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#marvel incorrect quotes
incorrectquotesmcu · a day ago
Laura: Clint… Clint!
Clint: … hm?
Laura: There’s a boy in Lila’s room.
Clint: Huh?
Laura: There’s a boy in Lila’s room!
Clint, aggressively getting out of bed, holding a baseball bat: It’s go time.
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theaudacitytowrite · 2 days ago
Tony: So how long have you two been together?
Y/N: Oh, we're not dating.
Tony: Really? I mean you two hang out all the time, I was just thinking that-
Loki: Yeah, but we are just best friends.
Tony: And you're not talking to anyone else?
Y/N: Yeah, but it's not like we're together tho.
Tony: But when he just left he said "Bye, love you." and you said "I love you too."
Y/N: We're just friends.
Tony: Then you guys kissed? Like right on the lips.
Nat from the couch: It was passionate, I won't lie...
Loki: Ok, I can see how that one is a little confusing.
Tony: A little, yeah...
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biglip · 2 days ago
Natasha: Y/n had everything to be an intimidating person.
Wanda: How so?
Natasha: Look at her, she's got good muscles, she's full of tattoos and she looks mean.
Y/n: [starts singing and dancing Barbie Girl by Aqua]
Wanda: There's your answer.
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yoonsqt · 13 hours ago
Y/N: Are we fighting or flirting?
Druig: I'm pinning you against a wall with my hand around your neck-
Y/N: Your point?
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Coulson, after sacrificing himself:
May: Please don’t be dead
May: Please don’t be dead
May: Please please please don’t be dead
Coulson: I’m not dead
May: I’m going to fucking kill you
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lowkeyerror · a day ago
Y/n: Why would you give someone a bird and tree for a present?
Natasha: For the last time I have no idea, I didn't write the song
Y/n: And why all the animals? What's the implication? Are we supposed to eat the animals?
Natasha: Y/n-
Y/n: And 5 golden rings is a lot, like what's the percentage of gold are we talking 1 karat or solid gold like-
Natasha: ENOUGH
Y/n: ...
Natasha: ...
Y/n: ... what are the maids milking?
Natasha: * walks away*
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Sebastian Stan: you brought a taco?
Anthony Mackie: yes
Sebastian Stan: from the truck that hit Holland?
Anthony Mackie: well, me starving isn't going to help him.
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fancyphoenix · 2 days ago
Makkari*signing*: If one of you had to pick one of the other guys to go out with who would you pick.
Gilgamesh*rolling his eyes while sigining*:I'm not answering that.
Phastos*signing*:I'm not dating any of this morons.
Kingo*signing and whispering*: Ikaris...
Druig*signing while sinning*: BI! BI! BI!
Ikaris: I feel flattered Kingo :)
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incorrectquotesmcu · a day ago
Thor: If I die, my funeral is going to be the biggest party, and you’re all invited.
Valkyrie: “If”.
Loki: Great, the only party I’ve ever been invited to and he might not even die.
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spideyjlaw · 3 months ago
yondu to the guy he sent to abducted a kid but got t’challa instead: you grabbed the wrong kid do you think these kids look alike????
*shows pic of the other kid*
the guy: yes
*the 2 kids in question*
Tumblr media
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underoooos · 3 months ago
Bruce: On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain?
Peter, staring into space with glazed over eyes: Pi
Peter: Low scale but never ending
Tony : Pete do we need to have a talk
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