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Fake Not-Dating


- It wasn’t like you guys wanted to keep your relationship a secret

- It was just a prank that wasn’t very well thought out

- Keeping a relationship secret, especially around people who can read you like a book, is hard.

- You guys had easily fallen into the rhythm of kissing and being all couple-y in private. The transition from friends to lovers was easier than expected

- But genius Peter had decided it would be fun to see who could work it out first

- Natasha currently thought the reason for your glow was because you’d just finished PMS’ing

- Peter was usually a little over-cheerful so even Tony thought nothing of it at first

- But when Pete is concentrated in the lab and licking his lips every ten seconds

- Boy needs a kiss kiss!

- The amount of times he’s had to thwip thwip you guys onto the ceiling so the others wouldn’t walk in on your make out sessions

- MJ suggests all four of you guys go to homecoming together

- Peter inwardly freaks out because he wants to ask you in a more romantic way

- Was your friendship with Peter that comfortable that nobody questions why you’re wearing his clothes?

-Petey gets distracted by you in training

- He gets kicked where the sun doesn’t shine.

- “He must be thinking about girls” Sam jokes

- “Wha- girls? No! Ew, cooties.”

- You’re gonna kill him.

-You sneak out of your room to head to Peter’s and catch Natasha going into hers with a pink box of donuts

- “I won’t question you if you promise not to tell Clint that I lost the bet.”

- It’s a few months in now and you’re genuinely surprised nobody has figured it out, although some of them have openly suggested that you’re crushing on one another

- You and Peter are on his bed one night looking at different colleges

- The tension had been growing for a while

- And when you talk about how you two could find an apartment together for second year

- and he gives you this look

- Turns out T’Challa was visiting from Wakanda that day.

- He’s the first to find out about your relationship. And be scarred by it.

- At least the prank is over now?

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I have only seen the first Avengers and while beeing decent for what it is (The action genre is not for me) I kinda think Hulk‘s Arc could have been handled better? I mean he tries to remain calm, gets angry, loosed his pants and suddenly he is the little teapot that could.

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Summary: Your car breaks in the middle of nowhere, leaving you at the mercy of a grumpy lumberjack.

Pairing: Lumberjack!Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: angst, language, solitary, Steve being a jerk, smut, unprotected sex, light dubcon?, outdoor sex, dirty talk, lies, blood

A/N: I got inspired to write this story for this challenge: Celebration of Lumberjack smut - go and join the fun!

Words: 3,8 k


There were times in which Steve Rogers was a hero. There were times in which he loved to help people – these times are long gone.

All he wants is to live a simple life. He chose solitary, a life in the woods, spend with cutting wood and selling furniture he made with his hands.

Instead of destroying things or fighting enemies, he creates something, and Steve must admit – he likes his new life. People leave him alone after he declared he did enough for this world.

He gave up going back to Peggy to not destroy the timeline or create chaos – which means he is stuck in a world that is not his for the longest time.

Whilst the former Avenger swings his ax to split more wood. He looks up for a moment, letting his eyes wander to watch a wolf stroll toward his ‘territory’. 

The wild creature eyes Steve warily, letting out a low snarl before he dashes away, not wanting to get into trouble with a stronger ‘alpha’.

Steve wants to turn his attention back toward the wood when a noise catches his attention. There is a screeching sound followed by the slam of a door, followed by a woman cursing her car.

He is not rushing toward the noise to save the damsel in distress like he used to do. Steve remains still, simply listening to the woman getting closer to his position.


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A Chance and a Challenge 🦋 (1/?)


Originally posted by captaindoritoes

* in which a one person is trying to save and the other is trying to live*

Dark! Nomad! Steve Rogers x Reader

[warnings: dark elements / themes, dubcon, manipulation, swearing, brief flashbacks of sex, Steve is mean to you] *general warnings*

a/n: cheers to me trying to be back, please enjoy a step out of my comfort zone with Nomad Steve! The action will come in the next part, stay tuned if you want. Love you guys.


“You’re not really altogether up there in the head are you?”

Maybe he should’ve listened to her but he couldn’t really focus. The beautiful bartender with the full lips who served him gin and tonics back to back.

Maybe she had it right. Maybe he’s not altogether up in his head. Maybe every screw up there wasn’t as tight as it should’ve but that’s the side of life he loved to be on.

His eyes trained on her mouth as she spoke, the raunchy thoughts swarming of what the insides of her throat would feel like squeezed around his cock. Though he thought, it wasn’t her that suddenly made him hard at the bar.

It was you.

Mainly because the feeling of your throat wrapped around him was something he’d kill to have at least 5 times a day for every day. God were you just the perfect little minx for him. A mix of meekness, submissiveness, and gentleness, it set him right over the edge every time.

It was the way you hardly ever argued with him but were still head strong, the way you’d listen to him but could bicker the next person’s head off, it was great.

Steve’s thoughts took him even deeper to what life had been like with you for the last 8 months. He had a fresh bed every week, a hot meal almost every day, and proper entertainment for when he wanted it.

But what he loved the most was how well he had you wrapped around his finger. He barely had to repeat himself and if he asked to jump, you’d literally ask him ‘how high?’ You just couldn’t resist him and he could smell it like blood in the water full of sharks.

I guess that’s what made him scurry out of the bar once the pretty lady had a task to tend to in the back room. He didn’t even leave a tip. He wanted to go home to you ASAP.

And that he did.


You knew where Steve was and you’d be lying if you said it didn’t kill you inside just a little. The only thing Steve didn’t know was how Natasha had given him a bugged phone when he went in to get the device fixed. She was the only person aware of your feelings for the man.

It was something about him that just did your heart in. You’d known him since he came to New York in 2011, he was so adorable, he looked so lost everywhere he went. You watched his journey as time went by and it felt right, he was exactly where he needed to be and with the right people.

You very much preferred the behind the scenes work like Natasha and Maria but you never passed up a time to knock an enemy off. That’s where you and Steve clashed at times but you adored that difference from afar.

It was then when the Sokovia Accords and Thanos became an issue where you saw your friend (?) become unhinged.

(You didn’t really know if you and Steve were friends or not, secretly you hoped so)

He grew his hair out, stopped shaving, and opted for a different attire out in the battlefield. The dark navy synonymous with how his aura had been lately. You even went as far as to notice how his usually welcoming blues turned a darker teal.

His demeanor shifted, he became more abrasive and aggressive, you’d remember watching him fend off enemies and noticed the almost simple way he took someone into his hands and snapped their neck like it was no one’s business.

That scared you.

But not as scary as you finding him on the other side of your door a few months after he and Tony fought. The Avengers had pretty much decimated and it seemed like everybody was off doing their own thing, even though half sat in federal prison.

A warm summer night of drinking wine after finishing up some files had you trying to relax. It was then when a knock on your front door sounded, you remembered knowing that you weren’t expecting anybody. You opened it to see the 6’2 broody man standing in the doorway.

He looked defeated, beaten up, sleepy, tired, restless, everything. Your heart stopped and sunk in your chest.

“Anybody here with you?” His voice was husky and it rendered you speechless, you shook your head ‘no’ , the shock way too evident for you to form words.

“Good, can I come in?”

Your mind flickered in between yes or no.

Yes because he could clearly use your help but also no because as the world was falling apart around Steve, he turned a lot colder on you. He cut his eyes at you when you spoke at meetings most times, hardly spoke to you, and was just straight up mean. You didn’t lie, it made you cry from time to time.

And why would you let someone like that into your home?

But the more time stood still and you gazed into his eyes, your world shook and it scared you .. but you still couldn’t find a part in you to deny him.

Was that so bad?

It should’ve been because now he’s been under your roof for 8 months and still finds loopholes to reel you in closer to him. Every experience fluctuated, it wasn’t consistent like you wanted.

In one moment he was grateful and a little soft toward you and like that of a snapped finger, he was throwing off your interlocked hand, rolling his eyes at you, cursing you out, and leaving for hours at a time.

It made you hurt for him because you knew the pain he was going through, sometimes you hated being so empathetic. He’d cry crocodile tears and there you were cuddling him into a 4 hour nap in your bed. He’d feign stress and neediness just to have you faced down in the mattress and his cock driving in and out of your wetness from behind.

Sometimes you minded and sometimes you chose not to. He needed you and you knew it.

It was as if when certain rays of the sun hit him in the morning you’d see that clean cut golden boy from 2011. It only broke your heart more when reality set back in, he just wasn’t the same.

But you wanted that back and you damn sure would get it back, whether Steve liked it or not.

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Originally posted by coporolight

“Y/N, is everything all right?”

“Yeah,” you uttered to your husband while still pacing around your guys’ apartment. “Everything is great actually.”

Everyone had gotten their blood work done after the mission just to make sure they were all clean from that disease that delusional scientist was planning on spreading to the entire world. Luckily all of you were safe. As for you, your results came with some added news to it.

You stopped what you were doing so you could sit next to Bucky on the couch. You had wanted to come up with a nice, cute way to tell him, but came up short. And you can tell he was getting a bit anxious from the worried look on his face as well as the way he shook his leg as he sat. Deciding that it was best to simply come out with it, you gave him a big smile to reassure him and took his hands in yours before saying what you needed to:

“I’m pregnant,”

It didn’t take long for his eyes to widened at the news and his breath to hitch. His grip on your hands getting tighter while glancing down at your stomach.

“A-Are you serious?” He stammered out in a low voice.

“I got a call from the doctor when he was telling me about my results. I also took a pregnancy test just to double check. And…yeah. I’m pregnant.”

“Oh, honey,”

With misty eyes and a heartwarming smile of his own, Bucky had you wrapped in his arms in a flash.

“I know this is a big step in our relationship,” you mumbled in his shoulder. “Especially since we haven’t been married very long. And the jobs we have. But I really think we can do this.”

“I know we can,” he lifted his head to give you a loving stare, one that didn’t go away when he placed his eyes back on your stomach. “It’s another reason to make the world a safer place.”

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Request: Hi darling! Could you write a Thor x Asgardian!reader where he takes her to Earth for the first time to meet the Avengers?


Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Pairing: Thor Odinson x Asgardian!Reader
Word Count: 638
Please don’t plagiarize my work!

This was honestly worst then meeting his parents.

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So…I kinda feel like I owe you guys an apology. I took a long break from writing so I published Backpack when it really wasn’t my best work and I wasn’t happy with it. You guys have been so supportive of it and I really want to get part two up for you guys but all my best ideas are reserved for later chapters and I’m just really struggling to write it. I feel like I just keep leaving you hanging and when I do post, it’s never really that great. I’m not really sure what to do at this point and I’ve been considering scrapping Backpack altogether.

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Pairings: Carol Danvers x female! reader

Synopsis: maybe all it took was a 24/7 open diner for you to confess your love to Carol at 4am after drinking many slushes.

Warnings: None just fluff with Carol.


Originally posted by e-a-s-y-r-i-d-e-r

With all the rain poruing down out of no where (not even the weather man mentioned this) Carol and you rushed into the diner with a neon sign and mostly blud and red colors.

There weren’t many people in the diner except sketchy looking men in their coats and drinking what looks to be either a glass of wine or coffee. There were two parked cars outside including the truck Carol drove in with you.

… There were strange things happening all around the both of you. One minute you were exploring this abandoned place (which isn’t the best idea now that you thought about it) and the next you were running away from zombie looking demon monsters who cane out of know where.

Carol had only her pocket knife with her but that didn’t do much. So instead you two tried your best not to scream and panic to attract more monsters and you both ran straight to her truck driving away fast.

And that’s how you ended up here, a bit tipsy and acting as if we were high of weed or something (no drugs were involved kids) and also slurping red and other colorful delicious slushes.

Carol sat down back onto the booth and she laughed at your face since you just got brain freeze.

“Don’t laugh!,“ you threw a chip at her to which she caught and put it in her mouth.

She gave you a smug look, “At least I didn’t get brain freeze!.”

“You will in a minute!,“ you raised your voice at her with a playful tone and she just giggled like an idiot.

“Oh no! I’m so scared! Someone save me!,” she dramatically spoke with her eyes closed and she fell more into the booth with one of hand on her forehead.

“Your such an idiot,“ you laughed.

“But you love me!,” she grinned stating at you.

You sighed almost disappointedly, “Tragically I do,“ you teased watching her frown and she threw one of the curly fries at you.

“You can’t deny my love for you y/n!,” she leaned in closer to you.

“Okay Romeo,“ you joked and she rolled her eyes playfully before her gaze was set on yours.

You two were set in a staring competition which lasted way more longer than you thought. She rested with her arms crossed as her blue eyes you didn’t know how much you actually liked staring into until this moment.

Neither of you spoke, it was like you two were in one of those romantic cliché films were the guy can’t stop staring at the girl who ends up being his lover and they get married at the end or they never see each other again. Either way you did feel love for this idiot.

“Your still staring danvers,” you teased watching her blush.

“So were you!,“ she exclaimed.

“Because I do love you silly,” you smiled softly at her.

Unexpectedly she leaned into kiss you and she pulled away with a very red flustered face. She tucked a bit of her blonde hair behind her ears, staring right into your eyes.

You were so lost in this moment that you just kissed her back.

Her lips felt soft, delicately she kissed you. You felt butterflies in your stomach, that same familiar feeling that you knew was a crush. You’ve had this crush on your beat friend for as long as you could remember. And you had a feeling she did too, and this kiss proves it.

You can still taste the flavored slushes from earlier on her lips and mouth. Carol moaned and you thought just then you would bend her over right then and there at a fucking diner–

You both pulled away for some air. Both panting and breathless from the kiss you didn’t properly know how to describe except it was all you could ever dream off.

Suddenly– the screeching roaring sound of that monster you two saw was back again. Carol let out a long disappointed sigh.

“If er survive from whatever the heck is out there, I’m taking you in tonight,“ she husked and it was your turn to get flustered.

“Sure thing Captain Danvers,” you smirked saluting her.

This was going to be a hell of a night.

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