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Summary: Captain Y/N L/N. Leader of the Avengers on Earth-563, not really a family or team strictly just coworkers. A lot of responsibility for someone only nineteen. What happens when the Captain finds herself on “Earth Earth” in the compound of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Stuck on Earth for the time being, Y/N sees what these Avengers are about. And Captain America finds himself falling for this leader, even though her age is throwing him… that and the fact no one knows if she’ll head back to Earth-563 the minute she can.

Warnings: AGE GAP (clear from the summary, it’s a young reader but legal), slight angst maybe, this is looking to be a slow burn but idk

Pairing: (eventual) Steve Rogers x black!reader, Bucky Barnes x reader (pure sibling goodness)

Word Count: 3.6k

Part 1 | Part 2


Originally posted by stallingdemons

You and Steve left S.H.I.E.L.D. the same way you came in: through a portal. You enjoyed the expressions of all the other Avengers when you landed in the kitchen area. It was the same as the holograms. Tony pulled out his phone. 

“Do it again short-stack.” 

You didn’t say anything and stepped towards the kitchen island, looking at the containers of take-out. 

“We ordered Chinese,” Natasha said. “Celebrate the new recruit, make yourself feel at home.” 

“Does that mean all the buttons in the elevator will light up for me now?” 

“Sorry, kid. You’re still on a probation period. Don’t fuck up for two weeks and you’re good to go.”

You hummed in understanding and did what Natasha suggested, making yourself at home by sitting cross-legged on the island. Clint chuckled, finally someone else who liked to perch the way he did. 

You pulled a small container of orange chicken and vegetables. Breaking the wooden chopsticks apart, you started to dig in when you noticed a small black notebook next to you. Steve set down his shield on the other side of you and grabbed a container of chow mein. He held up the notebook. 

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Hello all, I have been kind of stuck writing imagines so I thought that I would create a prompt list that you could choose from in order to get more people requesting. Send me one or more prompts with a character and a brief description if you want.

  1. “Why are you awake right now”
  2. “Why are you lying to me”
  3. “Do you even still love me”
  4. “Can you shut up for once in your life”
  5. “You don’t get to say anything to me right now”
  6. “How is this my fault?”
  7. “Leave me alone!”
  8. “And that makes it okay?”
  9. “How am I supposed to go on?”
  10. “Don’t you think you’ve done enough”
  11. “Will you miss me at all?”
  12. “Can you really blame me?”
  13. “How stupid do you think I am?”
  14. “What the hell is wrong with you?”
  15. “Please don’t walk out that door”
  16. “I trusted you”
  17. “She’s not yours”
  18. “That’s not what I meant and you know it”
  19. “Would you just shut up and listen to me for two goddamn seconds”
  20. “Is this how little you think of me?”
  21. “Pack your shit and go, get the fuck out of my sight”
  22. “Be quiet or we’ll get caught”
  23. “That wasn’t subtle, like at all”
  24. “Bite your lip again, I dare you”
  25. “Don’t tempt me”
  26. “Take. It. Off.”
  27. “Can he make you feel as good as I do?”
  28. “Are you sure that this is the right way?”
  29. “I feel sick pull over”
  30. “Can I kiss you?”
  31. “I’ve got you”
  32. “Do you have any idea what time it is?”
  33. “I’m here and I’m staying”
  34. “You need to take a deep breath”
  35. “You’re giving me a headache”
  36. “I hate being the only adult in the room”
  37. “I’m not a child”
  38. “Stop laughing at me”
  39. “You are not subtle at all”
  40. “Here I saved you a seat”
  41. “You’re a mean drunk”
  42. “Has that ever worked on anyone”
  43. “What is all this?”
  44. “Would you be so kind as to go fuck yourself.”
  45. “I don’t think that I should be alone right now”
  46. “And where do you think you’re going?”
  47. “Just kiss me”
  48. “You deserve more than this”
  49. “You are so drunk right now”
  50. “I was a fool for letting you go”
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Summary: Captain Y/N L/N. Leader of the Avengers on Earth-563, not really a family or team strictly just coworkers. A lot of responsibility for someone only nineteen. What happens when the Captain finds herself on “Earth Earth” in the compound of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Stuck on Earth for the time being, Y/N sees what these Avengers are about. And Captain America finds himself falling for this leader, even though her age is throwing him… that and the fact no one knows if she’ll head back to Earth-563 the minute she can.

Warnings: AGE GAP (clear from the summary, it’s a young reader but legal), none

Pairing: (eventual) Steve Rogers x black!reader

Word Count: 4.0k (i feel like this fic might have semi-long chapters compared to my other work but also don’t hold your breath yet?)

Part 1 


Originally posted by stallingdemons

True to Steve’s word, F.R.I.D.A.Y. woke you up in the morning. You held a hand up to your mouth and blew on it, the morning breath wasn’t too bad but it was there. You walked into the bathroom and rinsed out your mouth with water. Your hair was an absolute mess, not like you expected anyone in the house to have a bonnet. The only two you could have possibly gone to were of no help, Rhodey was bald and Sam had very short hair. You wet it and fixed it in whatever way you could to make it presentable. After the meeting, the first thing you were requesting was to go shopping for supplies. Goose hissed a little when you picked her up. 

“Please baby. I don’t want to face the scary strangers alone,” you whined.

Goose reluctantly hopped into your arms. You spun around in shock hearing a chuckle from the door. It was Bucky standing in the doorway. 

“So we’re scary?”

“One of you pulled a hammer on me.”

Bucky shrugged. “They sent me to get you. Thought it would make you more comfortable.”

“Smart, send the brother to make sure I don’t run… sorry, I didn’t mean bro—”

“It’s fine. Let’s go. Sam made pancakes for your interrogation.”

“Is there bacon or any meat? You know, for Goose?” 

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You were by his side from the very first day. He never knew fighting without you. You were always together, playing off one another’s strengths and weaknesses, becoming the perfect duo. Peter always joked he was your sidekick, your little helper, but you never saw it that way. You were partners, equals, saving the day as one instead of two. Now he was alone, though. A mission gone wrong. They’d done everything they could, but it was too late. It was always too late. He’d never seen so many people at a single funeral, so many superheroes. When a young life was lost, it was a grim reminder of their own mortality. He found himself so unsure, second guessing his every move, every thought and idea. You were always the one pushing him to do what felt right, but fighting without you was like going against everything inside himself. He was constantly looking out, expecting you to be there with a joke, a laugh, something to make the situation less scary. What he wouldn’t do to stand by you now, celebrate, talking of all your big hero plans for the future, a future he’d have to face alone. As one, not two. He’d do it for you, for your big dreams.

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Across every screen, every phone, every billboard, was his face. Pained, hurt, vengeful. Quentin, the man you thought you defeated coming back for one last blow. Your name, your real name, your identity, coming from his mouth, your picture flashing up beside him. This was it. All your hard work gone in a seconds. All the time you’d put into keeping the two worlds separate came crashing together. There was no more civilian life, no more safety. Now you were just your hero identity, you were a liar, a fraud, and the way he painted it, a murderer. Clips of videos altered by his own machinery, putting you in a far darker light, making you the bad guy of the situation. The crowds in the streets turned from their phone to you, to the mask you no longer needed. They could see right through it now. It was over, the facade. And it was all because of him.

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meet the romanoffs - natasha romanoff x sister!reader


Originally posted by marvelgifs

anon said: can you do a one shot where your natashas secret sister and while their one a mission you just swoop in and help. then their all confused at who you are and are even more confused when your so comfortable with her? please and thank you

  • pairing: natasha romanoff x sister!reader
  • warnings: [n/a]
  • fandom: marvel

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Summary: Charles/Erik Soulmate AU

The night Charles met Raven was the most eventful of his life up till that moment. Earlier in the day he’d discovered a signature on his side; messy and soft corners proclaiming someone starting with a M being his soulmate; he knew enough to not ask his parents; not that they would care in the first place. Second he had heard a noise at night; and he never did; it wasn’t that it was someone breaking in; because he would know those thoughts; but something else; his gift is muddled, the thoughts unclear; he’d never met someone like him but he knew he wasn’t the only one. He briefly thinks maybe it’s his soulmate, but banishes the thought when his not mother stands in the kitchen, he learns her name is Raven, and her soulmate name hasn’t shown up yet. She reads the rest of the name on him declaring it someone named Erik Lensherr.
“No there wasn’t even an L.”
“You must be horrible at reading their handwriting.”
“I know it was Max Eisenhardt. I know my soulmate’s name.”
“You need your eyes checked…” She swats his face and he laughs a little.
“Maybe I’m just tired…”

The night Erik escaped was the most eventful of his life; he’d seen the name on his wrist earlier in the day; it curled up his arm; as if someone was exploring it from different angles and he’s never been more thankful that Charles is not a name he’d heard around the camp or in any of the tests he was subjected to. 

He wasn’t sure where it had come from but the way the metal was speaking to him was different; it was if he was no longer tired or hungry or dying and the metal was almost begging to be worked by him. He wonders for a moment if this will be his true power but stuffs that thought down in favor of escaping undetected. He makes it onto a train and no one says anything as he curls into one of the empty seats. He wakes and begins to plot and train his gift; pulling coins from anywhere that no one notices. He learns two lessons that day. One is people don’t notice a lot and two he can simply morph scraps into coins to fool most people.

Charles doesn’t cover his mark as most people do; he doesn’t flash it in front of everyone; it’s not often anyone sees him without his shirt on so it stays hidden. Raven teases him about it and he wants to fire back but the fact her’s still hasn’t come in worries him. They get drunk after his thesis is done and she confesses it has; but she shapeshifts it hidden.
“Who is it; come on Raven; I told you mine!!” He pouts; hoping he can blame his whininess on the drink.
“Wow intense.” He chuckles and she smacks his face like she did when he was little.
“Who’s your soulmate today then?” She smiles back, Charles doesn’t need to check; it has remained at Erik since after he met Raven, Max seemed to have vanished and Charles wondered if he renamed himself would the mark on his soulmate’s body change.

Erik covers his mark as much as possible and anyone he catches trying to look at it gets his now perfected death glare. He doesn’t use it often wearing layers that will hide it as much as possible as he roams the world pulling gold from hidden safes and embedding coins into hearts he wasn’t aware were housed in the ribcages of his nightmares.

Charles can tell there’s something important about tonight; beyond the telepath that clouds his mind; beyond the work he’s doing with the FBI; he can see metal rising and he feels strange warmth in his head when he tries to follow the connection, it leads him to Erik who is glares and sharp angles and a vicious rage that Charles can’t help but want to devour.

Erik knows that tonight is important, he’ll finally have his revenge, he’ll finally be at peace and nothing can stop that. As it turns out for him Charles F. Xavier is the one thing that will get in his way and the only thing he’ll allow in. Even before he knows the name the man takes is the same one that curls around his wrist, he knows he would hesitate for his safety. He studies it that night, the way it curves; smooth and calm; protecting him even as it’s simply on his skin. He brushes off that thought Charles needs him in a way he cannot give; not until he’s finished.

Erik shows him first; it’s an accident as Charles phrases it but Erik is convinced that  Charles was listening to him and heard him cursing the sweater he’d been given in his mind; it’s too tight and his watch had gotten caught and Charles just opens the door and leaves both of them staring at his bare arm and Charles’ looping signature. Erik pushes him away before he can ask who’s on Charles’ body terrified that it will be his own name staring back at him.

When they’re training is when Charles finds out; that despite Erik’s incredible mind he has no barriers against Charles; he can’t even feel Charles entering his mind as Hank or the other kids do. Erik just smiles at him and assures him he can stop a bullet; that he knows how. Charles can see the images of him doing it; over and over stopping the bullets meant for himself and directing them back in an arc. He sees the bullet Erik couldn’t deflect and shuts himself off, refusing to delve into Erik’s mind.
Erik notices when he can’t stop a bullet for the second time in his life; he’s not sure if Charles makes any noise when he’s shot but the reverberating agony in Erik’s head is almost enough to send him down; his hands are shaking as he calls out to the metal and nobody comments how all of the metal around Charles pushes itself back.

Charles waits surprised that the name on his side doesn’t change and relieved when a woman appears at the school, smiling at him and calling herself Destiny.
“My sister-”
“I know.” She tells him of her gift; and the partial future she has seen; he takes comfort in her words and the school as it grows.
Mystique returns to the mansion; she folds herself into Destiny and Charles still waits.
Erik appears when the class is out on a field trip; Charles knows because the chess pieces he’d been using to play against himself; the game paused for the field trip has an added move; one he knows he didn’t make and he returns the move leaving the room empty. He returns almost instantly when he can hear the audible clanking of the metal pieces.
“Erik?” He calls out and there’s no response like he expected.

“Did your name change?” Charles looks worriedly at Erik’s furrowed brow as he speaks.
“Why would it?” Charles reaches a hand out and is surprised when Erik leans forward and kneels in front of him to rest his head in his lap.
“What happened Erik?” Charles’ hand drifts to run against his hair. “What happened?”
“My name was Max; before…. Before I had your name on me…” he settles with that idea and Charles sighs, nudging his hand under Erik’s chin to force him to lift his head and look him in the eyes.
“Max Eisenhardt; you have the same handwriting either way.” Erik seems to tense and Charles furrows his brow.
“Is this not good?”
“You already know what I’m thinking.”
“May I look?”
“Yes.” Charles is soft about entering his soulmates mind; he knows he’s been through more than any of the others and Charles can’t help but try to move away from the agony that Erik displays for him; every reason; every death and injury playing over and over amounting to the every growing list of why Charles should be free of Erik. There is no regret from Erik; no anguish at the action; only that he may have tainted Charles with them.

Charles swallows pushing slightly harder and he can suddenly feel nothing. He’s used to this, people shutting him out but he can tell he’s still seeing through Erik’s eyes; he wonders what could cause such blinding agony it would cut off his senses. It clicks when he sees the rush of silver; when he feels the bullet once more.
Charles is aware that Erik is trying to move away; trying to leave and Charles isn’t sure if he wants to force him or not; and even less sure whether he wants him to stay.
“Erik; did your name change?” He hates how his voice waivers and he swallows the joy he feels when Erik looks to still be in a hazy of agony.

“Why would I have anyone but you?” Charles can hear the metal vibrating and he’s about to look at it but instead he reaches back out for Erik who steps forward and lays his hand into Charles’.
“We should finish our game old friend.” Charles says the words carefully unsure how Erik will respond.
“It’s a start.” Erik hums a little offering a wry smile, and Charles can see him reshaping the chess pieces. Charles wonders if he destroyed them during their moment but he realises that Erik’s just fixing the imperfection in them; he has to laugh at that; he’d bought the set specifically for the imperfection on the hope Erik would see the metaphor but he’s just diving right in to fixing them and Charles wonders if he’s the metal or Erik in this moment.

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It was on one of your usual Friday nights, all of you stuffed into one of your apartments, that you found yourself sat on the floor of said man’s home, head tilted back to lean against the sofa cushions. You were a little drunk, but nowhere near the level of most of your friends. Clint had spent the last half an hour trying to challenge Steve to an arm wrestle, only fuelled by Natasha’s insistence that he would lose. Pushing yourself up from the floor, you headed over to the small kitchen, desperately in need for another drink.

“You wanna grab me a drink whilst you’re up there beautiful?” Bucky’s smug voice called from his spot in his armchair, eyes blatantly moving to stare at your ass as you bent over.

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Summary: She was one of Hydra’s secret weapons; a female winter soldier. And Bucky can’t let her go through what he did alone. Everything is coming back to her, and he’s the only one that can help her become human again.

Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Violence, swearing, blood mentions, badly written fight scenes

Word Count: 4,383

Previously on A Soldier’s Spring | Series Masterlist

She didn’t know how long she’d been out. She didn’t really even remember passing out. Her head was throbbing, but at least she had some of her strength back. She was on her feet fast, grabbing her weapons and strapping them on, moving to leave.

(Y/N) didn’t have time to come up with a plan. Truth be told, she didn’t even know if she had time to worry about her weapons. She needed to get out before it was too late. Before they caught up and took her back.

She nudged the curtain aside and peeked out the window. Nobody seemed to have followed her. That alone was suspicious, but she wasn’t going to overthink the good things she had. She slipped out the door and crept around the back of the building. She kept close to the wall, hiding in the shadows and doing her best to avoid being seen until she had nowhere else to hide. She needed to get as far from town as her body could take her.

She kept her head hung low, her hood pulled up. Not many people dared to look her in the eye. Even when she was trying to make herself small, she was a sight to behold; an unrivaled force. Pedestrians scampered out of her way as she marched down the streets of town.

No matter the persona, the dangerous energy she radiated, she was nothing more than a terrified little girl. She was in a panicked tizzy, her head was everywhere else — anywhere else — as she searched for her path to freedom.

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“Dad, it’s not a big deal!”

“Hey, hey. I’ll decide if it’s no big deal.” He couldn’t believe he was having this conversation with you. He thought you were smarter, more responsible. He guessed not, apparently, because when he came home early as a surprise he found you and a boy kissing in your room. Maybe it would have been okay if it were a random boy from school, but it wasn’t, and it made his job a hell of a lot harder, more complicated. Not only did he have to keep an eye on you at home, but now he had to watch your “boyfriend” too. Happy knew one day you’d start dating and find yourself in the world of relationships, he just hoped it wouldn’t happen until you were forty. “And I’ve decided this is a very big deal.”

“This is why I didn’t tell you, I knew you’d overreact.” You rolled your eyes despite not him being able to see. You hadn’t even heard him come in. Used to his loud greeting or the thump of his work on the table he had to bring home, you weren’t prepared when your door swung open. As soon as it did all of you were equally as horrified. Peter grabbed his backpack, saying hello to your father, promising to call you later before taking off, knowing better than to stay any longer. Your father simply walked to his room to cool off. You knew you’d have to address it eventually, explain yourself, as well a have a real introduction between the two despite them already knowing one another as well as working together. He wouldn’t be able to threaten Peter on company grounds.

“No, no I’m not having this conversation until I get home from work. You will wait until then to make up any excuse as to why that boy was in your room.”

“That boy has a name!”

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Bucky barnes x Reader

Warning: Character’s death, Desperation, Sadness (hopefully)


You opened your eyes and had no idea where you were.

It was dark, however a small amount of moon light that fell through the small space in between the curtains enlightend your room a little.

Then you smelled the bitter scent of alcohol and the peaceful moment between sleep and awakening crashed down, returning the painful memories and headache all at once again.

You didn’t remember how you had reached your bed yesterday, if you had even reached it at all or if Steve had to carry you back in your room, after you had fallen asleep somewhere else again, which had happened too often these last time.

But on the other side you could also remember that you in fact didn’t get the chance to get drunk as you planned because Steve that ass of a friend had taken your bottle of wine away immediately after he noticed the red glass in your hand.

He didn’t know it had already been your second.

Or was it your third?

Either way the thought made you grin a little even for moment.

Yes, you weren’t drunk, but god you wished you were, not to feel this endless pain anymore…

If you’d only knew where Steve hid Tony’s supplies…

You stood up but midst your movement you lingered. Your eyes went back down to your phone which was frantically clung in your right hand.

Your damn phone… in the last days it had probably become your most hatred and simultaneous your most treasured belonging.

It had been one month already… it felt like a whole life time.

You dropped your head back into the pillow, pulling the blanket above your head.

The sudden bright light of your phone made you close you eyes in pain but you didn’t need to see the screen of your phone anymore.At least five times at day, five times at night, sometimes even more often depending on how you felt.

That’s why your fingers had already automated every movement to find the right page and press the right number in your contact list.

You held your eyes shut when you brought the phone up to your ear, feeling your heart bumping through your chest, the sick feeling rising again in your throat.

And even though you’ve done it nearly a hundred time somehow you still flinched when the first ringtone chimed in.

One time …

A second time…

A third time…

By know you had gotten to the point where you just wanted to throw up or just punch anything, anyone. Or both.

The fourth time…

After the fifth time and as always exactly 25 seconds-


Your heart stopped.

“Here is Bucky Barnes and … I’m not available right now, so - leave a message? Yes… good bye. Why are you laughing, Steve?”

“I’m not laughing!”

You could hear Bucky sighting, then he chuckled and then it seemed like he was saying something else but it was cut off by the beep, signalising to speak on the mailbox.

Your heart ached by the sound of his voice, his little laugh.

The memory of that day suddenly flooded into your mind, when you and Steve finally convinced him to make his own mailbox and honestly it was one of the cutest memories you had of him.

The chuckle at the end was because of something you said and he had given you THIS smile, the smile you adored, the smile you would do anything to see again.

You didn’t cry. Though you wanted, you felt like crying, but you guessed by now even your tears were tired.

Suddenly you realised you’d waited way too long to say something now and all at once you got angry with yourself.

With an annoyed huff you pressed the hang-up button and kicked your sheets off with your feet’s before you sat up straight in bed.

What were you doing…

It’s in the middle of the night, you should be sleeping, and not calling someone who will never even hear the messages, yet alone would pick up the phone ever again.

This is pathetic. So pathetic.

Sitting on your bed you opened the curtains - a little bit too forceful.

Shining down at you was the moon in its full beauty, somehow you got the feeling it was watching you in full judgement.

You weren’t blind, nor deaf if all. You saw the worry in their eyes, the whispering when they thought you couldn’t hear, and above all there was the pity.

This goddamn Pity. God, how you hated it.

He was the man you loved, not only with your heart but with your soul and your whole being.

But no matter how much you suffered, how much you felt like your heart is being ripped apart again and again every time you look behind only to see an empty place.

No matter thow often the thoughts of a future without him hurt so damn much -  you weren’t the only one who was in pain.

Right now nearly every single person in the whole world is experiencing the feeling of loss, grief and pure desperation in a completely new way.

The world it broken and honestly you saw barely any hope for the future. Thanos made sure of that.

And No matter how often Steve brought one of his speeches about hope, destiny, solidarity and never failing to mention ‘moving on’ at least three times, even he had moments in which he broke down. Felt like giving up.

You could see it in his eyes, he was broken, he felt like he let them down, the whole world, every single human being, his best friends.

So yeah, every lonely night you find yourself here in this room, staring up to the sky, talking to Bucky on your phone. Because even if he’s gone forever, he was an for ever will be your pillar, your anchor.

You’re telling him what’s going on in the world, what you had done this day, how Steve keeps up in this mess, trying to help people, Natasha never giving up and that there still wasn’t any news about Tony, if he’s still alive or long gone like all the other.

But tonight was none of this times. Somehow you felt a strange emptiness when you stared up at the pale moon, pleading for answers or some help.

But like always the moon stayed silent.

“I-I honestly don’t even know what to say anymore. I just wanted to-” you began suddenly, your voice sounded hoarse.“To hear your voice again…

Steve said what I’m doing isn’t right, that I should try and let go… 'move on’ like he expressed.”

You let out a dry laugh.

“Honestly I think it’s the only words he said in the last time. But Buck I- I can’t. I can’t let you go. Just like that. You, I-I don’t know. I just miss you. So damn much.” The last part was only a whisper, barely hearable.

His death had broken something inside of you and you knew I’d would never heal again.

And Bucky was the only thing that could put you back together.

“Listen. I don’t care if people say I’m crazy that I’m talking to you, to the moon, to what ever is there… but maybe you do hear me. Wherever you are. I know this wouldn’t be what you wanted for me. Sitting here, crying like a little kid. And you have no idea how angry I am with my self that there’s nothing I could do. Nothing. I’m constantly  thinking of all the possibilities we have left, what we can do and none of them is ever good enough.

But you know what? I was thinking about it for a quite time actually and I guess I will be joining Steve tomorrow in his self-help group. Or at least I will try. It won’t help me, I know that but maybe I could help others, maybe I would be feeling like I’m doing at least something.”

You nodded. Maybe…

A cloud suddenly clustered in front of the moon, making the room go darker again.

And with the darkness your loneliness returned

You reached under the pillow on the side where Bucky used to sleep, grabbing his shirt he wore at night.

When you curled your self in the sheets on his bedside you pressed the shirt against your chest, holding it like it was the only thing keeping you alive.

And with his scent around you, you closed your eyes. Escaping into some more peaceful memories.

There’s got to be a way…

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Summary: You find something in the book Strange gave you that explains the truth about the first soulmates, and makes some other questions rise up. Bucky hopes to see you again.

Warnings: strong language, mentions of arranged marriage, vampire/werewolf au, mentions of murder, mentions of pregnancy, mentions of violence, graphic death description

Word Count: 2,140

In the Dark Masterlist II Marvel Masterlist


Originally posted by friendzoned-by-avengers

You’ve had your nose stuck in the book Strange gave you for days. Sometimes, you fall asleep, only to wake up with the book on your chest, stomach, or on the bed beside you. Of course, there were other things you had to do during the day. Things like eating with the pack, making sure members in the pack are alright, train, that kind of stuff. But your mind was always on that book, always on Bucky, always on the answers the book could have about your relationship with Bucky.

Nat knows about the book, having caught you multiple times reading it and having to pull you away from it more than once. And it’s another secret she’s sworn to keep. She invited you to go out with her to get some things for the compound ranging from food to equipment for the damage you did when you got out during full moon. But, you passed on her offer.

Flipping the page and reading the next title ‘The Real Reason for the War’ makes you shift into a different position. One where you’re lying on your stomach, legs in the air and hands folded under your chin with the book in front of you. 

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WC: 700 words
Warnings: Fluff.
Ptichka = Bird, little bird.


“Do you really think this is the best idea?” you asked Natasha, looking around the kids’ play space.

Clint was growing and fast. Right now, he was bordering his pre-teen years and as antsy as any of those kids. The growing pains were a well, honestly. He had sniffed into your shoulder the whole night last night and the only way you found to get him to go to his bed and sleep was to medicate him. If you caught him during a growth sprout, you could see his skin shifting to accommodate his growing bones. It wasn’t a comfortable sight.

“It’s that, or he’ll try to rescue his bows again,” your friend pointed out. “And we can’t have.”

Still, you crossed your arms, watching as the employee practically wrapped Clint in every single possible protective gear out there before releasing him to the obstacle playground, which weirdly resembled one you’d faced earlier on SHIELD.

“He’ll nail it,” Nat affirmed, clearly proud. “It’s so easy.”

And yes, he did.

As if he was running to win a contest, Clint ran through the place with agility and a big smile on his face, passing the other kids, climbing the big walls and doing a flipping backflip to jump from a safely low platform, finishing it and running right to you, beaming in proud.

“Did you see?” he asked, stopping in front of the two of you. “Mama, did you see?”

Mama. That was something you had heard a lot recently, with him. It was an automatic thing from him, according to Wanda. He saw your whole team and a bunch of mums and dads – or an uncle for something reason, in Tony’s case – and, after seeing cartoons, films and children using the names to refer to their caretakers, he simply did the same, and no one wanted to be the one to correct him.

To that, Natasha smiled largely.

“I did, ptichka. You were awesome!”

His blue eyes sparkled, and Clint looked up at you, filled with hope.

“Can I go again?”

“You can go as many times as you want, honey.”

He grinned and ran out, making you sigh. Seeing Clint like this… Well, he was making you remember all of those dreams you had buried deep in the back of your mind. A kid – your own kid – running around, pointing at things and asking you to be proud of them. A family, not the usual one, let’s be honest, but one to call yours.

You glanced at Natasha. Maybe…

No. It was stupid. A bad idea to even think about. You should just let it go.

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one of y/n’s biggest regrets is never telling Loki of her pregnancy, she liked to believed that maybe, maybe, he wouldn’t have left that night. after years had passed, she still imagines every passing moment with him, how he would have replied, what he would have done, where he would have went. he simply never left her mind. she loved him too much to keep going but she still did, she was no quitter, and she had to do this for their child.

now, loki never wanted to leave you in the first place, but he needed his plan to work. so he left at night, and faked his death. he loved y/n, he truly did but she deserved more than he could have ever given her. well, that’s just what he said to himself, he only said it to try to justify his actions. he tried tricking himself into believing it.

six years had passed, he hoped she moved on but the mere thought of her being with another man made him shudder So he just never tried to think about it. he tried to forget her and her contagious smile, her infectious laugh, her bright laugh, and her silky hair that he would brush out of her face in the morning, he tried to forget all of it.

he never imagined that he’d see her again, though. he never really thought about what would happen if his plan failed, and it clearly failed now because here he was, in front of her, in the avengers tower.

thor tried to push his brother towards y/n but y/n only stepped back. her hand was covering her mouth as tears streamed down her face. she didn’t believe this, loki was here, in front of her. her loki. she didn’t believe when she had heard that the two princes’ were alive, but the words caused a sliver of hope to grow so she went to meet thor and ask about the rumors, only to see her husband in front of her.

betrayal was evident in her eyes as she glared at him, the only thing leaving her mouth was a short “why?” a hundred and one thoughts swarmed her head as she tried to come up with an appropriate reaction.

she didn’t know if she should yell, scream, or kiss him. suddenly, the image of her baby boy finally having his father back, but she didn’t even know if she should allow him back in their lives after he had abandoned them. what if he does it again? oh god, he doesn’t even know he has a child.

“I’m sorry” he whispered, his voice filled with remorse and shame. he stepped closer to her, this time on his own accord. he tried to see her reaction but she gave none, clearly in deep thoughts. he relished in her beauty, not realizing how much he had missed her. he put his hand on her cheek, his touch was featherlike. he wiped her tears with his thumb, his heart swelling to the size of a watermelon when she leaned towards his touch.

she looked up at him this time, waiting from him to say something as he opened his mouth only to be cut off by a small voice.

“mummy, I’m scared.” the owner of the voice said, coming from behind his wife. a tiny body made it’s way towards y/n, hugging her leg in the process.

a look of shock etched itself on Loki’s face as he tried to think of all the possible explanations. he looked alarmed as he saw her move away from him and picking up the child.

“he’s yours” her soft voice told him, a sad smile took place on her lips. tears almost spilled from his eyes as her words registere fully. a sorrowful chuckle left his throat causing her eyes to furrow at his odd reaction. he opened his arms and enveloped them in a hug, sobs wracked through him, his shoulders shaking in the process. he held onto them for dear life as he stammered out apologies and promises.

the child’s questions went unanswered but he giggled quietly, patting the strange man’s head, asking him if he was alright, which only caused him to cry even more.

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Lifeless in the bed beside you, Tony slept soundly. It was the first time you’d seen him sleep, really sleep, in months. It scared you, a little. You remembered, closer to the end, shaking him everytime his eyes lingered closed for too long, scared he was dying, that he would die if he wasn’t awake. The two of you wasted away, a kind of exhausted no amount of sleep could cure. Starved, dehydrated, hooked up to IV’s, told to rest. But you couldn’t. All that time you spent on edge, it was hard to come down from that. Pepper, Rhodey, everyone tried to make you feel safe, comforted. Extra blankets, pillows, begging you to close your eyes. The only way to heal right now was to rest. You knew that, and yet you still found it hard to close your eyes, to draw them away from Tonys chest, making sure it was still evenly rising and falling, that he was alive. You were scared, too, that if you closed your eyes, it would be for the very last time.

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Something that sprang to mind. Had to do it!

Hope you enjoy!


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“Mommy, daddy, look!”

You and Loki watched your little girl in front of you as she hit a big puddle on the sidewalk. Luckily, you were a good few feet away from the splash zone. A normal parent would’ve been more concerned about their child getting soaked by the rain. Especially if they weren’t wearing a coat. But you and Loki weren’t normal parents, and your Daphne was far from ordinary. 

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“We’re too high up, you’re running out of air.”

“Just give me a second!” You yelled, feeling your chest tighten. You knew you were running out of air. You were so far up, zipping past the skyscrapers into the clouds. If you let go, and there was no one to catch you, you knew there was no way you’d survive… Tony was there though, he always was. If he had it his way you’d be back on the ground by now, so would he, but the ship would be long gone, getting away with the destruction they caused. If you could just get up a little higher, find your way inside, you could figure out who or what these aliens were, what they wanted, why they did what they did. You weren’t going to give up just because it was hard, not like everyone else seemed to do.

“Y/n!” Tony screamed, angrier by the second. When he didn’t see you letting up, he took things into his own hands. “That’s it!” You felt his suited hands pull at your waist, tugging you off the side of the ship. A mask wrapped around your head, finally letting you breathe properly as the two of you fell away from the ship, the whole thing growing smaller and smaller the farther away you grew, same as your chances of finding out who these things were. You threw away your safety any chance you could get, coming up with the lamest excuses. He hated it. He wished you cared about yourself more than you cared about missions.

“I almost had it!”

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Thor had actually been genuinely happy for the pair of you. He was relieved that you were dating someone like Steve. He knew Steve was respectful and kind and Thor knew that Steve wouldn’t hurt you. You’d been so worried over nothing.

Thor clinked his bottle of beer against Steve’s and winked at him, “Be warned, you hurt my sister and the wrath of the nine realms will have you.” It was a joke… maybe… you weren’t completely sure.

Steve smiled, “I’ll never hurt her.” You smiled at him from across the room, he was perfect.

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Pairing: loki x asgardian!reader

Warnings: mentions of death, its pure angst, I wrote it right after I saw end game, it’s probably bad because…like…yuk

Summary: not all returned from the snap, like you did. 

a/n: sorry. I just miss him. (not my gif)


I wiped sweat and tears from my face and looked over the destruction. After the loss of so many of my dear friends, I felt tired and exhausted. Tony had done the snap. He had finished the terror – and sacrificed himself. He would never be forgotten, as well as Natasha and every other of the fallen. Thor, Bucky, Sam, Bruce, Carol and I had found each other on a more or less flat spot in between all the destruction.

My eyes wandered over the tired faces of my friends and I couldn’t help but feel a bit proud after everything we accomplished.
By the sound of steps we all turned around. Two women walked towards us, both with their head held high. One of them was a warrior of Wakanda’s army, the other one looked like she dropped into this world from another realm. Her upper body was dressed into an emerald green tight weave, the cleavage covered with a goldish shimmering leather net. A darkgreen fabric floated from her back, directly attached to the leather on the shoulders. The dress ended right over her ankles, making it easier to walk without stumbling. She had her head held high, the way she walked had something arrogantly confident. Her whole attitude held something familiar, as if I knew someone who walked and acted exactly the same. A twinkle on her left hand drew my attention further down: a sliver ring in shape of a snake with emerald eyes captured my interest. It looked like an informal form of an engagement ring. Her hair was plait into different kinds of braids, reminding me of the ones Thor had. Maybe she was asgardian? I turned to ask Thor if he knew her, but the words got stuck in my throat as I saw his face. All the blood has drained from his face, he looked as pale as never before.

“Thor!” she yelled out, right after saying a few words to the warrior next to her. They parted with a polite gesture. Thor quickly stepped towards her and I could read something like relief wash over her features. He hugged her quickly. Her eyes quickly grazed over us, lingering a bit longer on my face. Recognition I guess.

“I missed you Thor. Five years…I haven’t seen either of you.” She said softly. I wondered who she was talking about. Thor stuttered something in return and she stepped away from him. “I can’t wait any longer. Where is he?” I saw how Thor’s shoulders dropped, his whole expression in pain.

“Where is he? Where is my husband?” she repeated, fearful now. “Is there a problem?” I asked gently. She rose her gaze, her eyes piercing into mine. “I want to see my husband.” She rose her hand, showing me the snake ring. I offered her a friendly smile, trying to remember desperately why I knew this behavior.

“And who might be…” in this moment it clicked. The sliver and green, the attitude suddenly matching to another person, another asgardian.

“Oh.” Was the only thing I could say. Her expression went blank. “What?” she asked sharply, stepping up on me. I had the sharp blade of the dagger at my throat before I could react.

“What happened to him?” she repeated catching Thor’s pained look as he recognized the dagger. “Miss…” I rose my hands in a gesture of surrender.

“Mrs.” She corrected me firmly, her eyes starting to become glossy. I quickly nodded apologetic.

“Yes, I am very sorry.” She only nodded quickly, acknowledging my apology and then lowering her weapon. Thor laid one hand on her shoulder but she shrugged it off. “Where is he?” she repeated one last time.

“I am so sorry…I was too weak and he singlehandedly…” Thor stuttered. She still had her head high but the rest of her body slumped together like all of her strength had left her. A single tear rolled over her cheeks, followed by many others. “I-I…but why isn’t he back? I died as well I am back why…?” she only stuttered, dropping her dagger. Thor’s eyes stuck on the handle of it: it was one of the two blades Loki had used in the battle of Asgard on the rainbow bridge. And it was the twin-blade of the very blade Loki had had with him as he tried to attack Thanos.

“Because he didn’t died from the snap.” Thor whispered, “Thanos…broke his neck.” She dropped down on her knees, her shoulders slightly shaking. A low sob escaped her, the most heartbreaking sound I heard in a long time. Thor stood there, not able to do anything. Suddenly a woman in silver armor rushed to her side, the Valkyrie. She kneeled down next to her and shot Thor an accusing look. Very careful she slid one arm around the broken woman’s side and helped her up.

“Come with me. You need rest.” Slowly she stood up, tears still streaming down her face. Her fierce eyes were now hollow and weak. “You promised to bring him back.” There was nothing accusing in her voice, neither in her statement. Only pure sadness and darkness. Thor’s head dropped, he didn’t dared to look up again. I wanted to approach and help her, but the Valkyrie shot me a warning look.

“It’s good Cap.” She stated firmly. I just nodded and backed off. “Please…you need some rest. Loki wouldn’t want you to…” Valkyrie said softly, but it seemed to be the wrong thing. 

“Loki wouldn’t want what? Me to suffer? Then he could’ve come back! That was the only thing he wanted! He promised that he would return, he promised! And he always came back, even though everyone thought he is dead, he came back to me. So why is everyone so certain that he is dead?” Valkyrie said nothing, she didn’t had words. “He promised me so much, a trip to Midgard…” she stopped, her eyes filling themselves with tears again. “Now I am on Midgard…and he is not with me. With us…” She trailed off, her hands circulating over her stomach. Valkyrie dropped her head. “I am sorry. I didn’t want to upset you even more…” She placed her hand on her waist after picking up the dagger. “Wait!” Thor from behind shouted, almost running towards them. “Us? Are you with child?” she turned around and tilted her head. “I hope I am.” She whispered before wiping her face with the back of her hand. Valkyrie grabbed her hand and carefully pulled her towards the other direction.

“I didn’t know Loki had a wife.” Bruce stated quietly as they walked away. I shook my head. “Me neither. But they seem very alike, don’t they.” He nodded. “The dagger…” I gave him a warning look, nodding towards the bent over figure of Thor. “I know.” I looked back towards the figure of the two women. Valkyrie had her arms around her, as she finally gave her head high pose up and completely broke down in the warriors arms. They were too far away for us to hear them, but I could see the shaking of her shoulders as she sobbed.

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