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#marvel imagines

Summary: In old hotel, walls are thin and Tom hears things he shouldn’t have. 

Warning: Smut, masturbating.

Permanent Tag List: @twhiddlestonsstuff@delightfulheartdream

Tom List: no one yet​


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Pairing: sub!Loki x Nonbinary!dom!Reader (Can be read as gender neutral??? idk)

Anon Request: “hihiii! can i please request a small thing for tiny nonbinary reader(mc?) who is a dom in their relationship with loki and loves to spoil him rotten with love and praise and gifts (and eats him out when he’s a very very good boy?) thank you and have a great day!” and “ hii this is tiny nonbinary anon. it can be mostly sfw, but hint at smut at the end or something :,) thank you so much for taking it up, and you can definitely take your time with other requests ✨✨”

A/N: Includes submissive and little spoon Loki! I hope you like this Anon. I am so sorry that it took me TWO YEARS to do this! I hope you see this and it will make up for the long wait. I went all the way with the smut so I hope you don’t mind that, but I also included THE FLOOFY FLOOF as well. I also don’t have much experience writing for a NB reader, so I wrote this how I would right with a gender neutral reader. I hope I did it right! If I didn’t I would love some feedback on it :)

Warning: Smut and use of sex toys



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So my idea I had for that one imagine never came to fruition… I couldn’t figure out how to write it. That being said I really, really wanna write some more but I’m finding inspiration hard to come by so if you want, send in requests for any of the following fandoms & I’ll write it asap!

Fandoms I can write for:



-Teen Wolf

-Vampire Diaries

-Harry Potter

-Fairy Tail

-Black Butler

-Deathnote (been a while since I’ve watched but I can try)

-Criminal Minds

-If you have one that I don’t have listed just send me an ask to see if I can do it, I may have forgotten some here lol.

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This is a place for 18+ imagines with some of pop culture’s favourite figures! 🔥

This is not the place for you if you are:

- under 18 years old. Some of this shit is fucked up and none of it should be used as a basis for real life interactions, or read by impressionable audiences.

- racist, ableist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, biphobic and the likes. Fuck off.

- offended or triggered by offset power dynamics, ddlg, bdsm, dub-con, cnc, primal play, manipulation, or kink in general.

I will always put a warning at the beginning of each post listing what may appear. But please read at your own risk. Do not hesitate to ask me to tag triggers or update these lists!

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Y/N: Alright we have to talk

Y/N: I’m breaking up with Alan

Avengers: *Gasp*

Tony: Is there somebody else?

Y/N: No, no, no It’s just…

Y/N: Things change, people change

Wanda: We didn’t change

Steve: So that’s it? Its over? just like that?


Natasha: You know you let your guard down, you know you start to really care about someone and I just… I…

Y/N: Look I could just go on pretending-

Clint: Ok

Y/N; But that wouldn’t be fair to me, wouldn’t be fair to Alan, It wouldn’t be fair to you

Tony: Yeah well who wants fair?, I mean I just I want things back you know the way they were

Y/N: I’m sorry

Clint: Oh she’s sorry!, I feel better!

Peter: *crying* I just can’t believe this!, I mean with the Holidays coming up, I wanted him to meet Aunt May

Y/N: I’ll meet someone else, there’ll be other Alans

Tony: NO

Peter: Oh yea right!

Y/N: Are you guys gonna be okay?

Tony; Hey, Hey we’ll be fine, We’re just gonna need some time

Y/N: I understand


Alan: Wow

Y/N: I’m, I’m sorry

Alan: Yea I’m mean I’m sorry too, but i got to tell you I’m a little relieved

Y/N: Relieved?

Alan: I mean I had a great time with you, but i just can’t stand your friends


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Pairings: Loki x OFC

Summary: Shortly after the events in New York, everyone tries to get back to normal life. S.H.I.E.L.D. has resumed its activities, but something is going to upset their tranquillity. While the Earth is still under threat, Nick Fury learns that Loki is exiled on Earth and that he has the heavy task of watching over him. The Avengers are then reunited. The situation being critical, they have to find solutions, but they know nothing about their enemy.During this time Loki gets to know the agent who watches over him: Kimberley Weaver. This young woman is the most cunning agent in the agency. She is going to try to identify this frightening character she has to watch and at the same time get closer to him, maybe even a little more than she would like. While the Avengers are in trouble, a question arises. Could Loki put on the hero’s costume?

Permanent Tag List: @twhiddlestonsstuff@delightfulheartdream

Loki List: @lucywrites02

Redemption List: @amwolowicz​  @girls–girls-boys



Chapter 9: Suspicious Silent

Warnings: none

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Originally posted by sheisraging

“I really like Bucky” you tell Steve

“Well why don’t you confess be honest and tell him your feelings”

“Are you crazy? what if he rejects me?”

“I have a feeling he likes you too”

“I not sure Steve”

What you didn’t know is that Bucky was right outside you door listening to your conversation.

‘I like you too Y/N”, He thought.

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Hello lovelies! 🎄

I’ve been having major writer’s block but I’m trying to overcome it and start writing christmas series! I have few proposals for you tell me what would you read about.

1. Nutcracker AU

2. Royal christmas AU

3. Misteltoe

4. Santa Claus’ helper

5. Something other?

Probably will write reader x bucky, but others are possible too!

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nerd talk | peter parker x reader

  • a/n: super quick one I wrote in thirty minutes for the sake of getting one done and up! just for fun, really.
  • fanfic or original work: fanfic
  • fandom: marvel (mcu)
  • prompt: (#28) “Do I have to do everything here?”
  • warnings: light squabbling, light language, you might punch me for the ship hate in this
  • word count: 818

You tapped your pencil impatiently against the hardbound textbook you had plopped open in your lap. Your eyes skimmed over passages and figures quickly and with growing impatience as the giggles of two teenage buffoons serenaded your homework-oriented mindset. Glancing up, you found both Peter and Ned sitting on the bottom bunk of Peter’s bed and leaned over a laptop, gushing about the newest episode of The Mandalorian, which they had yet to watch. As much as you loved the show and wanted to catch up on the latest leaks, you wanted nothing more than to be done with this ridiculous last-minute group project your Physics teacher had assigned you all.

Frustrated, you slid your textbook into the floor and flicked Peter on the shin to gain his attention. “Do I have to do everything here?”

Ned leaned away from Peter and offered you an apologetic, lopsided smile. “Sorry, (Y/n), it’s just so exciting! I can’t believe Ahsoka Tano is going to be fully-fleshed in all her live-action glory! It’s going to be amazing. I’m so in love with her already.”

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Going Out


Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

Title: Going Out

Alt Title: N/A

Warnings: none? Just domestic Peter. Two kids, son John and daughter Viola

Disclaimer: I don’t own you or the marvel comics or the franchise. I do own the writing

Rating: G

You leaned against the couch, your daughter slept soundly in her bassinet.

“Honey, we’re home.” Your husband, Peter, said in a hushed voice. On his back was your son, John. “Welcome home you too.” You paused your show, standing up to kiss your husband and take John off his back.

“How was work?” You ask placing John on the ground, him scurrying off to his room to change out of his school clothes.

“It was work.” He chuckled. “How was Viola?” He asked, looking over, smiling to see her sleeping soundly.

“Good, actually.” You looked up at him.

“I’m dressed Daddy!” John came out, wearing his Sunday best. “Those aren’t play-clothes?” You looked over at Peter, who cheekily grinned at you.

“We’re going out to eat tonight.” Peter said, picking up the sleeping baby, holding her with one arm, grabbing yours with the other hand and walking up the stairs to your bedroom.

“I have no clue on what to wear.”

“I have that picked out.” Peter said back, placing Viola on the changing table.

“You…” You laughed softly, looking into the closet at the black dress that hung up.

“I wore this on our first date.”

“That we did.”

“Put it on. We have a reservation for 5. It’s already 3:30 and it takes an hour to get there.” Peter said, changing Viola into a yellow dress with a matching sunflower headband.

“I love you.” He said, holding Viola close to chest and kissing you on the side of your head.

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After school ends, Peter finds his friend sitting alone and deeply upset, and peter offers a shoulder to lean on. 

Tags/Warning: Mention of Gender Dysphoria, Closeted, Use of they/them pronouns. 
(If there are any tags that should be added, please inform me.)

Word Count: 800+

Author Note:
Dysphoria is a bitch, so I wrote a fic. 
This is the edited and full version of the preview I have once posted. So it would look different from what was already shown.

Social links in Bio | Support Me On Kofi !!

It was after school, and Peter Parker was making through the school hallways to get to the train station back to Queens. He raced through the halls when he caught the sight of a figure from the corner of his eyes. The person was sitting alone on the bleachers of the outside football field. He squinted to get a better look at the figure and recognized the person. 

It was his friend, (Y/N) (L/N).

But why were they sitting all alone?

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Y/N: I don’t even wanna talk to her until I know for sure that she’s gay!

Natasha: Hmm…

Y/N: Wait, what are you d-

Natasha: Excuse me, Carol! What color lipstick are you wearing?

Carol: Oh, I don’t wear lipstick! Just chapstick.

Natasha: Oh, nice!

*Natasha walking past Y/N*

Natasha: Gay.

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Masterlist  |  Series Masterlist



The events of Endgame had devastated the entire Avengers team, including Y/n and Peter. With their Junior in repeat and their science tip to Europe on the way, Peter and y/n are excited for a nice vacation from being the heroes, but then again… When do the Avengers ever get a break?

Chapter 1

Chapter 2 (coming soon)

Note: this is my own work using the films and transcripts found online to ensure the accuracy of this work. I reserve the right to report any and all reposting of my work without my written permission.

Taglist: (open)

@peter-spider-parker-man @hgacutan@editsbyjenny@bellagrayson-wayne@lauren-novak @sweetdarlingholland @decaffeinatedfirefriendthing  @missmulti

(There are a complete total of 4 books completed and 1 in progress so taglist will be transferred towards all 5)

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