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Marc: You can’t make everyone like you. You’re not Steven.
Jake: Not everybody likes Steven.
Marc: Who doesn’t?
Jake: What?
Marc, slamming his fist down on the table: Names, now. Give me their names.
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Your blog introduction made me think of something... Steven/Marc competing with Loki for your attention. They would flirt with you and make you weak 🥰
Tumblr media
Of Gods & Men
A/N: I really said "let's give it a little backstory" and then proceeded to turn it into a drama fic with angst and soulmate undertones. Oops ♡
Special mention to @love-on-the-murder-scene for all your help with brainstorming and the title! ily ♡
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Fem!Reader x Marc Spector/Steven Grant
Summary: You've been friends with Loki for a long time, though he often dreams of being more. He's suddenly met with jealousy as a new contender that fancies you is recruited into the Avengers. Soon after meeting, they're forced to work together for your sake.
TW: Angsty as fuck, violence, kidnapping, strong language, mentions of death/killing, trauma
"Morning, Loki," you said sweetly as you walked into the kitchen area, grabbing a bright red apple from the fruit bowl on the counter.
"Good morning, pet," he said seductively as he waved his hand, turning the apple a delicious shade of green and grinning mischeviously.
You shook your head and laughed as you made your way over to sit in a seat at the long glass table next to America Chavez.
"Hey, did you hear about the new guy?" She asked excitedly, oozing with her bubbly personality as always.
"What new guy?" You asked, looking to Loki who rolled his eyes in response, leaning against the counter with his arms crossed.
"Moon Knight!" America squealed.
You looked around at the other present Avengers, waiting for someone to explain who he is and why it's a big deal.
"His name is Steven Grant and he's from London," Stephen Strange announced as he walked in to grab a bottle of water.
"Wait, I thought his name was Marc Spector...?" America questioned as she sat back with a confused face.
"It is." you heard a deep voice say as everyone's eyes snapped to the entrance where it came from. In walked a confident, handsome man with plenty of muscle and great hair. He strode through the room and took a seat across the table from you.
Everyone looked at him expectantly as he looked around, feeling odd with all of the attention focused on him. "Oh, right. I'm Marc. Or Moon Knight," he said quickly, motioning to himself. Then he blinked, and suddenly his whole demeanor changed. He sat a bit lower in his chair now, his features instantly softer as his brown eyes looked around at everyone.
"Cheers, thanks a lot," he said with an adorable British accent. "And I'm Steven Grant, or Mr. Knight... So nice to meet you all."
"Fascinating..." Strange said as he narrowed his eyes, transfixed by the anomaly.
You watched in awe as Marc and Steven switched back and forth, swapping casualties with the other Avengers.
Marc was fronting when his eyes suddenly locked onto yours. You felt a bit of panic in your stomach as you tried to act casual and not like you were just gawking at his beautiful bone structure.
"What's your name, sweetheart?" He asked softly, leaning forward as his gold necklace dangled around his neck. Everyone else was too busy chatting to notice the exchange, except for one other person.
You could see Loki tense from across the room out of the corner of your eye, clearly jealous of this new teammate and his attention to you.
"Oh, I'm Y/N. Nice to meet you," you said as he took your extended hand, shaking it slowly. His hand was larger than you'd expected and extremely warm.
"Pleasure is all mine," he said as he leaned back, holding your gaze. You crossed your legs, squeezing your thighs together to try and appease the urges you felt as this man's voice melted over your skin.
Loki cleared his throat, pulling both of your attentions back to the buzzing of the room as he walked toward the table, holding his chin high with pride.
"I'm Loki... Of Asgard," he said as Marc looked him up and down, before Steven took the front with wide eyes.
"You're Loki?....like the Loki?" He asked with a child-like excitement that confused the Asgardian God in front of him.
"I am..." He said as Steven stood from his chair, shaking his head in disbelief.
"Oh, wow! I mean, I am a huge fan of your realm. Your Gods, your art, your food... Just bloody brilliant." Steven gushed as Loki looked around uncomfortably.
"Yes, well... I am needed downstairs. Shall I walk you, Y/N?" Loki asked as he looked over at you.
"Yeah, I'm going that way," you smiled as you said goodbye to America and walked around the table. Loki placed a hand on your lower back, letting his possessive side show as he led you away from Steven and into the elevator.
Steven watched as you entered the lift with Loki, thinking to himself how stunning you were. Marc agreed, as he couldn't help but feel envious of the God who stood next to you with his arm snaked around your waist.
---- TIME SKIP ----
It had been about a month since Marc and Steven moved into the compound. Marc and Loki still didn't get along well but they tried - for your sake. Steven was still quite smitten with the Norse God, and Loki found it confusing but flattering. It was always interesting to see them all together, which happened to be very often for a pair that despised each other.
The fact is, they knew they had to tolerate one another if they were going to see you. So they did their best. That didn't keep them from bickering like fools, though.
"I was thinking.. maybe we blow this popsicle stand tonight. I'm sick of being stuck inside, I need to get out, get some fresh air," you suggested to Marc and Loki, who considered your proposal for a moment as they sat on opposite ends of the couch in your room.
"I'm in. That sounds fun," Marc said as he was intrigued.
"That sounds dangerous," Loki said with a raised eyebrow, giving you a knowing look.
Nick Fury had sort of put you on lockdown. You were struggling to obtain control of your powers. They were emotionally charged and you could tend to make a mess of things when you got upset. Sometimes they wouldn't work at all. You were a special case, and they were trying hard to crack you.
"Come on, Loki, let her live a little. What's the worst that could happen?" Marc asked with annoyance.
"She could get hurt. She could get caught. She could blow someone up if they mouth off at her... Shall I go on, or is that enough for your tiny pea brain?" Loki asked rudely, making you sigh heavily. They were off.
"So she's just supposed to sit inside while they pick her brain like a lab experiment and never see the outside? How's that fair?" Marc argued, leaning forward to glare at Loki.
"It's not about what's fair, Spector, it's about what's safe for her and this isn't it," Loki spat. "I'm all for mischief but this is just stupid."
You flinched at the insult, feeling a sting in your chest. Loki looked at you immediately, regretting how he'd delivered that line.
"Y/N.. I-"
"No, you're right. It's stupid." You said as you stood up, walking away from the pair on the couch.
"I think I'm just gonna go to bed, actually. So..." You said as you motioned to the door, asking them both to leave.
"I didn't mean it that way," Loki said softly as he reached for your hand, to which you pulled away.
"I know. It's fine." You said flatly, glancing at the door. "I'm really tired."
Loki exhaled and made his way to the door, shooting a glare in Marc's direction.
"Are you sure?" Marc asked you quietly as he stood. You nodded, wanting him to leave too. You were sick of both of them, frankly, and their constant need to one-up each other.
You sat on your bed, sighing heavily after they'd both left. You were treated like a prisoner here, minus the big glass cage and constant recording.
You wanted to get out. Just for a bit. And since Loki and Marc wouldn't cooperate, you'd just have to go by yourself.
You inhaled the earthy smell of the wet pavement beneath your feet and smiled as you walked down the street. It was a quarter past 10 and you were enjoying the mostly quiet walk, save for a few random pedestrians and cars passing you by. You looked in the shop windows at all the clothes and electronics, remembering the days you used to spend shopping and browsing with friends without a care in the world.
That was before the accident, of course. Now those same friends were terrified of you, and had blocked all communication you had with them. You missed them terribly, but you understood. You weren't safe to be around.
You stopped to listen as you heard a woman's voice raising into a scream in the distance, and turned on your heels to run in her direction. She was down an alleyway, and you saw her struggling in the hands of a man much larger than her.
"Help!" The woman yelled, digging her heels into the pavement as the man pulled on her wrists.
"Let her go!" You shouted as you walked toward them, holding your hands out in front of you.
The woman looked to you with fear in her eyes as the man released her, running the other way.
"Are you okay?" You asked as she ran up to you, collapsing in your arms as she cried.
"Oh, thank you!" She heaved as she tried to regain her balance, her legs still shaky from the incident.
She held onto your arms for support as you heard the gravel moving below your feet, signaling something was behind you. As you turned your head around to see what it was, the woman's grip tightened on your wrists as she quickly secured them with a tie and kicked your feet out from under you. Everything happened so fast.
You groaned as your body hit the wet gravel, looking up to see the helpless woman alongside the mugger from before, who was now lifting you into the air as you kicked to try and get free, paralyzed with fear. It was no use.
Marc tossed and turned in his bed, his shirtless body gleaming with sweat as he fought the heat of the flannel sheets he hated. He huffed as he tried to get comfortable, closing his eyes tightly.
Marc? Steven asked softly from inside.
Marc exhaled loudly, opening his eyes to peer into the mirror next to his bed. "What is it, Steven?"
Steven's face was pale and full of worry.
Marc, I think something's wrong.
Marc ran through the halls of the compound, clearing floors in seconds as he took the stairs to bypass the elevators. He slid around the corner toward your room when he saw Loki quickly approaching from the other direction. They almost collided into one another as they busted your door open.
There was an empty bed.
"What are you doing here?" Loki asked Marc with an annoyed tone, worry covering his face as his features dripped with nervousness.
"I could ask you the same thing," Marc scoffed.
Steven was sick of their shit and immediately took control of the body, which was still confusing for Loki.
"Enough! We don't have time for this," he said, pointing to the open window.
Marc took the front again and raced outside with Loki on his heels. They ran in the direction they figured you went down the street. They see no sign of you, and Loki is growing impatient and more feral by the second.
"I told you this was a bad idea... you shouldn't have encouraged it!" He spat at Marc, who was looking all around.
"Look, you can yell at me later. I can't see anything down here," he said as he looked up at the roof tops. He summoned the suit, Loki standing back as his body was encased in white cloth and armor. Even Loki had to admit it was impressive.
Marc climbed the building effortlessly, leaping off of the windowsills like stairs as Loki looked up at him in shock.
"What, do you think I can fly?" He scoffed as he grumpily summoned his armor and took to the building, doing his best to scale it with as much grace as Marc did.
Both now on the rooftops, running like their lives depend on it. Capes flying in the wind behind them, leaping over alleys with ease.
Marc stops suddenly, throwing his arm out to catch Loki from almost falling off the edge of the roof.
"What are y-" Loki starts to object, when Marc shushes him angrily.
Loki feels his heart ram against his ribcage as your scream is heard across the city.
They look at each other with wide, panicked eyes for a moment, before Loki takes the lead this time, throwing himself to the ground with a thud.
Marc trails behind him as they follow the sound of your wail, seeing tail lights off in the distance.
Marc and Loki grab their chests simultaneously as they feel fear and panic ripping through them.
"You too?" Marc groans, steadying himself against the brick alley wall as the pain starts to subside.
"W-why can you feel it? You're not a sorcerer," Loki snaps with a hint of jealousy in his voice.
"How would I know?" Marc scoffs, rolling his eyes.
They realize they've lost the car in the midst of their arguing as Steven fronts, breathing heavily as he clutches his chest. He rips open his suit, gasping as he tries to breathe normally.
"I've had about... Enough... Of you two fighting..." Steven gasps as takes off his white gloves, shoving them in his pockets.
"Loki, how did you know Y/N was in trouble? Better yet, how did I know? " Steven asked quickly, his curiosity not being able to wait another minute.
Loki shook his head. "I've been able to sense Y/N's emotions since the day we met. I thought it had to do with our type of magic, but I don't know now..." he said as his brows knitted together.
"So you think... You think she sent me a message?" Steven asked softly. Loki nodded as he looked toward the ground, accepting the fact that you must truly care about Marc and Steven too.
Steven walks into the middle of the street and begins spinning around.
Loki stands back with a look of utter confusion on his face.
"Steven, what the hell are you doing?" He asks as he looks around for anyone that might be seeing this.
"I'm from London, I don't know a thing about this city..." He says as he continues spinning, taking in all the buildings and the stars above, trying to form a mental compass with help from the constellations.
He closes his eyes, focusing hard on his last signal from you and where it felt like it came from.
"She's this way," he says finally as he takes off running, following your sign like a dog tracking a scent, Loki quickly following in pursuit.
They round the corner and spot the car, now parked and empty. The engine is still warm.
Loki summons his daggers, looking around with concern on his face. "Okay, we need a plan."
Yeah, no shit, Sherlock.
"Marc." Steven warns, shutting his eyes angrily.
They enter the building quietly, slinking around the halls trying not to be seen when Loki spots a woman heading their way. She's armed and has handcuffs in her hand, which can't be a good sign. He hides as she walks by, then quickly grabs her, throwing her against the wall, holding her there by her throat.
Steven is buzzing with anger as his chest seizes again, feeling you close by and terrified. He shakes off his usual worried resolve and begins questioning the woman after taking her weapons.
"Where is she?" He asks as the woman coughs, struggling against Loki's grip.
Choking, she points toward a door at the end of the hall.
Loki drops her, letting her fall to the ground as they take off toward the room.
He kicks the door down as they barrel in, instantly met with several armed guards.
Steven and Loki work together seamlessly, batons and daggers slinging in all directions as they fight through the wave of men.
You'd been locked in a small room and bound to a metal chair by several people. You were well aware that you could've escaped, but you weren't willing to risk any lives in doing so, especially since your powers were so unstable. You were sure Fury would send someone for you soon. Your skin felt alive, almost electric with fear running through your veins. All you could think about was Marc, Steven, and Loki, and how you should've listened to them.
Steven takes a blow to the back of the head by a larger man, sending him straight to the ground where he falls on his face as he loses consciousness.
Loki is distracted by his sudden empathy for Steven, tempted to run toward him when two men grab him and throw him to the ground, his daggers sliding across the floor.
You hear the commotion and sense them close by as they're fighting their way to you. Suddenly all your desire to stay cool is gone when you feel Steven lose consciousness, followed by the sound of Loki's struggling growls.
You stand before you know what you're doing, breaking the chair and restraints that bind you, taking two steps forward as you blow the door to pieces with a wave of your hand.
The men in the room stand frozen in fear as your eyes emit a purple glow, and you throw your hands out in front of you, instantly tossing them to the side like rag dolls.
You look down to find Steven passed out and feel rage spread through your veins like wildfire. The two men restraining Loki let go, suddenly in fear for their lives as more men enter the room as back up. You lose it, falling to your knees as your chest heaves, sending a wave of energy across the room, inevitably tearing the walls apart.
Steven's eyes squint open as dust and debris fly around, his vision focusing on you in agonizing pain next to him. Loki kneels down to dodge the falling shrapnel, and observes Y/N sadly from the floor, looking to Steven quickly to help stop her.
They nod in silent understanding as Steven comes up on his knees, throwing himself against you to take you down and stop your destruction. The building begins to crumble around you as Steven knocks you over, absorbing the fall with his body as Loki throws his arms out, wrapping you in a force field of protection.
You feel tears escape your eyes, rolling heat down your cheeks as you watch the falling brick and splintering wood bouncing off of Loki's shield, the building coming to bits from your emotional sorcery.
When the dust begins to clear, you are surrounded by rubble and debris, as well as Steven's arms. He lifts his head from your chest, searching your face with frantic worried eyes.
"You alright, love?" He asks softly as you nod with all the strength you have left.
Loki exhales with exhaustion as he brings down the force field, helping you and Steven to your feet as sirens begin blaring in the distance.
"We have to get out of here," he says desperately as the 3 of you take off toward the compound.
You stop in your tracks, turning to take in the damage and the scattered bodies, feeling your heart break as the familiar sight of destruction at the hands of your emotions sets in.
"No, no... Y/N, look at me. Just look at me," Steven says as your eyes scan over the scene in front of you.
He wraps his arms around your middle as your knees give out and you begin to sob uncontrollably. Loki is by your side in seconds, helping to lift and carry you back home.
"I thought I told you not to leave this compound" Nick Fury bellowed, his black boots pacing the floor as you sat on the couch of the common room.
"I'm sorry, sir," you squeak, looking to the floor with shame as the other Avengers sat around uncomfortably in the impromptu meeting.
"You should be telling yourself sorry, because you just put a big fat target on your back," Fury said firmly as he crossed his arms.
"With all due respect, Nick, she didn't know-" Strange starts to defend you, when Nick Fury shoots him an appalled look.
"Oh, you're gonna talk? After you just got back from galavanting through multiverses and pissing off every variant you could find? Sit down." Fury spat. Stephen clenched his jaw, wanting to argue, but choosing to remain silent. You gave him an apologetic look in an attempt to thank him for trying.
"Your little midnight stroll alerted some pretty bad people, Y/N. Now they know you're here, and they're going to keep sending people until you're not a problem anymore," Nick said.
This struck a nerve with Marc, and he fronted immediately.
"Like hell they will," Marc said as he stood from the couch next to you, crossing his arms to match Fury's angry stance.
You watched as Loki stood too, followed by Strange, America, Sam, Bucky, and Bruce.
Nick Fury shook his head before looking back to you, still sat on the couch with a worried look across your face.
"You're lucky you have a good team on your side, Y/N," he said as he felt his disgruntled attitude soften a bit.
"But if you're gonna act like a child... I'm gonna give you a babysitter. Loki, Marc - Magic and muscle. You take the first shift," Nick said as he stomped toward the elevator.
He glanced back with hesitation, his one free eye roaming over the soft way you and Marc looked at each other.
"Keep it professional, Spector. We don't need another Westview incident." He said lowly as he glanced at you and left the room.
You sat back against the couch as the other Avengers gave you words of encouragement before leaving you to be alone.
Loki and Marc watched you for a moment, not sure of what to say. You weren't sure either. You were exhausted.
"How long until this stops, Loki?" You asked as you held your head, now pounding with a headache. Marc sat down next to you, rubbing your back. You felt the pain start to subside immediately as a response to his touch.
"Sleep will help, pet. Let's get you to bed." Loki said as he helped you stand, wrapping one arm around his neck as Marc took the other. They helped you down the hall and into your room.
"Thank you... both of you," you said as they tucked you in. Loki brushed your hair from your face as he watched you with a sad look. He usually kept his emotions concealed well behind a poker face, but it was faltering tonight.
"I'm just grateful you're okay. Please, get some rest." He said as he squeezed your shoulder.
Marc leaned down, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. You could feel your headache fading even more now.
He moved away to follow Loki out, when you rolled onto your side to watch them leave.
"Please don't go far" You said in almost a whisper, feeling a bit silly with how vulnerable you were.
"We'll be right outside, I promise," Marc assured you as he shut the door.
Marc turned to see Loki leaning against the opposite wall, arms crossed as he glared at him.
"You almost got her killed. Are you proud?" Loki asked with condescension.
"You think you're so fucking special, Loki. You've never made a bad call in your life, huh? You just don't understand her, you want her locked away like everyone else. You can't control her. She's not your pet." Marc said as he clenched his jaw.
"I'm not controlling her, I'm trying to protect her. You're encouraging these little field days whilst she needs to be training. You have no idea the kind of power she possesses!" Loki spat as his eyes were blown wide with anger.
"You've seen what she's capable of tonight, and if she doesn't get it under control, she's going to kill herself. She needs someone to help her, not hinder her. She needs me," Loki growled as he tried his best to keep his voice low.
Marc scoffed. "Unlike you, I know what it's like to have a power inside of me that I can't control. To be afraid of myself and a slave to my emotions. She needs someone she can relate to, not someone who's entire personality screams superiority," he said as he stepped toward Loki, meeting his threatening stare.
"At least I know who I am," Loki snapped, his eyes burning into Marc's as they were face to face now. "She needs stability and consistency. Not to share a bed with one man, only to wake up to someone entirely different the next morning."
Steven was begging Marc to cool down, to keep his anger in check and to keep his voice low. Marc could barely hear him over the muffled pounding of his pulse in his ears. He was seconds away from swinging at the God when the door next to Loki opened with a creak.
America popped her head out, rubbing her eyes. "Guys... keep it down, would you? I gotta train tomorrow." She said as she shut the door back.
This snapped the boys out of their squabble long enough to remember their true purpose in the moment. Marc leaned back against the wall next to your room, shutting his eyes in an attempt steady his anger.
Loki sighed, leaning against the opposite wall. "As much as I like to think I know what's best for her... I suppose it's only fair to let her be the one that makes that decision."
Marc felt a strange mental pull suddenly, his vision going black as he lost consciousness. Loki watched with confusion as the shift seemed different than the ones he'd witnessed so far with Steven.
The man in front of him sniffed, crossing his arms, his heavy stare oozing judgement as he looked Loki up and down.
"May the best man win," he said with a smirk, his voice thick with a spanish accent.
End of Part 1
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
If You Want Me, Come and Get It
Requested by Anonymous
Could you write a Loki/F!Reader story where Reader isn't very attractive and has always been ignored until she comes home from some big battle victorious and finds she's suddenly catching Loki's interest, so she decides to tease him and make him come to her? Hope that's not too specific or weird a request
If beauty was a gift given to the women of your race, then somehow you missed that day it was handed out to everyone else. You weren’t ugly per se, but you always seemed to blend into the crowd and fell victim to always being overshadowed by the other women around you. Even growing up you felt inferior to your friends and peers; your mother constantly told you that you were just fine, but you knew the truth. It was clear because of the way you were treated. 
And so, instead of relying on your looks to get you through life, you put all your effort into becoming a fighter and a great warrior like from the tales you were told as a child. If you could not be a gorgeous goddess like the others, then you were determined to be powerful and command respect from your abilities that you would work to possess.
You trained and trained any chance you got and even your instructors could see the great potential you had as a warrior. They pushed you incredibly hard and it paid off because you were placed under the command of the king’s guard straight away as your strength and intelligence in battle stuck out to your commanding officers. The king himself also had hoped your skills would rub off on his sons and so you were graced with a high honor of working directly with them.
Being around the princes gave you an opportunity that few had and that was you grew to know them better than anyone, especially the younger one Loki. He was not at all like his brother in that even though he was a wonderful fighter, he used more of his brains than he did his brawn and it always seemed a more elegant way to disable his opponent. In fact, it was Loki that had taught you a few of his tricks since you seemed interested in learning and it was refreshing to him to have someone actually listen to him. You ended up spending much of your time with the dark-haired prince and you felt as if you were becoming close.
You tried many times to make your feelings known to him, that you wanted a relationship or at least something more than friendship, but all your efforts were fruitless. Unfortunately, you could ever seem to catch his eye. No matter what you did he always seemed to be interested in someone else in that most intimate way. You consigned yourself to simply being his friend and nothing more, even though you wanted more it was better than the alternative of not being around him at all, so you learned how to deal with it.
For quite some time, the kingdom had been left in peace and even though you had joined the king's personal warriors, you had never been able to truly unleash your full capacity as a fighter. Small skirmishes here and there were fine, training the princes and doing other duties for your king kept you busy, but you were itching to show your full potential to the world and possibly finally get some respect.
Just as you were about to give up hope on yet another thing, your opportunity came to prove your worth. A violent and bloody massacre was happening in a neighboring realm and only the best were sent to fight and so you, along with Thor, Loki, and the best the king’s guard had to offer were quickly sent to help put an end to the battle.
From the moment you got there, it was complete and utter chaos. Several of your fellow warriors were instantly overwhelmed with everything, but your years of training and level-headed attitude kicked in and you led a charge to rally the troops. As you took that first swing of your sword at your enemy, you knew you were in your element.
What you didn’t realize as you continued to fight was that there was someone there that had unknowingly begun to notice your skill and it was stirring up something within them that they had not felt towards you before. It would have shocked you to know who exactly it was, but you were too busy fighting to care. 
From across the battlefield, Loki looked up and his eyes caught your form. He watched in amazement as you easily overpowered each enemy you came up against with precise skill; clearly you were a master at warfare. He knew how hard you trained and how quickly you rose to your rank, but seeing it here and now before him was truly eye-opening. There was something in the way that your muscles strained as you swung your sword and the way your body moved through your opponents that stirred something within him. It was like he was really seeing you for the first time and he wondered how he had been so blind before.
“Brother!” Thor called to Loki, breaking him out of his stupor and bringing him back into the present just before he would have been struck with a club from an oncoming combatant. 
Before he could think, the enemy was mortally wounded right before Loki and as the body fell to the ground out of the way, who should be standing behind it with their sword positioned in such a way that it was certain they had made the killing blow, but you. Throwing a smirk and a nod, you left Loki standing speechless at what he had just witnessed.
“You need to keep your eyes in front of you,” Thor scolded his brother as he approached, giving him a playful punch to his upper arm, “and off of [Y/N], at least until the battle is over. Don’t want you getting hurt because all the blood is rushing somewhere besides your brain.”
Loki rolled his eyes and ignored the last bit of the reprimand, trying to redirect the conversation. “I could defend myself against these miscreants with my eyes closed, I was simply caught off guard for a moment, nothing more,” he boasted proudly, hoping that Thor would forget what he had just seen.
Loki tried his hardest to keep his thoughts off of you and on his attackers, but no matter how much he forced himself, it wasn’t enough. Constantly he was checking around the field to find you so that he could watch you for as long as he could before he had to move. Gods, he couldn’t believe how beautiful you looked even as filthy as you were getting and the unholy thoughts of ripping your clothes off and having his way with you as the adrenaline from battle still coursed through your veins had him in a tizzy. 
The Asgardian began to rally around you as you pushed through the enemy forces. You were the star of the hour and through you they were able to quickly disable all of the forces, putting an end to the bloodshed. Cheers and pats on the back were given to you by the dozens as you had done an amazing job and the others felt lucky to have you. Now all that was left to do was round up the prisoners and return home to the ceremonial feast on the success of the day.
“Let’s hear it for [Y/N], the true warrior of the day! With her skill and quick-thinking, we won the day easily. Three cheers!!” Thor raised his flagon and the rest of your comrades followed suit.
Through the cheers and drinking, you finally felt you found your place. The high you were experiencing from being recognized and no longer ignored made you feel on top of the world. You felt as though you could do anything you wanted in this moment as you had the respect you had been working towards all this time.
Across the hall, there was something else transpiring in your friend. Loki could not get the picture of you fighting gracefully on the battlefield. The way your body moved, the way your sweat mixed with your opponents blood glistened off your skin, the smirk that crossed your lips when you had saved him, all of that was swimming in his mind. For the first time, he found that he was completely aroused and he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.
You looked up as you finished off your drink and set it on the table, locking eyes with Loki instantly. There was something in their depths that you had never seen before; it was nothing bad, but you could not place why exactly he could not stop from staring.
Then he bit his lip.
That was something you had seen before, but only at someone he found attractive and about to pursue. Surely there must be someone behind you or something because it could not be you. You turned around in your seat slowly, not trying to make it obvious, but once you were able to see behind you there was no one.
You turned back to him and found he had not moved his gaze from you. Subtly, you raised an eyebrow at him in questioning if he had meant to do such a suggestive move at you and he nodded back without skipping a beat. Then he raised a finger and beckoned you forward with it. 
Loki was used to getting what he wanted exactly when he wanted it, but tonight you were bold. All the times you had been around him and he could have very easily noticed you then, but didn’t wasn’t discouraging at all. Oh no, if he was finally interested in you after all this time he was going to have to work what he wanted, now that you were suddenly gaining some popularity. 
You shook your head slowly, lowering your head  to look up at him through your long eyelashes and putting on your most seductive smile. Loki was very confused; no one had denied him in such a way. The thrill of the fight must still be coursing through your veins and he was enjoying seeing this more confident side of you. He raised an eyebrow now to question your defiance before beckoning you over with his finger once again.
Again, you denied him, this time sitting back and simply watching to see if he would get the hint. After a few moments it was clear you were going to have to be even more bold about what you wanted and so you mimic his come hither movement with your own finger. Perhaps now he would understand the game; he would have to come to you if he was going to get anything this night.
Loki could not believe what he was seeing, nor could he believe how much he was excited by being forced to make the first move. It was new for him to be told what to do, but he found his pulse quickening and his cock twitched with anticipation of what else you would make him do; after what he had seen today, he wanted a strong warrior to command him.
One more time was all you were going to give him and you gestured with your whole hand this time, patting the seat next to you in encouragement. Slowly, you watched as Loki did as you commanded and rose from his seat. The bulge in his pants was only visible a moment as he tried his best to conceal it, but not before you got your glance and it thrilled you to know you were having this effect on him.
He moved through the people down the table to get to where you were and took a seat in the one you had pointed out to him. You smiled at his job well done.
“No one has ever made me come to them,” he admitted quietly for only you to hear. “It is usually I who gets what they want.”
You shrugged. “If you want the best, you have to work for it,” you replied, surprising even yourself at how easily that statement came from your lips; it was not something you were used to.
“On the battlefield today, I could not seem to take my eyes off of you Lady [Y/N],” he purred and he moved in closer and stroked your arm. “I am remiss for not noticing how amazing of a woman you are until now, but if you permit, I can make my amends all night tonight in your bed or mine.”
Bringing your hand to your chin, you pretended to think about his offer even as your mind was clouded with desire just from him stroking your arm with his soft fingertips. “I believe that will be suitable, my prince,” you brought your face close to his. “Perhaps we should start soon, since you have quite a lot of apologizing to do and the night is waning fast.”
“Oh, I can promise you will be thoroughly apologized to in no time,” he smirked. “Lead the way, my lady.”
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The Girl is Mine
Want More Marvel?…
Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader
Warnings and Tags: Established Relationship, Language, Clubs, Mentions of Alcohol, Awkward Flirting, Jealousy, It’s Gay In Here
Notes: i couldn’t stop my hands from typing this sorry
In (Y/N)‘s whole ass defense, she did not ask for this. Really did not. She was just outside of the club she was told to go to, almost sweltering in the late spring evening.
She wasn’t here to pick up random girls.
If only little miss Whoever the Hell understood that.
(Y/N) politely nodded, attempting to look as disinterested as she felt. Miss did not take the hint, moving to almost lean on her shoulder.
“I mean, you don’t get a chance to party with a pretty girl every night,” the stranger attempted to convince her. Jesus. If she had been in any other situation than this, she might admire the tenacity of this Miss.
“Bold of you to assume,” (Y/N) spoke, eyes scanning the crowd around the entrance.
“Aw, come on… all I’m asking is for some help getting in… I could buy your first round of drinks…”
At least she was offering something. Too bad it was nothing (Y/N) was interested in.
“I’m fine. Like I said before, I’m waiting on someone.”
“Oh? And is that someone going to turn their nose up to free drinks as well?”
In a bold movement, the woman reached to toy with her hair. Ew. Too much. (Y/N) took a step back, bumping against a shoulder.
Her sight filled with relief at the sight of who she was actually here to escort.
Wanda’s eyes were narrowed on the stranger before them, her hand sneaking around to (Y/N)’s waist, “I think I will be turning my nose up. Thank you for the offer.” Her tone was indicative of anything but that sentiment.
Little Miss’s eyes widened at the sight, mouth opening and closing.
“Perhaps try a mint next time. Your lines are stale. Come along, (Y/N).”
She fought the burst of surprised chuckles as she let her girlfriend guide her around the crowd. Wanda’s sure hand kept at her waist, holding her securely. Warmth spread from the contact, curling into (Y/N).
“You could’ve been nicer,” she finally commented after Wanda cleared their entrance with the bouncers.
“I could’ve,” Wanda agreed, sending them into the music filled room. The bass thudded in her ears, killing almost all of the noise. Well, almost all. Unless you counted Wanda’s clever mouth grazing the shell of her ear, close enough for her voice to vibrate, “But I didn’t want to. Not when it comes to you.”
Her girlfriend chuckled, keeping (Y/N) steady as the sensation of the words rolled down her spine. Shit.
“I don’t think you fault me for it, either.”
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blackstar30 · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Benedict Cumberbatch for the Doctor Strange promotional photoshoot (2016)
he looks breathtaking
(Source: https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4770876246196252 )
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lovelyy-moonlight · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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goldengoddess · 12 hours ago
hey love can you please write a fic with andrew!peter and like just fluff literally any scenario
late night library - tasm!peter parker ♡
pairing: tasm!peter x reader
authors note: i’ve never written for andrew’s peter so pls don’t hate me if this is absolutely horrible. & im so sorry this request took me so long !!! hope u enjoy <3
warnings: none
Tumblr media
"parker, you're aware that we're here to finish the yearbook not break the schools property right?"
the boy in question whipped his head in your direction, giving you that little smirk that he was famous for at midtown science high school. the urge to push his hair away from his face so you could see him better crawled up your throat. but you pushed it down before you would actually fulfil the urge. 
despite your not so serious warning, peter continued to skate around the library. by some miracle, he didn’t knock over any of the shelves filled with the school’s beloved books. with every sharp turn he seemed to make eye contact with you, making your stomach flip. with a playful eye roll you averted your eyes back to the computer in front of you.  
in front of you the pages of this years year book blinked back. almost finished, the page looked clean and organized. the photos were taken by the one and only peter parker, demonstrated by the little note at the bottom of the page that said so.
that was the reason midtown’s prettiest photographer was here in the library with you. despite the fact that it was dark outside, the two of you had been asked to stay to reach the schools deadline.
most of the last couple of hours he’d spent sitting at your side. mostly distracting you with his comments or stunning smile. but now it seemed like there was a little too much sitting involved in this task and he’d decided to skate around the library as you finished up. thinking back, you couldn’t think of a time where parker wasn’t moving around or fidgeting with his pen.
smiling to yourself, you clicked the button to save your work and turned the computer off. the rolling chair you sat on followed you as you pushed yourself away from the desk and let out a little cheer. and for the hell of it, spun around like a little kid.
the noise caught peter’s attention and he maneuvered his way through the shelves to reach you. “did you finish?” he asked, sounding a little out of breath.
blushing, you nodded your head and looked at this gorgeous eyes. okay so maybe, just maybe, you’d been harboring a tiny crush on peter for a couple of months. what is there to say? he’s easy on the eyes, that edgy skater boy thing going for him, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s practically a genius. the crush was bound to happen.
at your small nod, peter broke out into a blinding grin. you added ‘perfect smile’ to the list of things that made peter parker impossible not to like. he closed the distance between the two of you and leaned down to give you a celebratory hug.
you barley had the reflex to hug him back, a breathless laugh flowing out of you, before he pulled away and started pushing you around the library on your chair. your small laugh turned into a chorus of giggles as peter clumsily led you around, his own feet placed on his skateboard.
“peter!” you laughed, turning your head slightly to look at him. and even though he should have been looking ahead, and you should have warned him to do so, you couldn’t bring yourself to do so when he was looking at you.
and to no one’s surprise, aka to just you and peter’s surprise, you collided with the shelf at the back of the library. with a loud “fuck!” you fell out of your chair, knocked over a good amount of books, hit your head against the wood, and finally ended up on the floor.
“ouch” you mumbled, rubbing your forehead gingerly. in seconds peter was at kneeling down at your side.
“are you okay?” he asked while grabbing both sides of your face with his warm hands.
you couldn’t really form words. he was so so close to you. and he was touching you! so you mumbled something incoherent that you hoped resembled a ‘yes.’
based on peter’s amused reaction, maybe you should have tried harder to form a response. “you like my eyes?”
oh no. oh no no no. you could feel the heat on your cheeks and the little gasp that escaped you. this would be a great moment for the ground to swallow you whole.
but alas, that never happened when you really needed it. you shook yourself out of your daze and gave peter an embarrassed smile. “did i say that?” you laughed, “well i mean yes i do you! you have really lovely eyes you know. i mean like a normal amount of lovely eyes. no more lovely than my eyes or gwen’s eyes. well actually much nicer than mine but you know what i mean-”
peter’s boyish laugh cut you off and the embarrassment washed over you once again. but all he said was, “i’m glad your brain is still working after that fall. thank you for the compliment but i think you have the loveliest eyes of all.”
and as if he didn’t just pay you the compliment of the century, he stood up and offered you his hand. without hesitating you grabbed it and stood up. except when you were stood up, your chest was pressed up against his.
“i’m sorry i let you crash into the book shelf. my reflexes are usually much better than that, trust me. but i was distracted” he whispered. it sounded a whole lot like a confession.
your next words were soft, “distracted by what?”
he tilted his head to the side and gave you a knowint grin. right in that moment he reminded you a lot of a golden retriever. “what do you think?”
the small glance towards your lips that he stole was all the answer that you needed. the two of you were grinning like a pair of idiots.
“i’d really love to kiss you know if that’s alright with you.”
with your heart thumping against your rib cage you said yes with your head. peter leaned in and you felt your entire body tingle at the feeling of his lips touching yours.
the kiss was brief and modest but when peter pulled back you knew he was laughing at your emberassed smile and the way you attempted to hide in his chest.
 pulling back, while still keeping his arms around you, he looked down at the scattered books all over the floor. and then back at you.
he really did have the loveliest eyes.
“how about we clean this up and then i’ll take you out to the parking lot and teach you to ride this skateboard huh?”
you couldn’t think if anything be better.
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marvel-lous-jack · 20 hours ago
Peter: Hey, Bucky, do you think you're on any buzzfeed unsolveds?
Bucky: I don't know, maybe?
Peter: Was this you?
Bucky: no
Peter: What about this one?
Bucky: No.
Peter: Okay, what about this one?
Bucky: NO! Oh -wait- yeah, that one was me.
Peter: ...
Peter: You killed a man with his own toaster?
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asherloki · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Jake lockley X the spy woman part 2
Thriller, action
Part 1 part 3
After Jake entered he started searching for the spy woman. And yes he's eyes found her, men flirting with her as she was one of the most beautiful girl in the party. He quietly went to her and said from behind, "may i have a dance with you?"
She turned around and recognised her cabbie but looking so formal in a suit " first of all why are you here and where did you get this suit?"
"i take it as a yes" saying this Jake held her waist and with other hand her palm. She too put her hand on his shoulder. He came closer to her ear while dancing and whispered "I'm here to help you but you won't believe how i got to know your mission and how i got this suit"
"try me"
Jake explained everything to which she said
"I would've laughed on you but this mission is so private that you knowing this from khonshu can be only explanation. But i don't need your help and you're barely looking like a cabbie"
They flirted for a minute until Jake said
"you know if you keep flirting with me you'll miss the chance of stealing the statue "
"please don't worry about me, if i don't flirt with the person I'm dancing they'll doubt and as we spinned i already noticed that 7 people including the party host is near the statue, we can't steal it now"
'wow' was the only thing came to Jake's mind.
"look" she continued "they'll go inside of the villa at some point and we'll have time then"
"so your name ?"
She smirked and replied, "i don't know yours either"
"Jake lockley"
"i see! Oh there you go he's giving a tour of the villa come"
They ran and took the statue but didn't know how to take it to the gate hiding it.
"wait i may help" said she and did some movement with her fingers those violet lighting sparkling and the statue turned smaller.
"wow" said Jake "it's easier to take now, come"
As they went the security guard came and looked at them in a very doubt way but they tried to getaway until they heard the gaurds calling to close the gate so they can't run.
"Jake run" said she "do you have your revolver? We might need it"
"i... Well ... Left it in the car"
"fuck! Run then"
The gate was closing but she managed to keep it a lil open with her ring's power and they sneaked into the car.
"shit they'll see my car number"
"no ! I changed it" said khonshu from inside the car.
"thanks khonshu"
"are you talking to yourself?" Asked the spy woman
"no it's khonshu oops they're coming"
"Shoot at their car, puncture their tire"
"you have magic power do it yourself"
"no i don't want them to doubt"
"ugh! Fine ! " And he did as she said and drove off.
"can i talk to her Jake" asked khonshu
"no absolutely not" replied jake
"are you talking to yourself or this is khonshu again?"asked the spy lady
"yup it's him, wait i see them, they are on their bike"
"I'll handle this" said she and moved her fingers and big tree got cut and fell on them "i hope they're alive, i could do it this time without making it look much weird THANKS TREE"
Jake listened to her feeling something in his heart.
"i want a chit chat with her Jake"asked khonshu again.
"but---" without letting him finish he got inside Jake and started talking in khonshu voice.
She was stunned and leaped and asked "what the fuck is happening?"
"I'm khonshu, give me the diamond i hope Jake said it"
"he explained when we were dancing, ok take it"
Khonshu from inside Jake's body didn't take it and said, "the real one miss"
"wha-what do you mean?"
"you know what i mean! The ring".
To be continued....
Tags:- @daddysfavoritesexkitten
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avengersspngirl · a day ago
Tumblr media
Sebastian will be on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight. Check your local listing for time and channel for your area. I know in NY it comes on CBS (channel 2) at 11:35 EST
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incorrect-moon-knight · 18 hours ago
Layla : here is my wall of inspirational women
Steven : is that a picture of you?
Layla : yes, i often inspired by myself
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iminkandpaper · a day ago
When Marc's first instinct was to shield Layla with his cape? And the way he turned like it was second nature? That's why my standards are so high
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edelweiss-and-maple-trees · 11 hours ago
Deja Vu - Prologue / Teaser
Want More Marvel?…
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Stephen Strange x Fem!Reader
Description: When America couldn’t control her powers, she accidentally ripped (Y/N) from her life on 616– her friends, her work, her ever increasingly distant and cold mentor Stephen Strange— and to quite possibly the wrong place… here. Only able to keep track of her home through comic books and movies, (Y/N) stayed for five years… until America comes back to correct her mistake.
Warnings and Tags: MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS SPOILERS, Language, Mentions of Alcohol and Alcoholism, Mentions of Celebrities / MCU Correlations, Like Bit of a 4th Wall Break
This universe was an awful, decrepit place. Full of pollution, waste, and not even then did it offer anything truly spectacular.
It wasn’t even that much different than home… and it was. All of (Y/N) (L/N)‘s dearest, only near when it came to screens. To be able to see, observe, but not influence. Wondering if what she saw was accurate, flipping through every comic book and piece of media that she could.
She let out a deep sigh, approaching the train stop. Her head had still been stuck on the movie she just saw— that all too familiar face that made her heart constrict. What was his name here… again…?
It had something to do with eggs… and a patch…
The darkness surrounding the night was just as humid as the air. Suffocating. She stepped onto the platform, beginning to hear the conversation being held.
“- what? You got nothing better to do than ignore me?-“
Christ. Alcoholism haunted this world and the next, after all. It was evident in the speaker’s voice, slurring around the words like warm soup.
She would’ve taken more into account about the- now as she could see- drunk middle aged man…
She didn’t, though.
Her eyes were glued to the youth he was talking at. Looking annoyed, tired.
(Y/N) couldn’t even stop her emotions from showing. What ones, she didn’t know. All at once her nerves lit up, ready to go.
“You,” she breathed out.
The middle aged drunkard turned to face her first, looking quite inconvenienced. He was inconvenienced? Him?l
What about her?
The youth blinked, her clear eyes lighting up with recognition. Hesitation, as well. At least the kid recognized her all the same, after all of those years.
Drunko spoke, tilting a bit, “‘Scuse you, I was in the middle of-“
Literally nothing he said mattered. Not right now. “You and I need to talk, now,” (Y/N) kept full eye contact with the teen in front of her.
The child shook her head in agreement, beginning to stand, “That’s why I’m here. I promise.”
“So you can speak—“
“I swear to God- Did you not pass elementary? Can you tell when it is and isn’t your turn to talk?” (Y/N) snapped, turning her full attention and fury onto the man, “You’re literally harassing a teenager like a fucking loser- you made your point, you can’t make friends. Now piss off.”
The man blinked, stunned for a few moments. Whatever, it bought her time. She grabbed onto the youth’s elbow, who luckily caught the memo to just go with wherever (Y/N) was leading her.
“America? Your name is America?”
“Your name is (Y/N)?” the teen- America- raised an eyebrow. The diner was full of the late night college crowd.
None of it could’ve been more deafening than the memory of the power this child had. Ripping a hole- sucking you right through- all that blue electric light—
“You got a point,” (Y/N) said, “That doesn’t matter here. What matters here is what the fuck happened five years ago.”
The child shifted.
(Y/N) raised a tired hand, “I know I’m not being… nice. It’s just a little disorienting to see someone who ripped you out of your home and to…” The aforementioned hand waved lazily at the world and particles around her, “Wherever the hell this is.”
“… I think they’re calling this Universe 665.”
“… I’m sorry. This universe?”
“Yeah, I pulled you out of 616.”
(Y/N) ran a hand over her face, suddenly very tired, “I’m sorry… last I checked you couldn’t control this. That’s what you told me before you blasted out of here without giving me a way out—“
“Once again, I am so sorry,” America said, leaning forward, “I feel like crap about it, okay? But to be fair, I only got a handle on this just a bit ago.”
Just a bit ago… America…
“Benedict Cumberbatch... His name was Benedict,” (Y/N) found the answer to her earlier question. It then clicked, “Wait, so you were able to figure out how to control your travel with Wong and the rest?”
“— I’m sorry. I’m confused now. Benedict? What? And how did you—“
“Look. Let’s just say, you ripped me out of my universe and I still had a way to keep tabs on it. Deal?”
“… but seriously. It’s weird you remembered what universe you dumped me in.”
“It took a few tries.”
“Why now? I’m sure you had your opportunities,” (Y/N) asked, taking a sip of her coffee. Christ. The reminder of home made it taste foreign again.
“Well… Mr. Strange just had some articles saved and I tried talking to him about it.”
She could’ve said so many things. Confusion. Weariness. However, she stuck with what she was comfortable with. “I would bet a nickel that he didn’t handle that well.”
“No… he didn’t. So I figured you were… important— you’re not dangerous, are you?”
“Kid, if I were dangerous, I probably would’ve tried to kick your ass by now. At the moment, I consider myself peeved.”
“… yeah… there’s nothing I can do to make up for this, huh?”
“Not really.”
“Well… good thing I’m here to bring you back.”
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blackstar30 · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Benedict's wife Sophie Hunter visiting him on the set of Doctor Strange
they're so cute 🥺😻
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lovelyy-moonlight · 10 hours ago
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squooshit · a month ago
Me giving myself therapy in the bathroom at 3am
Tumblr media
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someguywithglasses · a month ago
This is how I picture Khonshu every time he says
“Oh, the idiot’s in control!”
Tumblr media
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actualhumantrashcan · a month ago
I know we’re all in love with Steven Grant and understandably so but Marc “I sought out the daughter of the man I died trying to save and then couldn’t tell her the truth bc I fell in love with her but then I had to leave her to save her from this moon god who’s got me in a lifetime contract and I hated myself so much for leaving her that I was willing to go dormant and let my nicer alter live the rest of our life oh and I went out of my way to protect my system from my superhero life and even bought steven a new fish when I accidentally killed his so that he could keep working his cute job at the museum and be none the wiser” Spector is truly one of the most tragic characters I have ever laid my eyes on and I want to hug him so badly even though I know he’d probably spit on me for trying
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gotham-gargoyle · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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