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No, I am definitely, certainly, unquestionably, undeniably, and beyond any doubt not a simp.
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The animatronics here do get a bit quirky at night
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💙 ☁️ Lovely Little Sky ☁️ 💙
Chapter 6
Lead and Follow
Marc Spector x Reader, Steven Grant x Reader, Jake Lockley x Reader
Sorry, no smut this chapter.
You get up and find you're running late to meet up with your best friend, Safiya. Marc offers you a ride, you accept, and you introduce him and Steven to your bestie. 
Warnings: lots of 'gurl', 'bitch' and trash talk that best friends say or do. Safiya is brutally honest and blunt. Marc hates malls, but Steven loves them. No sexy times in this chapter.
Also, please note the reason I leave a bunch of space between paragraphs, is because Google docs somehow puts two extra spaces in when I copy and transfer it over to Tumblr only, and not to my ao3. I'm a tired mom, and that's so much extra work to go through and delete like 200 spaces. If these spaces bother you, check out my ao3, where it this weird glitch doesn't happen.
You woke up from a damned good sleep, but you weren't in your own bed. You glanced around the dark room, squinting to see where you were. A loud snore caught you off guard, and you turned to see a lump of a man sleeping, face down. The only thing covering him was a thin, khaki-coloured sheet that molded perfectly to his well-shaped ass.
You smiled, and figured you were in Marc's room. You went to get up and your legs protested the movement so badly that your foot became entangled in the sheet, tripping you to the floor. You groaned, looking behind you to see if you had woken your bed partner. Luck was on your side, as the man merely snorted in his sleep, turned over, and hugged the pillow you left to his face.
You squirmed out of the sheet and made your way to the bathroom to have a quick shower. Once finished, you came back to see the man was sitting upright and looking around with a worried looking frown on his face.
"Good morning." You chirped at him, and his head snapped up to look at you. All the worry left his face, and a wide smile crept onto his features.
"Good morning." He replied softly as he took in your lack of attire. He sounded like Marc. His face quickly melted back to that worried-looking frown when he saw all the bruises and marks littering your skin.
"Shit, did I do that to you?"
"It's okay, Marc. Both you and Steven did this to me." You said as your hand came up to touch your neck. You could feel the three bite marks each one of them had left. Surprisingly, the one Steven had left was the worst.
"You sure? You're covered like a canvas. It looks like I beat the fuck out of you…" He replied while rubbing the back of his neck.
"You guys beat the fuck out of my pussy, and I had a great time while doing it." You snickered back with a wink. He sighed in relief, then reached out for you. You happily went to him and allowed him to bring you to sit on his lap.
"Fuck that's hot. Layla would have beat me up if I left a mark. Fuck, look at you…" He kissed you, smiling wider as you reached up to ruffle his hair. You wanted to say that he had been marked up badly, but you didn't say a word. You both acted like you didn't mark his body up in the same way, since he had healed every mark that you gave him.
"How are you feeling today?" You asked. Marc bit his lower lip, barely thinking about it.
"Pretty good, actually. No hangover. I suppose that's good." He said, but he didn't exactly sound happy about it. You could tell he was baffled that he wasn't in any pain from drinking so much last night. You even watched him stare at his back in the mirror while he glanced at you a few times. Again, you said nothing about it.
"How about you?"
"I'm alright. A little sore, but alright." You said, then slowly got up and off of him. He looked entirely disappointed that you were retreating away from him.
"Where are you going?"
"I have to go see my best friend today. She's been chomping at the bit to see me. I've been a bit of a hermit since I moved in here, and started cleaning for you." You told him your plan as you found your phone to check the time. You hissed, seeing that you were going to be late.
"Fuck… And it looks like I am going to be fucking late. I'll never hear the end of it." You quickly grabbed the set of clothes that Marc had loaned you. They were folded neatly on his dresser, and not just left where Jake had made you change the night before.
"So, I take it you're not going to stay in bed with me, then?" Marc asked with a touch of disappointment in his voice. He already knew the answer. You shook your head as you hopped into his shorts and tugged the tee over your head.
"Well, would you like a lift, then?" Marc offered. You paused as you considered it. A bus would make you an hour late, but if he drove you, it would make you about fifteen minutes early.
But then your best friend would flip her ever loving shit, demanding to know if Marc was the guy you slept with or not.
"Come on. Let me give you a ride. I can fuck off right after if you don't want your friend to meet me…" Marc chuckled.
"I know people don't like me much, but I can disappear, before they see me." You frowned when he mentioned the last bit. Did he really think you were embarrassed by him? It felt like it.
"Yeah. Sure. I'll take you up on that offer." You replied sweetly, and then turned away to leave.
"I'm going to get changed." You called behind you as you left. You didn't see the big, dopey grin he had on his face, or the excitement in his eyes at being told he could accompany you.
When you came back from your room, you were dressed in a brightly colored sundress, black tights, and a long cream colored cardigan. You held your purse and the gold shoes Jake had given you last night.
"You look amazing. Those shoes are sexy."
"Thanks. A… Uh… A really good friend gave me these shoes. They are very comfortable, despite not looking it." You replied as you saw what he was wearing. Marc was in a tight-fitting pair of jeans, a loose black shirt, and a brown canvas shirt with a collar. He was just throwing on a grey hooded sweatshirt when you cleared your throat.
"You don't have to fuck off after you give me the ride. If you want, you can hang out with us if you like." The second you mentioned he could hang out with you and your best friend, he grinned and looked very excited.
"Yeah? Awesome." He grabbed a set of keys from the bowl on his dresser, ones that didn't look like Jake's.
"I hope you don't mind if I take my car. I'm not very good at backing that limo up. The last time I drove it, I hit another car, and left a tiny scuff mark. Steven bitched about it for days after."
"Really?" You asked. Steven didn't seem like the type to lose his temper. 
"Well yeah. Dunno how he found out, either. He purposely gave me the day so I could deal with my divorce, and he swears up and down that he didn't peek into my business at all, yet the next day… He glared at me, and didn't speak the entire day. Not a single word. Anytime I glanced in the mirror, he would sneer at me and mutter things I didn't understand under his breath." Marc said sadly. You could tell he didn't like it when Steven was mad at him. Like an older brother that just wanted his little brother to be proud of him.
"He what?" You asked as you thought about the way Marc was describing Steven's behavior while he was mad. It didn't sound right, like he was describing Jake instead.
"Yeah. When he gets mad at me, which is very rarely, he starts spitting out insults in other languages." He explained, causing you to squint at him.
"Do you know which languages he's yelling at you in?" You casually asked as you put your shoes on. He shrugged.
"Fuck, Spanish, I think? Maybe it was Italian. I don't know." Marc replied as he went to go find his shoes. He took you outside as your brain whirled about. How could Marc mistake Jake for Steven, like ever? Steven was a cute little cupcake, and Jake was… Well he was not cute. He was sexy, like liquid dark chocolate, spiced with hot peppers.
"Weird…" Was all you could manage to say. You didn't want to even entertain any ideas that could lead to you accidently telling him he had a third personality in there.
"Well, that's the thing. Steven knows a boat load of different languages. Him and Conrad would have whole ass conversations in Arabic, just so I wouldn't understand them, and they knew it pissed me off. I can speak a little bit of it, but not much." Marc said as he opened the garage door and walked past the limo to the door at the side.
"Oh neat. Steven's pretty smart. Isn't he a doctor or something?" You asked while trying to sound innocent about it. Truthfully, it amused you that Marc was jealous of Steven's intellect. 
"Yeah… He said he is a doctor of Egypt." The second he said it, he violently twitched. His face morphed into an angry grimace, and he whirled to stare at the limo's mirror.
"I did not!" Steven shouted at the mirror. You looked at the mirror, seeing Marc's smug grin. You glanced to the side, seeing Steven's face was set in a hard frown, his brows furrowed, and his lips pursed tightly in annoyance. This was the closest you had ever seen him to being mad or upset. You glanced back at the mirror, and Marc's playful grin was still there. You decided to move into a spot where you could clearly see Steven's face, and his reflection.
They were both different, at the same time.
That was impossible. Unheard of, even. You shouldn't have been able to see his alter in the mirror. That was part of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Only they should be able to see each other that way.
Apparently you had been staring too hard, because Marc's face turned to you, and a look of intrigue passed over his features. It was as if he was trying to decide if you were looking at Steven's reflection, or really at him. You gave him a weak looking wave, and he slowly raised his hand to wiggle his fingers at you. Steven turned his head to look at why Marc was waving at you, and his mouth fell open in shock.
"Can you see him?" Steven asked as he stared at Marc, who by now was sticking his tongue out, with you mirroring him.
"If by him, you mean your reflection that's moving by itself, then yes. Is it safe to assume that's Marc?" You asked. Steven was still speechless, hand on his chin as he kept looking between you and Marc.
"That's not good. You're not supposed to be able to see us like that." Steven mused.
'She's really not.' Marc agreed as he crossed his arms. You watched, fascinated by the mirror, by seeing what Steven saw. Your eyes looked around to anything else that had a reflection, wondering if that was the only instance where Marc was visible. It would make sense, but you needed to check it out. They both watched you as your eyes darted to the windows of the limo, to the back up mirror that hung in the ceiling of the garage, to the slight reflections on the spare tire rims on the shelf.
They all showed Steven's reflection, every single one of them. Only the mirror in front of him displayed Marc. You let out a small breath of air as your eyes rested on your black phone screen.
There, in the shiny glass of your phone, you could see another reflection of Steven, but this one was smirking. This one had a dark jacket, with the creamy collar flipped up to show off the symbols embroidered to the fabric. This one was wearing a flat cap, with a gloved hand holding onto the front of it. He tugged his hat down just a bit, and he gave you a wink.
Good fucking God…
It was Jake.
You gasped and shoved your phone against your chest so Steven couldn't see it. Steven raised a brow at you, obviously wondering if you were alright or not.
"You okay?"
"Uh, yeah. Yeah. I am totally fine. You know… As fine as a girl can be when they find out they can see their boss's reflections the way he does. It's fine." You quickly explained.
"Are you sure? Because you looked at your phone, gasped, then hid it. Did Marc do something lewd? Is it some sort of inside joke I don't know about?" Steven questioned you with a concerned look on his face. You watched Marc's face morph into an annoyed one, his eyes rolling hard.
'Excuse me, I did not say shit, and it's no joke, Steven.' Marc huffed as he tapped his foot. He wasn't very keen on having this happen right now, when he was supposed to be getting his car and driving you somewhere.
"Oh, um… My friend sent me a text. It made me realize I only have thirty minutes to get to her in time. I mean, she'll wait for me, but then she can tease me about my tardiness the entire time." You explained, hoping the little lie wasn't caught by either of them. Steven nodded, seemingly accepting the answer. Marc just grumbled.
But when you looked over at the tire rims, you saw Jake's face again, and now he was grinning ear to ear.
"Well, alright then. I suppose we can talk about this later. But, if you can see Marc, or myself when we aren't in control, that does bother me a bit. Like, don't get me wrong, it's handy if you can, but you really shouldn't be able to. That's my mental illness, not yours." Steven said as he raked his hand through his hair. A moment later his posture changed, and he switched places with Marc, his reflection now clearly sporting Steven's soft smile, while Marc held a tight-lipped frown.
"That's enough, buddy. I'm stopping you before you continue to rant on and on, after saying we'll talk about it later. Sorry about that, sweetheart." Marc said as he jabbed his thumb towards the door. You still could hear Steven just rambling away quietly in the background as he followed close behind in all the reflections of the side of the limo. You nodded and came closer, your eyes still glued to Jake's reflection in the rims.
Without speaking, Marc turned to the door and opened it. He waited for you to go through, then locked it behind him. He took you around to the side of the garage. There, sat a very old Dodge Charger. It was all white and pristine, not a dent or a mark on it anywhere.
"This is your car?" You asked as he unlocked the door and opened it for you.
"Yeah. It was given to me by my attorney." Marc casually said as he waited for you to belt yourself in.
"Your lawyer gave you a car?" You asked while raising one brow in question. Marc rolled your window down and then closed the door.
"Yeah. Matt's good shit. He is a good buddy of mine. Knows all about my D.I.D. Said he had to get rid of this car, because people thought it was weird he owned one." Marc hopped into his side of the vehicle and started the engine. It purred to life, the engine rumbling as quietly as it could for being a muscle car.
"Wait, Matt? Matt Murdock?" You said in surprise. You knew about that lawyer. He was well renowned for winning most of his cases, but he lived in New York.
"That's the one!" Marc happily replied as he turned in his seat to back the car out of the driveway.
"Isn't he blind?"
"Yeah, that's why he gave me the car. His girlfriend doesn't like it, and he can't drive it, so I got it." Marc said. He sounded a bit dishonest, but you didn't want to push it by asking. Besides, you were being dishonest to him and Steven, and you had a feeling they both knew. 
Marc drove you to your destination in record time, and he didn't even speed or blow through any stop lights. He barely spoke to you, his eyes focused on the road. Steven on the other hand, well, he was happy to chat with you in the vanity mirror. You didn't know why you could see and hear them like this, and you sure hoped you weren't going crazy.
Steven was nice enough to ask about your best friend, and if there was anything they shouldn't talk about. He asked if it was okay if they switched in use of the body, and you told him it would be fine, much to their surprise. You informed them your friend was sassy, and would call you a bitch, but in an endearing pet name sort of way. Steven was amused by that, and Marc just hummed a soft 'okay' in reply.
Marc was kind of happy you could see and hear them this way. That meant they didn't have to switch as often to talk to you, but he was worried you might forget about it, and accidently start talking up a storm to a mirror or something reflective in public. He didn't want others to look at you the way they looked at him.
He was also growing more and more concerned the more time he spent with you. First, all the minor little injuries he would normally have acquired from sex, just weren't there anymore, while you were covered nearly head to toe in them. He knew for a fact that you had marked him up with your nails, and you had seen it. You had bitten him and Steven more than once. Then he woke up shirtless, and with clear skin, knowing you saw it.
But why didn't you say anything about it? Were you assuming they were a guy with a natural healing factor? Maybe you thought they were a mutant, or a super, and were just kind enough not to care about that kind of thing?
But then there was that shadowy figure he and Steven had seen last night. They needed glasses to read, but they could see exceptionally well in the dark at great distances, even now, now that they were no longer serving Khonshu. Speaking of the moon God, Marc swore up and down that he saw Khonshu, and Steven's reaction confirmed it.
Why was that nasty old bird here again? Was he stalking them? Was he waiting until Marc, or heavens forbid, Steven hurt themselves? He sure the fuck hoped not. Not now! He just met you. You understood their disorder, and you didn't give two shits about it, yet you still liked them enough to let both of them fuck you, and spend time with you. Him and Steven. Aaand you were still hanging around them, enjoying their company.
He really didn't need more shit to hit the fan now. Definitely not now… Not when his and Steven's lives were getting better. Marc huffed as he glanced at the radio to check the time. He was doing well, the cafe just at the other end of this busy street. When he got there, he parked the car, and gave you a hopeful look.
"You sure that you don't mind me tagging along? I don't have to. I know how weird it is when I switch, especially if others don't know about my disorder." He softly murmured as he looked at his hands. You reached out and took them in yours, rubbing his palms as you sighed 
"Yes. I am sure that I don't mind. Just be yourself around her, alright? She will totally understand, and not judge you for your disorder."
"Yes, really. She has a family member with a similar disorder. Oh, but I must give you a heads up, my best friend is trans. Which means-"
"I know what that means. It's cool. I'm not prejudiced." Marc quickly replied. He smiled as you squeezed his hands.
"Okay. Right. Let's get going, then." You said, and got out of the car, with Marc happily following you. You walked up to a cafe and before you could open the door, Marc smiled like Steven, and his posture changed as he opened the door for you. As you passed them, you giggled.
"Thank you, both of you."
You looked around as the door shut behind you, the bells attached to it jingled as you glanced around the cafe for your best friend. Marc leaned over you as you checked your phone. You decided to send her a message, hoping to hear her notification sound somewhere nearby. Your friend always had her ringer on at maximum volume, and she never changed her ringtone. You sent her the message.
Hey gurl! I'm here!
A second later, you heard the ridiculous tone she had.
'Get riggity, riggity wrecked, son!'
The silly noise came from the back corner, and when your eyes came to rest there, you saw your friend's face light up as she furiously typed back a response. Your phone was on silent, so it didn't make an audible noise when you got her message, which was fine for you. You didn't want your boss to hear the one you had, which somewhat matched your friend's. It was from the same show as hers, but yours sounded like a robot, asking where their balls had gone off to.
Bitch! You're on time? Hath hell frozen over?
Nope. My boss gave me a ride over. He'll be hanging out with us today, if you don't mind. He doesn't have a lot of friends.
Oh, ho, ho! That's cool with me, chickie. I see you by the door. Come on over after you grab your drinks.
She looked up and waved at you, sporting a happy grin through her pink, cat-eye lenses. You waved and went to the counter to order your drink. You got yourself an overly complicated, blended ice beverage, making sure to get the heavy cream and real whip on top to treat yourself. Marc chuckled at your order, and he ordered a simple soy latte with vanilla in it. 
When you went to pay, your hand was swatted to the side as Steven took over and stepped up to the cash register. He took out his wallet and paused, just staring at it for a long hard moment. The cashier cleared her throat and he withdrew some cash. You knew it was Steven, because he was overly polite to the batista, and he even held both cups as you went over to your friend.
"Hey, bitch!" She greeted you as she leapt from her seat with outstretched arms. When she drew back, her eyes darkened as she noticed the dark bruises on your collarbone, chest, and neck. Her brows furrowed, and she immediately looked at the man standing behind you. Steven's eyes went a bit wide, and he looked away with a slight blush on his cheeks.
You hugged her and then sat down across from her, with Steven sitting beside you. He passed you the cold concoction and he sat back into the chair with one leg crossed over the other. He was pointedly looking at the reflection in the napkin holder, looking at Marc.
"Hey Safiya. How's it going?" You asked, and Safiya chuckled as she wiggled her brows.
"Going great! This your boss? What's his name?" She asked as she looked right at Steven. Steven bit his lower lip and looked at you.
"Yes. This is my boss. His name is… Well…"
"Right now, I'm Steven. Dr. Steven Grant." Steven said as he sat up straighter and reached across the table to shake Safiya's hand. She raised a brow and shook it.
"Right now?" She asked, and you nudged her foot under the table.
"Oh, right. Right. Sorry. I forgot she told me you have Dissociative Identity Disorder. My bad." She grimaced with embarrassment, but Steven laughed to ease the tension.
"Naw, it's alright, mate. Sometimes I'm Steven, other times, I'm Marc. Would you like to meet him?" Steven waved his hand dismissively. Safiya seemed interested, and she nodded.
"Sure would, Dr. Grant."
"Please, miss, you don't have to call me that. Steven will do." He chuckled as he gave you a wink. You smiled at him, happy he was doing so well with your friend.
"Okay. Steven. I would like to meet Marc." She said as she watched Steven's posture go rigid for a moment, then his hand came up to smooth his hair back. The tell tale heavy furrow of his brows came back, but now he was sporting a small grin.
"Heya. I'm Marc Spector. Not a doctor, just a regular, ex-military guy."
"Oh, is Steven really a doctor?" She asked. You grinned as she got right to the point. You knew she was blunt, and eager to ask any question that popped into her head. That, and her family member would make shit up all the time that wasn't true. Questions you were dying to ask, but were too afraid to, and she knew it too.
'Tell her yes. It's true. I've got proof.' Steven piped up from the napkin holder. You held back a snort, and he stared at you with a smile.
"Yes he is. Has his doctorate, a certificate, and everything. It's hanging up in his office on his floor of our house." Marc replied as he took a long sip of his latte. He sighed happily and licked his lips.
"So he's a doctor, and you're not?"
"Yeap. He did the work. He did the schooling, not me. I don't know jack shit compared to him. I used to be in the military, but I was discharged when they found out about my D.I.D."
"Okay. I'm sorry that happened to you. What kind of doctor is he?" She asked with an amused grin as she gave you a lewd wink. You huffed and sipped your drink.
"Uh, how about he just tells you. I'm bad with big words." Marc replied with a nervous chuckle. In a second he was relaxing into his chair and fixing his hair back to his side part.
"Oh yes. I'm an Egyptologist. Hoping to bump it up to also being an Anthropologist soon."
"That's handy. Egyptian shit is kind of our thing. Did you know that she has just gushed about it since the whole mega battle between those two Gods not too long ago?" Safiya revealed, and you blushed as you looked down at the phone.
Steven seemed intrigued by Safiya's words. He turned to you, a large grin plastered to his face.
"That's nifty. My house is filled with Egyptian stuff. Well, my floor is. Marc's not too keen on it. He's… Biased and doesn't really like the culture too much. Had a bad run in Cairo a little while ago. Swears we are never going back, despite my loud protests." Steven said with a small frown. You could see the disappointment in his eyes at the fact Marc didn't want to ever go back there.
"Well, just so you know, she wants to go visit the place badly. You're going to have to give her some time off to go." Safiya chirped back bluntly. Steven tilted his head to look at you, and that's when you remembered the tickets Jake had given you.
"Oh, yeah… Haha… Looks like I'll be going to Cairo sooner than expected." You remarked as you dug into your purse to find your wallet. You pulled out the two tickets, and placed them down onto the table. Steven's eyes lit up when he saw them, and Safiya's eyes bugged out of her skull. She calmed down, noticing how excited Steven looked.
"I won two round trip tickets to Cairo. First class air fare, five star hotel with a spa, and then a whole ass round of shit to do while there." You happily said as you showed Safiya the tickets. You saw how the gears turned in her head, and you suddenly felt bad. You sure hoped she didn't expect you were taking her. The plan was for Steven and Marc to go, not her.
"That's really badass. So, who are you taking?" She asked as she looked the dates over on the tickets. You opened your mouth to speak, when she abruptly cut you off.
"And don't expect me to go with ya. These dates on these tickets show I'll be busy at work during that time." She finished as she shoved the tickets back into your hands. Relief washed over you, but then you stared at her. The dates on the tickets were the same dates she had already made a point of booking off from work to spend with you.
You knew right there what she was doing.
"Oh, well… I don't have anyone else to go with me. I don't want to go alone, that's for sure…" As you spoke, Steven had sat up in his chair, and he was now leaning on the table with his elbows, giving you large puppy dog eyes.
"No one? No one at all?" You could tell he was trying to suggest that you ask him to go, but the reflection in the napkin holder held Marc's scowl in it. He did not look happy one bit.
"Well, I'd ask you, but Marc would turn me down…" You started to say, and Steven slapped the table, shaking it bad enough that the latte almost fell over. He glanced at the napkin holder and gave Marc a pleading look.
'You can't be fucking serious…' Marc said, his voice tickling your ears, like he was speaking in an empty hallway. It was weird to be able to hear him, when Steven should have been the only one.
"Please, mate?" Steven whispered. Marc grumbled and crossed his arms as he pinched the bridge of his nose.
'I don't want to go back there. He's there.' Marc replied, seething when he mentioned the last part. Steven took a deep breath.
"Oh come on, he's probably busy with some poor bastard, doing his bidding. It'll be fun. Come on, please say yes? You know how fucking much I love Egypt." Steven pleaded with him some more. The entire time he was talking to himself, Safiya sat there politely and quietly, although both of her brows were sitting high on her head.
From her angle, she couldn't see Marc the way Steven or you could. All she saw as the same face talking to himself, and going quiet while Marc spoke.
She discreetly picked up her phone, turned her ringer off, and sent you a text.
Does he do this all the time?
Yes. Please don't judge him.
I am not judging him, fam. I just want to make sure he isn't a crazy murder hobo or something.
He's not a crazy murder hobo. He's perfectly sane.
A man with D.I.D. is not perfectly sane, but I get you.
Please be nice. He pays me well, he is always nice to me, and he's hot. Please don't fuck this up for me.
Bitch! I ain't gonna fuck this up for you. He is hot, though. Not my cup of tea, because you know…
Yeah, I know. You're hella gay.
And you're not. Speaking of which, did he cause those bruises on you? Cause gurl, if he laid a hand to you, I'll fucking kill him.
You stared at the last message, then at her. She glared at you, egging you on to answer her text.
I'd rather not discuss this right now.
He did cause them! You've got about ten seconds to let me know why, or I'll flog the guy with my heels, right here in the cafe.
Okay, okay. Yes. But he didn't hit me, or hurt me. We spent all night drinking and fucking.
"Aha! Fucking finally!" Your best friend shouted as she slapped the table a few times in excitement. She had her tongue stuck between her teeth as she grinned wildly, looking back and forth from you to Steven.
Steven had turned to look at her after her outburst, his face showing concern and confusion. He genuinely looked a little frightened.
"You fucked your boss!" Safiya said as she snickered like a happy little goblin. Steven's face fell, and he looked at you. You were hot with embarrassment, and you didn't know what to say. You didn't plan on her shouting about it after sending her that text.
"I, uh… Yeah." You replied softly, and refused to look at either of them. You were scared Steven or Marc might get mad at you for this.
"Damn, gurl! Is he, I mean, are they, good in bed?" She asked, her eyes wild with excitement.
Steven leaned a bit closer, now very interested in your answer. He was now no longer embarrassed. Even Marc was waiting patiently to hear your answer.
"They are right here, Safi. You don't have to talk like they aren't." You mumbled quietly. You sipped your drink, hoping to cool down a bit. Marc's reflection giggled at you, and you scowled at him.
"I don't give a shit. Tell me. I'm sure they'd like to know as well." She sassed you as she kept staring at you, her dark brown eyes telling you she wasn't about to drop the subject any time soon.
"Fine. They are amazing in bed, alright?" You answered her question, but she wasn't satisfied yet.
"How big is the stick shift?"
"Safiya!" You snapped at her as you turned to apologize to Steven, but his face was calm with an amused-looking smile.
"It's alright go on. Tell her. I don't mind, love."
"You guys! Fuck!" You put your hands on your cheeks as you blushed. You felt so hot, and you couldn't believe how much Safiya was teasing you.
"Come on. Ya gotta squeal, now that Steven just gave the go ahead." Safiya pressed as she rubbed her hands together.
"Ugh! Fine! They've got a monster cock. It's very big, thick, and they know how to properly use it. Ya happy?" You said, looking to Steven and Marc to see their reactions. Marc was thoroughly pleased, and Steven was grinning sheepishly.
"Now I am. Circumcised, trimmed, or..?"
"Damntt, Safi!"
"Sorry. So, if you're fucking him, are you going to take him with you to Cairo?" She asked as she wiggled her brows at Steven.
By now, Steven was smiling as he tapped your shoulder to get your attention.
"Marc said he'll go, if you still want us to." Steven happily said, while Marc looked quite defeated.
"Oh? That's great. Yes. I'd love for you guys to come with me." You declared, and hugged them. Steven was quick to wrap his arms around you, and he was beaming with joy.
"Awesome, love. Thank you. I promise you won't regret it."
Then Steven fell silent as you and Safiya talked about things. She embarrassed you before about Steven, so now it was your turn.
"So, how's life been treating you? Found a girlfriend, yet?" You asked, and Safiya scrunched up her nose.
"Not exactly. Remember how I told you that I met this gorgeous girl at the bar last week?"
"Yeah. The one you keep telling me looks like some sort of Goddess? With the big curly hair? The one you're too chicken shit to talk to?"
"Yeah. That one. Well, I happened to find out she's going to be at the bar tonight. I need you to come with me. Be my wing woman!" Safiya gleefully gushed as she requested you to come with her to the bar later. You happily agreed, forgetting about the prior commitment you had to Jake. Yours eyes glanced at your phone, and you clearly saw Jake's face staring back at you, instead of Steven's. He was glaring at you, which reminded you of your plans with him.
You sighed.
"Yes, but I might have to ditch early. I'm supposed to go out later tonight with a friend of mine." You quickly said while trying to recover from agreeing to Safiya's offer too soon.
Apparently saying you were going out with a friend later struck a nerve in both Safiya, and Marc. Steven went rigid, then he leaned back in his seat to sip his latte. You turned to look at him, realizing he was now Marc. And he didn't look happy. Safiya glanced at him, then at you.
"Who ya going out with, gurl?" She asked, and you fucking panicked. You didn't know what to say. Would telling Marc or Steven that you had plans with the groundskeeper upset them? You did spend the night being fucked silly by all three of them…
"Well, uh…" You started to say. You gave your phone a quick glance, seeing Jake staring at you with an amused grin.
Was that smug bastard entertained?
"I was invited to a midnight auction. It's a private function. A fundraiser for charity of sorts, I think. I am not sure, as I wasn't exactly given much info. All I was told is that there's free booze, free food, and I don't have to talk to anyone." You said carefully. Jake nodded, and mouthed the words 'good girl'. You shivered as you bit your lower lip and looked away to the napkin holder again. Steven gave you an odd look, then glanced towards your phone. You quickly grabbed it and stuck it into your pocket.
"Alright, bitch, but I asked who you were going with, not where or what you're doing." Safiya scoffed as she pushed her glasses back up her face.
"She doesn't have to say, you know." Steven's voice erupted from Marc's body. Marc coughed and rubbed his face.
"Steven, she doesn't have to, but I would really like to know." Marc quickly replied. Safiya raised a brow at the way they talked, switching accents like it was nothing.
"Yeah, what he said. You don't have many friends."
"Oh, fuck you. I do have friends." You raised both hands up with the middle fingers proudly displayed at Safiya. She snorted and laughed.
"Okay, okay. Who is this friend, then?" She pressed, and Marc started to drum his fingers on the table.
You took another deep breath in through your nose, then sighed as you rubbed your temples.
"His name is Jake. He's a little rough around the edges, but he's nice."
"My groundskeeper is your friend? I haven't even met the guy yet." Marc said with a touch of disappointment, and dare you say that you saw jealousy in his eyes.
"Wait, you're fucking your boss, and you're gonna go out with his groundskeeper on a date?" Safiya drawled as she tugged her glasses down to the edge of her nose while she peered at you with a questioning look.
"It's not a date. He just didn't want to go to the auction alone, alright? Besides, he assured me I didn't have to do anything. I just get to sit there and drink bad champagne, listen to snobby rich people talk about boring shit, and hopefully, eat all the hors d'oeuvres that pass by us." You explained as you gave a good glance to the napkin holder. Steven was nodding at you, eating every word up that fell from your lips like it was gospel. 
Marc seemed to accept the answer. He didn't really want to discourage you from making friends with the only other employee they had. It would be silly to tell someone he hadn't met before to stay away from you…
But had this nagging feeling you were holding back some very important information about Jake. He knew the man spoke Spanish, drank tequila and weird Spanish beer, and he smoked cigarettes and weed. He knew Jake had his own phone in the limo that Steven and he owned.
The limo that Steven apparently allowed Jake to drive whenever he wanted.
"Okay. Right. Sorry that I embarrassed ya, gurl." She said as she took pity on you. She reached out and patted your hand.
"That's alright. If you don't give me a hard time, we don't laugh as hard later. Ha…"
"Well then… If you're fucking your boss, and taking him with you to Cairo, are you two dating, then?" She asked, now looking directly at Marc.
Marc looked confused for a moment, then he turned to look at Steven. Steven was rapidly nodding, holding his hands up in a silent prayer, but he wasn't saying anything, no doubt because you were able to hear him now.
"Well, I dunno. I haven't been in a good relationship in a very long time. He just got divorced as well, and I don't want to pressure him into doing anything he doesn't want…" You said softly as you looked away and at your drink. You could see a faint reflection in the cup's dome lid, and it was Jake again. He was giving you an odd look, one you couldn't quite read.
A large and warm hand came to rest on your thigh, making you turn to look at Marc. He was smiling, his eyes twinkling in the low light of the room.
"Well, it's true I'm divorced, and even though the divorce happened recently, I can assure you that I left my wife long before that. Both emotionally and physically. I still love her, but not the way I used to. She's more like a best friend now. Besides, she recently came out as a lesbian, so I definitely won't be going back to her any time soon." He said as he squeezed your thigh and rubbed it with his thumb. You smiled at the confession, and placed your hand over his.
"And Steven never got to really be with her. He got right mad when I told him about her, but the anger subsided quickly after."
"Why was he mad at you for it?" Safiya asked.
"Well, he-" Marc started to say, but then his eye twitched and his hand came up to run through his hair.
"I'd like to explain that myself, thank you very much, Marc. Anyways, I was mad, because she was beautiful, and a man like myself has absolutely no chance in hell with a girl like her. He ditched her, covered up the fact he was ever married, got a new flat, then just let me have the reins for a long while. I got over it quickly, because it wasn't ever my rodeo, and she didn't enjoy the fact that there was a whole other person inside her husband she never knew was there. Plus, I think she was salty as fuck that Marc's not very… How do you say… Gentlemanly or romantic enough?" He said with a bright smile, like he truly didn't care about his lost chance with Marc's ex wife. He leaned a little closer to you, pointing his thumb at your general direction. 
"Sides, look at this one. She's much prettier. She's nicer, and she cooks amazing food. She doesn't care there's two of us in this body." Steven mused as he explained himself a bit better. You couldn't help the heat rising up in your cheeks at his words.
"Well that's nice and all, but that didn't answer my question. You two gonna date, or y'all just gonna be friends with benefits?" Safiya slowly clacked her long nails against the table as she leaned back, her glasses still at the end of her nose. Steven chuckled and he brought his hand up to your face, cupping your chin in his large hand.
"I would absolutely wish to date you, love." He said softly, and  his eyes flashed, then his brows furrowed.
"Yeah. I agree with Steven. Considering he got to you, first, and he openly allowed me to experience you. That's a lot more than I gave him. Makes me feel like an asshole."
"Well, you can be a bit of a dick, mate." Steven's voice bubbled from Marc's throat, but his face remained the same.
"Don't rub it in, buddy. That's not classy." Marc muttered back.
By now Safiya was trying very hard not to laugh. She was amazed at how flawlessly Marc and Steven switched, and how he wasn't causing a scene. She had expected him to be some guy that flew off the handle and spouted crazy and absurd things, but he didn't. Instead, she got to see a perfectly sane person being calm and well-behaved.
Correction, two perfectly sane individuals in one body.
"Okay. Cool. But…"
"How about we just see how things go. We don't want to scare her away, especially not after last night. Fuck, last night was amazing." Marc said as his eyes darkened a bit, and he licked his lips.
"I would like that, Marc, Steven."
The cafe was fun, and Safiya begged you to go shopping with her. She needed a new outfit for tonight, in the hopes she could seduce the girl she had her eye on. She even offered Marc and Steven to come with, but you suspected she merely did that to get a ride and a locked car to hold her purchases in.
Marc didn't seem to care, and he happily agreed to come along to the mall with you and Safiya. Once at the mall, Safiya dragged you into nearly every store in it, acquiring at least one or two bags of purchases for each stop. Marc made the mistake of offering to hold the bags at the second store, and now he had ten bags in each hand as he sat on a bench waiting for you and your friend to get out of some makeup store.
"Fuuuck. Why did I ask to tag along?" Marc sighed as he leaned back, his head hanging off the back of the bench, with both legs outstretched before him. Steven appeared in the reflection of the stainless steel planter box beside him.
'Well, you wanted to spend the day with her, then you offered her a ride… Oh then you said yes to driving them to the mall-'
"Shut up, Steven." Marc hissed, which startled an old woman who was on the other bench behind him.
'Shhh. Watch it. There's a woman behind us.' Steven muttered back. Marc huffed and turned to look at the planter, glaring at Steven. He was about to say something, when you came hustling over with a single small bag. It was the only thing you had bought so far that didn't fit in your purse. All the bags Marc was holding, were Safiya's. 
"Hey, sorry. Sorry. I told her we need to ditch the bags in the car, or straight up leave. I said I should ask you to make sure you're still okay being out with us, or if you wanna go."
"Well, I would have no complaints about hanging out longer, if I didn't have to hold this hoard of shit your friend bought." Marc grumbled. Steven heard the rude tone in his voice, and he quickly took over.
"Sorry about him. Tells me he hated shopping with Layla. I, on the other hand, love shopping. How about I front for a bit, give him a rest, yeah? Maybe take these bags to the car, and meet up with your friend after?" Steven suggested as he lifted his arms. The bags weren't really that heavy for him and Marc, but Marc was just done with being in a mall with no free hands to do anything with, like fiddle on his phone.
"Sure. I'll text her and tell her we're doing that. She's just having her eyebrows done."
"Her what?" Steven asked, sounding a bit confused.
"Her eyebrows. She's getting them plucked, and then refilled."
"But… Why? Why remove the hair, just to refill them? I don't understand." Steven asked, and you giggled at his lack of knowledge. You pulled up a few photos of what they had done to Safiya, and then explained how they filled the colour in with an eyebrow pencil.
"Ah, okay. I get it now. Dunno why she did that. Her brows were just lovely before." Steven said with a raised brow. You laughed at his response.
"Girls are finicky." You replied as you leaned down to take a few bags from him, but he refused to allow it. Steven got up and adjusted the load, while you shot Safiya a text to explain where you went.
The walk back to the car was short, and Steven went about putting all the bags into Marc's trunk carefully. When he was done, he shut the car and went oddly still. He was staring at his reflection in the shiny bumper of the car, staring right at a pair of eyes like his own, but slightly darker and full of a threatening aura.
"Steven? You alright?" You asked as you placed a hand to his shoulder. He straightened up right away, and he turned to look at you, coming back to his senses with a warm smile.
"Yeap. Yeah. Of course, love. Just hungry is all. Are you hungry?" He asked as he wrapped an arm around your waist and started walking with you back to the mall entrance.
"Yeah, actually. I am. I'll text Safi, and tell her we will be at the food court." You replied with a smile. Steven gave one last glance at Marc's car, his eyes searching for that one reflection that was different from his own, or from Marc's, but only his own distorted image was there.
Thank you to @mics59 for the Spanish translations
Thank you to @ruhro7 for proofreading
@snippychicke @eclecticpatrolroadlawyer @queenotaku23 @clairewinchester14 @promiscuoussatan @mona-has-friends @lazyotakujen @timeless-crow @crazylittlereader2474
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birddadkhonshu · a day ago
Hey bird dad, do your sons ever sibling fight?
“This is why mom never fucking loved you-“ “at least mom talked to me sober!” “Guys, we have the same body???” “SHUT UP STEVEN!”
“That’s my shirt.” “It’s my body.” “Whore.” “Slut.”
*chases [insert one of the three] with knife*
*one of them crying bc another one hit them* “oh gods- um- uh- please stop crying- shhh- you can hit me back- don’t let bird brain hear you-“
Do they ever.... *wheezes*... Do they ever sibling fight? *hahaha*
(crashing noise in the background)
"Jake! You let the worm drink his fake milk and leaves! I'll take you to the place they deep fry murdered birds later!!!"
(old man sigh)
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universallycinematic · a month ago
let’s talk jake lockley. jake “i only front when necessary and do so to protect marc and steven because gods forbid they let us die again the body by any means i see fit while letting marc and steven work out their shit that has absolutely nothing to do with me but i let them anyways because i so happen to share a body with them” lockley. 
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Tumblr media
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hollandwhore · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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tiny-kyun · a month ago
Just realized that the ending credits for episode 5 of Moonknight is an arabic song from the film called “ A Night When The Moon Cried” THIS PHYSICALLY HURTS ME🤧
Tumblr media
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comicbooksyay · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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the suit stays ON during sex
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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llobu-cerval · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Taweret: So, anyway, I made you this special costume so you can fight the baddies. I did my best so I hope you like it, you’re gonna look so beautiful on this...
jeez khonsu, I wonder why no one wants to be your avatar
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Tumblr media
The scene in question:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(gifs are not mine)
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Khonshu: What are you doing?
Marc: We forgot to feed Gus.
Khonshu: Gus?
Marc: Steven’s fish. He died while we were away.
Khonshu: Yes. Fish die. This is not uncommon. Why are we at the pet store? The mission is complete. You can relinquish control to the idiot again.
Marc: i’m getting him another fish.
Khonshu, truly baffled:,,,,,, but why?
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Tumblr media
Oscar Isaac in the multiverse of madness!
IG: mintysarts
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Moon knight silly moments
You: Do you think I'd be a good avatar?
Khonshu: No.
You: What? Why not?
Khonshu: You're too... precious for that.
You: *points at Steven*
Khonshu: He wasn't a choice, I didn't know it was a package deal at the time. He came free.
Steven: Hey!
Tumblr media
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bibli0thecary · a month ago
pairing (s): jake lockley x reader
word count: 1.2k+
warning (s): fluff, jealousy, and lots of fluff
moon knight masterlist
.・゜゜・  ・゜゜・.
His heart raced when you smiled. 
Jake could not believe what was happening to him. Seeing a beautiful smile on your face, it made him feel warm and fuzzy inside, scaring him a bit with the power you had over him. You were so pretty and so kind, and sometimes it made him worry that someone would take advantage over your kindness. But your big heart was one of the many things that he adored about you, and he would not change it for the world. 
He was not supposed to feel this way. 
He felt so undeserving of you, and it was as if he was dragging you into his darkened life. He had nothing good to offer you, and it would be a lie if he say he was not afraid of hurting you. He was not used to love and affection, but every time you said you were in love with him, his heart melted and a huge smile found its way on his face. He was happy with you.
You were like an angel in his eyes. He could not believe that you were in love with him. He thought you deserved someone like Steven, who would know how to treat you better than he could, being the sweetest one among them. But you fell in love with Jake, and not anyone else— It sent pride wrapped around his chest every time you looked at him with so much love in your eyes. Only him. 
“I got you flowers!”
No one had ever gotten him flowers before. It was strange to feel so appreciated like this, but he liked it, especially when you looked at him like he had given you the moon and the stars. 
“I’m supposed to get you flowers, Y/N.” 
“You did.” 
You responded casually, and he could only smile. He did get you flowers every day of the week, knowing how much you loved the gesture. And if he would kill to see you happy, getting you flowers every day was not a trouble to him. But of course, you would want to return the favour once in awhile.
“Do you like the flowers?”
Jake’s heart soared. He nodded, pulling you in for a kiss to show how much he loved the flowers you got for him. 
“You could give me a dead rat and I would still keep it forever.”
He said, making you laughed at his words. Oh, how could someone be so perfect? He questioned himself every time he saw your smile. 
“No, you deserve all the pretty things in the world. A dead rat isn’t pretty now, is it?”
You tilted your head a bit, grinning at him. Jake would die from the amount of love you were giving him, but he would not mind as long as he got to have your love. 
“You’re the prettiest.”
A sly smirk was dancing on his lips, as you hid your face in his chest, flustered at his compliment. But then you looked up at him, a shy smile was on your face, as you caressed his face. 
“Well then, it means that you deserve me.”
He believed you. Perhaps it was hard to tell himself that he deserved you, but now he never really questioned in anymore. He knew you would always come running into his arms, showering him with your endless love and adoration. 
Jake had never seen you angry. He started to believe that you were incapable of getting angry. You got annoyed at people sometimes, but never once did you blow up in anger. It was odd to know that you were very different from him, but it was a good difference. 
However, he finally knew that you were capable of getting angry. 
It happened when he was with you in the bookstore. Both of you were holding hands when you entered the bookstore, but then you got distracted by the books and let go of his hand like you always did. Jake could only sigh, shaking his head as he started to look for you. He could tell that you did not even notice that you had wandered alone, being too engulfed in your excitement. 
“Um, hello?”
He frowned as he turned around, only to find a woman who was smiling at him. He did not even try to hide his annoyance. He just wanted to find you, and now this woman was bothering him. 
“Are you looking for something? Maybe I can help you.”
“Do you work here?”
“No, but I can help you.”
She quickly said, and Jake almost rolled his eyes at her. He knew what she meant, with a flirty smile that she was flashing at him since he looked at her. He shook his head, not wanting to ruin his good mood by being annoyed at a stranger. 
“I’m looking for my girlfriend.” 
He blatantly said, his eyes wandered around the bookstore, still trying to spot you. He thought she would leave, but she put her hand on his arm instead, taking him by surprise. 
“You’re funny. I like you.”
She chuckled, and Jake was more than annoyed. It did not help that he could not find you, and now this woman would not stop flirting with him. Before Jake could say anything else, someone slapped her hand away from him. His eyes widen when he realised it was you, his sweet and kind girlfriend. 
“You’re touching my boyfriend.” 
Anger was dripping from your voice, and Jake had never heard you speak that way before. You stood in front of him, as if you wanted to hide him from the woman’s eyes even if it was impossible since he was taller than you. But the thought of you being so protective of him was fluttering his heart. 
The look in your eyes was frightening but the woman did not budge. She sent you a smile, thinking of it as a joke. 
“It’s not a big deal—“
“It is. Now stop staring at my boyfriend before I break your nose.”
At your threat, her smile dropped and she left without any other word. Jake could not believe his ears. Did his beautiful angel just threaten to break someone’s nose? He was a little bit worried to know that you could get angry if you wanted to. 
“I already told her I was looking for my girlfriend.”
You looked at him, softening your gaze as your anger disappeared. Suddenly, you were all smiles and giggles again, as if you did not just threaten to hurt someone a few seconds ago. Jake took your hand in his, not wanting to lose you once again. 
“I’m sorry that I let go of your hand. I didn’t notice.”
He grinned at you, still not believing what just happened. You knew what he was thinking, and you just rolled your eyes. He mentioned it once that he really wanted to see you angry, but you just laughed at him. It seemed like it was his lucky day. 
“I’ve never seen you so angry before.”
“I wasn’t angry, Jake.”
“You were. You were going to swallow her whole if she didn’t leave.” 
You just smiled, kissing his cheek softly. Jake let out a sigh of content, glad to know that you loved him so much that you would fight someone for him. It was shocking, but he loved it. 
“That’s because I love you.”
Your declaration of love for him always caught him off guard, leaving him smiling like a fool in love. But nothing could compare to when you smiled, love bursting into flame in his chest. 
His heart raced when you smiled. 
.•° ✿ °•. .•° ✿ °•. .•° ✿ °•.
a/n: I promise you I'm a Steven's girl but the idea of Jake being all soft on me and me alone makes me so happy <3
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Tumblr media
the diabolic duo
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syrma-sensei · 24 days ago
Another Wednesday without Moon Knight.
Tumblr media
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Laters gators is sad now, remember when it was just a cute Steven thing to say?
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Jake: Why are Steven and Y/N sitting with their backs to each other?
Marc: They had a fight.
Jake: Then why are they holding hands?
Marc: They get sad when they fight.
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