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As soon as you realized what was going on, you slammed the door shut, wishing that hadn’t just happened. Peter was standing there, shocked, wearing nothing but his underwear. You’d wanted to get him, plead with him to come along with you and the rest of the class to a museum. Instead you yelped, realizing he was not in fact wearing any clothing. Peter covered himself with his hands, too stunned to say anything. Now on the other side of the door you felt your face grow hot, completely and utterly embarrassed. There was nothing you could do or say to make it better, either. Laughing it off seemed weird, but so had moving on. When Peter found his way to the group you couldn’t look one another in the eye. You couldn’t even look in his direction, too shy. All you could see when you did was Peter with his shirt off. Not the worst sight in the world, but not what you wanted to see every time you looked at him… .

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Originally posted by thornadio

gif cred belongs to @thornadio

imagine announcing your partnership with your fiance tony stark’s company

“thank you all for joining me today,” you said, smiling at the crowd of press. “my entire life, my father only said seven words to me.” you help up your fingers as you counted off, “they were: ‘stop’, ‘pull yourself together’, and in public, ‘isn’t she great?’“ you plopped your hand back down onto the podium. “of course, there were hellos and good mornings, but those were as empty as his seat at the dinner table.

“when my mother died four years ago, he didn’t cry. he didn’t check to see if i was holding up alright. he kept working. my point? my father was an emotionless man in a world that begs for sentience. i am here to clear the air and say i will never run this company as my father did.”

you waved a hand and the company logo appeared on the screen behind you. “my father greatly separated family and work, to the point that he almost entirely scrapped the concept of family.” you fiddled with your engagement ring where the press couldn’t see. “i have a greater initiative in mind: why not combine family and work? i have no blood family anymore, but i have something better than that. tony stark, james rhodes, and the whole of the avengers team are here today. they-”

“mrs. l/n, does this mean l/n inc. will be teaming up with stark industries?” one reporter rushed out.

you gave a tight smile. “you beat me to the jump a little, but yes. yes it does.”

and you waved your fiance over. tony smiled and walked up.

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Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Word Count: 1369

Requested by: anonymous

Warning: Angst, Major Character Death

The first time Wanda notices something is off you’re making dinner after getting home from work.

She walks up behind you as you’re stirring the pasta and wraps her arms around your waist. She notices you’re a bit skinnier than you were but doesn’t think much of it. You insisted the two of you start eating healthier when you moved into the compound with her. Her job often involved a lot of junk food and take out, and you were convinced it would send her into an early grave. So you both must just be getting a bit healthier.

“Hey, darling. How was your day?” You ask and she smiles, all of her worries forgotten.

“Tony lit Bruce on fire with an explosion in the lab. We almost had a code green on our hands after that one. So you know, just a regular day at the office,”  Wanda says with a laugh.

“Please tell me nobody got hurt,” you say with a sigh and she places a kiss on your cheek.

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“They seem like a pretty special person.”

“They are,” Peter let a small smile appear on his face. “They’re the most important person to me, but I can’t mix them up in this life. It’s not fair.” Peter chose this life, he chose to put himself in danger and risk his young life to save the world. But you, you just wanted a simple life. You wanted to go to school, and the movies, and go to parties without being threatened or beaten up. You had your life planned out, told him all about it one late night you spent together just talking about everything. Peter couldn’t take those simple pleasures you looked forward to away. It wasn’t right, no matter how he felt about you.

“Why not?”

“I don’t want them to get hurt.” Quentin wasn’t sure what to think. Here this kid was again, leaning on him for fatherly advice, for paternal guidance, but all he could think about was how easily things were falling into his lap. First Starks EDITH technology, and now one of Peters weaknesses, something that would stop him in his tracks and rethink what he was doing: you. It had always been you. In his eyes, another dumb teenager, but to Peter, so much more. He didn’t want to hurt you, to cause you any pain, but he had to do what he had to do.

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I’ve just realized something…

Since Mitchell Hope plays both Ben from Descendants and my oc; Holden Goldstein from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I figured there’s a crossover looking at me in the face. So here’s the idea…

Ben mysterious disappears after the fight with Audrey. Mal is nervous and scared, hoping that her boyfriend is okay as Ben’s disappearance takes a toll on everyone at Auradon. When is Ben is discovered to be in Los Angeles, the Vks race to rescue him and bring him home. But Ben is different. He’s better, stronger, smarter, more powerful and more terrifying. He’s not Ben. He’s something else…..

What do you think of the idea?

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“Do you realize how beautiful you are?” “I would never hurt you.” where Peter finds winged reader jailed in hydra and they experiment with her

Warnings: Injury, torture mentions

Notes: I tried


It was supposed to be a normal in and out mission to gather intel from a Hydra base. That was until Steve spotted you in your cage, strapped to a bed and barely alive. The Avengers brought you back to the compound for treatment, but a week passed and you still hadn’t woken up.

Peter, for reasons he didn’t really understand was drawn to you. You were really pretty, and you had actual, literal wings, but he hadn’t even been able to speak with you yet. He didn’t get it. That didn’t stop him from visiting your room every day. He reasoned that you might prefer not to wake up alone in a strange place.

He sat in a chair nearby, his homework in his lap, when he heard some shifting from your direction. He looked over and found you sitting up in the bed. Your eyes were wide and you sesrched around in a panic until you found him.

“Who are you? Where am I?”

Peter stood up and started to come closer, but you flinched. “Hey, I won’t hurt you. I would never hurt you. I promise.” You didn’t seem to relax when he said that, and he couldn’t blame you. He had no idea how long Hydra had you. He tried his best not to get flustered so you would stay calm. “My name’s Peter. Peter Parker. You’re at the Avengers compound in New York. We found you during a mission at the Hydra base. You were in bad shape so we brought you here. Are you feeling okay?”

You stared at him for a long moment and he realized how gorgeous your eyes were. He couldn’t see them when you were unconscious so he had no clue. “Better.”

“Good. That’s good.” Peter smiled shyly, his natural awkwardness getting harder to resist. “I’m really glad.”

Your smile was way smaller and much more hesitant and confused than his, but still a smile, and he couldn’t help blurting out:

“Wow! Do you realize how beautiful you are?

Peter facepalmed internally, not even bothering to look at you as he pointed his thumb towards the door in shame. “I’m, uh, I’m gonna…go get Dr Cho.”

He was out of the room in a second, a bright blush on his cheeks, leaving you puzzled.

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Word Count: 1.8k

Pairing: Platonic Steve Rogers x Reader, Stucky if you squint

Summary: This contains a few cute friendship moments that demonstrate Philia, the type of love most valued by the ancient Greeks.


Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

Philia- friendship love. between equals. most valued by ancient Greeks. loyalty. sharing emotions. shared sacrifice. virtuous. companionship.

A familiar thundering knock sounded at your door. You slid from your seat and discarded the mission report you were typing up. Steve was in your apartment and shutting the door with his foot by the time you turned around.

Dark circles underneath his blue eyes accompanied the glazed look on his face. You darted over to help him with the giant pile snacks in his arms. “You. Me. Junk food. I need us time. Today was crap,” he grumbled.

“Tony again?” you asked.


He let out a loud exhale as he ran his hands through his sandy blond hair. The gell placed in it by the stylist left a sheen that reflected your overhead light. Steve kicked off his shoes and jumped onto your couch. His body took up the entirety of the three cushions.

“Careful, don’t break my couch,” you warned. This had never been a worry of yours until a few months ago.

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Can you do a Tom hiddleston x top! male reader fic where Tom get jealous of the male reader at a party cause everyone is hitting on him and it ends with Tom riding the fuck out of the male reader and like cuddles? You don’t have to do the smut part if you don’t feel comfortable or if you’re not in the mood but like the cuddles, pls.........I’m just a whore for affection and like cuddles are the best




Pairing:Tom hiddleston x Male!Reader      



Originally posted by astouract

“Y/N we’re gonna be late”Tom called out from 

“I’m ready”You walked into the living room where he was waiting for you.He walked up to you,his hands moved to your tie,reagusting it.Your hands moved to his waist,pulling him closer to your body.”Thank you,dear”You joked,kissing his neck.He laughed,pushing you away 

“Come on we’re gonna be late” 

You grabbed the car keys before he could.As you were driving you could feel his eyes in you.

“Something wrong?”You asked,breaking the silence.He leaned back 

“Nothing’s wrong”He said “You just look so handsome”You smiled and even though your eyes were on the road,you could feel him smiling at you.”I just can’t believe you agreed to come with me”

“Why afraid i’m gonna run off with someone else”Both of you laughed.You parked a little bit away from the party.Tom put his hand on top of yours,quickly he pulled you towards him.Smashing his lips on top of yours,closing your eyes you let your hands wander across his back.As the kiss got more intents he moved to sit on your lap,the kiss getting deeper as his hands moved down to your belt.

“Y/N”You grabbed his hand 

“We can’t do this now”He moved back “Save it for later”You whispered,fixing your hair and clothes before walking in to the party.

The party was pretty fun and everything was going well.After dancing for a bit you moved to take a little break that’s when Tom noticed some of his friends,they we’re standing in a circle just chatting 

“I’m just gonna say hi to them”He gestured towards them,you had decided to keep your relationship on the low-key and take your time before announcing it.His friends had meet you a few times.

“Take your time,i’m gonna get a drink.Want one?”You asked

“No,thank you”The two of you seperated and you walked up to the bar,ordering a drink.

You sat down waiting for your drink,two women walked up to the bar and sat down on either side if you.The bartender set the drink down in front of you,Lifting it to take a sip one of the women started speaking

“What’s handsome man like you doing here alone?”You nearly spit out your drink not expecting her to say that.You turned towards her 

“Actually i’m here with someone”You said

“I bet a man like you knows how to have a good time”She winked and you immediately knew what she meant.You were about to say something when you saw Tom walking towards you,He grabbed you hand pulling you away.He was really angry and that was really bad,you had never seen him like this.You reached the hallway which was surprisingly empty,pushing him against the wall

“Tom”He took a deep breath trying to calm down,you put your hand on his cheek making him look at you “Talk to me”You said,your voice softer than before

“Let go home”You moved back letting him go.

The moment you walked in he pushed you into the bedroom.His lips locked on yours,his hands moved to undo your belt.He pushed you onto the bed,getting on top of you.Pulling him down you kissed him,unbuttoning his shirt.Breaking the kiss he moved to your neck his hand wrapped around your cock,you threw your head back 

“T-Tom”You moaned out,he moved further down from your neck down to your stomach.Suddenly you felt his tongue around your cock,in an instant he took all of you in his mouth making you moan louder.His hand still wrapped around your cock he started moving his hand and and mouth in sync.Your whole body was shaking and you gripped at the sheets,he pulled away.Moving to straddle your lap,pushing your cock inside him.He let out a moan before he started moving.Slowly he started moving faster and faster.Your hand moved to grip his cock,stroking it as you felt yourself getting closer.

“Y-Y/N i-i”

“Me to-o”He moved faster making you cum.You moved to sit up with him still on top,he leaned back letting you kiss down his neck.You moved your hips slamming into him making him moan 

“Y-Y/N Y/N”He moaned,You thrusted into him again.Moving your hand down to stroke his cock again,he moved his arms putting them around you.You pulled him closer kissing from his cheek to his ear and down his jaw.

“I-I’m close”You moved faster the moment those words left his mouth.He came all over your hand and his stomach.He leaned closer pressing your lips together

“Come on let get you cleaned up”You said pushing strands of his hair away from his face.

You got into bed wearing nothing other than your underwear.Tom walked out of the bathroom and walked into the bedroom with nothing but a towel around his waist.He opened the closet and let the towel drop to the floor.He got in next to you,putting your arm around him you pulled him closer.He moved closer

“Tom”He looked up at you “We need to talk”

“Y/N i’m sorry i just”He moved closer burying his head into your chest “I love you and i just don’t want to lose you”

“I love you too,i’d never hurt you in any way”He looked up at you letting you kiss him.His hands moved to cup your face as you pulled him even closer.Pulling away you layed back down,with him still in your arms.

“Roll over”You said and he did letting you put your arm around him and pepper kissed across his back and shoulders


“Yes darling” 

“I love you”

“I love you too”You placed another kiss on his shoulder as you pulled the blanket over the two of you.

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Loki Laufeyson x Reader


Requested: Yes

Request: Loki was always misunderstood, he didnt want to cause harm, (basically hes a big kid!) he just wanted some fun. I think it would be awesome if you could make a one shot from his point of view and maybe how he perceived the events of New York and things after that (it would be interesting considering he was being controlled by thanos at a time). Maybe cannon divergent - something that happened before New York? A guy he met ;)? Or after end game? Something angsty would be awesome but something fluffy would be just as good if not better??? I cant decide. Honestly I just love everything to do with Loki!

Summary: I combined this into one big fic (seriously, my longest yet!) and went with Loki’s POV during the battle of New York and then what happens right after. Canon-divergent from when Loki gets shot off his Chitauri chariot by Clint. Little bit of angst, little bit of fluff, little bit of humor, little bit of romance. Loki is dealing with the Battle of New York and seeing the irreparable damage he’s causing the city (and his relationship with his brother) when he gets the sense knocked out of him. A handsome Midguardian cop comes to his rescue.

Word Count: 4,234

Category: Angst and then fluff


“Look at this! Look around you! You think this madness will end with your rule?”

I stared out at the Midguard city of New York as it burned, locked in a fight with my brother. I had done this. It didn’t feel real; how had I gotten to this point?

This was far beyond mischief.

I wanted to listen to my brother, to do something about the madness he spoke of, but the pounding in my head was unbelievable, and any time I tried to find a solution it doubled in its intensity.

“It’s too late,” I panted, tearing the words from my body. The statement felt more honest than anything I’d done in days. I hoped my brother would understand. I hoped he could hear the regret in my voice. “It’s too late to stop it.”

“No. We can.” My brother stared intently into my eyes, and I returned his gaze. “Together.”

For a brief, shining moment, I was going to go with him. We would fix the city and stop the invasion, together. Be the heroes the Midguardian people so desperately craved, together. We could return home, victorious, together.

But then the pounding in my head got worse. My brother’s look became a threat. It felt like I was burning up along with the city, and before I knew what was happening, I stabbed my knife straight into his chest.

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Hiya, could I get an MCU ship ?I’m short with light brown eyes and dark brown hair,too pale skin-my friends call me a vampire馃槀)I love reading a good book with a cup of coffee. I’m a historian and very into politics.I’m always open to learning.An idealist (a stubborn Gryffindor) who want to do the “right thing” and help people. (health care/education) an introvert, I don’t have many friends but I’m extremely loyal to the ones I have. We spend hours in book stores,art galleries & history museums

I Ship You With: MJ


Originally posted by dearemma

  • the two of you grown up with each other
  • were always put in the same class
  • and you were the only one who understood her
  • so no one was really surprised when the two of you started dating
  • the two of you can often be found in the library reading together
  • or walking into the building together with coffee
  • your first date was to the MET 
  • (fun fact: if you live in NJ, NY or just a student, you get into the MET for free )
  • soft make outs in the back of the library
  • the two of you binge-watch BuzzFeed Unsolved and Puppet History together 
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I really want a marvel ship please -so I’m really short ,petite light brown skin ,extrovert but also awkward around u if I think you don’t like me . Self esteem is low but I have a mom friend override and I’m also really fucking hyper ,love hugs and affection specially from taller people who pick me up(my friends),really strong opinions,super passionate about equal rights etc and love to read and sing

I Ship You With: Steve Rogers


Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

  • you two probably met right after he came out the ice
  • so puppy steve
  • will make sure you know how amazing you are 
  • wither it’s bringing you flowers or kissing your face
  • loves cuddling with you so fucking much???
  • as the years go buy, he learns to deal with how hyper you are
  • carries you around every chance he gets
  • “hey, do you want a piggyback ride?????”
  • love just sitting in the same room as you and reading
  • and loves it when you sing 
  • was torn when you were blipped
  • so when there was a chance to bring you back?
  • he didn’t need to think twice
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Did I hear mcu ship? 馃檴 Could I have one please? My name's Pauline, I'm a scorpio, 5'4, long brown hair, hazel eyes. I have an hourglass body shape. I'm quite sporty. As for the rest, I'm a student in archeology and Celtic studies. I love learning and I'm genuinely curious about almost everything. I love everything related to witchcraft and folklore, it's fascinating. I'm known for being the mom friend or the wise friend cause I'm very loving, protective and I give good advice 馃 Thank you 馃挅

I Ship You With: Thor


Originally posted by arsonist01

  • you two met while he was still with Jane
  • you two had been friends for a while
  • like a long while
  • kept in contact even after they had broken up
  • you guys had spent more time together since then
  • making sure he was actually okay despite him saying he was
  • loves it when you talk to him about your studies
  • will gladly sit and listen
  • especially when you talk about witchcraft
  • he will often give you gifts from Asgard whenever he visits
  • You’re the first person he sees after the snap
  • wanting to make sure you were okay
  • that you were still there
  • he confessed to you that day
  • cuddling a lot 
  • along with a few make outs here and there
  • made sure he handled his grief reasonably
  • he’s just really happy you’re around okay??? 
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I know I’ve taken a long hiatus from this account, mainly because of school 🥺, but now that I’m in quarantine and have a lot of time on my hands, I wanted to start writing again!!

So please feel free to send in some request! I’ll start working on them right away!

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Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: none, maybe a bad word

A/N: another small drabble to,,,, idk, just because! Hopefully you’ll enjoy it and hopefully you are all safe and well in your homes! And if you want more my masterlist is in my bio. Pic is not mine, it’s from google.


You were finally relaxing after a long day, sat on your bed and reading a book, when your door burst open and Bucky walked in, closing it immediately behind himself.

He leaned on it, making his behavior quite suspicious. “Hello beautiful”

“Hi Buck, you ok?”

He hummed, moving to sit on your bed. “Amazing. What you doing?”

You narrowed your eyes at him. “I’m reading, as you can see… weren’t you supposed to be with Steve in the lab to see those prototypes of Tony?”

He gulped, making you even more suspicious. “Yeah, we’ve finished that already, yeah”

He was fidgeting and you were sure something was wrong. He suddenly lied down your bed, hugging your waist and your hand landed into his hair, petting him. There was silence for a little while.

“I’ve been thinking,” he started again, voice muffled from your shirt, “we should move to Alaska”

You blinked. “You hate the cold”

There was a sudden scream from somewhere and you looked at Bucky, his face a mask of guilt. He grimaced and sat up.

“James? What have you done?”

He cleared his throat, “It was all Steve’s fault”

You could now clearly hear Tony screaming.

“Oh my God, tell me you didn’t touch anything. Tony’s gonna kill you both”

He didn’t say anything but his face said it all: they did touch something and probably they also made a mess, judging by all the noises you were now hearing. “You know how curious we are…”

You sighed, this time laying down on the bed and watching the ceiling.

Bucky did the same, moving to hold your hand. “It’s not as bad as you’re thinking”

A big crash made you grimace.

“I mean, maybe…”

There was a commotion not far from your door and a frantic Tony screaming for Rogers and Barnes to get their asses out from wherever they’ve hidden themselves.

You looked at Bucky, eyes as wide as plates. “Yep, no, we’re moving to Hawaii.”

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Summary: She was one of Hydra’s secret weapons; a female winter soldier. And Bucky can’t let her go through what he did alone. everything is coming back to her, and he’s the only one that can help her become human again.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Death, light angst

Word Count: 3071

A/N: First official chapter! Tag list is still open. Flashbacks are in italics

Previously on A Soldier’s Spring | Series Masterlist

A beautiful woman was sitting at a picnic table in the park, a bright smile lighting up her face. Her little girl was on the swings with an equally bright grin. She’d gotten the day off of work and decided it was the perfect opportunity for some quality time with (Y/N).

“Mommy, mommy, look!” The girl cheered, her legs swinging to pump her swing higher and  higher into the air. Her mom smiled proudly, pushing a loose lock of hair behind her ear and glancing at her cell phone for a moment.

“Be careful, sweetheart. You already hurt yourself once today, we don’t want you doing it again.” She warned. The child disregarded the statement all together. She was on cloud nine. Her mother was there with her, and she was flying.

It was an accident. She hadn’t meant to swing so high, and she hadn’t meant to slip off the seat, but she had tempted fate, and she’d lost her grip on the rope holding the swing. She fell backwards and hit the ground with a wail. Her back had collided first, and her head had bounced hard enough to make her see stars. Her side ached, she couldn’t breathe.

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*Loki x reader*

Parts: oneshot

Summary: After touching a cursed vase, Loki and you end up in a situation that requires for both of you to finally face your feelings.

Warnings: medieval love curse

Words: 3k

A.N.: This is my first story after a severe writer’s block, so please be kind 💗✨


“I can’t believe I touched that thing!” You groaned in utter frustration as you stormed into the Avengers’ headquarters, throwing open the feeble glass doors as if they were made to be slammed by an angry Hulk. To hell with them, maybe they even were made for that!

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“Please don’t make me talk to him, he scares me.” Fury had been calling your phone non-stop for days. You weren’t even sure how he got your number, but he did, and Happy had been urging you to pick up. If you didn’t, he’d be hearing about it. So, you did the only logical thing you could that final time his number came up: you threw your phone and hoped you broke it beyond repair. It wasn’t the best decision in hindsight, but at the moment it seemed like the only right thing to do. Now you had no phone and a completely rational fear he’d show up at any random time wanting to talk to you about your future as a superhero.

“He scares everyone.” Happy sighed, slipping his phone into your hand. He’d recently been put in charge of you, your life as an Avenger. Thought you were a good kid. Responsible, level headed, passionate, but if you couldn’t work up the courage to talk to the big boss for yourself, he wasn’t sure what kind of good you could do for the city, for the world. “Give him a call, I’ll be right here.” You needed that nudge, that bit of guidance, and that’s what he was here for.

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Loki is imprisoned on Asgard. While Thor shows Jane Foster the best parts of his home realm, you decide to give his brother a visit. A glass wall separates you but despite the distance, despite the barrier, you can see right through Loki.

AN: takes place during Thor: The Dark World but the plot of the movie doesn’t play a part except for the fact Loki is in prison.


Originally posted by 25bees

“Do you remember the day at the beach?”

Before you could stop it, a smile pulled at your lips. You knew the day he spoke of well, as if it had happened just yesterday. If you closed your eyes, you could feel the sun against your skin and the feeling of Loki’s lips on yours. It had been a perfectly unplanned day; back when things were simple, your mind clear and heart strong. Now, it was only a memory.

“I do,” you murmured, lifting your eyes from the dark floor of the prison-hold. You stared through the glass, directly at Loki. His blue eyes were soft, face scarily relaxed for the predicament he was in. “Why do you ask?”

“Can I not reflect on happy memories here? Only my immoral deeds?” Loki crossed his arms over his chest and stepped closer to the living glass between you. At his close proximity, the surface glowed gold, reminding you both of how you had tore apart. “My past mistakes?”

You scoffed, “mistakes? Is that all that was, a mistake?”

Loki smiled at your incredulous tone and questions. Not a mischievous smirk or manipulative grin; but a bitter, closed-lip smile. You held his gaze, trying not to melt at how gentle it was. Years of living with Loki had taught just how to read him. In his small smile, you saw his tiredness; in his eyes, his longing.

“You know me too well,” he murmured, “better than anyone.” 

Your breath caught in your throat and you stepped back from the flowing yellow threads of the glass. Loki, sensing your faltering resolve, tried to close the gap. He was greeted with a shock that forced him back. When you met his icy gaze once more, you saw there was a flash of fury, although not directed at you. His hands fell to his sides, long fingers curling and uncurling, yearning to reach out.

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Originally posted by bishopl

gif cred belongs to @bishopl

imagine helping bucky relearn how to dance

“i haven’t danced in nearly 100 years, doll.”

“then let me help you.”

it was strange having bucky go undercover, since he was known just about everywhere on the planet. but when the hosts of the elegant gala knew he was coming, it was a different story. they just didn’t happen to know his full intent.

he was serious when he said he hadn’t danced in nearly 100 years. he had swayed many girls back then, always the same dance, always a different song. but again, 100 years ago.

“im not gonna break, james,” you said when his hands barely ghosted over your waist. you always called him james, no matter how many times he insisted you call him bucky. but in a way, he found it endearing. some kind of metaphor for your connection with him. so he placed his hands softly on your waist, brushing his thumbs over the smooth material of your sundress (only one thumb could feel it, but i was smooth none the less). he wished he could feel the shiver that went down your spine.

you gave him a sweet smile as you slowly lead the dance in dark kitchen of the tower. none of you minded that it was nearly midnight, or that there was no music. he could feel his heart hammering like it hadn’t done in years, and that was enough tempo for him.

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