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I don't trust anyone who blames Dr Strange for what happened in No Way Home
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After the events of 'Infinity War', on a rainy night, 5 years later, Peter 'blips' back, and he lands up in a certain someone's lap. I was thinking of writing this as smut but i'm keeping it fluffy/angsty/comforty for now. Maybe I'll do an NSFW version
"I...I lost the kid.." Tony utterered those words at Steve, aka, 'Captain America', as the two met for the first time after that little space adventure, that ended terribly. The whole journey back, all Tony could see, was Peter Parker's expression as he pleaded with Tony, as he dissipated into dust right before Tony's eyes, Thanos, indeed, behind it all. Tony had been alone that whole trip back, grumpy with himself, his mind trying to figure out what COULD have been done, to prevent not just Peter vanishing, but everyone else. Right now though, Tony was unaware of the others that had also vanished, Peter's voice in his head.
"I don't wanna go..." "Mr Stark, I don't feel so good.." "Please...."
The words repeated in his mind, as did Peter's puppy dogged expression, and Tony knew it was going to haunt his nightmares.
The ride home felt like an age, and when Tony did get home, he made a pact with himself, to try to forget those events. The pact went well at first, but soon enough, those thoughts, those.. 'What if' those 'What if I could of...' thoughts intruded his mind, and for the next five years, Tony wondered what he could of done, what anyone in his position could have done, to prevent it from happening.
Nights were worse. The nightmares still haunted Tony, waking him constantly, bad dream after another. He slept alone these days, waking with such a start, that Tony would be breathing heavily, his mind and body riddled with anxiety. Thanos, god damn it, was in his head, and so were those words of all around him, of Dr Stephen Strange, influencing his decision, his thoughts. He should of....protected Peter, and Tony now sat up in bed, the glow of his chest glimmering in the early hours of the morning, fingers pressed to the bridge of his nose, eyes closed as he tried to think, recalling those missed moments where he should of done more, should of said three tiny letters. 'Y.E.S'
"Sorry, i'm confused as to the relationship here, what is he, your ward?" Stephen Strange asked. Tony looked at Strange, then to Peter, their gazes both meeting all but for a moment, before the memory soon faded from mind's eye.
"And if you died....I'd feel like that's on me.." Tony recalled hearing himself say that, right when it should of mattered most, back in New york, when Peter...made a mess of things.
'Urgh, Tony! you should of said yes!' Tony could of almost guaranteed protecting Peter, but obviously, nothing was for keeps in this world. If anything, Tony was the one that had messed up. Big Style.
He had all of that on his conscience for a very long time, managing to hide it all within his Iron suit, his heart putting up an Iron wall, keeping those memories and feelings locked away.
It would be 'business as usual' and boy, things had changed. Life, had changed, and no matter how many times Tony had been in the kitchen, cooking, making dinner, or even just grabbing a late night snack, he never laid eyes on that picture that sat on one of the shelves above the worktops, that were mounted to the wall. It was a picture that'd been gathering dust, nudged away, behind a framed picture of his father, Howard Stark, when he noticed it for the first time in a while. A brow arched, and Tony reached for it, giving it a wipe. His dark eyes stared at it, looking at himself and Peter, their faces goofing out as Tony had presented him with a 'Stark industries' certificate, Peter's face elated with a grin, Tony's own face cooly smug. Tony looked at it a while longer, discarding it to one side, face down, as though he was afraid the pairs eyes looked at him in shame in the photo, riddling him with guilt.
So Tony laid in bed that night, trying helplessly to sleep. Those worries, those anxieties, those...intrusive thoughts came back to him, as they did night after night, and Tony could feel a possible adrenaline rush course through his veins, sweeping over him like a black cloud.
"None of this would of happened, if you'd just listened to me!" Peter's voice was in his mind's eye again, and Tony squeezed his eyes shut, covering his ears with his hands as he felt that surge of adrenaline rip through him, ready to rip out his heart. Good - it may as well of ripped out his feelings at the same time. It'd be a relief. Tony felt his heart race, his skin shivering with a cold sweat, and something felt different, then. He felt...strangely...heavier. Like something was weighing him down on his hips and quads, and Tony didn't want to open his eyes or uncover his ears.
Everything had gone suddenly quiet, and Tony didn't dare move a muscle. His mind had quietened.
"M-Mr Stark..?" A voice sounded above him, breaking the humidity of the night air, and it was only then Tony would recover his senses. He uncovered his ears, hearing another breathing on top of him, and Tony opened his dark hues then, resting on Peter's athletically lean form, straddling his hips, hands on Tony's chest, looking at him quizzically with those soft brown hues in the dim light.
"Are you alright...Mr Stark?" Peter asked, like it was the most casual thing in the world, to be straddling your mentor's hips and waist. He was somehow shirtless..
"Shit....Kid...y-you're..back...?!" Tony was in dis-belief. He hoped this wasnt some sick dream to further taunt him emotionally. He had bottled all this up, it wasn't going to go away so easily. Tony couldn't believe it. He'd heard recently of people 'blipping back' but this was just...out of this world! Screw it, if this was some cruel dream, tony was going to milk it for all it was worth. "I'm fine now, sweetheart.." Tony took Peter's hand, and laid it on the glow that resided in his chest, to which Peter smiled, and Tony pulled Peter in by his front, to kiss him deeply, and Peter was all too happily returning that kiss. "I'm not losing you again kid..." Tony said breathlessly, positioning himself so he was now somewhat leaning against the headboard. "You're safe....you're home.."
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1:12 AM
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"hold still. this might sting a little." gentle hands held your face as bruce applied some antiseptic on your cheek after cleaning the wound, making you wince a little.
it was just quite sometime after your mission. you didn't even expect anyone to be up as it's past midnight. so, when you went to the medbay to treat your own wounds, you were rather surprised to see bruce already waiting for you.
"did you really wait for me?"
a small smile settled on his face, teasing. "no, i just happened to be here when you said you'd get back from your mission."
you bit back a smile as you rolled your eyes at him. "right, bruce. right."
© spvdermansgirl ; do not modify or reupload anywhere else but reblogs are always appreciated!
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Tumblr media
me watching that scene of MoM
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carothehotmess · 8 months ago
Also I love the fact that in the movie, Shang Chi was born in like 1996 so he’s what- 25? Or I guess 27, since the post-Blip stuff is set in like 2023 technically.
And I just love the fact that two of the main characters of the film are late twenty-somethings with advanced education who are working shitty jobs unrelated to their degrees bc they don’t know what to do with their lives.
That just speaks to me on a whole other level.
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spoopy-pumpkin-possum · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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marvelbeingmarvelous · 15 days ago
The most relatable thing in Multiverse of Madness was when America was so frightened by a bee landing on her she opened a portal to an alternate universe 
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kabuki-akuma · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the power of the sun....in the palm of your hand.
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chemvel · 6 months ago
Me watching Sersi's relationships with Dane and Ikaris:
Tumblr media
Me watching Phastos and his husband, and Makkari and Druig:
Tumblr media
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incorrectlycorrectfun · 5 days ago
*Y/n in an Interrogation with Natasha*
Natasha : Are you always this Polite and Calm?
Y/n : To a Fault, Unfortunately.
Natasha : I don't understand what you mean?
Y/n : I am currently bleeding out, ma’am, but I didn’t want to interrupt your interrogation, Let's start with that.
Natasha : Oh Jesús- TONY! MEDICAL NOW!
Y/n : Thank you ma'am-
Natasha : Shut up-
*Pulls Y/n to the Medbay* *Clint comes to Natasha*
Clint : Are you still sure that she is-
Natasha : Yes I'm sure she is my future girlfriend
Clint : I-I didn't mean that but Okay- Great I guess
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ladyloveandjustice · 2 months ago
Continuing off my last rant, it actually does make me genuinely uncomfortable how the concept of not killing your enemies has been really phased out of modern superhero movies and casual killing is more in the vogue. Both because in those movies superheroes are more militarized and shown to be more connected to the military so THAT’S a can of worms, but because it seems to equate valuing life and believing in rehabilitative justice as childish or unrealistic and that’s a bit concerning.
(Batman’s hatred of guns  being downplayed or erased is also overtly pandering to the right btw)
You don’t have to go with ‘if you kill him you’ll be just like him” or present some boneheaded take like that, you can have someone try to avoid killing without resorting to silly slippery slope arguments or false equivalence.
Like those pithy panels where Wonder Woman brags that she doesn’t have reoccurring villains because when she takes OUT her villains like a true girlboss!- no, that’s not Wonder Woman, not how she was originally conceived as a character and not as she has been throughout most of modern comics either. She kills as a last resort. She believes in rehabilitative justice first and foremost. She WILL gladly risk her life avoid killing an enemy, but if it’s the only way to prevent horrific things, she also won’t regret doing what she has to do. Whittling this-
Tumblr media
-down to ‘lol I’m cooler than you guys because I actually kill my enemies! ’ isn’t the character. She’s rational, and she does what she has to, but she believes in mercy first in any situation where she can extend it. And yes, she does actually have reoccurring villains because of this, so those panels are a lie.
Anyway, though I’m not as over the moon over the latest Spider-Man as some of my friends, I did appreciate that it went back to the idea of ‘maybe we shouldn’t casually murder or let villains die, maybe we should sympathize and rehabilitate and value human life’, that was!!!! nice!!!!
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lazymmart · 5 months ago
after a few days of pondering I bet my ass that Andrew!Spidey is somehow returning and most likely alongside Sony Venom (my beloved)
That line??? About how he never fought aliens??? And the fact? That now? Everyone? Magically? Loves him???
Sony is not stupid when it comes to box office money, just look at what they did with symbrock in V2, they know 👀
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sl-ut · 28 days ago
dusty white handprints
Tumblr media
pairing: au!baker!wanda maximoff x fem!reader, au!baker!wanda maximoff x au!still alive!pietro maximoff (siblings)
description: things have been going well between wanda since her date with y/n, and everyone can’t help but notice how much happier she seems to be, but she is desperate to keep y/n all to herself just for a bit longer…
warnings: MILF!WANDA, steamy content, swearing, suggestive language/reference to sex, fluff, WHEN WANDA AND PIETRO ARE SPEAKING SLOVAKIAN, I USED A COMBINATION OF A FEW SLAVIC LANGUAGES TO PIECE IT TOGETHER
words: 3.3K
date posted: 24/04/22
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Wanda hummed a slow tune as she carefully iced cream cheese into a delicate design atop the red velvet cupcake, smiling to herself as they came out perfectly. Perfect, that’s how every day had seemed to her since her date with Y/n just over a month ago, even when she arrived home to Billy and Tommy fighting over something completely senseless, or when she couldn’t find her favourite top. It felt nice to have someone looking out for her for the first time since long before the divorce. Sure, she had her family and friends who cared for her, but they all had their own families to care for as well, and she could never expect her sixteen year old children to give up what few teenage years they had left to stay home with their mother. Now she was greeted each morning with a text from the lovely girl who roamed her dreams at night, and phone calls from her in the evenings just before bed. Every second weekend, just after dropping the boys at their father’s house, she would arrive back home to find Y/n waiting in the driveway; A bag of takeout in one hand, and a large bottle of wine in the other. 
“Someone looks happy,” Wanda rolled her eyes as she turned her head, catching sight of her older brother leaning against the front counter, “Don’t tell me… You won the lottery?”
Wanda scoffed as she set his usual black coffee and carrot muffin in front of him, “I wish.”
“You’re pregnant?”
“Pietro!” She sputtered at his outburst, “No, I am certainly not pregnant. Must there be a reason for me to be happy?”
“Being happy is reason enough to be happy,” He shrugged as he spoke so thoughtfully, “But you are never this happy.”
“I’m just–” The redhead paused to exhale, releasing the annoyance that had quickly built up at her twin’s pestering, “I’ve just been doing some reflecting lately. I don’t want to end up a bitter old woman. I guess I got in the mindset that my divorce meant that I wasn’t allowed to move on with my life, but I don’t wanna feel that way anymore.”
Pietro tilted his head, “Good for you, sestra. Maybe I will start enjoying our time together, then.”
Wanda whipped him with her dish towel, frowning at him as he chuckled, turning away from her and disappearing out onto the street without another word. 
Had she been too obvious? She was nothing if not grateful to have Y/n in her life, but she also was not willing to go around flaunting her new relationship just yet. Hell, the two of them had never even discussed what sort of relationship they had, let alone put any labels on it. 
“I don’t normally do this kind of thing,” Wanda admitted bashfully, holding the white top sheet to her chest as she watched Y/n search for her bra underneath the bed, “The whole ‘one night stand’ thing.”
Y/n grinned up at her, lacy bra in hand as she sat back on her heels, “If it’s any consolation, I don’t either, and I especially never do the whole ‘spending the night’ thing. But hey, it doesn’t have to be just one night if you don’t want it to be.”
That had been the morning after their first date, when Wanda had woken up pressed up against the nude back of Y/n, who had tucked herself tightly into the redhead’s arms. Wanda had been embarrassed when she had to eventually ask Y/n to leave, in fear that Tommy and Billy would come home to find their mother naked in bed with another woman, but Y/n didn’t seem one bit offended as she quickly dressed herself and left Wanda to herself with a kiss. 
Since, they had spent as much time together as possible between both of their work schedules and Wanda’s commitment to her children, though she had begun cashing in on owed favours from other parents at the boys’ school to spare just a bit more alone time to spend watching cheesy sitcoms from the ‘80s or catching up on a bit of sexy time. Y/n made her feel young again, like she, too, was a university student in her early twenties, and as much as she would love to finally have Y/n join her and the boys for dinner every night, she quite liked the thrill of sneaking around like a teenager and hoped to continue on with it for at least a little while longer. 
The bell on the door jingled joyfully as it was pushed open, drawing Wanda’s attention over to the front counter where her brother had just been standing, only to find a familiar face grinning at her mischievously. 
“Good morning, madame,” Y/n greeted in a terrible posh accent, “I would like one iced coffee, and a voluptuous slice of that divine lemon loaf.”
Wanda snorted, but played along with her own phoney impression of a southern belle, “Why of course, ma’am, straight away.”
She quickly slid the order across the counter, leaning halfway across to hold eye contact with the girl on the other side, “Anything else, miss?”
“No thank you,” Y/n extended a ten-dollar bill to her, which was quickly rejected by the baker.
“On the house,” She whispered as Y/n stared at her with confusion written across her face, “We don’t charge beautiful women such as yourself ‘round here. Boss’s orders.”
A small smirk appeared on Y/n lips, “Well I might like to thank the boss personally, is she around?”
“‘Fraid not, but I would certainly pass on the message if you’d like to leave it with me.”
“Why thank you,” Y/n’s finger traced over the hem of her apron, pulling her in for a brief, but rather passionate kiss, exhaling heavily as she pulled back, “You get all that?”
Wanda shook her head, raising her own hand to grip the back of Y/n head snugly, “Let me grab a pen, then you can tell me again.”
She pulled Y/n back in, holding her in their lip-lock for much longer this time to truly savour the sweet taste of her chapstick and something else that she could only describe as her. Y/n moaned quietly as she finally pulled away, giggling as her eyes fluttered open to meet Wanda’s blissful expression.
“I missed you,” She whispered, voice returned to normal.
“I missed you more,” Wanda responded, lacing their fingers together over the counter, “I’ve barely seen you since Sunday morning.”
Y/n cocked her head, “I know, I’ve been slammed with work lately, plus I’m trying to finish up my grad application before the deadline next week, and– ugh, I really just need some time to relax.”
“Sounds like it,” Wanda soothed her thumb over the back of her palm.
“Are you doing anything later?” 
Wanda frowned, “I have to stay here late tonight, I’m supposed to be going on this little girl’s weekend with some friends on Friday, so I’m trying to get enough pastry dough made before then.”
A sparkle appeared in her eye, “So what you’re telling me is that you’re gonna be here tonight, all alone, with no one to see if I just happened to stop by? And we just so happen to get naked?”
Wanda laughed, “Did you seriously just ask me to fuck in the kitchen of my bakery?”
“I did.”
“You truly are shameless, you know that?” 
The door jingled, and Wanda pulled away slightly at the sight of her employee arriving for their shift, “Morning, Julien.”
“Good morning, Wanda,” The young person slipped past her into the back room, completely ignoring the other woman in the room.
“So?” Y/n turned back to her once the teen was out of sight, “Am I coming back later?”
Wanda sighed, exhaling sharply to disguise her chuckle, “You can come back, but only to hang out. This is a restaurant, I can’t have the kitchen getting contaminated by…”
“Ooh,” Y/n bit her lip, “Contaminated. God, you sound so sexy when you talk restaurant to me.”
“Okay,” Wanda pushed off of the counter, “Please go. Seriously, I’m never gonna get any work done with you here. Julien’s off at three, we close at five. Come anytime after that.”
A large grin appeared on her face, “See you then, I’ll bring the wine!”
“No wine!”
Y/n shrugged as she pushed through the door, laughing as she repeated her words over her shoulder, “I’ll bring the wine!”
Wanda should have known better than to expect Y/n to have listened to her, but she had felt optimistic that morning, which had quickly dwindled away when the bells above the front door jingled, the clinking thumps of three bottles being set on the marble countertop filling her ears as she poked her head out of her office.
Her heart swelled at the familiar face, cheeks pink from the heat of the early evening and dressed very comfortably as Y/n’s grin lit up the room, Wanda’s own dawning her face without protest. 
“I thought we could try something new,” Y/n explained, “So I got a red, a white, and a rosé.”
Wanda scoffed, crossing her arms as she leaned against the doorway, “I’m almost certain that I said no wine.”
“And I’m almost certain that it’ll make it more fun,” Y/n challenged, “Besides, I work quicker when I’m having fun.”
Wanda rolled her eyes, but she couldn’t resist the sliver of a grin that appeared on her face, “Okay, but just one glass.”
“That’s all I ask,” Y/n smirked at her, trailing her fingers over the countertop as she sauntered behind the wooden counter to approach the older woman, “Besides, from what you’ve told me about your week so far, you need it.”
“Oh, you’re just looking out for me then, is that it?”
“Duh,” Y/n’s finger’s graced Wanda’s cheekbone as she pushed a piece of red hair behind her ear, “Someone has to.”
Wanda fought the burning sensation at the back of her eyes, leaning into her touch just slightly. It had been a long time since she’d had someone care for her like this, and it felt much nicer than she could remember it being. 
Cupping her own hand over Y/n’s, Wanda held it in place as she turned her face to the side and pressed a gentle kiss against her palm. Taking it one step further, Wanda wound her arms around her waist and snuggled up against her, sighing at the warmth she was able to absorb from their contact. 
“Thank you,” She whispered into the soft skin of her neck.
Y/n pressed her own lips against Wanda’s cheek, “Of course, babe.”
Wanda sniffed, pulling back just enough to keep Y/n within arms reach, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get so… mushy.”
Y/n grinned goofily, “I like mushy, and I like you.”
“I like you, too,” Wanda finally pulled away, “Now, let’s get started. I would love to get out of here by midnight, and there’s a lot of pastry to be made. And bring that rosé.”
Y/n beamed, fingers grasping the neck of the bottle as she raced after her into the back of the bakery, pouring some into two paper cups that she had found and offering one to Wanda, tapping the cups together as she took a long sip of the pink liquid. 
“Mmm,” She hummed, “That’s good. It seems that I’ve outdone myself, once again.”
Wanda chuckled as she set her own cup on the counter, turning her attention to the bowl of dry ingredients next to her, “Are you just going to stand there or are you actually going to help me?”
“Okay, okay,” Y/n raised her hands in mock surrender, “Show me what to do then, Boss.”
Wanda directed Y/n’s movements, guiding her hands within her own through gentle movements, not missing Y/n’s turned attention to the side of her face as she was doing such, gaze settling on her side profile with hooded lids and dark irises. Wanda did her best to ignore it, continuing on with her work and taking occasional sips from her wine, though the magnetic pull of her lover’s stare kept her from focus and had her longing to be finished with the pastry so that she could finally take advantage of the privacy they were granted in the backroom of the bakery, no matter how much contamination they may cause. 
She sighed as she slid the final tray into the oven, tossing her red oven mitts on the trolley just next to it, turning to the younger woman with her hands on her hips as a small smile made its way onto her lips. Y/n leaned back against the counter, watching her thoughtfully as she crossed the room to stand in front of her. 
“Penny for your thoughts?” Y/n asked, looping her arms around Wanda’s neck and nuzzling the bridge of her nose along the length of Wanda’s jaw.
“They’re not worth that much,” Wanda shrugged, chuckling at the pointed look she received, “It’s nothing. I’m just… happy.”
“Happy?” Y/n teased, “That wouldn’t be because of me, would it?”
“Why of course not. I’m happy to have those pastries done.”
Y/n’s eyebrows shot up in surprise, removing her arms from Wanda’s neck and moving to take a step to the side, “Well then, maybe I’ll just take my wine and go–”
Wanda’s grip on her waist tightened, pulling her snugly against her own body, bumping the tip of her nose against Y/n’s. The younger woman smiled at Wanda’s wordless plea for her to stay, a shiver writhing up her spine at the intimacy provided by the embrace. For a steady beat, neither moved, simply absorbing each other’s warmth and holding eye contact before, finally, their lips met in the middle. 
Slow movements and gentle touches quickly transformed as teeth nipped against lips and fingers began to wander; Y/n’s finding their way up to wind through Wanda’s ginger ponytail, while the redhead’s own travelled south to knead the flesh of Y/n’s bottom through her jeans. Small whimpers could be heard throughout the room as their hips began to roll into one another, though neither could tell who’s noises they were. 
Wanda’s thighs quivered, stomach churning in excitement as she boosted Y/n up to sit on the counter, stepping closer to stand between her thighs, sliding her hands up her sides, one settling on her curve of her waist while the other moved to lay flat against her ribcage, just below her breast. 
Breaking apart, Y/n pushed her forehead against Wanda’s as she let out a small, girlish giggle. Wanda’s own lips formed a smile at the sound, letting out a bark of a laugh as she finally glanced down at Y/n’s shirt, where dusty white hand prints had appeared in each of the places that Wanda had touched her. Wanda stepped back, clutching her stomach as she struggled to contain her laughter. 
“Wanda!” Y/n scolded in a teasing manner.
“It’ll wipe off,” Wanda shrugged, “Don’t be such a baby.”
Y/n slid off of the counter, sidling closer to the woman with mischief in her stare, “I thought you liked calling me that.” 
Wanda smirked, “Well–”
The redhead froze at the sound of the bells on the front door, joined by her brother’s voice. Y/n’s brow furrowed, cocking her head inquisitively as she quickly began to rub the flour out of her shirt. 
“My brother,” Wanda whispered, rushing to the front of the store before he could come back, “Pietro, what are you doing back?”
He raised a brow, “What, can I not come to visit my little sister?”
She frowned at him, “Well of course you can, it’s just that you normally don’t come to see me twice in one week, let alone twice in one day.”
“I think I figured it out.” Pietro leaned on the counter.
“Figured what out?”
“Why you seem so… different,” He shrugged, “You’re dating someone.”
Wanda nearly choked on her own saliva, “Seriously, Piet? What on earth would make you think that?”
“You see, I thought about it all day today, and I couldn’t remember the last time I saw you seem so, well, you. Then, I thought, it’s not that I just couldn’t remember, it’s because it was so long ago.”
She felt her face redden. Wanda could not exactly predict what was about to leave his mouth, but she was sure that Pietro was about to, though unknowingly, reveal something that was a bit too personal for her to tell Y/n just yet. 
“It’s how you were when you started dating Vision in high school.”
“Pietro, I really don’t want to talk about this–”
“I know, I know,” He waved her off, “I just don’t think you should be suppressing this kind of thing anymore. You were married to him for almost twenty years, and after hiding yourself behind him for so long and finding the courage to be yourself, I want you to not worry about this kind of thing.”
“If it is about Vision, he will have to understand, and I know the boys may not understand right away but they will. I–” His eyes moved over Wanda’s shoulder, causing her to glance back to the doorway, where Y/n stood, sheepishly. 
“Hi, sorry to interrupt,” Y/n smiled at Pietro, scarcely glancing at Wanda as she extended her hand to him, “I’m Y/n, I just started working here.”
“Oh,” He scanned her body quickly as he accepted her hand in a firm shake, “Hello, I’m Wanda’s brother, Pietro.”
“Nice to meet you,” She then turned to Wanda, “I just took two of those trays out of the oven, so there’s just two left. Is it alright if I take off now?”
Wanda wanted nothing more than to curl into herself, fall to the floor, and openly weep. She couldn’t truly blame Pietro, he had no idea that she was listening in, but he may or may not have ruined everything for her by just barging in and speaking so openly about Wanda’s personal life. She had no idea how Y/n felt about all of this; If she thought that things were going too fast or becoming too serious, how she felt about taking the next step, any of it. She hadn’t actually told the girl many details about her divorce or her past beyond the first date ice-breaker questions that she’d answered. 
“Uh,” She cleared her throat, ignoring the burning of tears forming at her waterline, “Yeah, yeah that’s fine, Y/n,”
“Thank you,” Y/n smiled politely, trailing her fingers over Wanda’s lower back discreetly, a silent signal that told her that everything was alright, “I’ll see you later. It was nice meeting you, Pietro.”
“You too– Oh, Y/n,” He paused, catching her before she stepped out the door, “It looks like you may have sat in something.”
Wanda whirled around, eyes falling to the back of Y/n’s pants as her face burned in embarrassment. Y/n glanced back, coyly rubbing her hand over her bum in an attempt to rid herself of the two dusty white handprints on either of her cheeks. She smiled and thanked him before rushing out the door, head hung shamefully as she escaped the awkward atmosphere that had been created within just moments of Pietro being there.
Pietro turned back to his sister, eyebrows cocked with a knowing smirk on his face that only grew at the sight of Wanda’s red cheeks.
“Well, done, sestra, she is very pretty, though I never took you for a cougar.”
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I CANNOT tell you what is going on here but I don't hate it
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Here's a few more Doc Ock text posts
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Natasha and Yelena are becoming one of my favourite MCU siblings real fast!
IG: mintysarts
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thebeetleb0y · 4 days ago
Do I want the cgi to be fixed for she-hulk? Yes. Is it ultimately going to ruin the show for me? No bc as long as the story is good I don’t really care about the effects.
Do I think marvel needs to slow down on releasing their projects bc they’re making noticeable editing errors? Yes. Is it going to stop me from consuming all of their works bc the world is falling apart and I’m a simple man who ultimately doesn’t care if something is considered good or bad by critics as long as I enjoy it? No.
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samwilsonsb4be · a month ago
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I miss old Marvel press tours part II: San Diego Comic Con 2013✨
I mean look at all the chaos going on: unrestricted screaming fans, people touching and shaking hands, Chris and Mackie casually flirting in the background, just utter chaotic perfection!
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elliaze · 17 days ago
It was good movie but I think that I was expecting something more. It's a little disappointed that they show so much scene in promo spots.
I am a bit unsatisfied but there was a few things I really liked:
1. Strange, just him. His one of my favorite hero and this is defiently his story even with Wanda. I really like all of his alter from other universe.
2. 'Are you happy?'
3. Wanda was beautiful and her part was amazing. But after WV it was predictable.
4. Cameo was okey but the best part of it was their fight.
5. AMERICA. AMERICA. AMERICA. I am in love with her from now. I like her relation with Strange, her powers, the fact she's all alone but now she stays in Kamar-Taj.
6. Ending and first post credit scene - WTF, but I'm intresting about Clea.
I like Strange 2. It was good movie, defiently more darker then before, there was a moments when I felt like it's more a horror but I the end I don't regret to watch it and I know that soon I will watch it again.
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