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#marvel headcanon

Thank you so much for requesting, happy Halloween! 👻


Originally posted by peters-holland


  • Peter loves Halloween, so he goes all out to celebrate it with you
  • First of all, there’s a haunted house at the school, so you go there
  • It’s great because some students had been working hard to put it together
  • Amongst them Ned, who constantly talked about it, being really excited
  • You and Peter would complain because spoilers!
  • But at the same time you were really curious 
  • Besides, you enjoyed hearing Ned tell you about it
  • The haunted house was great, being really scary and eerie in some rooms
  • Others were more spoopy, silly and fun and made you laugh a lot
  • Most of the time, though, you and Peter were clinging to each other
  • Trying to find your way through the house and constantly getting scared
  • No one knew who was screaming louder, if Peter or you
  • Still, it was really fun and exciting and you loved every second of it
  • Then you would go trick or treating, because it sounded so fun! 
  • Also, free candy, since the two of you really love sweets anyway
  • Peter would be a nerd and dress as Spiderman, much to your dismay
  • “What better costume than that, Y/N?” He would pout and say
  • And give you the puppy eyes when you said it wasn’t a good idea
  • He would convince you in the end, and you would dress as something
  • Maybe a different version of Spiderman, maybe another Avenger
  • Just something to match Peter’s costume in one way or another
  • It turned out to be hilarious, and you admitted it to him
  • Because no one really thought he was actually Spiderman
  • He was just another kid dressed up during Halloween
  • And if someone wondered if he was for a moment, he had a blast
  • Because he would remove his mask and say ‘yeah, I’m Spiderman!’
  • And people would get annoyed that he was teasing them about it
  • It was especially funny when you ran into Flash, because he was a fan
  • Then Peter took his mask off and Flash scowled at you both
  • “It’s just Parker” He would roll his eyes and just leave
  • You had both considered watching horror movies, but didn’t
  • None of you were particularly fond of them and prefered not to
  • Instead you spent all day walking around the streets
  • It was really cool seeing all the lights and decorations people put up
  • And seeing all the original costumes people made and wore
  • It was especially cool that there were several Spiderpeople
  • And Peter felt really proud and emotional about that part

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  • God quarantine hit y’all hard
  • And he didn’t really like going to the salon in the first place
  • They weren’t the friendliest to him because of his entire metal appendage
  • He just got a lot of stares :(
  • So when you realized that the man needed a haircut 
  • You watched like 296709347634 videos because you could not afford to mess that up 
  • And the first cut was a lot of
  • ‘hoLd StiLL’
  • “Nonono twist your head thiS way’
  • “u sTabBed My EAr”
  • then by the second and third you started getting the hang of things
  • When salons were reopened you assumed that he’d go get a real haircut
  • and then he was like lmao no time for my haircut
  • And he sat down in The Chair and was like I’m ready :-)
  • Now you always cut his hair
  • You just trim it because he likes it longer
  • But he loves it sm
  • He forces you to brush through his hair for like three hours before and after
  • He just sits there like :) thank u
  • Your arms get really tired ngl
  • But it’s nice bc it saves money and it saves his self confidence
  • Bc he doesn’t have to get teased anymore :D

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~The First

You first kiss with Loki is full of passion and confession. Neither of you even know who kissed who, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a tentative embrace at first, and when Loki’s tongue brushes your lips and asks for more, you draw away. A knowing look is shared between you both before your mouths connect again in a searing event. This time, you don’t run.

~The Hasty Ones

You and Loki lead busy lives, and dangerous ones at that. Loki is accustomed to your touch though, and will take it no matter how rushed. Before you part ways, Loki always gives a quick yet deeply satisfying kiss- a promise of what’s yet to come.

~The Angry Ones

Even in fights, you and Loki can’t seem to do anything but reconcile. Loki will push you up against the wall, pin your arms over your head with just one of his. With your shirt ridden up, Loki will use his free hand trace his fingers oh-so-lightly over your exposed skin, pushing you all the more to the edge. You meet his eyes, furious expression on both of your faces, until Loki takes your mouth in his and suddenly all is forgiven. 

~The Gentle Ones

Being with Loki means a lot of things, and the Trickster feels insurmountable guilt for you having to fight battles you did not sign up for. Loki will watch you mournfully, take your hand and delicately place his lips against your bloodied knuckles. In his youth, he remembers, Frigga used to tell him kisses would help wounds heal faster. Loki prays this wasn’t simply another lie he was told. When he glances up at you again, his eyes are full of tears. 

~The Desperate Ones

These are kisses Loki grants you late into the night, when your bodies have become one and your minds are full of nothing but each other. These kisses are placed on your hips, your stomach, your chest, and leave bruises in their wake. They are reserved for when Loki needs to know you’re his; and when you need to know you’re wanted. You bear these marks Loki gives you for weeks, but the feeling of his hot mouth on your bare skin stays with you for years. 

~The Tender Ones

Your favorites. These are the embraces that allow Loki to remind you just what you are to him: not an ally, not a phase, but a lover. He places one hand on your waist, another on your neck, running the pad of his thumb over your cheek. He’ll kiss your jaw first, murmuring about how much he loves you into your skin. How much he needs you. How much he cares. Stolen confessions that are only for your ears. You’ll say them all back to the god, and add that your surrender is for Loki and Loki alone. He’ll kiss you then, slow and steady and amazing. Eventually, you close your eyes, and meet Loki in the dark. 

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  • bro he is not going to understand the need to hide them
  • like dw he’ll respect your decision
  • but he really likes them-
  • If you’re uncomfortable with them he’ll take you to get some/all removed
  • But that’s really painful and he hates watching it happen
  • It’s a super long process but he’s willing to be there for you the entire time
  • He gets worried about your body temperature
  • He usually encourages you to stay home on super hot days so that if need be you can take your long sleeves off and wear something smaller
  • But he knows that it’s a sensitive subject so he won’t outright say it
  • He’ll do something sneaky like asking you to have a movie night with him
  • If you’re in public and he can tell you’re overheating
  • He’ll have water on him 
  • And if you’re really not doing good
  • He’ll help you slip off to the bathroom so that you can get a bit of air
  • honestly like I said before he really likes them but
  • It’s not his decision what you do with them
  • And he knows that
  • So he won’t fight you if you decide to get them removed or just cover them up
  • He just doesn’t want you to feel insecure about them :’)
  • He compliments you a lot in the hopes that your view improves
  • But if it doesn’t 
  • He knows that he’s done all that he can and that it’s not up to him
  • Respectful Man

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that’s not dumb at all!! in fact i actually like it a whole lot since i’ve done this to some friends randomly 😂😂😂


Originally posted by mrbenhardys

- first time you do it he’s 100% going to flinch and tense up, looking for his attacker so he can promptly punch them in the face

- however, after seeing you- his cute little s/o -looking cheeky and playful as usual, he finds himself rising to the challenge with a sly grin on his face

- oh, you’re gonna regret that

- you see warren is surprisingly good at holding grudges against people, and even though you’re his s/o you’re no exception to his “you get what you asked for” rule

- he will COUNT every time you pinch him just so he can pinch you back an equal amount of times, making sure to pinch in places that he KNOWS are sensitive cause he’s a little shit and wants to make you aggravated enough to stop doing it to him

- well, that was the original plan anyway

- it eventually becomes more of a battle on who can figure out how to embarrass the other the most effectively which can either range from sneaky squeezes in proactive areas to gentle neck kisses while others are around

- it turns less into a battle and more into a habit of showing affection with the excuse that he’s trying to embarrass you when, in reality, he just wants your attention and likes sharing little intim are moments like that with you

[ -Thank You For Reading!- ]

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  • hihihi!! 
  • I think he knows how much it means to you that you’re able to come out to him
  • He’s really really happy that you feel comfortable enough to
  • He’s an idiot really supportive friend
  • But sometimes he messes up pronouns
  • He tries his hardest that’s not the issue
  • It’s just a force of habit for him
  • But every time that it happens
  • He apologizes profusely, restates the sentence with correct pronouns, and won’t bring it up again unless you ask to speak to him about it
  • He makes sure to note that it’s not because he truly sees you as whatever gender he’s just misgendered you as
  • It’s just that head empty
  • No thoughts
  • Wbk he trips over his words a lot and I feel like that’d come back to bite him in that situation because he goes too fast
  • He feels really bad every time but you understand that it’s a bit of a  change and because he’s so respectful and polite about it
  • You don’t get angry
  • You can tell that he’s trying and that he loves you :’)
  • This situation really makes him think more before he speaks though because he cares a lot about you and wants to make sure that you know that
  • I think that he’d ask you from time to time (or every day) how you were feeling
  • He wouldn’t treat you any differently based off of your answer
  • But he just wants to know
  • If you want him to, he’ll use pronouns based off of what that day/week/month/etc is like
  • Which is why he asks
  • He won’t correct people that use the wrong pronouns unknowingly
  • Because he doesn’t want to come out for you
  • So unless you publicly come out he won’t do anything
  • But he will grab your hand and squeeze it if someone misgenders you
  • If the person does know and uses the wrong pronouns
  • Accidental or not
  • He will cut them off, correct them, then let them continue
  • If you ever need to borrow some of his clothes he is 100% down
  • and if you wanted to go shopping for new clothes just bc you feel like you need a change
  • He’ll go with you
  • Stark pays well
  • if he goes out and sees a product relating to genderfluidity like a lil button or something or a tiny flag
  • It’s coming home with him
  • He finds a lot of funds and donates 
  • You have like 0639769376 buttons that you don’t know where to put 
  • You managed to cover an entire backpack with them like not even just a pocket or something like no the whole thing
  • seriously he’s draining his bank account one pocket sized flag at a time
  • overall just 10/10 supportive
  • :’) Congrats on coming out love, if you’ve just done so, and even if you haven’t, I’m still really proud of you <333

Taglist: @5aftermidnight @spideyyypeter @book-wyrm-snacks  @lou-la-lou @ilostcount-helpme @snazzy-posts @meisiisem @stevieboyharrington @clean-and-claire @peter-null @embrace-themagic @yafriendlyfangirl @fandomnerdsarecool @ellie-emb @soniaxmsj @avngersunite  @sparkling-gayyy @nervous-shawn @americaswritings @robinkat3 @buckybabyy @mrsstarkstrange @servamp-addict @alexiamiky2003 @freightcarcap @dumbasscorn @multifandomshitblog@chloe-geoghegan1  @serpent-tea @marvelouspottering @swansong321 @xinyourdreamsx @melannchoholic  @infinitywarrior @1penryn @spideymood @hp-hogwartsexpress @marvelandsuchstuff @marauders-trash-forever @lensedwriter  @gaylactic  @positiveparker @thisismysecrethappyplace @bellamyblakemorley @flower-holland @coonflix  @mamarhee @marcymakemagic @tomshufflepuff @obsessedfangirl4lyfe @jade7he9em @spiderman-n @psychofangirl @lush-bby @delicately-written @tnrthings @goldenariana @gummyhoneybees  @captainbuckyy @mysticracoon  @maraudersandco  @sock-and-sandles @potterhead-of-ilvermorny @spencer-is-too-perfect  @whysoseriouspadfoot@existingovertherainbow  @graciegxo @silverquartx  @smhavengers @nefelimalfoy @sedanleystanley @yallgotkik @jessicaklehrwinchesters  @screeching-student-unknown @soakingandsoaring @chrisstabme @itsanarttodie @galaxyoffangirls @just4muggles @everything-s-comin-up-aces @binki-g  @tomhollandhasnolips @justinekomwriterkru @boomtownboy @sedanleystanley @starryeyedsupernova @mcu-potter-pirate  @the17resa  @chillinjules  @majesticavenger @honestlylrh @thewitchmadness @righttide  @its-the-unknownspideywrites@hero-ically @itshelaodinsdottirbitch @lovinnholland @sewarner @its-shaula-wii @bloomingonmay @lokeystan  @jbetsiea7-23 @rose-aesthete @hp-hogwartsexpress @babebenhardy @sincerelyfan @jackiehollanderr  @duvetsandpillows @abitofeverythinggg @httpmcrvel @its-20-bi-teen @lavender-writer @marvelpoststuff @marvel-is-a-mood

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AWWW my baby,,, I love him so much he’s so sweet


Originally posted by softtroublemaker

- honestly?? mans would panic that he’ll fuck up his kids as bad as his own dad did

- like yeah, as soon as he hears you’re pregnant he’s literally ecstatic cause oh my god, some asshole like me is finally gonna get a family to call his own

- but the realization finally hits him when he’s just lying awake at night, hitting him like a truck; oh shit, a family

- warren doesn’t know the first thing about raising or being around kids since he didn’t exactly have good models when he was younger, but when they finally are born he makes sure to try to get his temper in check

- it takes him a second to actually be around his babies for more than a few hours since, let’s face it, they annoy the hell out of him

- the three are identical twins: three perfect baby boys that have your e/c eyes and his platinum blonde hair, his face shape and your body shape, his sense of curiosity and your determination to get what you want

- “little cherubs” as Kurt often calls them (because yes, they all have wings and if you have a mutation they get some mixture of yours and his too)

- only, they’re the exact opposite of anything heavenly

- these little troublemakers are clever enough to know how to make their destruction seem like an accident or, alternatively, someone else’s fault

- they don’t listen to him for shit and barely behave when you’re not around, making his job much more difficult when they’re all stuck at home together

- it’s difficult the first few years since they’re young, but as soon as they’re out of being toddlers they start to mature a little and develop some of his own traits

- one of them, Ezikiel, seems to have to have taken on his sharp wit and your sense of humor

- another, Gabriel, took on your emotional patterns and his laid back attitude

- the last, Samuel, took on your compassion and his stubbornness determination

- these little revealations of who his kids really are make him remember who he is

- he’s not just Warren, he’s Papa/Dad/Daddy (they all call him different things for some reason). he’s someone’s father and their protector

- and even though he may not do his best sometimes, even though he may mess up and get emotional and be caught in tough places, he tries his hardest and always makes sure to let his kids know that he loves them every single moment of the day

- because it’s what a younger him would’ve wanted from his own father

[ ~Thank You For Reading, And Sorry For The Wait!~ ]

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a/n: you’re added on my taglist now:) and this idea is hilarious so he’s a mini (ish???) headcanon! thank you for the request and please enjoy xoxo

  • you love those funny graphic tees
  • so one day you walk into the kitchen wearing a shirt that says ‘cereal killer’with a picture of a “dead” cereal box
  • cuz you don’t really think any much of it
  • like you never thought you would get a reaction out of it
  • but everyone is like “what the hell are you wearing???”
  • and bucky is completely losing his shit
  • he is dying of laughter
  • like laughing so hard he’s in tears
  • and it makes your heart so happy that something so simple can bring him joy
  • and he grows to love those shirts
  • they are probably the cheesiest jokes ever
  • there’s things like….
  • ‘work out? i thought you said take out’
  • ‘i want pizza, not your opinion’
  • ‘i got your back’ with a picture of the two stick figures (y’all know what i’m talking about?)
  • but bucky is pretty easy to impress
  • he looks forward to reading your shirts everyday
  • “‘exercise? i thought you said extra fries’ OH MY GOD THAT IS HILARIOUS”
  • one day you come home from the store with a surprise
  • “i bought us matching shirts!!!”
  • the shirt says something dumb like “fries before guys
  • but bucky is literally so happy
  • “i love it so much i swear i’m never taking this off”(ಥ﹏ಥ)
  • he has to tell everyone about his new shirt
  • “did you notice that y/n and i are matching??”
  • literally everyone: “….. yes bucky, we noticed”
  • “we look so cool!”
  • you guys walk around the city with those matching shirts
  • and he wears that shirt with pride
  • he becomes so obsessed with those stupid dad jokes
  • he starts to wear graphic tees all the time
  • he wears them under his tactical suit and no one can change my mind
  • bucky barnes is so soft omg guys :’) just let him wear his graphic tees in peace
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I’ve disappointed myself by not being productive with my writing and putting it on the back burner. Things will pick up soon, though. I’m working on @omgrachwrites 500 follower celebration challenge (which will probably be technically late, so sorry) and a few other autumn headcanons, but for now, enjoy this Bucky autumn headcanon!

Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice- A Short Bucky Autumn Headcanon


Originally posted by marvelfandomthings

-You beg Bucky to take you to a pumpkin patch, and he looks like he’s reluctant at first but sees your excitement and breaks into an adoring smile.

-Bucky has a major soft spot for you.

-A kiss from you and promises of apple cider donuts seals the deal.

-Once there, you never let go of his hand as you lead him up and down the rows of pumpkins.

-You find the perfect pumpkin. It has a few defects, and when Bucky points one of them out, you tell him it doesn’t matter and that you like it anyway. His heart warms and he kisses you like there isn’t anyone else around.

-He takes a picture with you at one of those photo ops, where you sit on hay bales in front of a backdrop, on one condition- you sit on his lap. You happily oblige, ignoring the people in line behind you that roll their eyes.

-Afterwards, you ask him to help you carve your pumpkin and of course he says yes.

-He thinks the way you scrunch your face when scooping out the goop and pumpkin seeds is adorable.

-After you both carve the design into the pumpkin, you sit back to admire your work. Bucky tugs you to lean against his chest, and you turn your head and plant a kiss on his cheek.

-You sit there on the floor and look into each other’s eyes for a while, neither one of you wanting to ruin the magic of the moment.

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By @littlemissagrafina for @lbigreyhound13

Rating: General

Relationships: Peter Parker & Tony Stark, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark

Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, May Parker (Spider-Man), Morgan Stark (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Summary: It would be the first time that Tony and Peter would be away from each other for more than a day since the reversal of the snap.

It was the first time they would be apart since their soulmate bond had calmed and settled after the trauma it had gone through with Thanos’ first snap, the breaking of their bond back on the cursed, red ground of Titan and then the sudden return of it in the reversal snap.

Needless to say, Tony was anxious and he could feel that Peter was too.

(This is my latest fic for the @friendly-neighborhood-exchange as well as the second part in my soulmate au. It can be read without having read the previous work)

Read on AO3

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jealous steve | hc


Originally posted by captainsamerica


summary: what happens when steve gets jealous…

a/n: requested by @zaddychris :) i’m writing for steve again yayyy!!!!! so send in more requests for him plz! also hello to all my new followers lol i love you all!! and as always, please enjoy xoxo

‎⍟ ‎⍟ ‎⍟ ‎⍟

  • steve can be chill never sometimes
  • who am i kidding?
  • steve is an angry ball of fire filled with the rage of a thousand suns
  • he’s just semi good at hiding it
  • until someone else looks at you the wrong way
  • guys, steve gets jealous easily
  • and when he gets jealous, he gets angry
  • or whiny and just sits in the corner until you give him attention
  • he’s never really angry at you, he’s just angry at the people who have the AUDACITY to come up to you
  • he doesn’t like it when you don’t pay attention to him for more than like three minutes
  • steve is a very needy man
  • he’s so used to having girls get swooped away by another man and he couldn’t do anything about it
  • well now he can do something about it
  • he’s 6’2” 240 pounds of pure muscle, of course he’s gonna do something about it
  • when you’re at the bar and some dude comes up to you, you always make sure to warn them
  • you: i have a boyfriend, just so you know
  • some dude: that’s alright, he doesn’t have to know
  • you: i think it’s best you leave before he comes over here…
  • some dude: it’s probably not a big deal
  • steve, already charging at him with steam coming out of his ears: STEP AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND SIR
  • some dude: OH FU—
  • he says “i love you” probably a hundred times a day and will repeat it over and over again if you don’t say it back right away
  • he’s kinda possessive lol
  • actually, he’s possessive as hell
  • maybe a little dramatic
  • like he always has a hand on your waist or your butt
  • cuz he just wants everyone to know that you’re his
  • and he’s not gonna let no man lay a hand on what’s his
  • steve rogers is not afraid to throw hands
  • wow shocker???
  • which is totally unnecessary since his presence is intimidating enough
  • but he swears on his life that it’s not jealousy
  • “awww are you jealous, stevie?”
  • “me?????? jealous???? ha! pfffftttt! no, never. never ever. never ever ever—”
  • when everyone knows damn well that he is jealous as fuckkkkk
  • steve has two moods when it comes to other dudes hitting on you
  • 1. “hey man, that’s my girlfriend. do you mind backing off? thanks.”
  • 2. “i will reach into your throat and pull out your spine if you even dare to look in the general vicinity of my girlfriend”
  • he leaves hickeys in the most obvious places cuz he’s a little shit
  • you wear his clothes so that everyone knows you’re his
  • he can be a little overbearing sometimes but you always talk it out
  • like he definitely trusts you with his whole heart
  • but he just wants all of your attention
  • so there must be lots and lots and lots of kissing
  • when y’all are alone you’re so sweet to him and making sure he knows that he’s your one and only
  • you just gotta wrap him into a blanket burrito until he calms down
  • however, underneath all that anger, there is some insecurities
  • sometimes he gets in his head and suddenly he feels like the skinny kid he was before who couldn’t get a girl to save his life
  • baby boy needs some reassurance
  • “hey, i love you, stevie. only you”
  • *melts into a puddle, forgetting about whatever he was upset about* “i love you, too”
  • he gets clingy and will not let go of you
  • so you have to walk around with a super soldier basically laying on you
  • “steve, you need to relax”
  • “i didn’t even do anything!!!!”
  • “you just threatened that man”
  • “……. and????”
  • every once in a while you just let him brood and be mad about it until he decides to calm himself down
  • sitting on his lap helps too
  • especially when you sit on his lap and give him food
  • it makes his brain all fuzzy and awww
  • steve is also the kind of person that asks if you still like him about 25 times a day
  • “y/n, do you like me?”
  • “steve, we’re married??? and we have two kids??”
  • “okay but do you have a crush on me or not?”
  • you have to hold his hand 24/7
  • and the second you let go, he’s like *gasp* nooooo come back
  • anyways
  • hey alexa, play ‘steal my girl’ by one direction
  • overall, steve has zero chill, okay?
  • but you love him

‎⍟ ‎⍟ ‎⍟ ‎⍟

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Avengers Headcanon: Bruce spends his down time working the suicide hotline. He knows what it feels like from experience. He understands all those terrible, heavy, suffocating feelings. He knows them too well, but he’s also proof that despite all those feelings and thoughts and urges that make it feel like there is no other way to put an end to it, it’s possible to get through it. It’s possible to find those reasons, no matter how small or temporary it might feel, it’s still worth it. That there will always be something to look forward to and to be hopeful for and to live for. He wants to show others that despite everything, despite all the bad, there will always be something good that comes out of it. There will always be someone waiting for you, there will always be something five minutes or five years from now to look forward to. Bruce never thought he’d be here, but he is, and it’s a wonderful feeling he wants and wants to share.

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Peter and Shuri get bored easily (who doesn’t) so they made up this game where they see how many fridge magnets they can stick on Bucky’s arm before he notices.

“12.. 13.. 14– sHIT”

“sdjhkkdshfg !!”


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Originally posted by soul-of-an-angel

✧ You always wanted to go to Paris since you were young

✧ So for your birthday Peter (your boyfriend) surprised you with plane tickets

✧ You were beyond excited to go to your dream vacation spot

✧ You were even more excited to go with Peter

✧ Peter had the whole trip planned out for you both

✧ You went to the Louvre Museum 

✧ Took a sightseeing cruise on Seine river

✧ Went to Loire Valley Castles

✧ And of course, went to the Eiffel Tower and went to the top

✧ He also surprised you by taking you to the lock bridge

✧ Where you put a lock with both of your initials on it

✧ Because you knew you’d be with him forever

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Summary: 💀 Deadpool/reader; Reader is having a hard time fitting into the X-men and deadpool is there to help

Your powers were unpredictable, Hank’s suit he’d developed for you to help with your powers was still in testing, it still fell apart or turned off and when that happened it was like your powers took over.

You’d come to after, unsure what had actually happened, usually Peter was there, panting, trying to outrace your powers was a workout, as he often teased you. Both he and Kurt seemed to enjoy the challenge your powers gae theres and they’d often try to goad you into using them. You didn’t know how you said no, you weren’t sure what good joining the x-men actually was. With your powers being unstable you didn’t know if it was worth being around so many people you could hurt.

”Hey Y/N you get another power surge?” Wade grins at you and you nod slumping in the chair you’ve been banished to.

“Can’t be all bad can it? You’re living the dream of half the kids here! I firmly believe given the chance some of them would kill for your spot, betcha the only reason it hasn’t happened is cause Xavier’s refusing to let them.”

You laugh out from your nose, mostly just a huff.

“Aww come on Y/N, I’ve already read the rest of this, you’ll be fineeeeee. Do you like headbands?”

“Sure, they’re all right and of course I will. It’s nothing serious, never is with me unless I’m gonna blast someone’s head off.”

“You’d be more likely to blow it up to be fair, like from the inside out, guts raining down-”

“Please stop.” You groan shaking your head and he just grins continuing.

“Seriously lots of blood and guts, but you will be okay, you’ll manage. Part of being on the team is they help you, why I never joined. Not much they can help me with anymore.”

“Jesus Wade, maybe you should join up with me.” You laugh a little more genuine, winking a little bit.

“I don’t think I’d fit with this place.” He gestures to the walls of the mansions and you stretch grinning at him as you stand from the chair.

“No, come on Y/N; I wouldn’t be good on the team.”

“You sure?” You fire back and he nods, pulling out a small sword to slice up one of the tapestries hanging on the wall.

“Hell yeah.”


“Cool?” Wade turns to you and you grin nodding.

“Why? What are you thinking…”

“I’ll just join you.”  Wade shifts on his feet and shakes his head.

“No Y/N, i don’t.. I do a lot of dangerous shit cause of my powers, I don’t think about working with people can actually be hurt and suffer consequences. I don’t care about myself, I get used to the pain, but I can’t let someone else get hurt that way.”

“That’s depressing Wade.”

“Besides, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“If you do a good job protecting me then I won’t have to get hurt.”

“Well if you learned to control your powers this wouldn’t even be a conversation because you’d be running around with your x-men buddies blasting shit with your laser hands.”

“Good news we fixed the suit!!” Hank grins interrupting Wade’s pep talk and you furrow your brow as he holds up a headband.

“That’s a headband..”

“Yeah! It’ll like your neural-signals so that the suit can respond to where you actually want the blast to go, not just randomly firing at people.”

“Okay so this will fix everything?”

“No you still have to train but now you can actually train with everyone, instead of in the bunker.”

“Oh, um can we try now?” You turn to Peter and Kurt who grin nodding from where they’ve appeared.

“Why do you think we’re here Y/N? We just want to help you.”

“Wade’s already gotten that taken care of.”

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♡ - romantic headcanon

  • Wanda’s love language is physical touch, which is the same as yours
  • You’re almost constantly touching, or reaching out with powers to let the other know where you are
  • You buy her a teddy bear and spray it so it smells like you, she sleeps with it when you’re on missions
  • She loves cooking and despite the fact you’re awful you try to learn with her 
  • You bring her on dates all around the city and make sure to bring her on romantic spots/places when you have time on missions

Send me a Symbol & a Character/Ship and I’ll write a headcanon about it

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Originally posted by danisclayton

  • Just like your brother, you’re a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who gets called in to investigate Carol’s presence 
  • You and Fury have been on plenty of missions together, and weren’t quite sure what to expect from this one
  • Meeting Carol, and getting involved in the crazy adventure that she brings, was beyond anything you’ve ever imagined
  • You get along with Carol quite quickly
  • You love her sarcasm and sense of humor, which always cracks you up in the most inappropriate times
  • And Carol appreciates the fact that you like her sense of humor
  • The more you get to know each other, the more you begin to like Carol in a way that isn’t platonic
  • Being amazed by her powers, and Fury always having to drag you out of danger when he catches you just staring at Carol while she’s fighting
  • “Holy— she’s amazing!” “Goddamnit, y/n, can you pay attention to the fact that we’re getting shot at?”
  • You and Carol have a super playful relationship, and are always teasing each other
  • Getting a little jealous when you meet Maria and you see how close she and Carol are
  • It takes your brother a while to pick up on your growing crush on Carol, mainly because he’s too busy worrying about the Skrulls
  • But one day, Fury catches you checking Carol out when you think no one’s looking, and it all clicks
  • “Holy shit, you’ve got a crush on the alien lady, don’t you?” “I— what? I don’t know what you’re talking about!” “Don’t lie to me, y/n.”
  • Fury mostly finds it hilarious that you’ve got a crush, and he’ll take any opportunity to tease you about it
  • Having to deal with him grinning like an idiot or making certain faces at you whenever he sees you and Carol talking
  • Fury almost exposes you on more occasion than one when Carol will walk in on him poking fun at you
  • Even though Fury will joke around and probably encourage you to make a move, he’ll still pull out the protective big brother role when him and Carol are alone
  • He’ll try to figure out if Carol likes you back, and if he gets any sort of a hint that she does, he’ll want to make sure she knows not to break your heart
  • “So… what do you think about y/n?” “Uh… where is this going?” “Ah, nowhere in particular. I just think you guys get along well.”

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Hello, my nickname is Octo, and i’m a new and this whole thing of writing Headcanons and One-Shots in general but in this post i’m going to give some basic information about me.

My pronouns are :She/Her

Fandoms (  probably will ad more and i’m going to clasificate them )

Non-Anime series


-Hot wheels:Battle force 5 

-Avatar:The last airbender

-Hazbin Hotel

Anime Series 

-Jojo Bizarre adventure ( 1-5, i’m going to eventually add the manga parts) 

-Panty & Stocking with garterbelt.

- Yuri! on ice. 



-DC heroes 

-The Flash



Video games 

-No straight roads 

-Super Smash Bros 

-Persona 5 ( i still need to watch persona 4 and 3 ) 


-Obey me! One master to rule them all. 


This are the fandoms that i’m most active right now, like i said before, i’m going to add more series/fandoms. 

The rules are here 

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