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#marvel headcanon
jealous Natasha headcanons/oneshot? what you most comfortable to write.

lets do another headcanon

warning: a lil smutty

  • lets start with the obvious
  • natasha romanoff does not get jealous. ever
  • but with you, do not even try it
  • you’re honestly amused by how easy it is make her jealous
  • she owns you, that’s the bottom line
  • when she’s jealous, she will not keep her hands off you
  • hand on thigh always
  • quite a few people have ended up with black eyes because they’re eyeing you a little too much
  • one time there was a guy who wouldn’t take the hint that you weren’t interested, let alone the fact that were DATING a WOMAN
  • natasha made sure he got the hint by climbing into your lap and refusing to move
  • jealous natasha likes to prove a point
  • will do so however she wishes
  • and if it means publicly? so be it
  • nat likes that sort of shit anyway lets be real
  • usually the aftermath will be a reminder that you belong to her, and that she also belongs to you
  • natasha tries to top you when she’s jealous, and to be fair she’s not bad at it, at all in fact. she’s just not quite on your level
  • she did succeed a few times because you let her, and damn they are nights to be remembered
  • nat loves to dirty talk. loves loves loves it. she takes advantage
  • she’ll talk to you the entire time she fucks you, muttering filth until she makes you come
  • you always get revenge, and it’s always sweet
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Dating Bucky Barnes and Being Steve Rogers’ Sister Would Include…


Originally posted by marvelgifs

•Obviously being introduced to Bucky in the 40s through Steve and you instantly crushing on Bucky like most girls who meet him

•Little did you know Bucky liked you too but he didn’t actively pursue you because of his friendship with Steve

•Steve soon becoming aware that he’s the thing that’s keeping you and Bucky apart and him assuring Bucky that he’s okay with the idea of you two together

  • “Are you sure?”
  • “Yeah, if anyone can make my sister happy he’s you. I trust you Buck”

•Once you’re finally dating, you and Bucky get to work at trying to find Steve a little romance

•Being extremely worried when both Bucky and Steve go off to war and asking Bucky to not only stay safe but look out for your seemingly meek brother

•Getting letters from Bucky everyday and sometimes these letters contain messages from Steve

  • “Is there anything you want me to tell your sister on your behalf while I’m writing this?”
  • “Tell her that I miss her”

•Steve being determined to save Bucky when he gets captured not only because he’s his best friend but also because he knows you’ll be heart broken if anything were to happen to your boyfriend

•Having a hard time processing Steve’s transformation and Bucky having to catch you when you almost faint after seeing him in person for the first time since the serum

•Your brother making sure that he’s the one who tells you about Bucky’s death because he doesn’t want you to hear it from anyone else

  • No… it’s can’t be true”

•Being equally as devastated when you learn about Steve’s supposed demise

•You and Peggy ultimately becoming close after the war because of all you have in common (caring about Steve, losing someone you love, etc)


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Originally posted by buckywiththegoodhair86


After Ragnarok

The whole fluff alphabet

Cuddle Headcanons

Thor and Technology Headcanons

Spiderman / Peter Parker:

Klisheé teenager romance

Captain America / Steve Rogers:

Cuddle Headcanons

Iron Man / Tony Stark:

Cuddle Headcanons

Hawkeye / Clint Barton:

Cuddle Headcanons

Black Widow / Natasha Romanoff:

Cuddle Headcanons

The Winter Soldier / Bucky Barnes:

Cuddle Headcanons


Fake dying - Headcanons


Originally posted by theforsakenpancake

Severus Snape:

Non-romantically, sarcastic student-teacher relationship

Jacob Kowalski:

Werewolf s/o Headcanons


Cute Headcanons


Originally posted by katerinadenali

Aro Volturi:

General Headcanons - slight nsfw

Caius Volturi:

Meeting his mate for the first time - Headcanons

Jacob Black:

General Headcanons


Originally posted by aborddelimpala

Dean Winchester:

Shy and passive s/o

Stuttering s/o

Taller s/o

Insecure s/o - Scenario

Wheelchair s/o

Super excited wheelchair s/o - Scenario

Sister Winchester - Scenario

Sam Winchester:

Limping s/o

Sister Winchester - Scenario

Stuttering s/o


Originally posted by eternalmikaelson


Chapter 1


Originally posted by thepumpkin-queenn


Random Headcanons

Doctor Herman Carter:

Romance Headcanons

Cock warming -Scenario - nsfw

Michael Myers:

Tigh riding - Scenario - nsfw

Younger s/o - 2018 Michael Myers Headcanons

S/o riding him - Headcanon - nsfw


Originally posted by hanzofromoverwatch

Hanzo Shimada:

Hanzo is in love - Headcanon

Pregnant s/o - Headcanon

Genji Shimada:

A date with Genji - Scenario

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Wade Wilson and his asexual boyfriend

  • Wade being a sexual human it was a hard for you at first but for your comfort you come out
  • He’s so proud of you
  • He even got a asexual to match the other flags hanging in the living room
  • depending on how comfortable you are with sexual actions you both make a compromise
  • He loves the physical non sexual affection
  • constant hugs
  • cheek kisses to the max
  • both of you make fun of the need in movies to have a sexual relationship
  • Horror movie nights because why not
  • You steal all his hoodies
  • Wade loves taking you to pride with matching flag capes
  • you both learn boundaries sexual and not
  • Baking all the time
  • consent romantic gestures to express his love
  • This man will ask for consent on anything remotely physical
  • you waiting all night for him to come back home
  • if you don’t like clubs he’ll take you to see strange parts of the city instead because he finds them all the time
  • getting a pet and calling it your child
  • The child gets a full name shared last name
  • Wade saying things like “I’m a proud dad” and “How did I get so lucky”
  • He will bring home stray animals all the time
  • He jokes about sex but will stop if you ask him too
  • He supports you 100%
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Dating Elektra Natchio and Being Natasha Romanoff’s Sister Would Include…


Originally posted by summers-roberts

•Meeting Elektra while she’s on a mission for Stick and you’re on an assignment for the Avengers

•Despite sort of being on different sides at first you two end up having to work together for one reason or another

•Flirting with each other relentlessly while you’re fighting side by side

  • “You pack a real punch gorgeous”
  • “You’re not so bad yourself”

•The two of you not seeing each other for a while after this but reuniting on yet another job for your desperate organizations

•Bonding a little mire this time around since you’ve both been raised at a young age to be assassins

•Eventually falling for each other despite everything that seems to want to keep you apart

•Natasha finding out about the beautiful Greek assassin that you like and her teasing you about it

  • “I really don’t blame you. She’s pretty”
  • “Nat please…”

•You trying good convince Elektra to leave The Hand and join Shield and vice versa

•Resorting to seeing each other in secret because you know your superiors won’t approve of the romance you’ve developed

•Natasha coveting for you whenever you want to see Elektra without Fury finding out. She may think that you’re playing a dangerous game but she still wants you to be happy

•The two of you only being soft for one another

  • “I would do anything for you”
  • “Right back at you”

•Being a super badass and deadly couple

•Circumstances sometimes threatening your relationship with Elektra but you two fighting through it and staying together every single time


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May I request a Rhodey headcanons? Helping him recover and being there for him after his accident? Thank you!



Originally posted by wienerlicious

  • Showing up every day, without fail, to help Rhodey with his physiotherapy 
  • Even if you have other things to do, you always prioritise being there for Rhodey, despite him insisting that you don’t need to
  • Always being able to tell when Rhodey is just putting on a brave face even though he’s feeling incredibly defeated inside
  • Being incredibly patient with him, which he really appreciates
  • Cheering him on one step at a time, both literally and metaphorically
  • “You’re doing great, bud.” “Thanks, y/n.”
  • Helping Tony in the lab with technology that’ll help Rhodey walk easier
  • “He’s lucky to have you, you know. Rhodes. You show up here every day, no exceptions.” “He’s lucky to have us, Tony. I just want to help him the best I can.” 
  • Sometimes feeling guilt over Rhodey’s accident, and having days where you feel like you could’ve done something to save him
  • But whenever you even voice a little bit of guilt to Rhodey, he stops you
  • “Don’t, y/n, it’s not your fault. I hope you know that.”
  • Refusing to let Rhodey give up whenever he’s having a particularly bad day, because you know he has the strength to keep pushing
  • “Rhodey, I know you’re tired, but I’m not going to let you stop. You’re making such great progress, and I know you can keep going.”
  • Having to also learn when to back off sometimes and let Rhodey do his own thing
  • Sometimes getting a little overbearing, just because you’re worried about him
  • He also doesn’t want you to pity him
  • “Wait, wait, y/n, just… let me do this myself. I need to learn to do this myself.” “Right, of course.”
  • Accompanying Rhodey when he starts going out and about outside the compound
  • Learning from Tony how to fix and tweak Rhodey’s leg braces if they ever break down or need a quick touch up
  • Rhodey forever being grateful to have you at his side through one of the most difficult parts of his life

tag list: @proudchocolateaddict / @myfriendmagislit / @fire–pheonix / @sheridans-dynamos / @beautifulbows924 / @writinqss / @woah-imagines / @steve-rogersirl / @gofandomsandotherstuff / @melannchoholic / @mockingjaygirl1221 / @emmacata / @hauntedpocdreamer / @unlikelysamwinchesteronahunt / @5aftermidnight / @fangirlsarah16 / @cnco-babes / @floup-doodles@diskateatscake / @bru-spanner / @real-fbi / @thisismysecrethappyplace / @natalia-helena-alianova-romanov / @fairytalesforever / @locke-writes / @lgbtonystarks / @ayanemoon / @batfam16 / @girlofiron

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Tom’s Hollands Girlfriend in a Hogwarts AU (4/4)

There will be 4 parts! One for each house because it’s Hogwarts house pride week. Currently rereading Goblet Of Fire while writing these head cannons, I apologize.

Headcannon if you were Tom’s Hollands Girlfriend in a Hogwarts AU

Pairing: Hufflepuff!Tom Holland x Slytherin!Reader

  • You met through friends
  • With a tough exterior, it was difficult for you to shed your armour
  • And seeing Tom in 5th year made you realise that your not the only one with a  home life that was continuously changing
  • Tom used to sit across from you in the library and attempt to make conversation
  • Now it was you who would attempt to make conversation.
  • When Tom would show up to your weekly study sessions
  • People told you it was a lost hope:
  • “He’s a Hufflepuff that’s sad!”
  • Because according to your roommates Tom couldn’t be upset, he was a Hufflepuff
  • Maybe he still ate the same food at breakfast
  • And sat in the same spot in charms
  • But you’d notice him flinch before taking a blueberry muffin
  • Slowly sit down in his seat, making sure that it’s okay with the person sitting next to him
  • He wasn’t the Tom you knew
  • As the Slytherin you were you confronted him
  • Freaking out inside but armour tough on the outside
  • “You’re not okay.”
  • “Is it that obvious?”
  • And seeing him crinkle his nose and admit it to you, broke you
  • You were not okay
  • “Let me take you to Hogsmeade this weekend, cheer you up!”
  • You were ready for him to deny you say that he couldn’t
  • Not:
  • “That sounds like fun. It’s a date.”
  • That made your eyes open, he didn’t know your feelings, how could he know your feelings, YOU didn’t know your feelings
  • “Yeah a date”
  • And you cheeks flush
  • After a weekend of jokes and games tom walks you back to your common room
  • Then he kisses you
  • (your cheek, because Tom’s a gentleman)
  • From then on the dark dungeon called the Slytherin common room wasn’t so cold
  • Especially now that you had a happy Hufflepuff to keep you warm.

Taglist: not tagging because of a. It’s a headcanon and b. Is harry potter


Love, Cait


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Originally posted by jjpgotinfinite

  • He appears to be all tough and shit 
  • But he’s a big softie, really 
  • Daily cuddle sessions!!
  • Many, many date nights 
  • Him being worried about your safety 
  • “ Oh my god, Y/N, I thought I lost you.’ 
  • “ I only went to the fucking grocery store!” 
  • Sharing lots of secrets with each other 
  • Loki telling you how Odin treated him 
  • You help him with his emotional trauma 
  • Frigga loving you
  • Getting mad whenever he does something stupid 
  • But making up afterwards 
  • At the end of the day, you’re always there for each other  
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Tom’s Hollands Girlfriend in a Hogwarts AU (¼)

There will be 4 parts! One for each house because it’s Hogwarts house pride week. Currently rereading Goblet Of Fire while writing these head cannons, I apologize.

Headcannon if you were Tom’s Hollands Girlfriend in a Hogwarts AU

Pairing: Hufflepuff!Tom Holland x Ravenclaw!Reader


  • You meet in Hogwarts as charms desk partners
  • Sometimes you swear Flitwick put you next to each other just to torcher you
  • When you first met you were really against Tom
  • And the rumours
  • Because when you’re exhausted apparently you talked in your sleep
  • “He’s just so cute” “And sweet” “His eyes, so bright”
  • And your dormmates are apparently snitches
  • (Sadly, not the quidditch kind)
  • When you finally do get together it’s because of Toms dormmates
  • THeY CornAeD YoU
  • In the great hall and asked what was going on in charms
  • (which shows how great friends they are because in 5th year you weren’t even in the same charms class)
  • Tom came and saved you like the knight in shining armour he is
  • “She’s just helping me study”
  • “I am?”
  • “Your are if you want to go on a study date with me”
  • With that cunning smile, how could you say no
  • And somehow your boyfriend was a Hufflepuff
  • While you knew the Hufflepuff common room password Tom struggled with your own house
  • Sometimes we got them by luck and other times
  • “What are you doing here?”
  • “I wanted to wait for you inside but I couldn’t get the password”
  • His pout
  • How could you not smile at his pout
  • “Come on, let’s just get inside”
  • And like the adorable man, he is, he follows you inside.

Taglist: not tagging because a. It’s a headcanon and b. Is harry potter

Love, Cait



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Originally posted by peculiar-monstar

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Cable 😏Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him having had enough of you running your mouth to him as you want and just grabbing you by your ass to pull you closer to him, practically having you against him as he growls to you about how he’s going to punish you if you keep it up

-Him acting like he’s fine with you all day, counting all of your actions that deserve to be punished, practically letting you free until the night comes and you’re finally both alone in your room together

-Him easily bending you over or pulling you into his lap just to spank you, gladly being rough and exposing your ass to make it clear how serious he is about punishing you

-Him instantly being stern with you as you’d try to taunt him, telling you how he expects you to be in 5 minutes, only to often pick you up himself and easily put you in your place as you should

-Him fingering you as he pleases as you’d sit next to him for dinner when you’d get too cocky, reminding you to keep quiet if you don’t want to get caught and be humiliated in front of others for being such a brat

-Him gladly making you gag on his cock when you’d speak too much, practically disciplining you with the way he grips your hair and controls you the whole time, only ever letting you go as he feels you behave

-Him gladly making you feel so much smaller with how easily pins you or grips you to him, fucking you hard and fast to leave you out of breath and of course shutting you up from being so bratty

-Him pulling you into his lap and making you ride him all while he does anything else, whether it be reading or polishing his gun, making it a point that you only deserve his attention when you work for it

-Him gladly making you repeat over and over about you promising to not be a brat anymore all while he fucks you slow, making it a point for you to focus on your words rather than your own pleasure

-Him totally edging you or overstimulating you depending on his mood, making you suffer until you’re practically sobbing and begging and promising you won’t be a brat anymore

Tags : @bat-with-a-crown​, @nikkinikki97​, @madamrogers​, @uss-lesbian​, @tearsofebony​, @angel-with-broken-wings , @pan-and-proud-writes , @lynn8dabeast92-blog ,  @zombie-zayde , @littlemisstrancy , @emmet-dean-the-demon-king , @ecurrier109 , @fandomwritingismylife , @happyshaddow94 , @my-youth-is-my-own , @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 , @withered8dandelion , @castiel-ships-wincest​, @addie-baby , @wayward-avenging , @neganrpblog , @mysterioustrashadventures , @curious-expectations , @spacethots , @marvelfanuniverse , @decepticon-aesthetic , @angsty-writer , @aryn-the-wolfheart , @foreverbeingthunderbuddy , @arianatheangelworld , @marymousy , @lostdarksoul6 , @the-undateable , @pensysto , @jack-morrison , @robotic-loser , @wthtorke , @decepticon-aesthetic , @pensysto , @marymousy , @too-quick-to-quit , @jack-morrison , @obsessedadryana , @neeadinghugs , @moose-squirrel-asstiel , @beegnc

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Originally posted by blxckpnther

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)

-Him totally feeling like he has to keep you safe at all times and would practically hover and follow you around until you have to push him out and assure him you’re fine

-Him insisting on training you himself and being very serious about men’s weak points, gladly teaching you all the ways to fight

-Him constantly checking out and glaring at anyone who seems too suspicious or flirt with you too much, inching closer and closer to act as your protective shield

-Him having an irrational fear of you being poisoned somehow and just having to taste your food first to make sure, only ever coming to a stop as you’d have a fight with him about

-Him always being worried to see you out in the cold without enough on you, rushing to give some fur capes and practically hugging you tight to get you back warmer

-Him always telling you to wink at him or practically inventing signs with you for you to signal him when you’re in danger during a meeting, making you laugh at how serious he is about

-Him gifting you special knives you can hide practically anywhere, insisting you keep it on yourself at all times and thank him for it when you’re in danger

-Him pushing away anyone he feels is too suspicious from you, having no problem intimidating them and putting on his mean gaze while he does so

-Him pulling you for a tight hug after he had been so worried over you, promising to not ever let something like that happen again and just apologizing for not being your protector in that instant

-Him acting all pouty and sarcastically apologizing to you about it when you’d tell him to back off as he gets too much with his protectiveness, only for you to forgive him to see him like that

Tags : @bat-with-a-crown , @nikkinikki97 , @madamrogers , @uss-lesbian , @tearsofebony . @shersuperwho-blog, @meloz-draws, @angel-with-broken-wings, @pan-and-proud-writes , @lynn8dabeast92-blog ,  @zombie-zayde , @jaspocalypse , @umaveznosonho, @littlemisstrancy , @emmet-dean-the-demon-king , @Erikaaferns, @ecurrier109 , @purplemuse89, @fandomwritingismylife, @ichimaruai, @nekodalolita ,@samwinchesterhasbeensaved, @happyshaddow94 ,@master-of-schadenfreude, @my-youth-is-my-own , @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 , @girlmeetsbullshit, @withered8dandelion , @alohawikolia , @phxeniz , @hellosupernaturaldoctor , @gowenna, @downwardcomet31 , @exquisitex113 , @solobagginses, @currentlycryingoverfictionalppl, @bennypostsstuff, @megara1986 , @nevergoodenough30-blog , @fuckshedidit

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Originally posted by cherrixcii

Summary: When Sebastian is at a party, things take a surprising turn when he meets a pregnant woman who goes into labour.  

Words count: 3.060 

The night was upon in the city of New York. Sebastian saw it in the way the sky painted navy, grey and black. The city lights were flickering on and off in the bitter cold, as the wind struck through his raven hair and left him with teary eyes. 

However, the darkness didn’t stop him from seeing the house he was supposed to be at. People were standing outside; laughing and chatting; some were gulping from the bottle of beer. Sebastian crossed the street, buried his hands deep in his pocket as he approached his friends. 

‘ Hey, Seb!’ One of the guys, whose name was Cedric, cheered. He handed Sebastian a bottle of beer, which the actor took with a thankful nod. ‘ How have you been? I feel like I haven’t seen you for ages.’ Cedric said, his grey eyes glimmering with amusement. 

Sebastian only shrugged his shoulders. ‘ Been busy, man.’ He said. Cedric nodded and meddled into a conversation between two women. Sebastian looked around; he saw a few familiar faces, but most people that were spending their night here were unknown to him.

Parties like these - that involved lots of alcohol and drugs - were never really Sebastian’s scene. He enjoyed drinking so now and then, but he stayed away from the drugs as far as he could. Instead, he prefered to have some drinks with his friends. 

Cedric had, though, invited him to come to a party that was thrown by an old college friend of Cedric, Mia. The Romanian had somewhat protested, but Cedric didn’t need to put much effort into convincing him. 

‘ Want another?’ Out of all sudden, Cedric stood next to him again. Sebastian jumped a little, nevertheless looked at the man with a raised eyebrow. Cedric pointed at the empty beer in the hand of the actor. Sebastian nodded, setting the bottle on a nearby plastic table. 

‘ Yes, sure.’ Sebastian agreed. Cedric motioned him to follow him to inside the house. As Sebastian walked up to the stairs, he noticed the many people sitting on the stairs itself, all either drunk or high. A girl was smoking a joint, eyes blood-red; another girl was moaning in despair because she had finished her beer.

Once inside the dirty apartment, Sebastian groaned. The smell was unbearable, filled with sweat of different bodies and alcohol; it makes his stomach turn. The music that blasted through the room was incredibly loud as well. As he walked through the room, he eventually arrived at the table where the drinks stood. 

 ‘ Why is everything so fucking loud?’ Sebastian complained. Cedric, who stood next to him, chuckled. The other man held his shoulders up and gulped from his own drink as he answered his friend’s question. 

‘ Man, you sound like a fucking eighty-year-old! Have a drink, loosen up a little!’ Cedric said while patting Sebastian on the back. The actor only sighed in defeat. Perhaps Cedric was right; it felt like he never lived his life to the fullest,  despite all the opportunities that he got. 

‘ Maybe you’re right,’ He said. Sebastian sipped from his drink. His eyes travelled to the crowd they stood away from. ‘ But I don’t know. So many of my co-stars already have children, and I’m not even in a relationship.’

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Originally posted by orotundmutt

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Thor! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)

-Him realizing you have a thing for his size as you’d blush to feel standing behind you and would look up at him in awe, practically making him feel even more like a god and just wanting to impress you

-Him purposely reminding you of how much bigger he is than you with the way he just puts his hand over yours or your shoulder or your ass, loving how you’d get all quiet to realize his sheer size

-Him easily picking you up out the blue and throwing you over his shoulder or just carrying you bridal style to bring you to where he wants you, totally acting casual and of course loving how you’d cling to him just as much

-Him totally taking advantage of it and comparing himself to the others just to hear you say that of course you prefer him, loving even more to then reward you as he practically holds you so tight

-Him pulling you into his lap after a long day and just cuddling you and holding you tight, practically trapping you in his arms and teasing you as he whispers in your ears about you taking advantage of the situation

-Him purposely teasing you with the way he leans down to speak to you as he mentions ways about how he’d get back to you for what you did, using a more stern tone and just making you feel even smaller

-Him loving to tease you with the way he manages to corner you or surprise you with how he wraps his arms around you, just to then kiss you roughly and show you who’s in charge

-Him easily making you straddle him and just gripping your waist to control you as he pleases, totally making you understand how much smaller and weaker you are than him

-Him always making a show out of how easily he can pin your wrists or legs down as he pleases, using those opportunities to tease you as he wishes whether it be to eat you out or fuck you

-Him constantly teasing you about having a thing for his height and size and being quite proud about it, only to always be intimidated by anyone who might be just as big or bigger than himself

Tags : @bat-with-a-crown​, @nikkinikki97​, @madamrogers​, @uss-lesbian​, @angel-with-broken-wings , @pan-and-proud-writes , @lynn8dabeast92-blog , @littlemisstrancy , @emmet-dean-the-demon-king , @ecurrier109 , @fandomwritingismylife , @happyshaddow94 , @my-youth-is-my-own , @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 , @withered8dandelion , @castiel-ships-wincest​, @addie-baby , @teareid , @raviolin-down-the-streets ,  @ravenscryx

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Originally posted by bluebeetletedkord

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo The Grandmaster! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)

-Him literally throwing a fit to know that you left to hang out with your friends instead and acting all overdramatic to his people, practically begging them to go find you for him

-Him glaring at anyone he notices that’s flirting with you too much, always getting closer to sabotage them and practically hoping you’d notice him instead as he’d instantly act all sweet to you

-Him wanting your attention just as much and trying so hard to get closer to you, only to get annoyed when your friends would push him away literally and just planning to get back at them once he gets the chance

-Him being in awe at the way you’d look at your friends when you’re so happy and wanting the same thing and practically trying to get you the same things as they do or take you out to a surprise you’d like

-Him wanting you to hug him the way you do your friends as they’d be upset or as you’d greet them, practically rushing to you at any opportunity he feels is right to get a hug from you

-Him always being louder than anyone else at the slightest injury, knowing how you’ll rush to him the way you do to your friends and being so proud of himself when you’d seem so worried

-Him acting all pouty and childish to get your attention and have you notice him, being utterly overjoyed when you’d ask him what’s wrong and would want to understand him

-Him wanting you to cling and hold onto him when you’re scared or nervous and just really trying to be closer to you to get that opportunity, only to be really upset when your friends would put themselves between you both

-Him always coming up with plans so you’d both be alone and he’d be able to flirt with you, only to be utterly devastated when you’d tell him that your friends already planned something with you

-Him practically confessing to you his love in a desperate moment and just begging for you to understand all of his actions, making you laugh at how childish he can be at times

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Originally posted by dixon-udonta-love

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Kraglin! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)

-Him not really minding you at first as you’d join the crew and just trying to keep doing his job, until you’re assigned to work with him, making him have to spend time with you and get to know you

-Him starting to notice your pretty features more and more as you’d both end up being so close together and him just thinking about it as he’d go to bed

-Him growing more and more comfortable to talk with you about anything and everything as you’d both spend so much time together, even starting to have some inside jokes with you and leaving everyone else out

-Him finding himself looking forward to being with you and even getting up earlier just to make sure to not miss a moment with you, even getting breakfast with you and enjoying your company

-Him inviting you out with him to go visit the places you all land together, enjoying your company even out of work and just having some fun with you

-Him liking the way you call his name and practically always smiling when you would, unable to stop himself from it and just hoping you only ever use that sweet tone with him

-Him always being flustered and feeling his heart race as you’d both bump into each other or would end up accidentally touching each other a lot, constantly thinking about it afterwards

-Him getting quite jealous and annoyed when the other crew members would flirt with you, always sabotaging them in any way to make sure you aren’t interested in them

-Him just thinking about how he should confess to you and wanting you to know that he’s in love with you, always daydreaming about it and being startled and flustered as you’d wake him up from it

-Him finally planning on a cute date to confess to you and hoping to have you all alone with him, being quite nervous in the moment and doing his best to express his love for you

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Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Loki! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)

-Him rolling his eyes whenever someone else would flirts with you and practically always trying to bring their mood down as he mentions you’re already being flirted with by him, making you laugh

-Him being in disbelief that you’d so easily tag along with others or team up with them rather than insist on being with him as he does with you, just grumbling and being annoyed the whole time he’s with someone else

-Him practically throwing a fit when he’d learn about you going with Thor somewhere to get some things and just complaining that he could’ve done more for you, unable to even deny how jealous he is

-Him always butting in your conversations because he wants you to talk to him as much as you do your friends, finally making his day when you would pay attention to him

-Him purposely tripping any members of the Avengers approaching you to talk, just to annoy them and mock them for being clumsy hoping you’d laugh along with him, only to pout as you’d rush to help them

-Him finally asking some of the others to let him be alone with you, hinting about his feelings for you and just trying to come on as genuine as possible but of course always ending up being quick to come back at them

-Him wishing you’d rush to hug him and ask if he’s alright the way you do your closer friends, and since just always acting like he’s more injured than he is in hopes to get your attention and care

-Him purposely putting himself in between you and your friends to be close to you, hoping you’d notice him and his efforts in trying to be obvious with his feelings

-Him always sabotaging anyone trying to get you flowers to flirt with you and just getting his own gifts for you, hoping you’d only notice him

-Him having had enough with standing behind and just pulling you away one day to admit to you that he likes you and how he just can’t stand seeing so many trying to be with you or just be so close to you

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(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Rhodey! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)

-Him having a crush since you’re so casual and comfy with being so physically close to him, especially that time you insisted that you preferred to sit on his lap over someone else as you all had to share a ride

-Him just loving how you’d seem clueless to any innuendos the others or himself are using and even more when you’d ask him about it and he’d practically have to explain it to you, enjoying to see you blush as you’d finally get it

-Him never being able to say no to you when you’d beg him for something and would promise him to get back to him for it, loving how you’d rely on him and even more to see you being so thankful to him

-Him getting a little too turned on when you’d wear shorter and tighter clothes, unable to keep his eyes off of you and of course just enjoying your curves and how you’re showing some skin in such a carefree way

-Him often being speechless or losing his train of thought as you’d eagerly suck on lollipop or a popsicle, staring at you openly and only coming to his senses as someone would punch his arm or would point it out to him

-Him loving how you’d blush at the slight mention or teasing from the others about how you’d look good with him as a couple or even as they’d push you both to go on a mission together, gladly acting protective of you in the end to cheer you up

-Him unable to keep his eyes off of you as you’d come out to greet him and the others in nothing but a towel after a shower, in disbelief at how casual you are and constantly wondering and talking about the incident to the others until they ask him if he’s that into you

-Him feeling super manly and playing in on protecting you whenever you’d get scared during a horror movie, loving how you’d practically hide by his side and hold onto his arm

-Him liking how you’d get flustered from the others pointing out how he’s flirting with you at times, using that opportunity to act all protective of you again and comfort you

-Him just having to admit to you that he has a crush on you and practically naming all those instances that you turned him on, being quite honest about it and hoping you’d understand him

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Daredevil being Jealous

  • You and Matt had know each other for some time ;
  • You had the power to read minds and was helping him with a case ;
  • But after you resolved the case you and Matt decided to work together more ;
  • You knew Matt was Daredevil since the first second you read his mind ;
  • Working with Daredevil wasn’t the first time you work with other vigilante;
  • So one day when you guys were at the sealing of a building and Frank Castle aka The Punisher appeared ;
  • Matt was surprised that you guys knew each other , even more suprisse when you seemed very friendly toward each other ;
  • That sparked something on him ;
  • You realized Daredevil was too quiet for the duration of the night after you encountered Frank ;
  • So after patrol you went to Matt’s house and questioned him about the night ;
  • He told you nothing but you knew something as wrong ;
  • Matt immediately asked you not to get into his head ;
  • “ I don’t need to get into your head to know that something is wrong”;
  • He was left with no other option , so he told you how he felt ;
  • “ I didn’t knew you teamed up with other vigilante, I thought that was … something only we did”;
  • You understood right away that he was jealous but seeing that he was very upset you didn’t tease him about that ;
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Possessive/jealous/overprotective Loki x shy!reader?

thanks for your request!! i hope you like it <3


Originally posted by 25bees

  • loki knew you were shy when he started dating you
  • but he didnt know you were super shy
  • he found it adorable the way you would fiddle with your thumbs when you got nervous
  • or how you would start to mess with your hair
  • he found it especially endearing when you started stuttering after he complimented you
  • so when he saw you averting your eyes and swaying back and forth on your heels after something thor said he was FURIOUS
  • thor wasnt allowed to get that reaction out of you
  • only he was supposed to get those adorable reactions out of you
  • loki was jealous
  • in loki fashion, he tried to remind you who you belonged to
  • he held your hand more
  • complimented you more
  • cuddled with you more
  • he did anything and everything to prove he was better
  • it became a challenge to see how flustered you could become
  • you soon realized that loki was trying to see you act this way
  • so you tried to do it back
  • at first it failed
  • “you look so hot you could light a housefire-wait i mean-” “thank you y/n”
  • but pretty soon when you were alone you proved to loki that you werent the only one who could become flustered ;)

send an ask if you want to request something !!!

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