck you braindead. The only problem is when. She likes a challenge.
“You don’t have to call me ‘ma’am’ darling, makes me feel old. Well, I guess you are so young, just a little baby.” Is her reply. God. It shouldn’t have made you as wet as it did, but the slight condescension in her tone flicked a switch in your brain and in that moment she had you right where she wanted you.
But before she could move across the counter towards your trembling body, Cameron came back. Popping the bubble, bringing you both back to reality.
“See you later, sweetheart.” You turn back and she’s waving lightly. A smirk painted on her plump lips. Yeah, you had no chance.
You strolled up to the house with an air of confidence that was entirely fake. A strong knock paired with a weak feeling in your heart. There was no reason to be scared, you knew that. She wasn’t going to eat you. But that didn’t console the shaking in your heart, nor did it comfort the butterflies in your stomach.
When she opens the door she looks not the least bit surprised. Clad in leggings that it her like a glove and a soft jumper, just socks. Her hair is down, framing her face, she looks softer than usual. Utterly calm despite the odd circumstances.
“Hello, sweetheart. Come in.” holding the door open and allowing for you to shuffle past.
For a split second you smell her, not her perfume just her and its so strong you actually stumble. It’s like a freight train when it hits you, sweetness with deeper notes invading, and as soon as its there it’s gone again. Like a blink.
Her hands on the small of your back to aid you. A warm grounding message, she steers you into the kitchen, where you take a seat at the island. She goes around to the green cupboards, reaching for another wine glass and proceeding to pour a matching glass full of blood red liquid. She hasn’t even asked why you there, does she know? Her movements assume you’re here for a while, not just dropping in.
Faintly you can hear the TV from the living room down the hall. She’s here alone, totally prepared for you to be here. Before you can stop yourself, apologies are slipping from your lips,
“I’m sorry if I’m intruding, I was looking for Cam and he wasn’t answering any of my messages. I can leave if you want,” you’re looking towards to door, but she brings your attention back with a chuckle. Handing over your glass she takes a sip of hers. You feel compelled to do the same.
In a lot of instances, you shouldn’t mix substances. For example, you shouldn’t usually drink when doing drugs. Especially when you don’t know the side effects. Now, depending on how you look at it, you were lucky. At least you didn’t die. But the effects sped up, the red wine which was now seeping in your body fuelled the pollen and it meant you were, unknowingly, running out of time.
“I know you’re looking for him, I didn’t just assume you came here to see me, darling.” She smiles. Its not malicious but it is slightly demeaning. Not that you dislike it exactly. “Unluckily for you, I don’t know where he is.”
Wonderful. You were absolutely fucked and not in the way you needed. Because every moment you spent in her presence the more you witnessed her. She was being entirely herself and you were drooling. Not even doing anything interesting but its like you were starving and she looked like the last supper.
“You okay, sweetie?” breaking you out of your trance. You hadn’t even realised she had moved to your side of the counter. The back of her hand meets your forehead, checking your temperature. You hadn’t even realised you were agonisingly hot. No matter how hard you try, you can’t nod. Something in your body stopping you from reacting properly.
Gripping your face in between her hands she lifts you to her eyes so you can look at each other. And oh god, you whimper. The physical touch creates an instinctive reaction from you, its like ice to a burn or a hot water bottle to cramps. Its soothing and addictive and she doesn’t seem to mind.
Her eyes switch from worried to calm, with a certain level of understanding. Counting the symptoms in her head, she knew what was happening. Recently a lot of court cases had broken out over a new drug and if she was correct, you had taken it.
You were still staring at her. Big doe eyes that seemed so innocent, but she knew differently. Completely aware of how you would check her out every chance you get. And here you were, in desperate need of her help, her touch. From her hands, fingers, tongue.
She had dreamed about this for so long but not under these circumstances. However hard it may be, she needed to try and make you understand what was going to happen.
You whine when one of her hands leaves you face but quiet when it grabs your hands.
“Ok, darling, I need you to tell me you want this, its only going to get worse if you don’t get some relief soon, do you understand?” making her voice clear, adding on “I can call Cam and see if he can come and help you?”
“No, no, I want you. I want this Nat.” you’re pleading with her, and she gives in. When it comes to you, she had a soft spot. Your hands are in her shirt, gripping on for dear life. For salvation. Which only she could gift.
But to you, she hadn’t replied which could only be bad. Tears welled up in your eyes faced with the possibility that this feeling of emptiness and screaming ache would only worsen and that she didn’t want you. All of it was bad and you couldn’t decide on which was worse. It all seemed so awful, especially her not wanting you; because you wanted her, so badly.
your emotions were heightened to where you couldn’t control it. barely able to keep track of what was happening all you knew was that you felt empty and in growing pain but every time she touched you it helped.
As soon as she realised there were tears slipping down the slopes of your cheeks she grabbed your face, pulling you close and whispered, “Its gonna be ok, you trust me right?”. Once you had nodded, eagerly, she kissed you.
Its like coming up for air after diving in the deep end of a pool. But you felt like you were drowning in her. Automatically her tongue had control, weaving its way into your mouth. Having been granted access by a moan she pulled from you 5 seconds in. You could no longer tell what was the drug and what was Natasha.
Her hand are on your waist, dragging you to meet hers and the other was on your face, allowing no room for escape. Which you would never attempt.
You shouldn’t compare, truly it was morally bad, but you couldn’t help it. 6 months with Cameron made you feel absolutely nothing compared to 5 minutes with Natasha. She knew exactly what to do, she played you like a harp. Plucking all the right strings to get the sounds she craved. You let her do whatever she so desired. And after tonight that would unlikely change.
This was all good and well, it quelled the fire in you momentarily, but you needed more.
Weaving one of your own hands into her hair you tug, earning yourself a groan laced with yearning.
“What do you want, котенок?” the Russian sounds sinful when it’s crowded in panting breaths and wandering hands.
You whine in reply, a pant of ‘more’ can barely be heard. But she hears and that’s enough.
A warm cool hand travels up the heated skin of your thigh, moving to cup your heat and you keen. A few touches and you’re completely pliant in her arms. She adores it and continues.
“Oh, котенок, you’re so wet for mommy,” she chuckles. A filthy moan falls from your lips at the nickname. You had never considered it would be something you were into but with her, anything. For her, everything. Something about hearing her call herself that title made you significantly wetter, needier.
Forever grateful for the skirt you had decided to wear, giving her easy access to your soaked panties. Dragging the fabric to one side her fingers weave themselves through your folds. Gathering slick, audible through the kitchen.
Having moved away from your lips, her mouth is now decorating your neck. Her signature in reds and purples, saying brightly ‘I was here, this is mine’.
Hiding your face in the crook of her neck as she finally moves a finger past your folds into you. only one at first as her thumb circles your clit. It’s the exact form of salvation you needed. There was no doubt in your mind that you could come from this, her touching you where you craved it. Listening to your whines and mumbles.
“Mommy,” you cry. Begging her to add another finger, so close to the precipice the pollen forced upon you.
Unlatching her mouth she replies, “You close already?” and you nod pathetically.
How she managed to get you on the edge with two fingers and your boyfriend couldn’t with his dick, hands or mouth (not that he ever tried the last one), you didn’t know. You didn’t much care either.
Her finger was rubbing that spot in your that made you keen closer to her. Now all you needed was permission.  
“Go on then детка, come for mommy. Now.”
And you do. Like a trained fucking pet, you come on command and your whole-body shakes. She holds you up when your legs give out and keeps rubbing that delicious spot that makes you see stars. Its never ending and so powerful, you feel like she just made you see heaven. Through an entirely sinful journey.
Once it clears, you’re more coherent. Which is good. It allowed for not only the best sexual experience of your life but for that reprieve you needed from the drug.
Except it doesn’t last long.
This time when you’re swept under the current of it, its so much stronger. All you can think about is sex, Nat, giving her an orgasm and then her giving you one. And of course, she notices, she also knows that it’ll be a long night.
Her bedroom is different than how you imagined. Its darker. More black and red than the rest of the house. Like her own very secretive slice of sin.
“sit down, кролик.” you comply, of course you do.
Once you’re comfortable she kneels in front of you, teasing her fingers along your shoulders. You feel like you might be hyperventilating. Every touch she grants you sends shock waves to your system. Granting you the slightest bit of pleasure and allowing you to crave more.
She slides the straps of your well-chosen, red bra down your shoulders. Featherlight touches until she reaches the clasp at your back. Once unhooked she lets it slowly fall, all whilst looking in your eyes.
All you can see in hers are control, lust, power. Yours are full of submission. Need, want, desire. She doesn’t know how she managed to hold herself back for so long, but she’s grateful she won’t have to any longer. God, your just so pretty. And innocent, and so very her’s.
The only thing hiding you now is a pair of drenched panties.
Your lips meet again and its more hurried. Now that she’s had a taste she needs more, wants to make you play more noises. Louder, in different pitches. Singing her new favourite melodies over and over until your throat is raw and voice is hoarse.
Gradually, she moves you so that you’re both in the bed. Taking initiative, you move so that your straddling her. Your tongues move in tandem, melting against each other, sharing messages, sharing saliva.
The hands that are gripping your hips, pulling and pushing them in rhythm start to drag them up. at first you’re confused, but continue to kiss Natasha, focusing on how she knows exactly what to do with her tongue, however as her hands get more insistent you pull away. But before you can even get a lungful of air, she’s whispering in our ear.
“I want you to sit on my face, детка.” As the request, which is hardly a request, fills your ears she tucks a strand of hair behind your ear. Its an innocent gesture corroborating a filthy request.
You’re nervous of course you are. What if you hurt her? never having done this before, the worry washes over your face. She takes note and leans up to peck your lips, “It’s okay, sweetheart. Come on,” you trust her, so you slowly inch your way until you’re above her, looking down.
Soothing kisses are placed on your thighs, ever one easing your mind. Your skin feels like its on fire wherever she touches and all too soon the burning need for her increases. Pain floods your core and as if she can feel it herself she pulls you down, straight onto her tongue.
She wraps her lips around your clit and its like fucking heaven. Her tongue works wonder on your cunt, forcing you to feel every little flick, every perfectly calculated lick. Lapping at you like you’re the sweetest taste she’s ever discovered. She tells you as much.
“God, you taste like honey, котенок.” Muffled against your folds. She’s relentless, completely overcome with the delectable taste that is her kitten.  
The only thing you can do is let her have her way with you. Silky red hair slips and locks around your fingers, you grip and tug with allows for a groan to vibrate up through your pussy. Which pushes ou over the edge,
“Mommy, i-I’m gonna come, fuck,” your legs lock around her head. She wants you like this always, overcome with pleasure that only she can give. Much like the first orgasm its required your whole body to shake, all you can do is whimper her title. Riding her face and your orgasm.
Her hands soothe your shaking thighs, helping you to relax next to her. the aftershocks of the orgasm last longer than you expected, still occasionally jolting from the phantom feeling of her tongue all over your cunt.
When you finally float down to earth, you’re exhausted. Looking at her, her green eyes are mirthful yet kind.
“How are you feeling now, sweetheart?” smiling softly at your weary form.
How do you feel?
The initial answer is fucking amazing. Incredible, better than you ever have before and you tell her exactly that to which she just chuckles and waits for you to continue. And for a second there is no pain, no discomfort from the foreign drug in your body, until there is again. and its back tenfold.
Crying out in discomfort; concern mars her features, its searing and you can feel tears pouring out of your eyes, sweeping their way own your flushed cheeks. Curling up into a smaller form, Nat disappears from your view and that sets of more tears. What if she’s left? You genuinely think you might just die there in her bedroom. She must think you’re insane.
Obviously she hasn’t left you, and when she comes back into your eyeline she’s strapped and that actually soothes the burning in your core. Replacing it with need.
Spreading your legs, welcoming her to take her place.
The strap is big, bigger than her son.
Its red and completely fitting for her, you think.
Whilst your still in pain, she distracts you from it the best she can. Whispering how precious you are, how good you’re going to be for her, taking her strap like a good little girl. You melt at her praise, shes everything your ever wanted and shes helping you when you most need it.
“Ask nicely, котенок.”
Faced with the idea that you won’t get her inside of you soon, you spew out a flurry of ‘pleases’. But one sentence flips her switch.
“Please mommy, ill be so good for you, want your cock so bad-“ she’s not sure why she snaps, people have spoken to her like that before, but hearing your innocent little lips call it her cock really does it for her, so she pushes in and is met with practically no resistance.
its ticker than your used to, but due to the number of orgasms she’s ripped from you its easy. But its still a slight stretch. A wicked one that you want permanently. And it might be, tonight will be tattooed on you for eternity.
Her thrusts are hard, powerful exactly how she is anyway.
“You’re so pretty for mommy, such a good little slut.” You moan loudly at that, so she steps it up.
With one of her hands she holds both of yours above her head, with the other she surrounds your throat. Even if you didn’t know she was as powerful as she is, you still knew she could kill you right that moment, or any really, she had so much power over you and it was so hot.
Radiating pure dominance and submission respectively. It must’ve been a sight, her leaning over you, pummelling your used and wonderfully abused cunt, you lying there and gazing at her like she was your God. Submitting entirely and completely, only ever for her.
The sight of you, flushed and sweaty, moving up the bed with each snap of her hips brought her closer and closer. When her hand tightened around your throat, asking for your oxygen which you willingly threw away, you were a goner.
Both coming in time, pushing your lips to meet in the middle. Groaning each others names during your high. The room was suffocated in moans and whimpers, the smell of sex imprinting on the walls. Your little slice of heaven, with your new deity. There was something so holy and yet so sinful about the both of you. Addictive like a drug but, like you had been blessed.
Coming down, for once, you didn’t feel alone. Natasha knew exactly how to take care of you on your comedown from that floaty headspace. Rubbing every bit of skin she can reach, shushing you and praising you for longer than necessary.
Finally, when you’re fully grounded, you check for that burning feeling. Scared that it would creep its way into our comfort. But its not there.
Both exhausted, after Natasha helps you to the bathroom to clean up, you slip into her bed. She holds you tightly, occasionally kissing each other before falling asleep in a tangle of limbs.
The next morning would be a difficult process. Or maybe it wouldn’t be. All you knew is that you would stop at nothing to keep her, nothing would stop you from being hers.
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reuinx · a month ago
Love-Bites (Yelena Belova x Reader)
Summary: Yelena Belova and you have a steamy afternoon in her bedroom where one thing leads to another as you crave each others touch. Before things can escalate, you are both rudely interrupted.
Warning: A little Steamy
Word Count: 1,658
Translations:  Malishka (Baby Girl)
Tumblr media
You spent most of your days at Yelena's home. Instead of spending your summer day outdoors in the sun, you found yourself in her bedroom. You were lying down on her bed. She had you exactly where she wanted you. A book sat in your hand, nothing extraordinary. Mostly, you did this to annoy Yelena. You noticed she always grew more frustrated when your eyes weren't on her. It was impossible for her to handle your absence, especially since almost nothing else mattered to her besides you. Playing her game was the only way to get Yelena. The house was always a hive of activity and energy. During the afternoon, everything became silent, and Yelena found herself alone. Whenever she was alone, it was too quiet for her. She hated it. It was you she filled her silences with, the girl she adored and loved unfailingly.
She was flicking through her vinyl collection in alphabetical order as she stood over her vinyl player. With a hum, she contemplated what she wished to listen to.
"Any requests, Mrs. Belova? With a cheeky grin, she glanced over her shoulder before focusing back on figuring out what she wanted to listen to. You were trying your best not to give her the reaction that she wanted.
"Since when am I, Mrs. Belova? I don't think I have a ring now do I?" You said, peeking over your book. Raise your hand and examine your bare ring finger while pouting a bit.
"Yet" Despite being so quick to respond, Yelena corrected you with her back turned to you. If you had to wait forever, you would wait for Yelena to ask you to marry her. Secretly, you never thought she would propose. There was just something in your gut that you couldn't shake.
"Besides, who said I was taking your name?" You asked as Yelena glanced over her shoulder at you, her eyes filled with desire as she admired you.
"I did."
"Oh really?"
"Stop teasing me; this won't end well for you. We both know that. "Be a good girl now," Yelena spoke slowly, allowing you to hear each and every word she had carefully connected. Despite your comfortability on the bed, you focused your attention on the words in front of you. The vinyl player started playing Smells Like Teen Spirit by Malia J as Yelena turned to face you, still leaning against the wall. In an attempt to get your attention, she began to twirl her hair around her fingers as she looked at the book you held. She only liked it when you would read a chapter of whatever book you had late at night to her. There was something different about this time.
“Read” Yelena called out to you, but she wasn't looking at you. While she awaited your reply, she stared at her nails and began to pick off the nail varnish.
"There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment." You spoke softly as Yelena expression was blank; she began to slowly take off her rings one by one, plopping them down beside her vinyl as she made her way towards the bed. She crawled from the end of the bed up towards you, your eyes meeting hers as she stared at you hungrily.  
"Yelena, I'm reading", You mumbled, your eyes lighting up playfully at her as you watched cautiously as Yelena got closer. She reached for your book, taking it out of your hand as she threw it across the room in one quick movement.
"Not anymore." Her thighs were placed on opposite sides of your torso as she straddled your waist. She pushed your empty hands over your head, stacking them on top of one another. She pins you down by your wrists with one of her hands. It never crossed your mind to pull away from her. Although she had you where she wanted you, this was your plan all along. Yelena had found her way to your neck; it was her favourite place on you… well…one of them. As her lips began to kiss your throat, your whining only encouraged her. Finally, she bit down hard on your neck. Suddenly, you gasped and pushed yourself up against her, her hand squeezing your wrists to keep you still.
"Shh Malishka", She mumbled against your skin, her free hand beginning to tug at the fabric of your t-shirt. She began sucking on a certain spot that caught her attention. Usually, it was the same spot every time. The kind of place where you couldn't hide unless you wore a turtleneck, and even then, it was suspicious. Yelena was carving reddish marks into your skin that would eventually turn bright purple, leaving a permanent imprint on her. She licked the mark slowly before planting it with a kiss. You wanted them. You loved being Yelena's. Almost as if the music were synchronized with her movements, she loosened her grip on your hands. Your freedom will be granted. It was natural for you to reach up for her dirty blonde locks, grasping them between your fingertips. The green eyes of Yelena swept over your face as you stared up at her. Wanting you in total submission, gladly.
"Let me fuck you." Her voice was laced with an accent that made you melt. While staring into her green eyes, you found it impossible even to think properly. Yelena was all you could think about. You nodded as she suddenly pushed forward, her lips against yours. Her slow tongue movements teased you until she kissed you like she would lose you. When she stroked down your cheek with her fingers, she rested her hand on your bare neck. Pulling at the collar of your t-shirt, you tried to sit up from beneath Yelena, and she allowed you to do so. Pulling your t-shirt over your head, you threw it off the bed. As Yelena's firm hands grasped your hips, her breath began to grow shaky. Her hips rolled against yours as she sat firmly against your waist. She was not pleased with grinding against you fully clothed. She'd fix that.
"Mine. My girl. I want to feel you.” Yelena began to move her palm against the bareback of yours as she moaned against your lips until eventually, her hand found the clasp of your bra. She began to move her other hand to the zipper of your jeans, slowly sliding her index finger down and back up among the zip. She wanted you to want her, to need her.
"All yours", You cried as she unhooked the clasps on your bra, pushing you down on the bed by your shoulder blades as she studied your body. She ducked down, planting a kiss right between your boobs as her hands cupped them. She applied enough pressure into the delicate skin that red marks belonged to her fingers were indented. She let go for a brief moment as she tried to unbutton her red blouse but instead, she ended up pulling at the shirt, desperately pulling the buttons off in the process. The buttons slowly fell off her blouse and onto your stomach. As her blouse hung open, you caught a glimpse of her black lace bra. She made you melt.
"Your poor blouse, Yelena." You both laughed sweetly together. Moments like this were your favorites. Yelena was a work of art. Despite her mistakes, she was always so beautiful in everything she did. A sense of innocence pervaded this. Her hands fumbling with your jeans' button and zipper, she leaned in once more. She was craving you now; her breathing was picking up. She yearned to touch your body everywhere.
You both froze at the same time. As a voice blasted over the music, the originally closed-door creaked open. It was too late to move or react. Oh no. Fuck.
"Yelena, do you ever turn that music dow- Fuck, Yelena! Do you ever lock the door!?” In contrast to her cheerful appearance when she entered the room, Natasha now had a pale complexion. It was as if she had just seen a ghost. She probably didn't expect to find her sister undressing a girl on her bed when she walked in. Who knows what she would have discovered if she had arrived home later. Yelena pulled you from your position on the bed and hugged you tightly, protecting your bare chest from Natasha. There is no doubt about her protective nature.
"Do you ever knock? Is it that hard to knock Natasha?" Yelena snapped at her older sister, who was trying to look somewhere else in the room. She shut her eyes and sucked in a deep breath before grinding her teeth as she finally responded.
"Dinner's downstairs, we got Chinese. There's enough for everyone. Whatever is going on, you both better be downstairs before Melina comes looking for you, Yelena."
"What does it look like we are doing? Having a debate?" Yelena snapped out at Natasha, who scrunched up her face at the thought of what she walked into.
"Um..We haven't met before have we? I'm Natasha, Yelena's sist-"
"Not the time for it!" Yelena commented. As Natasha quickly turned around, shaking her head furiously at her younger sister as she exited, closing the door behind her. Yelena's face was not angry, but rather, she was laughing. She shook her head as she raised her hands to her face and rubbed her eyes.
"Looks like you'll be staying for dinner. It's a pity, I'm not hungry for Chinese. I'm hungry for something else." Yelena whined again, playing with your zipper once again before she sighed in defeat. Her eyes flickered toward your neck that she had marked. Your love for Yelena left you destroyed in bites, so everyone knew you belonged to her. Although she watched proudly, you'll have a hard time covering them up before dinner.
"My poor baby. We will just have to have dessert in my room, hm?"  
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marvel-diaries · 5 months ago
Two Servings
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female! Reader
Summary: Bucky enjoys two servings of his delicious breakfast... you.
Word Count: 1519
Warnings: NSFW, 18+, minors DNI, oral (female receiving), fingering, face riding, hint of sir!kink, praise!kink, slight spanking!kink, multiple orgasms, language, mention of bodily fluids.
Authors Note: I just needed to use that gif because it’s so fucking hot! Enjoy loves <3
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Credit @ theavengers for the wonderful gif
Tumblr media
The morning light shining through the window blinds was what woke Bucky up from his comfortable slumber. When he looked over at your side, he found you still sound asleep in your little utopia of velvety dreams.
Today the both of you had a day off to spend some much-needed time together. The deal was to snooze in as long as possible to then order breakfast or lunch in bed, depending on how long you decided to be lazy. It was still early, and he shouldn’t be waking you up, but he didn’t manage to go back to sleep, so he took the second-best option, and that was to take his time to stare at your beautiful sleeping figure.
You started to stir as mumbles of something he couldn’t catch escaped your lips. What perked his ears was when you let out a long moan of his name followed by pleas for him not to stop.
Oh, this was interesting. He would have so much fun with you now that he knew that the dream was sinful and naughty about him making you feel so good.
Luckily for him, you only slept in a pair of panties and nothing else, making his playground much more accessible to his fingers and tongue.
His digits snaked into your underwear, already finding you wet and ready to go for him. It was no surprise. You were always prepared for him. He loved the feel of you on his fingers. The gasp you emitted was like music to his ears as his middle finger ever so softly massaged your aching pearl. Tongue, fingers, dick, whatever it was, he knew how to please you.
The vibranium one took a firm hold of your plump breast, massaging your nipple that was hard as a rock. He was amazed at the effect he had on you while still asleep.
He slid under the covers until he found your legs stretched out. Even in your dream, you were such a good girl for him. “Dreaming of me, doll?” He questioned against your covered core but got no reply. You were still in that hot and steamy dreamland.
He smirked before he got to work on you. The panties were slipped off of you in success to keep you under sleep. There was no way in hell that you would be able to sleep through this for long. He helped to keep you open for him, as the assaults on you would be immense.
Bucky nuzzled his face into your pussy before he licked from the slit to your clit, flicking the tip of his tongue at the sensitive nerve. A moan left your lips as the dream you were having felt so lifelike.
His lips enclosed around your clit as he altered between sucking and licking on the sensitive nerve. Like clockwork, your hand tangled in his hair. His soft locks were between your fingers as the grab on him was hard enough to make him groan out against your core. The vibrations created wonderful tingles that had you moan and whimper in need of more.
“F-fuck, don’t stop, Bucky.” The cover was pulled off by you to be met with a starving man between your thighs, clenching his thirst. His eyes found your open ones. Finally, you were awake.
His lips released your clit for a few moments. “Good morning, princess.” He quickly returned to his assault on you as your swollen clit throbbed in need to be sucked again.
“Go-good morning in-de-ed.” Your back arched off the bed somewhat as a whimper fell into the room. “Mo-more, p-please babe,” you begged him. It felt so good as he ate you out for his and your pleasure. You didn’t want him ever to stop. You needed more. You always needed more from him. “More? You want more?” “Yes! Fuck yes!” “I’ll give you more baby doll, don’t you worry.”
After he promised to bring you that sweet pleasure with all his expert tools, a finger was inserted in you. A second one was inserted just a few moments later. The stretching of your tight hole felt too fucking good as you shut your eyes close to revel in the pleasure. Moans, whimpers, and pleas of his name went on a loop.
His other hand was placed on your stomach, pushing you down into the mattress to keep you under his control.
Watching you there completely under his mercy was so intoxicating to him that he could spend the rest of his life between your thighs if he had the chance. Pleasing you over and over again was on his mind every second of every day. His eyes darkened in lust at watching you toss and turn on the bedsheets.
The suck on your clit was gentle before the speed was increased. Your legs clenched around his head as it became so intense with pleasure for you. “No, no,” his hand pushed on your thighs, “I need you to stay open for me.” Obeying his commands, he smirked against your pussy for being so obedient, “good girl. Always such a good girl for me.”
“I’m going to cum.” “So then let go for me. I need my breakfast.”
The combination of his lips sucking and licking on your clit, his two fingers hitting that spot inside you which made you see stars, and his raspy voice was what brought you to an end.
Your pussy contracted around him as you came all over his digits. Your clit was pulsating as he kept stimulating it with his tongue. Cries, pleas, and whimpers escaped you as your vision got blurry from your orgasm. His movements stilled after having pleasured you through the intensity of it.
You thought that was it. That he was done, but when you searched for his cuddles and love like you always did after him pleasuring you, he denied.
“I’m not finished. I still have another serving left of you, so come sit on my face, baby.” Oh, God! This man was going to be the death of you.
“I-I don’t know if I can.” The early hours of the morning always had you much more sensitive, so the thought of having another orgasm so soon after the first one was both frightening and thrilling.
“It wasn’t a suggestion. Come sit on me now!”
Your legs were placed on each side of his head as you held onto the bed frame. It was going to be needed with what Bucky was about to do to you. His hands had a firm grasp of your hips to keep you under his control.
He licked his lips at soon having his second serving of the delicious breakfast, you of course. He kissed everywhere but your needy pussy, and his actions had you whine out in protest. If he was going to eat you out a second time, he could at least skip the whole teasing act.
Bucky found it in no way amusing with you rushing him. This meal was to be enjoyed slowly so it would last longer. Out of surprise, a hard smack was left on your ass as punishment. A cry was released from you at the sensation. The stinging of it was both harsh but enjoyable at the same time. “Behave! Let me enjoy my meal.” “Y-yes, Si-Sir.”
Finally, after minutes of torturous teasing, he wrapped his lips around where you needed it the most. He switched between licking and sucking on your pulsating and raw clit. The added sensation of his scruff on your skin had you clench your thighs slightly around his head.
One of your hands tangled in his soft locks as you rode his face for extra added stimulation. Both of his hands on your ass to help you ride him.
“Fuck… just like that, Bucky. Feels so good.” You wouldn’t last much longer. The second orgasm was creeping up on you quickly.
“Let me taste you. Let go, baby.” The vibrations from his mouth against your core were what you needed to reach the second high.
The orgasm was so intense that he needed to help with keeping you upright as he licked, sucked, and slurped up your juices. He was now full of his breakfast, the two servings were more than enough, but he could go for a third if he wanted. He thought best not for your sake. You would most likely die if he did. He would save it for lunch.
You were almost sobbing at how sensitive he had made you feel so early in the morning. Each kiss and lick to your now abused clit had you spasm and whine. A satisfied smirk was on his face at bringing you to the state you were in just now.
Once he was done, he helped to bring you to his side to calm you down. You curled yourself into a ball as his chest found its place against your back. Arms were wrapped around your frame as words of affirmation were whispered in your ear.
“Good girl. You did so well. Sleep again now…”
Tumblr media
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buckyodinson · 5 months ago
Helmut Zemo x F!Reader
Summary: you’re cold and Zemo offers you his coat
Word Count: 1k~
Warnings: minor tfatws spoilers ep3 (edit: now this is a series, I will add a warning for eventual smut)
A/N: look I’m confused too 😂 but I’ve found myself a tad obsessed with Zemo the last couple of weeks, and this just kinda happened. I don’t know if there’ll be a big audience for this, but if anyone has any Zemo requests, send them on in and I’d be excited to give them a go! Also, since Sokovian isn’t a real language, I went with a tiny bit of google translated Latvian as a substitute!
Edit: the response to this was pretty big (THANK YOU!), so I’ve turned this into a series! You can find the next part here!
Tumblr media
Sam and Bucky had asked you to keep an eye on Zemo while they went back inside to grab some weapons before you guys left for the docks. You were missing the warmth of the party now you were outside. The night air was biting at your skin as you stood outside Sharon’s place. The skimpy dress she’d told you to wear to fit in with the crowd was fine while you were inside, but now you were out in the night, it wasn’t so great.
You tried to muscle through it, but the occasional shiver wracked through your body, prompting you to quietly hiss at the cold.
Evidently, Zemo noticed.
“Would you like my coat?” He offered, starting to shrug the coat off his shoulders
“No, thank you, Zemo.” You shook your head and held a hand up before crossing it over your chest in an attempt to conserve some warmth.
“Please, call me Helmut.” He drawled, and you looked at him in disbelief for a split second before composing yourself.
“I think I’ll stick with Zemo.” You pursed your lips and looked away.
You were having some conflicted feelings about Zemo recently. As far as you were concerned, he was a bit of an asshole. After all, this was the same man who tore your friends apart only a few years back.
But here he was, flying you guys around in a private jet, acting like you’re all best friends. He’d taken a particular liking to you, which concerned but intrigued you at the same time.
You didn’t want to admit to yourself that you were falling for him. Jesus, the awful things he put your friends through should be enough to turn you off him completely. And yet...
For starters, he was an attractive guy. You couldn’t deny that. You’d caught yourself staring at his hair several times. You wanted to run your fingers through it, tug on it... something. And the little bit of scruff he had been sporting too? You’d thought about that a bit too much.
And his accent... it had an effect on you, for sure. He could read a phone directory to you and you’d probably hang onto every number. You especially liked when he spoke Sokovian. You had no idea what he ever said, but you had noticed he’d use the occasional word when talking to you, or referring to you to someone else. You’d have to ask him about those at some point.
And for a dangerous criminal, he sure danced like a dork at Sharon’s place. You watched him from the bar as he was seemingly in a world of his own on the dance floor. At one point he caught your attention and beckoned you to join him, but you simply raised your glass at him and stayed put, smirking as he carried on.
While you were lost in your thoughts, you failed to notice Zemo shuck off his coat, and the next thing you knew, you felt the soft fur of the collar around your neck. You desperately wanted to protest but the coat was so warm, both in itself and because Zemo had been wearing it just moments before. The smell of his cologne lingered in it too, and you tried your best to ignore it.
“...thank you.” You murmur as you slip your arms into the sleeves and wrap the coat around you properly.
“It is my pleasure, mīļā.” He flashes a smile at you and you turn away, hoping he doesn’t catch your shy smile and the blush creeping up your face.
When Sam and Bucky finally return, they both narrow their eyes at Zemo when they see you’re wearing his coat.
“The lady was cold, I did what any gentleman would do.” He smirked as you all started walking down the street.
“Gentleman... sure.” Sam didn’t look convinced, and you chuckled at the look he gave Zemo.
You walked down the street and Sharon pulled up in a car, gesturing for you all to get in. Sam was closest to the passenger door so he just got in the front of the car, leaving you to squeeze in the back with Bucky and Zemo.
You rolled your eyes at the way Zemo’s face brightened up at the prospect of being so close to you in the car, but you found yourself hiding a small smile too. You edged yourself a little closer to Bucky though, and once he realised how close you and Zemo were, he shuffled himself as close to his door as he could, giving you some room to move.
The journey to the docks took a fair while, but it dragged on tortuously with Zemo sat so close to you. You started to get hot in his coat quite quickly, but there was no room to move in the car for you to take it off, so you just had to stay in it. You weren’t complaining too much though, because you were still quite enjoying the comfort of the coat.
When you arrived at the docks, Zemo hopped out of the car quickly, turning around to offer you his hand, and as much as you didn’t want to accept it, you didn’t want to trip over in your heels so you took his hand and let him help you out of the car.
“Thank you, Helmut.” Your eyes widened as his first name escaped your mouth, and he smirked in response. You felt your cheeks heat up, and you were just glad the others seemingly didn’t notice your slip up.
“You’re more than welcome, mana mīlestība.” He shut the car door with one hand, but kept a hold of you with his other hand, and it took you a second to realise and let go.
A deep chuckle rose from his throat and he winked before walking to catch up with the others. You took a deep breath and followed everyone, cursing yourself for letting Hel- Zemo get under your skin.
What was wrong with you? Where did these feelings come from? What were you going to do about them?
You’d have to worry about that later though, because shit hit the fan at the docks very quickly...
mīļā - sweetheart
mana mīlestība - my love
If anybody has any Zemo fic ideas, I’m all ears!
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becca-e-barnes · 3 months ago
Make It Up To Me, Barnes
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word count: 4.3k
Warnings: Arguments, divorce mention, Bucky struggles with communication, alcohol consumption, unprotected sex (wrap it), edging, size kink, Daddy kink, fingering, we all know Bucky would be a hoe for his girl in a sundress let’s be real, Married!Bucky, good old fashioned makeup sex
Summary: Bucky and the reader have an argument and she leaves him, Steve convinces Bucky to talk it out with her. Complete smut but they work it out!!
A/N: I imagined this as hate sex with Bucky and turned out a bit softer than I expected, I just live for the thought of hate sex with Beefy Bucky omg. Also can’t believe I’m at over 200 followers now, thank you all so so much!!
Minors, do not interact
“Damn Buck, I still can’t believe you let that one get away.” Steve taunted as Bucky sipped his beer. Both men were sitting in the comfortable wicker garden furniture, drinking together and people watching the other guests at the party. It was your annual neighbourhood barbecue and truthfully, it was the perfect day for it. There was a light breeze but apart from that, it was stiflingly hot outside but that was to be expected in the middle of summer.
“Trust me, if you were married to her, you’d get it.” Bucky sighed, just a little hint of venom in his tone, downing what was left of his beer. Even Bucky had to admit, you were looking stunning. He couldn’t keep his eyes off you, the way that pretty little sundress made you look so modest and pure was killing him. You two had been married for a few years, with things getting rocky in the last few months. Bucky had been cold and distant, pushing you away, not answering your calls, giving you short answers and never turning up for dinner. Eventually things just broke down, despite your marriage councillor’s best efforts to get Bucky to open up. After one particularly bad argument a few weeks ago, you had packed up a bag and left, slamming the door behind you.
“You don’t fucking try anymore Bucky! I do everything around this house and you don’t even bother to show up for dinner! I don’t know what I did to make you hate me but God, you’re really punishing me for it, aren’t you?” You had spat, finally reaching your breaking point when he hadn’t shown up on time for dinner for the sixth night in a row, leaving you eating alone yet again. “You don’t even touch me anymore, you hardly ever look at me, what did I do wrong?” You yelled, throwing the dishcloth to the ground in frustration. It was horrible not even being acknowledged in your own home, while you still slept in the same bed, you didn’t speak after the lights went out. All the dinners you made with love for Bucky sat in the fridge until you had to throw them out and with no explanation as to what was wrong, it was becoming soul destroying.
“Nothing, leave it.” Bucky had hissed, still not even looking at you.
“For God’s sake Bucky, it’s not ‘nothing’. Talk to me.” You pleaded, running a hand through your hair, at an absolute loss for what to do next. You had this argument weekly for the last few months, with nothing ever changing. It was always the same with Bucky, he just wanted you to drop it and leave him alone.
“Leave it, I mean it.” He insisted firmly, not budging an inch. His huge frame had almost been intimidating as he got up to leave the kitchen, running away from the conversation yet again.
“Bucky I’ve had it. I’m at my wits end. If you leave this kitchen, so help me God, I’m leaving you.” You threatened, tears spilling down your cheeks, both from frustration and the soul destroying pain of seeing the love of your life shut you down, once again. Bucky hadn’t spoke, he just kept walking down the short hall to your living room, slamming the door behind him. Unshed tears spilled quickly and you felt your heart break in your chest. How had things got this bad? Your vision was blurry with tears as you packed a bag, stuffing some clothes into a duffle roughly, with little thought or care as to whether anything matched. You could hear the TV blaring through the living room door as you gave one last glance to the room your husband was in, before turning and heading out the front door and getting in your car.
“Still think you should’ve just talked to her. She was good for you Buck.” Steve offered, making the dark haired man furrow his brow even more than it was before.
“I spent enough of my life being controlled Steve, I didn’t need some nagging wife trying to control me too.” Bucky snorted with derision. Deep down, he knew he could’ve been more open and honest with you and he knew it would’ve saved both of you from a whole lot of heartache but he was in far too deep to admit his mistake now. The worst part was he knew everything you were doing had come from a place of love. You hadn’t been trying to control him but once he let his head get the better of him, there was no coming back from it.
“From where I’m sitting, it looks like she only ever tried to take care of you. The girl just wanted to make sure you ate properly for God’s sake. I don’t see why you let her leave you.” Steve’s disapproval of the circumstances of your breakup was more than evident. He didn’t even try to hide the fact he thought losing you was the biggest mistake Bucky had ever made. He would’ve been happy to keep his opinions on your separation to himself if it hadn’t been for the fact that he had witnessed first hand how miserable Bucky had been since you split, no matter how hard he tried to pretend he was fine. Bucky didn’t reply and opened another beer instead, pressing the cool rim of the bottle to his lips. His eyes hadn’t left you all evening, watching as you swayed happily with the hem of your sundress flowing around your knees. You had hardly even looked in his direction, truly seeming like you were thriving after your split. The thought of you moving on ate him up inside. He couldn’t help but wonder if you were seeing someone new, it had been almost a couple of months after all, you could’ve found someone else in that time. The thought of anyone else touching you was more than he could bear, making his knuckles of his flesh hand turn white from how hard he gripped the beer bottle.
You had made your way around most of the crowd at the party giving lemonade top ups before you decided you should probably offer some to your ex-lover to save face. The knot in your stomach pointed out exactly how you would rather do literally anything other than go over and make painful small talk with the man you had lost but you still loved with all your heart.
“Lemonade, boys?” You offered with a smile, only letting yourself look at Steve and not at the man who was still technically your husband.
“Yeah y/n, sounds great, doesn’t it Buck?” Steve encouraged, lifting his glass to let you fill it. Bucky only nodded in response, doing everything in his power to not look at your legs trying to stop wondering if someone else was spreading them these days.
“Here ya go Buck.” You smiled curtly, bending at the waist to fill his glass that he hadn’t even bothered to lift off the grass. Bucky drew in a sharp breath at how close you were to him and how your sundress rode up just a little, showing off those gorgeous thighs.
“Thanks.” He huffed when you straightened again, doing his best not to look at the little jiggle of your ass as you walked away, taking lemonade to another little group of neighbours.
“Christ Bucky, that was painful. You need to talk to her. Sort things out.” Steve insisted, noticing the little breath Bucky let out now that you were gone. In truth, he hadn’t even realised he was holding it.
“Yeah.” Bucky huffed out simply, leaving Steve unsure if he actually meant it or not.
The rest of the party was pretty uneventful, you relaxed on a picnic blanket, chatting to some of the other ladies about the books you were all currently reading before helping with the dishes and clearing up. Almost everyone had went home already when their kids had got tired, drained from running around all afternoon in the summer heat. You had spent the best part of the last hour stretched out on the picnic blanket alone, just enjoying the light evening breeze, reading one of the books your neighbour had let you borrow.
“Buck if you don’t go talk to her, I will.” Steve threatened, noticing how Bucky was staring at you yet again.
“You wouldn’t.” The dark haired man hissed, eyes never leaving you. It killed him to admit how lost he was without you but the fear of you rejecting him, confirming his suspicion that you were doing just fine without him was more than he could handle.
“Try me.” Steve replied curtly, watching as his friend’s expression became even more annoyed. Bucky’s jaw was tense as he pulled himself up from the wicker chair, crossing the short distance to where you sat on the blanket.
“Can we talk?” Bucky asked as calmly as he could, his huge frame blocking the sunlight.
“I don’t know? Can we?” You replied, being as short with him as possible, stomach flipping with nerves at having to make awkward conversation for the first time in weeks.
“Maybe somewhere more private? Back home?” He suggested, ignoring how difficult you were trying to be. He knew you had every right to make this worse on him, it was his own fault after all.
“Fine.” You huffed, closing the book and standing up, dusting down the little skirt of your dress. Bucky led the way back to your house, only a few doors up from the little park that you had just spent the afternoon in. God you wished your heart could slow down, praying that he wasn’t just taking you back home to sign the divorce papers. You both walked in silence, Bucky unlocked the door and held it open for you, letting you walk inside and then closing it behind him. The house seemed exactly as it had when you left it and you were thankful for that at least.
“How’ve you been?” He asked softly, getting both of you a beer from the fridge, popping the cap off with his metal thumb. That had always been his favourite party trick. You took the bottle from him gratefully, settling into a chair at your kitchen island before taking a sip.
“Been busy.” You offered quietly. You knew you couldn’t say you were good, Bucky would’ve seen right through the lie. He just nodded, taking a sip from his own bottle.
“Missed you.” Bucky admitted, looking anywhere but your face. You didn’t say anything in response, just taking another sip from your bottle. There was so much you could’ve said, you missed him too, he could’ve called, things didn’t have to be like this but instead you kept your lips pressed tightly shut.
“You look good. Happy.” Bucky had barely whispered the last word, making you question whether he had even said it at all.
“And are you? Happy? Enjoying life as a single man?” You asked, giving him a little smile, heart breaking into a million pieces and just praying your eyes didn’t show it.
“No doll, I’m not. Miss having you around.” He seemed so much smaller, leaning against the other side of the kitchen island, beer resting on the dark granite countertop. “Miss waking up beside you, miss kissing you goodbye when you go off to work, miss your cooking.” He continued, finally daring to look you in the eye. The lump in your throat felt like it might consume you, tears welling in your eyes.
“You haven’t done any of that in months Buck. Even before we separated.” You pointed out.
“You with someone else now?” He asked, voice more than a little broken.
“No Buck, there’s no one else.” You reassured him, noticing how he stood up a little straighter. “Never wanted anyone but you. Thought you knew that.” His eyes seemed to light up at your little admission. He still had a chance. He could still win you back and spend the rest of his life making up for the fact he had been so damn stupid. Before he knew what he was doing, he had rounded the island and captured your lips in a searing kiss, hands clinging desperately to your hair. His huge thumbs caressed your cheeks and you couldn’t help but lean into his touch. God you had missed this, the passion and need that came with loving Bucky Barnes. His mouth was hungry on yours, making up for months of longing all at once. He clung to you desperately, his mouth moving against yours like a man starved. You couldn’t help but melt into his touch, his huge frame warm and comforting and familiar against your own, making you feel tiny.
“Missed you. So much.” He panted between needy kisses, not even taking the time to pull his lips from yours as he uttered the words.
“Missed. You. Too.” You managed to mumble back, tugging on his belt loops to pull him impossibly closer. Before you knew it, Bucky had lifted you up, gripping your ass with his flesh hand before placing you gently on the kitchen island, his lips never leaving yours as he did so.
“ ‘m so sorry doll, for everything.” He whispered, his bright blue eyes showing just how sincere he was, slotting comfortably between your thighs.
“Make it up to me, Barnes.” You whispered with a little smirk, crashing your lips against his again, needing this just as much as he did. A low growl was ripped from his throat at how fiercely your tongue slid over his, the need to feel you again almost consuming him. His hands slipped under the skirt of your little sundress, grasping the soft skin of your thighs firmly, the metal one feeling cooler against your skin than the other.
“Shit baby doll, you’re absolutely dripping.” He hissed, snaking his flesh hand to the apex of your thighs, finding them slick already, your underwear had been soaked through long ago. You could only moan in response, holding the back of his neck, lips parted, as his finger tips ghosted over the soaked lace. “Look so pretty like this doll, so ready for me and I haven’t even touched you yet.” His fingers barely teasing the thin material.
“You’re not in any position to tease Bucky.” You hummed, voice barely above a whisper. Looking dead in his eyes, you could see how badly he needed this, how he was thriving off the little moans and sighs he pulled from your lips.
“You’re right toots, bet you’ve missed these fingers. No one makes you cum like I do, not even yourself, isn’t that right? Bet even when you touched yourself it didn’t feel as good as when I do it. Your fingers just don’t make you feel as full as mine do.” You hated how every last one of his words had been right. He could play your body like a violin, knowing exactly how to coax orgasm after orgasm from you when he wanted to, leaving you with shaking legs and that fucked out look in your eyes that he loved so much. He pulled your underwear aside painfully slowly, trailing just one finger from your clit to your needy hole, before swiping back up again. His touch was still featherlight, only teasing but it was enough to drive you wild. Ever so slowly, he dragged his finger down your pussy once more, slipping it in you up to the first knuckle, connecting his plump lips with your neck at the same time. The light dusting of his beard scratching against your neck as he sucked you brutally, finger sliding deeper was almost too much. After each dark hickey he sucked, he made sure to soothe the tender skin with his tongue, pulling moans from you that were nothing short of obscene.
“Need everyone to know you’re mine. My wife.” He half groaned against your skin, admiring the dark bruises forming. He couldn’t help but love how you rutted against his finger desperately, needing more of him.
“Bucky please.” You pleaded, looking at him with that soft expression that made his heart melt.
“What do you need baby doll?” Bucky cooed, holding your face with his metal hand, curling his flesh fingers inside you until he hit that sweet spot you couldn’t reach on your own. He was truly obsessed with how your face warped into the perfect vision of pleasure, mouth falling open, eyes squeezing shut as he tore a groan from your bruised throat.
“Need more.” You managed to huff out, keeping your eyes closed, grinding helplessly against his hand. The sight of your plump, wet lips, parted ever so slightly as you rode his hand could almost have made him cum then and there.
“Anything for you toots.” He smiled, plunging a second finger into you, groaning at the stretch of your walls as you accommodated him. “Even tighter than I remember baby doll.” He praised. You could only whimper as his fingers flexed and curled within you, the wet sounds coming from your pussy were nothing short of obscene but that only fuelled him, making him work your body faster. “You’re so close toots, you wanna cum for me? You gonna be a good girl and cum on my fingers?” He coaxed, bringing his metal hand down to rub your clit in time with his thrusts. You nodded weakly, letting him work your body in the way only he knew. “Who owns this little pussy?” He asked, feeling you reach your peak but stilling his fingers before you had a chance to fall over the edge, letting the sharp edge of you impending orgasm fade.
“You do Bucky! My pussy is yours!” You gasped, willing to do anything if it meant he would just let you cum.
“Damn right it is.” He growled lowly, lips finding his way back to your throat as he let his fingers continue bringing you blinding pleasure. It didn’t take long for him to send you spiralling into the most intense orgasm, your body tightening, clenching and gushing around his fingers. You practically screamed his name as you rode out your high, grasping his wrist and clamping your trembling thighs shut around his hands as he continued, tearing every last wave of pleasure from your body. “Fucking delicious baby doll.” He groaned, sucking the evidence of your orgasm from his fingers. You huffed out a little laugh, running a hand through your hair to steady yourself, leaning back on your other arm for support. “You’re like a fuckin’ wet dream sitting there, you know that?” He smiled, taking in the sight of his wife in her pretty little sundress, panties pushed to the side and thighs slick with arousal. “Hair all messy, lipstick ruined, pretty little pussy on display to the world.” His words sent a shiver down your spine, sparks of need shooting through your body. “Can’t believe how stupid I was to let you leave.” His tone got a little more serious, blue eyes full of regret.
“Hey, I’m back now. No harm done.” You soothed, opening your arms so he could slot himself between your thighs and hug you close. The scent of his familiar cologne was all you needed, little kisses peppered against your shoulder as Bucky buried his face in the crook of your neck. “Now take me to bed and fuck me like our marriage depends on it.” You laughed quietly, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek.
“No pressure then.” He chuckled, scooping you off the counter and carrying you gracelessly to the bedroom, both of you laughing together as he did so. “You know, half of me wants you to keep that pretty little dress on.” He smiled, setting you down on the bed gently, layering his body of top of yours so he could press needy kisses to your lips.
“Oh yeah? And what does the other half of you want?” You teased, fingertips digging into his firm back.
“To rip it off you.” He replied simply, fingers playing with the hem of the skirt. “Gently though, want to make sure it stays in one piece. Looks so damn good on you, gotta show you off some more.”
“Make up your mind Barnes, you can’t have both.” You laughed, unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his jeans, pushing them down his legs.
“Take it off.” He decided, pushing his jeans the rest of the way down before pulling his shirt over his head. He watched hungrily as you rose to your knees on the bed, pulling the dress up over your head before letting it fall to the floor. “No bra? God, you really are a wet dream.” Bucky all but groaned, joining you on the bed, his lips sliding against your own as he pulled your underwear down your legs. You placed both hands on his firm chest, pushing him back onto the plush pillows, slotting one leg either side of him, leaving you straddling his waist. You couldn’t help but rut against him through his boxers. He felt absolutely huge, so long and thick, nestling perfectly between your folds. Little whines escaped your mouth as you lost yourself in pleasure, not even needing him inside you for him to make you feel incredible.
“Soaking me toots, you know that?” He growled in your ear and you gripped the headboard for leverage, practically humping his clothed cock. “Making such a fucking mess, little slut, you like soaking daddy’s cock like that? Like feeling how hard I get for you? Don’t you want more baby? Or is just Rockin’ against my cock like that enough to make you cum?” His hands gripped your thighs tight, helping you to slick him up.
“Need to fuck you.” You gasped out, finally pulling his boxers off and positioning yourself above him once more, sinking down onto his cock slowly. The stretch was almost unbearable, your eagerness to have him inside you conflicting with the pain of your walls fighting to accommodate him.
“Too big for you baby doll? Been too long since you took daddy’s cock, hmm? Promise you won’t ever have to go without it again. Daddy’s gonna take good care of you, promise.” His filthy growls only made you sink down onto him faster, despite the pain until he was fully seated inside you. “You wanna fuck daddy princess? Wanna see you use me. Use me to make yourself cum. Don’t worry your pretty little head about me, just want you to cum as hard as you can, you got it baby doll?” He asked softly, cradling your face in his metal hand as you began to rut back and forth, loving how his cock hit the deepest spots inside you.
“You feel so good, so big Bucky, you’re so big.” You sobbed out, feeling the head of his cock nudge that sweet spot deep inside you. Bucky thrust up into you harshly, making you yelp.
“Think you mean daddy, toots?” He teased, thumb placed on your chin to make you look down at him. He looked absolutely perfect underneath you, hair messy, wet tongue poking out to soothe the lips that you had assaulted earlier. His hand went back to your thighs, helping you grind messily on his cock.
“Need more daddy please. Need you to -ah- need to cum.” Your whines were practically cries at this point as Bucky slid two flesh fingers between your bodies, nudging perfectly against your clit.
“That’s it, good girl, get nice and full and fuck yourself against daddy’s fingers. Look so good like this for me angel, so so pretty. Stuffed full of cock and rutting on my fingers like a needy little slut. Such a pretty girl.” He praised, making you speed up. His fingers nudged your clit just right, making you mewl. Bucky began to press his fingers against your clit just that little bit harder, sending you reeling into your second orgasm of the night. Before you could even come down from your high, Bucky had flipped you, laying you on your back with him on top of you, fucking you roughly through the aftershocks. You were practically screaming for him as he thrust into you, making sure you felt every last inch of his cock. You were so overstimulated it almost hurt as Bucky fucked months worth of need into your body.
“Love you doll.” He whispered, not slowing down at all before sliding his tongue over yours, all passion and longing and need.
“Jesus, Buck, cum for me, please Bucky.” You whimpered, grasping at his back and shoulders, fingernails digging into his flesh.
“This pussy is mine.” He growled lowly, hips stuttering as he came with a long, drawn out groan, filling you completely. Cum dripped out of you before he could even pull out, marking you completely and utterly as his. After a few minutes, he flopped onto the bed beside you, pulling you close and kissing your forehead, despite the thin sheen of sweat.
“Shit, if the makeup sex is that good, we should argue more often.” You laughed lightly, still feeling like you hadn’t quite come back down to earth yet. He chuckled lovingly, stroking your hair.
“I don’t know doll, wasn’t nice being without you. Don’t think I’ll be rushing to argue like that again.” He admitted, stroking your bare back tenderly with his metal fingers, noticing your heart rate return to somewhere closer to normal.
“I guess you’re right, missed having you around.” You smiled quietly, pulling him into a gentle kiss.
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starks-hero · 5 months ago
I’ve Got You
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky's recovery from his time as the winter soldier was a long road. But the final challenge proves to be the toughest.
Warnings: angst, tfatws spoilers! 1x04
Word Count: 1,191
a/n: I wrote this in an hour because episode 4 completely broke my heart and this is how I plan on coping. Spoilers below!
Tumblr media
*amazing gif credit to @august-walker *
The fire was your only source of light as the three of you waited in silence. Months of tireless work had lead to the current moment and the tension hung thickly in the air.
You stood side by side with Ayo as Bucky sat in front of the fire, aimlessly glaring into the flames. He was terrified and you didn't blame him.
You were all aware that what you were about to attempt wouldn't be an easy task. Banishing the Winter Soldier from Bucky’s subconscious had been a draining process, both mentally and physically. And you knew the final test would be the worst yet. And Bucky knew he wouldn't be able to do it alone. Or rather, he didn't want to. That's why you were there. He needed someone he could trust, someone he cared for. Someone that could anchor him to the real world and offer him comfort whilst he faced his demons.
Ayo shuffled impatiently and turned to you with a curt nod. It was time to begin. Bucky was still in a daze, expression blank. You weren't sure if he was aware that he was now visibly shaking.
You stepped forward and softly placed your hand against his shoulder. He flinched at first before immediately relaxing under your touch. He exhaled slowly.
“It is time,” Ayo said and you carefully seated yourself next to Bucky, so close your shoulders brushed.
He turned to you with a justifyingly troubled expression, his eyebrows creased, his lips pressed into a thin line and his eyes, his eyes panic-stricken.
“You're sure about this?” His voice was nothing more than a hushed whisper, only barely audible over the crackling of the fire.
Smiling reassuringly, you nodded and inched closer to him. He did his best to focus solely on you and nothing else. But despite his best efforts his heart still thumped against his ribcage and his mind became increasingly crowded with what if's as he reminded himself of everything that could possibly go wrong.
“Shuri's confident that it's going to work.” You said softly and Bucky’s eyes saddened further as he glanced at you helplessly.
“She's not the one I don't trust.”
“I won't let you hurt anyone,” Ayo promised and you both knew she meant it. Bucky's terrified gaze fell to the dirt but you managed to coax him back into looking at you with soft pleas and a gentle hand under his chin.
“I'll be okay. We'll be okay.” You comforted. You gently took his hand in your own, lacing your fingers together and placing your free hand against his forearm. He looked at you in desperation. “I'm not going anywhere.”
His hold on your hand tightened as you nodded to Ayo to begin. This was it. She stepped forward, repeating each word slowly and clearly.
Bucky's expression turned somber as he glared into the flames. He clenched his jaw in hopes of hiding his trembling lip.
Fear broke through his facade as his eyes glazed over and he fought back tears. You muttered quiet words of encouragement and comfort.
“It's not going to work,” Bucky said desperately, his voice laced with fear. You moved your hand to gently run up and down his back and shushed him quietly.
“It will, Bucky. It will.”
He inhaled sharply as he shook his head. Your hand came to rest against his shoulder and he subconsciously leaned into you as the horrors of his time spent as hydras puppet jumped to the forefront of his mind.
Tears were not visibly building in his eyes and staining his pale cheeks.
He gritted his teeth as he grappled with himself. All those nights you'd spent lying awake together when the memories were too bad for sleep to even seem plausible. All the times you'd been forced to hold him down and beg him to wake up when he'd been plagued by nightmares. All those times completely paled in comparison to how vulnerable he looked now.
His hand tightened around yours with such strength you couldn't withhold a gasp. For a moment, his iron grip had you fearing that the Soldier had clawed his way back into control.
But one glance at his tear-filled eyes and you knew it was still Bucky. Still your Bucky. Fighting to keep control of his mind.
His tears fell freely, his lip trembling and you wanted nothing more than to comfort him. To pull him to you and assure him that he was alright, that he was safe. But you knew he needed to do this alone.
‘Freight car.’
As the final words were spoken, silence fell over you all again. Both you and Ayo watched Bucky attentively, waiting for a reaction. Your hands lay still against him but they ached to move, to comfort him and wipe away his tears. But you had to wait.
After a few moments that stretched out to feel like an eternity, you desperately turned to Ayo, who was standing behind you and still watching Bucky with the same vigilance you had been. She nodded to you, almost unable to hide her smile.
“Bucky?” You tried timidly, gently squeezing his hand. He still looked terrified.
“You are free,” Ayo whispered, unable to keep her own emotions from seeping into her voice. “You are free.”
He turned to you in astonishment, his cheeks damp and his eyes mirroring the fear and uncertainty of a child.
“It's okay.” You gently raised your hand and caressed his cheek, brushing away his tears. He leaned into your touch, exhaling frailly. “You're okay. You did it, Bucky.”
What was left of his composure crumbled as he broke, overcome with emotion and sobbing in relief. He was free. He was finally free.
He fell against you and you wasted no time in wrapping your arms around him as he buried into the crook of your neck. You ran your hand through his hair and softly comforted him as you held him close.
Ayo turned away as she blinked away her own tears. She'd witnessed Bucky's struggles and seen first-hand the extent of his pain. He deserved peace and happiness and knowing those very things were now within his grasp caused a lump to form in her throat.
She nodded to you as she took her leave. Her work was done. Now Bucky needed you.
“It's alright.” His sobs slowly died down into quiet whimpers as you held him close. “I've got you.”
He breathed a quiet laugh of disbelief against your shoulder and you smiled. He was drained, the exhaustion of what he'd just went through clashing with the uncontrollable joy he felt, knowing he'd been freed from so many burdens he'd been forced to carry.
But for now, until feeling returned to his legs and he could think a coherent thought, Bucky had no desire to move from where he was huddled into your side.
“Stay?” He whispered against your neck, not having the strength to say much else. You smiled and hummed softly.
“I told you,” you placed a gentle kiss to his temple. “I'm not going anywhere.”
Tumblr media
tag list: @bakerstreethound​ @miraclesoflove​ @doozywoozy​ @kealohilani-tepise
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cosmicloki · 5 months ago
𝐒𝐀𝐅𝐄 𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐂𝐄 | 𝐛𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬
Tumblr media
summary: bucky can't stand seeing another man touching you. but it is for a deeper reason than you might think. pairing: bucky barnes x female!reader word count: 1,9k warnings: non-consensual physical touch, slight angst, anxiety attacks, protective!bucky, soft!bucky
english is not my mother tongue, so please forgive me if there is a grammatical error. hope you like it!
Tumblr media
"I so disagree with this." Bucky's growl interrupted the tense silence that had formed in the cold atmosphere of the night. His blue eyes sparkled with anxiety when they fell on you again and you spent a few seconds analyzing him, something you were completely used to doing almost unconsciously now.
He had been in a bad mood pretty much the entire day, since you had to accept Baron Zemo as part of your little team if you wanted to get to the bottom of the serum issue, he had started to act more surly, especially against Baron himself. He did hated him.
Zemo, as calm and diplomatic as ever, turned to look at him. Warm steam slipped from his lips as he began to speak. "We have to do this if we want to succeed this mission. Don't you want to gather the necessary information to―"
Bucky shut him up shooting him a single glare filled, once again, with anger. Zemo immediately closed his mouth. "Still, it's too dangerous for her."
You rolled your eyes. 
"Stop talking like I'm not even here." A sigh escaped your lips, grabbing Bucky's right arm between your fingers to gain his full attention, which happened quickly. You felt him relax under your touch, his gaze clouded by softness once it fell on you again. "I know I'm not an avenger or superhero like you guys, but I know how to defend myself. If I have to kick a couple of butts, I will. And as Zemo says, gathering this information is essential."
The Winter Soldier still had a debating expression reigning on his tired face. Of course, he cared about you just as much as he cared about Steve in the old days. And since Steve was gone, you were the only thing left for him in that dark world. You were his everything. His light in the dark. His safe place.
He truly loved you, but as the coward he was, he had never confessed. And he doubted that he could do it in the near future. As always, he'll just run away from his feelings.
"It's not the first time she's been into something like this, Buck." Sam spoke this time, arranging his gaudy, colorful coat with both hands. He showed you support, making you smile a little. He always had your back. "Steve himself trained her. I'm sure she'll be fine."
Bringing Steve into the conversation felt like an instant relaxer for Bucky. The name of his fallen friend always felt like his heart was being squeezed, he felt like a lump he was well acquainted with creeping up his throat. Those two emotions were the ones that always followed along with the memory of Captain America, the real Captain America.  
He sighed and nodded his head just once "I know."
"But I'm afraid of losing her too."
                                                          . . .
Modern music blasting out of the huge speakers made the nightclub floor vibrate, the ceiling lights blinking electric colors in the darkness, adding to the euphoria that reigned in the atmosphere.
When you noticed how many people were inside the place, you remembered why you hated parties. But Zemo had been insistent on staying in character or at least trying.
And because of that, you had that unknown to you and annoying man named Robert practically almost glued to your body. His arm was around your shoulders, as you both sat on the long leather sofas that were one side of the dance floor. You almost felt nauseous when he gave you a wide smile, letting you see almost proudly those teeth adorned with pure gold.
"So what were we on, princess?" Her voice as unpleasant as none you've ever heard whispered leaning ‘discreetly’ towards your ear.
Bucky saw the whole scene in the distance, sitting in front of the bar with Sam and Zemo, both his metal and flesh hands were clenched into fists on his knees.
He was no longer angry, he was furious. 
He felt guilty for dragging you into this mess, which is exactly why you were there in the first place, having an unknown man all over you, his hands crawling over your body so shamelessly that even he wanted to vomit right there. And there was nothing he could do about it. Bucky Barnes, once again that night, felt a huge surge of emotions shake his whole body.
Sam, sitting at his other side, shot him a knowing look, realizing how uncomfortable he was being with the whole situation, perhaps as uncomfortable as he was. "Buck, calm down. (Y/N) has it all under control."
"She will give the order any second now." Zemo added in his husky voice, a glass full of a strange and repulsive alcoholic beverage grabbed in his hand.
And it wasn't until your gaze found his among the euphoric mass of people on the dance floor that Bucky felt determined. 
He could see the fear in your eyes, even among all the meters that separated you from each other. And he suddenly saw himself in you. When he was forced to do things that he did not want to do, commanded by cruelty and evilness. 
And Bucky knew that all of that was wrong.
"It's enough." He grunted, causing both men at his sides to turn to look at him in pure alarm.
Practically seconds later, Bucky found himself on the other side of the nightclub, with Robert's neck between his metal fingers, body propped against the wall above the sofa he was sitting on previously. Drastically feeling as small as an ant under the towering presence of the Winter Soldier, just right in front of him.
Around them a sudden silence formed, people had apparently stopped dancing, shifting their attention to the metal-arm man and the show he was giving them. Some even took out their cell phones, starting to record, truly entertained.
The blue of Bucky's eyes were darkened with the anger and adrenaline of the moment. Robert half-opened his mouth and tried to free himself from his strong hold, already feeling the air escaping from his lungs. He did his best to retain as much oxygen as he could with heavy, ragged inhalations.
Bucky saw how his eyes began to close and he squeezed harder, but his gaze traveled to the side when a small hand rested on his metal forearm and immediately relaxed when he met your eyes. 
"Buck, just let him go. You'll break rule number two." After your murmur, Robert's neck was released and he fell to the ground, stumbling, grabbing as much oxygen as possible with long breaths. 
"The next time you touch her I will break your neck." He threatened, almost spitting the words at Robert.
Your arm clasped with Bucky's metal one and you raised your hand to his cheek, drawing his attention from the man on the ground back to you again, noticing how his breathing had increased his speed enormously. Signs that he might be having one of his anxiety attacks.
And you knew exactly what to do.
"It's okay, James. Just breathe. Focus on me."
Your voice was like an angelic melody inside his head, causing him to close his eyes for a few moments and unconsciously lean against the warmth and familiarity that was the touch of your hand. Completely forgetting everything around him. His everything, was you.
"You're safe. You're with me. You're not like that anymore."
Bucky concentrated on your breathing and tried to following it with his own, finally sighing after a few seconds. And by the time he opened his eyes, he finally noticed how the whole nightclub was looking at you both almost as intently as if you were a show.
Behind you stand Sam and Zemo, silently watching you as well.
The Baron cleared his throat, glancing at how the various pairs of eyes were on you now. "We have to go."
And without further ado, you intertwined your fingers with Bucky's and lured him to you, making him walk along and follow Zemo and Sam, who advanced towards the exit of the club.
And when you guys left the place, Bucky stopped, causing you to stop as well, making you turn your head and look at him in confusion. He kept his gaze down, at a nonexistent point on the ground and then moved to the point where he joined you, your  intertwined hands.
"I just..." He began to speak in a soft, low tone. 
You turned completely towards him now, raising your other hand to his chest and placing it delicately on his heart, feeling under his skin how it throbbed with force. His blue eyes were enveloped with shame and despite the darkness of the night in the alley, you could notice how a reddish tone tinged his pale cheeks.
Then, you took his hand with yours and pulled it to your chest, placing his palm against your heart, making him feel also how fast it was beating.
You knew this calmed him down almost immediately, but it was a ritual you did when you were alone, never in front of someone else, much less in front of Sam, who raised his eyebrows when he turned to check on you both.
From the corner of your eye you could see how he leaned towards Zemo and said something that you barely managed to hear but that was like "Let's go find the car" or something like that, knowing that it was better to leave you both alone. He knew that Bucky had been feeling bad all day and practically all week, maybe all his life. And it was clear to him that, being with you, he couldn't be in better hands.
"I just wanted to tell you that― " Bucky continued with his whisper, your eyes gazing up at him with anticipation. He leaned into you and rested his forehead against yours, closing his eyes again, trying to calm the nerves that were almost eating him alive. "I wouldn't mind breaking rule number two for you, a-actually I wouldn't mind breaking any rule for you."
Both of his hands lowered toward the curve of your waist as he finally spoke, surrounding you with signs of protection, almost like preventing you from walking away when he said the words.
But instead, you smiled with your eyes closed at his confession, realizing that it was the first time in many days that he let himself be seen vulnerable before you. Just for you.
Your hands rose to his chest, always fascinated to feel his heart beat under your palms, your fingers began tracing imaginary lines on the surface of his leather jacket. "That would be bad if you want to keep this peace truce with the government, darling."
"Fuck the government." Bucky simply replied, finally opening his eyes, which remained bright once they met yours. Fun flashed across his gaze while he spoke.
"I'd break any rules for you too, Buck." You declared in a soft tone after a minute of comfortable silence, words almost inaudible, but he managed to hear them perfectly and felt a warmth rise from the bottom of his stomach to his chest and finally to his face, blushing slightly his cheeks, once again.
A shaky sighed came from between his pink lips when he separated his forehead from yours.
"Would you like to go eat somewhere with me after this is all over?"
You frowned slightly. "We go to eat at places all the time, Buck― “
He denied with his head, interrupting you. He rolled his eyes as he spoke. "Not like that, doll."
You raised a single eyebrow on your forehead, really don't understand what he was referring to, although your heart was starting to beat more fiercely anyway. "Then like what?"
And when his eyes lifted off the ground once more and looked at you, you could understand it all.
"Like a date."
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ptersmj · 2 months ago
heyy!! i love your writing!! can you do a one shot where peter loves giving y/n hickies and she’s at a pool party with the rest of the avengers? and she takes her bathing suit of and everyone starts teasing her about them ? while peter is just smirking about it ? thank you!!
trouble in paradise
Tumblr media
w/c: 2.8k
warnings: lots of suggestiveness, swearing, and mentions of drinking
a/n: i was super into this and wrote way more than i planned to but i hope that’s cool :,) enjoy !
“peter, we have to go,” you giggle out, cupping a hand over your boyfriend’s mouth. “everybody’s waiting for us... what if they get suspicious?” peter playfully nips at your fingers before intertwining them with his own. “don’t know, don’t care,” he mumbles and pecks a spot on your jaw.
his lips attach to your neck next, kissing slowly and lightly down your skin. each one tingles in the best way possible. he’s always so good at this, all movements thought out, done with care. he’s a little too good.
if you don’t leave now, you’ll spend the whole afternoon locked in peter’s room with him on top of you. not that that isn’t a dream come true, but you bought a cute bikini for your pool day with the team and want to make use of it.
it’s actually what inspired peter to pin you down and kiss every visible inch of your body. one look at you in the thing, and he was done for.
“by the way,” peter’s voice comes out raspy. the vibrations tickle you, making you bite back a smile. “yellow looks really nice on you, baby. you pull it off perfect.” his free hand sets on your exposed stomach, just above your hip. “yeah?” you gaze up at peter innocently. “i thought you’d like it.”
you’re in a yellow and white striped two piece that leaves little to the imagination. the bottoms are tied on either side, strings revealing more than they hide. the top plunges low and pushes up, which is the right combination to drive peter crazy.
although, you could’ve worn baggy swim trunks and had the same effect. he’s easy.
“you got this just for me?” peter smirks at the idea, peppering your neck in more kisses. “adorable, y/n.” you raise a challenging eyebrow. “that’s it? adorable?” your leg winds around peter’s waist to draw him in closer. “i’m much more than adorable, and you know it.”
his hand leaves yours and moves to your thigh. he trails his fingers up and down your skin, the simple touch leaving goosebumps.
peter gives your thigh a small squeeze, his nose nudging the tip of yours. “prove it, then.” you’re positive he can feel your heart beating through the thin material of his nasa t-shirt. your worries about missing the pool day have long faded away.
you capture peter’s lips in a kiss that he instantly reciprocates. he grins into it, letting you take control. laughing breathlessly at his eagerness, you thread your fingers in his chocolate curls. you tug gently on them and tilt your head up to deepen the kiss. you continue playing with peter’s hair as you nibble on his lower lip.
god, it gets him going when you do that.
“hm, i love you,” peter sighs, both arms hooking around your middle. “love you so much, princess.” that earns a lighthearted eye roll from you. “i love you, pete. kinda ruining the mood, though.” he apologizes with a chuckle and a peck at your lips. “oops. i was doing so well, too.” beaming up at him, you stroke his curls in reassurance. “who said you stopped?”
peter takes that as his cue to indulge you in another kiss. he parts his swollen lips, your tongue running over his bottom one. you let out a hum when his tongue enters your mouth instead. arching your back so your body presses against his, you begin to guide his hands towards your hips.
much to your dismay, peter suddenly breaks the kiss.
you whine and pull at his locks to get his attention. “what are you-“ “shhhh,” peter cuts you off, lips latching onto your neck again. that makes you oblige. sucking with just the right amount of pressure on your skin, his nimble fingers hook in your bottoms.
“let me know if this is okay,” he prefaces, meeting your hooded eyes for permission to untie the strings. “yeah, pete. you’re… you’re good. do it.” you throw your head back on the pillow. you’re enjoying his marking of your neck, too caught up to consider the inevitable bruising.
there’s something about littering you in hickeys that peter can’t get enough of. maybe it’s the little noises he coaxes from you, or how you say his name. whatever it is, he’s obsessed. you’re both well aware of that.
peter makes his way down your body, his kisses doing the same, until he’s facing your chest. he licks his lips as he looks you over. you could melt under his gaze.
“you’re right, y/n. you aren’t just adorable,” he speaks softly. “you’re so beautiful. like, insanely beautiful.” you leave a kiss on the top of peter’s head in response, smiling when he resumes his own kissing. he goes farther this time, your breath hitching as he stops just above your cleavage. his thumb swipes across your inner thigh.
“pete, baby…” you cup his cheeks with your hands, impatient. “please. want you so bad.” peter glances up at you, a cocky grin spreading across his features. “i got you, princess. relax a bit.” he’s impossible. groaning, you push his shoulders. “i hate it when you tease.” he grabs your hips to steady you. “i’m not teasing… i’m taking my time. you deserve it.”
before you can complain, his lips land on your stomach. he peppers kisses down carefully and simultaneously starts to fiddle with your bikini. finally. you exhale a breath of relief, but he only undoes one string.
“you’re fucking kidding,” you grumble, peter frowning against you. “can i not just appreciate you for a while?” he rhetorically asks. he’s nearing where you need him most, so you hold your tongue. peter keeps you in place by your waist while his lips ghost on one of your hips. your body is on fire at this point, his breath cool on you.
“alright, you’ve waited long enough,” peter decides, shifting to untie your other bikini string. “what i’ve been saying,” you immediately agree.
when he finishes with your bottoms, he doesn’t take them off just yet. his fingertips brush along each of your sides as he peers up at you. chills break out all over your skin.
“peter benjamin parker, i swear to god-“ your words are replaced with a gasp, peter’s mouth now on your inner thigh. his teeth sink into you ever so slightly, lips curving into a smile at your whimpering. “what was that, y/l/n?” he kisses back up to your hip. “nothing… never mind,” you dismiss him. your eyes flutter closed.
“mhm, good girl,” peter murmurs, now marking up the soft skin below your waist. he grins to himself when your hands once again situate in his hair. “babe…” you pant, his tongue poking out to soothe a fresh hickey. “take them off, please.” your eyes are desperate as they lock with peter’s, spreading your legs out for him.
“what, these?” peter hums, dragging his fingers down your stomach. they slip inside either side of your bottoms. “shit, yes,” you affirm with a yank at his curls.
peter pauses for a moment, then moves off of you completely. he stays between your legs, another smirk painting his face.
“everyone’s waiting for us, remember?” he sarcastically reminds you. “kinda rude to leave them hanging.” you hoist yourself off peter’s bed in anger, shoving your discarded coverup shirt from earlier at his chest. “you fucking tease! i should’ve known you were gonna do this shit.”
peter swings his legs over the bed, wiping his lips that still hold a smirk. “aw… c’mere, baby,” he coos and pats his lap. “i’m not done yet. let me help you out for real.”
you consider the offer, eyes flitting between his skilled hands and inviting mouth. you’ve got nothing to lose, only gain.
“fine,” you pretend to be annoyed. peter opens his arms for you, which you easily crawl into. your legs are on either side of him as you grab onto his shoulders. you watch him in anticipation. he kisses your chin lovingly, his hands finding their place on your hips.
however, it’s not for the reason you’re expecting. peter ties up your bikini how you had it before, rubbing your thighs once he’s done.
technically, he did help you out.
“there. let’s hit the pool, hm?” he picks up your coverup from beside him and holds it out to you. you’re going to absolutely murder him later. “swim alone, parker,” you huff, snatching the oversized tee from him. his eyes widen. “hey, you were the one who-“ “swim alone!” you climb off his lap and toss your shirt over your head.
peter doesn’t want to push it, so he lets you head out of his room. you of course flip him off as you make your exit. he waits until you’re outside to join the rest of the team, shirtless with his shorts hanging dangerously low.
you’re splayed out on a lounge chair between wanda and natasha, applying sunscreen to your face. bruce and thor are having a splashing contest in the pool, tony is fixing drinks, and scott is searching for blow up toys. sam, bucky, and vision choose to observe everyone from a table under an umbrella.
you scowl at peter on the other side of the pool. he strikes up a conversation with sam and bucky, shooting you a wink that you scoff at.
“trouble in paradise?” natasha observes. she squints between you and peter over her sunglasses. “kind of.” you pat the sunscreen into your cheeks with a nod. “uh oh, what’d he do this time?” wanda knowingly chimes in. “it’s not what he did… it’s what he didn’t do,” you admit.
peter rakes a hand through his messy curls, looking over at you.
natasha lays back on her chair, unbothered. “you’re gonna have to elaborate on that, y/l/n.” wanda nudges your side. “we’ve all been there! men are nasty.” you simply shrug. that’s one way to put it. “what does that make vision?” natasha jokes, wanda confidently replying, “a synthezoid.” “whatever that is,” she mutters to you, taking the sunscreen bottle from your lap.
peter starts coming your way after receiving a pat on the back from bucky and a shoulder clap from sam. he sports a harmless smile now, waving at scott as he approaches you.
you reluctantly get up from the comfortable position you’re in. “i’ll be right back,” you inform nat and wanda, fixing your coverup as you stand. “take your time,” natasha muses. “put him in his place,” wanda suggests.
with their advice in mind, you meet peter in a shaded area away from the team. you fight back the urge to gulp when his chiseled abs come into view.
“you’re not actually mad at me, right?” peter checks, scratching the back of his neck. there’s your boy, shy as ever. the many sides of him never cease to amaze you. “i might be,” you coyly answer. “how come? did i hurt you or something?” he steps closer to you and hugs your waist.
you’d accuse him of playing dumb, but he’s genuinely oblivious.
you place your hands on either of his biceps, despite your frustration. “on the inside.” “meaning?” peter wonders. “i… i wanted you to…” you’re not sure how to phrase it. “make me feel good, you know?” he pouts at your confession. “i thought that’s what i was doing.”
“no, you were. what i meant was, i didn’t want you to stop,” you reiterate, fingers smoothing over his skin. “you did, though.” peter catches on, laughing quietly and pulling you into a proper hug. “mm, sorry ‘bout that.” he bends to kiss your forehead, your arms around his neck. “i’ll make it better, pretty girl. wanna join me for a shower later?”
“it’s a date,” you confirm, pecking peter’s lips. he wiggles his eyebrows. “how romantic.” you flick the side of his head with a giggle. “save it for later. right now, let’s swim.”
peter follows you by his hand you grab in yours, his eyes twinkling. he lets you lead him over to the pool. you take a detour to change at your lounge chair, his mouth literally watering at the thought of seeing you in your bikini once again.
when you pull your shirt off, his jaw drops. that’s a bit dramatic, since this isn’t a new sight for him.
“um, y/n?” peter looks you up and down, handing you your coverup back. “you should probably-“ “relax, princess,” you repeat his words from earlier. “we all know i’m yours. a bikini won’t change that.” peter merely chuckles. “it’s not that,” he attempts to explain. “you can wear whatever you want! but-“
“there’s no problem, then,” you correct him, throwing the oversized shirt on the chair. “come on, weirdo.”
reconnecting both your hands, you head over to the pool with peter walking next to you. wanda and natasha whisper about something as you go.
you pass bruce as he skips over to tony’s juice bar. he slows down to say hi to you and peter.
“when did you kids get here?” he questions, elbowing peter. “not too long ago,” peter wraps his arms around your middle from behind. “we were just gonna go for a swim, so bye!” you exchange a look with bruce. “i sincerely apologize for his behavior.”
bruce is about to engage in your banter, then he notices. he points from your neck to your chest. “y/n… you have a little something, um…” he clears his throat when he realizes what the something is. “everywhere.”
in pure confusion, you cock your head to the side. “what are you talking about? did i miss some sunscreen?” peter chews on his lip to hold back a grin. “i’ll let pete tell you,” bruce awkwardly smiles. “see you lovebirds around.”
he gets out of there, and fast.
peter rests his chin on your head, you poking his bare stomach. “seriously, what was he talking about?” you demand. he breathes out a laugh as you turn around to face him. “right. so, i might’ve given you a few-“
“y/n! underoos!” tony calls, strutting up to you and peter with two glasses in hand. they each have fruit slices and swirly straws. “be my guinea pigs, will you? brucey boy won’t try my concoctions until someone else does.” he nods back at bruce, thrusting the drinks into each of your hands.
“do we have a choice?” you ask tony, swishing around the icy blend. “oh, live a little,” tony responds and taps peter’s glass. “drink up, kiddos. feedback to be announced.”
peter sips the orange drink, you mixing it around before sampling. it’s not half bad.
“well?” tony gives two thumbs up. “what do we think?” peter licks some sugar off the edge of the glass. “woah. it’s kinda awesome, mr. stark,” he praises. you push your hair off your shoulder nonchalantly. “i like it. there’s a kick to it, though.” tony clicks his tongue. “ah, that’s tequila.”
both you and peter almost spit the concoction out. “oh my god, tony!” you shove the half-full glass back into tony’s hand. “we’re not allowed to drink yet!” “i can keep a secret,” tony promises, collecting peter’s cup nevertheless.
your skin showing catches tony’s attention at last.
“good god! parker, are you seeing this? what on earth happened?” tony gestures to you in shock. peter isn’t able to fight back a smirk this time. “don’t worry, mr. stark. she’s alright.” audibly gagging, tony makes the connection. “well… you did quite the number, didn’t you? bye-bye, now!”
he leaves even more abruptly than bruce did, which piques your concern.
“ok, peter,” you start in a warning tone. “what’d you do to me? this is getting weird.”
“peter and y/n sitting in a tree!” sam and bucky chant from their table. “k-i-s-s-i-n-g!” they spell out. visions shields his face, mortified to be associated with them. “first comes love!” sam yells. “then comes marriage!” bucky shouts after. the two of them join in together again. “then comes baby in the baby carriage!”
“ok… don’t freak out, babe,” peter traces his hands along your sides to calm you. “so, i sort of-“ “here, y/n,” wanda appears behind you with a compact mirror. she smiles sheepishly as you take it from her.
terrified for what you’re about to see, you aim the mirror so it shows your neck. your mouth falls agape. there’s a huge hickey off to the side and a couple of tiny ones near your collarbone. you can only imagine what your hips look like.
you slam the mirror shut and set your gaze on peter, who finds this too amusing for your liking. you’re about five seconds away from destroying him, and not in the way he hopes for. wanda taps him on the shoulder to alert him.
“you better run.”
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crackedoutwalnut · 9 days ago
Touch Deprived (Yelena Belova x Fem!Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: Yelena is determined to give love to a very touch starved reader.
Warnings: none
A/N: Yelena Melina and Natasha are a FAMILY. and marvel had no right to break them up >:/... oh yeah and Alexei too. he's not hot nor is he a milf though so he's not in this fic. (PS sorry if this fic isn’t as up to snuff as my other ones, it has been months since I’ve written anything other than an English essay, and MLA format isn’t exactly conducive to good fanfiction writing lol.)
Up until a year ago, physical contact had been purely hostile for the majority of your life. From punches to chokeholds, human contact was a means of figuring out how to kill your opponent the fastest. There were no hugs, or high fives, only cracked ribs and split knuckles. The only time you ever had interactions that weren't hostile was in the moments where you were allowing a target to feel you up... before inevitably slitting his throat moments later. Blood caked every physical interaction you had ever had.
That is until you met Yelena Belova. After the destruction of the Red Room, you, Yelena, Natasha, and Melina had all moved into a house in the countryside of western Ohio. The three other women had originally moved in together so that they could connect as a real family. You only moved in with them because you had nowhere else to go.
At first, you opted to stay out of their way. They were catching up on nearly two decades worth of lost family bonding; why would they want you to butt in and ruin it? So, you mostly stayed in your room or out in the wooded area near the back of the house. You read, watched tv, drank, went on walks, anything to keep yourself busy and away from them. Away from the aching in your chest every time you saw Yelena hug Melina. Or the pain you felt when Natasha wrapped her arm around her little sister.
The pain you felt fluctuated from tolerable to an agonizing sting deep in your chest. The days you barely felt it were usually the ones you spent at a seedy bar in town getting boozed up and smoking weed until your throat burned from the vodka and smoke. Those were the moments you floated above the world in an expanse of dizzying colors and noise.
Today, unfortunately, was not one of those days. Instead, you were sat out on the back porch tossing a tennis ball to Yelena's dog Fanny. It was the tail end of autumn which meant the thin gray sweatshirt you had on did little to shield you from the late evening breeze. Inside, your three roommates were having a horror movie marathon. This is why you remained outside, allowing your fingers to go numb and your nose to sting. You couldn't stand to stay inside and listen to them chatter and laugh, gathered together on the couch.
Sighing, you scratched the back of Fanny's ear, "You don't seem all that bothered by the cold, do you girl?" The dog dropped the slimy tennis ball onto your lap as a response. "Well, at least one of us is having fun," you muttered before chucking the ball across the yard. The sun had nearly disappeared on the horizon, which meant you would have to go inside soon. Fuck.
Fanny, who had decided to bring you another ball than the one you had originally been throwing, decided to pull you from your thoughts by leaping onto your lap. You gasped in surprise as the large hound wiggled excitedly on top of you. You laughed quietly to yourself as you struggled to pull the dog off your lap.
"She is as heavy as she looks." The sudden voice of none other than Yelena Belova nearly sent you leaping out your skin from shock.
You whipped your head around to find the blonde leaning against the back door. You felt your cheeks heat for a reason entirely unrelated to the cold. Yelena was dressed in what you believed to be one of her elder sister's shirts and a pair of, particularly, short volleyball shorts. You mentally slapped yourself for ogling her like some sleazeball and forced your eyes back to where Fanny had fully settled on your lap. She was now resting her head on the armrest of the chair you were sitting in, content to crush you with her full weight.
"She doesn't seem to be aware of that fact," you replied with a slightly forced smile.
If Yelena noticed the tightness to your expression, she did not comment. Instead, she wandered closer and looked out at the dark backyard. "I just came out here to put her to bed. I did not realize you were out here," she explained.
You sat up, "Oh yeah, sorry, I guess it is a bit late for her to be out."
"Don't worry about it; Fanny would stay out here forever if she could, regardless of the time or the cold." At the sound of her name, the dog leaped gracefully off your lap and trotted over to her mother. Yelena grinned and buried her hands into Fanny's fur before crouching to place a series of kisses onto her head and chest fluff. You smiled slightly at the display of affection- pointedly ignoring the fact that you felt jealous of a dog. "It's time for you to go to bed, isn't it? Yes, it is, oh yes it is," the woman cooed enthusiastically. Fanny wagged her tail against the ground in an exciting rhythm as she leaped up to run towards the door.
Feeling the familiar lonely ache in your chest return, you turned back towards the empty yard. However, you were interrupted once more by the fact that Yelena wasn't going back inside. Instead, the woman was standing almost timidly next to the back door. "Would you like to join us in the living room? We're watching Hereditary, and Mom suggested we watch Scream next."
You tensed slightly. Yelena wanted you to join? Surely you would be intruding on their family time. Shaking your head, you forced another tight-lipped smile, "Oh, that's fine; I would hate to intrude."
Yelena gave you a strange look, "Why would you be intruding? It would be good to spend time with you. We have hardly gotten the chance since we moved in."
Hesitantly, you stood, "Sure, it's getting colder than Russia out here anyways." Yelena chuckled before guiding Fanny inside. In the living room, Natasha and Melina were settled on opposite ends of the couch. Fanny, who clearly did not understand the term bedtime, had settled on the sofa cushion between them, her tail wagging happily.
Yelena groaned, "Fanny if you aren't going to settle in your crate for the night, you could at least make room for us on the couch."
Natasha laughed and pulled the dog closer to her, "Sorry Yelena, you snooze, you lose; we prefer her company anyway."
Yelena shot her elder sister a playful scowl, "After all we have been through. Natty, I am wounded."
"The more you call me that stupid nickname, the less I want to be around you." Yelena shot Natasha a wounded look before dramatically falling back next to her mother. Melina, who had been listening to the exchange with amusement and fondness, wrapped her arm around the blonde.
You watched the three women interact like someone would watch a movie through their neighbor's window. Shuffling your feet awkwardly, you settled on the armchair that lay off to the side of the living room. This had been a mistake. You were interrupting their bonding time-
"Y/n, what are you doing all the way over there?" Natasha's curious gaze snapped the gloomy mantra out of your head.
"Oh, I just figured I would sit here since the couch is full," you explained sheepishly.
"Of course there is; Fanny can move," Natasha gently nudged the dog off before patting the empty cushion, "Now stop sitting in the shadows and get over here." You smiled despite your nerves and quickly settled on the seat between Yelena and her sister.
Once the movie started, you found yourself sitting stiffly against the back of the couch. You were quite close to both sisters, close enough to be brushing shoulders with Yelena. The last time you were this close to someone was, well... never. You found yourself subtly attempting to shift your body away from Yelena's so that your sides no longer touched. It wasn't until your shoulder bumped immediately into Natasha's did you realize the problem. You were trapped. Panicking, you rubbed your sweaty palms against your jeans and scooted to the side once more. Somehow, the room had grown twenty degrees warmer, and the once cool leather couch now felt suffocating.
Yelena, being the trained assassin she was, seemed to take note of your discomfort, "Y/n, is something wrong?"
You forced a shaky chuckle and nodded, "Of course, just cold, I guess." A blatant lie, sweat was practically beading down the notches of your spine. You felt more like a greased pig in the summer sun than a human at this point.
"I suppose it is a bit cold in here," the blonde agreed before hopping to her feet. "I will be right back." With that, she ran off down the hall. After a few moments, Yelena rushed back into the living room, a neatly folded wool blanket in hand. Then, faster than you could fully process the situation, she settled down next to you, threw the blanket over the both of you, and wrapped an arm around your shoulder. "Better?" Yelena inquired.
You blinked, left dumbstruck at the feeling of her being so close. "Uh, yeah. Thanks," you replied dumbly. Your body felt like it was seconds away from burning to a charred crisp as you focused on the feeling of her hand resting on your upper arm. Was this normal? For a person to just touch someone else like it was No Big Deal. Was it normal for someone to wrap their arm around someone else? Why was no one making a big deal out of it? What was happening?
The rest of the movie was a blur as you spent the majority of the time trying not to combust. Sometime during your spiral, Yelena had rested her head against your shoulder. The feeling of her impossibly soft hair against your collarbone was nearly enough to send you bolting out of the room. At least it was only for tonight.
It was not only for that night. After being invited to watch that movie, Yelena continued to sprinkle little affections into her daily routine. From brief hugs to hand-holding, the woman slowly wormed her way into your reinforced steel bubble. The worst part was, you enjoyed it. Yelena was constantly filled with a warmth and vibrance that you found yourself craving constantly. You were like a starving man placed in front of a Thanksgiving feast.
However, you held back. There had to be boundaries somewhere, and you were not keen on finding out where they were the hard way. So, you let Yelena instigate everything. Which, luckily for you, the woman had no problem with. As the weeks went on, you started growing used to Yelena's casual hugs and playful shoulder nudges. You no longer felt fire ants under your skin at the brush of an arm against your own, nor did you feel like bolting from the room when Yelena wrapped her arms around your shoulders. Finally, you allowed yourself to become comfortable with another person. Even still, you continued to carefully edge around the idea of instigating anything.
Eventually, you knew, there would be the inevitable slip up, and the fragile web of security that was Yelena's attention would break away from beneath you. That breaking point occurred one morning over breakfast. You had been up rather late the previous night, having been bar hopping well into the early hours. This meant two things, one, you were dead tired, and two, you were hungover as hell. These two factors left your brain and overall logical thinking skills just short of mushy pulp.
You trudged into the kitchen at around 11:30, sleep still hanging heavy on your eyelids. Yelena stood in front of the stove cooking what you believed to be incredibly burnt scrambled eggs. She was dressed in a loose pair of camo green cargo shorts- the best kind of shorts according to her- and a loose white tank top. Her hair was tied back in a haphazard bun that had stray strands framing her cheeks.
This incredibly domestic scene caught your exhausted brain off guard. So off guard, it would seem that you made the worst possible decision. Walking up behind her, you wrapped your arms around her middle and placed your chin on top of her shoulder. Then, if that wasn't bad enough, you proceeded to place a kiss on her left cheek. "Good morning," you mumbled sleepily.
It wasn't until Yelena turned around to look at you with an incredibly puzzled expression on her face, did you realize what had just happened. You leaped away from her, as one would a hot pan. "Shit, I am so sorry. I should have asked first; that was way out of line. I'm not really in the smartest frame of mind right now. Not-not that that's a good excuse or anything-"
You rambled on like this for a while until you were cut off by Yelena. "I don't mind." She shrugged, a strange smile on her face.
You blinked, "You don't... mind?"
"Y/n, I have been trying to pry you out of your shell ever since we first moved in together," she replied, flipping off the knob on the stovetop.
Furrowing your brows, you stared at her, dumbstruck. "What do you mean?"
Yelena snickered as she poured her charcoal eggs onto a plate. Settling down at the couch in the attached living room, she gestured for you to sit. Hesitantly, as if she might bite, you did. "Up until recently, I have barely gotten a chance to talk to you. Every time I, or the others, were in a room with you, you were as stiff as a board." Yelena turned on the TV and pulled up Netflix. "So, I figured if you were going to clam up at every possible interaction, I would have to take matters into my own hands."
"So, you wanted to spend time with me all along?" You asked, genuinely puzzled by the idea. "Why? You already have your mother and sister. I'm just your roommate that you all let live with you because it was convenient."
Yelena laughed and wrapped her arm around your shoulder. "Have you ever considered that there are people out there who genuinely want to get to know you? For God's sake, you are like a fucking safe when it comes to ice breakers. And you know I have always loved a good challenge," she said with a smirk. "Listen, if we didn't want you here, if I didn't want you here, we would have just gotten Fury to set you up in an apartment away from us." You stared at her, processing the information. At your stunned silence, Yelena plowed on. "Look, I like you. More than I probably should for someone who knows literally nothing about you. And, I want to get to know you more, but I want to be sure you are comfortable trying this out."
"You-you like me?" Your voice came out squeakier than usual. "But, why? I don't know the first thing about hold hands with someone, much less being romantic with them."
Yelena pulled you closer to her and let out a breathy laugh, "And you think I have tons of dating experience under my belt? The first guy I slept with ended up with a knife in his back- that I put there mind you- the same night. We are both going to be absolutely awful at his, but that's okay." She grabbed your hand and intertwined your fingers with her own. Then, she lifted it to her mouth and placed a gentle kiss on the back of it. "So, what do you say? Do you want to give it a try?"
Sitting up, you turned to face her. Then, gently, you placed your hands on the sides of her soft cheeks and pulled her closer until your lips met. It wasn't a long kiss; however, it was a moment you would find yourself living in for years to come.
"I would like that."
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