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waspswidows · a day ago
Druig smut with a mortal from his compound?
Come to my Cabin
Pairing: Druig x (female) Mortal!Reader
Summary: Druig likes to watch you from afar as you go around the compound. Until, one day, he decides he'd like to watch you up close...
Warnings: bear minimum plot, smut, masturbation (f), voyeurism, praise kink kinda, brief masturbation (m), oral (m receiving), slight dub-con?, slight mind/emotion control, Dom!Druig, Druig being cocky, minors DNI
A/N: more smut with Druig you say? Oh absolutely!! Thank you for your request, I hope you enjoy it!🖤 My requests are technically supposed to be closed rn but I just had to write this so thank you😂 this is pretty much just pure filth so have fun with it!!
Tumblr media
You had worked and lived in Druig's Amazonian compound ever since you could remember. You and your fellow campmates were fairly self-sufficient. This mysterious leader of yours wasn't exactly needed around the compound for anything in particular. And so you never really saw the recluse leader of the camp very often, brief sightings here and there, but nothing significant.
Until a short while ago.
You were working in one of the small crop fields just outside the compound when you got the feeling that someone was watching you. You had looked around only to discover Druig himself watching you from afar, his gaze so intense you feared it was going to burn through you. You stared back at him, assuming he'd shy away once caught. But no. He just continued to stare, eyes locked with yours unashamedly. It didn't take long for you to feel incredibly awkward, your eyes darting away. You went back to your work in the field, the whole time knowing he was still there. Still...watching you.
This happened several more times. You going about the compound when all of a sudden you would just know that his eyes were on you again, just watching, but never approaching.
Once you'd had such a busy and exhausting day working round the compound you had barely been paying attention to where you were walking when you had suddenly smacked into someone. Your instinctive apology hung limp on your lips when you looked up to see Druig staring at you. Suddenly seeing him so close up had left you completely flustered. You stared blankly at him, all words leaving your head. His composure never faltered. His only movement was raking his eyes up and down your body once, agonisingly slow, as if undressing you with his eyes. The way he was looking at you, you couldn't help the throb that went right to your pussy. Your brain couldn't help the image that flashed across your mind; the image of him actually undressing you. From the small smirk that graced his face you figured he'd likely seen that thought.
"Careful" he said darkly as he stepped around you and carried on his way. His deep voice had once again gone straight to your pussy. You'd pretty much run back home after that, desperate to relieve the ache that had suddenly sprung between your legs. That night you made yourself cum twice on your fingers with Druig’s image in your head.
And now, a few weeks down the line, you could no longer deny the attraction you felt to Druig. The man had said literally one word to you, your interactions nothing further than distant staring. And yet you couldn't help it, you were simply enamoured with him. You figured he was just toying with you, constantly staring like that from a distance, so you never let yourself actually contemplate the idea of anything happening between you two. You'd have to make do with your hands and him in your mind.
You were once again working in the field when you felt his eyes on you. This time, however, when you look up you notice his eyes are shining a beautiful gold.
Come to my cabin. You hear Druig's distinctive voice swim through your head. You shake your head slightly in confusion, not sure if you're imagining things.
I said, come to my cabin. His voice repeats, slightly harsher, emphasising each individual word. Now.
Well you couldn't very well argue with him. You start to slowly make your way over to where he's stood, nerves settling in your stomach. Before you get too close Druig turns around and begins to walk back to his cabin.
Once you reach his cabin he's already inside, waiting. You walk in, finding him in what must be his bedroom. He's leaning against a desk that sits opposite the front of the bed. You take a small step into the room, unsure of yourself.
"Sit on the bed" is all Druig says. You oblige, taking a seat on the foot of the bed, just mere feet away from where Druig stood, his face unreadable.
"Do you know why you're here?" Druig asks quietly. Shit. You think to yourself, were you in trouble for something? You hadn't done anything wrong? Had you?
"You're not in trouble" his voice cuts through your rambling thoughts. When he adds "yet" to the end of his sentence you once again feel his words go straight to your pussy. You squirm where you sit, his gaze once again so intense you worry it'll cut right through you.
"You're here because I know" he states simply. You once again stare blankly at him.
"K-know what?" you ask in confusion. Druig cocks his head to the side slightly before answering.
"I know you touch yourself at night. And I know you think about me when you do" he voice is low and deep, his words spoken slowly and deliberately. You immediately feel your face flush bright red, your cheeks warming.
"I-" you falter, completely taken off guard.
"There's no need to be embarrassed" he interrupts you. "I can't say I haven't done the same when thinking of you" he admits, his cool composure never cracking. Your jaw nearly hits the floor with that revelation.
"So" he continues coolly. "Now, I want to see it. Show me how you touch yourself. Show me what just thinking about me does to you."
Your cheeks heat even further, embarrassment running through you so hotly you genuinely thought you were going to melt, and not in the good way.
"Shhhh it's okay" he reassures you, his eyes beginning to glimmer that gold again. "You can do it babygirl" he coos.
You suddenly feel yourself begin to calm, the embarrassment from before flushing out of your body. Your body relaxes, a quiet calm taking over you. Underneath that calm a desire and desperation was bubbling. You wanted this, you wanted to show him. And so you did.
His eyes fade back to blue as you pull off your tunic top slowly. You keep your eyes connected with his as you shuffle slightly further up the mattress, propping yourself up on pillows at the head of the bed. You grab your neck with your fingers before dragging your hands down your body slowly, caressing your own skin. When you reach your pants you waste no time in shimmying them off, leaving you in just your underwear. You see Druig lick his lips as he watches you. The simple action gives you the confidence to finally pull off your underwear, spreading your legs wide, bearing yourself completely to Druig.
You just about hear a groan leave Druig's lips. His sound only makes you wetter, your cunt even more desperate for touch. Druig's eyes now follow your hands as your drag it lower, dipping between your folds. Your fingers run up and down your slit, collecting the slick, before moving to your clit, beginning to circle slowly. You moan deeply as you start to circle a bit faster, finally allowing yourself that friction that you so desperately needed.
You look up to see the pure delight on Druig's face, completely mesmerised by your hand moving between your legs. His look gives you even more confidence so you bring your other hand down to your aching cunt, slowly inserting a finger inside. You hear his quick chuckle of approval. You throw your head back and squeeze your eyes shut at the added sensations. You move your finger inside you a few times before inserting another one, stretching yourself out slightly. A deep sigh sounds from you as you continue to pump yourself with one hand whilst still circling your clit with the other, your hips starting to buck up into your hands, your thighs beginning to tremble. Your breath quickens as you feel that familiar knot of pleasure build in your stomach.
"That's it babygirl, you're doing so well. Keep going, I know you're almost there" Druig coos. Druig sounds almost as out of breath as you are. You peak a glance up again only to see his hand moving under the fabric of his trousers. He's rubbing himself slowly and deliberately, just enjoying the sight of you in front of him. The idea of him getting off, pleasuring himself at the sight of you in front of him, it almost overwhelmed you, pleasure building at an all new high inside you. An almost exaggerative moan leaves your throat.
"That's it baby girl, cum for me" he commands. The sentence had barley left his mouth when you gasp loudly, your climax washing over you. You clench around your fingers as you continue to gently rub your clit, riding out your high. Your thighs tremble and your toes curl as you breathe heavily through your climax.
"Good girl" you hear Druig smirk as you simply try to gain control over your breathing again. "Now come here” he orders. You nod your head slightly before climbing off the bed and pacing over to him. He grabs your hand suddenly, the one that had just seconds ago been inside you.
"You see what you do to me, huh?” He says, shoving your open palm against his clothed member. "You feel how hard I am for you?" He growls into your ear. You’re too stunned to do anything other than stand in stunned silence and nod once.
"I think it's only fair you do something about it” his words caress the shell of your ear. In the next moment you feel Druig push downwards on your shoulders, forcing you to your knees.
He releases the grip on your shoulders, moving them to rest on the desk he’s still leaning on. You looks down at you expectedly. You keep your eyes on him as you run your hands up his thighs before reaching the hem of his trousers. You dip your hand underneath the fabric, finally grabbing his painfully hard cock. You use your other hand to pull down his trousers to just below his hips, freeing his cock. You gather the precum from where he had previously been rubbing himself, spreading it up and down his length, twisting your hand around as you go. You hear a small groan escape Druig as you continue to pump him.
Druig moves one hand to twist into your hair, gripping tightly, almost painfully. He shoves your head forward, not so subtly telling you to put your mouth on him. And so you do.
You take him into your mouth, starting with just the tip, sucking at it. You flick your tongue through the small slit at the head of his cock, a louder groan now leaving Druig’s throat. After a short while you become more confident with your movements, finding satisfaction in the fact that you were making Druig whimper and moan as he was. And so you move your mouth down his length, taking him in your mouth as deep as you could.
“Fuck”you hear him sigh deeply as the head of his cock hits the back of your throat. You pull your mouth almost all the way back, until just his head is still in your mouth. You suck his tip again for a second before pushing your mouth back down him again. You continue to bob your head up and down his cock, your hand pumping and twisting his base, the part that you couldn’t fit into your mouth.
“Ah fuck. Yes. Such a good girl” he praises through heavy breathing. “Fuck you’re taking me so well. That’s it babygirl, keep going.” His praise for you gets you even more enthusiastic. You quicken your pace, sucking even more harshly. You flatten your tongue against the base of his cock as you bob your head as fast as you can. You feel Druig’s hand fist even tighter in your hair. His hips start to buck, fucking himself into your mouth. You know he’s close.
“Uh fuck...” you feel his hips falter. “Fuck, yes...” his hips stutter and still. You feel his cock pulse in your mouth as his salty load hits the back of your throat. His grip in your hair twists painfully as he cums, fucking himself into your mouth a few more times until you’ve milked everything from him, swallowing quickly.
“There’s a good girl” he praises. You pull your mouth off of him and look up at him obediently. He grips your chin with his hand and pulls you back to your feet. His hand then wraps around your throat as he pulls you in roughly for a kiss. He guides your mouth open with his own, placing his tongue against yours, tasting the salt of himself in your mouth.
He pulls his mouth off you with a slight pop, looking down at you, keeping your head in place with his strong grip.
“Maybe next time I’ll cum in that pretty little cunt of yours instead of your mouth” he says through heavy breathing, smirking wickedly at you.
Your mind reels at his words.
Next time...?
A/N: lmao I really took this request and just ran with it, I literally got the request and sat down and wrote the majority of it in one go! Hope you enjoyed it! Also what do we think of giving this a part 2? I can maybe write the events of ‘next time…’, let me know if you’d want that!🖤
Taglist: @salirophilia @alice-madness-decends @tompetersebbuckyhazleo @artaxerxesthegreat @moon-beam95 @lacontroller1991 @ratcatcher2world @ppk1pinch @luminaaz @strawberriebabbles @rosie-posie08 @dreamcatcher121 @justifymyfeelings @redroomproperty @your--sweetest--downfall@dontbedumb3 @bookfrog242 @hybrid-in-progress @mothdruid
Please do not repost, copy, or translate any of my work without my permission, thank you.
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alisonwritesimagines · 2 days ago
More Reasons to Protect ~Druig Imagine~
Summary: The team comes to Druig and you as they need help to fight the Deviants. However, Druig is hesitant to lose you again.
Author's Note: Sleeveless Druig supremacy!!!!!!
Reader's Pronouns: She/Her
Warnings: Spoilers!!!
Part One | Part Three
Tumblr media
The small, peaceful community Druig had created was beautiful to you. However, Druig thought it was perfect to keep you safe from losing your memories again. That was until his dysfunctional family showed up with grieving news.
"Where is she?" Sersi asked Druig as she looked around. It was only the Eternals in the room and no sign of you.
"Safe. I am not risking her losing her memories again," Druig tells her.
"We need her too."
"Druig, she's a phoenix, she'll just be reborn," Sprite told him.
"Did you not hear me the first time? I'm not losing her again. I already lost her three times and it was a pain to get her to remember me."
"Three times?"
One of the doors opened a little where a young girl rushed over to Druig before hugging his legs. Druig looked down at her before picking her up.
"What are you doing here? You're supposed to be with your mother," Druig tells her.
"I wanted to stay with you," the young girl quietly said.
"You have a child?" Sersi asked.
"Yes. Y/n had to die to give birth to her. It took me a while again to help her remember," Druig explains.
"Is she like you or is she like Y/n?" Ikaris asked.
"Isabelle, come now. Let your father talk alone," you say as you walk inside the building. Druig put Isabelle down before she rushed over to you. You looked around at the familiar faces before softly smiling.
"Sorry about her. She's a daddy's girl," you explain. Sersi and Thena smile softly while everyone else watched you both leave.
"You know that if you help us defeat these Deviants, you'll be keeping them both safe again," Ikaris explains.
Druig watched as you put your daughter to bed as the sun was starting to set. You walked over to your husband after bidding your daughter goodnight.
"What's wrong?" You asked.
"It's nothing," Druig said, shaking his head.
"We've been together for centuries, I know when something is wrong," you tell him.
"I just got some news... I don't want to lose you again. Nor do I ever want to lose Isabelle," Druig tells you.
"I think you forget that I reborn and our daughter is the mixture of the two of us. So she is a powerful one," you explain to your husband.
"I know. But what if she can't be reborn like you?" Druig asked.
Your conversation was interrupted as you heard screams and loud noises from outside. Druig looked over before rushing out.
"Keep Isabelle safe!" Druig yelled. You nodded before rushing over.
Isabelle woke up from the noise that was going on. You picked up your daughter before rushing out of the house. You saw monster-like creatures attacking the village making you rush over to a safe place.
"Mommy! Where's papa?" Isabelle asked.
"He's protecting us. We need to hide," you tell her.
You heard one of the creatures rushing over towards you making you put Isabelle down to quickly use your powers.
"Druig!" You yelled. You quickly fought off the Deviant until Kingo came to your rescue but turned around to see your daughter gone.
"Isabelle!" You called out.
"Y/n?! Where is Isabelle?" Druig asked you.
"She was right behind me," you panicked.
"Isabelle!" Druig called out, looking around in hopes that she was around.
"Papa!" You sighed in relief as Isabelle appeared from behind a tree before rushing to you and Druig.
"Don't run off like that again," Druig tells her as he picked Isabelle up. Druig kissed her head before looking over at you. He wrapped an arm around your waist before pulling you closer to him.
"Are you hurt in any way?" Druig asked you. You shook your head before leaning your forehead onto his shoulder. Druig kissed the top of your head as he looked over at Kingo.
"Thank you," Druig said. Kingo gave him a nod before walking off to find the others.
The next day, everyone in the community cleaned up the mess while you talked to Druig.
"We should go," you tell him.
"Y/n, no."
"Yes. I don't know what's happening but if this ensures Isabelle's safety, then we should do everything as parents to protect her," you explain.
"What if you have to be reborn? Or worse, what if you don't reborn again? What would I do without you, my love?" Druig asked. You cupped his cheek before leaning in to give him a kiss.
"Then you will have to love Isabelle twice as much. Besides, she needs to see the world and you can't shelter me here forever," you tell him.
"I wanted to so I didn't have to lose you."
"I know. But as long as I have you, I know I'll be fine," you assure him. Druig looked over at Isabelle who was with Sersi and Kingo.
"Fine. But I want you with me at all times."
"Of course my love."
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lesbian-deadpool · a day ago
Steve: What are you thankful for this year?
Sam, staring directly at Bucky: Having both of my arms.
Rocket, at the other end of the table: *Waves Bucky’s metal arm at him*
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bxcketbarnes · 22 hours ago
Ask Her Out
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 2000+
First fic under the new name! Boy, was it a process to change all of my links... my shoulders now hurt lmfao. Anyway, I got the inspiration for this fic after seeing the gif set of Bucky’s expression after Yori told him to ask out the waitress, and this is what we got! I hope you all enjoy it and please let me know what you think <3
"You should ask her out," Yori mentions before shoving the piece of sushi into his mouth.
Bucky's gaze moves to the older man and gives him an incredulous look. "No, I shouldn't. She doesn't need someone like me ruining her life," he tells the older man.
"Shouldn't you let her decide that?" He asks before glancing over his shoulder. Your eyes meet Yori's and you give him a small smile. "I think she'd be good for you."
The super-soldier hums in response and glances back towards you, an itch of a smile coming to his lips. A loud laugh erupts from you as the girl you're with tells you some story.
"I don't know. I'll think about it, Yori," Bucky mutters while tapping his fork against the plate in front of him.
The older gentleman pats Bucky on the shoulder before standing up from his seat. "I'll be right back. Gotta use the restroom," Yori mentions, causing Bucky to nod his head in response.
You tuck a strand behind your ear as you intently listen to your friend's story about her date. Your eyes dance towards your right to see the older man walking up to your table.
"Sorry to bother you ladies," he chuckles while leaning his hands on the table before looking towards you. "My friend over there thinks you're really pretty, but is too much of a chicken to come say it himself."
"He does, hm?" You chuckle and bite your lip. Your eyes glance towards the younger man wearing a leather jacket for a few seconds.
The woman sitting across from you giggles and nudges your hand. "You should go for it. From what I see he's cute," she winks, causing your cheeks to grow warm.
"Okay," you whisper and slide towards the edge of the booth. "I'll, uh, go talk to him."
A nervous laugh comes from your lips as you fiddle with your fingers. You swallow thickly and make your way towards the handsome man, feeling your palms become sweaty.
You take a quick glance back towards your table to see your friend encouraging you. Courage begins to run through your veins and you turn back around to see his blue eyes looking at you.
"Uh, h-hi," you stutter and his eyes widen slightly.
He looks over your shoulder at the people behind you before releasing a sigh. "Hi," he mumbles as you sit down on the stool beside him. "Did he tell you to come over here?"
You chew on your lip while your fingers play with the hem of your shirt. "He might have mentioned that you think I'm pretty," you confess to him, causing his cheeks to redden.
"O-Oh, he did? I-I'm sorry about him," he sighs.
"It's okay," you smile and shake your head. "I don't mind. You're… quite handsome yourself."
A laugh leaves the brunette's lips as he brings his glove-covered hand to the back of his neck. "I'm Bucky," he introduces himself with a small smile.
"Y/N," you grin and hold out your hand. He shakes your hand for a few seconds before letting go. "So, do you wanna go on that date with me?"
Bucky looks down at you with wide eyes, not expecting the bold question. "Y-Yeah, sure. If you actually want to go out with me," he mutters insecurely.
"I would love to, Bucky."
Bucky fiddles with the roses in his hands, feeling the nervousness take over his body. He lets out a huff of air before knocking on your apartment door. An array of noises come from inside the place, causing Bucky's frows to furrow in confusion.
Your door opens up and your eyes widen upon seeing Bucky at your front door. "Oh my god. That's tonight isn't it?" You ask before wincing, knowing that wasn't a good thing to ask. "I'm so sorry I've had a rough day, but come in. Let me get changed!"
You grab a hold of his hand before dragging him into your apartment. The smell of food being cooked hits his nose as you dash down the hallway.
"If you want we can just go another time," he calls out to you while setting the flowers down on the coffee table.
"N-No, no!" You yell and scurry back towards the living room. "I want to go, seriously. It's just been a really rough day at work and I ended up forgetting. I'm not usually like this, I swear."
Bucky chuckles and gently rests his hand on your forearm. "It's okay, I understand. Uhm, do you just want to stay in maybe? It seems like you're already cooking," he offers with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.
"Are you sure? I want you to have a good time," you mumble before grabbing a hold of his gloved hand.
"I will if I'm with you," he whispers, causing your heart to flutter.
You tuck a strand of hair behind your ear before grinning. "Okay then, yeah. Plus, this way you can see my cooking skills," you wink at him.
Before Bucky can say anything else you're running back towards your bedroom. His heart flutters in his chest at your energy as he actually feels good about something… for once.
It didn't take long for you to change out of your pajamas. You walk back into your living area dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a nice blouse. "Again, I'm sorry," you laugh awkwardly as you walk into your kitchen.
Bucky grabs the bouquet from your coffee table before following you. "I, uh, got you these," the brunette mumbles while holding out the roses.
You glance over your shoulder and release a sharp gasp. "You got me flowers?" You whisper before taking the bouquet from him. You take a quick step towards him and kiss his cheek.
The brunette blushes at your action while you smell the roses. "I-I'm glad you like it," Bucky stutters and runs his hand over his hair.
"Aw, you’re blushing like a rose," you giggle before biting your lip. You turn away from him and find a vase to put the flowers in as Bucky does his best to calm himself.
He walks further into your kitchen, seeing the grin on your lips as you fluff up the roses he got you. Your gaze moves towards him before heading towards the stove, stirring the Alfredo sauce you're making.
"I hope you like alfredo," you tell him as Bucky walks closer to you, glancing down at the creamy sauce.
"I've never had it before, actually," he mutters embarrassingly.
Your eyes widen at his confession and you look up at him. "You're serious? Never?" You ask him, causing Bucky to nod his head. "Oh my god, okay, we're definitely changing that now."
Bucky laughs and watches you frantically run around your kitchen, gathering the rest of your ingredients. A smile settles on his lips before propping himself up on the counter. "Can I sit here?" He asks quietly.
"Yeah, of course," you smile and pat his leg while walking past him towards the fridge. You grab a beer from it before handing it to him. "Beer?"
He nods and thanks you quietly, taking the glass bottle from your hands. You smile at him before attending to the pasta sauce you're making. Bucky ends up watching you again with a small smile on his lips.
You hum to yourself while shaking your hips, dancing to whatever song is stuck in your head. You toss the half-cooked pasta into the sauce and quickly place the pan into the sink.
"How long have you lived here?" Bucky asks you suddenly, causing you to glance over your shoulder.
"Uhm, I would say I've been here for about five years," you tell him and tuck some hair behind your ear. "What about you?"
Bucky wets his lips before quickly taking a swig of his beer. "I grew up here and ended up leaving for a few years… but I felt the need to come back. It's the only place I really felt comfortable in," he vaguely explains while pushing himself off of the counter.
"I assume the war wasn't what you thought it would be?" You ask him after turning the stove off.
The super-soldier's eyes widen at your question before his breath hitches in his throat. "W-What?" Bucky stutters.
You place the food equally on two plates and turn to face him. "Bucky, it's not hard to figure out who you are," you tell him while setting the plates on the table. "I should've said something, but I didn't want to make you uncomfortable… like how you're looking now."
"I'm just… I'm just shocked," he mutters and scratches his neck.
A sigh leaves your lips and you take a step towards him before wrapping your arms around his neck. Bucky tenses under your touch as you inhale the cologne he's wearing.
You go to pull away when Bucky finally places his hands on your waist. "Wait, don’t pull away… not yet," he whispers and starts to relax a bit.
Your heart flutters in your chest as the two of you stand in your kitchen. Bucky pulls off his gloves before tossing them onto the table. He steps away from you after a couple of minutes, feeling his heart pounding against his chest as your eyes glance towards his hands.
"I really like this color on you," you mumble while grabbing his vibranium hand. "You look good with it."
Bucky can't help but smile at your statement, noticing your cheeks redden. "You think so?" He mumbles, causing you to nod your head in response. "As long as you like it."
"C'mon, let's eat," you tell him before sitting down in one of the chairs. Bucky sits across from you before you push the plate over to him.
You keep your eyes on him as the brunette picks up a good amount of pasta before shoving it past his lips. You bite your lip as you can't wait to find out if he likes it.
His blue eyes meet yours and hum in delight. "Oh my god. This is really good," Bucky comments, and the grin on your lips widens.
"You think so?" You ask excitingly and Bucky nods his head in response. "Oh, I'm so glad you like it. I knew you would."
You feel your stomach flipping as the two of you wash dishes together. Bucky's arm brushes against yours every so often as you steal small glances.
"Thanks for tonight," Bucky mumbles before glancing down at you. "I haven't felt normal since the forties."
"You're welcome, Buck," you tell him as your eyes meet his. A small chuckle leaves his lips, causing you to furrow your brows. "What?"
"You've got a little somethin'," he mentions while his thumb rubs the corner of his lips. Your cheeks flush as you bring your hand to your face. "Here, let me just-"
Your breath hitches in your throat as Bucky brings his hand to your face. His eyes are trained on your lips as his thumb wipes the residue of alfredo sauce off your face.
"Thank you," you breathe out as his thumb glides along your bottom lip. Your eyes flutter shut and butterflies swarm through your stomach. "As much as I would like you to kiss me, please don't."
Bucky furrows his brows and watches your eyes slowly open. "Why not?" He asks in a whisper, tilting his head slightly.
"You're old-fashioned, Bucky. You… you got me flowers for the first date. We can at least wait until the third date to share a kiss," you explain to him with a small smile.
The super-soldier's heart flutters in his chest at your respect of taking it slow and moves his hand to cup your cheek. "So, there's gonna be another date?" He questions with a smirk, causing you to roll your eyes playfully.
"If you want one," you mumble and bite your lip.
"I do. You're… cute and interesting," Bucky smiles as you lean into his touch.
A sigh leaves your lips as you pull away from him. "God, you're gonna have to leave," you joke with him as you walk towards your living room.
"Wait, why?!" Bucky asks while following closely behind you.
"Because if you keep being sweet to me, I'm gonna wanna kiss you," you giggle and plop onto the couch.
Bucky's lips part before he ends up grinning. "Oh, well, if you feel the urge to kiss me before our third date, please let me know," he mentions while heading towards your front door.
You push yourself back up and walk towards him as he opens up the door. "And what would you plan on doing if I were to tell you?" You ask him with a smirk, crossing your arms over your chest.
"Well, I would kiss you," Bucky confidently says while taking a step towards you.
Your heart pounds against your chest as Bucky's scent hits your nose. God, he smells so good. You bite your bottom lip and glance up at the brunette, seeing the dimples indenting his cheeks as he smiles at you.
Bucky leans forward, his face growing closer to yours. Your breath hitches in your throat when you feel his breath fanning your face. Your eyes flutter shut again, your fingers reaching out to grab ahold of the jacket he's wearing.
"Seems like you want it, Y/N," he whispers and your heart lurches at the feel of his lips brushing yours. You attempt to kiss him when Bucky swiftly kisses your cheek before pulling away.
Your breathing picks up as you glance up at him. "B-Bucky," you stutter as the super-soldier grins cheekily.
"You said the third date, doll. We can wait a little longer, right?" He asks you with a teasing smile, causing you to scoff.
"You little tease," you laugh while shaking your head. You go to punch his chest when Bucky grabs a hold of your hand. "You're lucky you're cute."
He chuckles and brings your hand up to his lips, placing a soft kiss on the back of it. "Until the next time?" Bucky mutters, his blue eyes looking at you through his lashes.
"Until next time, Buck."
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tokkiotears · a day ago
my type - pt. 2
Tumblr media
note: italics are flashback/memories.. alright!! part 2 is here, im really enjoying writing this so far . its hard for me to write rly long parts but maybe we will get there one day lol; for @sapphireplums happy late bday darling
pairing: druig x (f)reader
summary: after telling kingo that the two of you are dating, druig asks why you had ever stopped being friends a few centuries earlier.
warnings: fake dating, slow-ish burn, not proofread!!
wc: 1.5k
“Hey man, I don’t wanna argue - I just came to ask…” You could make out Kingo’s voice pretty well from inside the bathroom, but the conversation dimmed and turned to mumbles that you could no longer comprehend through the door. . Now adorned in Druig’s clothes, you stood and fiddled with the hems. Checking your appearance in the mirror, you sighed. What was Druig thinking? You were going to have to explain to everyone that it wasn’t true and that you really were single - all alone for yet another year.
“Happy thoughts,” You say to your reflection. You open the door slowly, peeking out.
Druig is nowhere in sight, which is both a disappointment and a relief. As quiet as you can, you sneak into the hallway, towards your own room. It is just down the hall thankfully, but you have to pass many of the other Eternals rooms to get there. With the lack of light, you end up smacking your foot into the baseboard. A very audible thud echoes through the house. Your face contorts, a silent scream escaping.
“What’re you doing?” The voice behind you is unmistakable. Druig. You turn with a pained smile.
“Going to my room.” You whisper, wondering why he isn’t keeping his voice down. He shakes his head, pursing his lips together.
“Nah, come on.”
“But-“ His hand slipping in yours is what silences you, causing your heart to thud. You swear it's loud enough for him to hear, but his lack of reaction makes you think maybe he can’t. Once you’re back in the confines of his room, he turns to speak to you.
“Kingo has probably already texted Sersi and Sprite, likely even Ajak - and the others will have heard by morning. If they think we’re together then they will think something is wrong if we aren’t sleeping in the same room,” His accent is so mesmerizing to listen to that you almost don’t comprehend what he’s saying, “Is your foot okay?”
Looking down at it you can see it's slightly red, and still stings a little. But after all, you’re an Eternal. It’ll pass soon enough. You nod and Druig turns to grab a small throw blanket and a pillow from the bed. You extend your arms to take them, but he ignores you and tosses them onto the floor as if for his own use.
“I’ll sleep on the floor,” You say softly. “I’m not kicking you out of your own bed, Dru.”
His head is hung low as he chews on his lip. His lack of response lets you know that’s not gonna happen.
You motion towards the bed, “We can both sleep on the bed?”
His head turns up and his eyes are now on you. He looks unsure.
“It’s not like this would be the first time,” Your tone isn’t suggestive, but an attempt to keep him from sleeping on the hardwood floor and guilt eating at your conscience. His lips pull into a faint smirk, but he doesn’t object.
A few hours into the night, you’re still unable to find sleep. Druig is breathing softly beside you, you could make out the rising and falling of his chest with the faint moonlight spilling in through the window.
Carefully, you remove yourself from the blankets and make your way to the window. It is a large clean-cut rectangle stretching from the ceiling nearly to the floor, lined with wispy chiffon curtains. Slipping into the windowsill, you let yourself relax. The cold walls feel fresh against your skin, giving you a sense of clarity.
Sometimes, it felt numb. Being an Eternal. Endless life.
Daily life felt as if it were reduced to monotony. Love was bitter, you either found it with a mortal; doomed to die before your eyes. Or hope that within the few other Eternals you were paired with that you’d somehow be so lucky to fall in love and be loved in return. It was fulfilling to help the humans grow - but many of them seemed destined to self-sabotage.
You press your fingertips against the glass, watching fog form around your fingertips as a response to your body heat. The rustling of blankets causes you to look towards Druig, his figure lazily writhing in the sea of blankets to face you. His eyes hesitantly open to make out the silhouette of your body in the window.
“Hey,” You whisper with a melancholy smile. Even from this far away, his eyes are a piercing shade, glowing in the moonlight.
“What’re you still doing awake, doll?” The raspiness of his voice conveys his lethargy well. The comforter is haphazardly draped over his abdomen and you can’t help but admire his picturesque-ness. Even after thousands of years of knowing him he somehow still managed to render you awestruck. You tried to suppress the flutters in your stomach that bloomed at the nickname.
“Why’d you tell Kingo…” You trail off, gazing out the window at the snowy hills. You glance back at him.
“I know it bothers you that they ask,” He was awake now, scooting to the edge of the bed and tossing the blanket aside. “I figured two birds one stone. I get to spend more time with you for a bit and they stop annoying you.”
Audibly, he sighs. Druig meanders to the windowsill, taking a seat across from you. All you can offer him is a smile. You don’t notice when he intertwines his legs with yours; Only when his fingers graze over the skin on the back of your hand. “What happened in Brazil?”
The party raged on for days. The famous Carnival. 1800 is a year to celebrate apparently.
The heat of the day was dissipating slowly into a comfortable warmth, yet the crowds only grew more sweaty. Glass beads, tinsel, feathers, they all littered the streets. You remembered when you first got wind that there were extensive festivals going on here - it was something that you and Druig couldn’t resist.
Luckily, you had snagged a small wooden chair on the edge of the alleyway. It was nearly morning and you were on your reserves to keep partying. Every now and then you’d see a pair of golden eyes - Druig taking over a person in order to find you. He couldn’t keep up with how fast you moved in these crowds. You spotted a young man, with a curly head of hair.
“Y/N,” He greeted in his mother tongue. His eyes beamed a bright gold.
“I’m ready to go home if you are,” You pant, desperate to peel the layers of sweaty clothing off and bathe in the springs. “Come get me.”
The boy scoffs, a mischievous smile on his lips. Then, his eyes dim and he returns to what he was doing before Druig took over. You spotted him in the crowd, mop of dark hair covered in glitters. His smile was so bright and his demeanor so happy. Something in the back of your head nagged at you. It had before. ‘Look how happy he is!’ ‘You’re holding him back.’ ‘You could never make him truly happy.’
A group of happy youth pulls him into their vicinity - forcing him to join their dancing. You give him one more look before you turn and melt into the crowd.
It was difficult to avoid him in Brazil, really in most of South America. You’d avoid those glowing eyes, even if they weren’t his. Somehow you had convinced yourself that he was better off without you.
“Y/N?” Druig’s low voice broke through your thoughts. No surprise there. “Lost in your own head again?”
You rest your head onto the window pane. “Mhm.”
The forest in the distance is bristling with movement, caribou wandering through the snow.
“I thought it was time to stop holding you back. That’s why I left Rio.”
Druig’s dark brows furrowed. “Holding me back?”
His hands grew firm against yours. You used to be able to read him so well, but now you could hardly tell what mood he was in. You missed the days where you’d surprise him with the first editions of his favorite novels and handmade trinkets. Druig rested his head on your clasped hands. Gazing at him, you say still. Admiring the way his midnight stands of hair shine.
“Cmon let's go to sleep,” You murmur. His hand is desperate to stay on yours, but he lets go momentarily. When he slips into his previous spot on the bed, and you yours, his hand ventures towards you from under the blanket. First, it grazes your hip and then finds its way back to your palm.
The shivers that ran down your spine soon dissipate as the heat from his body warms your own.
Is this friendship that has evolved over thousands of years, or is it something else?
✑ taglist : @dontbedumb3 @rexorangecouny @emptyloverofmine @who-even-is-galileo @justifymyfeelings @jelly4m @measure-in-pain
if you'd like to be added let me know xx
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plxviofiles · 2 days ago
falling for ya
Tumblr media
wanda x fem!reader, FLUFF. comedy!!
warnings: one swear word, a gun, idiocy sypnosis: stupid grocery store visit. stupid friends. not-stupid love of your life. word count: 1.1K a/n: posting another fav of mine that i wrote a while ago bc I have homework and a movie to go to so I can't write a kate fic after watching episode 3 of hawkeye :/ also i rmbr this was probs inspired by @missmonsters2 she’s one of my fav writers!
a/n 2: does ur heart ever go <wanda3 because yeah. same.
“This is utterly ridiculous,” you deadpan.
Wanda nods in agreement but wasn’t able to muffle her laughter.
Sam and Bucky are huddling in one supermarket trolley. Tony stands dangerously on the tiny rod in front. Steve is driving it with his super soldier pinkies. Natasha is throwing random items like “miscellaneous meat” and “blue cheese ice cream” in the trolley.
You decide that you are going to bring the Avengers to shopping with you one day. Your best friend assures you that it is a good idea.
Now it isn’t looking like it is.
“You shouldn’t be laughing,” you mumble.
“I’m sorry,” but the smile on the girl’s face suggests the opposite, “But it is pretty funny.”
You look at the five idiots that look happier than they have ever been since the day you got them avengers plushies for Christmas.
“I suppose.”
Wanda catches the small smile on your lips, and she smiles subconsciously.
You snap out of the little trance you’re having, and you march over to the rowdy group. Soon, there are two ears from different men in each hand, and a disgruntled Natasha following close behind. Wanda smiles again.
She thinks its sweet of you. You probably knew this would happen, but you let them come anyway.
“Listen, knuckleheads,” you scold the pouting group, “It’s one thing to ruin your reputations, but it’s one whole other thing to ruin mine. People treat me like normal here. Don’t ruin it.”
The adults stand in a straight position and salute you, before bowing. Your eye twitches. Tony and Natasha fist bump because they have a death wish they know they have annoyed you again.
“Just go and get things that are actually on our list please,” you sigh, taking out the blue cheese ice cream, pretending not to hear the assassin whine.
Wanda watches the whole scene with quiet giggles. You narrow your eyes at her with playfulness.
“You’re enjoying this a little too much, Maximoff,” you note, glaring at the four boys when you see them looking at the pad section of the grocery store ironically and for no reason whatsoever instead of helping you with the groceries.
Natasha will have been looking in the knives section, but the small warning about slashing her motorcycle tires that you sent her on text steers her towards the pasta section instead.
“I just think it’s funny, that’s all,” Wanda defends herself, putting a bottle of milk in the trolley.
You snort a little, “Oh yeah? What else do you find funny?”
Wanda thinks your snort is cute. Then she realises she spaced out.
She clears her throat.
“You know, usual things, like sitcoms and comedies,” she says, a little embarrassed.
You hum at her answer, looking over the labels on a new soda you want to try.
“What about you, what do you find funny?” Wanda asks conversationally, wanting to know more about you.
“Romance comedies. I like Mamma Mia,” you tell the girl with a little something, a little excitement in your tone.
“I love that movie!” Wanda exclaims, happy at finding something small in common with you with little effort.
“The sequel was nice as well. I had a crush on young Donna,” you giggle.
Wanda laughs, suddenly forgetting about the grocery list, “I think everyone had a crush on young Donna."
“My crush on you will always be bigger though,” Wanda seems proud at her attempt to flirt.
You actually smile wider, and you lean forward to kiss the girl on the cheek, shocking her pleasantly.
“Same here.”
Soon, everything is ready, and the small part of the Avengers that came with you are sad to leave.
With your girlfriend squeezing your hand with an encouraging smile, you smile painfully at them.
“You guys can come here again with me. When I need to,” you say almost shyly.
They smile at you sincerely, then they help you pack the groceries into the car, contentment clear on everyone’s faces at the day’s events.
“I’m proud of you,” Wanda puts a hand on your thigh.
You focus on the road, not letting your contentment show in your features, “I know.”
Wanda knows though, she always does, and she gives you a kiss on the cheek.
The group in the back are arguing on what seems to be politics (you absolutely have no idea) , and you heard some sobbing and knife sharpening. Suddenly you’re grateful that you’re the one driving.
You notice Wanda’s lips twitch upwards at some of the sentences she catches with her ears.
You think that she’s cute.
Yeah, she’s definitely the cutest person ever.
“Your thoughs are loud, любовь,” Wanda grins teasingly.
you raise an eyebrow, “I see no reason to hide my affections.”
Wanda bites her bottom lip with a dreamy look on her face.
You doubt that there’s honestly anything more adorable than her.
Then Wanda realises.
What the fuck.
Oh wow.
She gets up out of bed, her face sweating a little.
It’s only been six months.
She shakes her head at her doubt. She would not have thought of this if she wasn’t sure.
She was still nervous though.
She opens your door with ease. You didn’t lock it.
She stands in front of your bed, burying her face in her hand, thinking.
You awake to gentle calls.
You get up and pick up a gun, immediately pointing it to the person.
Wanda panics on reflex, and you sigh. You put the gun back in your drawer.
“Mind telling me why you’ve decided to give me an unwelcome surprise attack at 4 am in the morning?” you say groggily.
“I just…. uh…I have something to say.”
You open one eye for a bit before closing it again, “You do realise you could’ve chosen to wake anyone else if you had something to say? Even Tony is awake all night. That man never sleeps.”
Your tone isn’t irritated just rather sleepy.
Wanda fiddles with her fingers a little.
“I have something to say to you.”
You open both eyes this time, concern running through them.
“Is everything alright?”
Wanda smiles at your concern, and a flash of guilt overtook her features before she finally blurts out.
“I think I’m in love with you.”
Wanda feels a strong urge to run.
You blink twice.
“I love you too. Now get in bed,” you mumble simply.
You sink back into the comfort of your pillows and make grabby hands at your girlfriend.
Wanda stares for a second before registering your words, then she grins widely.
She slides into your bed and your legs found its way to hers, tangling them together.
She finds her way to your chest and lays her head there.
The sound of your heartbeat is a welcome lullaby.
She looks up, and you press a quick but loving kiss on her lips.
“Goodnight, I love you.”
Six months, and Wanda’s lips still tingle.
“Goodnight, моя любовь.”
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wandanatsbaby · a day ago
Dark!Natasha serial killer just killing people on Halloween until she sees reader and falls in love
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader Warnings: Dark themes, mentions of killing, kidnapping, Drinking ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Natasha had been killing people all night
She was on her 25th kill of the night when she saw you
You and a couple of your friends had decided to dress up and go to a bar
You were dressed up as an angle
When Natasha saw you she couldn’t take her eyes off of you
And not in the “I'm going to kill you” way
More in an “I'm in love with you” way
About halfway through the night, you were beyond drunk Thanks to nat slipping something in your drink when you weren’t looking.
Deciding you were done you barely managed to walk out the front door without falling over
Calling a uber you waited by the curb
Pulling your new jacket closer to your body you saw a car pull up on the curb
Without much thought, you got into the back of the car and gave the driver your address
It was about an hour in that even in your drunken state you got curios and confused
“Ma’am?” You questioned softly
The driver only looked at you for a moment before turning her attention back to the road and not answering you
Sitting back in the seat you dug through your purse for your phone
Opening it up you looked at the uber app
The words “Your uber has arrived” was the first thing you saw
With a nervous glance, you looked back at the notification
It was from 20 minutes ago
Before you could call anyone for help everything went black.
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aquanova99 · 2 days ago
Secrets (Druig x Reader)
A/N: I know it’s taken forever to get something out. And yes I know these timelines don’t match up with the movies. Don’t come for me 😂
A/N: I hope I wrote Druig okay, I’m still trying to figure out how to write more marvel without repeating the same stories over and over again.
A/N: thank you so much for reading! As always requests are open and reblogs are super appreciated 💛
Tumblr media
“I wasn’t expecting to see you again.”
 “My beautiful y/n, as if I could stay away.”
 Y/n laughed as you spun her around and kissed her. Gods, how you had missed her. You, Makkari, and Thena had gone of to find more eternals, but you had grown restless knowing you had left behind y/n. The fact that she was human weighed heavily on your mind. Over the past few years, you had tried to convince her to come live with you. Once she had been in a wreck and you tried to force her to come with you, for whatever reason your powers didn’t work on her.
“Didn’t you say you had very important business to take care of and you didn’t know if you could even come back?”
“I know. Like I said I can’t seem to stay away.”God you were so desperate to let her in. Sersi had her second chance, and now Sprite did too. And here you were biding for time.
“You know one day I’m going to convince you to run away with me.”
 “You know I want but I—”
“Can’t. I’ve heard it before. What I don’t know is why you won’t tell me why you cant come with.”
 “Why won’t you tell me how it seems you never age?”
 “You act as if I should have grey hairs already.”
 “Im acting as if nothing about you has changed for the past however long I’ve known you.” She kissed your cheek and began cooking food for the both of you.
 “Fair enough. I am still older than you though, if that helps.”
 “It doesn’t, you never tell me your age. You could at least lie about it and make less suspicious. It just seems weird that your appearance always seems to stay the same. What are you going to do when I get all old and wrinkly.” You chuckled at her but it was honestly something you’d been dreading. You didn’t even want to imagine a world without her in it. Which was why the battle with Ikaris had been so important. Not that she could know about that. The two of you settled into a comfortable silence after that until she was done cooking the two of you.
 “You know we could always go out.”
 “I like cooking for us anyway.” She smiled sweetly at you.
 Afterwards the two of you took a walk around the park. It had taken a lot of goading from you but you had finally convinced her to enjoy some time outside. The sun was beginning to set before she suddenly froze.
“Hey, lets go back to my place so we can watch a movie, yeah?”
“Is everything okay?”
 You looked to see a group of people staring at you. Avengers. You recognized them. Another group of people you wished you had been allowed to help. You saw Captain America and Tony Stark start heading in your direction.
 “Babe, we need to go. Now.” She tried tugging at your hand.
 “They aren’t going to do anything to you my love Im sure of it.”
 You heard her sigh, “That’s not what I mean—”
 “Well, well, look who it is cap.”
 You were thrown off guard. For a split second you thought they had figured out who you were but now it was very clear their focus was all on y/n.
 “Y/n we’ve been looking everywhere for you.”
 “I’m sure you have.” You were shocked. Apparently y/n had met the avengers at one point and even more surprising was her immediate distaste for them. You’d never seen her turn away anyone. She had her arms crossed and her whole demeanor changed. Your little ray of sunshine suddenly turned ice cold. You reached around their minds to see how they knew her. You saw glimpses of her fighting along side the avengers in the original battle against thanos. Small glimpses in the second battle. You saw her shielding people, disappearing in and out of battle. You looked back over at her, finally understanding why she tried to stay away from the general public. She finally seemed to remember you were there and sighed.
 She turned back to face the group of heroes. “I told you I was done. What do you guys want?”
 “Look we know we messed up but we’re trying to get as many of us back together. Without Vision we could really use you.”
 “Yeah well I could have used you when that building collapsed.” You literally couldn’t speak. You glanced back over and saw a mission going haywire, y/n getting stuck inside a building. Comms were down, the rest of the group assumed she was gone. You saw red, you felt yourself begin moving towards the group but y/n’s hand reached out.
“I don’t think so. You guys can figure it out yourselves.”
 She began pulling you away from the group that had formed. You saw Soteve Rogers ask a question as if you were both still there. Stark reached his arm out and just threw his head back. You looked over at her.
“Just keep quiet. Please.” She whispered to you. “Look at the windows.”
 To be honest you were still in shock that y/n had taken part in these huge battles and you had no idea. From what you saw her ability to shield you began to understand why you couldn’t read her like everyone else. You looked past the cars you were walking by. You came to a stop. Y/n had a good grip on you and almost tripped over you. You couldn’t help walking closer to the car window. You couldn’t see anything. The two of you were completely invisible. She tugged on your hand and the two of you walked in silence until you got near her apartment. She went to the side of the building and finally released you.
 “So now I see why you always want to stay nearby.”
 “Yeah, I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you about it before.” You saw her look down and bite her lip, “Do—do you still want to come in.”
 You chuckled, “Oh my love, theres some things I think I need to tell you as well. Come on."
 The two of you settled into the couch, she had gone back to her usual cheerful self. She crossed her legs and waited for you to continue. You began showing her the things you could create, explaining your powers. How you saw what she could do by reading the minds of Stark and Rogers. She was quiet for a bit.
 “Are you able to read my mind?” She asked quietly
 “My dear, if I could I would have done so a long time ago. I tried to convince you to come live with me when you got in that accident, which I am now realizing wasn’t from a car.”
 She shook her head, “nope. Sorry. Some people came to check out the destruction afterwards and they found me super out of it and got me to the hospital. Then I yelled at the avengers and shortly after you found me.” She looked down at her hands
“So you really aren’t aging, what are gonna do about that?”
 “We need to find Sersi. She can make me human.”
 “Wish she could make me immortal. Then I could make up for all this time hiding. Enjoy life some more.” She threw her head back on the couch. You scootched closer to her and brought her into your chest. That was actually brilliant. You didn’t know if it worked both ways, but you wanted to try. You wanted to Sersi more than ever.
 “Well we can always try that too.”
Her head snapped up to look at you “And if that doesn’t work?”
 “Then I will change for you. I’ve been around forever anyways.” You said as you kissed her forehead
 “Hmm maybe I shouldn’t be with such an old man. People might thinks it’s weird.”
 “Whatever,” you said as you shoved her off you, “you love me.”
 She laughed and placed a soft kiss on your lips “Yeah, I do.”
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heyy! is it okay if i request a slightly college au with kate bishop? so R is basically tony stark's daughter and playing for college football/soccer team and dating kate and she comes to R's game, stuff like that. only if you want to :)
Masterlist (Requests are open!) Kate Bishop x Stark!Reader College!AU Pronouns used: She/Her Word Count: 1,354 A/N: Ahhh my first req in so long:D I hope this is what you wanted, let me know if I can change anything:) Tony is still alive in this cause who cares what the mcu says, my mans is ALIVE. Thank you for requesting!
Being a football player in college is awesome. Especially when you're the star attacker, and dating the head of the archery team. Kate Bishop. Oh, and also being a Stark. It's kind of cool... ;) However, being in a relationship with someone else who is also so committed to their sporting career can be incredibly difficult. Neither of us are wanting to leave our game on the back burner to go to the others competition, so dating can be really hard. But, Kate makes it all worth it. Being a Stark means having a lot of people pretend to like you so they can get to know your dad, and they would do anything to meet him, except for Kate. In all honesty, she couldn't care less about my dad. No, she only cares for Hawkeye. He is her idol and is the reason she took up archery in the first place. When we had first become close friends I had offered her the chance to meet Clint, but she refused! She'd stated that she wanted to meet him on her own merit. That was when I knew she was going to be someone important in my life.
Cut to earlier this week, Kate has destroyed the bell tower (She insists she didn't touch the clock, but tell that to the debris on top of the science building?) which meant that she had been suspended from all of her extra curricular activities until further notice. And she was bitter about it.
'It's not like I meant to destroy the whole building'
But this made me a bit nervous. See, I have a match coming up at the end of the week, and I really wanted her to go. Her being suspended was finally a chance for her to come to one of my games. Going back to the nervous part, I didn't want to seem like I was pushing her to attend a school sport thing with me after everything that's happened in the past week.
Until my best friend, Willow, walked past shouting about the end of week match. She was the goalkeeper in our team, and was an avid promoter of all our matches. Sometimes I'm surprised she's on the team and not the mascot. She throws colourful flyers down the hallway and then takes off to her next place of advertisement. Kate walks over to the flyer and quickly scans through the text before turning to face me with a slightly unamused smirk on her face.
"Well, guess I'm free to attend now" She chuckles slightly. I feel a bit awkward in the moment, the first time I've ever felt any discomfort around her since meeting Kate. Playing with my hands I respond, "You don't have to. Don't pressure yourself, I don't want you to be uncomfortable about going to something like this after what's just happened."
But she just laughs and puts her hand on my shoulder.
"Don't worry about that, babe. I'd be happy to attend. I can finally be your cheerleader." She cracks a genuine smile and heads off to her next class.
The day of the match is here! I feel a lot more nervous now that I know Kate is going to be in attendance. I didn't even get to warn her that my father might be going too. We'll cross that hurdle when it gets to it though. Right now, I have to focus on the game. Coach calls us all into a huddle and relays the game plan. (I know nothing about any sport so uhhh.. game plan is 'Go! Fight! Win!' okie). As the huddle breaks I catch sight of Kate with bright purple face paint, and a sign that reads,
'I'm dating the hot football player, is this a 2000's teen movie?'
So stupid, but I let out a little giggle at it. I jog over to my position and wait for the whistle to call the start of the game.
The first half of the game is over and we are losing. Not by much, but enough to make a comeback seem nearly impossible. I walk over to the bench to have a sip of water and think about what I could do to change the outcome of this match, when I see two blurred outlines on both sides of my peripherals. Turning to my right I see Kate walking up to me with a soft smile, which I return, and turn to my left to see.. my dad? He turned up? Oh no, he's going to meet Kate. Way sooner than expected. I stand up and wait for each of their arrivals. Kate reaches me first and places her hand on my back to comfort me. She begins to say something, before the easily recognisable voice of Tony Stark interrupts her.
"I'm sorry, should I come back later honey? Wait, is this THE Kate Bishop?," He asks sarcastically, "Pleasure to finally meet you," He shakes her hand, "Y/N talks about you all the time, non-stop. I hear you're a big fan of our Katniss Everdeen? That was a bit of a surprise I gotta tell ya. Clint was quite shocked too. He says hi by the way. "
Kate's face was priceless. Not only does Tony Stark know who she is, but so does her favourite archer. I laugh at her expression, before her gaze sharpens as it lands on me. I instantly stop my laughter and clear my throat.
"Uh, yeah hi dad? This is Kate. Oh what's that? I think- I think coach is calling for m-" With that I take off back to the field. I did not need to sit through that awkward conversation. Kate can be extroverted sometimes, I'm sure she'll be fine... I turn back to check on the state of their conversation, but come face to face with Kate herself.
"I just wanted to say, first of all, I hate you. So much. Second of all, you got this. I know you do, we're all here rooting for you. I'm proud of you no matter what." She places a quick kiss to my cheek, and runs back to my father. That's it. We have to win now, no other option.
The second half of the game flies by, with points scored non-stop from our side of the field. We barely make it, but we do in fact win this game and move up in the championship. (Is this how it works-). I'm celebrating with my team when a slightly taller body collides with mine, the familiar smell of coffee and trees fills my senses and calms my increased heart rate. Pulling back from the hug, Kate keeps me at arms length whilst raining praises down on me. I zone out and just watch her. The way her eyes lit up as she explains what she saw.. or was it what my dad said? I don't know.. all I know is the spark in her eyes is making me fall in love with her all over again.
"Kate," I whisper before pulling her closer and smashing our lips together. All I could feel in this moment is love and unconditional support. However, we are rudely interrupted by my fathers awkward coughing.
"Well, that was awkward for all of, so let's agree to forget this happened," He starts, "I'm proud of you kid. You did great out there today, truly proving yourself to be the muscle out of this father-daughter relationship. And you got yourself a great girl too. Why don't we all celebrate tonight, at the tower," He walks away without giving either of us a chance to either accept or turn down his invitation, "Fan girl can meet Mr Barton too, later kids."
Kate starts to shake her head no to me, but I just nod and laugh back at her as I pull her back into me.
The world will never truly know the highs and lows of high school football (IM SORRY-)
A/N: I really hope you enjoyed, I'm sorry I don't know much about football! Again, if you want me to change anything let me know!!
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demonsandmischief · 3 days ago
The Tree Hunt
A Venom Imagine
Eddie Brock x Female Reader
680 Words
🌲Day 1 of Christmas Countdown🌲
Tumblr media
-The Tree Hunt-
You make Eddie help you find the perfect Christmas Tree.
Happy December ❤️
"I don't understand why we had to come all the way out here," Eddie protested, the snow crunching under the weight of his boots.
"I wanted a real tree," you pouted. "Why are you so grumpy?"
He paused his stride, allowing you to catch up to him. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder, and you wrapped your hand around his waist.
"I'm not grumpy," he said. "I guess it's because I have never done this before, and I have a perfectly good tree at home."
"An artificial one," you quipped, glancing at the towering green trees that surrounded you. There were so many different sizes and textures, and it smelled like Christmas. "Come on, Eddie. Where's your spirit?"
He caught your eyes, and a gentle smile graced his lips. He gave a little sigh, drawing you to his front. He used one hand to pull your hat a little further down your head.
"I love you," he whispered, his forehead knocking with yours. "Even when you drag me out to the middle of nowhere in the damn cold."
You chuckled, reaching up to peck his lips. "Love you most."
You pulled away and continued down the path. Finally, a tree caught your eye. It was perfect, with no bare spots and the perfect triangle shape. It was nice and full and would hold lots of ornaments. You were filled with excitement with the idea of decorating your first tree with Eddie and Venom.
"Isn't it perfect?" you asked. "It'll look so good by the fireplace. Our first Christmas."
Eddie couldn't deny his own bit of excitement, despite the fact that he did not find this activity enjoyable, but he would do anything to make you happy, and he adored the smile that lit your lovely features.
He glanced at the handsaw in his palm a bit unsure. He had never used one in his entire life, and he was a bit embarrassed to admit that to you.
"Wimp," Venom's voice said, catching onto his hesitation. "You couldn't impress a girl even if you tried."
"I don't need to impress anyone, I already have the best girl," Eddie whispered.
"We do," Venom corrected. "Allow me."
You watched Eddie talk to himself for a minute. You knew he had no idea how to use the saw. It was cute that he didn't want to admit that to you.
Eddie's arms grew thick and long and black as part of Venom emerged. He gripped the base of the tree and pulled it right out of the ground, roots and all. He dropped it harshly at your feet.
"That was easy," you grinned.
Eddie chuckled. You were so cheerful and cute. "Can we go now?"
You helped him move the tree to a tarp so it was easier to drag back to the car.
He extended his now normal flesh hand and you laced your fingers.
"We'll have to go ornament shopping too," you said, tugging on his hand.
"And get some hot chocolate to drink while we watch all of the Christmas movies," he said, rolling his eyes playfully. You had recited this to him a million times already.
"What color ornaments should we get?" you asked.
"I'm happy as long as you're happy, baby," he said sincerely. You smiled brightly up at him.
"Can we make gingerbread houses?"
Eddie stopped, turning towards you. "You're beautiful, you know that? But I draw the line at gingerbread houses."
"What do you have against them?"
You reached the car, shedding your jacket as the walk had warmed you considerably.
"Venom makes enough mess as it is," he said, following your move and shedding his own coat, stepping up behind you.
He was warm, pressed against your back, and you turned so you were facing him.
"I'm happy we get to start traditions together," you told him, hands winding around his back. He dipped his head, his lips brushing against yours.
"Me too. We can do them every year-"
"Oh, really," you smiled cheekily. "Did my tree hunting grow on you?"
He hummed, "Maybe a little."
If you want to be tagged in my Christmas Countdown, or want to read the other Christmas fics, please go HERE.
also here's my Masterlist
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thatonebrazilian · 3 hours ago
Peter: Why are you so sassy all the time, miss Romanoff?
Natasha: It’s a coping mechanism.
Peter: Oh, I’m so-
Natasha: I’m coping with how dumb all of you are.
Y/N *tearing up*: But-
Natasha *hugging Y/N*: Not you Detka, I love my dumb little baby.
Y/N: *Happy noises*
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waspswidows · 5 hours ago
I saw the most amazing quote today and I thought it would make a lovely Druig x reader story where the reader is always putting others before herself and Druig is the only one who can see it ❤️
“The healer also needs healing.
The planner also needs surprises.
The giver also needs to receive.
The thoughtful also needs to be thought of.
The considerate also needs to be considered.”
In life I often feel like I give my everything to everyone else and yet no one would ever put me or my needs first so I’m also kind of selfishly asking for a comfort story haha 🙈
Who Heals the Healer?
Pairing: Druig x (female) Eternal!Reader
Summary: you’re always taking care of everyone around the compound, as well as your fellow Eternals, pushing you to the brink of exhaustion. Druig has had enough and encourages you to take time for yourself
Warnings: some swearing, mostly fluff and a bit of angst, I won’t lie this is mostly very cheesy fluff but honestly it's stuff that we all need to hear every now and again, be sure to always take care of yourselves my loves🖤✨ kinda minor Eternals spoilers
A/N: my precious, precious anon, thank you for your request. I know exactly how you feel when it comes to this kind of thing. I hope you heed Druig’s words in this Drabble and make sure to take some time to look after yourself. You don’t always have to put other people in front of you, it is okay to put yourself first, so please do so. You always deserve to take care of yourself🖤🥰✨ I hope you enjoy this drabble🖤🥰 also sorry this took so long, I’m still working through a bit of a backlog atm!🖤
Tumblr media
You stumble into your cabin in the Amazonian compound, the one you shared with Druig. You wearily drag yourself through the rooms until your reach the bedroom, flopping onto the bed in exhaustion. You’d just returned from travelling all day. You’d gone to visit Sersi and Sprite in London for a few days. The trip was fun and it was lovely to visit your fellow Eternals for a while but you couldn’t deny just how tiring the whole trip had been. Not to mention you’d immediately been roped into helping around the compound pretty much as soon as your feet touched the ground.
You a hear a deep sigh in the corner of the room and look up to see Druig sitting by the desk in the bedroom. You were so exhausted you hadn’t even noticed him as you came in.
“Hey” you smile tiredly at him.
“Hey” he answers curtly, his voice unexpectedly sharp. You’re taken aback slightly.
“You okay?” You venture gently, sitting up on the bed to face him.
“Yeah I’m okay” he answers, his voice sounding bitter with sarcasm. “Are you though? Are you okay?” He asks, a sudden tension in his voice.
“What do you mean? I’m fine” you shrug.
“Are you?” He pushes.
“Yeah?” You shrug again. Another deep sigh leaves his chest.
“Y/n please. Look at yourself, you’re exhausted”
“It’s just from travelling. It’s kinda a given when travelling all the way from London to the Amazonian forest you know?"
“No it’s not and you know it. You’re not just tired, y/n, you’re exhausted. You’re burnt-out”
“It’s just from travelling” you insist. “I’ll be fine tomorrow after I’ve slept."
“For fuck sake y/n, please” he shouts suddenly.
“What Druig? Why the hell are so mad?” you raise your voice slightly.
He takes a deep breath, steadying himself before speaking again.
“Why do you always have to be the one to go to them? Why can’t they ever come here? Give you a break for once you know?” Druig pushes, concern and a soft anger laced in his voice. You’d made it a habit to go and visit all of the other Eternals every few decades or so. Yes you had plenty of time between visits but you did have to admit it was incredibly tiring to literally travel the world just to visit your family every now and again.
“Because we live the middle of nowhere, Druig. There’s nothing fun for them to do here if they visited. At least Sersi and Sprite have Camden. And please, could you imagine Kingo ’the movie star’ out in a place like this? That’s never happening” you try a joke to ease the tension. Apparently it doesn't work.
“Thena and Gilgamesh live in the middle of nowhere too” Druig responds dryly.
“Yeah well Thena isn’t exactly fit to be travelling now is she?” you quip back. Druig just sighs again deeply in response, shaking his head lightly.
“Really what’s the big deal Druig? It’s not like I see them that often you know"
“I know. But when you’re not running around the entire planet to please other people you’re working yourself to the bone here!” There’s an anguish in his voice that leaves you unsure of what to say next, so you just stay silent, staring at him, trying to anticipate where his mood might go next. Eventually he just continues with his ramble.
“You’re always running around here doing as many jobs as you can. I know you want help the people but I mean you’re constantly taking care of others, helping out whoever and wherever you can-"
“Yeah so?” You interrupt him. “I still don’t see what the issue is. It’s nice to help people!"
“Not at the expense of your own wellbeing!” He snaps. “You’re beyond exhausted. I can literally feel in your mind just how exhausted you are. You’re barely keeping it together and yet you carry on. Why? Why can you just stop? Why do you conintue to insist on healing everyone but yourself? Who heals the healer?!” He almost yells, his voice cracking at the end of his rant.
You feel tears brim in your eyes. The exhaustion and his yelling at your becoming too much for you to bear. You swallow a sob that’s suddenly threatening to escape you. Druig just continues to keep you under his scrutinising glare.
“Why, y/n? Why?” he asks, softer now. “Why do you insist of looking after everyone but yourself?"
You sniff, unable to control your need to cry.
“I don’t know” you lie. Druig just continues to look at you in silence. You exhale slowly, a lousy attempt at trying to get your shaking breathes under control. You keep your eyes trained on the floor, unable to bring yourself to look at Druig.
“I don’t feel like I deserve to be taken care of” you finally mumble. “I don’t exactly feel worthy of taking a break unless I’ve done all I can for everyone else” you whisper. You chance a quick look up at Druig. A look of utter heartbreak has taken over his face.
“Y/n...” his voice breaks again. You simply sniff and shrug again, averting your gaze from him again, trying and failing to blink the tears out of your eyes. You hear Druig stand up from the desk, his footsteps approaching you. His face appears in front of you, he’s kneeling beside the bed where you’re sat. He reaches up and gently places his hands on either side of your face, his thumbs stroking your cheeks, wiping away the tears that continue to fall. You keep your eyes averted, afraid to look at him.
“Y/n please. Please just look at me” he begs you softly. You inhale deeply before finally meeting his gaze, only to realise Druig also has tears brimming in his eyes.
“Y/n listen to me” he speaks in a whisper. “You are always deserving of rest. You are always worthy of love. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve spent your entire day helping people in the compound or just been sat in your room doing nothing. You will always be worthy of love and rest. You deserve to be taken care of. I’m sorry I didn't say any of this earlier. I’m so sorry I didn’t intervene sooner. You need to rest, my love. You need to take care of yourself. Let someone else take care of you for once. Let me take care of you” he speaks earnestly.
“You hear me?” He asks softly. “You are and always will be deserving of love and rest” he repeats. “I love you” he whispers so quietly you almost don’t hear it.
“I love you, I love you. Let me take care of you” he breathes as he leans to put his forehead on yours. “Will you let me take care of you?” A sob escapes you again as you take in his words. You nod your head gently. You then twist your head to place a kiss to his palm still resting on your cheek.
“Okay, good” he whispers. “Just lay down on the bed my love. Sleep.” He commands you gently. You nod silently again and crawl into the bed properly, snuggling yourself under the covers. Druig then climbs in beside you, pulling you into his chest, enveloping you on his arms.
“Shhhh, just sleep” he murmurs into your hair, resting his cheek on the top of your head.
You try to sleep, to relax, you want to. But you just can’t. A million thoughts, a million worries, are still racing through your head. Despite how hard you tried you just couldn’t seem to let your mind rest.
You suddenly feel your entire body relax, your head going empty. Your mind is blank other than the thought of sleeping calling your name. You feel in a state of complete bliss, with no cares or worries in the world. You shift your head up to look at Druig. His eyes are shining gold. He places a soft kiss to your forehead and whispers against your skin.
“Shhh, just rest now my love”
A/N: lmao I am fighting for my life out here for different decent pictures of Druig to use, I may just have to start using pictures of Barry himself tbh. If anyone has any more good pictures of Druig I’d super appreciate you sending them my way🥺🖤 anyway I hope you enjoyed this!
Taglist: @salirophilia @alice-madness-decends @tompetersebbuckyhazleo @artaxerxesthegreat @moon-beam95 @lacontroller1991 @ratcatcher2world @ppk1pinch @luminaaz @strawberriebabbles @rosie-posie08 @dreamcatcher121 @justifymyfeelings @redroomproperty @your--sweetest--downfall @dontbedumb3 @bookfrog242 @hybrid-in-progress @mothdruid @captainrexstan
Please do not repost, copy, or translate any of my work without my permission, thank you.
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moodybluemoon · a day ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: You and Bucky have an arrangement consisting of three rules. Two of them will be broken tonight.
Warnings: Some curse words, mentions of friends with benefits, real tiny flashback where they’re doing it, I think that’s all
You could feel your heart sinking as you watched Bucky with the new agent from across the room.
Of course you knew that your little arrangement had to end eventually, it was clear when you guys made up the rules. The fucking rules.
No feelings,
no telling anyone,
and no more fucking if one of you got involved with someone.
You had broken rule number one long before you two even made it, so of course you knew it was stupid to agree to it, but any chance to be with Bucky.
Unfortunately, while you two came up with this genius idea, you were both drunk as shit. Part of your drunken mind was convinced it would turn into something more, the other part just wanted to get laid.
Back then it seemed like being with Bucky would be worth all the pain that came with it. Now, not so much.
,,You're staring.'' And of course Steve fucking Rogers was onto your crush from day one.
When Bucky arrived to the compound, you two immediately hit it off. Steve noticed how you'd always make sure there'd be enough coffee left for his best friend. How you always included Bucky in everything, always going the extra mile to make sure he was comfortable. He noticed how you always smiled a little more around Bucky, and how you tried acting nonchalant when another one of his one night stands sneaked their way to the elevator.
Steve noticed the little things. Bucky needed a huge sign in front of him, telling him exactly what's going on.
,,I'm not staring.'' you told him, knowing that he won't buy it.
,,You know, if you'd just tell him how you feel-'' ,,Well I won't''
He sighed, knowing that this was a hopeless discussion to have.
,,She's pretty.'' you stated, the drink in your hand long forgotten.
,,Not compared to you.'' Steve says, making you smile sadly.
,,Your friend doesn't seem to think so.''
,,Come on, you know he just likes to sleep with them, I've told you he likes you! '' hah, if only he knew.
Truth is, there were some moments when you'd thought the same. Even the night before, when you were falling apart below him. The memory of his raspy voice telling you to come for me pretty girl, that's it, doing so good for me, and how you were his best girl, all fucking mine. How he always held you in his arms afterwards, making you breakfast in the mornings and sometimes even taking you to dinner.
But how could any of it matter if he never held your hand in public? How could it matter when he didn't want a future with you?
,,Even if he did, isn't that a shitty way to cope-'' you stopped talking, looking to the other side of the room once more. They were gone.
,,y/n?'' Steve's eyes followed your gaze, making him look the other way.
Tears were threatening to escape your eyes and roll down your cheek, but you managed to keep yourself together. Deciding some fresh air would do you good, you stood up and walked outside. Steve followed you, trying to fix his friends stupid mistake.
,,That doesn't mean anything y/n, I told you, I know him. He hasn't brought one single girl around for five months now, we don't know that they left together.'' you rolled your eyes. Steve was just trying to make you feel better, but nothing would be good enough to keep your heart from breaking.
,,My god Steve, you think you know him so well. You don't know shit!'' he just stared at you, not understanding.
You continued, lowering your volume. ,, He hasn't brought anyone home, because him and I well- you know.'' his eyes went wide, then he raised his eyebrows, like he was repeating your words inside his head.
The second rule was broken after you told him everything that happened in the last five months, only leaving out the details.
,,I don't understand, why would you do that to yourself?'' there was no judgement, he was genuinely concerned. Typically.
,,Sometimes I do stupid things, you know, I kinda thought he'd- well doesn't matter now. It's over. He's with her now, it's probably for the best.'' Steve pulled you into his arms as soon as the tears started falling.
,,Hey, it's going to be fine y/n, he's just a guy.''
,,What's going on?'' speaking of the devil.
Steve inhaled deeply, letting go of you a little. ,,You've got some nerve. Figure it out, asshole.'' he whispered the last part, but Bucky still caught it. ,,Hey!-'' ,,Steve-''
,,That's how you treat a girl nowadays huh? You know y/n's not some fucking toy you use to fix your own fucked up issues-'' ,,What the fuck are you talking about?'' ,,Steve, it's fine. Please.'' your cheeks were burning red from embarrassment, but you knew Steve only said what you'd never be able to.
,,What's going on doll?'' he dared to ask after seeing your tear stained face. ,,I'm okay Steve, thank you.'' he went inside after getting the hint, but not before sending Bucky another look.
,,Sweetheart? What happened?'' your tears fell once more and Bucky wanted nothing more then to hold you in his arms and make you feel better, but as soon as he stepped forward, you took a step backward. He swallowed, but gave you the space you obviously needed.
,,It's stupid.'' you claimed, looking down to the floor. ,,I knew what I was getting into, you don't owe me anything.''
,,Did something happen y/n? It's me, you know you can tell me.''
Did something happen? Surely, he must be joking.
,,Bucky it's fine, I know what we agreed on. Just say it, so I know it's over.'' he looked around, what did Steve tell you?
,,I didn't mean for it to happen doll, honestly. But we were drunk, you know? It made sense in a way. God, how did I mess this up?''
You finally looked up at him, he had a look on his face like he was nervous? Scared?
,,Bucky, what are you talking about?''
,,Okay, I didn't think I'd ever say this out loud, so please be patient with me. When I first met you, I was speechless. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I already had a crush on you, and then I got to know you. And you did all these little things that only made my crush grow. God, you're just perfect. But I know it's not realistic. I know you're out of my league, I've always known. I was just so happy that you'd given me the time of the day. I didn't even realize how obvious I was being until Sam told me I was whipped, and it's true, because there's nothing I wouldn't do for you. So when we were drunk in your room and you wore that dress, god you always wear these dresses doll.. all logic just left me. So I came up with the idea, and I thought maybe you'd see me in a different light which obviously would never happen. I'm just sorry that you had to hear it from Steve. I won't bother you anymore. I'm sorry doll, so fucking sorry.'' he finished his rambling half expecting you to roll your eyes and leave, though he knew you were too kind for that.
,,Bucky what are you sorry for?''
,,For not telling you I love you. For letting you think that I just wanted to have sex with you.''
,,So Steve was right? But you brought all these girls home before?'' your voice was almost down to a whisper, but Bucky still heard.
,,I tried to move on from my crush, I know that doesn't make any sense. But nothing I've ever done has made sense. Nothing but loving you.''
I love you too was all you wanted to say, but there was still another issue.
,,The girl. You took another girl outside. What about her?''
Bucky wanted to punch himself right in the face for being so stupid.
,,Nothing doll, I swear. She came onto me and wanted me to take her home, but I took her outside to get her into a cab.''
,,Oh... I thought you'd uhm,'' you trailed off.
,,You thought I'd give up having you under me for some other girl?'' your face was heating up again. ,,Buckyy''
,,Were you crying because you thought I'd end it?'' he asked not believing the words himself, but a guy can dream.
,,Yeah, I kinda love you too Bucky.'' finally, he came closer.
,,you do?'' you nodded up at him.
He cupped your face with his hands.
,,And Steve knew? All along?'' you nodded again, making him chuckle.
,,What a sneaky bastard. I told him how I felt about you months ago.''
,,Seems like you should've told me.''
,,You too.''
you were both grinning at each other, your face still in his hands.
,,Can I have a kiss?'' you asked him shyly.
,,You can have anything you want.'' he promised ,,I'll give you the whole world if you want it.''
,,Just a kiss for now.'' he leaned in and pulled your face towards him, you put your arms around his neck.
He kissed you deeply, it was different than before. There was no uncertainty, this was it.
Steve had never seen two people so stupid and so perfect for each other, he thought as he went to check on you. Idiots, he smiled.
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lesbian-deadpool · 16 hours ago
Bruce: Since when do you carry a switchblade?
Y/N: It’s a long story, Bruce.
(Flashback to Y/N looking at a switchblade through a shop window)
Y/N: Neat.
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upat4amwiththemoon · a day ago
Summary: It’s so difficult.
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x female!reader
Warnings: slight angst, depression
Word count: 1087
a/n: happy December! Feedback is always appreciated :)
Tags: @thought-of-you-and-me
Tumblr media
Ever since Wanda and Y/N started dating two years ago, they have only hung out at the Avengers tower rather than in Y/N’s house. Mostly her excuses were something along the line of it’s too far away, your place is so much nicer or I forgot to clean. The last statement is half the truth, so it’s not like she is lying all the time about her home.
Her house isn’t a bad house by no means nor in a bad area. It’s actually quite nice. The only problem is, it’s dirty. Clothes, trash and everything else on the floors. The fridge is full of molded food she forgot to eat. Dishes haven’t been washed in months and the ones Y/N uses over and over again have so many hardened food stains on them. Dust has never been swept and neither has the floors been cleaned. Multiple trash bags are lying around from the excessive amount of frozen food and ready meal boxes, because cooking a meal feels too much.
Y/N is embarrassed. She doesn’t want Wanda to see how she feels in such a concrete way. A messy mind can be hidden, but a messy house is much harder to conceal.
Today is date night once again, and the plan is to stay the night at the Avengers Tower after the date. Right now, Wanda and Y/N are walking hand in hand towards the tower, laughing and talking together.
Y/N curses as she looks into her bag. “I forgot my phone.” She mumbles, groaning at the realization.
Wanda giggles, wrapping one arm around her waist. “Lets go get it then. Your place isn’t far away.”
Y/N stops walking, thinking of an excuse why it wouldn’t be a good idea for Wanda to come to her house. “How about you go to the tower and set our movie night up, while I’ll go get my phone.” She smiles.
“Why can’t I see your house?” Wanda lets go of Y/N and puts her hands to her hips. “Why do you hide it?” Irritation is clear on her face.
“They’re doing some construction work in there, so you know, it’s not the best looking right now.”
“You’re lying.”
“Wha- no! I wouldn’t lie about that.” Y/N laughs nervously, not knowing how to react to the situation. “I’m not hiding anything.”
“Am I not worthy enough to see it or something then?”
“It’s nothing like that.” Y/N starts to sound desperate as her hands fly around. “Of course you’re worthy.”
“Great, let’s go then.” Wanda starts walking to the general direction of Y/N’s house, not quite sure where it is.
Y/N stays put, staring at Wanda’s back as tears start streaming down her face. “No, Wanda, please.” Her voice cracks as she takes hold of Wanda’s hand to stop her. Wanda turns around, concern overpowering every bit of annoyance when she sees the tears. “I don’t want you to see my house.” Y/N starts sobbing.
“Honey, hey, it’s okay.” Wanda pulls Y/N to her embrace. “What’s wrong? You’re scaring me.”
She shakes her head, leaning to her girlfriend’s chest while she sobs. Y/N clings to Wanda’s shirt, her knuckles turning different shade at the pressure. Wanda notices Y/N isn’t calming down any time soon, so she moves to an alley with no people.
“Baby, talk to me, please.” She whispers, rubbing Y/N’s back.
“I don’t want you to see my house.”
Y/N’s quiet and broken voice breaks Wanda’s heart. “Why not?” Silence fill the air, only thing breaking it is Y/N’s crying and the sounds of cars. “You know you can tell me anything, right?”
“It’s embarrassing. You wouldn’t love me anymore.” The last part comes out as a whisper so Wanda wouldn’t hear, but she does.
“Look at me.” Wanda puts her hands to the sides of Y/N’s head to move it up, so she could see her face. “There’s nothing that’d make me not love you.” She emphasizes every single word she says, making sure the words go to her brain and stay there. “Do you understand?”
Y/N nods slightly. She sniffles. “Are you sure you want to see it?” She asks quietly.
“Yes, honey.”
Y/N bites the inside of her cheek. After a while she nods and starts walking towards her house, holding onto Wanda’s hand.
The walk goes by quickly. Neither of them talk during it, but Wanda tries her best to comfort Y/N with her soft touches and by rubbing the back of her hand with her thumb.
At the door, Y/N waits with the keys in her hand. Wanda is patient, she stays by her side quietly. “You promise you won’t leave me?” She turns to look at Wanda, fresh tears gathering in her eyes.
“I promise.” Wanda smiles.
Y/N takes a deep breath before opening the door. They step inside the apartment, Y/N in font of Wanda so she wouldn’t have to see her facial expression. Wanda looks around the apartment, watching her steps to not break anything on the floor. “I don’t keep my place like this always, it’s just- sometimes it’s just too much to even pick up a single thing or, or wash one dish. And I-“
“Y/N.” Wanda turns her around. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I thought you’d leave me.” She bows her head down in shame, her eyes stinging from tears.
“I would never.” Wanda lifts up her head. “You need to tell me what’s going on here.” She taps the side of Y/N’s head. “So I can help, before it’s too late.” Her voice cracks at the thought of loosing Y/N. “You tell me when you’re feeling like this, okay? Right away.”
“I will.”
“Good.” Wanda looks around the apartment again. “Now you go sit down while I work my magic.” She pecks her lips and pushes her to sit down on her bed before starting to clean up the place with her magic. Y/N stares at the things flying around the apartment and her dishes getting cleaned.
After 20 minutes the whole apartment is cleaned. It actually makes Y/N cry. Not from sadness, but from relief, joy and the fact that someone cares about her so much. She hugs Wanda, who smiles and whispers sweet nothing to her ear.
“I love you so much. I’ll always be here for you.”
“I love you too.”
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venetia-writes · 2 days ago
HI!! Can I request a Thor drabble anything angst to fluff?
I read your betrothed fic and absolutely love it! Can’t wait to read the next chapter! 
Tumblr media
A/N: Hi! Thank you so much for requesting! As my very first request, I hope I did it justice 😊 Also, for reference this takes place in the first Thor movie, and also plays on the theory that time is different in Asgard than in Midgard.
Summary: You are promised to Thor, but will that remain when he gets exiled to Midgard?
Trigger Warning(s): violence, drinking, cursing, mentions and implications of cheating, angst, suggestive content but no smut
Word Count: 2.3k
You giggled as Thor peppered kisses over your face and tried to push some distance between you.
"Thor," you said through fits of giggles, "stop we'll be late to the feast. That's in your honor, might I add.
Thor chuckled and kissed your cheeks a few times more. "I can think of dozens of things I'd like to do instead," he stated, gripping your hips and pulling you closer.
"Only a dozen?" You laughed and squirmed from his grasp. "That's rather insulting."
You fixed your skirts and made way to the door. You looked back towards Thor, who had a pout on his lips.
"Oh, don't pout, you know I can't resist you when you do that," you said, cocking your hip and crossing your arms.
Thor sauntered over to you and placed his hands on your hips. "Then stay a while--"
Thor was cut short by a knock at the door. You raised your eyebrows, knowing who was at the door rushing you both. You sent a silent "I told you so" to Thor and opened the door. Just as you thought, a guard stood in front of you. They opened their mouths, but you cut them off before they could speak.
"I know. We're late," you said, sliding pass the guard. “We were just about to be on our way.”
“I-I’m sorry my--” the guard started. 
“Do not apologize,” Thor interrupted, grumbling. “Nothing was going to happen anyways.”
You rolled your eyes and made your way down the crowded hallway to the grand hall. Nearly halfway there, you could already hear boisterous laughter and shouts. You entered the hall and took your seat in front of Sif and the Warriors Three. Moments later, Thor sat next to you and enjoyed the festivities. You listened as Thor and his friends spoke of their past battles and smiled. Their fond remembrances turned into words and feelings of hatred as they spoke of the Frost Giants. Your attention turned elsewhere, not wanting to hear their conversation. 
You didn’t particularly like the Frost Giants, but you didn’t think they deserved to die. Of course they were not to be trusted, but that’s why there was a treaty, right? Even if there were a treaty, Odin was sure to protect Asgard. 
You found conversation and merriment with a group giggling ladies and enjoyed the rest of your night. 
Tumblr media
You awoke the next day late in the evening with a wicked hangover. As usual, the spot next to you in bed was empty. Thor usually awoke early, and you wouldn’t see him until late evening. However, you were surprised that he was out, given how much he drank last night. You shrugged it off as you got up and groomed yourself. Thor could always hold his liquor far better than you ever could.
It wasn’t until later that evening that you started to worry. Thor would have sought you out by now, or you would have at least ran into him. Where could he be?
You exited your chambers and looked aimlessly around. Surely you would run into him soon. But you ran into Sif and the Warriors Three instead with somber faces. You furrowed your brows, anxiety and panic welling in the pits of your stomach.
“Good evening,” you greeted them.
Fandral huffed. “What’s good about it?” he responded.
Their bruises and and caked blood set alarm bells ringing in your head. They had gone to battle and Thor was gone. Thor was gone.
“Where’s Thor?” You questioned, fearful of the answer.
Surely your god couldn’t have died so easy, not with his skill and not with mjolnir. But the look on his friends faces made the fear solidify in your body and tears welled in your eyes.
“Where. Is. Thor?” you demanded.
Sif looked at you apologetically, opening and closing her mouth trying to find the words. Finally, she said, “He’s been exiled. To Midgard. This morning, Frost Giants broke into the palace and tried to steal something. Thor gathered us together to attack Jotenheim…but they out numbered us. Odin—he came at the last minute, saved us, and exiled Thor. I’m so sorry—”
“How stupid of you all,” you hissed, digging your nails in your palms. “You all could have died!”
“We know,” Sif said solemnly. “We don’t know when the All Father will let Thor return.”
You took a deep breath, your head pounding and threatening to split. “I’ll speak with the All Father. You all should be grateful you didn’t get the same punishment.”
You left Sif and the Warriors Three to their thoughts, too hungover and worried about Thor to continue their stern lecture. You made your way to the throne room, practically out fo breath from the rush and curtsied.
“All Father—”
“I will not bring him back until he has redeemed himself. He’s been stripped of everything, his powers, his title, and his right to the throne,” the All Father said.
His tone left no room for argument. There was nothing you could do but wait. And so you did. You waited restlessly for weeks, unable to do anything. You felt useless, and as Loki took Odin’s place you grew restless. Weeks turned into months. Months of longing for your love, craving his touch. You missed his voice, even his smell. The pillow next to your own grew cold, and his scent faded into nothing.
You were aimlessly walking through the halls when you saw Sif and the Warriors Three from the corner of your eye. They walked together in unison and talked in hushed tones. You walked towards them and nearly has to run to catch up to them.
“Where are you going?” you asked. “Are you going to Heimdall?”
Volstsagg looked around wearily and nodded. “Something’s not right. We’re going to get Thor,” he responded lowly.
You heart skipped a beat. “Take me with you,” you insisted.
The Warrior’s Three looked to Sif with doubtful expressions.
“It could be dangerous,” Hogun stated.
You shook your head. “If Thor is there, he’ll protect me.”
Sif slowly nodded. “Alright, but hurry. Loki could find us at any moment,” Sif said.
You followed Sif and the Warriors Three, hiking up your skirts and trying to be as quiet as possible. The five of you made it to the Bifrost, and you were surprised when Heimdall let you all through.
Traveling through the Bifrost always made your stomach queasy. Thankfully, your feet landed on sturdy, dry ground. You looked around and saw small, bleak buildings and metal wagons. Midgard was truly dull compared to Asgard, you thought. You followed your company around what you assumed was the town until Hogun said he had found Thor. You all went to the small building with large glass windows, Volstagg running up to the glass and banging on the window. Sif and the others followed suit, all t on the glass to catch Thor’s attention. But you remained rooted in your spot. You watched as Thor embraces a petite brunette woman, then turn his head sharply towards the commotion. He gave a wide smile to his friends, and when his eyes met yours his smile faltered. The petite woman opened the glass and let the rest of your party enter the building. Thor pushed pass his friends and stopped in front of you.
Silent tears cascaded down your face and your throat thickened. Had Thor really been exiled? Or did he leave Asgard to be with this woman? Did he not care about you? You, who were promised to him.
“Do not cry, my star,” Thor said softly. “It is not what it looks like.”
You tried to laugh, but instead a small whimper escaped your lips. “Do not cry?” You tried to laugh again, the sound dry and cynical. “You’re promised to me!”
“As I said, it is not what it looks like,” he repeated.
“Then what is it, my star?” you demanded.
You stepped away as Thor attempted to reach for you. He stopped, his eyes filled with remorse and sympathy.
“Her name is Jane,” he said. “She found me and helped me.”
“Helped you?” you repeated. “And I’m supposed to believe this?” You scoffed. “Do you have feelings for this…Midgardian?”
Thor hesitated, and your jaw clenched. He looked to Jane, who was watching the scene from inside the building and looked back to you. He shook his head in disbelief and made way towards you.
“Heimdall!” you called, standing your ground.
“Wait!” Thor shouted. “We must talk about this.”
“What is there to talk about? You’ve made your choice,” you hissed. You caught a glimpse of your companions sympathetic faces and felt embarrassed. “Heimdall!” you screeched. “Open the Bifrost at once!”
Nothing. You furrowed your brows and looked towards the sky. At that moment, you saw the Bifrost open and deposit a passenger nearby. Just as soon as the Bifrost disappeared, an explosion erupted.
Fandral cursed. “It’s Loki, he must know we’re here,” he said, readying his weapon.
“How do you know?” Thor questioned his friend.
“Only the Destroyer makes such destruction,” Sif responded. She had her weapon ready for battle and was already walking towards the source of the explosion.
“I do not understand,” Thor admitted. “Why would—”
“Loki took the throne after the All Father fell into the Odin Sleep,” you snapped, following Sif. “He means to kill you.”
Realization hit Thor and his face blanched. He turned to Jane, then to you. “You both stay here, it’s far too dangerous to follow.”
You scoffed and pushed pass Thor. “My well being is no longer your concern. You made that very clear,” you said.
You followed Sif and the Warriors Three to the Destroyer, leaving Thor to trail behind you in disbelief. He called your name, begged you to stay back, but you ignored him. He was far too concerned with you despite breaking your heart moments earlier.
The Destroyer came into view, and as it sensed Thor, it fired. Choas ensued after that. The Midgardians that resided in the area screamed and attempted to flea. Sif and the Warriors Three attempted to take down the Destroyer, but to no avail. Then suddenly, there was thunder and lightening. You looked to the source and saw Thor, once again in his Asgardian attire wielding mjolnir. You watched as he obliterated the Destroyer and the Midgardians cheered.
You didn’t care that the Midgardians were saved. You took the opportunity to return to where the Bifrost deposited you and your companions and shouted.
“Heimdall! Get me out of this place!”
You heard the familiar rustle of armor as Thor and your companions approached. Thor reached to you, his brows furrowed together and his lips turned down in anger. He opened his mouth to speak, but instead of hearing the deep timbre of his voice you heard a rushing wind. Different hues of purple, pink, blue and white surrounded you as the Bifrost transported you back to your home.
You landed on unsteady feet and fell with a thud. Thor and the others appeared nearby on steady feet. Thor walked towards you, his features turned down into a frown. He reached for you and pulled you to your feet. You stumbled slightly and placed your hands on either side of his chest to steady yourself.
“Your mad,” Thor spat. “You went into the lions den looking to be injured!”
You tried to pull out of his grasp, but his grip only tightened.
“You could have been killed,” Thor continued.
“What does it matter? You clearly care for that mortal woman more,” you seethed.
Thor gripped your chin roughly and placed a hard kiss upon your lips. He pulled away quickly, the anger softening from his features.
“Go to your bed chambers. It’ll be safer there,” Thor said.
He turned on his heal and left towards the palace with Sif and the Warriors Three. For once today, you obeyed him. If Loki were involved, this was surely too dangerous for anyone else to handle aside from Thor. You made way to your chambers, looking over your shoulder every so often to ensure your safety. Once inside, you boarded up the door, locking every lock. And then you waited. You heard wailing outside and screaming. You heard dozens of footsteps pound in the hallway outside your door. Anxiety welled in the pits of your stomach every second that passed. Finally, after what seemed like hours a knock sounded at your door. 
“It’s me.”
You unlocked the latches on the door and swung the wood open. Thor stood before you, his body littered with bruises and cuts. You covered your mouth as a soft sob shook your body and your knees gave out. Thor lunged forward, picking you up and cradling you to his chest. He held you as you sobbed, and you could have sworn you felt his own body shake. You pulled away to look at him good, and sure enough tears rimmed his eyes. 
“Loki is gone,” he choked out. “Fell from the Bifrost.”
Your eyebrows knit together and you pulled Thor into your chambers. You moved him towards the bed and took off his boots. The ritual was much similar to that when he was too drunk to take care of himself. But this was different. He had lost his brother and he was sober. 
You stood between his legs and tangled your hands through his hair. “I’m sorry,” you whispered. 
Thor rest his head on your stomach, his body slouched. He wrapped his arms loosely around you and sniffled. 
“Too much has happened,” he said, his voice cracking. “I need you. Stay with me, please.”
His voice was pleading. He tightened the embrace and buried his face in the silk fabric of your dress. Your heart tugged as you heard his sob wrack through his body. 
“I’ll stay,” you responded, stroking his hair. “I  promise.”
Tumblr media
A/N: Sorry if this isn’t that great! I didn’t know how to end this super fluffy, so I  hope you liked it 😊
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
REQUEST: What would happen if Wenwu actually used the reader as leverage on Shang-Chi? You write protective Shang-Chi x a hurt reader beautifully.
Imagine getting hurt during the pursuit in Macau and Shang-Chi tending to your wounds afterwards. - Part 2 (?)
(Part 1)
The four of you were surrounded by Wenwu's men. There was no fighting now, not anymore. You were left with the smart choice to follow him and hope that an opportunity arises to escape. The man that caught you had a firm grip on your sweatshirt. You could feel the skin on your shoulder burning and him pulling you did not help, although you tried to keep your face as straight and unbothered as you could.
"You alright?" Shang-Chi asked as you were boarding the helicopter.
"Nothing that I won't get over," you assured but he could see that the pain in your arm did not allow you to properly support yourself when boarding the vehicle. Without another word, he quietly helped you up.
Unfortunately for the two of you, Wenwu was right next to the little scene you played out. And every little detail he could see or hear sank deep into his memory. All intel is useful intel.
Tumblr media
You were calmly asleep in Shang-Chi's bed, your wound taken care of, when Wenwu called him, Xialing and Katy for some reason. He wished to not leave you, hurt, in an unfamiliar to you place, surrounded by people who wouldn't hesitate to hurt you again should a single word be spoken. What Shang-Chi did not have, however, was the choice. He knew his father all too well and truthfully, Shang-Chi himself was curious as to what the man will have to say or show to him. Nothing could have prepared him for what was actually going to happen.
"You care about her, don't you?" Wenwu asked as Shang-Chi was leaving the outdoor corridor with the dragon head and a small altar devoted to his mother. "I'm sorry she got hurt."
"(Y/N) has nothing to do with this," Shang-Chi answered firmly.
"But she has to do with you," he slowly approached his son. Shang-Chi's face was unreadable, Wenwu could see the movement of his jaw, how hard he was clenching it. "Understand that I need you to bring back your mother. And I will stop at nothing, son."
Shang-Chi stared at Wenwu in silence for a while. Partially in disbelief, that his father could stoop so low, and partially because he was unsure how to respond: what words could warn his father and keep you safe? A measure too much or a measure too little would result in an unwanted chain of events.
"And I will stop at nothing to make sure she is safe and sound. I'm not afraid of you."
With those words, Shang-Chi turned around and left the area, leaving his father to the calm night breeze. But just before he entered the building, Wenwu got the last word of the conversation:
"But you are, Shang-Chi. She should be too."
Although Shang-Chi stopped for a second, he did not acknowledge his father's words in any other way. He simply entered the compound, fists and jaw clenched, and made his way to the room you were sleeping in.
He got you into this mess and he will get you out. No matter what it takes.
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smilexcaptainx · a day ago
Nights Like These
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Request: Hello! Could you do an imagine with Bucky Barnes where Bucky and Y/N are asked to watch over Sam's nephews AJ and Cass? The two absolutely despise each other, but they both love the kids. Late at night, Y/N decides to take the boys out without telling Bucky. She dodges all his calls and ignores all his texts. The three end up getting in trouble later on. You can decide how it ends. Thank you!
Warning(s): None
A/N: Thanks for requesting! I hope you enjoy!
Word Count: 1.9K
"Boys! What in the world are you two doing?!" Sam shouted, entering the house to his two nephews fooling around with each other. "You two need to be careful with that shield."
"We know," The two boys answered in unison, both sounding equally as guilty. "Where's Y/N?"
"Y/N?" Bucky echoed, sitting up on the couch. Sam shrugged nonchalantly. Bucky's face immediately fell into an irked expression. "Sam, don't tell me you—"
The words of Bucky were cut off by your loud entrance into the home, holding two full bags of groceries in brown paper bags. You were going to ask Sam where to put the food, but instead you met the unamused brown eyes of the man you hated, Bucky Barnes.
"You've got to be kidding me," You and Bucky complained simultaneously. Sam chuckled. You both snapped your irritated glares at Sam. "Sam, I'm going to kill you."
"You both are even speaking the same sentences," Sam teased, laughing at the fact you and Bucky spoke the same exact same thing at the same exact time. "Anyways, I obviously had to tell you both separately because I know if you both knew, you wouldn't have agreed to do it."
"Sam, you truly suck," You called out, placing the groceries down on the little table across the couch. You sensed the malicious scowl that Bucky was offering you. "As much as I love AJ and Cassie, I don't want to watch them with this idiot."
"Please Y/N!" AJ screamed, running up to you. He fell onto his knees, causing his brother to do the exact thing. "Please please please."
You blew out a long breath of air, soon to smile down at the two little boys begging you to stay. You had to admit, the love you had for the kids made you want to look past the fact that Bucky was even in the same room as you. You sighed in defeat.
The two boys launched themselves at you, wrapping their arms around you tightly. Sam chuckled, but Bucky just scoffed in annoyance. The two boys pulled themselves off of you and raced to their bedroom, exclaiming that they wanted to show you something.
"Well, now that I see you guys have it under control, I'm going to go meet Sarah for dinner," Sam said, saluting his farewell to you and Bucky. "Thanks for being great friends!"
Sam made his escape before you and Bucky had the opportunity to attack him. Bucky stood up from the couch and approached you with his arms folded across his chest.
"Here's the plan Y/N," Bucky considered, placing himself right in front of you. He made sure to stand in a position that made him look intimidating. "I'll take care of AJ and Cassie, while you go and start dinner with the ingredients that you bought from the store."
"Who put you in charge?" You asked, titling your head. "This isn't a mission Buck. Therefore, I do what I want and I don't have to follow any orders you give me."
"You know Y/N, if you cook as good as you listen, have fun burning down the kitchen," Bucky acknowledged, glancing down at your ankle that was currently wrapped in a bandage. "If you want to be in charge, go ahead and be in charge."
"Sure, I'll be in charge, which is going to start with you making the dinner," You instructed, poking him in the chest. Bucky smirked. You quirked an eyebrow, you weren't expecting that reaction. "The ingredients are in the bag. Good luck partner."
Bucky was always up for a challenge, especially if it meant rubbing something in your face as the ending result. AJ and Cassie soon came racing back into the room, shouting your name. You looked over at them, noticing they were waving some sort of object in the air.
"Come outside with us and watch what it does!"
The two boys didn't even give you a choice and ran up to you, one gripping your left wrist while the other one gripped your right wrist. You looked back at Bucky who was picking up the groceries and bringing them into the kitchen. A small chuckle left your lips at the thought of Bucky cooking, you knew he couldn't do it.
After about three hours outside with the boys, the sun began to set. The entire time, they were showing you their new invention. There was about one full hour of them explaining what it was and what it did. It normally wouldn't have taken an hour, but they kept laughing at one another whenever it was their turn to talk.
You had to admit, it went on for a while, but the love you had for AJ and Cassie went to the amount of sitting and listening to them talk about something their passionate about for an entire day. You loved Sam's nephew's so much. They were precious.
"Now that we're done with our presentation, what's for dinner?"
"I don't know," You replied with a shrug. "Let's go instead and see what Buck made for us."
The two little kids bolted into the house with growling stomachs. You followed behind them, excited to see the absolute mess to walk in on. As you entered the house, a delicious aroma was immediately inhaled by you. You gasped lightly as you closed the door behind you. The food was Macaroni and Cheese. AJ and Cassie's favorite.
"Bucky this looks delicious!" You hear AJ shout from the kitchen. You entered the kitchen, only to see that everything looked perfectly clean. In a sense, even cleaner than before. "Mac and cheese is our favorite!"
"Well prepare to eat up some mouthwatering food," Bucky hyped up, bringing the last dish of food into the dining area. "I'm excited for you guys to try it!"
You followed everyone into the dining room. You gaped at the beautiful setup that was on the table. You couldn't believe it. Bucky actually did pretty good. Bucky pulled out the chairs for AJ and Cassie to sit, but when you showed up, Bucky just grinned at you. He sat down across from where your dish was. You still couldn't process the fact that everything looked good.
"I make no promises that I didn't spit in your food Y/N," Bucky jested, making AJ and Cassie laugh. You rolled your eyes, walking up to your seat and sitting down. "But you'll definitely taste flavor, I can promise you that."
You picked up your fork and took a bite out of the Macaroni and Cheese. You moaned in pleasure as the flavorsome nourishment exploded with taste in your mouth. You had never tasted such a creamy, scrumptious dish before.
"Do my eyes deceive me?" Bucky asked, perceiving your reaction. "You like something that I made Y/N?"
"Shut up," You responded with a mouthful of more Macaroni and Cheese. You swallowed and narrowed your eyes at Bucky. "It's okay."
Bucky winked at you, which unexpectedly made your heart skip a beat. You shook your head, removing those thoughts of your head. You only liked what Bucky cooked. Not Bucky.
"Well, anyways, all that cooking got me exhausted," Bucky yawned, overdramatically stretching out his arms. "Anybody want my plate—"
AJ and Cassie eagerly sprung at Bucky, fighting with each other on who got his plate. Bucky just laughed, patting the two boy's on their backs. It was odd. The way that Bucky was smiling at AJ and Cassie made you think that maybe Bucky wasn't that bad. At least not at the moment.
Bucky excused himself from the table and went into the living room to take a nap on the couch. You knew that Bucky fell asleep as soon as his head hits a soft cushion. Surprisingly, AJ and Cassie was able to share the plate of Macaroni and Cheese.
"You guys want to go on an adventure?" You questioned randomly. The two boys swung their eyes up to meet with yours. "I've got a place in mind."
"Let's do it!"
"Alright, but we're going to have to be extra quiet when leaving," You explained, gently scooting out from under the table. "We don't want Bucky to know that we're leaving."
"Are we going to throw a prank on Bucky?"
"Yes, yes we are."
Bucky fluttered his eyes open, stretching out his entire body as he woke up. He swung his legs off the couch and stood up, taking one last long stretch before heading into the dining room area. He expected to see AJ, Cassie and you, but when he arrived, the room was empty. He raised an eyebrow.
"Y/N?" Bucky called out. "AJ? Cassie? Hello?" Bucky uttered in confusion. He turned around and walked back into the living room. "Where did everyone go?"
Bucky sighed to himself and walked up to his phone. He picked it up and dialed in your number. He held it up to his ear, but he was sent to voicemail. He grumbled and dialed again. Nothing. He started to text you, still receiving no response. Now he was getting worried.
Not only were you missing, but so were the kids. Bucky soon had a random thought of where you might be. He knew it was a long shot, but it wouldn't hurt him to go and check.
"Nigel, you need to leave."
"Oh, like you left me?" Nigel interrogating, his breath reeking with alcohol. You kept AJ and Cassie behind you. "I knew that you'd get what you deserved."
Nigel instantly gripped onto your neck, setting of AJ and Cassie. They thrusted at Nigel and started kicking him, making him let go of you. Your head spun as you tried gasping for air. You weren't expecting that.
"Get off me you little brats!"
Nigel shoved both the boys onto the ground, making them both yelp in pain as they hit the ground.
"You really shouldn't have done that," A familiar voice sounded off from behind Nigel. He turned around, seeing an unfamiliar face, but when you saw him, a small smile appeared on your face. It was Bucky. "You're gonna regret ever touching those two boys."
"And who are you?"
"Doesn't matter."
Bucky pounced at Nigel, tackling him straight to the ground. You quickly ran up to AJ and Cassie and helped them up. You instructed them to leave the place before things got worse. They both nodded and ran out of the building. You turned around saw the two men fighting on the ground.
You didn't hesitate and jumped in onto the fight, going against Nigel. After finding out that Nigel was practically beaten, he surrendered and ran out of the fight in fear. Bucky climbed up to his feet and brushed himself off. He looked down and saw that you were still on the ground, but avoiding his gaze.
"You gonna get up Y/N?" Bucky asked. He put out his hand. "Here, I'll even help you up."
"Don't bother," You mumbled, shaking your head. "None of that would have happened if I never left with AJ and Cassie," You admitted, swinging your eyes up to meet with Bucky's. "How did you even find us?"
"I have my ways."
"Well...Thanks for saving us Bucky," You thanked, finally taking his hand. Bucky hauled you up off your feet. "I guess that—"
Your words were cut off as Bucky went in for a kiss at the end of him pulling you up from off the ground. The moment your lips met his, it was as if you wanted to remain in the kiss instead of rip apart from it. It was as sparks flew as Bucky ended the kiss. You smirked.
"And you said you hated me, huh?"
"What? You kissed me back," Bucky pointed out. You chuckled. He wasn't wrong. "But overall, we can't let Sam know about what happened."
"Which one? The whole sneaking out with AJ and Cassie or the kiss?"
Bucky laughed. "Both."
Feedback is always welcome!
I do not own this gif.
Credit goes to the owner!
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wassupcampers · a day ago
Thor x reader x Loki
Odin: I'm cancelling Christmas due to-
Thor: but father you can't
Loki in his reindeer costume: I'm about to beat this bitch up
Y/n who was listening though Loki's phone: hold on I'll help beat this bitch up. Also Odin
Tumblr media
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imaginethatmarvel · 2 days ago
Y/N: Stay down!
Sam: You stay down!
Y/N: I can't shoot him from down here.
Sam: Yeah and he can't shoot you either!
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