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undiscovered-horizon · 2 days ago
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Imagine getting hurt during the pursuit in Macau and Shang-Chi tending to your wounds afterwards.
The entire flight in the helicopter you had a grimace on your face. You simply couldn't find a comfortable way to sit that did not irritate the bruising you had on your shoulder. By the way it burned and stung you could only guess that the epidermis of the area was torn off. Shang-Chi's eyes watched you like a hawk watches a wounded prey: closely, tirelessly. He immediately knew something was terribly wrong, not that you tried to hide it, but he decided against confronting you in the open. There were two reasons for such thoughts - he did not want to put you in an uncomfortable situation and, purely out of caution, he didn't want to alert his father that he could have the upper hand, a leverage on his son.
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"You okay?" he asked quietly.
"I...I don't think so," you answered. Trying to take your sweatshirt off, you stopped more or less halfway, unable to continue without feeling pain. The last thing you wanted was worrying Shang-Chi or, even worse, making him indirectly feel guilty. Of course, you could never blame him for his father's men hurting you but he will partially see it that way: it was him that pulled you into that situation and it was him who did not protect you. Not that you expected that from him.
"Let me do it," he said, not really waiting for your response. His voice had a slightly sad tone, the guilt must have already set in. Or it was anger, perhaps, directed at himself and his father. Shang-Chi grabbed the hem of your sweatshirt and pulled it over your head.
"How bad is it?" You asked after Shang-Chi remained silent for a while.
"Well, you will have a scar."
"A scar? Damn, maybe I'll be cooler than you." You laughed, trying to lower the tension in the room. You couldn't see his face but Shang-Chi smiled to himself.
The man layed a small packaging of ointment, a few squares of gauze and a roll of adhesive tape on the bed that you were now sitting on, sideways, so he could tend to the wound.
"You already are, (Y/N)," he said as he started to rub the ointment around the abrasion. Shang-Chi's movements were so gentle one could write them off as fearful: the last thing he wanted was to cause you more pain.
He was being cautious but still, his hand brushed against the abrasion a few times, making you wince.
"Sorry," he whispered again. He was currently putting on the gauze and taping it to your skin with adhesive.
"It's all good, Shang-Chi," you assured him. After all, he was doing you a favor.
"No, (Y/N), it's not all good. I'm sorry I got you into all of this."
Shang-Chi was done with wrapping the bruise and as soon as his hands left your skin, you turned around to face him.
"It wasn't you that dragged me across the floor, you have nothing to be sorry about."
"I should've kept you safe. I had one job to do and I failed."
You took his hands into yours and squeezed them gently.
"None of what happened to me was your fault, Shang-Chi. You did your best like you always do."
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The bed in the room was too small for the two of you, so you were basically lying on top of Shang-Chi. Judging by your steady, shallow breaths, you were getting the rest you needed.
Shang-Chi, however, couldn't sleep. One of his hands was draped around your waist while the other moved gently, absentmindedly against your warm skin. He could feel your steady breathing against his chest. The thoughts that occupied his restless mind were clouded by guilt, anger and worry. He kept thinking to himself whether there was something he could have had done differently to make sure you were safe and sound.
The truth was, there was nothing. He was only a man that did the best he could have. The more important thing was that he actually tried to fix what he thought he had done wrong. You were still alive, sleeping comfortably in his arms - the safest place he could possibly think of.
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carothehotmess · 2 months ago
Also I love the fact that in the movie, Shang Chi was born in like 1996 so he’s what- 25? Or I guess 27, since the post-Blip stuff is set in like 2023 technically.
And I just love the fact that two of the main characters of the film are late twenty-somethings with advanced education who are working shitty jobs unrelated to their degrees bc they don’t know what to do with their lives.
That just speaks to me on a whole other level.
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chemvel · 26 days ago
Me watching Sersi's relationships with Dane and Ikaris:
Tumblr media
Me watching Phastos and his husband, and Makkari and Druig:
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myfunnylittlebrain · 2 months ago
I just love the idea of an ordinary woman who got dragged into a great adventure and helped save the world because she found out that her bestfriend for 10 years was actually a Runaway-Supernatural-Marshall Arts-Superhero.
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Tumblr media
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Author's note: @mobbucky 's addition gave me this idea. Also, the fact that, for some reason, Tom Hiddleston is in my Korean textbook??
Imagine being the annoying cell neighbor that Loki met at the Asgardian prison. Fed up with how talkative you are, he truly wishes you gone so he can read in peace. One day he wakes up to his neighbor gone and, to his own surprise, feels worried.
Why, for the love of all the Gods, were you still talking? Loki's been in prison for a week now and each day looked more or less the same: he attempted to read while you talked his ear off. So far his strategy was to simply ignore his annoying neighbor in hopes that she will get tired but it seemed that lack of attention didn't matter to you. He realized that if he wished for some peace, he had to do something more drastic than simply ignore you.
Loki clenched his jaw, let out a sharp sigh and loudly closed his book.
"Will you be quiet already?" He asked you visibly annoyed. "I don't care about you or your little stories. We're not friends."
Without waiting for your response, he went back to reading his book. His world was silent for the first time in a week.
Tumblr media
The morning was oddly quiet. Did you really...stop talking? Although he got what he wanted, the change felt weird. Maybe he just needed to get used to the, finally earned, peace and quiet. Opening his book where he left off the previous day, Loki looked at the cell across the corridor - your cell.
It was empty.
A weird feeling found its way into his chest. Was your sentence done? Did something happen to you? Maybe someone bailed you out? Only after a while did he try to tell himself that he didn't care.
Loki couldn't focus on the dark ink on yellowing pages. The action of the story was nearing its climax and yet his mind was occupied with things mundane. Although he wouldn't admit that to himself, he kind of missed having his ear talked off. He may have never participated in the conversation or rather a monologue but he always felt like a small part of it. By the way you formed your sentences or questions he had left unanswered, he knew you were always talking to him. It wasn't just a waterfall of words targeted at anyone in your vicinity.
His heart twitched a little when he came to the realization that he might have appreciated another part of your talkative nature: you were virtually the only person talking to him. Other prisoners, upon recognizing the prince, only gave him angry and patronizing glances. During his week being stuck in the prison he saw his mother and Thor only once. Even their visits were anything but selflessly spending time with him: they were limited to his family treating him like a child that needed scolding and a few minutes spent in the corner. In this cursed facility, you might have been the only one that treated Loki like another person, although his pride hurt thinking that you thought of him as your equal. But that was the part he might have secretly enjoyed the most: he was a tabula rasa to you.
Loki's thoughts were interrupted by a commotion coming from the corridor. As far as he could see, you were being shoved back into your cell. He could see a purple mark across your face and, to his surprise, a wide grin plastered on your mouth.
"See ya!" you yelled out to the guards.
He stared at you for a moment. There was a fresh bruise on your cheek but you didn't seem to be in pain. Quite the contrary: you were proud of something you had done.
"Are you...okay?" He asked cautiously.
You turned to him, quite surprised that he spoke to you and even more: initiated a conversation.
"Oh, that?" You asked and pointed vaguely at your now purple cheek. "It's a great story of how I pissed off the king of Asgard, let me tell you."
For the first time since he met you, he was actually thrilled to listen to what happened, no matter how much he tried to deny that in his own mind. He grew to care and there was no lying about that. Not to mention that you seemed to share his dislike for Odin.
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library--of--alexandra · 2 months ago
If you haven't already, or even if you have, go see Shang Chi! This is one of the best Marvel films in a long time! Quite possibly one of their very best character intro films!
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