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#marvel memes

Tony: Where did you keep the drinks, reindeer games?

Loki: In a place where no mortal could ever survive. Land so dark and dead where even your thoughts would shudder.


Thor: Check the fridge

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Listen I am the biggest Pietro stan, but if they bring back Quicksilver in the form of Evan Peters version of the character, I will lose my shit.

I love Evan Peters too, don’t get me wrong, and I love his portrayal of Quicksilver, but he just simply isn’t fit for the MCU. Besides, if he comes back in WandaVision, why the hell would Wanda bring back some other dude who looks half her age to be her twin brother? It just doesn’t make sense.

Bring Evan Peters to the MCU as a different, new character, that’s fine. But don’t try and replace Aaron Taylor Johnson. If Pietro is coming back to the MCU then it has to be Aaron’s version of Pietro. Point blank period.

That is all.

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Loki in every Marvel movie to ever exist:

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“fuck you my child is completely fine!”

Your child is still trying to find ways for their favorite character who died years ago to come back. They are doing this at 3 am 

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Steve: and thus concludes my seminar on why Bucky Barnes is innocent and can do no wrong

Student: *raises hand*

Steve: you in the back?

Student: do you take constructive criticism?

Steve: absolutely not

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