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#marvel masterlist

Marvel Masterlist

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Bucky Barnes *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Steve Rogers *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Sam Wilson *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Tony Stark *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Wanda Maximoff *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Pietro Maximoff *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Loki Laufeyson *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Thor Odinson *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Natalia Romanava *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



✧・゚: *✧・゚:* T'Challa *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



!!Anyone not included above can also be requested. (Excluding Peter Parker).

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Marvel One Shots and Headcanons

All my work are female reader inserts unless specified!

Main Masterlist

Bucky Barnes one shots:

Jealousy (Angst) 
Glow, Part 2  (fluff) (two-shot) 
Unexpected (Angst) (soulmate AU)
Goodbye (Angst/fluff) (demon/client AU)
Babies (Fluff!) (short) 

Steve Rogers one shots:

Celebrity Crush  (Fluff) 
Wrong Guy  (Fluff) 
Workaholic (Fluff) 
Late for Work  (Smut/Fluff) 
Surfboard (Smut)

Sam Wilson one shots:

Airplane (Fluff/Funny) 

Peter Parker one shots:

Matchmaker (Fluff) 
All the Same (fluff/angst) (happy ending)

Peter Parker headcanons:

Playing Marco Polo with Peter Parker  (fluff/funny)
Being stuck to Peter Parker (fluff/funny)
Social Distancing date with Peter (fluff/funny)
Flying with Peter Parker (fluff/funny) (ask)
Pet shopping with Peter  (fluff)
Palm Reading with Peter Parker (fluff/funny)
Throwing a Dance Party with Peter Parker (fluff/funny)
Skipping School with Peter Parker (fluff/funny)
Ghost Hunting with Peter Parker  (fluff/funny)
Searching for Treasure with Peter Parker (fluff/funny)
First Kiss with Peter Parker (fluff/funny)
Troubles at a Concert with Peter Parker (fluff/funny)

Tony Stark headcanons:

Being Tony Stark’s personal shopper (fluff/funny)

Thor headcanons:

Thor confuses you for a warrior (fluff)
Thor thinks you’re pregnant (fluff/angst/funny)

Natasha Romanoff one shots:

Intern (fluff) 
Imposter Part 2 (angst)
Bad Habit (fluff) (short)

Carol Danvers one shots:

Spaghetti (fluff) (short)

Loki one shots:

Our Garden (fluff/angst/implied smut) 

Avengers one shots:

Jokes on You (fluff)

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All my work are female reader inserts unless specified! Requests are open all the time!

Main Masterlist

Bucky Barnes:

Sleepy Neck Kisses (fluff!) (short) 
Soft Cuddles (fluff!) (short) 
Hurt (angst) (read warnings!)
Beautiful (angst/fluff) (short)
A Beautiful Feeling (fluff) (short)
Scars (angst/fluff) (short)
Stretch Marks (fluff) (short)
Attack (angst with happy ending) 
Sick (angst with happy ending) 
Sensations (platonic) (tony stark)
Tickle Fight (fluff) (short)
The Photo  (angst)
Clothes (platonic/gen) (fluff)
Human  (fluff/soft)
Cuddle King  (fluff/soft) (short)
Puzzle  (angst/fluff) (headcanon) (platonic)
Holding Hands (fluff) (short)
Gameboy (fluff) (short)

Steve Rogers:

Promises (angst) (happy ending) (peter parker)
Adorable Dinner (fluff!) (short) (features other avengers!)
Warm Hugs (fluff!) (short)
Hands (fluff!)  (short)
Talk too Much (angst/fluff) 
Toxic Friends (fluff)  (short)
Classified (angst/fluff)  (short)
Bathtub  (fluff) (short)
My Angel (fluff) (short)
Taken Part 2  (angst with happy ending)
Princess (fluff) (short)
Mario Kart  (fluff) (short)
Thunder and Lightning  (platonic) (short)
Meanie  (platonic) (short)
Cupcakes and Clothes (fluff/kissing) (short)
Training (angst/fluff)
Overheated (fluff) (short)
One More Move  (fluff) (short)
Birthday Surprise (fluff) (short)
Leaked  (fluff)
Say it Again (angst/fluff) (soulmate au)
Lion King  (fluff/funny)
Taylor Swift (fluff)
Beach Day (no reader insert) (fluff) (short)


Reunion  (fluff) (platonic fic) (short)
Missed You  (fluff/angst) (platonic!Steve) (long)
Spices (fluff) (platonic) (short)
Hide and Seek (fluff) (platonic) (short)

Peter Parker:

Promises (angst) (happy ending) (steve rogers)
Game on (fluff) (short)
Strong Opinions (fluff) (short)
Figure this out  (angst) (short)
Don’t (angst with happy ending) (short)
PDA  Part 2 (fluff) (short)
Ice breaker  (fluff) (short)
A Whole New World  (fluff) (short)
Interruption Part 2 (smut/fluff)
Bored and Horny  (smut)
Sick (fluff) (short)
Bad Day (fluff)
Cute Jealousy (fluff) (short)
Wings (fluff) (short)
Party (angst)
Tease (fluff with some kissing action!)
No Teammate Left Behind (angst)
Gone (angst)
Let Me Down Slow (angst with happy ending)
What Love Looks Like  (fluff) (short)
Happy Birthday! (fluff) (short)
5 Stages of Grief (angst with happy ending)
Sleepy Cuddles (fluff) (short)
My Everything (smut) (long)
Penny for your Thoughts  (angst/fluff) (long)
The Ant and the Zoo (angst/fluff)
Food Puns (fluff) (short)
Love Letters (smut) (long)
Caught  (fluff)
I like it (smut)
College (fluff) (headcanon)

Tony Stark:

Noises on the Plane (fluff) (short)
Smile (fluff) (short)
Glasses (fluff)  (short)
Disney Marathon (fluff) (short)
Baby Bump (fluff) (short)


First Date (fluff)


Cookie Monster (fluff) (platonic)
Walk (fluff) (platonic)

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you suck

bucky barnes x reader

summary: bucky & you always had an affectionate friendship. even your teammates thought you had a thing. but you always thought it was flirting; but to bucky it was just a friendship.

warnings: angst & harsh language

word count: 2k

a/n: this is actually two requests mashed into one! ( @drunkbucky & @cap-n-stuff-main )



“hey, sexy,” you called out as bucky passed you. he walked through the kitchen, shirtless. he had just finished training & was now heading to the elevators to go up & take a shower.

“hey, beautiful,” he returned. “how’s your morning so far?”

“oh, y’know. just eatin’ some fruit.” you leaned over the counter, pushing your bowl towards the soldier. “want some?”

“nah, i don’t wanna share that fork with you,” he teased.

you both knew full well that you had shared food more times than you could count. this was no exception.

he leaned toward you & let you feed him a slice of pineapple from your fork.

“you two are gross.” wanda pushed past bucky, heading to her room.

“yeah, i don’t understand why you two don’t just date,” vision said as he followed wanda.

this was a regular occurrence: the team butting in & asking what the status of your guys’ relationship.

you & bucky had always been close, constantly flirting & teasing beyond friendly boundaries. flirting was your way of… well, flirting.

but flirting with bucky had the complete opposite meaning. maybe it was because he didn’t understand why anyone would want to be near him, let alone date him. or maybe it was because it had been such a long time since he last flirted with a woman.

either way, your guys’ relationship was the pure definition of mixed signals.

you yearned for bucky to one day take your compliments seriously. whenever you two were sitting on the couch together, far too close to be friends, you’d die for him to turn to you & kiss you.

bucky was handsome & funny & so unbearably kind. his laugh was enough to drive you crazy. but when he called you beautiful or doll? oh my lord, your mind went crazy.

“y’know it’s been a year?” natasha’s voice rang through your room as you rummaged through your closet.

“since what?”

“since you & bucky started going all we’re-dating-but-not-really.”

“why bring that up? & what am i looking for again?” you turned back to your friend, who had taken this time to rearrange your stuffed animals from smallest to biggest.

“i bring it up because it’s clear that you drool whenever he walks in the room. i can just tell your heart rate spikes when he says something.” natasha placed a stuffed duck next to a bear. “& you’re looking for a bomb ass outfit to wear today when you finally confess your feelings to bucky.”

“but i don’t want to~” you whined. “plus, what if he doesn’t feel the same way?”

“trust me, babe. i’ve known this man for years. he’s stubborn, but i just know he’s head-over-heels for you. don’t worry.”

with help from your red-headed friend, you were dressed in an outfit that brought out both your eyes & your curves. you felt confident & ready. you were going to confess your feeling to bucky. it was now or never.

you took the elevator down from the bedrooms to the training center. you walked down the hall, past glass-walled rooms, which were separated by different activities & equipment. making your way down to the boxing ring, you could hear two familiar voices.

“so how do you feel about her?” a rough voice echoed from the last room down the hall. you recognized this as steve’s voice.

“i dunno,” bucky’s voice reached your ears.

oooo~! now you can get reassurance that natasha was right about bucky’s feelings. it felt like ages since bucky started talking; your body was filled with excitement. you couldn’t wait until what he would say about you.

“i mean, don’t get me wrong, i like flirting with her, but it feels wrong,” bucky continued.

your eyes widened.


“whaddya mean, buck? i see the way you look at her. it reminds me of rose & you, back in the day.”

“i just feel bad for her, y’know? i don’t want her to think her flirting is unrequited.” bucky’s voice was softer. you could hear a tinge of sadness, even.

but what?

feel bad for me?

who does he think he is?

so he’s been faking it this whole time? all those compliments & jokes didn’t mean anything?

you wanted to blame natasha for giving you false hope, but you could only blame yourself.

he was bucky barnes. the infamous heartbreaker. sure, he hadn’t been called that since the forties, but do people really change? he’d been through hell & now his self image was horribly damaged but that still makes him a heartbreaker. steve has said multiple times how bucky wouldn’t want to be in a relationship. why did you think you’d be the girl who’d change him?

you had given yourself false hope. for an entire year. you lied to yourself. “maybe tomorrow,” you had said. each night, you hoped bucky would sneak to your bedroom & confess himself. & of course it never happened…

tears welled up in your eyes. you couldn’t stay here. you couldn’t keep listening. you tried to escape silently, but a sob left your mouth as the tears streamed down your cheeks.

you heard the two men mutter in confusion, but before they could see how humiliating this was for you, you jumped on the elevator.

as soon as those doors opened, you fled to your bedroom. like a princess in a disney movie, you laid on your bed & cried. you cried until there was nothing left in you.

all the memories from the past year flooded your mind. hugs, movie marathons, & shared meals that meant so much in those moments now seemed like jokes in themselves. how stupid could you be?

the next few days were spent in your room & in pajamas. you told what had happened to clint & natasha, who apologized profusely. they continuously brought you comfort foods & consoling words.

when you did venture out into the kitchen & common areas, you ignored both steve & bucky. it was obvious why you stopped talking to bucky, but steve… you thought he was your friend, that he would at least tell you something that important. but instead, he let you continue to act like a fool.

on the fourth evening of your pity party, you spent your time in a ball on your bed watching all the movies on your watchlist.

you were actually paying attention to this one, but then a knock came to your door.

checking the time, you saw it was already well past midnight. who the hell was knocking this late?

begrudgingly, you left the comfort of your bed & opened the door. & of course the last person you wanted to see stood there.

bucky barnes was standing outside your door at two in the morning. if this happened a week ago, you’d be swooning. but now you wanted to go take a shower.

“h-hey,” bucky said. awkwardly, he waved shyly.

“hi.” you tried not to show too much emotion. you had been sad for long enough, now you were just angry.

“s-so what’s been going on? i haven’t, uh, seen you much lately.”


“so, what’s up?”

“what do you mean?”

bucky just quirked his eyebrow in response, so you continued. “i heard what you told steve the other day. y’know, when you said you were just flirting with me because you felt bad.”

it felt nice to stand up for yourself, for once.

“y/n… i- that’s not what i was saying. you didn’t let me finish!” he tried to reach out for you but you backed up. “y/n… please.” you could see there was actual regret & sadness in his eyes.

well, you already acted like a fool for an entire year. one more night wouldn’t hurt.

“fine, tell me the rest.”

you motioned toward your bed. it was the middle of the night, & you were tired from standing.

bucky sat across from you with his elbows on his knees. he looked both anxious & stressed.

“i- ugh. how am i supposed to say this.” he rubbed a hand over his face. “i- i don’t feel bad for you. fuck! no, that’s not what i meant! i do feel bad for you hearing that & feeling bad. but i don’t pity you. i didn’t do all that stuff because i pitied you.”

he took a few deep breaths before continuing.

“i love you, y/n. i just… i didn’t know if you felt the same. & i know i’m an awful person. & i don’t know why you’d want to date a person like me, so that’s why i didn’t act on my feelings. i didn’t want to hurt you… i guess that backfired, huh?” he chuckled, softly.

you smiled.

“you really love me?” you asked.

“yeah. a lot. i mean, a lot a lot.”

“come ‘ere.” you extended your arms & made grabby motions with your hands.

you welcomed bucky into a long hug. this was much better than any other hug you two shared. five minutes ago, you hated this man. but now, you loved him more than anything.

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asking out bucky barnes


warnings: tiny mentions of nightmares & ptsd

a/n: i am working on the requests! don’t worry! they will be out soon, i promise!


- before you had dated, bucky was very quiet & never talked to you.

- however, you were super flirty & tried to strike up a conversation every chance you got.

- after a couple months, you decided to give up since bucky wasn’t reciprocating your feelings.

- but steve told you a little secret: bucky told him almost everyday that he liked you but didn’t know how to approach the whole situation.

- you then went all out.

- you planned a whole night for the two of you:

- he was coming back to the tower from long mission. his plane landed close to midnight, leaving the common areas empty.

- you strung up fairy lights in the living room & created a giant fort of pillows & blankets (it took up almost the whole room).

- you packed it full of snacks & your laptop so you could watch a marathon of disney movies

- because we all know bucky loves disney movies

- he came in tired & stressed. all he wanted was a hot shower & sleep.

- when he walked through the elevator doors, his jaw practically dropped to the floor.

- “w-what’s all this?”

- this was one of the only sentences you heard from bucky.

- you shrugged, “i wanted to do something nice for you. i know this past two weeks has been especially hard for you.”

- it looked like he was gonna cry.

- when stumbled over to you & the fort & collapsed into you.

- he held onto you & whispered, “i didn’t know how to tell you… i really really wanted to tell you… i like you, really like you.”

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And I’m back with more of my favourite works from the past month! Are most of these Chris Hemsworth characters… well yes, but you can only blame these insanely talented writers for bringing his characters to life! Special shoutout to @spacelabrathor bc I have been lowkey obsessed with everything that they put out!

Happy reading!
(* is smut)

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in the beginning of july i hosted a marvel writing challenge to be carried out until 5/Aug/2020! i’ll be updating this masterlist whenever there’s a new entry, enjoy!


clint barton:

 baby:  You and your husband Clint are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your first child, the archer thinking every sound was you going into labour. Today though, he’s not too far off the mark… (prompt: “I hear a scream. Are you okay?”) by @its-a-leap-of-faith-kid

peter parker:

➡  toffee & tearsPeter’s protective over cabbage, Shiloh Jane has a god-awful gag reflex and a bad tendency to cry in stressful situations, and Ned can’t read an expiration date to save his life. (prompt: “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”) by @cunaeparker

  seasick:  When you give one lie to your mom that you have a boyfriend, she ends up buying an extra ticket for a vacation. Now you’re stuck looking for a fake boyfriend and eventually drag Peter in. Except you and Peter both like each other and don’t know how long you can last pretending. (prompt: fake dating au) by @blissfulparker

 the red balloonThe reader tries to get out of watching It for the Avengers’ movie night, so they don’t find out she’s terrified of scary movies, but when all else fails, the only one who can help assuage her fear is Peter. (prompt: “Here, hold my hand.”) by @i-sing-for-me

tom holland:

 i’m not half the man i used to be:  In the span of two years, you and Tom went from being inseparable, to him being someone you heavily detested. What happens when one drunken night rolls around and he wants to reconcile? (prompt: “Say something, please, say anything.”) by @etoileholland // @constellatinq

wade wilson:

 couvre-feu:  Wade Wilson and his beautiful wife Victoria Saint-Clair are the leaders of the most powerful mafia in New York. With being such strong leaders, it’s inevitable that some people go behind their backs. Victoria just happens to be a specialist in that department. (prompt: mafia boss au) by @emptycanvasposts

participants under the cut:

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Peter Parker Masterlist

(Updated Immediately)

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i hate you

bucky barnes x f!reader

summary: bucky & the reader hate each other, but could the misunderstanding finally end when bucky gathers his nerves during a mission with her?

warnings: mild angst

word count: 800

a/n: this was really fun to write; i hope it’s not too short!



“you have to dance. now.”

the voice of steve rogers rang in both yours & bucky’s ears. you scratched as the small metal disk in your ear. you always hated these. as soon as the sentence ended, the small orchestra overhead started tuning their instruments. the rest of the party-goers looked upward to the balcony where the sounds drifted from.

for a mission, you had to admit this was one of the most beautiful missions you had been on. the sounds of the cello & violins blended perfectly, & their tunes bounced effortlessly throughout the ballroom.

the trims of the room were gold, as were the various columns dotted about the space. it reminded you of the various pictures you had once seen of russian palaces. the tables & chaises near the walls matched the gold & white color scheme of the place. however, the men & women’s attire stood out. the men wore suits of maroon, navy, or black. you noticed how each of their shoes shined as you could see your reflection in them. & the women stood in every color imaginable. deep scarlets, purples, pinks, royal greens, & so on.

you had been gifted a baby blue lace gown for this particular occasion. you had joked that tony made it, even though it was made by a familiar tailor. it was long sleeve reached the floor, hiding both your heels & the dagger strapped to your shin. the many sheer layers of the gown gave it an angelic look, yet not scandalous. it was perfect.

your partner, bucky, had been dressed in an all black, three-pieced suit. his hair had been slicked back in a low ponytail, but you could see a few strands escaped. he wasn’t the ugliest in the room, you thought.

you & bucky had never gotten along. maybe it was because you were opposites, or maybe it was just simply a grudge. neither of you knew. but from the first moment you met, not one smile was shared between you.

you thought he was a menace to the team. he avoided everyone, barely communicated, & helped when only necessary. it made missions longer, & life at the tower strained. the atmosphere was uncomfortable when bucky was around.

you didn’t know this, but he thought you were an annoyance to the team. he always heard you talking from two rooms over, stepping on toes. he thought you needed to be quieter, or at least out of people’s business. you were always trying to solve problems.

so being paired together was maybe the worst thing imaginable. it was actually forcing the both of you to spend more time together than you ever had before. & when steve told you both you were going undercover as a couple, you shuddered.

a night with a basically silent jerk. great.

& you were expected to socialize & look like a loving pair.

“both of you dance. now.”

it’s just a job. it’s just a job. it’s just a job.

you turned to bucky, who had been awkwardly standing next to you the entire evening. he kept his eyes on the ceiling & his hands in his pockets.

he looked at you like he’d never done before; however, it was the first time he actually looked at you that night, though. he had a small glow in his eyes you had never noticed before.

it’s probably just the alcohol.

you held out your hand, wanting to get this over with. one dance & you were safe. bucky took it as he rolled his eyes. as the music started up, you placed a hand on his shoulder, & his hand rested on your hip.

it was uncomfortable but as the dance continued, you two fell into a nice rhythm. you did overhear once that bucky had been a pretty decent dancer back in the ‘40s.

the dance being performed by the various couples about the floor was simple: some swaying, a few spins, a switch of sides. easy enough.

a minute or two passed by. not one word or glance was shared between you & bucky.

“y’know,” you started. “a dance is usually filled with some conversation.”

“then start one.” bucky’s head remained turned in the opposite direction from yours.

“well, in situations like these, the gentleman is supposed to start talking first,” you whispered in his ear.

you both parted. bucky remained tied to you by one hand as he spun you. as you turned, you took in the people around you. your target had not yet arrived. then the two of you came back together, only this time facing one another.

“okay,” bucky tilted his head with this word. “you are the most stubborn, irresponsible, annoying, selfish…”

you were stunned. he kept listing & listing awful words as you stared in disbelief. sure, you two disliked each other, but it was a silent agreement. a contract never to be discussed. your jaw hung open. you told yourself to close it before anyone noticed.

“… nosy, disgraceful, &… &…”

this made your jaw drop open again. bucky? stuttering? he alway made a point to be punctual & precise around you, never making a mistake. he wanted to prove he was superior in every way.

“& beautiful…” he avoided your eyes then.


“… & humorous… & k-kind.”

you noticed the music was slowing, the song was coming to a close. a few couples actually had parted from the dance floor.

as the cello notes grew deeper & deeper, bucky pulled you into a dip, thus breaking the conversation. if you could call it that. he held you only with his metal arm, allowing you to fall right above the marble floor.

he then lifted his free arm, slowly & hesitating. he reached for your face, but he seemed scared. like you would break.

his fingertips brushed your cheekbone. it brought goosebumps to your arms. after brushing a few strands of hair past your ear, he rested his hand on your cheek. it was warm, & it felt… comfortable?

you couldn’t believe you were letting bucky do this. it was like you were paralyzed; you couldn’t refuse. but at the same time, you didn’t want to.

with this hand on your face, he pulled you back up. your faces were closer than ever. you could smell the shot of whiskey he had when he first entered the ballroom.

just as slowly as he reached his arm up, he leaned in closer to you. when his eyes closed, yours followed in suit. what? why?

your lips touched & the goosebumps came back. it was soft & gentle, yet passionate. this made your heart feel full & as if it would explode.

but you hated bucky. how could he make you feel this way? how could your feelings of him change in five minutes? was it even possible?

your head was buzzing with questions but they disappeared as bucky kissed you again. with impeccable timing, he pulled away as the last note concluded.

“always wanted to do that,” he smiled.


“told you the dress would work,” steve’s voice came back loud in your earpiece.

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