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Indigo ⇴ Wanda Maximoff
Tumblr media
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff  x Reader
Summary: Based on this Request: Happy 2k followers! My request is Wanda x Reader, established relationship. Prompt: Write a story about a stroll through the snow. Maybe include a proposal? Happy writing!
Warnings: a bit emotional but fluffy.
A/N: Based on the song Indigo by Camilo y Evaluna.
Liz 2k Followers Celebration ⚜️
Words: 780.
Barton's farm was the perfect place for Wanda to recover. When Clint offered, you took her there yourself. Wanda needed a quiet place where she could put her thoughts in place. A place where there would be no judgments, only shelter, and Clint and Laura could do that. Clint didn't judge Wanda for her choices, he blamed himself for not helping her when she needed it most. Even though you were a government agent, you knew there would be a problem maintaining a relationship with her, but you didn't care. You visited her every week, always taking 2-3 days to be with her. You had been together for 9 months, you cared for her and looked after her like no other. Wanda felt safe and happy with you around.
Winter was Wanda's favorite time of year, and Barton's family had traditions that made her even happier. When the snow started to take over the farm, Wanda made sure to send pictures to you, she loved the snow, because the snow reminded her of her brother. It was a melancholic feeling of nostalgia that made her feel alive. You had decided to propose one night while you were sleeping with her. Deep down, you knew that there was a part of Wanda that would always belong to Vision and the events of Westview, but you could give her the love and peace she deserved. A love that would make her feel at peace with herself.
With the help of Lila, Kate and Laura, you prepared a place, filled with various flowers of the red colors, Wanda's favorite. You just prayed that the snow wouldn't ruin everything. When you called her to walk around the farm, Wanda knew that you were planning something. She could feel your mind spinning with thoughts, and noticed on your face a trace of anxiety. You were a good agent, but you couldn't disguise your feelings around her.
The two of you walked side by side, your fingers intertwined, and sometimes you told her a bad joke just so you could hear her laugh. Wanda didn't take long to notice, from a distance, the big red heart in the snow, made by flowers. She could feel her own heart racing, making her look at you sideways. You kept a smile on your face as you approached the spot. 
“Dragostea, what is it?” Wanda said softly, just for you. 
You said nothing, just led her to the center of the heart of flowers.
“I never saw myself in this situation, but here I am.” You didn't know if you were feeling cold from the snow, or from the anxiety that was growing in your body. “I always wondered, how could a person dream of spending their life with someone? I never believed it until I met you, Wanda.” Your heart raced in your chest, causing tears in your eyes to appear. “Just when my story seemed complete, you came along and my life turned 360°. You are the fifty of my fifty, and now everything smells and tastes better.”
Wanda, with tears in her eyes, wrapped her arms around the back of your neck. She had a small smile on her lip. A smile that hid the emotion of the words you said.
“Every time I see you, I shiver like a flan, even after all this time.” You said making Wanda laugh. “I already have a thousand plans to do with you, I promise every day to wake you up with a kiss, I want to have you every day very close to me.” When the first tear ran down Wanda's face, you promptly brought your hand up to her face, caressing and wiping the tear away with your thumb. “Because you have arrived in my life, the true love of my life. I asked the universe for this, but you were better than I expected.” You closed your eyes and leaned your forehead against Wanda's, you let out the breath you didn't know you were holding. “I know I'm not Vision, and I can't even bring Tommy and Billy back, but if you give me the chance I can make you happy. Will you marry me?”
Wanda let out a sob, but cracked a smile, she held your face in her hands and kissed your lips. A kiss that said more than words could describe, you smiled between the kiss and wrapped your arms around her waist, bringing her body closer to yours. She stopped the kiss, to look you in the eyes. She placed her hand on your chest, to feel your heart, then with a smile on her face she replied.
“I do.” 
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Split City, Divided Heart - Chapter 5
Mob!Wanda Maximoff x Mob!Reader
Tumblr media
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Summary: In the 1950s, the two most famous mobs in New York lived in a truce, in peace. But false peace is like a bomb, and this one is about to explode.
Warnings: +16. Violence; guns; bladed weapons; blood; death; torture; kidnapping; mentions of sex (no description); drugs; mob/mafia
Chapter Summary: You are given a task you know you won't be able to fulfill. And while the police try to follow the mafias' trails, Wanda looks for you, but it may already be too late. 
Word count: 4.837 || Pronouns: she/her
It's back! 🥳 it's been a while but I hope it's worth the wait. Enjoy!
You do NOT have permission to repost or translate my work on any platforms (even with credit)
Series Masterlist | Previews Part
───── ⋅ ✮ ⋅ ─────
"Nothing personal, it’s just business" – Otto Berman
In the dim light of the office, surrounded by piles and more piles of paper, it's almost possible to hear the gears of Steve Rogers' brain working.
The policeman looks through the files eagerly, looking for an explanation for the mess he knows in his heart that is happening somewhere in this city.
Year after year working at that police station, the man has never felt like this. So close to unraveling the dirt of New York City's underworld. But there are still missing details, unanswered questions. He needed to figure them out if he was to get somewhere. 
Then the office door opens suddenly and the blond's line of thought is lost as he is awakened from his musings and stares at the door in a jolt.
"Sorry for the disturbance, Captain," Wilson says, entering the office next, and Steve frowns when he sees his friend's breathless state, “we found something.”
Those three words were more than enough for Rogers to get up, fastly following Sam through the precinct’s corridors. They end up in the forensics room, and spend the next few minutes talking to the ballistics team about their findings. 
"We've finished analyzing the bullets used in the shooting at the shed," Monica Rambeau informs them, a serious expression on her face despite her eyes brightening at the discovery, "many of them are from Stark Industries."
"I won't even feign surprise." Wilson says as he stood next to the Captain, his arms crossed in front of his chest. Steve glances briefly at him before returning his gaze to Rambeau.
"That's not all," the policewoman says and, noticing the inquiring looks from both men, she continues, "the bullets match the description of the supposed stolen lots." The woman informs and Steve clenches his jaw, flashes of the night of the interrogation running through the blond man's mind.
While investigating Stark under the suspicion of Hammer's murder, the businessman had shown strange behavior, to say the least. 
And as if that wasn't enough, the police discovered that some of Stark's products had disappeared from his warehouse, heavy weapons and ammunition. When confronted about the situation, Stark told an unconvincing story about having no idea what had happened, saying that the lots could've been stolen or lost during transport. 
Now, however, the policeman knew very well what had happened to them. 
"So Stark hired the mobsters to murder his rival and gave them his products as payment." Wilson suggests, speaking out loud what was going on in the blond's mind. When Steve looks at Wilson, the man is already looking at him.
"Let's go get him."
⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅
Wanda leaves her father's office feeling sick. 
As she walks through the hideout's corridors, which seem to spin wildly, the redhead wonders how. How did her father find out about you? How, when she was so cautious not to let anyone know. It doesn't make any sense. How...
"Hey, Wanda." A voice calls out to her, and she only recognizes it belongs to Raven when she turns around and comes face to face with the woman standing next to her. "Going out to meet your filthy Avenger?"
The words come out with debauchery from the blonde's mouth, a cynical smile on her lips. Suddenly, as if pieces of a puzzle fell into place in Wanda's mind, she understands. Feeling her blood boil with rage, the redhead walks over to the woman and doesn't hesitate to throw a fierce punch to Raven's face. 
The blonde gasps in surprise, bringing her hand to her face as she staggers back a few steps with the pain. When Raven removes her hand from the damaged spot, revealing a shocked expression and bloody nose, Wanda lets out a small victorious smirk, which soon fades away with the anger. 
"Watch your mouth, sneaky bitch." Wanda warns through gritted teeth, and the blonde seems too astonished to reply. 
Finally noticing the commotion of the few Guardians around, who turned their curious and confused gazes to the scene, Wanda storms away from the common room, heading towards the exit of the hideout. 
She needs to get out of there. She needs to talk to you.
⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅
It's early in the morning, and you're chatting away with Barnes and Wilson when you hear someone calling your name. When you turn your face in the direction of the sound, you see Carol Danvers. 
"May I have a word with you?" she asks politely and you nod, getting up immediately. The Captain never comes to call someone directly unless it's serious, and the fact that you walk to her office in silence only confirms how serious the situation is.
"I have a job for you." She says as soon as you reach the room, Carol closing the door as you throw yourself into the armchair. "Anything you need, Cap."
"It's about Lehnsherr." She informs you as she sits in the armchair opposite yours across the table, and you widen your eyes slightly for her to continue. "I figured out a way to get back at him." She says with a small smile, and you settle back in your chair, interested. "I need you to take out his daughter."
"I didn't know Lehnsherr had a kid." You speak, with frowning eyebrows, and the blonde nods. "Kids, actually." The Captain corrects, and you blink a few times in surprise. "Twins he met when they were little. The children had no family so he kinda adopted them."
"How nice of him." You mock drily, "He's not gonna like that at all." You add with a smirk, which Carol promptly reciprocates. "I'm counting on it." She replies, and you giggle. "Does the target have a name? A picture I can use?"
The woman hums in agreement, and you watch as she pulls a small photograph out of one of her drawers and then hands it to you. You lean forward curiously, but as soon as you lay your eyes on the picture, your body freezes. 
"Wanda Maximoff." Carol gives the information, not that you needed her to. Your heart beats rapidly at the image of the woman you fell in love with so quickly and so hopelessly staring back at you on that small piece of paper. 
"Are you okay, kid?" The blonde's voice wakes you from your thoughts and you raise your eyes to her. You don't know if she said anything before, but she sounds concerned and so you shake your head, trying to push your panic away, unsuccessfully.
"Yeah." You answer, your voice failing a little even though you try to prevent it, and you clear your throat afterwards. "I'm just a little sleepy." You lie dismissively, and the blonde seems to believe you, as she just nods afterwards.  
You stare at the photo for a few more seconds, as if looking at it long enough would make the face printed there change. But it doesn't, so you lift your gaze again, holding back a sigh. "When do you need it done?"
"The sooner the better." She answers simply and you nod, swallowing dryly, your only desire being to run away from there as quickly as you possibly can. You remain frozen in your position instead. "Dismissed."
It's only after the blonde's statement that you stand up, casting one last simple smile at her before turning to the door. As you walk out of the office, your mind spins, wondering what the hell you are going to do.
⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅
You don't go see Wanda after your conversation with Carol. 
In fact, you stay at the hideout most of the time, avoiding interaction with everyone. And the few times you do go out, you go to places you know no one will find you.
Like right now, for example, you are sitting on the roof of an abandoned building, looking at the scenery in the distance, your head spinning frantically with thoughts. But then a voice wakes you up from your pondering.
"First you start disappearing during the night, now you disappear during the day? I'm starting to think you're going to abandon us." Nat says with an amused smile as she approaches you, sitting down next to you afterwards, and you let out a dry disagreeing chuckle, but says nothing.
The two of you sit in silence for a while, the redhead staring at the horizon as you do. But soon curiosity gets the better of you and you turn to face her. "How did you know I was here?" You ask and she shrugs.
"I didn't. But I remembered you brought me here a few times when we were teenagers, so I decided to give it a shot." She comments and you nod, smiling nostalgically as you recall the afternoons when you would hang out here together with Clint, Bucky, and Sue, drinking and chatting away. Practically half of you are gone now.
"Why did you come?" You ask after a short moment of silence, pushing the memories away, and Nat looks at you, shrugging once again as a small smile frames her lips. "I figured you were in need of a shoulder to lean on."
"What if I wanted to be alone?" You retort and she smiles amusedly this time. "I imagined that too, but considering how you never shut up I thought it was unlikely." She teases and you let out a husky chuckle, looking at the skyline once more. You notice out of the corner of your eye the redhead watching you, however. 
"What happened?" She asks eventually and you sigh heavily before answering. "I have a huge problem." You say simply, not knowing how to put into words all the thoughts bubbling in your mind. "It's about a girl."
"For God's sake, Y/n, can't you keep your pants up?!" She says, slightly annoyed, and you look at her with a grimace. "It's not like that!" You defend yourself, sounding offended. "I fell in love, okay? I fell in love hard." 
At your statement, Nat blinks a few times in surprise and you look away. It's not like you to do this kind of thing, and she knows it too. You huff. "I love her to death and now I have to kill her."
The words make your friend widen her eyes in shock, and when you finally look at her and see her countenance shaped with concern and curiosity, you sigh.. "Carol assigned me to." You explain, but noting Natasha's still obliviousness, you add. "She's a Guardian."
"She's a Guardian?!" She repeats, her voice high in a mixture of irritation and shock, and you nod. "More precisely, Lehnsherr's daughter." You say, further aggravating the redhead's feelings. "Lehnsherr's daughter?!"
"Are you gonna repeat everything I say?" you joke, and Nat shoots you a stern glare. "I'm gonna punch you in the face, that's what." She replies irritated, and you just laugh through your nose half-heartedly before looking at the landscape again. 
After a moment of silence, the woman beside you scoff. "The princess of the Guardians, have you lost your mind?" She lets out in a grumble, and you nod slowly as you say, "Apparently."
After that you share a long silence, both of you watching the scenery into the distance as thoughts roam in your minds. But eventually, Natasha breaks it. "What are you going to do?"
You don't answer for a while, that being the question that hammered the most in your mind, the question for which you had no answer. "I don't know." You admit with a sigh and, still staring straight ahead, you don't notice the small sympathetic smile the redhead casts at you. "I'm not going to kill her, that much I know... The problem is what's coming with that."
"Well, whatever it is, I know you'll do the right thing." Nat's words take you by surprise and you look at her, your eyebrows frowning in confusion. But all you get back is a loving and understanding smile, the support you have always received in all the years of friendship with the redhead, and then you smile gratefully. 
"How can you know?" you ask softly, apprehension enlacing your tone, and Natasha shrugs dismissively. "Because it's who you are. You do a lot of shit, but you always do the right thing in the end." She says playfully, and you hiss. 
"Thanks, I guess." You respond with a grimace and Nat chuckles, making you smile. A few minutes later you notice out of the corner of your eye the redhead getting up. When you look at her, she extends her hand to you.
"Come on, now, you look like you could use a drink."
⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅
After spending the entire night getting drunk with Nat, you imagine you'll fall asleep as soon as you lie in bed, but you don't. The alcohol, surprisingly, helps you put your thoughts together, and the next morning you walk determinedly to the Captain's office. 
"Hey, Carol," you say, your head popping through the gap in the door, and you wait for the blonde to look at you before you ask, "can I talk to you?" 
"Of course, Y/n, come in." The blonde assures as she lays the papers that were in her hands on the table, moving her hand invitingly and a warm smile on her lips. 
As soon as you close the door behind you, the room becomes more constricted, the Captain's figure more imposing, making you want to cringe. You try to stand your ground, though. 
"What is it, kid?" The blonde asks, noticing your silence, and you clear your throat before asking. "It's about the job." You answer and the Captain raises her eyebrows, inviting you to go on. "I can't do it."
Carol stares at you in silence, and you get ready to make the speech you prepared in your sleepless night. But then the blonde nods, surprising you. 
"I figured as much." She says calmly and you frown, confused, which makes a small smile appear on Carol's lips. "Have a seat." She instructs, pointing to the armchair in front of her desk, and you do so quietly. "I know about your affair with Lehnsherr's daughter." She lets you know, making you gulp. "How did you-"
"You're like a child to me, Y/n, I've noticed your behavior changing." She says in a not exactly reproachful tone, but you let out a brief embarrassed smile anyway. "After that I decided to keep an eye on you," she explains, but noticing your displeased expression, she adds, "don't look at me like that, I was worried about you."
You look away, not knowing what to say or do, and not seeing Carol watching you intently. When she speaks again, you look back at her. "I understand, she's charming. But I expected you to be more clever." She says with eyebrows raised slightly in disapproval and you huff. "I didn't know she was Lehnsherr's daughter when I met her. It's all just so..."
"Complicated?" She completes and you nod. "You have no idea." You let out in a sigh. "Yes, I do." Carol says and you cast her a questioning look. "What do you mean?" You ask, and the blonde casts you a small smile. "I've been in your shoes, kid."
"What, you fell in love with a Guardian?" you ask with bitter humor and she let out a brief laugh. "Worse." The blonde answers, and you frown in surprise. "A few years ago I met someone. The perfect woman, if you ask me." She tells you with a nostalgic tone of voice, and you watch as she rummages through the last drawer of her desk. 
"Her name is Maria." She says, handing you an old photograph and you let out a short smile at the two smiling women in the picture: a cheerful Carol Danvers with the signs of youth quite evident and a dark-haired woman standing next to her, hugging her by the shoulder. But when you recognize who the other woman is, you frown.  
"The Police Chief?" You ask in disbelief, raising your eyes to the Captain, who smiles sadly as she nods on confirmation. "She was the leader of Shield at the time. I didn't know, of course. She didn't know about me either."
The information has you widening your eyes in astonishment. Shield is New York City's specialized police squad tasked with investigating and taking down local mafias. The team has the best-prepared police officers in the area and had already taken down several smaller mafias over the years, but they never managed to come close to doing the same with the Avengers or the Guardians. 
"What happened then?" You ask in a fearful voice, and Carol ponders for a while before answering. "I found out who she was, before she found out who I am. And then... I walked away." She answers with a hint of sadness in her voice, and you nod slowly. 
"She must have figured it out later, Maria is a smart woman." The captain adds with a small smile and a nostalgic tone. You wonder if Carol still loves the other woman, but you think it best not to ask about it. 
"The thing is," she continues the conversation, blinking out of her memories, "I couldn't risk the Avengers. My family comes first." The tone she uses is charged with meaning, and has you letting out a long sigh. "Are you asking me to let Wanda go?"
"No. That is entirely your decision." She says, and you return your gaze to her. "I'm asking you to think about your priorities. And where your loyalty lies." The words are kind, but loaded with an ultimatum that you knew would come but were not ready to receive. 
"You don't need to answer now, take your time to think." The woman says, noticing your silence, and you nod slowly. "But I know you will make the right choice." The additional sentence is accompanied by a small smile, compelling you to make the decision you know you should make. 
But you're not able to make it right now, so you just return the smile minimally as you stand up. Then, with your head heavy with doubt, you leave the room.
⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅
That night you go to Wanda's apartment, your head boiling with thoughts that you really wish you didn't have. God, why life has to be so hard?
Arriving in front of the building, you smile when you see the apartment light on. But the smile soon fades away with the thought that she must be furious with you. Not that you could blame her. These last few days you have simply disappeared. No news, no sign. 
And your suspicions are confirmed when you knock on the door and are greeted by a redhead with hardened expressions and tears in her eyes. You feel your heart ache, the weight of it all becoming more real now that you see her standing in front of you. 
Before you can say anything, Wanda turns her back on you and walks into the apartment, leaving the door open for you to follow her, and you do. 
You stop in the middle of the living room, your eyes locked on her as your heart beats heavily inside your chest, on the verge of breaking. When the redhead turns to you and you see tears streaming down her face, you can almost hear your heart shatter. "Wanda, I-"
Your sentence is cut off by heavy, unexpected arms wrapping themselves around you and suddenly the anguish turns to despair. 
Out of the corner of your eye you see a blonde man you don't know, but who is clearly taller and stronger than you. This doesn't stop you from fighting back, however, trying to free yourself from the stranger's grip. 
But all your attempts are in vain when the man holds you firmly with one arm, bringing the other hand up to your face, obstructing your breathing with a piece of cloth.
The strong, nauseating smell invades your senses immediately, making your nostrils burn and your head spin. You try to gather all your strength to free yourself from the man's grip, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to stay awake, no matter how hard you fight the feeling. 
In a mixture of desperation and confusion, your eyes search for Wanda's. Looking for an answer, looking for help. But all you get is the image of the redhead looking away, increasingly blurred. 
Until, suddenly, darkness.
⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅
Your body awakens slowly, and before you even open your eyes an intense nausea takes over you, so violent that it makes you throw up immediately, your insides writhing in agony. 
"That's not very classy, is it?" A sarcastic voice makes itself heard, but you are too dizzy to even attempt to recognize it. With the nausea now relieved, an excruciating ache takes over your entire body, your right eye barely opening. It's not hard to deduce that you've been beaten up while you were blacked out.
With great effort you look up and are confronted by Lehnsherr a few feet away, an amused expression on his face at seeing your condition. The man smiles a smug smile that makes your blood boil, giving you the urge to punch him in the face. But any movement you try to make is promptly prevented by the ropes that bind you tightly. 
"Finally reaping the fruits of a plan so meticulously plotted." The man says, leaning in front of you and you frown, your confused eyes fixed on his expectant ones. When Erik notices your confusion, he smirks. "What? Nothing? How do you think you got here, Y/n?" He asks, but you remain silent, which makes the man smile even more. "It's not a conversation if you don't answer me, child."
"Fuck off." You retort through gritted teeth and the man grimaces, shrugging before turning away from you. As he starts pacing back and forth in the cell, you look down. "Well, if you're not in the mood to talk, I'd like to tell you a story. A story you'll like, actually, it's the story of how you ended up here." 
With that you look up and, noticing your movement, Erik smiles victoriously. "I've caught your interest, haven't I?" He comments in a teasing tone and you clench your jaw. The man then snaps his fingers, as if he has just remembered something.
"Oh but every story needs a protagonist! Wanda, dear, please come closer, don't be shy." Lehnsherr instructs and your heart aches at the sight of Wanda entering the cell, the same man who made you unconscious entering beside her. Instinctively, you move in the chair, trying to reach her, but your movements are once again restricted by the ropes. When you realize that the redhead is avoiding your gaze, you look away as well. 
"Well, it all started a few months ago when you decided to have fun with a certain redhead. But don't get me wrong please, I value my daughter's freedom quite highly. Her man, on the other hand..." Erik says, pointing to the two standing at the entrance of the cell, and your gaze immediately returns to Wanda.
The redhead has her arms crossed, looking everywhere but at you. Beside her, the blond man wraps his arm around Wanda's waist, his hand too low on her hip for your liking, and Wanda doesn't make the slightest effort to get it off of her. Your blood boils immediately, a mixture of anger and sadness coursing through your veins, and Erik notices your feelings with a small winning smile on his face. 
"Where was I? Oh sure, you banging my daughter." He continues casually and you clench your jaw. He's doing all this to piss you off, you knew it. But still he was succeeding, which only makes you even more angry. 
"It was supposed to be a casual thing, I imagine, a one night stand. But then the night of the Stark negotiation came and with it the perfect opportunity." The man tells you with a smile on his face, and you keep your gaze fixed on his, your hardened expression as impassive as you can manage.  
"As soon as we got home, Wanda told me about you, and the idea came to me like a light bulb going on in a dark room." Lehnsherr gestures dramatically, and you resist the urge to roll your eyes. "Attracting you wouldn't be a difficult task, after all you were clearly already under her spell." 
The whole situation, added to the pain in your body, made your head spin, the nausea again returning to your stomach, but you resist the urge to vomit. "Wanda didn't want to at first, of course. What was that thing you said, dear? That you wouldn't waste your time with a filthy Avenger?" 
The two men in the room chuckle at the comment, nodding their heads in agreement. You allow yourself to look at Wanda briefly. The woman seems determined not to look at you at any cost. You wonder if she has any regrets for the situation she has put you in, for the lies she has told so beautifully and that you have believed so easily. If she does, she doesn't show it. 
"But then duty to her family spoke louder and she accepted it." Erik speaks again, and you are finally awakened from your thoughts, remembering that he was there in the first place. "Always doing what's best for the people you love, aren't you, sweetheart?" he says with a smile, his thumb gently running along the apple of Wanda's cheek, who nods then. 
"Yes, Papa." She says, the thick accent that had always made your hair stand on end now making your stomach drop, the weight of the truth forcing you to lower your head, your eyes fixed on the dirty floor of the cell. You see out of the corner of your eye Lehnsherr walking towards you.
"Well, I don't need to tell you what happened next." He says provocatively, and you clench your jaw tighter, your teeth about to crack. You feel the man put his hand on your chin, lifting your face to look at him, and your skin burns with disgust under his touch. 
"There, you now know how you got here." He tells you with an amused smile. You keep your eyes fixed on his defiantly, but say nothing. "Now, could you explain why you're here?"
In response, you spit in his face, who takes a few steps back in surprise, a grunt of disgust escaping his lips as he wipes his face with the sleeve of his suit, and you smile proudly. 
Then Lehnsherr waves his hand to the blond man, who nods before walking over to you. Without a second thought, the man lands a clean punch to your face, the force of the impact tremendous to the point of making the chair tip over onto its side, causing you to fall helplessly to the floor. 
Before you can even assimilate the pain in your body and the metallic taste of blood in your mouth, rough hands lift you up again, putting you in the position you were in a few moments ago. 
"I'm gonna kill you." You say in a whisper, blood dripping from your mouth as you do so. "I'm sorry, what did you say?" Erik asks next, and you don't know if it's a genuine question or if he's just teasing you. But you spit out the excessive blood in your mouth and look at him with hate-filled eyes.
"I'm going to get out of here, and I'm going to kill you." You threaten firmly, meaning your every word, and Erik approaches you slowly. When his face is just inches from yours, you notice a small smirk at the corner of his lips.
"Good luck with that." Erik says, and in the next second he is stabbing a pocket knife against your abdomen. The blade pierces your flesh sharply, tearing an agonizing grunt of pain from you. Just as quickly as he shoved the weapon into you, he withdraws it, and you feel your shirt immediately soak through. 
"Take care of her injuries," you hear the man say as he walks away, but you are too weak to look, "she has no use if she's dead." After that you hear footsteps becoming more distant as the heavy beats of your heart become stronger in your ears.
And like that you are left alone in that dark and dirty cell. Aching body, aching heart, a suffocating silence around you and no possibility of escape.
───── ⋅ ✮ ⋅ ─────
And that's it for today! It's so fun to bring this story back, I really like it. Feel free to share your thoughts and expectations for what's happening next!
Chapter 6
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Off Limits (Part 12): Where is Karli? || Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Pairing(s): Bucky Barnes x Reader, Sam Wilson x Platonic!Reader
Tumblr media
“I’m disappointed in you, you were one of my best widows” Dreykov spoke, “If your sister was here, she’d be even more disappointed in you” he added. “Shut up” you snapped before moving to hit him with the barrel of the gun and he  laughed when you couldn’t hit him, “You’re just as weak as her”. You gasped as you dropped the gun, “How are you controlling us?” Natasha questioned. 
“It’s a pheromonal lock, when you smell my pheromones, you can’t hurt me” he informed. “Don’t talk about her, you don’t know anything about her” you threatened and he nodded, “You’re right, I don’t know anything about her but what I do know is that she was weak, the poor thing couldn’t stand a chance against me”. You looked at Natasha before looking back at him, “What are you talking about?” and he chuckled, “What do you think happened to her? I killed her”.
“You’re lying” you spat and watched as he went through his desk before tossing a necklace down, which you picked up and looked at it. “How did you get this?” you questioned and he scoffed, “Still don’t believe me?”. Dreykov went through his files before clicking on a video, “Let’s see if you’ll believe me now” and you turned around when he played it.  - “Doll, wake up” Bucky gently nudged you and your eyes opened and you sat up quickly. You panted as you looked around before looking at him, “What happened?” you questioned. “You were having a nightmare” he answered and your face softened, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up” you apologized profusely and he shook his head, “You didn’t wake me up, I promise. Are you okay?”.
“I think I am now, I don’t know what happened, I haven’t had a nightmare in so long” you stated before looking at him, “You should try to get some rest”. Bucky shrugged, “I’m not going to sleep till I know you’re okay to go back to sleep”. You sighed, “I’ll be fine” and he gave you a look, “You’re shaking, come here” he opened his arms and you scooted towards him. Bucky wrapped his arms around you before pulling the two of you to lay down. He rested his head on top of yours and pulled you closer and your head was on top of his chest. You felt him rub circles into the small of your back soothingly and just like that, you were out like a light, which made Bucky smile to himself. - Your eyes fluttered open and the first thing you see is Bucky looking at you, “See something that you like?” you tease him and Bucky’s face turned red, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”. A knock was heard and Zemo walked in, “What’s the point in knocking when you’re going to walk in anyway?” you asked and he shrugged before looking at the two of you and smiling, “Why are you smiling?” Bucky asks and Zemo shook his head, “Nothing, it’s just the two of you are in bed together”. 
The two of you sighed, “She had a nightmare last night so I laid with her to calm her down and we fell asleep” Bucky told him and Zemo winked, “Right, a nightmare”. You groaned, “Get out” before grabbing a pillow and throwing it in his direction, “We have some work to do, so time to get up” he spoke quickly before leaving and closing the door, making the pillow hit the door. - The four of you walked around and came to a stop, “I'm gonna take a look around upstairs, see what you guys can find out here and keep an eye on him” Sam spoke as he eyed Zemo before walking away. Zemo put his hands up, “I’ll stay out of your way” before walking ahead of you and Bucky. “Excuse me, have you guys heard of Donya Madani?” you asked a group of people and they all ignored you, “Okay, guess not”. You kept asking around and haven’t gotten an answer and you noticed Bucky walking towards you, “Any luck?” you question, “No” Bucky stated and you sighed. 
″Where’s Zemo?” Bucky asked and you looked around and spotted him with a group of kids. “Buck” you called out and the two of you watched as a little girl leaned in and whispered in Zemo’s ear. “It's starting to feel like a dead end” Sam spoke as he stood next to the two of you, “The hell is he doing?” Bucky questioned as Zemo walked over, “Cute kids” he smiled as he continued walking past the three of you. The entire walk back was quiet and you kept an eye on Zemo, “There’s something he’s not telling us” you muttered as the four of you walked back inside the house. 
″I got nothing, no one’s talking about Donya” Bucky stated. “It’s because Karli is the only one fighting for them” Sam answered, “And she’s not wrong” he added as the three of you sat on the couch. You looked to see Zemo making tea, “What did that little girl tell you?” you question and he looks up at you, “The funeral is this afternoon” he answered as he carried the tray over and placed it on the table. “The Dora’s coming for you any minute, in fact, they’re probably lurking outside right now so keep talking” Bucky threatened. “I prefer to keep my leverage” Zemo talked back and Bucky grabbed a cup and threw it against the wall, causing it to shatter, “You wanna see what someone can do with leverage?” he questioned as he got in Zemo’s face.
″Bucky, take it easy” you spoke, trying to calm him down, “He’s just going to extort you and do that stupid head tilt thing that he does, let me make a call” Sam got up and grabbed his phone. “Do you want some cherry blossom tea?” Zemo asked quietly, “Sure” you nodded and watched as he poured you a cup and handed it to you. Sam paced back and forth while he was on the phone and Bucky watched as you subconsciously played with your necklace and he before he could say anything to you, Sam walked back in, “I know where Karli is, Sharon managed to track her”.
The three of you took that as a cue to get up and head out to look for Karli. Zemo and Sam walked in front of you while you and Bucky walked behind them. “Are you alright?” Bucky questioned and you nodded, “Yeah, I’m fine”. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and looked down at his feet as you continued walking, “I was just wondering because I noticed you were playing with your necklace” he pointed out. You opened your mouth to say something back but heard, “Karli Morgenthau is too dangerous for you guys to be pulling this shit”.
You and Bucky looked at each other and you rolled your eyes, “How did you find us now?” Bucky asked. Lemar spoke up, “Come on, you think two Avengers can walk around Lativa without drawing attention?”. “No more keeping us in the dark, you could start by telling us why you broke him out of prison” John added. “Actually, he did that himself” you responded before smirking, “Hey John, how’s the nose?”. 
John scoffed, “You could’ve broke my nose” and you shrugged, “If I wanted to, I could’ve easily broken your nose and let me tell, I really want to”. You watched as John glared at you, “Are you threatening me?” and you shook your head, “No, more like I’m promising you that I will”. He stepped closer to you and you snorted, “I’m not scared of you, so pump the brakes on your intimidation tactic”. 
″Hey” Sam warned and pushed you aside gently before looking at you, “Quit your shit” he whispered, “What? He’s an ass” you argued and Sam turned back to face John, “We know where Karli is”. John looked away from you and looked at Sam, “Where is she?”.  - Taglist: @beabutterfly987 @xuxialling  @hryroad @maximoffsmoonchild @winter-soldier-101 @missvelvetsstuff @geeky-politics-46 @kosmic-klouds @kosmic-kayla @hallecarey1 @mogaruke @liv-parker1
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It’s Always Been You ~ 168
Tumblr media
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Word Count: 2,600ish
Summary: Peter Parker begins causing trouble in Europe, which causes Y/N and Tony to worry.
Notes: After this chapter, there’s only two more for this ending! That’s crazy! (You must read Out Of Time in order to understand this. The chapter numbers continue from Out Of Time.)
Tumblr media
“Boss, sorry to interrupt, but it seems that the EDITH glasses have been activated,” FRIDAY interrupted Tony and Y/N as they slept.
“What are you talking about FRIDAY?” Y/N grumbled, turning so that she could bury her face into Tony.
“Mr. Stark made EDITH back when he also made BARF. EDITH is the Boss’ augmented-reality security and defense system.”
“What about the glasses part?”
“I hooked EDITH into a pair of my sunglasses,” Tony muttered. “Remember the ones I wore before going into space?”
“Yes. That makes some sense.”
“How did EDITH get engaged, FRIDAY?”
“It seems that Director Fury has followed through with your “Even Dead I’m The Hero” protocol,” FRIDAY responded.
Y/N pushed herself up so that she could give her husband a questioning look. “What protocol?” She questioned.
“Shit,” Tony muttered. He sat up and Y/N followed suit. Tony threw off his covers and headed out of the room.
“Tony?” Y/N called, following after her husband. “What is the ‘Even Dead I’m The Hero’ protocol?” He ignored her, heading into his office. “Tony.”
“It’s part of the protocol I created in case I died, specifically during the time travel incident.” Tony walked over to his screens and began working on them. “Part of it was that I sent my EDITH glasses off to Fury and Hill, instructing them to give them to Peter when the time was right. Clearly, I forgot about doing that and now Fury has given the kid them.”
“Mr. Parker has instructed EDITH to target one of his classmates,” FRIDAY stated.
“What?!” The couple exclaimed.
“Can’t FRIDAY put a stop to it?” Y/N asked.
“I’m trying to enter the EDITH system,” the AI replied.
“And I’m trying to break into the glasses,” Tony responded. 
“Why don’t I just go there and—“
“No,” Tony interrupted Y/N. “We can’t have more people know about your abilities and we are stay-at-home parents now. Unless—“
“Unless one of our kids is doing something reckless and then we can go and deal with it!”
“We can deal with it from here, honey! We don’t need to go teleporting anywhere or— Got it!” 
The screens immediately showed Peter’s point of view and the statistics from the glasses. His glass mates and teachers were all looking out the windows on one side of the bus.
“Peter Benjamin Parker, please tell me that you did not try to kill your classmates!” Y/N scolded.
“Y/N?” Peter whispered, surprised. “I-I-I didn’t mean to.”
“Yeah? Then why were Y/N and I woken up in the middle of the night?” Tony questioned.
“It was an accident. I was just trying to get a photo delegated off of someone’s phone and I—“
“You were using EDITH to delete a photo and somehow initiated a strike?” Tony groaned. “I should I remembered to get those glasses back from Fury.”
“I promise that I won’t do that again! It’s just that Fury needs my help and—“
“You’re helping Fury?” Y/N questioned.
“Yes, well, he’s not giving me much of a choice. He and Mr. Beck need my help.”
“Mr. Beck? Who’s he?”
“Quentin Beck, he’s the one who helped with the Water Elemental in Venice.”
“Huh, Quentin Beck,” Tony repeated quietly. “How do I know that name?”
“I promise that I’m really sorry and I won’t use EDITH unless it’s absolutely necessary.”
“As soon as you get back from Europe, the glasses are being returned to me. You understand?”
“I understand.”
“Stay safe Peter,” Y/N advised. “And call us if you need anything.”
“Yeah. Bye.”
Y/N sighed after Peter had hung up. She looked at her husband. It pained her to see how worried her husband was about the teenager, but it also warmed her at how much he cared.
“He’ll be wise with it,” Y/N said. She came up and set a gentle hand on his back. “Especially because he knows he’ll have the two of us to deal with if he doesn’t.”
“Yeah… right…” Tony responded, seemingly in his head.
She kissed his temple. “What are you thinking about?”
“That name Pete said… Quentin Beck… it rings a bell but I can’t figure out why.”
“I’m sure you will.” She kissed his cheek. “I’m not going to be able to get you to go back to bed, aren’t I?”
“I need to figure this out.”
Y/N sighed. “I guess I’m sleeping on the couch tonight.”
“No, you should go back to bed.”
“Oh, I’ll fall asleep easily on the couch. I just don’t want to be too far from you.”
Tony pulled her in for a loving kiss. “You’re too good to me.” They kissed again.
“I’m going to go get blankets. You get to work.”
“FRIDAY, you’ve got to try harder,” Tony sighed, running a hand down his face. “We know a Quentin Beck, we’ve just got to figure out how.”
“I am trying to break out the firewalls as fast as I can,” the AI replied. 
“Who could have put up these firewalls besides me?”
“What are you doing, Daddy?” 
Tony jumped at the sound of Morgan’s voice before spinning to face her. She was standing in the doorway of his office, with sleepy eyes and her stuffed shield in hand.
“I’m trying to figure out something,” Tony responded. He glanced down at his watch to see that it was almost six in the morning. “What are you doing up?”
“Couldn’t sleep,” she responded with a yawn. Tony smiled. “You and Mommy weren’t in bed and I didn’t want to wake Uncle Steve.”
“I’m sure your uncle would have been fine about you waking him up.”
“Where’s mommy?”
“She’s on the couch.” Tony motioned over to Y/N with his head. “If you go over there, don’t wake her. Mommy needs her sleep.”
Morgan nodded. Tony watched with a large smile as Morgan padded over to the couch Y/N was fast asleep on. She carefully crawled onto the couch and curled into her mother’s chest. Tony stared at his girls for a moment before getting back to work. He was typing away when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs.
“What are you doing up?” Steve asked, coming into the room. He was dressed, ready for his morning run, because even after retiring, some things never change.
“Ssshhh, they’re asleep,” Tony said quietly, motioning to his two girls asleep on the couch. 
“What are you all doing down here this early?” Steve lowered his voice.
“Peter did something stupid last night. I couldn’t go back to sleep and Y/N didn’t want to leave me. Morgan came down not that long ago and fell asleep next to Y/N.”
“Anything I can help with?”
“I’ll let you know if you can.”
“Parker’s a good kid. This family is good for him as much as he is good for us.”
“I know that.”
“And you hate it,” Steve teased. “I know you better than you think.”
“It’s a love-hate thing.” Tony sat back in his chair and turned to face his brother-in-law. “I just… I worry that I’ve ruined the kid’s life by bringing him into the superhero life.”
Steve sighed. “That’s an understandable worry. Peter’s young, but he’s smart. He was going to get into this life whether you helped or not. And, personally, I think it’s better that he has us—has you than doing it on his own.”
Tony nodded. “Yeah… I still feel guilty.”
“Whatever the kid’s dealing with, he’s got this. Peter’s the best of us.” 
Steve’s eyes found his sister and niece on the couch. He took a few steps closer as he pulled out his phone and snapped a photo. He smiled softly at the sight.
“Send that to me?” Tony requested.
“Sure,” Steve responded. “I’m going to head out on a run. Call if you need anything.”
“Will do.”
Y/N could feel someone up against her chest. Moving one arm, she felt the body. A smile grew on her face, knowing it was her daughter curled up against her. Carefully, Y/N moved Morgan so that she was cuddled up on Y/N’s chest. She looked around to see that her husband was no longer in the room. She took a deep breath in and could smell something cooking in the kitchen. Closing her eyes, Y/N could sense Tony working away at the stove.
“Tony,” she called into his mind. She giggled at the sound of kitchenware hitting each other and Tony’s small ‘shit’ that fell from his mouth. “What are you doing?”
“What are you doing?” He replied. “Sneaking up in my mind like that wasn’t cool.” 
“I’m sorry.”
“Sure you are. I don’t think I’m going to let you eat the breakfast I’ve worked so hard to make.”
“Is it even eatable to begin with?”
“Rude!” Tony shouted out loud. Y/N held back a laugh to try not to wake her sleeping daughter.
“Who’s rude?” Y/N heard Steve ask, coming through the kitchen door.
“Your sister. She doesn’t trust my cooking.”
“You Rogers are all the same, huh?”
Steve laughed. “You have been getting better, Stark. There were just—“
“It was like two times! I gave everyone food poisoning only two times!”
“Mommy?” Morgan mumbled as she woke. “Why did Daddy yell?”
“Your father is just cooking,” Y/N responded.
“Cooking?” Morgan shook her head. “I don’t want to eat Daddy’s food.”
Y/N chuckled lightly. “How about this? You and I bravely eat Dad’s breakfast, and as a reward, we have ice cream sundaes for lunch.”
Morgan quickly nodded. “Okay!”
“But it’s just between us, okay? Well, and maybe your Uncle Steve.”
It was barely afternoon when FRIDAY finally broke through the firewalls. Y/N was getting things ready for the promised ice cream sundaes when she heard Tony hit something and exclaim ‘Damn it!’ from his office. She hurried to him.
“What is it?” Y/N wondered. “What’s wrong?”
“Quentin Beck,” Tony stated. “He used to work for me.”
“He was a part of the BARF project. He was mad that I was using it as a therapeutic side project instead of a weapon system that could trick our enemies…. Trick the world… Beck was off his rocker so I fired him. I couldn’t trust him with the technology.”
“So this Quentin guy, he’s not good news?”
“Not at all and I worry that he will lead Peter in the wrong direction.”
Y/N stepped closer. “Then we need to call Peter. Now. FRIDAY! Get Peter on the line.”
“Calling Peter Parker,” the AI responded.
“Hello?” Peter answered after a few seconds.
“Peter, you need to be wary of Quentin Beck,” Tony stated.
“What? Why?”
“He was my former employee. He wants EDITH to do something with it. You cannot trust him.”
“He has been nothing but nice and helpful to me. We’re currently getting ready to stop one of the Elementals together.”
“Peter, you have to trust us,” Y/N pled.
“You’ve been saying that I have to be wise and make my own decisions on things. I trust Beck.”
“Call has ended,” FRIDAY announced.
“Stupid, stupid kid!” Tony exclaimed. “Never should have given him the suit or the glasses.”
“We have to respect his choice, Tony,” Y/N said, “while also keeping an eye out.”
Tony shook his head and went to head to his suit. “I need to go—“
Y/N jumped in front of Tony. “No. We’re trying the stay-at-home parent approach, remember? The moment it gets too big or Peter calls for help, we’ll be there. Right now, if May trusts him there, we should too.”
“May doesn’t know everything.”
“And we aren’t really his parents.” Pain flashed over Tony’s eyes. “I know, it sucks to hear. I wish things were different, okay? I wish that we were his parents or that he had parents, but he has May, his legal guardian, and he has us, weird superhero guides.” Y/N cupped Tony’s cheek with one of her hands as she noticed Tony getting emotional. “I know, it’s hard, but it’s the facts. We will do what we can.”
“I just… if something happens to him… that’s not me.”
“We’re a team.” She leaned in and gave him a little peck on the lips. “It’s on us.” 
Tony reached around Y/N, taking her in his arms and pulling her into him. He buried his head into her neck. Y/N could feel his fast-paced heart pounding against his chest onto hers. using her powers, she allowed herself to feel the anxiety rising in him and slowly began to calm it.
“Stop,” he murmured, not bothering to move.
“You need to calm,” she whispered. “You’re going to send yourself into a panic if you don’t.”
Tony allowed it, leaning into his wife more. Y/N closed her eyes and focused on just being there, the two of them. She smiled softly as she heard the sound of small feet hurrying towards the couple. Before they could bother moving, Morgan's arms were trying to wrap around their legs.
“I want to join,” she mumbled into Tony’s leg. 
The couple laughed lightly. Tony pulled away enough so that he was able to pick up Morgan and bring her into the hug. She hugged back for a few moments before pulling away to look at Tony.
“Do you want some ice cream, Dad?” She asked.
He chuckled. “I would love some.”
Tony, Y/N, Morgan, and Steve were finishing up their ice cream when FRIDAY interrupted them yet again.
“Excuse me, but I am no longer able to connect to EDITH,” the AI said.
“What?” Tony and Y/N exclaimed.
They jumped up and ran into the office. Tony went over to his computer set up and began frantically typing away.
“Damn it, damn it, damn it,” Tony muttered.
“Tony, tell me that we still have contact with EDITH,” Y/N pled, holding her breath slightly.
“We’ve lost contact. FRIDAY, get Parker on the line. NOW!”
“Daddy’s on happy, is he?” Morgan questioned from where her and Steve were standing in the doorway.
“I’m afraid not,” Steve responded. He leaned down and picked the girl up. “Let’s go clean up from lunch, Mo.”
“But I want to watch Pete get in trouble.”
Steve held back a chuckle. “There will be plenty of time for that.” He walked off with his niece in his arms.
“Unfortunately, Peter Parker is not answering,” the AI announced.
“Shit,” Y/N muttered. “What do you want to do?”
“Let’s go get him,” Tony said. “I’ll ready the suits FRIDAY, ready the jet.”
“I could just portal us there if—“
“No.” Tony shook his head. “I need time before I see Peter or the kid could end up seriously injured.”
“Right. Worry about the suits, I’ll do everything else.” She left, going back to the kitchen. “Steve, we’re going to need you to watch Morgan.”
“Is Peter in trouble?” Steve asked.
“He very well could be.”
“I can watch Morgan, just let me know if you need any backup.”
“Thanks, Stevie.”
“Why can I come along?” Morgan asked.
“Oh, honey, I wish you could, but your dad and I have to deal with this on our own.”
“But I can help!”
“You can help by staying here, with your uncle. Alright?”
“Alright,” Morgan grumbled.
YN kissed her head. “I love you, Mo.”
“Love you too, mommy.”
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Missed you ~ Bucky Barnes
Warnings: cussing, angst
Summary: You Steve and Bucky were very close before they left off to join the military. Over the years you and Steve maintained contact with each other but Bucky never reached out to you. When visiting Steve you see Bucky for the first time in years.
A/n: this was originally posted on my other account but I will be posting all on my imagines new and old on this account. Enjoy :)
"imagine being almost like what a thousand years old already and still not being changed one bit" You laughed walking into the compound with Steve. "haha very funny y/n" You both just finished at the gym so the two of you were hungry while Steve was digging in the fridge you sat at the counter. "come on after all these years and all the chaotic things you went through and you are till the same Steve Rogers you were before everything" He lowly chuckled to himself " not everything stayed the same y/n. I mean you want to see change you should go see Bucky when he gets back" Your face dropped. "you didn't tell me that Bucky was here. I mean I haven't seen or heard from him in forever." The three of you were close before Steve and Bucky joined the military but after everything you never really heard from Bucky just Steve. " You know he has been going through a lot y/n with all the hydra stuff, being over in Wakanda, losing his arm and it's just a lot". You just nodded your head and you left to sit in the living room. You were always the closest with Bucky and it was like when he went off the war that was it. You didn't hear from him again. After Steve made food the two of you just sat around talked Steve told you all the things you missed since he seen you which was a lot more than what you had been up to.
"well aren't you going to introduce you to your lady friend Rogers" The voice scared you since you didn't hear anyone walk in. You both looked over and you saw an unfamiliar face. "Tony this is my good friend --" Before Steve could finish you heard a familiar voice "y/n" You turned your head over and you couldn't believe it. Bucky was standing there in the doorway and had his arms crossed. Steve was right about Bucky he was different just looking at him you could tell things were different. You looked at Bucky, his long grown hair tied backing in a bun, his scruffy beard, and his metallic arm there was no doubt that things have happened. Part of you wanted to run up to him hug him and tell him about everything he missed since he was gone but you were pissed he was gone so long and didn't even bother to visit or talk to you since he first left for the military which was so long ago. No one really said anything between the four of you until you got up and excused yourself and leaving the room. Steve gave you a tour before so you knew where everything was and you headed towards the guest bedroom that you stay in every time you are here. Once you left you could still hear Steve and Tony talking in the living room. Unfortunately you knew what they were talking about.
You and Bucky.
But this wasn't a conversation you could listen into it really broke your heart when you thought about Bucky. Bucky was everything
After you heard everyone leave the living room that’s when you decided to head out and head towards the training room. Once you reached the training room you made sure no one was in there before you went in. It was always a habit for you to stretch before you did anything. Once you did all your warm-up stretches typically in your routine you would go for a run but today you were going to do that last. After seeing Bucky after all this time was really upsetting I mean your closest best friend didn't bother visiting or reaching out to you. That was all you could think about. The past year you developed a strong liking towards boxing and martial arts so that’s how you began your training for the day mainly just to get all the anger you were feeling out. That’s just what you did except every punch just got you angrier because you just kept thinking of how betrayed you felt no matter how hard you hit.
" I don't know what happened between you and Barnes but watching you hit he must of done something good" you turned around and saw Tony eating an apple standing in the doorway of the training room. " heard you and Steve talking about it so there's nothing else for me to say" you glared at him. "the three of was were very close friends but me and Bucky were even closer. The two of them went off since they joined the military. Steve has visited me through the years even through the whole Captain America shit and Bucky didn't. Steve was the one who reached out kept in touch and visited me but Bucky didn't bother. Today was the first day since they left for the military that I seen him. My closest friend in the world and he didn't bother seeing or keeping in touch with me." You weren't the venting type but Tony's presence made you comfortable. He pulled you into a hug and wrapped his arm around your back "talk to him that's the best advice I can give you kid it isn't much but tell him" he gave you a weak smile. You knew he was doing this in good intentions and you thanked him.
For the rest of the day you thought about what Tony said and sometime during the day Tony and Steve left they had some business to attend to. You laid on the couch in the living room watching movies. "Remember the three of us used to have movie nights all the time and we used to make fun of the movies which is the reason Steve wouldn't watch movies with us" you didn't need to turn around to know who it was. But you stayed silent. "Tony said he thinks you are great. He said he talked with you for a bit and he enjoys your company" this hurt you so bad. All you wanted to do is talk with him about everything he missed and what you missed but you couldn't. You just can't. "You disappeared. You were my closest friend and you just disappeared. No call, no text, no nothing from you not even a lousy fucking visit. Nothing Barnes and you want to act like everything is fine. Unlike Steve you left me behind he checked in came to visit and I got nothing from you. I only seen you because Steve asked me to visit him and even then you pretend like nothing changed." You looked up at Bucky and you saw the look on his face which was guilt. He always imagined how you were doing without him. What you didn't know is that he always hoped that you were happy without him. At some point after joining the army and all the stuff with Hydra he knew that he wasn't the same person you would remember him as. The last thing Bucky wanted to do is ruin the person you remembered him as. "y/n wait" You turned away from him and went straight to your room which is where you would spend the rest of the day.
For the rest of the day you kept yourself occupied in your room by drawing, writing and sleeping. Anything was better than risking running into Bucky if you left your room. You ignored everyone who kept knocking on your door honestly you didn't want to talk to anyone especially anyone who was going to make you feel bad about how you treated Bucky. The only bad thing is that you didn't have food in your room and you were starving. It was already late and you knew everyone was already in their rooms or gone so you decided to sneak into the living room. Once you made your food and sat down to eat. You heard footsteps in the hallway but you didn't want to see who it was.
" I thought you were never going to come out" You heard Bucky talking but you didn't turn around and you also weren't going to say anything. "y/n please just hear me out" You turned around and got up walking towards him. "you fucking abandoned me. You just left and never came back and never bothered to reach out to me. Nothing. All this time I wondered what the hell happened to you why you just disappeared after the military. Because Steve came back but you didn't. Every time Steve reached out or came to see me I wondered if one day you would just show up and surprise me but you never did" You tried to be as calm as you could but you were yelling at this point. "After everything y/n I really hoped after all this time you were happy and okay because in reality y/n I stopped being the person I was before the military. I wanted you to be okay and happy with your life without me because I wasn’t the person you needed me to be. I wanted you to remember as the person who made you laugh and made you happy not the person I am y/n" You truly wanted to be angry because he was gone for so long but you knew you couldn't. You slowly stepped towards him putting your hands on the side of his face and leaned your face towards his. It took you a minute before you could talk "I didn't care about any of that Buck, all I wanted was you back. I thought something happened to you and that's why you disappeared. I rather been by your side through everything than not at all. I just wanted you back." and with that last thought you left.
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ptersparkers · 4 months ago
best friends (peter parker)
Tumblr media
summary: you’ve always considered yourself peter parker’s best friend. but when his interest in mary jane complicates your friendship, it gets harder to hide your feelings for him.
notes: hi everybody!!!!! this is 13.2k words long so i hope you enjoy it. i’m also trying out this thing where i change my pseudonym to sloane because i think it fits me more than when i picked scout over 3 years ago. also @ mary jane i’m sorry i love u please forgive me
warnings: typos, probably.
*✧・゚─────────── *✧・゚
As Peter Parker’s best friend, it hurt to hear him talk about other girls he wanted to go on dates with.
It hurt to an extent that you couldn’t quite describe, only that it felt like frustration kept inside of a bottle that was unable to be opened. The pressure was too much. You wish you could muster up the courage to tell him how you felt about him, but you were always discouraged whenever he absentmindedly brought up someone he thought was attractive. 
As friends since junior year of high school, it wasn’t hard to fall for him as quickly as you did. Peter was always the quiet kid in the back of the classroom, smarter than anyone else in the room, and more observant than people gave him credit for. His kind brown eyes and soft gaze always made your heart beat much faster than you wanted it to.
You endured the teasing comments from your friends and never thought much of it until their words helped you look at Peter in a different light. He was still the photography nerd obsessed with biomechanics, but you grew to like him in a way that you hadn’t before. His kindness was unmatched, and when you found out he was Spider-Man, that only made your love for him grow. 
There were times where you thought Peter might’ve felt the same as you, but you were never sure. It began when your friends pointed out how loving Peter was towards you, despite explaining that was the nature of your friendship. The way they described how Peter was when he was around you made you believe there might be something more to your relationship than just being friends. 
You really started to think about your interactions with him and how your friends might’ve been right. You began to overthink your friendship with him. Did Peter always offer to buy you coffee because he liked you or because you kept his secret? Was Peter always slinging his arm around you because he wanted affection or because he’d been doing that since the both of you met?
The two of you became fast friends because of how many classes you shared and how many projects you worked on together. You hadn’t officially met Peter until this time, but you were more than aware of his intelligence. The same could be the same with Peter, and since getting to know you after projects you’ve worked on together, was fast to call you a friend.
There was never a doubt that you and Peter were two peas in a pod. Your teachers knew to pair the both of you together and it went so far as Aunt May being completely unphased when she saw you and Peter together in the apartment. 
The both of you attended Columbia University and you were more than ecstatic to be able to continue living in New York with your best friend. Now in your last year of university, you continued your friendship with Peter. But being his friend meant knowing who his crushes were.
So it hurt to know that Peter never talked about you like he talked about girls. 
*✧・゚─────────── *✧・゚
“I’m serious, Y/N. I think she might be the love of my life.” 
You ignored Peter’s words the second he started to talk about the barista he met at the coffee shop the two of you frequent. Peter had a newfound confidence since graduating and it didn’t take him long to become more social since arriving at Columbia. He had been insecure about not having found his footing when it came to girls in high school, but college seemed to increase Peter’s self confidence. Still, he continued to keep his Spider-Man identity a secret to everyone but you. 
But hearing him talk about girls he studied with, girls he wanted to take on expensive dates, and girls he wanted one night with hurt. Your infatuation was hard to deny and even harder to keep under the surface. For every night Peter came by your apartment to help with his minor injuries, a part of you had the initiative to tell him how you felt. But for every night Peter talked about girls he found pretty, a part of you wanted to bury your feelings deep underground until you couldn’t feel them anymore. 
“Y/N, are you listening?”
You lifted your head from your laptop and ceased typing, sliding your glasses back to the bridge of your nose.
“Sorry, this essay is taking up a lot of my concentration. What were you saying?” 
Peter rolled his eyes. “The barista I’ve been talking about. You know, the redhead from Albert’s Coffee?” 
You nodded. “Yes, I know who you’re talking about.”
Your heart broke when you saw him smile. 
“Her name’s Mary Jane, MJ for short.” 
“Oh, that’s nice.” 
Peter rolled his eyes again. “A little enthusiasm would be nice.” 
“I’m very happy that you finally talked to your crush,” you said, trying to sound as encouraging as you possibly could without revealing your true feelings. 
“She’s the nicest,” Peter let on. “I asked for her number and she wrote it on my cup.”
You did a double take. 
“You asked for her number?” you asked. 
“Yes?” Peter asked quizzically. 
“I’m happy for you,” you lied. “I know you’ve had an infatuation with her for quite some time.” 
“I can’t believe I was so scared about talking to her,” he said with a laugh. “She’s just as nice as I imagined her to be and she’s really pretty up close.” 
Your heart broke again.
“She’s also studying biochemistry at Columbia,” said Peter. “To think I’ve never seen her in any classes…” 
He trailed off and you ignored how he was looking at his phone like he was waiting for her to text him back. You sat in the library with your notes in front of you and wanted nothing more than to leave. How could you compete for Peter’s attention when he already had eyes for someone else? You were particularly jealous of Mary Jane’s biochemistry major, as that was the one thing you and Peter didn’t have in common. You were fairly decent when it came to the hard sciences, but your loyalty was in business and communications. It was far different than Peter’s chosen path and as a result, you rarely crossed his path during classes. 
“I’ve gotta go,” you said abruptly, looking at your phone.
“What?” Peter asked. “You got here thirty minutes ago.”
“I’m sorry,” you apologized. “I forgot I planned to help a friend with her final project.”
“Oh, that’s okay,” Peter said. “We can meet up later tonight?” 
You knew he was asking permission to visit you after he spent the night patrolling. 
“Sure, Peter,” you said with a tired smile. “Tonight’s fine. You know where my window is.”
*✧・゚─────────── *✧・゚
When Gwen Stacy entered your apartment, she already knew you were feeling less than energetic. You sat on the sofa in your living room with a box of half eaten pizza on the coffee table in front of you with red and swollen eyes. 
“Do you remember when we first met?” you asked unenthusiastically. Gwen raised her eyebrow. 
“And Peter had the biggest crush on you, and I was so jealous that I couldn’t be in the same room as the two of you unless someone else was there with us?” 
Gwen sat next to you and stole a slice. 
“Yes. I have no idea where you’re going with this.” 
You huffed. “Well, I feel like that now.” 
Her eyes widened. “Is this your way of telling me Peter asked that barista out?”
You groaned. “He asked for her number and she gave it to him.”
“Let’s hope she tells Peter she likes girls,” Gwen said with a snicker. 
She was referring to the week after Peter introduced you two Gwen; he had been ectatic to introduce the two of you over a cup of coffee and you were less than excited to meet someone Peter had a crush on. But when you met Gwen, it seemed like Peter was misinformed when she mentioned her girlfriend. 
“I don’t know if I can go another year of unrequited love,” you sighed dramatically. “It’s been this way since our last year of high school. I can’t stand to see him check out other girls when I’m around.”
“You know that other girls are intimidated by you, right?” Gwen asked nonchalantly. 
You looked at her. “What? Why would people feel intimidated by me?”
“It’s because Peter treats you like you’re his girlfriend?”
You scoffed. “Gwen Stacy, that’s a lie and you know it.”
“I’m being serious!” Gwen tucked her leg underneath her. “Peter’s always touching you, like having you hold his arm or sitting close to you when we’re out with friends. He brings you up in conversations a lot and he’s always meeting up with you after he hangs out with his friends. Girls are too intimidated to make a move on Peter because they don’t know if you two are dating or not.”
“Peter does that with everyone,” you retorted. “He does that with you.”
Gwen looked at you as if you had grown another head in front of her. 
“Y/N, I love you, but you’re delusional.”
You huffed. “Well, I don’t think choosing to sit next to your friend counts as dating.” 
“No, but Peter constantly talks about you. He’s always bringing you up in random conversation if it relates to something you’re interested in and he’s always telling people they should meet you.”
“He’s just being a good friend, then.”
Gwen rolled her eyes. “He’s not just being a good friend. Have you tried telling him how you feel?”
“Once,” you said. “It was like, sophomore year of college and I was ready to tell him but he got a call from a girl he had a fling with and ditched me to get pizza with her.”
“Oh, shit.”
You grimaced. “So my efforts have been subpar because I know he doesn’t like me back.”
Gwen remained silent. She understood where you were coming from. When she learned about Peter’s infatuation with her through you after the two of you had become friends, it became quite clear how Peter treated you versus other girls. He acted like you were his first priority. Whenever she and Peter would hang out, Peter would find a way to bring you into the discussion or ask Gwen if it would be okay to invite you along. She knew he’d do almost anything you asked and she observed the way he would be at your beck and call, even if it meant leaving her to see if you were doing okay. 
So Peter’s actions remained confusing to Gwen. Peter treated you like a significant other without the physical affection. He knew where you’d be at any given time and spoke about you with more grace than a best friend would. A few of Gwen’s friends felt the same and have asked her about the relationship between you two, only to be left confused when she revealed that the two of you weren’t dating. 
Gwen didn’t realize that Peter’s infatuation with the barista grew to this extent. 
“I think it’s time for me to move on, don’t you?”
Gwen smacked your arm. 
“Absolutely not,” she scolded. “I really think there’s something going on between the both of you but he doesn’t know it yet.” 
You sighed. “I don’t know, Gwen. I don’t know how much longer I can take hearing him talk about this girl. It hurts too much.” Gwen gave you a reassuring hug and sunk into the sofa beside you.
“I’m free for the rest of the day if you want to stay inside and watch movies all day?” she proposed.
“Yes please,” you groaned. “Except you have to be out by eleven because Peter’s coming over.”
Gwen gave you a look. “Of course he is.”
You grimaced and shut up altogether, knowing that his secret wasn’t yours to tell. While you had friends outside of Peter and Gwen, you considered them to be your closest. It was hard to keep Peter’s secret to yourself because you were often caught in the middle of his second life. Peter came by your apartment most nights and often talked to you about his experience while patrolling. 
But you also saw another side of Peter you were sure no one else saw. You saw his exhaustion when he pushed himself to work harder despite sleeping for a few hours every night. He had enormous bags under his eyes every morning after a tiring night and you watched as he used caffeine as his lifeline. You saw his compassion for the citizens of New York and how he was able to incorporate Spider-Man into his life. 
You always listened and tried your best to empathize with him. Peter had told you he was Spider-Man nearly a year after he was bitten because he knew you would find out sooner or later. He noticed that you had been so attentive to the fact that he no longer needed glasses and how his stamina had strengthened. You saw his physique grow nearly overnight and how he seemed to be more perceptive than he had been when you first met him. And when Peter visited your apartment in his suit and took his mask off, you weren’t surprised. 
In all truth, Peter was thankful for your support. Outside of May, you were the only person who he trusted enough to reveal his identity to. For the rest of senior year, you helped Peter patch himself up before going home and listened to all of his stories. This tradition continued into your years at university and despite having to adjust your sleeping schedule, you wouldn’t change a thing. 
However, it became difficult to talk about how helping Peter affected you. Seeing him come back every night with bruises and other injuries broke your heart in more ways than one. You always express your concern with him, but you never expressed just how much. You wanted to hold him until he fell asleep and kiss his worries away. You wanted him to stay over at your place and keep a drawer for him in case he wanted to stay over, but he seldom did. It was only when Peter could barely move did he choose to sleep on the floor despite your protests to take the bed. 
Keeping his secret from Gwen was nearly disastrous because you wanted to tell her how seeing him as Spider-Man, and being the only one who knew, affected you to the point where you felt like you couldn’t keep your feelings for him hidden. But you never wanted to sacrifice your friendship, especially since you knew he liked another girl the way you liked him. 
Gwen left when Peter let you know he was coming over. You were thankful your roommate was spending time at a friend’s place for the rest of the week when Peter ungracefully stumbled into your room, throwing his mask onto your bed before collapsing on the large bean bag chair. 
“I’m exhausted,” he said, running his hand through his hair. 
“Any big injuries?” you asked, retrieving your first aid kit from underneath your bed. “I bet I could fight robbers if you get too tired.”
Peter smiled at you and put his hand by his chest. 
“You’re like, this tall,” he said. “Teeny tiny.”
“I could still kick their asses.”
“Even when you’re an inch tall?” he asked, his thumb and index finger nearly touching. Peter laughed as you hit his bicep. 
“It’s entirely your fault that you’re taller than everyone else in the room, Peter.” 
You watched as Peter slipped the top of his suit off of his body. Inch by inch, you could see his skin and his glorious physique peak out from the red and blue suit. You held your breath and tried your best not to stare at his chest, which had a small gash near his collar bone. Peter’s brown hair flopped in front of his eyes as he pushed the fabric to his waist and you watched as he sighed while pushing his head towards the back of the chair. You gulped, seeing Peter’s Adam’s apple in his throat at the way he closed his eyes in exhaustion. 
You were distracted by his arms most of the time. His expertly sculpted biceps were prominent in his suit and long sleeve shirts, and you always swooned when Peter would hold his arm out for you. Peter’s lips were parted from being parched and you watched as he swallowed. 
“What, do I have something on my face?” 
You gulped and watched as he laughed at his joke. Your fingers opened the first aid kit hastily and you nearly dropped it on your way over to Peter. He laughed at your mistake and you avoided his gaze when you took out sanitation. He winced at the cold and searing sensation of the antibacterial liquid and you watched as he bit his lip to keep from making a sound. 
“How was it today?” you asked. Peter opened his eyes and looked at you.
“Wasn’t terrible,” he began. “Stopped a few robberies and got flashed with a pocket knife.”
“Small knives are your weakness after all, huh?”
Peter laughed. “I guess so. I would’ve dodged it if I wasn’t so tired.” 
You frowned. “You push yourself too hard, you know that?”
“If not me, who else?”
“If you fall from exhaustion, who’s going to finish the job for you?” Peter remained silent. “That’s what I thought.” 
Deep down, Peter knew you were right. Between work, his studies, patrolling, and trying to find time socializing with his friends, Peter felt like the world was weighing him down. All Peter wanted to do was give himself a break but he always felt guilty for wanting to take a breather. Who was going to stop petty thieves from stealing from convenience stores? Who’s going to walk people home late at night? Who’s going to continue keeping New York’s crime rate lower than ever before? 
“I know that you’re right,” Peter said, “but I can’t stop. New York can’t wait for me to catch my breath.”
“I care about you,” you said. “You know that, right?”
He nodded. “Of course. I care about you too.” 
“Then take tomorrow off from patrolling. Relax and do whatever you want for a change. Maybe you won’t get caught off guard by small knives.” 
Peter grimaced when you cleaned the wound. He knew you were right and he didn’t want to deny himself from time off. He just needed to cope with feeling guilty when he did. 
“Okay,” Peter agreed. “You’re right, Y/N. I could use one night to catch up on sleep. On second thought, I think I might order Chinese takeout and watch movies all night.” 
“That’s all you’re gonna do on a Friday night?” you teased, knowing Peter didn’t care much for going out on the weekends. 
“Nah,” he said. “If I’m feeling lonely, I’ll call you.” 
The butterflies in your stomach erupted when Peter looked at you. His brown eyes were glistening underneath the lights in your bedroom and the tip of his nose was red from the cold air outside. It was like this on the weekends. You could almost always rely on Peter to call you on these nights because he was either out patrolling or inside his apartment playing video games until three in the morning. Peter knew you were always a safe bet because most nights, you were either hanging out in your apartment alone or hanging out in your apartment with your friends. If you were anywhere else, Peter was with you. 
Part of the reason why you thought he might’ve reciprocated your feelings was because of this balance between friendship. Peter was stuck by your side since high school and he never questioned it either. It felt natural to be joined at the hip, so much so that you always felt strange when you were with mutual friends and Peter wasn’t there. 
Gwen’s reasoning behind Peter harboring feelings for you had to do with how much time the two of you spent together. She almost always saw you with Peter during the day and could count on him crashing girl’s night if he texted you on the weekend. Gwen considered herself to be perceptive of other people and the small habits. For instance, Peter watched you intently when you spoke and always tried his best to get people to listen to you if others weren’t listening. He did his best to include you in plans with mutual friends and he always chose to carry your belongings even if you didn’t need help. 
But you chalked it up to Peter being a really good friend. After all, hope that Peter returned your romantic feelings was crushed every time he talked about someone else who wasn’t you. 
“I talked to MJ earlier today.” 
Your heart sunk again. Your fingers halted their movements as Peter looked beside you with a lopsided grin that you wish was caused by you. The wound was almost clean enough for you to put a Band-Aid on it and you wanted nothing more than to be out of Peter’s peripheral. 
“Oh?” you asked quietly, resuming your actions. 
“We talked on the phone for what felt like hours,” he said with a light chuckle. “It was before I went out patrolling. She’s really funny and we have a lot of the same interests. MJ’s also a photographer.” 
“That’s really cool,” you lied. 
“Mhm,” Peter mumbled as you put a Band-Aid over his wound. “I really like her, Y/N. I think I might ask her out next week.” 
“Ask her out?” 
Your heart plummeted and you could feel tears prick at your eyes. 
“Maybe to that Italian place a few blocks from my place,” he considered. “I think that’s a good place, right? It’s casual and not too fancy. I’m thinking of dinner and then maybe some ice cream afterwards. That’s casual, right?” 
“It sounds great.”
Peter looked at you.
“This is the part where you’re supposed to tell me if my ideas are stupid or not.”
You sighed. “Peter, every girl is different. Maybe MJ wants dinner and ice cream. Maybe she wants a five star meal and a ride in a helicopter over New York. The whole point is to get to know her interests.” 
“Hm,” he said. “Okay, I think that I should probably take her to the Italian place because once time she–”
Peter looked at your eyes and frowned. 
“Are your allergies acting up again?” he asked, referring to your watering eyes. You quickly wiped them with the back of your hand and did your best to laugh. 
“They’ve been acting up all day,” you lied. ��Must be because I forgot to take an allergy pill this morning.” 
Peter pouted and you knew he silently scolded you for not taking better care of yourself. The truth, you knew, was that you didn’t forget but you were on the verge of crying in front of him. 
Peter had never seen you cry. Not when you failed your first test, not when you had to say goodbye to your parents before moving out of your apartment, and certainly not when you realized Peter was never going to like you the way you like him. 
“I should set a reminder, or something. I’m usually good at remembering.” 
You stood from your place and watched as Peter put his suit back on, his hands reaching for his mask. His fingers toyed with the hem of the mask and he paced around your room for a moment before looking back up at you. 
“Do you think MJ will say yes if I ask her out?” 
You looked at him and bit your lip to keep yourself from falling apart.
“Anyone would be lucky to go on a date with you, Peter.” 
He smiled at you. 
“Thanks, Y/N. You always know what to say.”
Peter waved goodbye and swung out of your window, and you made sure he was out of earshot before you let your tears flow free from its confines. 
*✧・゚─────────── *✧・゚
You didn’t see Peter until two weeks later. He hadn’t made much of an effort to text you throughout the week despite seeing the plethora of delivered messages on your part. It hurt to know that Peter was most likely spending time with Mary Jane when he wasn’t answering you and your mutual friends thought it was peculiar that Peter hadn’t made an effort to spend any time with you either. 
“I’m just saying,” Harry Osborne began, “that there’s clearly something weird going on with Peter.”
“It’s not weird, Harry. Peter likes Mary Jane and not me,” you said with a shrug. The truth hurts. 
“But that doesn’t mean Peter should ignore you just to hang out with a girl.” 
You groaned. 
Harry’s loft was much bigger than yours and you found yourself in his apartment more often, accompanied by Gwen and Chinese takeout. The copious amounts of food was sprawled out on his coffee table as the three of you lounged on the couch and loveseat around it, attempting not to spill any food with cheap chopsticks and expensive plates. 
The commute to his place consisted of a twenty minute subway ride and a short walk, prompting you to stay in his guest room if you didn’t feel like making the trip back to your apartment. Gwen thought it would be a good idea to spend time outside of your bedroom to avoid putting you in a rut, and your two friends were more than happy to keep you company while you wallowed in your sadness. 
You had met Harry a year prior in a shared class and found it easy to get along with him. The man had a sense of humor and kept you from falling asleep in your eight A.M. class, and a friendship was born when you found out he was also friends with Peter. But lately, it seemed that Peter wasn’t talking to Harry as frequently as he used to before. You wondered if Peter was deliberately ignoring you in favor of hanging out with Mary Jane or if he didn’t know how to balance his time between his friendships and his love life, considering this was the first time he expressed great interest in anyone romantically. 
“Why are we so interested in this all of a sudden?” you asked. “I thought we were talking about Gwen’s lab accident.”
“Nope, we’re past that,” she said, waving her hand in front of her. “No need to relive that embarrassing moment.” 
You rolled your eyes, knowing the conversation shifted not because of her embarrassment but because of their mutual interest in your love life, or lack thereof. 
“Peter hasn’t been responding to my texts these past two weeks,” said Harry. “I’m surprised he talked to you on Friday.”
“Y/N’s just special,” Gwen said, moving her chow mein with chopsticks. “Peter can’t live without her.”
“If only that were true,” you said with a humorless laugh. 
“I can’t believe nothing has happened between you two since high school.” 
“I thought the two of you were together when we first met,” Harry said. 
You gave him a look. “You met me before knowing I knew Peter, Harry.”
He shrugged. “I mean, yeah, but the way you two acted around each other made me think you two were dating.” 
You gave him a quizzical look. 
“Peter almost always brought you up in conversation,” Harry explained. “Every time someone said something that reminded him of you, he’d make it a point to bring you up. Peter’s like, over affectionate when it comes to you.”
“We’ve been friends for almost six years,” you said. “I probably do the same.” 
Gwen laughed at the irony. 
“And let’s not forget that Peter never lets you pay for anything when you’re out with him.” 
“That’s untrue,” you said, rolling your eyes. “We take turns buying food and everything else.”
“But when we’re all hanging out, Peter always offers to cover the cost of your coffee or dinner, or whatever it is.” 
You couldn’t argue with that. You always offered to pay Peter but he said he owed you for helping him as Spider-Man and for keeping his secret, even though you would’ve done the same without compensation. 
“Lastly,” Harry said, pointing his finger at you, “Peter always has to be near you.”
“Sitting next to you,” Gwen contributed. “Having you hold his arm when we walk somewhere.”
“Opening the door for you—”
“He’s just being nice,” you interrupted. 
Harry rolled his eyes at you. You started to think your friends might lose their eyes with how much they were doing that. 
“Peter talks about you like you’ve been married for forty years,” said Harry. 
You shrugged. “That’s just how we are, I guess. We’ve always been close since high school, so it’s probably because we’ve known each other for so long.”
“You are so adorable when you’re in denial,” Gwen cooed. 
“I’m not in denial,” you said. “I’m just trying to live with the truth. Every time I want to tell him, he talks about other girls.” 
“Ouch,” Harry muttered. 
“I’m just scared he’s going to ditch me for someone else,” you sighed. “I’m trying to get over this stupid crush I have on him but if he ignores me for a girl, I think that’ll be the thing the breaks my heart.” 
“I don’t think Peter would ever do that,” Gwen offered. “We all know how he is. Loyal to a T.” 
It was times like this where you wished you could tell Gwen and Harry about his escapades as Spider-Man. He hadn’t told them yet, that much you knew. But you wanted to tell them how he hadn’t been visiting you after patrolling when that was the norm. You desperately wanted Gwen’s trusted advice and Harry’s opinion as a guy, but Peter’s secret wasn’t yours to tell. 
The idea of being the only person who knew that part of Peter’s life was weighing on your shoulders because no matter how worried you were when he came home with injuries, you weren’t going to talk about it to alleviate your stress. You couldn’t talk to your friends, your therapist, or anyone else. You could only talk to Peter about it to an extent, but even he didn’t understand the extent of how much it affected you. 
You always rationalized that what he was dealing with was far greater than your worries. Peter always put his safety at risk to help the city he loved so much while you waited for him to come home. But your anxiety about whether he was going to be alive or not ate at you, and you couldn’t talk about it to anyone. The pang in your chest never went away.
On the day you saw Peter next, you were disheartened to see that he was accompanied by Mary Jane.
“Peter!” you said, realizing that he had walked into the coffee shop by Harry’s apartment. 
“Oh, hey,” Peter said, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. “Didn’t expect to see you over here.” 
You shrugged. “I’m hanging out with Harry and Gwen, and drew the short stick for a coffee run.” 
“Harry Osborne and Gwen Stacy?” Mary Jane spoke looking at Peter. “I think you’ve told me about them.”
You looked beside him to see Mary Jane linking her arm with his. You could see her grip tighten on his bicep at the interaction between you and Peter, but you smiled nonetheless. 
“Mary Jane, right?” you asked after a brief pause. 
She pursed her lips and nodded, holding her hand up to give you a meek wave. 
“That’s me,” she said before looking at your best friend. “Peter, who is this?”
You tried your best to keep the shock below the surface, considering she had seen you at the coffee shop she works at with Peter. Perhaps it was presumptuous of you to assume he would have mentioned you throughout the few weeks that he had been talking to Mary Jane, but you were more than surprised at the fact that he hadn’t mentioned you at all. You thought it was strange at how Peter was acting, almost as if you caught him red handed. 
Mary Jane looked at Peter with utter confusion as he bit his lip and shifted from one foot to the other. His free hand ran itself through his hair as she waited for an answer and you raised your eyebrow at him. 
“This is Y/N. She’s just a friend,” he said nonchalantly. 
“Ah,” was all Mary Jane offered before giving you a forced smile.
“Peter and I go way back,” you said childishly, hurt over his weak attempt at an introduction. “We’ve been friends since high school.”
“Oh, Peter’s never mentioned you,” Mary Jane replied. 
“I’m sure he hasn’t,” you said as politely as you could while gritting your teeth. You looked at Peter, who looked elsewhere when you heard your name being called.
Grateful for the distraction, you separated yourself from the pair and walked back to Harry’s apartment without saying goodbye. 
The coffee stray felt heavy in your hands when Harry let you into the apartment complex and by the time you reached his loft, you had to hand it over to Harry before collapsing on the couch with your head by your knees. 
“What happened?” Gwen asked, concerned. She sat beside you and Harry, discarding the coffee on the table, paid attention to your posture when he heard you sigh. 
“I just ran into Peter and Mary Jane,” you said with a shallow breath, lifting your head to meet your friends’ gazes. 
“Oh,” Harry offered, sitting on the other side of you. 
“Peter barely acknowledged me when I said hi to him,” you explained. Harry could see your eyes growing red with every second passing and pulled you into his side while Gwen held your hand. “It was like he didn’t want to be seen with me.” 
“That doesn’t sound like Peter at all,” Harry said, annoyed at his friend’s actions. 
“She didn’t seem too pleased to see a girl walk up to Peter either,” you explained. “I don’t want to sound like a jealous, petty friend or anything, but it hurt that Peter never talked about me to her. It was like he didn’t want her to know that we’re friends.”
“Oh, Y/N,” Harry said, tightening his grip on you. 
“Mary Jane mentioned the both of you by name,” you said in distress. “That goes to show that Peter’s been talking about his friends but he never mentioned me at all.”
“You have every right to be upset,” Gwen confirmed. 
“I felt so stupid standing there,” you said. “It was like Peter was too embarrassed to be seen with me because he didn’t make any eye contact until I had to leave to pick up the coffee. Why did he do that? What gives?”
“That’s weird,” Gwen commented. “You ran into them at the coffee shop?”
You sighed and nodded. “Yeah. She’s very beautiful.”
Harry and Gwen remained silent for a moment. They were undoubtedly confused by Peter’s actions because in the time that they knew the both of you, it always seemed like Peter favored you over everyone else. Purposely not mentioning you, his best friend, while mentioning people he hadn’t known for as long, was peculiar. Neither Harry nor Gwen had met Mary Jane but they weren’t too keen on asking Peter for an introduction any time soon. 
Gwen watched as you sniffled and handed you a tissue with a soft smile as Harry did his best to comfort you in an embrace. His chin rested at the top of your head while he looked at Gwen, who was equally as confused by Peter’s actions. 
“He’s pathetic,” Harry said bitterly. 
“We’ve never had a fight,” you admitted. “Not a serious fight, anyway. But to go so far as to ignore me for a girl and pretend I don’t exist when I run into him is just…stressful. I feel like my heart got hit by a truck.” 
“I’ll go down there right now and kick his ass,” Gwen said through her teeth. 
“Gwen and I are co-presidents of the Peter Parker Hate Club,” Harry said. 
“I feel like I’m losing him.”
Gwen scowled. 
“Best friends shouldn’t make you feel shitty,” Gwen said, giving your hand another gentle squeeze. “Peter should be proud to introduce you to the people he’s talking to. You’ve been his best friend since high school, watched him grow out of his shell, and have so many awkward teenage stories to tell.” 
“Yeah.” You sighed, detangling yourself from Harry. “I just need a second.” 
Harry and Gwen watched as you locked yourself in his bathroom and looked at each other knowingly. 
“Do you think Peter’s afraid that Mary Jane will think they’re dating?” Harry asked. “I mean, it makes sense. Everyone always mistakes them for a couple.” 
“That’s what I’m thinking,” Gwen agreed. “Part of me thinks Peter didn’t want them to meet because he and Y/N are naturally so close.” 
“That, or…” Harry trailed off.”
He shook his head. “Or maybe Peter has feelings for Y/N but he’s trying to convince himself he doesn’t.”
“What does that have to do with anything?”
“Think about it,” he started. “Peter and Y/N have always been mistaken for a couple. Maybe Peter got tired of only being friends and started hanging out with Mary Jane to get over Y/N.”
Gwen considered the thought and if she was being honest with herself, she wouldn’t put it above Peter to act like that. In the couple of years that she knew Peter, she was aware that he liked to deal with his problems by himself. 
“I guess so,” she mumbled. “I wouldn’t put it past him to do that.” 
“I just wish we could do something so that Y/N doesn’t have to see Mary Jane and Peter together,” Harry said. “That’s a bit unrealistic, isn’t it?”
In the weeks following your introduction to Mary Jane, it’s almost as if you couldn’t outrun her. She seems to be everywhere you go even if Peter wasn’t with her. You stopped going to the coffee shop she works at but you still see her by Harry’s apartment, at the grocery store, and around campus. 
But what hurt the most wasn’t the reminder that Peter wasn’t yours, it was the fact that Peter hadn’t made an effort to talk about you, coupled with the fact that Mary Jane ignored you every time you were around. 
If you were eating lunch with Peter, he would leave you behind in favor of seeing Mary Jane. If you were with a group of mutual friends, Mary Jane would edge you out of the conversation and maneuver you away from Peter. You hadn’t realized it until Gwen started to point it out because while Mary Jane was a conversationalist with her, she had barely acknowledged your presence. 
Harry soon took notice of her actions. She’d divert the conversation if you were included and attempted to place herself in Peter’s view to take the attention off of you. It was childish at best, Harry considered, that she would go so far as to make you feel excluded from the conversation despite not having gotten to know you. He was upset at Peter for being oblivious to all of her actions. It went so far as Mary Jane making a backhanded comment about you and Peter laughing in agreement, and when Harry noticed anxiety and hurt taking over you, he decided that Peter wasn’t worth having around as a friend if he was going to continue acting like this. 
You weren’t sure how long your friendship with Peter would last if you continued to have romantic feelings for him and if Mary Jane continued to push you out of Peter’s life.
*✧・゚─────────── *✧・゚
You found yourself at Harry’s apartment with him and Gwen again, but it was a Sunday night and you needed to get back to your apartment before your Monday classes. Much to Harry and Gwen’s dismay, you decided to go back to your apartment for the night. Your roommate was out of the apartment again and you were thankful that she wouldn’t be able to hear you cry throughout the night.  
But much to your dismay, Peter landed on your fire escape.
He opened your window carefully when he saw your headphones in. You saw him almost instantly and didn’t bother to close your laptop or take your headphones out to greet him. Instead, you chose to remain underneath your bed covers and continue paying attention to the media in front of you.
“Come on,” Peter sighed, taking his mask off and closing the window behind me. “I’m a little hurt, okay? I didn’t know where else to go because I ran out of bandages. 
You breathed heavily and looked at him from above your laptop monitor. Without a word, you closed your computer and grabbed the first aid kit, waiting for Peter to take his suit off to tend to his wounds. Peter watched as you remained wordless as he sat on your chair and sank into the cushion. 
“Easy!” Peter exclaimed when you started to clean his wound by his temple. 
You looked at him before resuming your work. 
“Patrolling was fine, thanks for asking,” Peter said sarcastically. “Only a few punches and scrapes from being punched around. That’s all.”
“I don’t know why you expect me to feel sorry for you when you do that every night,” you said articulately. Peter frowned. 
“Are you okay? What’s with the attitude?” Peter asked. 
“What’s with the attitude?” you repeated, halting your movements. “You don’t introduce me, your best friend since you were sixteen, to the girl you’re talking to but she knows Harry and Gwen by name. You barely paid any attention to me when I said hello to you a few weeks ago and you’ve been ignoring me since the last time you were here.” 
“That’s why you’re mad?” Peter asked, laughing in disbelief. “Come on, Y/N. It’s not a big deal. And I wasn’t ignoring you, I’ve just been busy.”
“It’s a huge fucking deal, Peter,” you retorted. “I felt like you thought I wasn’t worth mentioning.”
“Don’t say that,” he said, adjusting himself in the seat. “I’ve been hanging out with MJ a lot recently. You don’t get a say in who I hang out with and who I don’t.” 
“That’s not the point, Peter,” you said. He raised his eyebrow and could hear your hard tone. 
“Then what’s your point?”
“You’ve been ignoring Harry and Gwen also. You’ve been spending so much time with Mary Jane that you’ve forgotten you have other friends.”
“So I’m the bad guy for wanting to spend time with the girl I like? Why can’t you be happy for me?” Peter asked. 
You dropped the cotton ball in the trash and stood from your spot, not bothering to clean the rest of his wounds. 
“Peter, you don’t make time for any of us. You ignore me for two weeks and then you come back to my apartment and expect me to patch you up and ignore how I feel.” 
“That’s our agreement!” Peter exclaimed, standing from his seat to stand in front of you. “You always said you’ll be there for me when I need it the most, and I need you tonight.”
“I don’t want to be at your beck and call when you need me,” you said. “Not when I can’t get a word from you in two weeks. That’s unfair.”
“I’m out there every night risking my life for New York,” Peter retorted. “The least you could do is help me when I’m injured. It’s not that hard.” 
You looked at Peter pointedly and laughed sarcastically. 
“Do you know how hard it is to keep your identity a secret?” you asked. “I can’t talk to anyone about how worried I am about you whenever you put the suit on. I can’t tell anyone about how I feel because your secret is not mine to tell.”
“Do you know how hard it is to carry this entire city on my fucking back?” Peter argued, crossing his arms. “All you’re doing is sitting in your apartment while I’m out there fighting crime. Don’t fucking talk to me about keeping my identity a secret and having to carry that burden.” 
You could feel your lips quiver. Peter had never raised his voice at you for the duration of your friendship and you were nearly ready to push him out of the window yourself.
“Why is it that you let Mary Jane make fun of me?” you asked with hurt in your tone. “Why do you let her push me out of conversations? Why do you let her exclude me from hanging out with our friends?”
“Y/N,” he said, shaking his head. “You’re being ridiculous. MJ’s not like that.”
“You don’t see it, Peter,” you sighed. “You are so blinded by your infatuation with her that you don’t see how she makes backhanded compliments at my expense.”
“You know, I have never thought of you to be the mean type, but you’re being awfully pathetic right now,” Peter spat. “I have more than enough room for more than one girl in my life, Y/N.”
“And I’m not saying you can’t have other friends who are women,” you pointed out, “but don’t you think it’s crossing a line when she’s being blatantly rude to me in front of you and all of our friends?”
“Now you’re just making shit up,” Peter said. “If you’re jealous, just fucking say it.”
“I’m not jealous, Peter. I’m hurt.”
“You don’t get to say that when you’ve been a bitch to her right back,” he said. “MJ complains that you never invite her to anything and that you talk shit about her behind your back. She heard you talking about her to Gwen yesterday.”
“That’s bullshit!” you argued. “I’ve never said anything bad about her. She’s the one who keeps prodding me to say something bad about her in public, Peter. Don’t you see it? Don’t you notice when she tries to pick an argument with me when you’re around?” 
“That’s not true.”
“Does she even know that you’re Spider-Man? Why are you defending her like this?”
“You’re fucking delusional,” Peter said, putting his mask on. 
Your heart sank. Peter had never spoken to you like this and always tried his best to understand where your feelings came from and you couldn’t understand why he was defending someone without considering how you felt. You bit your bottom lip as it quivered to keep yourself from crying in front of him, watching as he opened your window. 
“So that’s it?” you asked. “You’re going to leave this unresolved and go back to your apartment?” 
“I’m going to go to MJ’s place because she’s more of a friend than you are.” 
He shut the window behind him and as you watched him swing away before crawling back into bed, choosing to ignore how your heart fell to the bottom of your stomach. 
*✧・゚─────────── *✧・゚
“What a fucking idiot,” Harry said, anger clear in his voice. 
Harry had visited you at your apartment after you sent multiple voice messages to your group chat the morning after Peter left. Gwen, who was stuck at work until later that evening, sent you well wishes. 
The bowl of pasta in your lap was cold after many attempts at eating on Harry’s suggestion. It was half full when you put it aside, favoring the carbonation of La Croix to avoid pulling out wine and drinking it at eleven in the morning. Your roommate was caught up on the recent events, vowing to punch Peter in the jaw if he ever came to the apartment when you weren’t here. She left for work an hour after Harry arrived and you’d been sitting on your bed with him next to you ever since. 
“I don’t think I’ve experienced true heartbreak until now,” you said, sniffling as Harry paused the television show and put your laptop on the floor. “This is Peter, you know? We’ve always been there for each other and I was there for him when he found out he was—”
You stopped talking, instead sighing and blowing your nose. 
“He was what?” Harry asked. 
You shook your head. “I’ve always been there for Peter whenever he needed me and he’s always done the same for me. I don’t know why a girl had to come between us.” 
“Peter’s a piece of shit for saying those things to you,” he said. “I’m sorry he did.”
“I would’ve gotten over him,” you said pointedly, not believing yourself for a moment. “I would’ve been okay with him dating a nice girl. But Mary Jane always has something to say about me, you know? I can handle bullshit said to my face but it hurts that Peter doesn't defend me.” 
“He’s throwing away your friendship for a girl he’s known for a month,” Harry scoffed, crossing his legs underneath him. 
“It was always us against everyone else,” you said quietly. “May never questioned when I came over because we were so close. I’ve always had this soft spot for him, even before we became close friends, and I always thought I’d get the right chance to tell him how I feel. 
But every time I went to say something, Peter always talked about other girls and about how he wanted to experiment with girls and break out of his shell. Who am I to stop him from doing that?” 
“I’m sorry, Y/N,” Harry said, nudging your side. “I wish I could tell you the right thing.”
“All I know is I want to do something this weekend to forget about him,” you declared. “I don’t really care what, I just want to be drunk and not think about Peter.”
“My friend is throwing a party not too far from my place,” he suggested. “Rich kid, good alcohol, and a huge house. It’s probably the best place for what you’re thinking.”
You clapped your hands together and stood from your bed, opening your closet. You picked out a dark green mini dress, holding it up for Harry to see.
“I bought this dress a few months ago but never got the chance to wear it,” you said. “It goes with all of my gold jewelry.” 
“I can see if Gwen wants to come,” he said, texting the group chat. “Do you want to come get ready at my place?”
“You’re a godsend,” you praised, putting the dress back in your closet. 
“Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you,” Harry joked. “We’re going to have fun and enjoy free alcohol.”
“Exactly,” you said, nodding and sitting back next to him. “I’m not even going to think about Peter Fucking Parker.”
By the time the weekend came, you and Gwen had arrived at Harry’s with takeout and opened a bottle of expensive tequila for pregame shots. By the time you were finished getting ready, your confidence had skyrocketed and you were thankful for friends who would be there to help you forget about Peter. Your hair was straight and no strand was out of place. You commanded yourself not to cry and ruin the makeup you had delicately placed on yourself, and your lipgloss alone gave you the confidence to walk into a stranger’s house like you owned it. 
The place was already loud from the outside and you weren’t used to security outside of the building. Harry had flashed them a smile and they seemed to recognize him, allowing the three of you entry without a second thought. Harry had temporarily left you and Gwen to your own devices to say hello to his friends before returning to drag you to the bar, ordering cocktail after cocktail. 
You felt good and free of Peter’s opinion of you. You nearly forgot about the unresolved fight that Peter had ignored when he left you alone in your apartment to deal with the residual feelings yourself. You’d spend the next few weeks trying to be okay with the fact that Peter hadn’t made an effort to reach out to you despite your efforts to mend what you thought was broken. But if Peter didn’t want to be your friend anymore, you didn’t want to be his. 
You felt your phone buzz while you were in the bathroom.
harry osborne: peter’s here
harry osborne: fuck, i didn’t think he’d be here. it’s not his scene. 
gwen stacy: must be mary jane who got an invite 
harry osborne: y/n im so sorry. we can leave right now if you want ): 
y/n y/l/n: no, it’s okay. we came here to have fun and i’m not letting peter ruin my night 
gwen stacy: yay for getting drunk with my friends!!!!!
harry osborne: *best friends 
gwen stacy: also fuck peter parker
harry osborne laughed at “also fuck peter parker”
y/n y/l/n: i’ll be out in a sec
You stepped out of the bathroom after touching up your lip gloss and found Harry. Gwen had disappeared to refill her cup when you saw Peter looking at you. 
Your ears rang. The music suddenly became too loud when you caught his eye. Mary Jane draped herself on his arm, her hand in his as she tried to pull him in a different direction. But Peter planted himself on the floor when he saw you in that olive green short dress, looking much different than he remembered you. The last place Peter expected you to be was at an acquaintance of Mary Jane’s, who had a reputation for throwing lavish parties that lasted until the sun came up, but there you were in all your glory. 
You had to admit, Peter looked good. His hair was unruly in the best way and he wore a form-fitting shirt that exemplified his physique. His brown eyes seemed to be locked onto you until Harry put his hand on the small of your back. Peter watched Harry, dressed in a black turtleneck, black slacks, and a single gold chain around his neck, touch you. Peter clenched his jaw when Harry’s much taller frame looked down at you in concern until his eyes met Peter’s. 
You didn’t have to think twice about letting Harry guide you away from Peter. 
“Peter is not responsible for how I feel and I refuse to let him have such a big effect on me. I can have fun with my two best friends and forget about him for tonight. Can we do that?”
“Atta girl,” Harry said, nudging your side with his elbow. “Let me introduce you to a few of my friends.”
Peter, on the other hand, felt like his breath was knocked out of him. He was reluctant to go to a party because aside from Mary Jane, he didn’t know anyone and felt like he’d consider himself an outsider the entire time. But she begged him to go and he didn’t have the heart to tell her no. 
He was surprised to see you there, wondering how you managed to get into the party. Peter swore that you were the only person he saw in the room the moment he made eye contact with you, dressed in clothes he never thought he’d ever see you in. You looked somewhat distraught upon seeing him and Peter could tell you were trying to keep your composure. 
But when he saw Harry touch you, Peter saw red. He didn’t want Harry to touch you in any way and he was angry at him for pulling you away from him. 
“Let’s get a drink,” Mary Jane suggested. 
“Yeah,” he said. “Sure, we can get a drink.”
An hour into the party and he cursed himself for being able to find you in a crowded room. The open balcony was big enough to host half of the party and you sat outside while Peter remained inside. You were sitting on a chair’s armrest while Harry was keeping you upright by letting his arm drape around your waist. Were the two of you seeing each other? If so, how long was it happening? How come you didn’t tell him, and why was he so jealous?
Mary Jane’s hand slid upwards towards the top of his thigh and he gave her a pointed look. She pouted when Peter took her hand off of his thigh and shook his head. Throughout the night, Mary Jane tried her best to pull Peter’s eyes back on her. When she saw that you occupied his attention, she scoffed and maneuvered herself so she was sitting in his line of sight.
Peter stared at Mary Jane in confusion. 
“What was that for?” he asked. 
“You haven’t been paying attention to me all night,” she complained with a pout. 
“I told you I didn’t want to come,” he said. “But I came anyway.”
“You keep looking at Y/N,” she said, crossing her arms. 
“I’m just spacing out,” Peter tried to defend. He could see Harry’s grip on you as you tried to stand, pulling you back down to your seat. 
“You aren’t,” Mary Jane said, rolling her eyes. “Ever since we met Y/N a few weeks ago, you’ve been so preoccupied with thinking about her and you haven’t been paying any attention to me. It’s always ‘Y/N this and Y/N that,’ and it’s getting fucking annoying.” 
His head snapped towards her. 
“What did you just say?”
“Be honest, Peter,” you said, patting his knee. “Y/N’s really annoying with the way she tries to be friends with your friends. It’s kind of pathetic to watch her try to insert herself in our friend group when she’s clearly not wanted.”
“Why would you say that?” Peter asked, leaning back to hear if he heard Mary Jane correctly. “Y/N is my best friend and she was Harry and Gwen’s friend before yours.”
“She’s clearly in love with you and trying to break us up,” Mary Jane complained. Peter looked at you behind her head and back to Mary Jane.
She rolled her eyes. “It’s so obvious, Peter. She’s in love with you and has been trying to get me out of the picture ever since we met.” 
When Peter really thought about it, he couldn't think of a time when you had done what Mary Jane accused you of. He thought about all the times you ate lunch with them or happened to go out with all of your mutual friends, and not once could he remember a time where you didn’t mind your own business despite Mary Jane insisting on speaking ill about you. 
If Peter was being honest with himself, he was trying to get over you through Mary Jane. He was so sure that you didn’t like him the way he liked you and tried his best to forget how he felt whenever he saw you. Peter denied his feelings for so long that he fooled himself by thinking he was over you, but seeing you with Harry’s arm around your waist was enough to make him see ultimate red.
“Don’t talk about Y/N like that,” he said sternly. “You don’t get to say anything about her when she’s never said anything about you.”
“What, you’re defending her now?” Mary Jane scoffed. 
“Y/N has been my best friend since I was sixteen and the reason why we got into our first fight was because you were telling me lies,” Peter said. He couldn’t believe it took him until now to realize that you were telling the truth and he had pushed you away in the process. 
“Peter,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Y/N’s just a girl. Forget about her.”
Peter stood up when Mary Jane’s hands touched his chest. She looked at him in surprise and followed suit. Peter scowled at the girl in front of him.
“She’s not just a girl, MJ. She’s Y/N, my best friend who has always been there for me even if I fuck up. She has been the only person who’d been there for me through thick and thin and I pushed her away just to make you happy.” 
Mary Jane could see Peter’s cheeks turn red with anger.
“Enough talking,” he snapped. “You’ve been telling me lies about Y/N and I always thought she was the childish one. I now know that was you.” 
He turned to walk away when she caught his arms, but he shrugged her off.
“Peter, please,” she pleaded. “Let’s leave this party and talk about this.”
“There’s nothing to talk about!” he exclaimed. “I need to make things right with Y/N.” 
Peter didn’t give her a second thought as he fought his way through the crowd of people before finding you laughing at something one of Harry’s friends said. When said friend left, Peter took it as a cue. He took a deep breath and timidly walked to where you sat, but he was met with angry looks from Gwen and Harry.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Harry asked. 
“I wanted to talk to Y/N. All of you, actually,” he said, running his hand through his hair. 
“This isn’t the time nor place,” Harry said. 
“What he said,” Gwen agreed. 
“I’ve been a shit friend to all of you,” he admitted, watching as you avoided his gaze. He wasn’t sure if the partygoers were listening, but realized they might’ve been too drunk to care. 
“You’ve been ignoring us for a month to go off with your fling,” Gwen said quickly. “You don’t get to act regretful just because it didn’t work out.”
“Y/N,” he said, pleading with you.
“You don’t get to talk,” you said, feeling yourself sobering up. You stood from your spot and Peter gulped. “I have been nothing but patient with you ever since we met. I have supported you with every decision you have ever made because I’ve always believed in you and I thought you believed the same about me. 
But to ignore me for some girl you just met? I would have supported you if you didn’t ignore me like I was someone who wasn’t important to you, Peter! What makes you think that you can expect me to take care of you when you couldn’t even text me back?” 
“Y/N, I—”
“Save it, Parker,” you spat. He widened his eyes. You never called him by his last name. 
“It’s like you said. All you do is risk your life for New York while I stay in my bedroom waiting for you to come home to me. We clearly aren’t on the same page.” 
Gwen and Harry thought you were referring to his position as the Daily Bugle’s photographer. Peter knew you were talking about Spider-Man. 
He watched as you marched away from him and felt like his heart had been ripped out. This feeling was confirmed when Gwen and Harry had run after you without sparing him a second glance, and he didn’t know how he could fix it. 
Peter left the party heartbroken and couldn’t help but wonder if you felt this way the night he left your apartment. 
*✧・゚─────────── *✧・゚
“She doesn’t want anything to do with you, Peter,” Harry said.
Two days after the party, Peter walked to your apartment in hopes of apologizing and was lucky to catch the door as someone was leaving. He figured a couple of days would be enough time between conversations. He was stunned to see Harry inside of your apartment when he knocked. He hadn’t recalled the two of you being this close and started to panic, wondering if he was too late.
“Look Harry, I—”
“No, Peter,” Harry interrupted. “You hurt Y/N badly and she needs space before she can process whatever it is you want to say to her.” 
“Please,” Peter pleaded. “I fucked up badly, I know that now.”
“Did you know that when you ignored her for Mary Jane?” Harry pressed. “Or when you called her a bad friend for expressing how she felt despite you not liking it?” 
Peter was quiet. He knew Harry was right. 
“Go home, Peter. I know you didn’t mean to hurt her, but what’s done is done. Y/N needs some space right now and one conversation isn’t going to fix what you did.”
His breath caught in the back of his throat. Peter willed himself to pull back, nodding in defeat as he took a step towards the end of the hallway. But he turned around just before Harry was about to close the door. 
“I’m sorry for ignoring you too,” he said. “And Gwen. I’m sorry for being a shit friend and there’s no excuse for it. I’m really sorry.” 
Harry pursed his lips and nodded. 
“I know how you are,” he said quietly. “I forgive you, Peter.” 
Harry closed the door, leaving Peter with his thoughts. 
Peter wasn’t sure how long he was supposed to let you be alone for. If it were up to him, he’d put his suit on and climb through your window so that he could apologize properly. But Peter knew this was something he had to fix as Peter Parker, not Spider-Man. He knew deep down that you were never in it because of his alias—you were supporting him because you believed he could do great things. Peter knew your friendship was unconditional because he felt the same way about you. 
A week and a half later, Peter found himself sitting alone in his apartment, looking at photos of you he had taken on his camera. He missed you and wanted to apologize for his actions and his mistakes first and foremost because the only way he could mend his heart was to try to mend yours. Peter missed your wit and how well you were able to keep up with his sarcasm. He missed the way you fell asleep during movie marathons and he missed how easy being around you felt. 
When Peter heard a knock at his front door, he was perplexed. 
“Harry?” he said in surprise when he opened the door. 
“Can I come in?” 
Peter stepped aside and watched as Harry looked around his apartment.
“I want to apologize again,” Peter began. “I was a shit friend ignoring you and I really value you as a friend.”
Harry put his hand on Peter’s shoulders. “I’ve already forgiven you. Gwen told me you gave her the same speech and that was enough.”
Peter visibly relaxed. “Oh good, because—”
“But you should apologize to Y/N soon.”
Peter gulped. 
“I don’t know what to say.”
“You don’t have to know what to say,” said Harry. “Y/N’s been upset because she thinks you don’t want to be her friend anymore, Peter. You need to prove her wrong because I know you love her.” 
Peter’s gaze snapped towards his friend. 
“You’ve loved her since you were kids,” Harry chuckled. “It’s pretty obvious. I didn’t want to believe you liked Mary Jane like you said you did because you always treated Y/N like you had been dating since you were sixteen. Mary Jane was jealous of her.”
“What?” Peter asked again. “What do you mean?” 
“Mary Jane saw Y/N as a threat. She knew you were close to Y/N and needed to get her out of the picture before she felt comfortable talking to you, Peter.” 
Harry looked at Peter.
“Mary Jane knew you loved Y/N even though you were denying it yourself.” 
“I can’t believe I fooled myself for so long,” he said, shaking his head. “I need to tell Y/N how sorry I am and make it up to her.” 
“Do it soon,” Harry advised before leaving the apartment. “And Peter? She feels the same.”
Peter didn’t know if Harry was telling the truth. 
Later that night, Peter found himself at your front door after catching your roommate on the way out of the building. He could still feel the heavy warning she gave him but decided to risk it anyway. He knocked twice and could hear your footsteps from the other side of the door, hesitant to open it. 
“Might as well let me in,” he said with a light laugh. Peter could hear you huff but he was pleased that you opened it anyway. 
“Go home, Peter,” you said.
“Y/N, we need to talk about this. I want to fix my mistake because I hurt you and I want to apologize for it.” 
Peter made his way into your apartment and you were about to protest until he spoke again. 
“I was an idiot and a fool to push you away for another girl,” Peter began. “You’ve been there for me since before I found out I was Spider-Man and you’ve always supported me when I needed you the most. It was stupid of me to think I could compare what we’re going through. Most of all, I’m sorry for all those things I said to you months ago. You are the most important person in my life and I can’t begin to tell you how much I regret treating you like you weren’t.”
“Then why push me away, Peter?” you asked. 
He looked at his hands. “I don’t have a good reason, Y/N. I just know that I love you too much to let this go unresolved. I hope I’m not too late.”
You were silent for a moment. 
“You really hurt me, Peter,” you said. “I spent so much time trying to get you to be my friend again but it’s like you dropped off of the face of the Earth. I felt like you put your relationship with Mary Jane above our friendship, Peter.
“I’d never ask you to choose between me and somebody else. It just sucked that you couldn’t make me a priority like I did for you.” 
Peter looked at you through his lashes and saw you breathing slowly, careful to choose your words. He stood by your front door and you had closed it by now, his hands in his pockets as he let what you said sink into himself. 
He regretted pushing distance between the two of you to pursue a relationship even though he thought that was what he needed to do in order to get over you. But hearing Harry’s comment about how you were hurting and seeing your apartment looking much cleaner than before—he knew you were an anxious cleaner—made him think otherwise. Peter wanted desperately for things to be like the way they were before he met Mary Jane. He’d take unrequited pining over losing you as his best friend. 
“I’m sorry,” was all Peter could say.
He held his breath for the silent beat that passed. 
“I know,” you said softly. You took Peter’s hand in yours and gave it a gentle squeeze. “I forgive you, Peter. But I need time to heal from this.”
“It’s our first fight and I’m stupid for being the one to start it,” said Peter. 
You scrunched your nose and nodded. “Yeah, I’m not gonna argue with that.” 
“Are we okay? I know you said you needed time, but…am I still allowed to ask you to hang out?” 
“Of course,” you said, dropping his hand in favor of embracing him. 
Peter was thankful that you were willing to work it through with him when he knew he didn’t deserve your kindness. He inhaled, smelling your lavender perfume as he nuzzled his cheek on the crown of your head. Peter always loved the height difference—he liked being able to protect you from minimal danger and he loved the way you fit in between his arms. Peter’s heart was racing and he was sure you could feel his heart pounding in his chest with how close you were.
Truthfully, it was hard for you to ignore your feelings for him. You wanted to push him out of your apartment and have the neighbors hear your angry monologue, but you wanted him back as your best friend more. 
“Gwen, Harry, and I are getting breakfast tomorrow morning, if you’d like to come.”
“I’d really like that,” Peter said instantly. “Only if they’re okay with it too.”
“Gwen’s the one who told me to ask you,” you mumbled. “I mean, I want you there too.” 
“I’ll be there,” he said. “I’ll even pay the bill.”
“Now, I don’t think you have the money to do that.” 
Peter was relieved to hear you joking with him. 
“Nah,” Peter said, waving you off. “Just got paid at work. I put in overtime and I can definitely cover tomorrow’ breakfast.”
“If you’re buying, I might order one of everything.” 
Peter laughed and a comfortable silence fell between the two of you. 
“I’ll text you the time and place,” you said as you opened the door for him. “Don’t be late.” 
Peter had become on good terms with Gwen and Harry in the weeks after the party but you weren’t sure where you were with him. His efforts were extravagant at best, leaving you alone after his patrols to sleep and trying his best to resume the friendship the two of you shared before he met Mary Jane. You wanted to put your faith in him like you did before but you weren’t confident in your decision to do that just yet. 
Peter was aching for your touch. His feelings for you had resurfaced when you allowed him back into your life. He was tentative about asking you to hold onto his arm like you used to, but he was more than willing to do whatever you asked, whenever. Peter knew he was falling into old habits again, admiring you from afar but wishing he could do something about it. 
Your feelings for Peter never disappeared and increased tenfold when Gwen helped you recognize how much of an effort Peter was making. 
It was a Saturday night when you called Peter. 
“Y/N?” he asked, his voice raspy from just waking up. 
“Sorry,” you replied. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”
“Had a rough night patrolling,” he admitted. “I’m not hurt, I’m just exhausted more than usual.” 
“You can come back,” you offered quietly. “To my window, I mean. My first aid kit hasn’t been touched in ages.” 
“I can’t ask you to patch me up when I’m trying to be your best friend again,” Peter responded. “It isn’t fair of me to need you when I’m trying to make things right.” 
You bit your lip. Unsure of why you became overtaken with emotion, you let a tear slip onto your cheek. It was the weight of forgiveness that made you realize how much you wanted Peter like before. Peter was your person, just as you were his. 
Peter’s heart was pounding in his chest despite having just woken up. He panicked when he saw your contact photo on the screen of his phone and desperately hoped he sounded more awake than he anticipated. Peter’s elbows ached from propping himself up on his mattress and he was listening intently when he heard you sniffle. 
“Come back home,” you whispered. “I miss you, Peter. I-I think I love you.” 
Peter gulped. He couldn’t find the right words to say over the phone when he couldn’t see your face. He wanted to tell you that he loved you too and that all he ever wanted was to kiss you every night before you went to bed. Peter couldn’t fathom that you would ever feel the same way and he never prepared for the day that you told him you loved him. 
He imagined your faint whisper and the way you never liked to cry in front of him. He imagined you sitting alone in your bed or pacing your room when you couldn’t sleep, and all Peter could do was stand from his bed and put clothes on. 
“I’m coming over.” 
Peter hung up his phone and wasted no time running to your apartment. 
The light in your window was faint, the desk lamp being the only source of light in your room besides the moonlight outside. Peter was pleased to see the window still open and hastily climbed inside your warm apartment, shivering from the cold and because he forgot his sweater. He watched as you stood from your spot on the bed and wiped a tear from the corner of your eyes before letting your arms wrap themselves around his neck, balancing yourself on your toes. 
Peter’s arms were around your waist as he held you tightly to his chest, his breath heavy with nervousness. His cheeks were red because of the cold, but he knew they would remain that way because of how hard he was blushing. 
Peter pulled your arms from him to meet your gaze with his, letting the palm of his hands cup your jawline. The pad of his thumbs smoothed themselves over the apples of your cheeks as Peter watched your glistening eyes underneath the New York moonlight before pressing soft kisses where your tears once were. 
You closed your eyes, basking in his delicate touch. Peter kissed your right cheek, then your left. He kissed both of your eyelids and your temples one by one, kissing your forehead after you had opened your eyes. 
“I’m in love with you,” Peter whispered. “I’ve been in love with you since I was seventeen. I’ve been in love with you since the day you took the liberty to make a portfolio of my photographs and sent them to the Daily Bugle. I’ve loved you ever since Aunt May caught you walking out of my room, even though we were studying for our calculus test. 
“I’ve been so in love with you for as long as I can remember and I was an idiot to push you away. I always thought you wouldn’t see me as anything more than your friend, and for that, I’m sorry.” 
“I’ve always loved you, Peter,” you said. “I’ve always wanted what’s best for you because you deserve that and so much more.” 
“You deserve that. I love you, Y/N. I don’t want anyone else but you.”
*✧・゚─────────── *✧・゚
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.·:*¨༺    sextape.      ♱   bucky barnes ༻¨*:·.
SUMMARY: in which you bother your upstairs neighbor or alternatively, in which you, a cam girl, try to do your job and accidentally wake up your neighbor
SHIP: fem reader!bucky barnes, FATWS bucky barnes WARNINGS: explicit content, mentions of sex work, mentions of daddy issues, explicit language, random story-telling/plot
WORD COUNT: 4.8K SONG: https://open.spotify.com/track/4rEGJ9KirDlKiOHxqVwcVg?si=a3c34ab37c7749d0
A/N: hi everyone! Buffy here, this is my first oneshot on here that will be posted on ao3 and wattpad later in the week. i know this concept is kind of unrealistic but it’s also the best idea i had for bucky bc i’m writing him for clout, it was hard to think of anything else. i apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes. forgot to mention that i’m super adhd and get my letters and grammar confused. not even accidentally dropping 144 bucks on Grammarly can save me :,)) REBLOGS, NOTES, AND COMMENTS ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED !!
Tumblr media
"Alright! should we go with option one or two?"
You weren't always the outgoing type, and when you were, you were most likely in your element; but nothing could compare to how very much 'in the zone' webcamming made you. Things have been different since you were able to move on out of your childhood home; your lack of world experience hit you hard. of course, the blip added to the economic stress of it all, but you were so sure that when everyone came back, everything would be normal again, right? Something had to give. Next thing you know, you got fired from your barista job because of the workplace blip act - basically ensuring that the blipped got their jobs back. Their livelihoods. As if you haven't been scraping for your own since they all dissipated to nothing. Whatever, you were over it now. Or you presumed you were. It used to be so easy to find a job, but webcamming wasn't your final option; there was always working for the city's sewer system - yeah, fuck that.
Besides, as complicit-in-your-own-oppression being a woman may seem, the false illusion of having control over your body felt somewhat empowering. You never were big on your sexuality until you discovered webcamming, and it gave you the confidence to treasure the wonders of the sex world - sex work wasn't fun for everyone, but you were happy it was fun for you. Consider yourself privileged. It went from being scared to taking off your shirt, to randomly buying fun wigs and toys to wear and mess around with during your shows. Rent would be on the back burner as corsets and vibrators started to rack up a bill with your bank. It didn't matter, though, men were throwing money at you, and it all comes back; a complete cycle.
Sure, there were the downsides, like dealing with someone who lacked respect or was just indecent, but that was the magic of the internet or at least chaturbate.com. All you had to do was block them. You were laying it all out there, and there was nothing they could do or say to make you feel any more naked. It did hurt still. And it does ruin the overarching mood of the so-called performance-please don’t try to do that thing where you settle for webcamming over an acting career ... it's just sad. Like broadway, hecklers get ushered out, and the show always continues. Then it goes all over the place. Either way, it happens.
Nonetheless, you were still you, just with a new hobby. It's no different than being a writer or a painter, someone who got a hold of art the way they want to see it. The point is, you were still you, but you were finally home in your skin, and at the end of it all, the digital footprint will become privatized by law, so we can't snoop in on what Mark Zuckerberg or Grimes is doing. Everything matters, and it doesn't, so you go with toy number two despite the comments telling you to use toy number one. You were a tease like that, and you loved making those paypigs wait until frustration because of the payout. It was just a basic vibrator with the craziest settings imaginable. You tested it out before the show, and it already made you weak enough not even to consider it. But you did because you learned the fun way not to judge a book by its cover.
The cam girls get to have personalized websites for their business, and you took it upon yourself to make the website so very much yourself. You didn't have to pretend with your audience. think of it like MySpace. You even had a bit of having scene aesthetic to your site, but it was all centered around you. You, you, you, what would your audience ever do without you?
You slowly set the vibrator on high, the words are in Japanese, and you managed to memorize some of the characters to know what it means, spreading your legs open to reveal skimpy pink laced panties that complimented your skin color. There was already a puddle forming on the base of your panties from earlier and then throughout the day. Mainly because you and your neighbor were chatting up about the new upstairs neighbor. The man seemed disheveled and gloomy, almost like a lost puppy, and you had a thing for strays. You wouldn't say it out loud today because everyone is so political, but you liked the idea of fixing someone. You were probably projecting and wished someone would correct you, but putting all that energy into someone becoming better, helping them, that interested you. Cry for help, probably? Not like anyone could hear over the excessive amount of moaning you were doing. Either way, he looked sad; you liked sad, repressed trauma aside, you thought he was handsome. Then you let the thought of him simmer down in your mind, which was a mistake on your part, leading down to you concluding that your attractiveness towards older men was either your father's or Lana del Rey's fault. Somehow.
You began fidgeting at the sensations rolling through your body as you tried to keep your thighs from squeezing shut, but it was hard; then the sound of coin slot machines started rolling from the computer. You felt like Schrodinger's dog, the sound triggering you to shut your legs, taking deep breaths as a slight giggle left your mouth. Blood ran to your cheeks like a marathon, causing the chat to compliment how cute you looked when flustered. You peaked at your panties to notice how the puddle suddenly grew into an ocean, flopping back to your bed and turning on the vibrator again. You thought it would be funny if you teased your audience again, flipping the setting up and placing it on the base of your areola as you stared into the camera. Glittery makeup and lipstick smudged as your blonde wig threatened to fly off. You let it slowly trail down your stomach - the vibrations from your abdomen were already setting you off - steadily going down south until you heard three loud knocks on your door.
"Shit!" You whisper under your breath as the chat freaks out with you. You look at the chat and try to remain calm; this usually never happens. One; because your neighbors don't care, and two, you're never that loud. you weakly smile. "I'm going to put the show on hold, i'll be right back, Lovelies." you kiss the camera, saying it all with a defeated tone as you quickly pause the show. You grab the pink cheetah robe you've had since you were fifteen - back when you had a bit of a princess aesthetic - and ran to the door, struggling to put it on as you made sure you covered just about everything. damnit, son of a bitch cunt whore slut, the colorful words started to pile up in your mind as you reached for the front door. you have got to be fucking kidding me
in all his exhausted glory; there he is, the mysterious upstairs neighbor
he looks timid, almost like he didn't want to bother you. meanwhile, all the blood from your cheeks went directly back to your cunt. "hello, um..." he sighs softly. "I haven't really set up my bed yet; I kind of just have this mattress that's on the floor." the look in his eyes screamed 'why did I bring that up??' as you tug on your robe. "so I can hear everything, and I haven't been able to get some sleep." you heard him just fine, but you were to busy to notice what he was wearing; grey sweatpants and a black tank top; yes, he was packing. The thing that caught you the most off guard besides his sweet-raspy voice was his metal arm. You grew up in a small town with a vast military population, so you knew and had family and were friends with people who had prosthetics. His, however, was strange. The metal was much more refined, it looked very, very, very expensive. You might just be assuming, but why does a man with such a costly arm live in the dump you live in? just a thought as you avert your gaze back to him. "I'm so sorry, i'll be sure to keep the noise down... i-i don't have any guests, it's just ... me." why the fuck would you say that?! you scold yourself as the man cracks a small smile and looks down at your robe. "cool...?" he says in the same tone.
you start to fumble. "I-I'm sorry I-I dunno why I said that sometimes my mouth is faster than my brain-especially in situations like this." you ramble a bit. Make. This. Less. Awkward. I'm. Begging. You. "I'm Y/N, by the way."
The man still has the small smile he had from your confession. He seemed rather amused at how quickly you shattered in his presence. you couldn't tell if it was attractive or unbelievable how someone could look like a nirvana song. "Bucky." he introduces himself, and suddenly, the mystery is solved; his name is Bucky. he then points to the wig struggling to stay on your head. "I'm guessing you're ... cosplaying is the word, right?" he takes a pause. "cosplaying Hannah Montana-" "-oh no no no." you take off the wig, revealing your loose and messy bun/braids, a few pieces of your hair falling to your face as you, in sitcom fashion, throw the wig to the side. "I'm... I'm an actress," you say confidently. You two just kind of stand there looking at each other before your maternal instincts kick in, it's midnight, and he looks tired. You bite your lip hesitantly. "come in, I can make you some tea. It's the least I can do for waking you up." you open the door a little for him, not giving him a chance to reject you as you reveal how snug and perfect the robe fit around all your curves. he noticed that. And just like that, he strolls into your home.
You go to the kitchen, your thighs rubbing with every step - just reminding you that you were still on the clock and that you were still very, very, very desperate for some touch. You just had to make Bucky some tea now, did you? You grab the sleepytime tea box that sat elegantly on your microwave and fill the mug with the words; "maybe swearing will help" printed with water. Making tea was damn near ritualistic. You can't help but feel Bucky's presence, though. Lurking in the shadows and looking at all the fun knick-knacks you collected. You turn to him. "so, you from New York?" you ask.
he nods. "Brooklyn born and raised. I just came back from living in Wakanda for some time. Also spent a little time here and there..." no actual specifics besides Wakanda and Brooklyn. "you from Brooklyn?" he asked, but you shook your head. "small-town girl, I'm from the south. I moved up here during the blip." you explained. Bucky nodded. "to become an actress? Like on broadway?" he asks.
He remembered your white lie. How sweet. You squeeze your thighs a little and gulp. "n-no." you laugh a little. "I came here to get away from losing my brother in the blip and start school. I'm studying biochemical engineering. I wanted to study theatre and the arts, but my dad told me that it was a waste of a college education and that he wouldn't pay if I went and did theatre. but now that my brother is back, he can focus on ruining his life instead of mine..." you ramble a bit before seeing the look on Bucky's face. he was intrigued at the little spice you were able to throw in the conversation. you bite your lip. "sorry, I shouldn't be trauma dumping on you like that...dad's, yknow?" he nods in agreement. "but i've always wanted to be an actress-"
"so, you're not an actress? you're a biochemical engineer student?"
You feel a pang of guilt for lying, but you realize now that you should probably tell him, considering that he's your neighbor, and warn him about the cons of your newfound profession, such as the noise and noise complaints. you scrunch your nose and tilt your head to the side. "I am, but not in the traditional sense ... I'm a porn actress, webcam, actually. I started a couple of months ago after losing my job after the blip." you keep it short and sweet, turning over to the microwave to fetch him his tea before turning back around, you didn't want to see his reaction, but you did, and he looked relatively unfazed. Most men scream and run in the other direction, weak, but Bucky... doesn't care. You decide to change the topic. "what about you? why are you here?"
"...I was in the Army, just came back to get my life back on track, have to do court-mandated therapy now. I should hate it, but a small part of me is glad I'm going." court-mandated therapy? no wonder he's unfazed by a cam girl. "I'm sorry, I know what pornography is, but you said you did webcamming? what...is that?"
you narrow your eyes at him. "you...don't know what caming is?"
He shakes his head. "nope. I'm old-fashioned, don't even have those fancy smartphones." he says as he pulls out a Nokia. "holy shit." you say as he beholds the ancient relic. this was going to be good. Suddenly, you felt your clit throb as he glanced at your robe; you couldn't help but want to show him. You suddenly remembered all the thoughts you left on the back burner about him, simmering down until it boiled and exploded. You were at your boiling point,.your cheeks turned red as you pulled out your phone, going to your site as he keeps staring at you. he could tell, he could tell that you were holding out; considering that you were standing right in front of him and you had your legs crossed. You didn't want to show him your old shows, but at the same time, you didn't want to show him anyone else. If he was going to watch, it had to be you somehow. You pressed on your most recent one from two days ago, skipping ahead before showing off yourself in a sexy nurse costume. You pull the phone away before he gets to peek, though. "you sure you want to see this?" you asked for his consent.
bucky nervously laughs, his smile suddenly getting cheeky as he rubs his chin. "I mean, Y/N, you're showing me pornography-not like I haven't seen it before." his smile slowly turns to a smirk. He was so shy at first, maybe you said too much, overspilled, but no, that wasn't the case. he wasn't getting comfortable with you. He was somewhat charming you. or at least, appeared that way. "cmon, you can show me." he smirks softly at you.
Fuck. Me.
Without hesitation, you show him. You could see his pupils dilate right away, his cheeks getting a little pink as Bucky... studies you. He's not engaging in the content, just analyzing it like an accountant. He holds the phone and observes as you start to feel hot, skin sizzling-almost like a hot flash of some kind-as his eyes follow your every move. he glances over at you. "arent your other neighbors concerned about how loud you are?" he asks almost mockingly, teasingly, but he was serious. You shake your head as your moans echo throughout your apartment. "my neighbor on the left is my best friend from middle school, who told me I should look into this. The neighbor on the right is Miss Chen. She's hard of hearing; I told her I had a cat. and the neighbor across the hall, Amelia, is a flight attendant. Lucky, right?" you try to pause the video, but Bucky is mesmerized by your movements. "so all you do is...sit in front of a camera naked? And people just give you money? And it's live? How...innovative." he said like it piqued his interest. you began to laugh nervously as you finally managed to pause it. he could see it, how visibly nervous you got around him. he furrowed his eyebrows. "why so shy? You weren't earlier." his eyes told you everything you needed to know.
You decide to play his game. "first of all, it's not just sitting in front of a camera and looking pretty. Second of all...whatever happened to being old-fashioned? aren’t you going to buy me dinner first before you look at me that way?"
Bucky looks down a bit bashfully, handing you back the phone as you start to question his motives. "is the real reason you came down here was to quiet me down? or something else?" you ask. You had to have asked. You were okay with whatever answer, though. He's hesitating, though, Bucky glances back at you. "well, it's hard for me to sleep regardless, thought I'd be more tired if I came down here then go back up, but I'm wide awake...why? Were you hoping I came down here because you were moaning like that?" he asked. The conversation was starting to cross the rhetorical-question-turned-confession territory. A small part of you wanted to say yes; ever since he moved in last week, you'd cross paths with him, and he'd stay on your mind. But hooking up with your upstairs neighbor? Webcamming was one thing; being with someone, after how lonely the blip was, was another thing. but something about Bucky made your stomach turn into Simone Biles; flips and tricks and jumping through hoops at the mention of or the glances from Bucky. "...moan like what?" you raised an eyebrow, smirking.
Bucky seems hesitant, maybe he didn't want the conversation to continue, but it wasn't until he was staring at the space between your chest did it hit you that maybe he was too shy to make a move. Yet, he looked so eager, something was holding him back. You realized you weren't the only nervous person here. But you had to try, and you had to try to get him. You lean in a little closer. "cmon Bucky, why so shy? You weren't earlier." you mocked him, playfully teasing him as you slowly grabbed his hand. "may I?" you asked him. It only felt right. he nodded his head and watched as you guided his hand down to your core, his calloused fingers running against your inner thigh as you slowly humped on his hand, rubbing your clothed cunt on his rough palms as a soft moan left your lips. he looked at you in awe, almost like he couldn't believe you were real. You keep a steady pace as you hold onto his shoulders, smiling a little at him because his reaction was priceless. "did it sound like that?" you innocently asked as lust glazed over your eyes.
He lets out a shaky breath. "oh .. fuck..." he said in a throaty tone.
You watched him crumble as he grabbed you and smashed your lips against his, teeth hitting teeth as you eagerly kissed him back, his hand staying still on your cunt as its presence set you off. The first thing Bucky does is undo the loose knot on your robe; it's almost like that's what he wanted to do the moment you answered the door. He reveals your breasts, his sweet kisses never breaking from the fact that you were naked besides your wet panties. Your jaw starts to buckle and hurt as your bottom lip turns red from the friction. Bucky pulls away, practically panting as he delicately brushes your hair behind your ear. You can't help but notice that Bucky was still a gentleman in all the tension. Even if you wanted him to pound you. You could tell this was a little unorthodox for him; maybe he truly was old-fashioned, but also very touch starved. You pull him closer by the waistband of his sweatpants, your hand slowly wandering down to his expanding tip as your index and thumb rub it. You could physically see Bucky relax into your touch as he latches on to your neck; soft kisses on your neck before going completely animalistic on your chest.
You let out a soft whine before grabbing his face and passionately kissing him, your thighs squeezing around his hand. You pull away from him, both of you panting as you hold his warm hand, noticing a thin coat of your wetness before dragging him into your room. A piece of you wanted him to bend you over the counter, but you voted against it. that's when Bucky's eyes landed on the computer. "...is it live-?" he asks. You shake your head; webcamming was your thing; it didn't mean it had to be Bucky’s. But Bucky surprises you. for a man who ‘didn't know’ how to use a laptop; he sure worked his way around it. You - laying in your bed and squeezing your thighs, raise an eyebrow and laugh. "what are you doing?" you giggled.
"hitting two birds with one stone."
He quickly finds the GO LIVE button and moves away from the frame, leaving you front and center, watching the views roll in from your loyal fans as Bucky grabs you by your chin and kisses you lustfully. You could feel your skin cry for him as your knees got weak; the kiss was out of the frame, Bucky made sure of it because, god, it would be embarrassing if anyone there recognized him. It wasn't long before you flopped down on the bed and spread your legs for him like magic. You didn't know if it was because he looked like a movie star during the golden age of Hollywood or because of how mysterious he was, but Bucky made you weak. So weak that you didn't care if this was the first and last time he would touch you. You feel his rough fingertips slowly slide off the panties you've soaked, seeing your hole overfilled with your wetness. Bucky slides his warm hand in between your folds, causing you to jerk your hips slightly, trying to keep them down as your chest starts to rise.
Bucky lets out a dry chuckle. "you're sensitive, how...cute." he mocks you.
The disgusting thing about it is that you liked how he mocked you, watching you squirm as he spits down on your clit, saliva hanging from his lips as he leans down and slips his tongue in your mouth. You open your jaw a little more so he could explore your mouth, watching him pull away before feeling the freezing metal from his other arm hit your clit at full force. At this point, that's where your heartbeat was, and the cool metal was making it worse. You gasp and let out a quiet moan as you look into Bucky's eyes; he knew that would get you. watching as you shut your thighs around his arm, he roughly pries them open. "I don't think so." he damn-near growls at you. a chill ran up your spine before feeling two cold fingers slam into your hole, your walls closing in on his index and middle finger as he holds it there. What a fucking tease. your clit was begging for attention as he looked down at you. "not so talkative now, huh?"
You arch your back, practically offering him your body as your eyes beg him to move his fingers, but he doesn't. he keeps them there to remind you of how helpless you indeed were. Not like you didn't know; you were vulnerable for him for a whole week. He slowly moves his fingers out of you, carefully rubbing them on your bottom lip before you eventually obliged and sucked them dry. The sound of coin slot machines echoed in the room as you shakily closed your legs, squeezing them shut before feeling your chest heave - you were already orgasming? To be fair, you have been teasing yourself for a good hour before Bucky waltzed in. a deep moan left your mouth as your thighs shook and coated themselves in your cum. Your back was getting sweaty as your cheeks turned bright pink. Bucky watched as your body compulsed. You could tell he loved the show but was disappointed that it wasn't him making you shake like that.
Bucky watched as your body tried to maintain itself, finally calming down after your rolling orgasm as the sound of coin slot machines went crazy. You weren't letting yourself catch a break as you felt your clit throb for more. That's when you felt Bucky move—dragging you off to the edge of the bed and sitting down. Having you lay across his lap. You've seen and read enough porn to know exactly what was going on and obliged happily. You watched him slowly take off his tank top before making it into a ball and stuffing it in your mouth; a makeshift gag, if you will. Your right-hand touched his chest and feels him up as he keeps you in a comfortable position. Now, you couldn't think about the timid and traditional man that came knocking so he could get some sleep; your mind bombarded with thoughts of the eager and somewhat perverted sweetheart that was helping you relieve yourself after pulling you away.
His hand hits your ass hard, and you gasp and whine in pain, feeling your body tense up as he smacks it again. The noises from the laptop ringing again made you want to follow through on your habit, so bucky spreads your legs and then spanks you, hitting your ass and cunt with full force. Moans with hints of pain muffled through your gag. he seems amused, seeing your clit turn red and raw from the amount of spanking he did; you shake and quiver every time he spanks you and misses; which is often. By then, you were already horny again. Bucky stuffs three fingers in you unexpectedly, causing you to let out a loud moan. His warm hand goes to your mouth, covering it and shoving the gag deeper into your mouth, causing the fabric to tickle your throat and gag reflexes. Tears come to your eyes as Bucky decides to tease you by leaving them in there. again.
You feel the walls close in on his fingers and ache for them to move, so when he finally does drive them, you feel a wave of euphoria hit you. He curled his fingers as the metal slid in and out of you, causing you to spill out in moans. You were almost glad he improvised a gag because it would be embarrassing if your neighbor, Miss Chen, realized you didn't have a cat. Your heartbeat begins to steady itself, something you were grateful for before Bucky places his cold thumb on your clit and rubbed you like he was playing a scratch-off lottery ticket. It felt like a dam broke between your thighs as you wiggled and tried not to give in so quickly. But you couldn't help it. He was overstimulating you to the extreme.
Your thighs begin to shake as a tear or two rolls down your cheek from how overwhelming it felt, but you couldn't imagine yourself being anywhere besides his lap. Feeling him spread you out and spank you as you wiggle more and more for his touch, even if your clit was starting to swell up. Bucky was too preoccupied with you that he probably didn't notice how hard he was getting; your right-hand slides over to his clothed cock as you gently squeeze it, hearing a soft but deep groan as Bucky leaves another red and purple mark on your ass. "take my fingers first, then we'll see." he raspily tells you, but you knew you weren't going to last long. You longed to have him inside of you.
And he knows.
he knows you won't last that long either, maybe he's alluding to round two? not that you had the energy to think coherent thoughts as a tsunami wave of pleasure hits you. heavy breaths as your chest rises and falls flat, as you creamed all over his hand, your cheeks turning a deep shade of crimson as his curled fingers hits the right spot one last time. if heaven was a place on earth, it was on this man's lap. you look at him, your eyes glossed over and your cheeks red as Bucky pulls out the balled up tank top out of your mouth. you pant and looked over to your laptop screen, seeing the money you made rack up more and more. speechless, you glimpsed at bucky before planting a sweet kiss on his lips, only for him to glance at you and say:
"guess I can finally sleep now."                                                    .·:*¨༺♱༻¨*:·.
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jjeangrey · 10 months ago
this pretty much sums up the mcu right now:
Tumblr media
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randomshyperson · 6 days ago
Wanda Maximoff x Reader - Summer Crush
Tumblr media
Summary: The one where Wanda has a summer crush on the club's lifeguard. || Requested
Warnings: (+18), kissing, semi-public make out, smut, oral (r giving), nipple play, bottom!wanda, high school AU but summer vacations, some teasing and dirty talk, mutual pining, cursing, fluff, jokes and drinking. || Words: 4815k.
All Works Masterlist || AO3 || Wattpad ||
Despite Pietro's teasing, Wanda simply couldn't help herself.
You hardly knew of her existence - she thought it was a great victory that you knew her name - and yet, in a sacred sort of way, she came to the club every day since the summer began.
At first, it was something unintentional. Her friends, and her brother especially, insisted that she shouldn't spend the whole summer locked up in her room and dragged her to the Westview Municipal Club. Pietro and Yelena were already well known there - they had spent the last two summers betting on who could get more phone numbers from the countless girls who came to town during the vacations - and they had no problem introducing Wanda to half of the staff who worked there.  That's how she met you.
Charming and unapproachable. You went to public school, unlike Wanda and her friends, and worked at the club as a lifeguard both after school and in the summer. Wanda considered leaving the expensive boarding school she went just so she could have the same classes as you, but the idea seemed absurd after some thought. 
Her last hope was to voluntarily visit the club every day of the week, causing surprise even to her extroverted twin and best friend. Yelena realized that there was something out of the ordinary before the boy did.
"Okay, Wanda, tell me who it is." Asked the blonde with an expression between serious and provocative, when the two of them were comfortable on the beach chairs and Pietro was far enough away in the pool. 
Wanda - who until the moment had been pretending to read a book while stealing glances between the lifeguard's empty chair and the locker room door, waiting for you to arrive - frowned in confusion.
"Excuse me?" 
Yelena laughed, crossing her arms. "I love your company, but after all these years of being your friend, I know you hate it here and would rather be at home with your headphones on than in the hot sun. So tell me, who are you doing this for?"
Wanda looked at her friend, letting out a short laugh.
"If I tell you I've changed over the summer will you believe me?"
"Not a chance."
With a sigh, Wanda closes the book and settles into her chair, crossing her legs and turning her face to Yelena. "Okay. Maybe I have a little crush."
"I knew it." Yelena comments excitedly, mimicking her friend's posture.  "Is it on the surfboard boy? He seems interested."
Wanda makes a disgusted face. "What? No, by god. He's in my calculus class, did you know that? He tried to take a picture under my skirt once."
Yelena immediately widened her eyes and made mention of getting up, ready to start a fight. Wanda rushed over to hold her forearm, assuring her that that was a long time ago and was no longer a problem. 
"I was talking about Y/N." She decides to tell then, and the surprise is enough to get Yelena's full attention.
"Oh my god, the lifeguard?" She exclaimed loud enough for Wanda to feel her face heat up at the curious glances of a passing couple. She mumbled for her friend to lower her voice, and Lena gave an apologetic chuckle before doing so. "I totally get it though, she's so hot. Good thing I never tried to ask her out, that would have been awkward."
Wanda raises an eyebrow in curiosity. "Why have you never tried?"
Yelena puts a hand under her chin as if trying to remember. "I think I tried actually.... yes, the first summer. She told me she had a girlfriend."
"Oh." Wanda muttered disappointedly.
Seeing her friend's expression, Yelena quickly patted her thighs.
"Hey, that was ages ago!" She comments. "I've never seen her wear a ring, and honestly, she doesn't need to check us out as much as she does. I bet she's interested too."
Wanda bites her lip thoughtfully, a thread of hope rising in her chest. It's perfect timing for your shift to begin as well, and she looks away from Yelena when she recognizes your figure coming out of the locker room. 
She can't help the flutter that rises in her stomach or the warmth in her cheeks that spreads to the rest of her body when she lets her gaze wander to the amount of skin exposed by the uniform. When you smile gently after giving instructions to other people, her heart skips two beats in a row.
She is probably staring. Definitely. But she only stops when as soon as you climb into the lifeguard chair, and your gaze scans the pool, you meet her and Wanda feels her face burn, immediately turning away.
Yelena watched the scene in disbelief and amusement.
"That was the gayest thing I've ever seen in my life." Comments the blonde, and Wanda mumbles in shame, burying her face in both hands. Yelena laughs, "Why don't you ask her out?"
"And I'll say what? Hey, I know we don't know each other and I've been showing up at your work for two weeks, but I think you're pretty. Do you want to get laid?"
"Who's going to get laid?" Pietro intervenes in the conversation, having swum in close at that very moment. He rests his arms on the edge of the pool, and his sudden appearance only worsens the red of embarrassment in his sister's cheeks. Yelena lets out another laugh. 
"Did you know that Wanda is crushing the lifeguard?" The blonde questions, ignoring the brunette's slaps of protest at the exposure of the secret. Pietro raises his eyebrow.
"Y/N? That's funny."
Wanda stops attacking Yelena immediately with the sentence and turns around with a frown creased in curiosity and confusion. 
"Why is it funny?" She asks. Pietro shrugs his shoulders.
"She asked me if you were single." He declares with a simplicity that doesn't match the way Wanda's heart speeds up.
"What?" she exclaims, but Pietro shrugs his shoulders again.
"Yeah, a long time ago actually." He comments distractedly, starting to swim in circles. "She went to the state last year, you know? When the folks from her school won the game, I went to congratulate her on the field. She saw you on the cheerleading squad and asked if you had a boyfriend. I told her you were my sister, and she didn't press the matter."
"B-but you told her I was single, right?"
"Like I said, she didn't push it when I said you were my sister..."
"Pietro, I swear to god I'm going to drown you in this pool!" 
The boy made a scared face, but Yelena laughed at the interaction and held Wanda by the waist as she threatened to advance against her brother.
"Easy there, hothead. Look on the bright side." The blonde asks standing next to her friend. "Now you know Y/N is interested."
Wanda swallows dryly, risking looking at the lifeguard chair again. You were monitoring the pool, but it was obvious you were stealing glances at where she was, not least because as soon as she looked, you turned your face away, cheeks reddening. God, her poor little heart would not survive this.
"Now I'm more nervous than before." Wanda confesses in a sigh turning her attention back to her friend. Pietro laughs from the pool, muttering something like "Useless bisexual" before swimming away again. Yelena smiles in assurance.
"Don't worry, cupcake. I have a perfect plan."
Wanda looks at her doubtfully, but the blonde points to something behind them. When she turns around, Wanda catches sight of the bulletin board, and immediately the huge flyer about the fake luau that day caught her attention. "Any chance your father will let you stay late?"
"If I say I'll sleepover at your house, yes." Wanda comments making Yelena laugh.
After lying - or rather omitting parts of the truth - by calling her father to let him know that she and her twin were going to sleep over at Yelena's, Wanda hung up the phone and put it away in her backpack.
Her friend and Pietro were by the pool, both flirting with people she knew from school, and she realized that a cold drink would be much appreciated. 
Wanda could do this. Pretend she was reading even though the words were bending in her mind and all she could do was look through the edge of the book meters ahead at the one person who hadn't left her mind in weeks. She almost choked on her sweet drink when you caught her staring - a lopsided smile that sent a sharp warmth to her cheeks and further down too - and Wanda sank into her chair, trembling fingers putting the glass away as she hid her face behind the book.
She didn't see you get down from the chair, nor did she see you walk leisurely, waving and giving warning glances to anyone who was ready to break some rule, which is why she almost knocked the book to the floor when you appeared in front of her, the figure covering the sun.
"Hey, Wanda." You greeted casually, hands on your waist as you watched her. Wanda was staring, but if anyone asked it was at the whistle hanging around your neck and not anything else. "Nice to see you here again."
"H-hi." She managed to answer, your gentle smile being solely responsible for the way her voice was cracking. You didn't seem intimidated by her in the slightest, moving to fill the empty space Yelena had left.
"You know you can't bring that here." That was your comment, and Wanda was so absorbed in your presence that she had to blink a few times to realize that it wasn't about the book - now closed that she was staring at as something sacred - that you were talking about, but rather about the drink she brought from the bar to where she was sitting.
"Oh, yeah, sorry." She muttered quickly, and grabbed the glass again, flipping the drink so fast she felt her head freezing. You laughed in surprise, eyes slightly wide as she let out a grunt of pain, returning the glass to the table and placing her hands on her forehead.
"Damn, brain freeze." She complained but you chuckled softly, watching her with amusement.
" Well, you didn't have to turn the drink over all at once, Wanda." You commented. "You could have just taken it back to the bar, and drunk it there with ease."
"Yeah, that makes more sense." She retorts with a chuckle that you accompany. When Wanda raises her eyes again, you are still looking at her, and she feels her face warming up. She clears her throat, and comments, "Sorry about the drink, again. No need to make an exception, I understand if you want to give me a warning or something."
When Wanda gets nervous, the words come out before she can really think about it. It's worse when she likes someone, and unluckily for her, she likes you a lot.
You frown in confusion, a short laugh escaping your lips. "Um, you want a punishment, then?"
You suggest and it's certainly not intentional because as soon as the words come out and you notice the new pink on Wanda's cheeks along with the double meaning, you lick your lips and look away, a short laugh escaping. "That didn't came out right..."
"Hey, Y/N!" It's Pietro again, now stepping out of the pool completely wet. He gets close enough for Wanda to shrug her legs into the chair trying to avoid the water. You smile at him. "Long time no see."
"Yeah, almost a whole day." You mock softly, making him laugh. Wanda smiles too, but can't help the insecurity that arises about that being a complaint regarding their constant presence at the club.
Pietro reaches for one of the towels and begins to dry his hair. "We're staying a little longer by the way. For the Luau."
Your face lights up at that, and Wanda has to bite her tongue to keep from confessing how pretty she thinks you are.
"Really? That's nice." You comment. "The party is really lovely, and my friends are joining us tonight, so you'll finally get to meet them."
Pietro gets excited about this, commenting something about a friend of yours that he has wanted to meet since last summer. Wanda is more interested in your fingers spinning the whistle.
"[...] Anyway, I should get back to work before my supervisor comes to get me." You mutter, your gaze on the older woman on the other side of the club who has a stern warning expression about you sitting with club members instead of watching the pool. Before you go, however, you look Wanda in the eyes. "Hey, if you want, we can have a drink later. I promise it won't freeze your brain, I'll wait for you to finish."
Jesus Christ.
Wanda babbles an 'I'd love to' between one breathless giggle and another, and you smile at her before getting up and walking back to the other side of the pool.
Pietro laughs at the reaction, moving to pick up the empty glass. "Try not to drool so much, sestra." He scoffed, evading the slap with one swift movement, and carrying the item away toward the bar.
Wanda imagined he would stay a while to eat as usual, and it was just what she needed to let her imagination run wild until party time.
The club quickly empties throughout the afternoon from the usual families and members present - of whom Wanda has come to recognize after coming here every day for weeks - until she is the only one in the chairs.
Employees, not like you who went to the locker room, but waiters and cleaners, begin to prepare the luau and she, Yelena and her brother were invited to wait in the club's lobby.
Soon the party crowd is arriving - mostly young teenagers like herself - wearing summer clothes and some brave ones with guitars or ukuleles in hand. Wanda recognizes many people from the school, but many are also from other schools or older.
When the pool area is open again, Wanda is impressed by all the decoration that has been done. Everything is really beautiful - the low lights, the fake sand in some spots, and even the typically Hawaiian effects - and Pietro gets a table in a far corner for them.
"Lena, your girl is here." That's Pietro's warning once they each have a drink in hand, standing in front of the bar. Wanda is unsure about starting to drink - she has a feeling that someone needs to sober up in this trio, and she saw Pietro turn over a martini stealthily earlier - and looks away from the untouched cup to where her brother is looking. Yelena lets out an exclamation and turns the drink all at once.
"Who's that?" Wanda asks confused, and Pietro laughs as Yelena begins to prepare another glass.
"That's the Kate Bishop." Pietro replies, and Wanda lets out a small exclamation.
"Oh, she's back." The brunette comments, receiving a whimper from her friend. Before Yelena turns the glass over, Wanda places a hand on the lid. "Don't you think you'd better deal with this sober?"
Yelena hesitates, but sighs. "God, wish me luck." She asks and Wanda and Pietro exchange giggles before the blonde leaves them, stepping aside to greet the girl who was arriving at the party.
"I bet she'll turn yellow." Pietro comments and Wanda returns her glass to the drinks table, a thoughtful expression as she watches her friend clearly stumble over her own words while talking to the other.
"I think one-shot gave her the courage she needed." Wanda retorts. "Besides, this push and pull has been going on for almost two years, hasn't it? I'm the one almost taking action."
Pietro laughs. "And you can talk a good game about the long wait, can't you, little sister?" the boy mocked but received a slap on the shoulder.
"Don't you joke about that! It's your fault she didn't know I was single!"
“Ouch! Don’t blame me for you being a gay disaster!” He complained, escaping the next few attempts between giggles. 
Wanda returned to the table at the same time that the friends Pietro had texted about the party arrived. Soon she was surrounded - Natasha, Steve, Bucky and Sam - all in summer clothes and equally excited for the party around her. 
She was trying to pretend to be interested in everybody's summer stories when you showed up. You had changed out of your uniform into a plaid shirt and dark jeans shorts, and Wanda licked her lips at the collarbone exposed by the open buttons.
You made your time to come to her however, people she didn't know were greeted by you at the entrance, and you spoke to everyone before guiding the small quartet to her group of friends.
Carol, Monica, Gamora and Peter were the names that Wanda was most likely to forget. They all seemed friendly and nice, but honestly, how long before she got your attention again?
The glass in her mouth was soda, and Wanda bit the edge without realizing it, eyes watching you intently as you chuckled at the story of how Yelena and Kate had met online and were in some sort of friendship with blurred lines. 
Wanda had no way of knowing that every little movement, even something as simple as biting off the end of a glass, was being closely watched by you. Your attention wavered, and you missed a joke that everyone laughed at, gaze finding hers for a microsecond and Wanda knew.
She set her glass on the table, and moved closer, mouth finding your ear. "Come with me." Her fingers trailed down, brushing against yours, and she stepped away, smiling at herself as you followed her without question, or caring about the looks of doubt and insinuation from the rest of the group.
She made her way through the clubhouse that by now she knew like the back of her hand, ignoring your curious whispers all the way to the buffet area.
Her intention was to take you to the other side of the club, to the golf hill, but you grew in your curiosity, and wrapped your arms around her waist between one corner and the next, turning her body and moving forward until Wanda was pinned between you and a wall.
"Where are you taking me?" You asked too close for Wanda to answer with more than a gasp, fists closed at the side of her body as yours were firmly on her waist, skin burning with the touch. "Cat got your tongue, princess?"
Despite her heart racing in her ears, she smiles in defiance, lifting her chin. "No, my tongue is just fine. Here, try it." She barely suggested it and you were breaking distance. But to Wanda's surprise, it wasn't as hungry as she expected it to be. It was gentle and intense, and definitely over too quickly.
You leaned your forehead against hers, breaths out of rhythm and nervous fingers playing with the edge of her shorts. "I'm sorry, I... can this be not just a one-time thing?"
Wanda was so surprised that she didn't answer right away, her chest heating up with happiness. You flinched at her silence, swallowing dryly before pulling away slightly, adding, "I mean, that I like you. Like, real thing. And I have for a while. I didn't say anything because your brother is a friend and he seemed kind of jealous about it, and I wasn't even sure if you liked girls...[...]"
You were babbling. About the summer, about trying to approach her when she started going to the club, about telling your friends. God, Wanda thinks she could cry.
Instead, she brought her hands to your neck and kissed you hard.
The grunt of surprise turned into something else when you kissed her back, tongues wriggling for dominance as your hands tightened their grip and pressed Wanda back against the wall. This time she let a moan escape, your leg finding space between hers.
You kissed her until her balance shifted, legs turning to jelly and hips rocking forward in search of friction that she found against your knee. Wanda only realized how wet she was when you broke the kiss with a low whimper.
"Fuck, Wanda." You almost pleaded against her neck, and she blinked confused and aroused about what it was. Her face warmed considerably when she felt the gentle tug of your fingers entwined in the straps of her shorts. "Can I touch you?"
"Please." She retorted immediately, her eyes closed with the biting brushing of your teeth on her neck. You grunted but pulled your face away, hands moving to her cheeks until she looked up at you.
"Not here. Someone might see us." You warned before pulling away completely. Wanda complained about the lack of warmth, but your hand found hers and you guided your way into the club again.
The locker room was completely empty, and you led her into something that looked like someone's office and locked the door. You gave Wanda just enough time to recognize her surroundings before you were on top of her again, mouth to mouth.
She practically whimpered as your hands worked to get her on top of the table in the center, legs closing around your waist as your tongues danced together.
Tentatively, Wanda let her hands work on the buttons of your plaid shirt, fingers trembling as she tried to keep up with the rhythm of the kiss and felt your hands scratch her thighs. You threw the piece away when she finished, and Wanda gasped at the sight of your bare breasts in front of her.
You raised an eyebrow, cheeks burning under her look of adoration. "See something you like, kitten?"
Instead of answering, Wanda dived in. You let out a gasping sigh as you felt her mouth on your nipples, so eagerly sucking it. 
A hot heat grew at the tip of your belly with each precise, considerate movement of Wanda's tongue, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as you gripped her hair and held her in place.
Wanda released one nipple with a pop - a stream of saliva connecting your skin and her mouth - and you stared back at her fully dilated pupils and mouth open in a gasp, feeling a sharp tug of arousal at the image in front of you.
You kissed her again, hands more impatient than before pulling her bikini off at once. Wanda moaned deeply as your hands closed around her breasts, her hands trying to work on your zipper but failing with the stimulation of your fingers.
You smiled against her lips, finding her struggle amusing, and Wanda wanted to be angry about it but lost her train of thought when you tucked your thigh between her legs, hands firmly on her hips to rock her against you.
She broke the kiss with a gasping whimper, hands going up to your shoulders for support as she felt her body shudder with the friction. You moaned softly as well, feeling on your skin the wetness that already ran through the fabric of her shorts.
"Fuck, you're killing me, princess." You murmured affected, teasing a trail of kisses strong enough to mark all over Wanda's neck. She, on the other hand, could only whimper back, dripping all over your thigh. You smiled at her state, fingers caressing the bones of her hips as you guided the movements of her hips. The pressure against her clit was delicious and made Wanda's mind spin - it shouldn't have been enough, but she was so hot and bothered she wouldn't be surprised if it came with just that - and feeling your mouth on all the sensitive points of her collarbone was certainly making it harder to hold it.
She tried to increase the speed but you firmed your grip around her waist, laughing breathlessly at the grunt she let out.
"Be patient, baby." You pleaded as you met her face again, making her grunt in impatience once more, the lack of your lips and the slow pace taking her over the edge, and keeping her there.
"Just-fuck me." She choked, legs closing around you, trying to pull you close, increasing the contact somehow. You sighed deeply but didn't obey.
You came closer though, lips brushing against hers as her hips moved.
"I've waited so long for this, Wanda..." You comment in a low, husky, affected voice as you feel her gasping sighs in your mouth. "Ever since that day I saw you dance, that skirt that only made me think of burying my fingers underneath..."
"God." She panted closing her eyes, forehead falling against yours. She was so close if you would only go a little faster-
"And then you started showing up here, walking around in this lingerie you call a bikini. And I had to pretend not to think about fucking you every time you talked to me." 
Wanda whimpered, she couldn't hold it in. Slow or not, having you confess these things were more than enough to take her over the edge. She arched her back, body spasming, and when the grip threatened to explode, you stopped.
She almost cried out in frustration, something like a moan or a whine escaped her lips, but you kissed her so hard that she almost orgasmed just from the feel of your tongue. Her brain was an aroused mess. She tried to grab at you, to pull you against her, but you put one hand against her belly and another on her neck, pushing her down until she lay on the table.
Your hands were working to get her short off in record time, and Wanda was so in a trance from the latest events that she didn't realize what was happening until your mouth found her pussy. 
"FUCK!" She definitely went too loud, but neither of you cared. Your tongue devoured her eagerly, teasing between the folds and spreading her wetness around, nose pressed against her clit. You moaned against her, intoxicated by the taste, and Wanda couldn't control the sounds, one hand groping its way into your hair to keep you from stealing another orgasm from her.
This time you let her reach, smiling all the while taking her there. She whimpered on the table, thighs trying to close and hips instinctively moving away, but you held her open, burying your head and licking her until she spilled into you, a muted scream as she arched her back.
"Baby, too much..." She tried, twitching at the overstimulation. You didn't stop until she was ready to give you another, whimpering and forcing your face against her until breathless moans were all she could formulate on her tongue.
When Wanda had another orgasm in your mouth, you grunted heavily against her, the tightness in your belly exploding and spreading a wave of frenzy throughout your body.
This had never happened before.
You lifted your eyes to her, licking up every last drop of her cum before making your way up and meeting her in a lazy kiss.
You kissed her until she was able to match properly, hands finding your shoulders and hair to dominate it, making you smile.
"How do you feel?" You asked as you broke away, lips so close you could feel them.
"After two orgasms? Pretty incredible." She jokes making you smile. Your fingers come up, teasing her nipples between your fingers and making her sigh.
"What do you say we take this back to my place?" You suggest with gentle caresses, your mouth moving to deposit short kisses across her jaw. "I'm kind of worried about losing my job..."
Wanda laughed affectedly, nodding in understanding. "Lead the way." 
You had just finished helping her tidy up her crumpled clothes and tousled hair when loud knocks came at the door.
"Y/N? I hope you know you are still at your workplace." You sigh with relief as you hear the voice of your colleague and not your supervisor. "I just came to warn you because Ms.Harkness asked to lock the empty rooms..."
You opened the door before the boy could complete it.
"You're a lifesaver, partner." You thank him, hand entwined with Wanda's - who is too embarrassed to meet the gaze of the other who clearly understands what was happening minutes ago - as you leave. 
"I imagine you are Wanda." Comments the boy. "Y/N hasn't shut up about you since the summer started."
Wanda smiles, but you grunt. "Dude."
He laughs, nodding down the hall. "Go on, I'll tell your friends you left. And our boss that I didn't see you too."
"Thanks, Simon."
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nexusspiders · 3 months ago
another world [3]
after your boyfriend, peter parker, is killed by the green goblin, you take on the mantel of spiderwoman. a few years later, you're suddenly shoved into a multi-versal war after being called to another universe to help a (smaller) version of peter. a familiar face leaves you shaken.
[1] [2]
PAIRING: tasm!peter parker x reader
CONTENT: NO WAY HOME SPOILERS!!! almost peter older peter and baby peter (y/n is bad at nicknames), lots and lots of yearning, almost peter has a realization
A/N: i really do publish these parts in two week periods don't i LOL i gotta stop that. PLEASE REMEMBER EVERY INTERACTION BETWEEN BABY PETER AND [Y/N] IS EXTREMELY PLATONIC. i don't want anything i ever write between those two coming off as romantic in any sense. they basically have a sibling dynamic. don't ship them it'll make me feel gross lol
also this fic is officially on ao3!! u can find it here
Tumblr media
She'd had this dream so many times before.
Peter, alive, standing in front of her with his goofy smile. She'd throw herself at him, bring him in as tightly as she could. She'd feel his chest move in rhythm with his breathing. Hear his heart beat and know it didn't plan on stopping anytime soon.
He'd laugh, teasing her with a smile and a fond remark; "Seems like someone missed me." His hand would find its place in her hair, massaging her scalp in the soothing way he used to. His lips would press against her forehead as she sobbed the same three words over and over into his chest until her throat was raw and her voice had left. The melodic thump of his heart would beat in time with the phrase.
I love you I love you I love you I love you
And yet, here he was in front of her now, his brow knit in concern and [Y/N] couldn't bring herself to speak, let alone move.
"You alright?" Peter laughed awkwardly. She hadn't stopped looking at him.
There was no flicker of recognition on his face; no indication that he felt that familiarity she had gotten when she had looked at older Peter. The concern on his face was a default, not one of intense care. Peter Parker always cared, but when he loved you, it was different.
He didn't know who she was.
A wave of sorrow ran through her body as her chest ached. Years of buried grief and contained longing burst back up to the surface. Looking at him felt like someone had sliced open her heart. Closed wound were bleeding out again. She thought about what May had said. Had they ever really been closed in the first place?
he didn't know he didn't know he didn't know he didn't
The older Peter came beside her and nudged her side, snapping the girl out of whatever trance she had been put under. Worry was written on his face. "Are you?"
".... What?"
"Are you okay, [Y/N]?" Older Peter asked. Mj and Ned stood behind him, giving looks of confusion. Get a grip, [Y/N]. You're freaking out the kids.
"I.. Yeah, I just.. wrapping my mind around all of this still," She gave him a tight lipped smile. "Seeing two Peter Parkers in the same room is a bit of a mindfuck."
Peter, her kind of Peter (almost Peter?), let out a laugh. "You're tellin' me."
Her eyes drifted to him, being unable to shut out the knowledge his presence in the room. Their eyes locked. She quickly looked away. Peter's brow furrowed. 
"Okay, we need to find Baby Peter. I told him I'd wait for his signal, but the silence from him and May is scaring me." [Y/N] sighed. Mj's face fell slightly.
"Wait," Ned spoke up. "You haven't seen the ne━?"
Mj shoved her elbow into his stomach, his voice cutting off with a wheeze. "We have no idea where he could be."
"Well," Older Peter began. "Is there some place he might go that has meaning to him? Like a place he would go to just..."
"Get away from everything."  Almost Peter cut in. 
Older Peter gave him a small smile and a nod. "For me, it was the top of the Chrysler building."
"Empire State," Almost Peter said. "Better view."
Of course his hideout was the top of the Empire State building. The universe really was just twisting the knife deeper into her already bleeding stomach. 
Everyone sent an expectant glace to [Y/N]. She raised an eyebrow before realizing they  were waiting for her to answer as well. "Oh, uh━" She stuttered, her heart mildly pounding in her chest. "Mine's top of the Empire State too."
"No way!" Almost Peter grinned. "How have we not run into each other? Oh━ wait, forgot, different universes. I'm not gonna get used to that. It would be cool to have a roof buddy though."
There was no way she was going to survive this. It was painful enough to look at him, interact with him, but he didn't even know who she was. He knew nothing about her. He had no memories of every special thing that happened on the Empire State rooftop; the picnic dates during summer, looking over all the Christmas lights during the winter. How he had missed their senior prom and in return had taken her to their special place on the roof, setting up a bluetooth speaker and playing every cheesy slow dance song he could find as they danced under the stars. Every talk about their future together, every gentle "I love you", every laugh shared, every kiss, every breath, she was the only one left with the memories of who they were.
It was tearing her apart. 
"Yeah," She attempted to swallow the lump in her throat. "It would."
Realization grew on Mj's face. "Wait," She pronounced. "I think I know exactly where that would be."
She gave a look to Ned, his eyebrows raising. "Midtown. Of course he's at Midtown!"
"Midtown High?" The three spiders echoed. All three of them paused, glancing at each other with surprised expressions, before looking back at the two teenagers.
"We'd better hurry," [Y/N] bit the inside of her lip, very obviously worried. "I need to know the kid is okay."
Mj and Ned shared another look, something in their eyes that she couldn't quite read. Her brows knit together in confusion. Older Peter stepped between them.
"Let's get going."
They had been right. Peter was sat on the roof of Midtown High, letting the gentle patter of rain roll down his back. The sight made [Y/N]'s heart throb, knowing that Peter was in pain.
"Why don't you two go down first?" Older Peter spoke. "Let him see some familiar faces before getting shocked with us."
The two teenagers nodded, starting to make their way down to Peter, before Mj stopped, grabbing [Y/N]'s hand.
"He needs you too, I think." She said softly. [Y/N]'s heart throbbed again. She nodded and let the girl pull her down.
As soon as they hit the ground, Mj and Ned made their way over to Peter, wrapping their arms around him in a tightly knit embrace. Mj placed a gentle kiss to his cheek, and Peter began to let his tears fall freely. [Y/N] felt her own eyes beginning to well up with tears. What had happened when she left?
"Peter, there's... there's people here to see you." Mj uttered softly. Peter raised his head and glanced back, making eye contact with [Y/N]. Mj and Ned moved slightly, allowing Peter to rush over and clutch at her. She responded immediately, encasing the boy in her arms and resting her chin on the top of his head.
"Pete?" She gasped. "Pete, what happened?"
He let out another sob, burying his face in the crook of her neck. "He... he got her."
"What? Norman? He got who?"
"He got May. He killed her. May's dead."
[Y/N] froze, breath getting caught in her chest. Peter grasped her even tighter, tears continuing to trail down the front of her suit. He was shaking. The agony in his sobs ripped right through her.
This was her fault. She shouldn't have left.
She took in a shaky breath as tears slipped down her own cheeks. She had to stay strong for the kid. She couldn't let this destroy her right now. He needed her.
"Oh god, Peter, I'm so sorry," She pressed her lips to the crown of his head. "I'm so sorry."
There was a moment where [Y/N] forgot about everything happening around her. Mj and Ned, the two Spider-Men waiting for their cue above her; all she could focus on was the kid currently wrapped in her arms. She held him tightly, as if keeping him secure enough would make all of of anguish go away. He was in so much pain. All she wanted to do was take it away.
Peter's breathing eventually began to slow, reaching more of a state of calm. Mj gave her a look, nodding up towards the Spider-Men. [Y/N] returned her nod and pulled back from him to make eye contact, rubbing the sides of his arms affectionally.
"There's, uh," Her voice was hoarse. She cleared her throat to try and hide the signs of her own sorrow. "There are some other people here to see you."
"What?" Peter held a mild look of disorientation.
"Just trust me. Trust us."
The two Peters resting on the higher portion of the building leapt down, sending Peter back into a protective stance, guard completely up. They each landed next to [Y/N], Older Peter on her left, Almost Peter on her right. They both put their hands up to show they weren't there to pose a threat.
"I'm sorry about May." Older Peter expressed, hands still held up by his head.
"Yeah, I'm so sorry," Almost Peter continued. "I've got some understanding of what it's like━"
The youngest Peter shook his head, his anger quickly becoming apparent. "No, no. Don't tell me that. Don't act like you know what I'm going through."
Almost Peter let out a sigh.
"She's gone," Peter resumed, voice trembling. "And it's all my fault. She died for nothing... So I'm gonna do what I should've done in the first place."
He reached back to Mj, who carried the spell in her hands. She took a step back.
"Peter━" Older Peter began.
"Please, don't," Peter cut him off. "You don't belong here. Either of you━"
He paused for a moment, glimpsing at [Y/N] with tears in his eyes before pointedly turning away. "... all three of you. I'm sending you home.
Those guys, they're from your world, right? So you can deal with it. If they die, if you kill them.. it's on you. It's not my problem. I don't... I don't care anymore. I'm done."
[Y/N] could feel another piece of her heart break. She knew this would happen. She had known from the moment she laid eyes on the kid. He was full of so much hope. The same way her Peter had been when he started. The same way the Peters next to her had been. It was inevitable; the world chewing him up and spitting him out again, putting him through hell just to make him lose that spark. That ambition. The ability to dream.
She couldn't do it anymore; look at Peter and pretend she didn't know what it felt like. What it felt like to lose a piece of you, that hole in your heart that was once filled to the brim with love now left barren and aching from the pure emptiness of it all. The words slipped out of her mouth with a tremor.
"I lost you."
Immediately, the attention was on her, everyone's heads turning to look at the girl. Peter's gazed whipped to hers, eyes widening at the sight of her tears. "Huh?"
"I lied to you," She choked. "I didn't know how to tell you, kid, about any of it. I don't think I could've handled it and I'm sorry for that, but I lost you. Peter Parker. You were the love of my life. I loved you so much it almost hurt. Everything about you just completely overwhelmed my senses and made me light-headed. You were so brilliant and loving and bright and I had never had anyone like that in my life until I met you. You were my person, my one and only, who I was going to spend the rest of my life with and then you were just gone and I had to keep living.
And god, seeing you, even if it's different versions of you, it's like someone is pressing a goddamn hot poker to my chest. I look at you and I can barely breathe. All I can think is I have to keep him safe, I can't let this happen again, there has to be some place, somewhere that you can live and love and have a good fucking life. I'm so sorry I failed you. Do not blame yourself for this. I was the one who left. I've walked away from you two times in my life, and both times someone has ended up dead, and Jesus Christ, it's my fault."
Older Peter had rested his hand on her back at some point, rubbing up and down soothingly. Almost Peter looked at her with such softness it made her want to scream and cry and plead with him to hold her so tightly she wouldn't be capable of breathing. Why did he have to be so similar? Why did he have to look like him?
"My Uncle Ben was killed. It was my fault." Older Peter spoke after a long period of silence. His hand had come to rest on her shoulder. She placed her hand over his in sympathy. He jumped slightly, but recovered, sending her a small smile. She tried her best to ignore his initial reaction.
"I lost.." Almost Peter stuttered beside her. The suffering in his voice sent ripples of hurt through her body. "I lost Gwen. My.. She was my Mj."
[Y/N] squeezed her eyes shut tightly to stop the onslaught of tears that threatened to escape her. Older Peter seemingly noticed, tightening his grip on her shoulder.
this isn't your Peter do not let this hurt you he doesn't know he doesn't know what you two were he isn't him he isn't him
"I couldn't save her," He continued, eyes watering. "I'm never gonna be able to forgive myself for that. But... but I carried on. Tried to keep going. Tried to keep being that friendly neighborhood Spider-Man cause I know that's what she would've wanted but.. at some point, I stopped pulling my punches.
I got rageful. I got bitter. I just don't.. I don't want you to end up.. like me."
[Y/N] sucked in a shaky breath, glancing at the man next to her. It hurt so much to look at him, to talk to him, but at the same time, he was the only thing she wanted. She wanted to pull him into her arms and never let him go. To gently kiss the tears off his cheeks until he had completely forgotten what upset him in the first place.
His eyes focused on her, gazes connecting once more. She refused to look away this time, letting herself take him in for just a moment longer. Tears began to gather in her eyes, unable to conceal them. Almost Peter's eyes flickered with something, a brief look of realization crossing his face. She turned her gaze away from him. He continued to stare.
"The night Ben died, I hunted down the man I thought did it," Older Peter voiced from beside her. "I wanted him dead. I got what I wanted. It didn't make it better... It took me a long time to learn to get through that darkness."
"I wanna kill him," The youngest Peter spoke, a darkness edged around his voice. How could he already sound so much older? She had seen him just hours ago. "I wanna tear him apart."
His breath began to tremble, tears falling freely once more. "I can still hear her voice in my head. Even after she was hurt, she said to me that we did the right thing. She told me that with great power..."
"Comes great responsibility." Older Peter finished for him. The two Peters next to her shared a look and [Y/N] remembered. Ben.
"Wait, how━ how did you know that?"
"Uncle Ben said it." Almost Peter replied.
Older Peter gave a nod. "The day that he died. Maybe she didn't die for nothing, Peter."
Baby Peter sucked in a breath, using the palms of his hands to wipe away the mixture of tears, blood, and dirt around his eyes. Mj came behind him to rest her chin on his shoulder for comfort. Ned looped his arm with Peter's.
"I don't..." [Y/N] started to speak, attempting to piece her thoughts together. "I don't wanna leave you, Pete, at least, not like this. I know you're exhausted, I know you're in so much pain right now that it's tearing your insides apart, but please. Please just let me help you━ let us help you finish this. I.. I have a personal grievance with that fucking Goblin and I want━ I need to help take him down. I need to be sure that he is gone and you are alive, breathing. Getting better. Please."
".... He killed me, didn't he? That's why you acted so weird around him?" Baby Peter's expression softened as he asked the question she'd been dreading. After a moment of inner turmoil over admitting more of the truth, she nodded.
All three Peters were looking at her again, sympathy and heartache molded into their faces. Older Peter moved slightly closer, coming to wrap his arm completely around both of her shoulders. She leaned into his embrace, finding comfort in the familiar warmth of Peter Parker. Almost Peter stood next to her with a torn expression, fingers twitching slightly. She silently begged him to reach out and grab her.
It was overwhelming, being surrounded by not only different iterations of the man she had loved, but a carbon copy of him standing right next to her, listening to her speak about his death. God, she just wanted to go home. She wanted this to end so she could sob in May's lap for as long as she needed, but, she was also terrified of leaving. The moment this was over, she would never see Peter Parker again. He would be gone. For good. Lost to death and the fabric of the universe.
Baby Peter took her hand in his, sharing a look with the other two Peters. He gave her hand a light squeeze. Older Peter gave her a light pat on the shoulder. The mild show of affection from both Peters tugged on her heart. "Okay."
"Let's take these assholes down."
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My Professor's Wife ⧬ Wanda Maximoff
Tumblr media
Pairing: Milf!Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Summary: Vision Stark was the best professor at the University, and every year he selected the best students for an exclusive dinner at his house. The dinner included the dean, and other members of the board. What would you do, if you found out that his house was already known to you?
Warnings: smut; Power bottom!wanda; fingering/oral (wanda receiving); +18 only.
A/N: 3,364.
Chapter I - Oh Shit! Here we go again
The class was silent, there was not a single debate at that moment, and for a philosophy class silence to prevail was historic. Peter was anxious, his leg gained a life of its own when this happened, he had already kicked you three times under the table. 
It was the big day. This moment was as eagerly awaited as a Super Bowl final, it was like being nominated for an award. For you, it was an award, since you were competing with Peter and Shuri who had the highest grade in college. 
A brief summary: Jarvis Stark, known as the Vision, your philosophy professor, held a dinner party every semester for the professors, elite members of the faculty, and his best students. He didn't follow traditional, he didn't select students by grades, he just selected. This was exactly why Peter looked as if he might have a heart attack at any moment. 
With a tap of pens on the table, everyone stood up, and when Vision tapped his pen again, everyone sat down.
“I appreciate the dedication of all of you over the past few months, I can say that I am graced with this class, and that you are one of my best students.” He said loudly, so that everyone could hear. “You know that today I will be announcing the students invited to my dinner, but first I wanted you to know that you are all excellent students.”
Shuri snorted beside you, eliciting a low chuckle from you, Peter scolded you with a look, and then you became serious again.
“I won't prolong myself, the chosen ones are: Peter Parker, Shuri Milaje, Y/N Y/L/N, Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds.” Vision announced, and a murmur took over in the class, you and your friends were in shock, Peter was no longer swinging his leg. Vision tapped his pen on the table again. “I already said that selection is not assigned to grades, or Ned wouldn't be chosen.” Ned gave a loud hiss, making Vision laugh. “The class is dismissed, chosen ones, stay, I will hand you the information.”
The students were leaving, while you and your friends stood facing the Professor's desk.
“Thank you for the semester, you guys were amazing, the debate over the Paradox of Theseus' Ship was one of the best classes I have ever taught.” He said with a proud smile. “I believe your friendship was a little shaken, but you learned a great paradox.” You all agreed in unison, Vision extended 5 personalized invitations. “ I will wait for you.”
You left the room accompanied by your friends, and when you took a closer look at the invitation, you swallowed dryly. 
“Shit, I know this house.”
Your shifts at the café were always on weekends, you helped Grace man the tables and closed the café at the end of the night. You were paid well, helped with your college expenses, and Grace even gave you free coffee during the weeks. Grace was like a familiar figure to you in that town. Grace's store always had the same customers on the weekends, always mothers and fathers of children playing soccer in the field. 
The kids loved you, you gave them the attention they wanted, they spent hours telling you about the games. There was one child that you had a stronger connection to: Billy Maximoff. Billy didn't play soccer like the other kids, he sat in one of the chairs reading a book while waiting for his brother, Tommy. You had never seen the children's father before, or at any time during your working days with Grace. When he went to pick up the kids, the man just honked his horn three times, and the kids ran out of the cafeteria to find their father.
That Saturday you didn't hear the children's father appear, at one point Tommy appeared to call Billy to wait for his father outside the café. It was a rainy day and there were several customers, so you couldn't stop the children from leaving without their father. Before you knew it, you saw that the kids were already outside. A few hours went by when you noticed the kids standing in the rain. You talked to Grace about the situation, and she readily agreed to let you leave early that day.
You got your things, left the café, and approached the children. You noticed that they were soaking wet, Billy had a downcast look on his face while Tommy squirmed to himself. Billy noticing your approach gave a sad smile. 
“Hi kids, where's your dad?”
“He hasn't shown up yet.” Tommy said harshly.
“We don't know where he is, he was supposed to show up by now.” Billy looked at you with a lost look.
The rain started to get heavier, you started to get wet, and then you remembered some towels in your car. 
“If you tell me where you live, I can take you there.”
“How can we trust you? We don't know who you are. We only know that you work here in this café.” Tommy looked at you seriously, and you cracked a sincere smile.
“You're right, you don't know me, but you guys are out in the rain, and it's getting late.” Your speech was cut off by lightning striking a few feet away from you. “You might stay here, and end up getting sick. You'll have to go to the hospital, where it's full of needles.” You made a face that made Billy laugh. “I think, I seem to be the best option for you.”
Billy began to cough, and then his mouth began to tremble. Tommy looked at his brother and then at you.  
“All right, I'll tell you where we live.”
You weren't so surprised when the boys gave you their address. The house was in the best neighborhood in town, where the richest families lived. Billy had mentioned that their father made a lot of money. As you drove to the house, you noticed that Billy had fallen asleep on the way, and Tommy was watching you in the rearview mirror. You looked at the boy and smiled. The boy just looked away, looking at the window. When you arrived at the boys' address, as you parked the car, as soon as you got a chance Tommy jumped out of the car and ran towards the house. You got out of the car, walked over to Billy and picked him up. He was heavy, but nothing too hard for you.   
After a few minutes, Tommy had returned, now accompanied by a woman. She was beautiful, indescribably beautiful, and you soon understood that she was the boys' mother, because Billy had once mentioned that his mother was perfect. The woman ran up to you, saying so many things, that you could only identify half of them. You could notice that she had a bathrobe around her body and there were tears all over her face. There was an expression on her face that showed how desperate she was. Her red hair was messy, but that didn't take away from her charm. She looked incredible. 
The woman kept saying various things, so you signaled to her that Billy was asleep. Then she looked you in the eye for a few seconds. After a few brief seconds, she just nodded, pointing at the house. You then let her and Tommy go first and followed behind.
“Tommy, go upstairs and prepare a hot bath for you and your brother.” The woman turned and looked at the state of your clothes, then turned to Tommy again.  “Call Jessie and ask for dry clothes, please.”
Tommy ran upstairs as soon as he received his mother's orders. The woman approached you, looked at her son on your lap, and carefully took him from your arm. She gave you a smile that made your body tremble. You returned the smile and watched the woman disappear into the upper floor of the house. After a few minutes, the woman came downstairs by herself. She had a smile on her face and a few changes of clothes in her hands, she approached you and held out the clothes to you. 
“Tommy told me who you are, and it's nice to finally put a face, on my son Billy's savior.” She had a sweet smile on her lips, a smile that met her beautiful green eyes. “He says a lot about you.” 
“Wanda, right? It's nice to finally know that his mother's beauty really is indescribable.” You wanted to beat yourself up over what you had just said, but then you cracked a dull smile. “He says a lot about you, he loves you very much.”
“Take off your clothes.”
She giggled and pointed at your body.
“You're all soaked, you need dry clothes.” She held up your hand and tucked the clothes under them. “Take these, tomorrow you come by to get your clean, dry clothes. What do you think?”
“No, Wanda, it's all right. I'm leaving now, I'll change clothes later.”
“I'm not asking, Y/N, it's an order.” Wanda said, with a serious tone, but still with a smile on her lips.
Before you could contest, you noticed Billy standing on the stairs.
“Y/N, would you join us for dinner?”
You sighed defeatedly, drawing a giggle from Wanda. Looking at her, she threw a little wink at you, making your legs tremble. 
“The bathroom is in the first door on the right.”
Dinner was peaceful. Wanda and the boys treated you very well. You were surprised when you discovered that she wasn't that much older than you. Not that it showed, because she didn't look her age, but you were surprised. She told you stories from her college days, stories that made her even more interesting. You found out that Wanda had a degree in Public Relations, but could never practice, due to the birth of the kids. 
Wanda seemed very interested in the things you told her over dinner. She just seemed uncomfortable, when you told her where you studied and the degree you took. 
Another thing, which had become evident, was that the children's father was not very present. Whenever the subject turned to the father of the children, Tommy and Billy made faces. Noticing this, you decided not to bring it up again.
When you decided to leave, the boys were a little disappointed, because they had enjoyed your company at that dinner. Wanda then asked you to come back the next day to drop off your dry clothes, and you promised to stop by. She walked you to the door, to say goodbye. 
You turned around, hugged Wanda goodbye, and leaned in to kiss her cheek, but accidentally, you brushed your lips against the corner of her lips. You freaked out, and turned away worriedly, looking into her eyes. Before you could apologize, however, she bit her lip and flashed you a smile.
“See you tomorrow, darling.” She whispered close to your ear.
That night it was hard to sleep, images of Wanda in your head haunted you for hours and hours. She was a wonderful woman, one of those who had a beauty that took your breath away just by looking at her. How could such a beautiful woman exist and be only a few years older than you?
Wanda was so breathtakingly beautiful that there were not enough words in the vocabulary of adjectives to describe how beautiful she was. You were enchanted, it was undeniable, after all this woman was sensational, you could remember her smile. Her gaze had penetrated your soul. Her well-drawn lips, you could imagine how good it would be to kiss those lips.
Thinking like that was wrong, she was married, but thinking didn't kill anyone, right?
The next day, as an exchange of favors, you washed and dried the clothes she had lent you, to return them. Just like she did with your clothes. You left everything prepared and made your way to her house. When you got out of the car, you felt a slight discomfort in your stomach. You understood that it was anxiety, since you would be in the presence of that gorgeous woman again.
You rang the doorbell a few times until Wanda appeared at the door. She was wearing a flowered dress, that even though it was a little loose around her waist, you could get a brief glimpse of her beautiful body. Her hair was loose, and she had red lipstick on her lips. You didn't realize, that you stared for too long, until she giggled. 
“Hello, darling.” She said with a smile on her lips.
“Hello Miss Maximoff.” You said, trying not to falter your voice.
“No need for formalities, the boys aren't here. You can call me Wanda.” She bit her lower lip, containing a smile, stepped away from the door, and pointed with her arm toward the house. “Come in.”
You entered and held out the clothes toward her, causing her to crack a big smile. She took it from you, and for a brief moment, she ran her hands over yours. A shock ran through your body, making you shiver from head to toe. 
“You didn't have to do that, honey.” She said, holding her clothes over her chest. “Wait a moment, I'll go check where your clothes are. Make yourself at home.”
She left the room, leaving you alone. Watching her walk away, impure thoughts ran through your head, in a way that you couldn't help them. You really wanted to be able to squeeze her ass, which seemed so tempting to you.
Trying to distract your thoughts, you looked around. On the walls, you noticed that there were no pictures of Wanda's husband on the wall. There were only pictures of her with the children, or just the children, mostly.
“They are beautiful, aren't they?” Wanda said, approaching you.
“Yes they are, amazing kids, as beautiful as their mother.” 
Before you, could regret, what you had spoken. Wanda cracked a smile, bit her lower lip and tilted her head.
“I appreciate the sincere compliment...” she paused briefly. “Your clothes are not ready yet. Would you mind waiting a moment? I can open some wine while we wait. You are old enough to drink, right?”
As your head screamed to answer no, out of your mouth came:
“Yes, of course, why not?”
That afternoon passed very quickly, you enjoyed Wanda's company very much, and she enjoyed yours. You were connected, as if you had known each other for a long time, the talk between you was never-ending. It ranged from simple things, to questions about the universe. She seemed freer with you.
And it was during this time, that she explained to you that she was no longer married. That she was only living with her ex-husband, so that he could keep up appearances at work. She explained that for him these appearances were very important, that this was why he was so attached to Tommy, and demanded so much from Billy. 
You also found out, that the man forbade Wanda to study and work, even to go out with her friends. She explained to you that she was not American, that she was from a country called Sokovya, and that sometimes she forgot this because her ex-husband forced her to go to a speech therapist to get rid of her own accent. He would not let her relive or pass on her customs to the children. 
“Tell me something in your language.” You asked.
“Am vrut să-ți sărut buzele.” She said in a soft voice, causing shivers to run through your body. 
“What does it mean?” 
 “Do you really want to know?” She said with a smile on her lips and looking into your eyes.
 “Yes, please.”
Before she could answer, the house phone rang. She smiled, bit her lip, and got up to answer it. You looked at the clock and realized that it was getting late, and that you needed to study for an exam that was due the next day. So you stood up waiting for her to return. 
Wanda took a few minutes to come back, came back with a smile that quickly faded when she saw you standing up.
“Where do you think you're going?”
“I need to go, I have exams this week and some important assignments.” You said with a sigh. “I'd love to do this again some other day.”
“Sure, give me your phone.” You held out your phone to Wanda, who took it by typing in her own number, and then called the phone with her own. “Okay, now I have your contact, and you have mine. Text me when you get to your house.”
You nodded in agreement, and Wanda walked you to the door. A moment of curiosity, hit you again, so you turned to her.
“The phrase you told me, what does it mean?”
“I would like to kiss your lips.” She said with a smile on her lips. “That's what it means.”
A moment of bravery flashed through you. Bringing one of your hands to Wanda's waist and the other went to the back of her neck, you leaned her against the door and kissed her. It was a kiss full of desire, as much on her part as on yours. The tongues were a battle for dominance, but one that Wanda lost. She let out a moan when you squeezed her waist, to bring your body close to hers, you bit her lip and pulled away to breathe.
“That's better than I expected.” She whispered breathlessly.
She brought her hand under your shirt, running her nails across your belly, while you slid your lips down her jaw to her neck. Wanda sighed when you bit her pulse point. 
“That's wrong.” You whispered close to her ear as you ran your hand down her body. 
“But it feels so good.” She said, bringing her hand to your waist and pulling your body closer. “I need you to help me.” She pulled her face to look at you. “I want you to touch me. I haven't felt good in a long time, and I know you can help me.”
She took your other hand, and slid it down her dress. You instinctively brought your hand to her core, and smiled as you realized that she was without panties. She was hot and soaking wet, you wondered how long she had been without being touched, that just a kiss and a few touches would leave her that way.
“Touch me.” She said in a commanding voice. 
You ran your fingers down Wanda's slit, collecting some wetness, you brought your finger up to her clit, massaging it. Wanda moaned loudly, squeezing your body close to hers. You groaned at the sensation, she was that way for you.
You sped up your movements on her clit, making Wanda roll her eyes in pleasure. She moaned close to your ear, causing your body to become hot and driving sensations right to your center. 
Wanda groaned, held your face and kissed you with desire. You returned the kiss, switched your fingers, leaving your thumb on her clitoris as your fingers slid to her entrance. 
“Fuck me.”
Without a second thought, you penetrated two fingers into her. Wanda cried out in pleasure and bit her lip. You cracked a smile and looked into her eyes. She looked at you as if you were looking into her soul, as she moaned your name with each thrust of your fingers. 
“Let me take care of you, Wanda.” You said, still penetrating your fingers, but kneeling in front of her. Wanda looked down at you as you hiked up her dress, taking your lips directly to her clit, sucking on it. 
“Oh fuck, you make me feel so good.”
Shuri had her hand over her mouth, while Ned and Peter were awestruck. You were breaking into a cold sweat from telling your friends the whole story. MJ was looking at you in shock.
“Did you fuck our teacher's wife??”
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vintagemulti · a month ago
pieces -> marc spector / steven grant
pairings: marc spector x fem!reader , steven grant x fem!reader
desc: in which you realise how toxic your relationship with marc is, while steven is left to pick up the pieces
warnings: toxic toxic TOXIC relationship, injury, blood, fighting, yelling, swearing, very unhealthy relationship, choking, i know i said swearing but i mean it, throwing shit at each other, angst and no comfort (kind of), reader is injured, violence (there’s one push), divorce mentions, manipulation, talk of physical violence to each other, alcohol, death/killing mentions, a couple sex mentions
a/n: please take these warnings seriously. im spiralling and i had a dream about this the other night. BOLD AND ITALIC MEANS STEVEN/MARC ARE COMMUNICATING. READER CANNOT HEAR IT. this is in absolutely no way cannon lol. this is also super long so hold onto your hat
series masterlist
Tumblr media
you knew it wasn’t right. you knew, deep down, you and marc were not good for each other. fuck, it didn’t wasn’t even that far down. it was on the back of your mind permanently - how you had married a monster, and how marc had married a monster as well.
since the day you had said “i do”, the beast within both you and marc had began rearing its ugly head, coming out with every argument (followed with rough, hard makeup sex), every night marc had took the couch, every time your wedding ring seemed less of a promise and more of a shiny rock stuck on your finger for display. marc didn’t even wear his ring anymore.
it took you years to realise that maybe, just maybe you weren’t right for each other. nine years, nine billion tears, what felt like a million arguments, nine years you had been married to marc. for the last nine years you had felt him change, night by night, until you didn’t even recognise the man in your bed most nights.
not even marc recognised himself these days, with someone else living inside his body. steven, who was admittedly a better husband than marc could ever have been, was always the one who would run to pick up the pieces of you after every argument, for as long as you could remember. sure, it had taken him a while to get used to everything, but he took his vows much more seriously than marc did. whenever steven had control, he always wore his wedding ring. always.
for better and worse seemed almost comedic when you compared the two. marc would start fires and steven would be left to put them out - always getting burned in the process.
the fires marc started were hot, but never as hot as the blood running through your veins right now. you could almost feel the liquid boiling and bubbling under your skin.
“what is that supposed to mean?” you snapped, throwing your travel bag onto the bed.
“it means, i don’t want you here. i told you not to come. doesn’t take a fuckin’ genius.” marc rebutted, tone even harsher than yours.
you could already smell the argument, like it was hanging in the air. a bitter, sour spice that consumed the entire room, blocking out the scents of the street below.
“what the fuck, marc? i told you already, wherever you go, i’m coming with you.”
he scoffed. “you’re like a little lapdog, following me around everywhere. take the fucking hint and leave.”
your jaw hung for a moment. all you wanted to do was surprise him, but no. he just had to be fucking difficult.
“yeah, real mature there. you want me to leave? fine. i’ll take the first plane back, but you can keep this.” you slipped your wedding ring off and threw it at marc.
the ring fell to the floor beside him, landing with a small clatter. he didn’t need to look at it to know what it was.
“you want a divorce?” he spat, looking round at you. “that’s what you fucking want?”
you shook your head. “seems like the only thing that would make you happy, right about now.”
marc pushed himself up, his frame towering over you as he came closer. “sounds about right.”
looking at him, you could see his pupils were blown. normally, you’d think it was love. but you weren’t stupid. you could see “love” in a bottle beside where he was sat on the floor, leaning against the bed.
“i can’t believe this. you are so fucking selfish, you know that?” you looked away from him, only to feel his hand pull your jaw back towards him.
“selfish? i’m the selfish one?” he hissed, grip tight enough to bruise. “i have killed for you and yet, i’m the selfish one?”
“i never asked you to do anything for me. ever.” you pulled back, his grip releasing.
he shook his head. “look at you, huh? always playing the victim. don’t you fucking dare come here and act all holy with me.”
“no, you see that’s the difference between us marc. you do shitty things and blame it on everyone around you, but me? sure. i’ve done my share of bad things but never, never would i pretend like it’s not my fault.”
marc bit the inside of his cheek. he’s about to yell.
“you are fucking pathetic, you know that!?” there it was. “you take and take and never give anything back - why? in the name of love? such fucking bullshit, y/n.”
“love? are you kidding me,” you raised your eyebrows, not even flinching to his sudden outburst. “this was never love, marc. the day i took your last name, it all went to shit. so you can take that “name of love” bullshit and stick it up your ass.”
“oh so that’s the problem then?” his voice was still slightly rained. “my last name? that’s what ruined us?”
you nodded spitefully. “yeah, must be. all spector’s must be hard fucking work.”
“she’s not wrong there, mate.”
marc turned and walked to pick up the bottle, ignoring steven’s comment. “if you hate it so fucking much,” he took a swig. “then leave. never talk to me again and sign some divorce papers, it’s that easy.”
biting your lip, you stared at him, the silence almost deafening.
well, silence to you. marc could hear something far different.
“you are a fucking nightmare, marc.” steven shook his head, watching him from the mirror. all is seemed to do was make marc even angrier, though.
marc looked back at you, tilting his head slightly. “no, that wouldn’t work though, would it? you hate easy. never letting anyone around you have a fucking day off.”
scoffing, you rolled your eyes. “says the man who runs away for days at a time because he’s too lazy to do the right thing.”
that seemed to really get him going. “what?” he walked towards you, strides full of anger. “what the fuck did you just call me?”
the space between you was so small you could see yourself reflected in the star of david handing from his neck. making eye contact with him, you could feel his hot breath fanning down on you.
“lazy.” you hissed.
hands coming to your neck, marc pushed you back until you hit the closest wall, which happened to be the mirror. he must have been shoving you harder than you realised, because you felt the glass crack against your head.
“you have some balls, you know? coming here, when i told you not to, and calling me lazy? me, who would burn the world if you asked me to?”
you laughed, bitter and fake. “that’s the problem, marc. i don’t think you would. fuck, i don’t think you would do anything for me.”
the vein in his neck grew more and more prominent. in any other setting it would’ve scared you, but right now it only made you proud. you were affecting him.
“shut your mouth,” he sneered, hands still firmly around your neck, but he wasn’t applying any pressure. “shut your pretty little mouth or i swear to god i’ll-”
“what?” you asked. “you’ll what, marc? you’ll hit me, like you hit everyone else? be my fucking guest.”
his hands fell from your neck straight away, and went to his hair instead. “i’m not that type of man. you know it, for christ’ sake.”
“sometimes i’m not sure i know you at all, actually. you’ve changed, marc. you’re not the man i fell in love with and i can’t love this version of you.”
for a spilt second, marc looked hurt. if you weren’t looking you never would have caught the pain in his eyes, but it was gone as quickly as it came. he shook his head, taking another swig from the bottle.
“i’ve changed? turn around and take a look in that mirror and tell me you’re the same person i married.”
“this is my point, marc!” you yelled, finally losing your temper. “we are fucking destroying each other! what happened to us being happy?”
he looked at you, wordlessly. a stare so intense, so hateful, you felt as if you were shrinking where you stood.
finally looking away, marc took yet another drink, making you scoff.
“can’t do this sober, then?”
as soon as you said it, he turned around and launched the bottle. you didn’t even realise he had thrown it until it hit the mirror behind you - it couldn’t have been more than an inch away from your head. you flinched, feeling little shards of glass fly into your skin, blood mixing with the dark rum that poured down your skin.
“fucking hell.” you whispered, looking at your arm. you could see the little pieces of glass lodged in the flesh - but you didn’t feel it enough to care. the pain, the blood, the smashing bottles - it was all normal. it only made you angrier, more eager to rile him up.
“you’re sick in the head, marc. you wonder why i don’t put it past you to hit me?”
he looked at your arm, noticing the blood that poured down. “i’m sorry, i-”
“no,” you shook your head, dodging the broken glass on the floor to walk towards him. “i don’t want your fucking apologies, we both know you don’t mean it. i just want you to do better.”
“better?” marc walked away from you, across to the mirror where you stood before. he stared into it, and you knew he was looking at someone else. “like him?”
pointing at his own reflection, you imagined what steven would have been saying right now. in fact, you thought, he never would have gotten in this mess.
“you want me to be more like him, yeah? weak, afraid, can’t string a fuckin’ sentence together?”
“no need, mate.”
“maybe i do.” you whispered, not meeting marc’s eye. you looked down at his body, only wearing his boxers - he was a beautiful sight.
perhaps that’s why you did this every time, the screaming matches and the thrown objects. because there’s was a thrill, a carnal lust between the hunter and the prey. you swallowed, eyes on his bare back.
he looked at you in the mirror, then back at steven. he raised his eyebrows. “well? you gonna fix this?”
marc took a deep breath, looking back at you. his blood had reached boiling point, and before he even knew what he was doing, his hand went through the glass of the mirror, the reflection of steven shattering into a million pieces.
the smash was loud, louder than the bottle. you knew it would have hurt, but you didn’t rush to help him. you didn’t come to his aid. why would you? he did this to himself.
“fuckin’ hell.” steven’s head fell to his hands and he rubbed his eyes.
marc could feel the glass shift in his knuckles, but like you, he didn’t care about the pain. the blood dripped onto the floor as he walked to the side of the bed, where another bottle was sat. you thought he might have poured it onto his hand, but no. he took one long swig before turning back to you.
“if you really want me to be like steven, then,” he flatlined. “you’ll have no one to protect you.”
“maybe it’s you i need protected from.” you retorted.
he scoffed. “yeah, because i’m the bad guy, as always.”
“there seems to be a theme here, marc! look around. what the fuck are we? was this ever- i mean, really, did you ever love me?”
“of course i loved you, y/n,” he muttered. “but i’m trying to change the fuckin’ world here.”
the sadness hit you like a wave.
“i never needed you to change the world,” you took a breath. “all i ever needed was for you to love me.”
marc didn’t reply, only walking to the edge of the bed, in front of the window, and slumping down.
a minute of silence passed. the air was still thick with the smell of anger, but this time the iron of blood seeped it’s way into the mix.
“i did love you. i do, love you.” marc almost whispered, his voice still laced with anger. “but look what we’ve done to each other, y/n. we fuck each other up.”
you shook your head. “no,” looking down at him, you reached down and picked up the bottle. “you did this. you ruined me.”
taking a swig, you felt the alcohol burn it’s way down your throat. unlike marc, you didn’t stop there. bringing the bottle to your arm, you poured it out. it burned and seared, but you didn’t feel it - not really. your head was clouded and there was a ringing in your ears.
walking back over to marc, you placed the bottle next to where your wedding ring lay, the sun coming through the curtains to make the diamond shimmer and gleam. he stared at you, not taking his eyes off of your face.
sighing, you picked up your bag off of the bed and turned to the mirror once more.
although you could only see yourself, white dress stained red and amber, you knew there was someone else watching. “find me.” you mumbled, taking one last look at marc before walking to the door.
you were already half out when he called back to you.;
“you talk about me ruining you,” he stared straight ahead. “as if you didn’t fucking enjoy it.”
after seven hours, you weren’t sure if steven was ever going to find you. maybe, you thought, he hadn’t even heard you - perhaps he wasn’t standing on the other side of the mirror.
although seven hours doesn’t sound like a long time, since leaving marc in the hotel you had managed to temporarily bandage your arm (although you knew there was still glass inside), find a hotel for yourself, get changed and find a small cafe.
sighing, you looked around you once more, sunglasses obscuring your vision slightly. yes, the sun was setting, but you didn’t need to block out light - your red, puffy eyes would be a telltale sign that you had been crying.
you had almost given up all hope of steven finding you, so when the chair opposite you scraped along the floor, you were surprised to say the least.
“you came.” you smiled, steven’s presence almost instantly soothing you.
he smiled back at you. “how could i not?”
“i’m surprised he let you take control.”
“well,” steven sighed. “he seemed to remember that he can disappear for a while, so that convinced him. along with my fantastic persuasion skills, of course.”
you nodded. “fuck knows what you could have said to him, though.”
steven laughed. “a lot of swearing. and i told him that if he didn’t let me take control you would most likely actually divorce him, so.”
“like he gives a shit.”
“no, love-” steven reached across the table and took your hand in his. “he does. we both do, he’s just an ignorant, arrogant, stupid sod.”
you smiled, although it faded as you looked down at his hands. although less bloody, his knuckles were still covered in cuts, big and small - although there didn’t seem to be any glass in them. as always, steven was wearing his wedding ring, the metal cool against your skin.
“what has he done to you, eh?” you mumbled, lifting up his hand and pulling it closer to your face.
pushing your sunglasses up, the change in hue took a few blinks to get used to. but as your eyes adjusted, you could see the bright red gashes along his fingers. you brought his hand up to your lips, kissing his knuckles.
“m’sorry, steven,” you mumbled. “it’s just, me and marc, we- well, you know. we do this to each other, and somehow you’re left to fix it all.”
steven smiled, moving his hand to cup your face. “i don’t mind, love. i’d rather put my hand through a million mirrors than lose you, marc too. he does this.. i can’t explain why he does it, but i know it’s so he doesn’t do anything stupid, not to you.”
“you mean so he doesn’t hit me?” you said sadly, so quietly it was almost inaudible.
steven’s eyes widened. “he wouldn’t hit you, darlin’. he’s just… angry.”
“stevie,” you sighed. “there’s no point in pretending; marc and i aren’t good people. not when we’re with each other.”
he ran an hand through his hair. “but that’s the thing! i’ve seen you two, you are good with each other! it’s when you’re angry, that’s when you turn into bad people. i mean, marc’s anger… marc’s anger is terrifying.”
you raised an eyebrow. “and mine isn’t?”
“no, i didn’t mean- i- that’s- no, of course yours is, i just mean-”
“i’m kidding, stevie,” you smiled. “but i know what you mean. fuck, you think throwing a bottle is the worst he’s done to me? this-” you pointed to your arm. “this is tame.”
steven’s eyes looked at the bandage on your arm, softening as the patches of red caught his eye.
“he hurt you.”
“no,” you shook your head. “he didn’t. he threw a bottle, which hurt me. not him. never him, you know? it’s never by his hand.”
he chewed his lip. “but it’s his fault, love.”
“and it’s my fault you’re dealing with that,” you looked at his hand.
shaking his head, steven took your hands again. “it’s probably more my fault, actually. i was talking to him.”
“i know,” squeezing his hands, you met his eye. “it’s weird, i can always tell when you’re around. marc gets angrier, but it’s like.. this self-destructive rage. he’s not angry at me anymore, but himself.”
“me, more like.” steven mumbled.
“and i hate him for it, you know.” you said. “fucking hate him for it, always doing this with me and never bothering to fix it himself. don’t get me wrong, i love seeing you, but when i’ve just had a screaming match with marc… fucking hell, it’s torture.”
“but it’s not your fault, y/n.”
you smiled, a self pitying kind. “it is, really. it’s just as much my fault as marc’s. you see, we love like this - it’s just how we are. some people love gently but us? we’re violent, we’re unhealthy. it’s just how we are.”
steven nodded. “i know.”
looking back at the sunset, you wondered if steven would ever turn into that kind of lover. violent, angered, intense. you didn’t put it past him, but for the time you’ve spent with him, steven has always been the kinder lover. he would hold you, make you coffee, comfort you - something marc only did before your marriage went south.
your marriage; it reminded you.
“im not gonna divorce him, by the way.” you looked back at steven, who seemed instantly relieved.
“i was hoping you’d say that.” he smiled, pulling your ring out of his pocket.
he slid the ring onto your finger, and interlocked your fingers. his hands were warm - another difference between him and marc.
“i have something to say, but i don’t know how to say it.” you thought out loud, staring at your hands.
“go on, darlin’. i’m listening.”
you took a breath; “i know that technically, i did marry you. but fuck, stevie, i wish it was only you.”
as you met his eye, he smiled softly - he understood what you meant.
“i can get why, but marc does love you as well. he’s just not good at showing it.”
“but that’s the difference,” you breathed. “his love is conditional, it’s about sex and heat and boiling each other’s blood but… but yours isn’t, you don’t pick at me for everything i do, fuck, you don’t throw half empty bottles of rum at me!”
sure, you and steven had fucked - but it was different. with marc it was rough, makeup sex that ran on anger, but with steven it was personal. slow, loving and gentle, everything you wished marc could have been.
“but you said it yourself,” steven said. “you and marc love differently. sure, you’re toxic for each other and fucking can only get you so far, but you do love each other. why else would you still be married, hm? if deep down, you didn’t love each other?”
he was right, you thought. the love was there, but it was much deeper down. deeper down than the hate, the anger, the awareness of the toxicity. albeit there - it was buried under nine years worth of boiled blood and broken glass.
steven seemed to notice your quietness, squeezing your hands in his own. “come on, then. we’ll get you cleaned up.”
nodding, you stood up, not letting go of his hand.
“you have a hotel? i’m not sure either of us want to go back there yet. the rooms a bit of a state.”
“mhm,” you pointed down the street. “just down here.”
“alright, love,” he breathed. “and i’ll tell you what.”
“for now,” steven pulled you closer. “you can be married to just me.”
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tadpole-san · 6 months ago
part two ; centuries we don’t have
pairing(s): druig x asgardian!reader
warnings: maybe some mild spoilers for the eternals (i really don’t think i actually have any spoilers, but i just want to be safe), a timeline that’s all over the place because i’m mixing the comics and mcu dates
a/n: so… ya girl watched the eternals last night… and yes, druig and makkari did basically grab me by the throat. They’ve probably become the sole reason im reviving my actual writing on this tumblr, so any of yall who want makkari and/or druig fics, feel free to send them in <3
Tumblr media
685 A.D.
The first time you meet Druig, you would hardly call yourself beautiful.
That isn’t to say you don’t deem yourself attractive, of course - it’s just that there’s a dismembered Deviant lying at your feet, and you suspect that maybe some of the blood and gore extended beyond the lower half of your armor. So one can imagine your surprise when the train of your thoughts in the aftermath of the battle are interjected by a low, “Hello, beautiful one.”
You turn around.
If you were a poet, perhaps this would be the moment to inspire your works for the centuries to come. The moment you lock eyes with the man in red and black standing across the field, the way his lips tilt upwards when he knows you’ve seen him, the startled laugh that escapes you when the words beautiful one register.
But you are not a poet. You are simply an Asgardian - and he is Druig, the Eternal.
You hadn’t seen him during the battle, but from you know of the Eternals (admittedly, not too much), you understand that it doesn’t diminish his strengths towards the group. Five fighters, five thinkers is a mantra often heard amongst them.
“You are Druig,” you say, stepping over what you think used to be a Deviant arm.
“You know me.” By now, his smile has settled into more of a… smirk. Mischievous. Teasing. Amused? Either way, it holds until you are within a breadth of him and your weapon is sheathed at your side. “But I don’t know you,” he continues, and then there it is again. “Beautiful one. You came with the Asgardian king?”
By now, you understand that your king is already making himself known to the matriarch of the Eternals herself. In a way, the woman reminded you of your queen, raised and borne of witches, warm as the sun but cunning as a snake.
“I did,” you confirm. When you tell him your name, you find yourself revelling in the way it feels in the air between the two of you as he says it - the way the syllables roll off his tongue.
Beautiful, beautiful one.
800 A.D.
The second time you encounter Druig, he presents you with one of Idunn’s golden apples. To this day, you still have no idea how he acquired such a thing, although you suspect it may have something to do with the friendship he’d been able to maintain with Loki over the centuries.
“Hello, beautiful one.” This time, you don’t startle at the sound of his voice - although it is much closer than the first time, spoken at a low murmur right by your ear that you can still hear clear as day, even with all the revelries taking place in the tavern you’re both in. You turn your head just slightly and there he is.
“Hello, Druig.” This time, you’re out of your armor, and he dons local-wear in shades of black and grey fitting him in a way that does make your mouth run dry for a moment. You still indulge him in the best smile that you can, even as you take a sip from the mug of ale beside you. “How kind it is for an Eternal to grace a mere warrior with his presence.” It’s all in good jest. It always is.
He tuts anyway, reaching into his robes for… something, even as his eyes never leave your face. “I think we’ll have none of that now. Besides, I hear you’re moving up in the world, babysitting that prince of yours.” When you dig an elbow into his side for that comment, he only laughs again. “Guarding,” he corrects.
“That’s more like it,�� you affirm, stopping to raise your mug as Thor makes another rambunctious announcement for cheers. Teenagers. By the time you’re back to focusing on Druig, the hand that had been withdrawn into his robes is back out, presenting you with a perfectly round, perfectly golden, apple. The startled laugh that you let out isn’t unlike the one you’d given him during your first meeting, and you accept the offer with a slightly reserved glee. “And how did you acquire this?” you ask him, admiring the apple in your eye and pressing your lips to it before taking a bite.
“Does it make me the apple of your eye?” The one-liner is enough to get you to choke on the apple for a moment, and Druig graciously allows you the dignity of a recovery before he continues. “It is said that those apples are the source of the Asgardians’ immortal youth and beauty. Is that true?”
You quirk an eyebrow at him as you take another bite, humming contemplatively. “Is this your way of saying you’d like me to be more beautiful?”
“Oh, beautiful one, never.” He even puts a hand over where his heart would be. “I don’t think I could handle that.”
“Mmm. That wasn’t a bad save on your end, Druig.” You catch the way his gaze flickers from the apple, then to your lips. You hold the apple out to him. “Would you like to try a bite, then?”
When he doesn’t say anything, you shake it lightly in front of his face. “This isn’t an offer made lightly.” it’s enough to break him out of his trance, because he smirks again and settles into his seat more comfortably, giving you a slight nod but grasping your wrist when you try to hold the apple out to him.
That’s not how I want to taste it.
It’s the first time you hear him in your head - and really, you shouldn’t be so startled. It’s not as if you don’t know the things he can do, haven’t seen him bring human conflicts to a standstill with a mere thought. And you can feel him in your head, too, sometimes, never prodding, never prying, just… there.
You like it, you think.
So does he.
Before he can close the distance between the two of you - before you can invite him to bridge the gap, you hear Thor call your name with a raucous laugh, mug raised to the heavens, inviting with a “Come drink with us!”
To Druig, you offer a shrug and an impish grin of your own, rising from your seat and offering him a bow as you make to leave. “Duty calls, then.” Rather than look upset, he just plucks the apple from your hands, eyes never leaving yours while he takes a generous bite.
Then one of the Warriors Three has you by the arm, the same time that you see one of the other Eternals bids Druig to rise - Kingo, you recognize, and he says something to Druig that has him scowling and shrugging his grip off as his cheeks redden slightly.
You feel his gaze on you for the rest of the night.
By now, this isn’t even the third encounter you’ve had with Druig - not even the fourth, the fifth, even the hundredth. You lose track by now, centuries blurring together. Centuries of Heimdall keeping a watchful eye out, telling you where Druig has landed himself, where to go when he opens the Bifrost for you. Centuries of meetings (hardly clandestine) as Thor distracts his father from the fact that his loyal bodyguard is almost nowhere in sight, of Loki conjuring mirages of you that get better by the decade, of Lady Sif and her Warriors Three making false alibis for you, of your queen giving you a knowing look whenever she passes you by.
You know how you must look, trekking through the Amazon rainforest and into the now-familiar encampment. You pay no heed to the stares that some of the men and women pin you with as you pass, don’t think twice about the golden glow in their eyes that flashes and passes.
When you reach the building at the opposite end of the encampment, you don;t even enter. Part of you isn’t even sure you have the energy to open the doors, so you just settle at the foot of the wooden doors and lean against one.
The door to your left opens not a minute later, and in your peripheral vision, you see Druig standing there, clad in dark pants and a sleeveless grey top. He crouches next to you, bumping his shoulder against yours affectionately, and you pretend like that will be enough to make you keel over, swaying to the side in a dramatic motion.
“Oh, stop that.” When he steadies you, there’s no real bite to it. “And not even a hello for me, beautiful one?” You sigh, as though burdened greatly.
“Hello.” He presses his forehead against yours and you smile a smile that feels more real than anything you’ve mustered over the past few days. You feel him squeeze your arm, and you don’t tense, but when his hand goes over a fresh injury over your ribs that has not healed, it earns him a loud “ow” and a slap to the shoulder. “You’re a fiend,” you start.
“You’ve been in battle,” he says, and truly, your lover is brilliant. Astounding. “Are you hurt anywhere else?”
“Only in my heart,” you jest, and it partially works because you see his lips quirk up before he settles back in a more serious expression. He waits for you to continue, and he doesn’t even need to use his abilities to know that there is more on your mind that you want to say. “We lost,” you begin to say, and his eyebrows shoot up, because he knows you and you never lose a battle. There have been so many fights to be fought, and none to lose.
“The Dark Elves,” you manage to continue, and the two words sit heavy in your throat, like they’re trying to choke you before you can finish what you want to say. “Queen Frigga was killed. So was Prince Loki.” And despite what your king says, despite the terrible things Loki did, he was still a prince of Asgard. From children to adolescence and to adulthood, you’d watched them both grow, sometimes alongside Druig, sometimes not.
Druig, who doesn’t say anything. Doesn’t offer words of empty comfort, who can feel what you feel in this moment, who looks at you now the way he looks at his humans sometimes - worried for them, wanting to interfere, wanting to keep them safe. So you press a hand to his cheek, opening your mind and heart to him, smiling as he leans into your touch.
I’ll be okay.
You will mourn. You will move forward. He, too, knows this.
You feel Druig before you see him. You know his touch in your mind - have known it for eons, could feel and recognize it across the span of time and space.
My beautiful, beautiful lover.
The words are whispered into the embrace of your mind, softly becoming you to turn and look. You do so, only after you’ve set the crate of harvested and fished goods on the trunk of Valkyrie’s truck. The sight of Druig standing at the end of the pier, the ocean wind and spray whipping strands of his hair out of his face, has you holding your arms out for him.
You laugh when he reaches you and he pulls you into an embrace, one that literally sweeps you off your feet. “Beautiful one,” he says, and you can hear the laughter in his voice as he presses a kiss to the side of your head. “Did you miss me?”
“Did you miss me?” you counter, pulling back just enough that you’re able to get a look at his face. Eight years apart should be inconsequential to the two of you, who are fated to live for millennia, but it feels like an eternity of a lifetime. “I didn’t know you could venture out of that forest of yours, beautiful Druig.”
“Only for you,” he says, always quick with a retort. Witty or otherwise. “I even had to pack a jacket.”
“Yes, you did,” you agree, finally taking note of the studded black leather that he dons. Running a hand over one of the studs has you shooting him a very amused look, and he retaliates with a tug to the knitted sleeve of your new sweater.
“I see that you’ve taken up the fisherman chic. Is that the fashion of New Asgard? I’ll be sure to dress more appropriately for the occasion next time.”
“Cheeky.” You’re only partially aware to the knowing look that Valkyrie gives the two of you before she is driving back to town, the two of you left to privacy. “Come on, you,” you add, linking your arm with his as you begin to lead him away from the water and up to one of the hills overlooking the town.
“How is Thor?” he asks you, and though it’s been many years since you were called to the duty of watching over the prince - no, now the king - of Asgard, your heart aches for the boy you watched grow into the man of loss you know today.
“Not the same,” you tell Druig, your footsteps coming to a stop as he moves himself in front of you, facing you. He keeps your hand clasped in his as he moves it over his chest, and you can feel the beat of his heart even through the jacket he wears. “He lost - we lost - nothing is the same.”
It’s hard to put into words, you think. You think of the person you were when you first met Druig, think of the naivety of that youth. You wonder what it is like for him now, to see the edges of that person chipped and worn away, eroded by the winds of love and loss.
When he brushes a strand of your hair out of your eyes, when he presses his forehead against yours, you feel some of those broken edges start to knit together again.
I’m sorry.
I should have been there.
I’m sorry I’m rooted to Earth.
“You’re here now,” your murmur, your eyes still closed. “You’re always here when I need you.” For that, he presses a kiss to your forehead before stepping back. He makes sure not to let go of your hand.
“I have something for you, you know.” His other hand is already reaching into his pocket.
“Should I be worried?” you ask, only in slight jest. “Your gifts are wonderful, really, but you do like to play things on the mischievous side-” Your words die in your throat when you see the golden apple he produces for you, glittering in the sun that’s starting to break through the clouds. “Oh. Oh, Druig.”
“You won’t demand the ways I acquired it for you?”
“You’d just evade the question - oh, Druig.” As he presses it into your palm, you have to breathe in sharply and blink back the stinging in your eyes. He shrugs a little, trying to play it nonchalant, even as you have to press your face into his shoulder so you can compose yourself without looking at him.
“People on Earth like to do this with a ring,” he says, suddenly, voice slightly louder to be heard above the wind. “A gold on. I thought-” you feel him shift his weight, and you squeeze his arm to steady him. “I thought this would be better.”
“Do you have a question you must ask of me?” Finally, you lift your head to look at him. “Beautiful Druig.”
“You’re the beautiful one,” is his automatic response, and the word, the endearment, has always been so natural. On the battleground. In a tavern. The past, and the present. This gift that he’s given you.
He is Druig, the Eternal. And he calls you beautiful, because he loves you.
Tumblr media
Druig Taglist
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jedi-valkyrie · 6 months ago
how the avengers would react to sharing a bed
including: steve rogers, bruce banner, thor odinson, natasha romanoff, wanda maximoff, sam wilson, bucky barnes, and loki laufeyson
warnings: none! just cute shit and bad jokes
pairings: different avengers and gender neutral reader
can be read as platonic or romantic!
steve rogers:
literally living proof chivalry isn’t dead (just frozen for like 50 years) 
so he of course very adamantly said that he could sleep on the floor with one blanket, if you insist.
if you somehow convince him that maybe the floor won’t be comfortable and maybe it won’t help with his flashbacks, he’d curl on his side and make himself as small as he can next to you.
of course for a guy as huge as he is, that is not very small
you’d end up sleeping on his arm, faced smushed into his shoulder.
if he woke up before you, he wouldn’t move a muscle despite the obvious discomfort 
bruce banner:
it’s awkward. it’s bruce what’d you expect.
he’d say he can sleep on the floor and then mumble complaints about his back
if you got him to sleep on the bed he’d do the same thing cap did but he’d actually compress himself
there’s a full 3 feet in between you, it’s like he isn’t even there
probably talks in his sleep
natasha romanoff:
again, very comfortable
no argument
when you walk into the room it’s just a slightly annoyed sigh and then “right or left.”
she seems like a very independent sleeper
she has a quick night routine and barely has any time for tomfoolery 
if you want to be close to her, she’ll allow it, but probably won’t reciprocate 
besides playing with your hair, and maybe wrapping an arm around you but that’s it!!!
thor odinson:
he’s genuinely excited
he thinks if it as a sleepover, which makes it all the better
he tells you stories of asgard, very loudly
so loudly that tony bangs on the wall and tells you to shut up
he is insanely comfortable with you
if you wanna sleep literally on top of him? go for it! if you want your space? he’ll give you as much as he can without falling of the bed
the only con is that he snores so fucking loud it wakes you up
wanda maximoff:
wanda wouldn’t care unless you did
she’d set her stuff down, and look to you for what you wanted to do.
“we’re both adults, we can share a bed for a few hours,” is what she said when you asked if she cared
it’s a quiet, very calming night
wanda is just a calming presence in general
but if you have trouble sleeping she’ll sing to you, or stay up and watch a movie, or hell she’ll even switch some matter around with her powers to keep you company.
sam wilson:
again, he’d fight for the ground because your comfort is his biggest priority.
being in the same bed as sam basically turns into a very helpful therapy session
you could vent and he’d listen, or vice versa
it’s very comfortable, pleasant
he has a sort of way of making you feel safe.
he’d tell you stories about his family and his nephews and you could see the way that he’d light up talking about them
he’s such a caring person that whatever you wanted to do, he’d go for it
you want to cuddle? get right up close and personal, he’ll serve it back full force. 
you want your space? he’d leave a pillow or two in between you two just because as a decently large guy, he wants to make sure you're at ease
he loves being around people and he just wants to do whatever you see best
bucky barnes:
bucky would grunt and probably just assume he’d be on the ground
he probably would rather have the ground, beds are too soft
but if he did get up on the bed he’d probably just be someone there.
he’s not asleep, but not really doing anything, he’s just there
he’ll stay up as long as you are, and probably longer
he’d be awake when you fell asleep and awake when you woke up, which makes you a little concerned but unless he talks about it, you won’t.
he’d probably make a joke if you had some sort of nightly routine and generally be curious about what you were doing when you weren’t next to him.
he wouldn’t care if you fell asleep on his shoulder or really anywhere, he likes the warmth and if you’re comfortable he doesn’t care.
loki laufeyson:
this little bitch, he’d probably make a joke first thing
“i’m used to the ground, after all i’ve been in cells for most of my life”
if you tell him to sleep on the bed, he’d oblige. 
if you inquiry him, he’ll tell you tales of asgard, but opposed to thors loud ways, he’d tell them in a sensitive quiet tone
like bucky, he’d probably just watch while you got ready
not in a creepy way, more puzzled
being in the same bed as loki would probably turn out to be both of you in the dark, staring at the ceiling, asking existential questions back and forth and answering whatever you see fit
loki would sleep as stiff as a goddamn board, for literally no reason besides he thinks it’s comfortable 
if you were on top of him or near him by the morning, he wouldn’t mind- until you woke up. then he’d make it his personal mission to tease you as much as possible
note: this was so fun!! lmk if you want to see more of these! requests are very open!
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ithebookhoarder · a month ago
Being in a relationship with Marc and Steven 
A/N: So, I am in love with Moon Knight and these two idiots - for which I blame Oscar entirely. This is what happens when I'm left to wait a week between episodes soo...
Tumblr media
Now, don’t get me wrong, it would be an experience that definitely had its amazing moments, but it would also have its drawbacks. 
Mainly… it would be like living with toddlers. It doesn’t matter who you’re dealing with, whether it’s Marc or Steven, each have their own challenges.
For example, you have to act as their mother when it comes to reminding them to eat, take a nap, or even take a shower from time to time. 
True, this is more of a concern when it comes to Steven taking his turn in the body than Marc. Marc needs less help with practical matters but you do find yourself scolding him every now and then, like you would some child. 
Somehow you find yourself reminding Marc to share with Steven, and to stop being so mean all the time. Steven has feelings too and they’re no less valid just because he doesn’t act or think the way he does.  
There’s room for them both, or so you sigh, drinking your coffee and wondering how you ended up in this situation in the first place.  
“I love both of you, so relax, ok? No one needs to get jealous.” 
Marc would grumble but offer you (and Steven) an apology anyway, before stealing a kiss as his way of trying to make it up to you. 
You’d know immediately who you were dealing with at any given moment just by the way they carried themselves. It wouldn’t take long for you to learn each of their mannerisms and habits to the point you know them better than yourself. 
No wonder you eventually find yourself talking to them both, when there’s a mirror nearby. You may not be able to see or hear the other person, but if one of them makes a comment, you still feel comfortable enough to be able to guess what they said. 
“No! I - look, Marc-”
“Is that Marc?”
“Tell him he was right about wearing the red shirt today - worked a treat. My boss was too busy drooling to even care about the extra grant application I slid on his desk.”
“And tell him to wait his turn. I know he’s rolling his eyes right now but it’s your night, remember?”
You also quickly learn their likes and dislikes, just as they learn yours. 
For instance, you enjoy your time spent with Steven, and his gentler nature. You love how excited he gets when you ask him about a subject he is passionate about. I mean, he almost collapses when you tell him how much you also love Egyptian history, nerding out about certain scholars or artefacts at the museum. 
He takes you on dates around London and not just at the museum - even if he does love showing you all the exhibits there. 
He’s all about doing kind things, whether it be bringing you gifts whenever he can, taking you out to that restaurant you said you wanted to visit, or leaving you a soppy post-it note on the coffee pot for you to find in the morning. 
You know he also does it so that you have a small reminder of him even if Marc is hanging about the place. 
Steven also loves to sleep - which sounds odd, but given that he and Marc sort of have an agreement about stealing their body during the night, Steven actually gets to start sleeping through the night again. 
So, one of his favourite things is to simply fall asleep with you wrapped in his arms, with no restraints, knowing he’ll be able to wake up to the sight of you next to him. 
That doesn’t mean he’d get rid of the restraints - Oh no, he and Marc just find a different kind of use for them ;)
Well, it’s Marc’s idea to be honest, as he’s much more of a physical person when it comes to showing affection (something Layla’s reaction in the show only confirmed). 
His love language involves stealing kisses when he can, brushing against you, or tethering himself to you somehow whenever you’re nearby. 
You know it makes him feel safe, and it makes you feel safe in return - especially when he’s the one sleeping next to you. He may not be sleep walking any longer but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t toss and turn on bad nights, haunted by nightmares of his past. 
Whilst he may not share a lot about his history with you - not until you’ve been together for quite some time - he does start to slowly open up. 
He trusts you, but it’s still a leap he’s hesitant to take, to share the darker sides of him… whether it’s because he’s scared what you’ll think, or whether it’s because he worries it’ll make you prefer Steven, you can’t be sure. 
Still, you reassure him whenever he does decide to share anything, letting him know you love him just the same… even if you do need the odd breather or two to process things. 
Then again, you’re dating two men who share the same body, and serve as the avatar of an ancient Egyptian God… it takes a lot to shake you. 
Marc also loves turning you into a flustered mess. 
It doesn’t take much - just a look over his shoulder, or a whispered promise in your ear of what he’d like to do to you… 
He’s more confident when it comes to things like that, but he can also have his sweeter moments too. 
Both of them call you by different pet names, which you absolutely love, and do in return.
You also make sure to buy them both gifts, when it comes to holidays, or marking their separate birthdays.
When you get into arguments with one of them, you do your best to remember not to take it out on the other - even if takes some effort
No matter what though, both of them would be protective of you and would do anything for you… God help the idiot that tries to lay a finger on you. It doesn’t matter if it’s some jerk on the tube, or one of Harrow’s goons. Both Marc and Steven will be there to defend you in a heartbeat, whether you need them to or not.
They’re also committed to doing whatever it takes to make it work so that they both get to keep you in their lives as neither one wants to even think of a life without you in it. 
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leydileyla · 7 months ago
burnthoneymint and leydileyla's MCU Kinktober Collab Masterlist
Tumblr media
Day 1 Face Sitting with Bucky Barnes @burnthoneymint
Day 2 Threesome with not one but two Lokis
Day 3 Exhibitionism with Tony Stark @burnthoneymint
Day 4 Knife Play with Loki @leydileyla
Day 5 Lap Dance with Natasha Romanoff @burnthoneymint
Day 6 Deep Throating With Scott Lang
Day 7 Roleplay with Dr. Strange @burnthoneymint
Day 8 Seduction with Steve Rogers
Day 9 Hate/Angry Sex with Thor
Day 10 Gagging with Loki
Day 11 Sleepy Sex with Pietro Maximoff
Day 12 Body Worship with Vision
Day 13 Sensory Deprivation with Steve Rogers @burnthoneymint
Day 14 CNC with Dr. Strange
Day 15 Collaring with Peter Parker
Day 16 Nipple Play with Peter Parker
Day 17 Pet Play with Loki
Day 18 Sex Pollen with Steve Rogers
Day 19 Impact Play with Peter Parker
Day 20 Phone Sex with Tony Stark
Day 21 Dirty Talk with Loki
Day 22 Thigh Riding with Starlord
Day 23 Cock Warming with Tony Stark
Day 24 Vanilla/Slow Soft with T'Challa
Day 25 Breeding with Tony Stark
Day 26 Choking with Tony Stark
Day 27 Corruption with Evil Dr. Strange
Day 28 Almost getting caught with Loki
Day 29 CNC with Tony Stark
Day 30 Praise Kink with Loki
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jjeangrey · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the first shot of natasha in the mcu is her walking towards us and the last is her walking away from us
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randomshyperson · 2 months ago
Wanda Maximoff x Reader - Resigned Position
Tumblr media
Summary: You drink too much and insult your boss in the middle of a bar during a company social gathering. But surprisingly, you wake up in her bed. || Based on funny twitter confessions.
Warnings: (+18), Bottom!Reader, Dom! Wanda, Milf Wanda with unspecified age gap (Reader is around her mid 20's while Wanda is already divorced with two kids), strap-on use, drinking, cursing, arguing, teasing (lots of), detailed smut, oral (reader receiving and giving), overstimulation, orgasm control and denial, face riding, soft dom!Wanda, bratty reader, mentions punishments and dirty talk, brief drunk make out from both parties but without alcoholic smut, angst, mutual pining, enemies to lovers, coworkers || Words: 6.588K
All Works Masterlist || AO3 || Series Masterlist
Whenever a project was successfully finished at the Maximoff Company, the team responsible went out to celebrate.
An all-night party - from bowling to soccer games - that always ended in embarrassing photos, good memories, and the promise that the next time would be even better.
In the autumn of your forth year in the company, you had your first project as coordinator, a risky but high-profit thing. And after endless and exhausting hours of work, meetings and reports, came the reward.
You just wanted to celebrate. And preferably with the people who made it possible.
Surrounded by your co-workers and direct reports as well - Natasha Romanoff and Maria Hill - plus the rest of the team you coordinated, and the additional guests from the company, you had surely consumed more alcohol in the last fifteen minutes than you had all year.
You were laughing foolishly at Natasha's wry comments and Maria's stories, and when the next round of beer arrived, you were certainly talking too much.
"[...] That woman is driving me insane, I'm telling you!" You complained loudly and clearly drunk, while your friends giggled along with the subject having become the perpetually dissatisfied Wanda Maximoff, your boss for two years. "She made me rewrite the final draft three times before delivery week! Three! What kind of controlling, psychopathic person does that kind of thing?"
Maria and Nat shrugged, knowing full well what you suffered from in Wanda's management. She was extremely demanding and perfectionist, especially with whoever was in leadership. And getting the coordination position certainly costed you many lost nights of sleep.
Natasha filled your glass after hers. "The good thing is we made it, Y/N!" She recalled smiling, as inebriated as you were. "It was the worst month of work ever, but we did it. You did it, boss! You survived your first project with that witch!"
You, Maria, and even some of the other colleagues - Bucky, Steve, and Sam - who were at the next table laughed, and raised their glasses for a toast together.
But when the drinks didn't stop, you grew bolder.
"I just think it's fucking funny how she thinks she can boss us around like that!" You exclaimed in a mixture of anger and irony. Everyone was drunk enough to agree in unison. "Nothing is ever good for Miss Perfection! Remember when I missed my niece's recital to work on my promotion? She never forgave me for that! God, I didn't even show up to my dad's wedding to stay in the office!"
"To be fair, he was getting married for the fourth time..." Maria murmured softly, making Nat laugh, but you kept confessing to the whole bar, your voice high and alcoholic.
"She didn't even thank me for doing everything I could to make this project work!" You commented with a long sip of something that was certainly not beer. "Ungrateful, petty, little bitch-"
"Careful, Miss L/N, or I might end up thinking we have some kind of conflict." A female voice you knew well interrupted your speech and you froze in your spot, the shocked expressions of all your colleagues were to someone behind you.
Whoever the hell thought to invite Wanda to participate sure didn't plan your little outburst in the middle of the bar, but that didn't matter much. Because you were drunk enough to finish your cocktail and turn to her with a cold expression.
"What the fucking difference is it going to make if we have?" You challenged making all your colleagues hold their breath as they watched the interaction.
The emerald eyes in front of you flashed in a way that made your heart soar in your chest, and the manner in which Wanda locked her jaw sent a wave of heat straight to your lower abdomen.
"You're lucky we're off the work premises." She commented without losing her elegant, imposing posture. She was still wearing her coat, which indicated that she had just arrived at the bar, only for the worst moment of the speech. "In the company, that kind of language would not be allowed."
"But fucking with the mental state of your employees is within the rules?" You retorted, narrowing your eyes at her, and could swear that even if only for a second, you saw guilt flash through her eyes.
"In what sense have I fucked you Miss L/N?" She teased with a wry laugh, and you almost choked on the double meaning - which only your drunk brain picked up - in her words. "Last time I checked you had a promotion and a very generous bonus."
"Don't forget panic attacks and insomnia from stress." You sneered and Wanda licked her lips, the action attracting your immediate attention.
"We have a department for psychological support, plus a quality medical insurance policy." She reasoned coldly, her eyes scanning you. "But if you're not ready for the pressure in a leadership position, perhaps this conversation should take place on Monday..."
You gave a wry laugh, the words that were about to come out of your mouth would surely make Monday's conversation not with Wanda, but with the human resources people. Fortunately, Natasha stood up and interfered, giving a witless laugh as she said you had had too much to drink and quickly dragged you outside before you could add anything further.
"Screw her, that bitch! Fuck, I hate her so fucking much!" You exclaimed angrily at the safety outside, hugging your body over the cold breeze as Nat looked inside - at everyone's embarrassed expressions after that scene - and then back at you.
"Hey, I know you do, but you need to calm down." Warned the redhead in a suddenly sober and serious tone. "You need to remember that you have bills to pay, and that you've put in a lot of effort to get your work recognized, you can't throw it all away over a few beers. I'll get you some water, try not to get another fight."
You laughed humorlessly, leaning your back on the wall of the bar as Nat went back inside. Trying to regain some sobriety, you propped your hands on your knees and lowered your head, taking a deep breath.
When, a few minutes later, a bottle of water was placed in front of you, you were almost falling asleep.
"Thanks Nat, I think I'll be going-" Your expression shuttered as you raised your head and met Wanda's eyes, the red scarf she wasn't wearing before now firmly around her neck. You chuckled dryly, pushing the item away. "Your last act is to poison me, now?"
Your taunt made her roll her eyes. "Sure, I've been planning your murder all this time. It started when I hired you, and then promoted you. Now I've asked your best friend to let me bring you water, only to poison you in front of three hundred witnesses." She mocked, and it was her turn to roll her eyes.
"Sounds like you've given it a lot of thought."
Wanda chuckled shortly, shaking her head, "You're impossible." And she tried to hand you the bottle again, and because your head was spinning, you begrudgingly accepted it.
She just stood there next to you, watching you drink like a good boss helping her employee, and it made your blood boil. After a long sip, you looked at her with irritation, "If you are waiting for me to apologize, you sit tight."
"Oh, no, you're not the type to apologize out of the mere willingness to do so." She retorts, and is not looking at your eyes, but at the drop of water that has run down your jaw. "You're the type who needs to have your apology ripped out of you." She stated low, the intense gaze meeting yours made your whole body shudder.
"What? Aren't you so full of yourself now?" Wanda teased moving closer, until her face was close enough for you to feel her warm breath in contrast to the frost of the night. "Don't you have anything naughty to tell me?"
Your head was a mess, and Wanda's scent so close certainly wasn't helping. But swallowing dryly, and trying to muster some dignity you retorted:
"I just might have a list." Your husky tone made her grin, the tension between you two was palpable, and you think you could touch it if you raised your hand. What you did was infinitely more humiliating.
Wanda licked her lips again, but by their proximity, they brushed against yours and a low moan made its way up your throat, darkening the pupils of the woman in front of you completely. She gave a breathless chuckle, clearly realizing the effect she had on you, and instead of a snide remark, she asked a question that would change everything between the two of you:
"How about you go back to my apartment and show me exactly how unappreciated you feel, Miss L/N?"
You were waving almost immediately, and tried to restrain yourself - really tried - but by the time Wanda was asking for a cab, you were considering just throwing everything up to let her have you in the back seat of the car.
You could hardly breathe along the way. She didn't kiss you, merely interlaced your hands with hers on the top of your thigh, her fingers caressing yours softly as she kept her gaze on the road.
She texted Natasha from your side, loose words about getting you home safely, but you were having a hard time reading anything when you had her so close, her floral scent sending a wave of warmth throughout your body every time you breathed in.
Despite the tension, you managed to keep your composure as you two exited the vehicle and made your way to the elevator. And you were doing a good job, pretending that the numerical display of floors signaling that the elevator was coming down was much more interesting than the woman next to you.
Wanda, however, seemed to have enough.
When the doors opened, she waited for you to enter first, and in a second, she was all over you, your back pressed against the glass, The doors closed as her lips met yours.
You melted. Wanda was overwhelming. She kissed you hungrily, sliding her tongue against yours without waiting for permission, and only now did you taste vodka on her. Asking about how long she really had been at the bar would have to be left for another time, because now, as she was pressuring you with her whole body, her breasts pressed against yours and her hands running up your blouse, you couldn't think of anything but her.
How you two managed to stumble out of the elevator, between hot kisses and wandering hands was a mystery to you. Your head was spinning, and all you could feel was Wanda.
Sounds slipped the more your body warmed up, and you became lost in the sensations.
And then everything turned into a blur.
The first rays of sunlight made you grumble against the mattress. And the strong migraine that appeared when you tried to open your eyes the first time drew a loud sigh from you.
Groping your way across the mattress, you frowned in confusion when you noticed that your bed was much bigger than expected. And opening your eyes, you ignored the migraine with a surprised exclamation when you realized that this was not your room.
Okay, don't panic. You tried to calm yourself mentally, but when you realized that you had no idea where you were, or how you arrived in a room so luxurious that it looked like something out of a television series, you started to get really nervous.
The bed was empty, which could be a good sign. Maybe you could get out without being seen.
To your surprise, whoever it was who brought you home was kind enough to leave an aspirin on the headboard with a glass of water - well appreciated items - but you didn't want to raise your expectations, especially since the oversized shirt you were wearing wasn't yours.
Your last memory was the first round of beers at the bar with the girls. And to complain about so many other employees in suits who were not invited by any of you.
Round of beers. Fancy apartment. Maybe you were lucky with an executive?
A female voice in the distance attracted your attention, and you followed the sound until you were facing a half-open rolling door that seemed to lead into an office. Your breath hitched as you recognized the woman inside.
Flashbacks of memories from last night hit you immediately - darkened emerald eyes, breathless whispers, a warm hand inside your blouse - but nothing was clear enough.
With your heart hammering in your chest, and with the certainty that you had just ruined your career in a single night, you opened the door.
Wanda was on the phone, sounding irritated, so early giving orders, but upon noticing your presence, her posture relaxed.
You hugged your own body, waiting for her to finish as you looked around for some support, feeling like you might throw up at any moment.
As you approached the table, you caught a glimpse of the photograph of her children and couldn't hold back a groan that escaped your lips.
Leaning back on the wood, you sank your face into your own hands, trying to lessen the impact of what you had done.
You almost jumped in fright when Wanda touched your forearms, since you hadn't even heard her get off the phone.
She stroked your skin gently, until you looked up at her, and to your surprise you only met a concerned look.
"Are you feeling better, dekta?"
"What...?" You tried to start off completely shocked. "Dekta? Wanda how are you so calm? We've just... Oh my god, I'm so fired! How am I going to pay my rent, Yelena's going to kill me, I'm going to leave her and Fanny on the street and I'm going to have to get another job and there's no company in New York with the same benefits and-"
Wanda interrupted your anxious babbling with a tender "shush, sweetheart, breathe." She asked, her hands on your wrists as her fingers circled your skin. "You're not fired I promise."
You let out a humorless chuckle. "I'm pretty sure sleeping with your boss violates at least dozens of policies."
Wanda laughed softly, and it was the first time you saw her blushing. The sight made your stomach turn with nervousness. She smiled at you, her eyes falling to your lips for a moment.
"Too bad nothing happened then." She commented, making you frown in confusion.
"What, but I thought..."
Wanda denied with her head, the smile not leaving her lips as she released your hands to play with the buttons on your shirt.
"I made you an offer, but you were in no state to accept." She comments almost guiltily. Swallowing dryly, she adds, "We played a little, nothing but your delightful kisses, my darling, and then you didn't feel well, and I put you to sleep."
"That's... Oh my god I threw up on you didn't I?" You grumbled in shame, trying to hide your face in your hands again, but Wanda only laughed, holding your hands in your lap.
"Just before I helped you shower and you sang the opening of Backyardigans. It was a night full of surprises, yes." She retorted drawing another grumble from him, though she only continued with an easy laugh on her lips.
"God, I'll never be able to look at you again."
You declared with burning cheeks, and that made Wanda squeeze your hands gently.
"I hope that's not true." She returned more seriously this time. "In fact, I hope that looking isn't the only thing you're going to do."
"Oh." You choked in surprise, and all Wanda did was smile, her hands shifting so that your fingers were completely entwined, sending a shiver through your body.
"'Oh' indeed," she replied softly, bringing her face closer until there were only a few inches between your lips. "How about we continue where we left off?"
"Singing Backyardigans?" You joked breathlessly, eliciting a hoarse chuckle from her.
"A little earlier..." She retorted, turning her face slightly to kiss your cheek, and jaw, and down to your neck.
"The shower?" You tried with a sigh, barely able to keep your eyes open when her lips found a sensitive spot on your collarbone.
"Hmm, better, but still not exactly right. Just a bit sooner..." She guided, and her lips bit your skin lightly, getting a low moan.
"I'm out of suggestions." You confess with your breathing shallow, because you really can't remember much from the night before, especially with Wanda kissing your neck like that.
She smiles against your skin, and you bite back a dissatisfied grumble when she stops her caresses to put a little distance between your bodies, and looks at you.
"The part you apologized."
"The part...what?" you question confused, feeling the irritation return. Wanda bites back a smile.
"The way you behaved, yes?" She clarified in a teasing tone, her hands starring yours loosened to land on your thighs. "All that swearing.... What a naughty girl."
This time, Wanda muffled the moan that escaped your throat with her own mouth, making you choke slightly. But before you could properly respond, she pulled away, biting and tugging on your lower lip as she broke the kiss.
Your body was on fire, but you weren't going to give in so easily.
"Say you're sorry." She ordered against your lips, her eyes so dark you could barely make out the green in them.
"You want me to lie, then?" You challenged, running your hands up her arms to her shoulders. Wanda let out an affected chuckle against your cheek, her nails scratching your thighs teasingly.
"If you're going to be a brat about it, I'm going to treat you like one." She warned, and her words sent a sharp twinge to your belly, making you instinctively clench your thighs together, a movement that did not go unnoticed by the woman in front of you. Wanda chuckled again, her hands working to pull your shirt up a little. "But I think that's exactly what you want."
Despite trembling over her touch, you lifted your chin in defiance, "I won't apologize for speaking the truth." You retorted with a confidence that didn't do justice to the way you felt your body heat up at Wanda's touch, her fingers scratching their way up your belly, the very woman in front of you just raised a eyebrow.
"The truth, you say?" she retorted, the palms finding your breasts and wrapping them tightly made you choke, your hips thrusting up up against the emptiness as Wanda bit back a smile. "And what are your complaints, my darling?"
Resisting the urge to roll your eyes behind your head at Wanda's fingers squeezing and stimulating your breasts, you swallowed dryly, and replied breathlessly, "You are bossy, overly demanding..." In one swift motion, Wanda removed your shirt and tossed it away, her gaze focused on your chest for only a second before she dove her face against your breasts, kissing the tip and sucking hard, eliciting a loud sigh as you lost all line of thought.
With your silence, she looked up, her fingers playing with the tip of your nipples as she traced her way back to your neck. At the height of your ear, she played with the lobe before whispering:
"You're right about me being bossy..." A soft bite on your skin that made you close your eyes and tighten your legs around her. "And about being demanding, oh honey, you have no idea..."
A soft moan escaped as she firmed her thigh against your center, her hands squeezing your breasts and her lips returning to yours. But she kissed no more than lightly, a lingering smile as she said, "But I know you can handle it."
This time, when you tried to squeeze your thighs together, you found Wanda's firm against you, and you choked on a whimper as she smiled, her hands leaving your breasts to firm up at your waist, her fingers drawing patterns on your hip bone as she began to guide your movements against her.
The friction made you whimper - it wasn't nearly enough - but it was getting you soaked, grinding against her thigh and trying to ease the ache in your core. Wanda let out a satisfied grunt, able to feel the wetness against her skin, but suddenly she steadied your waist and stopped your movements.
The groan of frustration was muffled by the intense kiss she gave you, as her fingers descended, and with them your panties as well.
Wanda's body followed her hands, breaking the kiss and lowering her lips as she bent down to remove the item from you. When the fabric went loose on your legs, she let it slip to the floor as her mouth moved down your belly to where you were pulsing.
"Wanda..." You gasped as you felt her kiss your inner thighs, that damn smug smile never leaving her lips. Her hands firmed on you again, but she didn't kiss you where you wanted her to. She just looked up, and waited for you to be bothered enough by the lack of friction to do the same. "What?" you questioned in a mixture of impatience and horniness, wishing she would just touch you at once.
"I wanna hear you beg." She declared, and you let out a breathless laugh, raising an eyebrow at her confidently, though your whole body was at her mercy.
"Beg? You're the one practically on your knees to me."
A dark twinkle flashed through her eyes, but she chuckled briefly, "Oh baby, you are so lucky I have been waiting for this for so long." She declared surprising you, but you put off thinking about it, because her hand came down to spread your legs apart from each other, leaving you wide open for her. One of them moved up to your center, and she pressed her fingers against your clit hard making you choke on a moan. "But you will be punished when I get a taste of this pussy, keep that in mind." She warned before diving her mouth against you, and this time, you couldn't control the sounds.
Wanda moaned in satisfaction as she tasted you, completely soaked against her lips, while her tongue licked provacatively, exploring your folds slowly for a moment, until she sank as deep as she could, making you throw your head back and arch your back, your hips thrusting against her face.
Every time your movements matched her mouth, she changed the speed, smiling against you as you heard her moan of mixed frustration and arousal. Always so close, and then, start all over again.
Your legs were trembling, and you became a whimpering mess, in a last desperate act, you brought one of your hands to her hair, trying to force her against your pussy, and Wanda grunted, her nails digging hard into your thighs, "P-please, I need to cum... just-"
She increased the speed, cutting you halfway through your sentence, a loud moan ripping through your throat. That was it, finally. You were getting there, clenching against her tongue, so close....
Wanda pulled away at once, you almost screamed in frustration, but she stood up, one hand steadying itself on your neck and the other behind your back. "You don't cum until I say you can." She warned against your lips before kissing you hard, your own taste on her lips made you moan into the kiss, and Wanda smiled contentedly as she broke the momentum later, the hand on your neck squeezing gently every time you tried to rub against her thigh. "How bad do you want it?"
"So bad, p-please..."
"You look so sexy when you beg." She teased, her hand squeezing your neck and you thought maybe now she would relieve your suffering, but she pulled away completely.
Confused but entirely out of orbit, you watched her go around the table to one of the cabinets and open the last drawer. And then choked as she brought a strap in her hands the way back to you.
"Do you like what you see, dear?" She asked watching you bite your lips, but when you tried to squeeze your thighs together being able to imagine the feel of it inside you, Wanda patted your knees twice in warning.
"Don't spoil it now that you're so close to being rewarded." She warned sweetly as she worked to get completely unclothed in front of you, the sight making you drool.
"Can I...can I touch you?" you ventured, feeling your hands itching to grab her hips, her breasts, any part of the stunning woman in front of you.
Wanda let out an impressed giggle, "Just a little edging and you've already learned to ask permission?" She taunted, her clothes completely off now, and her hands busy securing the strap around her waist. "You always were a quick learner, weren't you?"
You only nodded, biting your lips as you waited for her to allow you to touch her. But Wanda just sighed as she put the strap on, and it was only there that you realized it was double and you widened your eyes slightly.
She moved closer to you before you could say anything, her hands firmly on your waist and neck as she kissed you, drawing a loud sigh from your lips. The tip of the toy rubbing against your thigh was driving you insane, and when your hand risked groping the object to guide it into you, Wanda surely felt it, and broke the kiss with a tug on your lower lip that made you groan.
"But you still disobeys, tsk, what a shame." She murmured against your lips, and her hands moved down, pulling your hand away from the toy, and opening your legs for her. "You have so much to learn, baby."
Guiding the tip, Wanda took her eyes off you to watch the toy sink inside your pussy without difficulty, moaning along with you as she watched you be filled completely.
"Too big... Wanda..." You gasped with your eyes closed hard, your hands clenching the table.
"You think so? Doesn't look like it, from the way your pussy is sucking me inside." She teased, feeling the slight resistance as she moved out, a hearty moan escaping your lips.
"Oh, fuck me." You whimpered, and Wanda giggled, one hand steadying on your back, the other guiding the toy inside again.
"I will."
You weren't surprised that she wasn't gentle. The promise about being punished actually came true as Wanda began to thrust hard into you, the table making a rattling noise as her movements in and out of you became more uncoordinated.
Your sounds were muffled by her mouth pressed against yours as she fucked you with the strap-on, one hand returned to your neck, the pressure only made you more aroused.
It didn't take long before you began to spasm, your high quickly approaching, and this time, Wanda let you reach it. You came with a loud throaty moan, arching your back on the table and with your legs braced tightly against her waist. Your arousal was dripping down your thighs, but Wanda didn't stop.
"Too much... Please..." You tried, but her incessant movements were soon tearing another orgasm out of you, even more intense than the one before, your whole body was vibrating in ecstasy, and you were squirming against her, unable to keep your eyes open or control your sounds.
Wanda grabbed your thighs, and increased the speed, going as deep as she could, and your whole body shuddered, your swollen and overstimulated clit made you whimper, but she kept going.
Laying your back on the table, she pushed inside you hard and fast, no longer removing the toy completely now, and the new angle seemed just right for her to reach her own high. Gasping and moaning softly, she slammed into you a few times until she came, throwing her head back and then falling onto you, her face on your collarbone as you both tried to normalize your breathing.
"That was..." She began in a husky voice, lifting her face to study your expression.
You gave an affected laugh, "Fuckin' incredible." Your response made her smile as well, her lips meeting yours in a lazy kiss. The toy was still firmly inside you, but after three orgasms in a row and so intense, it was more painful than pleasurable, and you needed a moment. Wanda was considerable enough to slide out.
"Just two minutes, and you can keep fucking my brain out." You joked making her chuckle breathlessly. She kissed you one last time before entwining your body with hers and lifting you sitting up again, only to wrap your legs tightly around her and pick you up on her lap, heading for the bedroom.
She knelt on the bed, laying you down on the mattress and getting on top of you, biting her lips as she looked at you, and making you blush over her hungry gaze.
"Two minutes you say?" she commented and you nodded with a sigh, watching her pull away only to remove the strap from her waist - the dildo soaked from your arousals made you blush - and throw it on the floor.
"I can make you feel good while I get ready." You suggested in a sigh, and Wanda raised an eyebrow, but smiled as she lay on top of you again.
"Yeah? I can think of a few things..." She commented as you exchanged breathless kisses, which were warming your body quickly.
When her lips descended down your neck, and her fingers danced dangerously over your nipples, you gasped:
"You can sit on my face while you wait."
Wanda grunted against your skin, her thigh instinctively fitting between your legs made you shudder on the mattress. She raised her face to you, almost with an apologetic expression, but met your gloomy gaze and smiled.
With a nod of confirmation, Wanda kissed you one last time before moving with no hurry until she was sitting at your face height.
You sighed at being able to smell her, but let out a loud, satisfied moan when a sharp twinge of heat was sent to your lower abdomen just as Wanda lowered herself against you.
One hand was firmly on the headboard of the bed, and the other stroking your hair as she maintained eye contact, smiling sweetly even though she was riding your face.
Your body was in ecstasy. Wanda was a heavenly sight, her taste was the best you had ever had. She began to move slowly, enjoying the sensation of your tongue inside her, your face buried in her pussy.
When you grabbed her thighs, pulling her down, she choked, spasming against you as she drenched your tongue with her arousal. Her movements got faster, and the grip on your hair tightened, the gentle tugging along with the sounds you got from her were enough to get you soaked again, ready to start over.
"R-right there, baby...don't stop." She guided with her eyes closed, panting affectedly as she grinded against your face. Her orgarms was approaching, you could feel her soaked walls clenching on your tongue, the sensation tearing out a moan of your own as you increased the speed.
Wanda let her head fall back against the headboard, moaning loudly with her mouth open as she rode you, until she finally came, dripping into your mouth, her thighs clamping so tightly on the sides of your head that they muffled the sounds for a moment.
You just kept looking at her, your hands caressing her skin until she normalized her breathing and stared back at you, a look of complete adoration and blizz.
The tightness in your hair softened, but Wanda didn't move, enjoying the gentle licks against her swollen clit as she pulled your hair out of your face, murmuring in satisfaction.
"What a talented mouth you have, darling." She commented softly, almost rolling her eyes in pleasure as she felt you press a little harder on her clit for a second. "Who knew swearing at your boss in a crowded bar wouldn't be it's only talent." She teased with a smile, and you grumbled almost annoyed, the vibration making her sigh. "What? You ready to apologize for yesterday?"
You just licked her slowly, and Wanda bit her lips, firming her grip on your hair again and drawing a soft sigh from you. "I asked you a question."
Raising an eyebrow, you stared at her without answering, and Wanda sighed as she moved away from your face, her legs trembling as she sat next to you on the bed.
You wasted no time to rise properly, leaning in to kiss her, but this time, she pushed your shoulder back onto the bed.
"I'll get you some water."
Still aroused, but now confused, you frowned at the coldness, watching her leave the room.
When she returned, she barely looked at you after handing over the glass, searching the room for pajamas.
"Wanda..." You began but she sighed as you interrupted:
"Maybe you should leave." She stated, and her gaze was uncertain and annoyed. You swallowed dryly, and left the now empty glass on the headboard, suddenly feeling very exposed without your clothes. Covering your breasts with your arms and crossing your legs, you retorted:
"What's wrong?"
She let out a humorless laugh, pushing her hair back with one hand as she licked her lips and looked at you. "This, Y/N." She replied. "This's wrong for so many reasons and-"
"It doesn't feel wrong." You interrupted, feeling a lump rise in your throat. But you weren't going to cry. No chance. "W-we're both adults, and it was amazing-"
"You called me a bitch in front of two hundred people." She cut between her teeth, and you gave a dry laugh.
"Oh, so it' s about that." You returned. "Well, if you hadn't been a bitch the last few weeks I wouldn't have said anything-"
"But you can't say it!" She cut off incredulous and angry. And took a deep breath to control her tone. "I am your boss. You can get angry, and disagree with some of my methods, but you can't just disrespect me in front of half the office!"
"I didn't know you were going to be there!"
"I went after you!" She retorted and you frowned in confusion. But Wanda sighed loudly.
"You understand that I will have to take an action about this, right?"
Biting the inside of your cheek, you felt your eyes fill with tears, and you lifted your face. "You're going to fire me."
Wanda sighed, denying with her head. "I know you have another offer. It's a good time to leave with your head held high and-
"Wait what?" you cut confused. "What are you talking about?"
Wanda returned a sad chuckle, "You don't have to pretend, alright? I know Stephen has a job for you. The leaders talk with each other."
"I just thought I could keep you." Wanda continues with emotion in her voice. "We've worked together for so long. And I know, sometimes I push too hard. But you, you're so talented. And it's so hard for us. I know you had more skills and talent than any of your male colleagues, and when I took over the team you were the only one who stayed on as a junior and I wanted you to get so good that no one would ever have any way to diminish you ever again and-"
Wanda was babbling. Wanda Maximoff. It was a sight your brain couldn't process properly.
"Please stop talking." You asked impacted and only now realized that she also had tear-filled eyes.
"I'm sorry for pushing you." She stated then, and looked so small all of a sudden that you could barely breathe. "I know how it feels to not be valued for your work. How hard it is to keep yourself in a big company. And I won't hold any grudges if you accept the position Strange has offered you."
With a sigh, you stood up, walking in circles around the room, trying to think clearly.
"That's why you went to the bar, isn't it?" You then questioned in a mixture of incredulity and seriousness. "Stephen invited me to work with him yesterday afternoon, as soon as we got the results. You wanted to persuade me to say no."
"I was going to ask you to stay." Wanda clarified crossing her arms. "I like...I like working with you."
You laughed dryly, putting a hand to your own face. "And of course you only tell me that when I'm offered something better."
"It's not like that!" She defends herself. "I don't... That's not fair! It wasn't just bad times! The last month was hard, I pushed you to the limit, but you like working with me, I know you do..."
You laughed, pressing your face against your hands for a moment. Wanda didn't lose her poise as she added, "I know I'm right."
"Oh, but of course you would think so, wouldn't you?" You retort seriously. "You always have to be right, don’t you, Wanda Maximoff."
She locked her jaw, but swallowed dryly. "I don't wanna fight you anymore." She confessed. "We can end this amicably and-"
"But what is this exactly, Wanda?" You interrupted seriously, gesturing between you. "A business relationship? Friendship? Because I certainly don't fuck my colleagues or friends!"
She sighed, looking away a moment. "It was just that one time, we shouldn't have done it. You're leaving and I just needed to..."
"Use me one last time?" You concluded with a tearful laugh. Wanda looked at you with a frown.
"No, Y/N! Of course not!"
But you were already moving to dress in anything you could find - you didn't find your clothes imagining they were in the laundry room - and you ended up with clothes of Wanda's that smelled like her and increased your urge to cry. But you didn't.
She followed you around the apartment, and when you finished your shoes, she stood in front of the door.
"Come on, get out of the way. I'm leaving, just like you wanted.”
You say with your arms crossed, and she hesitates, looking ready to say something when the kitchen phone rings.
"I need to..."
"Don't mind me." You retort wryly, and she hesitates one last time before reaching out to pick up the handset.
From the change in expression, and posture, it's about work. You sigh, walking toward the door while ignoring Wanda's gaze urging you to wait as she mutters business words that make no sense to you now.
To reach the exit, you need to go through her. You do so, moving closer to her body while she is still on the phone, staring at you with watery eyes.
"It didn't feel wrong to me." You whisper in her ear, feeling her tense up. She rubs her fingertips against yours, staring at your lips, but doesn't say it back. And that is what you accept as an answer, turning away from her and leaving the apartment.
A/N: Again I am writing smut to no one's surprise, and this time, I was looking at Twitter and read this really funny post that said "I drank too much at the company party, and cursed my boss in front of a crowded bar. But then I woke up in her bed.". With this I got the inspiration to write about Boss!Wanda. The ending is open, and a little angst, but that's only because I'd like to continue. Apparently, I can't write smut without inserting some kind of plot behind it. Let me know what you think.
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sorceress-marie · 4 months ago
by sorceress-marie
Tumblr media
stephen strange x f!reader
summary :: (Y/n) can't sleep when horny, and after Stephen won't help her, she helps herself. He's taken aback, and in the end he gives her what she wanted all along.
genre :: smut
warnings :: masturbation(f), very light bondage, 18+ content
author's note :: missed me? anyway this is a late christmas present dedicated to all stephen strange stans because I'm sure we're all thirsty for more content after nwh. unfortunately finals are really stressing me out rn so I probably won't be able to write anything (and post) for a bit, but I'll make sure to log in once in a while to interact with all of you. but, for now, enjoy !
rated content under the cut
"Babe, wake up, I'm horny" was something (y/n) never thought would come out of her mouth. Never. But here she was, twisting and turning, unable to silence her frustration. Meanwhile, Stephen was sleeping next to her, unbothered by her inability to sleep. 
It was unlike her to even talk about it, hence why Stephen always was the one to initiate it. He could almost sense whenever she was in the mood, so it wouldn't take long for him to tease her and eventually end up under the covers or wherever they were at the moment: they both really didn't care, as long as they weren't gonna be disturbed. Only this time, he had already fallen asleep after a long day at Kamar-Taj, practicing Eldritch magic and kicking his students' ass.
(Y/n) on the other hand had spent her day studying, meaning she was equally exhausted. Quarantine hadn't treated her right, since she has been working hard to keep up with her studies, resulting in not spending too much time with Stephen. They would occasionally check up on each other during the day, but the most time they spent together was at night, where they cuddled and talked about their day together and eventually ended up drifting off in each other's arms. 
She had to blame her neediness to a spicy dream, which led to her being unable to sleep once she woke up from it. The images kept replaying on her mind, while the pleasure lingered on her stomach and core. She could almost feel Stephen's digits still inside of her, his hand around her throat, while she begged him for her release. These thoughts were definitely too strong to ignore. 
Turning to face Stephen, she tugged his sleeve to try and wake him up and get his attention. Seeing that he wouldn't budge, she gently reached to stroke his defined cheekbone, while scooting closer to him. 
"Babe, wake up, I'm horny."
Stephen, unbothered to even open his eyes, draped his arm lazily around her body, pulling her waist gently towards him. 
"Can't this wait 'till morning?"
His deep sleepy voice definitely didn't help her, as a shiver went down her spine. 
"It really can't." she spoke softly. Stephen could sense the desperation laced in her voice, and he would have otherwise complied, as it was rare for (y/n) to be like this. But this time, his tiredness wouldn't let him. 
"Please?" she whined again, moving her hand to his chest. 
"It's too late for this sweetheart. If you're that desperate, do it yourself" he answered, his hand leaving her waist as he twisted to lay on his back to make himself more comfortable. 
Even though they were together for more than a year, (y/n) was still kinda shy to do something like that, while he slept next to her. This time though, even though she did feel uncomfortable, her urge was too strong and she finally gave in, ignoring her shyness. 
"You know what, maybe I will." she whispered loud enough for him to hear, turning to lay on her back while her hand dove into the covers. 
The sorcerer was taken aback by her boldness, but didn't believe she would do something like that, precisely because he knew how shy she still was in that matter. 
Her hand reached her core and she didn't hesitate to dip her finger into her wet folds. A quiet moan escaped her lips, reacting to the cold temperature of her digits. She then moved upwards to meet her sweet spot and soft whimpers fell from her mouth as she began slowly rubbing her bundle of nerves. She slowly but confidently kept pleasuring herself, as silent moans filled the room, almost teasing the wizard that was laying next to her, now awake and pleasantly shocked at his girlfriend's determination. He couldn't help but get turned on by the sweet sounds, finally giving in. 
(Y/n) was too concentrated on chasing her release, making her pace quicker, and didn't realize that Stephen was now awake, watching her movements and waiting for the right moment. Seconds before her sweet release, Stephen reached at her wrist, removing it from inside her underwear and bringing it together with her left wrist, binding them together with a glowing ribbon. She whined in frustration from the loss of contact, as the feeling left her core. 
"Fuck I was so close" she cried desperately, her eyelids fluttering open to face the sorcerer, as he was now on top of her, while still holding her wrists together. 
"You are really adamant when you want something..." he hummed, a smirk appearing on his lips. Seeing her state, he pushed his thigh teasingly between her legs. 
"Weren't you too tired for this?" she asked, bracing herself for what's about to follow. 
"Keep talking and I won't let you cum anytime soon." he ordered, placing her tied wrists above her head. 
He moved his hands lower and he laced his hands around her soaked underwear, taking it off completely. He then reached down at her heat, moved his thigh to open her legs wider as his digits found the entrance and pushed deeper, coating his fingers in her wetness. She let out a loud moan as a response, that made him dive inside of her again, this time curling his fingers to reach her g-spot. He repeated his movements a few more times until he finally removed them slowly and he teasingly reached higher, touching her everywhere except her aching button. 
She whined and twisted in frustration as he kept teasing her for a little longer, until he finally moved his hands where she wanted them, slowly placing feathery touches before he began to move at a more comfortable pace. 
"Let me hear you, kitten."
His fingers didn't leave her heat as he explored her senses and when he found her sensitive spot, she moaned even louder than before. He kept going, steadily increasing his speed but keeping his motions steady, while (y/n) gasped and whined at his touch. She soon found herself grasping at the headboard, her wrists still tied together, feeling herself getting closer to her climax. 
"I-I'm close" she managed to say between her moans. 
"Not until I say so. "
Without taking his fingers away or stopping his motions, he brought his left hand to her entrance and his digits dove inside her, moving in and out. She arched her back, holding her orgasm as best as she could, until it was too much to handle. 
"P-Please, this is t-too much" she whined, begging for her release. 
"Cum on my fingers, princess" he finally ordered, as he drove her over the edge and the pleasure overtook her. He kept repeating his movements as her body shivered, shaking off her orgasm, and didn't stop until she closed her legs tightly, the overstimulation being too much for her. 
Stephen brought his hands up, hugging her curves, until he reached her hands, the golden ribbon that tied her wrist together vanishing in an instant. (Y/n) brought her hands around his neck and he cupped her face in response, going in to kiss her lips passionately. Moments later both of them pulled away, panting. 
"Better now?" he asked, softening his gaze. 
(Y/n) hummed in response, a smile appearing on her lips. 
"I'll pay you back in the morning" she spoke softly, scooting closer to him as he wrapped his arms around her. She momentarily replayed what had happened moments ago and smiled wider as she realized this was much better than her dream. 
Drifting off, she couldn't help but be excited for round two that was waiting for her in the morning.
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