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#marvel loki
ladyfluff · 2 days ago
Hello! I hope your doing good <3
I was wondering if i could get a drabble of Loki with Y/n (his goth crush) who has a lot of tattoos and most of them are of Norse Mythology but of Loki stories ex. one of them is "The Children of Loki", the redhead Loki etc. What would loki think of his crush's tattoos? (P.s. he has never seen her tattoos before because she often wears long sleeve/turtlenecks until that day she decided to wear a sports bra or tank top)
Hello! I'm doing good, thank you for the request. I'm going to say this. I'm not following the marvel movie lore. I also have a very VERY loose grasp of the lore behind Loki and his baby Sleipnir.
Tumblr media
He hadn't noticed those before, markings littered across her arms. Tattoos would be the proper term for it, various cultures had them as a form of honour, status among other things. Midgardians seem to like getting them, for personal reasons. Not everyone had them for one specific reason and or purpose which was interesting to think about. Loki had seen so many Asgardians with runes all over their skin, some go as far as getting them on the back of their heads. Loki thought it might be painful, he would've been interested in getting something done but he'd have to really think it through. Could he get his own symbols inked into his own skin? He could but would he? Maybe. The answer was maybe, he smiled at the sight of her. Taking her in, it had been hot in the compound. Renovations as they so lovingly called it but Loki was willing to bet that Stark just wanted everyone to suffer for the day after the mess that happened in the common area last night. Which was mostly Thor's doing.
''I recognise some of these...''
Y/N laughs, looking down at her arms. Examining her own markings with great interest, Loki was interested in this form of self expression. He was curious as to what made her choose these markings specifically, what strength she drew from them.
''I'd hope so, if you didn't you wouldn't be the real Loki.''
Loki chuckles, she allowed him to come closer so that he could see more. It was exciting to learn about this part of her, almost like she was opening up to him a little bit. He had always been so curious about her, seeing her darting around the compound, quite smart, good taste in clothes. Loki wondered whether he should experiment a little bit with his own style, fishnets looked very inviting. His eyes widened as he spotted the familiar eight legged stallion that had been inked into the skin of her wrist. So well done, he smiled.
''Is that-''
''Sleipnir? Yes.''
She had an image of his child, the great eight legged stallion Sleipnir who Odin now rode into battle whenever he saw fit. Loki hums.
Y/N looks down at her tattoo with a smile.
''Well, he stands for a lot of things, strength, eternal life, perception.''
The mortals seem to see a lot of different traits for them, as they had once worshipped them as gods and some still do. Loki was quite flattered to learn how idolised he had been throughout the years down here. It was a lot to take in at first but nothing he couldn't handle, who didn't want to be worshipped? Loki liked Y/N's reasons behind the shadow of Sleipnir that was now a part of her being.
''That he does, he's a good boy.''
''So is it true that you like- You know?''
Loki chuckles, the curious look on her face. Of course she would ask him about that venture, people sometimes got it wrong or painted it in a specific light. It all depends on who one hears the story from, if they heard it from Thor, you'll be guaranteed some puns. Loki thinks back, birthing Sleipnir had been an experience. Not all pleasant.
''It is true in a way, I am his creator. He's lovely, you'd love him.''
Gentle but strong, a giant up close. Loki was quite proud of him.
''So did someone make you do it? Cause you were ordered to help build this wall right?''
Not exactly, not fully. He was however involved in some aspects of the building of that particular wall. He didn't remember too much but it had been a deal, they had wanted to build a wall around Asgard and Loki didn't like that. Why build a wall around Asgard when they had Heimdall guarding the bridge? The all-seeing Heimdall? Now that Loki thought back, perhaps he should've pointed out that one loophole out of the realm. There was a back exit and entry point which Loki had often used to his advantage, no one knew about it except him. Heimdall would do well to know about that now.
''Oh no, so! We needed to have the wall built around Asgard and they had Svadilfari helping. I didn't really like that idea so I decided to interrupt right at the last second and I may have take the shape of a mare. Just to get Svadilfari away from the wall, you know. Then one thing lead to another and then he was-''
Loki stopped himself, he wasn't exactly ready to go into that much intimate detail. His night with Svadilfari was still quite private. He hadn't truly meant for what happened to happen, he thought he'd coax the stallion away to stop and sabotage the wall at the last minute. He did succeed but Svadilfari caught up with him and then some things happened, thinking about had Loki laughing. Silly idea but at least he had something good come out of it, he sighs.
''Having Sleipnir wasn't exactly the original plan but it happened, I love him very much you know. He's a good horse.''
The many early mornings he'd spend just talking with him, running his hands through his mane. Sleipnir would always be his child, no matter how big he got. Sometimes Loki did question his own choices but many of them led to something pleasant, rewards in a way. Sleipnir had been one such reward, riding him through the mountains was an experience he'd love to have again. Perhaps one day Y/N could do so as well, Loki turned his attention back to her skin.
''I like your tattoos, they really do suit you.''
''Thank you.''
He found tattoos to be rather attractive, perhaps he should get one.
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lostinornes · 2 days ago
Heavy Is the Head That Wears the Horns
Loki X F!Reader Fic
Asgardian Prince AU
Hey !
Please enjoy the third chapter of Heavy Is the Head That Wears the Horns. Chapters 1 to 25 are all over on AO3 . We have just entered flashback territory, and two Loki POV chapters.
No Y/N and second person POV. Always open and welcome to ideas, suggestions and more.
Tumblr media
Had Loki always been this insufferable. As a child sure, he liked to be a bit of a trouble maker, he knew exactly what to do to push anyone’s buttons. Even if it was someone he had just met, he could work out very quickly how to find his way under their skin. But you thought after some time apart he would enjoy actually spending time together again. “You’ll always be my favourite Loki” you mocked to yourself under your breath. Your hands flying up dramatically as a slight stomp found its way into your step. “Who does he think he is” You questioned aloud, as you pushed your way into the wash room. “Arrogant and cocky, could he be any worse!” You rested your hands either side of the wash basin, staring back at yourself in the mirror. Your eyes actively scanned the view in front of you, trying to work out the quickest way to hide the frustration so clearly painted on your face. A slight streak of light leaked into the room, that you would have never noticed if the door had not opened shortly after. Your hands quickly patted your cheeks, as you tried to flush the thoughts of that pain out of your mind.
“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought the washroom was vacant”
“Oh no, it is okay. I was just about to leave” You forced a small smile onto your face, before turning to the other female in the room.
“Those princes really are something” The other woman seemed to have a hint of frustration in her voice, her eyes scanning actively over your body as she tried to read your reaction.
“I guess…” You couldn’t help but have your interested peaked by this woman. She was dressed in a stunning black gown, little details of gold embellished across the bodice. Her dark hair was loosely pinned out of her face, and her lips painted in a bold dark red. But there was something unusual about her eyes, her face read as warm and welcoming but there was something else behind there. You could sense it.
“Thor truly is making such a fool of himself” You rested your body lightly against the basin, your arms crossed as you gave this figure your full attention.
“I know, but that Loki … I mean wow…” You watched as her face twisted from a sweet smile, slowly becoming more of a smirk.
“Wow? What does that mean?” Again, she pried into your statement, you could tell now she was clearly trying to draw information out of you.
“Wow” You stated back flatly. You pushed your body finally away from the support behind you. Now standing face to face with the woman in front of you. You saw confusion in her eyes now, as you steadily began to close the gap between yourselves. Slowly you leant in, your mouth now inches from her ear. “Wow, as in how could someone be so incredibly stupid to transform outside of the bathroom and not expect me to notice” You pulled away again, a grin planted on your face. This was the mood booster you needed. With that you pushed past her and made your way out to the hall. “Bye Loki” As you left, all you could hear was a loud “Shit” from behind the wooden door.
You quickly found your way back to Thor, he had returned to his original post high above the crowd. His hands frantically waving up to you, as you returned to the grand hall. After handling the royal prick, you couldn’t think of anything better than going back to the easy conversation you had with Thor.
“My lady” You felt your cheeks blush as he leant down and offered you his hand, helping you climb up the last few steps.
“Where have you been?”
“Your brother decided to follow me into the washroom” Confusion twisted its way into Thor’s brow, his eyes saying “Should I even ask you about this” as he nudged you in the side. “Nothing like that!” The words rushed out of your mouth quickly, at a speed almost hard to catch. But why would you ever want Thor to assume you had quickly run off to have a secret moment with his brother. As Thor nudged your side again, the halls doors opened again.
The golden horns glinting as they entered the room. “I have a theory” Thor mused aloud, tapping his finger slightly along his rough jaw. “Do you trust me?”
“Father did say tonight was about creating relations” You joked back light heartily. This was the man you would have to spend years working with to keep your kingdoms alive. You had no choice but to trust him.
“Perfect” His voice drenched in excitement, as his arms quickly made his next movement. Within seconds you found his arm resting lightly on your hip, as his hand gently pulled you closer to his body. “I am going to count to five” His breath was hot on your shoulder, as the numbers started to fall from his lips.
“What are you doing?” Before he could even answer, you felt another presence join you both.
“Brother” Thor cheered, pulling him into his arms as well. “Isn’t it nice for the three of us to be reunited again”
“You two seem to truly be relishing in it” Loki spat back, shoving his brother off of him with all of his might.
“You followed me into the washroom?” You questioned, now moving from under Thor’s arm.
“You can’t prove that”
“I can’t, but I do know that I would much rather be in the company of the Lady from the washroom. She seemed fun” You could see him cough slightly, as your words caught him off guard. With that you knew your work was done. “I think it is time I took my leave” With that you planted a light kiss on Thor’s cheek and offered Loki a halfhearted handshake. “Until next time” As you made your way to your father, you could hear Thor’s laughter at the low grumbles coming from his brother. You knew your work had been done for the evening.
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writingliv · 2 days ago
“You know?” I whispered as I ran my hand through his hair while looking at the sunset, “if there was such a thing as peace before you, I cannot remember it.” The wind brushed my hair away from my face and I closed my eyes instinctively, taking in the certainty of this moment.
“I have known no peace like the one your eyes provide me. No ecstasy like the feeling I get when I feel you.” I continued with my eyes closed as his stare scrutinized my face. “I have known no sunrises like the ones I have enjoyed while listening to you tell me about your adventures. You are the beginning and the end of all, of us, even of me.”
“Just like the calm after the storm.” He interrupted, me sitting up by my side, grabbing my hand and putting it on his lap.
“Even during our fights and in our lows, you were never the storm. You were the lighthouse that guided me through my choppy seas.” I responded, inhaling the chilly air of the breeze.
“You give me too much credit.” He whispered, moving my hand to his lips and kissing the back of it softly.
“And you have no idea what you have done for me,” I responded, finally opening my eyes and looking for his. He was not there, he never was. My eyes moved back down to the book on my lap, hoping that between those words, I would find my peace again.
- memories of my fictional love
Something different for once because I felt inspired.
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that-spider-witch · 2 months ago
Disney 1994: Tries to copyright the phrase Hakuna Matata. The people to whom Swahili is their native language rightfully calls them out.
Disney 2017: Tries to copyright Dia de los Muertos, a Mexican religious holiday. They get called out on their bullshit pretty damn fast and cease on their attempt.
Disney 2021: They now want to copyright an ancient Norse pagan deity. (READ BELOW)
Tumblr media
EDIT: Apparently the Norse deity thing was misinformation: Thankfully it seems they are only trademarking the fictional Marvel versions of them. The other shit they did is still real, though. Don’t ever forget they tried to do that.
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gottabescientific · a month ago
Honestly Loki is basically the only morally complex character marvel has tried to write and he's been through like seven different directors' intentions and rewrites and the most fucking inconsistent characterization fiction has ever seen so kudos to Tom Hiddleston for actually pulling a semi-compelling character out of that mess but also for not going fucking feral on every new director who, thinking theyre god's gift to marvel and cinema, has turned to him and said "I think we're gonna do something a little different with Loki this time"
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shy-marker-pliers · 2 months ago
the TVA really be arresting people for making AUs huh
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kanclerg · a month ago
Tumblr media
And I'll post it here)  I was teased by @Niku30_   with a long-haired Mobius in inst......and..
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wolfpup026 · a month ago
Tumblr media
S2 headcanon where Mobius goes searching for his Loki and instead meets Ragnarok era Loki
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dai-phi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
i like this show a lot more than i thought i would
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jasminedragonart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
It means even computers in magical realms sometimes buffer.
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