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[gif] // requester: @fangirlsarah16 // request here


Monica and Darcy exchange a look as Jimmy quickly straightens his posture upon seeing you enter the room. Monica has to hide the smile that creeps onto her face as Darcy purses her lips, pulling an amused expression as she watches you approach. As a fellow S.W.O.R.D. agent, you’ve been working closely with the trio to figure out what exactly is going on in Westview, and you found yourself becoming close friends with them. Compared to how stuck up and rude the other S.W.O.R.D. agents could be, Monica, Darcy and Jimmy were a welcome presence.

“Did… did you find anything, y/n?” Jimmy nervously asks, barely able to get through the sentence without stammering. Your cheeks get hot as you make eye contact with Jimmy, and you flash him a smile. 

“Yeah! I, um, downloaded some data that I thought you guys might find interesting.” you fumble with your tablet, holding it out for Jimmy. He takes it to hand to Darcy, but not before your fingers brush, and Jimmy almost drops the tablet completely.

Leaning over to Darcy, Monica quietly mumbles, “I’m not the only one seeing this, right?”

“I’m seeing it too, unfortunately,” Darcy nods in response, and Monica grins. “They totally have the hots for each other.”

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pairing: wanda maximoff x reader

words: ~1,580

warnings: a little angst to get me back into writing

requested: nope :p

a/n: i took a not-so-mini break bc writer’s block hit me like a tank. anyways,  this was a fic i made a long time ago based on a song called ‘one last dance’ by R5. happy reading! ♡


Originally posted by wandadaily

“When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that’s how you know it’s love. But unfortunately, Y/N/N, sometimes the only way to love someone is from afar.”

It was something your father told you in passing once, and though you had listened to him then, you never thought that it would ever apply to you.

But now, watching her dance and smile and laugh and love, surrounded by friends and family, the echo of your father’s words bring a dull ache to your chest.

Even though the hidden corners of the hall had been serving as your refuge for the better part of the reception, you never really could shy away from Wanda.

Especially not now.

So, you allow your heart to race slightly when she catches your eye from across the room. You allow yourself to breathe and smile back just as wide when she flashes a grin your way.

You don’t even think twice before your feet are closing the distance between the two of you.

“I was starting to think you weren’t going to show up.”

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The Last Time - S. Rogers


Originally posted by suburbias

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Rating: PG13

A/N: This is something that’s for sure, prepare for feels

Warning: fluff but w an angsty vibes ya feel?

“I find myself at your door, just like all those times before.

I’m not sure how I got there, all roads lead me here.”

It had been at least 2 months since your split with the American Super Soldier. He had committed the most heart wrenching of treachery, by moaning Peggy’s name in bed with you. It had shattered you completely to the core. He got up staring you in the eyes, before darting out the door.

You spent the weeks following completely avoiding him, the thought of even looking him in the eye causing your stomach to churn with unease.

But here he was, standing at your now open door, begging you to come in and have a talk.

“You find yourself at my door, just like all those times before.You wear your best apology but I was there to watch you leave.”

You sat down in front of him on your bed nodding at him to start explaining himself to you.

“I just want to began with, I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me, and it was completely unacceptable,``he began.

You rolled your eyes and stared off into space.

”(Y/N), I am being extremely serious. I am sorry I betrayed you like that. If there is anything that I can do fix this between us please tell me.“

"I watched you walk out the door, Steve. You didn’t even try to apologize. You just left me. How can I ever forgive you or move on? I will never be your number one, you’ll always be in love with Peggy.”

He sniffled before whispering, “You’re everything to me, (Y/N), please.”

“This is the last time I’m telling you this, put my name at the top of your list.”

He sighed deeply before smiling, “I promise.”

“This is the last time you tell me I’ve got it wrong.”

Steve sighed deeply, “This is the last time I swear.”

You rolled your eyes once more as a tear slid down your cheek, “This is the last time I’ll let you in my door.”

“This is the last time, I won’t hurt you anymore.”

You nodded before motioning Steve to come lay next to you on your bed. He crawled up to you and pressed a kiss to your forehead before pulling you close to him and cuddling into your side.

“I love you more than there are stars in the sky, (Y/N). I will never ever hurt you again.”

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Summary: Chronicles of the clothing stealer

A/N: I’ve finally finished my first request!! It’s kinda messy but I really really enjoyed writing it!!!

Warnings: So much fluff, .01% angst, brief mention of alcohol at the end

Word Count: 2,053

Requested by anon: bruce x female!reader where she’s a newer Avenger and she starts stealing Bruce’s clothes to wear for herself and he realizes he likes it more than a friend or colleague should- he gets all flustered and there’s lots of fluff- something along those lines!!

Female Reader

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Silver Hair | Part 12

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader

Plot: You don’t know much. But you know him.

Warnings: none, just a bit angsty

Masterlist | Previous Chapter


Originally posted by liveyuna

“Y/N.”, Monica says softly, and when the young woman turns around she can see the sympathy flashing up in her eyes:” It’s his child, isn’t it.”.

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steve rogers x reader (fluff)

a/n: this request made me really soft. steve rogers makes me so soft. goddamn it. 😩💕


Originally posted by forchrisevans

  • from an outsider’s perspective, steve rogers is a hard man
  • his suit is stiff, his cowl is fitted to his skull
  • his vibranium shield is essentially indestructible
  • impressive, defined muscles cover his entire body, his brow is strong, and his jaw is angular
  • a jaw that often clenches, making him look stern and serious
  • but this all disappears when he’s sleeping next to you
  • his face utterly relaxed, his cheek squished against the pillow 🥰

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natasha romanoff x reader (fluff)

a/n: combining this with another anonymous request: natasha romanoff +endgame!hair (the ADORABLE strawberry then tips blond which aw nat take care of your roots love BUT such a look also???) and a request from @sourpatchspinster: Natasha and her hair!


Originally posted by superzeroic

  • natasha hurts her shoulder on one of your missions and it’s not supposed to a heal for a week or two
  • of course, she’s restless, moving around to every room in the compound, looking for something she can do
  • but she can’t even bend her arm up to a certain angle without wincing
  • so you offer to do her hair for her
  • every morning 🥺🥺
  • you start simple. half-up hairstyles and buns, just to get it out of her face
  • then you watch tutorial videos, determined to perfect your french braid, make something more intricate and beautiful out of her soft hair
  • “i’m not pulling too hard?” you check in with her.
  • “no,” she says with a tiny smile.
  • you keep going, twisting the strands until you get past the base of her neck, the red and blond swirling together. 

— — —

part of my 300 follower celebration :)

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dating wanda maximoff would include


Originally posted by emcu7o

For anon

Request; can I request headcannons on what it would be like to date Wanda between age of ultron and civil war?

Warnings; mention of pietro’s death, grieving

Here’s a similar old post about dating Wanda :)


• Meeting Wanda when she and Pietro turned against Ultron

• You were one of the most accepting one

• You never held grudges against her or Pietro

• You felt a lot of empathy for Wanda after she lost her brother

• And you tried to be here for her as much as you could

• You didn’t know much about each other but still, you felt the need to be there for her

• While at first Wanda kept pushing you- and everyone away, you were the first she truly lets in

• She liked to talk with you because she never felt judged and she felt understood

• You quickly developed a strong bond

• Encouraging her to accept when she was proposed to join the Avengers and train with them

• Your relationship seemed quite ambiguous to others for a while as they didn’t know if you were just really close friends or were dating

• Honestly, it wasn’t that clear for either of you

• You acted like a couple more than you realized

• You had pet names for each other

• Wanda would often steal your sweaters

• You would cook together

• You would be affectionate with each other more than you’d like to admit

  • You would hold hands
  • Hug each other
  • Flirting in front of everyone

• Sometimes, you would even sleep with Wanda but when it happened it was mostly because she was in one of her bad days and needed reassurance

• You watched proudly as Wanda slowly became more confident with her powers and herself

• That’s when you started to date more officially

• Since you were basically already a couple not much changed except you didn’t tried to hide anymore

• You were her rock, her bestfriend and lover- you’re her home

• Besides your relationship being based on trust and honesty, it was also based on affection- Wanda could be really needy.

• And you understood that, after all she had been through since she was 10 years old- of course she’d crave love and affection

• You didn’t mind, not at all

• Wanda would teach you some sokovian

• Deep conversations

• Being there for her whenever she gets nightmares, whether it’s about her childhood or Pietro’s death

• Telling her how proud he would be of her

• Lot of “ I love you ”

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wanda maximoff x reader (fluff)

a/n: thanks for the request!


Originally posted by wandadaily

  • ok, theory: wanda has like, the softest hands
  • she can literally move things with her mind, so the amount of calluses, burns, or scrapes on her hand would be minimal 
  • her palms are like, ridiculously warm as well
  • so whenever you’re holding hands, you take a moment (or two, or three) to take her palm and press it up against your cheek
  • or at the base of your neck, which gives you a little shiver because it feels so nice
  • or, you give each one of her knuckles a little kiss
  • you buy her a lot of delicate hand jewelry
  • very minimalistic, almost dainty—chains, rings, and bracelets
  • nothing fancy. nothing that would get in the way of her work
  • but just something to help remind her how beautiful you think she is 🥺

— — —

part of my 300 follower celebration :)

— — —


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Originally posted by leahberman

Plot: Y/n’s life is a game of hide and seek and so far she’s beaten everybody. But her winning streak may not last as long as she’d hoped it would.

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2.4k

A/N: OKAY. I have too many fics going at once but I got this idea and couldn’t let it go. I tried writing a Steve x Reader series a while back and it sucked quite frankly, so I spent a little more time developing this one. Steve doesn’t appear in this chapter but plenty of familiar faces do. Let me know if you’d like to be added to the taglist! (no beta reader because we die like men.)


Bosnian winters were brutal. It got down to freezing temperatures, the pavement was iced over, you couldn’t go a day without being hit by a snowstorm…It was by no means remote but if you were hiding from something, not many people thought to look there. Which meant I was safe.

I casually strolled through the crowded Sarajevo marketplace, the only care in my mind being what I should eat for lunch. As soon as I stepped foot into the city, I knew I was on borrowed time. Not that it mattered, quick escapes were my forte. I spotted a falafel stand run by a middle aged man, one of the only stalls I hadn’t stopped at in the last few days. 

“Jedan, molim,” I said, smiling sweetly at the vendor as I watched him make the dish. As he prepared to hand me the finished product, I faked innocence and rushed to dig through the empty pockets of my coat. The man handed me the food wrapped in paper and raised his eyebrows expectantly. I looked up from my coat pockets and tilted my head, “Izvini.”

Before he could understand why I was apologizing, I was gone…Having vanished into thin air.

When I reappeared, I was no longer in the marketplace. I was outside the abandoned shack in the Bosnian forest I’d been calling home the last couple days. I was living a ways out from the country’s capital so the search for the disappearing woman remained unsuccessful. Triumphant in having scored lunch, I turned on my heels to head inside my temporary home.

I hadn’t expected the dozen armed soldiers with their guns aimed at me.

“You boys wanna come in for a drink?” I quipped in English, gesturing to the front door, “I’m not sure I have enough for everyone but I can pop out to the store and get some more.”

“I’d stay here if I were you,” a shadowed figure said from the front porch, “It didn’t take us long to track you and it won’t be hard to do it again.”

Americans. In Bosnia. Interesting

“Mind telling me who the hell you are?” I called, squinting to try and make the voice’s body out.

A man came forward, stepping in between two of the soldiers who still had yet to lower their weapons. He pushed back the hood of his winter coat to show his face, “Agent Coulson, we’re with S.H.I.E.L.D. We’d like you to come with us.”

I looked behind and around me, waiting for someone to make a move. “So I’m supposed to just go with a group of soldiers with their guns pointed at my head? Is it that simple, Agent Coulson?”

“It can if you want it to be,” he replied, for as threatening as he should have been he wore a small smile on his face, “We’d like to talk to you.”


“About how someone like you has been jumping from Russia to Colombia without a plane. Or India to Canada. Or Jamaica to Scotland.”

I raised an eyebrow and casually took a bite of the stolen falafel I still held, “So you have been tracking me.”

“Miss Y/l/n, it would seem that you’re highly gifted,” Agent Coulson continued, taking a step closer to me, “We’re here to help you, not to hurt you. I’d like to bring you back to headquarters to talk to you about your abilities.”

I smirked as I chewed, “I’m not a mercenary that organizations like yours can just hire for an assassination.”

“That’s not why we’re here. It’s not what you can do for us, it’s what we can do for you.”

Hmm,” I sarcastically smiled, “And what is it that I’m getting out of going with you?”

“A life where you don’t have to steal baklava for lunch.”

Having lived how I had for so long, I prided myself on my good instincts. There was good, there was bad and every once in a while there was a grey area. A combination of right and wrong that was subjective to each person’s perspective. As my eyes scanned over Agent Coulson, a professional yet non threatening presence, and the soldiers ready to kill me if I dared to fight back, I decided that I had just landed in a very grey area. If I didn’t go with them, I wasn’t sure what they’d do. If I did, I wasn’t sure what they’d ask of me.

Then again, I was a bit of a grey area myself.

I held up my food, “It’s a falafel.”

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It Will Always Be You (s.s.)


Originally posted by bluesteelstan

Summary: you and sebastian broke up less than a year ago and reunited at the Endgame premiere. 

AN: i pulled this deeeeeep from the drafts because i’m watching the winter soldier so i wanted to share this and it’s also a total mess lol

taglist: @amourtentiaa

You got out of the car and were met with screaming fans and tons of photographers. Your pastel blue dress flowing behind you as you walked on to the carpet. 

It was the Avengers: Endgame premiere and though you were ecstatic to celebrate such a successful film and the beginning of a new era, a feeling of anxiousness settled in the pit of your stomach.

As you were posing, Scarlet and Elizabeth quickly found you and joined you in a few pictures. Chris was the next person to greet you, the photographers yelling at the two of you to get a picture together. 

“Have you seen him yet?” Chris asked as the two of you smiled for the cameras. “No. I’m terrified to see him. I mean, we rarely filmed together and when we did he didn’t talk to me.” You answered. “If you think he hates you, he doesn’t.” Chris said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. He proposed and I said no. I’d hate me too.” You said. 

Chris sent you a sympathetic look when Tom Holland gave you a quick hug. “You look stunning, Y/N.” He said to you. “Aw thanks, Tom.” You replied. “Funnily enough, you’re wearing light blue and Sebastian’s wearing light blue.” Tom said. “Tom,” You started. “It’s almost like you match.” Robert interjected. 

You rolled your eyes before you walked off to do some short interviews. You were friends with one of the Entertainment Tonight reporters and you knew she was there. 

As you were being guided on where to go, you heard your name being called and saw it was your friend calling you. However, she was interviewing Sebastian and Anthony. You swallowed the lump in your throat and put on a wide smile as you made your way over to her. 

Sebastian turned his head and saw you coming and his heart sped up and his hands got clammy. Of course he thought you looked beautiful, with your blue dress that complimented your eyes and matched what he was was wearing and if he had to speak to you, he wouldn’t be able to form a cohesive sentence. 

“Y/n! Oh my god, you look amazing!” She said to you as you hugged each other. “Speak for yourself!” You replied. “We were just talking about you.” She said giving you a mischievous smirk. “Oh god, all good things I hope.” You joked. 

You and Anthony got along well so you weren’t surprised when he was the one doing most of the talking and Sebastian just smiled and nodded his head. 

“How was it working all together?” Your friend asked, knowing better than to bring up your past with Sebastian. “It was great! Everyone is amazing and so talented and they made me better everyday.” You answered. “Yeah, we really fed off each other and collaborated a lot.” Anthony added. 

Sebastian nodded before he spoke. “Yeah, yeah they pretty much covered it.” Sebastian replied with a small laugh. Your agent called you and you had to quickly excuse yourself. 

“I’ve been summoned. I’ll see you guys later though!” You told them before bidding them goodbye. 

Sebastian watched you walk to the next interviewer and he wanted nothing more than to talk to you. And he planned that when you both had a free moment, he would build up the courage to talk to you. 

After about fifteen minutes, he saw you gathering your purse and phone from your agent before she left you alone. He stopped his conversation with Anthony and walked over to you. 

“Uh, hey, Y/N.” He greeted you. Your head snapped up and your eyes widened slightly before you smiled at him. “Hey, Seb. How are you?” You asked. “I’m good. Just taking it all in. How have you been?” Sebastian replied. “I’ve been good. I just got asked to reprise my role from the Vampire Diaries so that’s exciting.” You explained. “Y/N, that’s great.” Sebastian said with a genuine smile. 

“Thank you.” You replied. “You look beautiful by the way.” He commented out of the blue. “Really? This dress wasn’t my first choice.” You said with a small laugh. “No, Y/N you look amazing.” He said. You smiled up at him before it got awkward. 

“I’m really sorry. For what happened and I know you never got an explanation and this isn’t the place for it, but I need to tell you.” You started. “I was scared when you asked me to marry you. You know my last relationship was a mess and screwed me up big time. And I know you’d never hurt me but when you asked me, I panicked. And I’m so sorry, Sebastian. You didn’t deserve that.” You finished. 

Sebastian looked down at his feet and you knew you probably should have waited. “I should have told you sooner.” You said quietly before beginning to walk away. 

He reached out and grabbed your hand, pulling you back to him. “I understand, Y/N. It was unfair of me to treat you like I did after you said no.” Sebastian said. “I still love you.” You whispered before your agent returned. “I’ll see you later.” You told him before leaving him. 

After the movie and as you were leaving the premiere, you saw Sebastian standing in front of the car you took. “What are you doing?” You asked with a small laugh. “I, uh, thought we could go to the afterparty together.” He offered. “You want to go to the afterparty with me?” You questioned. “It’ll give us a reason to talk more.” He said. 

You nodded your head before getting in the backseat of the car. 

“I still love you too.” Sebastian said. You looked up at him with a surprised looked on your face. “Really?” You questioned. “Of course. Feelings like that don’t just go away.” He answered.

You looked at him for a moment and you noticed you already at the venue. “If you asked me to marry you today, I’d say yes.” You whispered before the door opened.

You stepped out and put a smile on your face and quickly found Scarlet and Elizabeth.

“Hey, hey, you okay?” Elizabeth asked. She saw the panicked look on your face when you walked up to them. “Sebastian told me he still loves me and I may have let it slip that if he asked me to marry him today I’d say yes.” You explained.

“Oh. Well, it could have been worse. If you got back together would that be the worst thing?” Scarlet asked. “I mean, no. But why the hell would I say that?” You replied. “You need a drink. Here’s a shot.” Anthony interjected handing you a shot glass.

You shrugged before knocking back the shot of Tequila. “Gimme another one.” You ordered, just wanting to forget how humiliated you felt.

After an hour, you were very tipsy and your self-control was at an all time low.

You knocked back another shot and spotted Sebastian across the way. As you made your way over to him, you got distracted by Chris.

“Chris! Chris, come here!” You called to him. “Y/N, how much have you had to drink?” He asked you. “I lost count after 4 shots.” You slurred. “We should get you home.” He said, wrapping an arm around you.

You shook your head until Sebastian joined the two of you. “She okay?” He asked Chris. “I’m right here.” You said, falling against Chris. “I’m gonna take you home, Y/N.” Sebastian told you. You didn’t protest because you were beginning to feel lightheaded.

Once Sebastian got you home, he practically carried you to your room. You fell onto the bed, still in your dress, and a grip on Sebastian’s hand.

“Seb, can you stay?” You asked. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He said. “Please. You can sleep on the couch if you want.” You begged. “I just don’t wanna be alone.” You added.

Sebastian looked at you before he sighed. “Okay. I’ll sleep on the couch.” He said. You sent him a small smile before you passed out.

Sebastian kissed your forehead lightly before leaving your room and going into the living room.

He hadn’t been in your house since the two of you broke up. He assumed that you would have gotten rid of all the pictures you had together but he looked on the mantle above the fireplace, and saw a picture of the two of you from your vacation to Australia.

He smiled at the memory and also at the fact you still had it up. Sebastian took his jacket off and laid down on the couch, before falling asleep quickly.

You woke up, your head pounding and still in your dress from the night before. You wondered what made you get so drunk in the first place, until you remembered how you humiliated yourself in front of Sebastian.

Groaning, you got out of bed and made your way out to your living room. When you entered, you saw Sebastian sleeping heavily on the couch. You paused momentarily before continuing your trek to the kitchen.

You heard Sebastian stir and you froze. Would he remember what you said? Why was he sleeping on your couch? All of your questions were about to be answered when you noticed him sitting up.

“Good morning.” You greeted. Sebastian looked over at you and laughed dryly. “Good morning to you too.” He said. “What happened last night?” You asked.

Sebastian stood up and walked over to the kitchen counter and sat down. “You got really drunk and needed someone to bring you home, so I did and you asked me to stay.” He answered.

You sighed in relief at the fact he didn’t remember you telling him you’d marry him if he asked.

“And you also said that if I proposed today, you’d say yes.” He added. Your eyes widened before you looked down at your feet. “Oh.” You said quietly. “Y/N, did you mean that?” Sebastian asked.

You still avoided his gaze as you took a moment to answer. You heard him get up and make his way towards you before you felt him lifting up your chin to look at him.

“Yes, I meant it. I mean I didn’t say it when I was drunk so,” You answered.

Silence fell between you too and you looked up at him. But soon you grew embarrassed and returned your gaze to the floor.

Sebastian backed away slightly and you feared the worst. He moved his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small object. You looked at what he had in his hand and your mouth fell open slightly. In his hand was the ring he proposed to you with.

“I’ve been carrying this around with me since you said no. Hoping that one day we’d get back together or you’d change your mind.” He said.

Your eyes widened and Sebastian dropped onto one knee. “So, if you’ll have me and you say yes this time, will you marry me, Y/N?” He asked.

Sebastian’s heart was beating a mile a minute, afraid you were going to say no again.

Your eyes began to water as you nodded your head. “Yes, I’ll marry you.” You said in a whisper. Sebastian physically sighed in relief as he slid the ring onto your finger. He got up off the floor and you pulled him into a deep, well overdue kiss.

After a few seconds, you pulled apart and had a very impulsive idea. “Let’s not have a huge wedding. Let’s get a couple people we love and go to the courthouse and get married today. I don’t want to wait any longer than we had to.” You said.

Sebastian was okay with that but he knew you’ve had your wedding planned since you were 12. “Are you sure? You’ve always wanted a big wedding.” He questioned. “I’m sure. We can always have a reception for everyone later. Please, Seb.” You pleaded.

He smiled at you before nodding his head. “Okay. Let’s go get married.” He said.

A couple hours later, you had called Elizabeth and Sebastian called Anthony and Chris, and you were walking up the steps of the courthouse to get married.

“I can’t believe you guys are doing this.” Chris commented. “Y/N didn’t want to wait any longer.” Sebastian said. “This is so cute though. Very Meredith and Derek of you.” Elizabeth interjected.

Your grip on Sebastian’s hand tightened as you entered the building.

The five of you approached the teller who recognized you all immediately. “Oh my god, your basically the Avengers.” She commented. “We’re here to get married.” You told her, smiling up at Sebastian. “Holy shit are you pregnant?” She asked.

“How come none of us thought about asking that?” Anthony muttered to Chris. “No, no, I’m not pregnant. We just don’t want to wait to get married.” You answered. She nodded her head and handed you some papers to fill out before she began performing the legal stuff that happens when you get married.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” She said, just for fun. “It’s about damn time.” Sebastian muttered before he kissed you passionately.

Elizabeth was crying and Anthony and Chris were just happy for the two of you.

“I can’t believe I just officiated Y/F/N Y/L/N and Sebastian Stan’s wedding.” The teller said. “Thank you for doing this.” You told her graciously.

You exited the courthouse, feeling overjoyed that you finally married Sebastian. “Now what are you going to do?” Chris asked. “Probably move back in with her.” Sebastian joked.

You didn’t care what you did next, you were just happy that you could call Sebastian your husband.

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Originally posted by 0asisx


Originally posted by ruinthefriendship

A/N: Just a heads up, Peter and the reader will BOTH be 21 and in college in this piece. Special thanks to @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog for beta-reading this piece.

Pairing: Peter Parker/black!Reader

Word Count: 663

TaglistThekrazykeke, Jewel2876, Browngirldominion, merceret, bestofbucky, @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog, @whisperlullaby

Warning: Sexual content, Language, Porn without plot


You and Peter were both home from college for the weekend and were in desperate need to spend some time together after spending god knows how many hours doing projects and homework. So, what did you decide to do together when you invited him over to your house? Make cupcakes. Well, that was the plan until you decided to get carried away with the icing.

“(Name), stop eating the icing!” Peter scolded you with a frown.

“I can’t help it! It’s not my fault they make it taste so good by itself.” You sheepishly tossed your spoon into the sink before setting down the can of frosting on the kitchen counter.

You swipe some frosting using your finger and hold it up towards Peter’s lips. “Tell me it doesn’t taste good by itself.”

Peter felt his face flush as he stared at your finger before he takes your finger and licks the frosting off, his tongue gently brushing against it. He gave a satisfied nod before he smiled at you shyly. “You know, it actually tastes better on you.”

Oh?” You flashed Peter a dangerous smile before you wrapped your arms around his neck. “I’ll do you one better. I bet it tastes better if I taste it off you.”

Peter could feel heat lick up his body as you reached up with one hand and cupped the back of Peter’s head, your fingers weaving through his brown hair. His eyes fluttered close as you closed the gap between your lips in a heated kiss, allowing you to relish the taste of frosting that still lingered on his tongue. You smiled against his lips as you heard Peter moan in ecstasy as you reached down and gently brush your hands against his bulge.

“(Name)…” Peter whispered.

“Do you want me to, baby?” You asked, your eyes looking back into his longing ones.

The cupcakes and frosting were soon forgotten as you watched Peter’s Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed and shyly nodded his head. You smiled before giving Peter one last kiss before you kneeled in front of his pants. Your hand gently stroked his throbbing bulge hidden behind his jeans while Peter tilted his head back to the ceiling as he bit back a moan. You licked your lips as you slowly unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them. As you gently pulled down his boxers, his cock sprung free.

“Oh fuck…” Peter groaned, his eyes rolling back as you took him in your mouth.

Your tongue licked up the pre-cum that leaked out as you bobbed your head up and down his shaft. Peter grabbed onto the counter for support with one hand while using the other to push your head down further between his legs. You slowly took Peter further into your mouth, enjoying the soft whimpers and moans that escaped his lips. You briefly tilted your head up to look at Peter to see that he was looking at you with adoration. The desire and love in his eyes only intensified as you finally took him down to the base.

After only a few minutes, Peter could already feel himself start to reach his breaking point. The waves of pleasure he felt from your mouth and tongue around his cock evolved into shockwaves as he finally reached a crescendo. His hips jerked forward, his cum sliding down your throat. You eagerly swallowed it up, tasting the saltiness of it before you slowly pulled your mouth away from his cock. Peter helped you up to your feet before you kissed him, giving him a taste of himself on your tongue. As you broke the kiss, you reached up and cupped his cheek, smiling at him fondly.

“I honestly didn’t mean to finish that quickly,” Peter confessed, brushing his hair back.

“If you enjoyed yourself, then that’s all that matters.” You reassured him.

“I did. So much…”

“Good, then how about we finish these cupcakes once we get cleaned up?”

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: Steve Rogers and Pepper Potts

Words: 1k6

Warning: fluff, a tiny bit of angst, brief mention of domestic violence

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Notes: a little something that popped in my head today. Hope you like it! Feedback is truly appreaciated :)


Originally posted by sebastianstaan


To be honest, you never thought you would get married. Growing up and seeing your parents fight every single day, made you stop believing in such thing as ‘true love’, ‘the one’ and ‘forever’. Those remained in the fairy tales.

However, life has a way of proving you wrong. So, there you were, standing in front of the mirror in a white dress, with your hair half up in a beautiful messy but elegant bun. In just an hour you would walking down the aisle, holding onto Tony’s arm, towards the love of your life. James Buchanan Barnes.

It felt like it been a lifetime since you met instead of just a couple of years. You clicked since the beginning and became immediately inseparable. It sounded cliché, but you truly had never felt this way about anyone else. Of course you had ex boyfriends, but none of them had ever made you feel like you could reach the sky just with his touch.

You knew he was special when you first met him, but you never thought he would be so special. And yet, when he proposed a year ago, you were terrified. Memories of your childhood, of your parents fighting every minute of every day, of your dad hitting your mm and attempting to hit you flooded your mind. But you knew Bucky. You knew he wasn’t that person. He was kind, loving, funny and, most important, you loved him with every beat of your heart. You said yes.

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Summary: Every girl fantasizes how to make her first time amazing, but Y/N never got it. That is until Steve Rogers comes to her rescue.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Virgin!Reader 

Warnings: description of panic attack, SMUT, loss of virginity, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), some minor swearing. IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, PLEASE KEEP SCROLLING. YOU DO NOT NEED TO READ THIS!!!



When she was 16, it seemed like everyone in her school was losing their virginities. It had gotten to the point where Y/N thought she was the only girl in her friend group who hadn’t had sex yet. Her two best friends had managed to lose theirs AND keep their boyfriends, so she thought the same would happen to her. But after graduating high school and college (twice), Y/N was still wondering when she was going to get her perfect first time. 

Her job didn’t help to keep her distracted, though. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D regularly worked with the Avengers, so Y/N interacted with the most attractive people she had ever seen on an almost every day basis.

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December 17

I was at balcony, standing near the handrail, looking at the stars and dreaming about him. Dreaming about how many hugs and kisses I would give to Loki. If only he could be here. If only… if only I could really say I love you for the first time to him. What if… what if I was able to do that before, but fear and disappointment made me to kept those words in my damn mind? How can I forgive myself not doing that? Not telling Loki those good and lovely things he really deserved? How can I forgive? Someone in this world please tell me!

-Hey, why are you here? -As I heard footsteps behind me, I exhaled deeply and imperceptibly wiped my tears away. I turned back to Aaron with a smilling face.- Have you been crying? -My brother’s expression changed quickly when he saw me.

-Yes. -I fake smiled again.- But those tears are happy tears. Like.. tears of joy. -I shrugged.- I will come back to party in couple of minutes.

-Oh, cmon, sis. It’s your birthday. How can you say that when everyone is looking for you?

-I just need to be alone right now. I promise, I’ll be back in ten minutes.

-Okay. Okay. -He was going to go, when suddenly turned back.- Before I forget and before you are all alone, this letter was given to me to give to you. -He gave me an envelope, which was green and my heart just skipped a beat.- So… here you go. -Said Aaron and went back to the building. I was still looking at that thing in my hands. It was from him. From Loki. I knew it, as soon as I saw it’s color.

-Oh, it’s my favorite kind of green. -I was touching it carefully. Honestly I didn’t want to open, but also I was looking forward to read this letter.

“Open it please.” Said my another self in mind. “Cmon, what are you waiting for? Don’t be a coward! Open and read it!

I started shivering(not from a cold weather, but from anxiety). I was afraid of Loki. I was aftaid of his words. I didn’t know what was written in this letter… But logically I will never know if I don’t open it.

-So, I’m doing it… -I exhaled air deeply and opened green envelope, when suddnely from nowhere Thor appeared in front of me.- Oh, my GOD! What on the earth?! -I screamed with fear, as I looked at Asgardian’s frightened face. It was so unexpected.. Also he was nervous about something.

-Don’t read that letter. -Odinson Said carefully.

-Why? -I got confused.

-Because it’s not true what it’s written there. -Thor pointed at letter.

-Where do you know what is written here? -I asked with a doubtful voice.

-Cmon, do you really think Loki would sent you an envelope? -God of thunder asked me sarcastically. I didn’t like his tone. He seemed unusually unusuall.

-Cmon, do you really think Loki would come here to talk to me? -I asked it ironically too with a painful laugh. I know he’s not the type of person, who writes a letter, but in that moment when my brother gave me an envelope, for one second I really thought it was from him. And if it’s not from god of mischief, then who would want to do that on my birthday? I put down envelope on the table.

-You know him very well. No one knows what will come to his mad mind.

-So what are you trying to say, that he’s may be here? -I asked with my eyes wide open.- There is no way. -I shook my head.- I’m sure Loki’s somwhere far away. I won’t be surprised if I listen a story from you about him, how he demolished another planet.

-Is he tho? -Thor shrugged in a funny way, but I didn’t laugh.

-Thor stop! -I said loud.- Don’t do that!

-Don’t do what? -He asked with a surprise, like he really didn’t know.



-I will beat your ass, right now, if you won’t stop! -I pointed my index finger to him.

-Okay, okay. -He raised up his both hands as a sign of give up.

-Why are you really here, Thor?

-To talk about my brother. -He got serious in seconds.- I wanna know the truth… About him and you. What is going on?

-Um… I… Are you sure you want to hear?

-Yes, darling. I’m listening. -Thor said and crossed his hands on his chest, like Loki would. And I realised, he was Loki in disguise. I got even nervous, when I realised who was actually standing right in front of me. This little… Ugh! Odinson junior was playing his brother’s role so damn well… until now. He really, really shouldn’t have said those words. So you wanna play game like that, huh?


-Well… -I sighed.- As we already know, your brother is a real pain in ass, a real catastrophe and all that stuff. It is a way how he want to be seen in public, or maybe he doesn’t even want to be seen in that way at all. -I shrugged.- But I know one thing. -I raised my finger and got closer to Thor-Loki. He was looking at me with curiosity.

-Like what?

-Like what and… I know he isn’t that bad as it seems. Loki is confused, disappointed and heartbroken by your stupid father. -Thor got angry.- I’m sorry for saying that, but I had to. I’m sorry, but when it comes to your brother, there is no way of hiding the truth and my truth is that, if I could, I would give him the world and attention he needed all this years. I would give him even my own world too if it’s possible, because as much as he’s strong and powerful, he’s also vulnerable and lost. And I can’t stand when I have to look at him in his beautiful eyes and only see the pain, jealousy, anger, sometimes tears too. It’s not a real Loki. And I know if he was here, he would ask me how the hell I know who is a real Loki then, but trust me, I know. -I shrugged again and smiled slightly.- I also know that you will do me a favour and instead of me, you will wish Loki a happy birthday. -He’s face changed and got even more serious. Someone wasn’t expecting the last sentence. I could see that in Loki’s teary eyes. He cleared his throat. -Is there anything you would like to say? -Loki asked almost silently and carefully.

-Yes. -I answered shortly.- I would like to say that… -I looked at my fingers. I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad idea. But if don’t take that chance as a hint…- that, I love him.

-What? -Tear dropped on his cheek.- What did you say? -Loki got even more close to me.

-That I love your brother. I love Loki. And I’m so sorry about what happened to him and I recently. Can you tell him those words for me? -I was looking at Loki. He was silent. Didn’t say anything. He started to walk around balcony with his hands on his back, as always.

-Wow. -Then finally started talking: - Wasn’t expecting that. I’m sorry, but I think it’s not enough for Loki to believe in your words.

-Oh, really? -I raised an eyebrow.- Then exactly what should I do to prove him I’m right and I’m not a bad liar like him? Should I colonize a planet too? Or kill people?

-You just have to kiss him. -Loki transformed into his real body with a smirk on his face. The Asgardian came even more close and touched me on my cheeks with fingers.

-And that’s all? J-just a kiss? -I was looking at his eyes and I can really tell, for the longest time, he was truly happy. As I wished about some minutes ago, I hugged him very tight. He didn’t hesitate to do the same and because of his touch, my heart begin to jump out from my chest.

-No, it’s not just a kiss, darling. -He whispered and touched my neck with lips.- I want everything from you. I want you!

-Loki… I- after all I have done to you-

-Shut up. It wasn’t your fault. I made you do that. The one should apologize is me. I’m truly sorry, love. -Loki was staring at me with pain. He’s eyes were full of grief and sorrow.

-Don’t look at me like that ever again.. like you are in great anguish. I said that I love you. I truly do with all my heart. You are precious to me. -While I was confessing my feelings for him, he just stood there with a smilling face.

-Where and when on the earth did I deserve to be loved and appreciated by you? -Then he laughed with a surprise.

-Since our first meet. -I shrugged.

-Guess, I’ve never said before that I care about you. I’m terribly in love with you, if you wanna know. I didn’t want to say any of this words, because.. you know why. -He laughed again, but it was a nervous laugh.- But some things had changed so… I realised I wanted you by my side. You still don’t have an idea how I’m addicted to you. I love everything in you. You just have to believe me this time.

-Wh- Is that really you? -I was so shocked, because of this words. Did I- did I really listen carefully and right? Or am I dreaming?- Are you allright?

-Am I? Are you? -Loki smirked and engrasped his hands on my waist. And I felt that…That spectacular feeling with goosebumps in my body.- Are you? Because your face is full of confusion. And what expression will you have if I ask you to be by my side this whole life? I promise, the sun will shine on us again.

-It already does. -I couldn’t be more patient. I couldn’t wait any longer. I just wanted to kiss him and I did it with no hesitation. Loki was so soft and careful, he wasn’t hurrying anywhere, so he was kissing me slowly and sweetly. His one hand touched my cheeks and then fingers slided into my hair. I repeated Loki’s move and felt those goosebumps again in every inch of my body.

-You know, darling… -A few seconds later god of mischief stopped kissing me and whispered: -I will never try to harm you, I will never try to disappoint you, I will never leave you and most importantly I will NEVER stop loving you. -Once again he kissed me, but in a forehead and held me close to his chest. I heard how fast was Loki’s heart beating.

For the first time in my life this was the most special birthday I have ever had.


Hello guys, I hope someone will read this. Btw, it’s my first imagine on tumblr so I hope it wasn’t that bad. I know there are some mistakes, but I really wanted to write something in English. Also, it’s not my native language and it was so hard not to write in my first language, but I tried my best and hope you’ll like it. 💙

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