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#marvel mcu
thor and loki still being friends and "brothers from another mother" even when they weren't raised together is honestly so sweet
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nxtashasmcu · a day ago
[ sam and bucky are sitting on a bench ]
steve: why do you guys look so sad?
sam: sit down and we'll tell you
steve: *sits down*
bucky: the bench is freshly painted
steve: sh-
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miithriil · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lokius art + Thor because I missed them, also the new what if episode was trash but Jotun Loki 💚💚💚💚
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imsebastiansta-n · a day ago
PR Stunt - Part 4
Tumblr media
Warnings: angst, sad reader, bitchy blonde lady, cheater seb?
Word count: 837
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You walked to the beach, tears still threatening to fall from your glassy eyes. You look around, watching all the beach goers and the happy couples and family’s making you frown in disappointment. When you see no sign of Sebastian, you sigh and made your way to an empty spot on the beach.
You placed your towel down and put your bag beside it. You sat down on the towel and looked out into the ocean. You pulled out your phone from your bag to send a text to Sebastian to let him know where you were.
Tumblr media
You placed your phone down and grabbed your sunscreen from you bag and started to apply it. Once you applied it, you put the bottle back into your bag and grabbed your phone again to check to see if Seb replied.
Tumblr media
Locking your phone, you sighed and put it back into your bag. He couldn’t even text you back?
You removed your sunglasses from your head and put them properly on your face. You slid off your flip flops and removed your vest top and shorts chucking them into your bag. You weren’t gonna let him ruin your holiday, so you laid back and sunbathed listening to the waves of the ocean crash onto the sandy beach and the giggling of children having fun.
It was about an hour when you were disturbed by a beachball hitting your arm jolting you awake. Pushing your sunglasses to the top of your head, you watched as two young children came running up to you to get their ball back.
“Sorry, miss.” The little girl smiled as she and the little boy grabbed the ball.
“It’s okay, no harm done.” You smiled back, watching as they ran back to their parents.
You fished out your phone from your bag to check the time. 11:47.
Your stomach started to growl, letting you know it was time for something to eat.
Seeing no messages from Sebastian, you gave up waiting. Chucking your phone back into your bag and putting your shorts back on, you shook your towel to get rid of the sand that stuck to the bottom and folded it up to put neatly in you’re back.
You stood up, slid your flipflops back on and made your way back to your hotel to have a shower and get ready for lunch.
As you walked off the beach, you saw a bunch of paparazzi with their shouting and cameras flashing. You looked over to see who it was they were crowding, and what you saw broke your heart.
Tumblr media
(I had to use this photo, his face kills me every time I see it 😂😂)
You stopped. Tears threatening to spill from your eyes as you looked at him, and he looked at you. His heart also shattered.
Sebastian watched you for a few minutes, open and closing his mouth as if he wanted to say something but didn’t know what.
So, the blonde woman from the elevator a few hours ago, the same blonde lady who assumed you were pregnant. She looked over to where Sebastian was looking and saw you, and she smirked. Leaning over to kiss his cheek dangerously close to his lips as he ripped his head away, but not to obvious to draw attention.
Shaking your head, you grabbed your bag close to you and speed walked into the hotel to the elevator.
Walking in and waiting for the doors to close. You waited until you reached your floor, and fished out your door key, slamming the door behind you.
As soon as the door was closed, your whole world fell apart. You slid down the door, tears freely falling down your rosy, red cheeks. Your head falling into your hands, as you silently cried.
Trying to calm yourself, you took deep breathes to try and get your breathing under control. You fished out your phone and sent a text to Chris (Evans) who was your best friend, and who introduced you to Sebastian in the first place.
Tumblr media
Taking a deep breath, you put locked your phone and put it on the coffee table and booked a flight within the next hour. Once it was booked, you started to pack. Luckily you didn’t take much out of your case, so it didn’t take long to gather all your things together.
Placing your door key onto the coffee table, you checked the hotel once more to make sure you have everything and then grabbed your case and walked to the elevator.
When you reached the lobby, you rolled your suitcase and walked out of the hotel and called for a cab to take you to the airport.
The driver helped you put your case into the boot (trunk) of the car and you told him your destination. When the cab driver pulled away and started to drive, you looked out of the window.
In the distance, you could see Sebastian still holding hands and kissing the blonde lady.
Shaking your head, you looked down at your lap and waited until you arrived for your flight.  
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hotdoghotdiggidydog · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Nat confronts you and Yelena about your “friendship.”
Yelena woke up to Nat making breakfast.
“Good morning Natasha.” Yelena says, taking a seat on the counter next to where Natasha was cooking.
“Morning. What are you doing up so early?” Nat looks up at Yelena, a confused look on her face. Yelena LOVES sleeping in. It’s very weird seeing her conscious enough to even form words any earlier than 10am.
“Y/N was snoring too much. She woke me up and I couldn’t fall back asleep.” Yelena rolls her eyes playfully, a thoughtful smile on her face as she thought back to earlier that morning.
“Why didn’t you wake her u-” Natasha was cut off by your voice coming down the hall.
“Lena, what the hell. I told you to stop leaving me when I wake up.” Y/N storms into the kitchen with her hair a little messy, pajamas disheveled, and a blanket over her shoulders. Yelena thinks she’s never looked cuter.
“I’m sorry Y/N/N, but you looked so peaceful that I didn’t want to wake you.” Yelena says shrugging as if it were an obvious answer.
Y/N walks up to Yelena, wrapping her arms around her, the blanket following. You put your head in the crook of her neck.
“Didn’t know you guys made it official.” Natasha smirks at the two, noticing the Yelena’s face turn pink the moment you wrapped your arms around her.
“What are you talking about Natasha?” Yelena rolls her eyes. You both are actually confused about what it is Nat is talking about.
“Y’now, your guy’s relationship.” Nat shrugs, turning back to the food.
You and Yelena look at each other very confused. You guys her only friends. That was it.
“We’re not dating though, Nat.” Y/N says. She’s still leaning into Yelena’s chest, right hand playing the bottom of Yelena’s hair.
“Look at you guys, you don’t have to lie to me, I won’t be upset if you guys are dating.” Nat says, turning to look at the two obvious love stuck teens.
“Natasha… we have no idea what lead you to thinking that, but honestly, we’re not dating.” Yelena says.
“Why not? You guys already act like you are.”
“We do not!” You both say in synch.
“Oh really? How about the way you guys can’t sleep unless the other is with you?” You and Yelena look away, sheepishly, with pink starting to rise from your cheeks.
“We just feel more safe. It also gets really cold in the compound at night.” Y/N says, recovering from her initial embarrassment. After all, you weren’t lying. Those really were the reasons why you and Yelena started sleeping in the same bed.
“Okay, how about how every time someone flirts with one of you, the other gets mad?” Nat raises her eyebrow in question with that signature smirk on her face.
“That has never happened.” Yelena says, rolling her eyes at Natasha’s accusations.
“Lena, just last week Wanda tried to hold Y/N’s hand during one of our group walks and you put her in a choke hold in the span of two seconds.” Yelena shudders at the memory as she remembers the way Wanda used her powers to push her away and hold Yelena in place while she gave her the evil eyes that glow red.
“I was just protective of what her intentions were with my best friend.” Yelena says, shrugging it off, not wanting to talk about this example any longer.
“Okay, and how about that time at Tony’s Halloween party, you guys had too much to drink and Peter caught you both making out in the closet? Poor kid was traumatized for the rest of the night.”
“We were drunk. It didn’t mean anything. Right ‘Lena?” You nudge Yelena, who is in her own world, thinking back to that night.
“Yeah. Right.” Yelena clears her throat.
“You two are making this incredibly difficult. WANDA!!” Nat yells, calling out to the other Red head in the compound.
“Yeah?” Wanda comes running in, thinking something is wrong. However as she comes in, she starts laughing.
“What?” Both you and Yelena ask.
“Your guy’s thoughts are very loud.” She makes her way towards Nat and uses her powers to speak to her in her head.
Nat let’s out a chuckle and a nod.
“Y/N, are you free this Friday at 7?” Nat asks, she runs her finger up your jawline, getting you to look in her eyes.
“Natasha,” Yelena says as a warning. Her hand knocking Natasha’s away from you.
“What? There’s nothing wrong. Y/N is single. I have the right to ask her out.” Nat acts innocent as Wanda lets out a suppressed chuckle from the table.
“I know what you’re trying to do now stop it.” Yelena taps your arm, a signal for you to move over so she can hop down from the counter. She takes a step towards Natasha.
“Stop doing what Sestra?”
“You know what now stop. I won’t ask you again.”
As they were both talking, you and Wanda notice how close they are getting and the rage in Yelena’s eyes grow. You both look to each other, communicating that this has to be stopped.
“Natasha, I think that’s enough.” Wanda says.
“Fine. Y/N, are you free?”
“Yeah?” You ask, confused.
“Yelena, are you?” Natasha asks.
“Yes why?”
“Okay cool. Wanda and I are busy that day so you two are going out on a date on Friday 7 o’clock don’t forget that. Okay bye.” Natasha says, rushingly and she grabs Wanda’s hand and runs out of the room before Yelena could yell at her.
This was the start to Yelena and Y/N’s, relationship.
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padmoonyfeorge · a day ago
fury: what are you both doing here?
y/n: um, parker is watching porn
fury: what?
peter: what?
y/n: parker is watching a handyman repair a squeaky door and then fuck his customer
fury: is that true peter?
peter: .... yes
fury: i wish i could say i was surprised
*fury leaves*
y/n: told you it was a good cover
peter: NOT FOR ME!!!!
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mymindslabyrinth · 2 days ago
Loki, your Tome is showing 🤣🤣
This bit right here made me so happy💖💖
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
At least this Loki does resemble Tom a bit
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cmykwaveart-blog · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ha-ha, that ep was hilarous!
Thor even made the tower of Pisa stand still xD
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nxtashasmcu · 18 hours ago
bucky: toss me my jacket *a box gets thrown in his face* i said my jacket
sam: sorry, i thought you said engagement ring!
bucky: why the fuck would i say... wait
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imbuckybarnesdoll · 13 hours ago
𝗧𝗵𝗶𝗴𝗵 𝗥𝗶𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘽.𝘽
warning: 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗴𝗵 𝗿𝗶𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗳𝗹𝘂𝗳𝗳 𝗮𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗲𝗻𝗱. (𝗦𝗼𝗿𝗿𝘆 𝗶𝗳 𝗺𝘆 𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝘄𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝗶𝗺 𝗮 𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆 𝗹𝗮𝘇𝘆 𝗽𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗼𝗻 𝗹𝗼𝗹) 18+ IF YOU ARE YOUNGER PLS GO AWAY (ik y'all not listening anyways) ENJOY HOES!! P. S: this is my first smut in here so don't you dare judge it thank you
Tumblr media
You were laid in bed, waiting for Bucky to come home from his three week mission. Tonight was the night he was supposed to come home. You were also really horny so you were impatient and excited. But eventually you got tired before you could close your eyes you heard the the lock turn and the door open. You shot out of bed and ran into the living room.
"Bucky!!", You ran up to him and jumped into his arms. Bucky hugged you tightly but eventually let go.
"Hey doll..", he said with a tired voice.
"Hey", you give him a heartwarming smile then you hugged him again.
You lifted your head from his chest and kissed him. He kissed you back and then pulled away.
"I'm tired", he said with that adorable sleepy voice.
" C'mon baby. I'll run you a bath",  you said walking inside to the bathroom to run the nice and warm bath.
After Bucky's bath he sat down on the edge of the bed and called you over,"C'mere  doll".
You walked over to him and he pulled you onto his lap. You leaned down and kissed him passionately. When the kiss got heated Bucky pulled away. Again.
"Doll, I'm tired...", He said as his head laid in the crook of your neck.
You felt really terrible. 'Of course he was going to be tired!! He just came back from a three week mission you idiot!! You're a horny fuck you know that!!', you thought to yourself.
"Aww baby go on, go sleep", you gave him a peck on the lips and moved to get off his lap, but he held you there.
"No, I ... I want to make you feel good", he said now, looking at you.
"Baby you don't have to it's fine-", you were cut off by Bucky's lips crashing into yours.
When he finally pulled away he moved you to sit on his thigh.
"Make yourself feel good baby, I want you to feel good", he moved your hips against his thigh and you let out a shaky breath.
Bucky stopped his movements and lifted you up so that you can take your sweatpants off. You yanked it off and threw it across the room. You got back onto Bucky's thigh and you began to grind your hips against it.
You started to pick up your pace on his thigh and you moaned when he flexed it. The friction of his sweats made you moan loudly and you began to go even  faster. You held onto Bucky's shoulders and buried your face into the crook of his neck as you moaned. You were a moaning mess. You didn't know something like his thigh could make you feel so good. So fucking good.
You felt a knot starting to form in you stomach and your legs began shaking. Your pace slowed down but immediately, that fast pace returned. Bucky moved you along his thigh even faster. You moaned loudly and you started to see stars as your eyes rolled to the back of your head. You came all over Bucky's pants. Bucky kept moving your hips to get you down from your high.
When you came down, you sat there panting and your head still buried in the crook of Bucky's head.
"You feel better now doll?", Bucky asked while caressing your back.
You gave him a tired nod and then got up to clean yourself up. You went to your closet and picked out a clean pair of sweatpants for Bucky. You made sure to only buy the grey ones because it always looked so fucking sexy on him. You took the clean pair of sweatpants to him and you started to put your pants back on.
You crawled into bed next to Bucky and cuddled into his chest.
"I love you, doll", Bucky said and he gave you a kiss on the forehead.
"𝘐 𝘮𝘩𝘶 𝘺𝘩𝘶 𝘵𝘸𝘩𝘰𝘰 𝘣𝘶𝘵𝘵𝘺", you muttered half asleep.
Bucky couldn't make out a word you said, but it sounded like an i love you too Bucky.
"God I love you sweetheart. More than you could ever know", Bucky muttered.
Bucky turned you around so that he was spooning you. Bucky immediately fell asleep and cuddled you the whole night.
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dreamerealist · 2 days ago
Lmao this side of Thor
When Loki made an entrance I legit thought the planet was done for sure
Vision and 6 infinity stones it’s interesting!
Tumblr media
There goes the Stonehenge
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He’s talking about farting
Tumblr media
Aw look at them
Tumblr media
Loki being Loki lmao
Tumblr media
SUTUR lmaaaaao
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This was fun the lord be on point
Tumblr media
Remember he asked Nebula and she went like my father is calling yeah I was shook, but who took in the end stones. Our boy Vision. I can’t believer he made everyone clean up the mess I mean the announcement was funniest thing ever
Tumblr media
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imsebastiansta-n · 22 hours ago
Story request: a single mom with young son meets Sebastian and angst and fluff ensue. Toss in jealous Exs.
If this doesn't work for you,, that is ok.
Tumblr media
"That's the Winter Soldier!"
Warnings: angst, fluff, jealous exs, a few swears, seb to the rescue, mentions of alcohol and blood
Word count: 1k
Tip Jar 🌸
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A/N I literally wrote this just now while watching CSI, I hope you like it. Also, I am British so we use different words here than in America or other places 💕
You and Elijah were currently in the supermarket doing your monthly shop. Elijah was currently sitting in the trolley, talking to you about how his day was in nursery.
“So then Sophia pushed Gracie and she hit her head on the slide. The teacher told Sophia off.” Eli babbled on.
“Oh no. Is Gracie okay?” You asked, worried about the little girls safety.
“Yeah she’s okay, she just got a little bump on her head. Can we get chocolate pillows, please mummy?” He begged, making you chuckle.
(Chocolate pillows are literally the only cereal my nephew will eat 😂)
“Of course we can baby.” You smiled and pecked his forehead.
You looked on the shelves, and once you spotted them you pushed the trolley over to it. You reached up, and started to tiptoe but you still couldn’t reach the box.
It was a few seconds of struggling when you felt a warm presents behind you, and the most intoxicating smell ever causing you to turn suddenly and be faced to face with most beautiful ocean blue eyes.
“Here you go.” He smiled showing his pearly whites, offering you the box of chocolate pillows.
“Oh, thank you so much.” You smiled back, nervously.
“Mummy, do you know who that is? That’s the Winter Soldier!” Eli whispered shouted to you.
“Oh is it? Well hello, Mr. Winter Soldier. I’m YN, and this is Elijah.” You giggled, holding out your hand causing Sebastian to grin.
“Hello, YN and Elijah. It’s nice to meet you both.” He smiled big and took your hand shaking it before letting go.
You were about to reply when a voice shouted your name causing your eyes to widen and shivers crawl up your spine.
“YN! What did I tell you about talking to strangers?!” Ben stalked up to you, with a beer bottle in his hand. Causing you to bring Elijah closer to you.
“And you are?” Sebastian asked, annoyed at how he spoke to you.
“Her boyfriend. Who the fuck are you, pretty boy?!” He shouted, pointing his finger into Sebastian’s chest as he staggered about.
“For the last time, Ben. We are not together. We never have been, it was a one night stand.” You said, nervously staring at your shoes like they’re the most interesting thing in the world.
“What the fuck did you just say to me, you little bitch?!” Ben shouted, waving his hands about. The beer in the bottle sloshing around, droplets landing on the floor.
“You need to leave. Right now!” Sebastian said, sternly.
Ben looked at Sebastian up and down before sneering. He took a swig of beer before throwing the bottle onto the floor, glass flying everywhere as he stormed away.
“Ow. Mummy!” Eli cried, clutching his leg.
“Eli? Baby what’s wrong?” You fretted, giving him a once over.
“It’s my leg mummy, it hurts.” He whimpered, his bottom lip quivering.
You check his leg when you see blood pouring from a cut made from the bottle Ben smashed.
“Shit!” You whispered, “okay baby, it’s gonna be alright. We’re gonna go and get your leg fixed okay?” You pecked his forehead to try and keep him calm when you ripped one of your sleeves from your shirt to wrap around his wound.
Sebastian dropped his basket, “come on, I’ll drive you to the hospital.” He offered, grabbing yours and Eli’s bag from your trolley as you nodded, comforting Eli.
“Thank you, Sebastian.” You whispered loud enough for him to hear as he half smiled at you and nodded.
You reach his car, and sit in the back with Eli as Seb drove you all to the hospital.
Once you arrived, you hopped out with Eli still whimpering in your arms and Sebastian by your side as you jogged into the emergency department.
“Please, please my son needs help!” You pleaded as a young nurse came over with a bed for you to lay Eli on.
“Kayla?” Sebastian asked, you couldn’t tell if he was shocked, annoyed or happy.
“Oh my goodness, Sebastian. It’s so great to see you.” Kayla, the nurse squealed as she tried to hug Sebastian, but he pushed back causing her to frown.
“So how have you been?” She asked, twirling her hair. Causing you to frown and look down at your son.
“Excuse me, my son needs help?” You pleaded, as Kayla gave you a filthy look and tutting, as she rolled her eyes and looked back at Sebastian.
“How have you been, Sebby?” Kayla battered her eyelashes at him, making him even more angry that he stormed away causing Kayla to pout.
It was a few seconds when Sebastian came back with a nice trailing behind him.
“You’re relieved.” He said, arms crossed against his chest. “Go on, go.”
Kayla huffed but eventually left, but not before calling you a bitch under her breath first.
“Let’s take Eli and get his leg checked over.” The new nurse said softly as she wheeled him over to a room, you and Sebastian trailing behind.
It was about 2 hours until they fixed Eli’s leg. They had to give him an X-ray to make sure the cut had no glass and then patch him up.
He chose a Winter Soldier plaster which him and Sebastian where very happy about.
You climbed back into Sebastian’s car, Eli on your lap sound asleep against your chest.
“Thank you, Sebastian.” You whispered as to not wake up Eli.
“For what?” He asked, looking at your through the mirror.
“For being you. For helping me and Eli when you barely know us.” You smiled softly, pecking Eli’s head as Seb smiled.
“I’d like to get to know you both better, if that’s okay?” He asked, nervously. You couldn’t see but you could tell he was biting his lip.
“I’d like that a lot.” You smiled at him through the mirror and leant your head on top of Eli’s as you and Sebastian talked and asked questions all the way home.
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Doc ock: //While fighting Peter, one of his mechanical arms grab him and throw him like a rag doll//
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deviiancetv · 2 days ago
okay Captain Marvel really ATE DAT ASS UPPP!!! This was the best What If…? fight.
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mymindslabyrinth · 2 days ago
Is it just me that when I saw Thor's face in the new what if?.... Episode I immediately thought of Prince Charming from Shrek?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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