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Hi! I got my first few followers!!! I’m genuinely sooo happy because of that! I started this a couple of weeks ago and only just finished it. I’ve been back at school now, so probably won’t post very regularly… Anyway, I know that this is rubbish as the colours have been messed up but I like the actual drawing itself. I should have just kept it as a line drawing. Oh well, I hope you like it anyway


Don’t mind my joggers😂.

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“Something unexpected happened. A star meteorite landed near the pumpkin patch we visited today, Mr. Stark took care of the situation but when I touched it, it seemed to have a strange reaction…”

IronMan (Tony Stark) © Marvel Comics & Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck & Jack Kirby

Joo Po © as myself

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It has been a few weeks since the battle with Thanos, a few weeks from Tony saving the world with a cost of his …arm.

“Tony have you seen….HA!” Pepper starts saying entering the little lab Tony had in is cabin house only to be scared but a weird metal skeleton hand in front of her. “What do you think?” Tony ask her with a smirking but deep down he was sad, angry and hoping this hand would help him be normal again. “It’s….It’s a little weird Tony.” Pepper says. “Because it isn’t finished yet.” Tony says taking off the metal arm. “Anyway Morgan is asking for you why don’t you…” Pepper says trying to have him leave the little lab. “Not now.” Tony says not even look at her and Pepper leaves with a sigh, sad.

 For the past few days Tony has been locked down in the little lab trying to make a realistic arm for himself, but they only hear screams and things falling.

“We need to something!” Happy says to Pepper when they hear Tony screaming again. “I don’t know what to do.” Pepper says to him. “We could get daddy a dog.” They hear Morgan behind them looking innocently to them. “What honey? A dog?” Pepper asks her daughter. “I hear on TV that when people are sad a dog helps them.” Morgan says smiling. “You’re a genius.” Happy says. “Of course she is/I am. She’s/I’m Tony Stark daughter.” Pepper and Morgan says making them laugh.

 The next day Happy took Pepper and Morgan to the kennel.

“Mom what about this one? It’s so cute!” Morgan says looking at one. “Too small honey.” Pepper says. “What about this one?” Happy says. “Too young.” Pepper answers. They looked and looked until Pepper thought it was to silence. “Happy. Where’s Morgan?” Pepper asks. “I don’t know.” Happy says, and they look for her and found her sitting in front of a cage petting a golden retriever. “Morgan don’t disappear like that.” Pepper says. “He was so sad mom!” Morgan says and the dog notices both Pepper and Happy and got scared backing away to the back wall. “He looks so scared.” Pepper says sad. “Just like Tony.” Happy says noticing the comparation making Pepper think.

 They adopted the scared golden retriever.

 Morgan enter her home with the scared dog behind her looking at everything and smelling everything then he lays down on the carpet and look up to Morgan.

“My dad is in there! I hope you take good care of him!” Morgan says pointing to the lab but the dog doesn’t move.

“Let him be Morgan, he is still adjusting.” Pepper says and Morgan leaves going to play.

Hours passed and the dog felt asleep until he woke up to screams in the room in front of him, suspicions he gets up and tries entering the lab with success. He enters and sees Tony near a table with his only hand on his head crying, feeling the sadness the dog enters the tries putting his cute nose on Tony lap only to this getting up screaming.

“What the fu….! How did you get in!” Tony screams but the dog only looks at him not doing anything. Tony looks at him and pets him making the happy. “I guess you can stay, but don’t touch anything.”

 Hours passed and Pepper couldn’t find the dog, she looked everywhere until she looked and see the lab door was lightly open, she looks inside and sees Tony working with the dog sleeping with the head on his lap, she smiles and closes the door.

 *2 days later*

One morning Pepper and Morgan were eating breakfast when they see Tony leaving the lab, looking better, healthy. “Tony?” Pepper asks shocked. “That’s my name no sweat it out!” Tony jokes leaving the house with the dog. “Where are you going daddy?” Morgan asks. “Take Howard to a walk.” Tony says and both him and the dog disappear behind the door. “Howard…Really Tony…”Pepper says smiling knowing everything is going as planned. “I like the name!” Morgan says happy making Pepper laugh. “Me too sweety me too!”

 Days had passed and Pepper notice that Tony start leaving the lab more often to take Howard on a walk, and she could see him smiling more, the dog never leaves his side but when he leaves he stays beside Morgan and sometimes Pepper when she gives him treats but one day Rodney came to the house.

 “Good morning Pepper.” Rodney says when Pepper opens the door to him. “Good morning Rodney, come in.” Pepper says letting him enter. “How is he?” Rodney asks. “See for yourself.” Pepper says and Rodney stays shocked watching Tony in the couch laughing, playing with a dog. “Tony?” Rodney asks confused. “Rodney! Just in time meet Howard!” Tony says happy but suddenly the dog whimpers and runs out to the lab. “Well, Howard doesn’t like you. Bye Rodney nice to see you.” Tony says patting Rodney shoulder and follows the dog.

“I’m so confused.” Rodney says. “I know.” Pepper says.

Couple of days later many of the avengers visited having the same reaction of Rodney and the same reaction of Howard who runs away every time someone new comes.

“Well, Howard’s just needs me anyway.” Tony says cocky. “And me!” Morgan says. “Of course honey!” Tony says hugging his daughter but mouthing “just me” to the others behind his daughter back.

 Then Peter arrives.

“Hi! Woah this is a huge house! Look at that view!” Peter says arriving with a plushie in his hands, shocked about Tony first house. “Hey kid, I hope that plushie isn’t for me.” Tony says sipping his coffee almost laughing seeing Peter shock face. “Mister Stark, Sir, I….It doesn’t seem like this house blow up..” Peter tries saying not knowing what he just said because he was not expecting seeing Tony out of the lab. “It’s something call construction and renovation and money.“ Tony says cocky.

“PETER!” Morgan yells running towards him and hugging him who hugs back and gives her the plushie, then he hears a dog bark. “Is that a dog?” Peter asks excited and goes towards him. “Be careful kid, his scared of….never mind then.” Tony tries to warn him but surprisingly Howard is in his carpet belly up being pet by an excited Peter.

“Guess now he needs you and Peter.” Pepper says laughing. “We’re getting another dog.” Tony says.

Couple hours later Pepper finds Tony, Peter and Morgan sleeping in the couch with Howard sleeping on top of them.

Pepper almost crying, noticing just know that Tony didn’t have is robot arm, and that he hasn’t been on the lab for a while, who knew a dog could make a huge different.

  Note: Sorry the delay. @marvelstarker-mha98 Hope you like it and sorry this one I didn’t have a lot of criativity….

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“Alright. Hey. Alright. Good job guys. Let’s just not come in tomorrow. Let’s just take a day. You guys ever try shawarma? There’s a shawarma joint about two blocks from here. I don’t know what it is, but I want to try it.”

-Tony Stark


Not my pics. But my collage.

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