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#marvel fic

Pairing: Loki x alien!reader 

Summary: Years before Thor 1, Loki is messing around with his magic, testing its limits. Only something goes wrong and he finds himself on your planet, unable to find his way back. 

Word Count: 12.1k

Warnings: Major character death, fluff, violence, angst (Please DO NOT read if death in any form is triggering to you) 

A/N: So this is my very very very late submission to @the–sad–hatter​‘s Tea Party Challenge, and it was an absolute blast so thank you so much for letting me participate! It’s the only dark thing I’ve written without a happy ending (And I love happy endings and value them too much to say this kind of fic will happen again) but I was watching Thor 2, and was immediately inspired by a scene so here it is. A little nervous actually to know what you think! <3 


The Harder They Fall 

There were only two things in all the worlds that Loki knew for sure. The first was that the only person in all the realms he could ever count on was himself. The second was that magic, regardless of the form it took, was unpredictable. He would soon learn that he was only right about one of those things.

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(honestly this felt a little ooc lol but whatever it’s my writing I can do what I want)

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader

“Oh, just come here.”

“I don’t– Y/N,” Bucky protested. 

“James,” you retorted with sass, eyeing him with a challenge. Go ahead and try, was the basis of the look. You weren’t playing. 

“It won’t be comfortable for you,” Bucky aired his concerns for the first time since you brought up the topic of cuddling. 

“Says who? Big strong handsome man and I’m wrapped up in him? That sounds like heaven to me,” you reached up and tweaked Bucky’s nose playfully, smiling at him. You caught the subtle blush that danced across his cheeks and then vanished when he cleared his throat. 

“No one wants to curl up with a big hunk of metal, Y/N,” Bucky’s voice was soft, embarrassed almost. He felt ashamed for what he was, what he looked like. 

“Shut up, Barnes,” you sighed, sick of this behavior. You took his hands in yours and dragged him towards the bed. You then forced him to sit beside you, “Lay back,” there was a pause, “I won’t ask you twice.”

Bucky had to flash a small grin now at your stubbornness. He thought he could compete, but apparently not. The Winter Soldier leaned himself back against the pillows and the bedframe and you followed, resting yourself against his chest. You heard his heartbeat and smiled. He was every bit as alive as you, one arm or not. You wrapped your arms around his waist, but before doing that, you tugged at his metal hand to get it to move towards holding you in return. He was reluctant. 

“Mmm,” you hummed in contentment once his heavy arms pressed down all around your shoulders and back. Yeah, the metal gave you a cold shock at first, but you got used to it extremely quickly. 

“Now this is the life,” you complimented, smiling as you tilted your head back to look at Bucky. 

Bucky didn’t verbally respond. He kissed the top of your head and leaned back more, trying to get more comfortable. 

About twenty minutes passed. You shared small talk with the Winter Soldier. Then when you were getting tensed up from staying in one position, you sat up, “Okay, switch.”


“Yeah, I’ll hold you now.”

“Good luck with that.”

“Buck,” you practically whined, “We’ll make it easier on me. Ready? Take it off.”

“Excuse me?”

“The arm.”

“What is that gonna do?”

“Will you please not question everything I’m saying! Geez!” you had to laugh or you would hit him. 

Bucky shook his head but smirked at you. He got out of bed and went to the bathroom so he could unhinge his prosthetic. When he came back out, he saw you smiling broadly, laying on the bed. 

“You’re lucky you’re cute.”

“Whahat does that mean?”

“It means you’re lucky I let you do this.”

“C’mere, stud,” you opened your arms wide, ready to accept him. 

Bucky crawled into the bed and you lay in a sort of big-spoon, little-spoon kind of set up. You could easily fully wrap your arms around Bucky’s waist and that’s where your arms stayed. For now, you peppered kisses along Bucky’s shoulder and upper back and behind his neck. Your hands were feeling a bit bored as they sat where they were after a few minutes of stillness, so you started tracing patterns on Bucky’s side. The sudden intake of breath and the jerk backwards into you gave you enough of a hint.

“Ooohhh,” you sung in a teasy whisper.

Bucky tensed.

Your nails started scratching at the dip in Bucky’s side, back and forth in gentle sweeps. He snorted and his whole body started shaking.

“Y/N,” he choked out, trying to hold back any real big laughs. His one arm was currently pressed underneath the side matted to the mattress. His hand weakly batted at yours. But you had free rein on this uninhibited left side of his and you weren’t going to back down easily.

“Something bothering you, dearest?” and now you were teasing. Your nails fluttered against the thin fabric of Bucky’s shirt, right above his navel. Bucky’s head now jerked back as he barked out another laugh. 

You wrapped one leg around one of his to help keep him even more pinned, and now your hand was scribbling without abandon, up and down and up and down from his hip all the way up to his used-to-be armpit. 

Bucky was shaking and laughing, hard. 

“Stop! Stohohop, plehease! This isn’t fahahair!”

Now it was your turn to snort, “Not fair!? Who’s about 90 pounds heavier than me in pure muscle? Who’s the super soldier here? Not me, buddy.”

That resonated with Bucky. What was he thinking? Of course you were right. Bucky used his one arm to push himself up off the bed to free that arm and then he twisted himself around and caught one of your wrists. Your eyes connected for a split second before Bucky latched onto your hip and squeezed. 

“AHA! Ahahasshole!” you giggled. 

With the tables turned, Bucky got revenge for another minute or so. And then you each lay side by side on the bed, both smiling. You scooted yourself closer to Bucky and cuddled with him once more. It was Bucky who asked for cuddles the next time he needed them. 

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Best Friend’s Brother (College!AU) Part 4: An Outing

Summary: Y/N goes up to her friend’s ‘summer home’ for spring break to forget about the daily stress of being a student. She’s ready to let loose and have fun, but she wasn’t prepared to meet her friend’s attractive older brother…

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: mild swearing, drinking, sexual inuuendo and themes

Word Count: 1.5k

Dedicated to @marvelrose


As the group began to trail out back, Y/N became lost in her thoughts; thinking of everything that had happened so far.  

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Little Intruders: 2


Pairing Stucky x Reader

Word Count: 500+

A/N: (Art by @fluffeh-kitty​) Enjoy more of this crack fic. Short chapter this time though, next one will be longer. 


“Steve.” Bucky grumbles into his hands, his elbows on the table as he peeks through his fingers at the scene in front of him.

Bucky just can’t believe it. Just moments ago, he was attacked. Attacked by some strange looking things that have a weird resemblance to him and Steve. Not knowing where the hell they even came from. Yet here they are, being fed and cooed at by you. His hands fell from his face to the table, causing the mini Bucky and Steve to jump slightly. Bucky felt no remorse, his icy-blue eyes glared down at the table where they sat. Watching as his “mini him” returns to happily eating a piece of beef. Steve’s “mini him” laying back, using mini Bucky as a pillow while nibbling on a piece of carrot in his paws. Both seemed to be completely content with your company.

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Previous Chapter Nine: For the Greater Good Part One 

This is part two of chapter nine and fills whumptober day 9! Thank you for reading.

Chapter Ten: For the Greater Good Part Two

Winter, 2017. Four weeks into escape.

“Does this thing even work?”

Rain splattered on the balcony and windows locking them inside for the day. The weather wasn’t just affecting the outside. Tony locked himself in his room. The sound of his music vibrating through the walls so they could hear from the living room. Rhodey was sitting on the couch, book in hand, but Peter noticed he hadn’t turned the page in over fifteen minutes. Peter was walking around the living room in circles, tracing his fingers along all the objects and watching as the shadows cast strange lights into the space they were stuck in.

He paused in front of the side table by Rhodey. Behind the light there was an old phone. Peter twirled the plastic covered wire around his finger. The curls bounced back to their original coiled form connecting the receiver to the stand. Sesame seeds covered the top and when Peter picked it up the patty and faux melted cheese held buttons to dial. The burger shaped phone was fit perfectly in this out of time apartment.

Rhodey glanced over and smiled at Peter’s pretend dialing. “Sure, it does. Tony and I used it for so many prank calls in the day. Isn’t it great?”

“I’ve always wanted to see one like this!”

“What do you think?”

“I can tell it’s been put to use in its day.” He said rubbing his finger along the holes where the seeds should have been and worn paint on the top of the bun. “I love those ones that are clear with the neon insides.”

Rhodey smirked and closed his book. Peter sent a quirked brow at the man’s laugh but received a shrug in response. He set the phone back into its base and continued on in his perusal of the room. When he looked back at Rhodey the kitchen, the book was closed beside him. He was still looking at the plastic hamburger a distant, glazed over finish in his eyes.


Winter, 2017. Five weeks into escape.

Fire raced through his lungs and down his legs but he couldn’t stop running. He didn’t care if they knew about his powers as long as the people behind him didn’t catch him; as long as Rhodey and Tony were safe. He pumped his legs harder but it made no difference, they were still right on his trail.

“We can’t let him go back!” They yelled trying to close in on him. It was a close race and Peter felt the sweat behind his knees. What he needed was more time. They came to the path stretching around the lake. Never in all their walks on this crumbling cement path would Peter have thought he would be running for his life. Peter hesitated before veering off the path and onto the snow-covered grass. He was not going to make this easy for them. The bushes and frozen plant life were hard and he to push through them, breaking their stems, in order to race toward the beach.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he thought how strange it was he was working so hard not to be captured again. Only weeks ago, he had wanted to keep a distance from Rhodey and Tony, and now he was hurt and running. All to stay with them.

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Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Characters: Reader, You, Bucky Barnes, OFC, OMC, Steve Rogers

Word Count: 1267 // Rating: Teen and up

Summary: Daddy’s pride and joy is marrying some boy.

Tags/ Warnings: Shotgun Wedding, Established Relationship, Engagements, Weddings, Pre-Marital S*x, Pregnancy, Love, Scared, Wedding Dresses, Babies, Fluff, Angst, K*sses, SongFic [x]

Notes: I’m doing 12days of SongFics for Halloween. Not Halloween related just trying to write everyday.


Originally posted by classylena

12 Days of Songfic Spooktober (Oct 19th - Oct 31st)

I stood in front of her wardrobe. The door panel was made up a mirror and I stood looking at myself in its reflection. My hair was pinned back off of my face and curled to her shoulders. My makeup was simple, even my favoured red lipstick was toned down to a nude shade. I smoothed the lace on the front of her dress out, fiddling with the buttons that made up the front looking at the dress, then I sighed. It was lovely, I had to admit but it just didn’t feel like a wedding dress. In fact, nothing about today felt very wedding like. 

Just as I was pondering over her upcoming nuptials my mother and aunt came in in a flurry. She had flowers in one hand and a garment bag over her other arm. She threw them down on the bed as she entered and said, ‘well don’t you look lovely. I said that this was the perfect shape to go for didn’t it.’ 

‘You’re right Ruth,’ said my aunt, Evelyn, as she swarmed me and smoothed out the dress, examining every inch, ‘it looks gorgeous and still hides the…unsightly places.’
‘Agreed,’ my mom, Ruth, said. They spoke as if I weren’t even in the room as if she couldn’t hear them speak of my ‘indiscretions’ as my mother called it. Though my dress was nice enough it was still drawn in at my waist and flared to hide my stomach which as of two weeks ago had started to show making mother had been frantic.

This whole wedding had come about in less than a month. My parents had paid for the whole shebang and my mother had arranged everything down to the last detail praying that it would be a nice enough occasion no one would whisper about the speediness of it. As my mother and aunt talked across me as if she weren’t there I checked out, wondering what Bucky was doing right about now. I wondered if he would be home by now or if he would still be out, hungover and having Steve chaperone him home. I sighed. 

Just then my father popped his head around the door, clad in an old suit, freshly shaven and with his hair slicked back with brill cream. 
‘Don’t you ladies look stunning,’ he said making Ruth and Aunt Evelyn smile though I could only muster half of one. 
‘We better get going if we want to be there for one,’ he said and there was an agreement in the room as everyone headed downstairs with me trailing behind. When we got outside my carriage to the church was revealed to me. A great, ugly ostentatious car my dad had loaned off of a pal from his office. He climbed in the front seat and I climbed in the back with my mom and aunt. As we drove I allowed the ‘adults’ to talk without me preferring to look out of the window at the Brooklyn streets that went past in a blur. There were so many people out today, with it being a Saturday, and I envied all of them out and about. Free. 

The church was less than ten minutes away and we pulled up outside just in time. As I clambered out of the car I had to try not to crease my dress which my mom didn’t fail to remind me.  My mother and aunt kissed me quickly and dipped inside leaving me with just my dad. It was autumn and a definitive chill was in the air making me shiver in my thin dress which I hadn’t thought about buying a shawl for. 

‘You okay hon?’ my dad asked looking at me. 
‘Yeah just a little cold,’ I said as we walked up the path to the entrance and he nodded. 
‘Not nervous are ya?’ he said and I said nothing, ‘because you don’t have to do this if you don’t want you know.’
‘But mom said-’
‘Your mother just worries that is all. She worries what people will think with your condition-’
‘She worries so much what people will think and yet made me wear a beige dress,’ I said quirking an eyebrow. I loved my dad but he always preferred to take the path of least resistance which meant saying yes to everything my mom proposed.
‘Well I suppose you’ve got a point there,’ he chuckled, ‘but seriously hon. She just worries about you. We love you no matter what but other people in town might not be so kind.’ 
‘I guess so,’ i said, ‘but Bucky and I are made of strong stuff-’ I didn’t get to finish my point as Steve popped his head out of the church doors to check if I were ready. I nodded and watched as Steve disappeared back into the church to join Bucky’s side. As he did the churches organ started playing signalling it was time to go. My dad looped my left arm and I held my bouquet of roses and daisies in my left as he led me forward to the church. It was jam-packed with family. Though Bucky’s side was made up of what little kin he had and a few friends mine seemed to be everyone my mother and father ever knew. I feared that this had little to do with them wanting to be there than my mother trying to prove the wedding wasn’t a shotgun one.

I looked at everyone for a moment as I walked and then I clapped eyes on him. Bucky. 

He was stood at the end of the aisle and he smiled when he caught my eye. His hair was slicked back, unlike its usual style and he was in a three-piece suit that seemed to be too big for him. Still, I thought he was the slickest guy in there. We were in front of each other in no time at all and my dad handed me off with a smile. As the preacher started to talk I watched every inch of his face, watching his reactions as he read the lines that would bring us together in matrimony. He seemed nervous, unlike I’d ever seen him before. Before I could dwell on it any more the preacher said those fateful words, ‘Y/N do you take James Buchanan Barnes to be your lawfully wedded husband?’ 

I looked at him. His eyes were wide and wondersome. I dropped my gaze for a moment and threw a glance at my parents who were waiting with bated breath. I didn’t want this. But just as I went to speak I felt a kick. My baby. My tiny mix of Bucky and myself. 

It wasn’t what I wanted. 
It was rushed and haphazard. 
None of the choices were our own and we had been forced to act due to my mothers fear of being socially outcast. 
There would be no honeymoon. 
Bucky was wearing his dad’s suit and my beige dress wasn’t my choice. 


I loved Bucky. 
I knew I wanted to marry him one day and I was sure he felt the same about me. 
Our baby deserved a family. A home. 
And even if it weren’t our choice we could still make it work.

‘I do,’ I said with a smile. With that, the ceremony was over and Bucky was instructed to kiss me which he did with gusto. After all, that seemed to be the only bit of the ceremony he was able to control and he’d had a lot of practice perfecting it.

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@whumptober2020 - Day 21- I Don’t Feel So Well

Day 1 - Waking Up Restrained // Day 2 - Kidnapped // Day 3 - Manhandled // Day 4 - Caged// Day 5 - Rescue // Day 6 - No More // Day 7 - Support // Day 8 - Isolation // Day 9 - Take Me Instead // Day 10 - Blood Loss/Trail of Blood // Day 11 - Psych 101 // Day 12 - Broken Down // Day 13 - Oxygen Mask // Day 14 - Alternative Prompt - Comfort // Day 15 - Into The Unknown // Day 16 - A Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day // Day 17 - Wrongfully Accused // Day 18 - Paranoia // Day 19- Survivors Guilt // Day 20 - Lost // Day 21 - I dont feel so well // Day 22- Withdrawal

“She should be at least in the med bay, or even the hospital?” Bruce comments.


The concussion is kicking her ass. Not even a little bit. It doesn’t help that her throat, her head, her neck are all compromised. She tries to hide it but yesterday she had a seizure. So her brain is mushy already. Things aren’t coming out coherently. Confusion. That’s a good word. She reminds herself what’s happened. Rubs her fingers over her bandaged wrists.

Yesterday, she got captured and rescued.

Today she’s coping, surviving hour by hour.

Tells herself again. Repeats it so it’s real.

Staying awake and conscious is the first hurdle. It’s hard.


Her head feels like a bowling ball. Heavy. Lifting it feels monumental. Even the most basic of tasks feels like climbing a mountain.

She’s back in her room at her own insistence. Couldn’t stand the others hovering. Asked them to leave. They had but the two wonder twins had stayed. Tony and Clint had obviously been tag teaming watching her, something she perhaps needed but was never going to admit.

She felt better than yesterday though, and that was something. The tremors had lessened, being tasered over and over was nothing new. It had happened before. But the collar. She blanches thinking about it. Stands and goes to look in the mirror.

Stays there, staring at the bruising, the colours, the cuts.

It’s where Tony finds her.

“Nat?” He says gently.

She doesn’t respond. He doesn’t think she’s there. But she’s standing.

“Nat?” He calls again, he touches her arm softly.

She turns to look at him, recognises safety in his touch and voice. “I don’t think I feel so good,” she mutters before throwing up all over the floor, falling to her knees.

She retches again.

Tony quickly messaged Bruce to come. He’s glad they’re all still kind of on high alert because Bruce is there within the minute.

“Help her lie down.” He suggests

“Orthostatic hypotension,” he follows up by way of explanation. “You stand up, blood pressure goes down.”

He tries to rouse her, “Natasha? Natasha can you hear me?” He rubs on her chest, forgetting. Stopping when she cries out in pain, grabbing his hand to stop the movement.

“When’d you last drink something?”

He looks to Tony, who shrugs.

“Have you had anything at all today?” He directs at her.

She doesn’t answer. He suspects, she hasn’t had anything, not since being in the makeshift hospital.

“Tony, go and get her a drink, there’s hydrolyte in the kitchen , can you mix it in?” Tony sets off and Bruce is left to help Natasha to sit in her bed.

“Gotta keep those fluids up, Nat. There’s nothing of you anyway, loss of blood, dehydration. Not so fun on an already strained body.”

Natasha blanches and nods.

“Want a bucket?” He asks, nodding towards her kitchen.

She looks miserably at him. Nods.

He gets up to get it, and she all but flops onto the pillows. He passes her the small bucket, and she curls around it.

Tony returns with the hydrolyte water, and takes in the scene, handing it to Bruce to navigate with Natasha. Bruce gently replaces the bucket with the drink bottle.

“Just a sip,” he coaxed.

Natasha screws her face up, and takes a sip, swallows some and spits the rest into the bucket Bruce is holding.

“Fuck.” She said with a groan.

“Feeling dizzy? Nauseous?” Bruce questions.

“Headache.” Natasha deadpans.

She rests her head back.

Bruce tells Friday to dull all the lights just as Clint walks in to find Tony, Bruce and Natasha all sitting on the bed. He almost gags when he smells the vomit, and leaves going to get some cleaning supplies from his room; knowing exactly where they are.

“You can go,” Natasha directs to Bruce. “You too,” she ducks her head at Tony.

Closes her eyes. Conversation over.

Bruce moves away from Natasha’s bedside, stands at the door and motions for Tony to come over.

“She should be at least in the med bay, or even the hospital?” Bruce comments.

Tony snorts. “You try telling her that. This is the best I can do, with Friday looking in on her..” Clint approaches, joining the duo in conversation.


“Don’t start Bruce, I know exactly what you’re gonna say. And I know. Just leave it.” Clint stops and thinks for a minute.

“Has Cho left?” He asks Tony.

Nodding, Tony looks over to the Natasha shaped ball. “Yeah, she said that that concussion is gonna be shit, and on top of compromised ribs, a bruised throat, cuts littering her body and the remnants of tasering, she’s got a rough couple of days. Nothing life threatening but also not much to be done about any of it, just gotta ride it out.”

“Ok. Ok.” Bruce nods. “I’m on call. But for the record, this is not my favourite plan.”

Clint nods. “Thanks.”

Heads inside the room and gets to cleaning.


This is your reminder kids, go drink some water.

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Until The End Begins

Steve rogers x reader

Angst and pure friendship

Memories were a crazy thing, they retold your stories like episodes of a long series that is your life. There were good reels and there were the bad ones, each showing every turn you took in your life that lead you where you are now. The people you chose to trust, to love, the places you decided to reside. All contributed to the person you were today, and the only question to ask is did you hate it? Did you hate who you became? Did you regret it all?

As you stood on the cliff overlooking the sea in beautiful Norway, the wind made your hair capture your face within its tendrils and your mind ran wild. The waves were angry that day, the tides strong as the strong wind guided its angst towards the rocky shore. Normally, you would want to bundle up with the chilly sea air but today was different. Today you wanted to feel it all…the cold, the pain, the pricks of cold ocean water from crashing waves. To smell the salty air, the overgrown grass, and smoke from chimneys from nearby cottages. To see the vast colors of the scenery that surrounded you, the small intricate details, the nature that always brought you peace. Today you had to say goodbye.

Normally, you wouldn’t have an issue with it. But, this time you had made the mistake of forming bonds. Connections. Ones that made your usual cold heart, thaw and break as you came to realize what you were losing. But earth couldn’t be your home, not anymore. You were too dangerous, your powers not of this world. You knew they would tell you different, that you belonged here and they could help you…but you knew better and so did Thor. A certain super soldier would be angry at you but with all the love you gained for him in your time here, he was going to be safe. Your lips quirked up into a smirk as you thought about your self righteous lover, tears catching in your eyes.

“Are you changing your mind?” Thor’s booming voice comes from behind you.

Still staring forward with tears now running softly down your cheeks, you shake your head. “No…no I’m not. I’m doing the right thing.”

“I believe the same. Which is why I am accompanying you and taking you to my father.”

You turn and smile sadly at your friend. “Thank you, for everything. I know you’re leaving just as much behind.”

Thor gives you a smile in return and shrugs. “You need a friend. I know what it is like to be vastly different than the humans here. It can be isolating.”

“That is definitely true. Steve was the closest I got to anyone like us. I just wish I didn’t have to hurt him now.”

“If he truly loves you, he shall understand. You are making a heavy decision, that needed to be made.” He reassures you.

Your eyes shut close as you think back to your last mission. The one that was your wake up call to be where you were now. Your brow creases as the painful memory of nearly killing every single one of your teammates, the man you love. “I need him to. I could have killed him, all of them. Even you.”

“I’m quite more durable than the rest but, yes. But you didn’t and we are going to fix this.”

You smile and open your eyes and glance at his hammer. “Going to beam us up?”

Holding his hand out he replies, “after you m’lady.”

Grabbing his hand you stand beside him and take a deep breath as he lifts his hammer and calls on Heimdall. The beautiful scenery around you sadly faded quickly into the bright light and soon you were soaring. You whisper out a small goodbye, to earth itself and to your special Steve Rogers.

“He’ll be okay, you know?” You begin, “he could have any woman with his charm.”

“Not any woman is you, y/n. Not to him.” Thor replies.

Once landed you take in the land that was Asgard and embrace your new home. “There was never supposed to be another woman than Peggy either, but here we are. In the series of everything I’m severly inconsequential. Simply trouble.”

Thor sighs in defeat before placing a hand on his shoulder. “Let’s go see father.”

Odin was every bit of what Thor had described him, the strength radiating off him. You bowed before him before bringing your head back up high not wanting to look weak.

“This was the woman you described to me?” Odin asks.

“Yes father. This is y/n.”

He approached you carefully, examining you as he circled you. “I can feel your power radiating onto my centuries old skin. Where did you come from?”

Your brows came together in a frown as you tried to think about your past. “I have no memory beyond the age of 10 when I was placed on earth.”

Orin’s eyes flashed to Thor, then back to you, a look of fascination in his orbs. “So you have no idea what you really are do you? I cannot believe you didn’t sense it Thor, knowing your experience with Jane.”

The confusion that was etched in your and thor’s face was almost identical. Suddenly it’s as if a lightbulb went off in his head and he turns to you with an incredulous smile. “Yes. It all makes sense.”

“What?? What makes sense?” You ask desperately.

“Why,” Odin steps forward and placed a hand on your shoulder, “you’re an infinity stone my dear.”

You lose your breath in shock and glance between Thor and Odin rapidly. “What does that even mean?”

“It means at your core lies a very powerful stone that is what you were created from. You are it’s home, someone must have wanted to keep it safe and left you on midguard as you were to steer anyone away from finding you.”

You couldn’t help but think to yourself that you were no more than a vessel, not even a creature nor human but simply an encasing. A volatile encasing. “I exist to simply be a vessel.”

Thor senses my negative thoughts and begins to argue, “now that’s not-“

You raise your hand to stop him in it’s tracks. “It’s the truth. Please do not try to save my feelings of actually being an actual being…” your eyes find Odin’s and you know he can see your turmoil just as you can see his wariness. “I’m too volatile to go back to earth. I have no control of what is inside of me, and that in itself will give me away.”

Odin sighs. “Yes. You must not go back in the state you’re in. It’s not safe for them. Or for the stone inside you.”

You nod and a tear fill your eyes. “I knew, I’m just glad I got to say my goodbye…” you turn to Thor this time and smile. “Thank you, for all of this. For your help.”

“Of course, y/n. You are my friend.”

“Then as your friend I need one last request.” You rasp out as more tears begin to arise. You step forward and take one of his hands in yours and squeeze it before taking off the necklace hidden in your shirt and placing it in his hand. A metallic captain America shield charm glistens in the light as he observes what you give him. “Take care of him for me. Make sure he knows everything is going to be okay, and say whatever you have to so he doesn’t come looking for me. He’s one of earth’s best defenders, it needs him.”

Thor nods, tears gathering in his orbs now as well. You turn to Odin and smile softly. “You need to shut me down and hide me. You understand that don’t you?”

“Wait, that seems excessive-“ Thor interjects.

“No…she’s right. She’ll be just as your friend from midguard that was in the ice chamber. Eternal sleep until awoken, until she is found.” Odin confesses.

“But I won’t be found.” You state. “Not unless the world is nearly at its end and you need me beyond anything else.” You look straight at Thor as you say this, ensuring he understood. “Do you understand? I need you to promise me.”

Thor gulps softly as his tears are now running free at the reality of never seeing his dear friend again. “Yes…” a deep shuddering breath, “I understand. I promise.”

You smile sadly and go to hug him and whisper in his ear, “thank you, Thor. Tell him I love him.”

“I will never let him forget it.” He whispers back with a sob.

You pull away and take a step back. “Goodbye Thor.”

Thor smiles through his tears and replies sadly, “goodbye y/n.”

One last gentle smile from you and you’re gone with Odin. Thor left with your goodbye in his head, your necklace in his hand, and a heavy heart.

Steve sat on your shared bed, his hair a mess and his eyes swollen from tears spilled since you have been gone. No clues, no answers. A knock his door makes him turn and find the god of thunder in the doorway. At the sight of Thor’s own red swollen eyes his heart drops. Jumping to his feet he asks loudly, “where is she? What happened?”

Thor says nothing, just simply hands over your necklace to him. The cool metal sits in Steve’s palm and his heart races painfully. “What-what does this mean?”

“She told me to tell you she loves you. But she’s gone.” Thor says softly.

Steve’s whole world is crashing now and his chest heaves as Thor’s words filter through his brain. You weren’t ever coming back to him. How could he accept this when you were the reason for his earth to keep spinning?

Thor knew he couldn’t give Steve the full details, so believing you were dead was the safest option. Even though he wished no ill will on earth and its people, Thor found himself Almost begging for chaos so he could free you and see his friends happy once again. Until then, he thinks to himself as he begins to comfort his grieving friend, until the world needs you once again.

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so i realized that i should probably like update what my name is and shit lmao, especially for new followers, so here we go

hi everybody! my name is mic! my pronouns are they/them. i love writing, and i love writing fics. sometimes i drop off the face of the earth for months at a time but when i come back, i come back at full force. i usually stick to oc’s but i’ve been heavily considering opening up requests for certain reader-insert fics. i’m still a shy little bitch but also kinda bold. i’m not as sensitive but if you’re being an asshole you’ll just get exposed and blocked.

don’t be shy to message me or pop into my asks with a request! i love talking to people and i’m always here to listen or help or whatever lol

that’s everything! :)

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🐍 Envious Lover 🐍

Summary: With no where else to go Loki has only one last option to save his home and that you. What can worst then going to your ex, a goddess of gods.

Loki x Reader ( goddess)

Word count: 3,733

⚠️WARNING ⚠️: Goddess being everyone goals, Loki being a jealous sassy boy, Thor being his adorable self, sassy reader , goddess reader, I little of bow chicka wow wow, angst, and a lot more I can’t remember

A/N: I wrote this for the @finleyjayne rainbow writing challenge. I have dyslexia so if something wrong please tell me. This is also my first fanfic I have ever wrote. I had a lot of fun and I just gain more respect then I had before for fanfic writers. Thanks to @kity for pushing me to do it. Also thanks to @hellcaster901 @deceitfuldevout @linkispink1995 for being wonderful to me during this process ❤️ you guys. Alright enjoy and CONGRATULATIONS TO FIN for this wonderful achievement!!!!! ( also check out master list for some goodies)

Tagged: @alagalaska @linkispink1995 @deceitfuldevout @hellcaster901 @alias-b @opheliadawnwalker3

Divider by: @firefly-graphics

Master List


You stood tall like a stem of beauty. Your hair was glowing with a dark lust in the bright dying sun. You were a mystery. Your eyes were keepers of souls and secrets, and your voice was made of silky waves of desire. You were a siren and with one sound– even one as quiet as a whimper or soft moan– any man would be forevermore trapped in your grasp.

“Who, father, should I give a good night kiss for such a surprise? Cry of a tear as the lady finds such men without a breath,” you asked softly as you walked down the hallway covered in ivy. Loki rolled his eyes. He couldn’t deny you were the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, he was also far too stubborn to ever admit this.

You were still bitter after the untimely death of your fiancé. You spent your days hosting high-end balls and festivities. You spent your nights playing with the hearts and passions of the endless stream of men begging to please you.

“Aren’t you the whore of all things gold,” Loki said, his words laced with sweet venom.

“You know, when I was born of triumph at the end of all galaxies, my mother looked me dead in my eyes and told me that I was dangerous. Want to know why little boy?

“Oh please do tell me why, pet,” he said as he rolled his eyes. He was intrigued by you and the idea that you had a bit of a dark side only made him want you more, but of course, the god of mischief wouldn’t let you know that you had power over him.

“Because even though I may look like only possession or pet, I am more. So much more in fact that all gods come to me. They bow down to me, pray to me, and hope that I bestow my love onto them. Whenever there is no one left, I am their sole hope and their end. As they sleep at night in a room full of guards, they are unaware of how easily I could slip inside their room and slit their throat. How easily I could sink my teeth into their necks. How much I want to inject them with the green venom that drips from my painted lips. They have no idea how precarious their situation is whenever they are in my presence.” You said as you glared down at him.

“And do you kill them?” Loki asked as he cleared his throat. You smirked at him as you sensed his fear and attraction to you.

“Maybe one day you will know the answer to that question. Until then, all you need to know is this: I am not a whore of all things gold as you say. I am hope and peril all wrapped into one. I am an empress. You are in my kingdom. So act as such,” you said as you walked past him. Your head held high as you ambled into a garden full of gold and green.

He turned to follow you and tried to act as disinterested as he could, but the sway of your hips made him feel the blood rush to his face and other parts as well. With each step closer he could hear the loud boom of commotion. There was loud music drifting through the air. It was another party. Loki knew that while you basked in a lively and over the top way of life and love from admirers, it was all just a facade. That victorious smile and eyes that sparkled with grave darkness told him everything he needed to know. You were just like him: alone.

“You say such harsh words. Are you not going to enjoy such a garish party? What is the cause of the celebration today? Oh, I know! It must be that you got a brand new pair of shoes or a tiara maybe,” Loki said with a cocky smirk. He was trying to egg you on because if he can get you angry maybe you will reveal what he suspects to be behind that mask of yours.

You walked by a pond in the center of your garden and gently sat on a rock. Below you, your reflection looks back at you, judging you with a mirror of truth. Your long dainty fingers with gold claw-like nails dip a few fingers in it to disturb its image. He wondered if you had even cared enough to listen to his words.

“Do you know why I love this pond?” You asked, not waiting for an answer before you continue. “It has to do with the unpredictability and volatility of life. Everything can change. It only takes a second for the odds to flip to another’s favor, but this,” you looked up into his dark eyes. “It always remains the same.”

You took your hand out of the water, “You came for an alliance and my loyalty is with you, as always, but this time it can’t be against him,” you said and pointed at Thor, who was too busy playing with the snake in his hands to notice. You smiled at the gentle playfulness of this giant. Even with all he had been through and everything he still will endure he remained the same hopeful man as before.

“Isn’t she gorgeous? It was a present from your dear brother. It follows me as I go. Just like the one who gave it,” you said laying back with lust in your eyes. Loki licked his lips as you gave him a seductive wink. He took a deep breath as he tried to ignore the way that seeing you like this made him feel. You were flirtatious by nature, and you loved taunting and provoking men until they go mad.

“We come here in the hope that you assist us in fighting our dear long lost sister, Hela. Surprisingly, she’s more of a pest than you,” Loki said as he tried to gain back control and push you further away.

“Did you know that once your dear brother turned into a nasty green snake in order to scare off my suitors? He stopped when one of them tried to catch and cook him. After that he cried like a baby for hours,” you said with a smile.

“Oh, Thor. Do you mind giving me and Loki some time to talk? There’s ale and a huge feast inside. Do make yourself at home, love,” you said, your eyes not leaving Loki’s.

“Yes, my lady. Brother, I feel this lady can be the woman of your dreams and maybe make love by the fire on her bear fur rug in her chambers.” Thor said gently, putting the snake down. Loki’s face burns red as the embarrassment of him talking in his sleep and you find out what he dreams of is revealed.

“You idiot! You’re not supposed to repeat that out loud,” Loki hissed.

Even though your face remained neutral, you took enormous pleasure at this new revelation. Your mind returned to the sensual thoughts which you had had for years. You pushed your shoulders back and walked close to Loki and turned to whisper in his ear, “who knew red was such a beautiful color on you.”

You laughed as you watched Loki once again struggle to find words. You placed a small four-leaf clover behind his ear and gently placed your hand on his cheek. It had been so long since you last felt each other’s touch. After one touch it all came rushing back. All the long nights in the thrill of a secret affair. Loki’s hands followed yours. Hands rough from many years of labor he went through wrapped tightly around yours.

“I’m sorry it took me so long, my dear. Things didn’t go to plan as I hoped. I thought of you every long night,” Loki said placing his lips to the back of your soft hand.

“I could tell you that you dress like a poser. You try too hard. Not like a king you are destined to be. Still, you gallop around making a joke of me. Playing pretend. I waited and had to be chosen as a bride you know,” you said in a deep tone. For such an innocent and gorgeous woman, any man or beast would be fearful if they ever tried to cross you. That in itself made him obsessed with you. His other hand dipped behind you and brought you closer to him.

“I know. You know your mine and still, you choose to always play with me. I may be the god of tricks but I don’t like it when I’m trick on. Sad that fool had an untimely death Huh” Loki said with eyes full of ideas.

Your eyes flutter a bit through your thick long lashes before biting Loki’s finger. Giggling a bit you pull away and turn a few times, your gorgeous evening gown turning into a forest green cocktail dress.

“You made me shear tears. I promise you that won’t ever happen. If so I turn you into my plaything like that “you said snapping your finger before walking towards the party.

Mumbling under his breath he ran after you. Before you could step foot into the grand ballroom Loki turned you against the wall and held you tight. Those eyes turn darker than the midnight sky. Lips parted just for a before snapping back in place. Everything about him so addicting.

“Pouting and snapping your fingers doesn’t look so flattering on you. I’m done with this chat. You’re a fool with tiny tricks, maybe you could do some for entertainment. Once you grow up then I shall speak to you only when you’re being reasonable, Loki!” you said before storming off. That right there drove Loki over the edge. Even with all his tricks and harsh words you always cave in but not this time. You meant what you said. Even your eyes smile all used to be the brightest for him. No matter what you were always on his side. Maybe this world you create shape was more a prison than a simple paradise he first imagines.

Most of the night he couldn’t find you in the sea of people. Till he hears a familiar laugh echoing throughout the room. Rubbing his forehead he prays to high gods alike that he wasn’t embarrassing himself.

To his surprise, it was far from it. Thor stood in the center of attention telling stories lively of battle he played a role in. What made Loki’s eye twitch just a little bit more was who Thor had to hug tight to his side but you. You laugh at the mimicry of everyone around you. As if you could feel his eyes on you playfully slap Thor peck before wiping a tear from his eye and feed him another green grape. Hand resting on his chest rubbing little circles laughing.

Loki had to think for a second each time you found someone or thing to replace him he would find ways to either manipulate them to leave or just got rid of them altogether. Could he do that to Thor? Hell yes with the pleasure she might take care of two problems once and for all. But he had more pain than you and his dear dopy brother.

“Oh, Loki. Sweetheart. Please come, your brother was just telling us of a green giant they call a Hulk and it’s smashing you like a rag doll” you said into your glass of champagne.

Letting out a deep breath. He looks at the two very disappointed. “That beast is far too dangerous than most beasts you ever saw. You too would be a stump. Pet” Loki said with his arms cross over each other tapping his foot.

“I don’t know. What bolt here telling me isn’t so bad. Sounds cute” You said in a baby voice with a hand on your hip and a resting bitch face.

He glances around before grabbing a glass of green champagne and gulping it in one sit. They had no time to play. All this time could be spent figuring a way to save their land before it is too late. Throughout the night he watches as you gracefully walk around talking laughing ignoring him.

“Dear brother if my time on Earth has proven any knowledge besides they are helpless beings. This thing they call emotions. Lady Jane and my fellow teammates talk a great deal. Maybe if you say I’m sorry for whatever she will forgive you instead of demanding her and her attention solely on you” Thor said drinking some ale.

“Do I look like a lost puppy like you? I can do many things but to apologize to her when she should be but in my debt for me of all things but to fancy her. No, I -“ he stops when he sees you slip away from the party “will do that right now,” Loki said running off after you.

With a gentle touch of green smoke, you disappear before his eyes. Well, this wasn’t something he didn’t see coming. Hours he spent looking high and low far and near for you. Before he finally decides to give up he saw a dim light at the end of the emerald cover walls hallway. A familiar song melody dances in the air. The closer he got he could see your back through the crack in the door as you look at something in your hands.

“If you’re going to lurk, at least be slick with it,” you said, your back still facing him.

“Wasn’t looking for you, more like a bathroom. For a fortress, there aren’t many. I want to leave one last surprise for you” Loki said, leaning against the door, locking it.

You roll your eyes and walk by a gold satin curtain. A second later arriving from behind with a more revealing outfit. Loki’s eyes nearly his socket when you face your backside towards him.

You comb your hair I’m in front of a mirror, “What Thor said earlier is that truth, do you wanna take me raw on my Kermode fur rug? You old kinkster” you look at him through the mirror while combing your luxuriant hair.

You said one thing, but your tone meant another. God how he wishes it didn’t work the way it did. From the innocent but deadly eyes to the way your hands play with your hair, to the way your mouth moves when you speak. God was he in trouble. But he needs you right now. Maybe it was more than he thought or wanted to admit.

Before he knew it you had gotten up and was standing chest to chest to him. Reaching close you look up in his piercing sad but serene eyes then glance to his moist lips. SLAP Loki curses under his breath as he looks at you glared into your eyes. Raising a finger he frowned a bit, “are you out your mind” he hissed. You shrugged your shoulder and smiled, bitting down on your gold frost nail.

“No, I am. I told you that rage and anger will get you nowhere. How dare y-” before you could finish your rant Loki grab you by the waist and shove his mouth onto yours.

Shock by this action you tumble back onto that so rub with him. Even as the pain rushed through your backside you didn’t care as you grabbed tight to his back clawing tight. Marking him. Your mouth dancing with his sucking the air out of one another. His hand slipping to the back and unclipping your green with a gold trimming bra. With his pale long fingers trail his hand from your waist up to cup you breast gently as he left bite marks onto your neck. A deep breathless moan came out as you grabbed onto his long black hair. Looking up to your eyes he smirks and starts to continue to attack your body with such pleasure. “How dare you make me have to come back and you go flaunt yourself around. I thought we both knew your mine and not one else” he said biting down right below your left boob.

“Fuck Loki shut up for once and continue what you’re doing. You never officially told me I was yours as you left me behind. So….S…Stop your whinnying” you said pulling him closer to you and bit his neck.

“But you’re wrong before I left I gave you that ring on your finger. Love and that means your mines, not your idiotic ex and most definitely not goodie two shoe brother, Thor’s” Loki said in a scathing tone.

One hand grips tightly around your neck as the other gently grabs some fat off your thigh. Your body curves into his touch begging for more. Each breath was shorter than the last sweat dripping down his forehead. And right as Loki ripped off your thong, you pushed yourself so that you were on top straddling his lap gazing down at him. A huge grin appeared as you grab both hands and move them above his head, your hips rocking back and forth as you kiss him, each one pulling more and more force with it. Instead of moans and curse words, you giggle softly.

“Say it. Say what I want to hear and I’m yours no more games tricks and lies. Say it and this thing you’re so proud of would be more than costume jewelry. I will be yours forever and I would stand by you as you become victorious my true king” You hissed. His eyes darkened as he watched you continue to attack him with each hump. Stars of the night started to fulfill his vision and he could see green mist cover the ceiling. Before he could say anything else a cruel comment or a backhanded compliment he shouts out your name. So loud even those in your party could hear it. Thor looks around and smiles into his cup knowing that once the act is done not only would he be in favor of his dear grumpy brother but owe many thanks to you.


Loki looks up to you from the floor both of you basking in such glory after hours of nonstop pleasure. Turning onto his side he leaned his hand on his head and watch you, sitting at your vanity table. You were rubbing lotion with gold leads onto your smooth skin. What he imagines and what happened was way beyond his dreams. Even he has to admit maybe leaving you so long ago was a bad mistake. One he hopes to never do again.

With that, he decided it was the time of being a fool, and once again the man the king loves to hear you say he is.

“My love stopped what you are doing and looked at me. I have something far more important than that” he said taking your tiny hands into his. You look at him with such awe and desire.

“I am not one to say such words or to admit such things. I grew up in this world alone feeling like I was more a burden than a child. With all this, I grew darker as tar. My heart was cold as ice. Even with that, you love me. Even when I’m thrown down and laughed at, you show over and over your loyalty. For so long I thought it didn’t matter. Hell-bent to not cave into their ways. But as I made my journey to that world my brother fell so in love with, I then realized my mistake. I thought if I can be a ruler of one world alone. Worried you won’t see me as fit as your husband. Instead, I was lonely and felt deep into the darkness you are so gracious to help me from. I even miss the friendly banter I and my brother have a share. In all I’m sorry. You’re not only my pet but my queen. And I hope you huh show you for the rest of my days” Loki said onto his knees pleading.

Coming close you place a gentle kiss him on the lips. Looking up with a huge smile. Finally hearing the words you’ve wanted to hear for centuries. Loki took your ring and moved it to the wedding finger and picked you up. Your arms wrap tight around his neck pepper kissing him giggling like a little child.

“Loki you silly slick snake. I made up my mind I was coming with you the second you step foot onto my land. This world has been lonely and parties are no fun without you. And I hate that sister of yours and would love to see her eyes as she takes her last breath. And while your dear brother is busy with her we can plan to take over. Once and for all. With you finally king and me by your side as queen. Now let me go so I can collect my prize from Thor. And we can be on our way” you said with a wicked grin on your face.

“YOU WHAT!”Loki said, stunned but also turned on by the trick you played on him.

Touching his cheeks she nodded yes.

“Thor and I had a bet. After he asks me to be a part of this club of yours revengers. He thought as a stubborn prince you would last longer and I said within the hour. I will always know you better than you do yourself” you said pitching him cheek a little.

Shock not only did you trick him but you got his brother enlisted as well with your plan.

“I can’t believe you got me. You naughty pet you. I should punish you for this or maybe I will reward you” Loki said.

Getting up you waltz across the room to the bathroom and turn, “Oh dear prince. Let us take care of this pest problem then you can do with me as you please.” You blow him a kiss and a flirtatious wink before disappearing into the bathroom.

He always thought his true home was Asgard but it was you.

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Yes, you read that correctly!
Initially, I planned on Bucky getting hurt rather than Y/N, if you recall when she injured her ankle. Bucky was supposed to suffer a minor head injury, but I scrapped the idea for a number of reasons, some of which being that I had not done enough research on concussions for my own liking and that I did not want to rush the storyline.

But here it is! It takes place very shortly after the minor head injury I mentioned. And unless that is a trigger for you, there are no other trigger warnings. (But it is a tad angsty??)

I hope you enjoy!

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Cursed Words- One

Pairings- Bucky Barnes x Reader, Natasha Romanoff x Bruce Banner, mentions of past Natasha Romanoff x Clint Barton.

Summary- While the storm rages outside, you snuggle with Bucky, warm and safe.

Warnings- (18+) Mentions of blood, death, injury detail, PTSD, panic and anxiety attacks. Swearing, fluff. Dirty talk, dirty fantasies. Eventual smut.

A/N- Another short chapter for you. Don’t worry, the epilogue is pure, unholy smut and I’m scared for my soul. This chapter is just fluff. Also, the chapter of breakthroughs. Taglist is open. Prompts list is here.

Cursed Words Masterlist


Bucky likes watching you sleep. Hanging off his metal arm, taking full advantage of the new temperature control, you smile, in your dreamworld. His fingers dance across the small lines on your brow, smoothing them out as you mumble his name. He smiles and wonders what you’re dreaming about. He hopes it’s something nice.

Two weeks after you had asked Tony about a holiday, you and Bucky had arrived at the Candian cabin. Surrounded by trees and covered by snow, it was picture perfect. Tony hadn’t been kidding when he’d said it was modern, central heating and functioning internet access. Not that you’d used it. You’d deliberately stayed MIA for the week. This break was about you and Bucky.

A giggle rings out as Bucky taps your nose, “Stop that, it tickles.”

“Good…” he murmurs, tapping your nose again, “It’s like I’m snuggling with a snowman…”

“You’re hogging…” you point out and Bucky pouts, “You have the arm, I want the duvet.”

You hum thoughtfully and rollover awkwardly with your cast, away from Bucky which just causes another pout. His metal arm lands over your waist and you can’t hide the smile as he tickles you again, “How long till this thing comes off?”

“3 days…” you turn back to Bucky, capturing his mouth in a kiss before gently stretching. Bucky sits up and rubs his hair, “I’m gonna miss carrying you everywhere…”

“You can still carry me! And honestly, after the care I’ve had this week, I may never walk anywhere again.”

Bucky chuckles as he scoops you into his arms and carries you into the kitchen, sitting you on the counter, “What do you want?”

“Pancakes. With cream and syrup and strawberries and blueberries and blackberries–” you scream as Bucky tickles your sides with a devilish grin, “That’s a lot of food, doll.”

“Yep. And I’m not sharing.”

“Well, that’s just mean. I’m the hard-working chef here, don’t I get a bite?”

“Nope!” you pop the p with a smirk, “But I’ll give the chef a kiss…”

“I’m not complaining…” Bucky steps between your legs, his lips brushing against yours before hitting home. His tongue sweeps across your bottom lip and you moan slightly. He pulls back with a smirk, “Remember what Helen said? No sex until that cast is gone.”

“Unlike you, Barnes, there are other things on my mind aside from sex.”

He just shrugs, “Supersoldier. High sex-drive.”

“Great. I feel in love with a sex-crazed ape.”

“Ape?” Bucky scoffs and you laugh and nod as his attention returns to the pancakes.


The day is spent with you watching Bucky build snowmen from the cabin deck, wrapped in a ton of blankets, wearing a spare coat of Bucky’s and a woollen hat of his which keeps slipping over your eyes. He finds it adorable.

“Why does snowman Steve have a ball by him?” you ask as Bucky finishes snowman Tony. He looks over in confusion and then smiles, “It’s the shield. Getting cold yet?”

“I’m drowning in blankets. What about you?”

“The serum keeps me warm and I haven’t made snowmen versions of us yet.”

You laugh as Steve’s head falls off and Bucky curses, “That keeps happening. Maybe snowman Steve just isn’t meant to be.”

“Try adding more snow where the body meets the head. Then again, Steve runs around like a headless chicken so maybe it’s just befitting.”

Bucky roars with laughter at this and you blush when he runs up and press a cold kiss to your lips.


“Stay still!” huffs Bucky as you squirm in the bathtub. Your laugh sounds angelic, “No! It tickles! You’re always tickling me! It’s mean!”

“If I get this cast wet then we’re both in trouble. Just stay still a little longer, I know it tickles but you need to wash!” Bucky lets out a small laugh, wiping the scrub across you face. You scrunch your nose, “You saying I smell?”

“No! Now please, I’m begging you, stay still!”

A smirk decorates your face, “You’re begging me, yeah?”


“Then get on your knees, Sargent and beg, properly…”

Bucky eyes you carefully before getting on his knees and clasping his hands together, his eyes big, “Oh please, glorious, wonderful, beautiful Y/N, stay still so I can finish washing you and we can both get out of this horrible bathroom.”

“I quite like this bathroom, personally…”

Bucky eyes narrow and he sighs in defeat, “What do you want? I’ll literally give you anything.”


He nods his head and you open your hand, cocking your eyebrow, “Hand ‘em over.”

“I was just wearing them to keep them safe. So you wouldn’t lose them.”

“You wore them because you think it turns me on. Now hand ‘em over.”

Bucky sighs and pulls the dog tags out from underneath his shirt, throwing them over your head. You adjust them slightly, “Did you really think I wouldn’t notice when they went missing?”


Bucky hands you a mug of hot chocolate, topped with cream and marshmallows before stoking the fire and adding another log. The heat washes over you like a hot bath. The vanilla candles mix with his pine and mint scent. Everything is so… perfect.

I want to stay like this forever.

“What’s that?” Bucky looks up from the fireplace and instantly you blush, “Did I just say that out loud?”

“Yes, and don’t worry, I agree”, Bucky sits next to you and wraps a blanket around your shoulders, “Warm enough?”

You nod your head as you lean into him. He rests his cheek against the top of your head and you sigh contently. Bucky smiles down at you, basking in your beauty, “Have you had a good week? I know you can’t walk but–”

“Yes, and you’ve kept me well entertained.”

“Favourite moment? And you can’t say now.”

You hum, bristling with slight annoyance because this easily your favourite moment, “I think on Wednesday when you carried me down to the lake and sat me on that rock. You tried to ice skate and fell on your face.”

It’s Bucky’s turn to bristle with annoyance, “That hurt…”

“Where does it hurt?” you tilt your head up and kiss his forehead, “Here?”

A kiss to his nose, “Here?”

One to his cheek, “How about here?”

“No…” he murmurs, lowing his lips to yours, “It hurts here…”

When he pulls back, you smirk at him, “You favourite moment, then?”

Bucky thinks for a moment and his dreamy look makes him look adorable, “When I threw that snowball at you and hit you in the face. Easily the best moment ever!”

“Do you like seeing me in pain then?”

“Hey! Your favourite moment was me hurting myself!”

“Lets just say that was the moment I knew you were the one for me”, you laugh and turn back to the fire, letting the heat wash over you. Bucky’s cheek rests against the top of your head again. You can feel, with the way his weight is getting heavier, that Bucky is close to sleep. Just when you think you couldn’t be happier, and this couldn’t get any better, Bucky whispers tiredly in your ear, his voice thick with sleep, “Y/N? I wuv you…”

You smile as his soft snores follow shortly after, “I love you too, James. And I’m proud of you. This is the first time. I can promise you it won’t be that last. We have almost beaten those cursed words…”




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(pictures in header don’t belong to me)

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY QUEEN OF A BEST FRIEND!!! This one’s for you darling. Thanks for being there always and for listening to my rants. I love our music days of just sharing songs or even days of no talking, but having fun nonetheless. You are amazing and a ray of sunshine this world deserves.

Go wish her a happy birthday y’all! If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t even be writing on Tumblr so I’m eternally grateful for her. LOVE YOU DARLING!

Dedicated to: @aaliyasaurus

Summary: Peter Parker is the boy you love, the one who shares his secrets with you. You know about his hero life and about his daily life, but there’s one thing you don’t know and he’s about to share it with you in the most spectacular way.

Word Count: 1.5k

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: none

Song: Sit Down Beside Me - Patrick Watson


(gif doesn’t belong to me. also has nothing to do with the fic)

      “Where are we going?” you called out.

      Your best friend of two years was trudging up the hill ahead of you carrying the large basket in his hands. Peter Parker had befriended you in chemistry class when you accidentally set of a smoke bomb. Your friendship only grew stronger when he told you his own secret. That he was the swinging hero that saved people and fought alongside Avengers. Only to you he would always be Peter the boy who your heart belonged to.

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Pairing: Frank Castle x (female!) reader

Warning(s): angst

Summary: he’s all that matters to her. Is she all that matters to him?


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“How many times have I told you to be careful out there?” You ask, allowing the back of your hand to rub against your tired eyes.

“Every time.” Frank mumbles, looking down at his feet while he allows you to gently tend to his injuries.

Truthfully, you don’t even remember when or how it got started. It was initially Karen who asked you to keep an eye on him and since you owed her a big favor you complied, but that debt’s been paid long ago and the late night nursing hasn’t stopped. You don’t even question Frank anymore at this point, because you know damn well what he gets up to on nights like this one.

He stumbles through your front door with a trail of blood on his heel and a deep scowl etched onto his face, which is mostly covered in caked blood and bruises.

It scares you every time, knowing what he’s is capable of. You always wonder what the other guy looks like after a run in with The Punisher, but more often than not, Frank’s injuries imply his opponent has either bit the bullet or is wishing that they had. You know he’s killed people in the past, and that he still does it all the time, but you still help him. Whether or not that makes you an accomplice is something you’d rather not question. Instead, you stitch him up in silence.

You are scared of his capabilities, but not of him.

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Stoki Whumptober Day 18: Panic! At the Disco

Loki slept for two days, and it was an oddly tense two days at that. 

They did some tests and readings on Bucky’s arm, and judged it 100% time stone power free, and thus safe to return to the tower in the city. 

So they loaded an unconscious Loki onto the quinjet and took him back like that, prompting about a hundred questions from Nat, Clint, Bruce, and Pepper when they landed. 

Steve also wouldn’t let them put him back in the bed in the cell. He could only imagine what the guy would think, coming to all alone and locked in. Besides, he pointed out, Loki could get out at any time, and locking him up would just give him reason to leave instead of sticking around to answer questions. 

And so, ultimately, Loki had been given a guest room, just down the hall from the ones Steve and Bucky were staying in. 

Steve found out he’d woken thanks to an alert from JARVIS, just a calm little chime before his polite voice told him that Loki had opened his eyes. 

Moments later, a much less calm voice gave him a secondary alert: 

“Mister Loki appears to be in a state of acute distress.” 

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Pairing: Bucky x ofc!Amelie Novak 

Chapter Summary: Amelie gets a little closer to the truth and much closer to danger. 

Warnings: Violence, a smidge of swearing

Word Count: 4.5k 

A/N: I know it’s been a bit since I updated this series, but I was hit with a little burst of inspiration! Hope you enjoy, would love to know what you think! <3 


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Empire of Angels | Six 

Breaking and entering. Amelie, though she wasn’t exactly proud to admit it, had done her fair share of illegal B&E. However, the only thing she hadn’t done was break into the motel room of one of the most feared mercenaries in the world. The only good thing was that cheap motel rooms were the same everywhere, regardless of who was staying there, which meant that it was no harder to get into his room than any other place she’d broken into.

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