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luvrbucks · 2 days ago
Headcannons for Cis!Top!M!reader being Tony Starks actual intern with a huge cock?
tony stark x intern!m!reader.
cw . sub!tony, dom!m!reader, teasing, slight size kink, public sex, blowjob (r!receiving), hair pulling, sir kink, cum swallowing, mentions of work burnout, mentions of food, the other avengers not minding their business, the reader is a huge flirt, etc.
note . i apologize for any spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes.
when you accepted the internship, tony wasn’t actually the one authorizing it — pepper was
meaning, he didn’t fully know what you looked like.
which was fine, yk, he’d had many interns that he’d only actually met when they’d started the job.
really the only thing tony knew was that you were male and you’d start by working closely along side him and he was fine about being kept in the dark about the rest…
until he wasn’t
cue the immediate homosexual panic he felt the moment you entered the lab
at first, he wasn’t really focused on you, he was more tinkering on a new, smaller project and didn’t notice a visitor at the entryway.
you cleared your throat, taking him out of his focus, and normally he’d make some sort of remark towards anyone who interrupted his work
but looking at you, any words he planned on saying died in his throat
“sorry to interrupt you, mr. stark,”
tony almost fell to his knees then and there.
realizing you were waiting for a reply with a sheepish smile playing on your lips, he somehow pulls himself together enough to form a reply
it clicks that you’re his new intern, and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t a little excited to work along side you.
“oh- er, you weren’t interrupting anything… the new intern huh?”
your sheepish smile turns to a sly one
“pleasure to begin working alongside you.”
the sheer amount of tension in the lab at the very moment could be cut with a knife
okay okay, enough with the backstory; now onto the actual hc’s
as your time that you spent at the tower working alongside tony increased, so did your endless teasing and flirting of the shorter male
at this point, it was obvious that the two of you shared some sort of mutual feelings for one another
but no actual moves were made to genuinely verbalize feelings so the both of you were really just pining over each other and too anxious to admit it
the flirting started off small at first, simply putting your hand on the small of his back when you were passing behind him
staring him down when he knew you were watching
making sly comments
don’t get it wrong though, your progressing relationship isn’t just sexual
it’s also making sure tony sleeps enough and eats
bringing him meals when you know he’s been working for a while
helping him with his anxiety and insomnia
genuinely being there for him
this goes on until soon, the other avengers notice and are both amused and annoyed at the dynamic the both of you have built
steve, natasha, and bucky are all so tired of seeing the both of you be so horribly and romantically chummy with each other
thor, the poor poor baby, doesn’t understand why the both of you wouldn’t just… communicate
it was a couple of months later when tony had a huge project he had to finish, administered by no one other than nick fury
the project was one of great importance, which meant tony was pretty high strung and stressed most of the time
which also meant he was more snarky than usual
tony wasn’t one normally to talk back to you, he kept his quips reserved for other members of the team, but never you
his nearly bratty and sarcastic comments only irritated you
it was around a week into the project and together, the both of you were half way done
you’d reached your breaking point with tony’s comments.
one thing led to another, and the two of you were full blown arguing.
after a certain point, you got tired of the arguing, instead remaining quiet and chuckling dryly.
“what’s wrong? cant speak now, when that’s all you’ve been doing for the past fucking hour.” tony persists, not letting up.
“don’t talk to me like that tony.” you warn, stepping closer.
“or what? it’s not like you’ve actually been helping me this entire time any-“
in a moment, you had tiny pinned against the wall behind him
“i told you not to talk to me like that.” you murmur, looking down at him while your face was inches away from his.
the silence was loud but not uncomfortable.
you’re not sure who leaned in first but in an instant, the both of you were a messy clash of lips and small whines from tony
blood immediately rushes south for the both of you
tony kisses down your neck, hurried hands reaching for your belt
“wait- fuck, wait tony,” you breathe, and he stops, pulling away and looking at you with dilated eyes
“are you sure you want this?” you ask, and tony gives u a lopsided grin
“100%.” he confirms, resuming his previous acts and attaching his lips to yours.
he pushes against you, backing you up until the back of your legs bump against a chair
“let me do this for you,” tony mumbles against your lips, urging you to sit down
you’re sat, watching tony through lidded eyes as he makes quick work of your zipper and pulls your pants down a little to your thighs with your help
he does the same with your boxers, eyes widening a bit when your cock is revealed.
it was obvious you were blessed in that department, but he didn’t know you were this big.
your head cups his jaw, snapping him out of his minor trance
“you can stop at any time, baby,” you tell him & he swears his heart flutters at the nickname
he only looks at you, and kisses your tip before opening his mouth and taking your length
your head tilts back, breathing strongly at the feeling of his wet & warm mouth around you
“just like that, pretty boy,”
his eyes fluttered shut at the praise, and it was then that you learned that tony stark had a praise kink
tony’s mouth was skillful, and it wasn’t long before you felt the familiar warmth that gathered at the pit of your stomach
“im going to cum soon, tony,” you warned, carding your hands through his hair
he pulls off of you, using his hand to continue the stimulation
“cum in my mouth, please, sir,” he whispers dazedly with cloudy eyes before taking you into his mouth again
your lips fall into a smirk, breathing heavily while you move in rhythm with his mouth
he’s palming himself while you occasionally tug his hair, pushing his hips up into his hand while he swirled his tongue over your tip.
your grip on his hair gets tighter and you’re practically face fucking him at this point
the heat that you feel in your lower stomach finally bursts
“fuck..” you grunt, pumping load after load into his mouth
tony moans, a sound almost muted as he swallows your cum
he shivers out of sensitivity as he pulls off of you, pants now sticky from his own cum
“you’re good at that..” you say, lip curling up as you pull up your pants
“thank you..” he rasps, standing up from his most likely bruised knees.
“…” “…”
the silence lasts for a moment until tony speaks up
“you would think after i just gave you the best head of your life, this wouldn’t be awkward,”
you snort at that, rising from the chair
noticing the stain in his pants, you step towards him
“c’mon, let’s get you cleaned up, we have lots to talk about,” you tell him as he leans into your embrace
i…. don’t really have too much more to add honestly
from there, your relationship progresses into more
you admit your feelings during the aftercare process and it’s no surprise that tony feels the same
then the flirting around the lab gets even worse, if possible
but this time, it’s more shared kisses when you’ve come to a breakthrough
soft touches when you can tell he needs them
the avengers notice immediately & thus begins the never ending teasing about your relationship! :)
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kram6496 · 16 hours ago
First Kiss with...
Wanda Maximoff
Watching TV shows with Wanda is your favorite way to relax. You find yourself lying on a couch with Wanda, watching Bewitched. She wraps her arms around you.
“I like you. A lot. Do you like me?”
“No.” She starts to get up when you pull her close, you whisper in her ear, “I love you.”
She giggles before pulling you into a kiss. She then smacks your arm playfully. “That’s for scaring me.”
She pulls you into another kiss, “I love you too.”
Tumblr media
Natasha Romanoff
Training with Natasha is always fun. Until she starts placing bets.
“Pin me and I’ll buy you a burger,” she states as she grabs her batons.
“And if you win?” You smirk.
“You’ll see,” she smirks back.
She pinned you in ten seconds. You huff.
“Alright what do I owe you?” You ask.
She pecks your lips, “follow me. We both need a shower.” She winks before leading you out of the training room.
Tumblr media
Carol Danvers
Looking up at the stars with Carol is always fun.
“I wanna try something,” you tell her as you watch the stars. “Do you trust me?”
She smiles, “always.”
You tell her to close her eyes. She obliges and you kiss her cheek.
“You missed,” she states before pulling you into a kiss.
Tumblr media
Yelena Belova
It was a covert op. Yelena kissed you for part of her cover. Kisses do make people tailing you uncomfortable.
“Lena?” You ask with a smirk.
“Hmm?” Yelena says with a half dazed smile.
“They stopped following us.”
“I do not care,” Yelena shrugs as she pulls you into another fiery kiss. She never stopped since.
Tumblr media
Kate Bishop
Kate kissed you after ice skating one Christmas Eve. You were left smiling like a fool.
“Did that feel as good to you as I did to me?” Kate says as a blush makes its way across her face.
All you could do was nod.
Tumblr media
Her lab was your favorite hang out. Shuri kissed you after a successful test of her latest invention.
“It just felt right,” she shrugged.
Tumblr media
America Chavez
You took her out for the usual hangout at the local pizzeria. She was uneasy for most of the time.
“What’s wrong?” You asked her.
She leaps into your arms, kissing you.
“I-I think I love you,” she whispers.
“Well I think I love you too.”
Tumblr media
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bigfan-fanfic · a day ago
With You To the End of the Line (Male!Reader x Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers)
Requested by anonymous for  Can I request a soft fluffy fic about Bucky and his boyfriend making dinner to surprise Steve when he comes back from running errands? And maybe talking about asking Steve if he'd like to date them?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's been pretty nice having Steve living with you.
He's helpful and likes to be around, and besides, he gives your boyfriend company when you're not around.
Sure there are some awkward points. It's a little hard for Steve to remember that Bucky isn't the same as he was back before the war, but he's gotten a lot better.
He's seemed a little lonely lately, but it gets better when you or Bucky invite him to hang out or to snuggle late into the night when Bucky can't fall asleep.
At some point, you started to wonder whether or not Steve really enjoyed your company. Because he started to pull away, seeming uncomfortable.
It took you mentioning this for Bucky to draw the connection - that Steve only really acted uncomfortable around people he liked.
You raised your eyebrow at him and Bucky suddenly went "o- OHHHHHH."
It started more than one conversation between you and Bucky.
First of all helping explain polyamorous relationship and then helping him realize that the two of you also are attracted to Steve, and that maybe... you can ask him to join you in a relationship.
And what better way to do that than, as Bucky says, "feed the punk first"?
Bucky's gotten pretty good at cooking in the last few years, and you've gotten a lot of ingredients so that you two can make dinner together.
Steve's been getting into helping humanitarian causes lately and works pretty hard, so it'll be a nice surprise to have dinner ready for him.
You and Bucky have a lot of fun making the food while Steve's out running errands on his way home
but it's still a time
you're both a little nervous
you know Steve won't think any less of you or of Bucky, but it's still making you both a little anxious.
"Wow, this a special occasion? Smells great, Buck." Steve chuckles.
"Well... it might be a special occasion." you smirk, and Bucky elbows you.
Steve raises an eyebrow but helps set the table and you all start eating.
You talk with him and Bucky, about your day, about your plans for the week, and you like seeing the way he looks at you both. It's almost too obvious now that he's in love with you two.
Bucky is too nervous to be tactful. You had made dessert too, but suddenly Bucky just blurts, "hey, Steve, you wanna date us?"
"What?" Steve yelps, glancing over at you.
Bucky looks so horrified, he buries his face in your neck, and leaves it up to you to explain to Steve exactly what you mean.
You tell him how you and Bucky have noticed him pulling away, and that you know he likes you both, and that you like him too.
"But... you both are together. I... I don't want to get in the way of that. I mean."
"Well, I won't say it won't be new for us all. But Bucky and I are willing to put in the communication and the hope to ask you to be our boyfriend. We love each other, and we love you too, Steve."
Bucky lifts his head and smiles at Steve's awestruck expression. "To the end of the line, punk. Right?"
Steve grins. "Yeah. Things, uh... work a whole lot differently nowadays, but if you both want this, then... I'd love to be your boyfriend."
Steve blushes hard as you and Bucky move around the table to kiss either side of his face.
The future will involve discussion and communication, and navigating your own unique challenges
But at the end of each day you get to be with the two men you love, and they get to do the same.
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stopdropandsteph · 22 hours ago
marc spector headcanons!!
a/n: at the request of @itsmebabu , might be ooc but that’s just cause i see marc as a softie <3
smells like a less strong version of the flannel candle from bath and body works.
prefers silver jewelry, but doesn’t wear much anyway.
wears lighter clothing as opposed to heavier clothing, he’d rather be cold than hot.
has a huge soft spot for his s/o. he won’t do a lot of super sweet romantic stuff, but on an extremely rare occasion, his s/o convinced him to try and write poetry with them. he (begrudgingly) agreed (after a LOT of pleading from his s/o) and wrote a tiny, one stanza poem, which he never showed them, and hid it. it was good, though. very sweet.
rolls up his sleeves whenever he wears a button down shirt.
surprisingly great at massages.
falls asleep during movies.
won’t ask to cuddle, but if his s/o wants to, he’s game.
he either LOVES or HATES red velvet, it’s one or the other, no in between.
makes frequent trips to walmart.
ridiculously competitive when it comes to console games (though, he only plays it because of his s/o or close friend) (he also isn’t even that great at them either).
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writerdream22 · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
requested by: @shycollectionwolfstuff , I sincerely hope you like this ✨🌻💛
pairings (platonic): Wade Wilson/ Deadpool x daughter!reader, Nick Fury x reader, Tony Stark x reader, Steve Rogers/ Captain America x reader, etc.
warnings: none, except for a few curse words. English is not my first language so there might be some grammatical errors
a/n: I'm sorry for being absent for so long, but schoolwork got in the way and even now, less than a month before summer vacation, I have loads of written and oral exams!
feedbacks are always appreciated!
Being the daughter of a hero wasn't easy. Always having to put up with that kind of lifestyle was quite complicated, and even more so when your father was Deadpool.
Nonetheless, you had a fairly ordinary life; you went to school during the day, studied in the afternoon and were trained by your father during the night.
Needless to say, even though you had picked up more than a few physical and temperamental characteristics from your mother, you and your father were quite similar.
You were merely a teenager when a man dressed in black, wearing a similarly coloured eye patch, approached you while you were going home from a six-hours-long study session the library.
“Are you y/n Wilson”
“I'm Nick Fury, and I would like to talk to you about the—”
“The avengers project, I know”
“You know?”
“Duh. I mean, you did the same thing with Tony Stark in the Iron Man movie, when— shit, I wasn't supposed to say that”
“What movie? And, how do you know about Iron Man's identity?”
“Well you see, my mother is a witch and I inherited her powers, and— my father is a sort of sentient and deadly pineapple-y hybrid, that's what he wants me to define him”
“Well, I knew you were going to be quite a peculiar girl.”
“That's one very nice way to put it, sir”
“So... Do you want to become an avenger and save those who can't protect themselves?”
“Oh, hell yeah!”
That same night, you went home and your father was already there.
“You won't believe what happened”
“You beat up the evil tin man for me? Really?”
“No dad, I did not beat up Colossus. I was approached by a man from S.H.I.E.L.D. ,and he asked me to become an avenger!”
“And what did you say?”
“I said yes, obviously”
“Yes! My daughter is going to be one of the best superheroes in the world! Oh, I'm so proud of you, my precious, underage child!”
After that eventful day you started training more and more, with our without your father, and you waited for the moment when one of the Avengers— the cool guys, you always said —came to pick you up and take you to their headquarters.
It wasn't long before Tony Stark, the Iron Man, showed up at your school. Your classmates freaked out, and ran up to the superhero asking for photos and/or autographs. Regardless, the situation didn't phase you one bit; you had met a fair bit of superheroes, and you saw them like normal people. They had just special abilities or loads of money as a plus.
The dark-haired and undoubtedly famous man approached you, and exchanged a few words with you before walking you towards his car and taking you to the Avengers compound. The car ride was awfully silent, but you didn't mind since it was obvious that once you got to your destination, every member of the team would have had questions to ask.
“Guys, this is y/n. She's a new entry, so please be nice”
“Hi everyone! Oh god, you all look amazing!”
“You're Deadpool's daughter, correct?”
“Yes, sir. The one and only”
“Are you mentally unstable like he is?”
“Rogers, that is unprofessional!”
“Nah, I don't mind being asked that. If by mentally unstable you mean amazing, then yes— I am mentally unstable. If you mean anything else, then no, I am perfectly fine”
“We have a recording of you talking to thin air and saying 'well, this shouldn't have happened, now, shouldn't it' after being attacked by a few criminals and taking care of the matter in a very short amount of time”
“That was— a normal thing to do. I was shocked by what had happened”
“Yeah Rogers, leave the kid alone, she's not a criminal herself”
Needless to say, you and Captain America didn't get along at all. Much like Colossus didn't like a few aspects of your father's self.
You and Tony had immediately bonded, though, along with Natasha and Sam. They understood that you were not insane, you were just different. After all, your father was a peculiar man and you couldn't be that different.
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jjeangrey · 14 days ago
wanda: why don’t you just bring america here
dr strange:
wanda: you didn’t tell me her name did you
dr strange: …no
Tumblr media
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rocketrhap3000 · 5 months ago
requested : -Hey! I don’t know if you’ve seen that trend on TikTok where the girl is on the phone or doing something where she refers to her boyfriend as her “husband” and the guy’s reaction is always so cute! I was wondering if you had time if you could write something about doing that with CEvans, Seb, and/or Hiddleston and what their reactions would be! Thanks in advance! - could you do a fic where reader pranks chris from one of those couples pranks on tik tok lol
a/n: loved this idea but thought to turn it into a headcanon! i hope it’s alright!
warnings: seb’s ends a little suggestively and there’s some kissing n stuff throughout it all but it’s really all just fluff!
no beta/loosely proofread so please excuse errors!
my main masterlist
Tumblr media
you’re swinging through a starbucks drive-through after a day of shopping and you’ve been silly and lovey-dovey with each other all day long 
he’s driving, and, of course, has a hand on your thigh at all times
and he always lets you order from the passenger side because he messes up the specifics of your drink lol
“could i please get a (insert your starbucks order here)?” you ask, nudging Chris’ shoulder because he’s laughing at how precise you always are
“of course. anything else for you today?” the employee asks kindly
“oh, love, can i get that cold chocolate-chocolatey-chippa-frappa thingy?” Chris whispers to you, giving your thigh a light squeeze
you giggle at the way he words it, but you know exactly what he’s asking for
“yeah,” you speak up loud enough for the machine to pick up your voice again. “and my husband would like the double chocolate chip blended frappuccino. and that’ll be all,”
his head jerks to look at you the second the word slips past your lips, the grasp on your thigh only tightening as his face lights up with the biggest smile
“alright, does everything on the screen look correct?” the employee asks, and you’re trying to hold back your laughter and pay his reaction no mind, but it’s so difficult
“yes!” you confirm with the employee before they tell you the total of the order and instruct you to pull up to the window
“Chris, pull forward,” you giggle, seeing that he’s still awestruck by your use of that word
“husband?” he finally asks with bright eyes 
“what?” you ask, playing it off as if you don’t know what he’s talking about 
“you called me your husband,” he repeats excitedly
“i don’t know what you’re talking about, but pull forward, there’s a line behind us!” you laugh, brushing it off
he rolls his eyes and groans, following your direction and driving up to the window
Chris and the barista share a nice greeting before Chris gives them his card to pay for your drinks
then as he’s handed his drink, Chris asks, “hey, did you hear what she called me? like when she was ordering, she called me her…”
he places the cup in the holder in the middle of the car before the person is holding out your cup next
“uh... husband?” the barista chuckles nervously, handing Chris your drink.
 “see! they heard it!” Chris exclaims, turning to hand you your cup. 
“have a good day,” the barista laughs, clearly confused, but Chris thanks them and then pulls into the nearest parking spot while taking a slurp of his frappe
“am i the husband, now?” he then asks once he’s parked, kissing your cheek while you sip on your drink
“if you wanna be,” you turn to look at him, shrugging nonchalantly
“hell yeah, i wanna be,” he nods
“okay,” you shrug and smile
“just gotta make it official now,” he smirks, kissing you with his chocolate-tasting lips
you giggle at the suspicious expression he has on his face as he pulls away
“so on a completely unrelated note, what’s your ring size and where’s your dream vacation destination?”
the two of you just moved into a new house together and picked out some new furniture for the living room and dining room and such
and the shipment was supposed to arrive today but Seb’s been dealing with the company all day long because the order got messed up
and all Seb wants is a furnished home with you, and right now all you have is the bed in your bedroom and this loveseat couch, which is barely big enough for Seb to sprawl out on, let alone you both to sit on
“oh my god! this is so frustrating!” Sebastian groans, shutting his laptop with force and tossing it onto the fluffy rug. 
you knew he was getting agitated but you didn’t realize just how much
“oh my goodness,” you chuckle from the kitchen, “what is the matter, Incredible Hulk?”
“god, they say it’s easy handsfree delivery but this has been the most difficult process of buying furniture ever,” he explains angrily
“what?” you ask, leaning over the back of the couch and ruffling his hair with your fingers
“i just got an email and now they’re telling me the new furniture won’t be shipped til friday and it’s not even coming directly here. we have to go to the actual store to pick it up, which is like two hours away,”
“noooo,” you groan empathetically before stepping back over into the kitchen and flipping the light off
“i’m actually super pissed about this,” he states as you slide over to where he’s sitting
“it’ll be okay, love,” you hum, coming to sit beside him on the couch with a hot cup of tea for each of you
“love, all we have in our house right now is a bed and this child-sized couch, and that’s it,” he laughs in frustration, taking his mug from you and kissing you sweetly.
“do we need more?” you question, against his lips
“mm,” he moans a little, “a bigger couch would still be better,”
“i dunno. if we get a new couch that’s just asking for Anthony to fall in love with it,” you joke, patting his chest
“yeah, well, i’m gonna make a rule that he can’t exploit our new couch like he did with the old one,” he laughs
“okay, baby. you do that,” you coo, squishing his cheeks in your hand and bringing him in for another series of kisses
he turns his body to face yours, grabbing the hot mug from your hands and setting both his and yours down on the flimsy, portable table in front of the couch
then he smirks and lays you down so that his solid body is on top of yours, you giggle bashfully as he hums contently at the way he has you
“seems you have no issue with having just a couch after all,” you tease.
he rolls his eyes as he leans down to kiss you slowly, hands grabbing your legs to wrap around his waist before planting his palms on either side of your head to keep himself steady
his kisses are hot and wet, moving from your mouth down your neck and sliding the fabric of the shirt - his shirt - off your shoulder to have access to the skin of your collarbone
he nips gently and playfully, slowly grinding his hips down against yours, and youre completely helpless underneath him
but it all comes to a halt when you hear your phone start buzzing on the side table above you
“seb, wait,” you mumble with a laugh, trying to slide up more
“mmm, ignore it,” he groans, continuing his assault on your neck before going back to your lips, tugging gently on your bottom lip with his teeth
“it might be work,” you whisper breathlessly against his mouth, reaching backwards to feel for your phone
“ignooore,” he repeats like the goof he is, but you push him off of you with a laugh, grabbing the phone and answering it
“who is it?” he asks, and you place your finger over his lips to keep him hushed
but instead of being normal and letting you talk on the phone, Sebastian opens his mouth and lightly sucks on your finger
“yes, speaking,” you say on the phone, your voice weak from watching him hold your hand in front of his mouth
“hang up,” he mouths, kissing your knuckles, but you make your eyes go wide at him, letting him know he needs to shut up
“so we need to go there to confirm the order again?” you ask the person on the phone, having to ignore Seb’s hands wandering up and down your thighs
but when he hears what you say, he stops and rolls his eyes, huffing in frustration and shaking his head.
“tomorrow?” you ask. “okay, i mean, i guess so. what time? can it be any earlier? it’s almost a two hour drive for us. that’s why we just wanted to have it delivered here,”
“oh my god,” Sebastian groans, rubbing a hand over his face
"alright, that works… no, that’s alright... my husband and i will be there to pick it all up tomorrow…”
at the sound of the word ‘husband’ seb perks up, face turning pink with blush and eyes lighting up like fireworks
“husband?” he whispers with a smile, but you still have to finish the call
“oh, yeah, that would be great. mhm, great…. thanks. alright, bye,” you finally end the call, dropping your phone on the floor below you, but not before sebastian’s lips are on yours again
“what’s got you all wound up all of a sudden?” you tease, knowing just what the cause of his behavior is
“husband, eh?” he murmurs, kissing just below your ear. “was there a wedding i missed?”
“hm… must’ve just slipped out,” you shrug teasingly.
“just slipped out, huh?” he chuckles, wiggling his eyebrows
“yeah, just slipped out,” you repeat with a laugh of your own. “that make you happy, though?”
“oh it makes me so happy. lemme show you just how happy it makes me, sweetheart,” he growls, and you can’t help but laugh in return
“we still have to pick up the furniture there, though,” you try to tell him
“mmm. i guess this couch will have to suffice until then...”
“darling,” you hear Tom call from upstairs, then hear his footsteps echo down the stairs and through the hall to meet you in the kitchen
you smile as you take in his lazy appearance: baggy grey joggers hanging on his hips, a cozy sky blue hooded pullover with uneven strings, white sport socks covering cold feet, thick frames around his perfect blue eyes, and unruly ginger curls that you just love to run your fingers through
he notices you looking him up and down with eyes of admiration and all he can do is chuckle and turn rosy in the cheeks
“what are you looking at?” he asks bashfully, taking another step so that he’s less than a foot away from you as he adjusts the glasses on his face
“just you. you’re adorable,” you giggle, unable to stop yourself from reaching up to tangle your fingers in his hair
he blushes profusely, a shy scoff comes from his mouth as he shakes his head in denial before leaning down to peck your lips sweetly
“do you have any more laundry i can throw into this load?” he asks after you pull away
“no but thank you for checking,” you smile at him, turning back to your task of putting away the last of the clean dishes from the dishwasher
“oh, Tom! did you end up talking with Ben and Sophie about going out this weekend?” you ask
“yes, actually!” he announces excitedly, clapping his hands together. “they said saturday works.”
“oh, good,” you sigh. “and that also works for you?”
“yes, it works just perfectly. and they’re excited to try that restaurant,” he affirms.
“great! oh, i’m so glad this is gonna work out. it’s been so long since we’ve seen them,” you say happily, turning back around to face Tom and falling into his embrace
“i know, it’s going to be so great to see them again. and to spend some time out together, too,” he says in a voice just loud enough for you to hear, his chest rumbling against your cheek and his hands securing you close to him from behind
you sigh happily and the two of you remain like that for a few more moments before he pulls himself away to finish laundry
but before he takes his leave, you grab his attention once more
“oh! should i call ahead to see if we need a reservation?”
“oh, good idea, love. i didn’t even think of that,” he notes
he pulls up the number on google and reads it to you so you can call on your phone, and you put it on speaker so that Tom can hear, too
“hello, this is the Aviary, David speaking. how may i help you?” the man on the line says
“hello, David! i’d like to make a reservation,” you say, looking at Tom.
“of course. when would you like to make it for?”
“do you have availability on saturday night… five pm?” you ask David and also Tom, and he nods in affirmation.
“yes, this saturday is still wide open. i’ll put you down for five pm,”
“wonderful, thank you,”
“my pleasure. and how many are in the party?”
“there will be four of us,” you answer
“oh! ask about rooftop dining, darling!” Tom whispers to you
“and my husband was wondering if your rooftop dining is available?” you say to the man, and the second the word leaves your lips, your heart starts to race
you don’t know why it just slipped out, but it did, and judging by Tom’s giddy grin, he caught it
“absolutely. so i have you down for a party of four at five pm on saturday night.” David confirms.
“that’s wonderful. thank you so much,” you say with a small trepidation in your chest
“my pleasure. have a wonderful day,” the man says.
“you as well,” you reciprocate, then hang up, staring right into Tom’s sweet, beautiful blue eyes
“darling, what did you call me?” he wonders aloud with a small smirk playing on his lips
“huh?” you ask, standing up from the couch.
“on the phone, just now,” he asks, following you out of the living room
“oh... i dunno,” you shrug
“oh, yes, you do,” he chuckles quietly, bringing you in close to him by a firm grip on your waist. “what was that word you used, hm?”
“i have no clue what you’re talking about, mr. hiddleston,” you feign innocence, but the smile you’re fighting back is a dead giveway
“mm, mhm, alright,” he nods in fake agreement before leaving a quick kiss on your lips
“i don’t!” you refuse with a laugh
“okay. well, your husband will be finishing laundry if you need him,” he says before strolling away
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scandescent · 3 months ago
—Thigh riding them!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♠︎ 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: fem! Reader, thigh riding, clothed sèx, size kînk(?),brat taming, choking, dom!w/sub! Reader, dni criteria.
♠︎ 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄. hEY, I just missed writing for bucky 'kay? And matty has... Mmm rideable thighs. Druig's here bc I love him 😌🙌
#tags: @multistan-247 @beware-of-the-rogue @iz-ana @blueparadis @ztoji @burnthoneymint @suget
Tumblr media
reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
✧ Bucky Barnes
The cool of his metal arm curling around your neck made shivers run through your spine. His other hand gripping your thigh to help you keep balance,“You don't get my cock if you act like a brat.” your palm catches at his vibranium elbow with a soft mewl on your tongue.
“Bucky, pleasee, need ya'—” his voice floods over your plea, "Not till you cum on my thigh first.” his lures you closer by the hold on your throat and presses his lips to your trembling ones,“So, go ahead, doll.” he flexes his thigh, bouncing it up so that the material of his pants brushes against your bare cunt.
The friction hand you whimpering against his lips,“C'mon, y/n, I won't fuck you till you ruin my pants with your cum.” your pussy quivered hearing him say your name. the ever tightening grip of his metal arm on your neck making your mind reel from limited air supply.
“bucky! Bucky! Buc—” you're chanting his name as you feel your orgasm clash. His blue eyes drinks up the way your slick soils his pants and a chuckle bubbles up his throat,“See, wasn't s'hard to not be a brat, now was it?”
✧ Druig
Your eyes are screwed shut, tears of frustration bubbling up in the corners,“Druig-” his hands are firm on your waist as he shushes you down,“'s daddy for you, darling.” your lips struggle to correct the mistake as he guides your hips on his thigh,“daddy, fuck me, please,” a mean chuckle falls from the eternal's lips as he kisses you.
“begging for me already?” you wanted to knock that cocky grin right off his face but you'll be damned if you said you didn't find it hot. Druig smirks at your silence, flexing his thigh beneath you, “oh, you like it when I do this?” he didn't need to hear your answer because he could feel your slick seeping down your bare pussy and against his leg.
But when you whine again for him all sweet, he sneaks a hand between your legs to press his thumb against your swollen clit, “You're gonna ride my thigh before you go dumb on my cock, yea?" He didn't even need to use his powers for you were already humping his leg, desperate and needy,“that's right, just like that, darling.”
his eyes glows up a ethereal golden before he speaks next,“Cum for me,” his order wrecks your body, the orgasm rippling through to obey immediately,“Now, are you ready to take my cock? You were begging for it only a few moments ago, weren't you?”
✧ Matt Murdock
“you know I can smell you, right?” his voice rattled husky in your ears while his calloused fingers wrapped around your wrist. Embarrassment flooded your mind when you realised what Matt's talking about,“I need to disinfect this wound—”
he didn't allow you to finish as he tucked your arm on his shoulder before his palm settled on the back of your neck to bring your lips to his, “I know that you want this, y/n. So,” he mumbled against your lips, kissing you slowly, “go on and fuck yourself on my thigh.”
Straddling him, you whimper at the first drag of your clothed cunt against his muscular thigh. Matt hums before tipping your chin up and stealing another kiss as you start rutting your hips on him shyly, "oh, by all means, keep going, baby. Don't let me stop you." The slight teasing tone behind his voice when you falter in your pace, doesn't go amiss by you.
“Matty,” your lips pulled in a pout is all it takes for the devil of Hell's kitchen to break out of his condescending facade,“What is it, baby? Need daddy's help, hm?” your hand travels down to palm at the evident bulge in his pants,“need daddy's cock inside me.”
“yeah? Then you don't get to complain later 'cause I'm gonna fuck you all night, baby.”
Tumblr media
A/n:: if I've have enough motivation, I might do a Steve, Peter and thor version 🤷‍♀️
2022 © all content belongs to @novaresque . Do not repost my work anywhere.
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melwilson · 5 months ago
bucky barnes being in love with you
Tumblr media
at this stage in his life, you’re bucky’s best friend. his number one. ofc there’s steve (and will always be steve) but he needs you.
he’s so incredibly soft w/ you. you’ve helped him adjust to physical touch and have guided him through many culture shocks.
he’s definitely a more hands on type of guy. steve and sam have noticed.
whenever your around, he’s got his hands on you. on your thigh, around your waist, over your shoulder, or (his personal favorite) in the back pocket of your jeans. you ground him.
but bucky is really protective ofc. (another reason he can’t keep his hands off you)
he wants everyone to know a woman as beautiful as you is his girl.
he loves introducing you to other people. “hey, this is my girl, y/n.”
you love it when he calls you my girl, bc you’re most definitely his.
buck loves pet names.
doll, doll face, angel, darling, lover, but his favorite to call you is baby. he notices it makes you all flustered and he loves your shy smile.
his favorite that you call him is a tie btw lover and sweet boy. my sweet boy to be specific. the first time you ever said that to him, it made him weak in the knees and next thing he knew he was having to control his racing heart.
buck was definitely nervous to show you his metal arm, but you loved it. despite its flaws and track record, it was apart of the man you loved. you reminded bucky of that every day.
you opted to hold his metal hand on most days and that took him some adjusting. the last thing he wanted to do was hurt you.
buck loves kisses. your kisses.
he prefers them slow and meaningful where he can take as much time as he wants w/ you.
he’s not big on pda, but i mean, stealing a kiss from you when he’s walking through a room ain’t ever hurt anybody.
he loves giving you forehead kisses, especially bc of the height difference.
and when he’s trying to annoy you, he definitely goes for the obnoxious kiss on the cheek.
neck kisses, collarbone kisses (both giving and receiving) are *chefs kiss*
he’s definitely a words of affirmation type.
he expresses his love to you all day, everyday.
“have i told you how much i love you.”
“you are so damn beautiful, baby.”
“i adore you, you know that?”
you get along with his friends and that’s like the icing on top of the cake.
even natasha likes you.
you’re always inviting them over (although sam practically lives at your place already)
you absolutely love them and you love the way bucky loves them.
bucky is lowkey a simp.
he loves cuddling.
oml he’s a giant baby when he wants to have his arms around you.
head nuzzled into your neck, arms wrapped around your waist, with your hands running the length of his back.
buck could die peacefully.
you guys also have the best conversations when you’re cuddling. sometimes they’re abt hydra. other times they’re about how tiktok works. it just depends.
but bucky loves talking to you.
and reading with you.
you read books together all the time. you’ll both read a chapter to each other every night. it’s his favorite part of the day. it’s so soft and intimate.
mornings together are just as beautiful. a cup of coffee, a walk down the streets of brooklyn, laying in bed together. bucky soaks in every moment.
he is just so damn in love with you.
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fict1onallyobsessed · 4 months ago
Hidden Tattoos
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Summary - Nat finds out about your tattoos
A/N - I always get the best idea's at 3 am. This is not proof read pls forgive me ;-;
Tumblr media
"Babe, have you seen my-"
You both froze: you because you weren't expecting her to come in, and her because of how colourful your skin was. The sports bra and the towel wrapped around your waist did nothing to hide the tattoos you never really talked about.
You didn't intentionally hide them from her, they simply never came up in the conversation, and since you rarely wore revealing clothing, a shirt was enough to cover them.
"Seen your...?" You didn't notice as her eyes scanned your body. You hadn't even realised that your tattoos were exposed. You were so used to seeing them in the mirror that it became a completely normal part of you.
She didn't respond, letting a faint smile emit on her lips before she walked further into the bathroom where you stood by the sink.
"You okay?" You chuckled, puzzled at her complete trance at your body. Only when you looked back into the mirror did you notice her staring at the biggest tattoo that just so happened to be on your back. You saw her face go through multiple emotions at once as you looked into the mirror, seeing her in the reflection behind you. You didn't speak, kinda interested at how she was reacting.
"When did you get them?" She asked, almost in a whisper.
"Erm-" You turned to face her, looking at your body to figure which one to talk about first. "Which one?"
She smiled, pointing at the one just a little above your waistline, the towel almost covering it.
"I was 16...Got drunk with friends and they took me to some dude who tattooed me for free."
Her finger didn't leave your skin, only moving across your abdomen before landing on another one just below your right breast. It was a small
"My dad was mad at me because I snuck out, so I snuck out again and got a tattoo to spite him. I can't even remember when."
You placed your arms either side of you, letting yourself lean on the counter as she continued to point to the ink covering your skin. After a bit, she wanted to move to your back, so you turned around per her request and felt her finger travel across your muscles.
She was clearly leaving the massive one that went across almost your whole back. A dragon. Your most recent one, you got it a few weeks before you asked Nat on a date.
She let her hands drop to her sides before she inhaled. Her arms wrapped around your waist, her lips leaving small kisses on your exposed shoulder.
"And the dragon?" She finally asked, her chin now placed on your shoulder as she met your eyes in the mirror.
"3 months ago."
She hummed, smirking before she sighed.
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"Never came up, I guess." You shrugged, looking downwards to avoid her piecing gaze. She must of noticed your change in dementor because she gently squeezed your waist.
"I love them."
You chuckled, turning around in her grip before placing a kiss to her lips. You were glad she did. Even though you weren't necessarily ashamed of them, you wanted her to accept them more than anybody.
"Yeah? There's more on my legs."
Ever since, she rarely allowed you to wear anything that covered your skin. She loved to have you laid on her at night, just simply because she loved to trace your tattoos with her nails. You loved the sensation of it too, so you allowed her to anytime she wanted.
You got used to just wearing sports bras and shorts around the house. She'd walk up to you while your doing the most basic tasks such as cooking or cleaning, and just envelope your form so she could trace your tattoos.
But your absolute favourite thing to do was catch her staring as you worked out. Your skin would be shining as a thin layer of sweat covered your body, the tattoos gleaming in the sun that seeped through the windows.
She got flustered easily, you found out. So, you'd smirk her direction whenever you caught her staring. She'd dismiss it, of course, playing it off as she claimed you were seeing things.
You always laughed at her afterwards, making sure to envelope her into a hug to apologise for the constant teasing.
Taglist: @emily0013
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Doctor Octavius/Otto finding out about your size kink would include :
Tumblr media
(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Otto 😏Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)
-Him definitely catching onto it rather quickly and already using it against you as he notices how stunned you are by his presence, looking right down at you and making you feel even smaller and shorter than you might already be
-Him finding pleasure in purposely making himself even taller than you as he uses his tentacles to elevate himself, teasing you even more as he stalks you before cornering you and trapping you
-Him having quite a habit of reminding you how much smaller you are compared to him, whether it be your pet name or as he’s teasing you, he sure enjoys taking complete advantage of your love for how much bigger he is
-Him gladly making you feel so much smaller whenever he easily picks you up or just holds you completely to himself, pointing out how clearly flustered you are and definitely teasing you about it constantly if it’s his size that has you tongue tied
-Him definitely taking advantage of how easily he can have complete control over you as you’d kiss each other, his hands and claws roaming you freely and reminding you how strong he really is
-Him leaving you no control as he’d easily put you in your place and restrain you with his claws, pressing himself against you to make you feel how big he is and going down on you at his own leisure knowing well you’re loving every second of your surrender
-Him making you feel even smaller with the way he’d explore your body with his hands and lips, and would just easily grope you or spank you, taunting you about being at his mercy
-Him taunting and cooing you about being smaller than him and whether or not you can handle him, especially as you’d touch him in return or would go down on him, praising you endlessly of course when you’d manage
-Him easily putting you in any position he feels like fucking you or feels like you deserve as he pleases, enjoying to make you feel so weak and needy at his mercy
-Him of course loving to make you feel protected for as he holds you and takes care of you afterwards, pampering you endlessly despite just having to tease you constantly about loving him for being so much bigger than you
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angelltheninth · 11 days ago
i humbly, and hornyly, ask for smut hds with Lockey.
Humbly and hornily lol. Sure, here you go. Enjoy!
Pairing: Jake Lockey x Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, making out, pinning down/holding down, rough sex, gentle sex, dirty talk, rough blowjob, begging, scratching, biting
A/N: It's been only a few days and I already can't wait to see Moon Knight again.
Tumblr media
Unlike Steven who's gentle all the way or Marc who starts off gentle and works his way up to being rough, Jake likes to start off rough right away and then, sometimes go gentle towards the end
Jake likes to cuddle naked so that if the two of you are in the mood when you wake up there's less work to get started
He loves feeling you wrap your legs around him while he fucks you but also likes to push your head down and pin your hands behind your back
Teases you and winds you up until you're desperate and begging for him
Leaves many love bites across your body and loves when you do the same to him
He has a lot of adrenaline when he gets back from missions and you love to let him let off some steam with a hot love making session
Not a big fan of finishing outside, but he won't force you to swallow or to let him finish inside you if you don't feel like it
Loves to see you blush when he talks dirty to you so he does it a lot
Shower sex almost always gets dirty
When you make out his hands tend to wonder, squeezing your ass and grinding against you, relishing in the way you moan into his mouth when you feel his erection pressing up against you
Always tells you how much he loves your kisses
But of course he also likes to feel your mouth wrapped around his cock
He loves to fuck your mouth, parsing you, telling you how good it feels, what a good job you're doing
He's not a man of many soft words but will bestow them upon you when he feels particularly good
He likes it when you're loud, letting anyone who hears know how good he's making you feel
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darkdarkstucky · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings: DDLG/MDLG dynamics, Fluff, mentions of violence!
*Y/N sending their daddy/mommy pictures of her with her favorite stuffie with a short message; cuddle when you get home dada/mama?🥺 Miss you lots!!*
Steve slumps on the swivel chair letting his tense muscles relax after a gruelling mission, he barely registers Tony's ramble during the debriefing when he fishes for his phone in his pocket.
A smile crept it's way to his lips as he opens your message, cooing at your adorable little expressions feeling his heart alight immediately.
As soon as they were free to go, he bolts towards the elevator to get to your shared floor. He sees you huddled in the sofa, blankets and assortments of stuff toys littered everywhere.
Muttering mindless little babbles to yourself, you didn't hear his footsteps as they neared you, focused on the picture you were drawing.
Soon after though, you were shrieking in delight as his fingers probed your sides filling the living room with giggles, “Daddy!” you managed to splutter inbetween laughter while trying to squirm away from his nimble fingers that were making a quick work of you. “S-stop! Dada!” your little whines inbetween strangled breaths made him grin wider.
Steve only stops when you managed to wrap your legs around his waist, chuckling when you buried your face in his chest adorably. “Missed you daddy.” he wraps his big muscly arms around you, rocking your little body.
“I missed you too, princess.” He murmured in your hair, inhaling your sweet scent.
The rest of the afternoon were spent cuddling and watching cartoons, he made sure to praise you for being well behaved, murmuring “good girl.” every now and then as you recount how your day went without your daddy by your side.
And as he watch you fall into a peaceful sleep, long eyelashes fluttering ever so lightly, chest rising and falling softly, looking so pretty and innocent; he sighs deeply and hugs you a little bit tighter because he marvels. How lucky was he to have you in his arms? His world. His little babydoll. His princess.
Steve nuzzles his nose against your neck and was lulled into sleep with you.
Battered and bruised after a particularly rough mission in Syberia, Bucky along with Natasha and Clint finally made their way to the Quinjet after successfully eradicating the Hydra base and everyone that was left of the terrorist organization.
It has been roughly around two weeks since he last saw you, and when he finally managed to get ahold of his phone, he scrolls through dozens upon dozens of messages from you, each varying in urgency as you ramble about your plight for when; your boss was being an ass, getting coffee with co-workers and the usual updates about your day, never forgetting to tell him how much you love him and miss him.
He absolutely loves recieving your cute messages no matter how insignificant you may think them to be, it gives him the energy to deal with just about anything that life throws his way, and bless those poor villains because he will make sure they are past tense to be able to come home to you.
Bucky saves the pictures you sent him, and it became his new homescreen and lockscreen. You were too damn adorable.
Nat and Clint snickers silently mouthing a chorus of ‘whipped’ because c'mon, his muscles are too tired to fight off the wide grin as he scrolls in his smartphone.
As soon as the Quinjet landed, you were patiently waiting in your white sundress with pretty little ribbons in your long hair, he ran down the steps and engulfed you into the biggest bear hug making you squeal in delight.
“Daddy!” you yelp for when he throws you over his shoulder like a brute, making sure to pat down the edge of your dress though as to make sure your little tush is covered from the prying eyes of the rest of the team.
The wolf whistles and the teasing shouts from the rest of the avengers followed you to the elevator making you blush; not just from hanging upside down on your daddy's pretty back, head almost touching his butt. Though it was a sweet view.
He throws you to the bed and cuddles you just as promised, “I've missed you so much dollface.” He murmurs to your flushed skin.
“I missed you more daddy.” you hum and squeeze yourself further into his side, wishing to stay in his embrace for a very long time.
Wanda & Pietro:
You were barely left alone by your caregivers; they only accept missions with one or the other left behind so there was someone to look after you or simply spend the day with you.
But when a particularly violent alien attacked someplace in Europe, SHIELD demanded all hands on deck to be able to swiftly shut down the foreign threat as soon as possible.
They hated the fact that they had to leave you alone, and the Maximoff twins don't take your tears and wails particularly well, prompting a whirlwind of overly sensitive superhuman's, which stands to reason; a dangerous combination to cross. Because no one, not even ugly three eyed monsters with telepathic abilities would stand in their way from coddling their sweet girl.
The jet was silent on their way home, ashes and bruises covering the team yet the brooding twins remained tense.
It was until FRIDAY passed the message, your face appearing in the screen that their expressions finally lightened.
“Printsessa,” Pietro fondly traces your face on the screen, chest tightening with so much love knowing that you're putting on a brave face for them.
Whereas Wanda couldn't take her gaze away from your face even for a few seconds, wishing more than anything that she was right by your side and pressing butterfly kisses to your pretty face, she'd much rather be basking in your giggles and your warmth.
The world was a cruel place, that much they were certain. But they were willing to do anything to keep you, the singular joy of their lives safe and happy.
[A/N; first time writing headcannons or smthing of this theme! please ignore errors and mispellings; english is not my first language :) mucho loveeee!!]
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becca-e-barnes · 10 months ago
#2 for dads best friend imagine 😉
Her family are going on vacation and they invite Bucky along.
There are two hotel rooms, one for her parents and one for her and Bucky because her dad trusts him of course, so what happens when they get to the room and realize there’s only one bed and a lot of tension between them?
The Vacation
This is the most slow burn I have ever written 🥵 I swear I’ve been at this for days but I really love how it turned out!! Thank you all for the love on #1 I’m so glad to see you all enjoying this series as much as I’m enjoying writing it!! 💗
This is a standalone fic but #1 is here!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 4.7K
Summary: Your father hasn’t noticed the tension that’s been building between you and his best friend Bucky. How much self control do you have when you’re sharing a bed on vacation?
Warnings: Smut, riding, grinding, protected sex, age gap (Bucky is in his 40’s, reader is in her 20’s), cream pie, sexual tension, needy Bucky, mutual masterbation, dad’s best friend Bucky, pet names, praise kink, lil bit of degradation, breakup mention, unsafe sun exposure (use sunscreen besties! Protecc that skin)
Minors, do not interact
Tumblr media
Your poor, poor father. How could one man be so trusting and have his trust so misplaced?
But then again, he had no reason to doubt either of you. Bucky Barnes was your dad’s lifelong best friend, someone he had known even longer than he had known your mother.
And you were his daughter. His sweet, chaste, innocent little girl who couldn’t possibly harbour any feelings for Bucky, a man almost twice your age.
The painful truth boiled down to the fact that your father hadn’t noticed. He hadn’t noticed anything. Not the glances you and Bucky shared over the dinner table when he came over, nor the way you watched Bucky while he worked out, hot and sweaty, muscle bulging under taut, tanned skin.
You could’ve called your infatuation a harmless crush, but your father also hadn’t noticed how Bucky watched you back. You’d seen him taking in the sight of you in your little shorts, lounging in your garden without a care in the world, baking under the hot sun. You looked like a picture straight out of a sexy magazine or a naughty calendar he would’ve hung up in his college dorm room but you weren’t. You were a living, breathing, beautiful young woman, stretched out in front of him, looking so breathtaking it made him twitch in his jeans.
So he watched. Who could blame him? You watched too. It wasn’t creepy or unwanted, this was just the dance the two of you had become used to. Dangling yourself the other in the hopes that one of you would eventually snap. Give in to temptation. You were in your 20s now, nothing made you strictly off limits, except the fact you absolutely shouldn’t want each other.
You weren’t even all that excited for the vacation until you had heard Bucky would be coming, truth be told.
In all honesty, hearing Bucky was going was all that inspired you to agree in the first place.
How bad could it be? A week with your parents and Bucky in some All Inclusive resort somewhere in the sun.
You knew Bucky’s eyes would be on you, his gaze would be hungry, drinking you in like he owned you, fists clenched, holding himself back from taking what he really wanted. What you really wanted to give to him. Oh, it would be interesting by the end of the week. That is, if you both lasted that long.
“Hope you packed your swimsuit, honey.” Bucky teased quietly, his voice low and sultry, as the four of you made your way past the pool in the blistering, boarder line oppressive heat to the hotel reception area. He had been kind enough to carry your bag, as well as his own, eyes sparkling with mischief in the summer sun while families splashed happily in the water.
“Oh shit! I think I forgot it!” You gasped dramatically, clearly messing with him.
“Oh yeah? That would be a shame.” Did that confident, sexy drawl count as flirting? Or was it just more friendly banter? More of the same. Little notions planted in your head, leading to thoughts you couldn’t shake.
“If you wanna see me naked, you only gotta ask.” Your words were hardly more than a whisper. Bucky didn’t retort so you assumed he’d missed it.
The reception area was quiet, cooler than outside given that they had the air conditioning cranked up, your father chatting at the desk while your mother and Bucky sat beside you in the lobby.
“Okay so the hotel is running behind and checkin isn’t for another few hours. Seems they’re really busy this week but that’s okay! We can get changed and hit the pool, that nice lady at reception offered to keep our bags safe.” Your dad was in full blown holiday mode. Nothing could bother him apparently, pressing a kiss to your mom’s forehead, his smile never faltering. Despite how tired you were from the journey, the thought of heading down to the pool to sun yourself really did sound quite appealing, especially with your family in such great spirits.
So that was it decided, you got your favourite tiny little bikini fished out from your bag, along with a towel and some UV protect oil, running off to the bathroom to change.
The four of you hit the pool together, managing to find two free sun loungers beside each other.
Bucky felt like he was holding his breath in the crisp heat, hardly even daring to breathe. Seeing you with so little on while feeling so damn exposed in only his swim trunks was getting to him. Badly. Your body was a work of art in his eyes, no matter whether you saw it or not.
God he longed to be buried between your thighs, kissing at the soft skin, working you up until he was able to slip a finger into what would undoubtedly be the sweetest pussy he had ever tasted but he couldn’t afford to let himself dwell on that thought for too long, wondering instead if this vacation had actually been a huge mistake on his part.
You were finding yourself in the same, rapidly sinking boat, not even knowing where to look now that Bucky was wearing so little, feeling like heat was just radiating off his body. He was in fantastic shape, there wasn’t a single part of his body where the muscles were less defined than the rest. A real testament to his resolve, his patience and his dedication in the gym.
But then your parents bid their goodbyes, offering to be the first to dip in the pool and shit, you were alone together.
“Well honey, jus’ you and I now.” He smiled, hands tucked under his head, leaning back at a full stretch on the creaking plastic chair beneath him.
“Looks like it.” You laughed quietly, taking a seat beside him. Shifting your hair you uncapped the bottle of UV protecting oil.
Bucky’s heart leapt in panic. Shit. You weren’t actually going to oil yourself up right in front of him? But yes, you damn well were, applying some first to your arms, then down your legs, over your tummy and chest and he’d be damned if he wasn’t already half hard, stealing glances at you behind his sunglasses. Perky tits, oiled up and delicious, whole body slick and begging to be worshipped but then you started on your own ass.
Bucky told himself it wasn’t obvious. That you couldn’t possibly have heard the groan that slipped from him while you massaged oil onto your own ass cheeks, moving the skimpy little bikini up to ensure you covered as much of your skin as possible, right in front of his face.
“You wanna do me a favour.” You asked, turning around and biting your bottom lip. You could feel his eyes on you, even though he thought you couldn’t possibly have noticed behind the tinted glasses.
“Sure honey, what’d’ya need?”
“Do my back for me, would you?” Alarm bells rang in his head but clearly, no one had told his dick this was a bad idea. He could feel himself hardening just at the thought. He’d never actually touched you like that before but he sure wasn’t letting an opportunity like that pass him by.
Before he could even respond, you had plonked yourself down on his sun lounger, his legs shifted out of the way so you could nestle between them and it was now or never. He shuffled up to bracket your legs in his, strong, thick thighs lined up beside yours, your back practically pressed to his chest.
The little bottle of oil was passed back into his hand.
‘Please God, no’ seemed to be the only coherent thought Bucky could manage when you reached behind you, tugging on the little string of the bow holding your bikini together until it fucking unravelled. The cups were still held against your skin by your hands but that added security of the straps was now gone.
“Just making sure you don’t miss anywhere.” You knew exactly what you had done and although Bucky couldn’t see you, your bottom lip was still being nibbled on by your teeth.
You thought you had pushed him too far, thought that maybe this last request was just a little too much. Maybe he wasn’t actually into you like you were into him. What if this had all been some terrible misjudgement and Bucky was just being friendly these past few months.
But then the cap popped once more and you breathed a sigh of relief, Bucky shuffling behind you, rubbing the oil between his hands to warm it up.
And then his huge hands landed on your skin, beginning to spread the slick, slippy substance over the expanse of your back. A tiny moan escaped you at just how good his hands felt, sliding first over your shoulders and the back of your neck, oil dripping down over your spine and landing on your sweet little ass.
“Couldn’t’a brought your boyfriend? He should be doin’ this shit for you.” Bucky was doing his best to sound agitated, he really really tried but nothing could’ve hid his growing arousal, no matter how far back he tried to shuffle.
“Don’t have a boyfriend Bucky. Thought dad told you? We broke up a while ago.” Bucky hated how his first thought was overwhelming excitement followed quickly by a sinking feeling, recognising how badly he wanted this. How much he needed to get this out of his system. But how do you have a one night stand with your best friend’s daughter? Especially if you felt the way he imagined you would.
“Oh God angel, I’m sorry. I didn’t realise.” How had he managed to even convince himself that he was being sincere but deep down he’d been hoping you two wouldn’t last. He wasn’t right for you. Anyone could see that.
“Don’t worry Buck, I’m over it.” You laughed happily, chewing on your lip when Bucky’s hands moved lower down your back. Bucky chuckled in response, hot breath hitting the back of your neck, sending a tingle down your spine.
“Well I’m glad to hear that.” He grinned. Did that count as flirting? And how often were you going to ask yourself if Bucky was flirting over the course of the vacation.
“Gotta say, I’ve never oiled a beautiful woman up like this before. Not with innocent intentions anyway.” Shit, did he really just say that?
“And why do you only have innocent intentions?” Shit, did you really just say that? Somehow this was all so much easier when you didn’t have to look him in the eye and say it. He hands never ceased, working oil into your skin like there was nothing he would rather be doing.
“Oh, it wouldn’t be right to have any other intentions angel. You’re too young for me, far too sweet. And your dad would probably kill me in my sleep.” He breathed out a little laugh, knowing your dad definitely would kill him.
“Doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it though.” His voice was so quiet you almost missed it. Want shot through your body, making you tingle pleasantly in the burning sun, a throb settling between your legs.
“You don’t mean th-“ you began, more flustered than ever before you were interrupted by your parents making their way back from the pool towards you, dripping wet and laughing heartily together.
“Meant every word baby.” Bucky whispered sweetly, taking the straps of your bikini and tying it back up quickly before your parents reached you, shuffling onto the free sun lounger.
Bucky’s words sunk in while you lounged in the hot sun, your body not taking the time to unwind and relax. How could you with Bucky offering you the one thing you had dreamt of most since shortly after you turned 18? And here he was, lying two feet away, wearing practically nothing.
It didn’t take long for the receptionist to fetch you, letting you know the rooms were ready so the four of you gathered up quickly, following after her.
“These two are yours.” She smiled happily, handing over the room keys to your father who opened the first door finding a double bed inside. The second room had the same. Shit.
“I’m so sorry, we needed one of the rooms with two single beds.” Your father had turned to talk to the receptionist but she was already gone.
“It’s okay I guess, I’ll room with Bucky.” Your dad offered.
“I’m not splitting you and your wife up on vacation for God’s sake. I’ll take the bath. Won’t make a difference to me.” Bucky was so damn nonchalant, setting his bag through the door before there was a chance for any more argument. Shit, this just kept getting better and better.
Dinner was lovely, the evening heat keeping you warm in your cute little dress, all four of you laughing and reminiscing happily together over a beautifully cooked meal.
You and Bucky left early, opting for a shower and an early night after a long day of travelling and your parents didn’t even question it. Thank god for that misplaced trust.
“You take the first shower sweetheart, I don’t mind.” Bucky offered happily, leaping onto the bed, lying back at full stretch. You weren’t going to argue, fishing out your pyjamas and a towel before heading into the bathroom, the door locking behind you.
The cold water felt like heaven on your skin, hoping it would wash away all the terribly inappropriate thoughts you were harbouring for the man just outside the door. Thoughts of him joining you, his chest to your back, his hands running over your body, fingernails digging in, desperate for purchase in your soft skin, rutting into you gently. You couldn’t think like that. You shouldn’t. You wouldn’t make it through the week if you did.
Turning the shower off, you stepped out and dried quickly, pulling your little thin cotton pyjamas on before brushing through your hair.
“Your turn Buck.” You smiled quietly, stepping out, chuckling at how he bounced off the bed and into the bathroom past you.
He seemed to take ages, far longer than you did but when he finally emerged, holy shit. He hadn’t dried himself at all, broad, toned chest and shoulders glistening with dripping beads of water, hair messy and abs tight. It did nothing at all to stifle the need growing between your legs. His towel was sitting so low on his narrow hips you thought you might just melt.
“You’re starin’ honey.” Bucky laughed cheekily, rummaging in his bag for some damn underwear. “It’s not like I’m wearing any less than you were earlier. That little bikini didn’t leave much to the imagination.” It was starting already.
“Coulda taken it off for you if you wanted.” You offered, his mouth watering at the thought. “Coulda oiled all of me up. Your hands felt so good.” You shouldn’t have been encouraging this but here you were. The heat had got to you. That was it. Sunstroke maybe? Either way, you shouldn’t have been this forward so soon.
“Careful honey, we’re stuck in this room together for a week. You don’t wanna know how good my hands could make you feel.” The worst part was, you didn’t doubt Bucky could back his confidence up.
“And what if I did?” You asked quietly, his head pulling from his bag to look at you.
“Wouldn’t be right honey. Your parents are next door.” Was that really his only objection?
“Guess you’re right Buck.”
The evening was more relaxed after that, Bucky dressed in a thin T-shirt and boxers, busying himself on his phone while you watched some mindless hotel TV.
At around 10, Bucky pulled himself up, taking his pillows with him.
“What are you doing?” You laughed incredulously.
“Jus’ makin’ up the bath angel, ‘s been a long day.” He did sound drained, exhausted between the travelling and the excessive heat.
“Bucky don’t be silly, you’re not breaking your back in the bath. Sleep in the bed. It’ll be fine.” He wasn’t even sure if he could trust himself. Could he really sleep beside you and not give in to the temptation? But his body was sore, achy and in need of somewhere comfortable to sleep so he gave in without argument.
You lay in silence when the lights turned off, side by side, staring at the ceiling.
“So goddamn warm.” Bucky sighed softly after a few moments.
“So warm.” You agreed. “If you wanna sleep naked, I won’t stop you.” You were only teasing but when he pulled his shirt off your heart fluttered.
“I’ll take the rest off if you do. Won’t look, promise. Jus’ cant sleep in this heat.” You could tell his head was turned towards you despite it being dark, eyes probably trained on you.
“Yeah, sounds fair.” You were gasping for it. You couldn’t help how your pussy throbbed just at the thought of being naked in bed beside Bucky.
Wordlessly, you both undressed, skimpy bed clothes discarded.
“Fuck honey, I don’t think the heat was the problem.” Bucky practically groaned after a few minutes of trying to get comfy. “I’m gonna have to go to the bath, ‘m sorry, this is so wrong.” He pulled himself up, making sure the duvet still covered him, hands running over his face in an effort to calm down.
“What’s wrong Buck?” You asked quietly, leaning over to turn on the little bedside light, keeping yourself covered.
“ ‘m fuckin’ hard. Can’t… can’t sleep beside you like this, not when the only thought in my head is burying myself deep in your little pussy.” He sounded boarder-line distraught. The thoughts had been in his head too long.
“Don’t go.” You whispered, noticing that he turned around to look at you. “I’ll take care of it for you, you don’t need to go.”
“Baby, don’t offer me shit like that. No idea how bad I want it.” You could see his eyes flitting over your face in the dim light. Studying you. Searching for any indication you weren’t serious.
“We don’t need to have sex, jus’ lemme take care of it for you.” How could he say no? Leaning back on bed, his head hit the pillow with a soft crinkle of the sheets.
“You sure you’re okay with this?” He asked quietly, pressing a little kiss to your forehead, loving how you hummed your approval. Your hands wandered, meeting the soft, hairy skin of his thighs, drifting upwards until they met Bucky’s length. The tiny groan that left Bucky sent a shiver running through your body, delicious little grunts escaping him as you stroked him from base to tip, flicking your wrist to concentrate on his tip.
“Oh Jesus fuckin’ -ah- don’t know who taught you that angel but I gotta thank ‘em some day.” Bucky’s eyes were squeezed tightly shut, a lazy smile plastered on his beautiful face while your tiny hand continued.
“Fuck sugar, you mind if I watch? Can’t miss this.” His cheeks were blazing, eyes burning with lust and how could you say no? After your little nod, Bucky pulled the covers back, exposing his aching cock in your hand.
“Looks good there doesn’t it? Looks even bigger in my tiny hand than it does in yours.” Your teasing had him groaning, trying to drink in every little squeeze and stroke without so much as blinking. He didn’t want to miss a single second.
“Fuck, feels so good. This isn’t fair angel, I’m havin’ all the fun.” His eyes reluctantly tore themselves away from your hand, looking instead into your eyes.
“Then touch me Buck.” Such a simple command almost made him cum on the spot. Your voice was far too innocent, hearing you finally ask for something he had waited so long for.
He couldn’t waste a second, fingers itching to touch you exactly how he had longed to earlier. Oh fuck. Earlier. The thought of your oiled up skin, slick and shiny and so begging to be kissed. The reason this had all started.
It didn’t take him long for his fingers to find the apex of your thighs, your hand never relenting on his cock. A heavy gasp dragged from both of your throats just feeling how wet you were. Pretty thighs coated with evidence of your lust and that’s when Bucky lost it completely.
“Oh baby, you need me that badly already? You even know how wet you are? Fuck, bet I’ve got your tight little cunt throbbin’ don’t I? Thought I was horny but damn, you’re more worked up than I thought. Dumb little girl just loves playin’ with a big cock so much you’re practically creamin’ on my fingers.” You weren’t sure if his words were making your insides twist or if it was the way his fingers found your clit effortlessly, even with your body still covered by the sheets. Tight, rough circles rubbed over your sensitive bundle of nerves before dipping further, sinking into your hole in one fluid motion.
“Ah Buck, Jesus.” Somehow through your own pleasure, you had the capacity to keep stroking him, precum beading nicely on his tip, beginning to run down his swollen head.
“God, you’re so tight, grippin’ my fingers. How the fuck’m I s’pposed to sleep this week knowin’ I’m sleepin’ beside the best pussy I’m not even gonna getta feel.”
“Oh Bucky, please. I’m close. So close.” You couldn’t help rolling closer towards him, one leg hitched over the top of his so you’d be more comfortable.
“Hardly even touched you angel, can’t believe a sweet little thing like you comes apart so easily. Would be embarrassing if it wasn’t so damn hot for me. Makin’ you cum in just a few minutes. Anyone ever done that for you before baby?” His gruff little whisper you painfully sexy, watching your face now instead of your hand on his cock.
“N-no Buck. Haven’t even cum this fast by myself before, fuck, rub my clit again, please.” You were whining, back arching off the bed and trying to fuck yourself down on his fingers all at once.
“Love when a woman isn’t scared to ask for what she wants.” His little chuckle was so sexy but he did as you asked, his fingers slipping from you, despite how your body tried to pull him back in. In less than a second, they were back on your clit, the little flicks of his fingertips over your sensitive bundle of nerves making you mewl and whimper. That knot tightening in your tummy couldn’t take much more, the pressure building, your walls clenching around nothing until oh.
Your body released, spasming and twitching, Bucky’s free hand clapped over your mouth to silence your filthy cries of pleasure.
“Baby you make such pretty fuckin’ noises when you cum but your parents are right next door. Can’t get caught. As much as I want this whole damn resort to know who’s makin’ this pretty pussy gush like that.”
Your orgasm subsided but the fire inside you hadn’t. Bucky removed his hand and almost the second he did you were on him, your lips on his for the first time, hot and electric. His hands grabbed at you the way he had always imagined they would. Eventually they settled on your hips, pulling you on top to straddle him, wet, aching core meeting his throbbing length. Both of you hissed at the contact.
“You still need more baby? That pretty pussy not had enough yet? You know we shouldn’t do this angel. Helpin’ each other out is one thing but I don’t know if we can come back from havin’ sex.” Shit, he was right. How could you possibly look at him again if you had sex now? How would your family dinners ever be the same again? How would you ever find someone that filled you the way you knew he could?
“Okay…. No sex. Just lemme…” You both needed something and this would just have to do. Reaching between your bodies, you pressed his cock flat to his tummy, settling yourself on top of the length, your slick folds parted so he was rubbing against the silkiest part of your core, not letting him inside, just using his girth to get yourself off.
“Oh, oh what the fuck. How does that feel so good.” Bucky was amazed, his body almost tricking itself into thinking he was inside you.
“Ah that’s perfect, right fucking there.” Your whimper came out breathy and blissed out, the head of his cock nudging your clit each time you rocked on him and damn, you hadn’t expected it to feel so breathtaking.
Speeding up, you could feel his cock drag over your hole with each little grind of your hips and shit, everything was perfect until the head started to catch on the rim of your little hole, your body begging for him to fill you. Bucky was lost in the feeling, one hand gripping your hips, the other gripping the sheets, focusing on not blowing his load too soon.
“You feel that Buck? Fuck, you’re so close to bein’ inside me, can feel my pussy trying to pull you in.” Every little catch of his head on the rim of your hole was fresh torture. “Fuck it Buck, I can’t. Need you ‘nside me.” Your whimpers were killing him.
“Ahh, baby we can’t. Please, I won’t be able to handle it.” You weren’t sure how Bucky had been reduced to such a mess but in truth, you weren’t far behind him. “Don’t wanna hurt you, I won’t be able to hold back, fuck, shit, ‘m almost inside you. Baby please.” Bucky didn’t know whether to stop this now or just thrust up into you. One grind of his hips would solve it all, he could be buried to the hilt inside you within a second if he could just let himself give in.
On the next grind, the drag of your rim on his head was just unbearable, the slick tip of his cock slipping in, barely more than an inch, both of you gasping at once.
“Oh yes, fuck baby, yes,” Bucky’s eyes were rolling back in his head, body almost trembling feeling the tight wet clench of your walls around him, taking all of him in one movement.
“Bucky, Bucky, ah please.” You couldn’t even hold it together anymore.
“Baby, you’re made for me, shit, tightest pussy I’ve ever felt.” He groaned so loudly before you lifted yourself up, falling back down quickly in a way that had you both crying out, keening against each other.
Your rhythm was slow and sensual, his cock spearing that sweet spot inside you with every fall of your hips.
“I can’t baby, ‘m not gonna last. You think you could cum for me, please baby.” He was so gone, hardly able to focus, determined to make you cum before he had to pull out. Your nod sent his two fingers back to your clit, rubbing with ease while you kept fucking him, building the uncontrollable need inside you back up again.
“Hurry up baby, ‘m gonna cum.” His little groan nearly finished you then and there but you weren’t just ready yet.
“Bucky please, jus’ cum in me. Needa feel it.” Your little plea shook him to his core, balls emptying into you with a loud cry. The force of Bucky’s release encouraged your own, his fingers not relenting on your abused clit, dragging you over the edge into blinding pleasure with a high cry.
“Oh God baby, shouldn’t’a cum in you. I’m so sorry, holy shit.” Bucky had finally come to his senses, helping you off him and onto the bed, ready to start Googling for a pharmacy to get the morning after pill.
“Bucky relax, I’m protected.” Your laugh calmed him deep in his soul, relief washing over his face when he realised you weren’t actually in trouble.
“Thank god.” He gasped. “Your dad would kill me.”
@justatirednightowl @babebr @stucky-my-ship @allydrabbles @white-wolves-and-grey-skies @harrysthiccthighss @sebsbrokentoe @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @littlecanadianlani @badgirlwolfy @igotmajordaddyissues @baebee35
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florenceicons · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SPIDERMAN: no way home (2021)
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marvel-lous-things · 12 days ago
Marc: *gets stabbed*
Steven: that-
Steven: [WH EE Z E]
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jjeangrey · 9 months ago
everyone: dr strange has to clean up so much mess, i feel bad for him i hope he’s ok
meanwhile, dr strange:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lemonsuponlemons · 22 days ago
Matt Murdock and virgin!Reader
We have said that he has an innocent/corruption kink
So dude's got a thing for virgins most probably
Not specifically seeking them out because that's creepy and predatory
But definitely not backing down from an opportunity
So, anyway, you let it slip in a conversation that you've never had sex
Because it's nothing to be ashamed of! The social construct of virginity and its importance is misogynistic!
Matt doesn't make you feel bad about it or anything, maybe makes a humorous remark but that's it
"Waiting for someone specific?"
And what if I was, smartass
I know we're all imagining Matt to have a rabbit-style railing and I agree but this one time it's a lil different
He might even get a little sentimental, the girl he's hopelessly simping for is letting him have her v-card
The amount of trust and affection you must have for him??? His heart is busting a nut
You know how athletes put their trophies in glass cases and shit? Yeah
His sensuality surprises you, simply because he doesn't seem like that type of guy, no matter how dramatic he gets
So Matt's very careful, gentle and relaxed, at least on the outside
Because inside his thoughts are completely incomprehensible like someone screaming gibberish
It's not the first time he has kissed your neck but it is the first time he gets a moan out of you
And boy did that send him to the afterlife and back
He might be a little more vocal than he usually would be, just trying to get you more comfortable with your own reactions
Asks "You okay?" every few minutes
Matt's just making sure, ok
Definitely fingers you
(i mean have yall seen those hands bye)
You're cumming undone all over his fingers, thinking that it can't get better
Lemme tell you how wrong you are
Matt's keeping your leg on his hip, giving him a nice angle that works wonderfully on you
He's got one filthy mouth but tries to keep it PG for now, telling you only the nice stuff
"You feel so good"
"Fuck you're pretty"
Calls you "good girl", "baby girl" or "baby"
His other hand is holding your face
Kisses wherever he can
Nibbles on your neck, jaw and earlobes
You're moaning and squealing right into his ear
Your fingernails will leave very unambiguous scratches on his biceps and back
He groans softly against your, now bruised, skin
Although Matt's having the time of his life slowly and passionately railing you
Your reactions are very inviting and he's *this* close to losing his damn mind
When you quietly moaned his name, Matt was ready to cum right there and then
Now he wants to find out how loud you can get
Having you cry out his name is currently #1 on his bucket list
You can ride him but considering his iron grip on your hips, he's still the dominant one
Your arms giving out and fingernails digging into his chest when you're cumming
If you're up for a second round, he's up for going wild and getting you mewling
(that filthy mouth will have its glorious debut)
And if you're not, he's gonna be thinking about it for quite some time because now that he got a taste of your sweet cunt there's no going back
Matt brings you water and a towel no questions asked
Post-sex Matt is all smiley
Whispered pillow talk while he's holding you against his chest and trailing your bare skin with his rough hands
You're falling asleep with your face mushed into his chest and he kisses the top of your head
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stopdropandsteph · 22 days ago
steven grant headcanons!!
smells like honey.
likes gold jewelry over silver jewelry. not a big jewelry person anyway, but he wears rings on occasion.
lives for cardigans.
would go all out for halloween if his s/o wanted to.
definitely had an animal crossing phase when acnh came out.
wii bowling is his favorite wii sports game. his favorite wii sports resorts game is wakeboarding.
isn’t huge on fashion normally, but if his s/o likes it, he’ll try to learn a little bit.
sends really cute texts throughout the day. he uses proper grammar and would rather send a long text than send several.
hates gore and horror movies.
LOVES chocolate.
LOVES cookie dough (vegan obv).
his favorite disney movie is aladdin.
would definitely let his close friend or s/o paint his nails.
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scarletsoldat · a month ago
Marc vs Steven Headcanons - Moon Knight 🌙
Tumblr media Tumblr media
these are just my headcanons about what a night with them would be like. based off of this post about who is more dom and who is more subby :)
nsfw under the cut- 18+ smut / no minors - just filth and pwp (all mistakes are my own- written on phone)
i feel like marc would be a soft dom/sub
he would make out with you slow and passionately, taking his time and exploring with his tongue.
he’d kiss his way down your naked chest to your naked stomach, leaving small nibbles here and there
he’d tease your pussy just by breathing against your clit, keeping eye contact with you. he loves the way you squirm and writhe before he’s even started
he’d give a little smirk before peppering small wet kisses from the outside of your thighs to your lips, but pull away to study your face instead of touching you where you need him to.
he’d keep watching your face, as it begins to twist in a small frown of pleasure, as two of his massive fingers start to slowly rub your pulsing clit. gently up and down. his eyes never leaving your face.
then his fingers would slowly drag down to your hole. he’d smirk as you whined for him. then he’d slowly push in, both fingers at once, and start stretching and massaging your walls.
when you’d start to moan and whine uncontrollably, his other hand would come up and rub gentle circles on your belly. his thumb occasionally swiping over your nipples sending shocks through your veins.
when he would feel you tightening around his fingers, he’d lean in and flick his tongue on your bundle of nerves. you would cry out and grab a fist full of his black curls.
when you’d roll your hips asking for more, he would give in. gently sucking and swirling his tongue around your clit. pulling away to breathe on it, before going back and sucking your soul out with his amazingly soft tongue.
he would be so gentle but intense. keeping his eyes on you the whole time. he’d speed up when your brows twitched and slow down when you sighed. when it was slow he’d make it more intense for you, suck hard and slow, finger fuck you deeper, scissor his fingers. your eyes would roll back and your toes would curl as you came around his fingers.
but he wouldn’t be done. he loves eating your pussy so much. he’d wrap both hands under your butt and pull you to his face, slightly lifting your hips off of the mattress. and he would eat you out like his life depended on it.
when you would shake and tears streamed down your face, he would moan against you, sending you over the edge again and again
“I know baby,” he would moan as he licked your slick off of his long fingers
when he fucks you, he gives you the the long deep strokes. pulling almost all the way out of you slowly before quickly thrusting back in. you swear you can feel him in your stomach
he’s kissing and licking and biting your neck, whispering how good you feel around him in your ear. how wet you are, how much of a good girl you are for him.
he loves it when you call him daddy. hearing you moan it when you’re so lost in your pleasure. it makes his dick twitch and he bares his teeth, moaning in your ear with no shame.
Marc would have such a size kink. he would love regular missionary where his whole body completely engulfs yours. his hands gently pinning your hands above your head. his size swallows yours. when you lock your legs around his waist he loves how you have to have your legs spread so wide just for the tips of your toes to meet at the curve of his back.
he would also have a huge belly bulge kink. and he loooveesss to watch. he would 100% look down at his cock thrusting in and out of you, your slick covering every inch, and look at the bulge he’s making in your stomach. it would drive him INSANE. he’d put his massive hand against the bulge and push against it, making you pant and whine as his other hand chokes you. he’d growl like an animal and pick up his pace, his hand feeling himself fucking you sending both of you over the edge.
he would wait for you to come before coming himself; obsessed with the way you get so much wetter and his thrusts slide in and out of you easier. the way your fluttering muscles feel around his twitching cock before squeezing so fucking tight and milking him dry.
he’d watch you the whole time, giving gentle butterfly kisses all over your forehead and neck and nose and corners of your mouth as your breathing evens out. he loves watching you come down, back to your body, all happy and sated.
he lets you ride him anytime you want. as soon as he sees you start to tire, he grips you by your hips and pulls you back and forth on him, moving you on him like you weigh nothing. other times he’d grip your hips and fuck up into you, sometimes opting to catch one of your breasts in his mouth
he loves when you rub his abs and biceps while you ride him. when you lean down and kiss his neck while you’re making him feel amazing
he even likes an occasional slap. nothing hard, just a light smack to his cheek as you hold his chin in your tiny hands and look at him while you fuck yourself on him.
he would love to just sit back and watch you take what you need from him. not even caring if it feels as good to him bc when you’re in control he finds it so sexy but also relaxing. he needs the break. and he loves watching you grind down into him, head thrown back, as you take it all from him. he fucking loves for that. he belongs to you in those moments
this man’s dirty talk is PHENOMENAL. he knows exactly how to fuck you even before touching you. how to get you ready and dripping for him.
but he doesn’t like to leave marks or bruises on you. he doesn’t want you to feel pain bc he’s so tired of inflicting pain that he just cannot do it to you. he’s so gentle and cuddly after every session. always making sure you enjoyed it, if it felt good, if you’re okay. if there’s anything he needs to do different. he’s so considerate of your well being because he loves you so fucking much.
both steven and marc would have amazing aftercare routines tho…. marc would wet cloths and clean you himself and steven would wipe you off and then run a bath or shower for you. (he’d give you privacy to bathe even after he fucks you senseless ofc) and then he would tuck you into bed and share stories of ancient Egypt and just stare at you lovingly as you fall asleep next to him
and BOTH have a crying/ruin kink FUCK you cannot convince me otherwise
this man….. HARD DOM!!!! ……this man is not like marc. he fucks you rough and hard just like you need him to bc he’s so sick of Marc and Khonchu always in his head and in control and always being overshadowed and he just wants to feel powerful and he just simply seeks the control he lacks in his own body. his fucking can somewhat feel very passionate because of all the pent up anger
he does think he’s a loser (he’s not!!!) so he feels like he has so much to prove
he’s an angel before and afterwards tho
he’d have the mood set with candles or your fave song playing or your fave books out and maybe even cite a few of his fave poems to you
but then when y’all get ready to fuck it’s like a switch flips
Steven loves taking you from behind. he manhandles you, adjusting you the way he needs you- often time in front of a mirror. he wants to see your face contort in a scream as he pounds you from behind.
he’d pull you up against his chest and force you to look at yourself in the mirror. he’d make you say how good he was making you feel. he’d make you scream as you stared into his dead eyes in the mirror- not realizing that Steven was making you show Marc how good he fucks you
“You like the way Daddy is fucking you? Oh i know you do, you’re dripping down your thighs. Show me how good this pussy feels, love” he’d stick a finger into your mouth and make you suck it as you threw your hips back to meet his thrusts
he would definitely spank your clit too. and he’d LOVE it just as much as you fucking did. he’d do it to feel you squeeze him
(bonus: if reader knows about Marc, he’d say something like “let’s show him how good i fuck you”) something like that, as he makes you look at him in the mirror
if he was there, Marc wouldn’t be able to look away, trying to fight how turned on he was. he could feel everything Steven felt. but he would never ever say a word.
he’d choke you no matter what position, but still hesitate. he wants-no he needs to choke you, he just doesn’t want to hurt you
he’d be SO rough with you, but mainly bc he knows you can take it
he’d leave bite marks all over your neck and breasts. he’d roughly pull and knead your breasts and tug and twist your nipples. he’d suck purple marks all in your skin, even on your thighs and hip bones. he wanted everyone to know who the fuck you belong to
he doesn’t like to be on bottom because he doesn’t want to lose control. he’s already so powerless in his life and this is the only time in his life he can own his own body- and yours
he’s also positive that if you topped him he would immediately become a subby mess and never ever be able to gain control again
this main loves restraints and vibrators. he will pound into your throbbing pussy while using the highest setting on your poor toy. until you literally scream and shake. or he invests in wrist restraints and gags you with his fingers. he finds himself researching all these toys and positions just for you when you leave. bc through all of that power hungry pussy addicted surface, he is still Steven the Sweetheart and wants it to be as amazing for you as it is to him.
he loves eating your pussy from behind, i take no criticism. even giving you a few spanks as he tears you apart.
he definitely pulls your hair a lot
he’d say things like “tell me you’re the most beautiful girl in the world or i’ll stop right now.” and as you repeatedly chant how beautiful you are, staring into his hooded dark eyes, he’d show you no mercy as he made you his and his thrusts so hard you felt like you were being split in half, and bring you over the edge more times than you’d be able to keep up with
Steven has the BIGGEST overstimulation kink as well. he’s ALWAYS wanting to edge you or give you back to back orgasms until you feel like you just can’t take it anymore. but he’d be sweet to your pussy and always make it up to her with gentle kisses in between
afterwards, he’d be back to pure boyfriend Steven. cleaning you up, bathing you, reading to you, whatever you wanted. And when you slept he’d stare at you all night long with such a happy heart. He’d kiss your forehead in your sleep, whisper how beautiful and special you are to him. And that he loves you. and he’d hold your hand as he too would fall asleep.
so in conclusion: Marc is kinkier, but he’s gentle and more of a submissive, he fucks you slow but hard and admires the way your tears make your eyes sparkle. Steven is rougher. Steven needs to control everything about you and your body so he fucks so hard and rough. But both are gentle and have good aftercare. And they both love you with their whole heart.
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