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Jesus Chri–… Anon! My goodness this is, I mean do I really need to follow this up with writing anything?! This is a drabble and a mood all on its own you know?! Damn. Can I just post this on its own? I’m scared to ruin it hehe. Oh lord, oh good lord, okay let me think.


Well right off the bat, I can thing of a few ways this could go. Version one is she’s supportive in the basic partner aspect of being supportive. She may not understand his struggles on a daily basis at all but she’ll do whatever she can to help him feel as “normal” as possible. The thing able bodied and able minded people forget though is, there is no such thing as normal, just what society deems normal and close to perfect and almost always impossible to obtain if you have disability whatsoever.

Version two is she’s supportive because she has physical and or mental ailments too. She’s on SSI, receives Medicare and food stamps, has an IHSS provider that helps occasionally, and has all these reasons to live in a bubble of depression and be just be angsty moody all the time but that’s not who she is. Even with those qualms, she’s got a smile on her face, likes helping the less fortune and donate to charity where she can (like shopping AmazonSmile instead of regular Amazon for groceries and household items and such so proceeds go to a homeless shelter or a wildlife preserve or plant a tree program), tries not to miss her favorite twitch streams cause you never know who’s streaming for charity, etc. Even with all the emotional and mental and physical pain she herself has been through she gives back as much as she can to everyone else and never asks for anything in return but respect and to be treated like a human being, not an alien because she’s different. She wears her pain like stilettos and as bad as it may hurt others will never know.

So when she comes home to her apartment and finds it surprising spotless, because it’s never perfectly clean with her energy levels, there’s not even shit through in closets randomly, like it’s all nicely put away and tidy thanks to his military training; the bedsheets in the master and guest are so tightly tucked you could bounce a quarter on them. [Side note that’s a really thing from back then, my grandpa and grandma (pilot and nurse) used to do that to my mom and aunt’s beds BEFORE a cleaner came. OCD to the max.] Plus he’s made dinner, or at least ordered in and pretended to make it on the fine china plates in case he burned anything, and he’s dressed nicely but not super over the top either just a little classy so she doesn’t feel like a complete swamp monster in return? Yeah she’d appreciate that a lot. A lot a lot.

As for that bath he drew afterwards for them, with candles, dim lighting and bubbles galore? That’s not fluffy after everything else he’s done for her. They’re getting in together with boxers and lingerie still on, and bubbles overflowing needing towels thrown down and the vent on later as results.

Thanks for the great idea Anon! 😙

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Pairing: Thor x f!reader

Summary: You and Thor enjoy a night together.

Warnings: nsfw, oral (female receiving), fingering, unprotected sex (don’t do this at home, people, wrap it up, yeah?). This is just smut so please do not read or interact if you’re not 18+, ok? thanks!

A/N: this is my first ever smut so I have literally no idea how good it is. I’m quite proud of this but I’m not sure so I’ll appreciate all the feedback even more than usual! This was also written for @thorfanficwriter​ “Thor Challenge Challenge”, I really hope you’ll like this! What better moment to try something new if not with this challenge? Anyway, if you love the god of thunder you should definitely go follow her, she’s great! And now enjoy!!


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hidden affairs - carol danvers x reader


Originally posted by kpfun

why do I love P A I N so much. I’m sorry fellas but let me know if you liked anyway.

anon said: can you please do one with carol x fem!reader, where she and reader are in a secret relationship. since carol is in the airforce, no one can know. carol is so confident that they’ll be together forever that reader will always understand but reader feels like she’s being taken for granted and just tired about the hiding. i love angst but hoping to be a happy ending. thank you!

  • pairing: carol danvers x reader
  • warnings: angst, then fluff, then angst again lmao. its a rollercoaster I'm sorry. plus a slight mention of homophobia 
  • word count: 1100+
  • fandom: marvel

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Grand Novice

Loki Laufeyson x Grandmaster’s child!reader

warnings: death, weapons,

a/n: obviously y/n is a grown person in this?? i just didn’t know how to label them correctly ???? you feel???



Originally posted by doug-the-cat

“I like him.” You told your father when the newest arrival of Sakaar had been dismissed.

“Well, good for him! He’s safe!” Grandmaster cheered to you, who didn’t take to many as quick as you had to Loki. “For now.”

“Oh, stop it, dad!” You giggled while Topaz stood behind you with the melting wand, offering it to you as if you were hiding your true feelings. “What about what I just said made you think we should melt him? Put that thing away!” You shook your head and gazed upon the crowd to see your new guest acclimating nicely to the subjects of Sakaar.

“Why don’t you go sit with him for a while, my dear?” Your father nudged you in his direction, but you didn’t need much more than that. With your robe dragging on the floor behind you, you parted the crowd and seated yourself right next to the Asgardian.

“Hello there, your highness.” Loki smirked when you leaned on his shoulder, but he genuinely didn’t mind it a bit. “How has your day been?”

“Oh, just wonderful.” You reached out for his hand shamelessly while other Sakaarians watched with hidden gazes. Now, Loki wasn’t one to get uncomfortable so easily, but he also wasn’t one to rush into something like this.

It’d be foolish to reject someone in a position of power, wouldn’t it? Loki was just given a spectacular opportunity, there was no passing this up.

“And why’s that?” He questioned, lifting your hand to his lips for a respectful kiss that only wooed you more.

“Well, I met a man who might just be perfect for me.” You weren’t one to hide your feelings, Loki appreciated that much. Although a liar could read another like the back of his hand, a truth-teller was impossible to figure out. At least, for him.

Maybe the challenge was another reason he grew attracted to you, because by the second week that he had been stuck on this miserable planet, he’d actually started to care for you. His romantic gestures were not forced, he had begun to open up, and he couldn’t spend a moment away from you.

The day that Thor arrived was a different story, though. Loki had mentioned his brother died recently, but now he was an eligible contender! Funny how the universe works.

“Are you worried for him, my darling.” You inquired as you played with his hair, he was noticeably zoned out, you’d like to help him any way you could.

“No, not at all.” Your boyfriend had brushed your concern off. “Thank you for asking, though. You’re too kind.” He placed a kiss on your forehead after cradling your face.

“I’m glad to hear that,” you practically melted around him, and you’ve seen people get melted before, “would you like to watch him contend, then? We’ll have the best view in the stadium!” You hugged him tightly and awaited his obvious agreement, he couldn’t help but giggle at your excitement. Had he truly gone soft?

Loki’s life had truly flipped once his brother had broken loose and rampaged above the streets of your beloved home. You were outraged until Loki offered to take his brother down, declaring it was for you.

Someone like yourself didn’t work very hard, you had better things to do. You were of a higher class, but you weren’t completely useless. You had much more energy than the Grandmaster, which is why you spent it on following the tracks of Thor, leading you to Loki suffering a constant shock on the floor.

“Oh, no!” You rushed over to assist him, grabbing the remote nearby and releasing him from the painful device. “Are you okay, my love? Please tell me you’re alright.” You hopped on top of him and pressed your ear against his chest, feeling his racing heartbeat continue on. His arms engulfed you in a real act of selfless love, he couldn’t believe his life had come to this. It was more unfortunate that you had no idea that this was the first he had ever felt this way.

“I’m alright, thanks to you.” The crown of your head collected a kiss and you rolled off of him.

“That scoundrel will pay for this!” You clenched your fists and ran to a ship equipped with weaponry, but Loki had done a bit of contemplating while he was confined to electrocution. Maybe he had gone mad, or maybe this was a turning point?

“Y/N, wait.” He sighed, catching your attention fairly quickly. You spun around and ran right back to him, holding his arms as he placed his hands on your hips. “Before me, when was the last time you were happy an Sakaar? And I mean truly happy?”

“I…” You blinked through thoughts as you tried to pinpoint an answer in your mind. “Why?”

“The Grandmaster, he thinks you’re happy, but you’re not. I can see it in your eyes, my dear.” He traced his tired fingers down your cheekbones. “Your father, he doesn’t give you all the freedom you desire, does he?”

“No, but—” You were cut off before you couldtry to defend him.

“We’re more alike than we appear, mine was the same way.” Loki explained to you. “I ask you this because…I need to go back to Asgard. I have a sister who is about to doom our people, but I don’t want to go without you.” You were caught off-guard by Loki’s change of plans, however, they were enticing. “You’ve never been off of this planet, I can show you the rest of the galaxy, give me a chance!” Now he held your hands so enthusiastically, yet so gentle. He knew he was getting through to you.

“Loki, my love,” you looked away and to the collection of your father’s ships, then took a pause as Loki’s expression grew concerned while studying yours, “We’ll take the biggest one, but we may need to take some of the prisoners for backup if we want to save your people.” You finally agreed and witnessed Loki breathe a sigh of relief and pull you into such an emotionally deep and serious kiss, you couldhave cried.

“I’ve never once in my life felt this way about anyone before you, y/n. You have succeeded in stealing my heart away from me and I couldn’t even see it coming.” His own way of making a declaration of love was all you could dream about, but you were running out of time here.

The plan was going better than you could have thought once the contenders burst through the doors, that was one thing off of your list.

“Great for you to join us, all! Would you like to come with us to help Thor?” You asked the group, who had their suspicions about you.

“Aren’t you the Grandmaster’s child? Is this a trick?” The one made out of rock had asked, earning agreement from the group.

“Y/N’s had a change of heart.” Loki kept one of your hands in his while he squeezed it tightly. You couldn’t tell if he was comforting you or himself, but at least it was guaranteed that you’d be sticking together.

“Oh. Alright then.” The Kronan understood without anymore questions, easy enough.

“Great! Everyone in that big ship now! We’re already late!” You led the army away, Loki supposed that leadership was in your blood. It came so easily to you, and it was a smidge attractive, too. What can he say? Power will always be his first love.

You’d never seen combat through your own two eyes, but you had begged Topaz to teach you how to use “big guns,” so you made do with what you had.

“Scrapper 142, would you be willing to trade places?” You called to her as she rode in the sky with your father’s ship.

“We aren’t on Sakaar anymore, your highness! I’m not a scrapper here.” She retorted, making your face heat even more than the exhaustion had done.

“My apologies! Please forgive me, I’ve better start getting used to life off of Sakaar.” You told her as she made room for you to use the exhilarating weapon. “Will you be flying?”

“Hopefully,” she said as she got control of the craft, “I’d like to keep this thing in the air for as long as I can.” It was a rocky start, but you trusted her for it. And she was beginning to trust you, as well. You weren’t a complete basket case like the Grandmaster, you’d be capable of changing. You could become a dear friend.

The ship crashed.

“Y/N!” Loki came rushing your way as the ship exploded in a multicolored blaze behind you. “Are you alright? Let’s get you up.” He helped you to your feet, but you were in no mood to slow down. Honestly, this was the most fun you’d had in ages.

“I’m more alive than ever!” You looked over his shoulder to take in the commotion. “Do you have any other weapons I could use?”

“Would…a dagger work?” It was a simple gesture, but you’d appreciate it to the end of your days after you plucked the blade from his hand. You’d never fought with a dagger, but there was no harm in trying. Yes, there was. But fortunately, fortune was on your side. The fun never lasts though, that was a fact. “Might I suggest you help evacuate instead, darling?”

“I suppose that’s an option!” You figured he’d realized just how dangerous hand-to-hand combat would be for someone without experience, but you were still living in some sort of fantasy land, you needed to be grounded.

So you rooted for them from the sidelines, helping people onto your ship. It was extremely hard to concentrate at times, especially when you couldn’t find Loki out there. A little warning that he was running off, that would’ve been nice.

And then there was an explosion that really rattled your bones, you’d never been in so much danger before. That’s when Loki darted straight towards you and each of you hopped into the ship.

“Are you hurt?” He moved his hands up and down your body to check for any injuries, but you insisted on doing the same.

“No, no, I’m fine. Are you?” While both of you were clutching onto each other, you shared another passionate kiss, glad that you both were still in good health together. Now the two of you merely spectated to destruction of the planet he had called home. “I’m sorry about Asgard.”

“No, I am.” He lowered his head. “I imagined a life with you here, but those plans will have to change.”

“That’s alright,” your tired voice softened once you laid your head on his shoulder, “we’ll make it work.”


Loki didn’t live long enough to build a life with you, Thanos made sure of that. The entire reason you left your homeworld was to be with him, now you were stranded in space without a plan for your future. Who knew what this galaxy held? You’d been so naïve to run into the unknown, but there was only one thing left to do now, and that was get revenge.

taglist: @alwaysananglophile // @rorybutnotgilmore // @locke-writes // @sweetheartliz07 // @queen-destenie // @natasha-danvers // @lokihiddles // @frostedficrecs // @emygirl243 // @lotsoffandomrecs // @johnmurphyisbisexual // @teenwaywardasgardian // @pappydaddy // @captainshazamerica // @freya-xo // @ravenmoore14 // @thisetaernallove // @ofthedewthesunlight // @canarypoint // @zoeyserpentluck // @randomawesomeperson102 // @spideyandtheboys //

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[x] // requester: anonymous // request here


Billy raises an eyebrow at you, casting a steely glare over at your coworker. Turning to you, he asks, “Is that the guy?”

You frown, looking over your shoulder. Your coworker has been harassing you for weeks, refusing to leave you alone, making it hard to get any work done. You nod, and Billy squares his shoulders, marching over before you can try and stop him. You watch from a distance, watch as Billy leans over to say something, and the blood drains from your coworker’s face. 

“What did you tell him?” you demand as Billy makes his way back over to you, and he flashes you a vague smile, straightening his suit as he shrugs.

“All you need to know is that he won’t be bothering you anymore.” Billy reassures you, and you let out a sigh. 

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Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x fem! reader 

Summary: Nat felt something off with Y/N and she found out.

Warnings: none just fluff

Word Count: 1,751

A/N: I improvised the whole story because I was bored 😌


Originally posted by santa-xx


Nat’s POV

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pairing: natasha romanoff  x reader

words: ~2,623

warnings: a little angst in the beginning, fluff towards the end

requested: nope :p

a/n: i took a mini break bc i realised i’ve probably been bombarding y'all with content (so sorry!) anyways, here’s the last past the ‘didn’t know what i had’ series ♡

part 1 | part 2 | part 3


Originally posted by michgleesalvatore

You haven’t asked her again.

It’s not that Natasha was expecting you to ask her to marry you again.

But it’d been two years since you two officially got back together, and not once did you give off even the slightest hint that suggested to Nat that you were even starting to entertain the thought of thinking about proposing to her again.

It took a while, a lot of tears and a lot of late night conversations where you two would bare your souls to each other, wondering if it was worth it to start over again and not make the same mistakes.

It took time, and slowly but surely, you two were back to being where you were before everything went wrong.

Natasha had even gone as far as to ask Wanda if you had said anything to her, only to be met with disappointment when the younger girl shook her head and told her that ’sorry, Nat, but Y/N/N hasn’t mentioned anything to me either’, looking at her mentor with a sad smile.

She came home to you that day looking disheartened, but when you asked her what was wrong, she smiled and shook her head, reassuring you that she was okay, pushing away the nagging thought lingering in the back of her mind:

Did you still want to marry her?

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Pairings: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
Fandom: Marvel
Warnings: Light cursing, mention of stomach sickness
SUMMARY: Peter Parker helps you shave your head!
Request from anon: Hey!! Inspired by your AWESOME video! Could I please request a drabble or blurb where the reader gets Peter Parker (Marvel) to help her shave her head, and she ends up loving her new look, and so does Peter 😉 Thanks very much!! 😘

A/N Omg this is such a cute idea & I’m glad my video inspired this!!


Originally posted by theyebrow

        “Are you sure about this, Y/N? Once you do it… there’s no going back.”

         You held a shaver in your hands– with a number two cover on the blade –while you and Peter discussed the matter at hand – you shaving your head. It just came to you, the urge to have a buzzcut and you texted Pete immediately.

        “Not really no, but if I don’t do it now… then I’ll never do it.”

         Peter nodded and reached for the shaver, “This is like super low… aunt May doesn’t even use a two on my hair! You’re gonna be bald, Y/N…” 

        “Don’t say that Pete… you’re gonna scare me outta doing it.”

         He pouted at you, “I’ll be here for emotional support, bud.” Peter held out his fist and you bumped yours against it. “You got this!”

         You took a deep breath before pressing the shaver against your head and pushing it toward the back of your scalp. The feeling was odd and a bit painful since it dragged against your hair but when you opened your eyes again, you gasped loudly.

        “Oh shit! How close is that?!” Your wide eyes met Peter’s as you glanced at him in the mirror, “Oh god, I’ve really done it now, haven’t I?” He nodded as you bit your lip. “Will you finish the rest for me? I feel queasy.”

        “For sure! Just know you’re going to look badass!”


         It didn’t take much longer for Peter to finish off the rest of your head. Soon, you were as bald as Pete that one time he got gum in his hair. You kept your eyes closed the entire time Peter shaved away at the remaining hair and when the shaver finally stopped buzzing, you opened them.

        “Oh my god, I kinda… love it.” You felt your head and rubbed against the short hair, “It feels so weird!” Peter did the same after you said he could and agreed with a chuckle.

        “You look amazing, Y/N!”

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okay fucking hell lets talk about this right now

fucking nat on and off most of the day, it’s one of those where you just can’t get enough of one another.

later in the night, you’re both tired but desperate, and she’ll ride you slowly. i’m talking heavy breathing, foreheads pressed together, messy kisses, the softest of moans.

you’ll grip her hips so she can’t move and she’ll whine loud, almost enough for you to let her carry on, but not quite.

she’ll just kiss you then, hard, whining softly in your mouth to let her move, to let her fuck herself while you watch.

she makes it difficult, admittedly.

nat’s gonna beg a lot here, by the way. like a lot. she needs you so badly, she’ll just plead until she gets what she wants. and fucking hell, when she just starts rocking in your lap for something, you only hold her tighter.

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Control My Heart Chapter One

Summary: You live your life on the run, trying to stay away from human kind in general. Meanwhile, what you don’t know, is that the Avengers are trying to understand what happened at the bank and are wondering who could pull something like that off.

Loki x Gender Neutral, Mind Control Reader

Warnings: None

Taglist: @givemetundies

(Gif not mine, belongs to TonyLokid)


You were currently hiding out in a small apartment in Brazil. Sure it was a bit run down and your neighbor seemed a little bit sketchy, you were sure you seemed a little sketchy to him too. But it wasn’t bad conditions for someone running from the government who might be catching on to you already. You managed to get away from as many people as you could, and you were able to remain off the grid in this apartment. Changed your name and as much as you could about yourself, and you were thankful that this apartment seemed so isolated from people. 

You didn’t really have to worry about losing control around so many people, and even if your neighbor thought it was odd, you stayed inside as much as you could. He probably thought you were a hermit of some kind since you never answered his knocks, but whatever you thought. This gave you privacy to figure out what and why of your powers.

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[x] // requester: @storiesbystarlight // request here


“Tony!” you exclaim, eyes widening as you see your husband waiting for you in the school parking lot. Your students all excitedly jostle one another, raising their phones to take not-so-sneaky photos of the famous Tony Stark. It’s amusing seeing their gawked expressions, the complete shock in their faces, and you make your way up to Tony as you ask, “What are you doing here?”

“I came to pick you up.” Tony shrugs nonchalantly. “Figured I’d surprise you.”

“I don’t think I’m the only person you surprised today.” you remark, gesturing around you at the commotion, and Tony chuckles as he quickly ushers you into the car. 

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Y/N: Alright we have to talk

Y/N: I’m breaking up with Alan

Avengers: *Gasp*

Tony: Is there somebody else?

Y/N: No, no, no It’s just…

Y/N: Things change, people change

Wanda: We didn’t change

Steve: So that’s it? Its over? just like that?


Natasha: You know you let your guard down, you know you start to really care about someone and I just… I…

Y/N: Look I could just go on pretending-

Clint: Ok

Y/N; But that wouldn’t be fair to me, wouldn’t be fair to Alan, It wouldn’t be fair to you

Tony: Yeah well who wants fair?, I mean I just I want things back you know the way they were

Y/N: I’m sorry

Clint: Oh she’s sorry!, I feel better!

Peter: *crying* I just can’t believe this!, I mean with the Holidays coming up, I wanted him to meet Aunt May

Y/N: I’ll meet someone else, there’ll be other Alans

Tony: NO

Peter: Oh yea right!

Y/N: Are you guys gonna be okay?

Tony; Hey, Hey we’ll be fine, We’re just gonna need some time

Y/N: I understand


Alan: Wow

Y/N: I’m, I’m sorry

Alan: Yea I’m mean I’m sorry too, but i got to tell you I’m a little relieved

Y/N: Relieved?

Alan: I mean I had a great time with you, but i just can’t stand your friends


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Pairings: Loki x OFC

Summary: Shortly after the events in New York, everyone tries to get back to normal life. S.H.I.E.L.D. has resumed its activities, but something is going to upset their tranquillity. While the Earth is still under threat, Nick Fury learns that Loki is exiled on Earth and that he has the heavy task of watching over him. The Avengers are then reunited. The situation being critical, they have to find solutions, but they know nothing about their enemy.During this time Loki gets to know the agent who watches over him: Kimberley Weaver. This young woman is the most cunning agent in the agency. She is going to try to identify this frightening character she has to watch and at the same time get closer to him, maybe even a little more than she would like. While the Avengers are in trouble, a question arises. Could Loki put on the hero’s costume?


Chapter 9: Suspicious Silent

Time goes by differently depending on people, occasions… And for Nick Fury, it seemed to have slowed down. It had been a week since this unknown threat was declared and he still had no idea who wanted to harm them. He had nothing, not the slightest clue. 

That’s why he had decided to schedule a meeting with the Avengers that very morning. He needed to debrief their situation and find a solution with them. Everyone answered the call, the heroes had gathered again after a week of research and investigation. 

Sitting around the glass round table in the meeting room, the Avengers conversed with each other, waiting for Fury to arrive. There were many whispers and questions about the man or thing that threatened them, but all remained unanswered. When the Director of SHIELD entered the room, the murmurs stopped and all eyes turned to him. 

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Originally posted by heartsnmagic

Okay I’m doing it again. I wanted to do this earlier but I was afraid of judgement so I promised to myself that I won’t do it (even though I loved it last time) as it took time to go through, but as this is my blog, I’m doing it. Haters gonna hate. 

This is possibly the last time for an event like this. Maybe. I don’t know. If I end up loving this as I did the last time, it won’t be. So I’m doing it. Sorry people who find my blog and request after this weekend, your request won’t be coming in a while…

So yeah :D

For the sake of celebrating the last month of one of the worst years, I’m having a spamming weekend again!

I just said I won’t be doing this again anytime soon (if ever) but as requests haven’t been coming quickly enough as I asked for them too late after all (and I’m expected to start posting on Tuesday), I’ve decided to host another spamming event. I’d like to get straight to work and my fingers are itching to write (AHEM I’VE ALREADY WRITTEN MOST OF MY SITTING REQUESTS I-) and right now I’ve been stressing because I haven’t gotten enough requests to start posting safely without fearing I’ll run out too early and since I haven’t ever regretted the last spamming event and actually felt sad when it was over… well, this seems like a good idea to host again!!

Even though it took some time to go through last spamming event requests, honestly, I loved it. All the requests I accepted and followed my rules were super pleasant to fill and like I was hooked in writing them, I always looked forward to a time when I could write them and I just bought a little 11 inch laptop so I could write more even when I’m not at home!! (My current laptop is huge and unpleasant to carry around + my mom kinda needs it) I missed that feeling as I had a writer’s block and now when I haven’t been writing anything for a month, I miss it again.

A little info package for you if you aren’t sure what does this mean:

So what does “spamming” even mean?

- It means exactly as the name says: that you can spam me with as many requests as you want. 1, 5, 10, 20, as many as you’d like as long as they follow my rules. Spam me with only prompt fics, gif imagines, headcanons or preferences, or a mix of them all, I don’t mind!! You can spam only 10 at a time though (as Tumblr stalls your messages after 10 for an hour and I can’t change it), but send more later if you want! Just remember that I might take turns between your and other requests if you send more than 3 but I’m sure you’ll understand that c:

What are the rules?

- You’ll find the full list of rules from my “rules” page and I’d like you to read it (link) but a short sum-up about the most important rules which get broken the most: 

- no smut/nsfw (something slightly suggestive MIGHT be ok)

- no “can you write a imagine with x”, you have to state a) a scenario or b) present me with a prompt beside a request 

- no requests for the actors or other celebrities/irl people 

- reader inserts only 

- no part 2′s or oneshot (longer pieces with 1k words and a name of its own)

- no fics for characters whose actors are minors (the character has to be at least 16 too), also some older characters feel unpleasant/uncomfortable for romantic fics, ask if you’re unsure. Jim Hopper and Hank Anderson are coming to mind first.

- no male readers as they make me anxious because of my past with irl men. Gender neutral is ok and I’ll write the reader as gender neutral unless the request has something which requires the reader being a female.

Also make sure I know who do you mean by stating the full name of a character + the fandom. If you request just Peter x reader with A36, I don’t know who do you mean as there’s at least 5 Peters on my fandom list, possibly more but I can think of only 5 right now. I also have 2 Peter Parkers but if you request Peter Parker, I automatically assume you mean Holland!Peter and you should specify if you want PS4!Peter.

What fandoms do you write for?

- WAY too long list to put here, but you can find all my fandoms here. Basically I write for every fictional movie/series/game I’ve seen/played and liked.

What can I request?

- Gif imagines, headcanons, preferences and prompt + song drabbles! Prompt list is here, 2 prompts per request!!

Anything else I should know?

- Send your requests in separate asks + be polite + reblog your request after I publish it if you have a blog of your own. Usage of common sense is also necessary. But other than those, I can’t think of anything.

Any fandoms/characters you’re inspired for atm?

- The Maze Runner, Star Wars, Gotham and Julie and the Phantoms feel the nicest at the moment, but you can (and I insist) that you request for other fandoms too! Characters… uhhhh I don’t have anyone in mind as of right now,  but check my about page for my fave characters c:

Ordinary prompt fic request template below (for those who want to request but haven’t got any ideas):

 👎︎ “Can you do one with [character] from [fandom]?”

👍 “Can you do a one with [character] from [fandom] and prompt B91?”

So this event starts now as you read this, on Friday 12am Eastern European Time/Thursday 2pm USA Pacific Time and ends on Monday 30th of November at 10am EET/midnight PST.


Okay, that’s it, get spamming!!

(Going to spam this post a bit during this weekend so everyone could come aboard)

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“I really like Bucky” you tell Steve

“Well why don’t you confess be honest and tell him your feelings”

“Are you crazy? what if he rejects me?”

“I have a feeling he likes you too”

“I not sure Steve”

What you didn’t know is that Bucky was right outside you door listening to your conversation.

‘I like you too Y/N”, He thought.

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Jack Thompson x Reader


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Day Eleven of Fictober!

Fandom: Marvel/Agent Carter

Fictober Prompt: “I told you so.”

Summary: Reader is an SSR agent on a mission with Ray Krzeminski and her boyfriend, Jack Thompson. Jack learned a while ago that he should never bet against reader, but Krzeminski still has a few lessons to go.

Word Count: 1,249

Category: Fluff, humor?

A/N: I know it’s not actually October anymore (not even close), but in honor of hitting 1k followers on Wattpad I’ve decided to pick up with Fictober where I left off when school got crazy. Hope you guys enjoy! I’m going through all the prompts, so you’ll be getting new fics into December until I get through prompt 31 :)


“How much you wanna bet she can’t make it halfway up the fence?”

Jack scoffed. “I might’ve taken that bet a long time ago, Krzeminski, but not now. She’s gonna make it over the fence and recover the files before we even know what’s happening.”

I smiled to myself. Jack had been a real piece of work when I’d first met him, but he’d come a long way since then. Of course, if he hadn’t, we wouldn’t even be on friendly terms, much less dating. Sexist pigs were on my ‘don’t’ list, and Jack had only just made it into the green zone.

Now that we’d been dating a while, though, he was doing much better with his views on women. His decision to bet on me against Krzeminski was proof that he finally had common sense.

Krzeminski, apparently, still didn’t. Time for me to try to give him a push in the right direction.

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