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#marvel memes
chris-whore · a day ago
When will Shang Chi making a debut??
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carol danvers on answering fan questions
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sagegarnish · 8 hours ago
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Just a dumb Winter Soldier meme I couldn't get out of my head
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captain-samerica707 · 2 days ago
The first time Tony showed Peter his lab, Peter immediately became emotionally attached to DUM-E. He loves it and treats it like a child. Because of this, he becomes extremely distraught when Tony constantly makes fun of it and gets mad at it, for example:
Tony, to DUM-E: I swear you are not good for anything. You can’t even hold a glass of water.
Peter, whispering and patting DUM-E: Don’t worry, buddy. I’ll teach you how to hold glasses of water.
Tony: If you knock that table over one more time I’m gonna make you into scrap metal
Peter, almost in tears: DAd sToP hE’s TrYiNg HiS bEsT.
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lokizephyrus · a day ago
Me explaining Simu/Shang-Chi to my mom
me: omg Simu Liu is soo coolll!!!
my mom: who?
me: Shang-Chi
my mom: who??
me: the young man with Tony Leung
my mom: oh yeah, he's cool!
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5tucky · 2 days ago
Steve: I have feelings for you.
Bucky: I have feelings... for you.
Marvel, voice echoing like it were projecting through a microphone: the feeling was friendship.
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multi-media-marvel · a day ago
Bucky: *Clicking Away On A Flipphone*
Sam: Is That Grandpa Barnes... And Technology... Together!?
Bucky: Shut Up Sam, I'm Just Trying To Catch Up A Little. I've Even Started Playing A, Video Game~
Sam (Thinking): I Wonder What Bucks' Favorite Game Is? I Should Show Him Slime Rancher... Wait A Minute, What Kind Of Game Is On A FlipPhone Anyway?
Sam: *Leans Over Buckys' Shoulder*
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writerandrocker · 12 days ago
I believe someone already mentioned this, but we know that Lil Nas X survived the snap because Shaun and Katy are singing Old Town road in a bar in Shang-Chi. But I’d like to point out just how close these two events were, (the release of Old Town Road and the snap).
In spring of 2018, Thanos snapped and wiped out half of all life.
In October of 2018, Lil Nas X started recording the original Old Town Road, but he found the instrumental even earlier.
The song released on December 3rd, and later re-released with Billy Ray Cyrus on April 5th, 2019.
So, essentially, in a matter of months:
*half of all life is destroyed, governments are in ruins, world consumed with chaos*
Meanwhile Lil Nas X:
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