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chelleztjs18 · 4 minutes ago
Lost in Assistance - Ch. 13
Elizabeth Olsen x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/n is a professional celebrity's personal assistant in Hollywood got hired with two years contract to be the assistant of the famous and talented Elizabeth Olsen / Lizzie by her manager. Both Y/n and Lizzie hate each other since day one, and they have mutual friend. One is as stubborn as the other, will Y/n stay when Lizzie gives attitudes and tries her best to make her quit before the contract ends?
Warning: fluff, angst, smut (in future chapters), swearing words ( +18 only)
I do not own any pictures, name, brand, song titles or anything that I used in this story.
All chapters
It's Friday, Lizzie has a day off today so are you. After the busy weeks since your first day of working as her assistant, all you want is just to relax at home all day and sleep early. You actually regretted telling Aubrey that you need more than a party after dealing with a boss like Lizzie because that made you sound like you want to go to the party when you actually don't. As much as you don't want to go but you know how Aubrey is, she already said she won't take No for an answer when she invited you. After running errands and spending time with your mom, you got ready for the party before Aubrey sent a search team to your house and dragged you to the party.
So here you are, in your car parked in front of her huge house. You walked to the front door, music and people chattering inside the house can be heard from where you stand, it's loud enough to let the neighbours know where the party is but not at a troublesome level of loudness. You ring the bell and a bottle of wine is on your other hand.
"Y/n! You made it!" Aubrey greeted you with a wide smile and opened the door wider for you to get in then gave you a welcome hug. "Of course! I don't want you to send a search team to drag me here. Also, I got this for you." You playfully replied and handed her the wine. "Good thinking! You know me very well. Thank you, love!" She winked at you.
Aubrey grabbed your wrist and pulled you to come with her to the bar. As you are walking, you check out the surroundings. Quite a lot of people came, you see some familiar celebrity faces but some you didn't recognize the faces who you thought might be Aubrey's other circle of friends. Gooey - by Glass Animals plays in the background mixed with people's voices talking and laughing. As soon as you both got to the bar, you saw a familiar figure and Aubrey tapped his shoulder to turn around.
"OMG!! Look who's finally here! Hi beautiful! How are you?" Mitchel squealed with excitement as he pulled you by both of your arms to give you a cheek to cheek greeting kiss. "Hi handsome. I'm good. How are you?" You smiled. "Oh I'm fabulous! How was your Paris trip? I heard what happened from Aubrey." He asked with a knowing smile. Aubrey came with two cocktails for you and her. "Oh, it was good but you know, working with Olsen is like riding a roller coaster with lots of loops and drops." You shook your head and rolled your eyes followed with a sigh. "I'm sorry Aubrey, no offense. I didn't mean to talk bad about your best friend behind her back with you." You added as you took the drink from her and took a sip.
"Oh none taken. Don't worry. I know you were just answering Mitch's question. Oh and Mitchel, thank God y/n was with us, I didn't know she could speak French. It was really helpful there and sexy too!" Aubrey joined the conversation and of course she had to throw a harmless tease in it like usual.
"Oh yeah, my girl right here is like a walking dictionary of five different languages. I'm so proud of her." Mitch wrapped his arm over your shoulder around your neck and gave you a quick peck kiss on your cheek.
"Wow y/n! That's impressive! Mitch, can I just switch Y/n to be my personal assistant?"
"Well, It depends. If you are like Olsen, then I would say no to you." You joked in a slight sarcasm even before Mitch responded to her.
"Oh come on! I told you she's actually a sweet person, it will just take a little time to see the sweet Lizzie. Trust me." She playfully slapped your arm while she's defending her best friend, Mitch noticed Lizzie coming towards the three of you after she had a chat with her other celebrity friends. "I agree with Aubrey and speak of the devil." Mitchel flicked his eyes in the direction of the incoming Lizzie from across the room. Three of you turn your heads to Lizzie as a reflex from what Mitch said.
"Hi guys." Lizzie greeted as she finally stood in front of you. "Hey Liz! I was looking for you around. You remember Mitchel right?"
"Of course! I have met him a few times. How can I forget this charming gentleman? Hi Mitchel." Lizzie put her arm out to give him a hug and he instantly jumped to her arm to hug her back. "Hi sweetheart! Good to see you tonight. How's everything?" His smile high to his eyes.
"Everything is good, just busy with work. Good thing I have your best assistant helping me." Lizzie smiled so friendly to your redhead best friend but you know she really didn't mean what she just said about you.
"Hi y/n." She greeted you half heartedly after she talked to Mitch. "Hi Ms. Olsen" You nodded. "Um. Hey Mitch, would you mind if I borrow Aubrey for a little bit?" She grabbed Aubrey by her arm, smiling at Mitchel. "Oh of course not. Go ahead. I'll see you ladies around." Mitch's hand signaling her to go ahead. "Thank you. I'll see you around. Enjoy the party." Lizzie quickly drags Aubrey somewhere quiet and more private to talk.
"What is she doing here?!" Her eyes darted at you and back to Aubrey's, uncomfortable expression patched on her face. "Who? y/n? I invited her. Liz, she's my friend too. A close friend. Just like you and I." Aubrey crossed both of her arms on her chest and tilted her head. " I know, I'm sorry. It's just that I have been stuck with her at work, now I have to see her again on my day off at a party?" Lizzie lowered her head and groaned. "Aw I'm sorry babe, I'm pretty sure Y/n will be with Mitchel the whole time. Anyway, you pulled me here just to ask me that?" She raised her eyebrow, waiting for an answer from the girl in front of her.
"Oh no. no. So Jane forgot to give me stuff for the interviews and event details in comic con event in San Diego and I'm leaving tomorrow. Is it okay if she sends Aaron here to give it to me please?"
"Yeah sure, as long as she can make sure that we can trust him about where I live. You know what I meant." Aubrey answered casually. "Thank you! Oh yeah, you don't have to worry about that." Lizzie gives Aubrey the reassurance that she needs.
Aaron arrived at the party. The tall blonde assistant looked around in excitement as Aubrey led him to where Lizzie was. This is his first time ever to be at a party where there are a bunch of famous faces in one room. Fighting hard the urge to greet his favorite celebrities since he knows he is not allowed to do that because he is "working" at this moment. "Hey Liz, Aaron is here."
"Hi Ms. Olsen. Here is the thing that Mrs. Vernon told me to bring you." He handed it to her. "Thank you Aaron." Lizzie nodded a thank you at him. "You can stay a little bit and have a drink or two Aaron but remember you are still on the clock right now. You know what I meant." Aubrey invited him with a welcoming tone yet added a firm tone at the end to make sure Aaron knows the drill. "Thank you so much Ms. Plaza. Don't worry, I'll behave and won't stay here too long." Aaron smiled at her with gratitude.
Few drinks later, you have been "people watching" while still talking with Mitchel. Lizzie and Aubrey have been hanging out with other friends next to both of you. Everything went well, you started to think coming to this party was not really a bad idea until this russian couple who are friends with both Lizzie and Aubrey came and greeted the girls. Just when you start to enjoy the party, of course oh what a small world we live in, they also know Mitchel which automatically pulls you to join with them.
Since the couple don't know you, both Mitchel and Aubrey introduce you to them. "So Elizabeth, I didn't see Jane, how is she? She is still your manager right? The husband asks Lizzie with a thick accent. "Oh yeah, she is but she is so busy managing all the major matters for me, so she had to hire another assistant for me." Lizzie gave a disguised bitter smile.
"Oh, It's always good to have extra assistance. Hope you got a good assistant that knows how it is working in the Hollywood world." The wife responded to Lizzie.
"Ona otlichnaya pomoshchnik, no my ne lyubim drug druga s pervogo dnya." (she is a great assistant but we haven't liked each other since the first day.) Lizzie answered them in Russian and the couple laughed and thought that she was just joking.
Your eyes quickly look at Lizzie as soon as you hear what she said in Russian but she didn't notice. You chuckled and you clenched your jaw. Unbeknownst to Lizzie, you speak Russian as well but Mitchel knows so he is fully aware of what's going on right now, he put his hand on your shoulder and squeezed it gently to calm you down just in case you got upset.
You took a sip of your drink. You bite your tongue to not reply in Russian because you don't want to embarrass her even though you think she didn't really talk bad about you but you decided to say something. "Well, you are looking at her. I'm Lizzie's assistant." You said it casually and smiled then the conversation went on.
After a good twenty minutes of conversation with the couple, they finally bid their farewell. Lizzie and Aubrey continue to chat with other friends, so is Mitchel. God knows how many people he knows at this party. You stay at the bar then Lizzie comes, but both of you don't talk. You started to get bored but then comes your other Russian saviour, saving you from this boredom.
"Hey y/n!" Aaron was happy that finally he saw someone that he can actually talk with. "Hey Aaron! I didn't know you were invited." You gave him a hug. "Oh I'm just here to drop off Ms. Olsen stuff." His excited tone was loud enough for Lizzie to hear it.
She ordered a drink from a bartender so she has an excuse to stand there. She is multitasking, using most of her senses. She took a sip of her drink as soon as she got it. She glanced up to the ceiling yet she paid attention to you and Aaron in the corner of her eyes and of course she's eavesdropping as well.
An idea pops into your mind as soon as you notice that she's there. You use the chance when a slower music plays, you know she can hear from where she is at. "There are a lot of celebrities I like here. It's crazy!" Aaron said in excitement.
"Zhal', chto zdes' yest' lyudi, kotoryye mne ne nravyatsya." (Too bad there are some people here that I don't like.) You make a victory smile, your eyes flick to her and quickly back to Aaron. It didn't surprise him that you speak Russian because he knows, but on the other hand, it was a huge surprised for her.
"I hope it's not me." He threw back a joke at you. "Oh no, of course not." You grinned as you took a sip and looked at her. You smiled on the rim of the cocktail glass. Her shocked uncomfortable face was priceless for you.
Surprised, upset, and embarrassed feelings were melted in one pot of her expression. Her eyes burned with her bothered ego that she feels the need to take an action in order to help herself from the embarrassment.
"Y/n, can I talk with you for a minute." a stern voice flowed to your ears. You took a deep sigh, wondering what's going to happen.
Ch. 14
Taglist: @madamevirgo , @musicinourlips , @unstable-sapphic-hoe , @fanboy7794 , @chloe7076 , @b0mbdotc0m , @trikruismybitch , @ichala​ , @californianwhiterabbit​ , @silver-lotus , @imfuckinggenius , @sxfwap (Let me know if you want to be added in the tag list.)
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xdazednconfuzedx · 46 minutes ago
"Please" Pt 2
A/N: Thank you all for 3170 reads and 14 votes <3.  I wanted to do a special part so this one is going to be quite a long one so get ya music and snacks :)
Tumblr media
"Y/N, You almost ready?" She questioned tapping a few times against the wood door.
Yeah, we're just making ou-" before he could finish his sentence you threw your hand over his mouth, standing on your tippy-toes just to reach him. "Huh?" Wanda questioned as to what the hell she just heard. "Yeah, sorry I just got out of the shower gimme like 15 minutes," You yelled, slowly letting your hand fall from his lips while continuing to stare into his piercing eyes. "Alright well don't take too long, we'll be in the living room, just yell when you're ready." Her voice becoming faint as she got farther away from the door.
Tumblr media
"Why the fuck did you say we were making out?!" You questioned, pushing his shoulder, making your tone firm. "Why not," he replied brushing a strand of hair out of your face. "Stop doing that," You retorted, turning your head so you weren't making lustful eye contact. "Doing what?" He replies, cupping your jaw he turns your face to face him again, "What am I doing doll? I wanna hear you say it." He questioned, pretending like he didn't know that he was flirting, staring down at your full, soft lips. "Nothing Bucky, look I gotta get ready for this so-" You said, adjusting your loose watch
"Don't you have somewhere to be doll?" He snickered laying his head against the wall, making his jaw even sharper and toned. As you copied his body language unknowingly, quickly jolting up to change it as you realized you both were doing the same thing. "I do actually, don't you have the stuff to grab as well?" You started giving him a small smile but quickly wiping it off your face as you see the time.
"God, why the hell did I just say that?" Feeling your face heat up and become flustered you grabbed your clothes, peeking your head out the door to make sure nobody was around, slowly shutting the door, and raced up the stairs, pulling at your towel trying to hide your goods. Before you turned the corner of the stairs you saw Bucky looking out the door, looking left and right he finally make eye contact with him, giving you a type of look that you actually hadn't seen before. His steel-blue eyes glaring into your (eye color) sparkling eyes, licking his bottom lip, as his eyes move to your lips. Hearing Wanda's red heels click against the wood floor, he accidentally slammed it shut, resulting in a loud slam.
"Sorry, Wanda!" Bucky yelled behind the bathroom door. Rolling her eyes, she was holding back a slight snicker, rubbing her nose to get herself together, she continued up the stairs, stopping at your door.
Your POV: After racing to your room, you attempted to get dried off but failed since you couldn't stop for a moment, after grabbing the gown, you hurried over to the dresser and brushed the mascara brush against your long, soft lashes, leaving more defined and voluminous lashes. Slipping the dress on, you noticed the back had cross-like strings; kind of like a corset, after constant attempts to tie them the side of the dress rips all the way up to your bra, That feeling of just numbness ran over you, eventually turning to anger than sadness, Wanting to just let it all out, all the stress and pressure you've been holding in for so long, feeling a sore lump in your throat, With the soft, wet tears coursing down your cheeks, Falling to your knees you, hearing the rest of the side of the dress rip, as you staring down at the floor and rubbing your fingers through your hair and gripping the sides as you try to grasp reality, trying to do the breathing exercises you saw on some dumb website but of course, it wasn't helping,  just when you felt the need to finally give in and lay on your floor, a few taps hit your door.
"Hey, Hon everything going alright?" You heard Wanda's muffled voice through the door, quickly running your hands across your face, smearing the tears as if they never existed, slowly approaching the door you took a deep breath as you gripped and turned the doorknob.
Noticing your puffy, bloodshot eyes she immediately changed her facial expression, quickly shoving her way into the room, noticing your knotted hair and smeared mascara. "Y/N Is everything alright?" She asked utilizing her powers to put away the clothes that had been thrown on the floor in the process of figuring an outfit and laid them in the cute bamboo hamper in the corner of your room. "Everything's wrong, my whole plan for today has just totally gone to shit, my dress is ripped, my hair is knitted and now all my mascara is smeared and now I don't have anything to wear, I just feel like nothing is going to go right today." You expressed feeling your voice crack mid-sentence. Wanda huddled close to you, giving you a big hug. "Hon You can always come to me if you need any help at all! Seriously I genuinely care about you, listen if you ever feel down or any sort of negative just come talk to me and we can go out for a girl's day or order junk food and sit in my car and ball our eyes out to music." She said feeling tears start to draw, blurring her vision she hugged you again, tightening her squeeze this time. "Thank you Wanda really, ever since I've moved here you've always been there to help." You replied feeling a bit of laughter as you both look up and see tears streaming down each other's faces. Feeling the joy of having someone there was so warm and comforting.
Tumblr media
"Of course hon!" Wanda giggled as she wiped her tears off her rosy full cheeks and stood back on her feet, offering her hand to you, accepting her offer, she helped you up and waved her hands around, revealing her glowing red eyes making your body glowing red, as it swirled around your body from head to toe, your hair felt longer and bouncy, as well as a natural but cute makeup look as well as a beautiful gown that had slits on the sides of your legs. Swaying her fingers, you felt a bit taller but still comfortable, looking down to your feet you saw a pair of heels that matched perfectly with your dress. "Ta-Da!" She laughed and jazzed her hands, leaving the both of you bursting out laughing. "Oh wait-" she jumped up running behind you and covering your eyes, as she guided you to the full body mirror. "Here wait sorry lemme just fix this, CLOSE YOUR EYES!" She shouted running to the mirror and pushing it back so it is even enough to see head to toe. " Okay open!" She shouted, hearing the shake in her voice made you nervous but as soon as you opened your eyes your jaw just dropped. "Wow." Was all you could mouth, "Wanda how the hell did you do this?" You asked feeling your soft and bouncy hair, even doing a little spin to see the cute corset touch she added just for you. "Oh please that was nothing," she reassured you.
"Anytime y/n, now are you ready to make his fucking jaw drop?" Wanda questioned, raising her brow and revealing her evil smirk. "You know it," You replied grabbing your purse and a few condoms just in case. As you both ran down the stairs you eyes Bucky talking on the phone. As he glared at you, his eyes fell to your dress, his jaw immediately dropped, it was practically still rolling on the floor. Walking into the doorway you peeled out the side of the door and sent him a wink, smiling at you he bit his lip and looked out the window to see Wanda trying to get your attention. Holding his hand to the speaker of the phone, "Hey doll you're missing your ride." He whispered pointing out toward Wanda, then returning to his call. Quickly attempting to run in the heels, speeding up your pace as you got closer to the car. "So where are we going?" You asked, buckling yourself in and adjusting the seat that vision had previously Been sitting in. The silent electronic noise that the seats made as they are adjusted always made you two laugh. "Well, I want it to be a surprise so you gotta wait till we get there." She answered.
As everyone gets parked, you look up and notice your favorite restaurant, smelling all the different delicious foods. You both enter the building, being amazed at all the beautiful art and just how amazing everything smelled, the joyful feeling bursts in your chest, like getting food at a carnival. "Hi, I have a reservation for Wanda and Y/N please," she asked the host, using her magic to secretly stuffing the tip jar with a good 10 dollar tip. Quickly running behind her to cover the glowing red ball she had been forming. "Right this way," the waiter replied and led you two to a small booth with a beautiful view of the city. As you both get seated the waiter lays the menus down in front of both of you as well as a small bar menu. I'll give you time to decide on drinks but I'll be back soon, feel free to look at the menu as well while I'm gone." They continued to another table and began writing in their order book.
Pt 3 is out!
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milfdere · an hour ago
your savior is here!
Tumblr media
“The storage room.”
“The what?” You called back absentmindedly. Receiving, rather than perceiving. You shifted the corner of your desk, flipping over one paper after another, adjusting the flat weight. It was red. Pretty, you often thought, but the girl in the next cubicle had a green one. You were jealous. Perhaps the color was a reflection of your envy.
“Storage room.” Mobius’ voice was always strangled by cigarettes. He was a chainsmoker at the very beginning, way back in the early days, but it’s not like you could sit down and watch his cringe compilation to verify the truth. It didn’t matter much to you, anyway. Legend says he quit because of a girl. “I need you to get something from there. Behind the projector room, you know the one.”
“I sure do know it. Stacks of boxes.” You exaggerated your gestures, reached up to the sky, creating a tower. “Real ugly. I’ve got a bone to pick with whoever organized that junk in there.”
“You organized it.” He nicked an eyebrow.
“Ought to be tough for the janitors.” You ignored him. “Fuck ‘em, I say. Real hard.” 
“So can you–”
“From behind!”
Mobius called your name sternly and you turned to face him, feigning fear. But you could make out the amusement that was threatening to lift his features. Aged, flat. Thick old eyebrows. "Where'd you learn to talk like that? He asked.
"Book I read."
He didn't indulge you, just sighed. “There’s a tape at the very top, somewhere. I don’t know where, but it’s the only tape in there.”
“You’d think there’d be more tapes in a projector room.” 
“You’d think about it.” He echoed. “And it never happens. So, uh, what d’you say, want to go grab it?”
You let your head fall forward, shoulders rolling with all the built up tension from being hunched over that damn desk all day. A reprieve would not necessarily be bad, or harmful, or out of the way. 
The pact is made. You stood, legs a bit shaky from their previous idle position. Perhaps the amber glow from all those yellow lights would firm your muscles up, you reckoned, but no such thing happened as you ambled a few steps away from that chair. It was comfy, because they’d gotten new ones a few years ago. You didn’t remember how long.
“Back room?” You repeated. 
“Storage room.” He affirmed. His moustache twitched. Like something you read about once, but you didn’t remember what.
And it was a weird place, the storage room. That’s all you could think about on your walk there. It was built on the design of someone’s home, their room, a reflection. A mirror of themselves. You had no such thing, you only had the mustard haze, the amber light, and sometimes sleep, when it was permitted. You walked past the offices that blurred into one another, the bobbing heads, the sky stretched out above–you had been assigned a variant once, that was very kind to you. Their lips had been clunky around words that didn’t fit inside, when they told you that the TVA sort of reminded them of Seattle. They’d visited once with their large family, and their dog had run off and gotten hit by a tour bus. They cried and prayed over its dead body, and then they started crying and breaking down in front of you, and you didn’t know what any of that meant so you just smiled.
Your hands snaked around the door handles, frail, slightly ornate, and pulled. And you walked in on something you probably shouldn’t have. In retrospect, based on that manual you had read once, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care because there was a job that you needed to complete.
You watched him. The variant. You could have watched the screen that had gone all black, the one on the screen, but you just watched him. There was something wracking his body, you couldn't tell what. You did not know him, and you were very quiet, so it was better that you didn’t say anything at all.
He was muttering something. Talking to himself, rather loudly.
And it didn’t strike you as a strange thing to say, at the time. You suddenly felt the urge to ask what he meant by anything he said. You didn’t want a conversation to move onward from the myths and sky and universe above, but with the way he shook, you figured that he would dodge all your questions. You began to sweat, because the room was quiet aside from him. Almost derelict, large and still and sterile as it always was, but it had an unnatural calm about it, as though something had marked off the area as hallowed ground and you should never have come in. 
He spun when your foot slipped a bit, creating a soft noise that echoed around the walls. The room felt sinister; yellow walls seemed subtly filthy, lights seemed to flicker, streaked with tea colored stains. You needed fresh air, all of a sudden, or air that was anywhere outside. It was a thought you never had before.
Because his eyes were blue. The same color as the tops of boxes and the markers scattered about the storage room. And his face was cut right out of one of the lightbulbs that was in the room you emerged from, you remembered it as bright as day. But he was not like that room, he wasn’t pure. Veins traced his arm, impaled his elbows, traced up and around, because there was a rage inside of him.
No matter how much rage was inside of him, he was still just a man in a room.
You let one foot fall forward, towards your destination. The back. If you managed to make it through this, everything would be alright.
If he would let you.
Would he? There was no way to know, because he was silent, and watchful. Something like a cat, quintessential. Your brain fumbled as his eyes bore into yours, unrelenting. Did he look at everyone like that? Ripping all their layers back like he could see right through them?
Would he speak? 
You weren’t sure if you wanted him to, because you were afraid he might be your downfall. Your mind was empty, a blank slate he could have painted anything on should he open his mouth. 
He did. “Now who are you?” He asked. And although he sat silent, delicate fingers tracing his own veins up and down, tugging his shirt up to the forearm, you felt something. “And why would they send you here? Not to explain anything, I hope?” And then he smiled. It was a crooked finger smile. “I’m not really paying attention.”
You liked his voice. It was refined and cultured, perhaps like a piece of silk to store in your pocket and caress when you had a bad day. What you didn’t like, though, was the way that it bounced and echoed off the walls–for he had a voice that was meant to be heard in whispers and gasps, in intimacy and privacy. Not through the haze of a room.
You blinked.
“I’m not here for you.” You said honestly.
He tilted his head. It was cute. “Then what are you here for?” He asked, then spread his arms. “Everything in here that the light touches?”
You felt your expression change to one of confusion, while his grew more… bombastic. That was a word you had learned, in a book. 
“It’s all mine.” He concluded.
And then you couldn’t help it, so you smiled back at him. Despite everything he may have once been, he was still just a man in a room. “Do you promise?” You asked.
“Of course.” His expression grew a bit more sobered. But there was something playful, still, about his demeanor. And that plucked at your heartstrings for a moment, because what if he enjoyed playing with you?
Would you mind?
“I promise everything.” He said. “Because I have been promised everything. And look at me now,” he spun around in his chair because he was sitting in the kind that spins, “ruler of everything.” 
That made you laugh. You’d never met such a character before, especially not in a place like this. It was mostly the same people recycled, and a variant who was often too afraid to form coherent sentences. And you? You did your job, and sometimes you read stories, and he had jumped right out of one to meet you.
“The light doesn’t touch the storage room.” You pointed to it, and his gaze followed yours. Had he not noticed it before? It was a conspicuous thing, hard to miss. The only muted color in a sea of amber, it had been pulled right out of a family’s house. There was a poster on it, too, for some sort of  “cartoon.” Mobius had explained to you what that was. You still didn’t understand, moving pictures. Wasn’t everything a moving picture? “But the storage room. That’s where I have to go. So do I have your permission to pass?” You asked him.
 “If the light doesn’t touch it,” he leaned back into his chair, “it is yours.” And he smiled, that little smile. Perhaps you could give him a smile of your own. 
You kept walking.
One foot after the other, you knew how to do this because you had done it before. But he was phenomenal to walk in front of. You felt as though you were walking in front of dozens of people, parting the red sea, his kingdom of nothing. But you were not Moses and you had no staff, so when you thought you made it to the holy site, he raised his voice again. 
“I hope they didn’t get tired of me," he said distractedly, "and send you to finish the job? To grab a weapon from the storage room and be on your way?" His voice had the scrape and cut of a chainsmoker, but he was no such thing. At least, you didn't think so. You wouldn't know. “I suppose they think I wouldn’t suspect you.”
You faced him slowly, like you would someone wounded, because that was how Ravonna described him. Wounded, and maybe broken, and he would snap if you put your fingers too close. But he was still lighthearted, too. And he looked appealing in the light. You tried to put an air of approachability and harmlessness about you. “I didn’t know there was anyone here, initially.” You spoke to him, pouring the same honey that colored the TVA over your words. “I need to get something, really,” you shoved the door with the back of your foot, “from the back. Not a weapon,” you frantically shook your head back and forth. “A tape.”
He wanted to say something, you could tell, but he bit it back. Chewed and swallowed, like it was being shoved down his throat. You wrung your hands, debating if you should say something, if there was anything at all to say, but he started.
“A tape?”
And he raised his eyes to you, genuinely. You’d heard of storms, because sometimes clouds would gather in the office and start spewing water and soil all of your work. You’d have to start over. But he did not look overly menacing, aside. It was just his eyes that reminded you of drowning, filling your lungs until you couldn’t breathe.
You rapped your fingers on the door, one after another. The ghost of a smile played on his face, he seemed amused at your antics. Perhaps you were too silly for your own good, but then, so was he.
You closed the door, but not all the way. There was still a crack, enough to let in a sliver of light, because that was a child’s door and children were often afraid of the dark. You weren’t afraid of anything, there was nothing to be afraid of. 
And the storage room was still the same. Messy, cluttered, you were embarrassed that you had put it together so horrendously, but that was a lie because you could not truly bring yourself to feel embarrassed. There were “cartoon” puppies and pinwheels on faded wallpaper, shoeboxes with little checkmarks and cats printed on them all stacked up one on top of the other. The same motif was echoed in a heap of clothes and blankets, that no one had ever bothered to touch. 
The box of tapes, thus the filmstrip you were after, was at the very top of the clutter. It likely would not be a good idea to make the perilous journey unaccompanied, seeming how it might have been able to tower over even the magnificent Time-Keepers themselves. You shuddered at the sight of it, but continued on. 
A simple hop and step, shifting your ankle this way and that for confidence. A foot landed forward, somewhere in the mess, missing, slipping forwards and back, you scrambled along the piles and piles of things–toys, children’s books, clothes that smelled a bit too stale to be clean and a bit too fresh to be dirty, until you were face-to-face with the peak of the mountain. She was glorious, in front of you, the white box with the blue cardboard box that you’d sacrificed everything for.
Until your eyes shifted to the right and you caught sight of it. 
And it was horrific. 
You could not put the shock to words, nor the fright that rattled you from the inside out, bone to skin. It was a piercing sort of fear that began as a tickle in your fingers, before carbonating your body, your arms, your chest, your feet, until everything was fizzing until the single fluorescent light bulb strung above you was not a lightbulb at all. It was the sun.
Because on the wall, weaving its way through pinwheels and assorted sailboats of different kinds, was some sort of bug. You’d read about things like it, with legs that sprouted out of its torso, creepy and crawly, dastardly, dirty, you acted without thinking as the box slipped from underneath your fingers and the pile of stuff that you were barely managing to hold onto fell backwards, right on top of you. 
All you could register was pain, the slight bruises forming from everything landing atop your skin, bouncing off, rubber against granite, and fear. 
Such a creature should not exist somewhere so isolated.
But before you could register the noises that echoed from your own throat, you heard the door, the door that you remembered leaving just a sliver swing open, and the Variant doubled-timed it over to lean by you as though he was racing curfew.
You felt a hand on your shoulder. There was something overwhelming about all the noise and the sounds and the colors that made you want to curl into an unfamiliar little hole until everything would just cease forever, but you registered a touch as something familiar. You leaned into it, while the lightbulb flickered wildy.
“What happened?” You felt his stare. “Are you alright?” And then he seemed to realize the contents of the room. “What’s all this?”
As for you, it was hard to make a coherent response that wasn’t just babbling and confused noises, so you lifted your finger, his gaze followed yours. And there he saw it, the ugly thing, twitching and crawling along the wall.
“A roach?” He asked. “There,” and he began to sit up, on his haunches first, then legs that buckled before he strode towards it, “it’s normal to be startled, but not so much so. Have you never seen a–” he seemed to catch himself before he rolled his eyes, “of course not. Never mind. Well, it matters not. Your savior is here.” 
He peeked around for a moment, looking this way and that. You couldn’t bring yourself to drag your eyes back to that godforsaken monstrosity–perhaps not godforsaken, because would a god allow such a horrible thing to exist in the first place?–so you watched him instead. His whole demeanor seemed to spark when he noticed something amidst a stack of toys, a glistening jar with a little cork top that he screwed open before quietly maneuvering to the wall. You were a bit baffled as to how he moved so silently, being so large, but you couldn’t hear a thing. And when he approached the eldritch abomination, he gently ushered it with the top to land inside the jar. 
Taken care of.
“There we go.” He smiled at you then, from a distance. It took up his whole face, beaming. Was he proud of himself? “All taken care of. Is there somewhere to let it go outside?” He moved the jar in front of his face, staring at it intently. “Poor thing, trapped in here.”
His smile seemed a bit melancholy when he bit the words out. 
“I don’t…” You pursed your lips. “I’m not sure. I’ve never seen something like that before.” 
He stared at it for a moment longer before letting his hand drop to his side. “Well that’s alright, perhaps I’ll go on and befriend it. Now, do stand up, would you? Looks painful just sitting down there.” You weren’t sure when he’d gotten so close, but he’d managed somehow, and you noticed that he hadn’t stepped on even a bit of clutter. He reached his hand out for you to grab onto, which you gladly did, far less gracefully than him, not before reaching backwards and grabbing the tape that started all of that from its spot. And he chuckled a bit while he ushered you out, back to the yellow and away from the blue, which you weren’t sure that you appreciated. Laughing at people was very rude, even if they’d just made fools of themselves. 
He sat back in his little chair, spinning around a bit and keeping the jar on the corner of his desk. Then he leaned back. “Well,” he began, “I believe, since I saved you, it’s only fair that you pay me back somehow.”
Your head tilted. “I guess that does seem about just.” 
“Brilliant!” He perked up, and a single finger shot upwards. “Can you let me see whatever files that you have jurisdiction over?”
He beamed up at you. You sort of wanted to pat his head.
“I don’t,” you shuffled your feet, “I don't have much jurisdiction over anything. I just fill out applications."
"Applications?" He raised an eyebrow.
"I am a bridge!" You clarified. By the look on his face, nothing was made clear. "From the lowly people who do missions, to the big bosses on top. I have to ask permission for them to do anything, and no one wants to do their own paperwork. And that's my job."
Loki pursed his lips. "Sounds like a boring job." 
You bring your arms out in front of you, playing with your fingers a bit. "It might be." You shrugged. “I haven't known anything else. But I do know some things."
"Is that so?" He asked, allowing himself to stretch his legs out onto the desk. You weren't sure if that was allowed, but you were not an authority figure, nor could you scream at him to stop, you wouldn’t want to. “What do you know then?”
You sauntered a bit closer to where he was, in his personal space, but he didn’t mind at all. “I like to read.” You told him.
He perked up, leaning on his forearm. “Do you?” You nodded. “I like to read, too. What do you read?” 
You grinned, as both of you subconsciously shuffled a bit closer. “Sometimes, they bring back things from all over. Diaries, books, even letters! And–oh!” You then recalled something you read and reached around, to show your sudden complex understanding. “You wanted me to pay you back, right?” 
He raised an eyebrow. “What do you have to offer?”
You looked around thoughtfully for a moment, then smiled. “The letters. All sorts of books I read, often, when someone likes someone else, and feels thankful towards them, they do this.” And then you leaned down to place a hand on his shoulder, which he took a shocked look at, and then placed your lips right on top of his for a brief second before pulling away.
And when you pulled back, he was entirely immoble. Pink, red, dusted his cheeks, swathed them in colors you weren’t sure were possible. He seemed to have no idea what to do with himself for a moment before gently placing a hand where your neck and shoulder connected and pushed you back, just slightly.
“Uh…” He was at a loss for words. “What book did you read that in?” He licked his lips, tongue coming out to prod at them slightly.
You stared down. “Quite a few, a lot, really. Often, when someone is happy or elated, they make physical contact,” you pointed to your face, “with their mouths. And I think…”
He met your eyes, as the color on his cheeks turned from strawberries to something more akin to peach. “You think?”
You leaned away from him completely. “Sometimes, if I think, or if I dream…” you trailed off, but when you looked at him again, he urged you to continue, “I can remember, or I can feel that kind of thing.”
He raised an eyebrow. “Kissing?” He asked.
“Well,” he stood up, “people do kiss. To say thank you, but,”
Your heart stuttered, a strange sensation of embarrassment crawling up your neck, your wrists. “But?”
“When you and the person you kiss are not so familiar, you often kiss on the cheek.” He pointed for emphasis. “Or the forehead.”
It felt as though he’d dipped you in a pan of boiling water, or held you over a match. “So I shouldn’t have done that? You asked, lowering your head. “I’m so sorry! I thought it was appropriate, it happens so often, and–”
You were silent when he placed a single, delicate finger against your lips. When you looked at him again from below you, his face was back in place–the color had been flushed out, and a serpentine smile had taken over any hints of embarrassment. 
“It’s alright,” he assured you, nearly cooing a bit if you could call it that. “You didn’t know. I’m glad that you tried with me, instead of anyone else–I appreciate the gesture!” He suddenly soothed when he noticed you tensing up. “There was no way for you to have known that, you read it in a book, that’s all. It’s alright, there…” He stood and nearly crowded you, ushering you closer to him and running his hands from the back to the front of your neck. “I…” he looked away, “I would hate to take advantage of you.”
When you looked back up at him, the color was back, pink. His lips twitched into something like a smile, blue eyes darting back and forth like marbles–
“Take advantage of me?” You asked curiously. “You saved my life! How could I be taken advantage of? Ah,” you paused, “that is to say, by you. Specifically.”
“You’ve been taken advantage of before?” He asked, still not moving his hands.
“I am taken advantage of every day by capitalism.” That makes him choke back a laugh. “But you are not like capitalism.” You continue. “You have been very nice to me and I like you.” 
He heaved a dramatic sigh. “You are only reminding me of how much I would like to kiss you again.” He lifted his eyes up. “Well see now, kisses are considered something very intimate. For two people who care about each other to do. And if I were to be completely honest, it has been a very long time since I have been kissed and I’ve had a very troubling two days, so I wouldn’t mind some more.” He paused. “From you. I wouldn’t mind kissing you.”
“I care about you.” You said assuredly. 
He chuckled. “Isn’t it too early to decide if you care about me?”
“You saved my life!” You insisted again, and that got a chuckle out of him.
“Cockroaches do not kill people.” He told you. “But you do read books, yes?” You nodded. “And you understand this, to an extent? Contextually. You understand, not understanding things? You understand that there are things you don’t understand, but you understand consent, yes?”
His eyes flit about, glowing in the yellow light, solidifying with his purpose, like fossils in amber. 
Your fingers wounded around his larger ones, gripping them. “I understand that. I read about it. I read about all of it, and sometimes it’s like…” He nods, urging you to continue. “I can imagine it. All of it, it’s vivid. I am in the books, I’m there, and I am living a life, a life I never got to live–mmph!”
He tugged you down on his lap, hands clutching your shoulders now. “I like you very much.” He said to you, you preened, his hand came to your face, stroking it, curling a hand under your chin to make you look at him. “Can you tell me about these books? What do you feel?” And then his mouth settled over your jaw, thumb rubbing up and down.
Your teeth bit down, you couldn’t think with him touching you. This was not how your adventure was intended to go. “I feel… like I, oh my,” his teeth scraped your earlobe, “it’s very hard to think,” you began panting, “when you do that.”
He leaned back, admiring his work, the mess he had made. He had missed this.
He had missed you. He missed you. He missed you, he missed you, he missed you, he couldn’t keep his hands away from you, petting away the sides of your face.
“Do you imagine yourself as them?” He asked as lines blurred again. It made you dizzy, it was intense and you had never felt anything like it before. “Do you feel what they feel?” He separated, then leant back in just for more. And as giddiness began to overtake your nerves, you almost couldn’t hear him–not over the storm from his eyes, ringing into your ears. You were sailing along an enormous ocean with no visible shoreline, lost in the middle of an unending world, one of endless waters and infinite horizons, but you could not put words to anything you felt. It was all feelings, memories that had been torn, ripped, trudged away and locked up, never to be seen again.
You felt melancholy overtake you. 
“Yes.” You whispered against him, and suddenly slumped forward. He seemed shocked for a moment before catching you, pulling you against his chest and pressing kisses against the top of your head, anywhere he could reach. It was pleasant, an onslaught of pleasant sensations that you certainly had never experienced, and yet, you recognized them.
When you looked up, his face was splotchy with color, and his mouth kept twitching, demeanor shifting back and forth. 
“I’m sorry.” He told you. “Was that too much?” He ran a hand along the side of your face.
You giggled. “I got to kiss my hero.” You said deliriously, and his eyes widened. You tilted your head as if to ask, what’s wrong?
“You said that to me once.” He told you, before gently lifting you off. You shuffled backwards.
“What’s that mean?” You asked.
His breath seemed even more labored than yours, suddenly, he was doing the same thing he was earlier–wracked with emotion. Despite the resounding beauty in his eyes and his mannerism, you could not understand what he meant. 
“You said that to me. You, when we were…” He squeezed his eyes shut, and then turned away from you. “You should go.”
Your heart caught in your throat. “What?”
And then he looked at you. “Not forever, of course. Go, and come back later. Can you do that for me? I need to see you. And I’d like to kiss you again, but I can’t.” He let out a labored breath. “Not now. It’s too much, for my heart.” As if that cleared anything up.
The haze that you walked back to your office in, it reminded you very much of your earliest days, when you were practically a newborn and could not yet comprehend the vastness of the world around you. Yet you continue on. There is no one around on your way back, a few people like flakes drifting lazily from the sky, in a strange waltz.
There was a reason you had kissed him as thanks. You could not remember it. 
You were sullen, lethargic, and empty. When Mobius asked you if you retrieved the tape, you handed it to him. And when he asked, “What’d you think of the variant?”
You said, “He saved me.”
And you only half knew what you meant.
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Wanda: No cops at Pride, just three bears and ten-thousand rats.
Y/N: Pride generally has more than three bears.
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Dark Paradise - Chapter (twelve / ?)
Pairing: bodyguard!Bucky Barnes X fem!Reader
Series Summary: Through out your life you’ve been able to easily get used to many things. Sudden wealth, new cities, affairs, new step-parents, drugs, etc. All of these things were normal for you, your life was pretty normal to you at least. That was until a certain man flipped your world upside down.
Chapter Summary: You come home and help Wanda plan her first gala. And unfortunately she wants to invite a certain man.
Warnings: Some swearing
Word Count: 1.8k
a/n: it’s technically friday now where i live so i thought i’d post this tonight instead of waiting until i wake up in the morning lol 🤭
Previous Chapter
Tumblr media
You smiled to yourself and crossed your hands behind your back as you stood in the elevator that would take you up to Wanda’s penthouse.
You were definitely glad that you had decided to take this trip, but you had to admit you did miss home a little bit while you were gone.
You still weren’t over Bucky, but you were aware that things like this took longer than just a few weeks.
You believed in yourself and the future.
You were excited for what has yet to come and thought that things were looking up for you.
You knocked on Wandas front door a few times and happily waited for her to come to the door with a almost genuine smile on your face.
Something still felt missing and you knew who that something was, but you chose to just ignore this feeling.
As she opened the door, she looked extremely relieved to see you.
While she took you into her arms for a hug, she informed you of the gala she had been planning and how stressful it was.
She guided you over to her dining table where there were what seemed like hundreds and hundreds pieces of paper sitting on it.
Your eyes darted all throughout every single one of them before you said anything.
“I wouldn’t mind helping you out a bit.” you offered as you gestured towards the papers.
She let out a loud sigh as she began to speak, “Please do! This is so overwhelming.” she swiftly said.
You chuckled and muttered a quiet ‘Alright’ as you sat down the table.
Prior to your arrival, she had been making invitations for this gala. Most of which were just for the owners of businesses along with their wives that your father knew when he was alive.
“Do you mind if I put some music on?” Wanda asked you.
“No, not at all. That’ll probably make all of this go by faster anyways.” you answered, grinning at her.
A smirk rolled out across your face as Ain’t Shit by Doja Cat played through the speakers in Wandas house.
“Just the song I need right now.” you said, softly chuckling.
“I know.” Wanda replied, giving you a knowing look while resting her hand over your own as she laughed with you. 
You bobbed your head as the song continued to play, raising your eyebrows with joy as you realized that your favorite part was coming up. 
“Said that's not cheating if I wasn't with your ass, yo.” you and Wanda loudly sang together in unison, laughing again afterwards at the coincidence.
As the last song ended, Wanda shakily held the last invitation in her hand. You knitted your eyebrows up as your eyes went to her hands.
“What’s wrong?” you asked, trying to comfort her the best you could.
“Don’t be mad but, I saved this last invite for Bucky.” she told you, still obviously nervous.
You rolled your eyes at her and tightly crossed your arms over your chest.
You weren’t ready to even hear his name again yet, here Wanda was inviting him to this gala you knew you’d have to attend since it would be her first.
“Just hear me out, I think you should give him another chance. I saw him two weeks ago, just after he had barely moved into his apartment and he looked like complete shit. He told me to tell you when you got home that he regrets what he did and he wants you back. He said that he loves you (y/n).” she explained to you.
You sighed as you stared down at your laps and slowly uncrossed your arms. This was a lot to take in all at once.
“Oh.” you replied.
The two of you sat in silence for a few minutes before a notification went off on your phone. It was a text from one of your friends.
Now that you were single once more, your friends knew they had to take you out for a girls night, which you hesitantly agreed to.
You pulled it out and quickly read it before you put it back in your pocket and opened your mouth to speak.
“Sorry, I gotta go, I have a girls night to attend.” you cheerfully said, but slightly in a rush.
“Alright, don’t drink too much.” Wanda said as she hugged you goodbye.
As you exited the elevator again, your heart practically pounded out of your chest. You saw Bucky standing there on the other side of those shiny grey doors.
Wanda was right, he did look like shit. You kindly smiled at him as you walked out of the elevator.
“Hey (y/n).” he said quietly with a hint of excitement in his voice.
“Hi Bucky.” you said, holding the door for him.
He still stood still outside of the elevator, he looked as if he was frozen in place and lost in your eyes.
Taking note of this, you removed your hand and just the two doors close.
“How have you been?” he awkwardly asked as he moved away from the elevator, causing you to slowly follow after him.
“I’ve been okay, Big Bear was really fun. I had a good trip. How’ve you been?” you answered as that beautiful smile of yours appeared on your face.
“I’m glad to hear that. I’m alright, just hanging in there.” he said, stuffing his hands into his leather jacket pockets.
You nodded in response a moment before you spoke, “Well, I don’t want to take up too much of your time, I gotta head to a bar anyways. I’m sure my friends are already impatiently waiting there for me.” you said, quietly laughing as you finished speaking.
He nodded as well and waved goodbye to you as you quickly left the building.
Once Bucky reached his apartment, he pressed himself up against his front door and slid his body down until his butt hit the cold floor.
He ran his fingers through his short hair and began to think about your short interaction.
He had been practicing for weeks what he was going to say to you the next time he saw you, but when he finally did he just froze up.
But he was glad that he hadn’t embarrassed himself too much.
Thirty minutes later he let out a quiet sigh as he took his phone out of his back pocket and started to look through peoples Instagram stories.
His eyes lit up as he reached yours and saw that you were already at that bar you were talking about, you had even tagged the location.
He decided to go there, he didn’t want to come off as creepy but seeing you again reminded him how much his missed you. Though, he didn’t even know if you would he happy to see him there.
But that was a risk he was more than willing to take.
So, he quickly threw on a nice outfit, hopped in an Uber and headed for this bar. He smiled to himself on the drive there, he was glad that he was taking this risk.
The second he got there, his eyes scanned the whole room, desperately looking for your beautiful face and body. He glared at anyone who came up to him and tried to buy him a drink during this time.
A few minutes into his search, he spotted you. You were hopelessly trying to make some creepy guy that was bothering go away.
He wanted to get you to trust him again. So, he swiftly walked through the crowd and up to this creepy guy.
“Leave me alone!” you screamed as Bucky continued to approach you and the creepy guy.
“She said to leave her alone man.” Bucky said, defending you.
“Why does it matter to you?” the guy asked.
Bucky tightly gripped this guys collar in his metal hand and brought him up to his eye level. The guy was already looking back at Bucky with pure fear and he knew that he would give up pretty easily.
“I’m her bodyguard, now fuck off!” Bucky shouted, dropping the guys body onto the floor.
He scurried away and left the bar the moment he was out of Bucky’s threatening and secure grasp.
“Thanks, you didn’t have to do that.” you said, smiling up at him.
“No, I did have to. Even if we aren’t a thing anymore, I’m still going to protect you doll.” he replied.
“Sorry, I shouldn’t have called you that.” he added, scratching the nape of his already sweaty neck.
You set a hand on his right shoulder, “It’s fine Bucky.” you assured him.
“Okay.” he said, loud enough for only you to hear.
He watched with a pretty smile on his face as you went back to your friends. He liked seeing you happy and having fun.
You did think that it was little suspicious that Bucky had just happened to come to this bar. But you quickly shook these thoughts away.
Maybe he just wanted to get out of the house? you thought.
By the end of the night, Bucky had crushed one or two glasses in his hand as watching you grind and dance on random men made him incredibly jealous.
Though, he was aware that shouldn’t feel this way because you still weren’t his at all.
Your presence pulled him out of his thoughts as he saw that you were drunk and stumbling up to him. He softly grinned at you as he helped you stabilize your body.
“Bucky, would you mind taking me home in a cab or something? All of my friends are drunk.” you slowly told him letting out a few laughs along the way.
“Sure, doll.” he said, already pulling his phone and ordering an Uber with his free hand.
Once the Uber arrived there, he helped you into the car and sat closely next to you, making sure to keep you sitting up straight.
“You were jealous of those guys, I saw the way you looked at them when their hands were on my ass.” you said, laughing as you slurred your words and lazily rested your head on Bucky’s shoulder.
“Mhm.” he quietly replied.
“I love you.” you told him, still slurring your words and giggling.
He looked down at you with a bit of concern, “You don’t know what you’re saying doll, you’re drunk.” he told you.
“Okay, whatever you say Buckaroo.” you said, still resting your head on his shoulder.
After he got you home, took off your makeup and tenderly put you in your bed, he contemplated leaving your home.
But, he remembered how bad your last hangover went, so he decided to sleep on your couch, using his jacket as a small blanket.
He desired to be there incase you needed something from him.
Plus, he didn’t want you to be alone and accidentally choke on your own vomit. That probably wouldn’t end well.
This night had finally made Bucky feel happy for the first time in a little while. In a way, he had his girl back. Even though, he knew that you two still had a long way to go.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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imagine: getting competitive during monopoly.
Tumblr media
“cowards!  all of you!” you exclaimed, standing up from where you sat at the table.
“[your name], for the last time,” tony said, looking over at you.  “offering boardwalk for a thousand dollars is not a good deal.”
“keep saying that, tony, but if peter had boardwalk, then he could kill us all if we landed on that or park place and you know it.  pete, he just doesn’t want you to win,” you pout over at the teenager.
“stop trying to guilt him,” natasha laughed.  “peter, ignore her!  she’s being ridiculous.”
“shhh, nat, you are not helping!”
“[your name], i could give you a loan if you’d like,” steve said, watching you with furrowed eyebrows.
“why would i need a loan?”
“you have a dollar.”
you rolled your eyes.  “i have a dollar because i bought everything i landed on, unlike you fools.  how many properties do you own?  i have thirteen.  steve, you have five.  tony literally has the same.  i can’t even see what peter has, and nat—well, i’ve bought like two of hers after she got them.  it’s hard to tell at this point.”
“you are being ridiculous!  didn’t we just say to stop?” tony exclaimed, throwing his arms up in the air.  “stop trying to sell your properties, you bought it, you deal with it.”
you scoffed.  “tony, are you saying you don’t want the third red one?  it’d give you the chance to put houses on everything.”
tony watched you for a moment and took it into consideration.  “how much?”
“two thousand.”
“what—that’s even more than you charged peter for boardwalk!” he nearly shouted.
“and peter didn’t take it.  i’ve gotta earn my money somehow, tony!”
tony grumbled and started counting through his money.  he looked over and narrowed his eyes.
“i have eight hundred.”
“hm.  that’s too bad, tones.  looks like you’re not getting—“
“—oh my god, you two, please, tony, just play your damn turn before my brain literally melts out of my skull,” natasha groaned. 
“i am never playing monopoly with you, again,” natasha huffed, watching as you counted out your money.  
you looked over at her and rose an eyebrow.  “what if we get bucky and sam to play?”
natasha thought in silence, crossing her arms over her chest.  “you... make a compelling argument.”
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Excuse Me?
Summary: You and Loki get a bit carried away while sightseeing on vacation
A/N: Hey guys! I've been browsing some random story prompts lately just on Google, and one of the ones I found and spoke to me was "Set your story on (or in) a winding river" (reedyprompts This is a little different than a river, but I enjoyed writing it. If you want a visual of the landscape described, I'll link pictures here and here.
P.S. If you're interested in the real-life inspiration, it is Dismal Falls (just off the Appalachian Trail in Pearisburg, VA, USA)
Tags: Loki x Reader, Loki, Loki imagine, Loki Series, Alternate Universe, Happy Universe, Avenger!Reader
WARNINGS: suggested sexual content but nothing explicit
Word Count: 1668
Tumblr media
“It’s gorgeous.”
“Mediocre at best.”
“You’re mediocre.”
Loki’s eyelid twitched when you returned his snark.
The blue eye nearest to you was cracked open, sharp and focused on your face. It was a harsh contrast to the rest of his relaxed form resting in a hilariously low beach chair, long legs stretched in front of him. You were settled on a blanket, cross-legged and happily munching on a sandwich from the hole in the wall deli you had passed on your way out.
In front of you both was a gurgling water fall that sent a comfortable humidity into the warm air. While it was only a few metres high, the water rushed over the edge and provided the perfect white noise for you to relax and enjoy lunch. The pool below was crystal clear with minnows swimming back and forth to their heart’s content. Your perch was a wide, flat stone at the edge of said pool, whose surface had been weathered by the flow of water long ago.
You were adamant that a break from the team and missions was necessary every now and again. Loki, for one, couldn’t agree more and jumped at the opportunity to get away. So, Bucky was kind enough to fly the pair of you from upstate to D.C., where you rented a car- with Tony’s black card, of course- and drove into Appalachia.
While the peace of the mountains and river was exactly what you were searching for, Loki spent much of the time comparing the ‘Midgardian’ sights to those of Asgard.
“Don’t give me that side-eye.” You reached over and covered his eyes, receiving a smack to the knuckles.
In the process, you successfully dumped mayo from your sandwich to your blanket, at which the God wrinkled his nose.
“Remember who you’re talking to, my dear.” Loki’s words would have been a threat to any other Avenger, but to you they were a mere tease.
“Yeah you’re real terrifying.” You chirped, “especially in that outfit.”
Loki looked down, lowering the aviators that were perched on his aristocratic nasal bone. “Now you make fun of my dress. Remind me again why I agreed to this nonsense?”
You surveyed Loki’s clothes, from the rather tight black jeans to the gray t-shirt bearing a small Avengers logo on the left breast. You were fairly sure he stole the shirt from the compound gym, and you knew he thieved the aviators from Tony’s admittedly excessive collection.
“Because you’re madly in love with me and we both needed a break?” You suggested, throwing a leg over Loki’s thighs and sliding onto his lap.
He hummed, hiking up on the chair so he was able to kiss against your exposed collarbone. “Not sure about madly. Stupidly, perhaps.”
You lifted your sunglasses and pointed a finger at his face, leaving no room for movement. “Watch it. I’ll throw you in.”
Loki, ever the one to push limits, poked a finger back at you. He tapped your chin and followed it with a soft flick to your nose. “Darling, if I go in, you’re coming with me.”
A giggle fought its way into your throat, but you choked it down to continue the banter. You leaned into the shell of his ear, pressing a kiss to the lobe in the process. The shudder that wracked his body was worth all the work.
“Don’t threaten me with a good time, Loki.” You breathed, “I love to be wet.”
It took no time for you to sense the arousal growing, but you refrained from enjoying it just yet. Where Loki was concerned, arousal and mischief went hand-in-hand. Whether it be magicking your clothes off before you were completely in your bedroom, turning your underwear into licorice or creating a duplicate to tease you before disappearing, things were never as they seemed.
Not right away, at least.
“Do not jest, woman. You are far too prude to carry through with your insinuations in a public location.”
On a normal day, Loki would be one-hundred percent correct. You were far too nervous to consider sex- or anything that might involve the removal of clothing- in a public place. Hell, you held your bladder on a ten-mile hike the previous day because you refused to pee in the forest, even with an invisibility enchantment on you.
However, the secluded falls combined with the two White Claws you downed had you far more relaxed than normal. That, and you really did not want Loki to have the satisfaction of being right.
You stood from Loki’s lap, being sure to ‘accidentally’ palm him as you did so. The God swallowed, watching you from behind mirrored lenses. To be dramatic, you turned away from him and huffed loudly before beginning to shuck off your crew neck. Quickly following was your t-shirt and shorts, making a puddle of colorful fabric on the rocks.
“And just what are you doing?” Loki had set his book aside and was now sitting upright in the chair, enjoying the stripping but keeping hands to himself.
You shrugged, reaching around for the bra clasp that he hated so much. “I told you. I love to be wet.”
Loki drew to his feet as you tugged at your underwear, sending a final glance around the area to ensure solitude. Your only witnesses were the soon-to-be traumatized fish and the glaring southern sun.
But just as the God reached for your hip, you launched yourself from the rock into the depths below. The water was cool, rushing over your naked body and washing away any remaining self-doubt. You stayed beneath the surface for a moment, raking your fingers through your hair to push it back before returning.
Loki was standing gob smacked on the side of the rock when you resurfaced. One brow was lifted in a silent challenge, and his arms were crossed over the Avengers t-shirt.
“You did that to prove me wrong.”
You snorted. “I know how much it hurts your feelings, Lokes, I apologize.”
He seemed to make a decision then, removing the sunglasses and tossing them back onto the chair. Before you could prompt him to answer a question, his hands reached for the hem of his shirt.
It was then you realized you were in for it.
“No matter.” He tossed the shirt onto your pile of clothes and began working on the button to his jeans. “We swam nude on Asgard rather frequently in our youth. Not to mention the bath houses.”
Your brain was more focused on Loki’s bared body than anything else and failed to register how close he was to jumping in when he made the leap. You squealed, pushing off the bottom to swim away. His dive was, of course, perfect.
You made it approximately three feet when a hand latched onto your ankle and yanked until you were trapped against pale skin and inhuman muscle. Too often you forgot just how strong Loki was. Regardless, you continued to play, wrestling against his body.
“You really think you’ll escape?”
You managed to get an arm around the back of his neck and use a nearby rock to push off, launching yourself- rather slowly because you weren’t considering the four feet of water around you- onto his shoulders.
All credit to Natasha for that trick, as you would not have mastered it if it weren’t for days of repeated training.
“Who says I want to?” You leaned down towards his ear, only to be sent spiraling back into the water when he abruptly dunked both of you to gain the upper hand.
Too quickly for your human brain, Loki had dragged you from underwater and pinned your arms to the rock beside the waterfall; your hands were locked above your head and your chest heaving just below the water’s surface. You could barely distinguish the sound of the babbling water from the blood rushing in your ears. It only grew louder when Loki crashed his lips to yours, tongue tracing patterns into your bottom lip and teeth grazing your mouth.
You moaned when his thigh slid between your legs, nudging them apart until he met your core. You ground against the limb, eliciting a hungry sigh from the God of Mischief. He paused to look at you, raven hair wet and pushed back from his face as it curled around his ears. You were sure your face was flushed and your lips were swollen, all while your lower abdomen throbbed with desire.
“Loki…” You moaned as he attached his lips to your neck, licking away droplets of water and following them to your mouth.
“Excuse me?”
Loki spun around at the sound of a woman’s voice, one hand reaching behind him to cover you. You pressed against his back, worst fear realized as you watched the female park ranger move to the spot you’d been sitting minutes earlier.
“Hello.” Loki began. “We were just-”
The park ranger, who looked to be in her mid-fifties, held out a hand. “Oh hell no. Don’t tell me. Just- not here.”
You couldn’t help the strangled laugh that escaped your mouth as Loki opened and closed his like a fish. “Apologies, madam.”
“Yeah whatever, King Henry. Just do me a favor and get outta here before the families come in for the afternoon.” With that she turned to walk away, but paused halfway to the trail. “Next time it’s a public indecency charge.”
You gripped Loki’s shoulders as he turned. “That poor woman.”
Loki only furrowed his brow. “I have a fantastic physique, she should be impressed.”
You rolled your eyes. “Oh whatever, King Henry,” you mimicked her poking fun at his accent, “Let’s go before we traumatize any children.”
“Who is Henry, and why is he king?”
Your palm flew to your forehead again. “An old historical figure that used to be the King of England.”
“So she understands where I truly belong.” Loki nodded. “It’s very apparent.”
“Whatever you say, Loki. Whatever you say.”
Tumblr media
If you enjoyed this, please send me ideas or leave a like. It means the world to me ❤️
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thelemonadestxnd · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
ThunderShield is the OTP + Request from @js3639 <3
Unedited version available here
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some0nereally · 4 hours ago
Spoilers maybe? Yes imma just say yes
But just Imagine you doing the tricks he taught you in the main timeline after everything happened.
Is this stupid? I think it's cool does anyone else feel the same? I have other edits I keep hidden away...
Tumblr media
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bdbb-writes · 4 hours ago
Bucky Barnes Masterlist
Tumblr media
works containing smut will be marked with a *
to be announced
If I Tremble (coming soon!)
Jet Black Heart (coming soon!)
to be announced
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uraveragelonelygay · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Requested: Yes
Summary: When Wanda cheats on you with Vision, Natasha is there to pick up the pieces.
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader, Eventual Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 2.4k
Warnings: Description of a panic attack, cheating, Vision being a homewrecker, profanity
A/N: Please enjoy this! I had much fun with the Vision slander! It was hard to write Wanda like this ngl because I love her but still it was fun!
You were hopelessly in love with Wanda Maximoff. The two of you had been inseparable since she arrived at the compound 3 years ago, quickly becoming close friends. It was no shock when the two of you began dating a year into her stay at the compound. Everyone saw how quickly you hit it off. You just understood each other in a way you didn’t think you would find with anyone else.
She was it for you. You were certain of that. So, on your two year anniversary, you prepared to propose to her. This was something you had been planning for awhile. The closer your anniversary got, the more in love with Wanda you fell, and the more excited you were to propose to her. You wanted to spend the rest of your life with her.
Two hours. That was how long you had been waiting at the restaurant for Wanda. Your soup had long since grown cold, and the velvet box in your purse felt heavier than ever. You couldn’t believe she forgot. What could have been so important that she would forget about this important day? You were about to find out.
You stormed through the compound, tossing off your heels as you walked.
“Y/N?” Nat asked.
“I’ll explain later,” you said as you continued walking.
You got into the elevator and your thoughts were racing. What would you say? I mean everyone makes mistakes, it’s not the end of the world, right? No, you thought. Two years is a big deal, she should’ve remembered. You hoped all would go well, maybe a minor argument, but then she would apologize, you would propose, and then you’d finish the night off with some amazing sex.
There would be no amazing sex...not on your end anyway.
You knocked on Wanda’s door and got no response.
“Wanda? We need to talk.”
You rolled your eyes and opened the door.
You did not like what you saw.
No. That would be an understatement. You despised what you saw. Your heart plummeted to your stomach.
There, in the bed you and Wanda had shared for countless nights, was Wanda and Vision.
Wait, did he even have a-
Besides the point.
“Wow,” you growled, effectively breaking the pair up.
Wanda looked at you with wide-eyes. “Y/N-”
“You’re cheating on me,” you said quietly.
Wanda quickly dressed herself and tried to reach out for you but you backed away.
“I was going to propose. And you’re cheating on me,” you said, more to yourself than anything, but Wanda heard it nonetheless.
Her eyes filled with tears. “You’re proposing?” She asked.
You laughed bitterly at her. “Was going to propose,” you corrected her.
She shook her head, tears escaping her eyes. “Look, I can explain-”
“Explain what? I think it’s pretty damn self explanatory! You cheated on me with a fucking google home!” You shouted at her, ignoring the tears falling down your own cheeks.
You turned to face Vision, still in bed. “Alexa, why did you fuck my girlfriend?” You asked sarcastically.
“Actually, Agent Y/L/N, I believe those aren’t the same-”
“FUCK OFF, SIRI,” you shouted at him. You turned back to Wanda.
“Why?” you asked shakily, trying to push off the inevitable panic attack quickly heading your way.
“Vision and I...we just have this connection. Because of the Mind Stone. What you and I just wasn’t enough. I’m sorry, Y/N,” she said quietly, reaching out once more, but you jerked away from her touch.
“All I did was love you. I’m sorry that wasn’t enough,” you said quietly.
And with that, you left the room and ran back to your own.
By the time you made it to your room, the panic attack had arrived.
You slid down the wall and pulled your knees to your chest, rocking back and forth trying to calm yourself. But it wasn’t working. 
You thought you would marry her. You thought she was it for you. You thought she loved you. But she didn’t. She cheated. You weren’t enough. Vision was it for her. Not you. You were nothing.
You couldn’t breathe. You pulled at your hair, trying to ground yourself, but nothing was working. You felt like you were dying as you gasped for air helplessly.
Suddenly, a blur of a person with red hair came into view.
“Hey, sweetheart. It’s, Nat. You’re okay. I need you to breathe. Can I touch you?”
You frantically nodded your head, needing some physical contact to ground you during this.
She gently pulled your hands from your hair and held one in her own, taking the other and placing it on her chest.
“Follow my lead, okay?” She instructed before taking exaggerated breaths. Slowly but surely your breaths began to slow until you were breathing in unison.
Once you had calmed down, she wiped away your remaining tears and held you tight in her arms.
“You said you’d explain later,” she said playfully, to which you laughed wetly.
You and Nat had been best friends since you came to the compound seven years ago. The two of you bonded quickly after realizing you had the same sense of humor and matched each other’s energy almost perfectly. Before Wanda came to the compound, you and Nat were practically inseparable. So, she had seen her fair share of your panic attacks. And she knew you didn’t want to be treated like you were glass and could break any moment just because you had a moment of “weakness” (you called it that, but she always argued it made you stronger). So she made a point to make you feel as normal as possible before diving into what triggered your attack.
“That I did,” you replied with a weak smile.
Once you pulled away from the hug, Nat took your hand before leading you to your bed, knowing the two of you would be more comfortable there than on the hard floor.
“So,” she started, facing you and giving you all her attention, “What’s up, buttercup?”
You took a shaky breath. “She cheated. Wanda cheated.”
Nat’s eyes were wide at that, her eyes becoming cloudy with anger fairly quickly.
“She did what?” She all but growled.
You took her hand, and she squeezed it in response, knowing you needed to ground yourself before giving her a full explanation, otherwise you would throw yourself right back into another panic attack.
“I waited for her at the restaurant for two hours. When she didn’t show up, I came back here and went to her room, only to find her in bed with Vision. She said I wasn’t enough,” you finished, tears cascading down your face yet again, but Nat was quick to wipe them away.
“That’s such bullshit. She left you for a google home?”
You laughed loudly at that. “That’s what I said!”
“Great minds think alike,” she smirked, before becoming serious. “But Y/N, don’t listen to her lies. You are more than enough. If she doesn’t see that, then she’s an idiot. You deserve so much better.”
You smiled softly at her. “Thanks, Natty.”
Six Months Later
It had been six months since the breakup and you were doing fairly well. Nat had been encouraging you to go on dates and get yourself back out there, so that’s what you were coming back from tonight. Yet another failed date. Typically, Nat would be around to comfort you after each dating disaster. But tonight, she was off on a last-minute mission, so you decided it would be best to drink yourself into oblivion.
You were only an hour in, though, when a certain Black Widow entered your view, quickly pulling the bottle of whiskey out of your hand and crouching down to your level with concerned eyes.
“Y/N? What are you doing?” She asked.
“Drinking...duh,” you replied and she stifled a laugh.
“I see that. Did the date not go well?”
You sighed. “None of the dates go well. I’m not enough for anyone. I’m not even enough for the girl I want the most.”
“Wanda?” She clarified.
“Nooooooo,” you stretched out the word, a confused expression on your drunken face, “Her name is Natasha. She’s really pretty and sweet and badass and she cares about me even though I don’t come close to how amazing she is. Don’t tell her I told you I love her, though! Please!”
Nat simply smiled softly at you. “I won’t tell her. I promise. Now get some rest, princess,” she said, helping you get into bed before tucking you in and kissing your forehead. And just like that, you were out like a light.
You woke up with a strong headache and groaned at the pain. You sat up to find two Advil on your nightstand, a glass of water, and a note:
Good morning! Please take those Advil for your headache, I promise it’ll make you feel better. And, when you inevitably remember what you said last night, I’ll be in my room if you want to talk.
What had you said? You furrowed your brows as you took your Advil, wracking your brain for anything you could’ve possibly said that would result in needing to talk to Nat-
Oh. You had told her you loved her.
Well, it was true. The fact of the matter is, you caught feelings for Nat about four months after your breakup with Wanda. But you couldn’t handle rejection again. You knew you weren’t enough for her. So what was the point in going ahead and getting your heart broken again?
But now she knew. And you figured there was no going back, so you got dressed and headed over to her room, knocking softly and entering when you heard her say to do so.
You began to ramble almost immediately. “Nat, I’m so sorry for what I said, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable and I-”
She cut you off by rushing up to you and wrapping her arms around you, pulling her into a tight hug.
“You are enough,” she whispered as you nuzzled your face in her neck. “You are enough and I love you too. I love you so much, Malyshka.”
“You do?” You asked shakily.
She pulled away so she could see your face. “Of course I do. I wish you could see yourself the way I do. You are beautiful, and strong, and brave, and kind, and everything I could ever want all bundled up into one angel of a human. And now I get to call you mine.” She paused. “I do get to call you mine, right?” 
You nodded frantically. “Yes, please.”
She giggled and captured your lips in a soft kiss.
You told the team about your relationship a month after that day. And you were happy. You were so, so happy. But somebody else wasn’t.
Wanda never hesitated to throw glares at Nat or make rude comments whenever you two were together. She hated seeing you and Nat together. She hated that you were with Nat and not her.
Seven Months Later
“You didn’t!” You exclaimed, giggling at your girlfriend’s story.
“Oh, but I did,” she replied, laughing right back. The two of you were cuddled up on the couch, exchanging stories and just enjoying being in each other’s presence.
“Y/N,” A new voice called, and you turned your head to the source of the sound.
“Wanda,” you replied cautiously, looking at the girl. Your grip on Nat tightened, and she rubbed your back comfortingly in response.
“Can we talk?”
You looked to Nat, but she merely smiled and nodded encouragingly, pecking you on the lips before you stood up.
“I’ll be right back, love,” you said before following Wanda to her room.
“So, Wanda, what did you want to-”
“I’m in love with you,” she blurted out and your eyes widened.
“I’m in love with you and I’m so sorry for cheating on you and saying those things. I broke up with Vision. We aren’t meant to be. But you and I are. Tell me you feel it too.”
You scoffed. “No...I don’t feel it too. Wanda, you treated me like shit. You cheated on me with that microwave and now you expect me to come running back into your arms just because you finally realized you wanted me? No. I refuse. I am so in love with Nat. She makes me feel like I’m enough. Wanda, she’s it for me. I know that now. You are the past. She is the present and the future. It’s not my fault you fucked up. I forgive you, but no. You and I are done. Have been for ages.”
She looked at you with tears in her eyes. “But Y/N-”
“No,” you cut her off. “There’s nothing more to be said. Goodbye, Wanda.” You said before leaving the room and going right back to your girlfriend, making a brief pit stop on the way.
“How did it go?” Nat asked hesitantly as you approached her, but you flashed her a bright smile.
“Fine. Nothing important, I promise to tell you everything later,” you started, “But for now, I have something to tell you.”
“Okay…” Nat said.
You took a deep breath and got down on one knee, holding out a black velvet box. Nat gasped.
“Natasha Romanoff, I am so hopelessly in love with you. I thought I had known love before, but it was nothing compared to what I feel when I’m with you. Wanda said some things about people who are meant to be, and I realized that’s what you and I are. We click so well, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I’ve wanted to ask this for a while, but I didn’t want to rush it. But now I figured, why wait? I want to wake up every morning to see your face and fall asleep every night in your arms. I want to be enough for you, Nat. Will you let me? Will you marry me?”
She nodded, tears escaping her eyes as you put on the ring. She then pulled you up and peppered kisses all over your face. She then hugged you tightly.
“What did I do to deserve you? All I did was love you,” you said softly.
“And that was more than enough, moya lyubov. I love you, sweetheart,” Nat said lovingly.
You smiled as you tightened the hug. “I love you too, Natty. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”
Taglist: @d14n4ol​ @madamevirgo​
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bdbb-writes · 4 hours ago
Loki Laufeyson Masterlist
Tumblr media
works containing smut will be marked with a *
to be announced
Do The Fireworks Again Kitty
When the darkness comes (coming soon!)
to be announced
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lesbian-deadpool · 5 hours ago
Natasha: FUCK!
Y/N, rushes in: Natasha, what's wrong? Are you okay? Are you hurt?
Natasha: What? Oh, yeah, I'm fine. I was just screaming at life in general.
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salted-snailz · 5 hours ago
Erik: *Gently taps table*
Charles: *Taps back*
Peter: What are they doing?
Y/n: Morse code.
Erik: *Aggressively taps table*
Charles: *Slams hands down* YOU TAKE THAT BACK!
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moonlitdesertdreams · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My Fault, entirely (Reader comforts Loki at the TVA)
Apocalypse... now? (Reader visits Pompeii with Mobius and Loki)
Your Fool. (Reader and Loki have fun at a party in Avengers Tower.)
Excuse Me? (Teasing Loki on vacation)
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daisysreid · 5 hours ago
raindrops sneak peek
i thought since it’s taking forever to get the second part of dog tags out that i’d give a little peek for those of you waiting to read it.
your sneak peek at raindrops is under the cut.
December 21, 1946
The pitter-patter of the rain hitting the roof sent a calming sensation through your body. The sound of rain had always had a calming effect on you being in this environment didn’t stop the calming effect it had. It actually made you feel calmer than you had been in months—a year to be more specific.
It was hard to believe a year has passed since being taken by Hydra— since you’ve seen him. You’ve asked to see him but were always met with no answer so eventually, you got the hint and hadn’t asked again. You just hoped you’d get to see him soon and see if he’s okay.
God, you hoped he was.
You didn’t know what you would do without him. He was your everything—your world, the love of your life and life without him? You didn’t want to know that.
But… but the world works in twisted ways.
“Ah, Miss L/N! Time to get up, we have to prep you.”
Shooting out of your cot you backed yourself up against the wall, a glare set on the man who brought you here in the first place.
You wanted nothing more than to slap the stupid little smile he wore off his face.
“Prep me? Prep me for what?”
“Well, that’s for me to know and you to find out, isn’t it?”
Always to fucking cryptic.
its not much but its what i’m willing to share until i can finally post the full thing!! i hope this at least made you excited for it </3
also if you wanna be tagged in part two just let me know and i will make sure you’re tagged.
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avenging-fandoms · 5 hours ago
PLEASE OFKFJJFJY, he'd argue so much with you about putting it on put he randomly comes out from the bedroom with it on and he can see the change in your body language and he gets all cocky about it
Tumblr media
"buck! look, you can pretend it's halloween and say you're dressing up as a soldier" you smile but he looks at you with a thin smile and his eyes low. you rolled your lips between your teeth, trying not to smile.
“i don’t care if it actually is halloween, i’m not putting it on” bucky sat next to you and handed you the bowl of popcorn.
“okay, okay. you don’t have to if you don’t want to” you smile and he kissed your cheek, turning on the tv and playing a movie.
a couple weeks had passed and you had honestly forgotten about the uniform sitting in the back of your closet. bucky didn’t.
while you were out shopping for a birthday party, bucky put the uniform back on. once he turned and saw himself in the mirror, a rush of emotions poured throughout his body.
when he heard the front door close, he jumped and closed the door softly, leaving just a crack so he could spy on you. when he saw you climbing up the stairs, he quietly tiptoed into the bathroom.
“in the bathroom, just a minute” bucky smiled in the mirror, rubbing his hand over his freshly shaved face and hyping himself up.
“hey i was thinking we try making something new for dinner. maybe you can call up sam and his sister for a.. recipe” bucky opened the bathroom door and you did a double take as you watched him walk out. “james buchanan barnes..” you breathe and he smiled, holding his arms out beside him and spinning.
“well? after weeks of you begging, which i love to hear, i decided to finally make your wishes come true” bucky grinned as he watched you cross your legs, shivering just a bit. “it feels weird. i feel like i’m 20 again”
“well you certainly don’t look weird, come here” you uncrossed your legs and he stepped in between them, your hands holding the back of his thighs as you looked up at him.
bucky watched as your breathing became uneven when your hands traveled around his body. a side smirk rose on his lips, and he adjusted his stance, puffing his chest a bit. "so you like it, hm?" bucky's fingers touched under your chin, his thumb rubbing over your bottom lip.
"as much as i love it, buck, i wanna rip it off of you" you stood up and took his hand, taking him down stairs. you smiled and took out your phone, playing the playlist bucky made of his old favorite songs, stuffing it in your pocket.
before you grabbed his hands, you gasped and he jumped, blinking a few times. you paused the music and raced up the stairs without a word. you headed back down a few minutes later in a flowy dress, bucky grinning ear to ear.
you played the music again and grabbed his hand, his other hand on your waist with your hand on his chest. bucky looked down at you with hooded eyes, kissing your nose and placing his hat on your head, making you laugh.
"i know this isn't the 40s, but it's good to know what it'd be like to dance with james" you smile and he scrunches his nose, shaking his head.
"you're slow dancing, that's not the only dancing i know" he winks and takes your phone, playing 'blue suede shoes' by elvis presley, twirling you and dipping you, the both of you laughing as he kisses you.
the night didn't end with you ripping the uniform off like you wanted, it ended with you and bucky asleep on the couch, clothes still on and all. you two danced the night away, falling asleep around 3am, but neither of you cared. that was the most smiling and laughing bucky had ever done in his life.
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